Bad Ass Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell Brings Down The House: “Your War Is Here… You Don’t Have To Go Searching For It… Your People Are Afraid”

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    Elite Navy Seal operator Marcus Luttrel, whose courage and that of his unit are depicted in the movie Lone Survivor, delivers a rousing speech to the GOP convention in Cleveland Monday night.

    At one point Luttrel appears to get slightly perturbed with the teleprompter, to which he says “I’m so used to speaking from the heart that when I have to read this it goes wrong, so I’m just gonna go.”

    The only way we survive this is together… in order for any life to matter, we all have to matter…

    To the next generation… your war is here… you don’t have to go searching for it… your people are afraid…

    Who among you will love something more than you love yourself?

    Who among you are going to step up and take the fight to the enemy, because it’s here?

    … The world outside of our borders is a dark place… a scary place…  and America is the light.

    Watch as Luttrel brings down the house with his thoughts on America, caring for our veterans, politician accountability and what it means to be a Patriot:

    Also see: Donald’s Trump’s WWE-style GOP Entrance:


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      1. Those words were take to heart by only true patriotic Americans. The ptb and their minions just sneered behind their masks.

        • I like Marcus.

          But his team Died because they didn’t cut the throats of two enemy combatants.
          They should have killed the two that initially found their team.
          That is just war. Unpleasant but necessary.

          If you are NOT willing to cut the throat of an enemy combatant then you are unfit to be a SEAL.

          Result of their “humanity”.
          The rest of Marcus’s team DEAD. 3 SEALS Dead.
          A Helicopter full of rescuers to extract his team ALL DEAD. 30 US Soldiers Dead.
          All Dead. Largest single day loss of American Special Ops in History.
          Here is partial story–

          Some say Obama set up that Helicopter to silence those who were part of make believe Bin Laden fiasco? Who knows?

          By my count 33 good guys killed. One helicopter down.
          All because SEALs didn’t dispatch two enemy snitches.

          Sarge told me– “Destroy All of your Enemy and let God sort them out.”
          That is what we did. No movie. No fame. No fortune. You never heard of us. But we ALL made it home and Lived.

          • The deadly result of “rules of engagement”

            Live Free or Die…my rule of engagement… You shoot at me..I shoot back, fuck PC wars!

          • AH: Weren’t they following Obama “Rules of Engagement”? Obama got those 30 killed and Obama owns the blame for those 30 deaths. And if “just break the rules” is so easy….why isn’t every one of us doing it every day in every way?

            • Its like a fart in the wind when you say something about those men to someone. They do not even know what your talking about. Obama should be dead and gone long ago.

            • Because you gotta be part of the Cabal to get away with it…they do it everyday. We would be prosecuted remanded and forgotten. But don’t worry preach…the time is coming when this group of insane psychopathic mental midgets will no longer rule the day.
              They try to create a civil war but we will answer with a revolution!

              Live Free or Die…dammit!

          • Sarge told me– “Destroy All of your Enemy and let God sort them out.”

            How unoriginal…this statement has been around for 800 years or more. It was first used by the Pope’s general when the Church decided to destroy the Cathar religion in Southern France. When the Pope’s army arrived at the Cathar’s town some of the Cathars were not distinguishable from non-combatants. The general was asked “how will we tell the difference between combatant’s and non-combatant’s. The reply from the general was, “Kill them all. God will know his own”.

            • America has been at war with the same people since the ’80’s, possibly before. Col. Oliver North told Congress that Osama Bin Laden was the most dangerous man on the Earth. Al Gore, sneered at him and stated he was delusional. They attempted to take down the towers with a rented fan, which obviously failed. The “leaders”failed to take any type action for the past 30 years, now they are at the gate, and no one knows what to do.

              • The only question that matters; Is do you know what to do?
                Early Americans never waited on “the government” to tell them what to do. They protected themselves in their homes and formed community militias when external threats arose.
                Americans have previously told the government what to do, or most of the time just ignored the ignorant fools in DC.
                IMO, Arm Up, Stockpile necessities, have a skill or trade, enjoy and love your family.

          • I have crippled them and left their chances of survival with the Lord. It would have shown mercy and yet given the SEALS a better chance to escape safely.

          • War does not allow for mistakes. You must be ruthless to survive. If push comes to shove with the NWO Asshats who want to enslave US …..

            WE must be ruthless. WE must be unforgiving until the last NWO sympathizer is dead. Victory must be total if liberty is to survive and your children and grand children are to breathe free once again.

            Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice. You are responsible for the US Constitution where you live.

            The NWO can be eliminated overnight. Create a freedom Cell where you live. Select the best. Let each cell member form his/his own cell.

            If you are a Patriot, you are a member of Seal Team America. Aim small. Miss small. 🙂

            • The Evil Viciousness of “Our” Feral Gov. was on display at Waco, Ruby Ridge, the false flag at OK.City, Wounded Knee I&II.
              Ruthlessness cuts both ways. The South was much too reserved, never attacking civilians or burning towns and cities, during that War with the Ferals too.
              We need our Vet Patriots so much now, perhaps that is why the VA is finishing them off with Psych”suicide” Drugs.
              The “enemy’ is here, in open sight, infesting DC. No different than in Cicero’s time in Rome, “The Enemy Within”.

              • you forgot about 9/11, Boston, San Berdoo, Orlando, Ft. Hood and few school flags flags as well as Fast&Furious and Bengahzi! All of which were crimes allowed to happen or made to happen by our own government.

              • Genearly

                You, sir, are so right!

          • That’s how the cops regard the people–as the enemy that needs to be killed now, ask questions later. That’s also, though, how the people are starting to regard the police, the military who’ll come to take the place of the police and, the rest of government who are there to eat the people.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong, but Red Wings took place in 2005.

          • Since Bin Laden died in December of 2001, it was amazing that Obummer killed him so many years later and made sure the people who knew the truth were taken out too. The worst thing about this whole scenario is I’m not surprised!

          • What branch did you serve in? When? You’re pretty hand core, just wondering…..

        • PO’d Patriot , you are so right. Climber means well but only good , honest and patriotic people will listen.

      2. The Great man who serve America , What a great Man and Great speech

        • There’s a huge difference between one who serves America, and one who serves the Military Industrial Complex.

          Marcus and those like him, did not serve America.
          They served US/Globalist Agendas, all based on lies and deceit. We had no business being there, considering the “War On Terror” is and always has been a fictional enemy that was created by the US/Globalist pieces of shit.

          • When assholes like you talk, people hold their noses and turn away…

            • Actually FTW is quite right and only the mind fucked mental midgets think in terms of false patriotism. There is definitely a big difference and FTW hit the nail on the head ! Ponder this , the entire terror thing is based on 9/11 and we have been lied to about that event from the get go ! Everything to do with terrorism is a manipulation by unseen forces and many times our own government is a player of those manipulations ! The Iraq and Afghan wars were just more phony wars. All of the guys who were involved were simply dupes and chumps , not heros, just fools and fuel for the fire ! That is why so many are killing themselves and mentally whacked ,because they now realize they were played for chumps . Same thing happened in RVN except it was even worse !
              Been there and done that in spades and turned down a job to go to Afghan almost 5 years ago because I knew this pres was a twit and would likely get me killed and he did exactly what I thought he would do ! Anybody who willingly served under Obama is a fool.

          • America is the light? The light that brought darkness to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria …
            Brave warriors should be brave enough to stand up against people who spread chaos and violence, not be part of it. Good one FTW, even though very few people will agree with you!

          • Old soldier – after 30 years serving in the military. I have to agree with FTW. Protect our own. Serving now is serving the big corporations. Our military is great but is being used for the wrong objectives.

      3. Damn Right!!!!….when Navy Seals talk, people listen

        • That’s a fact, and FTW is going to be fubar’ed by one, if he doesn’t stfu regarding who they ‘serve’ (which is nobody).

          Since there’s little doubt you ‘have one clue’ what it’s like to BE a SEAL, explaining the stupidity of your remark is beyond your ability to comprehend.

          Better yet, just stop “judging” people. How you pass judgment on them now is going to have an effect on how you are later treated by the very same you may have ‘judged’ at a prior time, and paybacks are hell mister.

          • Equorial –

            I’m not passing judgement – I’m calling it for what it is.
            U.S. Foreign Policy [typical American business practices]

            If our country didn’t have enemies … we certainly have them now … all in the name of Foreign Policy.

            Our Military is not safe-guarding our country.
            They are creating chaos and destroying sovereign Nations, all in the name of ‘business. If you think otherwise … and think they our military is doing right in an ethical form … then so be it.

            We are fighting an “enemy”, that the US has created. You don’t seem to find a problem with that.
            I’m not looking to argue the situation … it is what it is.

