Watch: Marine Colonel Warns: “Homeland Security is Pre-Staging Gear and Equipment”

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    We live in a seemingly free country, so we’re told. But that may be because the majority of us have never spent time in a war zone or highly secured police state-like environment.

    Few of us understand what it looks like when military and state intelligence assets take over.

    Those who do understand, and have themselves implemented such plans in other countries, see exactly what’s going on and they are sounding the alarm (often falling on deaf ears).

    In Concord, New Hampshire the local police chief has filed a requisition with the Department of Homeland Security to beef up his police force with a Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck to quell any disturbances initiated by activists or other potential domestic terrorists. In response, the residents held a city council meeting, prompting a retired Marine Colonel to weigh in.

    He was formerly a coordinator tasked with manning, training and equipping the Iraqi Army throughout the northern provinces, and he candidly shares his insights and compares the nationwide lock-down in Iraq to what’s happening right here at home.

    This is coming from someone who knows – someone who has seen exactly how a population is put under control by means of surveillance and force – and he suggests that what they did in Iraq is child’s play compared to what’s happening in the Land of the Free today.

    My job was to man, train and equip the Iraqi Army in Al Anbar, Najaf, Karbala and the northern provinces… We did everything we could to make it as strong as possible.

    I’ll tell you right now, homeland security would kick their butts in a week.

    What’s happening here is we’re building a domestic military, because it’s unlawful…unconstitutional to use American troops on American soil. So, what we’re doing is we’re building a military.

    The way we do things in the military is called task organization. You take a command and then you attach units to it in order to accomplish the mission.

    What’s happening is Homeland Security is pre-staging gear and equipment… what they’re trying to do is use standardized vehicles, standardized equipment. 

    I saw a picture of the Marathon bombing and there were two officers – they both had identical helmets, flack jackets, weapons… everything I wore in Iraq.

    Boston-Manhunt-0413-de(Pictured: Domestic Police Force sweeps the streets of Boston after Marathon Bombing)

    What we’re doing here – let’s not kid about it – we’re building a domestic army and we’re shrinking the military because the government is afraid of its own citizens.

    I don’t know where we’re going to use this many vehicles and this many troops.

    I can’t believe people aren’t seeing it. Is everybody blind?

    (Video via Activist Post / Daily Sheeple)
    (Watch at Youtube)

    While Americans go about their daily activities- sipping their $4 morning coffees, sharing their pictures on social media sites, talking about the latest draft prospects at the water cooler, and focusing their efforts on acquiring the latest and greatest mobile devices – a sinister government is hard at work behind the scenes to ensure complete access to every detail of our lives, as well as the heavy-handed means to control us should we step out of line.

    America, according to Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security and the various forms of  “secret” legislation passed by Congress, is now a domestic war zone, so it only makes sense that local police forces, in an effort to sidestep the restrictions set forth by the U.S. Constitution, are being heavily militarized to fight the new threat.

    As noted by one DHS Insider, “it has already begun – you’re seeing it now.”

    You are the target and millions of government personnel have been tasked with making sure you don’t step out of line by using any means necessary.


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      1. WOLF!!!! WOLF!!!!!!!!


          • Obama told us what he wanted to do…

            In a speech in Colorado Springs, Obama said, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set. We’ve got have to a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

            Obama Civilian Security

            • One of the few promises he kept next to change.
              If it was one of the first things he told us he was going to do and one of the few things he’s actually done then we can clearly see what his intentions are and whats coming.

              • Off subject: Just out…”Black Citizens File Article of Impeachment against Obama”. The National Black Republican Association, headed by Chairman Frances Rice. If this is true…way to go!

                • Isn’t this the type of organization you all say is full of shit? Now you are thumbs upping them. Talk about picking and choosing. You all need to get a core.

                  • Hey there Anonymous you aint getting by that easy. You see the turd obamie is such a cancer we would support anyone who wants to attack him and get rid of him .We dont give two shits who it is. So when you basically call us two face you are demon -straightening you have a agenda to attack. You are worthless here .Go now turd lover.

                  • Anonymous,
                    Who’s “you all”? The readers of this site are not a homogenized glob of undifferentiated white protoplasm. SHTF readers are from many countries and we come from all races. There are mixed-race couples here.
                    What is the kind of organization that everybody here supposedly says is full of shit? Do you mean organizations of black people? Perhaps 1% of readers object to black organizations, as such.
                    Generally, SHTF readers regard race-baiting as a government strategy to further WEAKEN the entire American people. We don’t want to play into their hands by frittering away our energy hating people and aggrandizing racial division.

                • Could u link that to facebook lynn tantrum

              • I love how they are using “our” money to set all of this up against “us”.

                • This is proof of the FACT that the War on Terror is a hoax.Actually a war on us.

                • You didn’t think all those billions of dollars in that ‘stimulus’ bill, that just disappeared down a black hole, had any hidden purpose do you?

                  Now, we find, that the Obamacare regime, has legislated the ‘authority’ to have ‘home visitations’ to any of those who are in need of help… like home schoolers, tobacco users, old people, vets, gun owners, etc…

                  It will then be time, to shoot and scoot, leaving the bodies hanging high as a message to the Feds.

                  Myself, I plan on…. nah, better not say. Just remember to spray paint swastikas on the enemy, so friends and neighbors begin to get a clue.

                  YOU, are the Hands of Justice. Disobedience to tyranny, is obedience to God.

            • First thing people have to wrap their head
              around is the fact that our president is a
              judas goat leading the sheeple straight to
              the slaughter pens.

              The second thing being the Constitution is
              no longer relevant, being compromised beyond
              all practical purpose and intent, with all
              Amendments distorted beyond recognition.

              It’s a bitter pill to swallow, I know, but
              until we come to grips with this reality,
              we are the sheep being led to the slaughter.

              • What if, when all these dressed up police and national guardsmen have to actually respond,under orders,to supress a certain area within their designated AO and leave their families for an undesignated time period?What if the power went off where their families live and desperadoes begin prowling those neighborhoods?Think the troops would return home,against orders,to protect their families as New Orleans has revealed they would?Oh yeah,the troops are super efficent at controlling,killing and destroying infrasture over there,,but in their own neighborhoods,with little Jimmy and Lawanda in harms way.Think again!!! Ya never know those fema camps could be for sheltering the troops families,,ha ha haha ha!!!

                • That’s about the size of it…I know someone in the military and they were told to let their family know that if something was to happen to get their family all together at their house because their unit would come pick them up. Hmm when I was enlisted I was never told that.

                  • Things are definitely wrong…very wrong. That being said, I am still military, branch affiliation not important, as well, everything we say and do on the internet is monitored and we know it. I don’t know of any crazy stuff going on, on my end of things, but state, local, and emergency agencies are getting armed to the hilt. Army Guard could be, but I really don’t know any of those guys and couldn’t say for sure. Maybe someone will chime in.

                    Our nation is in dire straits and most are too dumb to know it. As long as we have “reality” tv, and Taco Bell is serving up chunks of horse meat, everything is ok…right????

                    America is in for a rude awakening, and when it happens, it’s anyone’s guess. Look at the rest of the world and take note. Just my .02.

                  • That was part of our family plans in my unit/s. It was given that my family would be brought into a protective area if I was deployed or not.

                  • Yeah, they want their minions’ families to use for leverage to force them to ace citizens and otherwise trample their rights

                • They won’t the next time. That is why they are training 18-24 year old kids and bringing them in from foreign countries. No where to go….. Nothing to loose.

                  • Shootit, those kids do have one thing to lose if they start kicking in people’s doors, etc.; their lives. braveheart

                  • Shoo,if kids are coming from foreign countries,and I don’t believe they are,they’d best be able to blend in with us Americans.Why?I was 19 in vietnam,didn’t win,Iraqi another waste,Afganistan another waste,,,those foregners you mention don’t exist cause it’d take millions to conquer a country this size.Ain’t gonna be much shooting anyway,can’t kill off the tax slave.

                  • Yes, the foreign young adults are everywhere in the US. The Russians are on the east coast, in Virginia posing as college students working at tourist attractions and restaurants in Williamsburg. They have been there for years. Probably there is a community of Russians hidden there somewhere. Not to mention all the people from Central America (who do not recognize sovereign country boundaries, if you ask them), the very quiet Asians (same cohesion) and all the islamists. These buildups are mainly on the coasts, so you might not notice if you live in the middle of America.

                • Aaand that’s why they’ll send troops from Texas to quell Oregon, and troops from California to quell Arkansas.

                  You remember how Tiannamen Square worked, right?

                  • Remember the Chinese protestors had no weapons. The gov can shift troops all over hell’s half acre, but they will meet a vicious and skillful armed citizens that were trained by the government that wishes to enslave the very same. Good frigging luck Obama.

                    BTW there will be no meaningful elections in 2014. The elections are rigged if there will be an election at all.

                    Do you guys really believe Obama is going to step down? Hah! If you believe that then I have some beach front property in Arizona I would like to sell you.

                  • That’s exactly how they’ll do it. Everyone asks “Our troops won’t shoot their neighbors?” They will if they are Active Duty Army stationed in, say, Ft. Hood, TX and are then attached to a National Guard unit in Washington state. Some of the younger soldiers will feel anonymous in a foreign town and just love the power and authority. They will think that they can just lay waste to that town and then just go home and no one will ever know what they’ve done. But when they come home, they will find that other units have destroyed their home, as well.

                • Perhaps this is where the troops from other countries comes into play…..

                  • Nope, the government will do like 2004OIFveteran said, They’ll send a unit from one state to another state and tell them a story that the citizens in that state are terrorist against the U.S. Then give orders to shoot on site. Then when they get back home to their loved ones they’ll find out that another Guard unit was activated to curb the uprising in their families state. The government won’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.
                    It all comes down to all americans foreign and domestic can explain it to the kids they have that joined the Army or Guard forces the truth about what the Government is planning to do and bring them out of the forces, Homeland Security, Guard or any other forces.
                    All of us that have family in the U.S. forces or military organizations need to start preparing them and educating them of whats to come. Maybe, we can stop them from using their government issued weapons against the civilian population and turn them on the U.S. establishment….The Rich and Greedy !

                • Think again!!! Ya never know those fema camps could be for sheltering the troops families! I never thunk about that sh*t you may be onto something there mate!

                • For that reason, these troops would be shipped AWAY from home where they would have no ties. Simple

            • @ KY Mom

              Here’s another good one that deals with this topic and also backs-up my feelings on that “independent” named Bill O’Reilly.


            • KY Mom – I think they are called “Brown Shirts”.

            • KY Mom,

              I saw this speech on live TV July 2008. I was stunned to the point of being speechless when he made that statement. Even today I am stunned at the number of people I talk to who are totally unaware that he made those comments.

              It’s difficult enough to understand where a politician really stands on a given issue. But when they come out and speak in clear and unambiguous language, people need to not only listen, but also hear and understand what is being said.

              I’m not usually a single issue voter, but my voting against Obama in 2008 and 2012 came squarely down to this one single comment Obama made about the creation of Civilian National Defense Force. Something is not right in his head.

              Dammit, if he hasn’t delivered.

            • Funny how they like to give subtle hints at their agenda.

              • Eyesopenanddisgusted,

                Exactly. It’s almost like a game to politicians. Every so often they’ll drop a tiny hint and wait to see how many of us take notice. They are an utterly self-serving, immoral, and reprehensible bunch almost to the last person.

                • May I say it more plainly? Politicians are Liars, Thieves and Murderers.

                  • Well, you just stated a cold, hard fact.

              • Subtle hints are also in movies, and yes, all forms of entertainment (like the news) is filtered and approved. For example the first line in James Bond: Skyfall (the sky is falling) theme song is “This Is The End”. Recently a movie just came out titled “This Is The End”, and a one liner from planet Krypton, Superman’s mother (Man of Steel) said as she watched the destruction “This Is The End”. I only noticed this because I’ve learned to pay attention. Most of it is brainwashing (shaping how society thinks) more so than the subtle hints of elite plans. I’ve read somewhere they feel ‘obligated’ to reveal their plans even if they are in cryptic ways.

                • Just like the codename AV-81 is used a lot too.

              • Pure arrogance.

            • Obama is a Communist, right down to his stinky toenails.

              He also is a puppet, a figure head who’s strings are controlled by the same behind-the-curtain, international banking elements who financed and helped orchestrate the Bolshevik Communist Revolution in 1917, whereby the Bolsheviks seized absolute power over the people of Russia and then eventually, nearly half of Europe.

              Seeing as how America is the most heavily armed nation of people on the planet, Obama and his string pullers know that they cannot follow the exact same blueprint that the Bolsheviks used to seize power in Russia. This is what, I believe, was behind his speech in Colorado Springs that Ky Mom referenced. Knowing that he could not depend upon the US Military to cooperate with his plans to Communize the USA, his strategy has to be to keep most of them pinned down in overseas wars and then create this new DHS army of jackboots who will be eventually unleashed upon American citizens. That’s why the DHS and every other agency have been buying up millions of bullets – they are arming up, and trying to dry up the ammo supplies for patriotic American gun owners.

              Remember, the top Police Chiefs in almost every major metropolitan city have been flying to Israel to receive ‘special training’ from the jewish Communists who fled the collapsing USSR and landed in Israel. That tells me that the former Russian Communist jews are fully committed to resurrecting their beloved USSR right here in North America. Read this one by Gordon Duff, if you don’t believe me:


              “American police now “Israeli-DHS trained,” precursor to dictatorship”

              And, Obama is their puppet to help bring this all about.

              Thanks, all you brainless Obama voting morons. Thanks for being so freaking blind and brain dead stupid that you slept through World history class and therefore were unable to recognize a Communist takeover of the USA.

              • He’s not a communist, he’s a fascist. Just like Bush was a fascist. Just like Clinton was a fascist. Just like Bush Sr. was a fascist. These people are all just puppets of a fascist corporate oligarchy controlled by powerful multinantionals and banks. They are bought and paid for, groomed, and fed the scripts on what to say and how to act. Even their haircusts are perfectly scripted. Their handlers are some of the slickest and most devious marketers in the advertising business and it works. Regardless of whether or not the votes are rigged, every 4 years millions upon millions of dumbed-down, banboozled Americans cast their votes for two fascist, lying, cheating, stealing, murdering puppets.

            • Hitler came up with the same thing. These powers were never granted by the the constitution and are therefor powers of the states. Once again he steps on over 200 years of progress taking freedom away bit by bit.

              • Hitler was fighting the SAME DAMNED ENEMY, Jason, that is today trying to Communize the USA the way he and his ‘awful Nazis’ understood that they were trying to impose Bolshevik Communist tyranny upon the White European people of Germany.

                Jeezus H. Freaking Christ, Jason.

                Just when I thought that I had gotten a firm grasp on just how stupid and historically clueless the average nose picking, gooey booger eating White European American moron is in 2013, a Cultural Marxist brainwashed boob like you comes along and shows me how badly I have underestimated the degree and success of the enemy’s ability to force-feed White racial suicidal kosher manure down the throats of ‘cracker-ass’ idiots who’s eyeballs have logged a fatal number of hours clued to their 32 inch wide, electronic hebrew controlled, manure spewing anus.

                • exactly. the zionist are the ones behind the scenes pulling the strings.

            • And they’re doing it through extortion and bribery under the umbrella of DHS. Imagine you run a local law enforcement agency like your town PD. You want a workable budget, new vehicles, new uniforms, ammo, etc.? Then you better be prepared to play ball with DHS, and the more you bow to them the more money and equipement they’ll requisition to you. This is how it creeps in and takes over. All the guys under you, they see all the other departments in their cool tactical gear and they want it to, and so do you. So you go along with it, until one day you wake up and realize that you’re not in charge of a local peace-keeping unit anymore, you’re running your own paramilitary organization.

              Obama is just a stooge. This really began under Bush (another stooge) with the creation of DHS, and was being driven from inside PNAC, with the excuse that “everything changed after 9/11”.

