Watch: Kurdish Sniper Laughs After Narrowly Avoiding Shot To The Head

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    The Kurds have developed a fearsome reputation while fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq. If anything, there probably isn’t any force in the region that has done more damage to the Islamic group, with fewer resources at their disposal. As for how they’ve managed to stem the tide, it helps that their fighters are pretty nonchalant in the face of death.

    That attitude was on display in the following video, which shows a female YPJ soldier taking a shot at an unseen target in Raqqa, Syria. Immediately after she pulls the trigger, a bullet strikes the wall behind her, narrowly missing her head. Rather than responding with terror, she ducks and laughs off the bullet that almost killed her.

    The video has since gone viral for obvious reasons. Her lack of concern is pretty mind-blowing. However, she might want to invest in a helmet before she goes back into battle. Despite the fact that modern military helmets are only designed to stop shrapnel and ricochets, they routinely stop bullets that have been fired from long distances.

    And that’s why you always wear a helmet in a warzone.


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      1. It was not her day to die!

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Looked like she did not realize she was almost shot. Distracted by her shooting the gun.

          She should have relocated.

          • That stupid bright blue head scarf she’s wearing probably isn’t helping her situation much. Leave it to a woman to accessorize during combat…

        • True, it was funny but it would have been much funnier if she was hit dead center?

      2. The woman’s got more balls than the American.

        • and anyone who doesn’t like my statement can suck Buck.

          • Yeah, the American actually got HIT! How would you have reacted dip shit? The dumb bitch didn’t get hit, but she ducked down afterward, didn’t she?

          • You are supposed to wait until someone makes a smart ass comment before you make a snarky retort.

            • Lol

            • Yes proper protocol is to wait for idiots

            • I’m not a follower. Thanks for the SA comment.

        • The rest of the world are not a bunch of snowflakes, that’s for sure!

          I fear that we as a nation have become too soft to survive what is coming.

          • I was lucky enough to have a number of hours long conversations with a WWII vet who fought for 3 years in the Pacific Theater.

            I often wonder if America would be able to come together in a time of another World War.

            Right now I think that the Democrats will automatically side with what ever enemy country Trump would be fighting.

            • JS, you’re more right than you realize. The libturds already support the whole freakin’ world against us. They all need to go find another country that works for them.

            • As a foreigner I would say that is the US l liked. Men of bravery, courage and conviction, but sadly I don’t think that US exists anymore. The men who fought and died across the Pacific must always be remembered.

              • I don’t know about anyone else, but I was raised by a MSGT who was on front lines in WWII for three years. North Africa, Normandy, Sicily, Belgium, Germany, Battle of the Bulge. He was a man of conviction and honest and loyal. He was a principled man and when he took a stand there was no changing his mindset. I grew up seeing this everyday of my life. I also raised my four sons preaching these same moral convictions. That’s why I say I don’t know about anyone else, because I’m not sure what the next generations were teaching their children. I do know me and mine will die for our beliefs and nothing can change that; so any enemy that threatens will have a fight on their hands……. That’s the first thing I thought of, she was making herself a very prominent target with that bright blue scarf on her head. I don’t think she really realized just how close she came to being dead. That’s how some people deal with stress by laughing, then it hits them later after the adrenalin has died down. Waiting

        • Sniper?? or just an untrained idiot. 1.Take the Blue head dress off. Idiot, Its not a fashion show. 2. Don’t stick you rifle end out the window or balcony when taking a shot. 3. Sit far behind in a room on a high table to deaden the noise, smoke and be more in the darkness, to create more concealment. That’s why she got shot at. Any more questions about sniping? And never take a second shot in the same place as your first shot, shoot and move to another building or room or floor, for a new view. And have somebody watching your back, and another spotting. 3 man teams. Was she Lucky or Stupid? In war you die if you make mistakes or lack of training.

          • I wonder if she hit her target. DOA? The trajectory looks about the same spot as she was shooting at. Know your Windage and Bullet drift to how fast the wind is blowing and what direction and compensate. It hit just a foot to the left of her head. This is what this will look like in Society collapse and SHTF. People taking pot shots at people for the fun of it. I hope you all got your gear to fight this? Got Camo and sand bags?

            • I think she was just a dipshit thinking she was a sniper.

              A real sniper would relocate because the likelihood of a mortar round or a RPG approaching that location would be very high.

              • Yes, they needed to move unless the building was guarded .

          • Exactly! Thank you! She needs training!

          • CSS, you are 100% correct. What we saw was amateur hour. Most likely a PR stunt with a pretty girl and they did not expect someone to shoot back.

            • Maybe a way to mock ISIS as they think so little of women.

            • Red, I also have to agree with CSS. That girl could’ve passed for one of our libturds. She only WISHES she could be a sniper. ain’t gonna happen.

