[WATCH] Illinois Economic Collapse Is Near, Two Other States Will Follow In It’s Footsteps

by | Jul 2, 2017 | Commodities, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 137 comments

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    The mismanagement of Illinois by government bureaucrats and politicians have plunged the state into a dire economic abyss. But SGTReport is predicting that other states will fall just as quickly, and you won’t be surprised in the least when your hear which ones are doomed to suffer an economic collapse soon.

    Illinois could be expected to slash pensions to 30 cents on the dollar to help stave off the harsh reality of nanny state policies and socialist promises. But problems with finances began when the state failed to realize that a stranglehold on the economy spells disaster and political promises are failures waiting to happen.  The mass exodus of property owners began when the land of Lincoln decided to jack up property taxes in an attempt to cover for their awful Ponzi scheme mismanagement, and the spiral into an almost $15 billion debt crisis began.

    According to the video below by SGTReport, the situation is worse than we are being told.  The mainstream media is almost coddling the public over the “red alert” created by the socialist policies in Illinois.  And California and New Jersey are most likely next thanks to the government awarding pensions they cannot pay for. The suggestion? Invest in gold or silver because Illinois will soon look like Venezuela and the dollar will be all but worthless.

    The state of Illinois doesn’t have a monopoly on ignorant, power hungry, or corrupt politicians, and that’s why the warning is going to California and New Jersey.  Since the end of World War II, those ignorant politicians have been promising American Baby Boomers more and more entitlements while never collecting nearly enough money (stealing enough from others in the form of taxation) to cover them all, and it all began with the Ponzi scheme of social security. Although most media outlets will try to do mental gymnastics to explain why social security’s non-voluntary participation is not a Ponzi scheme, the facts remain.

    As Zerohedge has noted frequently before, some of the largest of the many entitlement “scams” used to seduce voters and bring about communism through making socialism palatable in this country, are America’s public pension funds.  Up until now, these public pensions have been covered by stealing money set aside for future generations to cover current claims. It’s a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, and one that’s non-optional to participate in.


    Chicago has already been dubbed the murder capital of the United States, so one can only imagine how horrific life in the inner cities will be post economic collapse.  This is not a “maybe” scenario. It will happen, and it will happen quickly and soon.

    This should be a wake-up call to every individual in the United States.  Left-leaning policies, such as communism and it’s little cousin, socialism always fail because eventually, politicians run out of other people’s money.  People also want to be free, and those in Illinois are quickly discovering that instead of freedom, they have government promises and intervention laced with massive taxation (theft).

    Force and coercion will always eventually end the same way.  Freedom of association is the only way human beings were meant to interact.  Until government worship ends, and succession is more prevalent, society will continue to face collapse thanks to the failures of government and those who seek to make it bigger.  Power always corrupts.


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      1. Well imagine that. I think I hear the band on the American Flagship the USS-LESS, reaching its crescendo as its leaves port.

        • It, not its. Oh and a “good morning” to all you heathens on here.

          • One man’s heathen is another man’s preacher.

            • Back 30 – 40 yrs ago in Chicago, you could get a job on the City Fire Department if you brought the chief a Case of Scotch. Its more corruption and inefficiency, payoffs and bribes. Its who has the power and who doesn’t. Back when Chicago Mayor Byrne and Harold Washington was polluting the place up and how bad it must be today. Mayor Rahm Emanuel – never let a good crisis go to waste.

              • Complete and utter BS on the scotch to the Chief admittance to the FD. Based on civil service, even back then. Idiot.

        • My father had the cure for amerika 60 years ago. Just promote a big basketball game with free admission. Serve free chicken, watermelon and cheap Ripple wine. About halfway into the game, lock the doors of the stadium and distribute each person a switchblade knife. Let the problem people take care of themselves.

          • I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation. NOT!

        • Venzuellinois Tax Calculator:

          Handy little calculator to determine, for IL readers, how much they will be on the hook THIS time, to pay for the socialist workers’ paradise of Venezuellinois, assuming the July 2 vote goes down. Other state residents, you can see what would do if you lived there, or what may be coming your way. Basically, massive state and corporate income tax raises. No property tax hikes, as they are already the highest, or it may be 2nd highest (I forget), in the nation

          Calculator here: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/how-much-will-the-5-billion-tax-hike-cost-your-family/ I had
          better book my U-haul now to beat the rush.

          Keep it handy for NEXT years’ increase… and the increases the year after that and the year after that

        • Just in:

          The Illinois House is scheduled to vote on a $5 billion tax hike today.

          Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan released the following statement:

          “I am encouraged by the progress we continue to make with Leader Durkin and the other leaders. Building on this progress and Friday’s overwhelmingly bipartisan budget vote, the House will be voting Sunday on a revenue package that is modeled on the bill supported by the governor, and House and Senate Republicans in their recent announcement of their budget blueprint, and ensures a balanced budget for our state.”

          The current proposal increases the personal income tax rate to 4.95% from the current 3.75%. The corporate income tax rate rises to 7% from the current 5.25% rate

      2. Good morning.

        Chicago not really the leading murder capital, per capita its St. Louis I believe. Nothing to party about.

        But to the important information. Illinois is the picture of how really the situation is for the entire country.

        As had been stated on this site many times and that was to get out of debt and put something away for a raining day which seems to have arrived for this state.

        I would like to say, without reservation, the entitlement program does not work and the collection agency is at the door.

        I also read, based on the order made Friday that eventually cuts to pensions will occur as if a person is receiving 1,000.00 a month pension, may only get 300.00. Payments to active employees may be cut significantly or delayed.

        Credit the health ranger for a very good report.

        • I disagree that Illinois is an example of all of america.

