Watch: CNN Abruptly Cuts Off Interview: “Jesus Christ Died for Our Sins”

by | Dec 3, 2014 | Headline News | 278 comments

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    In recent months we’ve seen several instances of the Christian belief system being disparaged by State or quasi-State organizations.

    In Colorado Springs students at Pine Creek Highschool were told that they could no longer use their free time to pray, discuss religious issues or sing religious songs. The school told the kids that their activities violated the U.S. Constitution and Separation of Church and State.

    So much for “free” time.

    A couple of weeks later a Muslim prayer worship was held at the Episcopal Washington National Cathedral. In a show of tolerance, those attending covered their eyes so as to avoid the Christian cross. At one point in the service a Christian woman stood up, pointed at the cross and said, “Jesus Christ died on that cross. He is the reason we are to worship only Him.” The woman was promptly escorted from the building by two unidentified individuals.

    These are but a couple of the many incidents showing how Christianity in America is under attack.

    The following video may be yet another. NFL player Benjamin Watson was on CNN responding to a recent essay he wrote about Ferguson when he began discussing his views on Jesus Christ. It could be a coincidence or an ill-timed technical glitch, but within seconds of mentioning his belief in Jesus Christ as the one true Savior his stream was abruptly cut off.

    Accident or on purpose? You decide:

    (Video via Top Right News)

    Whether you believe in God or not, there’s one guiding principle that has been a staple of American values and liberty – religious freedom. One doesn’t have to agree with the message of others, but by natural law, we are a country of people who tolerate the beliefs and ideologies of others. In America, you’re supposed to be able to pray, sing or believe without having to worry about being beheaded. It’s worked fairly well for the last couple hundred years.

    But you don’t have to be a Christian to understand what’s been happening recently.

    In Colorado it was Christians who were told they couldn’t pray in their free time. Would the same hold true for Muslim or Sikh students? Or would it be politically incorrect to ban their prayer meetings and religious discussions as well? Moreover, would a Muslim mosque open their doors for Christians the same way the Washington National Cathedral did?

    These are rhetorical questions, of course, because if you’re a Christian in America you already know the answer


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      1. I believe.

        But I don’t have to make you believe.

        • “but by natural law, ….. In America, you’re supposed to be able to pray, sing or believe without having to worry about being beheaded.”

          Among a multitude of other things that we are not allowed to do with out being harasssed, molested, raped, imprisoned and fined for.

          • I love Jesus Christ and I am unashamed.

            • +1 I love Jesus Christ and I am unashamed.

              • +1000

                • +1,000,000,000

          • BJ, good afternoon and I agree. We should all be able to exercise our God-given rights without having to go through any kind of crap.

            • I can’t breath
              I can’t breath
              I can’t breath
              I can’t breath
              I can’t breath
              I can’t breath
              I can’t breath
              I can’t breath

              I hate that this has been turned into a race issue. It’s not black and white, it’s the the roman guards in blue against the rest of american humanity.

              • That guy’s crime was selling cigs that were unTAXED.

              • BJ you seem to have a hatred for cops. That is too bad because it detracts from some of your statements. Cops are like all other groups, good and bad everywhere. I hope you are able to seek the truth and put your hatred aside.

                • Just for the record the businesses where this guy was hanging in front of called the cops and complained that this guy was selling cigs cheaper than they could sell them for because he didn’t have to pay the tax and they did.

                  So if you owned one of those businesses and called the cops would you have expected the cops to do something?

                  The cops are damned if they do; damned if they don’t.

                  • I am lost on what point you are trying to make in regards to the only thing that mattered in this instance where a man lost his life?

                    What are you trying to say?

                  • You are a liar.

                  • POG, how right you ARE! Of course, ” doing something” is code for ” Hey, it’s cool for cops to kill the guy ’cause he’s black, right?”

                • Just for the record businesses where the guy was selling his cigs called the cops. They said their sales were being undercut because the guy, of course wasn’t having to collect taxes on his cig sales.

                  The cops are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

                  • POG,
                    sorry but that is bullshit cop out. They could have run him off/. you seem to be suggesting that they had a good reason to choke him to death. Thats bullshit plan and simple.
                    They could have arrested him or done many other things.
                    Damned if they do, damned if they dont. Bullshit, copout
                    just like the shooting in ferguson. the cop gets his big ego in the way, his adrenal going and busts 10 shots at the guy. sorry it doesnt work that way. the cops in both cases need to do time IMHO

                  • i doubt the store owner wanted him dead. Where does one aquire untaxed cigarettes? Packs have a tax stamp when you buy them. I thought he was selling them in onsies and twosies. This incident shows how the empire reacts when they think they are not getting their “cut”.

                • 98% of cops give the rest a bad name.

                • like as with all things, separate the wheat from the chaff

                • Swinging richard swung and missed. I’m tired of the generic “cops aren’t all bad” argument. Cops are lap dogs of the federal government by title. Once the supreme court has supported the ruling that they aren’t there to protect and serve should be self evident.

              • BJ, I never said race had anything to do with it. I know it doesn’t. It’s an issue of one group of people being oppressive toward another group of people for no good reason. Although I’ve been away from organized religion since the 70s, I still support other peoples’ rights to engage in it. That guest in the video was clearly cut off because of his message , NOT because of race. Censorship is wrong, regardless of who practices it.

                • RBH,
                  I wasn’t posting in regards to that video. I was posting in regards to our posts.

                  I have a hatred for evil, it is you who is blind.

                  • BJ, sorry about that. I misunderstood and stand corrected.

                • Watch RBH

                  ht tps://

              • *breathE*

                • LoL

                  I had a major DOH moment and without an edit button….

              • fu*king-right

          • I read the article, read through the comments, nobody mentioned Tim Tebow so I will. He paid the price for his belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Elway, among others, will answer for that some day.

            • The school told the kids that their activities violated the U.S. Constitution and Separation of Church and State.

              Isn’t The school is the entity that is violating the US Constitution?

            • Queen Anne’s lace and the difference between it and Hemlock.

              ht tps://

            • This guy Dave is by far my favorite on Youtube and I’d love for fun to go to his school.

              The JW Trekker

              ht tps://

          • Really? I wonder if the Native Americans, not us stupid whites, feel the same way? Its time us “white folk Christians” realize that all this doom and gloom bad stuff is of our own doing.

        • I believe Jesus died for my sins also. I sin every day and surely need forgiveness.

          • On another note, The Lord never said we have to just stand there and let someone kill us or our loved ones… and we won’t.

            • We all sin everyday. God has to be up there shaking His head at what we have become.

              • Just like on Coast to Coast A.M., everytime something real comes up, they cut the feed and make it look like some technical difficulty. Mass media is owned by the anti-christ

            • FP, AMEN to your comments. I damned sure don’t turn the other cheek for anyone.

            • The problem is these “certain” groups or races think they don’t have to comply with cop demands. Everyone of these race baiting instances was instigated by the person refusing to follow instructions. I know not all cops are right and some cops are just plain mean, but if they say stop, sit down, shut up, just do it to live and fight another day. This is a black and white issue because our dumbass in chief is the best divider of people I have ever seen. Once he is gone, we will see things cool down and I believe we will see how stupid the assholes have been who want violence. Come to my business or home and light a match, then watch see what happens next.

          • Amen to that brother!!!!!!

        • I believe and give thanks.

          Give Thanks
          By Joel McDurmon

          “In the midst of crisis, recession, and impending financial collapse, let us turn our heads upward and contemplate grander notions. Consider our position. Compare it with where we’ve been, and where, say, our grandparents and great-grandparents once were.

          The doom that so recently besets our horizon shrivels in the winds of grace that have borne us up the rise of a centuries-high mountain of blessing.”

          “My grandfather lived through the Great Depression. His father had started with nothing. In the days of great-grandfather McDurmon, nearly every seventh child born died within a year. In 1950, 1 in 34. Today, only 1 in every 143.

          Blessings, gradual. They had no cars, no phones, no internet, computers, etc.

          They walked, rode horses and wagons. Yet they had fresh bread, apples, pears, hogs, chickens, eggs, milk, butter, land, house, barn, a mule, and homemade wine. … Excepting sugar and salt, they produced everything on their own land.”

          “Make every effort, Christian, to raise your head above the sea-froth of manufactured fears, shed entangling ivies of worldly cares, and lean the trust of your open mouths toward the hand of our Faithful Father. Crisis, breakdown, recession, gloom, despair, they say?”

          “I shall find contentment even if I shall find less, and I will Give Thanks, for as our forefather David sang,

          “I have been young and now I am old, Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his descendants begging bread. All day long he is gracious and lends, And his descendants are a blessing.” (Ps. 37:25).

          I shall follow his example, as should you, to trust and Give Thanks.”

          • Thank you KY Mom..wish we were neighbors

            • KYM is always right on, all the time.

            • Coastal Carolina Mom,

              I wish we were neighbors too.

              It is so nice to share and discuss plans, preps, events, etc. with likeminded people.

              Those of you who are part of a ‘group’ are blessed.

              Thank you to the MANY good people here!

              May you be safe. Keep praying & prepping.
              KY Mom

              • @KYMom: Thanx for sharing….I wish all on this site could be neighbors with you,(including me), but glad we are friends and ‘pen pals’ (:

                p.s. All is well with hubby’s recovery and a big ‘thank you’ to all here who sent prayers. Take Care, CC

                • that’s great cc

                • Canada Canuk,

                  I’m thankful we are friends and pen pals too.
                  Glad to hear the recovery continues well.

                  Keeping you both in my prayers.

                  Take care.
                  KY Mom

        • I have been out of the body. I have seen Jesus Christ face to face. He is real. He may be invisible but he is very real, and more alive than ever.

          Wise men still seek him.

          I don’t care whether anyone believes me, or believes in Jesus Christ. I am not responsible for your beliefs. But, I must testify to the Truth.

          This is my witness. 🙂

          • Excellent testimony D K I hope you share it frequently! : )

          • Well, I do remember you making that statement before, about “out of body experience”, and seeing Jesus. i do believe, it is possible, because i have had the same thing happen to me after i fasted and prayed, although I didn’t see Jesus, but did feel the Holy Spirit.

            However, when i posted several things that were straight out of the bible, you said, “I don’t believe one word you said”.

            So which is it? Are you a true bible believing christian or a, which ever the wind blows, what ever is working for me now.. kind of christian?

            Just wondering, dk.

            No disparagment intended with this comment; just concerned.

            • Jebus was a homeless transient selling snake water. Or hanging out with his Gay Possee of disciples motor cycle gang. Oh he feed thousands with 2 loafs of bread. No shit? Wow man take another hit of that Meth pipe. Tell me another one. He walked on water, Yeah man, but some people said it was just low tide. Hundreds of thousands of animals from every continent and the Bronx zoo, on that ship of Noahs. Did anybody ever ask how he got all the animals from around the continent to the ship before he set sail? And only 2 animals each? Did the Lions eat the Bunny rabbits or did they all have an agreement to get along on the voyage with no feed. Lots of Forensic Gaps in that story book of fables. Stoopid Sheep!!

              • Was wondering when the bitterness would show up. The problem isn’t the religion, it’s the inability to express it. If you have evidence to disprove it please list it. You are using a tactic used by the nwo peeps which is the “I don’t understand it so I’m going to react emotionally” move. If you can’t contribute to the real solution then please go elsewhere. I have many atheist friends but I know they sure would be annoyed at you.

                • Amen eagle

                  its one thing to not beleive in christ ,that is yuor free will ,but its a different thing to ralley against one who does beleive ,i have atheist freinds also ,but thats the difference freinds are tolerant of each others diffences ,it bothers me some that people attack Jesus but he doesent need me to be concerned with his well being ,i know he has thick skin ,and the way he figures it is ,no problem ,if you dont want me here ,im outa here ,so when the so called brothers on the sight that we share common ideas with ,constantly spits in my face ,and calls me stupid ,for my beleifs ,why would i ever want to extend a hand if things went south ,i might suggest that they keep there hate speech to them selves ,they may need one of them stupid christians to pull there ass out of a bind one day

            • PWTW: Christians around the world interpret the Bible differently, and worship according. Everyone is at a different level of understanding with respect to Scripture, while attempting to rightly divide the Word, as they walk in the Word.

              No one has a monopoly upon a correct interpretation of the Bible and arguing individual interpretations has no profit for me. Anyone who claims he does is a fool. He only has his opinion.

              I prefer a personal relationship with my Creator and I recommend prayer and meditation for those who ask me, at least twice a day. The more time one spends in contemplation of Nature’s God, the more available His Spirit is to us; as He YEARNS for our companionship with Him.

              I advocate that people work to add to themselves the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the spirit are the natural manifestations of them, that follow. Then Jesus Christ will not be a stranger to them, or a concept they cannot understand.

              IE Saul of Tarsus.

              For what does the Lord require of us; but to love mercy, do justly, and treat each other as we would have them treat us. This is the essence of the gospel after we understand that He did, indeed, die for us.

              Arguing about this Scripture or that scripture has no profit in it for me. Therefore I do not care what you say about your Bible or believe anything you say. You have nothing to profit me.

              Why counsel or contend with you when I can go to the Lord directly? 🙂

              • Its hard to say whether muslimes or atheists are more fanaticalin their twisted belief system.

                Hey PWTW, go tell a muslime about their book of fairy tales and let me know how that works out.

          • DK,

            I don’t your belief for one moment, you make your point without any doubts. While I believe in SOMETHING higher than human beings, I’m not exactly sure as to what it could be. I certainly WANT to believe that our existence continues in some way past the mayfly lives we have on Earth, there isn’t much point to the whole thing if there isn’t. What I would like to know is what is your opinion of intelligent life OFF the planet Earth? Personally, I believe there is, I could site the Drake equation and numerous other encounters from trained aviation pilots, both military and civilian, as well as NASA encounters that go back to the Gemini program.