              Yeah, well, nothing changed for me. I do not live in fear. I don’t see any terrorists. There aren’t any terrorists. It’s all just a psy-op of fear being played on a dumbed-down mass of people that care more about pop culture and celebrity worship than they do about what’s in the very food they eat.

              • Anonymous at 3:56pm deserves a standing ovation – fantastic comment, and dead on the money.

                The real significance of September 11, 2001 – was that it was the date the second Bolshevik Communist revolution, a.k.a, full-blown takeover of the USA was officially launched.

                Oh, and by the way – these ‘neo-conservatives’ who’s diabolically evil brains hatched that Project For a New American Century (PNAC) document are not ‘fascists’. They are Trotskyite Communists, folks.

                Do your research into the battle between Stalin and Trotsky during the early years of the old USSR. Stalin’s preference was to impose communism upon the approximate 15 White European nations which comprised the former USSR, while Trotsky was a raving, foaming at the mouth, hard core Communist who wanted to export it all over the planet – to impose totalitarian Communism upon every nation on Earth. Stalin saw this as being over-the-top radical and was smart enough to realize that it would cause the USSR to overextend itself and that it would be financially impossible for the USSR to cover the costs of such a massive undertaking. Trotsky was so obsessed with his vision, that Stalin considered him a raving lunatic and ran his evil ass out of the USSR and then later, sent an assassin to drive an icepick into his evil brain down in Mexico City.

                Well, the PNAC neo-cons who pulled off 9-11 (with Israel’s help) are Trotskyite Communists – and these are the despicably evil cockroaches who’ve hijacked the USA. And, the bad news for Americans – is that the Trotsky version of Communism is even more blood thirsty, murderous and Satanic than the version that Stalin presided over, which was pretty bloody unto itself.

                There will be one and only one way to defeat it. And it is going to involve the application of the original reason that our Founders added the Second Amendment to our Bill of Rights.

                Make a note: Every last neo-con cockroach has to be awarded a one way ticket straight to Hell, where they can spend eternity with their father

            • Unlike Iraq or Backwardistan, the machine won’t have millions paying taxes to keep it running or the ability to borrow for almost nothing. .gov borrows almost 1/2 of it’s fuel even now. If we’re all afraid to leave home to go to work (even 10% of us), just like in Mad Max, the thundering machine sputters and stops. The hard part will be to survive it’s death. The wounded beast will be very dangerous.

              Orlov is right. All empires collapse. No exceptions.

          • My favorite drill instructor, if there is such a thing used to say , ” You don’t put a rubber on unless your’e planning to F-ck somebody”. Well you don’t buy millions of rounds of ammo and armored cars unless you plan on shooing somebody now do you ?

            • True, very true.
              We built two nuclear bombs and had no trouble dropping them on fellow humans. The government has basically built up so much distrust amongst American citizens that people think everyone is a terrorist.
              The government won’t be shooting you and your neighbors, they will be exterminating alleged terrorists. They will claim they had no choice but to protect its citizenry by killing the “bad guys” for the common good.
              Remember that all politicians are sociopaths, and most high-level bureaucrats are nothing more than leeches suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. They know if we knew how useless their jobs really were, they would be fired in a real world setting, so why not invent the “bogy-man.” No one can see the bogy-man, but he is everywhere all the time.
              People don’t care because they are either dumb, complacent, or just too afraid — this makes a dangerous mix. This is also the exact setting that caused Rome to fall. And fall hard.

            • Justice,

              100% correct.

          • No the Italians are coming, its the Italians!!! lol(Fiat Commercial).

          • I don’t think they ever left. The Queen pretty much runs this planet. Why did Bush get Knighted?

          • Im british and we dont want to come to your shit state id rather live in Iran would have more freedom than you yankee jackasses


        • During Hurricane Sandy We worked with some of these 231 folks. Not a lot to fear from these video game playing young men and women. There helpful at DRC’s but also a bit annoying and arrogant. It is time we all got the blueprints, pictures or information on the MRAP vehicles. All mechanized equipment has a weakness than can be exploited. In Africa they are finding that three Toyota pickups with anti personal carrier missiles are way better than one tank and cheaper (remember the show “Rat Patrol”). When protest begins we need to have our own “Mechanized Division”. Oath Keepers on our side who are with the National Guard or military or LEO… keep quiet at this point about what you believe…. Be nice if you could get US a tank or two if the need arises… just saying… LOL. (I would love to drive a tank…). It is also time for the bitching at each other to stop and to start forming teams. If this does come to fruition… (and I pray every night it does not) the government will have their hands full with just the regular folk and gangs fighting them. The Oath Keepers, retired Vets, Patriots (who are also hunters), and the like will be key in returning the government to the people. FORM TEAMS… and don’t go all Rambo. Be silent yet deadly (I have removed all bumper stickers from my vehicle… no more advertising). Use OPSEC. When they show up … smile and wave an American flag…. Then gather Intel… find where THEY live.. (Mooohahahaha)…. (GPS on a track phone works great)… Get the things and info you need now and be ready. We have welders, IT folks, Machinists, Mechanics and the like. God willing, there will be a change in 2014 and2016…. But I am not holding my breath. Many government employees are the low bidders and lazy. Most of us are smarter… but we have to have TEAMS! Pray, Prep, Plan…..

          • What about enlisting some of those ladies from the organization, Daughters of The American Revolution. Wouldn’t ya think they would be quite interested in keeping our countries liberties? My ancestors also fought in that revolution. I never joined the club though. Luncheons and teas are not my thing.

            • This is why obama is putting homosexuals and lesbians in charge of our military, and pushing the gay agenda with our troops. Obama knows gays are more willing to shoot Bible-toting, homophobic Americans than pro-life Christian American troops are. Also, Obama is gay. No doubt about that. Gays will be firing at us, at the command of their gay icon Obama. They’ll do ANYTHING their GAY ICON tells them to!

              • Some I spoke to say Obama is bisexual but more on the gay side politically. Just heard on Fox news that next month military gay couples get same benefits that heterosexual couples get. Only if they are married in states that legalized gay marriages. My husband doesn’t want a veterans (free)cemetery marker as the military is now trashed/many former vets lost respect since the laws changed. The gov can take their marker and shove it.

              • sorry i know i should take your comment serious but i just get this mental image of a bunch of guys in pink hot pants and tank tops chasing you down with there pink rifles and poping you in the ass with there feather boa’s ,but on a serious note all obama has to do is intergrate the millitary with 50% gays ,and the other 50% will be sucked into it

                • When the military was sent out questionairs about their thoughts on gays in the military, NO combat troops were asked!!!!

                • There WILL be an uprising within the Military Branches if this keeps up.

                  • Will be very hard for that uprising to prosper if there are political officers standing behind those unarmed troops with all those hollow points that DHS just bought. Don’t think the Obama worshippers would have any compunction of making a few object lessons.

                • Ive known a lot of military people in my time and to imply that theyll just follow along with the queers underestimates the decentcy and resolve of most of them…if the politically correct trash would be removed from the equation I think youd see the military deal very harshly with this issue in very short order…

                  • The spirit maybe there as you say but with their families held hostage and a commissar standing behind anyone who balks at following dear leaders orders it will be a bit more of a tough order then you think. Why else are so many company and field grade offciers being purged?

          • An RPG to the side panel of an MRAP will take one right out. They are designed to withstand an IED from the underside.

            • spud guns with paint filled grapefruit, can’t shoot what you cannot see.

              • eagle just use molotov cook them out pick them off as they run out

                • Spud guns throw further than I can chuck a bottle and I don’t like my chances on firing a second molotov with whats left of the spud gun after the first one goes off.

                  Also, how do you keep an idiot i suspense? Ask the guys in the Bearcat who cannot see outside.

            • FF yeah thats true but you aint exactly gonna be able to run down to your local gun shop an buy an RPG

          • Inside man. I thought you were government? Aside from that, video game kids fly drones. You hate and fear drones. Why comment that the government is taking over and use drones as an example then say not to fear them?

            • Anonymous …. I do work for the government as do many who post here. Nowhere in my post do I mention drones… stay on point my good man. And I don’t hate or fear any inanimate object…. Just the improper use of said object…. And video game kids don’t fly drones… pilots do and I know a few. They are very disciplined and well trained. Freedom fighter… that’s the idea…. Also transaxles and radiators… the idea is to stop them from moving… we can burn them later….

              • Inside man. I didn’t say you mentioned drones in this comment. Learn to read. I said you are worried (past comments) about drones.

                • “Why comment that the government is taking over and use drones as an example “

                • Cease fire you two, its time to play nice and listen to each other, who knows you two may end up in the same foxhole.

                • Nice to see you paying attention… so read the part about snarking at each other… we don’t have any time for that… we need to get busy and help each other not just bitch, complain, or poke… and no, drones don’t worry me… I need a transmitter at the right frequency and a good IT hacker… our team has both….

            • speaking of drones here in nw ark they just closed fort smith 188thn fighter wing here an turned it into a freaking drone base cammand spot for central us

          • Man on the inside: The main weakness of these vehicles is that they are designed for urban use. The do not do well on rough roads, uneven terrain, and in tight spot where visibility is limited. RULE NUMBER ONE-Never engage the enemy on his terms (in this case on flat open ground), if possible, make him come to you where a trap can be set (think tank trap/covered ditch)and in rough country with plenty of cover and concealment. There are military manuals available on dealing with armored vehicles. But even in open streets, these vehicles still have one main weak spot, that’s the door where the troops on the inside have to deploy form. They are virtually sitting (standing) ducks when the exit that vehicle because they are open to small arms fire. The trucks are little more than delivery vehicles and become useless if the troops are pinned inside or shot while exiting the vehicle. The windows are also a weak spot. Simple paintball guns can severely limit the driver’s vision. RULE NUMBER TWO-Nothing else matters if you ignore RULE ONE.

            • Now your thinking….. awesome…. Decoy, Draw them in, Pin them, Burn them…. good “Art Of War” thinking….

            • And then there is the JDJ.950 Rifle.

          • Folks,

            Get ham radios and maps of all broadcast and communications facilities. These must be controlled in a shtfplan scenario. There are google earth maps that show every broadcast and radio station in the country. Gather information NOW.

          • @ Man on the inside

            I can think of quite a few simple ways to render one of these vehicles useless just by using its own design against itself. Here’s one clue; the most likely biggest weakness resides within the actual vehicle itself.

            Everything does have a weakness; and where there’s a will there’s a way. Like everything else, it’s mostly just a matter of coordination.

            • Awesome… thinking with the mind…. I love it California…Things like mud traps, holes to high center them, a D8 that you “borrow” from the state motor pool to joust with the “bear cat”, even a big dump truck or a city bus would go toe to toe with one. Go all “TOP GEAR” on them. Pin them…burn them, they only have 2700 of them ordered….. won’t take long to wreck them all.

            • The chassis is based on a ford f550 with a triton v10 or 6.7 diesel. Good place to start on how to disable one.

        • face the facts! check out my blog for some re-lax-ation

        • Eat a frosted cock, munckster…!

        • monkeyman……hmmmm…appropriate handle.

          You’re a moron.

        • Stay asleep

        • It’s better to be aware and be prepared. The Founding Fathers did not put the first and second amendments in place because dictator wanna be’s would no longer appear after the year 1776. They knew that of those who gain control, many will seek more control. Such types do not reach a point of having enough power and such types insinuate themselves into government.

        • so much propaganda. Take a look at what is splattered all over this page…reasons to spend your money and all you have to do is just move the cursor left or right and click…it’s amazing. “BEWARE! BEWARE! Oh ya, I can help you! (for a little bit of your money) How many articles have been on here over the last few years that I have been reading saying, “The end is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!” Now move your cursor left or right and get your credit card ready. Fear the ignorant!

      2. Nothing to see here… move along.

        That’s not a wolf, it’s just a sheep.

        • Here in Indiana, we have been seeing a ton of military vehicles on i-65 heading towards the Aderbury training drills. My neighbor said he talked to a few soldiers at the Mc D’s they stop at and they confirmed this is urban combat training using the family targets we heard about like kids, pregnant women etc…. They are doing mach drills like taking over government and utilities. There are similar drills also happening in Wisconsin

          It’s here people 4-real

          • Indy, Not saying you are wrong or anything as it’s all possible. I have been to Camp Atterbury a few times to conduct training for the military. And I can first off tell you that the base is a large pre-mobilization site for the Guard and Reserves. they do a lot of MOUT training there for overseas combat. AND a lot of contractors go there for the same thing. Not saying the training cannot be used against us. BUT. I served 30 years in the military. And have been a government contractor for over 10 years now. There are a lot of us that are NOT and would NOT be with any form of crushing a civilian uprising. To a degree. So let me make myself a little clearer. If the uprising were to say be a lot thugs in the streets trying to overtake the government for niferious (spelling not my strong suit) reasons. Then the military would fight against them. But if the government told them to attack civilians and take there guns.. Some woul no doubt, most would not. There are a BUTT load of retired and former military and LEO types in this country. The government can’t run something simple like AMTRAC do you really think they could control all of the current and former military and current and former LOE’s and God fearing civilians in this country? Maybe, but I doubt it… just my two cents worth.

            • I don’t know if you know this or not, but Atterbury was a camp for those American-Japanese people they rounded up during WWII. We were taught this in school surrounding the area of the base. We even had field trips to see all the quarters where the detainees stayed. If I recall, they eventually demolished them after 9/11 for base expansion.

              • Nope, it was a German POW camp. Still has the cemetary…

              • we had one of those camps here in AR as well

            • that’s why they are building dhs irs and and his civialian army of thugs and promising Mexican and muslim citizenship which will never happen they will be dead or the corrupt govt will be gone and they will be deported or dead

            • Good post.

              Nefarious (sorry)

            • dragonmedic,

              >>”…do you really think they could control all of the current and former military and current and former LOE’s and God fearing civilians in this country?”<<

              That would depend on how delusional the government is, and how big their God Complex has become. If they think they can get away with, they'll at least try, no matter how unconstitutional it may be.

              Good post.

          • Yeah, an armory sprouted out of thin air near i65 south of indy. I have on average 2 flights every day over my house. They fly so low, my walls shake, and I can see armed soldiers hanging out in the doors. Sometimes they fly in a 5 or 6 helicopter formation going from either atterbury or shelbville to somewhere northwest. then at night they fly back.

            before 9/11 that base was damn near vacant and was about to be shut down. You could drive on base and all that.. now it is well fortified and larger than ever. When you go down the road by the main entrance.. it is quite a feeling… if I recall, it is just a reserve base too. local rumor is there is a drone facility going up there too..

            • I was in southern Indiana recently and saw a military helicopter flying low over I65

        • The DHS did not stock up on a few billion rounds of hollow point bullets for nothing. I have no doubt this is all in preparation for when the SHTF which thanks to Helicopter Ben and it can happen at anytime.

          When you read and have Youtube video’s of these same groups conducting paramilitary exercises with Black Hawk Helicopter’s at night in several major cities then it should be a wake up call.

        • Oh Come on, My family came from Missisouri, the show me state. I want to see some pictures of this prepositioning of equipment. Has anyone out there actualy seen this equipment being moved around? Has anyone got any Pictures? 🙂


          • Learn how to spell our states name – M I S S O U R I

            • Hey !! I sais my family came from there, I didn’t! Besides I was kinda close. 🙂


            • Is that MissourE or MissourAAA?

              Just kidding, GO TIGERS!!!

              P.S. Welcome to the SEC.

              • Hey Truman, for all us Rebels from the Little Dixie region of MissourAAA know how to say it. Even if we did jump out of the frying pan into the pressure cooker. That’s right “Go Tigers” Trekker Out.

          • @BIGB

            I have seen tons of semi stacked with military vehicles every few days. Why would I have a reason to lie about? I can’t easily take pictures riding down the highway alone in my truck.

