[Watch] Colion Noir Explains How To STOP School Shootings

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 75 comments

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    NRA spokesman Colion Noir put together a quick video to explain how to stop school shootings. We send our children to schools already declared “gun free zones.”

    Not one single person besides that shooter had any way to defend themselves against this horrific act – as is the case in most, if not all school shootings. And yet, after a tragedy, the weakest members of society seek regulations (aka punishments and more red tape) enacted on those who are entirely innocent, and already made targets of recently committed criminal atrocity. But, the most simple fact that all of these communist cowards seem to ignore can be summed up in the simple meme below:

    But for those who still don’t understand that not all people are good and will always find a way around the law, Colion Noir has put together a short video to explain how to really stop school shootings. “We childishly cling to gun control,” Noir begins.

    “Laws only matter to the people willing to obey them,” Noir says. And he’s right. Look at how many people have been jailed for feeding the homeless in places where it’s banned by law. “Depending on laws to prevent random acts of murder is delusional at best and suicidal at worst,” he continues. “You can’t legislate evil! That’s like holding up a “no biting” sign in front of a rabid dog and expecting it not to bite you. So instead of wasting time adding more words to our ‘no bite’ sign, how about we focus on how to stop the evil when it arises. Gun free zone signs don’t keep guns out of school, especially in the hands of mass murders who aren’t phased by signs telling them they’re not supposed to bring guns in schools.

    By now, most gun owners are aware that the left doesn’t actually care about stopping murder, they care about disarmament of all people. However, with 300 million (estimated) guns in the United States, they’ve got one hell of the debacle on their hands if they ever actually seek full confiscation. So what’s the solution to school shootings?

    “Metal detectors. Put metal detectors in our schools,” Noir suggests. It’s certainly a better idea than “adding more words to a sign.” Metal detectors prevent guns from getting into courthouses and other places infinitely better than a sign on a window. And if a mass shooter shows up and sets off a metal detector, armed guards should be there to stop them. “We use armed guards to protect everything we consider valuable; I can’t think of anything more valuable than our kids,” Noir continues. “These are our kids. The future of our society. There is nothing more valuable.  And in the worst event, somebody gets past all of these things, the last layer of defense against these psychos should be our teachers. Let the teachers be armed if they wanna be armed, instead of becoming defenseless human sacrifices that still result in kids dying! Give them the power to fight back!”

    The disturbing reality, though, is that leftists won’t even entertain these options. Their cognitive dissonance is so strong when it comes to guns that rationality left a long time ago and we haven’t witnessed it since. “You don’t want a visual representation of your reality,” Noir sums up. The left doesn’t want to see that some people seek to do harm against the most innocent in society, and the reality is, they don’t care about laws. “Feeling safe is more important than being safe…But the metal detectors, having armed guards, and arming teachers is a constant reminder that no matter how progressive you become, you cannot out progress evil. You’re still vulnerable and there’s nothing you can do about it except prepare.


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      1. Again, for the ten thousandth time: Guns are NOT the problem, PEOPLE are the problem.

        • Meanwhile big pharma continues to get away with another mass murder.

          Why doesn’t MSM even care to look at the pharmaceutical link to all these shootings?

          • Look at their advertisers, every other commercial is a big pharm add. Also the same people who own the media own the big pharm companies.

          • True…these kids have been on Prozac, Ritalin and God knows what for so many years they are out of touch with reality in many cases

          • big Pharma has been murdering my wallet. I went to Mexico and bought several 3 packs of albuterol inhalers for $15 a pack. At my local Sams club the inhalers are $75 each.

            3 for $15 in Mexico
            3 for $225 in America.

            Both were the exact same brand.

        • People arn’t the problem. It is dangerous minorities that are the problem. 🙂

      2. well now.

        isn’t he a breath of logical fresh air.

        bravo sir, for being man enough to say it in the face of the emotional situation as it stands now.

        the prime example is the coach who died shielding the students with his body.

        he was part of the school’s “security team” with no way to secure the students.

        it was a false sense of security.

        if he had had a gun, could he have saved more by stopping the shooter ! ? and lived ! ?

        • Have you seen Parkland? The school was covered in steel bars. Keeping the “Professional School Shooters” out? Or keeping the helpless “gun free” sheep in?

          • The fact that he was on the 3rd floor shows they had no security.

