[WATCH] Russian General’s WW3 Warning: ‘Nuclear Conflict Is INEVITABLE’

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Headline News | 37 comments

Elevating fears of a third world war even higher, an ex-Soviet general has come forward declaring a nuclear war between the United States and Russia is unavoidable and “inevitable.” Evgeny Buzhinskiy, a former Lieutenant-General under the Soviet Union says that Russia will never accept “any kind of defeat.”

Because Russia is “lagging behind” the US in terms of military power, Putin would rather order a nuclear strike than accept defeat on the battlefield, Buzhinskiy said. Buzhinskiy, who joined the USSR’s armed forces in 1968, said the increasingly acrimonious standoff between Russia and the US is “worse than the Cold War.”

Russia will not accept any kind of defeat, so the involvement of nuclear weapons is inevitable,” he told Channel 4 News. 

US President Donald Trump ordered his military to launch almost 100 missiles at alleged chemical weapons facilities across Syria in response to the “toxic” attack.   Britain and France also took part in the “perfectly executed strike” that Trump declared “could not have had a better result”, tweeting: “Mission accomplished.” But the strike against Bashar al-Assad, whose government has the backing of Putin, has plunged Russian-US relations to new lows, with both sides exchanging fierce rhetoric.

“I think it’s worse than the Cold War, which we have been waging for 40 years after the Second World War,” he said, speaking to presenter Matt Frei, according to The Daily Star. “In the Cold War time I was in the armed forces and I was quite comfortable I’d say. There were definite duels and definite red lines – everybody knew what to do. There were no threats, no sanctions, no isolation, no cornering, no nothing. There was just ideological confrontation, but people on both sides knew how far they could go.”

Buzhinskiy admits, that as a grandfather, he’s scared of what could happen as this conflict with Russia escalates driven by false flags.

When asked if the US and Russia might “face off against each other” with nuclear weapons, he replied: “Of course. I repeat: you cannot control military confrontation between Russia and the United States.”

Last week Buzhinskiy warned that Putin would respond in kind if “Russian blood is spilled” during the US-led Syria strike.   “We have several thousand advisers in all military installation in all military units,” he said. “If Russian blood is shed then Russia will retaliate.”

Sleep tight, everyone.

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    1. Wyoming Resident

      When they stop talking about doing it, THEN I’ll start to worry.

      • retep

        nothing ever happens, just talk.

    2. NEC_Wrangler

      I dont buy the article, but…

      Theres a considerable amount of activity at WPAFB, Fairborn Ohio at the moment.

      • Chris

        I used to work at WPAFB what kind of activity going on now?

    3. J

      When in the history of mankind has a weapon developed for war never been used. Answer: Never…..Atomic weapons were used to end WW2. They will certainly be used to end WW3. The only question is, will there be a WW3. The answer is we’re already in WW3….it just hasn’t become a shooting war YET. Its only a matter of time until it does. And at that moment, we will all discover that in a nuclear world, war itself is the enemy.
      “now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”

      • rellik

        This guy is more of a
        “Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war”
        an actor on a stage.
        As an American My response would be
        “To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”
        You really don’t want to mess with real Americans.
        Granted the context of that quote was a fool doing an evil thing,
        (not the movie you guys, the book)but you get the idea.

        • LowCountry Buckeye

          Rellik I agree…no one wants to F with us in a war situation I don’t think. However, most countries want “something” FROM us. We are the sugar-daddy of the world.

        • RJOGuillory

          …you are so FOS…your eyes must be deep-brown. The USA has been raping the world for over 100 years, stealing lands, resources and enslaving people across the globe. The USA government has lied to it’s own people for decades regarding everything from the value of our currency…to the lies of Pearl harbor…to Vietnam…to Iraq 1, Iraq 2…and so on. The Russinas have been spending 60 billion a year on their defense, while the American Empire spend 700 billion for crap that doesn’t work. How would you like to fly one of the F-35’s that cuts off the flow of oxygen to the pilot, or one that they cannot get the weapons systems working properly? I bet you wouldn’t want to fly that plane. How about our 4.5 billion dollar destroyers that can’t even get out of port for a month, without breaking down? Yes, that was truly magnificent…watching a brand new US Destroyer being towed out of The Panama Canal. I’m sure that scared The Russians witless…eh? Ha! Ae you aware of the fact that one tiny Russian jet shut down the entire electronics on another of our 4 billion dollar war ships? Are you aware of the fact that the Russians have developed a miniaturized nuclear-power-plant that can be fitted to cruise missiles and torpedoes?, So Russia now has stealth torpedoes that can go on indefinitely…(as can their cruise missiles)…and they can go to depths of 3000 feet. if the Russians detonated one each off our 3 coasts, there would be a nuclear-radiated tidal wave that would wipe out most major cities on each coast. The Russians pay for weapons that work…you, and your tax money pay for weapons that build stock portfolios for the corrupt leadership of this country, both government and corporate. Nice try, but you John Wayne BS no longer works on an informed population that really cares about America and her principles. Go back to polishing your medals.
          RJ O’Guillory

          • rellik

            I guess you missed my comment
            “You really don’t want to mess with real Americans.”
            Emphasis on REAL. Agreed we have a lot of waste in our military,
            but I and most of my family were in the military and know what
            they can do.
            BTW my paternal great grand father was in the Imperial
            Russian army.

