Watch: Billionaire Investor: “The Best Opportunities Of Any Bear Market I Have Ever Seen”

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    Over the last three years, as stock markets have risen to new all time highs, other asset classes have been absolutely pummeled. Precious metals investments, for example, have in some cases seen declines of up to 75%.

    In this candid interview billionaire investment guru and founder of Sprott Asset Management’s Global Companies Rick Rule shares his analysis and insights on a variety of key topics including his outlook on precious metals, passive investing, spotting opportunities, and his views on one of the most important things parents can teach their kids about growing up in a world where the government’s sole purpose is to create masses of indentured servants.

    Where the majority of people may see difficulty and hardship, those with a mindset similar to Rick Rule’s see opportunities that can be used to effectively build wealth and achieve independence from a corrupt system.

    Whether your investments currently include physical assets like silver or gold, or you’re looking to diversify your portfolio into companies with solid management teams and dividends, this is an absolutely amazing peek into the mind of one of the most successful investors and contrarian thinkers in the world.

    This is one you don’t want to miss. It’s the best interview you’ll ever see on the subject.

    (Video Via Future Money Trends)

    What’s interesting to me about this bear market… is that I think this bear market sets up the best opportunities of any bear market I have ever seen… for two reasons.

    The fact that the companies that came into this bear market gorged on capital from 2004 to 2010 means that the assets that are on sale now were bought with cheaper capital and better managements than ever before.

    And, the severity of this market in a relatively short period of time – a 75% sell-off in three years -suggests that in certain cases… not every case because most of the money was wasted as it always is… but in certain cases you’re getting relatively well chosen assets at a 75% off sale.

    Rick goes on to suggest that at some point in the near future we are going to see the precious metals asset class “melt-up” in a way that we’ve probably never before seen, with fast and massive moves to the upside.

    At some point in time we will experience a mini-melt up.

    You will be expecting, because you’ve been conditioned to, a 20% advance followed by a 15% decline for a 5% net gain.

    One of these days you’re going to find a 40% or 45% advance with no concomitant decline.

    I can’t tell you when that’s going to happen, but forty years of sometimes hard experience in this market tells me that it will happen.

    What Rick describes in terms of investment numbers will be the result of massive global market dislocations and a loss in confidence in ‘traditional’ investments.

    We are all investors in one form or another. For some that means physical assets to prepare for these coming shocks including food in the event that credit and supply lines experience disruptions, precious metals as a mechanism for trade and productive land to be self sustainable when the system around us collapses.

    For others it may require a prudent and balanced approach to diversify their retirement assets into investments that are affordable today, will preserve value, and will build wealth over the longer-term.

    Whatever your preference, one thing is clear. We are on the cusp of an unprecedented restructuring of the global paradigm.

    Some of the brightest people in the world know it is coming and they are taking steps in advance to prepare for it.



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      1. Mr. Rick Rule and the rest of Billionaire investors: F%$^^ You All.

        • You have a right to your opinion, of course. I don’t know many billionaires, but I have been following Rick Rule for quite some time. If there’s anyone out there who has been willing to not only share a literal wealth of knowledge, but to define specific strategies, it’s him.

          What Warren Buffet is to the traditional investment world, Rick Rule is for contrarian thinkers. Sprott Asset Management, for example is one of the only companies (perhaps THE ONLY company) in the world that actually backs their Exchange Traded Funds with physical bullion to ensure the legitimacy of their product.

          Here’s is the thing… I am all for essential preparedness supplies. Food, water, skills development, off-grid living supplies, farmland, etc.

          But there are very few scenarios that will lead to a complete breakdown of the financial/investment infrastructure of the world (EMP, Solar Flare, etc.). In the end, just like we saw in the Great Depression, most scenarios will allow for the continued functioning of stock exchanges, especially outside of the United States. Sprott and many precious metals mining companies operate on these exchanges, like the Canadian TSX, for example.

          For some people, those are necessary investments, especially if they have 401k’s IRA’s, etc. It’s just not practical for a lot of people to go “full physical”, as in spending all of their money on physical preps like thousands of 5 gallon food buckets. At some point, you’ll have several years of food, or enough guns and ammo (OK, we can argue that.. haha), or enough land…

          For this reason I find it necessary to include strategies and insights like those from Rick on this web site.

          Different strokes for different folks. Whatever you feel about Rick Rule, the fact is this guy has made a ton of money using his brain. And he is willing to freely share his approach with people.

          Check out the last two minutes of this video and you’ll see what I mean, he gets into his thoughts on government and some ideas for how to teach kids about investing and disconnecting themselves from the traditional indoctrination they get in school.

          Pretty good information if you ask me.



          • Is it NOW time to short the market???

            • I listen to Jim Rogers, he tells it like it is. Met him twice at book signings. Cool guy, pulls no punches. I downloaded his Millennium Adventure on dvd, emails between us, pics, vids, etc. had him sign them too. Probably the only signed DVD of his trip, in existence. Look him up, smart guy, too bad he bugged to Singapore…
              To each his own, but I listen to him for advice on investing…

              • Wwti, I am willing to bury the hatchet between you and I.
                I have reached out before and did not last long. I am willing to forgive and forget. No more gigging each other????
                Not good for the site, and I am reaching out.

                • Remember folks, Rick Rule is talking about STOCKS when he is talking about ASSETS. If you believe that SHTF will happen anytime in the near future (2-3 years) you should not be in stocks, unless you have cash you do not need and unless that stock is EXXON.

                  If gold or silver junior miners will have “mini-run up” SOMEDAY, then the physical metal will have a better run up when that happens. Own the physical metal.

                  Everyone here should already have all of the physical metal that they need. If you have extra cash buy more food and ammo.

                  Famine is coming to the USA. 🙁

                  • DK-
                    Why do you think famine is coming?
                    Short of an EMP stoping the trucks , i dont see it.

                  • HH: You never “SEE” the Black Swan appear before it manifests unless you are able to throw a little “light” on it.

                    Forewarned is well armed…. and well stocked. 🙂

                  • DK –
                    How many chickens for your exxon stock , LOL.

                  • HH: I don’t own any EXXON stock. I only own stock in my own private companies. If I were to buy any stock in anticipation of a “imminent financial collapse” as many here believe, EXXON would be the only stock I would buy.

                    EXXON shares would continue to have intrinsic value after a crash, as the company has serious cash, and valuable assets; whereas, tech stocks like Apple would collapse and start ups disappear.

                    Keep stacking and packing brother. If you already have a farm, heritage seeds, and the other items I mentioned; buy more ammo. 🙂

                  • After church today I took a stroll into that place, that everyone loves to hate. And low and behold there was Libby’s Green Beans and Sweet Peas and Sweet Corn for 50cent a can, back up the truck. This was not stuff that was about to be out dated “best by date-Dec.2017” Calf. drought must not have hurt the produce farmers. Sorry Sixpack No Spit Pea Soup. Trekker Out. Thanks WallyWorld!

                  • @hammerhead: Famine is all but here. Look at what is happening out west right now where we get most of our winter food from and you’ll see all the makings of a famine. It’s actually scary just how much of our food comes from California and now that most of the crops have failed it could get interesting.

                  • Barrel of Oil $80 and falling. Check the Gas Prices in your area. $2.81 Central West Florida. How about you? Check here. Type in your zip code for the best prices in your area. Put this App on your Cell Phone. Some states have a .25 difference between stations just blocks from each other.

                • So you going to stop saying things you wish I would die? If so Ill stop calling you a closet fag. lol.

                  I will say, we are entering into some really shitty times ahead. I cal feel it and I can see it. Everything could go south in a big hurry and there is noone who can stop it. Anytime in a 30 day period there will be a lot of misery and death. We all really need to pull together here and everyone has a perspective as they see it. You can disagree, but we should avoid personal attacks. Just state why you disagree with your perspective. Sorry eppe I got on ya about your jokes. Some were funny and some are really lame.

                  Take a look at Wikipedia for the term “Bury the Hatchet” It was indian tribes burying their war weapons and creating solidarity. Peace!! WWTI

                  • OK so like who just gave me 2 red thumbs? Sheesh. The trolls out there still creeping in.

                  • Right now The Walking dead in on AMC Channel.

                  • Agreed Wwti, let us not post anything derogatory to each other anymore. I do agree that you post some great things, and will let you know. I will limit my joking to the subject at hand, which is very hard to match up. I am glad to see we can be civil to each other. My apologies for most of my statements…
                    My apologies to all here on the plan, please forgive me.

                  • Eppe, WWTI,

                    Congratulations on making up! I give you both many thumbs up for your maturity. We all need each other and the time will come when the most important thing out there will be God and character. May God help and bless each one of you/us in the coming days as we continue to prepare and prep according to each person’s abilities and resources. Everyone has something valuable to add to our collective store of knowledge and experience. You guys are some of the pillars of this site.

                    Wishing you the best, from high atop a Bald Cyprus in the swamplands of coastal Louisiana, laeagle

                • Ok, no more gigging,… except for bullfrogs. …Or, certain kinds of fish.

                  • Yep it is quite distraction. Although cracking a joke or some teasing is normal to lighten up the tension here. We all have something to add. Thx for reaching out.

                    Now lets get back to our SHTF Plan. Quite a social experiment you got going here Mac.

                  • Whoa, surprisingly I got some Thumbs Down for that. Vegans or something? People For bullfrogs? Or,…?
                    Either that, or I’m guessing they’re just people who are sick of,.. oh wait, I was going to gigg at a goobermint lover here and I shall stop there.

                    Might as well bite my tongue, it seems to do little good to do otherwise. It seems most people have made up their minds and are open to nothing else.

                    “Let the poison, which lurks in the mud, rise up.”

                  • Whoops, that should have been, “Let all the poisons, which lurk in the mud, hatch out”.

                    On that note, I just watched the film ‘Deer Hunter’ for the first time tonight. …As a result, it further baffles me how people can glorify service to The Empire. Those who do, must be snakes, and have blackened hearts.

                    “Let all the poisons, which lurk in the mud, hatch out”

                    A.k.a, “The roof’s on fire, burn, MF’r, burn!”.

                  • If you whine about red thumbs ,you automatically get one from me

                  • eppe, why would you limit your jokes to the subject at hand???!!! these are very difficult times!!! We need all the laughing and cheer we can get! Please do not allow that person(?) to discourage you!!! We love your jokes, regardless whether they apply to the subject at hand…

                    We used to have a lot of fun with your jokes till the rat face showed up, trying to take you down.

              • ht tp://

                The Millennium Adventure

          • Mac, Please don’t perceive my respond as an insult. I am actually very grateful to you and the fact that you truly and always publish different opinions. My response was very personal and premature and I would like to apologize to you again. However I just don’t trust the billionaires since I don’t trust the current system that has nothing to do with true definition of the open market and capitalism and instead has become a Corporate Fascism. Maybe this gentleman is having a high IQ to make his billions and in that case good for him but under the current system not many of us all the experts at finance and investment and for a second I won’t believe any billionaire is willingly trying to help anyone except their own self interest. They may talk and even show their anger but their self worth takes priority over anything else since they simply won’t like to change the same system that mad ether the billionaires.

            Again Thank You for all you do and please accept my apology since it wasn’t toward you or any of the readers.

            • Definitely not taken as an insult! Thank you for your comments and the followup!

            • @Anonymous:

              That was pathetic!

              Brown nose much Anonymous???

              “Again Thank You for all you do and please accept my apology since it wasn’t toward you or any of the readers.”

              BMGU (Barf My Guts Up)!

              People like you make me sick!

              People like you never lead!!

              People like you… follow!!!

              • YourMother

                Which takes more guts? An apology and saying you were wrong or refusing to admit a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. True leaders have the guts to admit they are wrong and they put there team first.

                Shows Anonymous has guts and would make a great leader. Even if you disagree what you said was wrong.

                • Ok Mike in VA how about you? Step up to the plate and be a man. You are not my teacher. You seem to be a lost soul looking for a gang to join.

              • YMWW….It doesn’t matter what you say or how you feel. My stand is the same specific to the topic but I did owe and apology to Mac since he posted an article with all of his sincerity. Now if you are a billionaire then my response above is directed at you.

              • Wow. What an arrogant sanctimonious dick…

              • WWTI

                Take your medication or I will put you in timeout for 5 minutes son. Now I want you to write in another post I will not berate others on here a 100 times.

            • No, your crude and classless response was a brainless insult.

              • Oh no, look what the cat just dragged in. The old barncat. Where you been? Cat got your tongue for a while? lol

                • WWTI

                  Medication medication my son. Be nice have a sense of humor and post helpful things. Remember your training my son.

            • “My response was very personal and premature ”

              You mean immature.

              • I am laughing at you.

                • Clearly not for the reason I’m laughing at you. dolt.

          • Bottom Line: When 1% of the most wealthiest people in the world own and control 50% of the entire worlds wealth they can rig the market or world events, or politicians, or anyting they want such as laws, or the Judges to fix cases, and the list goes on and on. The Average investor can only throw their money in and hope they are on the same side as the wealthiest as they control the direction.

            The Stock market today is a total rig, when computers can jump in front of regular investors to capture the gain, which is called front running,they rich will win every time. Hell they can make sure a Country’s oil fields are bombed so they can steal the oil production monopoly to keep their profits flowing hefty.

            The rich can crash the markets at anytime they want and they rest are holding most of the deck of cards.

