[WATCH] Beware (And Prepare): The American Empire Is Collapsing

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Headline News, Ron Paul | 24 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daniel McAdams at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. 

    When empires fall, they do not go down gracefully. The collapse is sudden and the consequences are permanent.

    Like the schoolyard bully who is finally defeated, his former victims and enemies revel in his fall. The US empire is now teetering on such a collapse. The signs are all around us. Aggressive US foreign policy, self-destructive monetary policy that debases the currency and hides inflation, a monstrous national and individual debt load. The writing is on the wall and the wise are preparing. What can we do? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:

    Dr. Ron Paul is the author of Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom. The term “Liberty” is so commonly used in our country that it has become a mere cliché. But do we know what it means? What it promises? How does it factor into our daily lives? And most importantly, can we recognize tyranny when it is sold to us disguised as a form of liberty?

    Dr. Paul writes that to believe in liberty is not to believe in any particular social and economic outcome. It is to trust in the spontaneous order that emerges when the state does not intervene in human volition and human cooperation. It permits people to work out their problems for themselves, build lives for themselves, take risks and accept responsibility for the results, and make their own decisions. It is the seed of America.


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      1. Seems the author, Daniel McAdams, co-host of The Liberty Report with Ron Paul, was banned by Twitter last week. Officially, Twitter said it was because he described Sean Hannity as “retarded” for wearing a CIA lapel pin while “challenging” the deep state ( no argument from me on that observation). Unofficially, it’s because both he and Ron Paul have been operating for years as one of the most effective platforms to call out government abuses and warmongering.

        • I’ve asked Daniel via email to set up alternative streams on brighteon and bitchute, that sort of thing.

          I hope they have backups, it’s only a matter of time before they’re caught up in this sweeping censorship as well.

          As I don’t really pay attention to twitter, I don’t know what goes on there. If these groups want to make sure they stay hosted, they need to host themselves.

          My bad on the below post, the store is located at the Campaign for Liberty website. Store is not linking right now. The downside to Mr Pauls group is that they need better tech assistance and a more vital storefront. People whom have nothing to do with these great messages have monetized Mr Paul elsewhere, he really should take better control of that and issue more t shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs and the likes himself. We still wear the shirts we bought on their site some time ago, great t shirts.

      2. I have never regarded Ron Paul as a warmonger. Perhaps I misinterpreted your post.

      3. Sean Hannity is part of the controlled opposition, IMO.

        • It will get so no one will be able to trust anyone, best to drop out of all civic activities and churches now. There are change agents even in vets org. and churches. Stay low key and ditch so so friends by distancing yourself as always “doing something” or working extra hrs.,sick parent, etc. Never ever give up the guns. Sell house to be more mobile and downsize stuff not needed. patriots will have to go underground or hide out, land out in the country with an rv is better unless we have to go off grid (power outage or a disaster of some type).. Trump is a globalist, wants the guns, lulled many “conservatives” into apathy and stupidity.

        • exactly, “your humble opinion”, worth nothing.

        • “Sean Hannity is part of the controlled opposition, IMO.”

          Agreed. His MO is to bring on inflammatory guests to distract listeners, and when anyone starts making sense, to shout over them and eventually just cut them off

      4. The best way to test the stress on an empire is to look at how things are in its vassal states. The UK is a mess and its economy and government is in collapse. The EU is also imploding. The attempt to make China a vassal has failed. Saudi Arabia openly tells the US to screw itself, as does Israel. Canada has been fleeing from the grips of the US and tried to hook up with China before the Huawei mess.

        • What happened to the UK? They own half the North Sea oil field with Norway. Norway has a sovereign wealth fund worth over one trillion dollars. The UK is broke.

          • The U.K. was an empire and all empires import many of the undesirables that they conquer. Initially as servants and such.
            This causes the internal rot we see today. It has happened to all empires. It is happening to the U.S. presently. Norway was not an empire and thus has a mostly homogeneous society, ethnically speaking.
            But wait until the oil runs out.

          • They spent the money on welfare for blacks and Muslims. The UK operates just like the Gulf petro states. Millions of lazy, low IQ people leaching off the welfare state, not able to contribute anything of worth.

            The UK magicked economic growth by importing highly intelligent and well educated people from Europe from 2000. Ironically, the dumb British have turned on the people who created the wealth while staying silent and ramping up the importing of Muslims and Africans. I wonder why??

            After Brexit the UK will ramp up importing people from Africa and India.

        • The first sentence in this article is incorrect.
          Not all empires collapse fast
          Rome did not nor the British

          Obviously, this is not your fathers world
          Enemies are now friends and friends are now enemies.
          Everything is relative, but today the world is evolving fast.

          If the elite and One world Order wanted to they could pull the plug anytime they think it time and to their advantage. The world’s central banks are run by the OWO – with the world’s debt – it’s a no-brainer.

