Watch: Former Teacher Speaks Out, “Everything I Loved About Teaching Is Extinct”

by | May 31, 2013 | Headline News | 178 comments

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    Parents aren’t the only ones fed up with the education system in America.

    Teachers often get a bad rap for the failure of America’s education system and its inferiority to the pedagogic successes of countries like China. But like many Americans who are nothing more than slaves to the mandates of the state, there are tens of thousands of teachers out there who are frustrated with the restrictions being placed on them through regulations and asinine policies.

    Ellie Rubenstein is one such teacher. She’s dedicated the last 15 years to teaching her students how to be lifelong learners with an ability to think for themselves. The problem, says Rubenstein, is that her district, state and federal education boards care only about developing robotic myrmidons who follow official state-sponsored doctrines.

    After years of struggle, Rubenstein called it quits. She created the I Quit You Can Fire Me channel on Youtube and publicly posted her resignation for her school board and community.

    It’s a resignation that every parent in America needs to see:

    The emphasis in education has shifted from fostering academic and personal growth in both students and teachers, to demanding uniformity and conformity.

    Raising students’ test scores on standardized tests is now the only goal, and in order to achieve it the creativity, the flexibility, and spontaneity that create authentic learning environments have been eliminated.

    Everything I love about teaching is extinct. 

    Curriculum is mandated. Minutes spent teaching subjects are audited. Schedules are dictated by administrators. The classroom teacher is no longer trusted or in control of what, when, or how she teaches.

    Even everybody’s favorite – the chickens hatching in kindergarten – has been prohibited. Why? so that the district can spend that money instead on computerized testing programs and training teachers to raise those teachers’ test scores.

    But I care more about the people my students become than about the scores on the tests they take.

    I thought I’d be a teacher the rest of my life. But I no longer feel I’m doing anything meaningful.

    I have to get out before my sense of self and self-worth is completely obliterated.

    Unless you are a ‘yes’ man, you will soon find out your only choice is to become one or leave.

    Indeed. And who can argue that this is the same choice many of us are faced with across whatever industry or career we choose as adults?

    Watch Ellie Rubenstein expose the inner workings of America’s indoctrination centers (via The Daily Sheeple):

    Kimberley Paxton of The Daily Sheeple writes:

    Real teachers, the ones who care about their students, the ones who teach kids to think critically and not just recite things by rote, are being targeted. Why?

    Because our public indoctrination centers, also known as schools, don’t want children to think.

    They want children to learn specified “facts” in order to pass standardized tests, thus creating perfect little worker bees. They want to produce adults who will not question authority or the status quo, but merely assimilate what they are told as truth, and act accordingly.

    Because of this, the school system is losing those teachers who could make a real difference in the future of our country.

    President Ronald Reagan once weighed in on this conversation and succinctly explained the risks to America’s future:

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

    Every aspect of Americans’ self worth and fundamental belief systems are being targeted – from cradle to grave.


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      1. My hats off to teachers, but they don’t replace parents. main problem is that the FED dictates what they get to teach. This should go back to the states. Trekker Out.

        • Treck. all you have to do is look at our prisons. Gov has “total” control. What a fraud, The gangs run the prisons and people come out worse than they went in. The lady is right, I have taught, wife taught, step daughter is School teacher, Dept head; get the same comment from every one. No discipline, garbage courses, regulations instead of brains. Administrators everywhere

          • Sadly, I’m afraid this is not of any importance. Like a guy on the Titanic asking: “What’s for lunch?”

            • Our educational system is a sad reflection of what it could/should be.

              “The left knew it would be necessary to capture those institutions that shape and mold children who will one day become leaders.”

              They knew “Once the heart and mind are captured, everything else follows.”

              How Liberalism Took Over America
              Godfather Politics dot com

              • KY Mom,

                C’mon… You can’t just blame the left!

                The “Right” has culpability in this as well.

                The “System” advanced merrily along even when the “Right” (Conservatives) controlled the agenda.

                Get real and cut the partisan crap Mom!!

                • ymw-wrong,

                  You are wrong.

                  As possee said below, “This was planned a long time ago folks.

                  ..those of you who know and study history and the end game plan are well aware of this..

                  Read/research the history of the education department..

                  The fruits of their labors have been born…”

                  I guess you have never heard of the ’45 Communist Goals for America’ – that were discovered and read to Congress in January 1963.

                  Here is one of them…

                  “#17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”

                  Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

                  • KY Mom’

                    Can you please explain to me why “Conservatives” support the current status quo?

                    And they do!

                    I see NO conservatives on the national stage, let alone on a local stage, fighting to change this rotten system.

                    You buy into the Left/Right paradigm.

                    Why is that?

                    I would think you would know better.

                  • KY Mom,

                    Ok, so if this is a Leftist/Progressive design, why do Conservatives go along with it?

                    Why no real push back??

                    I’ll tell you why Mom: CAUSE THEIR IN BED WITH IT!!

                    Wake up!

                    Can we please get past the Left/Right paradigm.

                    That shits old!

                  • The solutions to these problems can’t be found in isolationist thinking no matter what the appearances are. Anyone who believes that a Corporation that calls itself Government, is in fact government via consent to it, voters registration has no cause to complain. USC. 28, 3002, look it up. This system has been in place for thousands of years. Its highly likely that not one of the people here know who they are and thats the problem, called ignorance. Hers a clue, when “MAN” is born, two things happen, one concerns the living and the other the dead, or fiction. Why is everything in probate? Mom unknowingly informs the State that a character is birthed, not born, and its given a name. The State gives notice of the birth to see if that character will be claimed or abandoned. Once abandoned the State registered the ESTATE name and thus has ownership. Using their name is intellectual property theft and fraud therefore a license is issued as a use tax. Now calling people names will not help us wake up to this slavery system, will it? If one can figure out the above, we can change the world! peace.

          • This was planned a long time ago folks

            ..those of you who know and study history and the end game plan are well aware of this..

            Read/research the history of the education department..

            The fruits of their labors have been born..

            Everything, and I mean everything!, we are witnessing today yesterday and tomorrow are all results of a well planned exercise…

            Its all there for you to study and read..this did not happen overnight nor 10 or 20 years ago..but over a 100 years ago and then some..

            prepare for what’s coming..


          • Two words folks:

            HOME SCHOOL!!

            It’s that simple.


            If everyone Home Schooled, there would be no school shootings.

            Post Postscript:
            Your loving, partisan government will eventually attempt to criminalize Home Schooling.

        • Real teachers teach their students about the shear importance of freedom and the urgency of protecting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These half wits that try to engrain this political correctness crap into students are nothing but tentacles of the beast that want to destroy the Constitution and basic freedoms. real teachers want to teach their students to think freely and not become nothing but Yes men and Yes women of a tyrannical government like the kids were assimilated into the nazi war propaganda machine.

          It is extremely disturbing to see these new breed of teachers that are so BO and so politically driven to destroy the 2nd Amendment and the other 9 amendments in the Bill of Rights. They want a NEW country, with everyone censored about anything that might offend anyone. They want to force students to accept everyone else based on some whacked out notion that not doing so is bullying. Yet they embrace the very idea of bullying by the state to force a person to think, speak, and hear only what they want you to. Remember the 3 monkeys; speak, see, and hear no “evil”. They want to get the young people now totally lobtomized so they go out and try to ban pressure cookers and others cooking equipment and ask no questions of their “saviour” the government and their God, BO.

          Most people are totally clueless what it means to lose freedom, as the teachers now “teach” that freedom is something to be taken for granted and not at all that important as long as people have their modern conveniences, the government to save them, and nothing changes from the comfortable “normal”.

          Mac, do you plan to use that article I wrote about losing the Bill of Rights, how horrible it would be. I am not a Constitutional lawyer by any means and I am sort of out of my league when it comes to law. I still think I showed just how awful it would be without the Bill of Rights. Just wondering if you still think people would enjoy reading it. Sure ticks me off to see how many of these morons that want to trash the Constitution, especially the anti-gunners that want to burn the 2nd Amendment. They have no idea what that would mean and if it (our freedoms) were taken away, and getting it back would be very difficult.

          • geez BI…Mac has his hands full getting the chat forum online. Patience is a virtue.

            • @ JRS. It is not that, I just want to make sure Mac still one day still wants to use what I sent. As I said above I am hardly the law expert, it makes me ill how they loop hole everything they can. Common sense like the common good teachers are becoming more and more difficult to find anymore. It is terrible to watch the country die a little more each day. AND to see these total air heads take the entire foundation to safeguard against a tyrannical government for granted and assume that it can never happen, the freefall of everything and a BO martial law state the U.S. has never experienced. I just wondered if the article I sent was still in consideration for future use in support of the Bill of Rights.