            But I’m not going to list an encyclopedia of events, what interests me the most is there seems to be the feeling that it’s either one way or the other, there can’t be the existence of both. I don’t see why not personally, and I know this will trigger a violent response from some, but what is YOUR opinion?

            • ANON: I am well aware of the Drake Equation. Using whatever numbers you want to plug in, it is a statistical certainty that there is other intelligent life in the Universe.

              Consider that there are at least 200 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone; and around those stars, planets revolve. Then consider the number of galaxies in the universe, and the possibilities are almost …. infinite. 🙂

              My opinion is that there is much compelling evidence to suggest that higher, more advanced civilizations have visited the earth in the past and continue to do so, for anyone who is willing to take the time for a personal examination of the data.

              One of the most amazing things that many here will remember, is that in the early days of the space shuttle program, live feed would be broadcast from the bay of the space shuttle as it orbited the earth, and one could see into space and also the curvature of the earth as the shuttle was upside down.

              The live feed showed a white object (without a tail) streaking toward the earth from deep space at an incredible speed. Suddenly, between the space shuttle and the earth, a white pulse, looking like something out of a pong game, shot between the earth and the space shuttle on a direct collision course with the incoming white object. The incoming white object which also looked like it was from a pong game, made a sharp, uninterrupted, instantaneous 45 degree angle turn and shot back out into deep space to avoid the hit. Clearly, a UFO in front of the space shuttle and out of camera range, was warning another UFO off with a shot across the bow.

              I saw this on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. He showed that live feed video capture at the end of the program without comment. He just smiled. After that NASA stopped all live feed from the space shuttle. gee, I wonder why? 🙂

              • In contrast, Dr. Jay Richards, in The Privileged Planet, points out the utterly impossible odds that live could emerge anywhere, ever. Of course it did on Earth, but it almost appears as if not only was it designed that way, but that we were placed exactly in the universe to be able to actually VIEW our unique position.

                If you cite evidence, e.g., from Mr. Brokaw, perhaps you would care to provide a link? Otherwise, unfortunately, it’s just more internet hearsay.

                • TEST: Other older folks here probably watched that news report and can attest to it. Otherwise, look for it yourself my time is money!!! 🙂

                • Test,

                  The critical part of the statement is it ” appears” to be designed that way. That is a long,long, way from being a statement of fact.

          • Well spoken DK. My father had a near death experience and saw Jesus face to face. He gave my father instructions and that changed the rest of his life for the better.

          • @durango kid: I believe you but I don’t know if that is something that I would let out. I’m glad you did though.

          • DK!
            That is awesome!

          • been dead twice no pearly gates, angels, nothing, used to be a Christian many years ago but even they said it was smoke and mirrors, opiate for the masses, f; it aint no god aint no afterlife its just the here and now then wormfood if u believe different meh hope it works out for you too many notches on my belt if im wrong, atleast ill be warm. unknown quote of the day: God loves you so much if you don’t believe in him you burn forever, fuck that shite

        • Anybody got any proof Anybody died for Anybodies Sins.
          My “Lucky 8 Ball” Says “No.”

          You believe everything Man writes? And over the Centuries how many times has the Book been rewritten and reinterpreted in over 100 religions. Old, New, King James.

          I have absolutely no problem what anybody believes as long as it does not hurt anybody else, or anybody else has to hear your babble. If you want to self sacrifice your self or mutilate your own body, then go ahead. But to drop bombs on innocent people because they have a different belief system than yours, then that is pure evil. Jews, Christians, Muslims, and many others are pure evil Cults, which all kill and destroy other people cultures and ways of life, and all for no reason other than they are jealous and hateful people who’s belief system is Wacko Jacko!!

          And still today as I have been asking for Proof, for anybody to bring forward just one person or soul that has been saved (John 3:16) and given ever lasting life. There has to be a few true believers you would think out there, over the last 2000 years that is alive and hundreds of years old. Anybody, somebody….. Nobody! Until somebody shows me proof, then your religious cult it is all BS, Pure and simple.

          • WWTI I am going to step out on a limb here only to clarify the eternal life statement you made. The eternal life mentioned in the Bible is after our body of flesh dies, and our souls live in eternity in heaven.
            Not looking for a fight, but that is what it refers to.
            God gives man a free will to choose what he wishes to follow, but it is mans responsibilty to choose wisely.

            • 006, the bible tells us not to cast pearls before swine. WWTI doesn’t deserve the pearls.

              • Yes, Mark: But even the dogs eat the crumbs from their Master’s table. 🙂

          • To quote you, WWTI, “But to drop bombs on innocent people because they have a different belief system than yours, then that is pure evil.”

            So, just why are you dropping your verbal bombs on folks who have a different belief system than you?

            Keep your bigotry to yourself.

          • I’m sorry that you will burn in hell.

            • And there’s the true Christian evil in you coming out, thinking anyone that doesn’t believe in your Jesus crap nonsense should burn in hell. What makes you any different than Islamic “terrorists” who think non-believers should be beheaded?

              Religion brings out the evil in their gullible sheeple followers. The very evil that it instills into them by brainwashing them into believing their nonsense with fear-mongering if they don’t obey.

              Please keep your evil to yourself.

              • Wow. Really? Umm… first of all, last I checked either Billy Graham, nor anyone else from the Christian community, were advocating beheading anyone. Worse, Mohammed not only advocating killing those that disagreed with him, but actually led attacks. I am utterly staggered that you could even consider conflating the two.

                The greatest evil, of course, comes from you materialist/atheists, having murdered over 100 million last century, per Stephane Courtois, et al, The Black Book of Communism, out of Oxford Press. Dr. RJ Rummel at U of Hawaii puts the number around 160 mm. That is, you atheists murdered more in one century than all other movements, armies and religions in history. Nice track record.

                Worse, atheism has been defined by the courts as a religion. And this makes sense, as religion, broadly defined, is anything that tells us where where came from, why we are here, and where we are going. Sadly, I see the atheists brainwashed here to the extent not a SINGLE one of you has ever read the primary literature, the New Testament, nor even taken a cursory glance at people such as Lee Strobel, Dr. John Lennox – professor of mathematics at Oxford (you can google him) or even the famed CS Lewis, also from Oxford and Cambridge.

                Would that the atheists kept their own evil to themselves. We might not have had 100 to possibly 160 MILLION ****murdered** by you materialists last century

                • BILLY Graham – Another snake oil salesmans fleecing the sheep. How abot Jim and Tammy Baker? More of your heros?? Bwahahaha

              • hell didn’t exist till (sic) King james rewrote it

          • WWHTI: I have had many spiritual experiences including supernatural healing. When I got back from Nam I was working in the steel mills and had a bad pain in my back. I went to the doctor and they sent me to nuclear medicine, where gall stones were discovered and surgery was scheduled.

            I went to my pastor who had laid hands upon by older brother many years previously when he was a baby with whooping cough. There were NO antibiotics in those days. He was healed.

            I went to her because I didn’t want to go to surgery and be out of action for a couple months. She laughed and said to go home and say my prayers that night before I went to bed. I did. I finally fell asleep despite the constant pain.

            I woke up early in the wee hours of the morning. I mean WIDE awake. I knew I was not alone. I said; “Is that you Lord?” No sooner than the words were out of my mouth, I heard a loud “snap” and the sound reverberated through my body. In an instant the pain was gone and has never returned. And I have never had that surgery.

            The sound was like a giant thumb and middle finger snapping. Today we know that doctors can dissolve kidney stones with sound as you sit in a tub of water. In those days. That technology was not known to science. 🙂

            • As for Vicarious Atonement, it is one of the mysteries of faith in the Church; like the Virgin Birth. Science would suggest that neither is possible, yet many virgin births have been recorded in the animal kingdom (zoos) when no males were present.

              I use to meditate upon the mystery of Vicarious Atonement and the Virgin Birth quite often, trying to understand how they were possible. One day in meditation the Spirit of the Lord came over me and in an instant, for just a nano second, I felt the crucifiction in my body: in my hands, my feet, even the piercing of my heart. For just a nano second, the pain was INDESCRIBABLE, and I FELT the sins of the world in my spiritual body, while I was wide awake.

              Then I understood the mystery of Vicarious Atonement in no uncertain terms. After that I decided to quit meditating upon the Virgin Birth. 😉

              Everybody SHOULD try this at home. Just saying. 🙂

            • pastor laid hands on you huh? When I was very young, I had perthes disease. The ball in my hip joint deteriorated and disappeared. I couldn’t walk and doctors told me i would never walk again. I told my parents to bring me to the pastor to be healed. My pastor let me down easy telling me god didn’t really do the whole miracle thing these day. I told him “my god does”, and we left. A month or so later, I started walking again. We went to the hospital for more X-rays and discovered the ball on my femur had grown back!

            • DK. Its called passing a Gall Stone. I too had a bad pain went to the doctor they found a stone the size of a pea. The day of the surgery I went in they looked for it again and the stone was gone. A few days later I went hiking in the Mountains of Vail. And never had another stone again in my life. Was that a godly miracle ? Fuck no just passed the stone. Like a lot of people do.

              • Yes, I am sure I passed those gallstones too, after they were crushed by the sound shooting through my body ….. in a room where no one was visibly present except myself.

                I’m sure you are right. I am sure the sound was just the building settling. 🙂

          • WW-Thunk it…>

  ’re a tough one to figure out, sir!

            On one hand, you’re (IMO)..extremely possess a very analytical evidenced by your proclivity to dissect a given subject or topic..and then conclude to an arguably, logical opinion and you possess the ability to debate such…based on the merits of your thinking…and whatever additional frames of reference/facts/experiences you reach your conclusion.

            Fair enough..that’s what smart people do, yes?

            ..except, in this case (again..IMO)…per your rejection of GOD-Christ & the Holy spirit, as a valid belief system.


            I’m not going to preach / evangelize to you…nor recommend you seek to adopt a given denomination, sect etc..etc.

            But to merely ask yourself…who designed & created the realm in which you, your family..indeed all of in???

            Who conceived the concept of creating the atom…the molecule…elements..combining such into enzymes, proteins, chemicals, DNA…and life itself…and the terra-firma on which it thrives…and the universe itself?


   in point, I know of no man, who is capable of replicating something as beautifully simple as…photosynthesis….yet alone gravity!


            I understand your reference to a “religious inhumanity”, per wars/genocides/human suffering etc….

            …but to deny the existence of a supremely higher/spiritual power….is as indefensible….as the crimes, errors, wars and sufferings perpetuated by man himself.

            Think about, sir………….and good luck to you!

          • In the 20th century alone, atheists killed more people than all religions combined, all for the greater good, of course. WWTI, do you assert that USA is better off since we have turned our backs on ‘religious babble’?

        • The parasites have gotten their use out of Christians, who mostly seem to exhibit Stockholm Syndrome, and refuse to face who is behind their demise. They still won’t get it the end. Also, all of the various “human rights groups” are saying nothing as muzzies are slaughtering Christians around the world; indeed, Christians themselves are mum on the issue, better to be tolerant as their kind are killed, I guess.

          Another thing that will get one canned from CNN, is mention of White Genocide…

          • JustMe, that man was definitely cut off on purpose, no question about it. Communist censorship. I would’ve been in a fight with someone over that.

          • Soon the usa laws will mirror Israel state law where it is strictly forbidden to preach the gospel or give a new testement bible to a jew there. 5 year prison term for violators.

            The MSM & Fed Gov has you worried of sharia law soon in usa, so You wont SEE whats Really going down with their zionist jew scam for america religious law.

            Its a zionist scam swindle designed to replace christianity. For the past 2000 yrs now the events of Christ’s death on the cross has been the Main Centerpiece event of all history. BC VS AD years reflect this.

            Jesus Christ IS the main center event and has been.

            Once enough laws is pased, enough folks are convinced to remain silent on christianity issues so to never offend others etc…

            Them ziojews wants to substitute Their major event of the Holohoax and six million jews deaths as the new One world religion of Holocaustianity.

            Its why they never stop harping about holohoax, six million etc etc etc…Its why so far 56 Nations, maybe more by now, has strict laws with huge fines and actual prison terms of 3-15 yrs for anyone who dares question ANYTHING jews claims of the holohoax events OR their famous yet now totally proven faked number of six million.

            NO other event or issue of or in Past History has ANY such laws to forbid free speech on or questions of it. Except for the jew holohoax events and any/all claims jews make about it. Regardless How absurd or proven as fraud it may be and many are.

            It ties in with some of their talmudic and/or Kabalistic beliefs and teachings. IE: That only after a huge holocaust event which actually by the very word used Holocaust means a Firey death…NOT a Gassss chamber death as most jewry claims happened,,But after somewheres close to a full Half of international jewry totals gets holohoaxed Then will they be allowed return to palestine, which jews calls israel.

            The whole thing like their rabbis Noahide law scam is just another jewish invented swindle, but like so many others they perpetrated so far it is going gangbusters due to jews own and run all hollywood and all of MSM TV especially TV news.

            And as long as 99% of folks everywheres trust and believe whatever they hear and see on that Electronic Rabbi aka Talmudvision aka TV-set in their living rooms everyday.

            Things will remain as is and no good or good changes will ever occure. It is going to end up with their jewish antichrist figure that they then pawn off publically as a “son of king david” worthy of such a title as King of Earth…aka their jewdeo jewish messiah figure.

            And this time he will give jews what they wanted that Christ refused to give them. IE: Christ refused to give the rabbi pharisee and their jew followers wealth of world and total ownership and control of the entire world.

            Zionism does and Has been playing one of if not the Biggest part of the thing folks calls a “NWO” more than most all other issues or things related to NWO creation.

            Biblically it is the Esuas Edom edomites posing as imposter jews trying to regain what was lost for them when Their Real True father ancestor Esau Sold the birthrights for a bowl of bean soup.

            They will stop at Nothing to swindle or steal it back even if it means they must kill off the entire worlds Goyim gentiles to do so.

            It is a Rabid Lust like none average folk can comprehend.