          • Old Aussie

            There most certainly will be a war, but the time of it only God, deep state & illuminati know. Of course, the whole world will be devastated but the storm center of that war will be the US.

            So, 5 years or 500 years, it most definitely will come.

            The illuminati will take refuge in their underground bunker cities, but deep state will have a separate bunker. The illuminati will break out the popcorn to watch the “show” but deep state will flick a switch and gas their revolutionaries to death. The rest of us will just fry under a nuke or be gouged in the bloodbath that follows.

            As the article says, “Sleep tight, everyone”

        • NEC_Wrangler

          what, no sad songs for London or Dresden?

    4. AUBroker

      Another bullshit article.

      • Heartless

        goldbroker, let’s hope you’re right. For if you’re incorrect, life is about to change…… for generations to come (if they survive at all). I say just look at the facts best as we can – what we can really really really find to be most likely truth. So many factors all hitting at once. If your moniker is in some way a reality in your life, I’d suggest swapping out a lot of that metal for others. Tins of food, lead and brass, good hardened steel, zinc, copper, magnesium, titanium. Get ’em in manufactured forms and devices that might be able to preserve you and those you love. Gold? If this turns out to be what is coming as the General states…. that metal won’t get you a can of beans.

    5. rellik

      I’m sure the man knows about Man kill formulas.
      there are about 115 million Russians. There about
      315 million Americans. We are roughly equal in the number
      of Nukes. You can argue who has better delivery systems.
      America can afford to lose all it’s large cities and that would actually be a God Sent gift. Russia is not so well off. We could destroy three cities and Russia as we know it would cease to exist. They have many wolves on their borders just waiting to get their resources.
      This general is probably not one of their best ones.

      • JustMe

        Well, there may be 315 million people here, but there are roughly the same number of real Americans, as there are Russians. The rest are just hangers on (I’m being polite).

        The real wildcard, is China, who will side with Russia. A Chinese general, talking about war with the U.S., said:
        “China can afford to lose 200 cities, the U.S. cannot.”

        The Chinese communists are patient, but deep down, they are ready, and just can’t wait…

      • Kevin2

        Everyone remaining alive will be busy rebuilding for the next 50 years. The centers of technology, manufacturing along with the skilled staffing of physician, engineer and scientist will be decimated. The machines to build the machines will be destroyed. To top it off the US has the least prepared youthful population to handle such an endeavor. Consequently the untouched semi developed nations, especially in Asia will rise to prominence. Wars in the decades following a nuclear strike will be between fellow countrymen.

        • Deplorable Neal Jensen

          The biggest problem is that the USA population keeps living according to the myths it believes are its strengths when it cannot even recognize the realities it already has without a war, yet it magically thinks it will survive the realities AFTER a real war…Talk about cognitive dissonance..

          • RJOGuillory

            …yep….that about covers it….

      • Azrael

        rellik you usually know what you are talking about, but not here. Just because we have parity with weapons doesn’t mean squat when enough of them have gone off to poison the planet. What is that number? Don’t know exactly, but even a quarter of each would probably do the trick. They have a much larger land mass that could be used to farm etc. with less contamination than the US. No one wins in an all out exchange.

      • Deplorable Neal Jensen

        One or two or three will placed airburst nukes (EMP effects) and the war is over (either side can employ). You don’t need to detonate 4500 from each country. Take off the technology (permanently) that the USA requires to exist and Stone age realities will cause the USA to go cannibal. The Russian less so as they have already survived through the privations of devastating war on their home turf, and are not ones to pshaw the experienced people who lived through it. The USA is pathetic in that regard, no real modern war on its own soil, no idea in its posh narcissism that it can survive anything thrown at it..Nope. Its all a fallacy. this country would implode from within if the lights go off permanently, 72 hours later the USA will be World War Z like.

        • Sam W.

          Yes, east and west coast black out would send refugees inland where they would wind up in disputes with the rednecks.
          A redneck wrote this.

        • RJOGuillory

          …the other thing to remember is that by treaty, both sides were allowed to only deploy ABM Units in one area of their country. The USA chose to deploy theirs in The Dakotas, where our ICBMs are located…while Russia has surrounded Moscow with ABM units. The Russians intend on protecting their city and people, The US just wants to be able to strike first, or use their missiles in a follow-on strike. That should tell you what they really care about.
          RJ O’Guillory

    6. B from CA

      Water is the most important item to secure.
      Fill your gas tank.
      Buy several gas containers and fill them.
      Get a tune up on your car. Make sure everything is ready to go. Put some essential items in the trunk. Pack a bag.

      If you haven’t prepped, don’t get too excited. Get your house in order. There are two main options, leaving or staying put. This plan must be flexible. Events will dictate the appropriate course of action.