        • If I am going to have to give my life; if the outcome is the same regardless of what I do, and I am going to die anyway — I would rather go down shooting — literally, figuratively, the whole nine yards — than not.

          The funny thing here is how this is probably exactly the way the “Professional School Shooter” was looking at things. He had been pegged a “lone wolf, a loser, a white male, a malcontent, weird, insane, crazy, despicable, deplorable, a nut job, even autistic” by the school, the school system, by the students, by his friends, by his family, by everybody.

          Those are not labels, that once pinned on you, easily come off. Not in our closed and closing society. So, what do you do? Do go down quietly? Take it like a white male? Or what?

          In a corollary, the same thing is going on with this #MeeToo Movement. These white males are being accused, tried, judged, and convicted in the court of public opinion, the court of the “New York Times,” the court of the “Washington Post,” and the court of MSM — not in a Court of Law.

          For right now, these white males are all going quietly into that sweet night — their careers ruined forever, their lives lost and ruined forever, their marriages gone, their families fallen away, with only the money and the means left in their pockets at the time when polite society expunged them from the fold to last them for the rest of their miserable lives. They got nothing. It has all been taken from them. Stolen.

          Same thing with this “Professional School Shooter.” You all have been to high school. You know what a sh*t hole peer pressure can be. You are nothing but a ward of the state. You got no rights. You do what they tell you; you be the way they tell you to be — or else. We all have been on the wrong side of that equation at least once in our lives.

          What happens when one of these disgraced white males decides, like this “Professional School Shooter” did, to stand up? Don’t think it won’t happen? Because that is the mistake polite society makes all the time. Nobody believes that a man, especially a white male, stands up anymore.

          When you push people hard enough. When violence becomes the last resort . . . . Polite society believes that no “decent” no “disgraced” person ever would “go there.”

          Think again.

          • Resist



            Isn’t that the mantra from the left?

            Don’t obey the laws, resist!!

          • Great post blame-e. Sheds a light on some of the problems currently running amok in our country. I have said the same thing about going out shooting. I refuse to stand by and will go out throwing as much lead toward the shooter as possible. I have also said the same about the #metoo movement. Put the evidence out there in a court of law or stop with the character assassination in the court of public opinion. Did some of these men do what they are accused of? Surely. Are all of them guilty? Probably not. but, it is a very easy way to get back at someone you may not like, no matter the reason.

      3. The man’s got it dead-on right. Good video and presentation of the truth.

        • “Not one single person besides that shooter had any way to defend themselves against this horrific act – as is the case in most, if not all school shootings.”

          You can thank the NRA for this, for pushing for these gun-free danger zones, which is also why I dumped the NRA.

          NRA opposes allowing teachers and staff to be armed to protect these kids. NRA doesn’t even respect rights of parents licenced for concealed carry in schools.

          “We believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America’s schools, period.”

          -Wayne LaPierre

          ht tp://web.archive.org/web/20060930231931/www.nra.org/Speech.aspx?id=6043

          Is Wayne secretly on Bloomberg’s payroll?

          • Seriously? We ALL know you are a TROLL! Nice Try!

            • Cynthia can’t handle the truth. Go check for yourself on the NRA.org website.

          • Sure blame it on guns,NRA,repubs and Trump. Its people not the guns. Does having a pencil make you misspell a word? Fire the FBI people who didn’t follow through on checking this guy out. The local cops were no better. Allow teachers to carry. the left doesn’t want a solution to this problem because it takes away an issue they like….like immigration. Its going to happen again..bet on it. No law we have will prevent it.

            • I thought it was funny that the Florida Governor wants the FBI director fired when he wasn’t on the job when the FBI dropped the ball.

              Why let a good crisis go to waste?

            • I’ve got a Benjamin that says the sheriff wouldn’t arrest this guy because the family he was living with has money and power connections, at least on a local level. I mean, 39 “calls for service”, and they NEVER had grounds to arrest the guy?

              If the list of “calls for service” goes back to 2010, (about 84 months), that’s EVERY OTHER MONTH. Does anybody here think they can have the police called on them 39 times, and never be arrested?

              The average American commits three felonies a day. The cops can ALWAYS find something to arrest you for, if they want.

          • We’ve heard all this crap about “gun free zones.” How about some “gun zones?”

            • Even better: FREE gun zones.

      4. The bullying problem is solved, when there is freedom of association.

      5. Well said!
        Thank you sir for taking a stand and speaking the truth.
        This video needs to go viral.

        • Good video, but I washed my hands of the NRA after 30 years of being a faithful member when they sent a letter to the BATF recommending banning the slide fire stocks.