            The stock market is not a free market, as currencies are manipulated to make the swings in any direction they want and at any time. The rich just get richer and the poor just get poorer. The rich also control the media and pump and dump every market out there. Duping the Gullible.

            Just hold on to any asset you got and get out of any and all debt, so at least you can control your personal space somewhat.

            This entire economic scam will come tumbling down, and the rick will make more money. Best advice: PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED!!! This stock market should have had a correction several years ago. The Pigs are mighty greedy. And the Feds just give the Banks cheap money as Corporations for several years have been borrowing this cheap money to buy back their own stock which is a false valuation. They they creatively send their profits overseas to avoid any taxes. The Regular Public is just screwed. So your protection is your rifle and loads of Ammo to go after the Manipulative Pigs.

            • WWTI

              Thanks for taking your meds. You post is dead on accurate and helpful. That is why we need to return to free markets. It will give the lower class and middle class the chance to succeed again. You will see the middle class increase which is why we once had the largest middle class in the world. We have to get the American dream back for all of us.

              • I won’t agree to 100% free markets. They always get co-opted by Evil.

                From the 1930s Depression until Clinton/Gramm in the ’90s, we had rational regulation that kept these big players under control. The ’90s were a period of “regulatory capture”, where the big banks and hedge funds took over their regulators, using the power of Congress and the Executive. Glass-Steagall was for all intents and purposed repealed. The SEC was strong-armed into permitting fractional reserves to drop for 20% to in some cases ONE percent. “Derivatives” (credit default swaps) were permitted to make markets with no regulation at all.

                The result is that we essentially HAVE a free market – free for these evil elephants to do any damned thing they please. The elephants are fighting each other, some for greed, but i think some, like Soros, do it because they are sociopaths who simply love the game.

                What we need is a financial Karamojo Bell to put 7mm solids into the brains of these corrupt, crazed pachyderms, so that proper regulation can be restored.

                I am not very hopeful.

                • drop from 20%. Oh, how I need an edit function, Mac!

                • Morning TOC,

                  Just glancing through the comments posted here over the last few hours, and so tumbled over yours, here. A most excellent exposition Sir, the ‘Immaculate Perception’, IMHO. Tip ‘O the hat…had I a hat to tip!

                  There is a solution Friend…one that is already germanating in hearts and minds everywhere, that being that unbridled ‘anything’ is neccessarily a ‘BAD thing’. Most fail to remember the history of the Nation in days gone by, in days when Morgan, Rockefeller, Gugenhiem, Vanderbilt were ‘Gods amongst mere Men’…and so the stage is more than simply set for the reprise that is – again – upon us; when ‘Wealth’ will be seen by all as the corruption that it actually is. There WAS a reason for the birth of the Unions in this country…who themselves are now as corrupt as is all else; those did not just ‘spontaneously’ spring from a VACUUM, now did they? No, they were a RESPONSE to ‘Capitalistic’ Tyranny.

                  I am become fearful for everyone left ‘in the World’ now Brother, when I lay down to sleep at night I always now think, ‘Where will it End this time?…How bad will it be?”

                  Thanks for the ‘read’ here Coach, perhaps if SOME can remeber then yet there might be hope in some measure …and perhaps that hope can still bring about the Dawn that is YET to come. I look forward to seeing those that remain afterwatds, when we all stand in that New Light…when the cancer that has consumed a Nation has has finally been PURGED, forever.

                  Adios Friend….

            • @ WWTI: Spot on analysis. Institutional investors, hedge funds, and high frequency trading computers rape and pillage. All the while, the Mom & Pop investor gets completely fucked.

              Whenever I hear someone say “the free market”, I literally want to strangle them. The game is rigged, always has been, except now they throw it in your face.

            • I find it interesting that those who think that the markets are rigged and that this is reason enough not to invest in them are usually the ones who know the least about the markets. Are the markets rigged? In some ways, yes, but that does not prevent people from making money in the market. It might influence how much they make, though.

              Front runners get their heads handed to them sometimes too. How about those who front ran FacePlant… er, FaceBook? If they got in at $44, they had to ride that all the way down to $18 and change before seeing any recovery. Most of them probably bailed out before then. FB then went on to $80 a share but has since pulled back to around $76 a share. Money could have been made there by astute investors who recognized its IPO as being seriously hyped. Those who did either bought put warrants on it, shorted it, or waited for it to pull back to a genuinely reasonable level before buying, rather than following the herd and stampeding in at its over-priced open.

              I’ve watched and invested in the US stock market for almost 40 years. I’ve made a fair amount of money. I am not a billionaire, only a mere millionaire, so you can direct your ire at those who are WAY above my financial level. lol

              But in any case, we all should use whatever skills we have to generate as much income for ourselves and our families as we can. Investing is not for everyone but it is for those who are willing to study the market and commit the time necessarily to researching possible investments.

          • Don’t mind him Mack, he was just expressing his low-info democrat outrage by stamping his feet and flailing his arms. Excellent rebuttal tho, BTW

          • For some reason, I could not view the video.

          • OFF TOPIC: SORRY FOR THE HIJACK: For those of you who read this post below yesterday:

            USASECURITYGUARD says:
            Comment ID: 3255320
            October 26, 2014 at 4:35 pm
            Hidden due to low comment rating. Click to read it.

            Dumb asses, your all dead. With all your crap that you are buying. Won’t make a hell of a difference. I just came back from another nation where we are securing boat loads of food and preparations into mountains. Yes mountains, under the ground way beneath the earth. America is going to be obliterated with radiation, nothing will survive. If you do make it through the bombings, you will die a horrible painful death. You better hope it gets you on the downpour. Let it evaporate you where you stand, sit, walk, or whatever your doing at the time. They are moving everything out of America that they can now. It is planned that America will not be around in 2025 for sure. I do not know when it will happen, but it will be sometime between now and 2025. I thought it would be a week or so ago. But they stopped it and decided to keep it a little longer to take more out before they proceed. Oh yeah! Don’t forget to vote! It makes a difference.

            Poorly-rated. What do You Think? 3 18




            • HOLY FUCK! Excuse my French……

          • Mac you said:

            “Whatever you feel about Rick Rule, the fact is this guy has made a ton of money using his brain. And he is willing to freely share his approach with people.”

            Just because something is free, does not mean it is good. This guy is a shyster who rapes and pillages the stock market to the detriment of the small time investor. You do not become a billionaire without being a criminally minded sociopath. A millionaire through hard work and brains yes, a billionaire…not so much. It is a small club and you have pay homage to join.

            I appreciate your efforts and your site. Not trying to call you out, just adding my conflicting thoughts and aiding to the discourse of the site.

        • Obama (happy, smiley-face) on weekly address: I want to assure you that Ebola is hard to catch, nothing to fear, all is well…

          (of course, health care workers, wearing tons of plastic, inpenetrable clothing, 3 pairs of gloves, shoes, golashes, face gear with breathing apparatus, outfits resembling spacemen– they got the disease, despite wearing tons of protective clothing… but its hard for you to catch it. (SMILE).

          • I went out hiking today, good day, and I wanted to chime in more about this subject of Suicide in the last Ferguson. And Suicide.

            I re-post it below and add more to my comment.

            WhoWuddaThinkIt says:
            Comment ID: 3255258
            October 26, 2014 at 2:39 pm
            I have dealt with lots of suicides when on the Fire Dept. Most are just looking for attention to see who loves them. Iowa is going through a divorce. One of the most trying situations in life that can rip you apart. You cannot die from slitting your wrists. I can say I had a jumper on a bridge while I was in a rescue boat below ready to dive in the water if he jumped, but managed to talk him out of jumping and they grabbed him from above. People just run out of coping mechanisms. People looking for help are doing it with a suicide threat. And body who truly wants to commit suicide does it in their own way which is NOT crying out for help. They just go do it. Nobody can stop anybody committed to wanting to die. Just saying.

            I add: I have seen all types of successful suicides, hangings, head shots, jumpers, carbon monoxide in the garage, and as we go forward here in economic depression there are no safety nets for many. Many fight depression, Vets, suicide by cop, or setting themselves on fire to make a statement. Being around a lot of this I did and have become more callous about death, or as I really don’t have much of a reaction to death other than it is game over for them. And for me life goes on. We all live and learn. A lot of people out there right now have reached their wits ends, but do not cry out there at all for help. So maybe we can have more compassion for our fellow human beings no matter who they are. Just a smile you will usually get a smile back. I have witness a guy shoot up so much heroine, I asked him, Why did you do that, and he gave me a pretty good strait up answer. He said, “When you got nothing, you got nothing to loose.” One of my Paramedic partners was pretty good at these cases, and I remember this one lady who was drinking and smoking herself to death, and my partner said to the lady, “Hey, you got a lot to live for, maybe later on today you will find a big suitcase of money.” And you should of seen her smile with a glimmer of Hope on her withered toothless face. lol

            I don’t really put much to the words of Hope or Faith, but it is more of a psychological shot of heroine, that carries you through today and maybe tomorrow. One day at a time for many. I do not like to give money to any street people, as you know they will usually just go buy more booze, but have went through drive thu’s various times, to buy a couple of hamburgers for the homeless guy. It’s the smile and a thank you that was reward enough for me. And I believe a lot in Karma. I may be that guy one day.. Hopefully not. NO I am not religious, as for most people who die, die because they are stupid, and the thousands of dumb decisions they make day after day that got them into that situation, with nothing left to possess, broke and homeless. Death due to accidents, when the person was in the wrong intersection at the wrong time when a drunk came through. So I don’t have any faith in any religions that will somehow prolong your life, or give you any life after death, or everlasting life. Just my opinion. As I too have been the person to save lives, and it was not any religion. Just chance luck and hopefully the person around at the right time, who has the knowledge of what to do to correct a life threatening situation. Look at that poor Nurse in Dallas who got Ebola just trying to help, wrong place at the wrong time.

            We will see a lot of death coming up in SHTF, including family and friends. Just deal with it and move on, and a reason to make every day as fulfilling as you can, so when its your time to die, you can free yourself from this earth with a clear conscience, knowing you did everything you wanted to do, and tell all those around you that you love them everyday. Cheers!! WWTI

            • WWTI

              Another great post. I agree that people who tell others they are thinking of suicide normally just want help. I have known of 1 who said he was going to kill his wife and then himself. His daughter actually took him to a physiatrist. Most people thought he was just talking out of anger.
              This person played football in college. Had a major in philosophy. Coached football and always was motivational to others. It was the last person I would have thought would do what he did. He shot his wife and then shot himself.
              There are exceptions to every rule. I just hope Iowa is okay.

              I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I am sorry you do not believe in God or the after life. I am not one of those Christians that is going to berate people for not believing. I think that is wrong too. You have the right to believe what you want. I can only say I am positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a God. I have been through more crap in my life than most. Everyone goes through so much crap in this life. God has saved my life a couple of times too. I know it was not just blind chance. God gives us the freedom to make our own choices which can shorten our life.
              I so wish you would believe. Anyone who truly believes would feel this way. Why because I care. I care about all people when it comes to that. Whether I like them or not If I am a true Christian I must care whether they believe.
              I have done a lot of things that sins in my life. I am not perfect and no one is. I live my life as I see fit. I freely admit there are many Christians better than I. I just wish you would at least consider believing one more time

              • I am not an expert in suicide but when someone kills family and then themselves, it is because they are greedy control freaks. They do not want anybody else to enjoy the others and deny the other a happy life cause they could not find happiness. It could also be a part of psychological jealousy that someone else is happier. But in the killers mind he thinks he is doing them a favor. Its all part of his justification.

                • On a lighter note I have been on some other pretty traumatic accidents. When the Barnum circus was in town and after they packed it all up and put the animals on the train, a guy was hooking the train cars and was strattling a car coupling to another car. The train jerks and the poor guy got his nuts smashed in the train couplings. No kidding we didn’t even try to take his pants off to treat him we packed his groin area with ice packs and flew off to the hospital.

                  • Some of this may sound crazy but it really is my life. I hope Iowa gets to read all of this and WhoWuddaThunkit and Irons post as well.

                    I was adopted by my grandparents when I was 4 months old. Had a wonderful childhood. My parents were very well off. I was spoiled. For example at age 17 I got a 1986 Mercury Capri. Same thing as the GT Mustang. I had brand new furniture in my room. The fancy kind with mirrors, shelves, lights. My grandfather owned a construction company. He was building schools, fire department buildings, large buildings. When I was 16 I came in and my grandmother had papers all over the table. I asked what it was. She said she was figuring out our worth. She said with land, savings, cd’s, and such we were worth around $500,000 dollars. We were debt free then also. I joined the National guard at 17 have been to Jungle School, trained with the 82nd, and learned a lot. I got to meet several people who ended up pretty high in the service.
                    When I was 18 they found my grandmother had cancer. She died December 23rd of that year. I then found out the house had a 68,000 dollar mortgage on it and there was 35,000 dollars in credit card debt. Most of the land had been sold and all savings was gone. My grandfather had retired and my uncle took over the construction business. There was evidence found that pointed to a Swiss bank account which my sister ( who was the book keeper of the company ) and my grandmother had.