              I also sent Mac something that I might send as a comment later when it is appropriate the time that kind of puts in perspective the finality of the way the human race is driving towards without brakes in a sort of dark humor cynical way.

              • Chew on this crap for a bit

                Feds suggest anti-Muslim speech can be punished

                By BYRON TAU | 5/31/13 5:26 PM EDT
                A U.S. attorney in Tennessee is reportedly vowing to use federal civil rights statutes to clamp down on offensive and inflammatory speech about Islam.

                Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, was quoted by the Tullahoma News this week suggesting that some inflammatory material on Islam might run afoul of federal civil rights laws.

                These guys can fuck themselves, ill rant about the stupid fucking dark ages muslims all i want,
                First amendment fuckers, i can say whatever the hell i want about anyone i want and dont give a crap what the government thinks, they can blow me.
                If these islamic radicals and their associates in our government want to continue to blow shit up and dis our way of life they need to get happy.

                • I second that. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

                • The religion of peace is doing wonders for Europe and UK, no? I keep hearing how muslims in America are different and are assimilated into our society. Barbra Striesand! There’s just not enough of them yet. Look up the quote from the guy in Bosnia, who when asked by an American reporter why they hate muslims so, replied “Wait till you have enough of ’em in your country”. Any society that’s ever lived with ’em wants to drive ’em away.

                  • And take the Jews with them!

                • Some agreement, But also a mistake. I agree the 1st amendment should be exercised always. I also think immigration needs to stop right now, regardless of religion or anything else, because there are already over one hundred million people out of work in the US. Real figure. However, you’re stuck on the ‘muslims’ propaganda that’s been drilled into us since that date in ’01, and obviously you’re still buying all the lies about that and the fake ‘wars’. You need to snap out of that and go do some research Muslims didn’t do it. That was a lie to get us into bogus wars for trillions profit while we get the debt, and notice we’ve also lost our rights. I’m not saying all muslims are great people, and as I said immigration needs to stop totally for now, but that aside go research who actually did it. Search that date, and pnac, or go to rense who links to this site a lot and see that section. It’s time we stopped being fooled about who did it.

          • @ BI,
            It is far more surprising that it has taken 100 years of pseudo socialist education for someone to make comments like this teacher. John Dewey aka the “Father of modern education” was a socialist circa 1920’s. This lady is not part of a new breed of teachers, nor is she truly an educator. The ideas of freedom have been bastardized for over a century.

            I hope there is a personal place in hell for that rat bastard Dewey. The idea that the collective should raise children was not a new idea that rumbled through the otherwise void intellect of Hillary Clinton. These concepts of “villages raising children” is a staple of the far left and have been since before Marx and Engles, concentrated their drivvle.

            I have to half laugh when I hear “if children are home schooled they lack socialization” My standard answer is that if I wanted my children to be socialists I would move to China, or Russia.

            It truly is a brave new world. If anyone thinks that the FREEDOMS expressed in the United States Constitution, and Bill of Rights are being re-enforced in public school they must live under a rock. TPTB do not want free thinkers, they do not free men and women, they want the dumb sheeple that are part of the collective, effectively we are bought and sold. Such are the thoughts of a potato.

            Potato out

          • If #2 goes, the rest won’t matter. Why is that so hard for the masses to see?

        • Mac—this is a really good article

          I have several teachers in my extended family that
          are scattered throughout the country. They are all
          devoted, competent, and now disillusioned people.

          To a person, they say the State mandated requirements
          insure that children will become indoctrinated as
          gov’t automatons to serve the State without question.

          Most teachers have to go along with the program as
          they have 4-6 years invested and have no recourse
          except to quit. Then what? Food stamps. Catch 22.

          • At newswithviews webstie there are No less than 3-4 articles about the New school curriculim called “Common CORE” this is Fed govnt dept of Ed Mandated. Very soon to be implemented in ALL Public-Private-Home Schoolers too!

            They force kids to choose a carrear from a few choices They give kids and if I recall right kids will need choose job training by age of 8yr old! Or some stupid age as that. This job training will be based on Percieved needs for type of workers for That regional area of the country. There is quite alot more about this issue at those several articles. I did not read them all as I have no kids. Most here do though so check it out. Fasten seat belts first before reading! Garentee You will get very pissed off about it all. With ZERO escape choices like “Homeschooling” was.

            This is a total combo of fasistic & Kommie training process. Designed after Pavlovs Dog training protocals and methods he so perfected in kommie soviet. An almost Exact duplicate of Pavlovs dog training but for YOUR Kiddies! If go to newswithviews site just scroll down main page to look for various articles I think it is 4 seperate articles on the Same issue “COMMON CORE”=Pure crap kommie facist and no other options but to agree!

        • I am a teacher……..this June will be my 16th year. Everything this lady says is true…and is happening…..I stay and fight against the leftist-liberal-commies!!!! I am a constant target by administration because I make kids stand up for the pledge, I kick the douche bags out of my class, I have several lessons based on the constitution and bill of Rights (even though its not part of my teaching curriculum), I make my dislike for standardized tests known, and frequently denouce the welfare state that has over taken our schools. I will stay as long as I can… just to piss them off!!! God Bless our Future!


          • Be proud, and don’t take prisoners when you finally go.

          • grad with BS in l965…taught 1st grade in inner city Pittsburgh for 15 years….Masters in Reading in 1972…moved to Missouri and raised 2 children…went back to teaching in 2000; kdg in our parish school for 5 years….retired to alabama in 2006 but found myself back teaching second grade in a catholic school in a small town….finally left two years ago as new principal and new everything left my old fashioned philosophy and methods in the dust… it is laptops and internet curriculum and federal programs for lunch, etc. I have parents asking me to tutor and homeschool but those options are disappearing fast as we must conform to government demands and most younger teachers are fine with it…..when they eliminated cursive writing in the second grade curriculum; the handwriting was on the wall…..I fear for any grandchildren I may have; there is so much to teach them that they will not learn via any school system…..

            • SB, picture yourself teaching them in secret, and going to great pains to hide it. You will become an outlaw. Scary, huh? The idea of having to teach your own grandchildren in secret.

          • Many teachers end up going along with the system hoping to last until retirement. Sadly, DRM09, you probably won’t make it. Expect to be forced out on some trumped up charge. Hopefully when things go south, it’ll be deep enough to break the education machine. then we’ll need people like you to help pick up the pieces.

          • I cannot help but wonder at the fact that children must read a book, The Diary of Anne Frank, translated now into more than 50 languages, and not one teacher has pointed out that it is the world’s first document, as far as anyone knows, which was written with a ball point pen. Ask your students to do a “book report”, and have them consult Der Spiegel magazine, among others, for background info. Watch the fur fly!

            • To Umbagog, so you think that they should be using “Der Spiegel” as a source of information.
              Spiegel is, and has always been an ultra-left, anti-American, socialistic, warped, lying, dishonest, and distorting farce as far as genuine reporting goes.
              Of course, and I am posting from Germany, the great majority of German contemporary Media is in fact: Leftist and profoundly dishonest anyway.

              • To Jazzman, You can do better than simple name-calling, can’t you? Go look up Meyer Levin, a well-respected Hollywood screenwriter, and dream up some more pejoratives to deal with that bit of evidence that the diary is a hoax. Mr. Frank refused to pay Mr. Levin so Mr. Levin sued, and that let the cat out of the bag. Otto Frank was just a scammer, it seems. Also, you may compare handwriting samples of what that poor girl wrote, say on the back of photographs, and what appears on the “diary”.
                I believe that it is important, where we can, to undermine the credibility of the Bolsheviks, the people, with the plutocrats at the core, who I believe are behind the propaganda onslaught. Remember, the Bolsheviks are orders of magnitude worse than the Nazis ever dreamed of being.
                Jazzman, please consider getting on the side of the good guys; the others are just trying to set up the next Dark Age.

                • To Umbagog, okay I agree with your viewpoint of the Bolsheviks,and I have known this, known how evil they are, for decades, but why then is the remedy the promotion of such “Bolshevik”
                  loving publications as : “Der Spiegel”?

                  • I don’t know much about Der Spiegel. If memory serves, the article which pointed out that the diary was written with a ballpoint pen was written in 1956.
                    To me it seems that Bolshevik control is now covering the planet, so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that that magazine has also been taken over.
                    It is mostly my reading in the past twenty years which has lead me to understand how far-reaching and depraved the Bolsheviks are. I see our problems as having begun centuries BC, but a good benchmark time would be around the years of the Councils of Nicea. All of the religions of the Roman Empire were united into a “Universal Church”, with the exception of the adherents of Judaism. The result was the Dark Ages, where the new religionists, i.e., Catholics, were burned at the stake if they learned to read without permission (too great a risk of inadvertently reading something heretical and losing one’s soul). So, only followers of Judaism were allowed to learn to read, for a thousand years.
                    Now, that’s just rough-sketching it; I first began reading avidly in the late forties, and so I could go on for quite a while.

