Watch As Citizen Truck Driver Pulls Over Cop for Speeding and Cell Phone Use: “You Are Being Recorded”

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Headline News | 198 comments

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    Truck driver Brian Miner was hauling a load through Illinois last week when a police cruiser passed him at a high rate of speed. According to Miner, who captured the incident on his dash cam, the officer was not only going well over the 70 mile per hour posted speed limit, but was also on his cell phone, a violation of Illinois State law.

    Miner, who had his cruise control set at 65 miles per hour, took the law into his own hands and immediately begin honking his horn to signal to the officer that he needed to pull over.

    When the officer approached the vehicle he was markedly irritated by the fact that Miner confronted him about his cell phone use and the high rate of speed at which his vehicle was traveling on a wet road.

    Rather than admitting any fault initially the officer immediately began investigating potential violations that Miner may have committed, including speeding and “unlawful use of horn.”

    The interaction between the two got slightly heated before Miner advised the officer that his camera was capturing the entire conversation.

    This is what happens when the police know they are being recorded.

    Officer: You pulled me over with your horn… I don’t know what that was about.

    Miner: Because you were speeding and had your cellphone in your hand

    Officer: Police officers can actually use technology when we’re driving. We’re exempt.

    Miner: Oh, so you guys are above the law?

    Officer: How fast were you driving?

    Miner: You passed me. How fast were you driving? Are you above the speed limit as well?

    Officer: Something I want to explain to you. When you use your horn when there’s no good reason to…

    Miner: There was a good reason to. You were speeding… on a wet road. You were speeding with a cell phone in your hand.

    Officer: You’re going to get a ticket for unlawful use of horn.

    The officer then asked Miner to stay in his vehicle while he did an investigation.

    Upon his return, his attitude towards Miner had changed dramatically.

    Rather than being confrontational, he advised Miner that he wouldn’t be writing a ticket, and he even went so far as to perform an inspection that showed no red flags in an effort to make Miner “look good” for his company.

    Imagine how the scenario would have played out had Miner pulled the officer over without video evidence of the interaction. Not only would he have gotten that ticket for unlawfully using his horn, but there could have been a host of other infractions stacked on top of it.

    Despite the fact that a recent U.S. Circuit Court ruling found that average citizens with handheld cameras are within their First Amendment rights to record the activities of police officers and government agents when they are working in a public capacity, people are still being arrested for recording cops.

    But, as Miner’s video shows, the public has an interest in making a digital record of police interactions. It not only prevents gross violations of civil rights and trumped up charges, but creates a citizen-driven transparency, something that was nearly non-existent just a few years ago.

    The much touted transparency promised to Americans by the Obama Administration doesn’t require government oversight. It simply requires public oversight, as Americans with cell phones are more than happy to record, share and distribute legally recorded videos of public officials performing their duties.



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      1. Exempt, my @$$.

        • Exactly!

          It’s time that public officials are held to account. They are not exempt from OUR oversight.

          Video transparency should be a policy in every single government venue in this country. Put a camera in every Congressional office, meeting facility, police station, and regulatory agency in the United States of America and make those feeds available to the public Live.

          We’ll take care of the rest.

          • What? I worked real hard to get behind a badge and carry this big gun here, and now I have you questioning me as though I am down there on the same level as you peasants? Oh the humanity! Where is Eric Holder when you need him?

            • Admirable, but…..
              take that case a little further to the courts
              that referee such disputes and the trucker will
              get his stick-shift handed to him rectally.

              • Basic logic dictates that you either have an obligation to LET “law enforcers” have their way with you, or you have the right to STOP them, which will almost always require killing them.
                – The Fourth Amendment says you have the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.
                – What good is a “right” – if you have to allow jackboots to violate your so-called “rights”?
                To be blunt, if you have a right, you can defend that right.
                There are only two choices: you are a slave, property of the state, without any rights, or you have the right to resist “government” oppression with deadly force.
                – There is a difference between obeying for the sake of
                self-preservation, when necessary, and feeling a moral obligation to obey, which is insane.
                – “When should you shoot a cop?” The correct answer is: When evil is “legal.” – When oppression is “law,” become a “law-breaker.”