                    This is where life began to turn upside down. I came home from school in the spring and went up to my room. There was nothing there but a box spring and a mattress. A few months later when I graduated I started attending community college. I had to work and pay for it myself.
                    A group of family members got together and bought the house. They gave my grandfather life’s rights to it. I was made to pay rent. I also had to cell my car and get something more economical. I was working for Domino’s and attending community college. I went into the management program and became a store manager at the age of 19. I had to move to Lexington to take the store managers job. I had my own apartment and made 27000 dollars a year. It was really good money back then. I worked hard and everything was going well for me. I gave my dad money at every opportunity. He would come up and ask could I loan him 20 dollars. He said son I grew up rough, had to quit school in the 7th grade and take care of my 10 brothers and sisters. I have never had a time where I had nothing in my wallet since I was 18. I would give him whatever I had. I found out later my sister was taking it.
                    Sorry this is long. I met a woman at 22. Got a promotion to another store and moved to Roanoke. The lady had a job and said she would just transfer to Roanoke. I bought her a car and she moved to Roanoke with me to a really nice apartment. She never got a job and opened several credit cards I did not know about. She got pregnant and I married her at the age of 23. My grandfather died in December of that year. I had to pay for the funeral and the tombstone. I was told I had to come to the reading of the will. Everything was left to me except stuff like a few pictures, piano, and a corner cabinet. The problem was there was nothing left. I got an old coach and a little bit of old furniture from it.
                    January of that year my son was born. He was born at 28 weeks. He stayed in the newborn intensive care unit for almost two months. I was told he would not make it a couple of times.
                    During this time my boss came to me and said you need to decide whether you are going to continue to have problems or whether you can take care of your store. I told him F you and moved to an apartment in the town I grew up in.
                    My son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, has a ventricular shunt, has seizures, has a G tube that he is fed by every night. I don’t know now how many surgeries he has had over his life. I don’t know how many times I have thought the good lord was going take him.
                    I have got to meet other children like him that did not live. I have known one that spent his entire life in the hospital. He died at age 3. I have seen crack babies and so many children that never have anyone come see them.
                    That year I found so many credit cards my wife had that I did not know about. We were in debt up to our buts. My truck got repossessed. I bought several cheap cars just to get to work. Two of them blew engines. At one point I was hitchhiking to work 30 miles. My wife became pregnant again and had my second son 10 and a half months after will was born. She was home with both of them. At one point all we had was cheese and bread in the house and did not know how we were going to get formula for the boys. Out of the blue I had a lady walk up to me at church and give me 20 dollars. That bought formula for the boys. I will never know who did it but found a bag of groceries at the front door.
                    I finally declared bankruptcy. Kept working and moved into a house. I had a rent to own agreement with the owner. I helped start a business with a friend from high school. We got a big contract with KFC. We changed there air filters. The business grew. I got my small salary plus 1 percent of everything. We got contracts with Pizza Hut, Boston Market, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, ect. I was on the road 2 weeks and then home 2 weeks in the beginning. Have been to most major cities on the East and West coast.
                    I became the general manager and ran the company. We bought the house. My wife got a job and would work nights. I worked days. Then my friend got greedy. He tried to change my 1 percent to 1 percent of net profit. I would not do it. He made things harder and harder. Would not give me any help no matter how much the company grew. I was working 7 days a week at one point. He called and chewed me out on Thanksgiving and I put in my notice.
                    I got a job as a grounds man with the power company. During my six month probation period my wife did not show up until 7 in the morning. I was supposed to be at work at 7. She informed me that she was having an affair with her boss and wanted to separate. I was 29 and the boys were 5 and 6. I went from two incomes and no baby sitter to 1 income and a babysitter. Guess what I found several credit cards again when they started calling asking for money. I sold everything I could to try to not lose the house. I was left with an old rusted out 78 ford pickup. I went to social services and was told I made 90 dollars too much a month. I was told I would be better off if I went and bagged groceries. Then they could help me with everything. I refused because what king of future would my two boys have if I did that. The united way helped me at that time. They gave me 250 dollars a month and that saved my house.
                    I had an anxiety attack close to Christmas that year. I thought I was having a heart attack. They wanted to put me on medication for stress. That medicine would have cost me 120 dollars per prescription. I refused and said that was a big cause of my stress in the first place. The guys at work found out. I thought my boys would have nothing on Christmas morning. Someway my church found out too.
                    I met a lady and started dating. On December 23 of 1998 I had to drive an hour after work to pic of the boys from my ex. She had picked them up for two days. It starting snowing and sleeting. On the way back it got so bad that I stopped and stayed at the lady’s house I was dating. There were cars all over the road stuck. The next morning we went home and someone had broken into our house. There was a Christmas tree, clothes, shoes, more toys than you can imagine, a ham, turkey, and all the sides for a heck of a Christmas meal. I went from worrying about the boys having nothing to having more stuff for Christmas then I knew what to do with.

                    The lady I was dating had her own place. She chose to marry me and take on the the children and my one son who needs care for everything in life. We sold our two places and bought the house I grew up in. The one that was left to me in the Will. I am now a supervisor at two power stations. Financially I am now blessed.
                    The boys are now 22 and 21. My son with special needs has been through so much. In the last 9 months he has been in the hospital 8 times. He got diagnosed with crones disease. He got pneumonia and was in intensive care. I thought the good lord was going to take him again. I had a heart attack last year that I know was caused by worry and stress about my son. 3 months ago he had a seizure that lasted 4 and a half minutes. They now have seizures under control again but I started going through things I never have before. The doctor said I was having random panic attacks. She said the body is not meant to go through stress day in and day out. She said 22 years of it was just catching up to me.
                    I am ashamed to say I am on antidepressant medication now. I am better and was feeling better. I lost weight and got into the best shape I have been in in 15 years. Then I tore my knee up at martial arts. That is why I have been on here so much.
                    As a Christian I feel I should have more faith in the good lord about my son. After all he has brought us through so much. My son is the happiest young man you will ever meet. He is that way all the time.

                    I am so ashamed of my worry and lack of faith. It is wrong and that is a sin. He is bringing me through this too though. I really am fine now.

                    To IOWA ESPECIALLY and to all on here. Life is hell. Always get up when it knocks you down. Dust yourself off and keep going.
                    I have learned we are all human and have breaking points. I will never quit no matter what. I have a wife and two boys that depend on me. I will make mistakes but I will never let them down.

                • WWTI

                  I don’t think that was what happened in the case I am speaking of. The mans name was Jim and he married my biological mom when I was 6. They got divorced when I was 13. I loved the guy.
                  I was raised by my grandparents so that tells you that my real mother had her faults as well.
                  Jim was a tough guy. He always talked to me about right and wrong. He told me I could be anything in life I chose to be as long as I never gave up. He talked about how successful people never gave up. They keep trying when they fail. That is the only way you truly fail is to give up.
                  I think his flaw was relationships with women. This would have been his fourth wife. The man would have been a wealthy man except he had to give up so much wealth in divorce’s. Hell he paid my mother 500 dollars per child until each child turned 18 or graduated from college. 1500 dollars a month and my mother never worked.
                  I just think he finally broke.
                  I don’t condone what he did in anyway. Suicide is selfish period in my opinion. It means you are only thinking of yourself and not those you love. Then to kill another human being because of divorce is sick.
                  He just broke.

                  I found out that he told some of my relatives a week prior that he should just kill her and then himself. They thought he was just mad.

                  Life is such a struggle for all of us.

                  • Hey not sure if you’re friends with this Iowa guy, but hopefully he could read this one day.

                    I’m normally not a poster on here, as I have a hard time getting on to a computer, but I’ve followed this site for a while and have felt many times what he’s going through…

                    I know it’s with good intention to tell someone who feels this way, to “hang in there”, “take a deep breath”, etc…but unless you’ve went through the lowest of the low, saying things like that are just meaningless to someone who is on the edge…they need actual convincing that there is actual hope to salvage a life amongst shattered pieces.

                    I’ve read his comments, about the felon knocking up his step-daughter, being thrown out, arrested, being homeless, going through divorce, money issues, no helping hands, and no will left.

                    Iowa, has stated too he is 35? We’re the same age him and I…I’ve been through homelessness, financial problems, drug addiction, hopelessness, everyone I care about leave, jobless, been cheated on, been manipulated, thrown out in the cold, wondering when my next meal is gonna be, having everyone look down on me as though I was nothing, and for the longest time…that’s what I felt like…

                    I’ve struggled, but there was always that one bit of hope I’d force myself to believe in, because if I didn’t…that was it man.

                    Iowa, you seem like a good dude…and even if you feel alone in this world, keep pushing…you can be your worst enemy, but you can be your strongest ally as long as you believe you can be strong. If you don’t believe you are, fake it, lie to yourself that you are and keep holding on to it…nothing will bring you down and you will be strong and you will be your own master. If there’s one thing you can count on in this wretched world, it’s yourself and once you’re in command of yourself…it’ll be hard for anything else to make you feel weak.

                    From one lone wolf to another, be strong and stay proud my friend. You will conquer your life and you’ll let it know it won’t take you down without a fight.

                  • Iron Soul- Yes good comment. I will say I have had many ups and downs as well in life. I have soul searched in many Valleys looking for the next path upwards. And each time it makes you stronger and smarter, not to repeat that again.

                    I summarize a bad time in life as, “That in order to get to the Next Mountain, you need walk down into the Valley.” Pick yourself up Run, if you want to get there faster..

                    And if all fails, go watch “Trains, Planes and Automobiles.” w/ John Candy and Steve Martin.

                  • Mike in VA, IronSoul & WhoWuddaThunkIt,

                    Your posts were all heart felt and inspiring!

                    Thank you!

                    I believe we all go through difficult times in our life. A listening ear, some encouragement and a helping hand can make such a difference to someone going through such times.

                    May we be a light to others going through their darkest time.

                  • Ky Mom

                    You have inspired me greatly over the past several days. You will never know how much it meant to me. It is wonderful to talk to such a strong person grounded in faith. I hope I can one day have the type of faith that you do. I hope to be as strong as you are one day.

                    Thank you so very much.

                  • KYMom, Yep are are all just human, Not Superman, Just human. Thanks for your inspiring and informative posts as well. Let all keep moving forward. WWTI!!

                    I will also add that as much as you think some other person or family seems to live an ideal life, I would say every family out there, is somewhat dysfunctional. And we can all make the Grass as Green as we want, on our side of the fence, with nurturing and watering it.

        • As is always the case there are two, usually quite distinct sides to any ‘position’ one takes. I have an acquaintance with both Sprott’s activities as well as Mr Rule’s general efficacy in his sphere.

          Anonymous’s comment above is one which given the extent to which the average American has been ‘sold out’ by the upper crust – Billionaire’s broadly – is entirely understandable as it has becoem entirely clear that THOSE have no desire to ‘affiiate’ with us on any level; National, Regional, Spiritual…or otherwise, clearly. THOSE are ‘Globalists’, pure and simple, without allegiance to any nation or group of people other that those they consider their ‘peers’; those similarly enriched by thier depredations on thier fellow citizens…whensoever possible. Hmmm, does that sound a bit like a stage set for a ‘Class War’…you bet, bring it on, in all due course.

          That said, Mr Rule’s prior management of Sprott’s (SAM) activities is actually excellent. The problem here – I think – is the continued PRESUMPTION that there wiil BE a market left in which goods and services can be transacted – abstractly, as we do today – ie, NOT bartered. Time and again I see those ‘inside’ continue to proceed in all thier thinking as if it will all just go on…and on…and ON. Can you all say ‘myopia’? Just so.

          In a world in which there now exists derivatives contracts that exceed 1.46 quadrillion dollars (yes, thats…quadrillion with a Q) ‘notional’ value, WHAT happens when ANY link in that chain of counter-party indemnities falters as the final vaporization of it ALL begins? Hmmm? Kunstler has been diligently trying to explain to anyone who would listen that the age of MONEY is about to end; it is no longer ‘sustainable’ on ANY level one care to examine it…thence, to be replaced by a return to an age of THINGS, similar to and as was the case with our Grand-Father’s and Great Grand-Fathers.

          Most here do not appreciate just how CLOSE we all came to that last week when the markets tanked several hundred points in just a day’s time. Remember that TODAY it’s all about ‘collateral’ and the ‘quality’ thereof. When the people out there investing in the markets have sold thier souls for all that additional ‘leverage’ exactly WHAT do you think was used to secure that leverage? When the stocks and other ‘fungible assets’ they have risked suddenly LOSE value in a market plunge, then thier Brokerage calls them up at the close of business and says, “MOAR please!…NOW!” and they either comply forthwith or simply lose it ALL.

          Now, with the Fed’s actions in recent years, there are no ‘safe havens’ left for any investors to hide in…ANYWHERE, and so they have been FORCED into the markets, as a last reaort…in order to maintain thier ‘unearned’ income streams. Thusly, NOW the stage is set Folks; remember that in order to STEAL 50 Trillion dollars you – absolutely must never have that ‘pinned on’ you. So, with things the way they are, as I said previosly, ‘the stage is NOW set’, since when the derivatives market implodes…and it WILL soon, then there will be no earthly way to track where it all went in a blizzard of contracts and cross-contracts that leads ‘down the rabbit hole…and into oblivion’.

          Yet, some have no choice in this as large parts of thier assets are functionally tied to the markets…I feel for you all deeply, there is not much hope there I fear. Likely, you could have had a better assurance of a return on your efforts in going to Las Vegas…yes, think “DAMNED Government” and you’re onthe right track

          For the rest of you…’Get THINGS, quickly as you can’, the systemn is already demonstrating some very disturbing symptoms lately…notice how the market TANKED a couple of days ago when just a whiff of headline read as ‘Ebola in NY’? THAT is how fragile the state of affairs is now…imagine a headline reading that Putin is – unexpectedly – invading one of the Baltic states which were the prior domain of Russia..what do you THINK that would do to the markets, today? Dwell upon it a bit.