            • Anyone who thinks we created muslim enemies has certainly not read US history. During the time of the founding of America, muslims were capturing American tourists in north Africa and making slaves out of them. muslims have been slaughtering Christians for 1400 years. What has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan is only a small piece of muslim history. Educate yourself before making comments which hold no water.

            • Agree on every point. But it is also obvious the seals are not even close to invinceable ? A lot of them got killed by numbskulls packing AKs !

              • No one ever said SEALS were invincible–just very highly trained to function in ANY environment, under ANY conditions. An AK-47 is a sufficiently powerful weapon to penetrate light body armor,the thick, “bullet proof” glass one finds in banks (see it on YouTube)and kill a fairly high percentage of the people shot by one.

                • You missed my points and I know full well about 7.62X39 probably far more than you do. The vast majority here no zero about war or killing or anything even close. Just words and repeating what somebody else said. Lots of people are very well trained out , but it is always the mindset that makes the final difference in conjunction with any training. Having both is the objective and paid soldiers/mercenaries rarely ever do. It should also be obvious to all that the technology we hang our hats on is not flawless either. So nothing is always as it seems ?

                  • I DID miss your points–mindset is everything in any challenging endeavor. I have no war experience of any kind–just a hobby shooter and hunter. I don’t know that I’d necessarily agree that professional “soldiers” like Luttrell lack a proper mindset, though.Just to stand up to the training and not drop out as most appear to, suggests a guy who doesn’t quit, and a guy who has confidence in his training and equipment. I’ve read his book and Chris Kyle’s and I believe there’s is an entirely different orientation to war than that of my ex-military friends who were basically average guys with no more ambition toward perfection of their skillsets while in the military than the average person–an attitude in which being “good enough” would best describe their level of motivation. You’ve got a fascinating website, by the way…

                    • Our countries misguided adventures in our military endeavors are also another of the many illusions we have all had created for us by elites and control freaks of the corporatocracy. We have all been used as taxpayers to fund their madness ! And we are still being forced to pay for many schemes most of us do NOT agree with at all . So that is a form of taxation without representation or worse ?

                      My site is very different to be sure. It is all about taking your own “Inner Journey” and seeking strength, courage, wisdom and greater understanding of yourself and this world we all live in. In a way it is about my own life story and many incredible experiences I share. The ultimate goal is to help people realize the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today and how we can side step all of them and set our self free ! I will be making many new updates as well soon. I give away far more good usable information than most and I do not try to sell a bunch of useless junk, just excellent insights and usable knowledge. Also the coconut charcoal is by far the absolute most cost effective way to get clean water bar none, as well as many other medicinal and health uses. But the mind fucked still pay far too much for something shiny and well marketed by hype ! Nothing new at all for the masses to follow like sheep and get hosed all along the way ? There are no popups or distracting adverts, just good useful info in a very pleasant atmosphere. A sort of get-a-way or shang-gra-la of clarity.

                      There is a far better way to live and think and I have actually found a sort of fountain of youth that anybody can utilize rather easily ! Just takes a bit of courage and some effort. Most Americans think that once they reach a certain age (40-50 or older) they should just give up and get fat and lazy ? Is there any wonder those people are sickly and weak in every way ? None of that is necessary at all and there is a far better way rather easily !

          • Gen. Smedley Butler was the recipient of Two Medals of Honor, and condemned the Oligarchs that sent him off to a career of wars. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to see the way we have been played to fight foreign wars. But that is in the past and only relevant for lessons learned or not.
            What matters is the Next War that will matter will be Here. The choices we make will determine if Liberty is restored or Tyranny completes it’s march.
            The Oath to the Constitution is only symbolic at best to most politicians, feral “law enforcement’ and politico-military generals.

          • Equorial
            when are you going to quit pretending the US military is there to protect us? Bush said straight out he wanted Homeland Security to protect us. The military advances corporate interests abroad… not even American interests, global mega corporation interests. And the military industrial complex. Think straight and quit threatening others who can. Most of the men in my family served, so get off your hobby horse and put away childish things.

            • The Citizen Patriots will need the guidance of our Patriot Vets.
              It’s too obvious that much of DHS and FIB will not support their Constitutional Oaths.

