WATCH: Rise of the Machines: “A Drone in Every Home”

by | Oct 18, 2012 | Headline News | 222 comments

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    A decade ago drones were bulky looking aircraft controlled by complex computer systems requiring multiple pilots, and were reserved exclusively for military and foreign intelligence operations.

    But technological advancements in just the last five years in the areas of handheld computer hardware, high definition cameras, live streaming and miniaturized flight control have radically changed the playing field and promise to revolutionize the surveillance industry in ways that are almost impossible to imagine.

    This is a technology that’s a game changer. It’s been so on the military side and it will be the same on the civilian side.

    Drone surveillance platforms have a wide variety of  applications in government and commercial industry, including law enforcement, fire fighting, private security, agriculture, journalism, pipeline inspection, traffic analysis, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery.

    As was the case with the invention of the computer, some people, like Wired magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson, suggest a ‘drone in every home’ is beginning to seem like a distinct possibility. From vacuuming the carpet and sweeping your patio, to walking your dog and ensuring your child gets to school safely, there’s likely no shortage of Americans who would be willing and ready to invite them into their homes.

    While proponents tout the many benefits of drone technology, not everyone thinks they are as cool as they may look at first glance. Civil liberties groups and anti-drone activists note that having thousands of all-seeing-eyes in the skies over America watching our every move, listening to our conversations and even using thermal imaging to see what we’re doing in our homes poses a serious risk to personal freedoms and privacy.

    Watch: The Rise of the Machines USA

    Hat tip NinaO


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      1. “I’ll be back” in my best Arnold voice…

        • The corp will never be able to watch everything, it just wants to present itself as being able to do so the people will police themselves. Even if it could watch everything, it could not react to everything it sees.

          The best protection for the people is to take a lesson from the corp itself and become experts in disinformation. Every day you could plant a new false lead about yourself to waste the time of anyone trying to find you.

          The corp is far closer to being totally incompetent than it will ever get to being omnipotent.

          • But we can watch the corp too :).

            I can see a ban on flying these around public properties coming pretty soon. Still when experts can toss one down a chimney and into an office it’s going to be interesting. We might actually get some transparency!

            • I can see how this is the next big thing.

              And the next big thing after this will be something to detect them.

              And the next big thing after that will be something to snag them or shoot them down.

          • Take it from a late bloomed hacker turned IT Security professional: GC is right on the money.

            …and its what I do every day. I study this stuff. Let the drones come. Where there’s a drone, there’s a hack and where there is a hack, there is freedom.

            I let the corp monitor every thing I do and make no waves as they do so, never giving them a clue as to what I’m really doing. There are ways to separate.

            The fact is all of you have two personalities: your Strawman and You. If you know how to separate them, you’re in good shape. If you don’t, you’re trapped. The Strawman process is simply a hack to destroy your sovereignty. What I do is simply a hackback. Its a long standing principle that hackers are notoriously lacking in security because they don’t think anyone will hack them. The architects of the original birth certificate/Strawman/sovereignty hack are long dead. The current ones are just coasting and don’t have a clue.

            I feel more free every day!

            I pull the strings of my good little Strawman and he waves nicely to the corp while I stand behind him and do as I please.



            BTW, every once in a while I get caught. I just pay the fines and move on. Its not lawful but I don’t want to blow my cover. …yet.

        • I wonder if we get to a point that an EMP over the US will be considered a blessing?

      2. just like everyother defense , something will come along and make these useless, either it be a jamming device, or a predator drone that seeks out these drones ..its the old radar detector, lazer detector deal ..better stuff for the cops, than sell the device to the public to detect what the cops have and back and forth until they have sucked the technology dry.

        It proves something to me, the government is scared as hell..and they should be

        • VRF,

          “the government is scared as hell..and they should be”

          Good point. That may explain this.

          Despite Pledge of Open Government, Obama Prosecuting Whistle-Blowers as Spies

          Obama has Prosecuted More Whistleblowers than All Other Presidents COMBINED

          But Refuses to Go After White Collar Criminals


          • KY Mom, that is the Chicago way.

          • “The message to government workers seeking to expose waste, fraud and abuse is “see nothing, say nothing, don’t speak out — otherwise we’ll hammer you,” …

            “On Oct. 10, Obama issued a policy directive to executive- branch agencies extending whistle-blower protections to national security and intelligence employees, who weren’t included in the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act that passed the U.S. House last month and awaits Senate approval.”

          • More proof that they are scared is the fact that Obummer actually said he would support a ban on assault weapons, an agravated citicenry that is armed with sufficient firepower to defeat these people who are destroying our way of life is the biggest threat they have at the moment, it has nothing to do with one shooting in Aurora no matter how horiffic it was, it has to do with the fact that over the last 4 years the sales of assault style weapons has skyrocketed, and the fact that MANY of the people buying them are not nutso criminals but patriotic Americans wo want to be armed and are not willing to bow down to a bunch of elected thugs and their appointed cronys, people are sick of this crap that these jerks in Washington are passing off as governance.

            • We have sufficient firepower? No we do not.
              Unless your hiding an actual modern tank or a tomahawk missle in your garage.
              We only have sufficient firepower as long as they do not go the one step further.
              We have more guns and bullets? Yes we do.

            • Kulafarmer:

              Did you miss the part where Mick hinted or stated he would support an assault weapon ban too?

              That people are so stupid as to think there is a difference between which puppet they elect is hilarious at best, and ignorant at worse.

              I have a shirt I wear as often as I can, Illusion of Choice 2012 with both of their heads on it. The shirt is properly titled too, because there is NO choice. They are the same beast just with two different heads.

              Figure it out, they want us fighting party to party while they do whatever they please regardless, just putting in a few good gestures here and there. The majority of Americans wanted Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve passed, I believe it was near 80% in the polls done. Less then 40% of congress eventually voted for it.

              Illusion of choice indeed.

        • Why the heavy hand of censorship, Mac?

          We are confronting World War 3 and potentially the end of civilization. Do you have a vested tribal interest in protecting the perpetrators from exposure?

          Will you be part of the “rat line” that helps them avoid prosecution and punishment?

        • When the government is afraid of its people, there is liberty. When the people are afraid of their government, there is tyranny.

          • Exactly shipmate.

          • What an idiot…

          • “If man will only realize that it is unmanly to obey laws that are unjust, no man’s tyranny will enslave him.” – Mahatma Gandhi

          • Was going to post that quote on FB but I fear the government will come knocking on my door. 😉

          • BB stacker.


      3. Cue Ted Kaczynski’s Manifesto entitled ‘Industrial Society and its Future’

      4. Now that is some scary s*** Skynet for sure! Going to stock up on some more buckshot.

      5. @Mac Salvo … da’ Hat Tip is honestly Not Necessary .

        It is too “You @Mac Salvo” we Preppers should All be Tipping our bonnie hats too , I also “Salute” your great wife and diligent hard working staff for giving us this free user driven platform @SHTFPLAN to come to daily for Prepper News and Advice .

        THANK YOU @Mac Salvo and Family !!!

        ;0) Cheers Mac


        ;0p pssszzt

        • Are you were buttering up family so you can get a loan that will never be paid back.

          • @FBP … Piss Off DimTard .

            • No

      6. Does anyone know of a specifific scientific dicsipline that concerns how humans interact with technology?
        Technology is the ultimate “force multiplier”, but… it’s seems technology is multiplying humans right out of the picture. At an accelerating rate, that exceeds our ability to adjust.
        If you own a business, any business, and need to maintain production, machines are now a viable choice.
        (after proofreading that line, it looks like something written in 1875, wow!)
        In the not too distant past, you would add an employee. Now, you have the option of replacing an employee or many employees with a machine that has very limited ancillary costs.
        This has been the way through the Industrial Revolution, but technology doubles every 18 months, and this is outpacing human ability to adjust lifestyles to adapt.
        I see this as a major reason why we are so underemployed, but still maintaining or increasing production.
        Autonomous autos (trucks?), autopilots, robots of every form and function to perform menial tasks, machines building machines, and billions of people waiting to do what remains for $2.00 a day.
        Now this is graet if you “own” the machines, but what’s left for everyone else?
        Is the “new normal” millions of people who just exist and are subjected to nonproductive lives, receiving a stipend from ” the Corp”, whatever that may be?
        Or am I just the modern version of a buggywhip maker, looking at a Model T as the end of the world?

        • As a postscript; After a lifetime of capitalism, Darwinism, business ownership and the belief that welfare destroys the soul…. it rocks me to the core that the only solution I can envision is some sort of distibution of the wealth that is funneling to the top.
          Based on what? That’s Socilaism , as I understand it.
          The most destructive force in Human history.

          • Rick, every tech.advancement has made man lazier and more expendable. There have been great uses for our day to day life; refrig.air-conditioning,phones,etc..
            Most of the advancements(past 30-40yrs.) are about conditioning people to be dependant on something or on others(’t). Vertually taking self control/reliance away from the average person.
            The credit card commercial; where everybody is just gayly having a fun time that is interrupted by someone using cash, making that person an outcast. That commercial says it all about their (ptb) intent and how they are conditioning people. If you use cards, credit/debt, you’ll be at the mercy of whoever is controlling the machine.

        • I see you’ve been reading…….lol

        • I completely agree that we have “techified” ourselves right out of the job market.

          Every industry is looking for that golden goose that can increase their profit, and right now, the golden goose is cutting their expenses since it seems increasing their sales is out of the question, given the current economy.

          It’s a terrible cycle, because each time businesses reduce their reliance on human beings, they reduce their chances of making a sale since fewer people will be employed.

          I think our only form of resistance is refusing to buy into the technology. We need to think about where our goods are coming from and focus on “buying human” whenever possible. Buy from local farms and artisans when purchasing groceries, look for handmade goods when selecting Christmas presents this year and opt for old goods over new mass produced ones. Vote with your wallet!

          • I like the way you think!

            • Doesn’t Daisy words seem different lately (last few days) have command look into it. I am still on assignment

          • “””I completely agree that we have “techified” ourselves right out of the job market.””””

            We haven’t techified our way out of the job market. The jobs were shipped to China for cheap labor products.

            The technology employed by companies still requires humans to operate it. Technology changes the nature of the job, but rarely replaces it entirely.

            Having said that, the last sentence of the last paragraph is a good post on it’s on.

            • …Yep! Humans like me, to the tune of six digits including bennies and salary for running this technology.

              The job market changed. No longer can you stand on an assembly line and poke a bolt in a hole and get paid $20 an hour for it. It should never have been more than minimum wage anyways. Now, instead, you have to think and create. No more humans doing robot labor for high wages.

              Unions screwed us as much as our politicians. They created the excruciatingly high wages and that forced the sub-corps to look elsewhere for cheap labor. Thanks guys! …and then the politicians, who were bribed, promptly stabbed the unions in the back because they took money from the unions to help the unions screw non-union Americans while at the same time enriching and accepting money from foreign interests.

              If you blame the politicians, you have to blame the unions too. The fact is America has been screwed over by our “servants” more than an $100 whore because they fed us and made us comfortable and we all went to sleep. No more. Its time to wake up the sleepyheads.

              Bix Weir says its going to be a rough ride but our future, eventually is VERY bright. There are good guys up there and they are fighting with everything they have for us. Give them your hopes.

              …in the meantime, there is dronebuster research you can support. Look it up online, but, be careful. Some are decoys.

            • To a degree only; when a machine does the job of 20 line employees, we have ‘technisized’??? ourselves out of jobs.
              One person only mans or maintains that machine.

            • And may I be the first to say…Net Ranger, you’re screwed more than us when an EMP strikes.

          • FBP ~ What is your problem? Why is it that you feel the need to harass people? Why do you fixate on specific individuals? I don’t comment on your posts for a reason – and that reason is because I’m here to share and learn, not argue with divisive people.

            Do you have some kind of insecurity complex that causes you to have to insult others to feel good about yourself? Are you feeling inferior because of your dreadful grammar and poor spelling skills? Perhaps it’s your lack of critical reasoning ability. You’re very quick to point out what a tough guy you are, with all your comments, veiled and otherwise, about your weapons, your self defense skills and your all-around bad-assed-ness. Is this to direct attention away from your other obvious shortcomings? It’s NOT WORKING.

            You seem to have an incredibly guilty conscience ever since I posted up the article on paid shills. You can’t stop mentioning it – did I strike a nerve or something? I never mentioned you by name, keep in mind. I posted a link to an article. I posted an excerpt from an article. The people here are intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions. You, by your constant comments, are the one drawing suspicion upon yourself.

            And as for your silly little threats, well, my “friend”, your OPSEC sucks because you always have to boast. You talk too much. Trust me when I tell you that you are not the only one with mad hacking skills. Leave me the hell alone.