          I keep coming back to Trump and his world movement as a big bump in their plans. America is the stumbling block – 300 Millions guns is also a major problem – Our conservative individualist attitude is a bib problem. They just may say the heck with it and pull the plug anyway – be prepared and alert as I know most on here are

          • “The first sentence in this article is incorrect.”

            I think what the author means is the final collapse is sudden but you are correct in that the process is very long. Rome took centuries to collapse but the final act came suddenly. Britain is still collapsing. The U.S. is just starting.

      5. Go Daniel! It’s your birthday! Go Daniel! Go Daniel! Go Daniel!

        We watch the liberty report almost every night while we eat dinner. It’s so much better than regular news. It warms the heart to hear our young daughters talking about liberty and rights.

        In Ron We Trust.

        Ron Paul Institute dot org is not responding. Hope the site is not down. If you want to support, check out their store.

        Watching now. What I like about Mr Ron Paul, is his consistent message. He never flip flops, like never.

      6. Genocide and Famine. is the tool of leftist communist tyrant governments.

        Beto wants your guns for a reason. Genocide.

      7. Drudge is veering left so I switched to The Liberty Daily.
        What a breath of fresh air.

        • If you love daily sun and daily star tabloid clickbait, Drudge is for you!

          I’ll check out the Libety Daily. Thank you.


          If you’ve never taken a minute or hour or even days to listen to good old Kev Baker, you really should. He’s like the infowars of the irelands or something like that.

          It’s everything Coast to Coast hoped to be, with better content selection and conversation direction. One day Infowars and The Kev Baker show will like merge and become one. Stranger things have happened.

        • Stew,
          Agreed. Liberty daily.
          I still look at Drudge, But I treat it like the Daily mail. I only look at articles that are science or fact based. I ignore all political oriented comments.

      8. Sep 6, 2019 TEXIT: What Happens To Social Security Recipients After Texas Leaves The Union?

        This video takes you through the issue step-by-step and explains how federal pension benefits are currently handled for recipients who no longer live in the United States.


      9. America is going to fail.
        Our system was set up such that
        it could only work if honorable, ethical
        men ran the “system”
        Today we have Women and Democrats
        running the system. It will fail.
        Three amendments, 16th, 17th,
        and 19th Doomed America
        as it was originally designed.
        Full disclosure; I love my wife, daughter, and female
        family members.

        • Women should have never been allowed to vote.
          Full disclosure: I love and am proud of my daughters too but facts is facts.

      10. were doomed. the left has made the constitution void. you can be falsly accused and face consequences without due process. you can be stopped and frisked without your consent. your gun rights are up for grabs everytime a mass shooting happens. you should take down your american flag. usa is finished. if you believe it isnt your living under a rock. next step is total disarming the public, then the death camps come.

      11. Never have there been more obese Americans.

        No empire/economic collapse, only expansion, until the cheap oil is gone.

        Sit back an watch Wall Street double by 2029, along with the number of American morbidly obese.

        The only thing collapsing in America are the kitchen chairs.

      12. ALL empires decline, and more often than not the decline is accompanied with a crack up of the homeland. This is because the empire exhausted the financial and economic resources of the homeland, and it sacrificed its social cohesion. Empires by nature can only be sustained by, and are totally dependent on, an uninterrupted and endlessly growing supply of resources. The maintenance of empire becomes so great that it must eventually consume that which is necessary for domestic tranquility. The beast must be fed more and more and more to sustain, until the cost and ability can no longer be met. This is exactly where the US is now. To give just one example, we have troops in more than 100 countries, and more than 800 military facilities around the world, this cannot and will not be sustained.
        All the costs are wrecking the nation’s finances. When we give (not loan but give) billions and billions and billions of dollars of foreign aid (Israel is the primary recipient) we ignore our needs at home. Nationally, the infrastructure barely rates a ‘D’ by the Amer. Soc. of Civil Eng.’s. Public Education systems throughout the country are almost in a state of collapse, especially in urban areas, and huge areas of Amer. inner cities look like wars zones. The nation’s finances at all tiers of gov’t are at the default level now. To keep the citizens none the wiser continuous propaganda must be spewed, education must be dumbed-down, and eventually more and more rights must be curtailed.
        In 1866, after The War between the States, R. E. Lee replied in a letter to Lord Acton; “The consolidation of the States into one vast empire, [is] sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, [it] will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all those that preceded it.” The letter concluded by Lee saying he did not need refer one so well acquainted with Amer. history as Lord Acton, to the State papers of Washington, Jefferson, and others that denounced consolidation and centralization of federal power, that tended to subvert the states and rise to despotism.
        Empires don’t go down quietly, it is always accompanied by turmoil at home and abroad, and a loss of standard of living and diminishment of quality of life. Declines play out as such with so little variance it is almost formulaic.

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