Watch Nancy Pelosi (If You Can Stomach It): “When People See What’s in the Bill They Will Like It”

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Headline News | 296 comments


If you want to see a true dirt-bag politician in action watch Nancy Pelosi attempt to backtrack on her comments about the Affordable Care Act on this week’s Meet the Press.

You might want to have a barf bag handy, because this one is chock full of platitudes, deceptive doublespeak and flat-out lies, with Pelosi going so far as to say that not only is Obamacare legislation affordable for every American as originally promised, but that Americans will be jumping for joy at her and President Obama’s fundamental transformation of our health care system.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, according to the distinguished Congresswoman, you do, in fact, get to keep your pre-Obamacare health insurance plan!

I stand by what I said… when people see what is in the bill they will like it… and they will…

And the fact is… it doesn’t matter what we’re saying here.

What matters is what happens at the kitchen tables of the American people… and how they will have more affordability, more accessibility, better quality care, prevention, wellness, a healthier nation… honoring the values of our founders… of life, a healthier life, liberty to pursue their happiness…

Watch…  if you dare:

(video via Infowars)

The scary version?

This woman actually believes what she is saying. Not only that, she and millions of other Americans continue to peddle the notion that Obamacare is going to improve not only Americans’ health care, but our economic viability as well.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As noted recently, the numbers simply do not add up, meaning that more people will be taking from the system than putting into it, leading to the real possibility of a total detonation of the U.S. economy and health care system in less than one year’s time.

What’s happening at the kitchen tables of Americans, and what will happen as a result of this legislation, is that they’ll be able to put less and less food on it.

But the real question is one few Americans are asking: Will the Patient Affordable Care Act also cover plastic surgery and face-lifts for every American so that we can all be botox-beautiful like Nancy?


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    1. rider39

      Good ole Nancy

      • Hammerun

        This condition is referred to as the Polosi complex. A drug induced and fueled psychoses that results in neuroses and psychotic hallucinations of self intelligence, indulgence and grandeur, with fanatics of god like neurological defects that result in a litany of phycobabble.

        Treatment; A 9mm thru the ears oughta do it!!!!

        • DRD5508

          Hammerun, 2 things: One, no body is home (look at her eyes). Two, what were the Calif. people on when they voted for her?

            • Unreconsructed Southron

              Rearrange ‘Nancy Pelosi’ and what do you get?

              ‘Alien Spy Con’

              Rearrange ‘Mrs Nancy Pelosi” and you get ‘Slimy Acne Porns’ and ‘Sly Manic Person’

              Coincidence? I think not.

          • Johnnybgoode

            it’s San Francisco. they’re on all kinds of stuff.

          • Dick

            They are on SNAP, Welfare, Unemployment, WIC, Disablity and Social Security!


        • Kulafarmer

          Dont waste the ammo,
          I have a 1/2 stainless steel rod i am pretty sure i have enough hatred going on right now i could shove the thing all the way through then be lookin for the next in line.
          HOW MUCH LONGER?????

          • Facebook Page

            No you don’t. You will bitch and moan about here. Smoke some weed and go to sleep hoping someone else will step up.

            • Kulafarmer

              Well well,
              Arent you just a dandy knowitall these days,
              Must be a government paid troll.
              Luckily i dont really give a crap what YOU think!
              Have a nice day and do something nice for your fellow trolls!

          • Nina'os lil brother

            Hey bra print out those pics of ol duche bag
            And use the ammo on yer new zombie targets
            It’s actually like therapy after several rounds and the
            Gunpowder buzz sets in 🙂

        • Shooter

          I think there is a hidden agenda to Obama care. Their purpose for this law is not to provide health care to everyone.

          • apache54

            you are correct this is a smoke screen, these scumbags are not really this stupid, they have a hidden agenda and i gaurantee it is far worse than this Obamacare,i hope we get all these scumbags before they get us!!

            • Hunter



              Time to ‘count-coup’ is approaching.


              • REB

                Yes…but whatever you do don’t actually touch her and don’t get any on you… 🙁

          • Wakeup!

            There is… a hidden agenda is to eliminate independent small insurance companies. Remember the large insurance companies wrote this legislation in their favor in order to have a monopoly. During the 2008 debacle some insurance companies were nationalized through bail outs which means the government is a majority stockholder and has the controlling interest. The banking cartel hijacked the government a long time ago. The goal is to bring in socialism and do away with free-market and the middle class. Within the next 10 years America will turn into hell on earth!!!! What I don’t understand is why we continue to allow this!!!

            • REB

              and don’t forget AARPs complicity in this treason!

            • sparkey

              because most people keep voting the same prick into office time after time we need to kick there ass out of office after one term.

        • Hunter

          Agreed Hammer!

          This Gd-bitch is the same self-righteous cunt, controlled by the same self-chosen tribe, controlling the same self-sanctimonious party that castigated & vilified the Boy-Scouts into allowing organized/PC protected homosexual predatory scum…

          …to become Scout Masters!


          To you en-es-ay motherfuckers…yeah, I have a list.
          Ain’t on my hard-drive, either!

            • Hunter




              ..retch…retch again!!!!

              –(much misery & abdominal pain/slobber/drool)–


              -Deep breath- (oxygen…need oxygen!!!)

              Six…brother, what did I ever do yo you?


              Just kidding…
              -Gross-, ain’t it?

              ..sorta makes it difficult to employ the “mercy” clause on those responsible for crap like this.

              ..when its OUR turn to dictate the (correct) agenda!


              • Hunter

                –backspace on “yo”,…retype “to”….hit submit comment.–

                ..’tis fumble-finger syndrome, again!


            • rollo

              Hey, Sixpack, how come they always refer to these surgically modified freaks as “her”. It is NOT a her, and no longer a “him”, it is a…..well, an “IT”.

              • sixpack

                Absolutely, rollo. There used to be an old saying: “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck”.

                That’s really no longer true, is it?

        • apache54

          would someone please assist with hammerun’s comment provide the cure for this poor sick women!! nothing meant by women, just was the nicest way i could think of to call her!!

        • Wilson

          “thru the ears”? Seriously??? what effect would it have just passing through the air in that head?

        • Half A Wit Is Better Than Nonen

          If we can only get them to interview her in a zoo, I’m pretty sure the monkeys there are smart enough to know to throw their shit at her. That makes them smarter than the majority of Democrats.

      • OutWest

        Pelosi is such a half-baked Congrenoid,
        she should have been elected with a
        meat thermometer in her ass to let us
        know when she was done.

        • wrong

          Thanks for the image.


          • Gods Creation

            Sorry, couldn’t stomach it….

            • Basstard

              I chickened out too. Just her picture was enough to piss me off. Watching the video was unnecessary.

              • c

                I don’t understand why her state had not removed her from office. She is a pathological liar.

                “This woman actually believes what she is saying.”
                I don’t think she does believe it. I think she just feels so much more superior to all of us that she thinks we will just believe WHATEVER she says. And so far her state has not removed her so maybe she is right. Auuugghh!!!!.

                • wrong

                  Her whole head is filled with botox.

                • ALD

                  Because the ‘whole’ state DOES NOT GET TO VOTE HER OUT. Only NORTHERN CA gets to vote for this POS.

                  Just to clear the record…

                • OutWest

                  I hear she moonlights as a Zombie on

                  the Walking Dead program — sans makeup

                • gone under

                  ALD. She is in the southern part of the state. Fienkenstien is Northern. The illegals, and free stuff useless eaters vote them (and any democrat)in.

              • Wilson

                I hear you. I’ve been feeling poorly of late, but one look at that ol’ hide and my constipation was cured. That’s what I call relief.

            • HD74Man

              DITTO HERE, GC…

              Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid, and OB…even to make ya run for a barf bag everytime they got something to say.

              • sixpack

                Pelosi, like feinstein, is a true triple bagger—one for her, one for you and one to throw up in afterwards.

            • REB

              …glad Im not alone…I JUST COULDNT DO IT 🙁 …its like listening to/or watching the Kenyan…its like a bad horror flick that your mind will play over and over till you go insane…thanks anyhow Mac but I just cant so Ill take your word for it…

        • Anonymous

          I will give her credit for having HUGE STONES .
          This bitch can look at a camera an lie with conviction.
          Whatta POS .
          I watched this sunday , it was amusing as always.
          The part that bothers me is that alot os folks are buyin into the tripe .
          And as DURANGO says below this IS what term limits are for , we need to push harder for this .
          I think she believes her own BS , really.

