Watch: The Left Prepares For War With New “Self-Defense” Training Club

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Headline News | 113 comments

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    You may recall that last April, leftist social justice warriors admitted that they received a major beat down when they went up against Trump supporters on the streets of Berkeley. Following that altercation, many of them took to Reddit to complain that they were outmatched, and needed more weapons, better equipment, and even combat training.

    Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about them becoming competent street brawlers any time soon.

    It turns out that an “anti-fascist” group in Chicago called the “Haymaker Collective” has opened a nonprofit self-defense club, where “people, regardless of ability, can learn the skills they need to stay safe in Trump’s America.” They tried to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo for boxing gloves, bags, exercise machines, etc, but they fell short by $44,000.

    According to their Indiegogo page:

    As organizers, we believe in Autonomy, Strength, and Solidarity. Because we believe in autonomy, we know that we must learn to fight our enemies without relying on institutions that disempower us and macho gym cultures that weaken us. We must learn to fight for ourselves. Because we believe in strength, we know that we must be stronger than those who want us to suffer or wipe us out completely. We must learn to be unafraid as we become a force capable not only of self-defense, but of social transformation. Because we believe in solidarity, we know that our personal transformation is at once collective transformation and that an injury to one is indeed an injury to all. We will learn how to keep each other safe as we become dangerous together.

    So what does $6,000 buy for a bunch of pasty leftists bent on fighting back the fascist tide? This outdoor training program, which teaches them to be “harder to kill,” and is apparently free of the “hetero-normative, masculine gym culture.”

    Clearly these boys mean business. I’m sure those white supremacists will be shaking in their fascist boots when they see these scrawny guys rolling around in the grass in their flowery hats. And don’t worry, those dirty Trump supporters will never learn their mad fighting skills, because “everyone is welcome accept police and anyone who is affiliated with strong right-wing groups.”

    Yes, this is not a joke. These people actually think that there are conservative forces in this country that threaten to persecute them and wipe them out, and they think that their gentle training regimen is going to save them from this nonexistent threat. They also think that their training program is so great that right wingers and cops will try to infiltrate their club. It’s pretty funny, but not a joke.


    Watch: “Anti-Fascist” Militia Training Video Shows Leftists Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation

    There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down: “Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns…”

    “Civil War Is Unavoidable”: Divided Americans Will Inevitably Turn Toward Militancy and Mob Action


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      1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. WTF are I can’t believe there serious

        • Polease! These are the pussies that wear masks, sneak up and hit someone with a bike lock and run. With their courage I bet all those right-wingers must be quaking in their boots….not!

        • Are they going to be waving their little rainbow battle flags at us? Bring it on, faggots.

          • um yeah , dont get to homophobic there as shtfplan is actually owned and operated by a gay jew and family.

            lol ;0)

          • They need to learn how to handle a blade, from the receiving end.

          • These lame asses been watching too many FIGHT CLUB reruns.

            • Wow, finally got the video to load. They have a long way to go in their training. But at least they are not at home on their gay fathers couch. But…they need way more practice punching eachother in the mouth as hard as they can.

              • This is they type of group that will throw feces on you. This is the group that works at fast food joints in the kitchen and spits on your food before it gets wrapped and you drive off with the bag of sh!t, you think is hot and yummy.

                Go inside these fast food joints and take a look at the kitchen staff, before you order your food. They look just like these clowns in the video. You will most likely walk out with out buying. Just saying.

                Situational awareness especially regarding the Food you put in your mouth.

                • You are right I bet.

            • I have trained fighting for years and a sure sign your opponent is afraid of you is them having a stance of being too sideways. It weakens their kicks and punches and allows them to turn and run away faster. There are exceptions like trying to fool your opponent and trying a spinning knife/fist or kick attack though

              • And how many real street fights have you been in ? That is all that matters and counts after all that training. That is the true test ! Other wise you have no idea of your capabilites. I am not saying go looking for a fight, they will always come to you in todays world. I have been in more than I wanted and know exactly what my capabilities are and never once did I pick a fight. Just finished them and even got paid one time rather well, $2000 from the other guys insurance company for putting lumps on his face and head !

