Watch Former CIA Officer: “We Have A Crisis In America… The System Is Rigged… Political, Economic, Social”

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    This report and following interview have been contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global.

    It’s unprecedented and unheard of: we’ve seen the President antagonize the Federal Reserve, calling it the greatest threat to the economy. He’s even threatened to fire the Fed Chairman, which would send the financial markets into a tailspin. Could this actually happen, and who is really in control here?

    Knowing that he will provide the unfiltered truth, Portfolio Wealth Global sought out Robert David Steele, a former U.S. Marine and CIA case officer, and currently the CEO of The Earth Intelligence Network and publisher of

    Robert David Steele was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. Mr. Steele’s mission has been to spread the use of Open Source Intelligence, and he claims that he is a reformer, not a whistleblower.

    Robert has written handbooks on Open Source Intelligence for NATO, the DIA and U.S. Special Operations Forces. He has stated that the preconditions for revolution exist in the U.S., U.K. and other western countries. Mr. Steele has won numerous awards, including the 1996 Top 100 Industry Leaders & Unsung Heroes from Microtimes Magazine for advancing open-source information sharing and sense-making across all boundaries.

    To get the full account of Robert David Steele’s extensive body of work in pursuing the truth, weeding out corrupt politicians, and exposing big scandals, all bundled together with an update on Robert’s current topics of interest, go right here to download our special report.

    President Trump is known for firing people, so we asked Mr. Steele about the likelihood that Trump would actually fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

    Not only is that scenario realistic, but the Federal Reserve is bankrupt, and Trump recently took the action of stopping them from printing anymore money, according to Robert David Steele.

    What we have right now is an economic crisis in the United States, according to Robert David Steele, and the President is doing everything he can to go towards a gold-backed dollar and to recover some of the $43 trillion that has been stolen from the public treasury by the banks with the collaboration of the Federal Reserve.

    The bottom line is that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve can be fired if the President puts enough pressure on him, just like we took out the IMF Chairman. In addition, according to Robert David Steele, the President can appoint more Federal Reserve Board members so that they end up having a Trump majority.

    The fact is, President Trump is in control and the Federal Reserve knows that, according to Robert David Steele. And when the President said that the system is rigged, he’s absolutely right: it’s not only the political system but economic and social systems as well.

    Check out Robert David Steele’s important work at The Earth Intelligence Network and, and download Portfolio Wealth Global’s special report with essential information on Mr. Steele’s amazing life, career, and body of work.

    This report has been contributed by Tom Beck, a Research Partner at


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      1. The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the federal government, a fact that 99% of Americans do not know. As such, they lack accountability and must be done away with. Our Treasury department can manage that task.

        The genuine SWAMP are the senior executive service who are political appointees who have MOST HINDERED President Trump and the vast majority are Democrats with the rest mostly RINOs. We do not need them and it is extremely hard to fire them. They can be RIFed however.

        We need term limits on Congress as well. I propose no more than four consecutive terms. And it’s clear Ginsberg is incapacitated and yet these two issues would be difficult to enact.

        • Individual States are free to term limit their own Congresscritters, but it will take a Constitutional Amendment in order to impose that on all of them.

          Most States would not choose to Term Limit their own as it would put their State at a disadvantage relative to the others since part of the power in DC is linked to Seniority.

          Term limits on the SCOTUS Justices would also require an Amendment to Article III.


          • Yes, hence why I said they would be difficult to enact. Even with bipartisan support, which has almost been extinguished, then only with POTUS and 2/3 of state legislatures would such things be approved.

      2. Frig it! Let the chips fall where they may and let the clean up in isle ten begin.

        • Like I’ve said before on here, I wish it would happen before I’m too old to enjoy it. “Enjoy” isn’t really the word I’m looking for but you know what I mean.

        • I whole agree totally with reper sleepr

      3. ??⭐️⭐️?? News article: The New Amerucan “U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as Partners”
        So this is why democrats are so fiercely opposing the wall. I have suspected this now for a long time. Catch up with me on youtube. Witty comment.
        Click here

      4. Quite clearly there was a soft-coup attempt at the FBI, the DOJ, and triggered by Obama and Hillary Clinton, ehile covering up their own misdeeds.