            • @Indy Colts,

              I understand what you are saying. My post was my warped sense of humor directed to some one I had discussed this with before. Sorry man, would never call anyone a liar. I am very well aware that there are pic’s out there. 🙂


              • @ BigB

                It’s all good; humor is sometimes hard to read. It pisses my off they come to small town Indiana to pull this crap. I didn’t even realize the drills were taking place till my neighbor said something. I-65 is a main highway so I didn’t think much of it till Alex Jones was talking about it the other day.

            • @BIGB

              I can confirm their are lots of equipment and troop movement in central Indiana.

              CRANE Navy/Marine base south of Bloomington is also a happening place again. Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex (MUTC) is also a active place.. I used to run cross-country invitationals at the park until the military annexed it for making the urban city mock up for training. That was prior to 9/11.

            • yeah me too supposedly head for the armys pine bluff arsenal (little factoid its the largest chem,bio,and nuke weapons storage in N America

          • I have pictures of Youngsville N. C.national guard lot. Have never posted pictures but will try to figure out how. One year ago they had a few pieces of equipment on the storage lot and a lot of that was lifts and the like, 4 or 5 trucks. Today you can’t pack another piece of equipment on the lot. All brand new, new covers, new trailers with new covers, one acre of trucks with new tits on the tires. I have been reading post for several years, never posted before. Little back ground, 67 yrs old, seabees 67/68 liberty bridge vietnam. no reason to lie you ain’t my wife!!

            • @Still playing in the mud,

              I know there are pic’s and I know for a fact that this is happening. I have seen it for myself. My comment was intended to mess with one person on this board in a jokingly manner.

              I am now sitting here chuckling to myself at the position I put myself in by joking around. And I am sure the person on this board I was ribbing is chuckling even harder at how my staement turned on me. Regards, apologies and salutations to any and all who took offense.


            • Mud – I love your user name. Don’t worry, we believe you. I live in a small town next to big military base in the desert. They have been doing maneuvers in and around our little town for years. I use to think it was kind of cool, but now I KNOW BETTER!!!!

            • Get pictures… Provide a link… Lets go shopping if need be…

          • I took photos of M1 tanks moving through the northern part of Atlanta this week.

            • That is because of fortbenning tank school tank school and all the tank divisions are now in fort benning sooo thts y

        • Yes, Mac, and a “wethers” sheep at that.

      3. Begun the clone wars have.

          • That’s awesome! LOL

            • Yeah, we’re awesome and you aren’t!

              • ,you blew that one. Pretty lame BH.

          • Mac, you have a definite talent/penchant for finding extraordinarily relevant YouTube clips at the most appropriate times.

            Gotta categorized library, or a “photographic memory” that qualifies as “stellar”, possibly “off world”? ;)!

          • Got goosebumps watching this; and not in a good way. Freaking Lucas must be some kind of prophet.

          • What did she say? (Too much noise.)

            • Phoebe, she said “So this is how liberty dies…to thunderous applause…”

            • “So this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause.”

          • Yes, Obama’s hoards will be applauding for their reset into the Global Utopia…

            But their cry will be;
            “You will be assimilated, resistance is futile.”

            Unfortunately, they will discover, there are at least 3% of this country, who never got the memo…

            The III,
            We are everywhere.

            • Note to obarrys whore(ds)…”the rumor of Libertys death has been greatly exaggerated”…remember that when the lights go out in your kingdom!

              • “Where did the lights go”?

                It went down the black hole of liberty’s revenge.

      4. Well my family originally came here in the 1740’s because we either had to get out of England or hang, now I have no place to go. So I suppose this time, I’ll just hang around. Live free or die.

        • Aye to that…

          “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” -Benjamin Franklin

          • Good old Ben knew what he was talking about ” Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither” Stupid sheep; they won’t wake up till there in the death camps!

            MOLON LABE!

          • This subject of the NSA recording all phone conversations and email’s and most likely Ham transmissions, have really been eating on me. This is probably the greatest transgression this Government is doing to “We The People” Just as many of us have heard people make the statement (I don’t care, I don’t have nothing to hide)they are outright Liar’s. I’m old enough to remember when we had party lines on the phone, and how people would complain because some one would listen to their conversation. So I’m sure it is much worse for Big Brother to listen in, than some nosey neighbor. SO. It’s time for us Patriots to take an action. No, it does no good to start using profanity and attacking the NSA or any other Three letter agency, because this just goes into a computer bank and no one even see’s it. So, my thoughts on this subject is to start flooding them with words that we are pretty sure will raise a red flag. I believe if every Patriot would start to use a particular key word in every phone call or every email for a week, we will get their attention. So my thoughts are that we need to start having a “WORD OF THE WEEK”, their are thousands who read this blog every day. So if everyone would use a select word in all of our phone calls and all of our emails to friends for a week, we would open some eyes. Example, “Pressure Cooker” most here no what I mean. So how about some feed back on this thought! And starting Monday, I will have a word for the week. So for the best results, I think we should all just use that particular word for the week and then on the following Monday someone else can post the word for the week. Trekker Out. We Must Do Something!

            • Yes it is a transgression on the part of the govt to spy on it’s own people but Dubya Bush started this shit and Obammy is taking it a few notches further.

              And you have Repubs who are saying hell yes we need more spying on Americans. I laugh when they say it’s to counter terrorism. So how come those asswipes at the NSA and CIA couldn’t track down the Boston Bombers. Yeah it’s probably cause they were to busy focusing on us law abiding citizen’s.

              You i’m starting to hope this Country fails. I can’t believe I was cheering Putin when he granted amnesty to Snowden. That’s how far this country has fallen.

              • Yes Rodster your correct. But it’s irrelavant who started this oppression on the American people. Whats important is that we start resisting this Pressure Cooker that this Socialist SOB that we now have in office is placing us under. Trekker Out.

                • How often do we hear now the term “THE government”
                  instead of the term “OUR government”.

                  • like The Plague, The Matrix, or The Borg > > > The Government….nothing that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

                  • Because it is no longer OUR government.

                • This started in 1913, a hundred years ago. All you are seeing is the end result of what happens when generations of people are conditioned to look the other way, not face the truth, and not question “authority”. Generations of people who have been conditioned to believe the dem-rep facade, people don’t get it, and refuse to.

                  You can continue to pretend that it actually matters who is “in office”, but sorry, it has not mattered for almost a century. obummer is owned just like his predecessors, and will gladly carry out his orders to destroy America. Bush was the rino version of obummer, and no different.

              • Precisely. The Republican vs. Democrat storyline is a sham kept alive by AM radio shills. It is US (U.S.) vs. Them.

              • A very good video. Thanks.

              • W69, i just finished watching the video. I also just finished throwing up a snack I was having. I shouldn’t be surprised that they would go so low as to use the venerable teddy bear in one of their propaganda videos. It was very disgusting! braveheart

                • Of course not, Braveheart– don’t you remember when Obama was talking about taking our guns and the little boy came up, saying how Obama was like our daddy and if he says we should give them up,,, then we should! Love, trust and Cuddlies. How re-assuring!

                  • Forrest, that poor child will grow up never knowing about his rights, especially his right to self-defense. He’ll be taught to depend on police, government, the whole 9 yards. Let him grow up, have a family of his own, and let them suffer from a home invasion one day. Let’s see how he reacts when the police don’t show up in time to save his wife and kids from being raped and killed. that would be interesting. braveheart

                  • Sad but interesting.

            • I end lots of email…TSA, and ya hear me now??-)

              • Don’t forget to include some “on the watch list terms” as well. Soon, the NSA will be like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

                A wonderful sight to imagine.

                • I should have read further down the “postings”…I believe my suggestion has already received attention. Premature ejection/suggestion. My apologies to those “ahead of my game”.

            • I’m with you MT. Its time to push back. Anytime one can cause chaos on there side it must be attempted. At least you will be contributing to the cause instead of just bitching and waiting for someone else to do the work to save you.

              • maddog, Paul Craig Roberts said that the minute any of us organize, they will be there to take us in… guess that’s one reason they got the Surveillance system is place.

                They took the book, 1984, perfected their techniques, then took Stalin’s and Hitler’s playbooks and copied them to a tee…

                Remember the Underground Rail Road?

                • Also, I hear there’s an excellent book called, “Monkey wrenching”… not that I would do any of those things listed in the book– they’re illegal. Just saying…

                  • Monkey Wrenching is a radical ecoterrorist how-to, advocating burning Hummer dealerships, homes under construction, totally low-level and cowardly crap that accomplishes nothing.

                    I would not recommend it as a guide to effective resistance to any armed force.

                • Yes, however MT’s idea make’s it impossible to single out one person. We need to continue to look for these kind of ideas and but Pressure cooker. them to work. We will never succeed head on that’s been proven forever. Gorilla warfare is the only way to overcome the odds. Pressure cooker.

            • TO’ Mountain trekker.I think they call that trending?? Great idea!! a single word or phrase will work.example…
              Reliable sources have reported that President Obama has {resigned from office this morning saying he was not born in the USA,and he was also guilty of infidelity!! world is shocked!!copy,paste,share,tweet everywhere.

              • KAYNINE, I suggested a single word because it can be inserted into a comment or conversation or email at anytime Pressure Cooker even though it has no relevance to what is being said or written. I could post a list of words that would raise a flag, but for OPSEC I’ll refrain from that at this time. But these words, and most here are probably saavy enought to know a word that would draw attention, are really best used when they don’t belong in your transmission what ever it may be, since we’re not terriost to start with. But unless many on this site use the WORD and don’t pass it along to their friends on their email list, this will not work. Trekker Out. I’ll Die Free!

                • I suggest. It’s the bomb.

            • @ Mountain Trekker
              Been eating on me too.
              For me, when I was stationed at Futenma I’d see our coolest SR71 shoot straight up in the sky like a rocket
              and literally shake the entire island. What blew me away is that when the Gvmnt. told the public that advanced aircraft existed- it was 20 or 30 years old! So first of all, think of the unimaginable high-tech Defense systems
              us Americans have in our possession now.
              More importantly, if the NSA is just now admitting to spying on and/or storing ALL DATA and ALL INFO on ALL of us Americans then that’s a 20 year old confession.
              If that’s what they’re telling us, think what they’re NOT telling us. We need 100% transparency on all Gvmnt. info, meetings, everything! No more behind the door, pat each other on the back, wink wink, corrupt dealing for our Politicians who WORK FOR US! They are supposed to serve us, not the other way around. Everybody is pissed off, there’s a rumbling groundswell happening everywhere, this mid-term election in Nov. 2014 is the time to clean house and they ALL feel it and know it’s coming. Change IS coming for the good!
              Good job, Mac Slavo

              • I think we should come clean..

                While we still have the military might to tell other country to chill out or else.

            • There was an article last summer that outlined the ‘key words’ that flag a phone call or digital message for review. There were 80 or words. I’ll try to find it and link it here.

              • Are sure or are you just”just making crap up” today.

            • There was an article last summer that outlined the ‘key words’ that flag a phone call or digital message for review. There were 80 or words. I’ll try to find it and link it here.

            • Lead the way, Trekker! Excellent idea.

              • That one of the problems no one is willing to make that first serious step or truly step up and lead for only the good of the people.

            • wanna see how bad tracking is go to spokeo an type in your name it will show street view picture of where you live freaked me out first time i did this so to counter act i found out they buy data mining so evert week i fill out new creadit cards with my name gascards you name it with fake addys ect now onthere like 20 times with diff info but same name so fun to give disinformation to nosy companys

          • 100thumbs up Mac Indians believed that its better to die for something than die for nothing we will come together
            when the shit starts

        • I came to U.S. 12 years ago, and brought my wife and kids with me.

          I was hoping to have a better life for my children (and hopefully, for my wife and myself as well).

          After many years of extremely hard work, we are now OK financially…


          Seriously, folks, bring the Liberty back, or someone will regret stealing it from us!!!

          “I am mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!!”

          • Then do something. Be the first step. You won’t you still will protect family first.

        • A few of mine came on the Mayflower. Our ancestors had good thinking brains apparently. Wonder how many others who visit this site have a similar heritage.

          • Mine does.

            These SOBs can burn in hell.

          • American Indian.

            • JinD Come on up, you’ll feel right at home in Lander maybe more so in Riverton. Trekker Out.

            • Part Chippewa and Part Souix..
              James your in good once said , ask an Indian if you can trust the government..

              still stands true to this day, maybe even worse to come

          • Some of my wife’s ancestors came on the Mayflower. The Puritans had a Theocracy. They hated Baptists and Quakers and luckily no Catholics were around at the time because they would be killed immediately. One of her ancestors was executed by being buried alive with stones in Salem because he was accused of Witchcraft. I would accept a theocracy but only if I was the head religious leader .Otherwise I don’t want government telling me what to believe!

          • Mine does. I’m descended from Russian immigrants combined with American Indians, Nez Perce.

            • Wow, these last few posts bring tears to my eyes. No wonder we all have such a burning in our bellies.

            • @ sixpack…Nez Perce Indians at or near Palouse county Idaho. Home of the appaloosa horse. I bought my 2 appy’s from Oregon, pretty close to you @ Red Hill appaloosa. Near Roseburg.

              • I’m at the northwestern foot of Mt. Hood—beautiful view from here. I LOVE Appaloosas, and horses in general. I got tossed off a strawberry roan when I was a teenager, I thought saddles were over-rated…Ah, the good old days…

          • Howe family 1650’s Lynn MA

          • Mine came in the first group of settlers with Captain John Smith in 1607 and founded Jamestown in Virginia. THAT is where the story of our country truly began, NOT PLYMOUTH ROCK! braveheart

          • Five brothers in 1600s from England, I’m a son of the American Revolution, War of 1812,dad WWII, and I’m mad as hell.Agree with the post-we must think smart,plan quitely,be VERY observant-wolf in sheeps clothing. Look up “A day at the coup” That is how wwe will fight.

        • You may wish to consider Iceland or Finland. They are pretty high up on the freedom index. Oh, and Iceland has been known to jail banksters.

          Bhutan is another cool location if you like warmer weather.

          • I’ve heard all about the health care system in Finland. When you get cancer, you can die while waiting for surgery. No I have no plans to leave the US.

            • LSB….coming soon to a US health facility near you. Especially if private insurers cut reimbursement to Medicare levels when obummercare is fully enforced

          • Naw,but thanks… this here piece of ground is mine…too much blood in it and on it…Cherokee/Seneca and Scotch-Irish…like someone above related my white forebears had to run from a tyrant for stealing his horses…America or hang…wise men they were they chose America where my other forebears were waiting for them…some fought the british tyrant and later the yankee one…like I said lots of blood…may I be so blessed as to add mine to theirs one day if need be…naw if anybodys leavin this land itll be them not me!

        • Damn straight …. Let us stand together.

        • Paranoid, My family also arrived in late 1690s and early 1700s from Europe. I have ancestors who have fought in every American war or conflict from the Revolutionary War up to gulf conflicts. They fought and died so we could live free. Obama will be surprised by the resistance patriots will give him when he starts this revolution. As Man On The Inside said, organize.

        • Same here. Poached a deer in the local Grand Poobah’s woods and had to leave Germany or be hanged for it, back in 1683.

        • My family came here around 1640 and were among the founders.

          To be honest…I’m starting to feel about this country the way that I am sure they felt about England when they left there.

          But there is no place left to go.

          So I will stay here and become a problem for them.

        • I wonder “how many” have completed the program now?

          FEMA Corps youth program draws “Hitler Youth” comparisons

          September 13, 2012 – The “Dept. of Homeland Security has just graduated its first class of 231 Homeland Youth. Kids, aged 18-24 and recruited from the President’s AmeriCorp volunteers, they represent the first wave of DHS’s youth corps, designed specifically to create a full time, paid, standing army of FEMA Youth across the country.”

          “Unlike most local disaster response teams who are volunteers, training periodically and only showing up when there’s a disaster, the FEMA Corps will be a paid, full time, standing army of government youth.”

