[WATCH] Iranian Lawmakers Burn American Flag And Chant: ‘Death To America!’

by | May 9, 2018 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    Outraged over president Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, Iranian lawmakers burned an American flag picture while chanting “death to America!”  The incident took place during a recent session of Iran’s parliament, and their anger and hostility are easily recognized.

    Trump’s controversial decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement sparked outrage across the international community and, in particular, among his allies in Europe who have vowed to adhere to the original agreement. And Israel has already bombed Syria where they believe Iranian weapons were being stored for use.  There were at least nine fatalities due to that airstrike, likely further angering Iranian lawmakers.

    Iran has been vocal about their disgust with Trump withdrawing from the agreement.

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told a cheering crowd of thousands Tuesday that if any country decides to betray the 2015 nuclear deal, there will be “severe consequences.”  Although Rouhani didn’t specifically name the United States, he did say that Tehran is “prepared for all possible situations.” –SHTFPlan

    “If necessary, we can begin our industrial enrichment without any limitations,” the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said according to RT, echoing similar comments from the speaker of the parliament, Ali Larijani earlier on Wednesday. Until [the] implementation of this decision, we will wait for some weeks and will talk with our friends and allies and other signatories of the nuclear deal, who signed it and who will remain loyal to it. Everything depends on our national interests,” Rouhani added.

    Under the 2015 deal, Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear program in return for relief from economic sanctions. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, struck the pact to try to keep Iran from building a nuclear weapon, but Trump believes the deal has “disastrous flaws.”

    The United States will reimpose a wide array of Iran-related sanctions after the expiry of 90- and 180-day wind-down periods, including sanctions aimed at Iran’s oil sector and transactions with its central bank, the U.S. Treasury said on Tuesday.

    In a statement on its website and a related “frequently asked questions” document, the Treasury said sanctions relating to aircraft exports to Iran, the country’s metals trade and any efforts by Tehran to acquire U.S. dollars will also be reimposed.

    Trump signed a presidential memorandum reinstating US sanctions against Tehran that were waived in the wake of the deal which was signed during the Obama administration. Although Iran seems angered, especially after viewing the above video, the country doesn’t appear to be overly concerned about the likeliness of additional sanctions.


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      1. Iran. Now that we know how you really feel. Well, that didn’t take long.

        • Iduno Blame-e –

          I love what this country is suppose to be like … and represent – but – I strongly despise all branch’s of Government.

          Does this make me out to be a bad person?

          Typically no – but – in the eyes of the Government … a resounding YES!

          • FTW, same for me. In the eyes of TPTB, there’s something wrong with all of us. Like Reagan once said, “Government is not the solution to our problems. Government IS the problem.”

      2. As long as you hit Democrat cities I don’t care.
        However if we respond, Iran will also disappear
        which is also no great loss. Dead Democrats and Dead
        Moslem’s is a Win-Win situation for the entire world.

        • Were you thinking of:
          Tel Aviv,
          Tel Aviv-on-the-Thames,
          Tel Aviv-on the Hudson,
          Tel Aviv-on the Potomac,
          Tel Aviv on-the-Pacific?

      3. I took a taxi today. Mohammed got me safely to my appointed destination. All is well in the matrix.


      4. C’mon you lying rag heads. You are building ICBM’s for what reason. Because you already have the goods of over a 100 nukes and you want to mount them on missiles. Lying sack of shit. then they say well we will start our enrichment again. They have ben doing it all along. Time to burn their flag and take them down.

        • But don’t forget the pallets of $$CASH Barry Hussein the vile, rat Muslim gave those sand-crabs.

          • No … No … and … No!

            Iran had purchased US Weapons – in full – and the US.GOV never made that delivery to them. This money belongs back to the rightful owners (iran) – since the US.GOV had frozen their assets.

            • Perhaps…. but it gives them much needed hard cash since they have been frozen out of the Western banking system.
              Giving them all that cash was an incredibly stupid thing to do.

              • “Giving them all that cash was an incredibly stupid thing to do.”

                Look at it this way Stuart –

                If that was your money … and the Government froze your assets after you had made a purchase … and those goods did not deliver as promised. You would not be upset?

                You are completely fine with this sort of theft?
                This is what you are saying here sir.

                Matters none of anyones feelings about Iran – what was done – was theft by US.Gov – After 8 years of Odumbo in office – this was the only decent thing he did to make things right.