          Texas, my state, is in great financial shape.

          We also have a balanced budget amendment in our state constitution and it is illegal for the state to borrow money for discretionary spending. The state can only borrow money for capital improvement projects like building a highway, but not to pay for welfare.

          Texas also has NO income tax. How rare is that?

          Texas realizes that America is going to shit and that is why the authorized their own Texas state gold depository. The Texas teachers retirement fund has 160 million dollars worth of physical gold in their possession.

          Texas realizes that it will have to issue it’s own currency when America collapses and it will have the gold to do it with.

          • Ok.

            Good for the great state of Texas in which in itself could be classified as a country on its own.

            But I meant the pensions funds that are in jeopardy nation wide in other states.

            • So, you seem to have a problem with Texas… Don’t mess with her!! In Austin, my hometown, unfortunately as I call it Little San Fransisco, you know, steers and queers! No matter how much I dislike the LGBTQ agenda, and the filthy things these men do to each other, our city’s finances, along with the entire state, is in excellent financial standing… Why? Minimal union power, conservative, for the most part, running illegals back across the river, oil, petroleum, farming, ranching, tourism, nice people (those who don’t blow each other), friendly, fiscally conservative with republican’s in control for many years, very little room for back-door politics as our constitutions limits such… So, the only reason you can rag on Texas is because you are a snowflake living in a socialist state that will one day be doomed financially and economically! If we could require teens to be on a type of birth control, start charging men with stututory rape again and require welfare folks to work the jobs the illegals do, , ship the rest of the wetbacks home and put all of the white trash in interment camps, we’d be in the top 5 in wordly economics… we are in the top 15% now…

          • The Guy in the Video said Florida was on the list. WRONG!!! Far from it. We are doing so well there is ZERO State Income Tax. Everybody flocks here and the State makes a killing in tourist fees sales taxes, etc. And we have little debt, and I believe the State Pension system is funded up to about 87% compared to 45% for IL.

            • I totally agree with you Crack. I live in Santa Rosa Cty. and new home building and sales are through the roof.Lots of new people are moving in here,good or bad thing,I have notice traffic through Milton on 90 gets worse every week,and the speeding and crazy driving is off the charts as I’m sure you have noticed.Have a great 4th.

          • I bought 10 acres of land in blossom, Texas for 16k back in 90’s have water, power lines, lots of old trees, very low taxes, it’s a goof feel to live here.

            • Land Air Sea,
              I hear ya! I live just down the road a few miles from Blossom, TX and the land is now about $3,500/acre, but still way cheaper than other parts of the country.

        • Let’s find a common denominator like we learned in math. Chicago, st Louis, new Orleans, Mississippi, hmm. Let think, gosh, this is hard, the answer is BLACK. Black gangs. Drugs, murders, thugs, rape, destruction of property, riots, and the list just keeps on going.

        • “Chicago not really the leading murder capital, per capita its St. Louis I believe.”

          St. Louis will turn over in his grave if he hears this (to make some room, I guess).

      3. PO’d Patriot, LOL! And a good morning to you and all of my fellow heathens. No surprises here. IL, NJ, and Cali deserve every damn bit of what’s coming. I sympathize with the GOOD people still stuck in those states. Life will only get worse in those states from here on out.

        • “Socialism (lit. ‘gouvernement’ in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
          – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

          And no, the left STILL has no clue why this has never worked, CAN never work, and WILL never work. But that won’t stop them from trying again and again and again – with YOUR money

        • When I left Ca 20 years ago and came to Wyo I saved $1,000 a month in taxes, Gasoline is About $2.00 here, it’s over $3.00 in LA.

          • $1.87 in my part of Texas

            • This Website will tell you where the cheapest gas is in your area. Just type in your Zip Code and the list comes up. www .GasBuddy dot com

              Also click on the Gas Price Heat Map and it shows on the map in the US what gas prices are for the ret of the country.

        • Hillary Klinton visited a nurseing home for a photo op.
          Several residents were watching a ball game on TV, and Hillary stood in front of the TV singing her own praises.
          She was told rather crudely to get out of the way.
          She arrogantly demanded “Do you know who I am?”
          A resident fired back “No, but go to the front desk and they’ll tell you!”

      4. “Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

        Chris Christie Announces New Jersey Government Shutdown, Orders State Of Emergency
        —-“Illinois, Maine, Connecticut: the end of the old fiscal year and the failure of numerous states to enter the new one with a budget, means that some of America’s most populous states have seen their local governments grind to a halt overnight until some spending agreement is reached. Now we can also add New Jersey to this list.”

        “Christie ordered nonessential services to close beginning Saturday. New Jerseyans were feeling the impact as the shutdown took effect, shuttering state parks and disrupting ferry service to Liberty and Ellis islands.”

        “As funds run out elsewhere, it will only get worse.”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-01/chris-christie-announces-new-jersey-government-shutdown-orders-state-emergency

        • KY Mom Thanks.

          As George Orwell stated in his book 1984…INGSOC (English Socialism) “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Spending is Saving. Ignorance is Strength.”

          It’s pretty much the doctrine by which Marxists, Socialists, and Progressives live by.

          • It’s pretty much the doctrine by which Marxists, Socialists, and Progressives live by.

            I thought it was, “What is yours…is mine!”

            • Exactly!

        • Thank goodness we live in a Republic. For when the economic crap hits the fan, and the financial rubber meets the road, only a few will remain to rebuild.

          • The Republic will be meaningless. When things get shitty, the government gets much worse and aggressive.

            • John said, “When things get shitty, the government gets much worse and aggressive.”