            • Thanks Daisy, couldn’t have said it better myself. I really try not to respond to crap either. I am here to learn. Don’t have a lot to share but enjoy the real posts and not the other.

            • Now that sounds like the Daisy that can step up when needed. Was just wondering where she was. Glad to see you are still around.

              Yes I am a “bad ass” So What.

              I am not after anybody well with 1 1/2 exceptions.

              I am not s ahill. I only come here for he therapy.

              And we all got away from sharing and helping awhile ago.
              Except copperhead Just on fire lately.

              And yes my spelling and grammar suck. And I have fat fingers. And do not have a proof reader. I just say what needs to be said.

              Commenting is about the individual. Its called communication. And it fun to see eeder get flustered.

              And mentioning the story is just to much fun. I would worry more about the handles that have disappeared since that story started circulating.

              Daisy You are one of the oldest here. And maybe it is time you catch up with the times. The preppers asked for more to join well they are. I had to change from a Cold War survivalist to a Prepping Grandfather (Rev I ain’t as old as you). That was not easy. You have taken a path of retreat and protection for your child I salute that and support it. Some of us have chosen a different path and this is how we express ourselves. You may have been here forever but maybe it is time for you to step aside. Or get back in the game and start mixing it up.

            • I thought I posted a response but I must have not hit submit. Thanks for your response to FBP. You put into words what I can’t. It sounds good in my head but then….Anyway, I come to this site to learn, not much to share but I really try hard not to respond to the crap. But when it gets personal for no reason it is ridiculous. I have more important things to do than attack others. Was probably a bully in school too.

          • For nearly 20 years, there has been a documented preference of people for artisanal goods and hands-on wellness and grooming alternatives.

            There is even a meme for this:”High Tech/High Touch”. People crave items that are human-made or services that involve one-on-one contact. We are in this market via 2 different businesses. They have both survived the downturn and both are now rebounding back towards the pre-Crash levels. If more people create these sorts of sole proprietorships, there will also be a market in supplying them. This expands the possibilities from retail to wholesale or from one-on-one to a limited production item or a small studio service operation that can either employ others or operate as a co-op.

            There are personal services which cannot be exported. Most can be expanded from sole practitioner to managing a group of practitioners. Most can be bootstrap financed with no need for grants or loans. Yes, you may be “buying a job”, but that can be preferable when no jobs as we once knew them exist.

            You cannot fight the trend. As is said about investing:”The trend is your friend”. We will all get further by figuring out individual ways to create value than by boycotting the mainstream. We will all use aspects of tech to enhance our individuality and personal income production.

            As for the personal drone aspect: this is also a way to increase perimeter security for a single person or the elderly. It will keep the elderly or disabled out of institutions once the robotics for personal and home maintenance assistants matures. Example: I can imagine leasing something that does home and property chores, especially as the costs come down as they always do for technology. I can imagine taking advantage of the skills of these machines to even assist in some income production business.

            The advocates of the impossibility of a central authority to follow up or manage surveillance drones are ignoring Artificial Intelligence, which is also being advanced rapidly. If TPTB want or think they need to watch everything 24/7, they will. At some point, these machines will be able to protect themselves, either actively or passively, and likely they already can do so.

            Small-hold gardening or artisanal farming will be profitable as it provides exotic goods and novelty items. Example is an article I recently saw on an older woman living in a trailer house in California who raises gourmet snails for high-end restaurants. Another is an operation that began as a hobby carding/spinning/dying service for alpaca owners and is now in their 3rd space which is large enough to facilitate their retail, wholesale and online businesses. This one was begun by a group young women with young children, and is now owned by the one who didn’t quit.

            Many communities are developing commercial kitchens and food processing production facilities that serve several entrepreneurs at a time on a leasehold basis, as incubators. Some also provide marketing help. Many gift shows have exhibitors selling packaged dry food mixes for dips and marinades that began from a kitchen hobby and graduated to leasing a commercial kitchen and then to a time-share in one of these community processing facilities. Crafters know their niche markets and can imagine items and services that their fellow artisans and hobbyists would pay for.

            To expand your thinking, look up various trade shows in various market niches that interest you and, if necessary, enlist the help of someone with a small business to obtain the credentials needed to attend. There is usually a fee if you aren’t a registered buyer, but as investment capital goes, it is minor. If you know someone in the market already, perhaps they will allow you to attend with their shop credentials in their buying group. Small local press operations can issue press credentials if they can show past coverage of the niche. Perhaps you can market yourself as a columnist to provide coverage of these markets, gaining information and making some income at the same time. If not a columnist, consider local radio and offer yourself as an expert in your areas of knowledge to do a show each week for an hour, just to gain media credentials, as these gigs usually pay nothing. We have done all of these at various times, collected literature, made notes and used this information to assess the potential of various enterprises for ourselves. The idea is not to copy-cat, but to survey and find the empty niches you can fill. If you are writing or broadcasting or blogging, you have the chance to monetize these endeavors, which can at least pay you for the venue.

            I have made my living all on my own, considering my own hands, tools I have created or adapted and my own mind as my means of production for nearly 45 years. We all have skills, interests and the ability to become experts and innovators in something. There have been fewer and fewer manufacturing and cubicle-bound information processing jobs available every year over that time. I have worked out of a kitchen, a spare room, a basement or a shed, with and w/o employees or even part-time help. I have utilized the Internet and *hacked* ubiquitous home appliances into production machinery. I’m not special, rich, entitled, connected or even, IMO, all that talented or brilliant. I lack a college degree, although I have some college and a technical certification. So, it can be done by the average person and is being done by them daily.

            Working for yourself is revolutionary and will benefit everyone better then being reactionary as things continue to change. There is a limit to how much one can withdraw and refuse participation and very few will go that route, making those that do easy pickings for a determined authoritarian regime. Taking an aggressive stance against what is essentially a robotic army just makes you another sort of target.

            Take a look at “Makers” by Cory Doctorow. It presents this sort of high tech future and how individuals can take advantage of it. Look at the Makerbot web site for affordable plastic 3D printing, which is imp[roving daily and becoming cheaper every year. There are also blogs and communities devoted to hacking regular appliances into production machinery. I saw one recently that showed a plastic vacuum-former made out of a wooden frame and a shop vac at Makezine, which has many such ideas. A niche that has vanished in my immediate area is rehabbed washers and dryers and I know there are people out there who can do this profitably.

            There are businesses that only provide RFID protection wallets and bags. There are possibilities in interior and exterior IR-reflecting paint and materials. Perhaps someone will develop caps or other clothing that prevent drone identification. The materials for all of these are available wholesale and need only a sewing machine or a plastic film welder to manufacture a product.

            Ted Kaczynski is not a role model, IMO.

            • No, YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!!!

          • In theory this means that they will overshoot and not be able to sell to anyone and then wake the eff up.

            In REALITY they won’t hit this point until they’ve impoverished every market on Earth and are attempting to sell squares of recycled paper for $100.

            Unfortunately for us we’re first on the list in terms of impoverishable markets.

            • The surest winning move is to refuse to play!

          • Daisy, no. You buy into the technology but don’t sell out to it. Make sure YOU USE IT and don’t let IT USE YOU.

            Credit cards are the same way.

            Its a lot like raising kids. There is a tendency to let them rule the roost, but if you do, disaster will strike. Same with tech. I have tons of tech but none of it has me.

            Maybe that is to say if you don’t know anything about it, stay away or, hire a guy like me to keep you safe. Sounds OK to me. I could train a dozen people how to have to never worry about a thing. Certain steps you take will ensure both anonymity and integrity.

            Good luck on all fronts.

          • But, Daisy, we’re spoiled, as much as we bitch about tech, we are so dependent; dh and I discuss this often in reference to what’s coming—I got upset having to call a number for industrial work pants this morning–I wanted to key in my debit card # and be finished.
            We will suffer badly for all this technology…hand washing is a bummer, so I’m getting easy to wring work pants, not jeans.

          • There’s an opening in Libya for an ambassador.

            • @DF

              So why doesn’t your decrepit ass apply for the position?

              Your lack of talent & intelligence is evident, but I’m guessing you’re a homosexual, per your visceral infatuation with Daisy…as she’s a real mans female & thus you’re jealous of the competition.

              Are you a ‘Tranny’ by chance?
              If so, you’re chances for an ambassadorship position just landed into the Obama regime’s jackpot sweepstakes.

              Submit your resume’ ASAP to the US State…they adore your types.

        • You are right about the automation.

          Any politician who says s/he is going to bring manufacturing back to America and bring down unemployment is lying ot you.

          Today’s factories are highly automated. Where in the past you needed a hundred people, now you only need a few dozen.

        • The reality that no one (read: politicians and people that can’t figure it out) wants to face is that 95% of the people are now obsolete. Machines can be built by fewer and fewer, farming done by fewer and fewer, construction, cleaning, mining, shipping…the list goes on and on. The only option left is for the masses to make a game changing social economic U-turn back to self subsistence with farming. However, this is complicated by the fact that the masses have no land of their own, and even if they did, are welfare generations away from knowing how to survive by their own labor and wits.

        • That was going to be my question. What happens when these “Machines” start to think for themselves? And I thought the Terminator was just a movie.

            • I am glad someone got my Arnold quote.
              He just don’t sound right as a “BUBBA”.

            • Great post Mac. Incredible “advances” are being made in robotics, AI, and biological computing. Androids, not unlike “Data”, perhaps even superior to Data are probably less than 50 years away.

              There is even an artificial skin that responds electronically to touch so that Androids will have tactile function. Organs or mechanical devices similar to them have been replicated using stem cells and plastic. When these advances are perfected and mated to advanced 3D printers, amazing things are going to happen.

              One company is even developing a “companion” that would be as faithful as a dog, never have a “headache” when you needed her, and is “fully functional”. A male “companion” is also being developed.

              Anyone want to invest in a company making “Stepford Hookers”? 🙂

        • Them computers that control machines are making us some high quality guns! But I still refuse to go thru the self checkout line!LOL
          Have a wonderful day.

          • Zager & Evans were right. Won’t need no husbands, won’t need no wives!

        • Owe it to the company store song comes to mind. Just like the railroad tycoons in the 1800’s did with the Chinese. Once you sign on you can never leave

      7. State and local governments are already using them to violate the privacy rights of farmers. Oh, they’ll tell you it’s all about ‘compliance’. Isn’t it always? I think Judge Napolitano on Fox said he’d give a reward to the first person that blew one of these things out of the sky. Hell, I’ll gladly do it for nothing. A free society needs privacy rights. Drones monitoring citizens is wholly Orwellian.

        Our ability to develop technologies without considering the moral and ethical ramifications of their use has become truly disturbing.

        Have a great day!

        • The EPA has been using drones to monitor farms. They send violation fines for inappropriate water use, too much dust production, farm animals “contaminating” water supplies (by drinking out of ponds and streams) and whatever else they can think up. It is becoming quite an issue due to people being hit with fines, lawsuits and government action suddenly, without warning. The farmers here in the MidWest are starting to get riled.

          • I wonder if someone can make drone killing drone?

            • Catch up Stevie.

      8. I am sure if someone developed a guidance system for the drone- someone else will develop a anti- flight program to make them divert and crash..

        Where is anonymous when you need them!!

        • Realist,
          My thoughts as well. We Americans are on the “smart ass” side. We don’t like to be told what to do, or spied on.

          There is always some guy from MIT, or Cal Tech who will figure out a way to screw up the system.

          Look at the story on how the hackers from Iran screwed up those Aramco conputers. 200,000 of them I believe.

          My approach is much more low tech, just paint the letters F U, on the top of everyones car, for a start.

          “F U” stands for Freedom Unlimited of course.

      9. Our tax dollars used to keep us in check. Good move big brother- our government will pay for these infringements on privacy one day. I’ll have to double down on stored munitions if i have to bust caps at hungry zombies AND unmanned planes!!

      10. Maybe the Russians will give us some MANPADS missles to return the favor of our government sending Stingers to the Mujahideen in the 80’s? I want to be the first kid on my block with a confirmed drone kill!

        • @Rifleman

          Yes but do you have a big enough fireplace to hang it over?

          • LOL! If I get the trophy, I guess I might just have to build one! I can hang it in the same room with my best buck mount.