          • DO you think forcing kids to stand for the pledge is a good thing? Did you know the pledge was written by a socialist? The idea of someone like Thomas Jefferson pledging allegiance to the federal government is laughable..Pledging your allegiance to any government is in direct and unequivocal opposition to individual liberty.

            • Go fuck yourself!!

              • Sorry drillerman if the truth shatters your false beliefs, but the truth has a way of doing that. I`m sure you`ll continue to worship the state.

          • How easily we forget that it was the GW Bush administration that gave us No Child Left Behind and the non-stop testing that destroys critical thinking skills. Why? To not only create worker drones and ruin the profession of teaching, but to PRIVATIZE schools in order to make them money making enterprises. That is fascism and will become true indoctrination centers. You like for profit health care? Wait until you get for profit public education.

        • We home schooled our kids all the way through high school. In all areas they blow there public screwelled freinds away. They are all leaders in thier feilds and have never been unemployed. GET YOU KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL. Stop buying crap you don’t need and live on less and home school or band together and start a good privite school acountable to the parrents paying for it. This should be a movement.

      2. Good teachers are hog-tied by society today (yes this includes many never-to-grow-up 40 year old parents) and bad teachers are protected. Simply a symptom of the disease process that the US is undergoing at this time.

        • “from cradle to grave” Amen to this thought. This is what we have been fighting (as well as many teachers) for years past, present and to come.
          If you fight them you become labeled, because they always want more money for ‘the children’ without being held accountable. I was told ” this is how we’ve been doing it for X amount of years”. You’re ideas are too radical and don’t benefit the children.

      3. Pink Floyd said it best when saying, ‘We don’t need no education. We don’t need no forced control….’

        The NEA and Liberals and Yuppies have destroyed education. Non-speaking English folks that don’t want to learn English are slowing down education. 90% of folks wouldn’t know which way to Canada, and I bet 50% of those are on the Minnesota-Canadian border.

        If you show them due north, they would not know how to point due south. If due east, then where the hell is due west? What different is 270deg or 269deg?

        If no reading, writing, science, and arithmetic then what is our future? I think we need to go back to the chalkboard and start all over.

        • Great post Ugly, but I thinks it’s “thought control”. Just for later down the road when singing in your head.
          Now can someone just tell me what “blinded by the light, wake up like a dusion of the ronor in the night.” ?

          • It’s “wraped up like a deuce another runner in the night”. Once someone told me the words it was easy.

            • Wow, finally understand what the hell that was supposed to mean, after thirty years of wondering (And I am a musician myself)

            • Actually it’s “revved up like a deuce another runner in the night” and the “deuce” was referring to a deuce coup 🙂

        • When I was in school I really liked “government class”.
          Learned all I could about it. Got high grades too.
          My teacher has since passed on. I would like to be able
          to talk him again, ask him what the hell happened. The
          answers I gave back then that earned me high marks,
          would make me flunk the class today.

          • talk with him…..

            • In high school in the little town of Bloomfield Ia in 1976, we had “Youth and the Law” class where we were taught about our constitutional rights. That was the very first time I heard about keeping your mouth shut and insisting on a trial, making them PROVE your guilt…boy have things changed, or what?

              Today, they’d have hung that teacher.

      4. I come from a family of teachers, all of them retired at this point. All of them have the same thing to say. From the time they started teaching in the late 60’s and early 70’s the amount of parental involvement has dropped dramatically. When they started teaching, parent teacher conferences were the busiest days of the year. Almost every parent came and they wanted to know details of every aspect of their childs education. It got to the point where at the end of their careers parent teacher conference bacame the day to catch up on grading papers or whatever else needed to be done to keep the classroom in order because so few came.

        Add in with that budget cuts so that administrators can have huge salaries for what most of the time ended up running schools into debt. Then cutting teachers and programs like sports, band and art, you know the things that get kids up and moving and spur creativity, to make ends meet. Another program they have all said went to the chopping block at one time or another was civics. Big surprise there.

        With an almost complete lack of parental involvement and growing bureaucracy in education, it is not surprising that our schools have gotten to this state.

      5. The same thing is happening in the UK. Constant testing from the age of 6years, schools having to prove that children have made ‘so many’ levels of progress (and then the schools are graded against these results). I trained as a teacher later in life, having raised my children. I love being in the classroom, exciting the children with hands on learning opportunities. This inspires the children and makes them hungry to investigate, explore, research and more importantly think for themselves.
        With the new UK National Curriculum we will be returning to rote learning of facts, with no time to run in the rain and sit in the sun, watch a worm wriggle and the bees in the blossom. No opportunity to spend time in the school garden growing fruit and vegetables.
        But….I can think for myself and I will do whatever I can to ensure the children in my class get the best possible learning opportunities.
        So I say to all teachers out there – you can still inspire your children to think for themselves, fight against the indoctrination. If you don’t, who will?

      6. {{Curriculum is mandated. Minutes spent teaching subjects are audited. Schedules are dictated by administrators. The classroom teacher is no longer trusted or in control of what, when, or how she teaches.}}

        Hey, Ellie, it’s been that way for decades!! 🙁
        I left after 6 years in the 80s. 🙂

        • And day cares are as bad–what??? You want to bring in a real turtle for ‘sea animal’ day??
          Don’t you know they carry some (fill in the blank) disease?? 🙁

          • Hey, JJ. I have an additional point to run by you: I think the litigious American public is also to blame for some of the constriction of curriculum.

            Say, Susie brings her box turtle in for show and tell in kindergarten. Bobby handles the turtle, then eats his lunch. Four days later, he is ill with Salmonella (from the turtle), ends up in the hospital with renal failure, and goes on dialysis.

            You KNOW the parents are going to sue the SHIT out of the school, school district, Susie’s parents, the pet store the turtle came from, and the teacher (for not making Bobby wash his hands). Solution: no more pets for show and tell – ever.

            In the 50’s, no parent in their right mind would sue the school district over anything. Now – you can count on it.

            • Exactly—litigation is responsible for all this crap happening in our doctor’s offices, schools, manufacturing places, etc…
              I have a teacher-neighbor, and one day we were talking since I taught in the 80s for 6 years.
              I took my children out in the courtyard for lunch if they had no smiley faces Xed off.
              Heck, she has a courtyard in the school just down the road from my home–can’t do that without getting PERMISSION SLIPS from EVERY parent.
              Heck, I gave bubble gum and suckers; as long as you gave me the paper and used gum, we were okay. 🙂
              Today?? I’d be sued real easily for sure the first week of the year!!! 🙁

              • Parental permission required for a school field trip but not for an abortion.

                • Oh, no field trip; merely stepping outside into the courtyard in the center of the school structure!! 🙁

            • Lawsuit Lotto

        • I am a professional biologist. During some down time I got a Masters in Teaching, and taught during my student teaching requirement. I went back to Biology in the field…

          • I’m just a professional… I’m just a professional…

      7. just a few quotes
        many from generations back
        on the TRUE purpose of “education”

        A general State education is a mere contrivance for moulding people to be exactly like one another; and as the mould in which it casts them is that which pleases the dominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, an aristocracy, or a majority of the existing generation; in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by a natural tendency to one over the body.
        – John Stuart Mill, “On Liberty”

        Wherever is found what is called a paternal government, there is found state education. It has been discovered that the best way to insure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery.
        – Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister (1874)

        Our schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education from happening. The average American [should be] content with their humble role in life, because they’re not tempted to think about any other role.
        – William T. Harris, U.S. Commissioner of Education, 1889

        The children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone would be interdependent.
        – John Dewey, American educator

        My schooling not only failed to teach me what it professed to be teaching, but prevented me from being educated to an extent which infuriates me when I think of all I might have learned at home by myself.
        – George Bernard Shaw

        That erroneous assumption is to the effect that the aim of public education is to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence, and so make them fit to discharge the duties of citizenship in an enlightened and independent manner. Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all, it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else.
        – H.L. Mencken

        and what does the ruling class really think ???

        In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present eduction conventions of intellectual and character education fade from their minds, and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people, or any of their children, into philosophers, or men of science. We have not to raise up from them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen – of whom we have an ample supply. The task is simple. We will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way.
        – John D. Rockefeller General Education Board (1906)

        I could go on and on
        buy you get the point

        bottom line

        the people who are truly educated
        have educated themselves

        turn off the damn tv
        and read a book

        • H.L.Mencken has some of the most pertinent quotes ever on today’s society. I wish I had a book of his quotes. Thanks, Satori.