              Breaking News: from Michael Savage Radio Callers:
              1.There are Cuban Intelligence Operatives working the BLM Domestic Insecurity……
              (My connecting dots Comrade Obamy and Comrades Castros’ did recently have a “get together” not too different from Bubba C.’s and Loretty’s tarmac rendezvous. Reports were all public….even the surge of Cuban “refugees” coming to the USSA via Mexico.)
              2.”Retired” Langley,VA. employee said “Election will be determined by Vote Counters”.
              3. The “New”Fox News after Roger Ailes is deposed will resemble CNN. All Leftist Media in the USSA, as Rupert Murdoch’s Children take over the business.

      4. Most all of the recent past and current problems in this nation come down to the loss of manufacturing and jobs in general with the passage of nation wrecking free trade agreements. The TPP and TTIP deals will make life even worse if passed. Billary was for them, now she says she is against them. People are buying that lie. Liar liar cankles on fire. What? Now I can call her the c word but not the b word.

        • Trickle down economics works. Just ask China… the place where all our money trickled down to.

      5. The look on his face and terror in his eyes, says it all. We are in for a rough ride. God Bless America.

      6. The shameful Millennials who have done nothing but vote for pussies and behave like pussies have made the world a worse place: there is chaos and bloodshed all over. Generation X had to fight twice in the Gulf and did so with pride. They did this without all the welfare programmes and with an economy that was much worse in 1990.

        Whatever happens at the election, we need a President who will have the balls to put Millennials in uniform and make them get out there and take on radical Islam, not placate it. The very future of the world is at stake and freedom’s dying light, which is now flickering under Obama, could go out in the next year.

        • My sons will NEVER fight in your make believe wars.
          Wars that politicians and corporations start for PROFIT. Their sons NEVER serve or die

          WE will NEVER serve under a UN or NATO commander.
          Look at who is in charge of US Troops in Europe:

          “President Obama has declared a German General in charge of the US Army in Europe.

          If you thought President Obama specifically recruiting Muslims for the military and preparing “his military” by purging it were bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.

          In a move that has every US Army Veteran since World War II dropping their jaw and shaking their head, the Army Times, Stars and Stripes, and even the US Army’s Official Website have all announced Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, a German General of the Panzerbrigade 12 (same brigade from the “Battle of the Bulge” that took on US Army Forces) has now been placed in charge of US Army operations in Europe!”

          Your President Barack Hussein Obama, II, is a TRAITOR. Guilty of TREASON.

          Try to draft people and see what happens. Civil War by the millions.
          We will Not be drafted. We will not give up firearms. We will not be micro chipped by the beast collectivist.
          Piss on you DECEiVED couch sitting war monger keyboard warriors.
          We have ALL put in our time. How about you?

          None of us will EVER fight -Kill- for the state. Never again.
          We are farmers and family men. So will the grandsons be.
          We OPT OUT of ALL violence.
          We raise stock and crops. We serve Christian God.

          Enough is Enough:

          War is Shameful.

          You will NEVER draft my family into insanity of war.

          • “Try to draft people and see what happens. Civil War by the millions”

            ahh no.. Civil War is where your neighbor is shooting at you ..

            people fighting its own

            what would and SHOULD happen is Revolution .. where the people of a nation fight to replace its fucked up government

            amazing how so many people dont know the difference or mislabel their intent

            • Absolutely correct Reb!

          • Smedley Butler was right. War is a racket. USA needs a strong defense force, but is being destroyed by these foreign entanglements. Mellinials will, in great numbers, resist any draft, especially if it does not include women. Thanks, femenazis. You got your ‘equality’, now how you gonna act?

          • Agree on every point especially the part about veterans actually knowing the truth instead of couch potato fat guys talking crap they actually know nothing about except what they have been mind fucked to think falsely by propaganda !

            There is a much better way to live and think ! And we will all be forced to realize who is who in this zoo soon enough . Can’t say I didn’t give you all fair warning.

        • I don’t need a bunch of whiny free shit babies to take on Islam. I need one nuclear submarine and a pair of balls.

        • Frank Thoughts
          Your Boyz Bush and Bush baby nuked thousands of American soldiers with depleted uranium he disposed for corporate America. Thousands. Tell me about Benghazi 4 again? Bush 38 ring a bell?
          A lot of intelligent millenials don’t wants any part of those pukes.