          Meanwhile…GET THINGS…LOTS of them and a SAFE PLACE to put THEM, for ‘later’…tick-tock, tick-tock goes the clock…

          • The market dropped between the 15th and 21st. Gee did the Masked Man suggest a CRASH might happen then?

            I think he did, but it was thwarted by the Plunge Protection Team. 🙂

            • Gewe…who WAS that masked MAN!??!?!

              Howdy Dk!

              Ya,,dem pluge protecors deed a guud yob…jew bet!

              What is making me a tad nervous in the last few days is the SWINGS that we are seeing when just some itsy-bitsy headline swings through unexpectedly…and it all DROPS 160 points in response, in munutes.

              We KNOW/ that the market is levered up the Wazoo…but just HOW bad is it, actually? THAT is the quastion at hand, that keeps coming back to me over and over, the last few days…to ee the reactions we are seeing on so LITTLE input. Makes me wonder just how deep the House of Morgan is extended lately.

              Now, just imagine what would happen if Putin decided to yank the markets leash – unexpectedly…maybe a 4000 point drop in a day?…which is EXACTLY what I think he IS doing lately..methodically gauging the market’s responses to each and every input that he kicks at it…this week might be ‘interesting’, we’ll see soon enough.

              Adios Brother…. 😉 at ya

            • Here’s a link for the naysayers. Check the charts. It looks like I NAILED the start of the decline and that the “roll over” of the market follows that historical pattern in the first week of October.

              Read this link at Business Insider and weep. 🙂


          • MR. Rogers

            My two cents opinion is this. The economy already crashed in 2008. The statement was made in congress that if they did not get a bailout there would be tanks in the streets. I actually think that was a rare true statement from the den of thieves called congress. I think the system is on life support now. It could go on for years but I don’t think so. It will be up to those in power to determine when they pull the plug and let the patient die.
            Yes other things could change the timing like a terrorist putting a bomb in the patients hospital room or the patient getting infected with Ebola.

            • Evening Mike,

              By the look of it you got it all ‘down pat’ Friend.

              The economy is still going on, but dying by the day a little more with each and every so passing. What DIED in 2008 was our ability to sustain a stable, fucntional system. That is now ‘dead and gone’, utterly.

              There are two distinct cases of ‘systems’ in the real world. The first is that of a ‘deterministic system’ which can be easily viualized by thinking of any old mechanical clock, simple step-for step. the other is that of ‘Chaotic systems’…like WEATHER, in which all predictability goes just about right OUT the fookin’ window due to the action of “complex (hidden) variables”.

              THAT is what we are now looking at daily…and the only thing holding it all together of late, is the GAZILLIONS of Dollars printed by our IDIOT Fed. However, the ‘returns’ on that action are seen to be decreasing by the day….sooo, soon even that will NOT help anymore.

              Put simply here courtesy of ‘Tweety of the Roadrunner cartoon…”then it all fall down and go BOOM!”
              Big BADA BOOM, that is. As well, the PTB KNOW it ia approaching it’s end, as you note above, so what NOW?

              We’ll see soon enough…so, Keep on preppin Folks like your lives depend on it, they just might.

              • Our Govnt had been writing phony checks for decades with nothing in the bank. They keep robing peter to pay paul. Its no different than check kiting.

            • I agree with the part about the collapse of the economy in 2008.

              The market, along with the “overdrawn” banking systems, have been superfluously supported for the past six years.
              The trend will continue with less and less manipulation of the ink, until the late summer of 2015 and then…..

              all hell will break loose. The proof of the continual seven year cycles of worsening events will be obvious. The naysayers may still be heavily invested and loose their shirts and the asses they have it tucked around.

              Now, the elections next week could cause a shift in the trends of the current market for a while, maybe until next summer, but there will be a definite realignment at the seven year interval.

              It won’t affect me directly because I am no longer vested in paper. Hard assests only, because, with all these uncertain times, a shtf situation could snap up at any given time.

              I am inclined to agree with d kidd about a famine coming. The world’s food supplies are one more years worth of drought, away, from becoming a big problem.
              The mid west farmers had a pretty good year, and it helped keep the distributors stocked. That is why some canned goods are selling cheaper, to remove older inventory. Good advice from M.Trekker about taking advantage of 50 cent canned goods. It might be the last of those days. From all indications, America will be under martial law before the 2016 election, especially if repubs take the senate. Even being able to buy quantities of canned goods at $2.00 per can, may be just a thing of the past, by then.

              Time will tell, if North Americans can, or will, make the necessary changes to ward off such events.
              Somehow, I doubt they will.

              • Mornin’ oicu….cute moniker Friend…oicu2! 😉

                It just doesn’t look good nowadays, does it?

                Daily, we saee the small ‘cracks’ in the system – broadly – growing wider with each passing session of the markets; the IS a ‘clear trend’ there, No? Hemingway was/is oft quoted in speaking about his bankruptcy as saying (paraphrasing here slightly), “ first it went, SLOWLY…then all at ONCE.” which I beleive will likley be how we see it happen around us, and rather soon. The system has been “plundered” by the greeds of those there involved, there is simply no other word that sums it all up quite as well, IMHO…and so lacks any material resiliency with which to respond to what is now coming….a true Juggernaut.

                Glad to hear that you are ‘out’ Friend…Keep on Keepin’ ON, hopefully SOME of US will survive the death of civilization…it will, be rather BAD this time, I think…

                Adios All

        • Totally agree. All of them enemies of humanity.

        • Obviously, Obama wants us dead– he’s trying to get states to lift restrictions on medical workers coming here from Africa– lift the quaratines….

          The states have some brains– are actually doing what needs to be done for the community… but Obummer will have none of that! His policy has always been– since he was elected– to do worthless activities/ harm the public.


          And if we keep juggling the lit road flares while standing in the gasoline-filled wading pool, we’re going to get another imported Index Patient here who infects 10 or 20 people, and quietly expires in his flophouse without running to the ER, because he can’t, or won’t. And those people are going to float around thinking they have the flu, because flu season, and they won’t be African, or have made any recent African journeys, and they’ll get the Duncan Protocol.

          So when, two-eight days later they come back in bleeding from everywhere from their eyes to their asses, all the shit-eating grins at CDC, the White House, and the hairdo news programs won’t help them, or you, or anyone else. There won’t be any BL4 beds for 10 or 20 people, because we don’t have them. There won’t be any isolation at the local hospital.
          And the smart people who work there will GTFO, because they’re not all the same dumbshits as Doctor Ebolawalker Spencer, or Nurse Typhoid Mary Hickox. So they’ll clock out, and the people left behind will be the least bright, not the most bright. Every occupation has that ten percent at the bottom of the gene pool, including healthcare.
          Just ask a malpractice attorney.

          The administrators and spokesholes who’ve lied to everyone about “handling this problem” won’t have anything to point to that explains how they can take care of people when their clinical staff elects to say “Hell no” and heads for the employee parking lot. (And if you think there’s going to be loyalty to those institutions after the last few years of belt-tightening and having ObamaCare shoved down their throats, let me offer you a dose of reality: they’re going to trample people on the way to their cars, and with smiles on their faces.)

          And at that point, everyone else will

        • I’m just so infuriated with Obummer and the CDC– both of them are lieing through their fucking teeth about Ebola– I read the book– (“the Hot Zone”)– I know how dangerous it is. I know the extreme measures/protocol required to keep it from spreading. And I know that it IS airborn– at least to a certain extent.

          Think about this: the US government purposely gave American Indians small pox-contaminated blankets to kill the Indians off… the US government is basically a group of cowards– they exterminat any group of people they feel is threatening. Considering this (plus the fact they are attacking Russia, who also scares them) do you have any doubt they would do the same to us– which now or in the near future will be threatening to them?

          The only difference between us and the American Indians, is they are using Ebola on us, not blankets of small pox infection. Obama and the CDC are demanding that the states lift the quarantines for nurses who just came from Ebolaland. West Africa is teeming with this virus!! Health care workers over there are throwing up their hands and leaving because the situation is so hopeless, dangerous, and dire.. it is a HOT ZONE, teeming with the Ebola virus. The CDC and Obama know this and are purposely taking down any safe guards the states try to put in place… they are determined the virus will come here… they lie through their fucking teeth constantly. They knew the nurses need full attire like they have in Africa and yet lied about it… they are both (FREIDEN SHIT MOUTH AND OBUMMER) are no good!!! When Ebola gets out of hand here in the US (AND IT WILL THANKS TO THEIR POLICIES)…Please remember them…

        • Right now, a war is waging between states like New Jersey, New York and Illinois — which have all decided to quarantine travelers at high risk of Ebola infections — and the federal government which is adamantly opposed to border security, medical quarantines and travel bans.

          Kaci Hickox emerged in the center of this debate just yesterday when she complained of being “interrogated” and held in violation of her civil rights. Kaci’s profile, which described her links to the CDC, was scrubbed from the web earlier today, and even Google cache has strangely been cleared of her profile which previously detailed her ties to the CDC.

      2. I don’t have a typical “retirement account”

        for me it’s food and gold/silver

        Since 2000 both of these have been going up in price like crazy. I can only imagine the percentage of monthly income that people will be spending on rice and beans in ten years. this is not going to stop if they keep printing like they have been.

        well maybe it will stop when the whole damn thing comes crashing down on our heads


      3. Silver will go up more than gold when the SHTF.

        Silver has an industrial use and is called the working mans gold.

        Some say that silver may become the first elemet to go extinct, due to it being used in electronics that end up in the land fill after the latest toy becomes obsolete (18 months).

        Water filtration, stored food, and ammmo first.

      4. The best bet on metals going on right now is lead and brass. Ammunition is going to be the new gold and Platinum. Another precious metal is good blade steel. I’ve got a dozen moraknives just for trade. On an off note, everybody needs to be carrying at all times. People are getting desperate and assault and robberies are thru the roof.

      5. Like I’ve said before. These people have stomped on the HEADS of a lot of people to get where they are financially, they use OPM (other peoples money) and dip off the majority of the cream for their own pocket. They may be good guys, but make no doubt about it they will take you to the cleaners for their own gain. They live by the 5 letter word GREED plain and simple. They only do things to benefit them and no one else. That’s the name of the game, now isn’t it really. You play the stock market you get what happens to you. In the market game you have to go BIG or STAY HOME!



          (BUT I DON’T LIKE SNAKES!!)

      6. Just remember YOU CAN”T TAKE IT WITH YOU!!


        • No, you can’t take it with you, but you sure can live a lot easier on it until you go, then leave it to someone else, to make their life easier before they go. It’s just another version of a last will and testament to common sense and survival.

          • Six: We can leave behind all the wealth you can imagine, but what kind of life are we leaving them to live in.


      7. How can there be any applicable logic or educated investment decisions with a manipulated market. I state that there cannot. At this point, for the common man, the best place to invest is in tangible assets, land, skills, food, ammo, etc. but everyone here probably knows this already.

        • KIRK, But what the hell is a guy to do when he reaches the point of old age and the hard cold reality of not being physically able to be a grunt anymore hits home?
          Everbody needs to have some money put back , but the problem seems to be WHERE?
          Everything i was taught about investing for retirement or just old age (i wont ever just retire) is now just a memory.
          All the storeable food will one day be eaten and the light bill /heat , taxes wil still be due.
          I guess i will just sell my farmland off in small pieces cuz thats all i will ever have?
          This country is seriously messed up.

          • HH: Bury ten dollar bills in plastic coffee cans in your back yard, away from your gold and silver. Use any extra cash you have to become more self sufficient with full spectrum grow lights and an indoor aquaponics setup.

            Double down on solar cells and storage batteries, and rechargeable lighting. In a cold climate rig a solar air heater. Roll-A-Shield window covers will keep your house dark to outsiders. Perimeter lights to expose intruders. Lots to do if you have extra cash, now.

            In the next Depression, which will be deflationary, dollars will have value. Long live the King!!! 🙂

            • DK-
              You have alot more faith in the reserve currency status of the US dollar than i currently have.
              I worry these asshats will digitize all currency and cash will go obsolete. Just my paranoia.
              Aint noby around to look in my windows as i live on a farm , grow lights and an indoor setup are a sure way to have a “no knock” visitation round these parts.
              And not to be a debbie downer on solar , but i live in michigan, and solar just aint gonna fly here.

              I got a handle on most things but i worry about the day i can no longer work, I am a rich man in life , but cash poor.
              guess i shouldnt bitch to loud.

            • BTW: Those of you who live in Arizona, Utah, or other like minded states, can pay your property taxes in gold. So if you think that gold will rise against the dollar, buy more gold now ….. or a good metal detector. 🙂

              • HH: Some solar will work in Michigan even if it is just enough to recharge a rechargeable flashlight(s). Wind power will work in Michigan and could power a portable electric heater or two, and augment a wood stove.

                Some indoor food production is essential in Michigan even if it is just sprouts and potatoes; and if your solar / wind / battery storage is sufficient, use it to power the indoor grow system. The “man” will never know.

                Your lights would be visible at night for those looking for prey in a grid down. Roll-a-shields for your windows will not only seal your light in, but it will also help insulate the house, keeping your heat in too.