          • Kulafarmer

            A lot of people are buying into this crap because they all want the easier softer way and dont want to be responsible for themselves!
            Same old liberal crap, that and there are a lot of real wealthy liberals, or progressives who say they dont mind paying for everyone else!
            I would barely be able to cover the insurance and it would immediately reduce my disposable income every month by close to 800$
            They can go fuck themselves, i hope it all comes unglued!

            • Ugly

              It is 80 million people expecting the other 80 million to pay. And to pay everything. That is what it is.

              All I know is if premiums continue to rise, then I’ll just have to drop it and use the house as collateral if one of us gets deathly sick.

              • sixpack

                We could always go to Pennsylvania Ave and midnight auto salvage some limos and, sell the parts to make up for the high costs of obummercare…congress can walk to work for all I care.

            • KP89DC

              Kula, I’m with you on the “unglued”and the sooner the better. I’m so tired of these lies and falsehoods. Time for all of the traitors to GO the way of the dinos.

              Molon Labe

              • Kulafarmer

                It really sucks to have to adapt that mind set, but Ill be damned if im going to help them fund this crap!
                Civil disobedience, there are so many ways to be a non conformist!

        • slingshot


          Butthead: Meat thermometer in her ass. Cool.
          Beavis: Yeah, Yeah, In her ass.

          Snickering and guttural laughs.

      • Anonymous

        This is the same vile woman who rewrote the bible in her own twisted mind. This devil’s minion has stated that the bible does condone abortion, she claims to be a devout Catholic and has the unmitigated gall to receive communion after the church denounced her and told her not to, she is an abomination in more ways than one.

        Jeremiah 1:5

        “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

        Exodus 20:13

        “You shall not murder.

        Psalm 139:13-16

        For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

        Exodus 23:7

        Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.

        Psalm 127:3

        Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

      • Swinging on a star

        This is the same woman who rewrote the bible in her own twisted mind. This devil’s minion has stated that the bible does condone abortion and she claims to be a devout Catholic. The church has informed her that she should not receive communion yet she does and spits in God’s face. She is an abomination in more ways than one.

        Jeremiah 1:5

        “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

        Exodus 20:13

        “You shall not murder.

        Psalm 139:13-16

        For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

        Exodus 23:7

        Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.

        Psalm 127:3

        Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

        • Gods Creation

          “””she claims to be a devout Catholic.”””

          The Catholic church, through the Vatican, is the religious arm of the banksters just like the US corp is the military arm and The City is the financial arm.

          The Pope is the religious equivalent of Obama.

          Yes, I expect many thumbs down for telling the truth of this matter, but that will not stop me from saying it.

          • Swinging on a star

            Gods Creation,

            So, what’s your point? My point is the fact that this woman rewrote the bible in her twisted mind, that has nothing to do with the fact that she is a supposed Catholic. This has to do with showing what a hypocrite Pelosi is and how evil she is. You have your opinion about the Catholic religion and you are obviously entitled to it. Even if she was a Mormon or Jehovah witness, bottom line she spit on God. Just trying to show her true character, I certainly didn’t want to open the door on bashing the catholic religion or any other religion.

            Pick your battles carefully because bashing ones religious beliefs isn’t going to change any minds, it just incites anger and takes you away from the subject at hand.

            • Gods Creation

              “”So, what’s your point?””

              There is no ambiguity about what I said. The banksters control the Vatican and it is used to control those who call themselves Catholics, by controlling the Pope, just as they control their puppet in the White House.

              I am not bashing any religion, just pointing out what and who the banksters control. If one chooses to be or remain Catholic once in possession of that knowledge, it is their choice.

              As the Bible said, many will be deceived. Those who are should be told so. At least their choice to remain so deceived will be an informed one.

          • DRD5508

            Here,here GC. The truth will get you some thumbs down but it’s ok. She is only devout at being a liar.

          • Jim (another Jim)

            I definitely agree with you about the Pope. He is throwing out the Bible every chance he gets and is trying to be politically correct with Christianity. This doesn’t work, all it does is turn you into a Pharisee. You have to take the whole Bible, not just the parts you like.

          • c

            The elite have infiltrated many religions. Not because they believe in them. Pelosi, Biden, Sebelius etc claim to be Catholic but refuse to act Catholic. Why? It is their way of fitting in and getting control. But anyone who knows their faith, knows these 3 are Catholic (or Mormon or Baptist or whatever the politician claims to be) in name alone. By identifying themselves as Christian and then very publicly calling for non-christian laws and behaviors, they seek to appeal to people who struggle with every day problems. And they hold out a “new and different” solution. “The easy path is ok they say. Take the easy path. See I am Christian too so it is ok.”

            And as far as the Vatican goes: 3 popes in a row who talk and act much more like freemasons than catholics. So that means that the majority of the cardinals who elected all 3 men also think like freemasons and are ok with this behavior.
            Gotta ask who is in charge of the Vatican these days, the Holy Spirit or the freemasons? Based on the words and actions of the current pope and the 2 previous popes, it is not the Holy Spirit. Because HE believes in the Holy Trinity and does not consider “all faiths, when practiced well are sure paths to salvation and heaven” as stated by John Paul II and echoed by both Benedict XVI and Francis.
            So that statement means that Buddhists( who do not believe in God) and Hindus ( who believe in hundreds of gods) and Jainists, and Witchdoctors etc are all on their path to salvation despite worshiping other gods.
            And Islamists clearly state that Jesus was not God. Yet John PaulII publicly kissed the Koran and said it was a holy book. This may claimed to be Jesus Christs’ vicar on earth. So according to the 3 popes, denial of Jesus, denial of the existence of God and worshiping other gods/demons, are ways to salvation???

            For 1960 years that was NOT what the Catholic church taught. Read Rev 17 and go to Rev 18:4.

            I believe most priests, many bishops and most Catholic people do follow the Holy Trinity but if they try to follow their cardinals and pope toward God, they are in big trouble! The Holy Spirit does not live there anymore.

          • Emily

            @Gods Creation – and they never talk about the elephant in the room – the priests that are pedophiles. Past and Present pedophile priests.

      • Jim (another Jim)

        She is a dried up old witch. If they ever do a remake of the wizard of OZ, she would be a perfect fit for the wicked witch, or maybe the tin man because she doesn’t have a heart. his is what happens when you give power to little, insignificant, brain dead people.

      • MX Mike

        “The scary version?

        This woman actually believes what she is saying.”

        I beg to differ…. what is even more scary is the fact that there are maladroit’s out there that actually think this bitch is doing a good job!

      • bohica1

        typo: scag nancy

      • yental

        This “woman, creature, alien, or choose your own label” is certifiably INSANE. No wonder that SHE fits like a glove on OBIMBO’S dictatorial fist.

      • 1940--me

        Dave Gregory should have asked her one simple question, If the plan is so great, why isn’t Obama and the Congress on it??

        • c

          1940: yes x 10

      • J. Roy

        Put that mummy back in her crypt!

      • Tom T

        Is it just me or does her hand gestures never seems to match what she is saying? That and the “deer in the headlights-Botox” look hides a lot of evil and viciousness.

        • Half A Wit Is Better Than Nonen

          Anyone familiar with body language knows when body language does not seem to sync naturally with what is being said, it is often an indication of misrepresentation, subterfuge, deflection, dissembling, and a lot of different ways to say LIAR.

          • Emily

            @ Half A Wit Is Better Than Nonen ~ I study body language and handwriting analysis.
            You’re right.

      • Half A Wit Is Better Than Nonen

        “What matters is what happens at the kitchen tables of the American people.”

        Dear Nancy,

        I don’t know about all of the American people but I am very sure that, at millions of kitchens across America, people are getting to the point that they actually can contemplate executing people like you for treason.

        Even as “great” as Obamacare is, I doubt if that condition is treatable. I sure would like to watch while you tried it, though.

      • Half A Wit Is Better Than Nonen

        “As noted recently, the numbers simply do not add up, meaning that more people will be taking from the system than putting into it, leading to the real possibility of a total detonation of the U.S. economy and health care system in less than one year’s time.”

