Watch Senator Lindsey Graham Sum Up Kavanaugh Witch Hunt in Just Over One Minute

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Headline News | 76 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Like him or not, you’ve got to give Senator Lindsey Graham credit for the brief yet powerful rant he just unleashed at the Kavanaugh hearing.

    It’s about time someone said this…bravo, Mr. Graham.


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      1. Powerful.


        • Lindsay actually says something I agree with 100%.

          • Damn near fell out of my chair. Didn’t know ‘ol “whimsey” had it in him.

            • Direct Link to the Video

              Sen. Graham: “This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics.”
              ht tps://

              Maybe half of Lindsay Graham’s skeletons died with John McCain. The other worst POS to set foot in the Senate besides Feinstein, and Chucky pedophile Schumer

      2. Not typically a fan of Lindsay Graham, but he is spot on. He seems to be doing better lately, hopefully he is starting to see the big picture. What a pathetic joke today was.

      3. Thank you Lindsey Graham. It is about time you
        take the American public’s side.
        What he said is 100% true.

      4. Thank you Lindsey Graham. It is about time you
        take the American public’s side.
        What he said is 100% true.

      5. The drunken bum Satanic pedophile Corporate WHORE Lindsay Graham defending another drunken bum Satanic pedophile Corporate WHORE trying to win a seat on Satan’s Supreme Court….what else would you expect in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America controlled by Lucifer and the Fallen Ones!!!

        • So where did you get your absolute info? You know more than others on the candidate? Anybody can make an allegation,its up to the accuser to prove it.

        • Dude take your medication now.

          • Satanist sodomite pedophile #1 has been awakened from it’s drunken stupor.

        • Boy, for a while there I was really worried. And then I read “Lucifer and the Fallen Ones!!!” and man, was I relieved. Just another Bible Thumper, another Holy Roller, off his meds.

          • Satanist sodomite pedophile #2 has been awakened from it’s drunken stupor…..Any other Satanist sodomite pedophile drunken bum dumbed down Americans COWARDS want to chime in??????

            • so anybody that disagrees with you is a pedophile? you’re sick.

              • Sorry I missed you the first round Satanist pedophile #3 and you are calling me “sick” when you are the Satanist pedophile supporting Satan’s Supreme Court and Satan’s United States CORPORATION Government from the inner pits of the bowels of hell in Washington DC-you do not get any “sicker” than that in damned and doomed New Babylon America controlled completely by SATAN aka Lucifer and the Fallen Ones!!!!

        • It is apparent that when Graham takes one’s side, it is because the one whose side Graham is taking is also a Deep Statist. That can include Trump who’s failed to enlist any who will to get rid of Deep Statists who still infest government at every rank (and always will as long as government exists). The Swamp itself will have to be eliminated to get rid of the Deep State that infests it–and to prevent the worse thing it harbingers approaching from it.

      6. Linda is normally a RINO,
        But he got “triggered” on this one.
        Good speech.
        Old style clocks with hands on them,
        even if dead are right twice per day.

        • “Linda”. LOL Dude, thats funny.

          • “Limp-Wrist Lindsey” or just plain-old “Nancy-boy”.

      7. It hurts to hear the pain in Judge Kavanaughs voice and see the sadness in his demeanor, no doubt over the pain his wife and children are being put through.

        Democrats: Did you really mean to vote for these kinds of people for the U.S. Senate?

      8. I still don’t trust Lindsay Graham. He was John McCain’s suck buddy for so long.

        • I have never trusted Graham and obviously saw his McCain connection. However, since McCain got sick he has been better. I question whether McCain had some sort on him. Even if he is still the same old guy I agree with him today.

      9. My question is….
        Why would a 15 year old girl go to a house
        with 6 older guys who were drinking and
        she is the only girl. My bet is she was
        stoned and didn’t know what planet she was on let
        alone who did what with whom.

        The prosecutor ( hired ‘supposedly’ by Repub.)
        interrogated Kavenaugh more severely than the
        Kavenaugh was no doubt a “hellraiser” in college
        (as are most college kids….bad as it is….it’s what
        they do.) But…..let’s look at EVERY POLITICIAN
        (BEFORE THEY HOLD OFFICE) FROM 9th grade
        on thru to date. How many would survive?