                If you have the money buy them, or if as a farmer you are a diy kind of guy, build some shutters to do the trick. 🙂

                • I get it , I do have small solar chargers and a small windmill setup .
                  But i am preppin for an EMP or CME , i firmly believe that as soon as the GOV losses the handle on emerging technologies or just wants to sieze control , an EMP will be the resulting solution.
                  That bein said , i got alotta kerosene and firewood.
                  Sooner or later TPTB will feel theatened and pull the plug , be it extremely high fuel cost (stopping trucking) , grid-down stituation , or an EMP .
                  These power broker types will not concede their power without a fight , they need a “slave” class of citizen and they will protect that.
                  I see the rise of a socialist / fascist type dictator in the wake of such an event.

                  JEEZ , I aint no fun buncha happy stuff today am i ?
                  Just not feelin the love i guess…

                  • Hammerhead. Also stock up on simple things like:
                    Paper plates
                    Zip lock bags all sizes
                    Aluminum foil
                    syran wrap
                    Paper towels
                    Toilet paper
                    Baking soda
                    Toothpaste and brushes
                    Body lotion
                    Bar soap
                    Wash clothes
                    Comet cleaner
                    Charcoal for grilling
                    BBQ racks for fire pit cooking
                    Cast iron cookware
                    LP gas for grilling
                    Roofing tar for patching
                    Tarps, a few camo for concealment.
                    A few bicycles and extra tire intertubes and a hand pump
                    Bike trailer to run errands
                    All sorts of hand tools
                    Nails screws plywood 2×4’s.
                    Free wood pallets
                    Pvc, joint and glue
                    Duct tape
                    Super glue
                    Rubber calking
                    No Trespassing signs
                    Carpenters knife
                    Knee and elbow pads for prone shooting
                    Sand bags and sand
                    Cement blocks for a fire pit
                    More food water fikters gas kerosene lantrrns ropee

                  • Don’t forget the metal bed springs, large truck battery and jumper cables. TPTB are pampered and expect desserts. I think we should give them their ‘just desserts’.

              • Only problem with believing the dollar will stay stationary for a viable currency is like believing martial law will never be invoked.

                It can be invoked, and when the riots ensue, and they will on a national level in the near future when people loose all hope and begin to get hungry; it will be invoked as a retardant against upheaval, on the surface. But; TPTB have a bigger plan and most likely it will lead into a cashless society.

                Gold and silver will not be permitted for payment in kind unless turned over to those PTB/goobment/UN/NWO; to be credited to your electronic account at “their” determined rate. Walking into a local office and plopping down chunks of PMs for payment will not exist. A market rate will not exist, or be allowed, under martial law, unless, say you live in China. Anyway about it, you will be screwed and TPTB will see to it.

                • I have in my lifetime changed money and merchandise in several countries on the black market. These have thrived all over the world forever. I wouldn’t throw away your metals too quickly in a tight. Also, a lot of the black marketeers are more reputable than than central banks.

          • Hammer

            My heart goes out to you and m prayers. My father in law said he would not be much good if the country crashes because he would be too old. He said he would be a burden. I completely disagree. The grunt work is a young mans game. Your game is the knowledge and wisdom you possess. It will be invaluable to those around you. You know the old ways of doing things. The grunts of today have no clue about the old ways. You will have to teach others how things used to be done.

            Regarding money I keep as little as possible in the bank. I have a 401k but withdrew as much as I could and took the penalty. The government has even covered there bases there. They don’t allow you to withdraw but so much of your own money. I so hope you don’t have to sell small peace’s of your farm. I hate it when people have to do that. The system is just so rigged against the working man. You just can’t get ahead.

            If the crash does happen then your land could become invaluable to you. You may be sitting on a gold mine in that case. I don’t want to see a crash but I do hope you are sitting on a gold mine.

            My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

        • With every stock trade put a stop loss sell trade backup on your stock. Otherwise you will get your pockets picked when you are sleeping. Know your pain threshold.

      8. I like the feel of silver in my hand. Paper just doesn’t have the same feel. Started purchasing physical silver when it was about $6 an oz. I like the feel so much I didn’t sell any when it went up to $50 an oz. a few years back.

        He’s right about enforcing corrupt laws at 13:01, it’s what I’ve been saying all along. It’s my opinion for every new law passed another two should become null and void. But I don’t see that happening due to we have a Admiralty law court system, represented by the yellow fringed flag it court rooms.

        • with the red thumbs, not that it matters in anyone’s life, this is only a web site. Is it you don’t like that I prefer hard worthy assets over paper and was tuned in enough to buy low (still buying when feasible). Precious metals are an insurance policy.

          Or is it you think we have a non-corrupted court system doing their utmost to protect the rights of the public with appointed (not elected) judges that represent the socialist welfare state for profit and not true justice.

      9. Anonymous

        My two cents on the matter. I don’t buy gold and silver with the intent to profit on it. The way I thought of it was that if it goes down for years when the crash does happen then my children will have it. If I wasted my money and it is thrown in the streets then so be it. I look at the metals like all other preps. It is for my family’s safety just in case. We prep for all kinds of things. Storms, disease, Emp, Riots, government collapse, and economic collapse. The metals are part of the preps for economic collapse. All the food and other things have definitely benefited me. Food is outrageous now. We all no why that is not included in the inflation numbers.
        Each to his own according to his means when it comes to preps.

      10. Just another money pig shit stain supporting a collapsing Corporatist Fascist FEUDAL SYSTEM of filthy disgusting GREED with his promised dreams of riches in the Land of the Corporatist Fascist genocidal shit stains, and…..Home of the coddled COWARD pussies scared shitless of the TRUTH of their collapsing Feudal System shithole, which the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered toxic waste dumps consuming poisonous toxic food and Big Pharma deadly meds still ignorantly call “capitalism”

        • Tell us how you really feel, Ron. 🙂

          • Yeah…I second that!

            Now look Ron, if you’d just STOP ‘under-stating’ things so much we’ll be able to get it all so much better.

            Thanks Brother… 😉

            Yeah, we all KNOW it here…so welcome to the ‘club’. The first ‘wake-up call’ is a ‘reeaall muther’, ain’t she?

          • Uh oh

            Just another sign of things speeding up. Make sure you are ready people.

        • Ron, I admire your ability to express yourself! That is quite a feat my friend!

      11. Oh Boy Folks…a ‘spot’ of concern here;

        I have been studiously watching the Solar X-spectra for DAYS now via GOES-15…and it is defintiely getting ready for something distinctly ‘not ordinary’.

        Go over and look at the current NOAA X-flux 3-Day plot, see the definite trend line to increase throughout that time? Just so…I’ve seen – literallly – tens of thousands of these plots, and every time they look like ‘THAT’.. something big follows, soon. Specifically here, NOTE the decreasing intervals between emmision peaks. as well, the continuous, monotonic upward trend on the ‘blue line’…the ‘High Band’ emissions. Together that is significant – in extremis – given the sheer SIZE of NOAA 12192.

        Be warned therefor…

        • Mr. R … Could you please provide a link to the site where you are watching this stuff? I go to the NOAA Space Weather site, but can’t find comprehensive data of the type you point out in your post.

          • Howdy Navy,

            You bet Brother. Simply take a look at;




            Naturally, removing the (( and underscores from the lead-in’s. Right now those are giving me the ‘willies’ … neither of thoe suggest abything other than BIG…SOON. As I said, I have the entire NOAA library downloaded for my personal use…on my PC, and I’ve seen them ALL, and ‘here’, ‘Dat just ain’t natural Man”, as the beer commerical goes…I’m around – today – if you have questions Bro.

            • S’OK, BEFORE the question comes up,

              The ‘blue’ line is the ‘high band’ emissions as recorded. Those represent much higher energy emissions than does those denoted by the red line. Now, in any physical process, as the energy GOES UP, “What is seen?”…All such things obey – strictly – the basic distribution laws statistically, so we almost always see the ‘blue’ PUSHING the ‘red’, preceding it, forcing it’s response as sudden enormous bursts of energy are evolved in abrupt solar processes. I you have seen many several of these graphs – particualrly side-by-side – when a flare was being recorded you would see the ‘blue line’ deviate FIRST, always, then act to drive the ‘red’ upwards; classic ‘forcing fucntion’. Simply put, the PEAK distribution always shifts to higher values as greater energy is liberated in ANY physcial processes.

              One thing I did not mention here above is this; it is NOT ‘typical’ in most of the graphs that we see to see a lot of ‘convex downward’ curves; most are – almost always – convex UPWARD…and THAT, is what is – in addition to that already mentioned – making me NERVOUS, here.

              • Honestly watching solar flares is like watching paint dry. We just need to know when the big one is coming that can and will do damage. Got your faraday cage ready?

                • “Like watching PAINT dry…”

                  Yep, pretty much sums it up splendidly, doesn’t it? The problem is that – mch as everyone here saw with BI’s ‘prognoistications’ it’s DAMN hard to get the ‘timing right’, Eh? All we can ever do is just WATCH…and wait, till it goes BOOM, and just ‘hope’ that we can warn on it quick enough. Tis all we can DO.

                  Adiso all…

                  • OK Mr Rodgers,we will count on your to advise us when something serious is on the way. Also when it is ignited we have several days to prepare before it hits earth.

            • Thanks I’ll check it out.

        • Mr Rodgers

          I just want to thank you for constantly giving us updates on solar activity. It is appreciated.

      12. Go for goods that you can hold in your hands or you can consume.

      13. Looks like I’ve hit a nerve with some (a lot of market players I guess or millionaires on here), I know and have meet a few more who have made millions and not one made it without stepping on people to get it. If the shoe fits wear it!


        • Naomi. The few Millionaires I new were arrogant, and one major ahole jerk. He ended up with $100 Million and died in his mid 60’s with a brain tumor that the family claims was from all the cell phone use in his life. What a ride eh?

          • “What does is prosper a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul…”

            And,mon ami, there *IS* a hell. Think of it this way: If heaven, by definition, is where Christ is, and you have no desire to be around Christ for whatever reason, Heaven would not be that for you anyway; rather, Hell would be your preferred destination. Separated from God for eternity, but a free choice. Basically, only two things can be said about Heaven: a.) We say to God, Thy will be done, or b.) MY will be done. God give you either choice

            • Here is your choice when you die. Either a dirt nap or a dirt nap. No matter how rightous or evil you live your life beforehand. And if you can bring a witness forward to testify with facts than what I describe above then do so. Otherwise you live your life in a twisted fearful fantasy.

              • Wrong again WTTI.

                By not believing, a dirt nap would be a real gift compared to what a non believer is really facing. Check it out in that ‘Babble’, WTTI.

                I haven’t given up on you yet either WTTI.

            • Did you know????

              Every time there is a volcanic eruption, Hell is making more room for the next batch of residents.

              Some folks have been able to crossover and see within hell and heaven. Heaven exists outside our dimension and that is where all the saved/believers go upon death.
              All the other go into spirit(indestructible by humans or worldly elements) bodies; and are dwelling within the earth/the pit, awaiting judgement.

              Some of those folks that have seen into that realm, of hell, say the older, more evil soul/spirits “bite” on the newbies continually as molten lava moves around the areas of hell. Hot as hell.

              Now that is definitely not a place I want to be stationed. I’ll take my chances under martial law, waiting on Jesus,thank you.

              • Then come to find out that Heaven is actually an ever lasting eternal, living hell.

                They mixed up the scrolls up back 2000 years ago. The real Heaven scrolls were accidentally put in the “Out Box” instead of the “In Box” for full review.

                And for thousands of year people Mortals got it all wrong.

        • SAT , and this is why the entire US was declared a battlefield in the war on terror and still is.

          Until we accept the chains of the socialist/fascist regime (past and current), we are all insurgents .

          Just imagine a future with Billary in the oval orifice.
          The UN will be elevated to god-like status.
          Climate deniers will be shot in the street, using water that was not bought from a government store will be a felony , dont even think about personal protection.
          I worry time is short……

        • Satori. Everybody is a terrorist unless you work for the Fed. We figured out this game a few yrs ago. It’s Them vs. Us

      14. Precious metal price manipulation is going to end soon. It’s only a matter of time before there’s a failure to deliver. I expect silver prices to rise 500% before there’s any downward pressure on the dollar. With the economy continuing to shrink I’m accumulating cash and metals as much as I can. We have bank bail-ins coming. Possible ebola pandemic and martial law.

        There’s a lot of turmoil coming. Expect Obama to give all illegals green cards after the election. Expect radical new environmental regulations that will choke the economy even further. I think our economy and our way of live is going to be gone forever in the next year or two.

        • BC: 500% rise in silver. Really??? LMFAO!!! 🙂

          • That would only raise the price to about $100. That doesn’t seem impossible to me.

            • Archivist: Nothing is impossible but is it likely anytime soon? I don’t think so. 🙂

              • So at first you just laughed at the entire notion, and now it’s just not likely anytime soon…?

            • What you are really saying is that the dollar is totally worthless. How about a Trillion dollars per OZ of silver. Does that make you feel better for a few silver coins in your pocket? Which still may we worth 2 chickens and a dozen eggs for the same trillion dollars. Sheesh.

        • BC. You been dipping into the cat nip again?

          • WWTI

            You really are bipolar. You post such wonderful helpful post and then you become a jerk. Time to go back to the basics in your training. As your adopted father it is time to put you in another time out. I maybe you have trouble with short term memory. You learn so much from me and then you forget it.
            Maybe you are on the wrong medication. Maybe it is because of the medicine you are like this.
            I will have to talk to the doctor regarding this my son. Don’t worry boy I will take care of it.

        • ” It’s only a matter of time before there’s a failure to deliver.”