            And besides being actual decendants of ESAU Not of Jacob/israel, they also are Of their father satan per bible verse of John8:44 and REV 2:9 & 3:9…

            Now watch this truth I posted here bring out that lunatic Branch of Idol worshipers, who have set up jews & israel state on a tall pedestal so to praise and worship all issues jew. I refer to that whacko wing of baptists some calls the BapDUHS wing..aka “Jewdeo” christians and zionists. Ironic they Never can provide a single bible verse that proves their claims of God says bless jews eh?

            Maybe because NO such verse exists. ps don’t waste time looking for it in the first aprox 500 pages of the old testement bible since the very word of “Jew” was not even written utill close to 500 pages after page One! First time jew is mentioned is 2nd book kings chap 16 if I recall from memory correct.

            Maybe abraham and Moses et al forget to include they was a jew right BapDUHS?!!!

            Nah they knew they wasnt a jew.

            Maybe your pals Talmud contains a few choice words on Jesus and Christians or christianity eh..Bingo! indeed check talmud for very sizzeling meaness and outright Vile perverted mentions of each. Then return to Bow down profously to that idol you have set up in your minds of jewry…Still awaiting that elusive verse you all always claim and does not exist to bless jews.

            Once Holocaustianity replaces christianity in leagleness form across the nation then you really can get your fill of jew worship praise as it then is going to be mandated!

            Denounce Christ and maintain belief in holohoaxianity or else.. pilgrim! Thats going to be a great blessing return huh…Fools!

            Americas Number One most Apostate of all sects= BapDUH jewdeo zio christians…Daily assisting the Nation Wrecker ziojews.

            • I see our resident case of herpes, aka condor, has cropped up again like the unwelcome disease he is.

              • Anon, the Condor is right on and I suspect you know it. Scares you that people are waking up doesn’t it. The bible says in the latter days true Israel would regain it’s identity and we are slowly but surely.

                • Indeed Mark…and Amen!!!

                • Mark: Indeed! True REal israel decendants of the LOST ten tribes of the “Northern Kingdom of Israel” are the main players most biblical verse is speaking of.

                  it is NOT the Land mass of palestine jewry calls israel as a state today that is spoken of in most bible verses.

                  Look around Now today..Which peoples are being so Hated globally?…Which peoples of what nation Today appears to be gradually being surrounded by ALL other nations?

                  Invaded by so many Other “nations” the word nation biblically means “Ethnos” we get Ethnic from it! We also calls that RACE as in NON whites and NON christians invadeing usa and all/ONLY white nations today. and most such invaders hates us whiteys and hate america too…Whos being surrounded by others nations?..NOT jew israel state they are booting Out ALL non jew and NON white apearing jews! NO surroundings there eh. HERE usa YES There israel NO.

                  “I will REgather the Decendants of the HOUSE of Israel and place them in a NEW lands NOT of their fathers Lands”…Thats cannot mean Israel mid east lands. America IS only location globally that FITS Every part of the many things and Blessings God says will happen. Israel mid east desert land does NOT fit it period. NEW Land definatly aint israel. RE Read your bibles its in there!

                  Not state of palestine/israel people…

                  it is we Americans! Specifically WHITE americans hated so badly.

                  The very word of “jew” is NOT even written of in the bible UNTILL aprox 500 Pages After page One! Why is that?

                  How could Abraham or Moses or Noah etc etc et al ever be a “jew” when jew at some eras and sometimes for several differing reasons was used as a Nickname for persons Of Judah tribe ONLY but NOT for israelites OF the OTHER 11 tribes….Other eras jew meant one from land called juruselem residnts..Which also INCLUDED Edomites! Egyptians! Hittites! etc etc etc Et al several more I cannot recall nor spell names of now.

                  But before ANYONE could be called the word of “jew” there first Had to be born a man named JUDAH aka one of 12 sons Of Jacob. Judah grew to adult had kids too, hence tribe of Judah began…aprox 1000-1500 Years After Abraham, moses etc lived…Yet ask most ANY brainwashed BapDUHs wing of the evangelical jewdeochristozio group or wing of baptists as thats primarily where they originate from it seems…Ask any of them “Was Abe and Moses jewish?”

                  Every single one is going to anser YES! of course they was a jew!…Did all them NON jew jews simply “Forget” to write that down in bible of being a jew?…Impossible they forgot if bibles words are spirit inspired right!

                  Correct…As an Holy Spirit of God inspired written word of God those men same as the 12 apostle writers men could never make a mistake like GEE we forgot to mention we’s jewish!

                  Because they were NOT a jew..Nobody was yet…Untill Abrahams GREAT Grandson Judah, one of 12 such great grandsons by the way, had kids and started the TRIBE of Judah one tribe OF 12 total tribes and NONE of the others were called a jew.

                  if the foolsih Idol of jew worshipers can take a short break of jew praises and unquestioned defense of all issue jew…Perhaps they too can actually READ their bibles WITHOUT phony pastors descriptions and interpretations of course, and LEARN these simple easy truths….Then the next step is RE think all this stupid “jews can never do wrong since god says theys special and chozens so we all must bless jews no matter what or how evil wrongs by them get”

                  WHY cannot any of said jewdeo defenders and them what keeps demanding we bless jews cause god says so ever PRODUCE One damn single bible verse that states “God said Bless Jews”???????!!!!!!!?????

                  Its Not in the bible any place folks! No sucher exists!

                  NO bless jews bible verse got it yet?

                  IT is a Fraud invented by zionistic cash grubber TV pastors like John hagee, Pat robertson, Jerry Fallwell, Billy Grahm, and many others…

                  WHY did NO such demands to bless jews ever get taught before?…When did it begin as taught today?…Around the time frame of when aprox 1/2 dozen TOP usa preachers, agreed to NOT mention various bible verses such as John 8:44 and REV 2:9 & 3:9, perhaps?

                  Probobly the best wager as to when and why I’d say.

                  For soon as these guys did “something” to well please jews and zionists they ALL very fast became fabulously wealthy and ALL began to move from basement radio shows on Ham radios etc and CB-radios broadcasts Into Massive Huge new multi Million dollar Radio and TV studios!

                  6-7 such preachers all very close proximity in time to each other got filthy rich with very own costly studios!

                  Within a few more years 2-3 got FREE jet Planes!

                  Now anybody who don’t believe that happened due to big cash donated by jewdeo zios…You are stuck in first gear still.

                  As long as this massive APOSTATE action of belief that somehow Gods NOT a predjudiced God and Loves all type folks equally…But at same time Loves Jews way More too!!!… and causes this unquestioning defense and support of certain folks Just due to they claim to be a jew. Then do NOT look for Any fixes or resets of America soon as you need look more so for the final RUINation of america thanks to unquestioned defense and total suport of nation Wreckers who never can get away with this wrecking job unless they KEEP loyal support of 50-60 MILLION lunatic defenders such as that Wing of BapDUHS aka jew firsters aka jewdeo-christain Oxymorons.

                  They can’t provide a bible verse that states “Bless jews” yet refuse to wake up!…They has their eyes and nose burried deep in Old testement always…Yet call themselves christians…But Reject what NT Paul said on how “New covenant REPLACED the Old covenant”!

                  They fully reject all many here has posted up to show why NO jesus was NOT a jew per se and how that jew word has several different meanings thru out various time frames and that by time Christ walked earth Judahs jewry was so mixed with so Many OTHER’S DNA they even had an EDOMITE Jew KING named HERROD! Herrod King of Jews in Juruselem at time Jesus was born was an EDOMITE of ESAU! yet he too was called a JEW! King of Jews even!

                  is any of them getting it yet?

                  What do they not yet get, that most of what they was taught by many todays pastors is ziojewry hogwash and bought and paid for APOSTACY!..Blesphemy is more like it eh!

                  oh well just keep votes going to war mongering jew firsters like neocons and many dems of jew persuasion, keep bombing Christians of Iraq and other nations by the hundreds of thousands killed, and yell USA! USA! USA! or is it Yell BLESS JEWS!….

                  as the old women says “Wheres da BEEF”? or it is “Wheres such a bible verse as bless jews”?

                  Always eaiser to call guys like me a jew hater or antisemite than to actually RESEARCH questions as I posed here right….Thats exactly why they will remain so wrong on so much. No wonder americas falling apart at seams and NOT being blessed any longer…Ever since they beagn to bless them jews and israel state its been all downhill for usa….One day soon such mixed up jewdeo zio christians will be trying to KILL Us for rejecting their fraud bless jew crap demands!…Good luck trying That move ziojewdeo whacks.

                • Mark, I don’t suspect that condor is right on. As a matter of fact, I suspect condor is so far gone he’s never going to return to the world of sanity. Being obsessed is one thing, but condor has taken the concept past any rational thought. As far as being scared he’s waking people up, no, he’s not reaching anybody but the other bitter old white geezers who think as he does. Within 20 years the world will be rid of his scourge, and please take your god fearing hate with you when you go, thank you in advance.

                  • Speak for yourself douche. Jews are the most racist people on the planet, and the first to scream it at other people. They are a hate cult with a race religion and have worked tirelessly to funnel their billions into disempowering the ethnic majority in America, and making them voiceless. They are anti-free speach and anti-gun and they have every readon to be.

                    • TJ, do you really buy into that horse shit? Sounds like you’re going off the deep end with your good buddy condor, but that’s ok by me because your kind will ALWAYS be in the minority. If you really believe what you say is true, then you should really be trying to EMULATE them, do what they’re doing so YOU can seize all this supposed power, but that takes a little more effort than posting silly little internet diatribes doesn’t it?

            • JEWS = The most sinister dangerous manipulative caniving cult out there. Just loves to make and watch people Suffer. Big fat liars and financial thieves.

              CHRISTIANS= More Passive, excuse makers, more lazy, hypocrites, loves going to war and singing songs like “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching off to war. Gullible Patriotic Flag wavers. Easibly fleeced.

              MUSLIMS= Too Traditional, protective, short sighted, opressive to women, easibly duped by their religion to kill and self sacrifice for 70 virgins. Slow to adapt, resistors to change and they love their AK47’s like a child.

      2. Vicar of Baghdad: Four Iraqi Christian Kids Beheaded After Refusing to Convert to Islam, Telling ISIS Militants ‘No, We Love Jesus’

        By Samuel Smith , CP Reporter

        December 2, 2014|2:12 pm

        Four Iraqi Christian children, who were all beheaded by the Islamic State, refused to betray Jesus and graciously died in his name when the ISIS militants gave them one last chance to say the Islamic words of conversion, the Rev. Canon Andrew White revealed in a recent interview.

        In an interview last week with the Christian Broadcast Network published on the Orthodox Christian Network, White, who is the only Anglican vicar in Iraq and is know as “The Vicar of Baghdad,” detailed the plight of Christians in Iraq and recounted two instances when Islamic State’s forceful conversions directly pulled the strings of his heart.

        Speaking on ISIS’ brutal mistreatment of religious minorities, White recounted the recent incident when ISIS militants beheaded four kids, all of whom were under the age of 15, when the kids refused to say that they would follow the Prophet Muhammad and told the ISIS fighters that they will always “love” and “follow” Jesus.

        “ISIS turned up and they said to the children, ‘you say the words that you will follow Muhammad.’ The Children, all under 15, four of them, they said, ‘no, we love Yasua [Jesus]. We have always loved Yasua. We have always followed Yasua. Yasua has always been with us.'” White said. “[The Militants] said, ‘say the words!’ [The Children] said, ‘no, we can’t do that.’ They chopped all their heads off.”

        “How do you respond to that?” White asked. “You just cry. They are my children. That is what we have been going through. That is what we are going through.”

        White spoke of another instance, which happened a few days prior to the children’s beheading, where a male Christian adult was forced to say the Islamic words of conversion, or else all of his children were going to be beheaded. With his children’s lives at stake, the man could not afford to be bold and caved in saying said the words of conversion.

        White said that later that day, the man called him to ask if Jesus still loved him even though he had said the Islamic words of conversion.

        “[Militants] say to one man, an adult, ‘you say the words of conversion or we will kill all of your children.’ He was desperate. He said the words,” White said. “Then he phoned me and said ‘[Father], I said the words, does that mean Yasua doesn’t love me anymore? I have always loved Yasua. I said those words because I couldn’t see my children be killed.’ I said, ‘Jesus still loves you. He will always love you.'”

        White, who is now staying in Israel after fleeing from Baghdad after receiving personal death threats from the Islamic State, said that it is “impossible” for Christians to live in Iraq because of the Islamic State’s brutal mistreatment of religious minorities.

        “They have threatened to kill me. They are after me. They wanted that Abuna [Father] from England,” White said. “So the Archbishop of Canterbury said ‘you’ve got to leave now.'”

        White further notes that over 250,000 Christians have now fled from the caliphate and are living as refugees in the Kurdish North.

        ISIS mistreatment of children and religious minorities goes well beyond just the forced Islamic conversions. White noted that many children, not just the four he previously mentioned, are being either beheaded and their bodies cut in half.

        In addition, Yazidi refugees interviewed by the Daily Mail say that ISIS not only systematically kills yazidi and Christian men and women, they have also brutally cut the throats of babies. One 13-year-old Yazidi from one particular Yazidi village claims that the militants killed over 100 kids from his village.

        ISIS militants are also kidnapping and selling off baby girls as sex slaves. A recent pricing guide released by Islamic State leadership reveals that Christian and Yazidi girls aged 1 to 9 years old are being sold as sex slaves for just $172.

        Although ISIS recruits kids and other young adults to join the caliphate by advertising a false sense of Islamic Purpose, the ISIS leadership are also said to brutally treat their rank-and-file fighters.

        Testimony from one 15-year-old former ISIS fighter says that ISIS leaders drugged fighters to make them more likely to commit a suicide bomb attack in battle. Additionally, a United Nations report states that ISIS militants are using kids as human shields in battle and also force them to donate blood to wounded ISIS fighters.

        • If I was one of those Christians and had an AK, those Muslims would’ve been sent to Allah.