                • To tell how fast a LEO is going, you should use your cruise control; start counting when his car is even with yours. Using a steady count, count to ten, then note where he is on the asphalt. Without pausing, continue counting until your car is at that same spot. Lets say you were going 60 mph, and you count to ten, and then to six. Multiply .6 (sixty percent) times 60 mph and you get 36 mph. Add that to 60 and you know he was going 96 mph. The margin or error in this case is 6mph, because that’s what each of your counts represented. So, he was going 96mph plus or minus 6mph; between 90mph and 102 mph. You also need a cameraman recording everything if you want to win your case.

                  In WV, an “emergency vehicle must have either flashing lights or a siren going to legally go faster than the speed limit. As far as I know, the only cops convicted under this law ran over and killed innocent victims.

                  • Off the subject, but 500,000 protestors in Great Britain have been taking to the streets over Austerity measures. Also, government officials buying large supplies of water cannons in anticipation of more protests.

                    Today, on the news it said that record-breaking protests have broken out in Hong Kong and officials preparing for further protests.

                    Now, Gerald Celente (or another forcaster) said that after GB, Japan and China go down, we would follow. Its almost our turn!! but with all the suppies the US government has to curb our protests, damn, they must really be planning on something big here in the US!

                  • Old, old adage, power corrupts. It is how corrupt someone becomes is what makes or breaks the person.

                    Good policeman = Police officer.
                    OK policeman = Cop.
                    Bad policeman = Pig or slab of bacon.

                    This article is more how we should prepare for protecting ourselves against the government or any authority that wishes to exploit their power. It is about First Amendment rights and the preserving of them. It however goes a lot deeper than just this. It is also about being a decent person no matter what aspect of life you are dealing with.

                    Each one of us chooses how we treat others. It can be the wattress or waiter serving someone their meal, someone that is a clerk at a department store, or the many other points in life in which you have the control because you are the customer, client, or someone that has the authority to treat someone else as they like. It is this choice to be nice, or just fair, or a flaming asshole. Let’s all try to be as fair and just to others around us, including our own selves as mattering just as much, before Judgement Day which is coming like a tsunami.

                    Just remember how we treat others can come back when anyone of us is at the bottom of the totem pole. Whether it comes back or not, just realize that we should treat others how we want to be treated.

                  • Obama’s answer to Mass migration is to ask for more tax payer money to build more Detention Centers- CODE WORD for FEMA Camps. Just as I predicted a few articles back. Its the Federal Corporate Contractors looking for overpriced Federal building contracts paid for by tax payers, working this partnership together both get rich and maintain power. As American’s get fleeced of their liberties and wealth. follow the money folks you follow the source of the corruption. Vote here to Impeach Barry Obama.

                  • Mac Slavo says:

                    “It’s time that public officials are held to account.”

                    No Mac… it’s time we did away with “public officials.”

                    We don’t need no stinking “public officials”!!!

                  • @Beinformed

                    There are NO good police men…..only delusional police men who THINK they are good.

                    I have said it before and will say it again….you CANNOT be an awake person and still continue to be employed as a cop. And even more impossible is it to be an awake Christian and be a cop! The two are MUTUALLY exclusive of one another.

                • Guero, you make some valid points and let’s all hope a genera; confrontation between the people and LE never happens. LE will lose regardless of their high-tech gadgets because they simply don’t have the numbers. On self-defense, I have always claimed the right to self-defense regardless of what my attacker is wearing. To me, it’s irrelevant who you are. ALL I see is someone with bad intentions toward me trying to harm me and I will “act accordingly”. I don’t recognize any restrictions on self-defense as legitimate so I disregard them. If you tamper with self-defense, in my mind, that’s the same as being an accessory to murder, etc. It’s dishonorable and illegitimate. For LE’s sakes, I hope they would stop and think very carefully before doing anything stupid. I don’t feel any moral obligation to follow any policy which interferes with self-defense or even to obey any govt. agents.