          There’s no such thing as failure to deliver when it can be delivered in dollars, as is already happening.

          • LOL, I’m sorry but the thumbs for that comment are by people ignorant of what I’m talking about. It’s called reality. Bring on the stupidity, I mean thumbs.

      15. Mac, you really need a “block” button for us to use on this site so we don’t have to see the posts from some people.

        • Hey Barn. Mac doesn’t have to obey your NWO Rules.

          • WWTI

            I am thankful my son that Mac allows free speech. If he did not you would have disappeared long ago and then I would have worried so about you. Sorry I was not there for you when you were younger my son. I am here for you now and always will be.

            • M in Va. How does it feel to be irrelevant? Maybe go buy a dog or something who will listen to your shallow babble with glee.

        • Ahhhh…!!!!

          So typical of your type Barn-cat…if it doesn’t fit into your personal dogma…’tis important, per your opinion, to censor those who think contrary to your wishes!!!

          Per your posting here…probably 50% of the time, I “RED” thumb your ass..due to your asinine adherence to ‘corrupted doctrine’, that you expect others…to buy into..per your perverse interpretation of the …KJV!


          Many here, have labored so much, in the provide you w/ additional serious sources of reference, per educational, biblical & historical resources..of which, you off-handily..pooh-pooh & reject..verbatim!

          How utterly contemptuous of you, to reject the gift of your Creator:

          ..that being, to think for yourself..after reviewing the evidence, w/o the guidance of..your current, preacher for profit.


          In truth, I do “green-thumb” you, quite often actually..& many others, who’re unpopular ofttimes.

          ..boils down to objective vs. subjective..and truth vs bullshit!


          ..please extract your head from your ass..and breathe real oxygen..

 opposed the rarefied gasses.. to which you’re accustomed too!

          You have intelligence..

          ..make use of it, sir!!!!!!!!

          • Hunter

            Your post was kind of rude. I am sorry but I must ask you politely to quit hanging around my son WWTI. I think you are a bad influence on him. When you two get together there just seems to be so much trouble. I like you but the two of you together are just not a good combination.

          • @ Hunter,

            Some might not like your tone, but you are right.

            Barncat is the typical, modern day, self-proclaimed christian. It isn’t as bad as being a Muslim, however; more than half of the so-called 72% of Americans that say christianity is their religion, are just so indoctrinated.

            Will it get them into Heaven? I don’t care to judge, but I wouldn’t want to gamble that much with my eternity.

            “Pass the collection plate and rev up the rapture train”

        • Barn

          As his adopted papa I must apologize to you for his mouth. I am trying hard to train him. It may be the medication he is currently on that makes him seem insane or retarded at times. He really is a good boy. It is just that right now he is a little slow. I am going to speak to his doctor about this. It may be due to the medication because at times he does write intelligent and helpful post.
          I am doing my best an hope you will take my sincere apology for my boy’s actions. I just cannot keep my eye on him 24 hours a day.

        • So Kitty are you trying to apply ZOG rule to this site and bypass the constitution? Is interesting that your sister Dianne Fuckstien proposed the same. So dude go back to the barn and SHTF.

      16. The author’s math is wrong.

        “You will be expecting, because you’ve been conditioned to, a 20% advance followed by a 15% decline for a 5% net gain.”

        It’s a 2% net gain.

        Start at 1.0
        + 20% = 1.2
        – 15% = 1.2 X (1-0.15) = 1.2 X (0.85) = 1.02

        – Stoosh

      17. Precious metals really only have a value when you have some sort of economic framework. Most the SHTF scenarios don’t really involve an operating economy. My gold coins aren’t going to get me Diesel from a non operational transportation system. Remember our system is very locked into Just In Time inventories. Main distribution systems in many cases are thousands of miles long. That gold coin at point of sale may not be worth the same at point of production which makes the coin useless in a very short period of time if you don’t have an economy in place to standardize the value of that coin. By definition, if SHTF there be such an economy.
        I’d stick to the local “tribal economy” form of preparation meaning lead, brass, food, water, land, off grid solar, and a few animals. The billionaires can fuel up and fly away. We are generally stuck where we are.

        • Well put. +100

        • Rellik. 2 thumbs up. Like those with million dollar mansions in AZ. How much is the mansion really worth if there is no water source for 500 miles?

      18. Dumb asses, your all dead. With all your crap that you are buying. Won’t make a hell of a difference. I just came back from another nation where we are securing boat loads of food and preparations into mountains. Yes mountains, under the ground way beneath the earth. America is going to be obliterated with radiation, nothing will survive. If you do make it through the bombings, you will die a horrible painful death. You better hope it gets you on the downpour. Let it evaporate you where you stand, sit, walk, or whatever your doing at the time. They are moving everything out of America that they can now. It is planned that America will not be around in 2025 for sure. I do not know when it will happen, but it will be sometime between now and 2025. I thought it would be a week or so ago. But they stopped it and decided to keep it a little longer to take more out before they proceed. Oh yeah! Don’t forget to vote! It makes a difference.

        • Guard … Without giving yourself away, could you, would you give us some more background on this operation. That’s a pretty serious scenario, although VERY brief. I’m not saying that what you’ve briefly described is not true, however more detail and background would me and others see just how serious this is.

          • That last line should read …would help me…

          • “it’s a WONDERFUL day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day for a neighbor…would ya be mine, could ya be MINE?!?!!”


            Yep, somebody above accused DK of gettin’ in the catnip…

            …I guess we KNOW who else did too. 😉

            OOPS, almost forgot here Navy…don’t freak-out if the X-flux suddenly ‘vanishes’ on the graph. MASA’s budget didn’t allow for replacing the GOES-13 sat when it went DEAD a couple of years ago, sooo, all we have now is GOES-15, and every time it circles the planet in a precessing polar orbit (in the spring or fall only) it goes ‘dark’ briefly…around this time of day.

            • Mr Rodgers you seem so familiar…..ahh yes, it’s that wonderful blue sweater you put on before you board the trolley to go to the land of make believe…..or is it Galt’s Gulch?

              • From one of my favorite songs, ‘Stones of course,

                “Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name…”

                Yup, can’t hardly beat Ol Mick can ya?

                Been watching Friend…and waiting as well, till the ‘moment’ comes…when it does, you’ll know. For such as that am I here, returned…

                Keep on Keepin’ on.

                Adios Friend…

                • Good morning Mr. Rodgers.
                  “I rode a tank with a general’s rank
                  When the Blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank…”
                  I was listening to that song a couple of days ago. Interesting lyrics.
                  Watched “Gimme Shelter” on video along with it (I think it was a U-tube recording that showed most of the movie that came out in 1970).
                  Holy sh*t……it was unreal. Especially the last 10 minutes of the movie. I have seen it before; definite time capsule. That one’s for the books.
                  You ought to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.
                  I’m off topic, but your comment about the Rolling Stones got my attention.

                  • Mornin’ M,

                    Ahhh, being ‘off-topic’ is the very HEART of this place, No? Were it NOT, then imagine all the things we wouldn’t get ‘around to’ here! Always take the time to stop and ‘jabber’ Friend, it’s part of what we’re HERE FOR. Beleive me! I haven’t watched ‘Gimme Shelter’ in years…gotta get over to the ‘tube soon I suppose.

                    Adios All….

        • Oh, good! Something else to worry about that I can do nothing to prevent. We are so fucked.

        • Is this another Nikita Khruschev “We will bury you!” oncore? I’m happpy to listen, but all I see is an insult and a lot of unverified bravado.

          And the one who holds the final time clock is the Lord, not the PTBs. CS Lewis illustrated this clearly in his book That Hideous Strength, where in fact all the PTBs are actually playing with true, demononic forces. These people will find out, too late, that THEY were the ones duped.

        • USA

          Thanks for the post. If I everyone here dies then that is just the way it is. Sense I am a dumbass and already dead what would you suggest I do in this situation. Is there anything I can do that would be smart.
          If I am just part of the walking dead then at least I will meet my maker and be in a place of nothing but joy.

          Hmmmm that sounds great for a dumb ass.

        • Navy Vet –

          Don’t expect security guard to respond. He/she likes to post ‘the world is gonna end & I know something you don’t’ hateful b.s. & runs away into the night. I’ve asked him before to back up his mouth but he doesn’t.

          • 1AM Snowing at my house! Trekker Out.

            • Hey Neighbor!
              Woke up to 26 degrees but no sign of snow except up high on the mtns (from my window view).

              It (old man winter) can wait another week as I am still hauling in hay and wood.

              Take care

        • USASECURITYGUARD, if you could just lose the insults and personal attacks, I, for one, would appreciate some more detail about “them” moving everything they can out of the U.S.

          What have you seen that makes you say that?
          What, exactly, are they moving?
          Where is everything going?

          Something constructive would be nice, without the “you’re all dumbasses” routine, please.

        • Nothing new Guard. The US has been under Nuke Threat since 1950’s. When people built bomb shelters in their back yards. No nation will use a nuke cause it is suicide for all. The world is a stage and all the leaders have a part in the play. Behind closed dooors they all shake hands and brag how rich the are getting keeping the petpetual war games going. Chill out everybody has a back up plan and stickpiling supplies.

        • I will add the Government uses propaganda and fear as a military tactic to get soldiers to do anything the want. From its all about protecting our freedom from evildoers wanting to destroy us, WMD’S, to protecting the mother land to kill kill kill. What do you think patriotism and symbols like the flag are for? More things to fight for. And in the end its all about proping uo wallstreet profits and nothing more..

        • wonder if this has anything to do with all the conway trucks blocking up the VA feeways .. they say its for the Olympics ..hahaha yeah right

      19. OT
        Has anyone looked at that giant food deydrator that GB is hawkin right now ?
        ITS $4000.00 !
        Sure would be nice to just be able to afford the electric to run the damn thing.
        Maybe i will win the lottery some day…. yeh , right .

        • HH: Got a link to that??? Who or what is GB??? Thanks. 🙂

          • DK-
            Glen Beck , Harvest Right food deydrator.
            Looks great , but damn expensive!

            • Ummm, is that a ‘dehydrator’ or a ‘freeze-dryer’? the former shouldn’t cost 4K dollars…the LATTER will, maybe more even…

              • SORRY. my bad , freeze dryer.
                Thanks for the correction , BIG difference.

                • 😉

                  Yup, thought so.

                  THAT is, however, one of a very few items that I – truly – wish that we had here…one that IMHO would be extremely useful as most other preservation process use some form of heat in a way that limits the vitamin/nutrients left over afterwrds. Canning is fine, as far as it goes, but a certain flavor and texture difference is noticeable in that process, as well the previously mentioned points; still, it ALL eats well, eh?

      20. Bear market, bear market…Hell’s fire I thought I read BEER market. I gotta get new glasses. (The old ones only hold 12 ounces. Lately I’ve been drinking tall boys.)

      21. for us common shtf prepper folks,

        “anyone of ‘common stock’ who is still playing in the stock market, deserves what they get come ‘zog amerikan fiat dollar default day’!”

        they said it plain on national news hour…

        “they are going to just keep going till they ‘kill the dollar’!”

        just dwell on that some… they said they are going to ‘kill the dollar’.

        just what do you think that will do to stocks???

        most of them will be worthless or lose 60% of their value. are you willing to lose 60% of your savings over night???

        “if you ain’t got real pm phyzzz, you ain’t got —-!”


      22. Here goes Y’all,

        We are seeing an excursion NOW that will – IMHO – be X-class, in about another minute or so…

        • Nah, False Alarm…lil ol’ M-7.1…but it’s already climbing again. Sheesh will this damn thing ever quit?!

          Nothin’ is WORSE than a damn ‘tease’. FOCK….

          • My source at ht tp:// gave it a 7.2. Still not quite an X.

            • Ebening A’

              Friend…I have been watching Solar for quite some time, many years point-in-fact, and I can not recall an emission curve looking the way that idiot thing does right now, tonight…ever.

              I am really not sure what the hell it’s doing up there, ypour guess is as good as mine; a spot that X-flares repatedly, yet produces no CME’s at ALL; a spot that has characteristic curves I have NEVER seen…

              Damn thing is trying for another M-class event now…

              ,,,needless to say, ‘keep watchin’ Y’all’, I’ll admit here, I really don’t KNOW what comes next with this idjit thing…

              • M1.1 about an hour ago.

                I wish I had time to learn more. I have a thousand projects it seems, and they’re all vying for my attention. Part of this involves making Christmas presents. The biggest presents are scrapbooks of old family photos for my siblings, who don’t have any of the photos.

                As Archivist, I’m the repository for thousands of photos from numerous relatives. They don’t even trust their own children to take care of their heritage. So they give their prized old photos to me for preservation.

                Oops, I’m rambling again.


      23. There is much for gold above ground than silver, interestingly enough (silver gets used up; gold is almost never used for industrial applications. Silver (AG) is MUCH more volatile that gold (AU). Earth’s crust ratio is about 16:1, but last I look, price was skewed out like 60:1 or so. My advice is to pick up “junk” silver pre1965 coins – divisible, recognizable, no one is going to counterfit a silver dime, low markups – and best of all, the corrupt banksters have had a political need to smack AU an AG prices into th dumpster, meaning you, dear hoi polloi, can pick up silver for a song. If you don’t have anyPMs, get some. I am also tracking platinum, thinking the RSA mining environment is not really sustainable.

        • Gold is used to plate electrical connectors that must not tarnish, as in communications gear and computers. Not much for each one, but there’s billions of ’em.

