Watch: Teenager Shot Seconds After He Tries To Steal Gun From An Old Man

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Headline News | 115 comments



Most gun owners are aware of the old saying, “God made men, and Sam Colt made them equal.” It’s a saying that has stood them test of time because it’s inherently true. Before the invention of the firearm, the strong could easily prey on the weak. However, whenever firearms are involved in a fight, the playing field is always fairly level.

It’s safe to say that most criminals aren’t aware of this fact. If they were, they probably wouldn’t be dumb enough to victimize people who are clearly armed. That’s a mistake that one teenager from Detroit made earlier this month. He saw a 61-year-old man in a convenience store who was legally carrying a pistol, and had the bright idea of trying to take it from him. He must have thought that the older man would be an easy target, and he quickly paid for that mistake when he was shot in the gut. He was charged while recovering at a hospital not long after.

And if you can believe it, the older man was a “mild mannered musician” who had only recently received his concealed pistol permit, and had never fired a gun before. And that thug was no match for him. Guns really do have the ability to make us all equal.

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    1. Gandhi

      hahaha yep

      • Leonard

        I LIKE a story with a happy ending!

    2. Gandhi

      bye mom, i am just heading down to the store to murder an old man.

      • john stiner

        Quick, someone make a facebook tribute page with a 4th grade photo of the thug!!!!

        • buttcrackofdoom


        • JJsan

          They will show the kid’s little league picture….

      • European American

        Could have been your (Whore) daughter, “Gandhi”. Not so funny, then. But then again, your fathering skills reflect your usage of language and thought skills, here on this thread.

        [What kind of people are coming here, Mac? Strange collective. Not like a few years ago]

        • DeplorableBitterClinger

          Too bad the black man didn’t kill that nigger.

          Go back to Eurabia, European American.

          • Colt M4

            I know what your saying, i was hoping for a happy ending with that kid taking a dirt nap.

        • CrackSummSkulls

          2 in the chest and 1 in the head. Any questions?

          • Kingscairn

            wow, that’s expensive… you know what ammo costs these days.

      • phil

        Why…that young man was only tryin to buy some Skittles!!

    3. Gandhi

      my daughter robbed me of about $45,000 in gold and silver coin. kids these days are just whore trash..

      • JustMe

        That’s sad.

      • Philosopher Deplorabilis

        I feel for you. If anyone robs me, it will be family that shows up and thinks they are entitled. Should have not said a word. The thing is I never said anything about the 20-gauge Mossberg pump shotgun I keep on hand. I would hate to end up killing a family member that was trying to rob me. That would suck.

        • gandhi

          its not so bad, they would do the same

        • MARCUS

          Cant say as I’ve ever considered killing my own offspring over something than can be replaced. I guess I’m just wired differently than certain people.
          Defending ones life is one thing, killing your own kid over a piece of metal is quite another.

      • john stiner

        crack whore getting it from a darkie?

      • janie

        Sorry to hear that Ghandi. That’s heartbreaking to have a daughter do that to you.

      • reaeacher

        Thar doesn’t say much for your parenting skills !!!!

    4. Joe The Red

      It is always good to see a scumbag thug get educated. With that said, you always shoot to kill if you use your firearm in self defense of self or others.

      • john stiner

        dead men tell no tales.

      • roy koch

        Yeah and we Taxpayers get to pay for the Knickker’s Medical expenses!

    5. Gandhi

      i carry a 44 Rmington Magnum, it hurts more and noisier.

      • john stiner

        it can double as a baseball bat too.

    6. lan

      With all the recent events, a happy story.

      • Wilson

        How utterly stupid of the news anchor to ask, “Do you know how the teen is doing?” How’s the old guy is the question to be asking.

        • CENTURION

          The anchor only cares about one thing.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Kevin2, a .380 JHP will drop someone at close range

          • PO'd Patriot

            Be awhile before he’s eatin’ and shittin’ normal.

            • john stiner

              he will be shitting just fine….into a bag.

            • CrackSummSkulls

              You mean eating and shittin skittles again. Another Michael Brown/ Travon Martin Hoodie gets a dose of Karma.

            • Leonard

              After his first day in prison, I suspect he won’t shit right for a week…

          • Kevin2

            I’m aware of the ballistics. I was thinking ball ammo, FMJ. As per dropping someone immediately from any reasonable carry handgun is a matter of bullet placement. I gut shot, soft tissue, might be fatal hours later but they can have a good 30 seconds of fight in them then and there.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Kevin2, I’m not sure what type of ammo the old man was using but he needs JHP for all-time carry. FMJ is for the RANGE ONLY.