        I do not know why patriots with common sense look at this possibility with dread. In reality, the ONE AND ONLY CHANCE we have to come out of this Marxist nightmare is for a rapid implosion of this thing. It will radicalize tens of millions of Americans in a way that would never happen otherwise.

        The worst thing would be a muddle through and gradual debilitating erosion of our income over time. Get it out in the open, let it blow fucking sky high, and I guarantee you there aren’t enough TSA and Homoland Security teams to contain it. They will be fleeing for their lives.

        Marx was wrong about a lot but right about one thing. When you mess with people’s economic survival, it changes the chessboard in a unique way.

        Come on, Nancy. Blow this MF up and let’s get this going. You have a date with a guillotine.

      • Old Gringo

        My woman is an Australian and we’ve lived in California for over 40 years. Therefore I’ts my belief that this woman is not only a sociopath…..but a sociopath under the influence of psychotrpic drugs. America is reaping the whirlwind.

      • KY Mom

        It is a train wreck. Obamacare was presented and passed on ‘false promises’ (LIES) They KNEW the truth, but kept repeating the lies anyway.

        I find it difficult to understand how Pelosi and her brethren can sleep at night knowing they have helped pass this travesty.

        Obamacare: The Final Nail In The Coffin For The Middle Class
        Due to Obamacare, the number of “Americans with health insurance has actually decreased by 3,918,205 since October 1st.”

        • sixpack

          She made millions on it…I bet she sleeps just fine with a full security detail right outside.

      • maddog

        Aussie, many of us do not believe there with another election. So sad what the “new society” sheeple of the world have done with the hard fought rights given by god and enshrined by our for fathers. The slugs deserve ever thing they get.

      • rollo

        Hey there, down under, How is it that you folks way down yonder grasp the disgusting and terminal condition of this “Most colossal monkey house an astonished world has ever witnessed” better than the average boobus americanus? You don’t suppose we’re stupid do you?

    2. InfantryAlways

      Nothing but a bunch of doublespeak from the old hag.

      Since this is happened on MSNBC, I’m sure it was a scripted “thrashing” so as to raise the network’s credibility with middle America ahead of the 2014 midterms…

      Don’t fall for it folks. MSNBC is firmly in the communist camp and this fits their narrative in some obtuse way.

    3. Npgh

      I hate her! Truly and deeply.

      • Facebook Page

        But still nothing will be done about it.

    4. Jonny V

      Well, what did we all think she would get up there and say ???

      You know, we can all sit around and bitch about Obammycare, but half the responsibility for this mess falls on the retarded republicans for putting up loser candidates like that geezer McCain, bailin-Pailin, and the Romnuts and Ryan comedy team.

      Had the republicans fielded viable thinking candidates instead of desperate old men, bimbos, and a jackass who’s never worked an honest days labor in his life, maybe this train wreck could have been avoided. Fucking dicks.

      • durango kidd

        Nancy should be hanging from the Golden Gate Bridge with a sign pinned to her chest that reads:

        “We have to pass it to see whats in it.”

        Of course, was she referring to O’Bummer Care or Agenda 21 which SHE introduced into legislation in the house when the demturds controlled it?

        McLame should have been forcibly assigned to the Veteran’s Home in Prescott Arizona, decades ago. He is the poster child for term limits. Engage these assholes or watch America be destroyed by them.

        Death to the New World Order. 🙂

        • braveheart

          DK, when McLame was a Navy fighter pilot, he actually crashed and destroyed an aircraft during training. Normally, he would’ve been bounced out, but His father was an Admiral who had the clout to protect his darling boy. Later, when he was shot down over North Vietnam, he decided to become a traitor and numerous other POWs suffered because of his treachery. His Dad the Admiral was also in charge of the coverup for the affair over the attack on the USS Liberty. sounds like treason just naturally runs in that family.

          • Facebook Page

            DK. & BH

            This is why I say all that is left is survive its death. All this happens and its been going on for a long time and no one stands up to it. Even the crazy of the crazy prefer to hidden in the woods. Shoot up a store.

            Why are these people alive still.

            No one is willing to go and tar and feather them. Everyone just want to watch someone else dobit on TV. No one is willing to put them in the sight of there rifle. They think someone else will and save the day.

            Do this do that no one is actually doing anything to save this “way of life”.
            We at SHIF just talk about it. THINK we are hiding behind screen names. But really no care because noones going to actually do anything. The government knows this.

            We know the system can’t survive. Math is math. But it can outlast many of us. And take all we hold dear.

            I say we all just come together and Survive it Death. That should be our goal. Stop wasting energy.

            Let start the party. Or the preps will be used up now. I lime to see ever ones preps last until and into the rebuild.

            We are a bunch of pussies. Old wishing it could go back to the way it was.
            Young wishing for a dream that won’t come.

            So today on this date. I the recently bacon wraped PAGE put for a plan.

            Survive the death of what we created and try again.
            We are fuckex. Accept it and agree on a plan.

            • braveheart

              FBP, I agree the system is doomed and there’s no saving it. I do plan on ‘surviving its death and the reset’. We need to get back to the original principles this land was founded on. I don’t see any other way.

              • maddog

                I’m in. Contact me if your for real. “Reset” is the only way.

                • Hunter


          • slingshot


            A friend of mine was stationed with John McCain. Said he was a major Suck Up. VA-174

        • Jonny V

          Agreed. The best system we apparently can hope for is one like we have right now. No full control for either of these two crews of slap-dicks. We always seem to get it square up the corn-hole when one party gets control. Sadly, nothing will really change until we start guillotining bankers and politicians. Then they’ll be all about making needed changes, thing is, I don’t see any reason to stop once the heads start rolling……;)

          • Facebook Page

            Who going to start it. If it a good idea go get one and do it. Talk is cheap. And the peppers seem to have a whole lot to spread around.

      • sd mule

        Jonny V,

        You are correct, but if they put up viable candidates, the Republican party would not be the other side of the same coin as the Democrats. It has become obvious that the political process is not “For the people”.

        • Jonny V

          Well, you got me there…….:/

        • Jonny V

          I’d be happy if the republicans AND democrats BOTH put up qualified candidates. Sadly, I agree with SD Mule that this won’t happen because politicians are not in control of anything, bankers and wall street types are. I guess it’s my nature to continually hope for the best, even though I’m in over my eyeballs prepping for the worst……What a fuckin mess……

    5. guero

      No! No! Aagh! Aagh! Blech!

    6. Rodster

      There’s no need to listen to what a corrupt politician has to say or lie about.

      • The Old Coach

        She’s not corrupt. She’s doing exactly what her constituents want. They want her to be as sickening as possible to distract the rest of the country from their own sick and twisted behavior. Hashbury still lives in the minds of the No. Cal. electorate. The acid has never worn off.

        • MXLord327

          Hashbury – I like it, a contraction of Haight-Ashbury, right? Never heard that one before….

    7. jp

      More BS, more lies and even more lies and it never ends! That was painful to watch! And those pictures at the bottom of the article are frightening….please don’t show those again!
      Thank you…

      • Facebook Page

        Will that pain cause you to finally do something except complain.

        • jp

          FBP…what are doing about it?

          • Facebook Page

            I am prepared to survive its death. And rebuild hopefully with a better plan.

            • jp

              FBP…everyone here is doing the same! So, what’s the point of your question?

    8. incognito


    9. slingshot

      Could not finish the video.

      • admin

        I know ! It was rough.

        Apologies for any emotional distress I caused with this post.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Mac, just to let you know, I am now scarred for life.

        • Ugly

          You caused plenty. Had to throw away my Wendy’s Baconator. I need a new bumper sticker.

          ‘Life’s a Bitch, and then you see one’

          • Facebook Page

            Wasting a sand witch is all you muster up. Oh I forgot you told us about it.

            I bet you still ate it.

          • sixpack

            “Life’s a bitch—when you elect one.

        • braveheart

          Mac, can we send our trolls on blind dates with Pelosi?

          • Tactical

            BH…They’ll enjoy it…. I bet most of them already have fantasies for double date with Pelosi and F$#Kstien. Now I am gonna throw up myself.