        Hhhhmm ……Maybe this IS A GOOD IDEA!!!!

        • Any respectable 15 year old girl would not have been at a house drinking with 4 boys and one other girl. Yes, you are putting yourself in a bad situation. You have no one to blame for your bad choices but yourself, now suck it up and move on. I’ve been through a lot worse, but I dealt with it. Life is not perfect.

      10. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

        Linda the pussy hat neocon patriot act or patriot actor

        Amnesty wide open border illegal alien invasion pos comrade enabler defender of zee nwo deep state stooge

      11. Senator Lindsay Graham is professional politician. You can’t trust him. He has plenty of blood on his hands. He has conducted his fair share of witch hunts, bankrupted plenty of people with legal fees alone, while using the government’s money impunity. He’s ruined people lives. The last one (broke, busted, in debt up to his eyeballs, his life a shambles, and looking at a nasty divorce all over fake Russian meddling), said: “Damn you, sir. Damn you all to hell.”

      12. If democraps want to go to war, BRING IT YOU TURDS!!!!

        • They do appear to be spoiling for some action. Hope they wise up.

          • I hope they go for it
            100 heads

            • NB, I don’t have any slack left in my trigger.

      13. Watching this circus today, This country is almost ungovernable… If Kav is not voted in… The democrats will smell more blood in the water. They will push the edge of cliff closer. I hope the Republicans grow a set of balls and go nuclear in Senate and get things done. If not… very close to the “Trigger Effect”

        • Circus is mild.
          Brett is a couple years younger than I, i also went to a Catholic school,
          Those days were much different, people were different, i believe him 100% as i know a lot of folks like him.
          I weep for our country, what its become,
          But my hatred for the left and these politicians is now cemented in stone,
          This Bullshit is intolerable.
          Let it start now, let it be fast and violent but final, its time

          • Nail,
            I went to a Jesuit university for a bit.
            Who can say they had a beer with a Jesuit
            priest in the student union?
            I agree with you and have been horrified
            by the remarks of our nutcase Senator
            Hirono. They have lost it. and Hawaii
            citizens like you and I will take it back.
            My hatred is etched in A’a and Pahoehoe.

            • Oh yeah? Same here! Hey I guess that makes us the Illumiati or something PFFFFFF!

              Guess they never let me in on the “secret handshake” or whatever the fuck.

              Wonder how many co-eds from my class can brag they nailed a priest?
              I’d guess a non-trivial number given it’s Cali.

          • Agreed.

            These fuckers destroy lives insidiously and slowly all the while claiming they have your best interests at heart. I should know I learned from them.

            Even the useful idiot ones are soul-destroying monsters with good intentions. I’m watching it happen right now. When that kid ends up homeless after dumbass intractable mom kicks off from cancer all because “no one’s the boss of me it’s my God given right to not face reality”… I have no fucking words. Child abuse on the highest level imaginable. So entirely pissed off.

      14. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        “The slobbering hounds of hell with shown teeth and bad breath, nip at our heels. Kick those bad dogs, beat them with sticks.”

        We are being Divided.
        We are being Distracted.
        Prepare your body, mind, spirit.
        Hell on earth is near. Only Jesus can save you. Pray.
        There is hope in Jesus.

        • the Truth a 10 yr old knows.

          God bless her

      15. Nailbanger; same here and I used to be a democrat. they have completely changed and not for the good.

        • They are now the socialist/communist party
          Their tactics are that of the Nazi party
          The leaders (both sides really) get rich off the backs of hard working Americans while hosting give aways to their preferred cronies and pet projects.
          The double standards are mind boggling,
          The left and their rabid followers need to be culled, our republic will never survive if we allow these traitors to persist.
          Some say time is coming, others say it is running out, personally i feel it may well have passed for any peaceful sane civilized solution and the only possible remedy will be brutal.

