Watch: Steven Crowder Explains Why Antifa And The White Nationalists Are Basically The Same

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    Most people today assume that far-right and far-left ideologies are worlds apart. They think that there’s nothing in common between fascism and communism. But when you take a closer look at these political systems, their propaganda, and especially the speeches made by their leaders, you’ll find that they’re practically indistinguishable. Fascism and communism are both descendants of Marxism, which is pretty obvious once you open your eyes. It’s not a coincidence that “Nazi” is an abbreviation of “National Socialist German Worker’s Party.”

    And to be honest, there isn’t much difference between radical leftists and the far-right today. Groups like Antifa and the white nationalists are basically in the same family of authoritarian ideologies. Though these groups would never admit it, it’s pretty hard to overlook once you examine their beliefs and actions. Following the violent clashes that took place in Charlottesville Virginia on Saturday, which resulted in the death of a protester, conservative commenter Steven Crowder broke down why these two seemingly divergent political groups are more alike than most people realize.


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      1. Really? Which one killed somebody?

      2. Ah! I thought Crowder was a filthy jew!

      3. Opinions are like assholes aren’t they?







          THINK ABOUT IT



        • One stark difference that most people do not comprehend, is that antifa promote White Genocide, while the “far right” is defending against it.

          • Exactly.

          • JustMe, AMEN to that one.

          • “One stark difference that most people do not comprehend, is that antifa promote White Genocide, while the “far right” is defending against it.”

            But it has all gotten twisted exactly backasswards ! Just like these guys below and I urge you all to use the links provided to contact Pres Trump and DOJ. This has been up for a year now and having some very good affect as Trump is openly saying he may pardon Joe Arpaio ! So it is the perfect time to make this go viral and contact them every other day and get Joe Freed ! This is a created criminal politicized prosecution by BHO and Holder and nothing less, it is also a disgrace and insult to every American citizen.


            also see the Nevada kangaroo court as well


            Both are serious matters and equally important for many valid reasons

        • Funny how Antifa themselves are the real fascists/Nazis(National SOCIALISTS, only they are too stupid to know what Nazi stands for

          • No doubt they are completely mind fucked and have done a lot of serious damage yet the supposed right are the Fascist ? When was the last time we saw any righty stopping free speech at a college by violence or burning it down ? And how many people have been physically attacked by the lefties because they did not agree with the lefties ?

            Should be clear to all this is all about PRAVDA/MSM and the DEM deep state cabal creating more false narratives and paradigms to control the idiots so they will go off on anybody that does not agree with them as if they are justified or the good guys ? This is what PRAVDA/MSM does in spades, as it is the propaganda arm of the DEM deeps state cabal./ They can and do create any false narrative or paradigm for their own agendas, just exactly the same as Goebbels did for Hitler !

            One would think the average person would have figured this out long ago, but it still works as we see daily. So the average American is not exactly paying attention, now are they ? As I have pointed out many times, therein lies the main problem we all face 24/7/365, our own people and congress is our own people as well ! So it all comes from inside the zoo one way or another.



      4. There is not much difference between Democraps and Republiscums POLITICIANS either. Both hate America and the Constitution and subvert the laws constantly. Now the President can declare War instead of Congress. Totally illegal.

      5. America was founded on White Nationalism, and is not a “proposition nation.”

        The Naturalization Act of 1790 says that America is open to Free White Persons. That is White Nationalism!

        United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” (March 26, 1790).

        Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof on application to any common law Court of record in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such Court that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law to support the Constitution of the United States, which Oath or Affirmation such Court shall administer, and the Clerk of such Court shall record such Application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a Citizen of the United States. And the children of such person so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided also, that no person heretofore proscribed by any States, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an Act of the Legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.

        President Trump, in denouncing White Nationalism, is denouncing the Founders and the founding tenets!

      6. This is a high load of bs.

        The difference between Communism and Facism is that they are exactly in opposition. They are the opposite.

        Communism is not on the level. It is just a scam concockted to raid Nations and steal the riches. It is entirely a creation by 3ews for 3ews.

        Only more 3ews want to convince you that facism is the same as Communism.

        The far right white Nationals are not fascists. Some may be fascists but some may be Mormans or agnostics. They do not represent the white movement. Although by the pushing of the Soros Communists is causing many moderate white people to become more Fascistic.