              That’s precisely why I’m glad we have a Republic. So the 49.9% (that’s us) can tell the 50.1% (that’s them) to go F@!k themselves if they decided to commit social or fiscal suicide. In a pure democracy the minority has no choice but to participate in their own demise.

        • That’s not it at all. I wish it were that easy…

          The state is required to have a budget in place by June 30. Nothing was presented to Christie so he had no choice but to start shutting down services.

          Naturally, you start with the most obvious and damaging ones which is always the closing of state parks and beaches. Always happens this time of year.

          Then all the finger-pointing and blaming and arm-twisting… budget will be delivered next week and it will all be back to its normal level of useless BS.

          As long as we have a plethora of non-working blacks, we’ll never run out of federal money!

          Other people’s pockets are deep!

          • How do you close a beach? That is like trying to close the ocean.

            • You lock the gates to all the roads and beach access points.

              Christie closed all the state beaches, and then his family had one all to themselves. He tried to lie about it, but there were photos.

              • I think saying he had all the beach to himself is incorrect.

                Christy TOOK UP all the beach, that is different. 🙂

        • KY Mom:

          Sunday night the Illinois legislature approved a 32% income tax increase, contingent on the Governor’s approval.

          My message to all Illinois residents, welcome to Math 101. As Ayn Rand said, “…You can ignore reality. But you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.


          • YH,

            That is unbelievable!

            I think the residents of Illinois should demand that their state legislators take a 32% decrease in their pay.

      5. They will try a nation wide bailout,won’t fly,be ready to fight it all ways possible.Time to get oversize bags of popcorn!

        Oh,and us “heathens”as we have been so slandered remember,2 days till birth of country,blow something up in celebration!Fireworks illegal in your area,well get on to the black market or get creative!

        • We need more Detroits anyhow. The drug abusing snowflakes need new condemned empty houses for their gay sex and antifa training camps.

          • drug abusing snowflakes

            Now that drugs are being legalized we really do need more drug addict towns, so that’s not a bad idea.

          • NJ will be the next Detroit…. They already have an Opiate crisis…. The state pension fund is $110-$150 Billion in the red…. NJ is the #1 state in America that people are fleeing….
            In 4 yrs there will be only twp type of people left in NJ. The corrupt dem’s who run the place and the illegals they support….
            Everyone else is leaving….

      6. This thing has been coming for a long time. Failure to fund public pension funds while continuing to increase the pensions. Public pensions are a major factor but not the only one. They did raise the income taxes on people and companies and the property taxes as well. People have voted with their feet. As Abraham Lincoln probably believed and should have said “Never trust a politician from Illinois, and especially not from Chicago!”

        • I think blaming the pensions is a scapegoat.

          All pensions are part employer and part employee contributed. Then the money goes into a 457 or 401K. Your pension is based on that return, not based on continued budget payouts from the State.

          • I’ve seen people collecting pensions equal to what they were making per year. nobody should get 100% of what they made. My private pension is about 20%…..just making it with social security.

          • Not in Illinois . a school teacher or any public employee receives 80% of their averaged base pay for the last three years before retiring. So the teachers from other places. Get a job in the Chicago region at much higher wages for their last few years. They don’t attempt to teach or discipline the students. They just simply become professional time killers until they retire with a fat pension.

          • Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Another empty headed SHTF jackass.

            • TROLL!

      7. Pensions need year over year returns of 8%.They are maybe getting 1.5. Self imploding via the corrupt Fed policies.

        • I think 1.5% is being generous. My 457 statement shows ZREO growth in the last 7 quarters.

          Which is funny because the stock market has been BOOMING.

          • You’ve got the wrong people investing your money. Try T. Rowe Price. Waiting

      8. Ill is simply a mini Venezuelia. And it because of letting Mob Rule Democracy elect those who promised the most so called free goods and services paid from the government coffers. Ann Rand stated that the worst thing that can happen to a nation is when the majority of the citizens think they no longer need to produce. They wrongly believe someone else will produce from them. Then eventually the few remaining producers ask themselves Why Produce? Why Produce when the fruits of my labor and production are Robbed and redistributed to parasites who have ought naught to do with my production. So they go produce elsewhere or quit producing and join the ranks of the taking parasites. Now my question is? Are you denialst mamby pamby touchy feely folks when things collapse in Ill. And the taking parasites are cut off & then riot. When one is stupid and gets shot by the National Guard or other authorities? Are you still gonna insist the law breaking rioter is merely a protestor who is now a Hero because they where fighting Communism? When if fact they are rioting because their socialism has failed and they want their taking parasite lifestyle to continue to be enabled. Too many takers and too few makers is the root cause. And I didnt miss the Buy gold advice in the article LOL.

        • Venezuellinois. I made it up, hope it catches on! If not, how about Detroitinnois?

          The bill before the House in Springfield, to be voted on at 2 PM Sunday, will keep the free lunch pensions (I understand IL. state workers are either THE highest paid, or among the highest paid, in the nation), but raise taxes.

          And yes, they are too stupid to realize that raising taxes will just force MORE people to leave, but of course they CANNOT drop the free lunches for their bought off masses, such as Chicago School Board head Karen Lewis, who has three properties, one in Hawaii, and another in a rich resort area of Michigan. She makes somewhere around a 1/4 million a year.

          See http://chicagoist.com/2014/08/13/karen_lewis_salary_vacation_homes.php or http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/Karen-Lewis-Chicago-Teachers-Union-salary-271074671.html for just a couple stories.

          Of course, Democrat Mike Madigan, leader of the IL. House, has been there since around the early 1980s. This falls SQUARELY on his plate, but you know the fascist left will STILL vote for him next time, even as he destroys everything.