        I ‘m shocked that no oneis discussing the evidence from the last 72 hours when the buffoon went on 60 minutes and openly admitted it trying to sabotage using the 25th Amendment even before Trump took office. That is sedition and treason.

        Luckily there is a push by the Republican Senate (like Graham) to expose this.

        It will most certainly mean Civil War 2.0.

        • Eh,will be the first civil war in US.The war of succession was different,folks just wanted to leave,not take over the govt.

          • Yes, that is how you and I both see the Civil War of 1861-1865 as that was merely legally seceding from the Union. The South wanted to be left alone and Lincoln illegally started a war over it.

            Historians won’t agree with that.

            • We shouldn’t refer to a split as a civil war or succession! Instead it will merely be a divorce, because we have irreconcilable differences. Read this guys articles and books. It’s Time For America To Break Up With Liberals!

              h ttps://

              • He states, “Liberals are super-mad about the original agreement that bound us together as a country because things like the Electoral College and the Bill of Rights prevent them from having absolute power over us. They now want to change our prenup. Hard pass, golddiggers.”

              • That was a pretty well written article.
                But, it does’nt really touch the core issues about how we got to this point. Most people simply cannot go there, and until we do, there can be no real, lasting change.

                And, about calling them “liberals”. By doing so, you are accepting their definitions, their narrative. They are marxist in nature, not liberal. A true liberal will leave you alone, a marxist feels compelled to dominate your mind…

      5. We best do something, that is for sure and like Now!!

      6. Don’t know what the straw will be or when it will fall.
        The whole word is in massive debt – It can never be paid.
        The ONLY solution is world bankruptcy and a reset.
        This will be very very drastic and painful – The longer it is put off the harder the fall.
        Of course this probably will cause wars – there will be a resource grab by nations
        Boom –

        But I stayed at a Motel 6 last night

        • Jak,did they leave a light on for ya’s?

          • jakartaman and Warchild Dammit!, I recently had a terrifying thought: that if they do an economic reset, why not do a population reset as well?

            I think the only reason that they have allowed the population growth is because they NEED exponential demand/monetary growth. If demand is collapsing, why do “they” (i.e. psychopaths) need this many people?

            P.S. If they didn’t leave the light on for him, please see my post below.

        • Will the (((same folks))) be running the “new” monetary system?

          That is no reset.

        • Motel 6 used to be called $6 Motel [circa 1963]. The competition used political muscle to force the name change. . .

      7. Light is the best disinfectant. With that in mind, I violated my “food only” rule by further addressing SHTF lighting.

        1. I finally found a rechargeable lantern that was reasonably priced. The CORE 1000 Lumen CREE LED Rechargeable Camping Emergency Lantern, Lithium Ion Batteries. Only 45.00 at Costco.

        2. Got 2 additional Anker PowerCore 20000 -Ultra High Capacity Power Bank Output Reconditioned for only 25.00 each on Ebay.

        3, Finally, I purchased several USB LED Light Bulbs at a very good price at Amazon. Tytan [2-Pack] Kobra USB LED Light Bulbs for Camping, Emergency, and Night Light – 5W, 40″ Wire.

        The SHTF priority list: is Water, Food, Shelter, and Lighting? Fire was a major milestone in human history?!?!

        • UV lamps are standard germicidal elements in distilled deioized water in an industrial setting.

          It is extremely difficult to produce an indoor lamp oil that is flammable but safe due to varying factors.

          For example, one could make turpentine and blend it 4/5 with various alcohols to reproduce historical lamp oil prior to widespread kerosene, but that is quite involved and poses many risks. Either seperately are easy to produce using low tech but the fire risk is very high plus fumes. The main issue is any wick based oil lantern can’t use this mix.

          Hence the strong push for solar outdoor lighting as a replacement.