          • A person who cuts off another person’s head off, especially cutting a kid’s head off, has forfeited their right to live.

            I’m shooting these Islamic Zombie Terrorists along with you.

            • There has already been a beheading here. I don’t think the cops killed the guy that did it but they should have.

              • The cops didn’t kill the guy in Oklahoma, but the owner of the business got a rifle out of his car in the lot and shot the killer. He’s alive, and going to fry for what he did.

              • I wonder how many christians like those in iraq got killed by USA Bombs? And by usa’s relentless dozen years of war there?…Only to exit in a hurry so issis can resume full controls there…Great plan neocons and GW eh.

                Say why don’t NuttyYahoo and his jewish state israel invite ALL such refugees to reside safely within Israel? After all who else benifits from all these mid east wars besides him and his jew only state israel?

                That will be the day when israel invites or allows so many christians to live there!

                It is already next to impossible for the Orthodox Christian priests in israel to maintain a lifestyle of safty in israel. Every day they get all types problems from jews in israel who are very eager to display their abject hatred of christianity and christians.

                But they always do an about face opposite whenever usa preachers brings tons of vacationers to israel to see the sights. Then they have special marked streets and sections they allow those visiting christians to use. And then jews act either friendly or portray a neither friend or foe attitude untill they leave for home again.

                Total hypocrites.

                Yet as long as Telaviv maintains full us congress and whitehouse control this will only keep getting worse and worse.

                What the true real mid east war goals are is for the usa military and sneeky cia opps to kill off as many NON jew goyims there as possible…And create a situation where all who remain still alive will also become a refugee be they christian, muslim or other.

                That way those who desires not just a jewish only state of israel, but also a greatly enlarged state the jews calls “Greater Yisrael” that is to include every square inch of lands the bible says God gave to Abraham long ago can become israel state of today. Of course with only Khazar ashkanazi jews that appear as if they are “white” folk. NO african negroe jews allowed, NO christians allowed and No arabs and muslims allowed.

                Just an entire nation of Khazar fraud jewry the likes of Nuttyahoo and crew.

                Just don’t you whiteys back home in the USA ever try doing a white only nation ever again! Because some of the same jew only promoters like Schumer and finestien and bloomberg wont ever allow That for white folks in america or ANY former mostly white nations of europe either.

                Only they, jews can be a “Master race” and if You disagree with that or reject it..That proves You are a jew hater and antisemite..Actually you’d be an Anti-Edomite, for their own DNA jew scientists and Hebrew univ bio labs as reported in the largest daily jewish newspaper in Israel, Harretzz newspaper back in Dec.2012 article…That the latest extensive DNA resuts has been confirmed and Published by prestigious John Hopkins Hosp medical Journals, vetted and documented at hebrew univ bio labs, and unrefutably Proved DNA results that at Least 98% of the worlds peoples who calls themselves a jew today…Are Not jew! rather what they really are is Khazars which is a DNA Mixture of “Turk”( Prior called Edom/edomite)+”Hunn”(Atilla their former leader of barbarians)+”Mongol” (Their barbarian leader Gingis Khan) + Caucasian (makes em appear as whites, so they can do all sorts wrongs like usa slavery for at least a full 75% of it all, then Blame whiteys! blame Real whites like Us/You!).

                And to all them members of the whacko-wing of jew firsters etc who naysay such facts just check back in articles here where several times I posted the entire harretzz jewspaper DNA article, with the jewish scientists name and all related infos that YES proves by Unrefutable DNA Evidence that these who you think are a jew simply aint one.

                Again we see Christ and bible proven correct by modern day DNA which confirms REV 2:9 & 3:9 and John 8:44 where Christ called them jews children of their father satan. And Imposter fake jews. Indeed he was right!…When will that BapDUH wing of jewedeo firsters accept such truth and facts..And quit assisting ziojewry Nation Wreck America any longer?

          • So just because a Muslim doesn’t agree with your Christianity, you want to kill them with an AK? What makes you any different from them? Damn all you religious people are pure evil.

            • Nobama, it’s the Muslims who are going around with evil intentions toward other people, not Christians. What I meant is I would’ve taken action to defend those Christians against Muslim barbarism. The Muslims are the problem, not the Christians. Get a clue.













            • Straight Shooter, it’s Ok to love and respect someone as long as they have good and honorable intentions toward you. If you encounter someone with evil and dishonorable intentions toward you, that is something totally different.

              • Thank you my brother

                Peace and Love


                • Oh peace and love, as you send them with your B1 Stealth Bomber dropping your packets of love on your fellow man women and children. Hypocrites!!

        • The souls of those 4 kids are now in Heaven with Almighty God. Seriously.

          • Yes, they are. Yes, they are. God bless those 4 children who refused to confess Allah and who stayed true to Jesus.

            “And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it. (Matthew 10: 38-39)

            “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.” (Mark 8:35)

            “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” (Luke 9:24)

            “Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” (John 12:25)

            • Those four, and millions of others in heaven, are crying out to the Father….

              Rev 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

              That wrath is coming. We are in the time of the fifth seal. The sixth is about to happen with the events leading to the return of that wicked one.

              The reckoning has begun.

              • Passinwiththewind: “We are in the time of the fifth seal.”

                Hello Pwtw, I’m not as knowledgeable on end-time prophecy. And I was wondering whether you’d affirm the following short explanation of the 5th seal that I read from Wikipedia that sourced it from somewhere else:

                “This judgment encompasses Christians who will be martyred, for their faith in Christ, during the Great Tribulation by not bowing down to the Antichrist and by not submitting to the global economic system that forces all people on the earth to receive the mark of the beast. Their deaths place them in good company of the righteous throughout the ages.”

                If you affirm this definition, then you’d be saying that we are in the Great Tribulation right now. If so, how far along are we in the Great Tribulation?

                If you don’t affirm this definition of the 5th Seal, then what is your definition of the 5th Seal? I’m just curious.

                • Thanks for the question, Free Slave.

                  First of all, we should understand that the seals given in the bible, aren’t judgemnts or events that are happening in “real time”.

                  To better understand, look at he seals this way; they are God’s prophecies of times and events that He wants us to learn/understand, and have “sealed” in our minds so that when they do happen, we will know for sure what point in the last days we are at.

                  I say we are in the fifth seal period now because it is when the “mysteries” of the old testament, and prophecy in the New, is at hand/in season/revealed. it is a time of teaching and understanding. It is a time of prophetic events comming to pass that leads us/the world, into the “next” seal, and trump and vial/cup to be upon all mankind. Of course that is the sixth.

                  What happens at the sixth? Satan returns to earth, portraying Christ returned, hence…Antichrist. Performing his little deceptive magic tricks. Well not little to the unbelievers, or fakes. Snapping his fingers and making lightening come forth will seem like something divine. Anyways, that is how and where, the term/numbers… 666 comes from. sixth seal,trump and vial,cup, of wrath.

                  So, the definition of the fifth, from wikipedia, about being the time of the “great tribulation” I don’t follow or agree with. Satan, as Antichrist doesn’t come until the “sixth”, so we can’t be held/tried/martyred, directly by him, until he gets here, defacto. Yea his spirit is here and in the hearts of evil men and women, but we ain’t seen “real” tribulation yet.

                  In fact, the great tribulation is actually the time when Christ returns, and is the Seventh, the last, and the heatherns/evil workers/unbelievers see and know they have been lied to. The pre-trib rapture folks are now seeing the truth, and pray for the mtns. to fall on them, cause they followed man’s doctrine, not God’s.
                  That will be a short period of time and the believers/saved, won’t have anything to worry about. God/Jesus Christ isn’t mad at us.
                  It will all coincide with the final battle in and around Jerusalem and the Jezreel Valley/Megiddo.

                  Many will disagree with these statements, and that is OK. This is just how I understand and see it unfolding.

                  We are definitely not in the sixth trump and seal. The antichrist hasn’t returned on his white Horse, spoken of in Rev.6:2

                  Don’t let the “numbers” of the seals there, in Chapter six, throw you off. They are given that way because of their “order of importance”, and not in order of their actual sequence. (Took some time to understand that.)

                  i apologize in advance for my words that may offend others and their religious beliefs and doctrines.

                  We all have to sail our own ships.

                  • Thanks for the answer PWTW. I didn’t know that the number of the seals were not in order of actual sequence(among the other things I didn’t know.)

              • YES IT HAS

                • So every word as written is to come to fullfillment right…But its ok to change the word SCROLL which Contains them seals as John wrote it, change that scrool to the word “MIND” what You “think” in your Mind.

                  Scroll means Mind?…That shows as written to be the deal?

                  No wonder so many folks are so confused.

                  Several TV big time pastors teach that the “666” number mark is ONLY in reality what you Think in your Mind.

                  They claim no real number or mark like a tatoo as written is going to happen…They claim the word of mark IN the FOREHAED really means what You “think in your MIND’ is the true day for sabbath, which they say is saturday not sunday…So that Forehead Mark 666 really is just do you think in mind its saturday and has nothing to do with an actual Mark like is written.

                  For whats written of a Mark 666 IN the Back of RIGHT HAND, the same tv preachers say That really only means “Right hand is named since Most folks are right handed, and the WORK a person does is reprssented by what Work is done by the HANDS aka Labor work by Hand.

                  So this too is NOT as written a real actual Mark 666 number IN back if right Hand as wrote…Rather it means if You do any Work aka labor work FOR the antichrist or his systems, Thats what its really about…

                  Funny none of them guys ever finsihes it all by stateing HOW in the world That explaination of Theirs pertains to what the bible says IS the MAIN reason For that 666 mark like a tatoo IN back of hand OR IN forehead which is..

                  “that NOBODY can BUY Nor SELL ANYTHING, unless they accept that mark…

                  None of the several pastors who claim these as truth ever mentioned how it pertains to the bibles words of why a mark anyways? IE to be allowed to BUY and SELL stuff all stuff…

                  I for one think their interpretations are a total nonsense and flat out wrong…The Mark aka 666 has nothing to do with which day you go to church be it sunday or saturday…It is ALl about a right to continue buying and selling Goods period.

                  Just wanted to mention this as these TV guys are very popular and I do not want to see folks brainwashed by falsehoods as that is…

                  oh one other thing the same guys teach and is also nonsense is that the entire trib period the bible says is to last 42 months(not 7 yrs but 3.5 yrs as written in REV chap 13 42 Months)..They claim where it says for sake of christians days will be shortened or no flesh be left alive…That means entire trib period will last just 5-months! total! AND that during that just 5 months time frame that EVERY christian alive on earth at That time, which numbers today 2 BILLION christians globally, they claim EVERY one of them will be forced to go to Israel to the antichrist temple and answer his questions etc..

                  This they claim is what the bible means where it tells christians “Do Not think ahead what you shall say for the Holy Spirit is going to Speak Thru You at That time” etc etc…

                  Again these preachers never follow up and explain How is it remotely possible in a total of 5 months time, 150 days total to take as many as 2 Billion persons TO that antichrist temple in israel and question Each one indivually and then kill all whos answers dont fit antichrist plans?

                  There is no way enough minits and seconds time can be divided to allow for so many in a 5 mo time frame..

                  2000-Million individual persons questioned and give answers all done in 5 mo time?!!

                  I believe where they go off the rails is that those bible verses as spoken to worry not what to say as the holy spirit is going to speak thru you etc…THAT was a warning and advice or whatever to call it FOR the early christians Back in Post jesus early days for whats to occure leading up to 70 ad jews temple demolished. If my memory is correct here isnt that also where the other vreses say “when you see these things Run for the Hills and do not even go back in house for a coat or its too late etc etc”???..I do believe that too relates to being told holy spirit is going to speak For and thru them when they get taken before Pharisee rabbis and into jew synagouges like prisoners being questioned by christ hater jews etc….So it would have zero to do with Todays world or future events…for that occured back in 70 AD when only christians who trusted and believed what Christ said to do Fled to safty then…The jews there never trusted anything Christ said or warned of, so it wasn’t jews who fled..History shows that too, that aprox 1.2 million jews were slain when in 70 ad second jew temple got destroyed. Maybe a small few jews fled but likly it was mostly all christians that believed warnings of Christ…That time frame is also when christians were taken to jew synagouges and questioned and tortured and killed off big time by jews…So it seems such TV pastors are very wrong on that issue as well.

                  Just be sure to question all them type tv preachers spew and see does it jive with the bibles words?..So far most of it dont from them pastors teachings like I related here.

                  • Got to love that religion that robs man of any rational thought process or connection of physics to leapfrog over commonsense to call it a miracle. Just can’t fix stoopid!!

            • somewhere in the Bible, the Lord says something to the effect: Woe be to him that hurts my little ones.

          • Nice post Dave. Thanks

          • Yes they are in heaven.

            And to the scum that murdered them FIRE AWAITS YOU.

          • IF it is true…..then yes they are in His bosom.

            • Religion is the Cruelist Sickest Hoax ever played on man.
              But it sure helps in population control by killing the gullible off. To see who’s willing to defend their stupid hoax to the death, than the other poor gullible bastard defending his big hoax belief system.

              • “If it is true” was in reference to the child beheadings by ISIS or anyone for that matter…..not to whether or not God exists and His word being true.

        • It is comedy that people believe mainstream media nonsense. they are force-fed into believing that Isis is killing people because of religious beliefs. They are simply spreading fear as a way to gain power and take over the area. Isis grows in power and numbers everyday, a fact that they don’t talk about in the news. You guys aren’t complaining about lower oil and gas prices. They are taking over oil wells and selling it through the back door to us and many other nations for cheaper. It’s all propaganda, Isis is just a creation to get us into Syria. Remember how bad Obama wanted to storm in there and how Congress and the American people put a stop to it. They’re going to get away with it one way or the other, and Isis is the way. They can’t justify the War attitude without a boogeyman to go after. Don’t look under your bed…

      3. That was no coincidence. How ‘tolerant’ of them.

        • Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, that is.