            • braveheart

              Tactical, i was having a snack earlier when I first came on this article so I didn’t dare watch the video since I already knew what to expect and I didn’t want to get sick. It was hard enough getting through the article. yeah, let the trolls go out with Pelosi, Funkstein, and Boxer. I’m sure they’ll catch something from one of them.

        • braveheart

          Mac, if you read my comments, I’ve been having some fun with this one.

    10. Ga Doc

      They know that if they keep preaching their story, that a lot of people will begin to believe it just because they hear it over and over and over in the press.

      As we know, premiums are going up significantly and most of these plans come with high deductibles so that you’ll be in for thousands of dollars before the first payout by the insurance company. Hey, but at least we’ll all have maternity insurance! (If my wife and I get pregnant at our age it will be a true medical miracle)

      • KY Mom

        “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
        – Adolf Hitler

      • JayJay

        Ga Doc, the new ACA is really forced donations to the insurance companies.

        • Blankone

          The bailouts to the insurance companies are coming, you just wait……

      • pissinwiththewind

        Scene at Walmarket the other day:

        Cutting up with checkout gals as usual, (Trying to break up their monotony).

        Girl, mid 30ish, warms up and opens up quite quickly about her financial situation.

        Then i mentioned Obamacare. She unloaded in front of me and the little woman along with about half a dozen other customers nearby listening.

        She says; ” With the cost of my monthly preminums now doubled and my deductible gone up to $1500.00 annually, I have to work two full weeks just to pay for my insurance and gas cost to and from work for the month.
        If I get sick, I’m screwed. I’m better off quitting work and giving up my car along with the payments/insurance/taxes/maintenance, and going on welfare. At least all my health insurance and medical bills will be paid and I won’t have all this worry and stress over it.”

        The Unaffordable Un-Care-ing Act at work. Pelosi and all her PTB couunterparts are getting what they want: A systemic breakdown of the middle class and the transformation to a Socialistic/welfare nation.

    11. wrong

      Botox beauty picks are great. Middle one gets my vote. Can you imagine waking up, rolling over and seeing that?!! OMG! Poke my eyes out with hot sticks!

      • braveheart

        Wrong, whoever has had Pelosi I just hope they didn’t catch something. she looks like the kiss of death to me.

        • braveheart

          Hey, I’ve got an even better idea. Let’s send ncjoe on a blind date with Pelosi. Wouldn’t that be something?

          • jerrytbg

            I know you don’t like joe but man…that’s really sadistic 😉

          • wrong

            That’s pretty harsh on ncjoe.

          • Hunter

            Dunno about that one BH…what if Nancy is hung better than Joe?

            Harsh punishment indeed.

        • Facebook Page

          Brave heart that your worry. That your call to arms is sit by yourself and worry about who could fuck her.

          • braveheart

            Jerrytbg, Wrong, Hunter, and FBP, I only wish it on a troll, NEVER on any good people. If it gets the trolls away from here permanently, it’s worth it.

            • Hunter


              At ease, soldier!

              My comment was a lame attempt @ HUMOR only.

              —I gave you a green-thumb, per your original post.

              • braveheart

                Hunter, I understand perfectly, no offense taken. Most of my comments on this article are humor. I’m having some fun with this one. I know you mean well, everything is OK. braveheart

      • PO'd Patriot

        IF YOU CAN REACH HER, SOMEBODY SLAP DAT SIMPLE BITCH! An ignorant wretch that came from Baltimore City ( another armpit of the US OF A). My sympathy to the freedom loving folks, albeit few, of California.

          • PO'd Patriot

            BH, Yes I know her Daddy allegedly took bribes, but it was never proven. And the beat goes on……take care BH!

        • Facebook Page

          Hell no one going to do shit to stop this. And you waste the chance with a slap. Oh tthtat will fix everything.

      • Hammerun

        You know that old saying, it must have been a rough night when, I spent all of my money, I’m sloppy drunk, half of my clothes and one shoe are gone and at 1:30am they had to kick my ass out of the bar and I still ended up going home alone.
        This old slide bat has closed a lot of bars and gone home alone!

        • braveheart

          That’s all the reason someone needs to stop drinking.

    12. maddog

      Palousy like Oshitbag can not tell the truth just as the rest of the communist. What is amazing is they are communizing the country and the only time the sheeple complain is when they can’t keep their healthcare. Its incredible how many idiots actually believed they would keep their policy’s if they wanted them. What a bunch of clowns Americans have become.

    13. KansasJohn

      But we do love the “legislation.” My employer is self insured so I’m covered. But out of curiosity I dabbled in tje calculator to find out, had I needed to sign up for my “great” rates, they would exceed what I pay now by more than $9k. So after the break my leg, they’d offer me a crutch of that $9k as a tax subsidy. Huh? I can’t afford the rates they offer outright, so they subsidize it with the taxes I pay into the system every month OR with the taxes of other hard working Americans.
      This is not the country I served for 14 years of my life. This is someones monstrous socialist project coming to fruition.

      • Hunter


        Bingo! (cool handle btw)

        14 years serving/honoring the “OATH”. Salute!
        -think back & remember:

        —carry on my wayward son–
        —there will be peace when you are done–
        —lay you’re weary head to rest—

        ——–(lyrics & beat playing in one’s head)——-

        -suddenly replaced by:

        …and don’t ever fuckin’ surrender….


        Aim small, miss small & always keep moving.

        • Hunter


          Welcome aboard, John.
          Keep your skills ‘honed’. We’re gonna need them soon enough!

          • KansasJohn

            You guys sure know how to make a guy feel welcome. But I’m serious about my comment.
            This beast will either consume everything or die of self inflicted starvation.
            The hopeful optimist in me sees the glass almost full but the realist is asking which asshole in the room knocked over my cup. Just my two copper coated steel slugs worth.

      • braveheart

        Kansas John, welcome aboard. You’re in the right place. Hope to hear more from you. braveheart

    14. Gregory8

      Nancy is like a turd that won’t flush.

      • Facebook Page

        Because no is willing to get dirty.

    15. braveheart

      I already know she’s one of the biggest liars within the beltway so I’m not watching the video. Did anyone know Pelosi is originally from Baltimore and her father was head of a Mafia family? Google it. “Nazi” Pelosi has the perfect background for a political hack.

    16. Socrates

      Wow. I just ate lunch and I will not watch that drivel…and that is putting it nicely. Only thing worse would have been with a cameo appearance by the other sea-hag Diane Franken-Stein.

      To the point- the 0bamanauts are on defense and damage control now. They know personally that they have a sucking chest wound (us warriors know what that is) but publically continue to lie, lie, and lie about lying.

      Colorado recently had successful recall elections to remove vermin like this from our once honored halls. Wonder how difficult it will be to start that nationwide?
      I also see articles of impeachment are proceeding against the other boot sniffer, Holder. We already know that won’t go anywhere, even though he is 100% guilty as charged.

    17. Npgh

      Anybody see the article on how the Dems purposely lied? It is over at Breitbart. They knew, we knew and they are getting away with this crap because we are letting them. If none of you here ever hear of Karl Denninger, I suggest you check out his ticker before he closes shop on December 30. He’s exiting from the system that pays these taxes that support these liars. Link to Breitbart…it is astounding.

    18. slingshot

      I feel like I have a big stone around my neck. I am tired of their faces on T.V. Their explanations of a Raw Deal. Don’t put this Obama care off any longer. Implement it and let the chips fall where they may. Is it about seeing what is in the Law, or is it about what is going to happen? And to Whom? There are consequences!

      • maddog

        Exactly slingshot, any attempt to fix or slow this and that only helps the commies ease their take over. Make them implement the hole damn thing right now. With any luck maybe it will create the conditions for the desperately needed “reset”.

    19. OffTheGrid

      It really gets in my craw when she says…”It’s the law of the land!”

      So was slavery!

      I’m not too upset. I’m secretly enjoying watching the millions of pinheads wake up to what we’ve known for MORE than 5 years. It’s a rebellious Hallelujah and a recognition of a pain for my country that has been for the most part ignored.
      Too bad the pain is just getting started for so many.

      Buckle up sheep.

      • pissinwiththewind

        Triple that five years for some of us.

    20. Hoser

      Pelosi = “Another Empty Kitchen”
      Sad really.

      • sixpack

        Pelosi = another brain MIA.