      11. Martial Arts For Survivalists

        Physical strength, endurance, flexibility, adaptability, and mental discipline are all attributes of a true survivor. Unfortunately, they are also attributes that are often neglected by the average survivalist. The popular assumption is that if you have sizable food storage and can shoot straight, you are ready to rock-and-roll. Reality has some harsh lessons for those with this mindset. The first and most important weapon in any prepper’s arsenal is his own body; strong, healthy, and well taken care of. If a person’s body is left to decay, no amount of gear is going to save them in the middle of a crisis situation…

        Hand-to-hand combat training is sometimes treated with cynicism amongst preppers who have spent all their lives enraptured in the world of firearms. The common retort is “Why use my hands when I have my Glock…?” Indeed. Why should we? Perhaps because one day we may not have a weapon in our possession during a dangerous circumstance. Should a survivalist simply give up because he loses his gun or he runs out of ammunition? I think not.

        • Well, BBBS, the sad reality is that you’re not talking to a bunch of college kids here. I think I would be more representative of this audience and I’m a leading-edge “boomer” pushing pretty hard on 70. I’m also a retired Marine who still takes PT seriously but my days of taking on a 20-something zombie with my hands are probably behind me. For us oldfarts, street fighting is a last desperate resort. I’ll take ten yards of separation and my Glock any day. Better yet, 100 yards and an AR. Best choice, keep your SA (situational awareness)up and avoid engagements except on your own terms.

          • That’s pretty much what I was thinking. Age has advantages and disadvantages. What we wish we could do and what we know we can do are two different things. Even if I was decent at hand to hand, with my luck I would be up against someone that could put me down in a heartbeat. I know my limitations. If I was twenty something maybe it would/should be looked into.

          • @Casey Jr. + Lag ;0)


            I appreciate your Circumstances …

            As All U.S. Marines are taught Hand to Hand Combat Line Training at Parris Island Basic Boot @Casey “YOU” know you have alternatives to your “Own” self defense .



            I suggest PREPPERS anyone physically challenged by age of disability learns the following …












            THE CHOICE IS YOURS !!!





            • Everything is a weapon. Exactly. I very recently had to use a 5 foot piece of 2×4 to defend myself. I left the trash in a dumpster. Turned out to be a nice walk afterall.

        • Why are we posting from another site. Can’t come up with anything on your own.

          • Why are you harrassing people? Can’t come up with anything intelligent to say?

            • Why is T just posting other peoples stuff. Why does he get paid to do it. He repeat and post the same. He even doesn’t change the wording. He has been copy/pasting lately from old post and other sites. That it. You seem to be able to have an original thought when pressed.

            • Lots of us post articles of interest to others. Many of the articles Copperhead has been so graciously sharing with us are not his original works.

              If you want to play the “veiled hints game”, I’m sure you are enjoying the 49 degree weather there in your hometown today. A little cloudy, but apparently no rain, and not even enough wind off the lake to make it noticeable – perhaps it would be a good day to be outside?

            • The lake is lovely today was going to go out and fish from the pier for a while.

              I might even head up Highway 30 and drive though Gary while I am here.

            • Hey Facebook,
              I know that you are just trying to be funny, but you are coming across as sort of mean. She has asked you to leave her alone twice now.

            • Nice try but we both know that you are a heck of a drive from Gary.

              And thank you, Rev Ike. That’s very nice of you. 🙂

            • Does Valpo mean anything. And for you ok.

      12. Do not forget that technology is at least 25 years ahead of what’s “public” knowledge…

        Nearly every technological device we use was first developed by the feds..and then released years later for public consumption..


        This allows then to come up close and personal rather than utilizing the massive surveillance systems already in place over the last quarter century..launched and placed well above our heads thanks to NASA and all those “supposed” shuttle flights for exploration..

        Hell,what do you think PAVEPAWS is?

        Tracks over 70,000 satellites a day just in the northeast quadrant here in the states..and almost all are military applications save for the communications(cable,cell phones etc..)


        • All this possee, and we couldn’t keep one ambassador safe?

      13. What are the new F.A.R. rules on drones?

        • probably none..they do what ever they want, obvioulsy there are no rules on our government or military.

          wonder how long we will go before an airliner hits one, or a military plane hits one..

          than in their jerkoff ways they will ground all aviation..or probably blame it on GA..(general aviation) because you know the government hates GA..they want it gone

      14. The human spirit is hard to defeat. I’m sure if/when these drones start flying/spying a whole bunch of frat boys will find a way to Moon the s.o.b.’s on a regular basis.
        Myself, I’m a fat old fart with a big gut/butt, so I’ll be sun bathing in my Speedo every chance I get.

        How about a huge, bed sheet size poster of Hank Jr. giving them the one finger salute on every roof top.

        Or start burying store dummies wrapped to look like “Old Aunt Bee” each time they pass over.

        And I’m sure that some of you Ladies can come up with all sorts of goofy stuff to “bother” the spies in the sky!

        Fighting back doesn’t have to involve a violent response.

        • do what brando did, paint a big FUCK OFF on your roof 🙂

        • Their achilles heel is that as they put more of us out of work, fewer of us are paying into their system, cutting down on the mountians of cash needed to keep it all afloat.

      15. Technology is not always bad. I still think that uav’s in the right hands will benefit some. It’s the matter of getting them into the right hands, however. That will prove the difficult part. In the hands of police forces? Not so good. In the hands of park rescue units. Good. That technology could help find an idiot who wandered out into the park unprepared, got caught in a snowstorm and hasn’t been heard from in 24 hours. You hear about these types of idiots all the time in CO. A quick, inexpensive way to start the search? Send up a hand launched uav and initiate the search that way. It makes no sense to me for one to be blindly anti uav when there are certainly benefits that could be had from such technology. But… no one here has a 4th amendment anymore…. so why should you care if big sis is watching you at all times. Answer that , Winstons.

      16. What about making your own personal drone to protect yourself

        • Just go to Toy “R” US and buy one.

          • One of the best tools we had was a remote truck from toys and a night vision back up camera

      17. I see no way humanity could be enslaved as a result…

        As for personal liberties, just don’t buy them. Or make an EMP generator out of a flash camera.

      18. Off topic but I saw where some Chicago pol thinks that a bullet tax will stop Chicago’s gang violence.

        Th quote that great American Thinker, Buggs Bunny, “What a Maroon!’.

        I have a whole bunch of bullets, does anybody know if I should be worried that one of them might just go off on it’s own?

        Of course the problem is Liberal Socical programs which gives us these out of control Bangers, but if they point to that as the source of the problem it sort of destroys their Welfare State principles.

      19. Wow! That video really shows how powerless we as individuals are. They can see all. Infared cameras are able to watch your movements in your home. Social networks broadcast your thoughts, life and who knows what. The water company through digital reporting knows in real time when you take a shower, water your yard, wash you dishs or use the bathroom. The electric company knows when you are home and what you are doing by electrical use. Your debit card and or credit cards tell the story as to what you buy and consume and how much. Traffic cameras and police cars scan your license plate and track your movements by car. Any private investigator / skiptracer can get a copy of your criminal, civil documents, telephone bill (all calls or texts outgoing and incoming), checking account statement and now this. A friend of mine is a computer forensic specialist working for a police department. When you are busted he comes in and can read your life. Nothing is a secret.

        Only thing is that TPTB will not be as scrutinized as we the people. Maybe though, just maybe this technology when available can be reveresed on TPTB. Scary stuff any way you look at it!

        • @BB

          Cowboy up, the fight is just beginning. My father built a boat out of old plywood and our family escaped Castro’s
          prison island.


      20. I would like to add this point, if I may. Sure, the government and those who really want to might be able to see all, but these people are still human. Whoever is controlling/building the machines or watching are human. Humans err, have emotion, empathize, sympathize, react, respond. My point is, maybe we shouldn’t be too overwhelmed by the spooky technology because it is still humans that are running it…and a lot people are just stupid which can benefit all of us. A trained monkey is still a monkey not a highly intelligent, calculating, analytical evil genius. Why do you think TPTB will fail in the end? They are far from genius, IMHO.

      21. I don’t foresee drones in every household in the near or far future. This system will collapse upon itself before the technology is perfected. There will be more time spent on regaining control of the masses than producing drones for everyday life. Technology is replacing basic human relations, such as; writing personal letters and actually mailing them, having dinner together as a Family at a table, not in front of a tv or computer, meeting a friend one on one and not through face book, sitting down with your child and going over homework, not simply relying on the computer for the answers, cooking a homemade meal in the kitchen at least 6 nights a week and not going to fast food or take out. We outsource just about everything that we can now, even the raising and teaching of our children.

        I would hope that there are enough people who want to change this insane fast paced system into a slower more real existence. Some will have to go through having these things ripped away from them in order to realize what is truly important and others already know and are living this good life now.

        The government can not stop you from living free, only you can when you count on them for anything at all. Anyone can make their lives independent of the control of the elite by not listening to their fear tactics, by not taking money from them unless it is social security that you have already paid for. If you need a handout, go to your local parish, you would be amazed at how ready they are to help out with no strings attached. Become independent by taking any job that is available rather than go on the government dole. You will not only be proud of yourself but it will open new doors of opportunity, relying on the Government is a dead end road. When they realize that we don’t need them for anything in order to have a good life, that is when they lose power and control over us and that is when they have to answer to us the people. Sure we need some form of Government but not the death grip that is on us now. They need to know they work for us, not vise versa.

      22. Where Do I Start?
        An Entry Level Technique For The Frantically Unprepared

        Alright, you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to have some preparations in place “just in case”. Then, for some, comes the overwhelming anxiety and the question, “where do I start?” I assure you everyone has asked themselves this exact same question at some part of the journey. You’re not alone, we’ve all been at that point, and the important thing to remember is that you are starting today and not tomorrow.

        There are many levels of preparedness, this post will hopefully get you off to a basic start.

        Think about what that “just in case” means to you. Emergencies can take many forms, from running out of gas at night in February, to a global pandemic, laced with a couple of dirty bombs for good measure and everything in between. Once you identify a few threats to your way of life you can better prepare. Remember though, your preparations will cover a lot of these threats all at once.

        There are many sites that can offer you checklists, and these can be helpful to a point. They can also get long and they can add anxiety instead of relieving it! What happened to me was that I searched for every checklist I could find. Most repeated themselves, some left out items that were critical to me and I ended up feeling worse about my lack of preparation than better. What works for someone else may not be the best for you. Our goal is to find what works best for YOU.

        There are priorities to preparation and certain things you have to have to live, i.e. shelter, water, food, security.

        This technique is a quick and painless way to get started, and it will be what works best for YOU.

        Humans are creatures of habit, and while that has it’s downsides, we’re going to use that to our advantage.

        Imagine the various routines of your day in chronological order and use that for a guideline.

        For example, the first thing I do when I wake up is let the dog out. ( Do we have enough dog food stored for a week?)

        2. I go to the fridge for a Diet Coke. ( Do I have enough for a couple weeks?)

        3. I go to the bathroom. (If the water isn’t running, can I dump flush? Do I have alternate means of disposal? A 5 gallon bucket, trash bags, bleach, and enough toilet paper for a few months?—Running out of toilet paper scares me more than mostJ )

        4. I take a shower. (Do I have soap, shampoo, shaving cream, etc. stored up to last me a while? How would I shower or bathe if there was no running water? Wash cloth, towel, 5 gallon bucket—NOT THE SAME ONE WE USED EARLIER!)

        5. I get dressed. (Do I have seasonal appropriate clothing in good repair? How would I wash those clothes without a washing machine? Do I have enough laundry soap?)

        6. Fix breakfast. (Do we have food put away? What if the electricity is out? No fridge means no bacon, How about an alternative to the stove. A grill and a few propane tanks will get you through for a while)

        7. I kiss my wife and leave the house. ( Is she safe? Doors locked, first aid kit, smoke alarm batteries checked? Fire extinguisher?)

        8. I take my daughter to school. (What arrangements have we made for her if something happens while she’s at school? Can she walk home? Who picks her up? Etc.)

        9. I drive to work (Is my car gas tank at least half full? Do I have enough fuel to drive for 2 weeks? What if I can’t get to work? Alternate route. What if I lost my job? Savings? An alternate skill or job is handy to have to fall back on.)

        10. Come home and work in the yard. ( Do I have all appropriate tools to keep yard and home maintained? Could I start a garden?

        11. Dinner, fire up the grill and start cooking. (Do I have paper plates stored to save water, trash bags?)

        12. It’s going to be dark soon, do I have alternate lighting? Flashlights at least. Lanterns. Maybe consider a Coleman 5000 watt generator, a deep cycle battery, an inverter and you’ll be ahead of many with enough electricity to watch a movie or two and keep the food in the fridge cool.

        Your daily routine will probably vary from mine( I hope you’re not kissing my wifeJ ) But the point is, that if you go through your daily routine and find alternate ways to achieve your daily objectives, you are going to not only survive and be more prepared than most, you are going to survive in some sense of normalcy. Emergencies do not mean that you break out your camouflage, paint your face, tie on the bandanna, and go hunting deer with a spear. (I’m not quite that good with a spear and the face paint makes my face break out.)