          There are many, many brilliant, conservative blacks – Sen. Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Col. West, Mia Love, etc etc etc. But sadly, the largest percentage of blacks in Chicago are knee jerk Democrats, who would vote to have their nose cut off as long as the word Democrat was attached. I live in the western burbs of Chicago (I will leave as soon as an elderly mother is gone), and they have been reloating a LOT of inner city people our here. I am glad they get better education – I want EVERYONE to succeed, of any skin hue – but this area has gone from a conservative area to now being a leftist stronghold. IN 10 years it will just be another Chicago. And the left is too utterly stupid to get it.

          • Mike Madigan controls the taxes in Illinois. He also owns the firm that helps people fight those taxes. He gets you going & coming.

        • need more jobs in this country that you can actually make a living, instead of sending production jobs out of country jobs went downhill with nafta

        • But, but, but…. didn’t our former HNIC ‘organize the communities in Illinois?!?! Wasn’t he an Illinois State Senator and then Senator from that same State to Congress? How could things possibly have gone wrong? After all, he stopped the seas from rising, gave wonderful affordable health care to everyone, welcomed any and all the teeming refuse from every foreign shore, won the Nobel Peace Prize …. and currently is in his country of passport origin – Indonesia where he’s counseling our current POTUS on all his errors.

        • You watch.

          It will be the hard working people that get TOTALLY screwed by Illinois.

          Illinois will slash the pensions and cut the police and teacher pay but the nigs will keep getting their welfare and free shit unabated.

        • Like somebody said after “Sully” landed the plane on the Hudson:
          USA is producing too many “Sulies” (Octomom) and not enough “Sullys”.
          The RESET button will be pushed. We ALL personally know parasites.
          Sadly, lots of good people will perish in the shakeout.

      9. What CAlifornia needs is open borders. Bring in more poor people from Mexico and Central and South America. Bring in the parents of rich Chinese with promises to support them until they arrive; then sign them up for welfare. Welfare is for illegals. Bring in Muslims from the Middle East. Not all of them are Jehadists. Be sure they get their medi-cal. They need lots of prenatal care for those soon to be born Domestic terrorists. And the girls will need follow up check ups after their genital mutilation causes them to get infections and incontenance. Bring in Indians to take what few high tech jobs might otherwise have gone to American college graduates with unpaid student loans. Bring those Somali and Congo Aids infected rapists here to spread the love. CAlifornia needs more negro culture. The Southern blacks are Northern now and what diversity has done for the place is spectacularly brilliant. We have babies’ mamas and babies’ daddy. We have welfare queens and affirmative action working single moms. We have more gay pride and white shame. We have everything you would expect in a State of Insanity.


        • B, don’t know how you do it (live there). I was born and raised in south Orange County and moved outta there when I was 32 and never went back.

          • A friend just got a notice that their toddler was exposed to hand/foot & mouth disease in daycare.

            I read up on it, it was nearly extinct in the US until the Obama open borders flood brought in millions of people with really lousy personal hygiene and children carrying said disease and more. It’s apparently epidemic in the US again! It’s transmitted primarily through saliva and especially fecal matter.

            The Obama legacy just keeps on giving.

            • So much for just worrying about head lice.

            • Thankfully for the Obunglers, THEIR kids went to zillion dollar a year Sidwell Friends School. No poor unwashed masses there! And protected by men with evil guns, too.

              In the socialist workers’ paradise, we’ll all be equal, only some of us will be ‘more equal’ than the others said Orwell. We’re there now.

        • @BfrmC:

          Monterey Bay reporting in…Good Day.

          Long popcorn and root beer.

          I don’t have cable TV,….cuz crazy is right out the window.

          Truly a target rich environment.

          Biding my time counting coup with cultural appropriation, red and green flag repurposing, and antifa pelting bees. Never a dull moment.

          When the balloon goes up, so will the barrel.

          With frosty mug and loaded hip…….BA.

          • have fun shooting with your tiny, permanently attached magazine.

            • John,plenty of folks I know in Cali. still have large capacity/detachable mags,make no mistake about it.My guess is the number is in the millions state wide,have a few family in Monterey and Pacific Grove that alone could help many if times get “interesting”.

            • @JS:

              Hello John. Good Day to you.

              When barrel up, I don’t have time to read…so….no magazines.

              Just joshin’, but thought you should know:

              ht tp://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/judge-blocks-californias-high-capacity-magazine-ban/201971

              Best to you and yours.

              The more hope is lost, clearer the target becomes….BA.

              We fight….’cuz we can’t dance……BA.

        • B from CA, a “State of Insanity” is surely the right name for California. Thanks for making me laugh.

      10. One thing I will point out. For the most part the current set of elected official’s in Ill are not the ones responsible for the money problems. Those promises where made by previous politicians who have already left the government ranks. Those now in place are likely just trying to prolong the collapse? At least until they can fill their own pockets and get the heck out of Dodge! So far as I know not one has arressed the root cause of too many takers and too few makers.

        • Democrat Mike Madigan has been the fascist left speaker of the house since 1983 (!!!), except in 95-97. He is DIRECTLY responsible.

          However, you are right. A lot of them didn’t create this, they just actively and willingly perpetuated it, and hope to, as you say, line their own pockets before it collapses.

        • A good example of a crook from Illinois is the present mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel, he’s one of those “people” you know, also one of those other “people” too. J*w and banker. Oh yeah, one of those other “people,” ballet dancer. Not to forget he worked for Bill Clinton and Obula, you know one of those “people” too. He’s lining his pockets like the rest of ’em, to hell with everyone else. These are those “people” ruining America. Send them all to California. Waiting

        • I would disagree. If your a member of the democratic party and THEY are responsible then you continue to be responsible.

