WATCH: Cop Executes Unarmed Woman On Her Way to Work Over a Speeding Ticket

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This article will be upsetting for those on the right or “conservatives” still stuck in the left vs. right paradigm lie which the Matrix is built around. 

    Last June, family and friends of Hannah Fizer, 25, were shocked to learn that their beloved daughter and friend had been killed during a stop over an alleged speeding violation. Then, four months later, they learned there would be no justice and the officer who killed the unarmed woman as she sat in her vehicle — was back on the job.

    Now, Fizer’s father, John Fizer, filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Pettis County this week seeking damages against Pettis County Deputy Jordan Schutte. The lawsuit argues the shooting was unjustified, excessive use of force and that Schutte did not follow several standard law enforcement protocols during the stop. When watching the video, it is entirely clear.

    In October, the Pettis County prosecutor claimed that the officer shooting an unarmed woman during a traffic stop — dumping five rounds into her as she sat in her car — did not violate any policies. The officer “feared for his life.”

    “Schutte had the ability and responsibility to prevent the use of deadly force against Ms. Fizer but failed to do so,” the lawsuit reads. “His actions contributed to Ms. Fizer’s avoidable death.”

    On that fateful night on June 13, Fizer was on her way to work when she was targeted for extortion by the deputy. Just six minutes after the stop began, Fizer would have five bullet holes in her, still sitting in her car.

    After killing Fizer, the deputy would claim the woman — who never made a violent threat in her life — had a gun and threatened to kill him. However, investigators found no such gun and it appears the only thing she was holding was her cellphone after letting the officer know that she was filming the stop.

    Fizer’s family disputes the claims of their daughter threatening to shoot the deputy and their dispute is held up by the fact that Fizer was unarmed. Another ominous detail to the killing of Fizer was the fact that she was filming the stop and her phone was found on the floorboard of her Hyundai, according to a search warrant, but no video has ever been released.

    Several months after her death, surveillance footage from a nearby business was released, showing the deputy attempt to open her car door before positioning himself in front of her car and dumping 5 rounds into her. Had he really believed she had a gun, he would have likely taken cover or moved out of the way. Instead, he stayed standing straight up and calmly began shooting into Fizer’s car.

    The attorneys for the family agree, noting in the lawsuit that Schutte drew his firearm and fired repeated shots at Hannah Fizer at point-blank range without first moving or attempting to move to a position of better safety or cover while giving her commands or calling for support and backup.

    “There is no objectively reasonable basis on which to conclude it was acceptable, lawful, and not excessive for Schutte to purposefully position himself toward the front of Hannah Fizer’s vehicle and discharge his firearm at her only minutes into a traffic stop without ever attempting to move to a place of greater safety or follow de-escalation techniques,” the lawsuit states.


    Fizer’s father believes Fizer was simply holding her cell phone and dropped it, which caused the coward cop to dump five rounds into his daughter. As the cellphone was the only thing found in the car, this is the most likely scenario.

    In his statement after the shooting, Schutte claimed Fizer refused to identify herself and that, because she refused to, he told her to step out of the car because he was going to arrest her for not identifying herself.

    However, as FOX 4 pointed out, at the time of the incident, nowhere in the record of the radio traffic did Schutte report to radio dispatch that he was going to arrest her for refusing to identify herself. Instead, he can be heard on the radio telling dispatch she was more worried about recording him than giving him her identification.

    Furthermore, the radio traffic reveals Hannah Fizer did in fact identify herself, as she can be heard on the audio recording clearly saying her name, “Hannah Fizer,” at a volume the Pettis County deputy would have been able to hear.

    Despite prosecutors admitting the shooting was “avoidable” they cleared Schutte in Fizer’s death.

    Special prosecutor Stephen P. Sokoloff wrote in his conclusion that “the shooting, albeit possibly avoidable, was justifiable under current Missouri criminal law” after claiming surveillance footage from the restaurant showed Fizer reach down to the floorboard. Apparently, reaching down is a crime punishable by summary execution on the spot.

    “The evidence indicates that the deceased, who had been stopped for multiple traffic violations and who had refused to provide any information to the officer, had advised him that she was recording him, and then shortly thereafter, that she had a gun and was going to shoot him,” Sokoloff wrote in his statement. “At the time the officer discharged his weapon, she had reached down into the floorboard of the car and raised up towards him. Based on the information and circumstances available to the officer during the event, it cannot be said that the officer did not have a reasonable belief that he was in danger of serious physical injury or death from the actions of the deceased at the time he fired.”

    This statement rings hollow given the facts of the case, and the new sheriff as well as the old have expressed their concerns over Fizer’s death. As of Dec. 31, 2020, Shutte is no longer employed by the department.

    Adding to the tragic nature of this summary execution over a speeding allegation is the fact that Fizer actually attended the Sedalia Police Department’s academy in 2016, according to the NY Times. So she was well trained in how to handle a stop, likely the reason she began filming in the first place. According to friends and family, after attending the academy, she quickly decided that she did not want to be a cop, but would often talk about becoming a parole officer to help people get back on their feet.

    Before Fizer left for work that evening, the Times reports that she had spent the last day of her life splashing around in a kiddie pool with her best friend, Taylor Browder, and Browder’s young children, talking about life and her future in Sedalia — a future, thanks to an unidentified deputy, that no longer exists….