              • Kevin2

                He didn’t seem too knowledgeable from the news report. Agree on ammo choice but the results make me think it was FMJ. Once you get below .380 you pretty much need a solid as penetration becomes an issue with a .22 .25 .32 short of the .327 magnum. I’m convinced that the carry guns in the days of old, the 1930s and before with .32 being common had a psychological reason for its use. Before modern antibiotics the likelihood of a torso hit, especially abdomen being fatal was very high. Anyone armed was deadly. My own grandfather was a man of unknown income retiring at 50 w/o pension, gambler, close friend of mob guys. He carried a .25 for years and lots of cash money in his pocket. In those circles others no doubt knew he was armed. That in itself was enough. It sure beats a knife or straight razor.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  never load a .25
                  if you LOAD a .25, you may have to shoot someone
                  if you shoot someone with a .25, they might find out about it
                  and they will probly be PISSED!

                  • Kevin2

                    Its a shoot them the head gun. The ammo is more reliable than a .22. Solid FMJ 25 ACP penetrated 9″ in ballistic gel after going through a hoodie, T shirt and denim. Its a head shot gun and fire several.

                    If concealment is a primary concern it beats a derringer.

              • GaMbaJd

                Actually, while some of it is good, for example the Hornady XTP among others (depending on the barrel length of the 380) there is newer and better ammo on the market. For example Lehigh Extreme Defender or Extreme Penetrator available from Lehigh, Underwood and others or the Polycase ARX which is also available from Ruger and from Ventura. They call it Ventura Tactical .380 ACP 56gr Fragmenting Fluted RN but it appears to be ARX and much cheaper, however it is sold in bulk – and I am concerned because – while it could be me – I get inconsistent results, my concern is they may be buying seconds to load and sell – after all it is sold as BULK, son Self Defense Ammo.
                If in doubt, check it out. Best source – the Shooting The Bull Ammo Quest series of u-tube videos. Check them out.

              • Ballestics

                A .380 with JHP does not have the ability to consistently expand AND be deep enough to be effective. Only “slight JHP” with bonded ammo has any somewhat reasonable chance to do so. A .380 is a terrible weapon for defense.

        • Wojo

          Remember it’s all about the Negros!

          • X

            Black on black crime again.

        • MARCUS

          old dude should have deadpanned “I’M doing fine, thanks for asking asshole.”

      • Eisenkreutz




      • Eisenkreutz

        7 climbers died in South Tyrol today

        • JustMe

          Never climbed a glacier, but had a couple close calls, both non-belay climbs. Almost been crushed by a boulder, while climbing, and by a large rock while caving. Nature is fascinating, but can be unforgiving of mistakes.

        • MARCUS

          risk-reward. they know the risks.

      • T

        I hate to be redneck about it, but one DEAD teen predator would have been a “happy” ending. Next time, this teen predator will learn from his mistakes and the ending will be tragic for the victim. If you’re going to shoot . . . shoot to kill!

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          T, agreed. That old man was close enough to make a head shot on the kid. The old man thought he was doing the kid a FAVOR? If I’d been the old man, I would’ve given the kid 2 shots to the head and been done with it. You play with fire you will get burned. Stupid nigger!

          • Philosopher Deplorabilis

            Shooting someone in the gut is justice, in a way. Why? Bad area to be shot. Intestines are dirty. I am guessing the GI surgeon happily cut out the injured intestine and connected the kid up to a colostomy bag. Hopefully he will have to wear it, and empty it several times a day, for life. Now I call that justice! Imagine that 16-year old living the rest of his life having to empty a shit-collector attached to his stomach!

            • D379-6754

              Unfortunately, the kid will probably sue the old man for undue suffering. And knowing the courts, he’ll probably win.
              All this because he tried to make the old man suffer.

          • DeplorableBitterClinger

            He drew and point shot. Should have kept shooting.


        Dindu Nuffin

      • Slap Happy

        Very Happy Story Indeed!!

        I keep thinking about O’Bozo’s remark about the thug in Fla, ‘That coulda been MY son’. I think about that every time one these pieces of trash is out causing trouble.

        Anyway, thanks for the happy story Mac. Cheered me up and made my day.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          his son?…hells bells, it could be his BOYfriend.