      16. It’s time !

      17. Few could pass the scrutiny that Kavanaugh is being subjected to. HS? Skeletons in the closet? No a cemetery.

      18. Senator Graham discovered his cojones…finally. The rumoris McCain had dirt on him and kept him on a leash.

        • That is exactly what I was thinking, because it is not like Lindsey Graham to come out of his corner swinging so adamantly. You would not ever have seen this side of Graham if McCain was still living.

      19. The power of evils accusation is always in the accusation itself, not the facts.

      20. As far as I’m concerned this Communist Show trial has proven Kavanaugh is clean and I’ll tell you why. If they had anything on him they would have exposed it. They don’t. That’s why they had to make it up.

        This dude is so pure it isn’t funny. He has his schedule and his time accounted and recorded all the way back. He was at the head of his class at Princeton. He was studying while the bums partied. Virginity is not uncommon altogether just because we see promiscuity rampant in movies and on TV. When I was a kid it was the norm, especially for girls, and at Catholic schools. Boys respected the girls and many couples waited for marriage. I know. I waited for marriage and I’m glad I did. Kavanaugh is innocent and these charges are rediculous.


        • What you’re NOT happy you didn’t destroy your ability to pair bond and didn’t raise your risk of divorce by like 250%?


      21. If Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed, then Trump has to find a conservative, black, female, lesbian….

      22. I hope everyone remembers this come election day and no matter what you think of the “other choice” if one has a “D” by their name and the other has anything else, vote for the anything else. I was actually considering sitting this one out, not anymore. I’m voting against anything that moves with a “D” after their name. And no, I don’t think the others are necessarily better; but my gosh… these people are are beyond description and the only thing I can do about it is vote against them.. and I think I shall.

      23. I watched the hearings today. Some sleazeball Congressman tried to talk Kavanaugh into asking for an FBI investigation. Kavanaugh would have none of it. If he had gone along with it, it would have led people into believing that there was something to the accusations. They were even bringing his high school yearbook into the proceedings. Some of those politicians are so slippery that it is a wonder that they can sit in a chair without sliding off onto the floor.

        • Yea,
          The FBI
          Another completely corrupted, unaccountable wing of the democrat socialist party.
          I trust them as far as i can throw michael moors fat azz

      24. Let me be a ray of sunshine…

        The great, gray mass of Americans simply don’t care….and many are probably pissed that the Hearings bumped their favorite program(s).

        That ol’ debble FOX News pulls about 3 million for their finest hour. Over 60 million voted R in 2016 and roughly the same for the D.

        The math ain’t hard if you assume that only Rs watch FOX, then we clock in at 5%

        I bet “Dancing With the Stars” and some Sports programs do as well…

        However, always do the Right thing ! (Daddy taught me that 😉


        • ain’t hard huh, 8.3% wihc is about 5% 🙂


      25. Judge Kavanaugh is a cradle Christian. He is well acquainted with the Bible and no doubt saved by faith through grace in Jesus Christ.

        In his powerful opening statement, he condemned the perversion of the process. But maybe the senators didn’t understand the layers.

        1 Set the trumpet to thy mouth. He shall come as an eagle against the house of the LORD, because they have transgressed my covenant, and trespassed against my law.
        2 Israel shall cry unto me, My God, we know thee.
        3 Israel hath cast off the thing that is good: the enemy shall pursue him.
        4 They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not: of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off.
        5 Thy calf, O Samaria, hath cast thee off; mine anger is kindled against them: how long will it be ere they attain to innocency?
        6 For from Israel was it also: the workman made it; therefore it is not God: but the calf of Samaria shall be broken in pieces.
        7 For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.
        Hosea 8:1-7

        The message is crystal clear. Israel turned from the YHWH’s law and became idolators, and what they sowed with ruah (wind,breath, spirit) ends up severely harming them. Ruah here can mean to act in a careless trivial manner, but ruah is the essence of your life as YHWH breathed life in Adam (the ha-adam) with ruah. In other words, the lawbreakers and idolators acted carelessly with the very essence of their spirit. And so YHWH will nearly destroy them with the whirlwind.

