Watch: Liberal Mob Desperately Tries To Explain What An “Assault Rifle” Is

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    Presidential candidate and Democrat darling Kamala Harris says she wants to ban all assault rifles.

    But as the video below shows, it’s not exactly clear what an assault rifle is within the context of banning.

    For some of the participants of whatever the following protest is about, any military-grade weapon is considered an assault rifle. For others, an “AR-15” or handgun is an assault weapon.

    What we do know, is that when emotion hits the brick wall of logic, many turn to insults.

    Watch for yourself and try not to get confused.


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      1. Pretty evident if you don’t know how to define it, you should not be talking about it.

        • Like my t-shirt says:

          IT’S A NO BRAINER

          • Genius, LMAO! Good one!

            • X2!…fucken genius!

        • How many gallons of soy milk do you boomers drink every day? Pansies.

          • Eisen, I don’t touch ANTHING SOY and I’m not a f#$%ing pansy either. What about you?

            • Back when he was acid etch he bragged about being a bumjugging bisexual lol. Talk about a sick soyman! What a screwed up freak.

              • Genius, Eisen is the pot calling the kettle black.

                • He’s your typical Millenial..Has absolutely no idea what responsibility,accountability,and respect means…Always blaming others instead of looking in the mirror..Take his beloved cellphone away and he’s lost..

              • WHOA too much information. Gross.

            • Sorry renegade i couldnt resist! “ i know you are but what am i.” Lmao

          • Soy as it is promoted is no good for anyone. Fermented soy such as soy sauce is okay but no one is going to drink cups of it every day.

            And pansies? Hey, they are so cute in my garden. I love their little “faces” and all the colors they can have.

            • Speakin’ of so cute…

          • Not as much RAT poison as you obviously consume.

        • All the leftard NPC’s can do, is regurgitate conditioned responses. They have been indoctrinated to “feel”, rather than “think”, after all, thinking and logic are “racist”.

          Of course, the RINO-cucks are no better, their only thoughts are not to upset their leftard and parasitic masters. You have been sold out, and the parasites are working on a convincing narrative to justify your extermination, and the RINO’s are on board.

          Even if they have to resort to calling your guns “boom-sticks”, because they cannot correctly describe them, they plan on getting them one way or another…

      2. I have a feeling A time soon is Coming when those pathetic snowflakes are going to begging anyone with one of those “hideous” AR’s to be defending them. Won’t that be something to see?

        • If it comes, the first thing they aren’t going to be alive to hear is: “Oppps, sorry about that”

        • That time can’t come soon enough!

        • Arby5, I won’t be defending any libturds. Not my problem whatever happens to them.

      3. Liberal loons are just walking talking zombies.
        They give them talking point then wind them up and let them walk among us.

          • That “ A Salt Rifle” should be banned. Background checks etc. did you see how vicious it was. That entire fly’s body was lasted 20 times his length. Thats soooo dangerous. We need common sense salt rifle laws. ALthough i do think its pretty cool you can salt your fries while killing flies. That is my trademark you cannot use it!

        • Jakartaman, they can have mine ONLY after I’ve run out of ammo and they kill me.

      4. They want to ban deer/hunting rifles too. They also want to classify shotguns as destructive devices.

        • So that means a shotgun loaded with rock salt is a salt weapon?

          • Genius, I have something called an “assault foot” that can go into a libturd’s stupid ass, LOL.

            • Ha! There is your retirement dream! Sell “Tactical” Assault boots! Sell them on here and other sites and make a fortune. Feature a steel V-TIP for easier insertion in someones ass! Paint the tip green too lol. Just helpin ya out bro 🙂

              • Freakin’ morons overusing tactical. Tactical toilet paper to wipe my keister.

          • A shitgun loaded with bullshit is the worst weapon, when in the hands of the (((wrong people))).

      5. Not specific, the definition of an assault rifle may be extended to include pistols and any hunting rifle in the proposed law to ban assault rifles.


        • In order not to excite opposition, the enemy moves slowly like a snake before making a lethal move, but don’t be lulled into apathy by this method,or soon you will be dead or in prison.


      6. I am in possession of an assault dick. And no they can’t have that either.

        • The soy boys consider that toxic masculinity! Gasp…

      7. Leftist non-think is “assault think.”

        It degrades human life through abortion and euthenasia and forced vaccination; it encourages murder and killing by the criminal class of innocents; it damages health through bureaucratic destruction of health care; it targets school children for mass murder through advertising as an undefended target-rich environment; it destroys the protectors of family and country, men, through libel and scapegoating; it destroys the nurturers and protectors of family and country, women, through denigrating their role and attempting to denature them into men; it denigrates belief in the afterlife, belief in a greater good, and hope for an eternal loving life, leading salvagable fools to eternal perfidy.