                • Weel, at least Obama is taking action– “executive action” on the immigration problem which Congress refuses to act on. He plans to deport the most recent border-crossers. Not that Obummer is OK but it seems the Congress is just as corrupt as the Executive branch.

                  • Only problem is he doesn’t have the authority…Regardless of what congress does. Congress can all be sitting in a ball pit blowing snot on each other and he still wouldn’t have the authority – not without a revision to the constitution…That congress has to vote on.

                    Every executive action is a tyrannical one – taking us further from the path our fathers created.

                  • It’s just a political play to make republicans in general look bad, just before an election that democrats know they might lose. It’s just two hands fighting for the same glove.

                    It’s a GAME.

                    In the end, nothing will change but the name plates. I do hope we could relieve ourselves of Reid, Pelosi, Feinswein and the like, though…just on principle.

              • At least the cop backed down and half ass admitted being wrong. There is hope for this cop yet. He didnt pull his gun and shoot his dog or write him a phony ticket that WOULD hold up in our kangaroo court system. There is alot better examples of cops abusing thier position as a LEO than this. The fat slob texas(?) cop on You Tube that harassed the vet and his son for open carry is a better example than this cop.

                • One by one, five police officers took the witness stand at the Skokie courthouse for what would typically be a routine hearing on whether evidence in a drug case was properly obtained.
                  But in a “Perry Mason” moment rarely seen inside an actual courtroom, the inquiry took a surprising turn when the suspect’s lawyer played a police video that contradicted the sworn testimony of the five officers — three from Chicago and two from Glenview, a furious judge found.
                  Cook County Circuit Judge Catherine Haberkorn suppressed the search and arrest, leading prosecutors to dismiss charges.
                  A transcript of the March 31, 2014, hearing quoted the judge. “All officers lied on the stand today. All their testimony was a lie.”
                  All five officers were stripped of police powers.

                  • We need lots more of that from judges. Eventually, bad police will get the point or get out of law enforcement. If I was that judge, I’d be having a long pow-wow with the prosecutor, in my chambers.

            • Hard at the community collage!! Sitting next to a bunch of bored retired geezers, stoners trying not to get kicked out of mom and dads basement and dumb slutty princesses who couldn’t get into a real collage(not that there’s anything wrong with the latter, slutty princess used to be my bread and butter LOL)

          • Smokin’Okie! Was that you ‘ol boy?

            • No, wasn’t me. But dash-cam just went on my Christmas list!
              Actually, I’ve had one for a while. (a camera, not a list)
              Unfortunately, every time I try to shove a roll of 8mm film in it, it breaks. Crappy technology! Besides, I’m never near any grassy knolls when Obama is. That’s all I bought it for.

          • IL Cops Sucks. Citizens need their own dash cam for their own protection on so many levels. Yeah Big Shot on the beat. I like this Video here when a Lady Florida State Trooper Pulls over a Speeding Miami Cop over 100 Miles Per hour. Oct 11 2011. Start at about the 5 Min mark:

          • Mac you are aware that if you oppose TPTB that you can be sent to a FEMA camp. This now comes under “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” So don’t oppose Obammy or you may end up in one of those camps. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

            • Perhaps oblunder should be diagnosed with “ODD” for his consistent opposition to, and defiance of The U.S. Constitution, and other relevant laws of this land… 🙂

          • Mac, I can tell you with certainty that law enforcement is exempt from the so called “hands free” laws ONLY if and when performing “official duties”!

            A lot of agencies have made it policy that their personnel adhere to the law even though they are exempt so as not to create the atmosphere that they are better than the public.

            This trooper should have just kept going and not let his ego get the better of him!