                This is exactly why I highly recommend serious training, and fitness as a habit in life. And it seems clear it will only get more important going forward. Your mindset is the key issue because you can never get fit and seriously prepared without it. Firearms are maybe 1/3 of the equation, although important as well. The major downfall and shortcoming of most prepper types is they are 100% dependent on a firearm and can not run 100 yards much less one simple mile without a heart attack. Not complicated stuff.

            • PO’d Patriot, I LMAO at that video. Those pansies can easily be taken out by any of the gangbangers in my area. Can’t fix stupid libturds.

              • If I trained them they would become fierce warriors, but I am too busy now.

                • Let them get drafted into the military.

                  • No no, the military is hetero-normative masculine culture, that is counter to their views.

              • Sure you can fix them . That’s why I own 5 9MM Brownings and a stainless 1911.

                • You show your friends the 1911, but show your enemies your Glock.

              • Agreed. It’s hard not to laugh at these poor saps who clearly are the sad result of estrogen poisoning. I have many decades of martial arts training under my belt and all I feel for these idiots is pity.

              • I’d threaten to ass rape them, but you can’t rape the willing. The $6K was probably spent on fur lined handcuffs.

            • They been watching “How to Fight and Win” on Jerry Springer. Looks like most of those boys in the video, the most work out before this they did, was lifting a donut to their faces.

              So how in shape are you? When was the last time you did 10 pushups, go for a 20 mile bike ride, even a mile jog? What is your time today in the 100 yard dash? Can you even swim a half mile if you needed to?

              • Too old for all that, I worship Samuel Colt instead

              • I’m nearly 68 years old and the Dr’s have used me for chop shop practice. But I don’t figure to run anywhere, didn’t 49 years ago either. The advantage of being old is you tell the cop “I couldn’t run; so I shot the bastard”.

                • AMEN Paranoid, I’m in the same boat. I’ll shoot before i’ll let some punk beat me. If they want to lock me up for protecting myself so be it. A life sentance isn’t that long anymore.

                • I am 69, had many serious injuries and broken bones and stronger now with more endurance than I was in RVN in 1968 ! I seriously doubt anybody on this site can keep up with me physically or shooting or any other battle activity. Anybody can do the same thing, just have to know how, and it isn’t very difficult. Simply the more you have let yourself go the more difficult it is. There is never a time NOT to get fit and healthy, just lots of excuses.

              • All valid points and questions ?

                I have seen these guys up close and personal. And most are pussies for sure. But most preppers are so fat they too are more or less worthless in any kind of fight ? Even a fire fight or any kind of assault with weapons requires movement and strength. And most prepper types don’t have the physical abilities to out flank an opponent. That requires fast movement and physical strength in most cases packing gear to react very quickly to the circumstance.

                Age is usually an excuse like all excuses. We can all do better, myself included and that is why I keep training and never stop! For any of you guys that think you are old , over 50 or 60 ? stay the fuck away from the doctors and do yourself a big favor !

        • Criminals typically don’t like cops or moral people.

        • These jokes are just cannon fodder…
          Do not underestimate what might come out of a collapse,(especially the cities) heavily armed black Marxists groups with a degree of training will pose a serious threat to everyone. NEVER underestimate an opponent and their potential. Coming from Chicago, these lily white guys will the first killed by the very groups they support.

        • Ok, but this WILL be effective. You see, we’ll all be doubled over laughing while some transgender attacks us while not looking with his/her/zihr stiletto high heels. Brilliant strategy!

          • Their plan is to suck their opponent’s dick until their knees give out, and then they’ve got ’em.

        • Hey Fallout,… Do you know the difference between Their, They’re and There? More public education reflecting??

          The correct answer in your phrase is: “They’re” Serious.