          The NRA should never cave to politics.

          • Agreed.

      6. Excellent recommendations.

        • The hat still makes him look like a thug.

          • Grab the duct tape! Leftist heads will explode! A black man has gotten off the Democrat plantation!

            Expect a massive effort to crucify this guy, figuratively speaking. These days, some leftists will want to do it in the physical sense.

      7. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a people problem.

        • How long have you been waiting to crack that gem?

      8. Train like your life depends on it

        because it may

        • I saw a good bumper sitcker the other day. “carry 24/7 or guess right.”

      9. There’s an old saw about opinions being like assholes: “everybody’s got one and they all stink.”

        In the aftermath of a school shooting, the stench is overwhelming.

        But, since no one else cares to restrain their stinking assh… uh, I mean, opinions… here’s another:

        Guns don’t cause school shootings; … schools do.

        • The news media is ramping up the propaganda. They are hosting “town halls” where the kids in the school decry guns and plead for gun control.

          It is sickening.

          • And once those little snow flakes are disarmed, they will be vulnerable. Idiots.

      10. Why don’t these school shootings ever happen on the weekend?

        • good one

      11. Every student has a certain probability of going beserk and harming someone. After a school shooting they find people who were concerned that that student was going to start killing people. We have to focus our limited resources on the students that have the highest probability of violence. (Depending on their home life, the hostility may be understandable.) We have to find a way to privately identify them and to help them. We can’t stigmatize them for something they might do but we can’t treat every student as though they were all alike. Weapons detectors and arming teachers are options. Another option would be to design schools for greater security like providing safe rooms. Frankly, school life is very stressful for most kids with bullying being the worst problem. Churches and schools are both seen as “soft targets” and need hardening. In a time of shock and grief, it is all too easy to propose a simple answer to a complex problem.

        • Stop feeding people SSRIs?

          “Availability of guns” is bullshit, and the statists know it. Before 1968, you could walk into a hardware store and buy a gun with no more of a “background check” than you went through to buy your toggle bolts.

          I don’t remember hearing the term “Going Postal” before Prozac was introduced.

      12. The Delphi groups have already been briefed on how to carry this into the mid-term elections.

        Their plan is to prey upon fractured emotions in order to sway public sentiment while simultaneously shaming Patriots into submission.

        • People don’t care anymore.

          • Care about what?

      13. Off Topic.
        Cruz was and is a member of ANTIA.

        Why did MSM jump on him being a member of the NRA (FAKE NEWS), but nothing on his membership with ANTIFA. SOME THING STINKS HERE!!!

        • Immediately reported he was a white supremacist too.

          I know that was fake because this guy was Hispanic.

          Fake news.

      14. Metal detectors and planes circling overhead, what a lovely environment for learning. No. That’s not the answer.

        Get rid of the television in your house. It is mind control. It is hypnotism. It decreases communication between family and between members of a neighborhood.

        Go back to homeopathic and naturopathic medicine. Use food as your medicine.

        Teach your children about sex and family.

        Don’t go to work outside the house, Mother. Your first responsibility is to your husband and children. Educate at home.

        Have babies at home. Do not vaccinate.

        Do not give children a smart phone or a computer. Let children play and learn. Teach children reading, writing, arithmetic.

        Keep a library of hard back paper books in your house.

        Children need mental stimulation. Take them to museums, planetariums, science expositions.

        Have them learning chemistry at the age of four or five. Philosophy is important to their developing minds.

        Children do not grow up to be murderers when they are raised properly.

        Filter the water coming into your house.

        Eat and prepare healthy food.

        Have animals and live away from crowded cities.

        _ As much as possible, keep unto your own race. Children, especially white children, need to be allowed to learn European customs and traditions in order to regain pride in their heritage. Something that is sorely missing in today’s society. Insist in freedom of association.


        • White pride is crucial. My son was told in class that white people do not have a culture. They actually said that!! They then celebrated Kwanza and a million other flaky festivals.

          I told him and tell him every day about the amazing things white people have done. How delicious European food is; the sophistication of the wines, the cheeses, the cuisine. The beautiful women (the best in the world), the design, the history, literature, theatre, film etc.

          You have to teach your children to love themselves and their heritage. Teach them how to dress: Europeans know how to dress and do not buy whatever crap is on sale at WallMart. Pride.