          “What is the US federal government preparing for? And why does it feel it needs an army of brainwashed youth, millions of guns, thousands of armored fighting vehicles and literally billions of rounds of ammunition, just to provide relief to the American people during a natural disaster?”

          Whiteout Press dot com

            • In addition to that I wonder if the little darling “kids” will be bemoaned as poor kids when patriots defending their selves and the freedoms “treyvon” them?…wonder if the MREs that these little darlings get will have skittles and cough syrup in them…. 🙂

            • Can you say “Red Guards” ?

              • Going to be kind of ironic, won’t it, when the darling little Red Guards find out where those millions of imported Russian Mosin-Nagant rifles went.

          • You know its funny…they refer to 18-24year olds as “kids”…freakin kids!…usta be men and women at that age…funny how to the PTB theyre just kids when they get “treyvoned” but theyre all grown up when the govt wants them to vote or to in wars or get bith control/abortion without parental imput…just strikes me as hypocritical 🙁

            • Perfect point.

          • The “Dept. of Homeland Security has just graduated its first class of 231 Homeland Youth.

            50 against 200 million–yeah, that’ll work!!

            • I dunno man, circa 100,000 against 350 million’s been working pretty damned good so far…

          • Them kids that got drafted in king obama’s army will find out quick that war fighting isn’t the same as call of duty. Especially urban combat. It’s in your face ugly and only the strong willed and trained graduate that school of hard knocks. I graduated in ’03.

            • The feds are going to get a majority, if not all, of those kids killed. They’ll find out damned quick that war is totally different from their video games. Welcome to the ‘REAL WORLD’, kids! braveheart

            • Actually one of the first courses are deprogram of that.

              I have given the “modern warfare isn’t like Xbox Murder warfare”

              You be amazed how hard it was to deprogram some.

            • “strong willed and trained”?

              Sorry, but you have got it wrong, it should be strong willed or trained.

              Vietnam and Afgahnistan prove that.

              Sun Tzu spelt it out before christ wore nappies, you cannot subdue a population on its own ground. You would think that lesson would have been learned by now but apparently not.

          • Damn I sure would not like the Idea of Shooting Little Obamabots, but there”s the Rub….

            Death to The NWO
            NOMI CATMF Oh Pressure Cooker!

            Semper Fi

      5. Get a good scope. .270, .308, 30-06 or 7.62×54 to the face. Unless they’re dressed like darth vader, they don’t stand a chance. Fuck em. Even open sites at close range will work.

        • Nobody alone stands a chance with Homeland Security.You can prepare to defend yourself but it will only get you killed. I’m not trying to be rude but watching the events of Egypt and Syria shows that those who rebel only get killed. These are scary times and I don’t see a solution.

          • Why the thumbs down? I think Well-Soul is making a very valid point.

            • Because that’s the statement of a pussy.

              • My point is this….. Some people on here are not facing reality. In the real world a very small percentage of our population see what’s going on and few of those a actually care. We have become a society addicted to entertainment and comfort. So as long as people get their sports, filthy cable tv , and restaurants they are content and clueless. Our society for the most part wants larger government and they don’t care about liberty. If you don’t believe me then how did Obama win election? My eyes were open when I started homeschooling my kids and ran into old textbooks that taught things about freedom and communism that the public schools failed to teach me. The new textbooks teach quite the opposite and that shows me why we are in this situation to begin with. For many years we aloud these liberals to destroy our schools with their ideology and now were overpopulated with ignorance. There is no way out of the mess that started years ago unless you die fighting. It’s a Hitler generation once again.

                • Liberals have been playing this game longer than I have been alive and now its check mate. The people some of you talk so easy about killing are most likely going to be the same people you sat and goofed off with in your history class.

                • With respect…theres a lot more rebels and outlaws out here than most people can even imagine…most are not gonna make a peep till the fighting starts…don’t be so quick to give up on us…

            • We won”t be Throwing Rocks!

              Semper Fi

          • It wouldn’t be well with my soul if I didn’t try.

          • You can bet over half those 500+ killed yesterday were shot by the mooselimb brotherhoodies to increase the death toll for world view.

          • They are throwing rocks in Egypt. They won against the police but couldn’t fight the military.

            Syria is Al Queda, mercenaries and foreign fighters. Not popular uprising.

          • @IIWWMS… WTFO! Those that rebel and defend themselves get killed and those that do nothing either become slaves or get killed. So what do you suggest? Just sit around and plead for your life and get killed?

        • Don’t forget 7mm (I don’t want to be left out…LOL)

          • Last night I was sung to sleep by the sound of machine guns. Really. We are out in the desert, in a valley. Across the valley is a gun club. Don’t know why but they always seem to have the machine gun competition at night. That’s okay…at least I know for sure that somebody is practicing.

            • We are like that here, too. It used to scare me when I heard gunfire in the Big City, but now that I’m in the country, I find it very comforting, knowing my neighbors are practicing….:-)

          • Let’s not be too concerned about the caliber of the bullets, just where they go.

        • Heads and Hips, Heads and Hips. Remember it takes 4 people to take care of 1 wounded. So wounding 1 is as good as taking out 5. Besides it saves on ammo. 🙂 Uses up a lot more resources as well. Also a wounded crying and moaning soldier is a lot more demoralizing. Course I have seen it piss a wounded soldiers comrades off as well. Anger can cause rage which produces carlessness. But wrecklessness is a weakness to work off as well.


          • Shoot at heads on officers….balls on the grunts.

            Confuse, demoralize, make combat ineffective.


      6. Hey, Mac:

        You need a story on the history of police persecuting people who film them. I debate a cop on another board who refuses to believe that the police are wrong or it’s increasing. I swear it’s all part of a psy op to intimidate the population into accepting tyranny. Lately there have been cops who make it a point to shoot someone’s dog if they go to the wrong house or if the person is filming them. I find it extremely alarming.

      7. i know i’m breaking opsec by saying this, but here goes….i live near wake forest,nc…last week in the local paper, there was an article about the “new $250,000.00 swat truck” that the wake forest pd just got…now the cops have something cool to ride in when the play dressup with all their swat stuff…the paper raved about the purchase, and how it was there to save us from the ills of “domestic terrorists” and get this, “protect the police”… the police from what? from the public? from common sense?…dark days are truely apon us when small towns start acting like los angeles

        • Don’t worry about opsec. Government knows where you live. Only people you can hide from are your friends here. Kind of like that saying about keeping enemies close.
          I live in Garland, a suburb of Dallas. I have seen a few military type armored vehicles around here. It looks like the police everywhere are picking up these vehicles. Its a bit unsettling that, for whatever reason, they have justified such an enormous expense in a time when the economy is in shambles. If you’re poor, you don’t fix your poorness by buying unnecessary things. Makes me think that they saw an extreme need to beef up firepower, which justified the massive expense.

          • I live in northeast Arkansas, not to far from Jonesboro. I do not fear being killed by hit teams, I fear being a coward.

          • I have a friend in Garland, he has mentioned seeing the same, also said something about a staged helicopter raid on an old school building earlier this summer..”training exercise?

          • I’ll bet its called intimidation.

            • LSB and it works. Kid in WVA. wears a NRA shirt to school and they kick him out, and threaten to take him to court. Woman checks out pressure cookers on line and police show up. Rodeo clown wears a mask of Mao and he’s banned from working rodeo’s. No one has to be sent to jail, just make them high profile and no one else will do these things again.Trekker Out. Big Brother Wins Again.

        • I’m guessing they are all worried about those rowdy soon to be preachers at the seminary. I used to live there, and always thought the town was kinda dead spiritually. I never dreamed it was that bad.

          • wake forest is no longer the small southern town that i knew and loved…now, it’s become a northeastern “village”, full of lazy, trendy, hippies that brought their “way of life” with them when they fled from the blue states……nobody gives a damn how “you did it up north”

      8. “smile and wave boys… and wave”

      9. The ruling elite in our government do not revere or respect the Constitution. Instead they are abhorrently fearful of it because it enables and empowers the individual citizen to break the shackles of over regulation, taxation and tyranny and establish a decentralized goverment as our Founders intended our country to be.

        The Constitution is a direct front to centralized power both political parties have accrued over the last 100 years of progressivism and social engineering.

        They will not let their insatiable thirst for power be diminshed by the Constitution. Hence forth for every move made by Patriots to restore the Constitution and enable the induvidual you will see a counter by the government centralizing more power while diminishing individual liberties until eventually a spark ignites a conflict.

        The people in power are smart and know this to be and are getting their house in order for the eventual spark or event that sets everything off. When that will be is anyone’s guess. As we do, those in power do and that is PREPARE.

        • Yea that’s what I believe. They have been living large and are not going to give up their perks and power without a fight. The see all of us as the enemy

      10. We already know that it is a police state. Something interesting is happening in the bond market today though. The 10 year yield has broken to 52 week highs and if it finishes the day above 2.75 like it seems it might, I think we are going to see it start to spike a lot. Things are about to become more clear for everyone in my opinion.

        • Hey eeder try 2.8. looks like we my see what a lot of people have been telling others to prepare for. I was told if the number is above 7.5 we will all be in trouble.

          • maddog. I suspect this will all get quite ugly long before/if it ever gets to 7.5 yield on the 10 year. I suspect it is basically lights out before it gets to 5. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

            • 3.4 not making a joke. It were it will start to show. At 5 point of no return.
              7.5 stick a fork in it.

              • agreed facebook page

                • (sigh)…America’s financial problems have EVERYTHING to do with the Gold for Oil deals:

                  The Inside Story on the Gold-for-Oil Deal that could Rock the World’s Financial Centers


        • The “countdown” has been initiated. Historically, that “countdown” could be slowed, if not actually halted. “Pour some more gas/money on the potential fire.

          This time, That option may have been intentionally eliminated. In other words, “the financial show” may be at the “open the curtain on the first scene of this Economy bubble bursting play”.

          If this is the case, whether intentional or a result of “no more economic phony ammo”…spoiler alert, this “play” has an unhappy ending for the vast majority.

      11. This is strange,I just heard O’bummer on the NEWS talking about th 500 dead in Egypt. He said the American Gov’t. will NOT tolerate the Egyptian Gov’t. killing its own citizens ! Then I guess all the build up in DHS is to just so we can play War-Games at home! Just giving MORE Gov’t. employees something to do for their high pay !!….RIGHT!!??…….mm

        • ***He said the American Gov’t. will NOT tolerate the Egyptian Gov’t. killing its own citizens !**

          Nope; just tolerate the American Govt. killing ITS own citizens.
          Like Benghazi???

          • If he is not going to tolerate it, than why did they oust Morsi and enable it? What exactly is the idiot going to do? Make more ridiculous idle threats it seems. This clown is beyond shameful. Barry that is. As my uncle used to say he is full of shit and down a quart.

            • Exactly, they were told the muslim brotherhood would take over from Morsi and that was their plan…to destabilize the area along with Libya,Yemen and set the stage for WWIII…

              • …something I heard about the best laid plans of mice and men…

          • His real concern is that the Muslim Brotherhood is out of power and not going to be able to control the Islamofascist movement. The Arab Spring was a cover for bringing the Caliphate campaign under an umbrella of control that would be ostensibly acceptable to the sheeple in the West, rather than the Iranians, Al-Qaeda, and Hamas/Hezbollah.

            The Egyptian military and police have scotched that, I say let them continue to crack down until they crawl back into their holes. They recognized a jackal in lambs’ clothing when they saw it.

          • The American Gov’t will not tolerate Egypts military killing the radical islamists that we were supporting?

            We “were” supporting Morsi…

            Morsi threw out Egypts constitution and replaced it with oppressive Islamic Law..

            Military threw Morsi out..

            Muslim Bro’s and Morsi are of the same camp!

            keep the facts straight…

            barry supports the radicals


      12. Since BHO was “Red Dawned” into power, you, YES YOU SHTF PLAN READER, has been branded a terrorist by Homeland. BHO has done end runs around the Constitution, signed Executive Orders allowing Him to seize your stuff, sold guns to Mexican Drug Runners, put perverts in charge of the Military and Women into combat. He’s left brave men in the field to die in Libya, and spied on each and every one of us. Meanwhile He’s cut our Military and continues to decrease the number of nuclear weapons we need for defense, while sending money to Muslim terrorist’s like Hamas. He’s also used the IRS to silence conservative groups.
        As Daisy Luther wrote a few weeks ago, we are undergoing an economic collapse, but it is being managed in a slow manner to prevent a violent push back. Plus, that is before the destruction Obamacare is going to bring.

        In a speech to the Hispanic Left, (La Raza) BHO called we White Christian Middle Class American’s “The Enemy”, while giving the Black Panther party a pass on videoed interfering with white voters.

        Obama has also attempted to side step the 2nd. Amendment and take your guns away, using the events of Sandy Hook as cover and has passed millions of dollars of free phone to “His People”…


        IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

        IF NOT YOU, WHO?

        • Let’s roll………

        • Time is against us. Each day we wait they get stronger and more organized while we get older and weaker.

          It’s taken the Communist in Argentina 10 years to destroy the Middle Class thru hyper-inflation, TEN YEARS!

          If you think that you are going to run and hide with your stockpile of #10 cans, Life’s Savings and AR-15, you are wrong. Dead Wrong

          They’ll wait you out until prices are so high you can’t afford to live and pay your taxes, and then not give you the medical care that you need.

          The out spoken of us will be classified as “anti-social”, or “counter-revolutionary” and rounded up.

          They plan to harass you and your family in anyway that they can until you either give up, or react with violence. Either way you’re either dead inside, or just plain dead… I ask you again,

          IF NOT NOW,WHEN?

        • @Carrying the fire,

          Answer: Bide my time till the moment is right. Moraly and ethicaly.

          IF NOT NOW, WHEN?
          Answer: I have my line as being when they come for my guns and here in California that time is getting real close, REAL CLOSE!

          IF NOT YOU, WHO?
          Answer: No one is being asked to carry my water. When the time comes, me and mine have made our preps and made peace with our maker.


        • Carrying the Fire: Pls provide link to speech referenced…In a speech to the Hispanic Left, (La Raza) BHO called we White Christian Middle Class American’s “The Enemy”, while giving the Black Panther party a pass on videoed interfering with white voters. Thanks.

      13. What I found most encouraging was the overwhelming applause of the attendees following the colonel’s comments. Looks like folks in NH got their eye on the scumbag poly-ticks. Hmm, vote tabled….

        You see folks, nothing these NWO, Agenda 21, bankster, criminal class clowns do can stand the light of day. Just as cockroaches disperse when the lights are turned on.

        Think about it. Their scared and on the run. Just keep the lights on.

      14. What I found most encouraging was the overwhelming applause of the attendees following the colonel’s comments. Looks like folks in NH got their eye on the scumbag poly-ticks. Hmm, vote tabled….

        You see folks, nothing these NWO, Agenda 21, bankster, criminal class clowns do can stand the light of day. Just as cockroaches disperse when the lights are turned on.

        Think about it. Their scared and on the run. Just keep the lights on.

      15. And the sheep go naaa
        Theres nothing to worry about
        Wonder whar the folks from Germany or Russia or China would say
        How many got killed by the government in those countries?

      16. Research the numerous Federal grants awarded to small towns across America. The paramilitary force is being funded with tax dollars. Equipment, including armored incident response vehicles, has been purchased for small towns. Almost new vehicles like BearCats being replaced with new models, the older ones going to small towns.

        • That’s OK, the small town cops are mostly good people. They fire the jerks, who then go to work in the big towns. I’ll buy my local guy coffee anytime.

          • I’ll address this to you Paranoid because you live there. I saw a perfect example of how propaganda works on the local news. A couple of nights ago they had a clip on school security, they said that DHS was going to help the Schools in Casper, Wy. with their school security. Like we really need the Fed’s telling us how to provide security. But my point is, that the news network talked to several people on the street and they all thought it was a good idea, not one person was opposed to DHS being involved. Now either Conservative Casper has no one against the Fed’s being involved in everything or they didn’t bother to show us any who were. Just my thoughts! Trekker Out. Pressure Cooker.