        • braveheart

          Sixpack, you mean Pelosi actually had a brain? now that is scary.

          • sixpack

            Yeah, but it’s just a little one…

    21. Walt Kowalski

      This will make absolutely no difference to the Libtards in her district.

      She will run for re-election and she will win…..because she is not Republican.

      “If voting could really change anything, it would be illegal.”

    22. Hoser

      Are her constituents that FUCKING STUPID? Simple question.

      • braveheart

        Hoser, her constituents are in Commiefornia. The name says it all.

        • pissinwiththewind

          And her followers/supporters are everywhere. Just like Billery’s. Every walk of life.

          The really sad part is that they breed among us.

          • sixpack

            Now there’s a good argument for abortion, or at least shackling their knees together for life.

      • maddog

        She represents San Fransicko Hoser, that should answer your question.

        “A San Fransicko earthquake is God trying to shake the dingle berry off the ass of America”

        • Blankone

          It cant slide into the Pacific soon enough……

    23. slingshot

      All we need now is a Troll to show up.

      • Facebook Page

        Look that one our biggest concerns is if the “trolls” show up and upset us with some words. We suck.

    24. Fireman Matt

      Ever heard the saying “too much white, somethin ain’t right” in regards to women and their eyes?

      She is over the top with it!

      if we can fence it off I am ready to give cali to mexico.

      • Kulafarmer

        Id like to fence off Dc then shut off the water and electricity and let a few dozen hungry grizzly bears and big cats loose in the enclosure. Then set off mustard gas in the buildings,
        That would be fun to turn into a new reality show.

        • Facebook Page

          You mean you like to see so.some else setup and do it.

          • Kulafarmer


            • Facebook Page

              Instead you will sit back and let someone else do it. It will be a long wait. Lot of people have the fencing. But they are just storing it thinking hoping someone else will use it.

              • Kulafarmer

                Your an idiot!

                • Hunter

                  GOD—my stomach hurts now, from laughing so much!!!

                  KULA, please tell me your exchange was scripted….please!!

                  ..’cuz my better-half(wife) is in the living room asking:

                  ..what’s so damn funny?


                  ..she having no clue to the dialog or the characters involved, nor the subject matter, nor the history/standing of the posters involved..

         do I explain this funny-bone event?



                  Thanks for the humor…ditto Facebook.

                • Hunter


                  Facebook,…Kula’s right!

                  ..provided you’re NOT dyslexic.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Glad to give a chuckle!
                  Good point on FBP
                  FBP if you are dislexic, sorry im giving you greif!
                  If not,,,,,, well it is a free country and this is an open forum!
                  So you can post whatever your little troll heart desires!
                  Have an excellent day!

    25. Miss DeeDee

      Children Run from the TV.
      Hide in the closet.
      Put a pillow over your ears.
      Pinch your nostrils shut.
      Close your eyes.
      I’ll tell you when the mean old Boogie Woman
      has left the TV and it is safe to come out !!!
      —-Miss Dee Dee

      • sixpack

        It’s quicker and easier to just put a couple of rounds through the sumbitch and leave it at that. That’s what I’d do if my TV actually bothered me that much.

    26. Tactical

      “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.”
      ― Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

      • pissinwiththewind

        Hey Tactical, I had to do a double take.

        I first glanced at your comment and saw “mistress” and then “tranny”. What went thru my head was Pelosi is really a tranny and is playing mistress to Kathleen Sebelius who is none other than John Kerry in “drag”.

        Now, that shit ain’t right.

    27. maudy fricket

      Only the nastiest of the nasty make it to the top in Washington. Our foreign enemies would never think of bombing the Capital. Why would they? Our government is doing more damage to us than they can.

      • braveheart

        Maudy, our foreign enemies would do us a helluva favor if they DID bomb DC.

        • Facebook Page

          Why is it we expect someone else do it for use.

          We are just going to take it up the ass until this machine kills itself.

          • maudy fricket

            A great deal of thought and research has gone into the possiblity of Americans getting rid of this totalitarian government the old fashion way. Some very educated people took part in the discussions. Including military people. This monster is big and a lot meaner than a lot of folks are able to understand. It was decided that the monster must injure itself critically, then in it’s weakened state we can act. Without mercy. As they would certainly do to us.

          • Kulafarmer

            Its not that we are hopeful someone else will take care of this stuff, for myself its the hope that we can through our constitutionally delineated system affect the changes needed to write the ship. It has nothing to do with being chickens or passifist, and everything to do with the fervernt hope that there is still a chance that our system will work.
            Dont you think it would be a bit stupid to saddle up and ride into DC guns blazing?
            I know i think that would be mental! Unless of course you have a death wish.

      • UncleJoe

        The woman can barely put together two coherent sentences in a row. Who in the world is actually voting for her!? Seriously! How could ANY semi-intelligent human being want this woman to represent them? It just boggles the mind.

    28. Max

      I think Dirt Bag is a little to good for her…we need to address as The Big C**T

      • yental

        CUNT: As potentially revolting as the “word” is, especially to the female gender…sometimes a better description is simply not applicable.

        Insane, old, artificially “ironed/de-wrinkled” lying, cheating, ZIO-Amerikan bought and paid for CUNT is actually far too kind an assessment and/or description.

        The IDIOTS

        • yental

          The IDIOTS in Kalifornication that continue to support her existence in MY GOOBERMENT….what the hell is wrong with you people?!?

    29. Tactical


      Thanks a lot for adding this interview right at my dinner time. If you do a follow up with another one from Diane Frankstien , you’ll be responsible for my death due to starvation.

    30. Mountain Trekker

      Obamacare, still an excellent distraction. What happened to Bengazhi, Fast and Furious, IRS Intimadation, NSA spying on We the Sheeple and so many more things that I can’t even remember. Strange how Syria and Iran went back to sleep while we slug it out over Obamacare. Seems the whole world comes to a stop when ever we decide one certain thing is the highlight of the month. Next month it won’t be Obamacare it’ll be the Debt Ceiling again. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

      • slingshot


        The shifting back and forth and nothing being done.

        • Facebook Page

          We are no better we just bitch about it differently each day.

          • MXLord327

            Ok, Mr. Big Talker, what are YOU going to do??? You have called out just about everyone on this site over the last few days, why don’t you take the lead and fire the next “Shot heard round the world?” Or are you just a bunch of hot air???

            • REB

              MX…thank you!

      • The Old Coach

        Bread and circuses.

      • Hunter


        To which I would add…ex gladio libertas!

        • Mountain Trekker

          Hey Hunter, I like that. (ex gladio libertas!) The Sword of Freedom, great. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

    31. Steve in Ramona

      Unfreaking believable that she can get re-elected over and over. That is the dumbest bag of human protoplasm in Congress.

      I do not have to words that can explain her longevity as a politician except that those that vote for her are dumber than she is.

      Calfiornistan is just totally screwed with Pelosi, Boxer, Frankenstein and Jerry “moonbeam” Brown running the shown…not to mention all the other libtards in the Cali legislature.

      Jeez it sucks to live here sometimes…

      • braveheart

        Steve, you’re in commiefornia? You have my sympathy plus I hope you can leave there one day.