          • Another big tornado slamming Ok. right now. Glad I don’t live there.

      8. Extra marks for use of Myrmidon.

      9. Oh my god,, this couldn’t have come at a better time..
        My wife and I are so dam sick of public schools.
        I could tell you stuff to piss you off , but I wont.

        the next thing coming to take these militant union teachers jobs is Online schools, I cant wait to hear the crying

        I was in the middle of researching it, when I clicked over to see what was going on here

        anyone have any insight First hand?

        • Not to mention the lack of real protection for our children and the bullshit they feed you when you ask what they are doing about it

          • here is a good one that came out of my kids English teacher after my child was out sick one day for a DR appointment

            “If you want me to teach you that again, I need to get paid to do it”

            No shit!
            and the principal..lololololol don’t make me laugh if that guy had a set of balls he lost them in his wifes purse for sure

            • Home School!!!! You want it done right do it yourself. I’ve said many times in many comments on this site. Home School, Home School, Home School!!!

              • What are some top quality home school curriculums? I’m starting to lean that way…

        • VRF,
          I am a homeschool mom and I can tell you, I have NO REGRETS. My son is just finishing his first year of college with a 3.9 grade point average so far. I never tested him, never gave him grades, never made him memorize anything. We read books he wanted to read, visited places HE was interested in, studied subjects he wanted to study and had a blast doing it. He has a youtube page (vlr1230) and has made many videos on the subject. Please check them out, especially the first few he made, and pass them around to anyone you know who may be thinking about homeschooling. If you have any questions, please let me know, I will be glad to help:)

          • Vanessa.

            God Bless You for taking the time to home school. You will never forget it and your children will thrive for it. Good Job!


          • Mom and I are working on this now

        • Ron Paul has a free program grades K-8!! 🙂

      10. Here is education’s future problem. Now this is my opinion only, but my opinion it is Apple. You cannot go anywhere where minds are not being distracted by their iPhones, iPads, IPods, and whatever.

        At meetings, I see most on their ipads, ipods, and iphones. At Church, I see the same. When I have a lunch meeting, the bastards always answer their iphones and then they gotto hurry and email on ipad. I about say, ‘if you don’t leave your F’ing iphone alone; you’ll be paying the F’ing lunch bill you dipshidiot!!!!

        People have told me that I will get left behind if I don’t get up to date on all this stuff. That is hogwash. I can out-work and out-think any fat bastard that thinks they are so smart because they can navigate real easy on the I-stuff. Who cares! No wonder the dipshidiots are clueless about what is about to happen to this great USA economy.

        • Hey Ugly, I have a riddle for you… why do squirrels bury acorns? Because we have so many incompetent thinkers, we have factoids driving our decision process. I will bet money if you asked any native American indian that riddle 200 years ago then they could tell you. (and, the answer is not fully to say “for storage”. although the answer is obvious to anyone who can think and knows a little about acorns and/or the lifecycle of seeds)

          • Because they don’t have silver.

          • Anonymous2….

            I cannot remember exactly, but I think it has something to do with the fact that they gather them later after they have sprouted. I have heard several versions as to why, but you are right, we don’t hear that legend anymore like we did pre-1985.

          • Anon2, I can give you an answer that you ain’t looking for. But being somewhat of a wanta be survivalist, I’ll tell you, try picking up a just dropped acorn and eat it, and then bury one and come back in a couple of months and if a squirrel ain’t beat you to it, eat it. I’ll garon’t you will know the difference. Now I don’t know if that’s why they bury them, but when they bury them, they sure ain’t thinking about planting acorn trees,but since this is an article about teachers maybe we should (educate) From Little Acorns, Mighty Oak Trees Grow. And I think maybe their limbs should be decorated with Traitors. Trekker Out.

        • How hard can it really be to open an email (or equivalent) and play Flash games?

          Technologically I’m living in circa 1998-2002 right now and I have no plans to change. And frankly, that’s about 100 years too far advanced.

        • Oh Ugly— I still get mad at a neighbor that says EVERY damn time I call, which is always important or I wouldn’t…and she says oh, I’m getting a beep!!!

          Oh, that tells me THAT call is more important than my call>>>>I have just stopped calling.
          Seriously, email hangups.

          • JayJay….

            I hate call waiting.

            In past 3 years, I have yet to have breakfast or lunch over some business type stuff and not have the other dude(s) get a call and answer the damn thing. And many will then make another call after the call they had.

            Doing breakfast or lunch at one time was good business ethics. But cell phones has thrown all politeness and ethics out the window.

            I can’t imagine what college is like these days.

            • Can you imagine being on an airplane sitting next to 40 people afflicted with cell yell?

            • When out with Gene, he better NOT answer that damn thing unless it’s his 79 year old brother that is still trucking.

      11. Its not that I disagree with the premise of her argument, I completely believe in both school choice and school competion, butI think we would do well to acknowledge that what this teacher is talking about may or may not be what we are talking about. A large majority of teachers are liberal, and for a la:rge number of teachers being critical thinkers means being liberal.

        While I agree with the premise we should note that standardization also means less time available for indoctrination according to the teachers ideological flavor of the week.

      12. … the Teachers are a BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM !!!



        • 3ne3my of th3 stat3

          WHAT??? no jews your slipping dude

        • That sums it up, truer words were never spoken, but what is the remedy?
          Any idea whích runs runs counter to the the leftist dotrine, is declared to be : Fascist, reactionary, homophobe,anti-woman,racist,religious,wingnut, etc.
          And I am now convinced that conservatives (this label is self-destructive) have to fight just as drty and underhanded as they, the democrats, did last year,otherwise all is lost, and the 47% will have their first hands-on history lesson pertaining to the Weimar republic.

          • My spelling sucks, in spite, no joke, of my Mensa membership.
            I’m a Saxophone player, not a typist.

            • well then you’re spelling is fine, it’s your typing skills that suck…

      13. A public school teacher has the only job in America that when you fail to get results at it because you are incompetent you can demand and get a raise.

        When the director of education for the commonwealth of Massachusetts can not pass the basic skills test required of the teachers under him you realize how awful the situation has become.

      14. teachers and school administrations need to be graded too, and when they fail they need to go!

        • education starts at home

          it is the responsibility of the parents to see
          that their children are TRULY educated

          and if you are now an adult
          YOU are responsible for your education

          the world is full of ignorant people

          make it your vow not to be one of them

          • Absolutely Satori. Too many parents feel the opposite though. Kind of like letting GTA, Saints Row, or CoD raise their kids and then wonder why something went wrong. I have met plenty of parents that couldn’t or wouldn’t name all their kids’ teachers but could rattle off the starting line-up of their favorite teams at the drop of a hat. Disgusting…..

            Kenway signing off….

          • totally agree..but woudnt you say their ability to teach should be monitored? or what would be the point?

            SISO should not be allowed in our education system..these kids are this countries future, and it don’t look too bright when you got teachers that fail to meet ANY standards in class

            • It is monitored, it is graded..Basic Skills/Career Ladder in Tennessee anyone?
              I was not rehired twice in 6 years.
              I must have been doing something right.
              I had career ladder Level I(ONE) achieved, the bonus, all nine yards.
              Get it?? I was rewarded for being a great teacher, but not rehired twice???
              Who did I piss off-twice??

              • yep monitored and graded by their system,, after all its government at its best.
                and as you say, if your one of the “chosen” ones, than your in for life , even if yer a fuck up.

        • in whose eyes do they pass or fail? ever think about that?
          Suck ups usually teach the worst and yet get rated the best!

          • Exactly…

          • It’s not just teaching,Diana. Suck ups do best in EVERY walk of life.It’s one of those sad but true statements about how business is conducted. Pay phony compliments to your supervisor, even better, rat out fellow employees who make the mistake of saying what they really think, these are the keys to advancement in the business world. The quality of the work will ALWAYS be a secondary consideration.

      15. What makes America exceptional? Well here, we riot over Black Friday sales, and many of our “poor” only get one new cellphone a year. In America, people think they have a right to entitlements paid for with money stolen from others. In America, the thing formerly known as “common decency” has devolved to “I’ll get me mine, no matter what. I deserve it. “Our collapse will be exceptionally ugly. That will be our “American Exceptionalism” at its finest.

        Keep the FAITH

      16. This is my first time commenting here even though I have visited this site daily for around 2 years now. I attended public schooling back in the late ’80s and early ’90s and the changes I have seen since are appalling. Painting with broad strokes here but, for the most part, all the teachers I had actually cared and strived to teach us….with the exception of a few. Now, they have all moved on to other careers. Not suprising given the fact that everything the gov gets their mitts on becomes corrupted and twisted beyond all recognition.

