Watch: Rigged Voting Machine Will Not Allow Vote For Trump/Pence… “Stuck” On Clinton/Kaine

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    Don’t worry, after months to prepare their voting machines for election day and repeated assurances from President Obama and the mainstream media that there is nothing to be concerned about, we are sure that all of the potential issues for rigging an election against Trump have been worked out.

    Or… maybe not.

    Watch as this voting machine in the battleground State of Pennsylvania will not allow a voter to select Trump/Pence and remains “stuck” on Clinton/Kaine:

    Election officials say the issue has now been resolved.


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      1. Fix is in. Same shit as last time… all the other times. Can’t wait for the balloon to finally go up. Sick of this shit…

        Be well, All

        • George Soros, Rockefellers, Rothschild Illuminati, all with much more cash than we will ever see in a lifetime of honest work. They tell us who “wins” Even our currency with the Federal Reserve slithering under the door, will not help! The Christ Jesus is more powerful than this crew. Pray for our country!

        • Why is it that all the “rigged” voting machine articles are always a vote for a democrat?

          It is never a democrat vote being switch to republican, it is always a republican vote being switched to democrat.

          • prolly the same reason the dead only vote democrat because no self respecting living person would vote democrat with out mental illness, brain washing, or a gun to their head (only time democrats like guns).

          • When Hillary Voted it flipped her votes over to Trump.

            • Hillary is a bad news mentally retarded girl;

              But about your comment… perhaps someone told hillary that there was a bad news mentally retarded girl named hillary trying to be a fag puppet to the radical homo jeewish media, and then after hearing those comments about hillary, hillary voted for Trump



        • Until voting machines are outlawed and you go back to numbered paper ballots controlled by a fedeal election committee,and voting regulations are the same in all states,you will never be 100% sure of the resuts.Voting machines are the scourge of democratic elections.

        • Ever notice that when a voting machine “breaks”, it always breaks in the same way, a vote counted for the left.

          What are the odds of that happening?

      2. It’s weird how even the machines choose Hilliary when given the chance. Why is it that all of these irregularities go Clinton’s way? I just don’t get it.

        • Certainly couldn’t be the Soros-funded mafia influencing the programming of these machines.

          It’s all about money/greed and power/control.

        • crap flows downhill gonetoolong

      3. I do not mean any offense by this comment, but notice this video shows a “non-white” (many tattoos, likely millennial) voting for trump, and posting this video. awesome!

        I also am a millennial voting for trump. hope he wins in a landslide.

        • The machine scanned the voters tattoos and automatically filled in the ballot for democrats.

          • That is actually very funny. 🙂

      4. Soros owns the voting machine company….and people wonder why this happens…

      5. seems to me they WANT this revolution

        • You bet your ass they do

          • They have to have a reset because the national debt is TOTALLY out of control. So, have a revolution, trash the constitution, then reset your new country.

      6. The corrupt wa$hington kartel have hedged their bets and divised the scheme to put us all in bread lines for our daily rations and meds. No Mercy! Sweep the Leg!

      7. you have to push the one that is on to turn it off then push the one you want

        • so you have to change a vote from hillary to trump?

          the default setting is Hillary?

          how fucked up is that?

      8. sorry spelled my name wrong lol

        • seven people just voted using your name.

      9. __

        Call Hillary! She has a hammer. That should fix it !!!

        “If I had a hammer, I’ld hammer in the morning.
        I’ld hammer in the evening, all over this world…”


        • B from CA.

          “That’s the sound of the men, working on the chain gang”.

          • Lol ?

        • Give her a hammer to turn big rocks into little rocks out in the prison yard.

      10. It’s all rigged and we’re all screwed.

      11. I mean, it’s not like they haven’t had years to iron out the glitches in the electronic voting system, right? lol.

        As Stalin once said, “…”Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

        • I think that is Florida’s state motto…..

            • Zeus, great video. Thanks for posting it. When I wasn’t laughing at the fellow who was ranting, I totally impressed with the shooting skills on display. Cheers.

          • LOL. Being a Florida resident, I think that is true only for the misguided Florida voters who voted for Clinton. The rest of us are doing everything we can to hold-the-line against the Progressive Orwellian Marxists who wallow in their own self pity and self deprecation, and need liberals to pat them on the head for reassurance. Cheers.

      12. I would have thought that the rigging would be more covert.

        • You have to have a small number of “alleged” rigging so you can discredit it.

          That way the major rigging will go unnoticed.

        • they are assuming people are not paying attention. distracted in a hurry sheeple.

      13. I agree the fix is in is easier than pie. Drain the swamp is close but call for the septic tank sucker in DC. Bring a big truck cause the a$$hole turds are aplenty.


      15. Maybe the Trump / Pence button was worn out from being pushed so much?

      16. Its clear that the vast majority of the American people are voting for Trump. If Trump loses, then there is no doubt that the whole system is corrupted; or ‘rigged’ as Trump calls it. Once our vote is stolen by the system, then that is the clear signal that the 2nd American Revolution needs to begin. And the nation shall be cleansed by the blood of Tyrants & Patriots.!!!