            • Officer: Why did you honk your horn and stop me?
              Trucker: I saw you were not wearing your seat belt. You’re not above the law, you know.
              Officer: I’m exempt.
              Trucker: And you were speeding.
              Officer: I was code three. I can go as fast as I want. Besides, you got a radar gun in here? How do you know I was speeding?
              Trucker: Don’t need a radar gun. The flames from your exhaust pipe gave you away. And, why no lights or siren if you were code three? And why stop if you were really code three?
              Officer: I don’t have to run sirens on every code three. I think you’re gonna need a ticket for excessive use of chrome.
              Trucker: You can forget the ticket. This is that new-fangled low glare chrome. Otherwise known as stainless steel. And about those flames, you got a burn permit?
              Officer: I’m gonna need to see your drivers license, log book,…
              Trucker: And I’ll need to see your badge number, firearm qualification results…
              Officer: … freight manifest, medical card, insurance card…
              Trucker: Psychological profile report, donut consumption permit…
              Officer: Your truck and trailer registration, your…
              Trucker: The calibration renewal for the radar, the decibel meter report on that siren you don’t use…
              Officer: Your fingerprints, DNA sample, a breathalizer…
              Trucker: Anal probe results from the aliens, the shoe size of your oldest child, … Oh! And where’s that burn permit?!

              Cops Radio: ‘All units, a 697 in progress on route four. A Mexican standoff (without the Mexicans). Officer needs assistance. Surly truck driver with a video camera in progress. Respond code three! And don’t forget to turn on the damn siren!…’

              Truckers CB: “Breaker one-nine. Driver in distress. We need a couple dozen Pete’s and Freightliners to block every exit to route four. You know the drill boys. Hit the air brakes and open the hood. Then put out your reflectors and DON’T MOVE for the next hour!”

              • Smokin…..That was awesome….


              • “Donut consumption permit”. That’s just freakin’ awesome! May I use that in the future?

              • Good one. I’d have made him write himself a speeding ticket!

          • Hey Mac, Maybe you can report on this. Just like Bundy Ranch – More Government Land Grabs. This time: Washington’s militarized land-grabs: Targeting the Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota Link:

            Get this: Re: Oglala Sioux and Lakota Sioux of the reservation. The Congressional bill has already been written, and if passed through Congress, both tribal members and non tribal members will be stripped of their deeded land – at a price set by the federal government. If owners do not accept Washington’s offer (expected to be a meager one), the land can be acquired at no cost because the measure has waived all appraisal rights and stipulates that Washington can simply take Indian land by force under ’eminent domain’. More Gubberment Screwing and land theft of the Native Americans.

            • Is their reservation possibly seated atop the point of origin for the Oglala aquifer? If so, this sounds like much more than a land grab.

              • Six….good catch….


          • Smoking Okie: Brother you gotta maintain! You can’t be chasing every cop down the highway who is speeding,with a full load.

            There might actually be an emergency. He may be making an emergency head call because he has the runs. Two wrongs do not make a right of way! 🙂

          • AND…………………



            sorry for the caps…….

          • It’s time most of them just get shot!

          • No, it’s time they just get shot!

        • I’m surprised the truck driver didn’t get shot.

          • He might have had he been in/around Portland Oregon.

        • “You people” are morons. Who cares if he is speeding, bet you hope he speeds to your accident when some drunk idiot makes you flip your car. Or when someone trys to rape you in a dark parking lot. Cut the guy some slack, or don’t EVER call them.

          • Don’t be an idiot. He wasn’t speeding to an emergency. He was speeding because he felt he was above the law.

          • You don’t seem to get it. His emergency lights are not active…He is speeding without reason with his cell phone in his hand. The police dept are not above the law – regardless of where he’s going. To many times do I see speeding just to get past traffic – or activating the emergency lights just to pull into a parking lot. I’ve seen this kind of thing personally to many times and will refuse to give the guy slack…After all – When I’m driving 5 miles over the speed limit and get ticketed for speeding – Who’s cutting me slack?