        I want to have my family safe, fed, and going on with our lives as close as we do now.

        The thing is that with these preparations, you will be covered for a lot of emergencies. I will have to use the bathroom whether there’s a global pandemic or I just got laid off. I got toilet paper regardless.

        Write down your routine, and make notes as to what you need. Next time you are at the store, pick up a case of water. Can’t find a flashlight? Buy one. It doesn’t cost much more to get 4 jars of spaghetti sauce than it does to buy one. Start with whatever it takes to keep your life going as close to it does now with minimal interruption. Then, add more items as you go. Your next level could be 3 weeks, then 90 days, etc.

        Now you’ve got your routine, you made some notes as to what to add, and you know the best part?

        You Have STARTED!

        • What hell has gotten into you. You are on fire with with your basic prep advice lately. Is it still you. A lot of the old timers syntax has been changing.

          • Facebook: It’s me, like I stated earlier, I have been under going a life testing peroid, and found out, share what I have thought of over the last 20 yrs. Time is to short to not help someone start thinking for their own good. I just hope you all think that I’m not patting myself on the back, I’M NOT AT ALL JUST TRYING TO HELP!

            • @copperhead:
              Some people seem to forget that some things bear repeating. You don’t need to feel like you are preaching to the choir. Those same people don’t seem to realize that there are probably new people to this site every day that don’t know where to start, people think / learn differently also. So in my opinion, for what it’s worth, Thank you.

            • This should not be a comment it should be a story with 500 comments below it.

            • copperfield,

              Thank you for all the recent prepping posts. 🙂

            • copperhead,

              Opps. Sorry I addressed your handle wrong.

              Great job on on the prepping posts!

        • What a really good post.

        • What a great post! I read this early this morning and am going to make notes all day. Thanks!

        • Copperhead – Helping to keep it all real!

        • And when you have it all, don’t forget extra sheets, brooms, and mops.

      23. so… the event of an all-out war do you really think the operators of these drones…their bases….their fiberoptic networks….their power supplies….their families…..will be safe if they’re killing American citizens in CONUS?

        • Nope!
          and they better wake up to that.

      24. Greetings!
        So they want to track us…
        Just “unplug”.
        Start small(I.E. don’t use “store cards” period!)
        Think cash whenever possible.
        If you have your “stuff” set aside,ZIP IT!
        We’re just about at the point where it’s too late to help “others”(think of the moments AFTER Noah and his family entered the Ark and God shut and sealed the door!).
        Drones only work when there’s power and people and money to run and fix them.

        • GFG great to see ya!

          i’m thinking that your recommendations are so right on that DHS may be motivated to create another one of their nationwide ‘Alert Bulletins’ based on them!

        • GrayFox, also the drones are only effective when they have someone/something to track (hopefully this simple fact will help some). Remember, think of the drones as basically flying cameras and some are armed.
          You may be right about it being too late to help others.

        • Bankers and wealthy people have purchased lots of gold and silver. Yet, laws are being passed to make the common man keep their ‘wealth’ in electronic funds in a bank. Every time someone makes a purchase with a credit or debit card…the bank makes a profit.

          Increasingly, as part of a “global trend among governments,” more are moving toward a “war on cash.”

          New law in Mexico … “For real estate transactions, cash payments of more than a half million pesos ($38,750) will be forbidden and, for automobiles or items like jewelry, art, and lottery tickets, cash payments of more than 200,000 pesos ($15,500) will be forbidden.”

          The MINIMUM PENALTY for paying for such a large purchase in CASH is … 5 YEARS IN PRISON!

          “Spain recently banned cash transactions above 2,500 euros and Italy banned cash transactions above 1,000 euros.”


          Sweden is moving towards a cashless economy

          “In most Swedish cities, public buses don’t accept cash; tickets are prepaid or purchased with a cell phone text message. A small but growing number of businesses only take cards, and some bank offices — which make money on electronic transactions — have stopped handling cash altogether.

          There are towns where it isn’t at all possible anymore to enter a bank and use cash…”

          “…the digital economy is all about banks seeking bigger earnings. Businesses get “charged about 5 Swedish kronor ($0.80) for every credit card transaction, and a law passed by the Swedish Parliament prevents (businesses) from passing on that charge to consumers.”

        • Don’t forget, our drivers license is now a tracking device. THey just said that pointblank on the news last night!

          • run a magnet across the barcode. problem solved.

      25. It is not going to be in every home, it is only going to be in those homes that the government deems as a threat risk. In a nutshell, that is US on this site and ALL other preppers/survivalists. Lets face it, the common masses are boring as hell, they pose not other no threat to anything, but pose no interest to anyone. Aside from the gawking of the more physically attractive members of the sheeple, what they do and think is a total waste of time to the secret government.

        Those in the government want to harass and careful watch those that have minds of their own. The non-conformist has always been labled the black sheep maverick, but now gets the title of potential terrorist because they think on their very own. It doesn’t matter if someone like copperhead tries to help so many others with this valuable survival ideas, they regard copperhead, me, Mac, and every last person on this site that doesn’t subscribe to the notion of being a brain dead conformist.

        The people here, and other free thinkers of the country and world are the targets of being very carefully watched, not because we are going to harm anyone, no. It is because we think and reason with the brains that were given to us. Because we don’t just take something as fact just because we were told to. Because we don’t just follow the herd right off the cliff because that is what the herd told us to do. Because we look for the truth behind the lies and propaganda. Because we don’t just bow down to authority without question. Because we are the preppers/survivalists of the world that prepare like what use to be taught as wisdom.

      26. did a Craigslist deal a while back with a chap from DC. He was an engineer working for the gov’t. His job, which he enjoyed, was to design drones the size of bugs that could stream video and I assume other intel to its controller. scary.

        • @ Nick-Dog

          Research DARPA…enough said.

          Just do it.

      27. How true.

      28. I don’t understand most people’s reaction when someone mentions socialism. Look up the definition, it means for the people, for the workers and for equitable rights and treatment. Socialism values all people, not the rich and powerfull. Socialism opposes mindless warfare and those who prosper from it. We are social beings, just manipulated into thinking a system benefiting a few could somehow benefit us. Capitalism has been a failure and is the bane of mankind. Today’s world is evidence enough of this failed system.

        • It’s been a long time since capitalism, real capitalism, existed in America. Socialism looks great on paper, but in the real world you end up with what you see happening right now. This is what happens when one (large) segment of the population becomes dependent on another… Human nature simply does not fair well when assets from one group of individuals are distributed to another group through mandates and force. It’s just not going to work.

          Equality under the law is one thing… redistribution is a whole separate matter…

          aljamo, what we are witnessing in Europe and the United States is not the collapse of capitalism, but rather, the collapse of socialism.

          • Mac,

            Good thoughts on capitalism. I was thinking about the same topic the other day while watching the Men who built America on the history channel. I just caught a few minutes of a scene where they were explaining how a the head of a railroad company devalued all of his competitors stock (through manipulation of the system) and then purchased the competitors for pennies on the dollar. Essentially this created a railroad monopoly and he became filthy rich.

            My point is capitalism rewards actions like this. It is a system designed for the successful to become even more successful. A system that creates a want for more money and power. It is like a drug in that once you start, you need higher and higher doses just to feel right. So these “Captians of Industry” will basically stop at nothing to aquire more and more power. After a few generations it leads us to where we are today. A few large corporations essentially control EVERYTHING to include the politicans that make our laws. The burning question I was left with was, “Is there an inherent flaw to capitalism?” A flaw that mirrors socialism, in that it looks great on paper, but in practice it comes up short. Or maybe the flaw is just mans corruption?

            My conclusion was this……Capitalism is the worst system in the world, EXCEPT FOR EVERYTHING ELSE.

          • Face it greed got us here.
            Greed for power.
            Greed for money.
            Greed to rule.
            Greed for land.
            Greed for resources.

            Not socialism
            Not liberalism
            Not conservatism
            Not communism
            Greed is everywhere. Greed is in everyone.

        • Aljamo,under capitalism-an individual has a chance to obtain wealth. Socialism-an individual has no freedom.
          Capitalism is a free market enity. Regulated by supply and demand.
          Socialism is a form of government that tries to regulate the market and regulate your individual lives/freedom.
          NO, capitalism hasn’t failed, it is just the socialistic teachings have succeded in making many think it has failed.

          • @ DRD5508

            Nice post, but it got me to thinking. IMO, today’s version of capitalism is really best defined as ‘predatory capitalism’…where corps, politicians & Wall St. gurus seek nothing but 100% pure profit & the working folks be damned. The evidence of such is our ‘national equity stripping program’, per the NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, GATT & all other free treaties currently in the works. See the +50,000 USA factory closures since NAFTA passed.
            Durango Kidd has alluded to such in the past, to his credit.

            National Socialism produced astounding results for Germany in the 1930’s…but was ultimately smashed via a world war. Thus, I don’t advocate following that path again.

            However, per Mr. Kidd’s political recommendations, suppose we had a Nationalist-Capitalism political organization. Call it the “AMERICA ONLY” party.
            Platform would be based on domestic production of goods & services & all goods and commodities imported would be subjected to a 100% import tariff, coupled with an across the board rejection & nullification of all above treaty obligations.
            You want to sell it here, then produce it here.

            Once majority power is achieved, you have prosecutions of the global banker types & their supporting politicians…then hang them in public & continue along the nationalist agenda of Constitutional Rule in favor of the American economy & its citizenry ONLY!

            Screw the rest of the world. Let them deal with their own self-created problems!

            NOTE: ..the above hypothesis is partly Mr. Kidd’s fault, I attempted to wear his shoes & come up with a viable solution using his advice.
            In truth, it would probably work if we had the time & the commitment of the majority of the American population.

            No snarkiness or sarcasm intended Mr. Kidd.
            I do think & reflect on your posted opinions.
            Sometimes they take awhile to digest…

            Time is the only major & uncertain variable.
            …and personally, I think we’re about out of time!

            • Anton: Consider that you wrote of how swell germany did via national socialisim etc. Then you said after what happened. smashed by wwii world war etc.

              But look at Who caused declaration of war, economic war at first, then full out hot war. The very fact that it Was banksters of the “tribe” that geeked up the entire world almost, and fact is it Took the entire free world and world power nations, usa-brits-france-russia along with 40 smaller size nations to Defeat germany!

              This Proves beyond any doubts, that germanys method of boot out tribe banksters, issue state controled money and DEBT-Free and INTREST-Free issue of it. Was/still Is the True solution. IE: Money/Banks/State all exist For good of the People… Not as today=People are human resources/capitol to bennifit Bank/state intrests.

              Don’t know if you’ve read any other such posts I wrote or posted for other articles Here at this website yet?

              I have posted several dealing with this exact same issue. IE: Germanys fantastic way to massive rebuilt prosperity etc. And in LESS than 5yrs…AND withOUT harming a single soul/person. Whatever bad stuf occured there happened After and AS a direct result of tribe banksters Declarations of economic War against germany.

              It would be the same if arabs trid to cut usa off from ALL oil! Anyone here think america wouldn’t see That as same as direct declaration of War against Us americans?

              America would retaliate. And Round up anyone related to or involved with whoever the enemy was. Oh wait! america DID do such with roundup of Japs into internment camps eh!

              Only, when Germany did same was it counted as..Bad/evil?

              Bottom line it seems is this…If tribe zio banksters got so shook up by germanys masive rise to Greatness simply by Booting Out zio banksters, Ending Usuary/Intrest(jewsury/intrest more like it) and issuance of debt free, and intrest Free cash…..And same banksters got so Worried that “What If Other nations discovered How germans did it?!!” gee what if other nations worldwide decided to boot same banksters Out(like Iceland just Did few months ago and Jailed crook banksters!).

              So that is Primary reason for WWII, Period. All other propaganda we was ever told or taught was just…Propaganda lies etc. END of the FED as we today call it Is/Was number One main reason for…zio bankster Instigated WWII, to destroy germany so NO other nations ever try it again.

              But it was USA mainly that caused germany to lose. So If usa booted evil usuary banksters Out?…Who would complain?…NOBODY! except international jewery of course. Who care if that 13-14 million persons worldwide complains?…I for one do Not!

              Germany showed world how to defy banksters, which just happens to Be the Main root cause of ALL worlds Ills and troubles Today. Sometimes what did work in past times or eras, should be done again to work again in Todays times.

              Because all else thats been done, especially the last 50-60 yrs in america has NOT workeed at all. Except of course to further empower them same zio banksters right.