    32. Miss DeeDee

      I really think that this internet launch debacle may have been pre-planed so that it would divert the attention of the public as to what is so terribly wrong with the real issues of the legislation. I also think the President gave the large companies an extra year to implement their section of the bargain and not give individuals the same option was to force the working stiff into a more expensive alternative. The Insurance companies , once again , are smiling all the way to the bank. How many Insurance companies have gone bankrupt lately ?
      — Miss Dee DEE

      • braveheart

        Howdy, Miss DeeDee. I have to agree with your analysis. I have employees in my company now without coverage because they couldn’t afford what was previously available BEFORE Obamacare came along. Being in a management position, I have group coverage under BlueCross/BlueShield, but if I lose that coverage, I won’t be replacing it. I won’t sign up for something I know I can’t afford. The insurance companies are HOPING they can smile all the way to the bank. If nobody is buying the product and/or service, they don’t exactly make any extra money. Obamacare could end up killing itself before ever taking full effect. the only problem is it would also kill what’s left of our economy. Government-controlled health care has failed everywhere it’s been tried. It will fail here as well. braveheart

        • Anonymous

          Good Evening Braveheart,
          — I live in the beautiful area of New England. The State of Massachusetts was on the forefront of the mandatory insurance issue under their then Governor Romney and their Liberal House of No Show Beacon Hill Fat Cats. Although there were issues with the rollout of the experiment it went more smoothly than this national boondoggle. The main reason was the fact that their state left the coverage specifics to the competitive marketplace. The biggest area where the system did somewhat fail was in the overall cost of emergency services to the uninsured. That cost was the main reason the plan was promoted and implemented.
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • braveheart

            Miss DeeDee, I just hope you’re in one of the other states and not in MA. If you are, you have my sympathy. I’ve traveled there extensively in years past and it is beautiful country and good people in every state BUT MA. I’m a native-born southerner and when I traveled to MA, they thought it was the end of the world to hear someone with a southern accent on their own soil. I was treated like dirt in MA, but had no trouble at all in the other states there. one of our regular members, Possee, is in Cape Cod and he has my sympathy. there was a time when the market took care of itself before government intervention came along and we used to have the strongest economy in the world. but no more. our biggest enemy is government, out-of-control, tax-and-spend government. We need to get back to basics and to our original founding principles. The ‘reset’ is the only hope I see for this land. braveheart

    33. theglimmerman

      Ask her to change her insurance and get in the Affordable Care Act. That’s the true measure of the program; will the idiots that drafted it, join it? Answer: HELL NO! Because they already know it is made of shit!

      • Kulafarmer

        Untill they ALL and their staffs are ALL in obummercare,
        I will not even consider visiting the health connector site!
        How much more???
        Thats what i want to know, how fucking long do we wait to remove these people and replace all 3 top levels of government,

        • Facebook Page

          Right behind you.

          • Kulafarmer

            Well get your ass up in front where i can watch you,
            I dont trust you, probly either a government troll or a mooslam from the middle east

            • Facebook Page

              See just my point you want someone else to do the dirty work you suggest.

              • Kulafarmer

                No, i said i want you in front so i can keep an eye on you,
                Your the type to shoot a guy in the back!

        • REB

          Kula…even if these bassturds get on it I have no interest in doing so…total repeal of the Kenyans care and these walking dead people types is the only answer I want to hear….

    34. Jenn

      I wanna live in HER world. The sky must come in some pretty trippy colors there.

    35. slingshot

      “One of these days, Alice. One of these days”.

      Jackie Gleason.

      • The Old Coach

        Alice was a lot better looking.

      • Facebook Page

        And in the end he did nothing except act like an ass. And die.

    36. Old Vet

      Be on any doubt the BALLET BOX is broken and does not work. What box is truly left to use, only one that I can see the Cartridge box. Or stay like it is and bump our keyboards till it all over with.

      • Facebook Page

        Who going to do it. Not you but you at least got the cute sayings ready.
        I no better. So how about a real plan.

        Even I made the oath. And look I not doing g a fucking this g either.

        We vet are brave when drinking at the VFW. But we have become a bunch of pussies.

    37. zelmer

      So is she being blackmailed or is she being well rewarded for her foolishness?

    38. Ugly

      There is an old redneck saying,

      ‘If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I would have farted’

      Instead of watch 20 seconds of this video, I should have just ripped one….

    39. Tactical

      This comment is intended to the international readers of the SHTF site. What you see is not representation of the majority of Americans. We do have “Disney Land” and “Disney World” with fictional characters……one a while we get some of those characters to scape and join our government for entertainment no matter how sick it might be. This is very similar to what we gave the world as Miley Cyrus a while back. SORRY…SHIT HAPPENS SOMETIMES.

    40. lena

      she’s the daughter of a politician that married into more money than she can spend. she never lived in the usa most do. and now she’s subjecting generations into lives of substandard living with no escape. if americans really understood what the usa that DC is setting them up to live in, they’d be living off the coast of DC on some island because the people would make them leave the country never to set foot on it again.

      when reality comes calling, its going to hurt so many, so bad; and it will happen because of politicians.

    41. watching and waiting

      Chris Matthews said that he felt a warm feeling or tingling going up his leg when he heard Obama speak.

      I wonder what she felt.

      • REB

        oh… it would’ve been warm but her “Depends” caught it!

    42. GrandpaSpeaks

      I am beginning to wonder just what it takes to get impeached these days. I’ll bet Nixon’s ghost is a little agitated. Damnation for Nixon and Obamanation for us. Mind you we could still petition for redress of grievances back then, but not now, or ever again.

    43. RICH99

      I read an article about the massive increases in payments plus the incredible deductibles plus the people who are losing their insurance now and regardless of the president postponing the insurance cancellations for another year , the state of Washington said….NO …….they will not break the law and allow insurance reinstatement regardless of what the dictator says because in essence they would be committing a crime ….SO … many thousands or tens of thousands of cancer patients have lost their insurance due to this and are sitting at home with no treatments ???
      My conclusion is this …….with the massive arms buildup and ammo procurement by DHS along with the incessant need to disarm Americans , can we start to see what they may be expecting when mothers and fathers are watching their child or brother or sister or parent DYING in front of their eyes due to ACA ……..I think this can only lead to a massive revolt ……this is EUGENICS at minimum and quite scary
      to even ponder considering I have 2 small children and if ANYTHING ever happened to them due to this , I will leave it to your imagination as to my ONLY choice of action .
      Most people will simply work to pay for healthcare and I don’t know where housing will come from or food for that matter because I know I couldn’t afford those incredible prices …..BUT …….maybe this is just the trigger that will be needed to get people to take their country back …..what more motivation and DESIRE would be needed than to have a dying child due to ACA !! END RANT !!!!

      • Facebook Page

        No it isn’t. People will die no will care or even notice proablly. So there going take more money. So what.

        Yes when it effect “my” children we will do so.ethi g.

        Even I admit that the day I will finish my project in the barn and go use it. I just lied I to broke up to do a god dam thing so again I won’t do shit.

        We are so fucked. Work hard. Succeed and still take it in the ass. I do hope my children and children children and so on are stronger then me.

        I could use as drink.

        • RICH99

          You clearly should have written that sober ……that made no damn sense at all !!!!!!

          • Kulafarmer

            FBP and the crew at the NSA were hittin the ice pipe again so they may be actin a little erratic!

      • braveheart

        Rich99, the scenario you outline sounds plausible. I agree it could happen, but all anyone can do is play it by ear. If I lose my coverage at work, that’s it for me. There’s no way I’m buying something that cost 3-4 times more than what I have now. I won’t sacrifice anything to even have coverage. We’ve all been given a shitload of reasons to revolt. but that’s exactly what the feds want. they hope we’ll fire the first shot. that is a tragic mistake and can only kill our cause. If any of us make the first move I just can’t see us gaining the support we would need for a popular uprising. No, let the feds fire the first shots. Let that monkey junp on THEIR backs, NOT OURS. braveheart

        • RICH99

          I think your not seeing my point regarding critical care patients …..if I had a cancer child who lost coverage and was dying before my eyes or you in the same position ….what would you do ??

    44. Patriot One

      When you elect Communist, Fascist, Queer, Socialist you get an abomination!!! What did you expect Utopia???

      Character counts, Morals count! Duty, Honor, Country counts!! Truth counts and these elected Gods have no truth in them. Read your Bible, read your history, there is nothing new here. Its all happened before!!!

      • Tactical

        Patriot One ..the worse part is she is just one of many. I don’t even want to imagine seeing her as the speaker……OMG, she’ll be in the 3rd place to become president.

        • Patriot One

          Read Biblical history, Read the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, read about the rise of Hitler. We are in the phase where congress is now irrelevant. The president is doing whatever he wants with executive orders, regulation and selective enforcement. Though totally illegal and unconstitutional, no one is trying to stop him.

          The president and the media are perpetrating fraud on the citizens of America.

    45. ncprepper

      as Hillary would say, “what difference does it make at this point”, get used to it folks, they don’t care and they want it all back, 401k, pension, retirement etc…etc…etc…bend over and pass the vasaline

      • pissinwiththewind

        Be careful, some jars have been sabotaged by TPTB, with sand. They know they are screwing us, and they want it to hurt.