                • Are you kidding me? Give those American haters tons of cash to build ICBMs to wipe us off the map?

      5. Honestly: Why have we not buried these vile stone-age SAND-APES?? I mean really, WTF is the story guys? These sand-rats have been putting it to us for 40 god damned fucking log years and what does the mother fucking rat bastard muslim do – he goes and gives them $$BILLIONS in CASH. This country is so damn ass fucked.

        • CC, agreed. I’ll bet antifa and all the other libturd groups would feel right at home in Iran.

      6. How can the president unilaterally remove the US from a treaty that was approved by the Senate? Shouldn’t they take another vote on it? Is this now a dictatorship when the executive branch goes to war without congressional approval and voids treaties without consulting Congress?

        And I’m not picking on Trump in particular. This has been going on since Shrub’s presidency.

        Who would ever enter into an agreement with the Anglo-Zionist empire?. They all seem to be written in disappearing ink.

        PS. Don’t forget to vote.

        • Foreign policy is the exclusive purview of the Executive Branch. Congress can make the treaty but its implementation is Trump’s purview. Checks and Balances stuff.

        • Iran never signed it!

      7. I would welcome Iran having nuclear parity with the genocidal Master Race.

        • Then you sir are a fool and certainly no “Historian”.
          Thank you for informing us of your condition so as to save us the part of our lives spent reading any further posts of yours.

      8. I think I’m going to open an American flag store in Tehran. Those ragheads go through an awful lot of them it seems. I swear, I see more of my country’s flag burning on TV by some radical camel-humper than I do on Veteran’s Day on my own street. Only thing keeping me from getting my little shop going is how to combine materials so that when the goat-rapers light one up, it explodes and takes them out once and for all. Still working on that small detail. I’m thinking ‘in the dye’…. Wow!!! what an ad slogan, “buy Haji’s US flags, they’re to die for!!!”

        • Heartless, LMAO! I like that idea!

      9. Iranian Lawmakers Burn American Flag And Chant: ‘Death To America!’

        A tad bit unprofessional … but then again … I understand their frustrations.

        When the CIA and British Intelligence implemented a coup in ’53 and installed the Shah for a replacement … I would be upset if I were an Iranian.

        Constant and repetitive Sanctions being thrown at Iran … for what?
        For not complying with the NWO Agenda, No Central Bank, and wanting to sell their oil in a different currency other than the US Dollar.

        Agreements … Promises … and Commitments constantly being withdrawn from the US Government, all the while Iran has been in full compliance within these terms.

        Least not forget – US.Gov still wants to overthrow the Iranian Government as well as the Syrian Government – US.Gov do not hide behind these intentions anymore.

        So … If I were an Iranian – would I continue to try and trust and do business with the US.Gov?

        Absolutely not!

        It may appear I’m choosing sides here – that simply is not the case.

        There is a Right Way & a Wrong Way of doing things in life.
        What I see is America doing a whole lot of Wrong in the World.

      10. Why would any common sense American support war against Iran? You’ve got to be kidding me. Oh so you support Nuttyyahoo and the never ending lies that our leaders march in lock step to from Israel and Mohammed bin Salman the headchopper of Saudi Arabia. You support the domestic hyper militarized police state intent on killing your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. You support the wealthy stealing away of tens of millions of Americans livelihoods while inflation kills off buying power with a near worthless dollar. You do not support the American people because the overwhelming majority do not support continued warmongering. You support the lies of this incredible stupidity. Talk about a dumbed down nation, this is it.

      11. aljamo

        People remember the Iranian Hostage Crisis because it was in the news. They don’t remember overthrowing the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 and installing Shah who ruled with torture using the secret police SAVAK because it wasn’t. Therefore in Goebbes mind manipulation, “US good, Iran bad”.

        Simple thoughts for simple minds. Is the big game on this weekend?

        I think this is why.

      12. Big fat out of shape, pussy ass Islamic law makers.

        How about I walk up to that desk and kick one you fuckers in your brown balls.