              And if we ever do switch systems like germans did. We too will Have to use same forcefull tactics. AKA= BOOT em OUT!!!…They will kick and scream…So what?…Boot em out and Reboot america withOUT zio banksters ruining everything We built etc. That is, ruining all they do not STEAL or Swindle away!

            • @ Angelo M.

              I am very familiar with the ‘real’ history of WW-II & its underlying causes & who really perpetuated & financed the slaughter & why they did so.
              I am up to speed per your subjective NWO/JWO analysis & who aims to benefit from WW-III & the clash of civilizations, see Christianity vs. Islam.

              I understand the Latin phrase ‘Cui Bono’.

              I’ve also read Mein Kampf, in order to better understand Hitler’s motivations. I’ve also read the writings of RAF Capt. A. Ramsey…the guy who 1st interrogated Rudolf Hess when he parachuted into the UK with the German peace offer back in 1940. Funny how Ramsey was placed under guard for the duration of the war & Hess was confined to life in prison under solitary confinement, where he was murdered in Spandau prison back in the later part of the 20th century. I know the real story.

              I’m all for the Nationalism part of the equation…but I think we can do without the socialism aspect.

              Lest you think I am disparaging the Germanic people, I am not. Nor do I perceive Hitler as the most evil man ever to exist. I think he genuinely cared for his fellow countrymen & he had a good grasp on what constituted real money & a vibrant economy & who was responsible for trashing his country after WW-I.
              He did succeed in making his country the economic wonder of the planet, back when everyone else were suffering from the “central banks” created great depression.
              But he was a terrible commander-n-chief military tactician.

        • Socialism is communism. Commies everywhere, posting on every website.

        • Hey, Aljamo>>>>>>
          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure , the creed of ignorance , and the Gospel of envy , its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. “ Winston Churchill

      29. Just want to get a read on people’s sentiment here –

        When they come for your guns at some point will you:

        a) go out in a blaze of glory
        b) hand them over, and head straight to the airport, one-way ticket outta this country.

        Just curious.

        • Achilles: For me and mine it will be a BLAZE OF GLORY!!!

        • You Know

        • Depends on the fight. I beleive that the right to self defense is a God given right. So praise the Lord and pass the ammo. Hope it don’t come to that.

        • There are far more choices then just those two.

          • Because if something happens to require the confiscation of guns, if it has gotten to that point, there will be no air traffic..just saying.

          • Please elaborate.

      30. Top 50 Preparedness Items (and why)

        With prepping comes peace of mind, knowing we’re ready for whatever Mother Nature, the economy brings, or terrorists.

        These items will be the first to disappear in an emergency, and once purchased, most wouldn’t trade them for a stack of gold bullion…unless they’ve put extras aside for barter. The good news is many items on the list aren’t expensive, so setting them aside now will save you the drama of having to scramble or barter for them later.

        You’ll notice this list does not include storage food, medical supplies, clothing, cleaning supplies or all but one basic hygiene product, but even so, each of these items are must-haves!

        Checking a few of things off the list each week, pay period, or month will go a long ways towards your being able to breathe easy, even in the face of calamity.

        Top 50 Preparedness Items:

        1. Water Purifier: Hydrate or Die! But, without a water purifier (or filter or water treatment system, depending on where you’re getting your water from); you can’t safely drink water from a stream, or a lake. A quality water purifier can even purify swimming pool and pond water!

        2. Water Containers: You will need water containers, even if you have a well only a few feet away. During a time of unrest, or in a nuclear event, you may have to stay indoors. Store two weeks of water in sturdy containers indoors—at least fifteen gallons per person is enough for drinking and cooking, but it isn’t enough for bathing. You will need to store more if you live in a hot climate, are on medications that require you to drink more than usual, or if you’re going to be exerting yourself during the two weeks.

        3. Wood Matches: Unless you plan on referring to a Boy Scout Manual on how to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, get lots! It doesn’t hurt to purchase an additional flint-style fire starting kit for a time when matches may run out. Also a magnifying glass.

        4. Buckets: Buckets are good for many applications: food storage, gathering water, and buckets can be made into a water purifier in case of a nuclear event—even the best water purifier will not safely filter fallout! Keep at least 4 5-gallon plastic buckets for tasks and purifying fallout particles from water sources.

        5. Bleach: Not only will bleach provide a way to safely store water, it is a must-have to sanitize surfaces. Bleach is a perfect bartering item and its inexpensive! Swimming pool bleach granules for longer storage.

        6. Flashlights: A late-night trip to the “outdoor facilities” won’t be easy without a flashlight. It doesn’t hurt to have a couple, and possibly one that runs without batteries—a shaker-style–but do your homework when buying one. Many have reported being disappointed over some models lack of reliability. LED Flashlights have the most range, from tactical use, to every-day household chores. They are more expensive than regular flashlights, but many swear by them. A headlamp is a good investment for hands-free tasks after sun-down. Whatever style of flashlight you choose, consider a solar charger and rechargeable batteries.

        7. Toilet Paper: This is a must-have. The good news is it’s still affordable when purchased on sale.

        8. Alternative Cooking Source: Whether your choice is a camp stove, a wood cook stove, or an outdoor BBQ (never use BBQ’s indoors), it’s a good idea to make the decision now, before trouble, so you’ll have it available in a crisis. If your choice is a camp stove, have plenty of fuel set aside to get you through a long-term crisis, and if necessary (like in the case of limited storage for propane), have a back-up plan. If you haven’t made a decision yet and are leaning towards a camp stove, consider a model that lets you use several fuel sources.

        9. Dutch Oven: In a pinch, Dutch ovens are great to cook with over an open fire, on top of a wood-burning heat stove, or in a fireplace. Besides main-course meals, breads and desserts can be made in them!

        10. Solar Oven: If you live in a warm climate, a solar oven will save you a boatload of money when comparing the costs of propane or other fuel when cooking with a camp stove. For northerners, they’re a perfect cooking alternative for summers.

        11. Manual Wheat Grinder: Wheat and corn have an incredible shelf-life when stored in a cool, dark, moisture-free environment. Having a manual wheat grinder with a separate corn auger will grind wheat and corn for homemade breads and cornmeal. But beware about storing just wheat for baking: studies have shown that those who suddenly switch their diets to wheat sometimes develop an allergy to it. The high fiber content in wheat can also make it difficult for the body to process in large quantities.

        12. Heavy-Duty Pull Cart: No matter if you need to haul wood, or water, or clear brush for gardening, a sturdy pull cart may become your best friend. Put aside tire patch kits and an extra tire or two.

        13. Hatchet, Ax, and Maul: These are must-have tools because of their adaptability for many situations. Make sure to get a sharpening stone to keep them sharp.

        14. Tree-Felling Ax: This is a must-have for those who live in a northern climate who plan to heat with available wood. Notice I have not listed a chain saw. Although a chain saw is an excellent tool, it requires 2-stroke oil, replacement chains, replacement parts, blade oil, and fuel. A tree-felling ax is a basic tool that can get you by until there are funds available for a chain saw and the extras it requires. Just make sure to get that sharpening stone.

        15. Rope: Possibly one of the most versatile items you can have. It can be used to haul items, hang laundry, create make-shift outbuildings (with the help of a couple of tarps), and whatever else comes up.

        16. Tarps: These are Cheap! If you want a tarp that can haul heavy items, consider purchasing canvas tarps. Tarps work well for temporary shelter and make-shift privies with the use of nails or rope.

        17. Manual Can Opener(s): For something so basic, think an “heir and a spare”. Get at least two, good-quality manual can openers, so you won’t be caught with a pantry full of canned goods with no way to open them!

        18. Heirloom Garden Seed: For the food insurance garden seed offers, they are not all that expensive. Few of us have the storage space to store up for a crisis that lasts more than a year. Do not freeze your seed. They will store for years in a cool, dark location. If you have limited gardening space, look to a gardening book on square foot gardening/containerized gardening.

        19. Garden Tools: There are only a few must-have tools for gardening: a few pair of sturdy gardening gloves, shovel, spade, hoe, rake, spading fork, hand fork, pruners and a pick axe for those who plan to clear land for gardening later. If you will be doing containerized gardening, your tool needs will be fewer, but be sure to plan ahead for the containers.

        20. Wheelbarrow: A wheelbarrow can be used for more than just gardening and certain home repairs. They are relatively inexpensive and will help carry the load of most chores you find yourself having to do.

        21. Canning Supplies: Home canning goes hand in hand with gardening and is an excellent way to safely store the overflow from the garden. You will need a pressure cooker, canning jars, a good supply of lids (jars without chips are reusable forever—but not lids unless you invest in Tattler re-usable lids), a large pan for Boiling-Method canning and a canning book for safe canning.

        22. Wash Tub, Clothes Pens, Hand Agitator & Wringer Mop Bucket: Unless you have a septic system for dependable drainage, you will need a washtub large enough for bathing and hand-washing laundry. A hand agitator will make laundry day much easier, as will a wringer mop bucket to remove excess water before hanging clothes on the line.

        23. Emergency Candles: They’re inexpensive and good to have in an emergency. Just remember keeping black-out curtains at your windows when burning either candles or oil lamps. Advertising your preparedness to strangers may invite looting. It’s a good idea to get hurricane-style candle holders to avoid fire, especially with children in the house.

        24. Oil Lamps: These are affordable if you don’t insist on the all-brass models. Right now, you can still purchase 64 fluid ounces of lamp oil cheap so stock up while it’s still affordable! Don’t forget to pick up replacement wicks and a couple of replacement chimneys.

        25. ABC Fire Extinguisher, Battery-Run CO Detector & Battery-Run Fire Alarm: Get several fire extinguishers if possible. In a full-blown emergency, fire departments may not be able to respond. When using camp stoves, candles and lamps, fire hazards increase. Always be prepared with either a fire extinguisher or keep baking soda within easy reach. It’s also important to have a battery-run CO Detector and a fire alarm that will alert you to danger.

        26. Board Games & Cards: At first glance, these items may seem silly to plan for in an emergency. But survival should also cover physiological wellness. Sitting down together to play a board game or a game of cards every once in a while will bring a feeling of normalcy during an unsettling time.

        27. Children’s Crafts & Activities: Children can have a difficult time processing abrupt changes in their every-day lives. It may be difficult to keep small children entertained when there is no TV, or a computer, or when they can no longer run down the street to play with their friends. Having a few simple activities and craft items will keep them occupied and happy. A box of printer paper is a great resource. The dollar Stores have crayons, colored pencils, pens, pencils and color books. You can find used Children’s book for nearly nothing at Libraries, garage and moving sales, and thrift stores.

        28. Camp Toilet: Even if you have the Rolls Royce of outhouses, a camp toilet will be a necessary convenience for times when going outdoors is not safe, or for unexpected middle-of-the-night nature calls. You can find them at sporting goods stores.

        29. Alternative Heat Source: Not everyone will need an alternative heat source, but for Northerners, it’s a no-brainer! There are many approaches you can take, but if your budget is tight, why not consider a two-in-one approach? A wood cook stove will provide alternative cooking AND will heat at least a portion of your home. If you have an existing fireplace, consider adding a wood-burning insert that will generate efficient heat. A wood heat stove is another approach. If your budget is tight, consider purchasing a used one. Make sure to follow building codes when installing any of these devises. If your heat source is not sufficient to heat your entire home, you can cordon off a living/sleeping area with heavy blankets from floor to ceiling.

        30. Fuel: For this example, fuel may be wood, propane, gasoline, propane or diesel. The hardest part of putting aside fuel is safe storage space. Never store volatile fuels near anything with a pilot light like a hot water heater or a furnace! Going back to a camp stove, having a good amount of fuel is important, because your alternative cooking method is good only as long as your fuel supply lasts. If necessary, digging a hole on your property to safely store fuel is a possibility. Make sure to cover the hole with a protective board and camouflage the area with the soil or vegetation that surrounds it. If you will be using 55-gallon drums, get a syphon. Fuel extenders will extend the life of gasoline, but diesel stores much longer than gasoline. If you’re storing wood, try to store it away from the sight of passersby’s to avoid looting.

        31. Heavy-Mil Plastic Sheeting: There are MANY uses for a roll of heavy-mil plastic sheeting, from covering a broken window to making a make-shift greenhouse.

        32. Basic Tools & Misc.: Work gloves, hammer, screw drivers (assorted sizes), Philips screwdrivers (assorted sizes), allen wrench set (both American and metric), pliers (assorted sizes), plumbers wrench, crow bar, key-hole saw (to cut holes when there is no power), tape measurer, T-square, wood miter box (to cut angles), wire, bungee cords (assorted), hand saw, a selection of nuts, washers, nails and screws, and Duct Tape.