        The founding fathers created a Constitution with authority as part of an orderly society. The old symbol of the fascis is embedded in our American fabric. It simply means a stable unity of people not squabbling and divided by class and other trivial pursuits while the enemy picks you off one little group at a time.

        The fascis was an ancient Roman symbol of strength by uniting. It can be seen in the Oval Office.

        White people simply want to exercise their God given rights. Communists are anti-American traitors.

        _ antifa is Soros Global Communism


        • B from CA, agreed. I’d like to know what that commenter has been smoking. I’m an average white male who stands up for his people, culture, and country. I just won’t go along with the leftist agenda and the illegitimate campaign being waged against white people. Does that make me a Nazi? I DON’T EFFIN THINK SO. so that commenter claims I’m similar to libturds? That stupid f#$%er doesn’t have the first clue.

        • Actually, fascism and communism are almost exactly the same. Both movements were funded and supported by the banksters. The Bolsheviks were created by the banking families just like the Third Reich was funded by major western corporations. Both systems believe in government tyranny in order to suppress political opposition. The only difference between fascism and communism is – communists believe that the strong should be undermined in order to support the collective weak, while fascists believe the weak should be diminished or eliminated in order to support the collective strong. They are both collectivist. In terms of methods, they are identical.

        • @B from CA

          What do you mean “Communism and fascism are exactly in opposition “? Both are oligarchies where a small number of rulers dictate how the masses are allowed to live. Philosophically communism claims the people own everything and the oligarchs simply control it for the common good; fascism claims the oligarchs own everything and control it for their own purposes. In both cases, the oligarchs control everything and are unaccountable to the citizens. I contend that daily life for the common man is the same under fascism and communism. Regardless of the label, life is going to be about the same in any oligarchy; the labels are insignificant when you have no control over your circumstances. In that sense the difference between communism and fascism is insignificant.

          If you disagree, then please educate me. What difference does it make to the man on the street that communism and fascism are somehow opposite? They sound equally bleak and oppressive to me. Who’s better off, the victim of fascism or the victim of communism? Which system is inherently better for the citizen? Which system is more protective of human rights? If I wake up in a miserable, God-forsaken country one day and take a look around, how will I be able to tell if it’s fascist or communist? If there’s no way to recognize the difference without being told, then I contend there is simply no significant difference.

        • Fascism and communism have historically been on the left side of the scale. It wasn’t until recent history that the definition of fascism was changed and placed on the right side of the continuum.

          Just like the Democrats were represented as red and the Republicans were blue. They could not have that and the media changed it so we now see that the colors are reversed. How dare the democrats be associated with the red of communism.

          Remember, the progressives have had decades of undisturbed brain washing. Many have seen the daily examples of the left’s manipulation and more are waking every day.

        • BCA Actually many of those prior definitions don’t count much today as it is all contrived and created to fit the control freaks purposes. Personally I don’t care what any of it is called as an ism ? As far as I am concerned in today’s world it is all about control mechanisms, that seems beyond obvious, so in that sense we know there is no true Communism or Fascism or Socialism any where on the planet, it is all just words to control people, nothing more ? As proof I would ask are China or even Russia truly communist countries or do they have a form of distorted capitalism these days ? All a play on words these days and nothing more. In fact a good case could be made USA today is a blend of Fascism, Communism and Socialism,and certainly a distorted form of Capitalism, so who are we bullshitting, ourselves I guess ? at this point it is all bllshit and just words to control us .

      7. I don’t see anything wrong with white people organizing to protest confederate statues being taken down, that is happening in many states. I read today that black people were protesting for the same reason somewhere to protect post civil war statues. These groups need to protest by erasing historically important causes of the left madness, oh wait there isn’t any.

        • Aljamo, start tampering with statues of MLK and see what happens. Black double standard.

          • MLK statues offend me! They need to be removed! Let’s start that and see how it goes.

            • What would happen if Palestinian Americans began a push to remove all Holocaust(TM) memorials in the US, since the Jews of Israel have forcibly removed Palestinians from their own homes and land?

              Would the press sing the praises of these Palestinians as “social justice warriors” who are just doing what is “fair”?