    46. Be informed

      Nancy Piece-of is the perfect example of exactly what you would expect an anti-gunner and anti-freedom creep. She has some ugliness, anyone with that much anti-Constitution has to have some inner ugliness seep through like a backed up cess pit, but nothing like fiensteinless. I can look at Nancy Piece-of and say, what a crude crawler. I cannot look at Medusa feinsteinless, now that is some serious Halloween mask ugly.

      One thing about botox and face lifts is that they fall eventually, just like anyone that aims to enslave, gravity will take them back down to Earth. I think the one thing that comes to mind when I see Nancy Piece of is what a total phoney female used up old flea and tick bitten dog.

    47. BJ

      off with her head and all her family members heads, any one working for her or associated with her at all in any way. That’s a start, then put her severed head on a stick in public view along side all the other heads that belong to the banksters and their families, the elite and their families, politicians and their families. Then let the heads sit in public view for a time to be a sign to all in the future of the power of the people, a people that demand to be free and independent to govern themselves under the reign of a sovern God.

      • Facebook Page

        I bring the sticks. Get to chopping. Oh big talk again from another sit at home patriot.

        • MXLord327

          Yes, just like you.

    48. Dave

      I personally like to call Nance the Big Titted Botox Creature. She loves that nic; when I say it to her

    49. Cowdoc

      Guys and Gals, I don’t think Obamacare is our problem. Check the link below and read how critical removing the spent fuel rods from the reactor in Japan is. They have to remove 14,000 of them without one mistake. No way they can pull this off. When two rods touch and go critical, life on this planet is over. The radiation released will poison us all.

      If there is another strong earthquake at the reactor site, the outcome will be the same.

      • wormdirt

        Cowdoc, I’ve been warning people about this for some time but I usually just get blank stares. The boron shielding is pretty much gone, and I think they have actually tried pumping boron into the coolant tank as a last ditch effort. Tepco, always latecoming with stunning tidbits of info, admitted that one of the rod assemblies was damaged back in 1982 and was already venting dangerous gasses for some time. 1982! I’m sure the seawater they pumped into the unit is doing its part to degrade and weaken the rods as well. Got your iodine pills?

        BI, what are your thoughts on a 7.0 or greater in the coming months for Fukushima?

        • Be informed

          @ Wormdirt. I see more of the earthquakes focused into the central to southern regions of Japan. Much energy is being redirected from the Toyko area. The last huge quake here hit on Sept.1, 1923, that was a 8.1. That killed 143,000, this time the number should be a little higher. Right now the energy doesn’t seem to be coming from the Fukushima area. 50 miles within Fukushima is what you have to worry about with anything over 7 for further destruction. A tsunmai would have to be at least high 7, probably at least low 8 off the coast to generate a wave high enough to cause further water damage.

    50. Chris45

      Where are the Tar and Feathers when you need them?How about a necktie party for this treasonous bitch and her fellow scumbags?

      • Facebook Page

        I own a tar truck. And I lease land to a chicken farm in Wa state. Got it cover. Go get them and tell me where to meet you. And we will get to work.

        • MXLord327

          Why don’t you stop bagging on other people and do it yourself bigmouth!!!

    51. Kulafarmer

      Off topic but along the lines of corrupt government
      The supreme court is refusing to review a case that involves the NSA phone data collection.

      Our government is officially in the ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC realm,

      How much more?

    52. Thinker

      Bi; Maybe someone should try putting some water on both those witch’s They would probably melt!!

      • Be informed

        @ Thinker. Throwing water on Nancy Piece of or feinsteinless could be hazardous if they did not melt like a couple of banshees. I don’t think I want to see what is under all that cosmetic crap that is thicker than paint on Piece of. Feinsteinless might let off some toxic fumes as bath water has not touched it for a long time. 😉

        • Kulafarmer

          Whats your take on repors of tsunami buoys being turned off?
          Short article about it on before its news
          Link in next window

          • Thinker

            Kula; I ve been wanting to ask you if you happen to see or hear of any of the Chinese troops over in your area during Grid x?? Sorry about being off topic but my mind wonders a bit.

            • Kulafarmer

              Nope, nothing,
              They were on Oahu, were training with military first responders, mostly from what my bud said (he is National Guard medic) they were the Chinese version of EMTs and logistics specialists, just basic stuff dealing with natural disaster recovery and such, nothing at all clandestine, sort of a continuation of other training they have done in the past, i believe our guys went to china for the same thing a few years ago, there were also other countries involved, in my mind nothin of any concern other than its good for everyone to learn to work together.

              • Thinker

                Thanks Kula ;Your right! May be its the same all over the world, the people just don’t like their governments!!Wouldn’t it be a great thing if all the people could rise up and get rid of the agitational governments,bankers and Jews?

                • Kulafarmer

                  Funny you mention that thing about government, had occasion to sit and chat with an unlikely group outside a starbucks the other day, a couple from Iran, two students from Israel and a woman from China, interesting damn thing and not even sure how we all ended up in this discussion. It came up about all that is going on in the middle east, everyone agreed that it was pretty much all governments and not the people, the Iranians were real nice and said they just dont understand why things are so screwed up, they are in the country on a research visa or something working at one of the telescopes on the big island, said they love it here, the students from israel are at UH as foreign students they said they dont understand why their country and Iran are such enemies, said they have many iranian friends through facebook, the chinese woman was here on vacation and i guess is rather wealthy and needed directions and we had all tried to help her out, her english was lousy, but we all sort of were able to help her, thats how i got into the discussion, and it built from there as they were all marvelling at the diversity they had seen over here and had asked me some questions about places I would recommend to check out,
                  Anyway, point is that government and not necessarily the everyday people are generally always to blame for the strife within our world! Yes there are extremist, and they are almost always trying to gain control in one wsy or another, same as government, it is really a shame.

    53. Agent Provocateur

      where’s a good wood chipper when you need it?

      • Facebook Page

        I have them too truck mounted and trail or ones. Rusting in the field. Where you need them.

    54. Archivist

      “But the real question is one few Americans are asking: Will the Patient Affordable Care Act also cover plastic surgery and face-lifts for every American so that we can all be botox-beautiful like Nancy?”

      Hell no!

      • RickInOregon

        Nancy didn’t have a face lift, she had a butt sinking.

    55. Emily

      Mac, I could not watch the video, or even look upon the above article. ** I keep telling myself this,
      ‘Do not Under – Estimate Pelosi.
      She is smart as a fox, and cunning.
      She is far from stupid.**

      • Ugly


        You are right. They are smart in that they have about 80% of USA feeding off them. I am not just talking warmongers or ebt folks, I am talking on the so-called ‘right’ wing side too. Just try taking away the corn subsidies and ethanol. Get in the middle of GMO and soybeans.

        Get in the middle of the big business tax advantages and see how far that person goes that may be running for the House or Senate.

        They are smart. They have the feed in their hands and the little sheep go to their hands and eat from it each day.

      • RickInOregon

        Emily you are right, Nancy rose to the position of Speaker Of The House which isn’t an easy thing to do. It takes cunning, skill, money, ruthlessness, allies, relentlessness, connections and timing and knowing when to take advantage of it all. When she took hold of the gavel from the republican speaker she gripped it with a force that said, I have the power (think He Man) and there was an evil gleam in her eyes.

    56. RickInOregon

      Nancy, my little luv muffin, the hottest babe on capitol hill.

      Now that you’ve gaged and puked and have taken my words seriously you should know that she’s my little luv muffin……..not.

    57. possee

      well well well

      we sit here and watch these videos and read the commentaries/comment on comments, yet it gets worse by the day..every day!

      and then we go off to work or whatever we do individually..and we come back here and it’s still the same only worse..every day!

      now what?


      • possee

        pelosi and all her ilk remind me of the scum of the roman senate over 2000 years what has changed?


        • Facebook Page

          And we will as a group do nothing.

          • maddog

            FP are you anywhere near N.NV?

            • Facebook Page

              Pacific northwest. But I have a mine in Arizona and a few interests in Nevada; deserts. But a little to cold for me even when iI fully on my feet.

      • Ugly

        Just wait until tomorrow because it will be worse than today. or you can wait another 10 tomorrows and then realize that that Day is 10 times worse than today….

        How many more tomorrows will there be before there are no more tomorrows?

        The only thing we can bank on and predict is yesterday.