        That said, one thing that is really bothering me, and prompted me to actually comment is a trend that seems to be getting worse. I work in a very busy retail chain and one thing I have noticed that is getting more glaring is: the amount of kids that come in, I would say at least 6-7 out of 10, suffer from some form of autism or retardation/mental illness, not to be politically correct…my apologies for that! My thought behind this, why collapse anything? The proverbial SHTF may not need to occur at all. If TPTB just wait another, if at all possible, 30+ years or so, the majority of the populace will more than likely suffer from some form of mental illness and they would have us by the balls then…..

        IDK, sorry for the rant but I use to have goals and that slowly changed to just striving to survive the day and now it has become taking life hour by hour. I still prep and I still enjoy the small things in life but ultimately life in the U.S.S.A. and world in general is becoming nauseating.

        Thanks for listening guys and gals, love this site and love all the comments, it really adds light to the day for some of us out here in La La land!

        Kenway signing off…..

        • Uhh, that is not retardation you are seeing, that is today’s youth. Most can’t speak in full sentences. And forget about writing/diagraming a damn sentence. Think Beavis and Butthead but in reality. I have 4 kids and it is a daily battle digging into what they have been told so that I can straighten them out on the bullshit they are often fed. Last week my second grader got a lesson from a disguised liberal group illustrating in a fun way how bad coal mining is for the environment. Fortunately it went over her head. But it did piss me off as to how lopsided and underhanded it was presented.

          • Gone, I know your daily struggle, two 15 year old boys here. Daily struggle/hourly struggle/and definitely a nightly struggle to erase and try to counteract the indoctrination. But, it has to be some form of mental retardation, at least in my opinion. With all the vaccines, chem-trails, gmo’s, processed foods, public school indoctrinations, etc etc etc.

            I just wish home schooling was an option for us. Alas, being a part of the working poor, it is not. Much has changed since we came up good sir!

            Kenway signing off….

        • I just heard this minute “””Teachers Retiring In Tennessee County” on the radio news.
          I missed the percentage, but will get the rest of the story and update it here. 🙂

          • Well, I’ll be damned.
            It seems the county I was speaking of above, Cheatham Co. in Tn., is the county losing 25% of their teachers.
            And after I was not ‘rehired’, of the 12 teachers there, only 3 or 4 stayed the next couple years.

        • Welcome CK glad you decided to contribute to the conversation.

          • Thank you FCC, may just have to start speaking up a little from time to time. Pleasure to have made your acquiantance!

            • Make that FCG. My apologies…..

      17. I’m a public school teacher…and I can say this was a very good as well as true article. We are slaves to the system. There is no freedom in teaching anymore. We are all slaves to the state. Students no longer get to experience the diversity of teaching styles, personalities etc. We are all slaves to a state mandated bureocracy. Its not like it used to be, and its scary.

        • My better half teaches at a small private school, says she will change her profession befor ever teaching in the DOE system. That pretty much says it all, this is a person who wanted to teach since she taught her stuffed animals as a kid! A neighbor says his job in a local high school is 10% teaching, 20% referee, and 70% social worker, hates his job.

          • I also teach at a very, very small private, Native American school. We are not required to teach state standards…. My kids last week were taught to skin and cook venison. I will never return to a doe school either!!!! You want to talk about ppl who are survivalists… Those that are the true form of “Indians” are still around living in the swamps and making a ton on idiots that gamble their money away.

      18. Russia to sell at least 10 MiG fighters to Syria
        DEBKAfile May 31, 2013, 12:12 PM (GMT+02:00)
        Sergei Korotkov, general director of the MiG company, told Russian news agencies Friday that a Syrian delegation was in Moscow to discuss terms and deadlines for a new contract for the sale of MiG-29 M/M2 fighters to Syria.
        He did not cite a number but said it would be “more than 10.”
        Russia has previously said that it would only fulfill outstanding arms contracts with Syria.
        Moscow‘s smoke screen obscures Assad’s next Syrian war moves

        Russian MiG-29M2 fighter-bomber
        DEBKAfileSpecial ReportMay 31, 2013, 8:00 PM (IDT)
        Word from Moscow Friday, May 31, of a new contract discussed for the sale to Syria of MiG-29 M/M2 fighters, was a Russian tactic to disguise the next Syrian war moves. DEBKAfile: The MiG 29 operates in complex electronic jamming environments. It is the tool Bashar Assad needs to try and overcome the Israeli Air Force’s electronic superiority and deliver on his vow to retaliate for any future Israel attack. Moscow also wants to browbeat Washington into accepting Iran at the Geneva conference.

        Keep the FAITH

      19. Americans as a whole are pretty much a bunch of dumb asses,
        only fitting the next generation be more so.

        • @ 4.oh,
          That is quite an indictment. It appears that you are an American??. For the sake of argument, can you give me another “current” society that is based on the premise of “Freedom” (not that it is actually practiced, but at least the concept is acknowledged)?? I certainly cannot think of another country that even gives the idea of personal freedom the “tip of the hat”. I have been around this entire rock complements of the U.S. Navy, and have not found another country like the United States.

          Potato out

          • @Mr Potato Head: Yes, that is quite an indictment, and actually quite the truth: The mass majority of Americans are dumb asses and sheep. Your ideas are passé, in light of what is going on this country. Here is a video to show how dumb Americans have become:

            Notice all the so called brave freedom loving Americans standing around and doing absolutely nothing! Bleating merrily to their next adventure of nauseating self pleasure. Not nary a word out of one them, or any notion of intervening on behalf of their fellow countrymen who are being unlawfully restrained against their will by jack booted meat headed park rangers. So please don’t spill on about how we’re the only country with the notion of freedom. I spent 10 years in two branches of the military; Marines and Navy. You need to wake up son.

            My indictment: 90 percent of Americans are dumb asses.

            • @ Big Burt,
              I am under no illusion that things are well in this country. You are free to hold in contempt 90% of the population; if that makes you feel any better.

              I am guessing that YOU would have tackled the park rangers, and freed the handcuffed pamphleteers?? Bullshit. What exactly would you have done when confronted with the situation you have provided; Chanted ” Free them Now”?? I found it interesting that you can hear people in the background agreeing, that what the park rangers were doing is wrong. So in some small sense they are a little more awake today then they were yesterday.

              If you have given up on America, you still have the opportunity to Fly,Float,Drive or Walk somewhere else. Your other option is to do what you can to TRY to make a difference. Two quick points: 1. I am still proud to be an American, and love my country (even with all its problems). There is not another country on this rock that allows it’s citizens the Freedoms we still enjoy. 2. Name calling is the last refuge of the intellectually destitute, son.

              Potato out

              • @Potato Head: You can be proud of this God forsaken country, and I find you delusional that it is more than a land of many problems; it is much more than that, it is beyond the point of no return. How can you say you are proud to be an American when there is massive unemployment, 46 percent of Americans are on some form welfare or government assistance, the student loan debt bubble is ready to bust and send this country into another financial landslide, we are slaves to all the alphabet soup federal agencies, the IRS and Communist Federal Reserve standing at the fore, abortion on demand where the innocent unborn are murdered because women in today’s society have no moral bearings, our public schools are cesspools of crime, drugs, and other immoralities, the entertainment industry, coupled with the public sewer (school) system have brain washed our youth into thinking up is down and down is up, illegals invade our borders by the hundreds every hour. Our cities are in financial decay and some on the verge of bankruptcies. Those things are only the tip of the iceberg. You said “things are not well in this country”? No! They are beyond that, so yes you are under illusion, very much so. And yes I would have confronted those goons up front and personal. It is sad to say that those fine upstanding Americans did not do more than just speak up. No guts, no glory. I never said that I gave up on this country, in your pride and arrogance, you only assumed that. So tell me tough guy, what would have done? Waved your flag like they did in Boston when jack booted thugs held the city in lockdown, allowing those same goons to search their homes? With those freedoms you so talk about that this country holds more than other nations comes with responsibilities. What are your responsibilities son?

                • @ Big Burt,

                  Your post is more than a little confusing for a guy accusing me of being delusional; and in my arrogance not understanding your position. Perhaps you can clear up a few things; for the sake of this discussion. You are claiming that “we are passed the point of no return”, but you have not given up on America. You allude to the idea that you must suffer through life surrounded by “Dumb Asses”, and “Sheep” as the majority (90%) of your fellow countrymen. (I am guessing that your sharp intellect is somehow being muted by those who surround you. Maybe I am wrong and you can clear it up for me).

                  My responsibilities are to God, Family and Country. Because ” Death is certain, Life is not “. I took an Oath to uphold the Constitution, and I still have enough honor to do so. Call it Passe’, call me “delusional”, I could not care in the least.