      24. There is much for gold above ground than silver, interestingly enough (silver gets used up; gold is almost never used for industrial applications. Silver (AG) is MUCH more volatile that gold (AU). Earth’s crust ratio is about 16:1, but last I look, price was skewed out like 60:1 or so. My advice is to pick up “junk” silver pre1965 coins – divisible, recognizable, no one is going to counterfit a silver dime, low markups – and best of all, the corrupt banksters have had a political need to smack AU an AG prices into th dumpster, meaning you, dear hoi polloi, can pick up silver for a song. If you don’t have anyPMs, get some. I am also tracking platinum, thinking the RSA mining environment is not really sustainable.

      25. Well…they can keep their BULL$#*! markets and such.

        The SMART money is on FREE Energy devices and this water powered genset listed below. Everybody keeps wondering how low oil will go? About that far, if the claims of this device prove to be true:

        Gordon Duff of Veterans Today said the U.S. has had access to anti-gravity and free energy devices since around 1945. I also stated we have small scale ‘cold fusion’ motors that have been in use since before the year 2000. And people keep wondering *why* they are slaves? Break free- GO GALT!

        Introducing our line of portable water generators
        h t tp://

        GDS is a manufacturing company in renewable energy. We have developed a portable water powered generator that creates a large amount of energy to run our portable generators that generate power simply by adding water. Spending money on expensive gasoline is a thing of the past. We have found a way to produce energy by adding clean tap water.

        -Large capacity water tank with incorporated digital gauge provides durability and extended run time.
        -Fold down locking handle for sturdy portability and compact storage.
        -Emergency back-up power for camping, motorhomes to construction sites, GDS Technologies has created a new solution. Our generators are 50% less noisy than regular gasoline generators and can be used indoor because it produces NO Fumes and NO Pollution. Save energy, reduce costs and help the environment.
        -Heavy duty, never flat wheels for reliability portability.
        -Covered outlets provide added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions.

        h t tp://

        • I know what GDS stands for. Here’s a hint: the S stands for shit. Or scam.

          It’s not a generator. It’s a box with two car batteries, an inverter, and a motor to make noise.

        • There is no such thing as something for nothing. Even if you don’t believe in the laws of Physics they still apply. You cannot take something &make it into nothing. Or take nothing & make it into something. It takes a certain amount of energy to do any job. That energy has to come from someplace. If you could elemenate all gravational & friction losses (impossible to do) you might have perpetual motion however it wouldn’t produce any usable energy. The old for every action there is a equal & opposite reaction always applies.

          • Oh I think McGiver would disagree.

      26. I have been buying cde and auy recently at their 52 week lows. Now is the time to buy.

      27. ah…looks like another SCAM! Dang it!

        Reason I got EXCITED is because over 12 years ago I was able to see a prototype of a hybrid Sterling engine setup made by one Dean Kamen (yes, that famous inventor)and the only waste output was pure water and Oxygen…was pretty amazing, esp back then. Thought maybe these guys were in the running for a direct competitor and had beaten him to market. Sigh…

        • Too bad. Some of these new things are actually repackaged perpetual motion machines.

          • McGuyver? lol. McGruber. Like the slinky spring going down the stairs.

        • “ah…looks like another SCAM! Dang it!”

          Ahhh, most often they are just that Friend. However, the laws of Physics are not meant to be broken…though many will claim to have done so.

          Most of the stuff that produces ‘water’ as exhaust are simply direct hydrogen ‘burners’, which is a GREAT fuel for a whole variety of reasons…but which we here – on Earth – still have to GET from ‘somewhere’…and don’t forget ‘water’ IS what you get when you burn hydrogen in oxygen, so then ‘water’ is the ‘ash’, left behind when those two are BURNED together. Eh?

          One of the most fascinating displays I ever saw was a museum of ‘perpetual motion machines’…all failed attempts, naturally…it’s simmply amazing what human ingenuity can come up with in the vain quest for getting ‘something from nothing’. It is a LURE, yesssss…..

          Want to scope out something REALLY interesting? Go onlinme and look up “Rolls-Royce Deisel ROTARY engine”, they actually made the damn thing and got almost 1 HP output per pound of engine weight, simply AMAZING for a deisel. That’s one that I would VERY much like to be able to reproduce HERE, where we are (they are VERY simple engines, but a CNC rig IS required… unfortunately), …so much that could DO, ahhhhhh.

          As far as the rest we’ll just have to wait till fusion comes a callin’……til later Friend!

          • The bicycle is really cheap on gas and the more you ride the healthier you get.

      28. Some liberal director of some liberal agency of the liberal administation defines middle class as those having 1/3 of income left AFTER food, mortgage, utilities are paid.
        7 things middle income can no longer afford:
        vacations, new vehicles, pay off debt, emergency savings, retirement savings, medical insurance, and dental care.
        How many want to bet there is no PORTFOLIO of INVESTMENTS for this group??

      29. O/T long-time lurker here, found this video very interesting. If you can’t see it, it’s a clip of endless tractor trailor trucks driving up the interstate. No other cars, just state troopers heading up the parade.

        • back when I drove I 57 from cairo ill was bumper to bumper trucks and lots of construction. I would travel to the east of 57 on Hwy 45 and Hwy 1. or travel west of 57 on Ill Hwy 3. I could make better time on the two lane roads.

      30. Logic tells me that if investing in the stock market was such a wonderful way to make huge profits. It would be a best kept secret.
        The common man wouldn’t be allowed to participate. I once had a stock broker tell me how I could give him my money and he could invest it for me and double it every few years. I in turn asked him If you can do all that why do you need my money? Why haven’t you already made yourself a billion dollars?

        • I have a thought from my other financial son-in-law, who has the interesting business of “vetting” so-called “investment advisors” for his clients; non-financial people who don’t have the knowledge and experience to do for themselves.

          “Their business model is to take what you have.”

          Judging by what has happened to my sister and others whom I either know, or know about, that’s pretty much the truth. Maybe 10% of those people pushing inivestment “advice” are honestly working to improve their clients’ financial position. The rest just make a lot of noise and motion to cover their draining of the clients’ funds into their own bank accounts.

          Cynical. You bet. 70 years has taught me a lot. One old redneck’s summary goes: “the more I learn about people, the better I like my dog.”

      31. Rick Rule is no billionaire, I think. His boss Eric Sprott is called a billionaire by that fairey at King World News. But he cannot be anymore with his all-in stategy in silver, I think.
        Rule is scared, believe me. His little junior resource stock, some even with warrants, are kaput, again! – in the sewer.
        He talks his Book – and how under water is it today? Beware.

      32. “A 5-year-old boy who just returned from West Africa was transported to Bellevue Hospital Sunday with possible Ebola symptoms, according to law-enforcement sources.

        The child was vomiting and had a 103-degree fever when he was carried from his Bronx home by EMS workers wearing hazmat suits, neighbors said. “He looked weak,” said a neighbor.”

        “The boy returned with his family from Guinea Saturday night and five members of the family were being quarantined inside their apartment, sources said.”

        NY Post
        (link on Drudge Report)

        • Mornin’ KY,

          Yep, caught THAT…the ‘exponential function’ will soon start kicking in, methinks. Unfortunately, this will soon get ‘interesting’…in that terrible way that scientists use the word, I fear. May He have Mercy on us all…

          • Mr. Rodgers,

            Hello! Hope this finds all ok with you.

            I was surprised to read that this family had returned from Guinea on Saturday and yet went home. We have seen how those with voluntary/self quarantine have worked out – flying on planes, taking the subway around a large metropolitan area, going bowling, going shopping, etc.

            I believe ALL of these travelers (not just healthcare workers) coming from Ebola infected areas should be quarantined.

      33. ht tp://

        this should piss you off!

      34. I think it might be a mistake of some sort, but I just got a solar flare alert by email. It says there has just been an
        X45500.0 flare. The alert came from Australia. The US sites don’t have it. There have been a series of small flares through the night. I don’t know if this is really the big one, but make sure you have critical electronics disconnected from the grid until we know for sure.

        Go to ht tp:// to see the same figure that was emailed to me.

        • Morning A’

          Ummm…don’t think so, been wathcoing reglarly and nothing of the sort is ongoing yet. Last peak was an M-6.7 at 10;09 UTC and the clear trend is DOWNWARD, thankfully. As it happens I get my ‘data’ from NOAA direct, so I’m at the ‘edge of the knife’, so to speak. Simple ‘glitch’ likely as not, pay it no mind Friend; mistakes DO happen after all.

          Adios Friend…

          • MAY have spoke too soon Friend, currently on a ‘fast attack curve’…current ratio at .363 at M-3.3 and going UP rapidly….hotta GO….LATER..

            • There was just an X2.1 a few minutes ago. The Australian office has not sent out a correction on the earlier flare.

        • If the flare was THAT BIG
          We got bigger problems than worrying about electronics!

          • It seems like a glitch. When I get alerts, there are three emails. The first announces the start of a flare. The second announces the estimated end time of the flare and gives the maximum x-ray flux up to that point. The third announces the end of the flare and gives the maximum x-ray flux. On this X45500.0 flare, the second email gave the maximum x-ray flux as only M6.8, so that is probably what the real figure is. But there have been flares through the night and there was just an X2.1, so we still need to keep watching. I use the Australian site because I don’t trust our government to tell us if a big one is on the way.

            ht tp://

            • Back again A’

              Ummm, I left a note – somewehre – up this column to ‘Navy’ that is the NOAA ‘feeds’ for both the 3-day and the 6-hour X-flux plots. sometimes it is best to get it all ‘straight form the source’.

              Adios Friend…

          • Ummm, yes

            X-45000 roughly equals ‘Hyper-Nova’

            That would be BAD…just a tiny, wee bit.

      35. Zippity Do Da!

        The Dumb Ass Republican Party is going to run Jeb Bush For President!

        Had enough of the Bush’s.

        • Had enough of them ALL!

          I could care less about their party affiliation , they are all useless

        • That is very purposeful, field a candidate who will definitely lose,
          The elite want an un armed dependent populace

        • The left/right paradigm is a fallacy. It does not matter what party they affiliate with, they ALL serve the same master.

      36. Love the comment about; Doesn’t think famine could happen. huh?
        Ever consider what will happen once the just in time system collapses? How about the plot to pave over all the farm land? Stupid is as stupid does huh? In the day, before refrigerators, cites rose up around prime farm land…duh….and now that farmland has been destroyed….add up the pieces. Economic collapse, breakdown in JIT, even the inability to even grow food locally because the land has been destroyed….hello….it’s called Famine.

      37. Solar activity is the real game changer. It can come with very little warning. The potential for disaster on a massive scale is ever present. Live today as if it was your last.

      38. As a “card carrying” Prophet, I can tell you that we are all going to die. Eventually.

        • Yep, no one gets out of this place alive

      39. Prepper item on sale through Friday…

        This is a very useful item.

        Kelly Kettle® Large Stainless Steel Base Camp Combo – $114.95

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        It works with many fuel sources: dry leaves, cardboard, small sticks, pine cones, tree bark, dry grass, etc.

        Note: I have NO connection with the company or product. I have purchased this model and am very pleased with it. Based on reviews from other sources, if you are considering buying one, get the stainless steel model.
        Don’t let the kettle run dry (over a fire) and it should last for many years.

      40. I only ever heard of one guy who made a killing at the stock market. His broker stole all of his money so he killed him.

      41. Someone here wrote this on another article:

        “Looks like I’m getting down arrowed. I suppose those in NYC are wetting their pants right about now.

        Sorry, but little nurse Cutie Pie never had Ebola. If you think so, well, you’re pretty gullible.

        To your point – I think there may be two stories going on here. The one that the media is not talking about, and then the fake made-for-tv drama of the nurses and doctors who get magical cures from the establishment”

        I want to comment by saying, I believe this person is correct – that there are two ebola stories going on: One is the fake ebola/medical folks aren’t sick/instill fear in the populous story. Two is the folks allowed to come into the states/really have ebola/instill fear in the populous story.

        Check out this pix of nurse Pham being released – she actually looks to have gained weight – at least Kevin Brantley looked like he had been sick (& surely was):

        This is MESSED UP!

      42. Off topic….Old Remus is going to give up the Woodpile report, see his site for the official notice. Am gonna miss him!

      43. Tests reveal certain strains of Ebola survive for WEEKS on surfaces in LOW TEMPERATURES…

        -Research claims certain strains of Ebola can remain on surfaces for 50 days

        -It survived the longest on glass surfaces stored at 4° (39°F)

        -Centres for Disease Control and Prevention claims Ebola typically lives on a ‘dry’ surface for hours – including doorknobs and tables

        -But when stored in moist conditions such in mucus, this is extended

        -Survival time depends on the surface, and the room temperature

        -Virus can be killed using household bleach and people must come into direct contact with the sample to risk

        “During tests, the UK’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) found that the Zaire strain will live on samples stored on glass at low temperatures for as long as 50 days.”

        Drudge Report

      44. Hey Eppe, are you anywhere near Hartwell this weekend?

      45. I’m quite sure there are many out here that are absolutely feed up with this bunch of A$$ WIPES in Washington D. C. PISSING on the Constitution of this great Country we live in. I don’t care if they are Democrats or Republicans as a matter of fact any other party in Washington. This whole bunch every last one of them need to go and most straight to jail for TREASON. When is enough going to be enough? As long as we the people just talk about what is going on they will continuingly go to their party, drink champagne and sit around and say see they will not do anything. Well the time has come for us the people to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and back it up with physical force. This is my worst nightmare though, going PHYSICAL, but it will have to be done to stop what is happening to this country. Like the old saying NO GUTS NO GLORY. If we think we can just prepare and sit back till it all pass’s I feel we are very mistaken. The time for action is now, not one, two or however many years down the road; NOW IS THE TIME. As we can see they sure are not waiting. As someone awhile back said it, I just don’t give a RAT’S A$$. My rant, feel free two red thumb it in to cyber-space, like I said; I DON”T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ANYMORE!!!! Time to water the TREE.