          *Their- means something in their possession. Their Hats.
          *They’re- means “They are,” I can’t believe they’re serious.
          * There- means a place in the distance. Hey look over there.

          And I got a “D” in HS. Pre-College English, but sheesh this shite is basic. I got a D in this HS class, because I hated the Old Hag Teacher and did not care a word that came out of her f-n mouth. She was well over due to retire. All she wanted to talk about was Greek Methology. You know Zeus, Hermes, Eros, Apollo, Poseidon, etc.

          I have typos but they are cell phone related. Too small of screen to catch the errors.

        • Is this an Onion original?
          Don’t worry dude, we will teach you to “stay on the ground”.

          • Mongoose,

            We’ll teach them to “Fetal their ground” The biggest problem with those dipwads is they’ll be a tripping hazard!

            If you chase the ones that run away, you might trip on the ones that fainted.

            You deal with these people like you deal with a mean dog. If they attack, you shoot them. If you don’t have your gun, you get them in close and start tearing loose anything you can get ahold of. Violence should be reserved for situations when its absolutely necessary but when its necessary, make them think they just pissed of the devil himself and don’t stop until they either run or quit moving, whichever comes first.

        • ALL “Bloflakes” are serious about getting their “BinkieBaby” asses kicked! That’s why they are training so hard!!!

        • You ought to believe it. It’s easy to make fun of these ‘flakes; however, 20th century history informs us that “commies with guns” killed 10’s if not 100’s of millions of those who didn’t subscribe to their version of utopia. Of course, Hitler is the poster boy for genocide…be he’s actually a choirboy compared to the lefties.

          • The marxists/communists only did so after relieving the population of their firearms. And Hitler was a leftist and far from a choirboy in comparison to the modern leftists, meaning you’ve got it backwards. Just saying…

      2. I just laughed so hard I think I dislocated a rib.

      3. ain’t skeered.

      4. I can hear it now…..

        Bruce, lance and I are fighting because we’re such furious people.

        ….Ow, I broke a nail and some athhole thpilled my latte`.

        • Real men are out earning a living not fagging out in the park trying to get sexual contact from some “trainer”

          • Gandhi, AMEN to that one. I have to make a living myself. I don’t even go near any freaks.

      5. It might be good for them.

        One of the things you learn as a fighter is respect for your opponent.

        Perhaps they might also practice communication skills; the art of a two-way conversation.


        • Did you maintain a straight face while typing that?

        • They can’t learn to fight because they have no respect for hard work and discipline. They will fail again

      6. Never under estimate the Left, most unprovoked attacks and school shootings have been carried out by people that came out of Democrat back grounds. Always be on guard, because we are reactive which puts us at a big disadvantage, a sucker punch can most often be the decisive blow. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • Yeah, but it looked looks bad for the left when they attemp mass murder but they end up being the only one killed.

        • Trekker agree, far better to be trained out and paying attention than not ? Besides you get to enjoy all the benefits of fitness and good health everyday, starting today.

          I am always amazed at how many people find absurd excuses to NOT be fit and healthy as well as well trained out ! Comments like, that is too hard , but I would rather be fat and unhealthy because that is easy ? How is that any different than the snowflake twits ?

      7. Beware: Sun Tzu- The Art of War says. Be Strong when your opponent thinks you are weak. And be weak when your opponent thinks you are strong. Deception overcomes stregnth.

        You could be lured into a conflict which you think you can easily win, then find yourself surrounded in a Choke Point, then they ambush you. Make sure you have your force multiplier liberty tools in hand to win with over whelming force. Carry daily and give them plenty of lead.

        • If you are ever I n that situation then pull your shank and feed them the sharp blade until they buckle.

      8. Learn instincts? I had an older brother and cousins, I learned to block a punch or kick before it was cool. And to strike back with the free appendage. There was no pause or time out.

      9. Let me get the quote right,”As organizers, we believe in Autonomy, Strength, and Solidarity.” So? They believe in 3 principles that just happen to acronymize out to A-S-S? Well, ……. the possibilities for retort are almost endless.