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      1. the officer “feared for his life”
        Really? This is why I avoid pigs at all times!!!!!

        • I understand our forefathers used to hunt wild pigs in our homeland? They can be a real nuisance. I understand the pigs that are still wandering around in the region, have now become real respectful when interacting with humans.

      2. “that she had a gun and was going to shoot him” Since no gun was found, perhaps she knew this guy was going to hurt/kill her and only said that out of desperation/fear.
        Can you possibly imagine how absolutely petrified she must have felt in a terrifying situation like that?!?!

        • “Since no gun was found, perhaps she knew this guy was going to hurt/kill her and only said that out of desperation/fear.”

          How about the possibility that she never uttered those words.

        • ” Since no gun was found, perhaps she knew this guy was going to hurt/kill her and only said that out of desperation/fear.

          How about the possibility that she never uttered those words.

          • @Kevin2,of course you are correct.Don’t get me wrong.
            I was just offering a remote explanation(being a nervous wreck and in a way trying to scare the cop by saying you had a gun because you knew your life was on the line) as to the one in a million chance that she had actually said that.Of course,I know those are the last words a person would really say to a cop in that situation.
            Don’t get me wrong – I DON’T for a second believe she ever actually said that.That was just a way of the cop covering his ass by saying she said that.

      3. Guns her down for allegedly not identifying herself and yet,this killers identity remains a secret.What a truly fucked up world we live in?

        • Officer Jordan Schutte Sorry about that. Missed the name of the inhumane killer when I read this the first time.

      4. Some of these cops should never be allowed to carry a gun or be approved to get a badge/become an officer in the first place.Fact is,many of them are psychopaths that are far worse than those they arrest.?

      5. White lives matter!! Where’s the protesters?
        Oh wait I’m confused sorry!

      6. What we have left in this abhorrent example of a failed nation is “trickle down lawlessness”. 333,000,000 cowards seemingly unable to stand up to, and put in their place, all of our gubbmint flunkies that we allow to run rough shod all over us. If we had men and women of substance and righteousness in this nation, the cowardly POS that murdered that girl sitting prostrate in her car, would have been beaten to death a long time ago publicly by the citizens of the town. Along with the mayor and the fucktards boss.

        • Dignified people would have worn their Sunday best to the event, sung hymns, and acted churchy about this, as though it was something sanctified and holy. Yes, seriously.

          Your damsel in distress:
          “… actually attended the Sedalia Police Department’s academy …would often talk about becoming a parole officer to help people get back on their feet.”

          Parole is a demoralizing example of military chickenshit, that she would be inflicting upon the captives.

      7. The only way this BS will stop is when family member grow a set and take their own justice. The USA justice system is broke.

      8. Horrible events such as this just goes to show that the
        hatred/mistrust that many
        have for the police is not
        unearned or without cause.

      9. As human beings, I think most of us know that there are unhinged people in all walks of life.The problem here is that as an officer, the
        unhinged person now has access to a firearm.Unhinged individual and firearm access equals a deadly combination that will always end very badly.

        • It has nothing to do with the firearm or the unhingedness. It has everything to do with qualified immunity, essentially as seen in this case, a permission to murder. Until the thug body count outpaces the victim body count, this will not change.

      10. I’d say that since the police chief is not elected, but is an appointee of the Mayor, the person to put heat on would be him and the town council. If they do nothing, you vote them all out , including the DA, and elect people who will stand up to the police.

        Putting pressure on the chief does nothing. All the cops are protected by the Fraternal Order of Police and the unions.

        The DA and the mayor are always in cahoots with the cops. They work together to protect each other from prosecution.

        I’m surprised Dale hasn’t logged in to give his two cents on this.

        • He was a deputy, therefore his boss was the Sheriff.

      11. These are always justified under some BS State laws. Sad for this young lady.

      12. Typical MO meth head interaction.

      13. I think we all know that if anyone had done the same thing to a cop -that person would be in jail or more likely already dead.?

      14. I tend to try to avoid any interaction with the police and these type of events just reaffirm my stance.Now some people might say that these are just a few bad apples,but these bad apples have guns and are rotten to the core!!!!

      15. “To protect and to serve” Not anymore.The only ones these loose cannons “protect” are their own sorry asses by executing unarmed citizens and hiding/covering up all evidence of their own crimes and acting like they are all above the law. Scum!!

      16. Well, as our society breaks down, and our gubbmint breaks down, and the banks break down, and the supply chain breaks down, and sanity breaks down (well on its way) remember this; there are I believe about 1,000,000 LEO in the US of every description. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 333,000,000 ‘citizens’, many of whom have been abused in one way or another by police or the criminal justice system. The thing I would say to the ‘thug’ cops – good luck. You all have bullseyes painted on your backs. Even the Leo’s that aren’t thugs or criminals themselves – guilt by association. In the case of a POS like shitte, he needs to be tracked down and made an example of.

        • @Stupordave,well said!! I could not have said it
          better myself!!

      17. Understand that until people like Shutte start waking up dead, it will never change. Evil people that get away with things like this always try to get away with it again. His death would save the life of an actual man, woman or child. Remember this when you’re on the jury for the guy that finally gets fed up and goes on what the media will call an “Evil Rampage of Revenge”. Nothing will change until the body count advances beyond the victim count.

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