        • aljamo, what is really weird is that those statues are in fact our history. Like it or not that is fact. Seems clear most people today fully realize slavery was not a good thing and I do not know one person that is trying to uphold it or bring it back ? So this is all 100% created hype and an attempt to some how ignore our history even if it has some serious flaws ? That seems to me all the more reason to have the statues, as a sort of reflection or sign of our true liberties and purposes of equality today. This is just another control mechanism being created and used for political reasons on a grand scale by PRAVDA/MSM and to try undermine D Trump. Nothing new at all as we have seen from day one of his presidency and even before because now we know BHO and crew started all their criminal acts before he even took office to undermine him.

          So the DEM deep state cabal has ratcheted up their crimes and schemes simply to undermine and cause as mush chaos as possible. America is seriously whacked with it all. But it is also beyond obvious what is happening. Ponder this tidbit, the DEMs created this entire event from the get go and here is the proof. If there were not enough police why not send in many more ? If there was enough time to get the guard out, there was far more than enough time to get more police because the guard takes at least a day to fall in and get there. So it was a complete contrivance from the get go at every step. That means the DEMs have all the blood on their hands clearly ! So where is Sessions ? Does anybody here actually believe T McCauliffe had nothing to do with this and likely was the key person in helping plan it ?

      8. They are totally intolerant of anyone who expresses any opinion that is other than their own. They are prone to force other people to listen to them and are quite willing to intrude on meetings that are not their own. They believe that their right to speak should be protected no matter what they have done. These ideas are becoming way to common. “Those people who believe they know it all and are always right are truly annoying to those of us who actually know it all and are never wrong!”

      9. Bullshit! there aint anything wrong with preferring you own kind. Its Ok to be a Racist. I simply don’t like anyone who is a parasite taker no matter what their skin color. That’s the real problem. Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers. That imbalance is not long term sustainable. Even if you didn’t have a single racist on the planet. We would still have the enabled parasite takers trying to blame and punish someone else for their short comings and miserable lives. Until the parasite takers are severly culled and the productive makers greatly increased the decline of society will continue. That’s what needs to be addressed. Its the elephant in the room no one talks about.

        • Old Guy, that’s right. When white people prefer their own kind, the ‘minorities’ start crying discrimination, Nazism, it’s the end of the world, etc. But when the ‘minorities’ stick with their own kind, there’s no controversy. Libturd double standard. I also hate parasites. I’ll also be glad when the parasites get culled. Can’t happen soon enough.

          • Since we all know European people are so evil, let’s help the poor minorities by offering them fully paid airfare back from whence their ancestors came. It’s time to end their oppression by Europeans!

        • The entire US Main Stream Media needs to be disolved an broken up in a million pieces. A few 3ew families control the entire MSM Message of hate porno perversion fake news, lies and race baiting. Its time to burn down the MSM and torch all their satellite broadcasting dishes. Cancel your Lie TV cable ASAP. BOYCOTT ALL 3ew businesses. Espn. Disney, all that retail bs.

          • Skulls, PRAVDA/MSM is the propaganda arm of the DEM deep state cabal. And they have had far too much power because they are fully capable of mind fucking the masses via, lies, distortions, manipulations and deceit of every possible flavor. They can create any false paradigm and narrative they deem necessary just as we see today in this Chalottesvills sham ! Their other power is to over up anything they do not want known or reported on, like F&F and Benghazi and many other crimes committed ! This is exactly what Goebbels did for Hitler. This is also why Soros does not get prosecuted under the RICO act as he clearly should. So yes they are the real power of the DEM deep state cabal we see today in spades. And the worse part is this has all been beyond obvious for a very long time and many still refuse to see it or act on it ? Nothing new at all. All explained in great detail now for years not months.


      10. Just take down all statues of every sort. All memorials of all kinds. Do not honor anyone. Replace them with giant footballs and shopping mall mannequins dressed in army uniforms. Paint them purple. Put flowers at the base and clouds at the tops. Install sound systems playing patriotic music and hire someone to stand near them reading poems about how softly rain falls during global warming. Mint a coin with Al Gore on it, and make a law that Las Vegas can only use that coin in all its slot machines. When you do this, people will forget about the South.

        • rrr, sounds about right for the zombies among us who worship Gore, Hillary, BHO and the other maniac criminals !

      11. rrrr, I’m not fascist at this time but I could be driven towards that. I hope I can avoid it.