          • When seconds count cops are hours away. The whole argument above is asinine.
            “This party’s beat, I’m outta here”

        • This is the reason that I left the Sheriff’s office where I live. I swear it is so crooked I could just scream. I spent 10 years as an officer and quit because I would not lower myself any longer to this kind of mentality. Because I was honest I was shunned.
          When you start feeling like Frank Serpico, you get out….

          • @dave

            YOU are a good man, an awake man…unlike the leo’s that shill this site

      2. 1st!

        This will end well.

      3. Nice job brother. Love the Guy Fawlks mask. [sp]

      4. Law Breaking cop doesn’t like to be called on his bull-shit…until he knows he’s being recorded.

        • I figure he talked to his supervisor, who chewed him out and told him he’d go to jail if he didn’t handle the case carefully.

      5. He is no better than anyone else. Follow the damn rules you want us to follow !!

        • Obama IGNORES our immigration laws. His words and actions have ENCOURAGED this influx at the border. Illegals KNOW this and are USING THE SYSTEM.

          VIDEO: Feds FLOOD GREYHOUND bus station with illegals.

          AGENT: Final destination ‘an American city near you’

          Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Bused Across U.S. into Cities

          “The illegal immigrants who cross as incomplete family units simply enter the U.S. illegally, turn themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol agents, are processed, and then are RELEASED with a notice to appear at a future date for court proceedings.

          U.S. taxpayers then FUND bus tickets for the illegal immigrants to go to the U.S. city of their choosing.

          Approximately 95 percent of the illegal immigrants never return as promised for court proceedings, according to Hector Garza, a Border Patrol agent and spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 2455.”

          “The majority of these people crossed the border illegally and were then dropped off here at the bus station, so they could continue to their final destination, and that destination is an American city near you,” said Garza.

          “This right here is border insecurity at its best. Our border is not patrolled, it’s not being secured… our federal government is releasing thousands and thousands of illegal aliens into our communities.”

          • Those who serve within the federal government were never given the authority over our borders. The state’s RETAINED their authority over their borders.

            US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4: “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;”

            Section 9: “The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress…”

            It is up to each STATE which LEGAL immigrants will be allowed to enter that state, and the federal government created(s)and gives the tests required to become a citizen of the USA. That is the ONLY power that those who serve within the federal government lawfully have regarding immigration.

        • Obama IGNORES our immigration laws. His words and actions have ENCOURAGED this influx at the border. Illegals KNOW this and are USING THE SYSTEM.

          VIDEO: Feds FLOOD GREYHOUND bus station with illegals.

          AGENT: Final destination ‘an American city near you’

          Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Bused Across U.S. into Cities

          “The illegal immigrants who cross as incomplete family units simply enter the U.S. illegally, turn themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol agents, are processed, and then are RELEASED with a notice to appear at a future date for court proceedings.

          U.S. taxpayers then FUND bus tickets for the illegal immigrants to go to the U.S. city of their choosing.

          Approximately 95 percent of the illegal immigrants never return as promised for court proceedings, according to Hector Garza, a Border Patrol agent and spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 2455.”

          “The majority of these people crossed the border illegally and were then dropped off here at the bus station, so they could continue to their final destination, and that destination is an American city near you,” said Garza.

          “This right here is border insecurity at its best. Our border is not patrolled, it’s not being secured… our federal government is releasing thousands and thousands of illegal aliens into our communities.”

          • Unloading disease-carrying immigrants in large U.S. cities a ‘perfect storm’ for pandemic disease outbreak

            Intentionally designed to accelerate an epidemic?

            “If you wanted to cause a disease epidemic across the United States, how would you accomplish that? You’d find a group of infected people and then transplant them to the large population centers across the country so that they could infect as many others as possible. If possible, you’d use airports to accelerate the multiplication effect of infectious disease, too.