              • And your experience of warfare is….ZILCH! Shooting tin cans at your cousins bug out location does not qualify as combat.

                You’re like the rest of the blowhard fantasists who talk big whilst hiding behind the safety of their commando keyboards.

                • Anonymous, go take a flying leap.

              • I seriously doubt many here could keep up with her in combat or much of anything else ? Especially on a prepper type site , you gotta be kidding !

          • 3-man teams are ideal. But what if all the men have been killed already and it’s just women to fight now?
            I do respect all of CrackSummAlligatorSkulls’ advice & postings of course. He’s on it.

            • Women can still do the three man teams, i just takes on a different meaning…….

        • PO’d Patriot, that girl is more than welcome to join my team.

          • Exactly,
            even if it was amateur hour, it was still FAR more than what we could expect in America.

        • I agree she has more courage than most Americans these days by a long shot. These people are some serious MOFO’s and their story is beautiful and inspiring at a minimum, here is the straight skinny !

          Notice many of the women carry PSL’s and a very good chance that is what hit the wall by her head 7.62X54. I noticed some pack an AK and a PSL with lots of ammo. All the people including the foreign volunteers are seriously awesome folks!

      3. I hope she doesn’t try to shoot out of that same window again.

      4. Why would anyone be concerned with a shot that missed them?

        I’ve never heard of anyone being missed to death,

      5. I see nothing extraordinary about her reaction. She had her attention on shooting and barely noticed the incoming bullet. Her plastic smile is typical of a person who smiles as they stab you in the back. She had a delayed reaction. As the chips fell off the wall, and reality started to sink in, the smile faded into a look of deep concern. The clip ends just as you see it, but don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

        Bravery is not the lack of fear. Ignorance and stupidity, or complete apathy, and, total insanity, can cause a person to not experience fear when one’s life is almost abruptly ended.

        I have lived long enough to experience the same situation and have totally different reactions. I have seen people also react in varying ways to stimulus. She may be brave. I would prefer to see her being brave at home, not fighting a war. Besides, you probably have not heard, but Kurds are openly Marxist. The less Marxist snipers (male or female), the better.


        • I don;t think she realized until later in the video that someone shot at her.

          She almost stood up to look at the bullet hole.

      6. I hope she doesn’t use that same window again.

      7. I am not an authority on sniping, but at least I know the difference between actually shooting rifles and merely posting comments.

        • Some of my best snipes have been on this website……

          • lol

      8. Someone get her phone number for my son.

      9. That shot came from 90 degrees to her right. If you pause the video you can see the bottom of the pock mark in the wall. It wasn’t her target shooting back it was another sniper off to her right.

        • Agreed
          I seen the same thing as you

          • I like how the person recording the video is smoking a cigarette. Very OPSEC.

        • Prolly an accidental discharge from the cameraman.

      10. When sniping with a longer range targets, you better calculate all the ballistics, coefficients of your bullet round, grain wt. Barrel legnth n Twist, and charting for windage, humidity, air temp, altutude, and bullet drop over various distances. 300, 400, 500 yrds etc. Got your wind meter and laser range meter. Like why waste your ammo unless you have a good percentage of hitting your target. Exposing and giving up your position. Shoot at all other enemy snipers and the ahole pointing and ordering everybody else around first. Sniping is demoralizing to an enemy. One word. “Stallengrad”

        Draw out a layout of your country property. Distance from your front porch or your sand bags to your driveway gate. Get these measuements all calculated out. Run the balistics, MOA and last sec check for windage and let her rip.

        I calculated all this out from 100 to 800 yrds, with windage charts and laminated them, and sit in the ammo sleave on my rifle butt for easy access. Zero your scope for 200 yrds. “Laser Bore Site. Then check by shooting a few rounds on a still day.

        Read some sniper books. Are you prepared?

        You would rather be shooting them at 400 yards than 30 yards away.

        • That’s too much work, just shoot.

          • That is what the fool at the ball park did. You saw how that worked out.

      11. VERY IMPORTANT though off topic: Dave Hodges reported today that China INVADED India, or at least crossed INTO their county and destroyed two of their bunkers!

        You can read about it at his site at thecommonsenseshow dot com.

        And no, mainstream media is NOT covering it! They are owned by 6 conglomerates and evil (destructive) people “decide” what is news and what is not. In my view, if you know TRUTH, you already KNOW the news, however they “hide” it!

        Read Hodges’ article because it shows one of several likely scenarios that could or might just lead to WW III.

        No matter how hard you try to conceal it, no matter what you do to cover it up, no matter how many people you pay off, TRUTH WILL OUT!

        So get all your emergency supplies organized ASAP, hidden appropriately off-site, and especially pay attention to what you can immediately call upon and do in the event our power grid is HACKED!