        It’s not only criticizing how carelessly the Democrats and the fake news media tried to destroy a candidate to the Supreme Court, and thus harmed all future candidates going through the process. It also can mean that their careless actions breaking YHWH’s law will come back and destroy them.

        I think if confirmed, they made a terrible NEMESIS full of righteous fury. An eagle here means a carrion bird, and eagles do not eat carrion, so the correct translation is a VULTURE who eats the dead flesh that remains. It’s a very strong curse.
        Nesher in Hebrew is a Assyrian loan word nasru meaning vulture.

        • Yes, eagles do eat carrion. Look it up.

        • Eagles do in fact eat carrion which is why Teddy Roosevelt called them a “Dandified Vulture”.
          Just sayin’

          • Eagles are primarily hunters and some hunt fish from aloft. They will steal a rabbit being butchered from another predator. They will rarely eat carrion.

            Regardless based upon being an Assyrian loan word, the best translation is vulture. Context helps. It makes based upon the origin of the word as well as the implications in Hosea 8:1.

      26. He might be free of the yoke of John McCain.

        There are calls for Feinstein to be censure. And she should be censured. She is a disgrace.

        Every Demoncrat suggested that Kavanaugh suggest to Trump that the FBI should investigate. But they didn’t admit was Feinstein sat on the information for 46-60 days, and that during that time, she could herself have asked for an FBI investigation.

        During the investigation portion behind closed doors, the Democrats REFUSED to participate and thus they had every possible opportunity to have such an investigation. Regardless, even Biden famously stated under a similar situation that the FBI comes to no conclusions, only submits reports. So the Democrats are totally guilty of hiding evidence during the discovery process, failing to maintain Ford and Kavanaugh’s privacy, leaking this to the press, failure to do due dilligence, etc.

        Feinstein MUST be punished. She used her position to harm the Senate and is a disgrace. And it’s bad enough that she had a Chinese spy on her staff for up to 20 years but also used her position to accumulate 94 million. She is in no position to criticize anyone.

        Meanwhile Kavanaugh should be favored by women voters as he has sent more female law clerks than any judge in American history. If anyone has been an advocate for women, it’s Judge Kavanaugh.

        This is more disgusting than the sham of the McCarthy hearings. And he was censured for it.

        • the FBI is the deep state

      28. Five years ago many of you didn’t believe Bill Cosby’s 50 victims. Today most people know he was guilty of what they accused him of and is now serving time for those crimes.

        To believe Dr Blasey Ford is lying, you have to believe she is an actor on par with Meryl Streep. And you have to believe that she hatched this plot years ago, when she first talked about it in early 2012 during a therapy session. You have to believe she told at least four friends about it, again long before Kavanaugh was nominated for the court. And you have to believe she’s a secret agent on the side, who is expertly trained to trick a lie detector test administered by a former FBI agent.

        Or you can believe she’s telling the truth.

        • She is another FULL OF SHIT democrat

        • The reason you know Mrs. Ford is lying is because she is such a bad actress.

        • @ southpaw, There is another possibility. That she is a mentally ill person that has been used by the Dems to stop the process from moving forward. Normal sound people don’t go to therapy sessions. It is my opinion that these Democrats are miserable miscreants.

      29. Just wondering: are the go along get along, loyal opposition, soft, squishy, fat and happy RINO’s waking up finally to what’s been happening for the past many decades?

      30. What’s happening to the Rinos?
        No Name is DEAD!

      31. Sen. Grassley, Republican, is the Chair of that committee. If he had a spine he could have run that zoo properly. Instead, he let the scum on the Democratic side have their way. The spineless wimp needs to resign. They all owe the American people an apology.

        • I don’t think his problem is being necessarily spineless as it is he’s old and not that sharp mentally in responding and controlling the show.

        • If you know you are going to win it makes very good sense to allow the Leftists to show their true stripes to the American people. Makes the choices quite stark. No hiding in the middle.