    7. Gandhi

      dont shoot blacks in the head, the boolits will ricochet.

    8. Gandhi

      this is so rare for a black youth to do such bad things. usually at that age they are too drunk and high to get out off the couch.

    9. anoni

      Makes me feel good all over.

    10. TnAndy

      Must have been a fairly small caliber for the kid to have run off like that. Old guy should get himself a compact .45, and next time the kid will still be there waiting to be bagged and tagged.

      If you’re gonna carry (and I sure do), don’t carry a damn .22, carry something that will stop them. If the kid hadn’t been so surprised, he might have shot back. This story could have had a very different ending quite easily.

      • Anonymous

        Doesn’t make any difference if the kid was able to run away, the gun worked and the guy wasn’t robbed.

        Hopefully, that stupid kid learned a lesson about a few things in the process.

        FWIW, does it seem to anyone else that the majority of these type of video’s are with always black people?

        • DeplorableBitterClinger

          Looked like a .380. Had the desired effect, but I would have kept shooting. A beast that size can absorb a lot.

      • Anonymous

        yes carry a 44 remington magnum in a S&W titanium revolver with hot loads of 185 grain magnum hollowpoints in a 6 inch barrel. then 2 to the chest, 2 to the head, 2 to the groin. reload, then if more is needed feel free to keep shooting until the threat stops?

        • Angry Beaver

          My friend one bullet from the mighty .44 will stop anything. Those things do not just make holes they tear shit off. I happen to own a model 29 s/w one of the finest revolvers made
          The recoil is excessive 240 he jhp factory load
          They are heavy making them slow to draw and cumbersome for daily use
          The concussive force from the muzzel blast is enough to almost stun the user
          I have drawn and fired mine in a reactive situation believe me there was NO SECIND SHOT
          as a self defense weapon the ..44 would not be my first choice
          Myself if I could would carry a 1911 colt 45 a nice .38 or .357

          • Michigan Wolverine

            I have no issues with a double tap with my .44 mag , both hits on target , its mostly control and follow through , dont ever try to limp wrist a 44 mag, might be able to get away with that with a .45 ACP, but not a 44 mag

            Taught my 98# Daughter to shoot 44 specials , and shes a 2 hitter too .. so dont discount the little peoples power and abilities either

            one of these spooks is going to pick on some woman one day and shes going to pull out a Dirty Harry and smoke that fool

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        TN Andy, I carry a 9mm and I would’ve given that ape 2 head shots. I’m glad the old guy survived.

        • Wake-up-people

          I have my 10mm for those god damned nigger animal savages. They are ruining civil society – it has got to stop. Enough is enough.

      • DeplorableBitterClinger

        TnAndy–The FBI begs to differ with you. Their data from real gunfights shows precious little difference in “stopping power” (a myth) between a 9MM, .40 S&W, and .45ACP. Instant stops only seem to occur with a CNS hit. .40 S&W only mushrooms to a VERY slightly larger diameter than 9MM HP.

      • Whale

        “A” gun is better than No Gun !!

    11. Nailbanger

      Glad the old guy is ok,,, he seems like a cool cat, just takin care o business minding his own, luckily he is no pushover…

      • DeplorableBitterClinger

        If I was working the counter, his coffee would have been free. Probably thrown a donut or snack cake.

    12. Justice

      Off Topic: North Korea Fires Missile at Japan: ‘We’ll Take Utmost Efforts to Protect the Public,’ Says PM Abe

      The Monday launch reportedly passed over Japanese territory, in a significant escalation of North Korea’s provocative behavior.

      h ttp://

      • Michigan Wolverine

        and Japan is still sitting on its hands..why?

    13. JAS

      Glad to see a good outcome for a change. I’m getting up there in age and am too old to roll around in the streets with some punk. If you attack me, you get the same, only with a 357 mag. You will be there when the police arrive.