        That is Tehran, this is Texas. You fucking ragheads can burn flags all you want. Try that shit out here in Cypress and see if your ass does not get shreaded by with .223/5.56 by local red necks. Bunch of fat out of shape pussy ass Islamic law makers. I hope Trump and Israel bomb the shit out of you fuckers and level your capital. As for you chi-coms entering the US in mass amounts setting up camp. You little fuckers to not know white men that well. Your about to find out real soon why you should not have listened to the UN, and that you have stayed the fuck home in china. Your president may have told you to have no fear and do not to fear death, that war with the United States of coming, well you muslims and you chi-com allies have something to worry about once you try that shit over here.



        • HCKS, LOL! I hear you loud and clear, man.

        • Hcks –

          You and your Texas buddies need to clean up your State first.
          You have plenty of flag burners down there that are typically referred to as Mexicans.

          So … now you are a Trump supporter?
          Thought I saw somewhere that you mentioned he was part of the deep state, but not anymore huh?


          The fuck is up with Nibiru – hasn’t shown up yet as promised.

          • FTW

            I’m still wondering how their feeding, watering and supplying the Chinese army hidden in Mexico.

          • “You have plenty of flag burners down there that are typically referred to as Mexicans.”

            Oh no we don’t. You’re thinking of a sh*thole farther West. Mexicans and Texicans have been co-existing just fine since we ran off that asshole Santa Anna.
            It is the invasive criminals we have a problem with.

        • Persians are Aryans, hence “white”.

      13. If the treaty were equally good for both countries, the Iranians wouldn’t have reacted that way. The anger shows that it was a great deal for Iran and not so good for us. It also shows that the economic sanctions were harder on them than we thought; they’re afraid of the return of the sanctions. Will our “allies” respect the sanctions? Probably not!

      14. I can’t believe that anyone would watch that and say, yes, these are rational human beings. Fuck all liberals.

        • In reality a true conservative would keep out of other countries affairs and strictly follow the Constitution regarding the US use of military force. Neo-Conservatives are not Conservatives. Libertarians believe in strict adherence to the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Thats Conservative, running roughshod around the world isn’t.

      15. I can’t imagine why any country would be upset with the US. They have only bombed and destroyed 7 or 8 countries and killed and displaced 10 million,or so, people in the last 18 years.

      16. Hilarious!

        Israel ignites hostilities, THEN ISRAEL SCREAMS IN PAIN AS IT STRIKES YOU, because you dare defend yourself and strike back.

        Trump: I’m not sure how my MAGA-ites will feel about inflating USA Bigly ops in Syria.

        Netanyahu: We have a plan. Your MAGA4IsraelWorshipers will not only fall for it, they’ll love it! We’ll cry out in pain, strike, and cry out in pain again as they defend themselves. MAGA-Tards and Q-Tards will go ga-ga and salivate!

      17. You Jew haters need to get a grip, they are about.02 percent of the world population yet you guys blame them for everything. Ask yourself if China was positioning men and missles in Mexico with the intent on attacking us, as Iran is now doing in Syria, would we tolerate it for one second. Those of you demanding Israel to bend over and wait for it are hypocrites. I don’t blame them one bit for DEFENDING their country, as we watch our nonexistent borders being overrun by third world trash we might want to take notes on how a country with real BALLS defends itself.

        • Amen!

        • Oh noes! If you don’t grab your crotch and gyrate your loins in adulation to Israel… YOU’RE A JEW HATER! And, and, and… YOU BLAME THEM FOR EVERYTHING!

          Iran, like Russia, was invited into Syria to clean up the USNATO/SaudiCoalition/Israel “moderate Jihadi for peace” terrorists.

          But, but, but… if Iran is in Syria… IT CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING! THEY’RE GONNA ATTACK ISRAEL!

          People are that stupid.

          • “People are that stupid”

            Well, they say the first step is recognizing your own ignorance. Perhaps you are capable of learning after all.

            Just to give you a start: Russia has been in Syria since the start of the cold war. They were not “invited” to help with ISIS or anyone else. Neither was Iran. Iran is the main SPONSOR of ISIS and the other miscreants.


            Yes!, very good. Now if you can just stop yelling…..

      18. Yes FTW, I am a Trump supporter. He delayed the revolutionary war, and we can still have our jobs, and live in piece for the time being, but we know SHTF will commense later on. I may not agree with everything and I do believe that he is working with the deep state to a certain degree, but from what I have heard, he is also working against them.


        Screw you, we’re from Texas

      19. What has this site become a Zionist shill page, Sorry but Americans know the #1 threat to peace is Israel.

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