      11. Just the facts

        1.) http://www.bettergov.org/news/six-figure-pension-payouts-soar
        Over the past year, the number of government retirees in Illinois drawing a yearly pension of $100,000 or higher has ballooned by more than 18 percent, putting added pressure on the state’s underfunded pension systems, a new analysis shows.
        The number of government retirees getting six-figure retirement payouts grew to 14,320 – up from 12,056 the year before. Those getting six-figure pensions include retired cops, lawmakers, judges, teachers — and an oral surgeon from the University of Illinois at Chicago believed to be the state’s only half-million-dollar-a-year government pensioner. Leslie Heffez, 59, a former UIC professor now in private practice in Highland Park and Chicago, is believed to have the highest public-employee pension in the state — $547,862.

        2.) Mapping the $100,000+ Illinois Teacher Pensions Costing Taxpayers Nearly $1.0 Billion
        https://www.forbes.com/sites/adamandrzejewski/2016/04/22/mapping-the-100000-illinois-teacher-pensions-costing-taxpayers-nearly-1-0-billion/#420ecd87237e Includes this “gem”: “In 2014 I wrote in Forbes about a pair of union lobbyists who substitute taught for one-day in the public schools and then started collecting over $1 million of lifetime public ‘teacher’ pension payouts.”

        3.) Full database of pensions in IL. Nice non-work, if you can get it: http://www.bettergov.org/pension-database

        4.Who’s collecting the biggest IL pensions: https://rebootillinois.com/2015/04/16/whos-collecting-the-biggest-illinois-pensions/

        • That amount of money is hard to believe. My wife here in NC gets only a small fraction of that in her pension. The pension was part of why teachers in NC accepted much lower salaries than the national average. Her retirement check is much less than $25,000 per year. I only worked one job with a pension, so I’ll get over $50 per month when I turn 65.

      12. Remember sheeple that this was done by both sides, RINO and DINO are to blame

      13. Venezuellinois? Carachicago?

        • Business will leave Illinois because Illinois will tax the shit out of them trying to solve their problems.

          This will make the welfare state worse.

          But they will ask the FEDS for a handout, and by extension, you and me.

      14. Corruption ia another word for Democrat. I worked in a state office in my state and I could hear the office manager talk to the head of the state organization on the phone about monthly meetings held at various resorts in the state. What is menu like Is the pool heated were the big questions just one big party trip all year. Our Democrat Gov was thrown out for corruption so they appointed a communist instead as revenge. She has made the state into a safe zone for antifas and into a sanctuary state Come on in and share the wealth and riot all you like

      15. lock&load hunker down soon the savages will run amuck when the welfare check food stamps stop police will run away to there familys your on your own certain types of people feel they are owed something for doing nothing and there color lets them do what they want and get away with it but they forgot they still bleed Red underneath their hides they wear no humans to bad we have to live around such beasts once the well runs dry they will stir and cause big trouble one break in the supply chain and nothing will get delived to these people who take ever thing for granted the herd will trample you so get out of the way need wall of men to fire volleys of shots to put them down for good like the civil war soldiers did

        • 6 hours.

          That is all it takes before the nigs riot and loot. Remember when the EBT went down for 6 hours and nigs in Louisiana looted a walmart?

        • The non-whites are now very loudly proclaiming their hatred of Whitey, and loudly advocating the extermination of Whites.

          • Yes, they make no bones about it . They are very forthcoming. Let a white person speak this way and see the reaction. Waiting

      16. Chaos and corruption in those lib states. It only gets worse.

      17. The canary in the coal mine was Puerto Rico,a US territory. The dominoes are falling and Ill.and Ca. will fall hard. Don’t bail them out or 15 others will get in line. This pretty much is an indictment of Democrat policies,spending money they don’t have on things that aren’t needed.This will soon go national!

        • Jim If Hellery had won a fed bailout would certainly happen. With loose Cannon President Trump maybe not. I certainly hope there is not any federal bailout. let it collapse and the chips fall where they may.

          • Old Guy, agreed. No fed bailout for anyone. The ding-dongs in those states need to take a fall; they’ve had it coming for decades. Let them reap what they’ve already sown.

          • Illinois gave us Obama, so let it fail, screw all them especially the gimmidats, and the union thugs who are both sucking the life out of the Land of Lincoln

      18. These collapses will be blamed on Trump and an excuse to get rid of him.

        • Agreed. Just like Bill Clinton always claims credit for the good economic times when it was the republican controlled congress that did it in spite of Clinton.

      19. Tell all conservatives to move out of California, and make all the liberals, blacks, Muslims, LGTBS, snowflakes etc. move to California and then let them secede from the union. Let them have their own country and support themselves. Waiting

        PS Don’t forget to send McCain and Graham there also, they have to go.

        • McCain is really turning out to be a piece of shit.

          He has cashed in his war hero status too much.

          • What war hero status? He was a coward and a traitor. Everyone that served with him will tell you this. Some are afraid to say it, but others don’t care to tell you. All he cared about was his own yellow a&&. He’ a liberal Marxist/communist and an Isis supporter. Waiting

        • Why should the Demiturds, Libtards, and FSA EBT recipients get the most useful, productive land on the West Coast???! Send those AssHats to the Desert and let them scrounge out a living off Each other’s Water Stashes, Limited resources, and figure out ways to just survive.

          Why should all the good land, decent weather, and natural resource areas go to the fags, Feminists, and Socialists in Kommiefornia? NOOOO THANKS…..

      20. Forgot all about the totally bankrupt commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which is only slightly better off than Venezuela.

        • The worst part about Puerto Rico is all of it’s people are American Citizens and can move freely to other states.