        Leftism is no only a mental disease. It is a moral and spiritual disease. It is a deadly cancer of the body, mind, and soul.

        Leftism is assault think. Our streets, our homes, our country, and our world, are no place for it. It should be shoveled into the graveyard of history.

        • Jjtaup, that is a very interesting post and I have to agree.

        • VERY well put my friend!! I hope people will open their eyes ?

        • Jjtaupe
          Wow Well Said! I’d like very much to copy and share your description!

      8. Hilarious…buncha cycle paths

      9. any damned thing on the planet can be used to ‘assault’. the adjective is all-inclusive. You can have an assault Q-Tip for God’s sake!!! I personally have an assault spoon that once got caught in a blender… saw tooth edges now. No soup for me!! These fools need to learn that a cork gun can be an assault rifle.

        • Or a slingshot, BB gun, super soaker and on & on. Then there are knives and my kitchen knives are highly sharpened. (Friends and relatives claim they compare to surgical tools. LOL)

          But then, note the destructive tools they resort to: rocks, bricks, clubs, the occasional lit bottle, etc. It’s really no wonder that sophisticated tools loosen their bowels.

      10. Assault rifle? Lol. Being on the unfriendly end of any firearm is likely to ruin one’s day at the very least. It’s kind of the whole point.

      11. Formally prosecute these people, instead of forever being on the defensive.

      12. Better ban rocks and sticks….they hurt when properly used….

        • So does a 4 foot rigging strap with a 12 ton rated shackle on the end 😉

      13. Better ban rocks and sticks….they hurt when properly used….

        • So does a bullwhip. Yee ha!!!

      14. Funny I had this discussion just the other day with my sister. I often go to her little acreage to do pest control as well as target practice. Most of the time I use a .22 or .17 hmr both bolt rifles.
        Yes my sister lives on an acrage and doesn’t allow guns. ( Long argument)
        One day just after getting my new toy cz858 I was out check-in it out and sure enough we got into the discussion lol
        It’s all friendly.i also had an SKS
        I asked her what’s the difference. Both semi auto same bullet. I demonstrated the firepower of each. She ultimately said it’s that handle on the bottom.
        Eye roll. Point is if it looks scary it’s an assault weapon. I didn’t get into the symamtics it wasn’t worth it besides the gophers were out in abundance.

        • a POPGUN is scary to some people….

        • In the nineties, in Kentucky you could easily acquire an SKS for $50. A huge number were sold as back up weapons. That is a rugged dependable firearm with decent accuracy and precision. If one were so inclined, one could theoretically unleash major mayhem with such a firearm.

      15. A ban I could support?…banning stupid people from politics.

        And since when do the jesters and minstrels think their viewpoints bear any weight at all?

        Jim Carey spouting political opinion? Cher discussing foreign policy?

        It’s like a consortium on brain surgery given by a kindergarten class.

      16. It is evident that these people do not know how they got the rights to be free.

        So listen you nitwits by MEN and SOME WOMEN who had enough of slavery and decided to do something about it and had no choice but to pick up a gun.

        That is why you assh-les have the freedoms you can exercise.

        Enough Said? Think about it when you go to the EDUCATION CAMPS.

      17. WOW, and I thought I was dumb shit. NOw I know that I’m smarter than those clowns

      18. When you engage in actual fighting, if victory is long in coming, then men’s weapons will grow dull and their ardor will be damped. If you lay siege to a town, you will exhaust your strength.
        Sun Tzu “The Art of War”

        • Thats why you cut off the supplies and starve them out. Much easier and much less manpower needed. Explosives are handy too. If you don’t spend time thinking about shit like this you probably won’t succeed. You need to be able to think like your enemy! If you go to fight a tiger and don’t know what a tiger is… YER SCREWED!

          • You have to be the tiger to defeat the tiger. Or just hold your cross out and hope jesus saves yer ass lol.

            • You have VASTLY underestimated me. That is a sin.

              • What makes you think I’m talking about you? I’m saying in general…

      19. Face it…..these people haven’t a clue of what they are talking about. They are just repeating what they hear from the echo chamber of liberalism.9

      20. Next they will be shouting, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

      21. Article writer-Russian much? You are infiltrating US to destroy us. Readers do not be fooled.

      22. Ever since they beat up a flock of gay pride marchers, your panties are in a bunch? We ain’t fooled by you…

      23. Definition of an assault weapon.
        Military grade
        Fully automatic firing
        Just because it looks scary does not make it an assault weapon!

      24. I guess a squirt gun super shooter could be classified as an assault riffle if you squirted someone with it. Water assault that is! People knowing nothing about guns writing laws about guns. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious.

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