            Remember the movie Twelve Monkeys with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt? In that film, the deadly virus that wiped out humanity was intentionally released in an international airport.

            And if you look at where these immigrants are being “dumped” across America, it’s not in rural areas with low population density. No, they are being let off the buses in some of America’s highest population-density cities like Phoenix, Houston and San Antonio.

            It’s the “perfect storm” to spread infections and disease across America and create a massive public health / humanitarian crisis that could have been easily avoided by screening these immigrants for infectious disease before releasing them (or by denying them illegal entry in the first place and requiring them to apply for LEGAL immigration like all the other immigrants who followed the rules).”


            • Pandemic will happen. I hope it happens under O’s watch and he and his buddies get the blame.

              • Sierra,
                The old adage of being careful of what you hope for might apply here.
                We all have loved ones.
                The part about B.O. being blamed sounds delicious.
                I won’t hold my breath waiting for any politicians to stand and take responsibility.
                — Miss Dee Dee

          • KY Mom,

            I’m tired of telling myself things can’t get much worse because the news keeps proving me wrong. Now I just ask myself how much worse will it get before all hell breaks loose?

            Any takers on that one?

            • don’t think it will be too long, YH. People in Great Britan are protesting in earnest now– 50,000 people– over Austerity Measures. According to what I read a year ago, after them comes Japan and then US.

              • Anon,

                I can’t say I’m looking forward to that day, but when folks finally decide to let off some steam, it’s going to be one for the record books.

                I see Obama has just ordered 300 troops and helicopters back to Iraq after telling us no troops will be sent. Why am I not surprised. All we need now is for North Korea to cross the 38th parallel and we’ll have ourselves a new World War.

            • YH,

              I agree! We certainly live in times of uncertainty, with (most) elected leaders who are either devoid of common sense or are deliberately taking measures to further weaken the country.

              Take care. Keep praying and prepping!
              KY Mom

        • Turnthekey, spot on. What’s good for the goose [we the people] is good for the gander [law enforcement]. Consider the attitude they have toward the public and the things they get brainwashed with and they wonder why the public increasingly doesn’t trust them? They’ve been brainwashed with that federal “us vs. them” mentality for a good many years now. The “old school” cops, some of which are in my family, actually believed in serving the people and cared about the public. This new breed doesn’t care about the public, period. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled repeatedly that law enforcement has no obligations to protect any citizens period. Whenever we, as individuals. face a home invasion or any other threat to our lives, we are on our own and have to handle the situation ourselves. WE HAVE TO BE OUR OWN FIRST RESPONDERS. DIALING 911 IS USELESS. WHEN IT’S SECONDS THAT REALLY COUNT, COPS ARE ALWAYS AT LEAST MINUTES AWAY. I’ll handle situations myself. I’ll dial 911 afterwards to let them know they can come clean up the mess.

          • Thx renegade. 911 is useless, but simon responds in 1600 feet per second.

      6. Good for the trucker. The elite need to be reminded they are not above the law now and again.


        • BigB, I wouldn’t call the cops “elite”. They are just their expendable minions. I’ve always said that these dirty cops will be the first to get shot when TSHTF. …and this is why. They are not respectable. I would have respected the cop as a “good one” if he’d hung his head and said, “You know, you’re absolutely right. You’re free to go.” and then shut the door and left. But, OH NO! He had to do an inspection, blah, blah, blah. Just another example of how the agents of the corporation work. Even when you win, you lose. …in this case, just a little time and frustration.

          …next time, he might not be so lucky. He better be using BAM! or some other “stream-to-internet” service, otherwise the next stop might be a beat down, drug plant, shooting incident that he won’t be able to prove because of “Cell phone? What cell phone? We didn’t find any cell phone.”

          Eventually, when things get out of hand, these kinds of bastards will just get shot on sight. They are a threat to the very fabric of what America is supposed to be.