      7. Listen well: It’s highly likely that a GO signal will be given soon to all the Jihadists, drug cartels, and militant groups (Black lives matter, nation of Islam, New black panthers, etc…) to begin targeted assassinations and civil war. This has been planned for many years; and thus the reason the borders have been left wide open and 100’s of thousands of ‘immigrants’ from 3rd world Islamic hellholes have been brought in. A civil war will result in the declaration of marshal law….and the completed takeover of America. And thus the reason they appointed (not elected) Obama. The perfect Manchurian candidate to usher in the takeover. Any opposition will be futile, as the Obama regime will have the police forces under federal jurisdiction; including the National Guard, US military…and integration for U.N. forces on American soil. All firearms will be confiscated from the civilian population. Any non-compliant civilians will be arrested and incarcerated into detention centers (already built).
        The time frame for the triggering event (Go signal) will likely be in October, or November….but certainly before the transition of power to the president elect.
        The time is short. Prepare and Pray.!!!!

      8. .

        •••••••. Make America Safe Again

        ••••••••. Veterans For Donald John Trump

        •••••••••••• We’re Gonna Win. We’re Gonna Win Big.


        • Your average German citizen also supported a strong Nationalist.
          At least initially. Everything Hitler did was “Legal” under German law.

          Trump will say anything to get into office.
          Trump will tell you what you want to hear until he is elected.
          Then he will do…….”Only God knows?”
          Whatever he wants to do. Like always.

          Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.
          Trump is not the guy I want to have hand on the football. Do you?
          Nuclear war ends civilization.
          Nuclear war is Not just another Atlantic City Taj Mahal gone broke deal.

          There are no Presidential choices. We are in real Trouble here folks.

          Obama might even have Trump “accidented”.
          Victims: Michael Hastings–Andrew Brietbart
          Obama might have the American internal war he is intentionally instigating.
          Obama has allowed foreigners across the border to cause problems and war.

          Go look at the list of deaths “accidented” by Hitlery Rotten Clinton mafia.
          But of course she is Above the Law. FBI director tied to Bank that does Cartel drug Laundering. Criminals are in charge of your government and FBI. Why else would Hitlery walk for National Security compromise? Bengahzi?

          • I am not necessarily a Trump fan, but I do know Hillary is a criminal. So I will vote for him. I cannot imagine anybody stupid enough to vote for Hillary, simple as that. Who knows he might actually straighten out a few very needed events ? But we now have 2 possibles if we actually even have an election ? Our system is seriously broken and I am not thinking Trump will solve everything or save us from every possible outcome. I just know Hillary is far worse. I actually hate politics and politicos, they are all elites of the worse kind. Control freaks !

            • I aint too worried about Hillary. Shes a sickly much hated person. How ever if her running mate is a member of the tribe. When she croakes we will have the tribe in charge. And the tribe in charge of the supreme court. So I will hold my nose & vote for trump.

      9. Marcus is from around where I live now. A few years back, after he was back from Afghanistan, he was doing some work and staying out on his Mom’s place with his service dog when 2 louts went joy riding the back country roads and shot his dog dead. Marcus chased them a pretty good ways and subdued them while waiting for the cops. One of the perps taunted him and when the cops came they told the shooters that they didn’t know who they were dealing with.

      10. Sorry but this guy got most of his team killed and others because he had a moment of conscience in a hostile environment. War is hell and hell is the absence of reason. So in a war , be unreasonable if you want to win. IMHO this dude makes good arm candy for politicos but nothing else. Kill two taliban stooges and save 33 men or keep your conscience clear by allowing these to escape and let good men die needlessly to save your sorry ass.

        • Chris45, the final decision on what to do with the young boy and the man who came upon them was up to the team leader, not Marcus. Read Marcus’ book and don’t pay attention to what was in the movie (of which a lot was left out).

          • BTW, I could never understand why Luttrell ok’d convicted felon “little Marky-Mark Walburg” to play his part. What a POS!

            • Because he still lubes up the ladies’ channels.

              Felony rap = bonus points from their point of view.

            • PO’d Patriot———-
              Everything is felony. Everything is illegal. Your closet would likely get you Felony rap if you were in another state. Maybe even in your own state?

              Bet I could run op on you for one week-Home-Computer-Work (if you work)–phone–trash diving your dumpster-vehicle track and search-see if you drive after few beers. You sir would likely get Felony charge. Like EVERYONE else here. Anything you do can be twisted into a charge and maybe conviction. Happens everyday to good people.

              Mark Whalbug was 16 at time of conviction.

              Mark has done well for himself.

              You never did anything stupid as 16 year old kid? You never hit anyone?
              Guess you are saint material then.