      • Michigan Wolverine

        thats how I think
        Im too old to take an ass beating , make a move on me , yer going to get shot , at least 3 times minimum

        stupid Naggers thinking old men are vulnerable ,, stupid punk, old men are cantankerous nasty fuc’ers .. we dont fight, we shoot

        dont have time for games .. say when beotches

    14. J

      Always carry a weapon that has real stopping power (1911, 357, 44, etc…). Why? Not because you necessarily want to kill the adversary…although most would deserve it. It’s because many of these scumbags are wacked out on Meth or PCP. The large amounts of endorphins and adrenaline in their systems means they likely won’t go down if hit by a “light round”. The 1911 was introduced in WWII because it was discovered that the japs were high on amphetamines, and when hit, kept coming.
      If the situation ever calls for you to pull your weapon and fire……your going to want to Kill the bum.
      1) dead men tell no tales, or lie in court.
      2) he won’t recover and seek revenge.
      3) he wont recover and hire a lawyer to strip you of your assets with a wrongful death suit (although his family may).
      4) he’s off the street permanently & won’t create any additional victims.
      5) you will remove the financial burden to society for his incarceration.

      • TnAndy

        You have the right notion, but the wrong time period.

        The 1911 Colt was adopted by the US Army after fighting Moro tribesmen in the Philippines at the turn of the 19th century.
        These tribesmen would bind their arms/legs to reduce bleeding from GSWs, and take drugs to minimize pain. The .38 revolver of that time proved inadequate to stop them.

        • Kevin2

          A 38 Long Colt was ballistically comparable to a 38 Special Wadcutter or 38 S&W. I put a 380 FMJ in the same category. Shot placement is critical and immediate incapacitation (bang drop) is exclusive to the central nervous system.

      • Wilson

        You’re incorrect on your history of the model 1911. It was introduced in 1911 hence the designation 1911. It was in response to Muslim Moros being drugged during the insurrection in the Philipines. US soldiers needed some serious and the outcome was the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge. Here is a link with more detailed information.

      • DeplorableBitterClinger

        The 1911 predates WWI.

    15. Kevin2

      It looked like a small pocket auto that could have ranged from .22 up to .380. Even a .380 FMJ could very well have this effect.

      Law abiding blacks that predominately like in the black community are they most likely prey to this predators. The “Brady Bunch” ignores this reality of a senior law abiding black man having the legal ability to defend himself however the majority of the public sees it. The “Brady Bunch” have lost the argument but they’re insistent to continue their Goebbelizing.

      • gandhi

        what effect? the perp even picked up his gatt

        • Kevin2


          Exactly. The immediate incapacitating effect was nil so I presume it was at top end a .380 FMJ or the lower calibers.

          • gandhi

            you are prolly right but…there was a large amount of fat for the bullet to plow through.

    16. Kevin2

      live not like

    17. B from CA

      If I thought this would teach this “teen” (code word) to be a good citizen, I’ld say this was a happy ending; but chances are this incident will only fuel an already messed up attitude. The problem is that there is no psychological counseling that is effective. Turn him over to a group of black Muslims for rehabilitation and at one time that would have been an avenue to discipline and possibly a productive life. But not now that Muslims are jehading the west.

      With the street cred he now has, this “teen” will probably become more dangerous, not less. He’ll get his hands on a gun illegally and kill the next time.

      Maybe not, maybe he took away a lesson that puts his thinking straight. That would be great. But I’m not counting on that happening, unless things in this Country straighten out. There is a reason you discipline a child. It’s for his own good and that of the rest of us.


      • B from CA

        …possibly LEAD TO a productive life.

      • Kevin2

        B from CA

        I have never read about a connection between the US based “Nation Of Islam” and terrorism. Louis Farrakhan has went on long rants about the NWO and the like but I think he has distanced himself and his group from the violent Islamic Fundamentalists. I have little doubt that he has kept a lot of black men on the “straight and narrow” abstaining intoxication and crime.

    18. JAS

      Depending on the state, the as hole will probably sue the old guy and win. Better to plant them on the spot. Dead men don’t sue.

      • B from CA

        But the family can sue for wrongful death. Winning is another matter.


        • Everyman

          It depends on the state law. Here in Florida you can’t be sued for defending yourself.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        JAS, the kid can try to sue but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll win. Winning is another matter as B from CA said.

    19. Wake-up-people

      Yet another stupid, BLACK, thug, monkey! We have got to start HANGING these no good shits!

    20. Yohan Smythe III

      WOW, If I shot someone that had a gun on me, and they dropped the gun, then tried to pick up the gun again, I would HAVE to think they were going to try to shoot me. That would justify to shoot them again to eliminate the threat.

      • X

        You’re correct.

    21. Archivist

      “He wanted my gun, so I gave it to him.”

    22. So What!

      Poor innocent black kid. He was only at the store to get some skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail!

    23. Sgt. Dale

      You can’t fix STUPID!!!