          • I hear all you Christian terrorists spouting your evil minded beliefs that non-Christians will burn in a lake of fire; no wonder Muslims and Islamists hate this country so much. I just wish they would realize that not all of us are as evil as you Christians are.

            • Muslims have had a hate on non-Muslims for 1400 years. That’s a lot longer than there has been an America to “oppress” them.

        • i have the same response to all those atheists, “you might consider the consequences if you’re wrong.”

          most of them dont until death is at the door.

          • There are no atheists in foxholes.

          • Lena, AMEN to your comments.

          • To play devil’s advocate, you might consider the consequences if YOU are wrong. 🙂 (It’s not so comfy when the shoe’s on the other foot.) Just live your life as best you can, in the service of your God, and let everyone else do the same with theirs. And do so without telling them they’re wrong, because they’re NOT wrong. Just as YOU are not wrong. (For the record, the Bible doesn’t say that no other gods exist. It just says that Christians may not worship any other god.)

            I’m not an atheist, but I will say, you can go two ways with that (lack of) belief: Either you can just be and not care what happens after death, or you can be the best you that you can possibly be, because in atheism, there is nothing after. Just the legacy you leave behind.

            • And what are those consequences of which you speak? You fail to cite any.

              Let us know if you think of any significant ones.

              • And, you are wrong. There are a host of verses in the Bible that state specifically that there is only ONE God:

                “See now that I myself am He! There is no god besides me.”
                Deuteronomy 32:39

                “`You are my witnesses,’ declares the Lord, `and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed, NOR WILL THERE BE ONE AFTER ME (emphasis mine). I, even I, am the Lord, and apart from me there is no savior…. Yes, and from ancient days I am he. No one can deliver out of my hand. When I act, who can reverse it?'” Isaiah 43:10, 13

                God bless you in your search for the truth.

                • And that was all written by whom? Yes that worthy man wrapped himself in fantasy, writing down a nice story.

                  Recent discovery, it would found the Word God in the Bible, was written backwards, which is DOG, mans best Friend, as he worships you, you too shall worship your Dog.

                  And an example of unconditional love is when you lock your wife and your Dog in the trunk of your car for a few hours, then open the trunk, who will be happy to see you. See what I mean. Unconditional Love. Love your Dog.

                • But there are also Many False gods wrote of in the bible. Look at how many and often israelites worshipped false gods.

                  They made a Golden Calf/god then Prayed to it to show them the way out of the desert…in Babylon jewry worshipped false god Molech aka huge tall Brass statue heated by firewood to red hot, then jews lined up along side non jew molech worshippers and tossed their first born kids into the red hot arms of statue to be burned alive as Human sacrafices!

                  The entire old testement is an ongoing historic accounting of time after time again and again israelites failing to obey God and their covenent, and praying to false gods and idols…Its a major reason why God had to make a new covenant. All 12 israel tribes failed totally to do the main job god actually chose the israelites for in first place…Which was as an Example to all other tribes and nations peoples that only ONE True Father God exists for real, and by obedience To only That God will they get blessed royally with prosperity, wealth, foods, farmlands that prosper etc etc..

                  When God “CHOSE” the 12 tribes of ISRAELITES(not jews) what that really means is NOT chozen as some type ‘special” type Human persons that ALL non jews must worship or at least treat as a special class of humans as many promote…Thats ridiculous for if true it makes God a very predjudiced god and a raysist!…God Loves ALL type Humans equally..Bible says God is NOT a respector of Persons, right…A jew is no better or worse than another human.

                  God chose 12 tribed israelites to be the one main nation of persons who could set the example to ALL worlds other folks and nations or tribes..The example OF how IF they too will be LIKE israels 12 tribes and believe only in ONE true Father God…Then they too can recieve much blessings, maintain global peace, and remain content and happy and prosperous. Thats why God gave so many blessings TO 12 israelite tribed folks…Likewise everytime they disobeyed God he cursed them big time and very badly…ALSO as an example to ALL other tribes and peoples on earth of what happens when you/they disobey God….That IS main major reason 12 tribed israelites are called “Chozens”….God Had to chose somebody to have Jesus finally Born Thru after a long line of decendants before christs birth…He Chose Jacob/israle and his 12 sons familys.

                  But by chozen it was never intended to be like many christians today act as with abject unquestioned defense of jews, being willing war mongering fools for rabid aparthide state israel today. Apostate pastors numbering more than can be named today has totally twisted the bible around and have changed the word of “Israel or Israelite” into meaning the word of “jew or jewish” every bible verse they can find it at…Thats plain wrong.

                  I know the brainwashed BapDUHS aint going to ever re think this thru at all…I care not. Others who Do Use their Own mind may though…Thats a good thing.

                  After aprox 2000 yrs abject failure due to rebelious stuborn stiff necked israel tribes, God made a new covenent to fullfill His warning to israelites that the “Kingdom shall be Taken From You, and Given to Others” them “others” were and are Christians of the new covenant who did do as comanded to spread gospel globally and convert many more to christianity etc…

                  Also an FYI: Christ in bible states that “I was Sent ONLY to the Lost Sheep OF the House of Israel”…NO jew mentioned there. The “jews” back at that time were there and heard it live…It was obvious he was NOT refering to “jews” by stateing Lost sheep of house of israel…Jews there were Not Lost!

                  Whom Christ refered TO by lost sheep of israel was Persons OF the TEN Northern tribed Kingdom Of Israel..They are who Kept the name of Israel, were always called House of israel and northern Kingdom of Israel, and were Long gone by time of Jesus walked earth, gone since aprox 720 BC era when taken captive BY Assyria. which happened about 145 years before Judah/jews were taken captive TO babylon…Where the self anointed Pharisee rabbis First Invented their “ORAL” Talmud. Not yet written in set of books till around 500 AD…Pharisee “invented” because when God gave Moses the original Laws and religion etc on the Mountain, God never gave Moses a ‘second set of Oral only laws” as claimed by said Pharisee rabbis.

                  They invented their OWN brand of religion vastly different from the orig one of MOSES…Thats reason Talmud is corrupt and plain wrong or false…Like Christ Said when he cursed the pharisee(read John 8:44) and follower jews of them also. Christ said the jews that pharisees converted To talmudic judaism became TWICE the children of HELL as the Pharisee themselves already were!

                  Does That sound like anybody God wants You to “Bless”? Not likley eh!..Maybe thats reason NO such bible verse of ‘bless the jews” exists in any bible verses huh? Bingo!

                  • Condor: “….NO such bible verse of ‘bless the jews” exists in any bible verses huh?”

                    Genesis 12:3King James Version (KJV)

                    3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

                    I could go on, but it’s pointless…you are a rabid animal…


                    • PKLL: Proves to be yet another idiot female who somehow can SEE the word “JEW” where Every normal sane reader sees the word of “THEE” IE meaning Abraham! NOT jew.

                      When these BapDUH jewdeo jew firster fools cannot locate a bible verse with the word “israel” to switch that word to “jew” to make their false bless jews “FIT”, they instead use the word THEE aka Abraham to make their falsehoods “FIT”.

                      Then by posting this nonsense they serve to prove Me correct! IE: NO-NONE-NADA-Bible verse exists that says the words of “God said Bless Jews” period.

                      These are the same idiots that keep telling us all that EVERY single individual “word” as “written” biblically, Is-will-Has to occure AS wrote regardless of translation to many other languages errors etc…

                      YET! Whenever They need to they fast CHANGE words to make Their False interpretations of “bless jews” fit their said falsehood interpretations.

                      Is it Any wonder why Paul who wrote most of new testement, says in one verse that “it Is GOOD that Your WOMEN REMAIN SILENT in Chursh”?…Indeed too bad he didn’t follow thru with them to remain silent in most all issues of vast importantance eh…I rekon we can Blame Kommie jew femminist movnt for this major problem of ignorant Mouthy females…Too bad so many usa women fell for that jewish invented kommie femminsit crapola eh.

                      PS: Now lets see if She can somehow Conjur Up any nation or, of familys of nation that has ever gotten blessed BY any Jews?…For that verse she quoted says thats to happen too right…

                      Sorry daffy female, but it HAS been ALL along White-Christian-AMERICANS that get the vast major Most of all Credits for such blessings and then passing on said blessings TO so many Others of so many Other nations on earth….This even one as ignorant and fooled by Hagee type pastors cannot deny nor question as TRUTH!

                      Jewry= Nation WRECKERS! Not co-blessers of nations or the familys of nations!…WRECKING of nations and of its peoples is Jewrys main ordeal…What do YOU net yet Get foolish one?…Perhaps Stop baseing all of your beliefs on mainly Emotional-Feelings based ideals is a good start when you finally RE-Think these issues eh.

            • The Bible explicitly indicates there are not other Gods, only false god and idols. You are horribly mistaken.

              Moreover, for the atheist, a “legacy” – given that that the final fate of the world is complete oblivion – is irrelevant and absurd. Even those that receive that immediately “legacy” are merely living an absurd life in a world finally devoid of meaning.

          • I have no problem with another person’s religion…until they try to shove it down my throat by force.

          • You are basically citing Pascal’s wager (you can google it). Good point.

        • “Just like that, we lost him.” She didn’t even look surprised. Usually when there’s a glitch like that, the “news reader” will try to contact them, like “hello, hello, are you there?” because the loss of signal is a surprise.

          • Archivist, that person was deliberately cut off by a communist censor.

      4. We have been fortunate so far here in America but the time will come when they will persecute Christians from one city to the next. If the Son of God was persecuted and nailed to the Cross, His followers should not expect any less. Be Prepared!

        • The radical homosexuals are one of the leading “unlights” running lead on that one, laeagal.

          • So true TEST!

            The Mark of the Beast is Here

            “A baker in Oregon is fined $150,000, told he needs “rehabilitation,” and put out of business for declining to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding. A baker in Colorado is fined, ordered to bake a cake in violation of his own conscience, and sent to re-education camp for the same offense. A florist in Washington is pursued by the state attorney general for politely declining to make a floral arrangement for a same-sex wedding. A photographer in New Mexico is fined $6,700 for declining to do a photo shoot for a lesbian wedding.”

            “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s ” by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen is their play book and the game is in the 4th quarter with their score growing exponentially. If you are not for them, they consider you their enemy that is to be dealt with extreme prejudice.

            If anyone desires to survive this battle, they need to be serious and diligent about spiritual preps too, and heed: Ephesians 6:13 “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.”

        • I have to partially disagree with you. Persecution of Christians here in the FUSA is already underway. Right now it is mild, using political correctness as the primary weapon of choice (Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas). But this is the first step to condition the public that Christians are the intolerant bad guys. I do expect that it will soon come to pass here, to be a Believer in Jesus, will get you killed by the State. So what is happening in the rest of the world will happen here.

        • There is a storm coming, and I don’t mean weather. Please go reread Daniel and Revelation.

          • Rebel in Idaho,

            I had to stop and digest it for a bit at the end of Daniel chapter two.

            WOW !!

            I’ll finish your assignment tonight.


      5. Well “Jesus Christ” is a fake name anyways…why people get so upset is just strange. JeZeus Chrestos.

        • Torahguy: yes you are correct Y’shua is his correct name and his father YHWH in the Torah, however by the number of prayers answered and miracles performed, Jesus and God seem to be accepted by him as well.

        • Jesus, that’s the Lawn guy that cuts my neighbors lawn every Tuesday.

          • I see Jesus’ name printed in my local paper every week, usually for unauthorized use, rape, DUI, dealing drugs, hit-and-run, etc. Yeah, real nice guys all those Jesus’s are.

        • Yep Torah, The name is descended from non other than ZUESS. Christ is the SUN! The sun manifested here several times in human form to teach and direct people away from the bullshit they were believing. FATHER= SUN… MOTHER= EARTH. Why christians never question the buybull written by men/rulers 300 years later is beyond me.

          • Oh and if JE Zuess died then how can he still be around?

            • See immed. above for evidence that there are some very, very disturbed and mentally unstable people on the internet.

            • Your assignment now is to read the entire Bible, preferably the King James version, as it’s at a 5th grade reading level, which I think you might be able to handle. It shouldn’t take too long, as it’s shorter than the longest of the Harry Potter books.

              That will answer your questions.

              Just to answer one of them, Jesus rose from the dead, and there were over 500 witnesses who saw him alive after he was crucified. That’s how He is still around.

              • Those 500 witnesses who saw him alive after the crucification were all stupid liberals high on the hallucinogenic drugs ole Jesus sold them.

              • Archivist, Really? Do you have the names of those witnesses? Were you there? Where did you get this ground breaking info? Oh the buybull written 300 years later by the rulers who edited it all through that time? Hmmm MUST BE TRUE! And another thing… IF he was real and did come back after being crucified, then that was the second coming huh?

                • Nope Genius:

                  That was not the second coming.

                  That is coming up; and there will be no doubt when it happens. Revelation states it well. If you are still alive, Genius, you will be relieved of any doubt that it is His second coming.

                  Every knee will bow, Genius, Even yours and WWTIs’.

      6. There are NO coincidences, not ever. They are a scientific impossibility.
        When it comes to the “behavior” of CNN (in any form), there are never “coincidences”, only structured events, policies and propaganda.
        I believe, therefore, I cannot watch nor support any form of CNN and its related media conglomeration, or the advertisers I am aware of. They certainly don’t need my money.

      7. The letter “J” was not even invented until the 1600’s…I can guarantee that no man named “Jesus” lived in Palestine 2000 years ago. But…facts mean little to most people.

        • Right again Torah 🙂

        • Really, Torahguy?? Really? Ummm… for starters, the New Testament waas written in Greek (which I happen to have taken two years of). So… I think even the most uneducated among us get that the letter “J” didn’t exist in Greek orthography (or do you know what the term orthography refers to?). Existence of Christ? Truly scary. He is mentioned in Josephus, Tacitus, Thallus, and a whole bunch of others I can’t bring to mind right now. These were NOT sympathetic writers. Anyhow, to help you in your frantic denial of God, Jesus Christ is Ἰησοῦς Χριστός in Koine Greek.