      • OutWest


        You are asking the same questions as Facebook Page.
        My answer is: I don’t know what we are going to do.

        Facebook Page wants us to fix bayonets and run head
        long into the salvos of the cannoneers. Seems to me
        like Timothy McVey tried that in Oklahoma. We know
        how that turned out, don’t we.

        We Patriots are a minute percentage of the population.
        The machine is infinite, Patriots are finite.
        Perhaps the only thing we can do is let the ponderous
        weight of the megalith collapse upon itself and be
        around to pick it’s bones.

        In order to be around, we the few, give ourselves the
        strength, instruction, and courage through our comments
        to try and survive and endure the inevitable to come.

        Discretion is, in this case, the better part of valor.

        • maudy fricket

          Also, this website is data mined by the NSA. If the feds want, they will use whatever you post here, to frame you later on. Anyone on this site that thought they wanted to rise up is already too beyond secrecy. You don’t start a secret revolutionary group on an open site. You should have started with a very small cell. Few here have the skill to do that properly. Wait for the system to break. Then feel free to do what ever you can.

        • Facebook Page

          That is the point. And my plan. Survive it death. What she will work….

          But if the party starts I will be there.

          I just sick and tired of the cutie cute talk from the coach patriots.

          • MXLord327

            Wow, you really need to either lay off the booze or learn proper grammar…

            • slingshot


              About 30 minutes ago I finished doing yard work, which of course I have neglected for a spell. Had to reread the tread and after a couple of beers to ease the pain. Here I am. Concluded that the only financial figure that counts is the National Debt Don’t matter if it is National Defense or EBT cards. The numbers keep turning over. Hidden inflation in all forms from product down sizing to increased costs.
              Then there is the Stock Market over 16,000. We also talk about savings in the bank. Further comments are people looking to bug out in other countries. The common thread is, When do you get out! I figure that all of you have been educated enough from the sage advice from this site, to determine if you need gold or silver.
              Everybody has different options and plans and any one plan may not be suitable for all. In the greater scope of things we have many plans but not one plan. As I pontificate and prognosticate, I do try to absorb those tiny tidbits that might make life easier for me. New ideas and willing to try a new/foreign meal, for example.
              Now to call out FaceBook Page.
              FBP. You have been around for awhile here at SHTF. I read your comments. I am as frustrated at all this crap as you are but to truly understand you, would you give me your explanation of a “Arm Chair General”. ACG’s do not value life and do not consider the consequences of their actions. They would send others into battle while they stay safely behind in a bunker. Most have never lead men into dangerous situations. They make rash decisions whose only purpose is to place glory upon themselves at the cost of others. You would do well to avoid these type of men.
              For us to initiate aggression would hurt our cause for as the Rabid Dog turns on itself, it is same today.
              Political will of the people is a major force from which this administration may not recover. The pendulum is moving farther to one side. Our side. The lies for now are forgiven but not forgotten and as I have have stated before, the backlash will be overwhelming.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          The Lord says evil will rule this world for just a little while. And after that, WOE to those who are smug enough to think this world belongs to such evil.

          When the time is ripe, he will take care of the “tares”.

          Thanks for your post OutWest. It is truthful; and puts things in their proper prospective.

          I pray for the Lord to forgive us allowing America to turn our back on Him. May his grace cover us all on shtf.

        • Hunter



          That’s one way of looking at it, but at some point wouldn’t it better to consider becoming…’sand in the gears’ of the enemy monolithic/NWO/TPTB beast?
          At least at one’s local area of operations.

          Methinks, at some point, purely defensive/hunker-down & hope they miss you, strategies becomes a recipe for defeat!

          ..just an opinion, sir.


          Am not seeking arguments, merely additional insight to your ‘thought-train/mindset’, per the overall picture we’re confronting.

          ..’cuz we’re running out of time and OPTIONS!!!!!!

          In reality, its not about “OUR PREDICAMENT”,..its about what our children and grandchildren will be facing and saddled w/….resisting and surviving.

    58. RickInOregon

      Off topic:

      I took this morning off and went hiking, this is a great time of year for hiking, no spider webs across the face, lots of visibility with the leaves off the trees, the Pacific Northwest rain forest is showing her moss, tree ferns, mushrooms and miniature water falls. The black tail bucks are in full rut and stupid. I set up a couple of trail cams and in a few days I’ll go back and see what I got. If Nancy is running across with big foot then I know where she’s been getting her butt sinks.

    59. VRF

      Makes you wonder if her parents had any kids that lived

    60. possee

      the politicians still rule the world along with their masters the banks..

      and we commoners still piss and moan after thousands of years..

      we’ve die and fight their wars..

      we’ve allow them to confiscate our sweat through taxation..

      we’ve revolted time after time after time..

      and yet all still remains the same..


    61. possee

      The national average wage index for 2012 was 44,321.67

      The average wage for congress was $174,000 per year, as of 2009..

      Congress’s approval rating was at 9% this year and declining..

      Congress derives all their monies from us through taxation.your slave equity..

      Now what?


      • Kulafarmer

        Now is time to starve the beast, people need to wake the hell up!

        • Archivist

          Ann Barnhardt has a good video at:

          www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=fE51E5_dXNI

          She calls for everyone to quit paying taxes and withdraw from the system, else we will have to use more violent means.

          Note: the video is interrupted by about 6 ads. And she is a rabid Catholic with some unbiblical ideas. But she puts some words on the church’s upper management.

    62. orn

      Damn! What a foxy babe! And intelligent to boot! Love her new hairdo and botox job!

    63. Buzzfix

      She needs to go home and smoke weed with the rest of her burn out dead head friends.

    64. iceman

      When I think of actual sh_t hitting the fan I think of her face or feinstein’s face as the sh_t! Oh hell,let’s throw Hillary in there as well:-)

    65. KY Mom

      Homes raided, subpoenas issued, targeting conservative groups…

      Under Wisconsin’s John Doe laws, “investigators are spying on people and using the power of the government to collect records.”

      Drudge Report

    66. Grandma

      Someone please just throw a net over this woman’s head. She is as looney as they come.

    67. Socrates

      Lots of talk in this thread (and others)that sounds ALOT like Corporal Hicks from the movie Aliens.

      “What are we gonna do now? Game over, man!”
      Hicks was a chickenshit… Ripley was tough.

      Well, much to the amazement of some here, (I don’t need to name names you know who you are), WE are going to keep on keeping on. What’s that mean???

      -It means you KEEP ON prepping, learning and living.

      -It means you KEEP ON trying to wake others that are not awake yet. How would you feel if someone left you to rot? Don’t give up on friends, family & strangers just yet…not while the sun still rises and sets. Better to have some wake up late in the game than not at all. That takes persistent effort. Yeah, the work thing.

      -It means you KEEP ON teaching others that are awake and lend a hand or time or knowledge…while you still can.
      The more we educate and help one another, the stronger WE become. Divided we will fall. Together, we either rise or fall together… it’s all in your attitude, not aptitude.

      -It means we ALL face down Mordor when the thousands of Orcs show up and we do not yield! To me, that is what they look like now and it is a lot easier to face them if you picture them that way…evil monsters.

      And as, said many times here before…you do not go down-without one hell of a fight!

    68. Jacob M.

      I expected nothing less from pocket Pelosi. There are som low down, sociopathic scum out there. She is much worse.

    69. uhhhhhhhh

      nope….nope…. I can’t stomach this…. everything’s coming up… (URP!!!)

    70. mike prince

      Let’s see if the gate is locked we climb over the fence or get a helicopter? At $3,000 plus an hour? No wonder the government is broke. Wouldn’t the rest of us use bolt cutters?

    71. zorbo

      It is too bad that all of the Senate and Congress will not be to be covered under Obamacare. I heard that they must stick with those old out dated health insurance plans they already had. I feel so sorry for them.(sarcasm)

    72. grossyi

      can’t stomach it.

    73. SWFL

      I had a comment on people who lie for the feeling of power it gives them but thinking about this leaves me too depressed.

    74. gary

      What a Ding Bat!
      If it is so good then why are you not on it Nancy?

    75. crazy2medic

      Kinda reminds me of Saddam Hussein as he was being marched to the gallows “you can’t hang me I’m the president of Iraq” just remember to use their voting record in the trial for treason.

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