          We should make all those a-holes stay in Puerto Rico and live with the mess they made.

          • JS, agree bigtime about PR. I used to have trouble with PRs when I lived in Miami. They’re more like ‘hispanic niggers’, LOL! They think the world owes them something and they’ll stab you in the back just as quick as an ape would. They’re also full of hatred just like the apes.

          • Fuk Statehood for PR. They were always against it until they totally belly-flopped. Cut PR loose.

      21. Just for arguments sake, wtf:

        Let me just type of this shit real quick before I get caught. Dumb stupid fuck people tell me that I worry too much. Are they right.

        Every time I look at this, I have to do constructive thinking, then again, am I. We prep, we get ready for shtf, and daily living is still reality. What do I do, worry my ass off, keep worrying, or just live my like, and deal with the elements once shtf commences. I am just as fucked as you guys on this site in many ways. Less look at some of my variables.

        Cabalist, globalist assholes are interfering with our fucking lives.

        Yep, they will engineer it, use it and Blame Trump. And the response will be REVOLUTIONARY WAR. From what my sources have told me, including my scientist friend, its not looking good. After he read the response to my post, the told me to stop posting his inside info on this site, and this is the reason why I have not mentioned anything lately. You have remember that I posted in the past about what he had to us. I can tell you this much. Trump will not be getting anything done, because the warring factions are still in total control, they are not on their last legs like what jokers like David Wilcox, the supposedly Edgar Casey rein carnation of the real Edgar Casey. I have to laugh, when I hear that the big new change is coming, that we have already won, and other bullshit. The person who is really telling the truth is believe or not Alex Jones. Alex is right when he tells us that this is no where near over, in fact things are getting worse. I am telling you guys, we are going to get invaded from China. The chi-com president just threatened to kill anyone in Hong Kong who opposes his regime. The information I have is so fucking bad, so horrific, what I have been told, as my scientist friend looked at this site, read my criticism and said, quit posting what I am telling you on this site, let them learn. By the time they find out that your are on the money, its too late. By years end I will be no where near Houston. Business is so bad right now, nothing happening. I have not closed a single deal with my contractor customers in May, June, and now we are in July, and its not looking good. My girlfriend keeps asking me what are we going to do. Get the fuck out of the city is all we can do, once shtf strikes. What pisses me off about not being single is that I cannot just make decisions based on my own fears. Now you have to hear a woman’s pinion, and other bullshit nonsense.

        Women just don’t get it:

        You slap the ring on her middle finger, now she owns your ass.

        Like Brave advised me a few years ago when I just started posting, that I better use my fucking head, before I go start dating, when I announced that I met some chick, that I better know where my priorities are., and as usual my dick did the thinking, and now its no longer just me its now her.

        And love is like wild flowers, it cannot be founded in the middle of SHTF.


        And now she wants to have a baby. Now WTF have I gotten myself into.? Now I must bring a kid into this shit hole of a planet, right in the middle of SHTF. I am in my mind forties, strong and healthy, she is 33, so I understand her reasoning. Carrying around Breast feeding infants in the middle of a catastrophe is not good reasoning. Single males like us, either jerk off for the rest of your life or find a woman. You don’t have to be a genius to figure this out. Women don’t like to listen to men talk about disaster, death and destruction 24 fucking 7, and I know this, since its all I research, talk about, prep for in my dull life. Now what the hell am I doing running around with babies in 4 wheelers, knowing that any minute, any second, I could hear a massive explosion in my city, shtf strikes and now instant martial law. You see guys, when these asshole decide talk us out, they are not going to do this in after 9:00 pm when Americans are at home with his AR next to him on the couch, they will pull this shit, at 11;00 am during the week, while we men are separate from the wife and kids, half way across town. When you suddenly go outside, your car cant start, your cell is down, you wife cant reach you, your kids school is shut down, buses pull up talking your kids to camps to be protected by foreign nationals.


        Reality check one and 1.

        • @HCKS:

          Good Day.

          First question to ask a girl….”Do you have my six?”.

          “Yes”….she is a keeper.

          “Huh”…..she is a tosser.

          Tick tock…tick tock…..BA.

        • HCKS,

          Remember what the bible says about this.

          You should only marry other believers in Christ so as to be equally yoked.

          Same should apply to SHFT believers. You should only marry someone with a like mind or you will be in deep shit.

          Or as in your case, elbow deep in shit in about 9 months!


        • Get a prenup. Get a prenup. Get a prenup.

          There is no way in hell I would get married without having the other person sign a prenup. Why? Because without one you are that mercy of the state in which you have legal residence. Marriage is a legal contract and getting a prenup is a way to tighten up that legal contract and clarify what matters to you. Too many men are screwed in divorce court. I don’t care if you don’t own anything. Get a prenup. Woman doesn’t want to sign? Man doesn’t want to sign? Don’t just walk away, RUN.

          Trump had all of his wives sign prenups. Smart man. All of his ex wives lived well and his children were taken care of and educated. How many people that have been divorced can say the same thing? I can tell you. Not many.

          • Unless you have Trump’s resources, prenups are easily broken.
            Who’d have thought paper doesn’t make good armor?

          • It’s not a pre-nup. It’s a pre-divorce agreement.

        • “. Dumb stupid fuck people tell me that I worry too much. Are they right?”

          [Drinking some wine … and lighting a cigar] – The answer is NO … and as I’ve mentioned here before, whether it be a Government issue or Environment issue – – – knowing the crisis beforehand … just EMBRACE IT – cuz there is nothing else to do to deter the issue. You are already 10+ steps ahead of most people in this area. — anybody who says otherwise … is the dumbfuck!!!