      10. Don’t laugh… I think this will work. I just busted a gut laughing. I don’t think I could take these people serious enough if they came at me slapping. “snowflakes” its so fitting. Off to my yoga class!

      11. after seeing video of the Gay Pride Parade – you joke ….

      12. “Wow, that was an exhausting 15 minutes. I almost spotted my panties.”

      13. This was laughable at best (which is a good thing). But I do believe, that Soros and other leftist clowns do pay extra for better trained ex-military types to infiltrate these organizations to fight on their behalf.
        So train hard and pray even harder that these twisted folks are never put into decision making positions as it relates to our domestic/foreign policy.

        • At every event there are a few paid instigators who are very capable. Most of them are weak and likely never been in a fight of any kind so they retreat immediately as soon as they see blood, or fighting back seriously they run like women. But there are serious threats among them just few. If you get a brick or large rock in the head from a distance it is still going to clean your clock or kill you. In the last two rally’s Berkley and Portland, people started wearing full face helmets and carrying goggles and heavy gloves to counteract thrown objects and problem solved. So far it seems Antifa and others have been defeated rather easily, simply by patriots standing up to their sorry asses in force. This holiday weekend will tell if they are defeated IMO. Lots of hype about big events and I bet they get their asses handed to them especially at the civil war events back east. I hope it is all over but we shall see. Remember all of their hype is based in lies and nothing real at all, just propaganda they are spoon fed. That never holds water when it comes to taking action. They have had some beat downs and seem to have fallen off the pace with their antics. I imagine we will find out this weekend ?
          Realize that if they get to the point that they are armed , the dynamic will change drastically.

      14. The left are master manipulators. The purpose of this isn’t to actually train in “self defense” but to dramatize to the public that its necessary because the Trump supporters are attacking them. Articles in the Main Stream Media will link to this thereby giving it credibility.

        Ignore it and let the false narrative fade away.

      15. The first rule of Fight Club is “You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is “You do not talk about Fight Club.

        • This assumes that the purpose of the Fight Club is to learn how to Fight.

      16. They fight dirty careful of skateboards and bike locks.

        • If you get whipped by those sissies you deserved it

      17. The first rule of Snowflake Club. You do not TALK about Snowflake Club.

        They look like baby seals that have been clubbed for crying out loud.

        • LMFAO!

        • Boyo, I’ll say whatever I choose about ‘snowflake’ club.

      18. Want to know why the world hates the US?

        US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II
        06-27-2017 •
        First published in November 2015

        After the catastrophic attacks of September 11 2001 monumental sorrow and a feeling of desperate and understandable anger began to permeate the American psyche. A few people at that time attempted to promote a balanced perspective by pointing out that the United States had also been responsible for causing those same feelings in people in other nations, but they produced hardly a ripple. Although Americans understand in the abstract the wisdom of people around the world empathizing with the suffering of one another, such a reminder of wrongs committed by our nation got little hearing and was soon overshadowed by an accelerated “war on terrorism.”

        But we must continue our efforts to develop understanding and compassion in the world. Hopefully, this article will assist in doing that by addressing the question “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” This theme is developed in this report which contains an estimated numbers of such deaths in 37 nations as well as brief explanations of why the U.S. is considered culpable.

        Click the link to see the entire list of countries and deaths.
        Link: ht tp://

        • They deserved it

          • Gandhi, some did for sure , most did not ! I can tell you that from first hand experience in spades !

            Our government is a giant criminal enterprise run by psychopaths and sociopath and it goes back before the magic negro !

        • Crack, All good points and exactly why our country is whacked today, the control freaks are out of control and they will kill you if you let them !

      19. WHEN it happens, not IF, . . . these pansy pukes will learn the same lesson Japan learned in WW2, . . . don’t poke the bear, he will come kick your butt, . . . and you REALLY won’t like the outcome.