          Even famed skeptic David Hume noted that the change in the disciples could not be discounted; but then you don’t know who Hume is, do you?

          Finally, Dr. Simon Greenleaf, who was at Harvard in the 1800s and is ***arguably the paramount person in this country who established what rules of evidence are in court**** was Jewish and not a Christian. He was challenged to examine the evidence for Christ and the resurrection, and ended up becoming a Christian, penning “The Testimony of the Evangelists.”

          I am sorry – seriously, truly sorry – you have such bitterness towards God, that you dress up with intellectual dishonesty

          Seriously, “the letter J” is the best you have for your disbelief????

          • BEAUTIFUL!!

            • I loved a good fisking.

          • TEST, So you think that because you have some BS education in greek or whatever academic crap that fills your mind that YOU are some kind of above all knowing of the buybull? WOW MAN you can’t even provide one ounce of proof that any of this shit is real!

            “I am sorry – seriously, truly sorry – you have such bitterness towards God, that you dress up with intellectual dishonesty”

            So you are equating god with jesus? Like they are the same? If you even had a half a brain you could do some real research and find you are wrong, but then, like most inteleectual idiots your pussy ego won’t let you ever admit it!

            The stupidest people on earth are the ones that think some bullshit school means they are smart lol … 🙂

            • Did you become a genius by attending 4 yrs of college by any chance? Was it in Kalif like berkley by chance?

              I ask due to that seems to be where the largest american bunch who spew similar to you got their brainwashings and kommie taught nonsenses at. Then many become Polititions and professors so as to continue the destruction of more minds and the nation itself. Maybe you ned Read the new testement so 99% or more of your foolish questions wil get fully answered.

              Some folks here remind me of those type persons who always ask many questions regardless the issue or subject at hand…They Never actually Listen to valid answers..But just keep on asking more questions.

              Example: someone is trying to Educate a group of people on say Rideing a bicycle….Yet everytime he begins to teach…Some fool asks a question such as..”Is it Ok to buy new shoes if I am low on cash?”…Then after the teacher guy acts nice and answers That assinine stupid unrelated question and again begins his orig subject on ride a bike issues…Another question from yet another total idiot fool pops up…This one will ask something like “Did You ever try to eat a bigMac withOUT Pickels?”

              This goses on for entire session untill it ends and then all them idiots start asking each other “Gee what did That teacher guy say again?..”…”Well I aint sure neither maybe we ned a better teacher”….”Gee I sure Hope I get an A in that bike ride class we just attended and know not one fuckin single thing on due to we ask so many stupid questions and never Listen to answers”

              Typical College Grads of todays usa.

              Perhaps some of these fools FEAR to actually READ a bible for it may wake them with the answers and that they fear even more so.

              Its that Moral reletivity as taught for past 40 yrs I rekon…IE: everything and everyone can all be correct everytime regardles the issues.

              My Favorite is when they spew “There is Absolutely NO absolutes!” then when you try to tell them what they just stated IS itself a direct Absolute! Their eyes look like DEER in headlites stares!…They simply are confounded to the max and cannot figure out how that can be so..

              One real dumbed down fool I told that to, how what she stated itself IS an absolute statement told me…”Gee I kinda get it after you said that…But Gee I mean my college Professor never told us That part”!!

              And they PAY $100,000 for that type education today!

              That huge payout to be so dumbed down is the really amazeing part to me..

              Along with classes in African feminist lezboism, african studies, Queer fag and dyke studies,and psycology! always psycology 101 classes!…They get psychod out alright, out of a hundred grand cash!

              • Let’s make it easy for you condor, I’ll list the following so you don’t have to post your spittle flying rants:

                Condor Likes – Angry old white geezers with one foot in the grave and want everybody else to die with them.

                Condor Hates- Everybody else.

                Simple enough, and no, you don’t have to thank me for saving you all that time.

              • Condor, that was a hilarious response to the self-proclaimed “Genius”. Still LOL!

        • So I guess there were no people back then either, since the word “people” didn’t exist back then.

          As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon.”

          • Unfortunately, Archivist, we are dealing with a wide range of people, many who have more opinions than they do facts

            • Archivist & TEST,

              Some people don’t want to believe.

              Don’t let it discourage you.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

        • you are truly a fucking moron ,your hatred of God and christains have melted yuor brain ,so your saying Jesus Christ never existed right ? ,did potus pilate the roman ruler exist? yea ,no shit ,go look into the the roman archives and you will find the decree where potus condemded Jesus to death ,look in the jewish records they hated the man but still recorded his crucifixtion ,facts mean little to most morons

      8. this was foretold…we are living in interesting times

        • PWY. True fact. Things are really going to get interesting. Apparently there will be no indictment in the NYC Garner chokehold case. Glanced at the headline on Yahoo News.

        • Foretold by MEN that have the occult (hidden) knowledge of the cycles of life and earth. Pretty easy to write a book based on things that keep happening in history. Just throw in some truth and some lies delete what you don’t want and bingo! A buybull is born! Same shit with every other religion, just pick your flavor of mind control. Man/rulers has twisted the truth since the beginning to make it swallowable to the masses and keep them obedient. What religious people are seeking is IN THEM not outside in some imaginary prepackaged bullshit book. Pretty simple to understand (or not) .

        • Lower 40: Them types never questions any historical acounts of any OTHERS who existed prior, nor question whatever them others are famous for…Its because NONE of any Others thru history regardless of Whom or what the person is famous for is going to be whom These athiest types will have to stand before to give an acounting to!

          Thats why they get so angry pissed and act so mean, they act worse than even faggots and Dykes aka the Queer/Gay Movement does….its because Deep down where they never are going to admit to us or anyone else these angry athiests types FEAR we may be correct and Yes everybody is going to get Judged good or bad…

          But they Must hide such deep Fear by acting as they do outwardly always. I also think that They think by bashing christianity and Christ as they do is somehow going to simply Make it All go away bye bye…They Know it wont,

          but Must keep up that ‘front” or else they will go mad with Fear of Uknown in their future once gone and dead.

          Seems in todays usa we see nobody else so outspoken mean and nasty etc against christianity other than the Queers Movement eh…No others so bashes christianity as them two groups, Fags & athiests..Insane with foam at mourh Rabid anger hatred! Main difference between both seems to be that Faggots and dykes are simply perverted and insane. With the atheists its more of a Fear based issue.

          Just remain cautious out there as Both groups can be dangerous to christians and straight folk.

      9. The war on poverty has been misdirected, it should now be redirected and focused on the poverty of the soul.

        • Ah yes, the socialist War on Poverty… now has spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 TRILLION. Done a LOT of good, hasn’t it. Food stamps recipients have gone from ~32 mm when Obungler took office, to today around the 46 to 48 mm mark. Real compassionate, isn’t it!

          Thankfully, all the Learjet leftists, limousine liberals and Hollywierd hypocrites are making off like bandits, while the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters are still guzzling the KoolAide of the makings of their own poverty

          • Don’t you find it Ironic, that the Christian Faith does not teach you to respect and love Mother Earth, the Land, Water ad Air. As it was claimed to be provide for you sustenance. Why most Republican Conservative Bible Thumpers, love war, dropping bombs, killing and drilling and fracking Mother earth into trillions of pieces,and polluting and destroying the air with toxins. Robbing every stitch of resource for profit. They just may be Compassionate Conservatives like GW Bush.

            Another reason why I loose respect for religious folks.

            • Extremely strange post, given that Obama has bombed 7 or 8 countries, vs. I think 5 for Bush. And exactly WHERE do you get the idea that Christians don’t respect the earth?? Have you ever even read Genesis 1? Right off the bad, in the first chapter of the Bible, God calls man to **steward** the earth. In fact, one of the first acts I did as a Christian years ago – which I very well recall – was picking up a McDonald’s wrapper “blowin’ in the wind.” You conflate fracking with disrespect for the earth, resorting to ad hominem rather than fact. It is true we live in a fallen world, and there are some difficult choices we have to make (I take it you are using electricity to post? Are you using coal power? Nukes? Maybe you think natural gas is 100% benign?). If fracking IS dangerous (as opposed to hourly fabrications and legerdemain of the BIG GREEN MONEY faux global warmers), then yes, let’s stop it. But bring FACTS, not your invective.

              And Christians love war? Where, mon ami, did you get THAT one from? As a matter of fact, I personally had a friend in British Columbia whose father went to JAIL in WWII for being a pacifist (as are some Mennonites, Amish, Quakers, etc.) There are four historic positions on war, from complete pacifism to just war. This warrants an educated discussion, not just a simple “blow off” comment as above.

            • Please WTTI,

              Names of those republican conservative Christians that you write about in your article. How do you decide who is a Christian?

              I think you have spent zero time really studying the Bible. If you did you would find those people you and I so disparage are no more Christians than you are.

              There are people who will never see the truth of the Bible. If you do not ask, it will not be given to you.

              It is written all through the Bible that God/Jesus HATES those people who are at the head of the destruction of America and true Christianity as much as you do.

              • Well put, POG

            • WWTI, My wife and I just read your post and man YOU NAILED IT! These god damm religious people don’t give one fookin prayer to our MOTHER EARTH! Our provider of life! Just get on your knees and worship some demigod that fills you with false spiritual belonging. THANK THE EARTH AND THE SUN PEOPLE! That is what gives you nourishment and life idiots. You are hijacked by other dimentional beings that have a huge dillusion over you. Eat it up fools, go cut down a tree to decorate your chinese product filled, waste of resources, god damned abomination of a tribute to the creator!
              Lay waste to the things you never have to see. the strip mining, the killing, the nasty shit someone else does to satisfy your endless needs.
              Don’t think about the water from your tap, the sewage you produce, the trash you create, the gigantic rape of the earth to provide your precious tv and cars and crap.
              Don’t think about what holidays really mean, the genocide of the natives, the theft of land, the pagan celebration of the solstices (in the name of Je zuess), the 4th of july (like your independent), halloween (pagan gouls day), and the plethora of other shit people observe!
              Thanks for having a ton of kids assholes without any thought of your provider MOTHER EARTH! Nature will take care of it’s own and if your not with your mother, your going to EAT SHIT! 🙂

              • Right on Genious!! These idiot never think past their babbles.

                Why they would rather kill a tree that provides them oxygen, to instead print a book that fills their brains with polluted printed nonsense.

        • PWYPreach: “The war on poverty has been misdirected, it should now be redirected and focused on the poverty of the soul.”

          Moral poverty leads to economic poverty.

          Bad morality => Bad politics => Bad economics.

          Immoral Godless Libs. Q.E.D.

      10. were all attacked every day at every possible angle they can think of.. sure is going to be poetic justice when we get to repay the favor.. isnt it?

        • I’m no fan of the “turn the other cheek” doctrine, but I am also not itching my trigger finger to murder people. I will defend, but I will not be attacking.

          Live by the sword, die by the sword and all that.

          • So people say that phrase as if it were a bad thing! Given some of the alternatives, I’ll take the option of die by the sword. And prayer that I can take with me as many of the evil guys as possible.

          • You are very right, non-violence is the correct way.

          • Townsaver The turn the cheek reference was an instruction by Jesus to those who go forth preaching. If when you are preaching you come on to strong and offend those you are preaching to, then you turn the cheek. Fuck ISIS I would gladly send those child killers to hell. Amen brothers.

        • Attacked? This is the beginning of the apocalypse (unvieling). All lies will be attacked, all bullshit will be called out for what it is. The great unvieling of lies! The shit is being squeezed out and those that have truth can only pass the rest will stay behind to rehash theyre idiocracy. Hope you like shit sandwiches 🙂

      11. Appeared the Brother was cut short by the production crew, she said “got it” right as he was cut out, im sure some asshole in back told her they were cutting it and thats the got it.
        4th turning

        • That short clip was the most I have watched of CNN (the Constantly full of Nincompoops and Netwits) channel

          I’ll bet Mac has more readers than all of CNN does now… with aggregate intelligence ten times that of CNN viewers.

          • Test, you’ve got to be right. At least I know I have more intelligence than a CNN viewer because, 1. I don’t watch CNn or any other MSM source and, 2. I got rid of my TV service long ago.

            • My TV is about 15 yrs old, too! And we do NOT get cable, and often go weeks without using it.

              • Test, I have a DVD player hooked up to my set and watch movies on occasion, but that’s it.

      12. This is only another example of the communist censorship that is the MODUS OPERANDI of the corporate-owned and controlled mainstream news media. And that school in Colorado which told the students they couldn’t engage in any religious activities during their free time because it violated the Constitution? NO! THAT SCHOOL’S COMMUNIST CENSORSHIP POLICY IS IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION. If I’d been one of those students I would’ve told those school officials to go f#$% themselves. That would’ve been worth a suspension and/or expulsion. I don’t go along with any commie crap, period!

      13. Whoever raised those unfortunate children shure did a good job of brainwashing them into the Christian superstition. I know some native americans. Back in the 1800,s their ancestors where forced at gunpoint to become Christians and be baptized. They simply went along to get along for the sake of their offspring. They never really became Christians. They practiced their preferred superstition in secret and passed it along to the suceeding generations. Today they can openly practice their preferred religious superstition. A converision by force isn’t valid. A gift with strings attached isn’t a gift at all.

        • Interesting Old Guy. Here in Nevada many of the tribal Indians are devout Christians. They truly have converted, even willingly. They have rejected their ancestral teachings as the superstition. Certainly not all of them, but the majority. There is a lot of infighting with tribal leadership over this issue, old versus new beliefs. It tears the tribe apart. Mission accomplished.

          I agree that forced conversion is non-effective. Just like many people of faith broaden their ideas over time, and realize there are MANY ways to God, not just one way. What works for you may not work for me. If it promotes love and understanding it is truth. If it dictates anything, it is control.