      32. Maybe, I’m gritty or rough around the edges, but churchians like Graham seem hormonally-challenged, when they get “angry”. I find it questionable, to have a memo saved from the 80’s, reminding you to mow your lawn. If someone is maligning me, not as an innocent misunderstanding, but in bad faith, I don’t pray for that person, except in an imprecatory way.

        I am not saying to lose your temper or concentration. But, at which point does it become useful and necessary to hate a person.

        I think, neocons are intelligent, not just mushy. They have excellent control of their emotions, while supporting scary laws, which you hope to inflict upon deserving leftists.

        I think of the narcissist, who does not wear his heart on his sleeve, but passes a lie detector test. I think, elitists can get as freaky as the Roman emperors, have a restful beauty sleep, and put on an effete, public face.

        What has this person supported, legally. What is the substance of his career, besides his nice manners and cadre of demonstrators.

        • Read the info at this link plus a few other stories. It reads an awful lot like the story of O’s mother’s ties. It all stinks.

      33. Senator Harris is incensed that Kavanaugh passed the committee requirements. She’s is specifically angry about”the tyranny of the majority.”

        Perhaps someone should explain to this Demoncrat moron that that is the definition of “democracy”.

      34. Liberal: BILL CLINTON IS MY HERO THO!

        … kthen.


        Ford identified herself as a registered psycholgist during testimony, yet there does not seem to be any proof as to the veracity of her claim. If so, she committed perjury.

        Frankly there are several questionable gaps in her testimony but they treated her with kid gloves. Why has this lengthy delay about fear of flying not been addressed as the committee offered to fly to her to get testimony and yet under testimony she claimed to fly all the time, and flew to Matyland to get this phony polygraph consisting of interviewing an upset candidate (which violates the protocol) and only asked two questions (which violates the minimum of 5-7 questions)?

        I’m angry. We are reversing basic legal principles by allowing unsubstantiated accusations be treated as truth. No court in the nation would allow this to go to trial based upon such flimsy evidence. It’s her word against five people. She cannot explain the most basic things like the precise date, how she get there, how she arrived home, etc.

        Guess what? This is the legal risk you take to make an accusation. There is no protection because the second an alleged vicim makes the claim…the accused will forever be considered guilty by some regardless of the evidence and wtnesses.

      36. It’s not JUST the left……get out of the Hegelian Dialect they want you in. The two headed snake two party system. Leave the right left paradigm. I think this is all for show. If K gets on the SCOTUS, the left will be rallied and it will be a huge blue wave in November. If he doesn’t the Right will be rallied and they “might” be able to keep both the senate and the house. Trump is tied to McMahon and the WWE and all of washington politics is starting to look like a staged wwe match. And afterwards, they are all together laughing and drinking champagne while we gnash our teeth in the streets at one another.

      37. Religious nutjobs and both wingnuts(rt.&lft.) aside, I am so tired of these azole once poor but now millionaire professional politicians ruining this country. We are in how many countries playing political police for no reason than it is to enrich someone or some company(ies).
        All of this b.s. needs to stop. We need representatives not cronies. We need intellect not rhetoric. Lose all these morons and start voting for the country. Not the pocket!!!
        Educate yourselves people! Don’t let some wealthy idiot claim he/she is doing what is best for the country. Their records disprove this time and again! Why is it the American public has to suffer through rough times on little more than minimum wage and no benefits (ceded to keep a company open???) while these scumbags play god with us and the constitution getting richer and complaining that the quarter of a million per year is insufficient to live on? F**k them all…vote their slimy assets out of whatever hole they’re in now, back to whatever spawned these lying thieves and murderers!
        That is for the betterment of the country. Not sham politics from BOTH (all) sides!
        And keep the stupid moral majority b.s. out of anything public. Idiots! Stupid sheepthat cant think for themselves. No wonder those morons run for office. All they have to do is allude to some invisible critter and it is just all peaches and cream. If there is a god(and I’m not saying there isn’t!!!) he doesn’t give two shits about any of this lunacy. All he wants is as per his two(2) rules for life. Love god and love your neighbor. Anything else is completely manmade and serves only to advance personal agendas.
        Neither god nor cronyism is any good and neither belong anywhere near the constitutional process!

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