                  I took the opportunity to watch your video again and would suggest that the people in that video are more awake then you give them credit. On the flip side of all this ; people should have the right to attend national parks unmolested by Pamphleteers, whether they are protesting the IRS, Federal Reserve, The Kenyan in the White House, Crime, Drugs, Immorality, Public Schools, Abortion, Whiskey drinking, Facial Acne, Alien Abductions, Global Warming, Price of Newsprint, Dogs at large, Price of Produce, The perils of Gasoline, etc, etc, etc. I could go on ad nauseam. Everyone has a favorite “axe to grind, and cause to champion”

                  There is a time and place for everything. There is a proper venue to air concerns, and express opinions, and there is a reason that the park system requires a permit. It is so I don’t have to be harassed by members of the star trek convention, when I am taking my family to visit national monuments. Pick your fights well my friend. The first amendment gives these pamphleteers the right to express their opinion, it also gives the Westboro baptist church the right to protest military funerals. They both have equal rights under the Constitution. I do not support the Westboro Baptists, and I would not stop the police from cuffing them either.

                  It may seem contradictory, because I do support the mechanism that gives them voice. It goes back to the idea that Freedom comes at the price of self restraint. Once I subject my opinions on someone not interested, I have crossed the line. Just understand that most “dumb ass Americans” just want to be left the hell alone.

                  Sadly, all of this was considered by the God fearing men who constructed the Constitution, but we as Americans do not know our history. John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a MORAL AND RELIGIOUS people. It is WHOLLY INADEQUATE to the government of any other”. We are rapidly becoming a “sewer” because we suffer from “cultural amnesia”; we have forgotten God.

                  Freedom is not free, it comes at the price of self restraint. If people would truly be free they MUST do a better job of governing themselves. Tocqueville said ” America is great, because America is good. If America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great”. Now these may just be Platitudes to you, and idea’s that are “Passe’ ” but these are guardrails for me.

                  Our responsibility is to warn BUT not oppress others. Life is about to get a lot harder. We all are about to be stuck in a large shit storm. I believe this with all my heart; it is at the door. I still have faith in the ideas that are America. That is why I prep for the a future. And, I take issue with those who call my fellow countrymen ” Dumb Asses “. Keep your powder dry.

                  Potato out

      20. I checked under my chair. Nope, no dope or guns there.

        E. Holder, our hero.

      21. Obama Admin – If You Are Not Going To Love Me, Fear Me


        ‘CLICK-CLACK’ ((+)) !!!

        N.O. ;0p

      22. Unrealistic expectations. Elementary school should be mandatory. Middle school should teach trade skills to bad students. High school should only be for those who can pass academic tests. This, of course, would wipe out the NBA/NFL/et al feeder system; but USA pro sports can do like other countries and just create a feeder system outside of the school system.

        Public education is a nightmare. 7 hour kindergarten with 30 minutes of recess and 80% of the students are on government food programs. What to do? Many chose private. Some won lottery for their kid to go to a [supposedly] good school. Others home-schooling. Greater percentage sold houses and moved to another state (within 15 miles) with better schools. We still haven’t decided. Maybe we can augment with Ron Paul Curiculum or Robinson. Even deeply researched Charter Schools. Could set one of those up. Amazingly, Charters get like $6500/student while the county schools wolf down like $10k/student. Do the math, with avg teacher making $45k; that’s a lot of graft. USA schools are not about education
        What’s new? that’s the same trend across USA business and gov). Its all a scam at some level. Even the requirement for 43 shots to be able to go to school (despite the autism pandemic which the FDA promises doesn’t really exist. 1 in 8 kids! really? Doesn’t exist? Now, we know why they want automatons and not thinkers – er myrmidons.

        • 1 in 8, should be 1 in 88. oops.

      23. I always wondered if parents are home schooling whether or not teachers like these could be brought as a ‘guest instructor’?

      24. Education has been dying in this country for over a century. Alfred Nock explains it best in his book “Theory of Education in the United States”. It’s an eye opener and a great book.

      25. I challenge you folks to look up the C-Scope program that was being imposed on our children here in Texas. Just a hint. . . according to C-Scope children had to choose there favorite communist flag and color.

      26. Just make robots if you want robots.

        You have to be close to being able to do it by now. Just throw a couple of billion at MIT or something.

      27. I had my go around with the school system in the mid 70’s when my daughter came home with a list of books that were required reading and one of them was, and I can’t remember the title, but something like Sally has Two Mommies, anyway it was promoting the Queer agenda. I really never got any satisfaction, other than they did’nt make my daughter read it or do a report on that book, but I’m sure most all of the other students in her class had to read that garbage. I’m sure there were many more books that were required that I didn’t notice, since I worked on the road and didn’t keep that close of track. I do know that much of the text books that they now use either leave out alot of American history, and/or pervert it.Trekker Out. Immoral And Free Can Never Be!

      28. Like i said over 40 years ago; The complete ruination of this country is wrapped up in the Educational System currently in place. Education in this country does EXACTLY what it was designed to do. Promote bad; on an individual and collective basis; and the attenuation of good; on and individual and collective basis. There will be NO MORE Trumans; Wahingtons; Lincolns; McKinleys; Jeffersons; Reagans; or Kennedys coming down the road; thanks to the garbage disposal; AKA; The American Educational System. Seriously/

      29. Yet another resignation from one who was born to teach–so sad because the students are the ones who lose the most. It has been 8 years now since I retired from 35 years, each one so special because of the complex nature of young children and their needs, from the job I truly loved. I agree 1 million per cent with Ellie’s words. The younger teachers think discipline and keeping their jobs are the most important things when teaching. No they’re not–the children are! Can’t blame them though really because of their experiences in college that told them to conform, conform, conform. Creativity, laughing while learning, are lost every day because we have to “teach that test”. All administrators care about is lots of good data to show at the next meeting. Parents and teachers alike need to make sure schools get rid of “common core” programs. All they will do is dumb down kids and give money to the test making corporations, while giving the government all kinds of personal data they can use on the kids and their families in the future. It’s very sad.

        • Diana, you are the Only other poster here who mentioned “Core” ed. And another very deceptive issue taking the nation and Tea Party folks by storm is “Charter” schools aka Public-Private systems so touted by Hannity and all the neocons.

          The same website I mentioned in my above post, newswithviews website also has good info about charter systems like hannity et al push so much. It is NOT what it sounds like. If done it totally Removes ALL forms of parental and local school board elected officials from it entirely. Combine Private owned/run Charter with CORE education mandates and you get a recipe from soviet Hell.

          Skinnerisim-Pavlov-Dewey-Charter= Worst posible. And all you Home schooler advocates, these new core ed systems MUST be Taught as mandated. Or Your kids get forced to go to a school like it not. Do not say Cannot happen Here. This is right Now going on in Germany. Thousands of Parents that homeschool tried to get Visas to Move to another country to keep homeschooling. German Govnt told them parents NO! You can Exit germany but Cannot take kids with you if you go! They are held Hostage due to school age kids.

          There is but ONE Real solution…A Minimum of probobly at least 1/3 or More must all Remove kids from all schools nationwide and Collapse this Soviet Kommie facist system.

          Same as a revolution. It only works if enough folks partisipate. If american schools are allowed to keep on this path of CORE ED, it is all but over. Who will You leave the Keys to america and its Govnt to if every child is taught to be a Good Little Pavlovs “DOGGIE”? Because That is the Only end result you get with this crap.

          I gave up trying to speak to folks about school issues due to almost everytime they answer me back like this..”oh Yes! I agree 100% what You said of our school system etc…However…I am very Lucky as My kids school is “different” and the teachers are all so nice when I spoke to them!”

          Bullshit! These parents cannot grasp or reject that NO kids school is different regardless what area or state or city due to Fed Gov Dept of ED mandates. They refuse to admit it so refuse to consider doing anything at all to fix it. Since I have no kids, I will leave this up to Them what does. It is too frustrating to do so much reading and research to get answers, only to feel it is Wasted everytime you attempt to awaken folks.

          The part in the Bible that tells you to “know the Truth and It shall set You free”…Should have Included also…”But Beware as after you know the truths, you can Never go back to ignorance is bliss!”

          • Amazing that Germany has somehow managed to be polled as the most popular country on earth.
            This however is nothing but a resounding vote for the free money given to asylum seekers and and economic migrants.
            In real life Germany has the most atrocious laws regarding such areas as divorce, a country where fathers are routinely eliminated from their childrens lives in a divorce situation.

      30. As long as I can remember, teachers (or the curriculum, or the administrators) have the exactly wrong idea of who it is they work for.

        That would be ME. You work for me, and I can and will fire you.

        • Nooooo you won’t–the union will keep that teacher even if she falls asleep at her desk.
          I know. The other 3rd grade teacher (there were only 12 classrooms) gave the answers on the standardized tests, and fell asleep at her desk.