          • The point I was trying to make is that the so called good Christians back in the day where doing the same exact things others are accused of today. There was a conspiracy to destroy the native americans Religions & language. The children where kidnapped and many sent to the indian school at Carslile Pa. It was more of a prison than a school. harsh punishment was administered for even speaking their native language. I simply haven’t any need or use for anyones organized religion superstition Or Myth. I have free will and my soul belongs to me. I will gladly take full credit for all my bad deeds as well as my good ones. I will not ever try to force or use any means to infringe on anyones preferred religious superstition,s

            • I agree with that assessment as well. That is twice in one day Old Guy. Now you are freaking me out!

              It does not take belief, or lack thereof to be a good person.

              Indeed your soul is yours. Use it wisely!

              Free will. The greatest gift.

            • Old Guy

              No argument with your post, but please turn off the spellcheck.
              “Were”, not “where”.

              Another common irk,(though not in your particular post) “your” not “you” or “you’re”.

              PEOPLE! Remember when we learned to use (and check) our spelling?

              Now, back to the subject.


            • You are right on about forcing conversions, OG.

              One point of order, however: You seem offended by this (as am I). However, I have a **basis** for my offense, in that man has intrinsic dignity, being made in the image of God. What do you base your disapproval on?

              As a matter of fact, if all that exists is matter, you have **** no logical basis to make moral judgments***, for “whatever is, is right.” Or as Dostoyevski wrote “If there is no God… everything is permissible.” (The quote is valid, with the ellipsis, as the Russian reads “Без бога всё позволено” )

              You are running into the very same issue that caused C.S. Lewis (whom I encourage you to read; Mere Christianity is the most well-known) to move from atheism to belief.

        • 100% correct Old Guy. That’s the big falacy of Religion.

          No religion will save you from death period. There is no heaven or hell. Its just a fear tactic by the controllers to get the ignorant to comply with a set of rules made up by man. And to fleece the sheeple out of their weekly paychecks. You think Jeebus had to comply with the 501 (c) 3 tax free status. The Militarys biggest gullible trainable sheep recruitment pool comes from the Church and NASCAR. Both 501c’s.

      14. Obama has mocked the Bible and the book of Deuteronomy by name. Its on a video speech on You tube.

        The easiest way to predict what Obama will do is to determine the Bible worldview. Obama will do the opposite

        For example, the 10th Commandment is do not covet. Coveting is a pillar of Obama’s bitter worldview. Obama endorses abortion, homosexuality etc. Do not steal accepts as self evident, and indeed requires private property, Obama says you didn’t build that.

        The Bible demands quarantines for infectious diseases (leprosy for example) so Obama opposes quarantines for ebola.

      15. That girl in the CNN clip sure looks good to be a brain-dead commie.

      16. Unbelievably tragic!…what do you say?…there are no words to covey the horror foisted on humanity by any religion/govt/group,by those who are willing to do and commit any horror on another person who refuses to do as they say…I dont care what banner they hide behind,those who behave in a violent manner against any other people who do not ascribe to any particular idea are the enemies of free peoples everywhere,end of arguement,liberty/freedom/individualism and the right to decide for ones self are the main things any person needs…no one has any superior right to infringe on those things,sure we can disagree but when the rubber hits the road no one has any right to force their beliefs on an unwilling person…never had a gun in my face to convert or agree but I have lost a job/position or two and what I thought of as a few friends when they put me in a corner that was bad enough at the time…I cant begin to say how much respect I have for folks who’d rather die than back down…hope I pass the test if/when that time comes…till then I stand in total defiance and distain for all enemies of liberty (anywhere) of any creed or color! REB

        • According the the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, by Stephane Courtois, et al, the *religion* of leftism last century murdered ~100 million – perhaps more than ALL other groups, philosophies, religions, etc. Dr. RJ Rummel, U. of Hawaii, last I looked I think put the number around 160 million.

          That is the religion of atheism has murdered more in one century than just about every other group, philosophy, etc. that ever existed.

          Incidentally, Dr. Marvin Olasky, a Messianic (Christian) Jew who was at a university in TX, then started Kings College in NYC, and also edited World Magazine, if I recall correctly, stated around 5,000 Jews were killed in the Inquisition. You know… 0.00005% of what the atheist left did las century alone.

          Ah, but you say, those 5,000 still had value. And you are very correct. And the answer to that is simple. Read what Dostoyevski said in the Brothers Karamozov, in the chapter called “The Grand Inquisitor.” (Here, I’ll give you a hint – Christ comes back, and these faux Christian inquisitors condemn Him, too!)

          • I’ve read the entire Inquisition was responsible for perhaps 30,000 deaths over 200 years. Not to minimize that, but the constant referral by atheists to the Inquisition pales by comparison to the death toll for just a single year of the reign of Stalin, Hitler, or Mao, all of them atheists and haters of religion.

            • True, Smokey. However, you need to review what Dostoyevski wrote about the Inquisition. If you don’t want to read the whole of Brothers Karamozov, just read the chapter “The Grand Inquisitor.” It answers the whole inquisition issue.

              I wonder how many of the anti-God types will have the intelletual honesty to even read that single chapter.

              Incidentally, while even one life lost is of incredible value, the number I have seen, per Dr. Marvin Olasky, a “Messianic” (Christian) Jew is that it was 5,000 killed in the Inquisition, not 30k. But really that is not important, given the presupposition that one life lost is too many. See for Olasky’s numbers

            • Smoky. Hitler was a devout Catholic. Lets stick to the facts. And Winston Churchhill was a closet Jew. Look it up.

      17. The news woman is a bad actor, trying to act like it was an accident. These people will see the Truth in due time. God help their ignorance.

      18. Slow news day….

      19. Very true, OG. As a dual US/Canadian citizen, I used to work directly with the Alliance of First Nations leaders in Canada back in the day, and my wife worked with Indian and Northern Affairs. I have family that lived in Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut (Inuit area. Do NOT call them “Eskimos” or you will get harpooned). Unknown to you, perhaps, there are many dedicated followers of Jesus Christ amongst the aboriginal peoples.

        Unfortunately, there are many more in post-Christian Western cultures that are brainwashed with the naturalist/atheist superstition. And that is *exactly* what it is. Tell me, what came first – the optic nerve or the eye? Tell me *how* that came about, please. And tell me why Dr. Simon Greenleaf, a Jewish man who was a prof in the 1800s, and who is considered possibly the main architect of what is considered legal evidence in this nation, when he was challenged to examine the historical evidence for the resurrection as a non-Christian, ended up converting to Christianity and wrote The Testimony of the Evangelists.

      20. Some years ago while grandee was the scheduling manager for McD, I always honored the crew from the middle east (Iraq, Iran, Kurds) to be off on Ramadan, not handle pork products (no bfast hours), wash their feet and pray five times a day (rush or not), etc Muslim practices.

        If any CHRISTians wanted off for Sunday services, Cantatas, Wednesday night prayer or services, I always honored that.

        But~~when it came time for me to be off on Sundays or some other CHRISTian need I had, well–the answer was ALWAYS NO.

        Needless to say, I no longer work for McD. It was a contentious separation. I enjoyed the job and the people I worked with. I was a good manager.

        God is always good. And as the saying goes~~where He closes a door, He opens a window. We, as a family, have never suffered for my decision.

        God Bless those who take their stand for CHRIST.

        • I wondered when this subject might come up here, about Sunday worship for Christians, and what is the “true” Sabbath.

          After much search and reading what the bible says, I have come to the conclusion that God did allow some change in his original position on the 4th commandment; “after” Christ was crucified.

          In Exodus, God made a strict policy of doing “no” work on the Sabbath Day, which was originally a Saturday.
          He was so strict about that, He made the punishment for disobedience of following His Law, death.
          Just ask the man that gathered firewood on the Sabbath.
          He was stoned to death. Moses had no choice.

          After Christ was Crucified, He became our Sabbath, or better translated….our “rest”.

          As long as one puts their “rest” in Christ, and honors Him, everyday becomes our sabbath.

          I don’t think we will be punished for not following a certain day, of the week, as long as we keep Christ, that became our Holy Sabbath, in our hearts daily.

          All have their own opinion and way of celebrating a Sunday or Saturday. Hopefully, we are honoring the Sabbath daily.

          I want to make a correction, or addition, to what i said here a day or two ago, when I said the only thing that was nailed to the cross was the “blood scrafices”.

          Two other things were nailed also. The punishment for working on the sabbath and the need for a man of God, priest/preacher, to intercede with prayers.

          Through Christ’s blood, we also, became able to go directly to the Father with our thoughts and prayers, via Jesus Christ. No need for a priest/preacher/flesh man, to hear them first.

          Just sayin’, with no disrespect for those that still go before a flesh man and confess. It is their decision and choice.

          BTW, God hears our thoughts, so they can’t stop a person from praying in school, or anytime, anywhere else they so choose.


          • The Ten Commandments were given to the Israelites at Mount Sinai. They were not given to Gentiles. But every one of them, except the one about the Sabbath, was reiterated in the New Testament. So we have been commanded in the New Testament to keep all the commandments except the Sabbath.

            As far as Sunday being the Lord’s day, no one knows positively on what day he rose from the dead. He was found to be missing from the tomb in the wee hours of Sunday morning, but He could have risen Saturday evening. The New Testament also says that He was in the ground three days and three nights, just as Jonah was in the whale’s belly three days and three nights. That says pretty specifically that the time was 72 hours, not Friday evening and all day Saturday, which is only 1 1/2 days. The Jews not only had a weekly Sabbath, but also had a monthly Sabbath, which is likely to be one being prepared for in the series of events. I would say that the crucifixion occurred on Wednesday evening, Thursday was the monthly Sabbath, the resurrection was on Saturday evening, and the empty tomb was discovered a few hours later on Sunday morning. The only absolutely certain day of the week in the whole story is Sunday morning when the empty tomb was discovered, with his shroud lying in place just as when He was in it and none of the embalming spices scattered about.

            I have studied this subject for years, and this is what I think happened.

            • would agree Archivist.

          • A better subject for this time of year to come up is just how unGodly and unBiblical christmas is. Easter too for that matter.

            • BJ. Most holidays are based on Fraud and Genocide. Columbus day. Veterans day. Thanksgiving, now there is a doozy whopper.

            • BJ. Most holidays are based on Fraud and Genocide. Columbus day. Veterans day. Thanksgiving, now there is a doozy whopper.

      21. If the children did pray on their free time would they be expelled? If so I see one terrific court case being made.

        Call their bluff.

        • Kevin2, if they get expelled that’s the best thing that could happen to them. Time for homeschooling.

      22. Money talks louder than religion does. If someone who is not Christian doesn’t want to hear about Christian beliefs when they are just seeking current events on a news channel, they change the channel, maybe permanently. Loss of viewers means loss of money. It’s easier to offend a few people who, by their own belief system, are supposed to Turn The Other Cheek anyway, than is is to offend their advertisers.

        • We cant have folks runnin around talkin about something they believe to be more powerful than the government.
          Government is the provider of all things , hence,all powerful.
          Aint socialism wonderful ?

          • Shades of Brandon Smith….

            I totally concur with what you just said.

      23. Off topic (maybe)

        Okay, regarding Ferguson, and NYC deaths of blacks at the hands of whites. Here’s what I propose: Since the blacks are all up in arms (pun intended) I think this will maybe give them something to think about: Every time a black or (usually) a group of blacks kill or violently attack a white, then the white population should take exception with the racist act…by going into to the black location near the attack and burning the area to the ground. Make sense? Of course NOT!!! Its stupid, moronic. So whites and logical thinking blacks need to make the population aware of these crimes. Unless you watch FOX News, you don’t see or hear of it. The media is in Obozo’s crotch and is not going to report the news that makes him look like what he is–a miserable failure,a racist, and a liar!

      24. Whoa! This is an edited hoax. I saw the whole interview. Had I not just seen it today, I would have believed it. THIS CUTOFF IS A HOAX!

        Mac, check your facts.

        • Important info, NR, **if** true. What is the link for this? Unfortunately, even if this specific incidence is not a fact (and you cite no evidence), it is consistent with what we see all the time in the lamstream media.

          Again, please cite your source.

          • So, this is strange.

            Here is the full interview:


            This one ends at 2:55 or so central time (see uppr right screen).

            The one where he gets cut off is at 2:59 pm, later.

            So, go watch the real interview. CNN didn’t cut anything off, they just had some technical problems. CNN is a bunch of lying bastards. I’ll give you that, but, as alternate media we don’t need to drum up shit. This is silly. It makes us look too willing to accept stuff without research.

            Frankly, I’m pretty disapointed that this slipped under Mac’s radar. I don’t think there is any malice here after seeing the full interview.

            Its no wonder we get called “conspiracy theorists”!

            Come on Mac, clean this up.


            • A lot of people on this board say stuff that isnt accurate. I try to keep pointing this out with the facts. History is my stronger point. How will anybody live their lives with out accurate info? Arent you curious to know the truth? Good or bad.

      25. (Mat 24:9) Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

      26. Let those Ragheads come into my neck of the woods. We’ll see who gets beheaded. Us hillbilly’s won’t take it.

      27. I love Jesus Christ and am unashamed.

        • Good for you. I hope you’re hanging in there Iowa.

        • Amen, Iowa

      28. I don’t feel very religious, but I believe in a creator and higher power that is benevolent towards his creations. I believe love conquers hate. As far as Muslims anger against America, they have been provoked by a murderous u.s. government who does Israel’s evil will. Israel is the American control base to spread death and destruction throughout the middle east. This might be a Christian nation today, but pure evil Israel and American governments work against anything beneficial to loving people.