        • TDB, you nailed my feelings exactly. I’m not a facist, socialist, communist or any other ‘ist’. I am just a Caucasian man trying to earn a living and hold onto what I’ve paid for. I’ll be damned if anyone – including my government – gets its hands on any of it. More damned to some even lower circle of hell to be forced to give it to some lazy cretin who thinks they deserve anything more than the air they breath for free. Time to dose heavily the reality that there isn’t anything but that same air that is available for free. I’m sick of giving to those who demand. I do my share of charity work when I can afford to – time and bucks. I choose who and how and when and why I give. Reality needs to be set in stone. Unfortunately it seems like you allude to – that stone is going to be a tombstone for some.

          • Heartless “I’ll be damned if anyone – including my government – gets its hands on any of it.” surely you realize they already get some of your efforts one way or another ? All any of us can do is to try to minimize what they steal from us ! And that alone takes some serious thinking and effort. Anybody that is out there full on in the system or in business legally and paying all the fees and taxes is IMO at this juncture a fool for many valid reasons. Partly because they are supporting cutting their own throat and this completely corrupted criminal enterprise we call USA today ! And that is from a died in the wool capitalist who created two successful corps and was generating at least a million dollars a year and was in business for 35 years ! So you can burn out anybody with lies and double standards and political cronyism. Just that some people refuse to face their own truths ! And all of them are killing themselves for this garbage corrupted system. So yes it is well past time for a change.

      12. I now know which side Crowder is on. The disinformation he is spewing speaks volumes.

      13. I see the folks who call them selves nazis and antifa the same,both think only their voice matters,could easily seeing both burning books/perhaps tumbling statues(oh,wait….),so,I yesterday came up with a phrase that covers em both,naztifas(trademark pending!)!

        On the upside,at least one felony arrest for the statue being pulled down in Durnham,hopefully more to follow.

        Potus to day condemned both sides in regards to Charlotte violence,since they said a civil rights investigation would like to see if the police were held back/used to actually create violence,time will tell

        • Warchild, actually we already know the police were deliberately held back, they admitted it and immediately tried to make bogus excuses ? Nothing new in USA today and many Americans are still fat, dumb, apathetic and lazy !

      14. Just Me, you took the words out of my mouth. “One stark difference that most people do not comprehend, is that antifa promote White Genocide, while the “far right” is defending against it.” And might I add that the so-called far right is defending our borders, our culture, our history, our Christianity, our race, our principles, our ethics, our sovereignty, our dignity, our values, etc…from the barbarians. And might I also add: We, the right, understand that Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice….and moderation in pursuit of Justice is no virtue. !!!!!!

      15. I have proudly displayed a “confederate flag’ on my rear bumper ever since they began attacking that symbol and history of the South. And now I am going to proudly obtain a statue of Robert E Lee to display on my porch. Not because I am southern, not because I am a rebel, not because I adore REL. Its because I realize that if they are not stopped, they will eventually attack and destroy all the things I AM proud of….!!!!! First they came for the crosses on the was memorials and I dint speak out…then they came for the Ten Commandments and I didn’t speak out…then they came for prayer and I didn’t speak out….then they came for the confederate flag and I didn’t speak out…then they came for the statues, and I dint speak out….then they came for me, but there was no-one left to speak out….GET IT.!!!!!

      16. Race is Nation, Nation is Race is an ancient axiom valid through the centuries and valid today. God had reasons to geographically segregate the Nations/Races. The present and future will teach us all the validity of God’s Wisdom!!!

      17. I live in a place with so many races,
        I long ago gave up classifying them.
        I do pay attention to culture.
        This last Sunday I was cooked Breakfast
        (local Lions club function) consisting
        of pancakes, eggs, and
        meats(Damn, no Spam!) by a bunch of boy
        scouts at a Buddhist Hongan-ji.
        Even in a state crushed under the
        power of the Democrat party, we
        live in relative peace with one another.
        Why is that? I’ll take a shot at it.
        1. No inner city culture.
        2. Lots of churches.
        3. Extended families.
        4. We are poor and can’t afford all the government
        we voted for.
        5. We are poor and can’t afford to make enemies.
        6. Setting a “Meth” house on fire,
        out doesn’t merit a 911 call.

        Live and let live.