      31. Funny story proving how things have changed. When I was in 8th grade we had speech class. For a demonstration speech, a kid in my class brought in his shotgun and showed how to reload a shotgun shell. He had everything in, but didn’t put in the wad so basically it was shooting a blank.

        Then he pointed the gun at the chalk board, fired the shotgun in class, everyone clapped including the teacher, he cased his gun up and after class, brought it out to his car.

        Today he would be in jail and on national news with a school lock down forcing politicians to put their faces on cameras and scream that we need to take away guns from people.

        Things were just so much easier back then.

        Have a safe weekend folks,

        • NP somewhat of a similar story, but not as audacious. when I was in the 6th grade way back in the olden days my best friends dad was a trapper, so for show and tell my friend brought in some steel leghold traps. First he showed one as it snapped a pencil in half, which got a great response, then he let one down on his finger real easy and showed how it held but wasn’t real painful. Could you imagine that today, PETA would be all over the school as would half of the parents, and probably many that read this site. Trekker Out. Old But Not Defeated!

      32. Ha ha ha. Perfect timing. This is my first day off after quitting being a teacher in private schools for 14 years, the last 8 years of which being spent at a Catholic school. I quit for exactly the reasons she mentioned.

        I tried to not make this a rant. I just hope to convey that the problem is not teachers unions. We had the same problems at a non-unionized Catholic school.

        It started when our school got a grant for becoming a “School of the Future”. From that day on, administrators who didn’t know the least thing about teaching chemistry or physics or algebra (my subjects) starting telling me my methods were ineffective because students could ONLY learn by doing a project and making a powerpoint or song or wiki about what they learned. The idea is that it is better to have students write about or make a dramatic presentation about the pythagorean theorem than to learn how to use through practice.

        More and more, my time was filled by justifying every iota of my curriculum. I had to maintain a “wiki” and I was supposed to insist my student put all of their work on their own wikis. Type math onto a wiki??!! I had to write daily lesson plans that nobody bothered to read and I had to justify everything according to three different sets of standards. None of these standards had anything to do with Schools of the Future anyway. The only purpose was *ss covering. Three standards are better than one, right? I had to maintain curriculum “maps” that nobody read and I had to justify every daily lesson plan in terms of my curriculum map. But nobody read any of it. I was glad about that because the one who was going to start analyzing them this year was our yearbook teacher who scored big time by becoming our Schools of the Future curriculum specialist. She, along with our vice principal, both hate science because they don’t understand it and don’t think our kids should understand it because it threatens their native Hawaiian thought system.

        That last part about the native Hawaiian thing doesn’t even matter. It’s the same everywhere. People that don’t know how to think hit on some stupid education theory and decide everyone has to get on board–a thuggery of the non-thinking. It’s a huge power and control trip because they get to control grant monies and distribute them or withhold them from the teachers depending on whether the teacher is part of their gang.

        I cannot tell you the hours wasted in “teacher in-services” listening to some education specialist from the college indoctrinating us with his/her pet theory and ridiculing any teacher that uses any method that the specialist does not agree with.

        Just as Ellie says, it’s all about stamping out individualism and creativity in the learning environment. And, at least in my experience, the problem is the people that don’t have the smallest understanding of how to teach young people to think get on a power trip and make a position or career for themselves in telling others how to do what they already how to do quite well. And the only way they can think how to do this is to make everyone do the exact same thing because that is how success is measured.

        My quitting was a blow to the school. I’m not arrogant, but it’s not easy getting a versatile math and science teach that can set high academic standards for students and keep struggling students from failing through patience and encouragement and by offering gratis tutoring during lunch and after school.

        I told the school they can get a much better teacher than me–someone that will do the curriculum mapping on time and teach math by accepting dramatic presentations and everything else. They still didn’t get it. They offered me a weeklong paid summer Schools of the Future mainland conference if I joined the Schools of the Future committee.

        So, please stop an consider before repeating the mantra about incompetent teachers. How will you measure competency in a way that won’t perpetuate all the No Child Left Behind testing and administrative meddling? Won’t there always be “incompetent” teachers? I had some poor teachers in high school and it didn’t matter. I was determined to understand what I was being taught and I thought things out and read until they made sense. I learned. I didn’t give up and blame a teacher for not showing me how to use my brain. It’s like me blaming someone for not teaching me how to my *ss correctly.

        I had great teachers, too. I had teachers that cared enough to take me aside and be a mom or dad when I was throwing my life away and becoming a delinquent. I don’t remember the subject matter or thinking skills I learned from those teachers. But they provided something that changed my life for the better.

        As long as people want the luxury of dropping their kids off for free babysitting there will be bad teachers and good teachers.

        Parents and children are also insisting on more say than is good for them. Choose a school if you have a choice and let the teachers do their job. Trust the teachers or home school your children. If the teacher assigned your student a D they probably earned an F. Most American kids have become academically lazy. Most don’t want to read a passage over and over until it makes sense. Teachers are doing everything they can to compensate for the laziness of American children. I could spend another paragraph or two on this in regard to Asian exchange students I’ve taught. Most are NOT lazy. They work hard–as hard as the teacher and harder. With American kids, it is the reverse.

      33. Sorry for my typos. I see them.

      34. My kids were relating to me the other day how they see girls kissing girls and guys kissing guys at the middle school these days at a somewhat common frequency. Just hard for me to square in my head. I am sure that the same feelings were around when I was in school but no one would have ever had the balls to do it. Rome, here we come.

        • Uh–Uh..Sodom and Gomorrah!!

        • Times have changed and beating gays is out of vogue. No need to worry, being a fag isn’t contagious.

      35. I never learned much of anything in school. We were always busy cramming and devoting to standardized tests. I feel like I got ripped off to some extent. I look back and wonder how much did we miss? I learned I missed alot and I learned that, that is the plan to, dumb people down and to not teach them success or about the United States and how it all works. I don’t remember seeing or getting a copy of the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights etc…It’s sickening! No when I was in school my generation was told to no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America because of God. That was on Bill Clinton’s watch.

      36. I have been out of the public school gulag for nearly 25 years and the anger and hatred is still there.

        • I have been out of those schools for 40 years and I feel exactly the same as you.


        • welcome back eisen

      38. David Brooks is the most popular columnist of the most influential newspaper on Earth, The New York Times.

        Just after the release of a book called The Chosen, by James Karabel, Brooks wrote a column about it titled, “The Chosen: Getting In.” In the first paragraph he writes these words:

        …A woman came up to me after one of my book talks and said, “You realize what you’re talking about is the Jews taking over America.”

        My eyes bugged out, but then I realized that she was Jewish and she knew I was, too, and between us we could acknowledge there’s a lot of truth in that statement.

        For the Jews were the vanguard of a social movement that over the course of the 20th century transformed the American university system and the nature of the American elite.

        Excerpt from the first chapter of: The Zionist Conspiracy: The Ultimate Racist Threat to America and All Mankind by Dr. David Duke.

      39. It makes sense then why the one teacher who cared enough to teach his kids their Constitutional rights was in trouble. Government schools are garbage. No way are they preparing anyone for life.

      40. Off-Topic,

        Trouble on the Horzon?

        Headlining at CNBC, “The ‘Hindenburg Omen’: Bear Signal Scares Market”

        Tick-Tock goes the Clock….DOW shot dowward by 200 pts at the close, other indexes did similarly…the TOP is about in…


      41. This post couldn’t be more timely. I was voted teacher of the year at my school today. What they don’t know is that I have a copy of my resignation letter next to a copy of the 10 Commandments and the Constitution posted on my wall. I teach 2nd grade and have taught in public schools for the past 12 years. I have 2 masters’ degrees and am National Board certified.Lord willing I will get a job welding this summer– I’ve been taking classes at the community college to replace my teaching job. You will see more and more teachers leave as the Common Core is fully implemented.

        • I believe THAT is the definition of IRONY! Congratulations, you’re the best we’ve got! Hey, where are you going?????

          • I’m not going anywhere, yet.

      42. Oh, and we’re homeschooling our daughter who is now 2. PLEASE homeschool your children, or at the very least advocate for a more traditional education (private or good charter school)!!!

      43. I would imagine a good many teachers remain teaching for the pension. Work twenty and taxpayers fund their retirement for forty more.

        I always wonder how many of those we consider society’s “heroes”, teachers, firemen, policemen, etc., would remain in those professions if they had to work to 65/66 to draw a pension, like those of us that actually pay for them to retire at such tender ages.

        • It’s 30 to retire in NC.

      44. And one more update and I’ll finish painting my picket fence edging I made for my storage shed.
        IF you have to day care your children–parents, get one that does NOT babysit.
        Find one with curriculum. I still have a file cabinet full of my curriculum I created and taught.