        33. Basic Auto-Repair Tools: Set aside basic tools and parts for unforeseen repairs. Things like Fix-a-Flat, a jack, spare tire, oil and gasoline are the obvious items you’ll need. From there, it’s time to do your homework. If you aren’t familiar with auto repair, try to locate someone nearby who can give you guidance about what you may want to have on hand.

        34. Wood sheeting & 2 X 4’s: It can’t hurt to have a few 4 X 8 sheets of plywood and 2 X 4’s put aside for unexpected repairs. I already mentioned heavy-mill plastic sheeting for window repairs, but in a piece of plywood to cover a broken window will go a long ways towards safety! There are many DYI sites that give instructions on how to build a make-shift greenhouse with nothing but 2 X 4’s and clear plastic sheeting.

        35. Snake Bite Kit: Even if you plan to survive in place, you will likely be gardening, patrolling your property and doing outdoor chores. If you live in an area with poisonous snakes, this is a must-have.

        36. Wind-Up or Solar Powered Radio: I can’t imagine sitting out a disaster without the means to get updated information. How else will you know if there’s an alert to boil water for safe drinking and cooking, or what the impact an emergency has had on your vicinity? But a word of warning: “Quality” is key here.

        37. Two-Way Radios: Two-way radios are an important means of communications during grid-down for group communications within a two mile radius, and sometimes greater.

        38. Batteries: Batteries are another essential. Battery life is fairly short, so consider rechargeable batteries and a solar battery charger to your preparedness goods if possible. Storing Batteries in a separate zip-lock bag will help avoid battery acid seepage from a faulty battery ruining others next to it. Their life will be prolonged when storing them in a cool, dry location.

        39. Swiss Army Knife: These all-purpose knives can be life-savers!

        40. Hunting Knife: Even if you will only be hunting small game, a good-quality hunting knife is imperative.

        41. Binoculars: Will increase your situational awareness over distances far greater than the human eye can see.

        42. Weapons: This one is a point of contention for some, but if you ever find yourself having to defend yourself, you’ll wish you had added weapons to your preparedness list!

        43. Ammo: Will be one of the most in-demand bartering items! In my opinion, it will be worth more than gold. But first, you will need ammo for your own needs.

        44. Fishing Gear: As long as you live near a river, a lake or the ocean, fishing offers protein and a change from every-day mealtimes. You will want fishing gear, bait, and hooks appropriate for the waterway you’ll be fishing.

        45. Topographical Maps: These should be kept in emergency backpacks. If ever you find yourself in the midst of an emergency, a topographical map will help guide you to safety if you must hike unfamiliar territory. If you have a get-away cabin you’ll be re-locating to, it doesn’t hurt to have topographical maps from your current location to your get-away.

        46. Compass: FORGET GPS during grid-down! They may or may not work, depending on the nature of the disaster. A compass can be relied upon for traveling or when hiking unfamiliar territory.

        47. Backpack: Hopefully, each backpack will include the basics you need for emergencies.

        48. Camp Gear: If you plan to get out of dodge if your area becomes too dangerous, camp gear is a must. The basics include: Tent, sleeping bag, flint-style fire starter, folding shovel, tarp, camp cookware and dishes, food, water purifier, water bottle or canteen, and your back-pack that includes survival essentials.

        49. Reference Books: Are something few of us could do without. The most popular prepper reference book topics tend to be about gardening, seed-saving, first aid, self-defense, wilderness survival, food dehydration, food storage-related cookbooks, Dutch oven cookbooks, and meat curing. Most reference books can be purchased gently used. Some information can be download for free, but be sure to print it. In a grid-down, it may not be possible to get to the information when you need it the most!

        50. Alternative Transportation: There are many possibilities with regards to alternative transportation. A bicycle is one of the most affordable and most proven throughout the world and throughout history.

        This is for thought only, your needs will vary. These are the basic’s. I hope this will help some in the coming HARD TIMES!

        • Excellent list. You might consider a gill net, many bars of soap and a bag full of antibiotics.

        • Copperhead ~ I read this piece a couple of days ago and it definitely showed me some gaps in my preparations.

          I’ve been unable to find a good quality mop bucket with a wringer. Everything I’ve seen is plastic (planned obsolescence).

          Today I went to the hardware store and ordered a heavy-duty janitorial one with a lever. It’s all metal so it should last forever. Items like this will be incredibly valuable if the grid goes down!

          • They sure will! I recently went full janitor on the mopping supplies as well. The plastic stuff breaks every few months anyway, so in a year I would ending up blowing much more money… It’s worth the extra up front investment imho.

            When I go to the grocery store I always try to buy an extra jar of raw honey, or bag of rice or beans, or whatever to add to the larder. I’ve been doing the same at the local hardware store… anytime I am in there I try to buy at least one hand tool to put away…. And I always try to buy the best quality tool they have… Shovels (you can never have too many shovels!!), axes, hammers, LED flashlights, duct tape, nails, screws, and a host of other tools and supplies that are taken for granted today will be traded for silver, gold and food if the SHTF.

            The way I see it is that I’d rather blow $30 on a good hammer or a couple pounds of quality nails than a fastfood burger dinner…

            • I spend $5-10 every couple of weeks at the dollar store. I buy…

              those little sewing kits with needles, thread, teeny scissors and a few buttons
              hand sanitizers
              5 packs of toothbrushes

              I have a pretty big stash of this stuff. It has great barter potential and one can never have too many fire-starting items.

              I have a box in my storage area that I just toss this stuff into.

        • There you go again, being all practical and everything!
          Truly, I prefer this type of post over paranoia and fear and ‘Over my dead body, or out of my cold dead hands.’
          Just personal preference.
          Thanks again.

        • About heat in a northern climate:
          I do not have a wood heat stove although I am still storing wood from the trees I trim and fall from my yard.
          I want to eventually get me a small, maybe one of the little cammo stoves I see advertised. If needs must, I will coat cardboard or wood with heavy duty foil cut to fit one of my windows, create a hole for the pipe, put the stove up on bricks over a cookie sheet, seal off a room with blankets and have one room with warmth.

          Until then – I have come up with these alternatives:

          The small new unused paint can that sits in the larger new paint can. Small can has a roll of toilet paper stuffed inside for a wick,(cardboard removed,) that is soaked with Rubbing alcohol. Light small can after placing in large can. Put on non burnable surface, result – heat.

          I have two portable battery packs. These can charge off of the wall outlet, or a car cigarette lighter. (Keep the gas tank full.) One of them also has a built in solar charger. These little babies will pump up tires, jump start your car, re-charge cell phones or other battery chargers, run blenders, (but not coffee pots because of the pumps, go figure…) and will run my energy efficient Vornado brand electric heater that heats a room in 60 seconds!

          I just recently purchased two Jupiter style Railroad lanterns from Lehmans that are said to put off 1500 BTU’s.
          I purchased gallons of Klean Heat from my local hardware store that is ‘mostly’ odorless. I may try them out in the green house next spring if not needed this winter. They are advertised for that purpose.

          Plus, just having candles and body heat in small spaces helps.

          I’ve heard of heating rocks outside and bringing indoors and pitching tents in the living room to create insulation.

          Any more ideas for us northerners?

          For cooking I have the always useful propane camp stove and a rocket stove.

          I would like to mention here also that there is a method of cooking that requires very little wood.
          I learned it at the Nuclear preparedness site and researched further.

          They told how to make a bucket stove and if needs must, to feed it rolled paper logs every 30 seconds.
          After bringing your food to a boil for 5-15 minutes, take the pot and place it in an apple bushel basket, or clothes laundry basket on top of 3-4 inches of newspaper. Wrap the pot tightly with clothes, blankets, sheets, straw dust, hay, straw, or more paper, what ever you have. Put another 3 inches of insulation on top and weigh it down with bricks or rocks to keep it tight. The cooking will continue for hours. This is like the precursor to crock pots without electricity. If you can get ahead a day, you will always have a pot of something finished cooking.

          Look up Hay Box Cookers. There are pictures and designs on line. Very helpful. I found a pot designed for this and purchased it on Craigs list last winter and have used it with success. One can buy them new also. There is also a book at Amazon that is from a company that re-prints out of print books called Hay Box Cooking. I purchased that also, and found the information and recipes very useful.

          • The company Snow Trekker Tents sells a portable woodstove for under $300. I had planned to order one before I moved to the place that I am living now, because my house in the city had no secondary heat source.

            These have to be vented to the outdoors, of course, but they come with stovepipe, etc. You will need something fireproof to put it on and to put behind it but they are a nice little heater for the price. They also have a flat top so that you can cook on top of them.

            There is another company that sells something similar for a lower price but I’ve misplaced the name of it. If Burt the Brit pops on she may still have the name of this one.

            Lack of heat was my biggest prepping fear previously, as I’m sure you can relate to!

            • Daisy: Sprotsmans Guide catalog and online has probobly same wood stove for aprox. $200 or less if on sale.

              But why mess around?…Are you aware you can find alot of great deals on Real wood stoves?….I see weekly ads for a couple to as many as a dozen wood stoves of many various brand/types. Usualy prices range from $150(low) to avg. price of $300-400…Larger or nicer units more like $700-$800 on avg.

              Here they are ads in whats called weekly “adliner” free paper. Check your local ad papers if any are available, ask neighbors if avail.

              A Real wood stove will be alot better and last forever.

              Mine is a Fireview, largest of three avail sizes. Takes logs as long as 31 Inches!(too heavy to hold from very end if stoves hot so I use 24 in size)…It has a three speed blower that I Never yet used as its already too hot!….It can heat 3000 sq ft or more. I got only 1200 sq ft crib.

              And I got it 17 yrs ago for $400, it was Then 20 yrs old! Still functions and looks as swell as new.

              And is made in Oregon so usa made. If I were you I’d consider a real stove but thats just me. Hope this assists you some.

          • You mentioned heating rocks – you can also heat bricks in the same way to bring inside and put in the foot of your bed or sleeping bag (well wrapped up, of course). The tent idea really works – we had to do this once when our power was out for a few days.

            Other things that put off more heat than you might think are candles and kerosene lamps.

            For heating things up, look for a fondue pot at yard sales – make sure it’s the kind that uses a votive candle. You won’t get a rolling boil but you can warm a can of soup over it.

            KY Mom mentioned a Kelly Kettle Stove the other day too. This is an outdoor cooker but it burns pretty much anything, leaves, grass, paper – and the design allows it to bring liquids to a boil very quickly, which, of course, uses less fuel.

            I recently purchased a pressure cooker – the reason I got this is because it cooks things very rapidly, again reserving fuel. You only need enough heat to maintain a low boil, so if you have a woodstove it will work for this (in theory – haven’t tried it yet!) For example, in a p-cooker, you can cook rice from scratch in under 10 minutes.

            Hope some of these suggestions are useful!

            ~ D

            • The Kelly Kettle is on sale this month at Emergency Essentials for $104.99.

              Kelly Kettle Base Camp Combo – Large Stainless Steel


            • I talked to Burt – the stove she recommended is the ammocan stove from the right hand side bar of Mac’s site. It was a better price than the Snowtrekker ones. 🙂

            • Iave a couple of the ammo can stoves and they are the best portable one ever. On ein the truck. Can set it up for heat on horse trips. Just remember to cook it before you need it (Smell).

          • Also look up wonderbox instructions on the internet. Same principle.

          • @HalfKin….thanx for the great ideas…..boy, you and copperhead are really something with these kinds of tips!! I am just so sad that my printer “bit the dust”, but certainly am taking lots of notes!! BTW….I still use “BINDERS”(cuckle)(: (: ….thanx again to all for sharing tips! take care…CC.

          • Wood heat rocks.

            My favorite alternative emergency heat source is a Coleman Black Cat catalytic heater w/ electronic and match start. They are indoor safe and go out if tipped. The 16 oz propane canisters are around 2/$10 and last 4 hours/ea on high and 7 hours/ea on low. The heaters themselves I bought for $50 new, in box w/manual on eBay a year ago. One will bring an 18’x9′ room from below 40 to comfortable in 15 minutes. That beats a 1500 BTU ceramic heater. An adapter makes them usable w/a 20# propane tank. Can be used in a tent.

            Hay Box, Wonder Box, Thermos cookers can all be improvised as you suggest. Old comforters are good for the insulation. I like a 2-burner butane stove for cooking, too. Really sips at those small butane canisters. Keep extra charcoal sealed somewhere (it can mold)and have a BBQ w/a lid and an extra shelf. Great for roasting and simple baking. Baby Weber works well, too.