            • Trekker

              I highly doubt the consensus would be pro DHS anything in Wy.

              Like you said, propaganda

            • whats that you say trekker?
              an AR15 with a 30rd pressure cooker magazine ?
              what caliber is that exactly ? HAHAHA

              I like the word of the week idea .

              • Thanks hammerhead, now that’s what I’m talking about! There for a minute, I felt like I was the only one in a pressure cooker. There are words that really get their attention. Such as items used in terriost attacks, not words such as ammo,or guns or NSA but words that we don’t often see used on these blogs. Trekker Out.

              • My pressure cooker is close to 400 mm.

                • My pressure cookers hold 7qt or 12 pts….I wonder if that’s considered High capacity… 😉

            • Here’s another. Pressure Cooker. I’m driving around reno and the news guy on the radio is telling me gas prices are going down while my own lying eyes watch the gas man raise the price on the sign. Need more, the same news guy says the economy is improving, as I notice the business I’m looking for is closed along with all the other businesses in the area. Pressure Cooker.

              • “Chocko ration’s going up again, eh?” – George Orwell’s 1984

          • Unless the Chief is a jerk. Then the town hires more jerks and you end up with a small town being run by the equivalent of a biker gang.

        • And, as a small town sheriff’s department, if you don’t follow the program, you get black balled and on a list that says, sorry, no funds for that??

          • forgot–pressure cooker!! 🙂

          • Yea, and if the small town sheriff’s wife buys a pressure canner, he might not get invited to the next meeting with the TOP DAWG.

          • hmmm. Strangely enough, it throws out a bunch of ‘FEMA = Secret govt’ claptrap, a list of Exec Orders and then rounds that all out by listing a bunch of bases with ‘FEMA camps’ in them.

            BTW, I was from Ft Huachuca once upon a time and was there vistin family a few months back. Yea, there isn’t a FEMA camp there. Both of my parents work on Ft Huachuca and yea, there still isn’t a FEMA camp there.

            So, were you gonna post something with even scant proof or should I show you the clip of me as porn star from 30+ years ago as definitive proof? They call me Holmes, John Holmes.

            • pondering…

              Ft Huachuca is out in the middle of nowhere. population the size of fleas on a dog’s back side.

              Davis Monthan and the HUGE aircraft ‘drydock’ bases are all up in Tucson (70ish miles away) where the population is HUGE.

              Why would there be a FEMA camp in Sierra Vista?

              Just confirmed with my fam that works on the base:
              No new big construction outside of some barracks.
              No sections of base have been made off limits.
              No new fenced in areas.

              Conclusion: Yep, yental is a moonbat.

              • You still fail to address the definition: “Internment/Resettlement Specialist” for the Army National Guard.

                “Internment” is now the acceptable label applied to survivors of catastrophe, natural or otherwise? That particular label still implies “prisoner” without the ability to “leave at will” in my understanding. Simply a “poor choice” of adjectives perhaps?

                Perhaps a continued effort to “hide/misrepresent/deny” the TRUTH.

                Then again, YOU believe “Saudis with box cutters, flying passenger jets FAR IN EXCESS of their “air frame capability at sea level” (reported airspeed in excess of 500 knots at sea level would cause the aircraft to literally fall apart due to atmospheric friction)directed by the CIA asset “Tom Osmond” from a “cave somewhere” in the “sandbox”…managed to pull of the “proposed events of 9/11.

                Call me whatever gives you a boner! I’ve done the research since 2005, and am becoming quite bored with you unsubstantiated “MSM WORSHIPING mindset”.

                I do like your “site handle”…and agree completely.

                • That would be “Tim” Osmond, aka Osama Bin Laden.

      17. Anytime the homeland security starts with anything it means that they are planning for a future event. For sure events are the ones in which the U.S. goes into Syria and or somewhere else in the Middle East and “tries” to occupy somewhere. This would mean that terrorist groups would be very likely to strike in this country. Another scenario that is not a for sure thing is something geophysical. I would watch anywhere within a 200 mile wide radius around the entire San Andreas fault zone, the Cascadia fault, and of course the New Madrid. Planning for this would not be as detailed and intense as something from a planned event.

        This planned event could of course be a false flag. Probably a false flag there would be an obvious presence a couple of days to a week before it happened. A staged event is far easier to control the outcome. Something like an event in the Middle East would likely be much more time oriented, maybe even a month before it happens because there are so many variables in the mix.

        You look at over 500 dead, possibly triple that of people not reported, and this Egypt problem is worse than Syria to start off. In Syria you have this tribal type of fighting. In Egypt you have a whole lot of people that feel that their “leader” Morsi was fairly elected and then ousted. When you have tens of millions of people that feel that their voice was shutdown by the military, you have a very harsh civil war potential. Imagine if some third party leader in this country was finally elected and the military decided to step in and get rid of that president. Talk about a call to arms. This is what is happening in Egypt, not that Morsi is not a piece of crap, but the people feel that once again their voice is silenced by the force of a government.

        Bubble, bubble, the cauldron of unrest is now boiling over. What happened in Egypt could happen so quickly here. Then BO talks about how wrong martial law is on a speeech about Egypt this morning, yet has plans for martial law in this country when the time is right for his puppet masters. Weird times that are going to get stranger.

        • Hey BI. Been busy and offline a bit lately. Wanted to just say I read your article and it was excellent.

          There is no doubt that they aren’t purchasing all of the things they have not intending to use them.

          Keep up the good fight and God Bless,

          • Howdy, Norse Prepper. Great to hear from you. All is well on my end. braveheart

        • You know BI… its funny they worry about whats happening in egypt when they plan it for us…I mean they will have to deal with a precident they themselves have set…in that they will have to find a way to defend a martial takeover here to the rest of the world when they have condemned it elsewhere…they may not get much sympathy eh? we can hope…ya ole barry wanted a muzzy takeover in egypt and else where… did he actually think that no one would challenge the establishment of a govt that had no respect for the democratic process… outside of how it could be used to get them into power…once in power they worked to undermine any further democratic progress that might challenge them… and they got taken out…sounds really familiar doesn’t it barry? eh?

          • I believe one BIG difference between Egypt and the good old USA
            Were armed
            Their people are not

            • Oh no doubt my friend…I was just pointing out how they praise democracy when its good for their purposes but then get all upset when another group votes to take their favs out of power either by actual votes or bullets…but then I tend to do that…contemplating/thinking that is… 😉

          • Barry Barry, what a fairy, eh?

        • Egypt = Suez Canal. Enough said.

          • Syria = natural gas pipeline to Europe.. Russia loses billions.


            • Enough said.

      18. OK, time to get on a roll again. Kudos to this retired Marine Corps colonel for telling the truth. He actually got that town council to question the proposed DHS grant. They also need to question the intentions of their own local police dept. toward the citizens of that town. That police chief needs his feet held to the fire. LE all over this nation wants to cry foul every time their illegal and unconstitutional actions come under public scrutiny. Look at all the brainwashing they’ve received from the feds, especially DHS, since 911, telling local, county, and state agencies that the American people are “the enemy”. We, whose revenue are the source of their paychecks, benefits, and pensions, are the enemy. i’ll grant there are certain segments of the population who have all kinds of false complaints about America; those people need to finmd another country they like and relocate to it. BUT DON’T GO AND PAINT ALL OF US WITH THE SAME BRUSH. THAT IS NOT REALITY. I realize there are some cops who have questioned the things the feds taught them in the academy and afterwards and don’t accept the fed propaganda as gospel. To those cops, I take my hat off to them. They’re the only ones in LE who CAN be trusted. All those kids in the FEMA Youth Corps will end up getting killed when they start kicking in people’s doors. They’re only part of the new Gestapo. I hope for LE’s sakes they NEVER totally turn against the public. they will pay the ultimate price for doing so. I hope they think long and hard before doing anything. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

        • As I’ve said things I didn’t agree with you before I’ll also say something when I agree. Good speak friend.

      19. They will come for you in the night, there will be no public outcry (they control MSM). When deemed loud you will be silenced, when deemed a threat you will be eliminated. Facism has reared its ugly head right in your backyard. Socialism has taken root in your garden, EVERYTHING our gandparents and parents fought against have now infested the land we call home. Martial law won’t be enacted because they have a civilian military in place. And if our military leaders try to step in these bastards will use the very document they’ve been perverting and trying to destroy to hide behind… The Constitution…


      20. Also I might add, our enemies have known that a military Red Dawn style to conquer America would never work. They knew the only way to destroy this country was from the inside. And THAT is exactly what they’re doing!


      21. 1- As I’ve posted before, expect Martial Law to be declared– for false flag or other reasons such a bank collapse or a combination thereof– between 9/1 and 12/1.

        2- August is truly our last month to prepare, so stock up, have redundant supplies, and keep them at more then one location.

        3- Prepare as though the Grid and/or Internet may go down. Do you have alternative means of Communication? Alternative means of Power, such as Propane-powered generators if gas stations close for whatever reason? Solar-powered stuff? Is all EMP-protected?

        4- After our own troops and foreign troops arrive through train stations and the federal nation-wide highway system, when they start Minor incidents of aggression do Not get suckered in to drawing fire as that will be done most likely to draw out “the well-armed”, etc. so they can target you and your loved ones with literal Overkill.

        5- If you haven’t already read and absorbed Sun Tzu’s classic, “The Art of War”, do so now or download it. It’s cheap at the bookstores. Make your defense/weapons subordinate to STRATEGY. Without MULTIPLE &/or ALTERNATIVE strategies, you might suffer defeat, or suffer it much sooner than not or need be.

        6- Ever play Chess? Good! THINK AHEAD of what the other person’s COUNTER-moves will be and prepare/plan accordingly.

        7- Every play Poker? Good! Don’t give away your “tells” = don’t be drawn out right away when you or a neighbor or your neighborhood are intentionally “provoked” in a minor way. Be SMARTER than them. Keep your emotions in check. This is a thinking person’s ‘game’, especially when LIVES are at stake, whether or NOT you are outnumbered Actually, or Potentially.

        8- In one of the Messages, Jesus said that He would hold off Martial Law until THE WARNING. Pay close attention to the timing of the Ison Comet. Because God IS God, He can accelerate it to arrive faster than experts on these things tell us. It is believed that because one, the antichrist is soon to emerge and become known (of course appearing as an incredibly deceptive person of peace) and two, that the Ison Comet is soon to arrive this Fall, that all of this, including THE WARNING will happen almost “at once” or within days of each other.

        9- Under NO circumstances after the banks collapse accept the Mark of the Beast! The Mark is actually an RFID chip which in TRUTH will disable your free will immediately (patents for mind control through chips are online); you will hear voices to command you and control you once your free will is disabled; also in the chip, Jesus said, are diseases designed to kill hundreds and hundreds of millions of people.

        This isn’t just “war”, my friends. This is a War between the Principalities: God and His human and other Angels versus Satan and his Demons. We have to be VERY VERY smart NOT to get caught between the two– especially demon-infested zombie-like soldiers (and other personnel) who may have already been “chipped”.

        In my humble view, all the signs of the times point to all these things (events and happenings,etc.), that this site by Mac, and other sites, have talked about and seem to repeatedly point to and underscore.

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”
        – President John F. Kennedy, assassinated 50-years ago this November 22nd.

        “Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes’ character written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “I believe…that truth needs to be repeated as long as there were men who disbelieved it.”
        – Gandhi

        “There are a vast number of angels being scattered all over the world as foretold to prepare the earth for My arrival. Many of these angels are in human form and, and like you My Beloved daughter, they chose this role.” – (part of) Jesus’ Message to Maria of 12/28/10 located at

        “Every fallen angel and demon…infiltrate the earth at this time…” – (part of) Jesus’s Message to Maria of 8/4/13:

        – The Lone Ranger

        • I’ve been trying to tell my family for some time, that just within the past 2-3 years, demons have LITERALLY started to walk among us. with a few exceptions, even the one’s who are preppers patronize me, all the while I can tell they secretly think I’ve gone off the reservation. It’s as though those who say they believe in Christ think revelations is just some abstract thing that some future generation will experience, without considering WE are the generation experiencing it. I consider myself to be quite a history buff, and I can think of no other time in human history where the entire race was under more threat. “Human” behavior, while it has been declining for decades, IMHO, has taken a sudden turn for the worse in the past few years. In a lot of the cases I’ve looked at, Demonic Possesion actually winds up being the MOST plausible explanation! Case in point: the “Miami Face Eater”. Sure, there have been heinous crimes throughout history- but this guy ATE the face and eyeballs of another person in broad daylight, while naked, in one of the busiest places in a major U.S city while the cops were shooting him! At first, they said it was “bath salts” that caused him to go nuts. Three weeks later, the toxicology results show he only had a little bit of weed in his system. This strikes me as a statement- “This is Satan- I have arrived”. Then, just a few days later, farther up the east coast (N.J I think), a guys barricades himself from the cops, and what does he use as a “weapon”? Not the knife he has- his OWN GUTS! he literally opens his own belly up, and starts throwing his own intestines at the cops! Sorry- this this type of behavior goes waaaaayyyy beyond “crazy” in my book!

          • I to have done a lot of research into demonic control and I have to say it is true, and Satan does rule this planet. Someone told me that is why cops always shoot dogs because the dog can see demons. Alister Crowley opened the gate between us and the demonic dimension and made it possible for demons to come across and posses and willing body. Most of the world leaders are in contract with Satan , when you understand this the world is easier to figure out . ( so is nearly every successful musician ,don’t believe me do a you tube search and they admit it, they sold there soul for fame)The creator never shows his hand and so you don’t really know if he exists, but if the devil exists then God exists. So don’t go to the dark side just because it is easier to walk downhill than up.

            • Ah, with respect, there were a lot of demons running loose long before ole alister was even born…cant say I give him any credit…evil man no doubt!

            • CWinOR and Abitdodgie,

              I couldn’t agree with each of you more!

              Here is the full text of the Message Jesus gave to Maria dated August 1, 2013:

              Thursday, August 1st, 2013

              “My dearly beloved daughter, how I yearn to embrace all of you dear followers of Mine and take you into My Refuge of peace and safety. How I wish I could take you all and hide you from the wickedness, which is being plotted against all Christians.

              “The wickedness present in the world is on a scale not seen since the days of Noah and it is like an invisible net, which covers the Earth. So lethal is it that very few really understand the level of sophistication involved. But be aware, this plan – the details of which will be given to the world – by those who say that they represent My churches on Earth – will be brought before you and you will be expected to accept it. Then you will be demanded to devour it and you will be given no choice. What you will be asked to do, behind all the garble, is to deny Me, Jesus Christ.

              “I warn the world, that when you try to dismiss My Divinity – you and all those involved in this devious plot – you will be marked as an enemy of God. When you side with blasphemous laws, you are guilty of sin against God.

              “I will continue to warn you, to open your eyes to the Truth, but I cannot force you to remain true to Me. I cannot force you to love Me. Your free will is your own, but if you turn and ask Me to guide you, I will open your eyes to the Truth. When you accept the Truth I will save you.

              “My poor followers, know that as the world will turn against God, that the Almighty Power of My Father will intervene and destroy His enemies one by one.

              Your Jesus”

              • As long as stories as this post stay in the comment section this site is OK.

                But if it ever starts being a posted story by “Mac and friends” oh we are so fucked.

        • Why 9/1-12/1? Lot’s of people have made timing predcitions before…

      22. When you think about it, it’s a brave thing what his Marine has done, because he has just painted a huge target on his own back.

        Hopefully someone like him will soon come forward and call on all patriotic Vets to “Stand To” against or domestic enemies. The time for action is now.

        The question is not, “Do we own a rifle” the question is, “Do we have the guts to get it started?”.

        • It would be better to have small groups than one large army. Think NVA or Taliban. A badger can’t swallow a ox whole, but If he keeps taking small bites, he will eventually devour it whole.

        • And so far no on does. Myself included.