          Harvesting fat is annual event with many animals. Otherwise every bit of fat will be eaten or turned to soap. Lamp oil will run out fast.

          Unless you have access to coal, and sweating it out into crude kerosene, then you most likely will run out fast. You can turn plastic into diesel but it’s tricky.

          • ht tps://
            Read to understand the basics of historic turpentine creation.

          • Maranatha, LED lights are so powerful and energy efficient that they are preferable to liquid fuel lighting sources. Like you said, “Hence the strong push for solar outdoor lighting as a replacement”.

            I still have my Coleman Fuel, Propane and Kerosene lanterns but I really prefer relying upon solar LED Rechargeable lights.

            I am super impressed with The CORE 1000 Lumen CREE LED Rechargeable Camping Emergency Lantern, Lithium Ion Batteries because; (1) It is supper bright and (2) you can use it for over 200 hours on low on a single charge. That eliminates the need for candles and fire in general for light.

            Plus, not long ago they were $99.00!

        • Justice,
          my SHFT priority
          is air, self protection(guns), water, shelter, food, and then power sources.
          Thanks for the info on lights.

          • rellik, thank God I already took care of self protection from 2007 and 2017. A person/prepper can spend a small fortune on that area. So I don’t have to spend precious resources there.

            Don’t forget that defense wins championships. I hope everyone has soft and/or ballistic armor. I remember reading that down in South America ballistic protect was worth its weight in Gold. It was banned but the Rich were desperate to buy it anyway.

      8. how would a collapse of the federal reserve affect savers. Would they lose their $. Would it convert into the next currency. I would think if the fed collapses that is the end of America and the constitution. If fed collapses that means nobody has any $ and even the rich are poor and starting over. Don’t have faith in pm because the price is set in usd. Who will decide what an oz of silver is worth.

        • Personally, I think a collapse of the Fed results in total monetary panic… Yes, they’ll issue a new currency, but it won’t be a “1:1” type thing…. the dollar will be destroyed first.

          As for PM’s, my view is that yes, they are priced in dollars, but only in USD markets… there will always be demand somewhere – China, Russia, etc. We may price in dollars, but it’s value is something else… We can, for example, price gold/silver in loaves of bread, or a nice suit, etc. (same as any other currency).

          I guess to address the question of what happens to savers?

          They get destroyed if they’re savings are in dollars.

          • They banned private ownership of gold before. In the potential scenarios such as these, PM’s would likely be twice as banned. After all, only “terrorists” would want gold…

      9. To which single race/religion do more than 90% of political donations owe gratitude?

        When an individual or an organization donates to a group or a person running for office in the government, do they expect something in return or do they donate out of good will alone?

        Sheldon Adelson heads the pack.




        • A pack of wolves corralling the
          shhhhh eeep.


          • Adelson, Kushner, et al, resemble these remarks to the nth degree.

            Except, prosperity preachers, Catholicism, and Islam are also backing the one world religion.

      10. Robert David Steele and Trump are controlled opposition. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it really is, especially what is shown here.This sort of evil, principalities, and dark powers, in high places will not be dislodged by human efforts, but only when Jesus returns. If these people are going ahead with unseating the smoke/ mirrors, illusury money power, they will be JFK’ed. No questions asked. Nobody challenges the Satanic money power without losing their life. These people have sold their soul in exchange for a temporary portion of rule, over the earthly kingdoms.

      11. “Not only is that scenario realistic, but the Federal Reserve is bankrupt, and Trump recently took the action of stopping them from printing anymore money”.
        Only the Treasury can print money. The Fed is our version of a “Central bank”. The Fed controls or (tries to) to control the amount of money, available for us to conduct daily business. Banks “create” money when they loan money out. Say, I deposit $100 into savings. A bank will keep some of that in reserve and make the majority of that deposit available as a loan to someone that wants to borrow money, so my $100 becomes $190. $100 the bank holds for me and the $90 of fake money someone can now spend on something they want. In that sense every bank is Bankrupt because if everyone wished to withdraw their money at the same time, the bank couldn’t possibly pay. That is the system, so the people that control this fake money system, do everything they can to “Rig” the system so it doesn’t fail. It would not be any different if we based our money on something tangible like gold instead of a promise to pay, Who would set the value of gold? The same people.
        How much oil could you buy for a ton of gold, from a Russian, or a American, or a Saudi, or a Venezuelan? That value would be set by the same people that “Rig” the system today. New boss is same as the old boss.