            If you have access to some electrical power, you can make a vest out of ripstop or lightweight canvas with segmented enclosed pockets containing craft-grade flaxseed or buckwheat hulls spaced up and down along the spine. Add velcro fasteners. Heats in the microwave in 2 minutes in 40 second intervals, turning in between. Can be folded inside a lidded cast iron Dutch Oven on top of the woodstove and the folded packet turned every few minutes (use tongs) for up to 10 minutes. Will stay warm for 20 minutes, longer if you put a wool shirt on over it.

            At the end of the season, those oxidizing hand warmers are always on sale. Stock up. One on each shoe and pocket keeps on heating for 6-8 hours. More expensive are the low back oxidizing ThermaCare wraps.

            Hats inside. Gloves w/o fingertips or better, the ones where you can either take the tips off the glove fingers or put them back on. Expedition weight poly long johns are expensive, less so if bought in summer. Layer with lined jeans, wool overshirts, extra sox, sheepskin-lined slippers w/outdoor soles.

            Good sleeping bags used inside will keep you warm at night w/o danger of running a heater of any sort.

            To lower core temperature in a heat wave w/no a/c, fill up a child’s wading pool and keep it in the shade. The buckwheat-filled vest can be kept in the freezer in summer and will chill you down fast. There are those silica gel headbands, wristbands, hats and bandannas that cool by water evaporation and work even for roofing in summer, though you need to keep them wet.

            Favorite lighting are the cheap $5 LED lanterns that use AA batteries. Last a long time, have 2 white settings and one red emergency flasher. Hurricane candles that last 120 hours and come in glass tubes and those paraffin
            lights (forget what they’re called) are also good, last a long time and are affordable.

            Stock some ceramic tiles to place things on just for protection.

            • Wow,BlueH20,
              Thanks for the extra info!

          • Many overlook the benefits of the old Aladdin-Stanley thermos and I never see it on ‘lists’..well, it was on my list one week… and I was NOT gonna pay $19 for it and I just knew I could find it week it was $25, and I bought it, fast…duh.
            I kept water a boiling temp for 24 hours in the thermos.
            I also buy thermal underwear when on sale(Kmart).. I have a drawer full and bought dh two sets today, $9 each set (BigLots).
            My point?? when water and fire resources are precious…a thermos will come in handy.

          • My great aunt born ca. 1896 in Chicago used to tell me about heating bricks on the coal stove. They used them under the blankets by their feet when traveling by horse and buggy and later by auto.

        • Oil and other lubes, also good old American whiskey. Some to trade, some to sip.

      31. More to reality,( if this government has it their way) it will be more like “A Drone OVER every home”

        • IN every home.

          • You sound pretty confident with that assertion FbPG, so give us a heads up. What’s the inside scoop?

      32. Look folks we have been inventing machines since the dawn of civilization, but in the 20th. and 21st. centuries we have taken quantum leaps in technology.

        Think back to the early 20th century when it took rooms full, hundreds, even thousands of women sitting at typewriters to produce form letters. Today I can out produce all those women in 5 minutes with a smart phone.

        Technology is by nature self defeating in a free market. Some one will always develop a better mouse trap. The end of technology though is when we lose our freedom to be free thinkers.

        China, India and Russia all have smart people but are not free thinkers so the have to steal the technology. When America becomes a Tyrannical police state the technology will stop expanding not only in America, but around the globe. At that point Freemen will adapt and overcome the technology and regain control.

        As of now we have no technology greater then the free thought and creativity of the human brain.

        As the video states Drone’s are a force multiplier. But can be easily defeated with foil or wire chaff deployed as an ECM. The best counter measure for these small drones however is still the 12GA shotgun.

        It took civilization an long time to go from the wheel to the moon, but it may only take a nano second to go from here back to the wheel.

        Technology is rapidly destroying human interaction and that my friends scares me. I saw a young couple in a booth at a restaurant who by the actions and expressions seemed to be texting each other instead of talking. Why would you do that?? Are the machines turning us into drones??

        These are just my thoughts; What do you think???

      33. Off topic: As a Lurker to many sites, looking for info that I might not have thought of yet or chuckling to myself at something I’ve done for years, the info helps me know if I’m ahead of or behind the ball as I go thru life. As an “ASG” reader from long ago, (Y’all remember that one?) It occurred to me that no one has ever talked about how to identify oneself to other like minded people after SHTF and everyone is hunkered down not taking unnecessary chances. We will have to come out and start to work together to survive. I read on one site, a person named Selco who went thru his own SHTF experience that they would just shoot at each other and then run like hell. (Yes, I know he was in a war)
        But… for myself I would like to work with people afterward, who want something in life for ourselves and families. The rice and beans will only last so long. So my question is, is there a secret handshake? A wave? Light flash, that will tell friend from foe. I would rather work with Copperhead, B.I. or the Rev. instead of getting into a gun fight for the “mad minute” and find out afterward that it was someone I could have worked with instead. What have y’all thought of or just general thoughts on how to tell friend from foe. Movies like “The Road” and such do not give me much hope for survival after. Is there a way we can communicate, “we are friends”?

        • P! is the sign.

          • Hillbilly: The EYES are the mirrors, or, doorway to the Soul of peope. Learn how to see the Light in anothers eyes. No Joke!…For good practice, begin to ID the evil ones. Pay atten to their Deep/Dark eyes look or stares.

            You’ve seen what I mean, but may not notice it till you train yourself to look and see it.

            Once you do it awhile it becomes second nature. It is a distinct Dark zero light at end of tunnel look. Zero light. only deep dark and evil.

            Then compare to the Others who do show the “Light” in eyes. Nobody evil possess that type “light” in eyes.

            Just try to practice it and see what I mean…Soon it will come natural. You will just know kinda.

            ps. Dont confuse light that glints Off eyes that is from Other light sources….Inner true light is where its at.

            • @Angelo Mysteriouso, Thank you for the pointers. I’ll try to put the advice to use this weekend when we go into town.

      34. Anyone up for drone hunting? I don’t even think the threat at the moment are drones. Imagine the internet itself. Billions of people connected to each other. So much information exists that if a supercomputer or AI technology were ever invented (if it wasn’t already) and that tech turned against us, we would all be screwed. Skynet is real and it is only a matter of time. Imagine one single virus that could infect everyone and shut off everything. Just a single event like that lasting a day or two could cause a complete collapse. Technology will be our downfall.

      35. So You Think you Have “Nothing”

        You’ve toyed with the idea of starting preps, but think you have nothing. Running out and buying a ton a stuff isn’t necessarily what prepping is all about.

        1. Stop and take inventory of what you really have. Start in one room of your home and make your way through the rest of the house. For example; Kitchen list your appliances and how much storage space you have. A seperate inventory for food would be a good idea.

        2. Go over your list. Are you interested in dehydrating, but don’t have one? Or your old one is not working? Make a note of what needs to be replaced or updated. Highlight these items. WIth a different color highlighter, mark which items you haven’t used in the past year. Also highlight things for which you have duplicates .

        3. Decide of how you’ll get rid of these items you no longer need. Some people do yard sales, others could choose to barter. A consignment shop might work for you. Charity organizations take donations, as well. If you sell them or receive money for this stuff, put the money away where you can use it for preps that you have to buy. Now is the time to get rid it. Do it. Get it out. We need the space, and the money.

        4. Now is also the time to get organized. Did you find stuff in the hall closet that really belongs in the bathroom? Move it. Did you forget about the Christmas wrap you stuck under your bed last year? Get it out and put it where you know you have it when you need it. Make lists for the inside of cabinets and closets telling you what’s in there if you need to. Make sure everything you have is treated like exactly what it is…an asset.

        5. Look at your highlighted list for each room on what you need to replace or purchase and start the hunt. Yard sales, consignment shops, the newspaper, thrift stores, auctions, dollar stores, and retail stores are all outlets for what we need. Depending on your budget, you make the decision on where you’ll get what you need. Just remember…the more you save, the more money you’ll have to reach your goal.

        6. Store what you use and use what you store. There is no need to follow a generic list if half the stuff on there is stuff you don’t use. Start collecting food and household/personal need items as you find them on sale or can trade a friend some of the stuff you don’t use for some of the stuff he/she can’t use.

        7. Acquire a library. Either use the county or town library near you or purchase books on information you need. Ask questions at the vegetable market about your local growing trends. Talk to the butcher at how-to. Find out what the local hospitals, schools, and fire departments offer for free information. Get everything you can that will strengthen your knowledge of applicable subjects.

        8. Stay busy and stay focused. Remember…everything you have is an asset. Take care of it. Treat it like it’s valuable, because it is. Keep everything in good repair/working order. Organization will help you find things you never realized.

        9. Learn about what you can do that doesn’t cost anything. Water storage is an inexpensive, but potentally life saving prep. Find out how to do it and how much you need. The quality of what you get out of food storage will only be as good as what you put in it.

        10. Practice, practice, practice. It’s a constant exercise to get rid of what you don’t need and fixing what you have. Maintain your home as you maintain the rest of your life. It needs love and attention just like the rest of the important things in your life.

      36. To every technology there is a counter to it . Drones are no exception . It part of the never ending arms race . the government has to worry about EMPs as well as we do .

      37. This device was widely utilized in the urban wars of the late twentieth century. Referred to as a pistol, a piece…

        • “Be well John Spartan”, sorry one of our favorite movies.

      38. Copperhead, I for one appreciate your posts on survival information; keep it up. I’m on here to share and learn just like most others are. I don’t normally attack anyone on here and everyone who reads my posts knows that. But I have to say to FBP: PICK UP YOUR TOYS AND GO TO THE MSM SITES! This forum is for people who live in the real world, who are determined to survive extraordinary events that are definitely coming our way, and to help one another any way possible. Your attacks on anyone on this forum are unjustifiable,so just do us all a big favor and go to MSM. On the tech stuff, no drones or robots or anything like that is allowed in my home; not even cameras. I get enough reminders of Big Brother when I’m out in the public. I don’t need to come home to the same crap. Rev. Ike, you mentioned something about escaping from Cuba at one time. Are you Cuban or married to a Cuban? My wife was from Madruga in Matanzas Province, only 30 miles from Havana. braveheart

        • Let take a vote who should go away. Thumbs do not count. Must post yes or no with a handle. Let ask the 15000 that do not post to see what they want.

          I didn’t expect this from you but I am wrong quite a bit.

          • FBP- yes,please go away

          • FB,
            It’s none of my business, but seeing that you asked, you could stand to tone it down some….you asked.

            • OK

          • @ FbPG

            Ok…here’s the deal, either drop the snarky JBT fed-troll, hard-on persona & actually start contributing worthwhile information at this site, as others do.

            Or hike your ass back to freerepublic or huffington post & continue your stalking exercises there.

            Fair enough?

            • I am truly just a prepper vet sitting around with his phone. Coming here for the therapy.

              But Rev. Ike asked so it will be done.

          • I dont care one way or the other ……..I believe in the 1st amendment , no matter how far out it is .

          • Everyone has the right to state their opinion. Everyone else also has the right to respond accordingly. Where things get out of control is when some individuals, for whatever reason, deliberately belittle and/or attack, stir up the pot so to speak.

            I have seen a number of dramatic shifts in the tone of this site over the many months I have been reading, and occasionally posting. Much of what I have seen is, to put it mildly, disappointing.

            Differing opinions, yes. Personal attacks, no. I feel that much of the vitriol is fear based. The whole point of this site is to share information and knowledge so as to help each other out. Why even be here if you are not at least attempting to be part of a constructive dialogue.

            Of course being someone that believes if we do not work together we are fu@*ed. And we will not be kissed. The screaming about commies and socialists is forgetting some basic facts. The advances developed over the centuries are because of the cooperation and working together of different people. I feel that our social and psychological development is far behind the technological. Can this be resolved. I am pessimistic. Prove me wrong, please.

        • Our family was from Havana, we left when I was very young, I spent most of my early years in Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area, so I really don’t know Madruga at all. Where did you two meet, here?

          Married to a Cuban-American, I’m sure that you understand the anger we feel as the U.S. will allow a full blown Marxist Dicatorship 27 miles from our shores, but spend millions to fight for Kuwait, Viet Nam, or South Korea.

          • I spent my early teen on sunrise and i5. And big pine key.

            • Meant I 95.

            • Really? Were you a Flying “L”?

          • No Childhood was spent getting lobster living on a boat. I was to young to be arrested for out of season lobster so I was the boat to the store guy (Kid). Never did much school until the army. Remember when Liberty City lit up.

            • Sure do, like 81 or 82? Crazy times, had a good friend on the Boca PD, every morning they would send a car to the beach to pick up the bails of weed that washed up. I was working at Jackson Memorial then.

              Ever been to Coral Ridge to see James Kennedy?

            • No but do you remember the palmetto parkway out by i95 in boca where I think it was a Kmart and a 7 11. After Gary that where my dad took us due to IBM. Place has sure changed.

