Watch: The Drone Defender: “The First Portable, Accurate, Rapid-To-Use Counter-Weapon To Stop Hostile Drones In Flight”

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    dronedefender2 dronedefender

    Earlier this year a remote controlled drone quadracopter was flown onto the White House lawn in a security breach that left the Secret Service embarrassed and looking like amateurs. The national security apparatus immediately went into overdrive looking for ways to mitigate future threats posed by the new robotic technologies and it’s not hard to see why. Assassination drones pose a serious threat to personal security, especially as it relates to high-profile figures like politicians.

    In fact, law enforcement personnel are already weaponizing drones and just this year a teenage robotics hobbyist was able to arm one with a semi-automatic handgun.

    Moreover, we’ve seen countless reports that drones are being used with increased frequency to spy on unsuspecting Americans going about their business on their own property. In July a man was arrested for shooting down a drone that had been hovering over his house and recording his teenage daughter.

    While new drone evasion technology like suits that hide your thermal signature are now being made available to the public, there appears to be a desperate need for counter-measures to thwart the growing threats posed by flying drones.

    Enter Batelle, the makers of the DroneDefender, which has been dubbed the first portable, accurate and rapid-to-use counter-weapon designed to stop hostile drones.

    It’s a simple point and shoot technology, but it doesn’t use bullets. Instead, it utilizes targeted radio waves to force drones out of the sky.

    Ohio-based nonprofit research and development firm Battelle this week unveiled a device it calls the DroneDefender, which it says is “the first portable, accurate, rapid-to-use counter-weapon to stop suspicious or hostile drones in flight, providing critical security protection at home and abroad.” While it’s not a weapon in the conventional sense, it represents a huge step in the fight against unwanted drone activity.

    The DroneDefender may be our first look at the perfect anti-drone technology. The device, which looks like a modern rifle with an antenna mechanism attached to the front — because that’s basically what it is — uses targeted radio waves to force drones out of the sky. The nondestructive tech “utilizes a non-kinetic solution to defend airspace up to 400m against UAS, such as quadcopters and hexacopters, without compromising safety or risking collateral damage.”

    Source: BGR

    You can watch the video below:

    We suspect that this first-generation technology will soon be in the hands of homeland security officials across the United States. And it is likely that consumers – especially the privacy minded – will be interested in getting their hands on them as well.

    But given the power of this technology, we can already see the writing on the wall. It won’t be long before government officials outlaw drone counter-technology for the general public and they’ll more than likely argue that if we let the public buy this anti-drone tech then it will easily fall into the hands of terrorists, making President Obama’s drone wars in the middle east ineffective.

    Further, as the U.S. government authorizes the deployment of literally thousands of public safety drones to watch American citizens over coming years, counter-technologies in the hands of the public pose a serious threat to the surveillance state.

    So while we applaud the advanced of technologies that make it more difficult to spy on innocent Americans, we’re not holding our breaths that these anti-drone guns will make their way into the hands of concerned citizens.

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      1. Hope the dude operating it has a lead cup on!

        • Rather than interrupting the signal from the remote control to the drone, how about something that can hijack the signal.

          I would have more fun hijacking someone’s drone rather than just shutting down the signal.

          • That would just make you part of the problem.

        • The FCC already has rules against the use of radio signal that interferes with “legitimate” radio use, therefore civilian use against a police or gvt drone would be illegal. That’s exactly how they would prevent civilian use. Good news though, a jammer should be easy enough to build

          • Hmmmm…..interesting.

      2. Interesting, now can it be modified to disable other electronic devices such as mobile phones, police com gear/computers?

        • Just change the radio frequency. Of course it would only work while you aim it at the device in question so that would be useless.

        • You can buy those kinds of jammers on the internet right now.

        • shhh

      3. Wow another thing to worry about.

        Cool device though…

        • Worrying waste energy, just be aware and keep prepping.

        • Pepe, if someone came out with a similar device for trolls, I would be the first to order one.

      4. Shotgun works better

        • And gets you in prison for a felony with a loss of your right to own guns as well.

          FWIW, the last GPS location coordinates it registered will be leading both the FAA and FBI as well as probably the local authorities right to your location (last known assuming you manage to kill its GPS and it isn’t still showing its location).

          Hope that works out for you.

      5. Sorry to say, this will never be released to the people! It would allow us the ability to fight back against the governments prying eyes. They can’t allow that, now can they.

        • The Chinese will make one and it will only cost three dollars.