      18. So Trump made the statement that both sides in Charlottesville were at fault. He is dead on correct. What I don’t understand is why he is taking heat from both congress and the press for putting some of the blame on antifa. When you have an antifa throwing acid at people, it pretty much adds up to terroristic behavior.
        Trump just had a pretty healthy policy victory over Kim Young Whateverthe… over his little ICBMs and the press hasn’t acknowledged this in any way. Last week the press was calling Trump crazy for his stance against NK. Trump wins and we get crickets. Amazing.
        It seems to me that what these people want is a fight, aka a civil war. Things keep going this way they will surely get one.

        Per Warchild’s post: As part of the investigation…Sessions is subpoenaing records from an antifa website such that they can be used to identify the players in Charlottesville.

        • Trump will be on the Dems hit list no matter what he does. The left runs that party. Ignore the heat from the left…its a given.

      19. Someone should find where the antifa buses are parked and steal the tires from them..they get bused in to all the rallies so if they have no transportation out they get stuck there.. then arrest their asses and see who comes to bail them out.. then arrest that idiot under SEDITION and or RICO laws.. keep going until it gets to Clinton and Soros.

      20. Bullshit they baited trump into denouncing the wn groups and no mention of antifa. If this were true antifa would shut up and go away. if confederate statues come down I wank mlk and holocaust memorials taken down. I find them offensive. Taking down monuments doesn’t erase history. These statues have the same right to be as others. I’m fully convinced that us white folks are under assault.

      21. White Nationalists aren’t the KKK or Nazi’s .

        White Nationalist want to but America first and end the white privilege bullcrap that the Left pushes .

      22. I feel someone needs to set the political spectrum straight!! On the far left: The UN, KKK, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, NWO, world domination, multiculturism, Nazi, North Korea, MuslimJihads, all religions that promote war, Neocons, war industrial complex, NATO, MSM, welfare people, freeloaders, dropouts, snowflakes, safe space, womens rights movement, planned parenthood and religions that openly support them, the 10,001 social causes that cater to a single race or sex which excludes all others, organized American labor unions, SJW, BLM, NAACP, AIPAC, those that support breaking laws to support a social ideology. On the left: Liberal Democrat, Libertarians. On the right: true Republicans, merit based on intelligence, prosperity, peace and love. On the far right: (limited Federal government) true conservatives, people that want to keep all that they earn, no taxation, no handouts, (to no Federal government at all and nationalism America #1st and only!!) paleoconservatism. MY QUESTION: Is it time to force the ones that refuse to be true blooded Americans to leave, give them one way tickets back to their ancestral lands in exchange for banning them from the America they hate anyway forever?

        • Bert: BINGO!

      23. WTF happened to Mac?

      24. No, Mac, they are not “basically the same”. Antifa, Progressives, the entire left, are no more than a gang of Communists. The so-called “white supremacists” espouse the same views that most of our grandfathers and almost all of our great-grandfathers would have supported. They are American patriots. Our country is being destroyed by the Left. Wake up. There are only two sides now and you had better pick one. The Left wants to see the people who made this country first turned into a minority and then wiped out. Open your damn eyes. Enough of this Kubaya crap. We are on the verge off civil war. Deal with it.

      25. Crowder is CNP/CFR

        White Nationalist term is a media created term bringing up thoughts of the KKK..
        White Nationalist: the term itself, as in anything with the word White before it is a racist term bringing up thoughts of the KKK. how about his, American nationalist? the media would also call this a cover name for the KKK… and the thought process, if you are white, voted for Trump, support a Constitutional Rep then you are by that alone a KKK supporter, racist, and of course privileged,
        I checked out the White Nationalist site. They are not White Supremacy or the KKK. Unfortunately, they allowed the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s to their rally. Huge mistake on their part.

      26. Steven Crowder is CNP/Heritage connected..

        White Nationalist term is a media created term bringing up thoughts of the KKK..
        White Nationalist: the term itself, as in anything with the word White before it is a racist term bringing up thoughts of the KKK. how about his, American nationalist? the media would also call this a cover name for the KKK… and the thought process, if you are white, voted for Trump, support a Constitutional Rep then you are by that alone a KKK supporter, racist, and of course privileged,
        I checked out the White Nationalist site. They are not White Supremacy or the KKK. Unfortunately, they allowed the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s to their rally. Huge mistake on their part.

        • I prefer the term “racial realist”.

      27. Democracy = mob rule mentality, 1868 14th amendment turned everyone born in the USA from a free person to a citizen or property of the USA.
        All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

      28. Steven who?

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