              No if it doesn’t have a key in the name I don’t go Same for gary ind unless someone is being buried. Why I in the area now. Great places ?? years ago.

              And I do remember the bail coming up on the beach since I wasn’t to much into regular school we would watch all the bikini girls show up after school when one would come up during the day. Bonfires and Bikinis. Ion’t think I new what shoes were until I was 14.

          • Rev Ike: The tribe aint interested in swindling land in Cuba. Thats way cuba kommies is A-OK to their bribbed polititions and pentagon clowns. If tribe ever does desire cuban land?…Then look Out cuba kommies!

            That probobly wont occure though. Cuba aint part of Bandit state of isreal. Or land tribe wants.

          • They are a pion marxist dictatorship ……the only threat they posed to us was taken care of during the missile crisis . Now struggling because the Soviet Union is no longer around to prop them up economically anymore . Use them as a navel firing range , like you said 27 miles is close and good exercise for the navy .

        • FBP , i have to say ……..dont let people righties or lefties chase you off ….some people dont like what your saying ……..its their problem , not yours .

      39. Aljamo, you’ve been misled about socialism. i wish my wife was alive so she could tell you about her firsthand experience under socialism in Cuba. She could’ve told you stories that would blow you away. if you live comfortably now, that is because of capitalism. Under socialism, I promise, you would suffer terribly. IT IS THE ABUSE OF CAPITALISM THAT HAS BROUGHT OUR ECONOMY TO THE STATE IT IS IN NOW! Eliminate the abuse from the most successful economic system the world has ever seen and we could go back to where we used to be. braveheart

        • On the subject of …ISMs.

          There are many.

          1. Fascism.
          2. Socialism/Progressivism/Communism
          3. Capitalism

          ..,etc, etc, etc, etc.

          There is really nothing wrong with any of them, in their pure form. The problem is that some are more conducive, fertile and easy for corrupt men to take over. Even our system(s) of republicanism have been corrupted. They have changed it into socialism.

          I’m not sure how to rate what but from my limited study of governments that aren’t just a straight dictatorship type rule, there is only one that is more resilient and able to repel corruption. That type of government is our common law republicanism that we used to have here in the uSA. (Yes, small u, capped S and A. …like in The Consitution.)

          All types of governments end in a dictatorship of complete despotism if there is no accountability. In fascism, marxism, socialism and fascism, the accountability appears to be there but there is no way for the people to enforce it, therefore, it starts out good but quickly goes bad.

          In republicanism coupled with capitalism, The American example, this cannot happen quickly. (…did not happen quickly.) But, eventually, the oligarchs and the elite bought out the press and “sheoplized” the people. The accountability (or lack thereof) is controlled via the press.

      40. Show No Difference
        (Blending in at home or Away)

        I have had the privilege of getting to see a lot of countries in my life of work.

        This is a simple list of rules I live by that tend to serve me well at home or away. It’s a sort of social security blanket.

        Dress nicely, but don’t be a peacock. Birds with bright plumage get noticed easier. They also tend to be more prized by hunters. Nothing says “Prepper” like that Cammo out fit. Unfortunately, nothing says “target” quite like that either.
        Do your homework. Always look into the places you go to.
        Don’t stare.
        Use surrounding reflective surfaces to your advantage in social situations. If you are a female, make-up mirrors look genuine and work well as a way to guard your back. If you are male, use the screen of your cell phone(you DO have a cell phone, right?).
        Communication is key. Carry a mobile phone, and have someone you can call for help that you trust implicitly.
        Sunglasses tend to MAKE you look suspicious unless you’re in South America or at the beach. Gray, tan, and plaid clothes are usually the best.
        Keep it down. I’ve seen more trouble out of rowdy behavior than I can count.
        Carry cash. Enough to get you out of trouble. Do not let your cash be visible. Do not flash money, and don’t wear a large amount of jewelry. This will help keep you from getting robbed, and it will make sure you don’t pay too much for something(shopkeeper sees jewelry…shopkeeper sees money).
        Maps. Know them. Keep a local subway or bus map in your pocket or wallet, and map routes before going out. Have alternate routes for escape.
        Know what your body can handle and know what you eat. I once saw a guy joyfully eating a seafood soup(he didn’t know what it was, only that it tasted good) and drinking beer, only to see his throat seizing up on him from allergies less than an hour later.
        Don’t wear overly religious markings on you. This isn’t a “prayer in schools” issue. This is more of a “Fundamentalist Group XXX murders you” issue.
        Have fun, but always use your head. Common sense is your best asset.

        • and take all the gun brand, and support/ and hunting, and political stickers off your dam pick-up truck

          they arnt scaring anyone, but yet are telling them more then you need to tell them

          like the one that says “If it flies it dies” well you just let everyone know you hunt birds, and have guns and food at home, follow that truck

          and the Glock sticker..well fair warning to the theif or stalker, but no fair warning for you and no upper hand because you just blew your anonymity

          • Another thing to be aware of – remove any type of stickers or identifiers from any vehicle you use. For example, I saw one of those family grouping stickers on a woman’s minivan – it showed one woman, 2 kids, and a cat. From this I can deduce that she lives alone, probably doesn’t have a firearm in the home (due to having the kids) and she doesn’t have a dog for an early warning system. All anyone would have to do is follow her home and take anything and everything they want from her.People are just stupid about how much info they give to other people. Facebook? no way. I get ticked off at friends who post pictures of me on their pages. Also another thing to think about, my dad did a lot of research on his family tree via Lo and behold, do a google search on my kids’ names, and their birthdate and place of birth show up all over the place. So simple to get a SS# with just that info…..People just don’t think!!!

          • Harley wings and stickers for HD stuf too. Back in detroit 25 yrs ago was a huge rash of stolen harleys. Turned out a couple biker clubs(wont name any here) were stealing bikes…When finally found out they admited the main thing they looked for was Harely Wing decals on car or trucks…..Then follow guy home and return later usually on heavey rain nite to muffle sounds of thiefs!

            Whatever you have or display can be used against you. Decals-tatoos-weapons. Choose wisely weedhopper!

        • “Fundamentalist Group XXX murders you” issue.
          Oh, you mean like the people in Rawles’s novels?
          (sorry I just couldn’t resist…)

          • @HalfKin,
            I know that Rawles’ books do seem to have a lot of battle scenes in them, I guess they sell better.

            Just in case that you are not sure, Christians are allowed to defend themselves and join the Military in a Just War conflict.

            Consider this, a girl runs towards you yelling Rape,being chased by some guy. Is it more “Christian” to pull your Glock and stop the rape, or stand by and pray for the poor girl? See what I’m saying?

            • @ Rev. Ike

              Well said.
              As Christian’s we’re also obligated to protect the innocent, too.

      41. I think the REAL agenda here, is to scare the politicians shitless. We don’t really matter to the elite, they know we’ll ultimately go after our government officials, NOT THEM, while they sit safe in their billion dollar strongholds behind heavily armed guards…but they NEED certain political footholds in place.

        This blanket surveillance is for scaring politicians into doing what they are told—even the POTUS. The message is—GOTCHA!

        …and the joke, unfortunately, is on US…

      42. If the corp can so “do everything” why did they fail so miserably in the Amanda Todd case, where they arguably SHOULD HAVE intervened?

        Hell, it’s taking the hacker group Anonymous to even attempt to push for any kind of punishment in this picture.

        Guy had illegal pics all over Facebook for years (plural) if the story is to be believed. As in “go directly to Federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison” kind of illegal.

        You’ll pardon me if I am unimpressed with the .gov’s enforcement abilities at present.

        • Hehehe. On the one hand they say they can run analasis on every vibration of your vocal cords, but, yet, couldn’t see the Bengahzi terror attack coming?

          They know every where you go and everything you do and everything you say and everything you buy but yet 19 hijackers got on several planes and flew into buildings.

          They say they can find out anything they want anytime yet people have been murdered by guns THEY sold the drug lords and yet they didn’t see it coming.

          Can I say it? I’m going to say it, and I’m not going to be nice:


          There. I feel better now. I’ve worked with state and local law on computer shakedowns Those guys are MORONs that are not worth minimum wage (and they’re not paid minimum wage, well, unless you put a 4x in front of it…)

          They have you fooled! They project a Hollywood image.

          • @ Net Ranger

            Data gleaned & absorbed. Much thanks!

        • The govt is too busy arresting organic milk producers and kids with lemonade stands to arrest perverts.

      43. I didn’t read all the comments, I got an idea and had to type it in right away. A person can get arrested for video recording the police but what are they going to do, shoot down that drone that just recorded them beating on some guy that was lying in the ground? Just a thought, have a nice day.

        • Uh, no. *THAT* video will conveniently be erased. The corp will NEVER use its devices against itself, that one you can bet your life on.

        • Not in Illinois: Criminal Court Judge Stanley Sacks ruled that the Illinois Eavesdropping Act criminalizes “wholly innocent conduct,” and thus is unconstitutional.
          One more for ‘the people’.

      44. Perverts could use drones to take close ups of 11 year old girls at the beach or at a school soccer game. Besides using them to look in your daughter’s bedroom window.

        • @ Barn Cat

          Substitute the word ‘perverts’ with ‘government’ & suddenly, you’re closer to the truth.

          • Currently they are recruiting overly gleeful TSA screeners (squeezers?) for drone video monitoring. Not too many were interested until they were told they could actually download and keep the videos.

        • Barn cat they won’t need to use these drones for that. There are so many thing that parents allow around there children now that will do that job. As I Said I was a slumlord. I housed some of the shittest creep in the world. The things I heard hell saw on their paper (Got to know a lot of parole officers) would amaze. Bt in the end the key was the kids that were 99.9999 of the time targets it was because the parents were not involve in the child’s life. Not trying to screw with this subject. Its just what I have seen.

          We prepare so our Grand chidren can still have a life. We screw it up to much for the kids.

          These drone won’t add to any surveillance in the home. But it will give them a .I Use the term loosely. Strategic look at an area.

      45. Well I may consider a drone in my home if it unloaded the dishwasher or scooped the cat litter box..hey that sounds like a future jingle “everyone needs a drone in the home`a drone in the home a drone in the home everyone needs a dronein the home so the chores will be done in the mornin’ To the tune of” I Saw Three Ships”

        • I rather you can use a us senator to scoop cat shit out of the box. Or a fed judge perhaps?….Only the crooks type of course. “Hey Schumer! after the cat box go clean my Toilets! then wash&wax my truck!”….Has a nice sound to it no?….Pelosi be better yet! She has that clueless drone look in her eyes eh.

      46. Great video. As seems the way of most things – the toys are really cool. All the technology we as a race posses is not the problem. The issue is and always has been the Man or Powers that be in control of said innovation. Technology is presented as the end all cure. No hunger, disease, safety and so on (Star Trek Utopian), however open your eyes – it has always unfortunately been in the end misused. I.E. the fella selling a property – or a pest hounding a supposed starlet. One was harmless and beneficial the other annoying and that’s without conceiving potential Military or Government misuse.Sad state in human affairs. We never learn – just repeat the same ol crap.

      47. Rev. Ike, sorry for the late response. I met my wife on South Beach on Fourth of July, 1975, only a month after i first came to Miami from Memphis. i proposed to her in October, 75, and we tied the knot on Valentine’s Day, 1976. During our honeymoon, she broke down and told me all about her experience under Castro; how her father, a doctor, and one of her uncles, who owned a sugar plantation, were murdered by Castro’s thugs. I met a lot of Cubans even when we were dating, even some of the Bay of Pigs veterans; they all had heart-breaking stories to tell. I lived and worked with Cubans for so long i started feeling like a Cuban myself before I even proposed to Carmen. So, yes, i know all too well how all the older Cuban exiles feel about the Castro regime. What burns me is the current generation of Cubans coming out of Cuba who claim persecution but then go back to Cuba on occasion to see relatives. To me that is abuse of the hospitality we extend to Cubans ever since the 1966 Cuban adjustment Act became law. now it’s abused by this current generation of Cubans who in ny view are not genuine victims of persecution, i hear stories from my in-laws in Miami all the time. i know all of the older exiles are truly grateful to America for extending a helping hand to them and giving them refuge from the nightmare of Castro’s rule. They’ve turned out to be better Americans than a lot of native-born Americans. I miss Miami, but after my wife was killed by a drunk driver, and Haitian at that, things just weren’t the same for me there anymore. Cubans were the only group i ever trusted down there; i had a lot of trouble out of the haitians and Jamaicans; those two groups were useless to me. When they come here, they just get on welfare, etc. They’re so lazy its pathetic. braveheart

      48. Drones, drones everwhere. The question is do we controle them or do they controle us. Think about it.

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