      23. I have many family members in the US Military, they have all been telling me the same thing…
        they are preparing !, weapons, ammo, MRE’S, vehicles, training, even some of the bigger military bases are burying all surplus, so the public will not be able to get a hold of it J.I.C. the bases are overrun by the public, in one instance, they took up, the entire parking lot, buried the surplus weapons, and ammo, they recovered it in asphalt!!! its now a parking lot again, you wouldn’t be able to get to any of that stuff without a big CAT….D-9 or bigger…

        Take a drive by your local National Guard, and take a look, at all the new stuff they have, Humvee’s with large Parabolic reflector on the back of the Humvee’s???
        microwave technology for dispersing crowds, lots of K-Rail and barricades, armored checkpoints, pallets and pallets of sandbags, piles and piles of sand, new armored transport vehicles, new paint schemes as well for Urban combat… my eyes are wide open… and this is all scary stuff.

        also I have been hearing reports of bridges in small towns being retrofitted for large military vehicles to cross they, and they are also clearing trees 300′ on each side of urban 2 lane hwy’s so large aircrafts can land and take off….WTF…

        What do we do , besides prepping?

        • GAR–I read about the bridges being made taller by mere inches on Steve Quayle’s site.

          • All of the armor can be defeated or put to a standstill. If it can’t be destroyed, it can be stopped by destroying bridges, highways, by creating funnels, and by blockades. Work smarter not harder.

            • Exactly!!! All machines have weaknesses to exploit. Decoy, Draw them in, pin them, and burn them….

        • I’ve seen the buildup at the local nat guard base and so I googled mapped it and counted over 500 vehicles. Most of them are in desert camo shipped back here from iraq and Afghanistan.

          And just over the border in NH there have been news stories not just alternative media with regards to clipping trees back 100 yards on both sides of the highway.

          Theres no denying it at this point…

          • Yeah but here in the pacific northwest of the USSA, the Desert camo vehicles are all being repainted for Urban and Forest warfare!!!

      24. Americans are buying ammo at a rate of over 10 billion rounds per year. I think the liberty takers are terrified, and should be.

        • Ya the senate killed it in SC…they are the ones that have stopped a half dozen good bills we introduced down there in the last couple of years…like I told em(lawmakers)…you stop Obama or we will…with force…they will not be getting on my land…thankfully here I have the Sheriff on my side…he plans to deputize a bunch of us and arrest ANYONE attempting this crap…anyone left breathing as I said to him…this is lawless basturdism gone to seed and somewhere we gotta draw the line and then push back…illegal actions based on an illegal so-called law…be an outlaw or comply..thats our choice…got no job and no money so outlaw looks like my option!

          • Amen REB! While I’m not sure where our Sheriff will fall on this (though he was the first to actually send a letter to the admin that he will not enforce any fed gun control laws), that’s a moot point. I WILL enforce my right to live free, even if it means dying free. So have at it- all you “live to fight another day” folks. I GET your point of view- I don’t consider it invalid- there are times when it applies, just not ALL the time. But I too have my “Red Line”, and they’re on it. until ENOUGH people (and no- i have no idea what % it will take) of people STAND UP to this abomination, people won’t even be able to wrap their brains around the fact that we CAN resist! once it costs “them” too much to go door to door (and eventually- that WILL happen), until THAT POINT, they will just keep trampling- because nobody has told them anything other than “YESSIR! may i please have another!”. once it costs them enough, a lot of their minions will start reconsidering where they stand. momentum will build that way- against them eventually. if there’s never a face put to the fight, nothing but guerrilla’s in the dark, then that critical mass of public outcry will never happen. once that happens-the tables will start to turn. they only have so many minions- and they’ll have a hard time producing new ones in a collapse environment. if the grid goes down- they won’t even be able to supply their little sheep with their required daily dose of kool-aid. and eventually- it will wear off, at least on a good number of folks, who without their bread and circuses, are FORCED to look reality in the face for once.

      25. HEY, I’m from Missouri and that Rodeo Clown Made Me Proud! Now it seems the NAACP demands that the Fed’s do a probe of the Rodeo Clown that did an impersonation of Obama. Instead I think the Fed’s better do a probe of the Black Clown that’s doing an Impersonation of the President of The United States. Trekker Out.

        • Just another thought. I seem to be particularly mouthy today, but I believe most rodeo clowns are probably conservative patriotic type guys, so wouldn’t it be great if rodeo clowns all over the country, in a show of support for this Mo. clown would all wear Obama mask for the rest of the rodeo season. This would put the pressure cooker on the NAACP for a change. Trekker Out. The Fight Has Just Begun, Lets Get In It!

          • my late father was a bull rider and he said rodeo clowns had bigger balls than the bulls maybe that will be the new icon of the revolnation, “rodeo clowns” hopefully g beck hasn’t trademarked it yet ack

      26. Wow. He’s so right. And the sheeple haven’t a clue…..

      27. I think things are just about ready to come to blows. I recommend that if you know anyone who is collaborating with this Government , shun them. Treat them like child molesters. It’s time to peacefully walk away and turn our backs on them . That’s what I have done

      28. This whole situation in Egypt is engineered..the big picture is to destabilize the entire Middle East,and it is working quite well..after all we supply Egypt(aka military)with over 1.6 billion in aid.

        As usual the financiers will profit from both sides of the equation as the collateral damage piles up,then the nation re-builders will sweep in to profit from infrastructural damage and, with no existing power structure in place,to the victor belongs the spoils.i;ie.oil and other strategic locations/profit centers.


        this takes the Benghazi,IRS,NSA,DHS,failing economy disasters off the front burner here at home for awhile, as they become yesterdays news, and the bleating of the media continues its propaganda on more important issues that Americans are so duly infatuated with..

        (you fill in the blanks)…

        and the likes of this particular story become buried in the morass of bullshit we are inundated with every moment…as planned.


      29. I’m not going to put my normal screen name on this.. If that’s ok with you Mac, I don’t need the negative feedback on my normal screen name.
        if you don’t wish to publish this because im not being “Me” I understand

        I have an old pal we go way back to being kids hunting and fishing with our Dads

        He’s a Local ( to my area) SWAT team member , 2nd in command of his unit

        They recently “acquired” a huge amt. of Military grade equipment.. And vehicles, the stuff came back from overseas, ( he said) they picked it up in a port out on the eastern shores of the US, he made it sound like it was free to their dept. Just come get it type deal

        I asked him WTF he thought this was all for? He squarely looked me in the eye and said..”you know” ( he’s aware of me being awake and my training and capabilities)

        one was also fitted with a hydraulic ram that comes out from under one of the heavy vehicles articulating abilities( think your front door or really any where on your home poking a big enough hole to bring a troop into your livingroom) , the only thing that was removed was the .50 cal military arms and the turret.. My friend said, “that’s ok we have fire power of our own”

        I went on to mention didn’t he think this military stance of a home town force was a bit over the top..his reply was you can never have enough when it comes to your safety or your teams safety, I left it at that,because im kinda in the same thought process on my own home security for me and my family..I wish I could own an Abrams Tank.. negotiations than , I believe would be a lot more fair. Don’t get me wrong, I completely see whats coming, and its not going to be good

        Yes I’ve seen them( the vehicles)..scary

        I’m also taking Self Defense classes taught by a cop, and he just went on a training mission for two weeks, the stuff he did talk about was a kin to military training.

        I’m in the belief ..this is no joke folks

        I was going to post this, than I thought no Than I thought I should, its been erased 3 times and retyped..I hope im doing the right thing.

        Im in the hope that this type of force if used will be used to rid areas of the really bad people ie..gangs, drug dealers, criminals, lawyers, politicians etc.. but who knows when they go full retard what will happen

        • Its not me, it sounds like you’re in a precarious position. I, for one, appreciate the risk you’re taking in posting this info and what you described is happening in small towns all over the nation. If the eqipment was to be used against the categories of people you described, hell, I could support that; going after the REAL criminals. If, however, they start targeting innocent people who have done nothing wrong, THAT WILL BE A GAME-CHANGER! I’ve had several relatives in LE who dropped out because of the militarization of civilian law enforcement. They all told me face-to-face, “We became cops to protect and serve the people, not to terrorize people.” I’ve had relatives in LE going back seven generations and all of them were “old school” cops. The public was always able to trust “old school” cops. there’s no way this new breed of federally-brainwashed cops can be trusted. You sound like old school yourself. As long as you’re on the right side, I’d be willing to stand with you. braveheart

          • Braveheart
            Im hoping that the way this plays out is that these forces work for the average citizen and not against them, like cleaning up the undesirables we all know we have out there in this ugly world.

            I hope im not simplifying this , saying that no innocent will get hurt, I truly know this will not be the case and they will use the collateral damage moniker when that is the case.

            Im trying to look at the possible side that they might really be on our side when the chips are down , and eradicate some of the vermin, including some of the government corruption..Hey one can be hopeful that these people are still patriots or have a love for what this country understand im not talking about the “off shore show up late for the party MF’ers”..those guys will be here to do nothing but kill us all as we know what war is all about, There is a shred of possibility that these units are gearing up for that inevitability , lets at least hope that’s the a minimum cleaning up the dead weight and corrupt , gangs cartels.. you know dirty politicians, lawyers..etc..and the off shore game changers.

            in other words leaving the average joe alone, at least if he doesn’t provoke a fight, they might.

            than could be all out war man against man til the strong and well trained and prepped are the only to survive..

            hell on earth could be lurking within our own governments plan to lower the head shot at a time.

            eat or be eaten..way too many facets to the possibilities, hard to be ready for them all, or know what they will all look like when they come to your door or town

            I will keep digging for intel, I will do my best to ask the questions from who might be able to shine some light and try to pass it along here

            lock and careful who you assume the “enemy” is

            • its not me, I’m doing all I can NOT to assume anything about anything or anyone. I believe a good percentage of local, country and maybe even state will stand with us. I doubt very seriously any feds will be with us, except for a percentage of military. I understand this thing could go either way or maybe a combination of both nationwide. God knows, one of the last things I want to see is LE turning against the good segments of the public. As far as the gangs, politicians, etc. are concerned, a shitload of us civilians would join with you on eliminating them. I also recognize a lot of innocents will be hurt by someone, maybe not by any LE, but by the gangs, the new Obama force, foreign troops, etc. the feds and foreign troops are who worry me the most. Keep up your efforts at intel collection. We do appreciate that more than you know. Plus, i’m not like jp; you’re not a troll. You sound like the real deal to me. braveheart

        • @ its not me….don’t you think that using your normal screen name would lend more creduality to your info? I think that it would, unless you’re considered a troll? Just sayin..

          • Sorry, I just didn’t know how it would come across, I just got the info this day, Im still trying to digest it..

            Some of what I feel also goes against the grain of what I assumed earlier in my participation here

            Im also not really worried about lending credibility , At this point if you don’t see it for yourself, theres really not much I can do about that

            I hope not to come off as a troll, I wouldn’t make a good one , because first of all I agree 100% with what this site is all about.

            I also wont attack you for thinking the way you have, I would be skeptical myself given the context.

            But , if you take the time to connect the dots, I doubt you would come up with the rosy feeling that everything is ok

            Peace jp..I wish you and yours well. keep a close eye on things

            • @its not me,

              Your post is appreciated as well as your thoughts.

              I know how hard it is to try and wrap your mind around this whole situation. I also am sure that you are confused as to how we got in this position in the first place.

              You just got to go with what your mind is telling your heart and commit yourself to making a difference. For yourself, your family and whoever else you hold dear.

              Most of us here have had to wrestle with the same thougts and doubts. But the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is nothing but sh*t.

              On this board everyone has an opinion and very opinion is based on knowledge and experience that person has had. So the more diverse an opinion expressed will ultimatly make an impact on some one else. Keep the faith and keep on prepping as it is going to get very real here real quick.


            • It not me. You do know just one ISP search and we even know who you are.

              • I understand.

                • Just be careful the act of trying to hide sometimes is more suspicious then doing it on there front lawn.

            • @its not me….I’m always a little suspicious-that’s “my” nature! I question everything, unless it’s a post by people on this site who I believe to be truly trying to assist others…for instance BI, Braveheart, Watcher, KyMom, etc. and there are others as well.
              Trust me….the feeling I have is not a warm & cozy feeling about what’s going on right now and I don’t doubt your story. It fits with everything I’m seeing and heard as well….unfortunately!
              Take care as well…

              • Instead of Watcher, I meant Watchman!

              • jp. that’s a good stance to take, I follow the same rule.

                and as you said , “It fits with what were seeing”

                I guess the reason I went off screen name was to see if I and my info would be taken at face value and not my screen name credibility.

                and it has.

                I know I can be traced IP, and that’s fine, there wasn’t intent to hide from the pack of good SHTF commenters, it was more to see if how my info would be received when not brought on by a known commenter

                I also don’t try to give much of my personal back ground out on here if I can help it. But I also don’t try to deceive people

                I think we all know there is some real shit underfoot, and If we finally connect the dots, were all going to hate what we find

                • I have done that by accendent a few time. Didn’t notice phone dropped per fills and I receive 25 thumbs up. Repost it as the Page and I get 10 down.

        • Do you think a LEO is going to give up his paycheck that buys his house, boat, motorcycle and good food to support us? A few patriotic ones will. The rest will not.

      30. People are robots…”meat robots”

        Same old patterns, movements, greetings, routines.

        Same thing day in day out.

        Bore me to death…make me laugh.

        What’s it get you in the end? Coronaries and ulcers.

        Life becomes a shit sandwich and it’s always supper time.

        Withdraw and starve the empire.

        Go out and dig in the dirt. Help birth a calf. Clean up a fresh killed chicken. Cut some firewood.

        These are the things life will be made of in the coming years.

        • JRS, I pray that you are right.

        • Amen, just traded my sales rep job for working as a farm hand on a 450 cow dairy and 300 head beef operation. SOOOOO much better, no more being caught miles from home, work is just around the road, and I can watch my property from my workplace. Nothing better. (And I am getting fit again and being paid to do it)

          And my employers are really nice people, none of the corporate crap to ruin a day. Rain, snow, mud and shit, nothing better.

          Just put dinner in the pressure cooker when I get home.

        • OLD SCHOOL just like g grandma and g grandpa whouda thunka it? Its not ideal “what most are used to”, but it is a better way of living. not a hippy, but there comes a certain feeling of pride when it come to reaping the bounty of your harvest, knowing that you even planted more for the bugs and varmints. just remember, we used to get by with pointed sticks.

          • oh yeah, pressure, cooker, backpack c-4, f’em

      31. Really seems prepping in many different ways could pay off unfortunately,would like it to be just a bunch of extra goods and skills that you would eventually use.To those that believe the citizens can be just run over,just look at countries the US has invaded with others and yet folks still keep fighting back.As I have mentioned before more killed by their own govt.s(democide)in 20th century then all the wars in same time period combined,sad.Live for today,prep for tomorrow.

      32. No words can describe how sad I am for America.
        I am just glad my Mother and Father are not here to see what has happened to America.
        They would NOT beleive it.
        My Mother was very religious and tell me one day in America they would hunt down and kill Christians, we would loose our rights, here in America. I thought NO WAY. Not with out Constitution, Bill of Rights etc. But they found a way.

      33. Pressure cooker

      34. Lets get this party started.


        You’re the boot
        Stomping on the human face forever.
        You’re the eye
        Staring down on everyone and everseeing all.
        You’re the lie.
        Twisting all our minds into your whoredom.
        You are Death.
        You are war.
        You are slavery.
        You’re the law.
        You’re the law.
        You’re the law!

        When laws spew like vomit from power-drunk tongues
        And freedom’s a lie that the old tell the young
        Then out of the darkness,
        The rebels arise
        On that day the Outlaw, the Outlaw will ride.

        When “for your own good” is a lock and a chain
        And security’s used to enslave hearts and brains
        Then out of our bondage
        Rebellion will fly.
        On that day, the Outlaw, the Outlaw will ride.