          • With all respect NetRanger I have to disagree with you. They are the elites. They get paid way more than the average Joie, get a lot better retirement package that the average Joe. Thye kill people and dogs with impunity. They break laws such as harrasment, coercement, lying under oath. They work doing what the man ask’s of them to do to keep us, the masses, under thier control. They enforce laws such as seat belt, motorcyle helmet laws all passed by insurance company looyists.

            What are they if the are not the elite? You are not able to live te life they do, are you?


            • LOL, sorry spell checker was turned off.


            • You have a point BigB. I look at it this way. Law enforcement THINKS they are the “elite”, but they are only the enforcers of elite’s “laws”. They will get thrown under the bus when things break down and they will have neither support from the elite nor support from the common man…

              They will be truly fucked.

              • We can only hope. And I am talking about the bad ones, not the norm from what I know. But you know what they say, “you are who you associate with”.


              • My point, exactly. Unfortunately, they will have nowhere to turn. The true elites will throw them under the bus like worthless garbage and the people will shoot them on site.

                But, regardless, JRS, BigB, we are splitting hairs. Suffice it to say that cops have an elitist attitude.

                To all of us they might as well be elites even though they’re not smart or clever enough.

                I didn’t intend to start an argument but rather to point out that the elite don’t give two farts if these bastards in blue live or die. I know we have a few LEOs that frequent this area, but they are the exception. You know like “way exception” exception. The ones we usually deal with on the street are the sheople cops that don’t even understand that they are violating their oaths (probably) on a daily basis.

            • Oh, no, I agree they get the benefits of the elites. I’m not arguing that. They get many elite advantages. you are absolutely correct.

              What I mean is that, while the elite may attempt to make them feel like “part of the club”, they really are not. They elite see them as nothing but dogs to sick on the sheep. If the sheep turn around and start slaughtering them, do you think the elites will have remorse?

              Secondly, the elites are smart, clever and immoral. The police aren’t smart or they would have figured out long ago that they are simply tools for those who have big money and power. They would have figured out that they are violating their oaths daily and they would have stopped. This is why they will not hire you these days if you “fail” the intelligence test. To fail their test, you have to score as being more intelligent.

              This is the point I was trying to make. They are, to coin a term, pseudo-elites.

              I would argue, however, that you are wrong on the salary part. At least in my part of the world (midwest) the cops are pretty under payed. At least, 10 years ago, they were kind of law on the pay scale. I suppose thats more now but I can’t imagine it being much more. At that time it wasn’t much. Could have changed. Can you back up your “paid more than the average joe” statement? Links? (…I’d even just take your word if you really have/had evidence of it.)

              Who needs a spell checker? Just type, I know what you mean.

            • AND they make the whole rotten, corrupt system possible, BIGB!! If there were no cops, we would be FREE.

          • NetRanger, I have to agree with you, although BigB did make one valid point about some not being respectable, but that’s only the new breed brainwashed with all of the federal garbage. There are still a lot of good cops out here, like Sgt. Dale, who don’t accept the federal crap and will stand with us when the time comes. Sgt. Dale, where for art thou? We need your words of wisdom of this subject.

            • I agree with you Braveheart, lots more good cops than bad. If the police forces were as overall bad as some like to make out there would be no law and order at all. And FWIW I also agree, based on his writings here, Sgt Dale is on the right side.


      7. Unlawful use of horn ……..LMAO…Just like “obstruction”. They just make this shit up. Lying pigs.

        • Color of law is easy to make up.

          Hmmm. Let see. Oh! I’m going to ticket YOU for using the phrase “Lying pigs.” This is an illegal use of a derogatory phrase.

          When you understand that the government is not a government but a corporation, my statement above becomes just as credible as any of theirs. …well, except I didn’t get a bunch of overpaid liars with bogus degrees and fancy suits to sign a document that says the use of a derogatory phrase can, when used inappropriately, be punished by a fine.

          All of this bullshit being forced upon us is color of law schemes to control you and take your money.

