[WATCH] BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW With NSA Whistleblower: They Can Use Your Data Against You ANYTIME

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    A bombshell interview with William Binney, an NSA Whistleblower, has just been released! Binney says that President Donald Trump is being framed and that we the people are subjected to the constant surveillance and tracking authoritarian regimes are known for.

    We are all subjected to the state’s mass surveillance scheme and many have given up any hope that there’s anything we can do to stop it.  Listening to Binney speak with Michelle Holliday with Portfolio Wealth Global.com, it sure seems like there is little we can do.

    In this interview, Binney horrifyingly describes how his former employer, the government agency known for it’s spying, has built a massive system to track, monitor and record phone and Internet communications of U.S. citizens and other people around the world. Binney resigned from the National Security Agency in 2001 to protest the growing domestic mass surveillance and privacy violations. He was a senior NSA crypto-mathematician largely responsible for automating the agency’s worldwide eavesdropping network. He was one of the two co-founders of the agency’s Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center.



    “[Former Vice President Dick] Cheney wanted to know everything about everybody that could possibly be a political issue,” said Binney. “Stellar Wind is the spying program on everybody in the United States,” and it all began right after 9/11.  Americans are now under 24-hours per day surveillance by their own government.  If anyone still believes this is the “land of the free” they are delusional at best.

    Binney goes through the process that unfolded in order for the government to get access to every single American’s personal data, information, and be able to conduct mass surveillance of all of us on a scale only heard of in tyrannies. Binney also says that the government used 9/11 as the excuse to spy on all of us, but they had wanted to for a long time. By the end of September 2011, the equipment began to pour into the NSA that would allow mass surveillance.

    It really gets horrifying when Holliday asks Binney what the implications are for all of us.  He responds:

    “If you become a target, the implication is, they will retroactively analyze every phone call, every email, every financial transaction, everything electronic that you’ve ever done. And like for example in the case of Elliot Spitzer, when he was going after the bankers for defrauding people in the 2007/2008 financial crisis, he was actually going to criminally prosecute them. They [elitists] had to protect their bankers so they had to get rid of Elliot Spitzer. So what was the cause for Elliot Spitzer to be investigated? There wasn’t any, ok? But he’s going after our bankers and so they went into the data and found some exchange with him with a prostitute and they used that against him. If you have all the data about somebody, this is the kind of thing you can do.” –William Binney

    If you think this interview gets more comforting from there, you’d be wrong.

    “The secret government, the military-intelligence complex, all of the deep state, can now protect itself because they have this data from anyone trying to expose what they’re doing.”

    As Holliday said: “That answers the question ‘Why?'”

    Binney also says that there was a definite coup to get rid of Donald Trump.

    “You can see they tried an attempted coup on Trump. The Mueller report is a piece of junk, you know? A bunch of allegations unsupported by anybody. They wish they could get rid of President Trump.

    As the interview progresses, there is one incredible mass surveillance bombshell after another!

    Portfolio Wealth Global conducted this interview. Click here for their full report.


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      1. Yep, nothing we here haven’t known about for some time.

        Based on that perhaps a modernized and updated rendition of an OLD favorite is in order,
        “…in the Land of the Thieves…and the Home of the Slaves.”

        Seems kind of apropos, don’t it?

      2. What is it about powerful government people that they do stupid?

        • rellik

          I don’t find their overall game plan in strategy or application stupid at all. They’re getting away with it. Stupid is listening to their words with ostensible reasoning at best, but often just intentionally false and believing them. The gun issue and crime, borrowing massively and calling it an investment in the future, then being surprised when nothing positive occurs from it. The citizenry say, “those people in Washington are STUPID and don’t know what they’re doing”; oh contraire.

          • The rank & file are the less than intelligent government worker.
            The leadership is definitely not stupid. The reason they do it?
            Power. Pure and simple. Each and every one of them do it for Power.

      3. Former head of the NSA, Micheal Hayden, says he is the one that began the program to have an algorithm for every American, based on all the data collected on them electronically. They don’t have to round us up and put us in camps. We live in an electronic gulag. Our entire country is the camp.

        • Him

          “Our entire country is the camp.”

          Yes, very insightful. We live with a microphone and tracking ankle bracelet.

      4. Nothing surprising in this article. This has been going on for decades. BTW, I have finally relocated permanently to the BOL in north GA. Been spending the past few days getting settled in. I feel like a new man getting out of the city for good. Now I’m where I really need to be when TSHTF. The way things are going my timing is just right.

      5. I’m surprised that 1984+40 hasn’t been written with the technology that even Orwell didn’t imagine with political circumstances tailor fir to present reality.

      6. politicians-elite-deep state-many are satanist:

        * Any excuse to step on Civil Liberties/Constitution.
        * Any excuse to install yet more CONTROL Mechanisms disquised as “security”. Actually YOU are considered the enemy.
        * Any excuse to shut down common sense. Only destructive insane viewpoints allowed. TechMonopolyBullyCensors.
        * Any excuse to disarm you. Take away your right to self protection. “Yes they Will have your guns and ammo.”

        The Few “elite” who control the Technology will control the many. All of technology is control, track, trace, surviellance. 5g is a military grade kill weapon.

        DNA sniffers-AI-Robots-5g kill weapon-Cashless-Gunless-Jobless-Homeless-Hungry-HELPLESS: THAT is the future the “elite” have in store for YOU and your family. Then after the guns and finances are taken, then the GENOCIDE and mass killings by those who are supposedly “authorities.” False Flag, wars, disease, Famine, weather modification, are some Tools they will use, ARE USING, Their Evil knows, No Limitations, just Death-Destruction-Desolation. Demonic.

        We have Always seen things before they came, good and bad. That is why, ancestors/relatives, always immigrated, moved, fled, avoided wars/troubles. We stay out of it as much as possible. We avoided the Nazi Death camps/war by fleeing to America. Now America is on same path as 1939-Genocide-War. I believe God’s people should flee.

        Was the Mandela effect The Christian Rapture? Or time line distortions using the Super Colliders or other tech?

        Think about this, if the Tech bullies are tyrants with internet, just imagine Life after they take your guns, take your cash, fully implement control measures, replace your job with AI/Robots, AND have that AI/Robots to rule over you as your masters!

        Hell on Earth. World Wide Tyranny.
        Total worldwide economic collapse is at hand?

        -cesorship of critical thought is now-

      7. “Binney says that President Donald Trump is being framed and that we the people are subjected to the constant surveillance and tracking authoritarian regimes are known for.”

        Savages sold and cannibalized eachother, in Negroes in Negroland, but yuppies are expressing the same basic drive. It’s human nature, for people to recuse eachother into a degraded status.

        You know full well, what most all of your childhood playmates and adult neighbors would do, if given the leverage and the tools; it’s mundane, not a revelation.

      8. That is why all the current politicians want to remain in power so they can hide dirt on newcomers they want to win and publicize every high school text on their opponents. There is treason in the air and a full coup in progress. And we sit around and watch it unfold and one day we shall weep…..

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