        Like Japan, . . . they may get in the first punch, . . . but when the dust settles, . . . they will be the ones on the streets bleeding out.

      20. So what the liberals are taking Tai bow classes. The way I learned to fight was early in elementary school like most straight white males then honed those skills in highschool and perfected them on the streets. I was a bit of a thug back then most folks in tx played football I played hockey Cuz football is for pussies and you get to throw down in hockey. So if they are just now taking it upon them selfs to learn how to slap fight that’s their prerogative. It won’t help them but I’m sure it makes them feel good about themselves hell at the end of the training they probably all got trophies.

        • “Billy Blanks’ videos must be flying off the shelves at the Good Will stores…

      21. I can’t believe that you don’t believe that on of these mighty warriors couldn’t take down a Navy Seal or an Army Ranger!! Maybe a cub scout?

      22. Wow. I think I hurt myself laughing. If that’s their intention, they just may win.

      23. Please wake up my fellow Americans.
        This LEFT versus RIGHT paradigm and fake model of political discourse has run its course.

        There is no LEFT , no RIGHT of the political spectrum.
        Most people have such small minds that they only see LEFT vs RIGHT.

        This is exactly what the International Bankers want you to think and feel like. They want you to endlessly feud and war over RIGHT versus LEFT.

        It is all FAKE.
        ALL of it is a show and theatre.
        Wake the hell up.

        There is only one party the party that can print money as if it grew on trees. In fact, they can print money faster than leaves grow on trees.

        Why ?

        Ask yourself that question, and you will get to the crux of the crisis.

        • Actually, PWU, you are correct. Its not left vs. right. The labels are meant to confuse.

          Its establishment/anti-liberty/socialist/communist/globalis/enslavers vs. The Americans Patriots. Its always been that way.

        • Wake up- all good points but we still have to fight the corporatocracy and deep state cabal that is now seriously aligned with the DEMs and left .


        I spent most of my life training how to stay alive or shoot to live. If I’ve learned anything, when God says I.m done, I’m done.. What these ass wipes don’t understand is it only take 1 hit to kill weather it’s luck or training. Using the bicycle lock which is just the urban equivalent of the ball and chain is a deadly weapon. When one of these POS comes up against an armed citizen there will be a big problem and the POS will likely take a dirt nap for eternity.

        I really like their talking points on the violent right, alt-right or conservatives. Thus far the only ones that I’ve seen resorting to violence are the liberals, left, alt-left and ANTIFA.

        It’s funny though, it looks like Sargent Major figured a way to get big bucks for some basic boot camp moves. We should all tap into this new market and take their money; well it might be their parents money. Capitalist wealth redistribution, I love it!!!

      25. They will fail
        Because they have been conditioned their whole life to be failures

        I guarantee that when the moment comes to react
        They will ponder the outcome of their actions
        And it will be too late , they will have already had their asses handed to them
        And if armed , they will be disarmed and have it possibly used against them
        They just don’t have the proper mind set
        They are brought up on losing and playing the victim
        That just don’t work for these senairios

        • I would teach moldylocks how to dick dive

          • Moldylocks already knows. She does low budget porno. In pictures only a few years old, she was a cutie. Her parents must be sooo glad they “sent her off to college”.

        • While they are brought up losers they actually think they are winners for participating. Hence the participation trophy.

      26. Most of these faggit mommas boyz have never gotten a real ass kicking. They rely on others to do their dirty work, and hang out in groups. Once isolated, with no protection, they end up crying for their mommies, or for the police that they hate to save them.
        Now you know why Europe is collapsing to an invasion of barbarians…..the local Euro-boy metro-seual fags are crying for their mommies while their woman are being raped, their cars burned, and Sharia forced on them…….!!!

      27. OFF TOPIC



        Mac, you may need to post a header on this one, just saying.

        Now for the gay martial artist and libtards. YOU ALL ARE A JOKE.

        I am not concerned with getting into fights with pussies like that. They are a total joke. You think that’s how you train for martial arts.