      6. I wouldn’t get all woozy over this contraption. Best keep focused on food, medicine and ammo. The libtards are already poised to somehow regulate how much ammo you can have at one time and possibly call for registration on specific calibers. Phuck’em, catchin’ comes before hangin’.

      7. Probabaly costs alot of money………………..I got a M590A1 with double 00 buck that will do the same thing, cheaper. And more fun.

        • Hbomb, my 930 with 00 buck will also do the job. And, oh yes, much more fun.

          • 930 spx is a nice gun. Though sometimes semi-auto’s can be a little finicky. Especially if you run light loads.

            Which one are you running……..Hunting, tactical, or JM pro series ? 5 shot or 8 shot model ?

            • Tactical, 5-shot model.

      8. I want to get one that works like The modern gatling gun…. take out a whole fleet of drones 🙂

      9. Got money?

        Sounds like Toys (r) US.

        More crap.

        Buy land with some kind of structure/house/industrial building/apartments/duplex/tri-plex/not crap.

        • Why would i spend a fortune on buying mud and never own the land i think i brought.

          it’s not your land whilst the government can charge you taxes on the land and when shit happens, well these taxes will soon be used to take the land/mud away from you.

          The jews have sold you your own land and you don’t even get to own it but you will own the debt in interest payments on buying land.

          Shoot the drones down i say , not easy to track where the lead came from and if we cannot have drones then lets make sure the government has to play by the same rules too.

      10. Would like to see what they do where there are multiple drones? Who flys a drone right over security checkpoint?

      11. Remington 870 Super Magnum…. 3-1/2 in mag shells with bird shot.

      12. How about a passive receiver that simply warns there are drones about that is also able to locate the drones and their operator.

      13. I like the guy that shot one down for watching his daughter. I can’t say I blame him one bit probably some perv watching her tanning by the pool or something. You know the world is sick when the guy got arrested for shooting it down and the perv flying the drone didn’t. I say shoot them down with the shotty a saiga will do. See how many times you can hit it before it crashes.

        • They guy shooting it down broke multiple laws, State, Federal, and probably local as well.

          As well as endangering innocent people by firing at it in a restricted area.

          They operator of the drone broke no laws.

          Your post makes a case for gun control, people who advocate breaking the law and recklessly endangering people using guns need to be prohibited from owning them in the first place.

      14. 3 inch magnum rounds will do the trick, if your shoulder
        can handle it.

        • One word…….Limbsaver.

      15. BAAAHAHAHA is SO FUCKED right now!

        LOL OHHH that’s hilarious. I knew that “deliver by drone” bullshit was gonna turn out to be… bullshit. Hope they didn’t bet the farm on it.

      16. They are talking about building a new Amazon warehouse in mass near me and hiring thousands I’m not buying it. It will be like the old days where everybody works for the same mill owner and lives in his houses and shops at his store to so all the $ stays his no matter what. I hate corporations. I haven’t bought anything from Amazon in a year or so.

        • Smart man.
          If only more were like you.

      17. Seems pretty simple to me to stop local drones of the type that fly around our neighborhoods. They are all controlled by easily available remote control radio technology. Sooooooo….anyone? All you have to do is jam those frequencies they operate on when you see one on your property. If you need to stop em then jam em. They will crash to the ground and then it is ON your property and can easily be confiscated.

        • And I’m sure the FCC will have no problem with your RF jamming device, or be able to locate it the same way they can locate an illegally overpowered CB transmitter (know someone that got busted for that a few years ago).

      18. In England there were people who made a sport/hobby out of covering the cameras that have been put everywhere with underwear/panties.
        So, make up some special 12 ga. loads with your used underwear.
        Might as well make it funny.

      19. When Drones are outlawed, only outlaws will have Drones….

      20. Hello everyone,

        Battelle is a government contractor. They did a great deal of research under the umbrella of the DOE while I was there. Also, DOE and Battelle where behind the innovation in developing self driven cars back in the 1990’s. Just thought I’d let you know.

      21. But, it’s the low-tech organization of the “unorganized Militia” as elected-officered, mass-commanded, totally voluntary and resignable independent household squads, block platoons, street companies, city battalions, county regiments and state corps that, if armored, can put an end to tyranny by surrounding it and disabling its capabilities whenever and wherever it rears its head at the people. The high-tech stuff, which will be obsolete come shtf, is only an addition to the necessarily low-tech basis of Militia organization.

      22. Interesting… I just googled the company and “drone defender” and found a bunch of matches. Click any… “Ooops, this page is not found.” or an essentially blank page comes up. Looks like someone (the manufacturer) is intentionally burying info on it.

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