        • aljamo, It is all written in the Bible. At this end of time all country’s will come to the middle east.Israel will be tryed, To be destoryed .God is with them . And tells she will never be taken down . And any country that come to take her is doomed. This said, I myself hope my leader’s know my lord.And stand with God and Israel. Without God we are no supper power.We are looking at evil in the face . It’s on our land and in our white house. And they know what they are doing. This has not just started.We have had it so good.And they been taken a little at a time. It’s time to ask God to forgive us and stand with us. I think we are going to see a evil like, we people have never seen.It’s allready comeing left to right in front and behind you.It time to have your house in order. good luck

      29. 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

        2 The same was in the beginning with God.

        3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

        4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

        5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. (John 1:1-5)

        It’s such a failing pursuit for those who choose to remain in darkness to believe that they have a chance of exterminating the light of God which continues to shine in the darkness of this world. Whether they cut off broadcasts, burn Bibles, or kill Christians, Jesus Christ remains Lord of heaven and earth and in God’s timing all accounts will be settled.

      30. The main thing that bothers me about all religions is, they need to target children in order to keep the scam going.

      31. Even if you are 99% certain there is no God, the chance that the last 1% chance might be true should be enough incentive to live a Christian life!

        • That’s exactly what the big Church mafia con-artists want you to believe, so you hand them over all your money.

      32. There was a high school in Kansas that offered classes on yoga and meditation. The school was sued by a Christian couple that claimed they were indoctrinating students into false religions. The school ended the classes.

        • Good for them. The school was teaching spirituality of one kind and denying others.

      33. I liked Jesus better……when he was called HORUS. Seriously people, you just look silly.

        • May I suggest you actually read the New Testament? Do you even know the difference between the two? Silliness is when people decide to reject the person of Christ based on bitterness an lack of intellectual honesty to review the historic facts (e.g., as discussed by Lee Strobel, who did his law degree at Yale Law School, then became a journalist. He was an atheist like you, but decided to investigate the facts behind Christianity, which lead to his conversion. As noted, Dr. Simon Greenleaf – who established the laws of evidence in courts in the US when at Harvard – converted from Judaism to Christianity after examining the evidence. Morrison, who wrote “Who Moved the Stone” after setting out to disprove the resurrection is another one, as is the author of Ben Hur, just to name a few.

          At very least, I would think intellectual honesty demands you examine the historicity of the faith. But as C.S. Lewis said, atheists must be VERY careful about what they read!

      34. What kind of father (supposedly the christain god) would sacrifice his own son for the father’s own glory?

        As far as censorship, CNN is a private entity, they can do what they want. Censorship only applies to government sanction.

        • D&C – you misunderstand the nature of the Trinity, using the same misapprehension Dawkins does. God is unequivocally one, but in three persons. Think time: there is past, present and future; or space: there is height, depth and width.

          As are as censorship goes, you are right, CNN is private and can do what they want. However, as the framers of the Constitution thought, the media is the “Fourth Estate” and therefor it is incumbent upon them to not censor. Worse, CNN shows itself to be partisan and biased by basically redacting what this somewhat important man had to say, which was VERY widely read. In essence, what they did was legal, but sophomoric and amateur

      35. There is no statement in the Constitution “seperating Church and State.

        • The whole “wall of separation” argument is an embarrassment. READ the original statement from Jefferson to Danbury Baptist, where Jefferson wanted to protect the church from state interference, not vice-versa:

          “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between church and State.”

          –Thomas Jefferson, letter to a Committee of the Danbury Baptist Association, 1802

      36. To those that have not accepted Christ as your personal savior and have not asked Him to come in to your life by accepting his gift to you on the cross that day so long ago I pray for you. I ask atheists, What if I’m right? An eternity in the lake of fire is unimaginable torment and pain. If I’m wrong, I will have lived a fulfilling life and will enter a void after my death. Which is worse?

        The most valuable commodity to ever be on this earth is a drop of Christs blood up on that cross for it has saved millions and millions on this earth from teeth gnashing pain for all eternity.

        God Bless,

        • Tack så mycket Norse (thanks so much, Norse… in Swedish, if you speak it). Spot on.

      37. I’d rather be the guy driving the nails, then the guy on the cross any day.

        • Malfador I like your one liner

      38. Thank God for people like you Benjamin. God Bless

      39. “God Needs, …YOUR MONEY!”

        “Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time!

        But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money!”

        ― George Carlin

        wink wink

          • Mac, please. No embedded videos. We’ll never see the end of it.

        • Sadly, the ever-cynical Mr. Carlin probably has different sentiments right about now.

          • I perhaps see Carlin doing gigs in heaven,playing devils advocate here(pun intended)but perhaps god can take a few jokes and perhaps god put Carlin here to get people thinking about god,no one can prove or disprove that in this life.Many believe Judas sold out Christ as part of a bigger plan,Judas was actually doing what Christ asked him to do,if true,was a true friend as look as how he is viewed in todays society by most christians.

        • God doesn’t want your money. He wants you to share through the church. My church’s budget has salaries for full-time employees (but not for volunteers), expenses for electricity, etc. There are a lot of small churches that don’t even spend money on salaries, as their preacher is only part-time and has a full-time job elsewhere. My church spends the biggest part of the budget helping others by providing food, paying bills for those in need, and sending missionaries out to help people. The missionaries feed people, dig wells for water, doctor people, teach people English and other subjects, and while doing all those things they also tell them about Christianity. Our church sent crews to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina to help rebuild houses and feed people. We sent crews to NY after Hurricane Sandy. And we are actually cutting the preacher’s salary next year.

          The money grubbers you see on TV are not really Christians. You need to read the Bible and learn to tell the difference.

      40. Norse,if I am to burn in a lake of fire just for not going head forth into a religion and following it,well,rather burn then as tis not a religion would want to be a part of.That said,believe in religious freedom for all unless they start killing folks in the name of their religion.I would love to see those school kids on say lunch break discussing religion and school officials screwing with them,a successful lawsuit waiting to happen in defense of freedom of speech and religion.I am not sure if guy in interview cut off purposefully or not,that said,tis privately owned station,they can do/censor as they wish.On a side note,cnn…..really?!Who gives a damn!

      41. WD: Hell is eternal separation from God. And if you do not wish to be with God and Christ in eternity – which is your free choice, of course – then actually going to Heaven (which does, in fact exist, just as Detroit exists, whether you like it or not) would be Hell to you.

        Yes, you are free to choose eternal separation from God. For me, before I was a Christian, I was not “going” to Hell… I already WAS in Hell. Dying would have just been a change in location.

        All I ask is that you review the data behind Christianity – as Pascal noted, you have nothing to lose if it isn’t true, other than a little time spent getting up to speed on perhaps the most important “thing” in mankind’s history. I might suggest Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ.

        What do you have to lose? Heck, you might even be able to come back on site here and take better, more informed shots at us igonorant Christians 🙂 (I say that facetiously, BTW, so please don’t take offense)

        • You really do get it. Im impressed.

          Blindly reciting verses and Christian tripe shows brain washing, also known as religion. You are far beyond that which Saul called “Dirty rags…”

          What He really wants is a relationship. Many have a religion. Some of us have a relationship.

      42. Test,you and others will not agree/like it,but have personally gods,am good with it.As to comment what do I have to lose,well,dignity and self respect,if I personally tied myself to a religion that said those who don’t go with us/believe doomed would not be able to live with myself,many religions seem to have that threatening message unfortunately,to each their own.

      43. Warchild…I 100% respect your right to not follow my religion…or any if that is your choice. But seriously question for you. What if I’m right? What if my previous post ends up being 100% true and you do end up burning for eternity separated from God, in a void where love doesn’t exist?

        I’m not trying to poke you here, curious to hear your opinion and respect your right to it.

        I pray for you regardless and all on this site.

        God Bless,

      44. Again, NP, “du har rätt” (you are right). A couple quick Swedish lessons for you tonight! 🙂 Nice post.

        WD, the message is not one of threat. Very simply, Heaven is defined as being with Christ, Hell the absence of His presence. If you do not love Christ of the Bible (have you even read the New Testament, BTW?), Heaven would indeed be Hell for you. The thing is, that – as Blaise Pascal wrote a couple hundred years ago – that we are meant to “run” on God in our lives, much as a car is meant to run on gasoline (not that Pascal had a car, of course!). The “hell” I am referring to is trying to run the “car” of your life on water or urine, rather than gasoline. That, mon ami, is hell, if you will, and this is why – in my experience, I wasn’t “going” to Hell before I was a Christian, I actually *was* in Hell.

        You cannot define yourself by yourself. Even Albert Camus said a finite point without an infinite point has no meaning. Even more importantly, you are angry about the unfairness of what NP states. But I ask you this: On what *basis* do you have the ability to be “angry?” As a matter of fact, if there is no God, whatever is, is right. You have zero logical reason to say anything is right or wrong, and in fact your sense of right and wrong – and even your anger towards God – can ONLY and ever be just mere ***preference*** (largely derived from the Judeo-Christian worldview you reject), nothing more. I again quote Dostoyevski, “If there is no God, *everything* is permissible.” And your sense of unfairness about the existence of Hell also is finally and ultimately a simple non-sequitur, for there is nothing such as “fairness” or “unfairness.” Those are just preferences, or prejudices you have.

        In fact, you are in the same position as CS Lewis, as he moved from atheism to faith at Oxford (or was it Cambridge… he spent time at both). You would do well to scan his famed “Mere Christianity,” at least out of intellectual honesty in researching this important topic

      45. Mark Twain wrote about going to heaven, “If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”

        I guess CNN didn’t want to offend the two people watching their broadcast about Jesus.

        If a prayer ban is enforced in school, the students should all say a prayer and all get expelled or suspended. The school depends on attendance to get their government money. Do this enough times and they will get the picture 😉

      46. Woogie,Stevenson said something about dogs going to heaven,and for those who don’t believe they will,well,the dogs will be there before us on a merit basis.
        Norse and Test,I am not anti Christian or for that matter anti any religion,either one of the big ones or small unless the zealots in said religion kill in the name of said religion,even then,just against those followers in particular.
        Prepping is certainly 90% mental,and if your religion helps you and just brings you a bit of peace on a daily basis am all for it and do not believe one should be punished by anyone for their beliefs,which includes this life and the next.
        I do not believe have all the answers,only reason I personally believe in a next life/afterlife is that tis possible as we have this life.
        I am not poking others as I did not initially in this turn of conversation bring up eternity in a lake of fire,just don’t deal well with any one/or group that threatens others on beliefs.
        I realize also that a lot of good is done for others by thier places of worship,that said,a lot of folks do good things who have either different religious beliefs or perhaps none,and those of us who are in our opinions religious folks but just can’t be boxed in the mainstream religion cartons.
        I have read a lot of Lewis(would have loved to been around when he and Tolkien had conversations over a few ales!),as my life which is challenging at the moment hopefully slows a bit will read what you mentioned Test,that said,like all religions as written by a human will take with a bit of salt,a lot gets lost in translation tis one of my beliefs,enjoy the day all!

      47. From an email…

        May this uplift you today.

        Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer

        The Prayer (Lyrics) – Celine Dion
        I pray you’ll be our eyes, and watch us where we go.
        And help us to be wise in times when we don’t know
        Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way
        Lead us to the place, guide us with your grace
        To a place where we’ll be safe

        La luce che tu hai
        I pray we’ll find your light
        nel cuore restera
        and hold it in our hearts.
        a ricordarci che
        When stars go out each night,
        eterna stella sei

        The light you have
        I pray we’ll find your light
        will be in the heart
        and hold it in our hearts.
        to remember us that
        When stars go out each night,
        you are eternal star
        Nella mia preghiera
        Let this be our prayer
        quanta fede c’e
        when shadows fill our day

        How much faith there’s
        Let this be our prayer
        in my prayer
        when shadows fill our day
        Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace
        Give us faith so we’ll be safe

        Sognamo un mondo senza piu violenza
        un mondo di giustizia e di speranza
        Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino
        Simbolo di pace, di fraternita

        We dream a world without violence
        a world of justice and faith.
        Everyone gives the hand to his neighbours
        Symbol of peace, of fraternity
        La forza che ci da
        We ask that life be kind
        e il desiderio che
        and watch us from above
        ognuno trovi amor
        We hope each soul will find
        intorno e dentro se
        another soul to love

        The force his gives us
        We ask that life be kind
        is wish that
        and watch us from above
        everyone finds love
        We hope each soul will find
        around and inside
        another soul to love
        Let this be our prayer
        Let this be our prayer, just like every child

        Need to find a place, guide us with your grace
        Give us faith so we’ll be safe
        Need to find a place, guide us with your grace
        Give us faith so we’ll be safe

        E la fede che
        hai acceso in noi,
        sento che ci salvera

        It’s the faith
        you light in us
        I feel it will save us

      48. arguing about religion is about the same as arguing which is best Ford -Chevy or Dodge. Ive seen fistfights erupt over such nonsense. If it suits you and you have confidence in your belief .why do you care what others think & do? We are all free to think & do as we wish. We are the one who has to live & die with the results of them.

      49. Knock knock.
        Who’s there?
        It’s Jesus…let me in.
        So I can save you.
        Save me from what?
        From what I’m gonna do to you if you don’t let me in.

      50. wtf does this have to do with prepping no offense Mac but this feels like twilight zone “what will they say bout this?” im f’d up but I know this aint bout prepping can anyone give me a site about REAL PREPPING smh I love the banter but the discourse is shameful agin WTF Mac?

        • in a full blown SHTF Root Hawg or die survival of the fittest. Mental stability and retaining rational thought will be difficult. Having a religious superstition that places faith in a diety that has supernatural powers. That might be necessary crutch to enable some to combat hopelessness. And thus escape reality. Being self reliant & having Know How are the best preps you can get.

      51. f it im out of here little if no prepping info here i’ll return, but 70% is x tian rambles meh or anti zion f this Mac what happened I used to tell ppl to come herein case the shtf for , no longer its a goddamned xtian free for all up in here when is it good to tell ppl what to do if all they are doing is attending church sorry that’s how I feel

      52. LOL the world doesn’t actually care what the lot of you think you realize that?
        Probably not, funny reading things the lot of you wouldn’t have the spine to say to someone face to face lol.

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