      17. Illegally installing Hillary Clinton in the Whitehouse will bring blood to the streets. I sure hope LEOs and FLEAs stick to their OATH and not their jobs.

        Hopefully ALL patriots including groups will not gear up, ARM UP, and MAN/ WOMAN up and meet in Washington DC and use force to take Whitehouse and congress back. Doing so knowing all will not leave alive.

        It would be terrible if some of them perhaps thousands were truckers and blocked 10 deep every road in and out of the DC duopoly gang circle there. Insuring their trucks were inoperable when they leave them.

        It would also be terrible if sniper/ counter sniper teams slipped in and around said areas as no doubt some FLEAS and LEOs will stand for career over country and money over morals.

        It would be just horrible if EVERY VET capable were to team up and patriotic FLAGS made “order of battle” plans to assist with victory. 4.5+ million AMERICAN Veterans living their OATH would be unstoppable.

        Yes that happening at a date to be determined would be just horrible. But then what would a founding father such as Samuel Adams say to this?

        “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say ‘what should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” Samuel Adams

        • I know XXXXXXXXXXX who has experience of the elite type, that stays in contact with folks who are still in the know.

          That is probably already TMI. There is enough info in the archives to figure out enough about me that I CANNOT be specific, as I said, already TMI.

          Especially to Braveheart and Sgt Dale. This individual made a comment to me the other day stating that his connections say that no matter who wins the election we will be in a race war. If hillary wins, the anarchist militant wing of the black panthers, etc will believe they can get away with anything and the violence and rioting will spill out of the cities. If Trump wins it will be an uprising against the racist, misogynistic bigot (NOT). Either way, he says the military is preparing for a possible necessary response. I remember news reports of apache training flights in downtown minneapolis and dallas. They don’t have high rises in mosul. Keep your head on a swivel.



        clicking the link reverts back to my Drudge homepage.

      19. At my precinct we voted with paper ballots. Trump/Pence was at the top of the ballot. You carry you ballot over to the attendant and put your ballot into a counter that I believe sends the results of your ballot to a central database. Didn’t get to see who I voted for as confirmation. The machine simply increased the count by one to show my vote had been counted. Seems to me that even paper ballots aren’t a sure thing. Some simple programming, 1 or 2 lines of code, could easily push Trump votes to Clinton. The total vote would remain the same. Unless the paper ballots were audited, nobody would be the wiser.

        • It’s not who casts the ballots . It’s who counts the ballots. The wonderful Jew Joseph Stalin.

      20. I filled out a paper ballot this am, a machine counted it, however there is still a paper trail if there are questionable results. We need to go to a biometric thumb print. It would identifi the voter as well as recognize an address and whether that individual had voted at another location. If they had they could be arrested on the spot for voter fraud. Get rid of electronic voting machines and we could enjoy truly honest elections. However I believe democrats would never go along with this as they would never win another election.

      21. Yo MAC? So I recently started using a different browser. I keep getting a message everytime I visit this site that the site is attempting to download canvasing data which can be used to track location? HTML5 it said. I know I’m on half a dozen lists because I love God, Guns and am self sufficient but geez, do ya have to help the fedgov?

        nopitypartyhere, aka NPPH

        • I utilize several browsers with two instances of malware/virus scanners running — also visiting via mobile. Am not receiving such a message. Please send me an email with screenshot or any other info you may have. The site uses cookies, but none of the third-party launched ad platforms should be collecting location data, and I have not been promoted for such information myself. Happy to check it out.



      22. I thought this was a prepper site not a news site

        • how can you be “prepped” if you don’t know what’s happening, troll?

      23. As the polls close in the East the news media is all fired up to get YOU the First Numbers. Going to reach HIGH stress levels for some. You can bet the media is going to ask Stupid Questions to increase ratings. Like they do in a storm reporting.
        Few more hours and we will see which way the country goes and if we get some action.

        Are you Ready?

      24. Back from my Buffalo hunt much the same as last time with a few differences. All different tribes from hundreds of miles around. The hunt itself went well I rode the same position as last time with my cousins wife and her brother. Even got the same horse. My little SAA colt preformed flawlessly. I brought the bow I was given last year and competed in a few archery contests wrestling matches and if course my personal bag of fun counting coup took a few more vicious stripes but gave as good or better then I got no broken bones this time few loose teeth and a good shiner over my left eye. I had no interaction with the chief or elders this time except for my face and pony being painted. As before Winnie (cousins wife)acted as translator. Came home with 200 pounds of wild bison and some preserves I’ll eat good for a long while.
        I seriously consider setting up a cabin on the edge of the reservation. If we all make it till spring I just might do it.
        How’s that election coming along? If that skank steals the election plz for the love of all that’s holy plz someone organize and march. This is your last chance for real HOPE AND CHANGE. If all stays quiet after she steals it the USA will be effectively neutered snipped balls cut off. And without so much as a whimper.
        Plz folks don’t roll over and show your belly bare that triple set of dogs teeth and go for the jugulars

      25. DOES IT ALL MATTER ????????

      26. Paper ballot. No problem.


      27. Interesting! Say’s “The media could not be played” Appears to be a form of censorship. What’s wrong with this picture?

        • Open in a new tab. YT allows video posters to stop viewing outside of YT.

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