          Nobody has ever paid $10,000 for a sofa made in Equatorial-Guinea. But they pay that for one made in Germany.

          • Without White people, mankind would still live a nomadic hunter-gatherer existence. Then die at about 35.

          • American schools didn’t have problems like drugs and shootings prior to integration. Bring back neighborhood schools.

        • Bravo from “B from CA”, That’s what the glue to life is. Hold on, Its a bumpy ride.

          Gonna smoke up a few slabs of pork ribs tomorrow. The smoker is ready. Its the 3-2-1 No Fail Rib Recipe: Smoke for 3 Hours, Steam 2 Hours, and 1 Hour again in open smoke w/ BBQ sauce.

          Bring your smoker up to 230 Degs for 6 hours total. I use combination coal, oak jack hard wood, and Hickory wood chopped thin.

          Put your 24 hour marinated rubbed ribs bone side down, with the meat up the entire 6 hours. Smoke for 3 hours.

          Hour 4, Then wrap the slabs of ribs in tin foil and put back on the grill for 2 more hours to fully cook the inside of the ribs. I pour some craft beer in the sealed tin foil to steam them with beer. Still cook at 230 degs.

          Then after 2 hours, take out of the tinfoil and apply BBQ Sauce and smoke open again for another 1 full hour mostly with hickory wood. Don’t be tempted to start eating them before the hour is up for final smoking. Falling off the bone yumm. Keep your Temp all the time at 230 Degs, and just add more coal and wood for the smoke. About to celebrate 3 Yrs off the grid.

          85 Degs here in FL today. lol Life is good.

      15. Just to make a buck, the idiots in the weapons industry have allowed 300 million plus killing machines (and that is what weapons are for) to be in the hands of people who do not need them. They are not toys or bragging trophies. Worse still, most of these arms manufacturers are owned in some way by British companies (remember them? the guys you had a revolution against?).

        Then we have moronic advice like this that we need even more weapons to stop the weapons. That’s an arms race. Why don’t I just drive a tank to work with a shoulder-fired rocket launcher? Why don’t I buy a suitcase nuke to deal with the next bar fight I get into? Sounds insane doesn’t it? But that is the logic of an arms race.

        De-escalate. I repeat: de-escalate. That is the only solution. Dial down the tension, the violence, the weapons of American society. Learn some manners and that is especially for some of your ‘ethnic’ and ‘racial’ minorities who behave largely like animals in their ghettos.

        • Russian troll factory?

        • Eradicate the world of scum liberals and ALL black, brown, and muslim trash, and we’ll all be great.

          Make the World White.

          • I could live with that! 🙂

        • Hey, Frank. Man, you got to be one of those Hillary Clinton, Democrat, Libtard trolls. Get Lost.

          You stand up. You fight. You resist. You don’t feed the beast. You starve the beast anyway you can. That’s what my Grandparents did during the Great Depression when this country was about to be handed over to the “Powers That Be,” the big corporate oligarchs, the Labor Barons and the professional politicians.

      16. Guns are not the problem and never was..The problems are PC garbage,a lack of common sense,and brainwashing caused by all the PC garbage..Parents are afraid of disciplining their kids for fear of losing custody and going to jail..Teachers are afraid of disciplining students for fear of losing their job,being sued by the parents,and also going to jail..There’s a HUGE difference between discipline and abuse,but thanks to PC the two have been classified as the same..Kids are no longer taught discipline,respect,or common courtesy..Kids are taught and encouraged to blame society,race,and or poverty for their actions..Too many parents allowed cellphones,computers,video games,and Hollywood,to raise their own kids..Everybody should have seen this coming from miles away..What could possibly go wrong with an entire generation that was fed daily doses of PC garbage since Kindergarten,and was raised by cellphones,computers,video games,Hollywood,and given antidepressants and stimulants like candy? What could possibly go wrong?

        • You error in logic is believing that people want to solve this problem.

          The powers that be want these events to keep happening so they can keep the masses riled up.

      17. Bottom line is, they need to figure out why all of these shootings have started happening. Why is this the solution when something happens today? Until they solve that problem there will be mass killing, guns or no guns. If I wanted to kill a bunch of students and could not get a gun, then I run them down at a bus stop or when they are lining up to get on the buses at school. For some reason mass killings have become the way for some unhappy person to make it all better, and they better start studying the reasons for this relatively new mentality.