          What do I do, worry my ass off, keep worrying, or just live my life, and deal with the elements once shtf commences

          (A) Don’t Worry – be concerned, but don’t be worried
          (B) Do what the rest of us do – Work … and play out the niceities to those other dumbfuck people and live life. Stay calm … remember who you are … one prepared, bad ass mutha fugga!

          Yep, they will engineer it, use it and Blame Trump. And the response will be REVOLUTIONARY WAR.

          Most people in America will believe that scenario — but not me … it was doomed from the get go … Trump or Hillary … sorry … but these are NOT choices … they are two douchebags FORCED onto the populace to choose from … fuck ‘da dumb shit!!! You still feel like a person who is living in a free country? ……. something tells me most here would say fk’ing NO!!!

          You slap the ring on her middle finger, now she owns your ass.

          “WELCOME TO ‘RETARDVILLE'” — it’ ok … 90+% of guys are in or … have experienced what you are going through. Using the wrong “HEAD” will get every guy in trouble. Sometimes a dude needs to punch his own nutsack once in awhile or have another dude just kick him in the balls to straighten out his thinking patterns … usually works, been known to be very successful – give it a try.

          And now she wants to have a baby. Now WTF have I gotten myself into.?

          Ahh!!! for crying out loud … WTF??? … Really? … you know what you got yourself into … a whole lotta shit and thinking with the wrong fk’ing head. [calls for more wine … and fire up the bong]

          Overall: – dude – this chick is not on the same page as your or I and others here. It is obvious she loves you … but she has to be on board with you, and not playing fantasy world like 90+ of the population is in America.

          Who knows … maybe you don’t need a swift kick in the balls afterall … maybe she needs a swift kick to her cooter? Iduno … but you have a choice to make … you are not married … which means you are single … but yet … you feel responsible for her and her well-being.

          It’s LIFE … and CHOICES is what makes life hard … think with your noggin … and not with your purple headed warrior, and you’ll fair out better in the long run.

          Be well … and RELAX!!!

          • HCKS, I have to agree with FTW on the advice he’s giving you. If you haven’t tied the knot yet, you still have a choice, even from a legal standpoint. If she’s not 100% on board with you and your prepping, it’s best to let her go. It also eases up on you a lot to only have yourself to provide for. But that’s just me. It’s your call.

        • The reason to have children, and lots of them, is to increase the chances that one of them will live and carry on YOUR values to the next generation. One of the reasons we are in deep doodoo as a nation is because many people believed the lie about only having one or two children, and now there are not enough people working to support the aged and infirm. Hence bringing in the illegals to work and pay taxes. 60 million children so far have died thru abortion alone. The only social security you have is your children. Get out of Houston, get to the homestead you need, and get working on it. You just might change your mind about children when you help birth one( you put it in there, you should help get it out), and it brings out the protective warrior in most men.

        • Congratulations. In a site full of uneducated morons, you still manage to stand out for your stupidity.

      22. Hey, Mac Slavo (if that is your real name), get your facts straight.

        Social Security is not an entitlement. We all pay Social Security taxes. So, cut this entitlement crap out.

        Second, Social Security did not start out as a Ponzi scheme as you claim. FDR set Social Security up as a blind trust. It was only the corrupt and evil professional politicians that stole the old-age pensions of all Americans by raiding Social Security.

        Third, the purpose for establishing Social Security was that the richest 1-percent (the labor barons and the bankers), were exploiting the rest of working Americans by paying them as little as possible, then casting them aside when they became too old and too infirm to be of any use to the rich, corporate oligarchs. There were no pensions back then.

        There are no pensions now, and most Americans are still being exploited. Social Security was set up so no American would end up living their final years after a lifetime of labor in poverty. Now, Social Security is broke and bankrupt. Most payouts are not even enough to cover rent. Social Security is a one-way ticket to poverty.

        All this would stop if there were term limits. Now that Russia is controlling elections and our government looks like a Soviet Politburo these professional politicians are guaranteed lifetime employment. These professional politicians will never see poverty with all the money they have stolen from the American People. Term limits. Mandatory term limits.

        So, Mac Slavo, get your facts straight.

        • Yeah, Putin himself was in the polling booths in Podunck Jct, IA and Pisgy Switch NB pulling the lever from Trump millions of times. Looks like someone else needs to “get their facts straight.”

          Oh yeah. Obungler was explicitly involved in influencing the Canadian (and Israeli) elections. The were very open about it. Yes nary a word from the fascist left on that.

        • Actually Social Security is indeed a Ponzi scheme. The money withheld from my parents was redistributed to their parents who paid almost nothing into the fund. And what my generation (Baby Boomers paid in was paid out to our parents. In 66 and now drawing from the Social security Ponzi Scheme fund. And those who are now working and paying in my childrens generation is being paid to us boomers. The social security funds where never invested or put into a so called lock box. They where paid out and used for administrative cost almost a soon as the money was paid in. Now Obama instituted the So called Payroll Tax Holiday. The measure reduced the amount withheld and matched by the employer by 50%. And immediately for the first time in history the Social Security system Ran in the red. The system paid out more than it received. And lastly most who start drawing receive 100% of what they contributed within 5 years.

          • definition of a ponzi scheme:

            a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors

            Sure sounds like the social security system.

          • I think SS was in the red at one piont during the 80s. Payroll taxes were raised. It is now in the red with no hope of ever being in the black again. And yes, most SS reciepients break even on contributions within 5 years. When the SS scheme was implemented, the American life expectancy was something like 60. If the “retirement” age had been indexed to life expectancy, it would presently be about 80. It wasn’t until recently in human history that “retirement” was expected to be a 25 year paid vacation. People “retired” when they were no longer able to work.