        And of course It is NO accident that butthole plowed down the Ten Commandments. When you give your will or soul to Satan, then the Evil One will possess you enough to do his evil bidding.

        We must study and LIVE those Ten Commandments, or the United States of America will meet with God’s Justice.

        When there is repentance and conversion, we will meet with God’s Mercy! The alternative is God’s Justice! Study what happened to the Israelites when they deviated from God’s Ten Commandments!

        So yes, get right with God every day. With the world being on the cusp of WWIII, and with the Deep State trying to eff us all over, there is no other healthier spiritual alternative!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Satan cannot do a thing without the cooperation of a human body.” Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.”
        – the late Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

        • The difference between force and violence is a matter of specious reasoning.

      12. That’s the danger, when you play on a two-way range.

      13. Yeah

      14. I think that first everyone must realize the Kurds have been fighting without any of the training that we in the military have had. I doubt very much if that woman had any kind of formal training,much less sniper training as we understand it to be. I give the Kurds all respect because while the U.S. equipped and trained Iraqi army couldn’t get out of Dodge fast enough, the Kurds stood their ground,and paid in blood for it.

      15. Yeah its probably not a good idea to wear a bright blue target around your head

      16. Splatter/trajectory of the bullet hitting the wall seemed a bit odd. Hard to tell without being there, but looks like it could have been fired from the same room she was in. Just my opinion. And, since my opinion is the one I like, that’s the one I’ll go with.

      17. One other thing: how much eye relief did she have on that scope? 1/4 inch?

      18. I won’t support women in men’s roles. Sorry, not sorry.

        • Beaumont Biggot. Define a Man? You mean those snowflakes in the video, training a few articles back, to take on the police? Those kind of men? I know a few women dykes that would probably kick your ass in hand to hand combat. I have No Professional Sniping Training what-so-ever, other than self taught and 10 years of Deer hunting at semi long ranges. 365 paces one shot kill, from the spent cartridge to the pile of guts after field dressing it. Everything you need to know about sniping is out there. Do you have the curiosity and ambition to learn? You don’t need to have been in the military to snipe. Start reading some books and hit the range. All Deer Hunters should read up on sniping to maximize their shots and understanding of the Bullets trajectory, velocity, up hill, down hill shooting etc.

          • CSS said, “Biggot”

            Abstract thinking. It has a definition, in the medical book.

            CSS says, “Define a Man?”

            I see your parents haven’t had “the talk,” with you, yet. XY with external genitalia.

            CSS said, “I know a few women dykes that would probably kick your ass in hand to hand combat.”

            It might occur, over the dinner table.

            CSS said, “Do you have the curiosity and ambition to learn?”

            I already know the difference, between an innie and outtie.

          • I have professional training in the military, your 10 years deer hunting isnt combat. And sniping on a prey that actively looks for you is far different. I have been deer hunting for 30 years and it is nothing like combat.

        • Who says it’s a mans role douchebag, to be a sniper. Hitler’s most productive snipers were all women. You don’t need any special training to shoot several hundred yards, any hunter in northern maine can do it.

      19. It is a very “life-affirming” thing to be missed by a narrow margin or hit but not seriously. That is why there are always gonna be prostitutes near an army. That is also how prostitutes became known as “hookers” because of the prostitutes that followed Gen. Joe Hooker’s army around Wash. D.C. in the Civil War.
        I can tell you one thing, she was easy to get in the sack that night.((Works for both men and women and from what I have seen of the Peshmerga’s they are tough.))

      20. She is not a sniper. Someone gave her a Dragonov and forgot to train her. The chunk of concrete that came out of the wall just above her head was kind of small. When I saw the video on the news, I was thinking hand gun bullet. Never stick the muzzle of your rifle out the other side of the window. Stay back in the shadows. Never pose for the camera on the front line.

      21. It probably happens all the time for her, couple a day, few a week. This is just the first time on tape.

        If you asked her now she would probably say “oh that’s old one eye Fred, he never gets me.”

      22. Very lucky. …it was mentioned above -take the bright blue head scarf off. When your surroundings are every shade of brown that blue sticks out like beacon.

      23. More fake news.

      24. She fired a shot at an enemy, and received return fire, in a warzone, fighting for a belief that she holds as dear as life, what that belief is I do not know but this I do know, she hates ISIS and wants to kill them. This I also know, she has done more than 99% of the limp dicks on this site who want to criticize her……keyboard commandos…..cucks…..

      25. Annnnnnnndddddddd…..she’s freaking gorgeous!!!

      26. Wow alot of negative comments
        Sure she’s untrained
        Dressed all wrong
        Didn’t know how to use her weapon
        Ect ect
        Stupid or not she had the grapefruits to pick up the weapon and use it
        In real combat .

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