    24. Neal Jensen

      The saddest thing is the thug lived..nobody wins in this case, not the public that get socked with court costs and jail support for the oatmeal brained moron, not even the guy who shot him, he should have emptied the entire magazine or cylinder into that stinking carcass.

    25. Faux Liberte

      Anyone whom is new to this, (or knows of someone), to owning a gun needs to watch a few clips of “Active Self Protection” on You Tube. A collection of security camera videos, showing people exercising their right to bear arms to save their lives and those of others.

      The host does a great job of walking you through each clip. Covering what went right, and what needed more attention. Including what to do afterwards with regards to dealing with the police.

      Then practice, practice, practice. Until it becomes second nature (memory muscle) and you’ll do what’s right, despite an Adrenalin rush.

    26. Anonymous

      If Obama had a son, he would look like, wait, they were both black so he won’t say that.

    27. Frank Thoughts

      Why would anyone live in Detroit? That gas station looks depressing and the whole situation is depressing.

      If I want a coffee, I have the choice of dozens of nice coffee shops all staffed by pretty, white university students. Nobody has ever threatened me with a gun there.

      I try to keep an open mind with people but … we had a group of black kids in the area who would hang around (baggy pants, baseball caps, hoodies, ghetto ho girlfriends etc.). My wife told me not to judge but I was getting annoyed with the way they would just stand around and lear at people. Well, that doesn’t happen anymore since the cops busted a massive coke dealer near by. Seems these youths WERE scum bag drug dealers just as I thought. Prejudice is for a reason: it means “pre-judge” as in you make a view based on your past experience and knowledge. If it looks like a drug dealer, smells like a drug dealer (skunk weed) it probably IS a drug dealer.

      • Kevin2

        If they have cars pulling up to them every few minutes they either have:

        1. Lots of friends
        2. They’re selling dope

        If you can see it LE can see it. They have cash therefore they have a gun. Odds are a felony record too. What is the penalty for dope possession with intent to distribute and a convicted felon with a gun? How hard can the bust be? “Hey Tyron I want a dime bag” . Bingo!

        Can you say payoff, corruption?

        • Frank Thoughts

          You are right! I have lost count of the times somebody from the police has said with a straight face on TV “It takes a long time to collect evidence”. Like, does it really?

          I know what punks look like, I know what their day is like: it doesn’t take Einstein to notice an urban drug-dealing syndicate. It’s all political: it is the race of the dealers that holds the police back from rolling networks up.

    28. Neal Jensen

      “He was such a good boy. He was college bound dontcha know, had a very bright future in conflict negotiation.” News narrative for the piece of shit thug, in 3….2…….1…….

      • Neal Jensen

        I think we have had more than enough of all of Obama’s boys….

    29. Brian

      Robbing an individual who is carrying a gun to get the gun away from him! The robber must have had a very low opinion of older people. Robber and victim were both black. If the victim had been white, the main stream media would have reacted differently. They definitely would have been more sympathetic with the robber.

    30. DMONIC

      Sooooo, wheres the video?

    31. TPSnodgrass

      I’m glad my fellow experienced “senior”, made the decision to shoot the thug attacking him. The thug/punk got exactly the natural consequence of his actions. Nobody ever needs to live in fear of any larger or more aggressive predator. This IS what should happen in every case of thugs attacking anybody.

    32. swinging richard

      Someone needs to check on the young man. He may be suffering. If so, the only humane thing to do is put him down.

    33. John Prewett

      “he wanted my gun so I gave it to him” … chuckle, chuckle

    34. Bevin Chu

      “He wanted my gun, so I gave it to him”.
      But only the bullets.

    35. Anonymous

      “Most gun owners are aware of the old saying, “God made men, and Sam Colt made them equal.” It’s a saying that has stood them test of time because it’s inherently true. Before the invention of the firearm, the strong could easily prey on the weak. However, whenever firearms are involved in a fight, the playing field is always fairly level”.
      LOVE THAT!! 😉 BUT I WOULD SAY– “God made woman and man… but Sam Colt made them equal”. Love it! Love it! Love it!!! 😉

    36. Anonymous

      Well, OK, actually, woman is superior… but in terms of physical strength, men can usually beat up the woman… unless, of course, she has a gun. 😉

      God bless Sam Colt!!

    37. Carry through

      Should have kept shooting when he picked the gun back up

    38. Abe

      Nothing like a good old gut shot to remind a dip shirt that he totally f’d up!

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