        • rellik

          That $190 from $100 is just at the top tier. Money loaned to the banks is loaned, then those recipients borrow in the continuous “Fractional Reserve Banking” scheme. As the EverReady commercial says, “It keeps going and going and going”. With fiat currency and the Central Bank as Insurer of last resort I doubt if they know how much is created from your original $100. A failure to pay here and there no problem. Even a huge failure to pay gets an influx of magic “money from nowhere”. As long as the world accepts the USD the charade goes on. Lose that as its said “Unique Privilege” of the Reserve Currency Status and it all comes to an end. They will maintain this system with WWIII if they deem it necessary.

      12. I concur and they are so essential that they can blind an opponent as well as spectacularly ruining those using night vision scopes!

        It is very dangerous for a beginner to do a night hike without illumination but generally can be done safely if one knows the terrain. In an emergency, say trying to find a missing person, such LED lighting would be about the only good way.

        Say someone is lost at sea. It you had the lantern then you could look for them, otherwise it would be hopeless at night.

        • Maranatha, I didn’t know that they could be used to ruin night vision scopes! I will look into that.

        • Maranatha, I didn’t know that they could be used to ruin night vision scopes! I will look into that.

          • It ruins the eyes of the wearer of the night vision scopes. They will scream as a massive FLOOD overwhelms their eyes. They would be blind for whole minutes.

            • ht tps://

              The latest gen night vision uses light limiters.

      13. If you are Christian, you already know what is the replacement, financial system.

        • Now if you know that, and you know the Great Apostasy is coming, does it make sense to help nonbelievers…anymore? I think not.

      14. If the money was sound and our leaders respected the rule of law there would not be A FOURTH TURNING. The world is unraveling before our eyes. Prepare accordingly. P.S. Gold and silver are real money. Don’t let anyone BS you out of understanding that. We are betting our lives with the decisions we make today.

      15. Of course it’s rigged. How else does a person like hussein obmama get elected? People couldn’t even say his name, yet alone heard of him in 2008. Who goes to the car mechanic and demands the affirmative action quota with zero experience work on their car?

      16. ht tps://
        This is the big news story of the day.

      17. htt ps://

        It’s all slowly dribbling out. Hillary Clinton is finished.

        • “In summary it can’t be overstated the amount of defense technology and state secrets that were illegally exported to Russia, China and elsewhere by AGT and its host companies as a result of these sales!

          In our first post we discussed how the Clintons helped build the family of companies known as AGT International. They promoted the company in return for ‘donations’ to their Foundation.

          Today we’ve discussed the many actions that AGT International took to increase sales worldwide. It didn’t matter which country customers were located in or if it was legal to provide the customers in these countries sensitive defense and intelligence related technology. A sale was a sale and ethics were out the window.

          In our next post we’ll discuss how the FBI/DOJ got involved but then suppressed and eventually terminated their investigation of AGT shortly before the 2016 Presidential election.”

          • The GENUINE Russian AND Chinese collusion was not with Trump but with the Clinton Foundation and using Bill Clinton giving speeches and Hillary Clinton using the US State Department to bypass US federal laws, and Obama gave orders both to cover it up and surpressedand halted the investigations by the DOJ and the FBI!

            This is HUGE. Meanwhile we have wasted two years on fraudulent investigations of POTUS using circular logic.

            Watergate was nothing compared to unprecedented corruption by the Democrats.

      18. When are guys like Steele gonna start calling out the corruption and subversion of our country by Israel and all there tribesmen? Both parties bend the knee (Trump included) and take that fat AIPAC money , along with the plethora of other Jewish influence orgs that are selling our country out. Remember the USS Liberty!!!

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