              The rest of us Men have acted as men and busted heads more than a few times.
              The rest of us Men likely did idiotic stunts as 16 year olds. Things we might now be embarrassed about or regret. But of course you didn’t.

              I wish Whalburg well.
              I wish Marcus well.
              I wish Trump Safety among skulduggery assassin masters Clinton –Obama– NWO
              Pray that God keeps TRUMP safe from Traitors.

          • When I have the chance to read a book written by a man who went there and did that,or see a movie based on a script written by a candyass limpwristed hollywood leftist, I just read the book. Marcus Luttrell is a real American Hero.

        • @Chris45….

          It’s obvious that you don’t have a clue about the events surrounding the operation with which Luttrell and his teammates were involved.

          Do yourself a favor, stop exposing your ignorance and take a few minutes to check youtube and watch Luttrell’s account of what actually happened, and why they had to let those goat herders go.

          Armchair tacticians who have never seen the elephant never cease to amaze me. Most of you couldn’t make it through 5 minutes of BUD/S training, let alone have the courage, resourcefulness and skills required to carry out the deadly missions that these SEALs do everyday.

      11. Yes, the war is here.. that speech was epic.


      12. … The world outside of our borders is a dark place… a scary place… and America is the light.

        Seriously? Look around you. America is not the “light”. It is full of darkness. I am reminded of the “Thousand Points of Light” speech by Bush.

        Who then went on and gave us this speech:

        All these “wars” are not about your freedom and liberty. They are about…


        Now, go read The Project For A New American Century again, and… The Pentagons New Map. Just Go0gle and read.

        Yes, it is easy for combat veterans to be sent out to search for monsters to destroy, then come back and say, “Look, the world is a scary place!” As it always has been.

        “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.” ~ John Q. Adams

        “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations…entangling alliances with none.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

        But nope. Our monsters that we have to destroy are the ones we must bring into the globalist NWO Core.

      13. Should we take up arms against the enemy of the day. That will be the day we find out what is important. I do say it will not be the size of Kim Kardashian’s ass or where the next Pokémon Go clue leads you.

        • NOTHING could ever be as huge as Kim’s blubbery, cottage cheese ass…

      14. Good article at the Daily Sheeple.

        The French people are stocking up to have a civil war.

        I about fell over with what one French politician said.

      15. As I recall the 2 country natives were sheep herders that stumbled upon the US troops in the Mountains. They were not Taliban or enemy combatants. And the facts of war is that those who are mostly killed 90% are innocent civilians. So all this BS. About US Soldiers defending our Freedoms is a hoax. Its genocide inflicted by Invaders in a country they have no business being in. So yeah the dopes that drape themselves in uniform and the US flag is another lie. They represent Fascism, Globalist Bankers and their interests, and not in the interest of 99% of Americans. So but into the BS Propaganda. US Soldiers need to wear the emblems of Exxon, Monsanto, KFC, MacDonalds and the Carlyle Group as well as Haliburton. War in the last 25 years was based on FRAUD.

        -WWTI… LIVE BY THE SWORD, DIE BY THE SWORD. Don’t let your children joins to Die for EXXon and the Walstreet Fascists. The truth will set you free.

      16. This man is what that muslim piece of shit bozo the murderer clown is so afraid of. He is petrified that there are countless veterans that think the same way as Marcus and when the flare is ignited they will become raging warriors who will fight against the tyranny that bozo brings or hitlery if she steals the election. Personally I will look for the scum that help elect the evil bitch and send them to hell for choosing evil. If our country needs a good enema then all democrats are fecal matter clogging this countries systems be it political, educational or in the media and it needs to be flushed out of the body. After all look at the demons who rule Kali California removes “Islamophobic” contents from syllabus – See more at:

      17. Luttrell was SEAL in the Bush Administration..I saw the movie should had tied them Afghanis to tree and left them there…

        • Young lady, you NEED to read his book. His team knew the risk but did NOT wish to kill unarmed non-combatants. They were Americans,and Americans don’t murder unarmed,non-combatants,regardless of the risk to themselves…

      18. @anon: When heard a French politician say that France should accept that terrorism in France is the new normal,I about fell off my couch. Then I remembered it was a French politician. I quickly recovered.

      19. I saw that movie and knew the instant they let those civilians go that they would rat out the Americans and of course you knew what the outcome would be,so did Luttrell

        but there was a possible solution to the problem that immediately occurred to me

        why not tie all those guys together and hobble and gag them
        that way they would eventually have made it back to spread the alarm but would have been SERIOUSLY delayed in doing so
        thus giving the Americans time to get out of the area

        • @Satori….