        So crush their damned spycams, rip open your cage
        Let liberty loose with a howl of wild rage
        Each tyrant you smash
        Is a freedom you’ve won
        And the Outlaws – we Outlaws – put power on the run.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Amen! 🙂

      36. Alert Breaking Gas:
        Because of the magnitude 12 avalanche that hit Hawaii around 23:16 hours on 8-15-13 the Emergency Broadcast System sent out an alert called brush fire. The reason for this covert broadcast is the hacker that goes by the name conficker was killed in the avalanche. It is believed that the snow storm that birthed the blizzard was man made. A group called Cane and Able have proof that a worm called rootkit yemen was inserted it to a volcano that caused an explosion of sleet mixed with molten radiation from the Tepco reactor leak to shoot into the atmosphere as high as 80,000 feet. Resources say that conficker was to appear in the congressional court on 8-23-13 to answer questions about the Obama scandals Trojan keylogger, wave-pandemic, tornado-wildfire and the ice-pirates. Conficker and his team Chemical burn, Industrial spill and blister agent have been working with the State militia to bring new evidence that the Department of Homeland Security and the Chinese have been using suicide bombers from Pakistan and Iran to organize a hazardous materials incident at the Hover Dam. More information will be posted as it is received.
        :Suspicious package:

      37. NBC’s Meet the Press hits lowest rating in 21 years

        its not just NBC
        more and more people are waking up to the fact
        that MSM news isn’t news
        it’s government/corporate propaganda

        the emperor has no clothes !!!

        what are “they” gonna do when too many people catch on ???

        just exactly what they are doing now

        instituting a police state for total control

      38. I think it is understandable the government is making these preparations. To be frank, the population – the majority – are not worthy of the respect you would have once shown to the population you found back in the 1950s. Today’s populace is lazy, obese, getting stupider by the day, unable to take care of themselves (look at the food stamp numbers) and are eating more resources than they are contributing to society.

        I know things have been very busy since 2008, as preparations went into overdrive. There is a timetable and we are now getting ready to flip the switch to the next phase.

        Respect is something earned not just given. A population that is degraded needs to lift itself up to earn the respect of the government.

        A one world currency will come in and a new world order will be established. Its time has come.

        • “earn the respect of the government” ? You Nazi book burner you!

        • Frank Thoughts,

          “getting stupider” I don’t believe stupider is a word, try (more stupid). “I think it is understandable the government is making these preparations”. So let me get this straight, the government has purposely created a entitlement society so therefore it is understandable that they would make preparations to destroy them. Are you sure this is what you want to convey to people who read your post?

          “A population that is degraded needs to lift itself up to earn the respect of the government”. Have you lost your mind, or are you simply as you would say, “stupider than you think”?

          This dictatorship called a government is not deserving of any human respect whatsoever, quite the contrary, they should all be tarred and feathered and then sent to Egypt.

        • Franken Thoughts says “Respect is something earned not just given.” Couldn’t agree more. Thing is, the government has done nothing, NOTHING, to earn my respect. The harder tptb prep, the harder I prep, to counter them.

          Franken Thoughts says “A population that is degraded needs to lift itself up to earn the respect of the government.” Do you think the government has not had a hand in degrading the people? How the hell can you honestly try and preach to this forum that the people are the cause of the government preparing for war against us?

          I’d love to have an open debate with you but I have a very busy life to attend to. If you wish to debate though, I’ll be checking in periodically. Think about this quote Franken and ask yourself if society started becoming depraved when the government started over stepping its boundaries….if you can wrap a liberty minded thought around anything at all.

          “We want a society in which we are free to make choices, to make mistakes, to be generous and compassionate. That is what we mean by a moral society – Not a society in which the State is responsible for everything, and no one is responsible for the State.” Margaret H Thatcher

        • Naw,the govt works for the people and it is the one that must earn the respect of the people…youre all backwards there friend!

        • Earn the respect of the government?

          Are you friggin kidding me?

          It’s no wonder the we’re in the shape we’re in..especially here..with actual beliefs like this.

          You are the useless idiot that the ptb idiot!

          Most of the dependents have been relegated, as always, to non cognitive ,non critical thinkers much thanks to our education system and also the luck of the draw in the Darwin pool..

          That being said,join the DHS or better fit their mold completely..

          You lack total comprehension of our liberty, rights, and God given freedoms..

          I’d respect a downtrodden welfare queen who has no self respect over a useless tool like yourself..

          Go lick Obama’s shoes..


          • Better yet.

            “Go lay down..!!”

            Friggin feral dog..


            • Agent provocateur, swinging on a star, Connor Kenway, REB, and Possee, I second all of your thoughts. Frank thoughts is just another troll. braveheart

              • Don’t worry brothers and sisters, Frank will take the “Mark” and his future is sealed…

              • Right there with ya Braveheart! I need to stop feeding these ass clowns lol….

        • Diesel powered Sami (mechanical injection), no computer, manual steering, plain power brakes… no computer, no black box, goes anywhere I point it and 38 MPG at 68 MPH on the freeway. … Oh and it can run on the vegi oil… (thanks greasecar systems… ).

      39. Pressure cooker!

      40. 2 room temp IQ muslims keep the entire City of Boston shut down, tied up 2/3 rd s of the city police, hosts of DEA,FBI,ATF and the rest of the alphabet soup. That was in an area where most of the dumb ass liberals dont even have a gun much less 10,20 or more and were hiding in their houses. Can you imagine a bunch of enraged, armed citizens?

        They can arm all they want and buy all the pretty trucks they want when the shootin starts the popo doesn t have a chance. Their best bet will be to drop their stuff and head home to their families or call the real military (and by the time Barry is done with the real military I’ll have more ammo in my closet than they do at Ft.Benning).

        • Yep.. been sayin this for the last year…

      41. @ Norse Prepper. I am glad you like the article that Mac refined for me. You write some pretty darn good articles yourself.

        @ Braveheart and everyone else. A few weeks ago I got into a battle over just how radical Islam is. I tried to show all these countries that are total hellholes that are Muslim, more like Sharia Law driven. Well, while over a 1000 people have been massacred in Egypt, a bunch of people that did nothing have also been attacked for their belief. Yes, solely their belief. Over 30 Coptic Christian churches have been torched and many Christains are believed dead and injuried. Someone attacks you (Egyptian military), do you blame the attackers and try to fight back, YES? But in the minds of the radical muslims you go and make some innocent people suffer because you are suffering.

        This type of mentality, sick mental disease, is like someone’s boss tormenting them during the day and the person comes home and beats the living hell out of their dog or even worse their wife or children. Imagine how F’ed in the minds these characters are over in Egypt? They get shot down, and so they take it out on a bunch of peaceful Chrisitans that have harmed absolutely no one just to take it out on someone that can’t or won’t fight back. When I see this, it just makes me say, “this world sucks”. I bet everyone else out there feels this way also.

        • BI, it’s high time for people to start fighting back against anyone who targets them, any way they can! braveheart

        • Right…islam is a destroyer not a creator and is the enemy of liberty lovers everywhere…Jefferson warned us of this way back…we oughtta listen!

        • It is sickening. And US still is providing them $1.2 billion in financial aid.

          On another note, me and a couple of family members picked up 80 acres out in the country. We are meeting in November to talk about building the shack next year.

          Hopefully we make it that long.
          God bless ya,

          • NP, congratulations on getting some land, but you might want to speed up those plans the way things are looking or at least put some RVs out there. braveheart

      42. It is obvious that those who wanted to be awake and prepared; are! Now is the time to email all the Senators and Congresspeople and question them and hold them to their oath…remind them their is no statue of limitations on treason.

        • ummm
          if ya REALLY wanna get back at Al Gore

          leave the porch light during the DAY !

      43. What’s mommy and daddy going to do when FEMA youth
        corp shows up at Steve house and Steve kicks the livin shit out of them? Or are they being recruited from a vast
        pool of bastards. Will they be wearing hoodies?
        Will the Black panthers be backing up these little bastards?

        Will the media side with Steve when six 6ft2 children
        dressed in FEMA hoodies try to wrestle away Steve’s
        12ga,and Steve goes ape shit?

        I think Ole Steve’s fucked!

      44. BI, people like that I got little patients for. Either shit or get off’n the pot. There’s only so much help you can give someone before you have to walk away. I know its hard especially if there appears to be other pertinent circumstances. People need to buck up, ruck up and overcome this shite, or die trying. Sometimes there JUST ain’t no other way. I don’t mean to sound callous.

        • @ PO’d Patriot. You are not being callous, you are only being realistic. For me and so many others see this garbage, and the masses just accepting it. Even worse than this, there are allowing it or worst of all, encouraging it to happen. It is so frustrating to see these idiots that want to trash the Constitution. These retardates don’t even understand what happens to their own rights without that protection. Many of these so called anti-self defense and anti-freedom dullards don’t realize what would happen to them unless they became total propaganda parts to the new government machine. They don’t get it if they want to exercise those rights they took for granted. It is called re-education camps, or being dragged down the street tied to a rope attached to an armor personel carrier.

          What is happening in Egypt could easily happen here. As Kulafarmer mentions above is that thankfully enough people in this country are armed. Big difference in shooting at someone with a ball bat and someone with a weapon similar in scope to what the army has. Of course leave it to the anti-gunners to try to destroy that a guarantee for a civilian army to protect the law and rights of the land. I just don’t see how human beings are becoming so stupid, retrogressing to some strange type of rabbit human. Just frustrating that common sense is not awake in America like it should be.

          • PO’d P and BI, you’re both right on target. That is unfortunately the kind of nation we’re living in today. PO’d P, you’re especially right that it’s time to start pushing back against all of this evil BS. It’s only a maqtter of time before the MEGA-SHTF fuse gets lit. My prepping is still in the highest gear possible and I hope everyone else’s is as well. braveheart

          • US Sends Warship to Bahrain In Response to Protests


            ““The timing is instructive – pro-democracy protestors are preparing to demonstrate for human rights in the capital, Manama, writes Afshin Rattansi. “The Nimitz, lead Flat-top of President Obama’s Carrier Strike Group 11, rolled into harbor as if to say out loud: “The United States will not tolerate democracy in this island kingdom, home to the US Fifth Fleet. The USA supports the dictatorship installed here in the 18th century.”

            I just have to laugh whenever I hear how the US “supports’ democracy in other countries

            the words and the rhetoric are great
            but it’s our actions that speak loudest
            Bahrain is a PERFECT example

            why does much of the world hate us ???

            as the late author Chalmers Johnson said “blowback”

      45. I actually got a Pressure Canner the other day. Its better than a Pressure Cooker when I work with the Masons.

      46. Heard that DHS has 100 billion nails to scatter all over the roadways to give everyone flats wtshtf

        • I will put a magnet on the front of my truck like the forklifts at my old job…. Thanks Harbor Frieght….

        • Sick of it, you know what they say. When you’ve got tomato’s use a pressure cooker and can them, or something like that. Or maybe it’s if you get lemons, make lemonade. So if you get nails, build fortification. Trekker Out.

      47. Abbott and Costello on Unemployment!

        COSTELLO: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America .

        ABBOTT: Good Subject. Terrible Times. It’s 7.8%.

        COSTELLO: That many people are out of work?

        ABBOTT: No, that’s 14.7%.

        COSTELLO: You just said 7.8%.

        ABBOTT: 7.8% Unemployed.

        COSTELLO: Right 7.8% out of work.

        ABBOTT: No, that’s 14.7%.

        COSTELLO: Okay, so it’s 14.7% unemployed.

        ABBOTT: No, that’s 7.8%.

        COSTELLO: WAIT A MINUTE. Is it 7.8% or 14.7%?

        ABBOTT: 7.8% are unemployed. 14.7% are out of work.

        COSTELLO: If you are out of work you are unemployed.

        ABBOTT: No, Congress said you can’t count the “Out of Work” as the unemployed. You have to look for work to be unemployed.


        ABBOTT: No, you miss his point.

        COSTELLO: What point?

        ABBOTT: Someone who doesn’t look for work can’t be counted with those who look for work. It wouldn’t be fair.

        COSTELLO: To whom?

        ABBOTT: The unemployed.

        COSTELLO: But ALL of them are out of work.

        ABBOTT: No, the unemployed are actively looking for work. Those who are out of work gave up looking and if you give up, you are no longer in the ranks of the unemployed.

        COSTELLO: So if you’re off the unemployment roles that would count as less unemployment?

        ABBOTT: Unemployment would go down. Absolutely!

        COSTELLO: The unemployment just goes down because you don’t look for work?

        ABBOTT: Absolutely it goes down. That’s how it gets to 7.8%. Otherwise it would be 14.7%.

        COSTELLO: Wait, I got a question for you. That means there are two ways to bring down the unemployment number?

        ABBOTT: Two ways is correct.

        COSTELLO: Unemployment can go down if someone gets a job?

        ABBOTT: Correct.

        COSTELLO: And unemployment can also go down if you stop looking for a job?

        ABBOTT: Bingo.

        COSTELLO: So there are two ways to bring unemployment down, and the easier of the two is to have people stop looking for work.

        ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like an Economist.

        COSTELLO: I don’t even know what the hell I just said!

        ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like Congress.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Who’s on first, What’s on second, and I Don’t Know is on third.

        • Watchman, you did great with that satire. I had a hard time keeping from falling out of my chair. In the absence of SmokinOkie, you do just as well.

      48. In a fit of inspiration…..(to the tune of Neil Diamond’s “America”)—-I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but if someone out there can jam out the tune and email it to me, I have an audio program that I can lay the voice track over it. If someone else can do video collages well, someone can youtube it.

        They keep feeding us lies
        without remorse,
        but not without a smile

        Longing to be free
        watch our back
        Hang on to liberty

        with their votes and their games
        they’re ruining our America
        Bill of right is DOA
        They’re ruining our America

        Freedom seems so far away
        Its time to fight back today
        end the new norm
        end the new norm

        Proud and tall patriots we are
        Independent and defending our rights
        we’ll stand our ground
        we’ll stand our ground

        Everywhere and in every town
        we’re taking back America
        Land of the free, home of the brave
        we’re taking back America

        we won’t go down without a fight
        we’re taking back America
        want to be safe in the night
        we’re taking back America

        we’re taking back America
        we’re taking back America
        we’re taking back America
        we’re taking back America
        today, today, today, today, today

        My country ’tis of thee

        Sweet land of Liberty

        Of thee I sing

        Of thee I sing….

        • @ PenCRNA ~ Thank you, I have always loved that song.

        • PenCRNA, thank you for that song. That could be our theme song. braveheart

      49. I distributed signs and literature for Ron Paul in 2007, but but did not own a pressure cooker at that time. I also distributed signs and literature for Ron Paul in 2011, but still did not acquire a pressure cooker as the U.S. Government was taking all of my money to support a phony “war on terror”. Even though I could not afford to purchase a pressure cooker, I was able to store up tens of thousands rounds of various forms of ammunition such as .308, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and 12 gauge slugs that can defeat most forms of body armor worn by members of police forces. I own a bible that is probably thick enough to stop a taser attack by someone in the Department of Homeland Security.

        I enjoy listening to Reverend
        I’m a patriot even though I don’t own a pressure cooker. I like Alex Jones and frequently listen to

        I’m also a follower of Jesus Christ. He told his followers to sell their garment and purchase a sword. I have neither a sword or a pressure cooker, although I do have several semi-automatic rifles. The FBI, DHS, and BATFE would likely refer to my semi-automatic rifles as being ASSAULT RIFLES, even though they have assaulted no one.

        I enjoy listening to people such as Steve Quayle, “Hawk”, and Doug Hagmann who operates a web site at

        I’m planning to drive over to Home Depot tonight to pick up some nitrogen fertilizer. Hopefully it won’t have any ammonia in it. After that I’ll stop by Walmart to see if they have any pressure cookers on sale, along with free back packs.