        • I believe it s the media that is propagating this.

          24/7 coverage gives the people the idea to do this.

          • Agree with you on this. The wholly owned main stream media has become the personal propaganda machine for the rich oligarchs, like the Murdochs, the Gates, Jeff Bezos, the Bloombergs, etc. Six (6) corporations own 90-percent of the media in the United States. Just six.

        • Pharmaceuticals and Hip Hop.

      18. As the video clearly explains, guns are not the problem, and gun control is not the answer. Gun control is just the liberal goal. It is a PEOPLE problem. Teenage years are spent in high school, with everyone trying to find their identity, and where they fit in. Jocks, nerds, dopers, and gang-bangers were the main groups in my high school. Normal teenage “angst” is magnified by the social complexities of high school. High school is hard enough, or can be, simply from an academic standpoint, let alone the social aspect. Public schools need to get back to education and discipline, and get out of the business of social engineering. Social media adds to divisiveness. Kids are raised without coping skills, and are told they are great and awesome, and get a certificate, award, or trophy just for showing up or trying. Isolation and living behind closed doors in modern suburbia doesn’t help. Kids play video games way too much, which are often violent. As much as liberals bang the anti-gun drum, liberal controlled entertainment continues to spew gun violence in movies,TV, and rap music. Isolated, lonely, anti-social kids, surrounded by violent media, lacking coping skills are the problem.

        • Way too many single parent households.

          No fathers to take the kids hunting or fishing. To learn how to be a real man.

          • What is a real man today? Men have to stand up to a society and culture and economy and institutions and political systems and infrastructure on the verge of collapse. What is a man besides a “white male” today?

      19. Leaked Obama video– yeah– that’s probably when he shed crocodile tears when little girl sitting on his lap and he was discussing the issue of gun confiscation (NOT from his arsenal, of course– ONLY ours!!)

        • Obama is a piece of sh!t.

      20. Sounds good- only thing is, schools are Federal, like the post offices- and the Fed will never allow anything to protect the children! No way, will they allow guards/metal detectors! That might prevent school shootings and take away their excuse for gun confiscation (theft!)

        • Right, they don’t want to solve the problem.

      21. Arming a bunch of libtard teachers is not the answer! Controlled entry points with armed guards and metal detectors is. Do you really want a bunch of armed libtards running around your kids schools?

        • Just about every company in America has controlled key card entry, schools should too. That kid was not suppossed to be there, and that is a big part of the problem. Making sure they don’t have weapons is even bigger! I went to school in the 70/80s and half the kids were packing knives.

        • If they could put down the joints and stop humping the children for 5 minutes maybe they could defend the school.

          • Who is “they?”

            • “They” have to be the most powerful organization in the world.
              “They” can make a lot of trouble.
              “They” are the ones who pass along information with no knowledge of its authenticity.
              “They” are going to enforce laws that aren’t even made yet.
              “They” are going to come and take away your guns!
              “They” must be an awfully brave group, because I sure wouldn’t try that.


              The truth is that “They” are everyone.
              “They” are everywhere.

      22. Nope. Metal detectors only make schools even more tyrannical police state concentration camps than they already are. Some parents self-armor their children for them to be safer– from Liberal government’s shooting program to disarm the public and keep them unarmored so the Liberals can openly usher in total takeover without the resistance of a public “well-armed enough to contest the vote (of two wolves and a sheep as to what to have for dinner)”. Metal detectors will “criminalize” students for having metallic armor as being “dangerous” (for “weapons-free” gun-control zone shooting massacres to not succeed to be used as bloody shirts waved for more “gun-control”). Those who can’t bear to have guns made less-powerful by their would-be victims bearing armor are dead-against the trend to self-armor.

      23. ‘Sanctuary 2nd Amendment Schools Zones.’

        Mayors, Sheriffs, and Governors with the guts declare them as such and refuse to prosecute teachers/coaches/staff that bring their own guns to school.

      24. Frank, the inanimate object we identify as a firearm is merely a tool. Don’t fall for the libtard argument that seeks to blame the firearm. America’s Founding Fathers specifically protected the CITIZEN’s right to own firearms against all forms of Tyranny. Tyranny could be the thief that wants to shoot you or it could be a tyrannical government that wants to assure compliance with unConstitutional laws. Please read articles about the millions of citizens of foreign nations that were first disarmed, then killed during the 20th century.

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