      While at home water first, food, and means of protecting yourself from looters.
      The easiest foods in an emergency are canned (without plastic liners). And freeze dried or dehydrated for travel. Nuts and dried fruit. Buy bulk and freeze. Buy canned.

      Canned meats and canned meals.
      Canned fruit or vegetable juices.

      Buy spaghetti pasta (need pot for direct flame)
      Buy spaghetti sauces

      Buy bulk rice
      Buy bulk oatmeal
      Buy bulk sugar
      Buy bulk salt (plain and sea salt)
      Buy food grade buckets and gamma lids
      Buy some camping toilet seat covers for buckets

      Make sure to stock up on toilet paper, moist disposable wipes
      Wash cloths for when that’s gone

      Get a water purifier/filter
      Water disinfectant

      Barrels for water storage & rain catchment

      Items for personal hygiene
      Small items for barter (gold chains, coins, silver dimes)

      Make sure you have a medical satchel filled with first aid
      Disinfectant and bandages or bandaids
      Cough medicine, allergy, pain and fever, temperature

      Outdoor clothing and comfortable walking shoes, extra socks
      Skull cap, wool gloves, scarf, sweaters, jackets, rain gear

      Layers of clothing starting with under garments, tank tops, t-shirts, shirts and pants.

      Make sure every member of the family is prepared to go at a moment’s notice.
      Get bicycle, motor scooter, and RV ready

      Radio for updates
      Solar charger for iPhones

      Walk every day. Your feet are a form of transportation. Take care of them.


      Buy some soaps
      Clothes line




    7. Brian

      I don’t know whether prostitution or being a general is the “world’s oldest profession”. Prostitution is certainly more honorable than being a general. Also prostitutes are better at predicting the future!

      • B from CA


        Did you see the movie “Evita”? (With Madonna as Evita Peron). By today’s standards, Evita was the girl next door, a nice girl. She was never a street walker. And she married well and became Argentina’s First Lady. But she was politically incorrect, so of course, the reds disparage her and assault her character. The people of Argentina opposed casting Madonna in the role.


      • Supernaut

        I knew a prostitute once. She predicted my second coming.

      • Deplorable Neal Jensen

        Stormy Daniels is more honorable than Russian General?

        That’s the kind of arrogant bullschit thinking that makes America blind..but oh well. Its why any war will work out so well for none of us…

        • RJOGuillory

          …when you run into all of these red, white & blue patriots…who are all gung-ho for war and really believed the John Wayne movies…I ask them one question…”Can you tell me the last war The USA won?”. They are speechless.
          RJ O’Guillory

    8. Bigbluedrew

      As much as people don’t want to believe it what this guy is saying is true. The days of Soviet divisions as far as the eye can see are over. Russia is a bigger mess economically than we are. Putin can’t afford the type of standing army that can defeat NATO. From my reading he has decided to spend his precious military resources on modernizing his nuclear arsenal, it IS Russia’s fop of the line military resource. If we go to war with them he will use them, won’t have any choice. As for what happens then, as Doctor Grotichello said in the movie Failsafe, when asked the difference between 100 million casualties and 50 million casualties, “50 million”. That is the cold math we will be looking at, millions dead our country shattered, is that really the way we want to go here. For my 1 year old granddaughters sake I hope not.

      • Deplorable Neal Jensen

        Don’t worry, all that fallout cant hurt us at all……

        Oops, cough cough…. Chernobyl and Fukushima…..worked out so well for us with the explosions of new cancers and epidemic of genetic defects and thyroid cancers from Chernobyl…but hey who is keeping track, right?

        • RJOGuillory

          …”pay no attention to that three-headed-deer, move along folks…nothing to see here”…

    9. the blame-e

      If nuclear war is supposed to be so “inevitable,” why are we still talking about it?

    10. ahcros

      The US has a disabling government policy working against us – PDD60 prohibits us from responding to an incoming nuclear strike!

      In 1996 then-President Clinton instituted a new, secret, nuclear arms policy PDD60 for the US – which is that our armed forces are to ABSORB a nuclear strike. And this was accomplished by withdrawing all the nuclear codes that arm the missles so that only our “leaders” in Washington DC could arm our nuclear weapons. In effect, we currently are defenseless sitting ducks!
      Here is Robert Bell’s comment – he was then Senior Director for defense policy and arms control at the National Security Council:
      “in this PDD we direct our military forces to continue to posture themselves in such a way as to not rely on launch on warning–to be able to absorb a nuclear strike and still have enough force surviving to constitute credible deterrence.”
      In essence, this PDD directed our country to absorb a first strike and retaliate later. A frustrated Marine General is said to have exclaimed, “Retaliate with WHAT?”… This is not deterrence. This is suicide, or a very carefully planned agenda to make the US vulnerable.

      • RJOGuillory

        I’m not in a positon to refute the links you’ve provided, but I am under the understanding that The US Government just changed it’s policy of using a first-strike-capability, and is threatening to do so at their discretion?

    11. Brian

      B from CA – I saw Evita. When Hollywood does a movie on anybody’s life, they take a whole lot of liberties. Usually, they show them as worse than they actually were.

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