        • HCKS, are you still following that hodges crackhead? I thought by now you would learn that he is full of shit. The predictions you repeat have been wrong for the last 2 years. There is no chinese invasion. its not reported Anyfuckingwhere in the whole world, including RT and China. Jade Helm and abandoned walmart stores are not a part of NWO. I personally drove to the walmart in Kalispell, as I was buying a boat motor, and it isnt a fema camp as the other fear porn author stated a few years back. Take your meds and keep expanding on your survival skills.

      28. Ha ha ha ha, How darn FUNNY!

      29. They should focus more on getting a job or better job skills. Then when they have a better job, they will flip over to our side when they see how much they pay in taxes and how said taxes are wasted.

        • They will only flip over to let a hairy bear top them?

        • If they want to destroy amerika they should just get a job with CNN

      30. After watching this “so called” training I can only say these “bloflakes” are in deep shit if they think they can actually hold their own with a “1 arm 1 leg” man in a fair fight! I now call all bloflakes by what they truly are—BINKYBABIES!!!! Let the sucking begin!!

      31. Hate to bring up history, but every time it has come down to street battles between the left and fascists, the fascists have always won in the end. From Italy to Germany to today’s Eastern Europe, the left always gets its a## handed to it.

        But, why? Simple, really. While the left tries to recruit broadly – gays, migrants, minorities, the disabled, students, professors, women, etc. – the fascists tend to stick with building up forces of men, mostly working class and mostly put through severe strength building. They usually get off-duty soldiers and cops. And thuggery tends to come naturally to these groups. So, while the left is trying to make a safe space for the f#gs and ladies, these thugs are trying to just create a tight mob of angry, pumped-up men who like to brawl and fight.

        Hitler would also ply them with beer. They lived in a simple world of male comraderie, sausages, beer, fighting, working out, talking about military strategies, past wars and victories and defeats, admired the martial races: the Greeks, the Romans. No art openings, knitting classes, vegan soups, ‘voguing’, sasheying with drag queens, crantinies, shooting the breeze with the gals and gal pals, f#g hags, etc.

        It is just not a good match.

        • Fascists want a strong republic, but hasn’t antifa been a protectorate of the state, the whole time?

      32. Fag Gay Fu is bullshit. They are total fucking joke. Look at the training, I have to laugh. But then again, what do you expect to do with feminine men.


      33. Lefty language aside, do not underestimate your enemy. They’re true believers,that makes them even more dangerous.

      34. Very funny! Now we can say “here come da girls!”

      35. It is a good thing they were kind enough to inform us that was a “self-defense” training video to prepare all these brave and heroic defenders against the imaginary right wing extremist Nazis that are out to get them, lest any one mistake them for a off season junior high school football work out.

        While they may look like amateurs and clowns, do NOT underestimate them. That feminine guy is very willing to kill you if given the chance. Always keep in mind that the ends do justify the means in their minds. They are the window dressing/crazies or the cannon fodder. The real stone cold killers are not going to let themselves have a You Tube video posted. These Lefties are still having a hissy fit that Hillary lost the election.

        What ever preparations you are making for the pending civil war: STFU. Stay grey. War is coming. It is not a question of if, but how soon. They (the Left) do hate you and they do want you dead.

      36. Reminds me of the show Reno 911. If I hadn’t seen it, I would have trouble believing it.

      37. Ok I was waiting for the extreme sarcastic play on words.

        I can’t believe these snowflakes would bring a club to a gun fight!

      38. Oh G_d…oh G_d…make it stop

      39. This is all such bullshit. Fighting is 10% training and 90% attitude and they have been raised as victims and you can’t have a warrior stance with a victim attitude.

      40. Leave it to Snowflake’s to bring “Happy Feet” to a “Gun Fight!”

      41. These guys in the video are the ones that the real instigators and professional agitators get excited and worked up, and then make sure these patsies are in the front line of the protest. Then the pros attack the police and/or opposition so the pansies catch all the brickbats, tear gas, or whatever that gets hurled at the protestors. It is the guys behind the protestors we need to ID and watch. They are the dangerous ones.