      45. OK, for all of you who homeschool, where do you start? Please give me examples of what curriculums work for you… What guidelines and state and which ones are federal?

        I heard Ron Paul just started his own homeschool curriculum….Hmmmmmm


        • Ron Paul has free curriculum program for grades K-8.

        • Google “The Homeschool Foundation”. Most cities have homeschool groups. Ask around, you’ll find one and lots of support with it.

          Do it. You’ll never regret it!!!

      46. Well I have kids in the public school system and they spend weeks and months studying the holocaust, it’s so disproportionate as to not even be rational. I wonder if Ellie Weitzelberg Rubinstein has to say about this.

        • RANCH:


          • RANCH: Don’t let these foolish naysayers sway you from speaking Truth! I read Nothing hatefull in that statement ranch. Just the Gods Honest Factual Truth of what kids are taught today. If mentioning such makes a person a Hater? Sign Me up!

            I truly feel sorry for the Braiwshed in our nation. They Fell for the Big Deceptions and like free fall when a parachute won’t open, they keep freefalling farther and farther into that Black Hole of lies and deceptions.

            • Amen guys. it’s that kind of mindless intimidation that keeps us fighting the jews battles for them and sending our kids to die in the wars that benefit only jew bankers.ENOUGH of this political correctness bullshit!

      47. We are going to start homeschooling in August. I am scared but also exhilarated!! I want my kids to be able to THINK, not just regurgitate what they think people want them to say. My kids are square pegs, and I’m sick of seeing everyone in the education system trying to round them off! God bless this teacher for having the bravery to publicly speak out!

        • Excellent! Your children will love you for it. Make sure you find a local group of like minded folks. You’ll find lots of support and other kids to learn and study with.

          God Bless!

          • Thanks for the kind words and wise suggestion, Bill. 🙂

      48. If I were this teacher, I would begin with a letter to parents, offering my services as a home schooling coop teacher, for a reasonable fee. In other words, turn this mess into an opportunity.
        Most parents do not like what the system is teaching their kids, and home schooling is one solution, even better would be to coordinate efforts among a group of parents to create a whole school environment with a group of students in a more casual setting that will allow for recesses and breaks, as well as allow for more free-form experimentation to awaken the kids’ innate ability to learn.

        • Suzanne–this is where bureaucratic idiots succeed.
          In Tennessee, I had a preschool-daycare teaching curriculum; had 4 year olds reading.
          Had to close because the licensed lady-selling drugs out on the back porch- could stay in business with 8 or more.
          But me, a certified K-12 teacher, could only enroll 4 because I refused to be licensed.
          Get it??
          I was equipped to teach 25 first graders but only (4) 3-5 year olds–this is only one problem with the bureaucrats; no common sense!!!

          • OOPs, certified K-8..

      49. same thing happened to medicine and I quit

      50. Agenda 21 is next!

      51. “Things fall apart, the center cannot hold” – Yeats. Homosexuality rampaging, shredding cultural traditions based on natural law! Babies by the thousands daily being shredded in the womb for mere selfish convenience! A people illiterate, distracted and drunk with juvenile pleasures! A military decimated with its technology under the guise of being “stolen” literally given away to the enemy! Arrogant politicians brazenly bold-facedly lying before the people’s representatives with impunity! Borders crumbling, open to those who intend to destroy from within! The country is rapidly approaching a cultural-political-constitutional critical-mass and something is going to “trip the wire”! Very desperate people do VERY desperate things! While desperate people are traditionally identified as the oppressed and down-trodden, they can, and in this case are, those in high positions of power and authority. When these power-elitists feel their power and authority is threatened and they will be exposed and fall into the hands of the angry mob marching them to the guillotines, they have the resources to bring the hammer down hard! Current IRS, Benghazi, and AP scandals not withstanding, EVERY politician, judge, and all media, either by intent, threat, or silence, is criminally complicit in the unconstitutional election of the current Kenyan-Indonesian citizen and multiple-alias-using occupant in the Oval Office! If feared that the scandals will peal away enough layers of the “onion” of lies, if feared someone still in the shadows to save their neck will come forth and sing to the heavens such that the “royalists” of both parties have their complicity exposed, to save their own necks, desperation will compel them to “turn out the lights” on this thing of ours which has lasted for 230 years! They will do it! They will be that desperate! The question is….are WE THE PEOPLE…….READY?!?!

      52. Quit whining, the handwriting has been on the wall for years. It’s our job to keep the barbarians at the gate. We must remain on the front line, in the trenches, elucidating the truth of the situation. Now is the time to fight even harder for what is right thus forcing the a-hole admins hand. NEVER QUIT, DIE FIGHTING!!!!!! Life is hard, no duh! Our job as responsible intelligent adults is to fight the good fight! Light can only conquer darkness when it is shined in the directions of darkness.

      53. And we can all thank the satanist Rockefeller and all of his subversive, treasonous and un-American groups for all the manipulation and indoctrination being pumped into schools and our kids.
        Oh but gee whiz Rockefeller, you vile piece of SHIT… maybe Jesus will forgive you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        Burn in hell Rockefeller.

      54. Anybody remember the “purple death dust”? Ming the Merciless was spraying it over the earth to kill only the intelligent people, leaving the surviving humanity dumb, docile and ready for servitude. That’s what “we” use “education” for these days. Maybe we ought to just call it “purple brain death.”

      55. But there is a solution. An education solution that has been proven to work! Here it is, in Orange County, CA!!

      56. Take heed Ellie, and be uplifted, that your plight is not alone. Across the western economies. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, (all the old colonies of Britain which inherited the british schooling and University model), the result is all the same, the values of morality, of truth, of the value of education and of encouraging honest progress, have been undermined by the UN (Agenda 21) and communist dogma. The idea that education grooms the new leaders, nothing could be further from the truth, the new world Order of the communist state selects its own candidates from its own cronies, not on merit, but on subservience. There is no role for middle management, for insightful leadership, only a role for compliance, non compliant will be used on the battlefield or consigned to camps. Black shirts , brown shirts, red shirts (and now camouflage green shirts, they all follow the same unthinking authoritarian role and education is not required, thinking and moral thinking is shunned.
        You did the very right and the honorable thing, to leave.
        I have for 40 years been inspired by the American leader and practical teacher R (G) (Robert) Le Tourneau.
        (Auto biography “Mover of Men and Mountains”)
        He founded, with is wife, the Le Tourneau University at Longview, Texas, which at its inception had courses that taught practical life skills, income earning (family stability) skills, academic skills and religious understanding, whilst offering a work and earn as you learn sponsorship. He equipped people for “All life” not just some rote learned facts posing as education.

        Another notable teacher is Catherine Ponder, another american author who came from humble beginnings and found that life is about opportunities, sharing opportunities and enabling others to participate in opportunities. She is an inspiration that countered the stereotype that to be ordinary is not a sentence to be poor or impoverished and to be blessed with the means of generating wealth is not a sin pardoned by false austerity, She treasured the wisdom of her lord.
        To you Ellie I would say, never is a teacher anywhere without someone needing their gift. Go find a teaching Academy that teaches the wisdom of the gospel and prepares people for life. Save your gifts from the secular state machine and apply them there where their value will be treasured and have impact for all time.
        I am sure they will benefit from your great gift and you will benefit from the gift of giving, as give you do in inspiration, conviction and confidence. Wish that more women had your convictions and embracing strength.
        My mother was a teacher like yourself, filled with the honest desire to help up young people with all that learning can offer. If they can grasp more than the fundamentals of language, especially a depth of english and competently handle maths, then they have the two tools to explore any other subset of education as exists. Remember people tend to fit that mathematical model the bell curve. that means that 50% are statistically failures. Most often this group are the ones that are lazy and stupid and this group craves the stability of tax paid income to afford their diet of beer and pay TV, so they gravitate to the lowest form of public administration, unfortunately too many of them pool in education administration, the rest make up that cesspool of public enforcement, not one of them is an educated thinker.
        Your students are a testimony for you (never any administrator’s grading). I am retired now, but I say never give up on “Hope” and grasp every “Honest opportunity”. I had a few teachers like you, inspiring, in my junior years , never a one in college, My grades were substandard in year 12 and I left to take up auto mechanics, in ten years I owned my own construction company, in 19 years I had my own international finance company. The first time I ever signed off on my first $100 million contract, I never looked back to my failed grades or my auto mechanics job. But to accomplish that I self educated all my life through books and now internet. I have collected over 2,000 books. Today I like to keep my elderly professor mate on his toes, but opportunity comes first to those who are prepared for it.
        and the first rung in the ladder of preparedness is discerning education. Please keep up the work of your life and encourage others to do the same.
        Regards, Kiwi in Paradise, New Zealand.

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