        • SS is a PONZI. First person to get it was Ida Whiitcker? put in $22 and lived to be almost 100 got out about $22,000. It’s an entitlement program of the worst kind, ask any accountant or insurance actuary. What you Think has no bearing on the Math

        • Social Security has always been a Ponzi scheme.

          I checked my work history statement and found that I will have drawn out every penny I paid in and any possible interest in maybe one or two more years. After that, it will be coming from current workers. That’s the way it is for anyone who lives more than just a few years after retirement.

          My grandfather was a farmer and paid a token amount for quarters back in the 1960s. He drew a check for about 15 years after putting in only maybe $250.

          So get your facts straight. The biggest part of Social Security is an entitlement. Aren’t you “entitled” to it?

      23. If we got rid of Shitcago and gave it back to Wis. we would be in GOOD Shape!!!

        Let it fall apart. I have done all I can do to try to stop the state from falling apart.


        • Sgt. Dale I couldn’t agree more. I’m in Southern Illinois and most here are hard working, solid people. Between Springfield and Chicago is what has ruined the entire state. People are talking about the people living off of the state rioting when they get their money/free food cut off…I don’t see that happening. The politicians need more money and they’ll just take more from us hard working families. The free moochers will continue on as if nothing has happened. Who is worried about what is going on in Illinois right now?…all of the hard working, decent people. The moochers probably don’t have a clue. They know there is no need to worry. Sorry for the ramble but I am SO sick of this. I think it’s time for me to vote with my feet and get out while I can.

      24. Has anyone considered the stupidity
        of permitting government worker unions.
        Government worker unions typically
        support Democrats. These same Democrats
        negotiate with the unions for contracts.
        What is wrong with that picture?
        I really don’t care if the blue states go
        TU. Even if it is the state I live in.
        Beauty of it is, Democrats will
        suffer the most.

        • rellik, politicians take care of unions,unions donate political funds to politicians that give them stuff. It’s a nasty circle! The states that have right to work laws are the ones with fewer problems(pensions,benefits..unions period.) Those states prosper and the unions have little say in state matters. Virginia where I live is like that even with a Democratic governor.

          • JIm, spot on about ‘right to work’ states. TN is also right to work. While our economy isn’t great it’s still in better shape than any union state.

        • Democrats never suffer. They just relocate to another state, like what is currently happening in Colorado and Montana.

          • You are right for the most part. However it is generally illegal to kill Democrats just because they are idiots.

        • Thank JFK for allowing public employees (note I didn’t say workers) to unionize. Even FDR knew what a disaster that would be. Public employment has always been the last refuge for the unemployable.

      25. So do you think this will be limited to .gov workers, or is it gonna crash the entire State?

        I ask because sigh Cali.

        My friend who spends money like it’s going out of business is a .gov employee. He’s going to be so surprised sigh.

      26. Illinois politicians from the last 30 years should be arrested and made to pay for their crimes.

      27. I am amused at some of these comments. Everyone pointing fingers at other states like CA, IL etc. The US government is 20 TRILLION in debt. So the whole country is bankrupt. Including you GIRLS in Texas etc. who brag how tough you are etc. And you other GIRLS running to States in rural areas like a GIRL

        • One big difference the US government in collusion with the fed can create money out of thin air. The states cannot do so. It boils down to collapse of that insolvent state or a federal bailout.

      28. Like Venezuella Ill also has a oil revenue base. I was driving Truck back when fuel was $4 a gallon. And it seemed like every oil well in southern ill was pumping. Some had hit and miss engines that where powered by the well head gas. others had electric motors. But they where all pumping. Just reciently I took a job as a relief driver. I made a run to ill and back up hwy 45 and hwy 1 and those oil wells where not pumping. There will not be any revenue flowing into state coffers from those stopped wells.

      29. Article didn’t mention Maine. This is the tip of the financial iceberg. Get ready.

        Maine, NJ, Illinois, and Commifornia. I doubt Ohio is doing much better. Same for Pennsylvania. These states are the first dominoes to fall. Won’t be the last.

      30. FTW, you hit the nail on its head, 1,000%. Brave your right, FTW I have to give him credit. I don’t know about the let her go part. Fuck that. She is on board with me, its just that shtf may not commense, but likely to commense.

        the blame e, get the fuck off this site, you piece of shit agency ass clown pedofile gay ass troll. Since when the hell do you assholes come on here talking shit to Mac about get your facts straight, oh really.


        Keep fucking, and one day you will be fucked.

        • HCKS If my wife and I were still young enough to have another child we wouldn’t bring a child into the world as it is today. We had our two kids in the late 70’s. It was different then. We are both recently retired. But if we were of childbearing age now we wouldn’t bring a child into this mess. It really was different then. We can see the difference because we are older and can compare then to now, and we also have a history to draw from.

          Today the kids need to be home-schooled and many parents are unable to do that properly. We are living in dangerous times now and it’s not going to get better. We didn’t feel that way in the 70’s when we had our kids. Bringing a child into the world these days in these uncertain times is too risky. And very expensive. Just saying.

      31. Sorry, hicks, but Ek often hits it out of the park, even if it’s not what you want to hear.
        By and large, women LOVE big government.

      32. The problem has been coming a long time. They have been laying the burden on future generations for so long that they can’t do it anymore. The cost of carrying the level of debt is too high. They can’t produce a balanced budget. Retired state government employees will take it in the neck. The entitlement programs will have to be cut. When that happens, the rioting will start!

      33. Krispy Kreme Christie looks like a hairy-assed beached whale sitting in that lawn chair.

      34. They brought it on themselves. Screw em.

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