        • Yabba-dabba-DOO!

          FINE, fine ‘figure of a rant’ Friend; one of the better ones I’ve seen lately, anywhere! You know, you, me and about a 32 dozen others – most of those HERE – have at one time or another, went exactly down ‘that road’…that rant, I mean. Briefly, what the hell good has it done Friend? I ask that here rather honestly, without prevarication or ulterior motive whatsoever…’What Good?’…

          As it happnes I finally came to the conclusion that there was simply not a signiicant interest in ‘We the People…’ taking up the challenge at hand. More’s the pity, No?

          That said, it was EXACTLY ‘that’, in the end that finally convinced me (and mine as well) that it was simply time to go….’elsewhere’. A ‘winnowing of the wheat from the chaff’ is clearly needed – universally so – but I am become of the opinion that not only is the decision as to ‘who goes where’ is being made right now, today, for each and every person alive and by thier VERY own actions daily, but that also a tally (of sorts) is self-compiling off in some nebulous, ethereal place which we are not privy to.

          Copperhead, look arond you..wherever you are…do you beleive that the broad ‘they’ – OUT THERE – are actually going to ACT to remedy it all? That is the point of question that finally decided me in the End. “Who is John Galt’…where is ‘Galt’s Gulch’, both those questions have real answers, for those who seek them. Whatever you end up doing, i sggest you do it rather FAR away from Humanity…REALLY far…and rather SOON as well; the tell-tales I see daily are simply breath-taking at this point; every metric by which we measure business in this country is collapsing right now, moreso with each passing day; the Gov is become ‘monstrous’, for lack of a better word to describe it; ethical, moral behviour is a lost concept for most people now, in today’s world; the RICH are become Gods among us, in a culture that WORSHIPS unlimited Greed as GOOD; Hatred is the new ‘BLACK’ the style of the day, as it were.

          This has an End…all too soon; you know this, Eh?

          Now, WHAT did I miss along the way there, surely somthing or another, Yes? I’m sure that you get the point though. For all that, there ARE ‘alternatives’ ….places of pure peace, SAFETY…places wholly absent the stain of Humanity, as well it’s current lunacy, divorced from the harm that will eventually come to everyone else . Dwell on it for a bit perhaps…there IS only so much one person can do; comes a time to withdraw, eventually, when the ‘Twilight of the Gods’ is near at hand. The End is beyond us to determine…not within our purvue, I think.

          Best of Luck Brother…’Shout out’ if you want to talk a bit, I always take time out for old friends.

          Adios Muchacho!! Andele’ Andele’…ariva, ariva! 😉

          • @Mr Rodgers: Off topic: But gotta jump in here just b4 I ‘hit the sack’ for the night…need my ‘G’ fix for the day! (:

            Had an AWFUL day…a close friend of the family (55yrs old) died suddenly from a heart attack…such a shock as he left a 17 yr old daughter behind…..her mother died several yrs ago….my son and daughter-in-law are taking her in for now as she cannot be alone…..she has baby sat for them for a number of years,and is just like a family member….but just so sad.

            To top it all off, my laptop was hacked by someone from India! Couldn’t get in or out of any program, but there was a phone# to call for assistance….which I called, they said they could help but after a ‘lengthy’ conversation, I said this sounds like a ‘sales pitch’….and sure enough….they wanted $129.95 and led me to believe they were technical support from Microsoft! They ALMOST had me…..but told them to call back tomorrow and I would let them know my decision….

            He also gave me a phone# (which he said was microsoft support) I guess he didn’t think I would call it till after his call tomorrow….but I did, and couldn’t believe my ears when the call was answered by “LAZER SPINE SURGERY’ in Florida!! Gadd, what a day!!|Just can’t handle another stressful one like that!! Think I need some of Eppes’ humor!! I can’t believe there are such thieves among us….I didn’t get caught but think of all the unsuspecting souls out there! Well DF, enough of my ranting for tonight! Take care all, and please be aware of these SCAMS from foreign countries!! CC.

            • Morning Sweety,

              “A very bad, terible, awful, not good day?”

              GLAD you dodged the bullet Hon! Gotta watch that entire crowd like a HAWK, all they want is to get IN to your ‘pute and after that they OWN you. A naive Friend of ours once went that way with a group of those…you can probably GUESS where that went…

              “J” finally interceded…the upshot there, a FULL ‘drive-wipe’ followed by a clean install of the OS. J went through the personal files trying to salvage what could be saved and found that almost one in three had been ‘tagged’ with tracking code…every time one was accessed it ‘called home’ and it ALL began again…and again…and AGAIN. I feel for you Sweety!

              J indicates that over time Windows has become suuch a mess in terms of it’s complexity that there really is no ‘fixing it’ when it BREAKS these days…you can only wipe it and start fresh. Try to find one of those little gremlins (youngers!) who are SO very good with computer stuff, and fet them to ‘clean the clock’…some might be lost unfortunately…goes with the territory I’m afraid.

              As s small suggestion here, try going over to ESET’s site…’’, J says that that outit got it’s start in a ‘big iron’ environment and ar ethe most efficient at STOPPING most of the crap that comes through. Still though, ya gotta be carefl WHERE you go Sweety; ya can ALWAYS be gotten, one way or another, it’s just a matter of how badly they want to get YOU!

              On another note,

              I’d guess the Bull we got the other day weighed in at over 1300 pound before dressing…leaving over 600 pound meat after cleaning; I am VERY happy for that! Hmmm, remember a bit ago…when I said ‘remember this converstion? Ya, ‘that place’ I mentioned? – back there – is rather close to where we actually ARE. I’ll leave you to ponder that a bit. One last thing here Hon, you have seen what is transpiring here…WHAT I have been doing, no? Just so…should it come to pass that what we all intuit COMES, and you do NOT feel ‘comfortable’ with your ‘state of affairs’, then there is PLENTY of room, HERE; how MUCH you – simply – would not beleive Sweety; we have been ‘busy little beavers’…

              Such has been my intent all along, from when He first placed the impulse ‘to DO’, into me; to seek and construct SANCTUARY..for what will come…for those who are CALLED by intuition, by the indwelling Spirit. Explicitly here, that also includes you, as well Hon, and always HAS…ask Daisy about the converstions that she and I had on that subject…thus and so. There is utter PEACE..utter SAFETY in this place, beyond what the hand of Man can corrupt…He has guided my mentation to the finding of it – this PLACE – from the start…and it is ‘perfect’, therefor, quite naturally. Lastly here, I THINK that this weekend we will finally be ‘communicado’ Hon; Solar has relented, FINALLY! Will speak more then!!

              Fur immer und jamals…mein Freundin du ist…

          • Mr. Rogers: SO right my FRIEND!!!! Tell Mr. Quake howdy for me.


            • C!!!

              Howdy Bro…WASSUP Friend! Damn, been a while. No?

              All is VERY good here..where we ARE 😉 Might to look at the missive I left for CC above this. “Mr Quake’, THAT one disturbs…and worries me, as well. My old partner is curiosly, mystifyingly absent from ‘regular duties’; I fear the worst…were that that one HERE with us, to be SURE, I would have made provision therefor, here, with US…I very much miss my friend, and hope that one is well wherever he is. Sooo, Wait and see, I suppose.

              Brother, what we face now is so vast and intangible as to be beyond our meager efforts, surely. Therefore…. withdraw, SAFEGUARD yours; it will resolve itself rather soon I think, in a very ‘final’ way…be ELSEWHERE when that comes…’WAY elsewhere Bro. Might want to traipse back through the forums for a bit…some interesting stuff is there. Pay special attention to dialogues involving Night Breaker, Ghost Rider and ‘moi’, of course, Eh? Welll…Gotta go Friend, Adios!! Till later.

              • Good morning Mr. Rodgers,

                I enjoy your posts/info immensely 🙂 I too, esp. look for dialogue between yourself, CC, Night Breaker (always wish he would say more…) & Ghost. I know nothing about solar activities, etc and am befuddled by your fascinating lingo re: ‘what is to come’, ‘move far away’ (HOW FAR? – off the beaten path or another continent?) quote your convo with C:

                “Brother, what we face now is so vast and intangible as to be beyond our meager efforts, surely. Therefore…. withdraw, SAFEGUARD yours; it will resolve itself rather soon I think, in a very ‘final’ way…be ELSEWHERE when that comes…’WAY elsewhere Bro.”

                So dang! Please, your info might help a lot of good folks here. Solar or government? Or should I not fret a bit if it is the former, as I am in Wyoming? is there a time table to follow? Website? Anything – thank you!!!

                mucha paz.

                • Good Evening Windy’

                  M’am, for whatever reason, I am having ‘difficulty’ posting any lengthy replies to your question; I have tried repeatedly to do so here and each itme I get the dreaded ‘404 erro-page not found’ response fromm the site. Let me consult with Mac on this…it may just be a quirk of the WordPress that he uses here to run things…

                  All your questions are ones that served to strictly determine what I did some few years ago, when me and mine – ALL – ‘left it it all behind’; none of those qestions are ‘trivial’ IMHO, I will gladly answer you – in verboe fashion – when, and as this difficulty I am having is (here) ameliorated.

                  Thank you for the compliment M’am, we all do what we can do – none the greated, neother none the lesser – in Hope and Faith, No?

                  Adios Windy…

      46. After my rant I know what so many think someone else will do it, well you’re someone else to me. The time has come to LOCK and LOAD, RUCK UP and MOVE OUT. A good time to have a nice Turkey Diner in Washington is what I think.



        ANOTHER STRONG FLARE AND RADIO BLACKOUT: Super-sunspot AR2192 produced another strong flare on Oct. 27th. The X2-category blast ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere and caused a strong HF radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean basin as well in South America and western Africa. The blackout started at ~10:15 am EDT (1415 UTC) and lasted for about an hour. Solar flare alerts: text, voice

        GIANT SUNSPOT CRACKLING WITH FLARES: AR2192 is the biggest sunspot in nearly 25 years, and it is still growing. The active region now covers 2750 millionths of the solar disk, an area equivalent to more than 16 planet Earths skinned and spread out flat. It is so large that sky watchers are seeing it with the naked eye when the sun is dimmed by low-hanging clouds or, in this case, dense fog:

        Barry Freas took the picture on October 26th from Red Hill, Kentucky. “It was a very foggy morning,” he says. “AR2192 was remarkable.”

        Big sunspots tend to produce strong flares, and AR2192 is no exception. It is crackling with magnetic activity. Since the active region appeared on Oct. 19th it has unleashed 5 X-flares and a dozen M-flares. The most intense of these flares have caused HF radio blackouts and other communication disturbances on the dayside of Earth.

        Usually, strong flares are accompanied by massive CMEs–billion-ton clouds of electrified gas that billow away from the blast site. So far, however, none of the eruptions from AR2192 has produced a major CME. Without a series of CMEs to hit Earth and rattle our planet’s magnetic field, there have been no geomagnetic storms nor any widespread auroras.

        More eruptions are in the offing. NOAA forecasters estimate an 85% chance of M-class flares and a 55% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours. Solar flare alerts: text, voice

      48. Obama and the gang have been great from the second amendment, how many new gun owners have their been since he came into office? I think the same can be said about entrepreneurship. Forget about getting a job though.

      49. I love this site. But the inconstantcy is getting to me. There is a huge community here. HUGE. I wish we had a forum. Also, I wish there was some kind of schedule to get posts on. Once again, I love this site, I just wish it could take the extra step and incorporate more into it.

        • Armagedden Proof

          The consistency is the inconsistency that makes it work.

          Ehhhh, or something like that. ;0)

        • Arma-proof
          Good ideas. Maybe even a for sale blackboard. There might be some neat stuff there that could be sold or exchanged. I see dollar signs in Mac’s eyes as we type.

      50. Hhahaha…yeah, tell ’em sling, tell ’em about it. U da MAN Bro!

        Ahh, been a LONG WEEK folks, Solar is DOWN now…and I am GONE…punch-drunk here, I am. Would somebody please send up a signal flare if we have – Oh say – a X-60, while I get a little snooze in…On second though, scratch that.

        Adios Then….

      51. All is not lost.

        There will come a time when those that believed in the system will curse it. This man made monster has now taken on a life of its own. It grows stronger or weaker only by perception but is dying and will take many with it.
        Wait till others who are not like us now raise their fist and place blame squarely where it belongs. Only then will we win.

        Lots of pain and suffering ahead.

      52. “Capitulatiin” is the word that you are looking for here, Friend. Yes, there will be very pain and suffering…and worse yet. Thus, we LEFT. For too few are now possesed of the notion, to be able to stop what is coming, IMHO. So, that ‘Juggennaut’ will continue to GROW…and will obliterate nearly all that yet contact it, who remian connected to IT in even small measure, at the End.

        You do NOT – willingly – sit on the railroad tracks, blind-folded, deaf and dumb…as the freight train COMES; do you? GET out of the WAY. Thus and so, Be well Friend…

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