      50. here’s the same story on another site

        No Tanks: Let’s Not Kid About It, the Government Is Afraid of Its Own Citizens

        I love it
        “the government is afraid of its own citizens “

      51. I just heard on the radio that Sean Hannity is being booted off Fox TV and he will be replaced by Megyn Kelly.

      52. Within the Declaration of Independence it tells who the Domestic Enemy is, and it is NOT any Citizen of the United States.
        The Domestic Enemy is and always will be A President of the United States, who assumes Dictorial Powers…

        • Not a huge difference from when George Tiller was assassinated in his church by Scott Roeder.

          Fundamentalism, in all its forms, is the problem, not a particular religion.

      53. Woe to thee as I prepare to walk through the valley of the shadow as I will fear no evil. I shall die on my feet as a free man, rather than live on my knees in shame. I will give them a fight they will wish never took place. I pray for peace, but unfortunately prepare for battle.

      54. Abbott and Costello on Unemployment:

        COSTELLO: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America .

        ABBOTT: Good Subject. Terrible Times. It’s 7.8%.

        COSTELLO: That many people are out of work?

        ABBOTT: No, that’s 14.7%.

        COSTELLO: You just said 7.8%.

        ABBOTT: 7.8% Unemployed.

        COSTELLO: Right 7.8% out of work.

        ABBOTT: No, that’s 14.7%.

        COSTELLO: Okay, so it’s 14.7% unemployed.

        ABBOTT: No, that’s 7.8%.

        COSTELLO: WAIT A MINUTE. Is it 7.8% or 14.7%?

        ABBOTT: 7.8% are unemployed. 14.7% are out of work.

        COSTELLO: If you are out of work you are unemployed.

        ABBOTT: No, Congress said you can’t count the “Out of Work” as the unemployed. You have to look for work to be unemployed.


        ABBOTT: No, you miss his point.

        COSTELLO: What point?

        ABBOTT: Someone who doesn’t look for work can’t be counted with those who look for work. It wouldn’t be fair.

        COSTELLO: To whom?

        ABBOTT: The unemployed.

        COSTELLO: But ALL of them are out of work.

        ABBOTT: No, the unemployed are actively looking for work. Those who are out of work gave up looking and if you give up, you are no longer in the ranks of the unemployed.

        COSTELLO: So if you’re off the unemployment roles that would count as less unemployment?

        ABBOTT: Unemployment would go down. Absolutely!

        COSTELLO: The unemployment just goes down because you don’t look for work?

        ABBOTT: Absolutely it goes down. That’s how it gets to 7.8%. Otherwise it would be 14.7%.

        COSTELLO: Wait, I got a question for you. That means there are two ways to bring down the unemployment number?

        ABBOTT: Two ways is correct.

        COSTELLO: Unemployment can go down if someone gets a job?

        ABBOTT: Correct.

        COSTELLO: And unemployment can also go down if you stop looking for a job?

        ABBOTT: Bingo.

        COSTELLO: So there are two ways to bring unemployment down, and the easier of the two is to have people stop looking for work.

        ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like an Economist.

        COSTELLO: I don’t even know what the hell I just said!

        ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like Congress.

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman. Excellent, and it would be funny if it wasn’t so true and pathetic at the same time.

      55. 6.8 earthquake in New Zealand just a half of a hour ago. On comment #2023030, on the Shortage Article on August 8 the international dateline was given as a warning until August 23 for a major earthquake, it came like it should have. I have to admit I was thinking more the Fiji Islands though.

        I believe the New Zealand earthquake had a precursor earlier on August 1, within the 15 day window, on the SW Indian Ridge which in August 3 years lead to the Christchurch 7.0. Same spot on the ridge, and this earthquake was just a couple hundred miles north from the Christchurch quake, and similar magnitude, as this one was 6.8. Earthquakes sure follow patterns don’t they?

      56. Mac, and SHTF, this is one of those Articles that Concerns me a lot more than any of the crazy things going on around us. Just lookn at are Local fair that Consist. of about fifty Acres, thats parkn lot, barns,grandstands, an like 200 yrds of fairway. Mind ya this is farm Community. Their musta been 15 renta cops around, look like ROTC Directing traffic and parken people. now to most this might be ok, but not to me, this Scares the crap out of me..Thanks SHTF for all your work..

      57. I have been following this site for about a year now and have learned much about prepping. Like many of you I have a gut feeling that we are living in the last days and all hell is about to break loose. Last week the electric company came by to replace the photocell on top of my outdoor yard light. I have lived in the same house for 15 years and never had a problem with the light and did not ask them to replace it. They told me it was a smart photocell much like a smart meter that they can monitor from another location which I thought was a bit odd. The new cell is about 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter and looks more like a security camera. If they had replaced all of them in my neighborhood I may not be suspicious but they showed up, replaced mine and left. Are any of you familiar with these or am I just being paranoid thinking that they are spying on me?

        • Do you own a slingshot?

        • West of dallas, welcome aboard. braveheart

        • I would be concerned too!

        • That is a point and move camera. Power off the light existing wire. Wifis in to the contractor control box on the pole on the road..

        • I’d just put the old one back on…

      58. the dude stated…


        You bet the fucking are!

        We’re all getting armed to the teeth!
        Everyone is since Obama took office.

        He’s a commie.
        and will try and disarm us

        Ha…good luck with that.

        Enjoy going house to house ….all 200 million of us.


        NRA ALL THE WAY.


      59. This police chief is using the terrorist as a tool to justify his toys.

      60. I’m lost. I have no direction. Money is short. I built a boat called the Mayflower. Trying to escape tyranny, communism, socialism, social unrest, and the sort and head to a ‘free’ land called Russia?

        The last I heard Freedom of Speech was ok in Russia?

        The MSM adores a man that speaks boastful words. He also speaks against the Most High. He hates him and is taking care of those that have a belief in him. Yes, he is taking care of them! And the MSM loves him because he is depopulating the world of such folks. He is creating the Brave New World.

        My Mayflower is setting off the beaches of Newport, Oregon. Off we go. On board is my family, my friends, and my prepper friends, plus a few that I don’t know that just needed to escape too. Off we go and we are sailing NW.

        The first few days not too bad sailing. But then the discovery. We were spotted. A helpless boat surrounded by an air of NWO. It was a 400 pounder pouncing on a 65 pounder and bragging to his friends on how he kicked the shit out of the dude. A real brave soul?

        There we were. Open target, open range.

        They loved it. They had fun. One-by-one. We fought back, but they had the technology. They loved watching our fear. They loved watching the children cry. They shot at us and made sure one bullit hit the knee, another hit the foot, another hit the arm. Just pure fun they thought. Then soon came the final ‘head’ shot.

        We fought back.

        But, one-by-one they took out the Mayflower.

        Then these 400 pounders left and looked for more 65 pounders. They just love to beat the shit out of people. Brave souls they are. For them, it is fun.

        They will not stop until they have their Brave New World.

      61. This is just the terrorism section of the DHS list:

        Al Qaeda
        environmental terrorist
        eco terrorism
        conventional weapon
        weapons grade
        dirty bomb
        chemical weapon
        biological weapon
        ammonium nitrate
        improvise explosive devise
        Abu Sayyaf
        Basque Separatists
        Tamil Tigers
        Palestine Liberation Front
        Palestine Liberation Organization
        car bomb
        weapons cache
        suicide bomber
        suicide attack
        suspicious substance
        Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula
        Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
        Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan
        home grown

        I found it at:

        And they forgot pressure cooker.

        pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker

      62. alex jones is so proud of y’all here. it’s like he’s created his own army of wackos, crackpots, and fools. once more into the breach dear friends . . .

        • Suck it.

        • Nubwaxer, go away. We don’t need any more trolls.

        • nubwaxer, thankfully you’ll be among the first to go when the SHTF.

      63. America is going the way of every great civilization that rose and fell before it, following the same historical pattern of decay. Our Founders knew this and offered this Nation a Constitution to protect a civil and just people. We have become a nation of thieves and leeches, where taking wealth from others is a “right”, got to spread it around. A majority of voters put this mindset in office and allowed this disease to take root. I suspect that the chickens have come home to roost…

        • Time to use the protection clause.

          • Roger that FB, sounds like we need to use it soon. Once again, what the Founders knew would happen was covered by the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson said it best and I say lets water the Tree of Liberty!

      64. I watched this a few days ago and its damn sure worth the time to see it. I have been gone again for awhile but still read macs site everyday. I have also been scan alot of the social sites as well, and I will tell you this a storm is brewing fast. You see we think that there few of us that are awake, however I have found there are many Americans out here that have been watching and listening and planning. A couple of things are going to happen in sept starting on the 9th and lasting thru the 13th.
        Myself I’ll be watching DC very close during that time.

        Hang tough friends,


      65. Hey, we are there baby!
        We are the future Afghanistan!
        Troops in the streets, all Freedoms suppressed.
        Arrested for anything….all in the name of “Protecting our Security!”

        It’s what everyone wanted. To feel safe. Having teenagers in fatigues with automatic weapons and a head filled with illusions of bad guys everywhere…you must feel REAL safe now.

        The Civilian Police Force – they can kill and can’t be sued because, they’re civilian. Not the police and not the military just civilians. Wow, America has become what Russia use to be. China is the new, “America.” It’s all flipped in one generation!

      66. Everyone knows what it’s going to come down to. THEY know it, and we all know it too. THEY are pretty much ready now, and we should be as ready as we can also….
        The time for hoping for a peaceful change and return to our founding father’s ideal of a nation based in Liberty is long past. Keep prepping while you can…


        More proof of mitary equipment Given , “donated” to these police forces
        There’s just too much proof out there for any sane person to think this is bunk

      68. The retired Marine colonel’s analysis is correct. One key phrase used in the media is a hint of when militarized police units are deployed–“Out of an abundance of caution.” That phrase is used to justify specific outcomes.

      69. That Hitler freed his people and transformed Germany into a booming empire and economic powerhouse is perhaps the most closely guarded secret of modern times, and no doubt a big reason for many of the lies told about him in the mainstream and alternative media alike.

        How he accomplished this is simple: he dismantled the Jewish banking system and issued debt-free currency. He kicked the Jews out of the media and every other position of power.

        International Jewry could not afford to let Hitler teach the world that the secret to building a free and prosperous nation is to get rid of the parasitic Jews, so, in their eyes, Germany had to be destroyed, and any memory of this man’s heroic deeds needed to be ruthlessly suppressed for all time.

        • Actually, it turns out that Hitler employed ‘classic’ Keynesian economic policy. He dramatically increased government spending to about 163% of annual revenue. This had the expected results of a creating a massive annual deficit and exploding national debt.


          Antisemitism was one, and only one, of the tactics he used to get into power. It had absolutely nothing to do with the ‘German Miracle’ of the 1930’s. Further more it was actually counter productive. They stripped the country of leading scientists (Albert Einstein), entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc.

      70. America loves abortion, lawlessness, pornography, and every other behavior God hates. The USA is only getting what it wants.

        Maybe some of you hotshot patriots should stop waiving your flags and start waiving your Bibles on street corners shouting for people to repent or face the fire of Hell when they die!

        Oh wait, you men aren’t doing that because in the privacy of your homes you’re just as sinful and Christ hating in your actions as Obama is in his. Only he has the balls to tell Jesus to F off to His face for all to see. Either way God’s gonna destroy every person and govt that stand against Him. You are just getting what you deserve.

        • Everybody gets what they deserve;every human and every creature.

          You say God hates this and that, but, it’s you that’s doing hate. …And, so what? No cares and waving the Bible around doesn’t change things.

          It’s all God, all the time, Bible or no Bible.

        • Doesn’t that bible you wanna wave around say something about lying and slandering and bearing false witness and speaking without knowledge all being sins?…I know it does and you just done em all..think about it and maybe repent then maybe we can have an intelligent conversation!

      71. Wake up folks. Obama is NOT the problem. He, Congress, and the Military get their orders from the same bunch of scum. There were 5 arrests in New Jersey on September 11. LOOK IT UP! They all came from the same country and said they were here to DOCUMENT the attack! These folks are the problem and they control ALL media and they will ruin your life if you even dare to say where they came from. They run the largest spy operation in the USA and the FBI knows it! Bring them down and we get our country back. I love my country, but not the dirt bags that call the shots.

      72. Absolutely true!!! I observed a convey just this morning while heading to work. They were South bound on the W.H Natcher (Green River)PKWY which leads directly to I-65…

      73. Always keep something loaded next to or on you at all times.
        Be prepared to fight for your life and the lives of your family and friends. This evil will stop at nothing to control you. Don’t let it. Fight with every ounce of strength inside of you and with every means available to you.

        All of the militarization of state and local law enforcement is for one thing only, to control us. It’s not for the bad guys, to them we are the bad guys. Those of us who choose to fight when the time comes must realize that we have a very small chance of survival even though some of us have military or law enforcement backgrounds. They have larger numbers, better equipment and logistics than we do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will lose, it just means that we are the underdog. Alot of Las Vegas millionaires have been made by betting on the underdog and I personally am a big fan of the underdog.
        My rifle and I know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit…God Speed to all of us

      74. the city of concord needs to tell the DHs to pick up their toys and get out of the county and the state, if they dont leave then commandeer the equipment and lock up all their personal and if they refuse and fire on any citizen, and hang them for treason.

      75. I do not believe ANYTHING that this website or Slavo publishes. He’s dead wrong consistently. Conclusions are drawn from disconnected data. Straw arguments support nothing.

        The whole “DHS is going to go to war on Americans” has NO factual basis, purpose or plan. IT DOES NOT EXIST.

        Slavo and his idiotic followers are sheep. Attacking Americans? Are you fucking kidding me? We’d wipe them out, completely, utterly and hardly miss a beat. 200 million armed Americans is NOT to be trifled with.

        • Then take off Ace.

      76. Those domestic police are Americans!
        Do they have no idea they are traitors to their country? Their families?
        Have they no IQ?
        I find it hard to believe they would sell their country out for a paycheck. Scum of the Earth.

      77. On a good day our own military equipment does not stand a chance against the armed American public. But if leaders organized a military style sweep through the US for the purpose of enforcing their version of political reform likely they have already taken that into account, and there will be a softening up period around 2 weeks or more, then citizens for the most part would agree to anything just for food. Once disarmed we are powerless against even our own government, who has never had our best interests at heart without fear of being held accountable by we the people.

      78. A good look at history-how the despots of the past killed the masses and took control is in order. Stalin starved, arrested and killed the opposition. The Brits created an artificial famine in India. Pol pot shot everyone with a brain. What did Mao, Idi Amin, Nicolae Ceausescu do? All these demons had enough people to do their bidding to create a hell on earth for many years.

      79. MOLON LABE’!!!

      80. What about the audio recording of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, leaving a message to a lobbyist soliciting campaign donations since she was a 20 year Congresswoman that sits as Chair of several committees. This is not just a Democrat thing we have republicans that are the same. We need to stop corporate influence peddling in government legislation if we are ever to get back in control of our government. Only then will it do any good to vote them out of office. If we don’t get back to the liberties that we were so proud of once upon a time then we will have no way to stop a totalitarian regime from making us all slaves. How many blacks have found work under an Obama Administration? What has our government done to keep weapons from waling across the border? Where was NORAD on 9/11? There are tons of questions that should be answered but they will only address the ones they can either lie about or defray the question to be more about the character of the person asking the question. We are better than this and we need to stop with labeling others as a democrat or republican and use a more inclusive term of American!!!

      81. Though I would not consider myself a conspiracy theorist it does seem that what he said is true. DHS is certainly uniting all police agencies into a huge and well armed force. A true domestic army. Only the willful blind cannot see it forming.

        The real question for citizens is how are we going to deal with it? Is this the creation a benevolent last ditch effort to pacify years of bad economic policy coming to fruition or more like the Gestapo malevolence of WW2?

        Though there truly are a lot of people shouting conspiracy and running around wearing tin-foil beanies there are even more I fear with the tin-foil pulled over their eyes and stuffed into their ears.

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