        To Houston and all others: Be aware that Chinese interests own and operate many port operations in the US and Mexico. The Chinese operate the Panama Canal (thanks to president peanut) and the port operations and both ends.

        The Chicoms know they will not be able to manage a full scale invasion of the US a la WWII. They are using stealth techniques, arming gangs and others that are our adversaries right here in the USA.

        The time for US to prepare and train is running out.

      42. Make no mistake,laugh at these guys but there are folks on the prog side that can shoot/fight ect.,they are just not wasting their time in little skirmishes in Berkley ect.,never/ever underestimate a potential enemy,that could cost you your life.

        • WD,
          I second that. These anarchist movements are well funded and organized as well.

          I’ve always had a policy of avoiding people who are mentally unstable, because they are freaking nuts and are dangerous.

      43. Have they taken the name, haymaker, to sound like proletariat, or peasants, of some kind? It comes from literature, I believe.

        The original fighting weapons were just everyday tools, used for constructive labor, and people who know how to use their hands and feet, as tools, know how to fight, already.

        People, who want to be coordinated and strong, should learn how to make something.

        “…without relying on institutions that disempower us and macho gym cultures that weaken us.”

        Had you literally learned to make hay, in the independent way, you would have been physically conditioned, with intimidating “tools”.

        You are academic elite, never having fallen from grace. It is a luxury, that the people can afford to support you.

      44. Those girls need to get a job. Can’t find people in construction anymore without gray hair.

        A few minutes of PT ain’t gonna get it, girls. Go to work – and do PT.

      45. I especially love the speakers flowered baseball cap. Masculine as it gets…

      46. These guys are scary as hell! Man, I’m glad my drill sergeant, who served three combat tours in Nam, never saw the rad moves these guys have, or my time in basic would have been much, much worse! The gay bicycle thing, with an RPM of probably 10, has to be an ab killer. Those gentle punches … ooof! Imagine taking one of those on the chin. With only 3 or 4 seconds to dodge one, you don’t stand a chance against one of these bruces … oops, BRUTES. Those of us with extensive military training just thought we had some moves, but these guys? Shit! Airdrop them into Tehran and watch out! Their “French kiss of death” will have those ayatollahs gasping for air after a few minutes! Their “you top! I’ll bottom!” switcheroo will have them bewitched and bewildered, fer sure! The classic “I’ll thlap your thilly jaw” move … dang. These guys are special ops … as in sex change ops … all the way.

      47. A nerd will always be a nerd.

      48. These guys need to learn how to run fast to get away from the opposition. All we need to bring is a first aid kit to treat these guys after we mess them up big time. I laughed so hard I dropped a nut…..

      49. Oh, boy…I guess we need to stay out of their way;) I’ve never seen such fight moves…it’s frightening…;) Oh, woe is me. Will all the military training I’ve had be enough to defend me against this type of urban warrior? Oh…Oh…just what will I do?

      50. Sam Culper posted a comment on FB recently, in light of the protests-turned-riots in Berkeley, and elsewhere, asking, “What happens when the black bloc (“anarchists”) get AR’s?” A legit question, all things considered, and one deserving of serious consideration, which we’ll get to in a moment. The problem that arose, which I, in turn, confronted in a FB post on the MG FB page, was that the responses to Sam’s questions were retarded. Seriously. The comments read like the locker room bragging of a bunch of 13 year olds, after PE class, about the hot dates they’d had last Friday night.
        Seriously….these ranged from “Open season on liberals!” type macho posturing, to “they’re just a bunch of cowards who can’t do shit in a stand-up fight!”
        Here’s the reality. I am going to share my response to the commentary, from Facebook, then I’m going to discuss some harsh truths that are the 900-pound guerrilla in the room (see what I did there?).”×4-to-the-teeth/

        Y’all have a nice day.

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