          I encourage you to go to youtube and search for Luttrell’s 2 part personal account of what happened, and why they let those guys go.

          It’s always easy to second guess what “should have been done”.

          Luttrell and his teammates were not stupid….and they most certainly understood that releasing those goat herders was going to end up biting them in the ass. BUT….those were the rules of engagement given by their superior officers…and ultimately by the idiots in D.C.

          If anyone deserves to be criticized for the decisions that resulted in the loss of Luttrell’s teammates, and ultimately those who were attempting to rescue them, it is those who write the rules of engagement……the desk-jockies in DC.

      20. Its all a staged dog and pony show. It was planned that he would dish the teleprompter and state he would speak from the heart. The Plagurism in his whifes speech also a tactic. It gets a easy on the eyes arian woman in the spotlight in direct comparision to a hard to look at dike looking pavement ape. Its a gamble that actually paid off

      21. Ok lets think about. Its apparent they released some likely harmless folks. and those folks blabbed to some dangerious folks. And that good deed was severely punished. It cost lives. So your in your remote BOl and some starving innocent stumbles upon you? What are you going to do? Give them food and make them leave? Keep them and feed them forever? And have to sleep with one eye open? Or take a hard line and end their existence?

      22. I have read a few articles in regards to this situation and seems the team was warned ahead of time cooms would suck where they were at and to go with more troops/not just a small team.

        I would like to hear from others who perhaps know a bit about this incident.

        That said,get our troops the fuck out of the mid-east,you personally care about a country/issue there then by all means go,just do not depend on the US to save your ass.Time to leave that rat fuck behind,we have NO business there.

      23. I have read a few articles in regards to this situation and seems the team was warned ahead of time comms would suck where they were at and to go with more troops/not just a small team.

        I would like to hear from others who perhaps know a bit about this incident.

        That said,get our troops the fuck out of the mid-east,you personally care about a country/issue there then by all means go,just do not depend on the US to save your ass.Time to leave that rat fuck behind,we have NO business there.

      24. those guys had a decision to make
        unfortunately they did not think it through
        they narrowed their decisions down to
        #1kill these guys and violate their orders
        #2 let them go free

        they did not look at any other alternatives
        and unfortunately they paid for their bad decision

        merely taking a few minutes to tie those guys up
        would have given them much extra time to get out of the area

      25. We once were the light, but now we bring darkness to the world.

      26. You Americans are fools.
        You venerate and worship WAR-Mongers and War combat veterans.
        You never use your small minds to try to understand that the WARS are ALL BANKER”S WARS.

        In your small mind, you know nothing about the missing $10 TRILLION (Yes, TEN TRILLION) from the Pentagon even though almost 50 million AMericans are on Food Stamps.

        MORE WAR !
        MORE WAR !

        You Americans will get what you asked for.
        Fools like high school students who never grow up.
        To say nothing about your DEBT-based currency which is Rothschild owned as is ours.

        MORE WAR right ?
        “Bad Ass Navy addressing and talking about Freedom ?”
        When will you fools learn ?
        Love your war, you fools.

        • I agree on the bankers wars and false patriotism that is part of the illusion.

      27. Excuse me for peeing on everyones parade,but aren’t Seals,Green Berets,Delta,etc supposed to operate in secret? How come every time I turn around some former Seal member is blabbering about this and that? Whatever happened to the silent service?

        • good point, gotta wonder , Hey ?

          I am NOT in any way undermining their service at all. Just pointing out some fallacies and how they themselves have been duped and now likely realizing it as evidenced by the many suicides in the last few years.

          Many still believe in the false patriotism that was based on lies and illusions. Mainly based on the lie of 9/11 that to this day we do not have the full truth of the matter ! Some lies are so incredibly big and egregious they are attempted to be hidden forever for fear of massive backlash by the elites who create them ?

      28. Until the critical mass of individual and collective consciousness of humanity finally understands that we are all equal and connected, war and suffering will prevail. Mankind is at the precipice of ending the mindset of war, greed, and corruption and we are living in exciting times. The vast majority of the world’s population has no use for war. We’re finally waking up to comprehend that all war has been for control and profit, and to perpetuate fear and submission. Let the healing begin, and let us bring ‘heaven’ back to Earth. Tally Ho!

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