          It doesn’t create a safe environment. It only creates a dangerous class of elites that can sidestep it and/or buy their way out. And when the people complain, they stir up the new media to show how the illegal use of derogatory phrases leads to drug use, murder and rape. So, then, you BEG THEM to make more color of law rules to keep that big, bad derogatory phrase demon in check. But, the even bigger picture is that in this way they can take the law, real law, and treat it like their color of law bullshit rules and, then, the law is the law and you see people getting away with certain color of law crimes (speeding, blowing horns, derogatory phrase use) and then others getting away with true violations of the (real) law (theft, murder, destruction) and you think it is all the same.

          They are brainwashing all of you to believe their color of law rules as if they were actually law so, in the end, they can legally murder you. Now, they legally steal from you and kidnap you (with a little murder, here and there). Next, they’ll steal your guns and when they get that done, they’ll start the democide. In my state’s constitution they go as far as to say that they will be calling codes, statutes and regulation law. It doesn’t matter if you call a skunk a cow, its a skunk. But, if you get a bunch of people ignorant enough about skunks and cows and you threaten them with the use of violence if they try to argue with you about the difference and you get enough people in expensive suits with bogus degrees to sign documents saying skunks are cows, you’ll win. They state has done it.

          People don’t want to fight the system. They just want to live a peaceful life. But, the state keeps growing. Soon, it won’t be possible to live a peaceful life. When they start taking the guns, they’ll find that the color of law rubber band has snapped and hit them right in the eye.

          I wish it were not this way. I wish we could peacefully roll it back. But, we cannot. The tyranny cat is out of the bag and there is only one way he’s going back in.

          I’ve put multiple cats in a bag. They have never fought me, either. I’ll let you figure it out.

          The state will push until 4th generation warfare is inevitable. What is happening is all on them. Just let them keep pushing. Sooner is better. The more they push, the more people awaken.

          …and, no, it is never too little, too late.

          • Net Ranger, you are one salutable guy! I say that because there are no Article Three Courts left, because of the FRAUDULENT bankruptcy of 1930, only the “law of the sea” as represented by the Article one courts, Admiralty Jurisdiction, valid in this bedeviled country! Common Law, no longer exist’s, only the arbitrary decisions of those POS’s under Article One represent what is today called, LAW and it is a total FRAUD! The politicians know they have only to agree on a position and it becomes LAW! Makes these small SONSOFBITCHES feel ever so important!!! AWAKEN Americans and know where your duties lie!!!

          • NetRanger, excellent post. I never recognized the concept of ‘color of law’ and never will. The ‘tyranny cat’ as you call it will have to be shot. Problem solved.

          • *Color of Law n. – the appearance of an act being performed based upon legal right or enforcement of statute, when in reality no such right exists. A good example is found in the civil rights acts which penalize law enforcement officers for violating civil rights.

            • Sebastion T. excellent point about the civil rights acts. That’s one reason there is so much black crime in this country today and that’s the truth. OK, come on red thumbs. I’m not afraid to speak the truth. There is also a study published by the US Dept. of Justice every year by their Bureau of Justice Statistics which points to black males being more likely than other groups of people to commit serious and violent crimes, mostly against other black people. Only a small percentage of their victims are other ethnic groups.

      8. Hah, his passenger is Guy Fawkes

        • There are no passengers, only “guests.”

      9. Love the V for Vendettta mask. I think thats why the officer was soooo nice to him.

      10. He can’t remember his phone in his right hand ? Aren’t these oinkers trained to remember details of crimes ? Lie, lie, lie…..Protect and serve my ass. I’ll serve him. A damn hollow point.

      11. Not a good idea to try that. The police often use the phone to communicate with their dispatcher. Especially when there is heavy radio traffic. There are legitimate reasons for that. However, I do understand citizen anger over police actions sometimes.

        • So, its legal for them to use their phone if they are talking with dispatch?

          Hmmm. Kind of proves some of the points I’ve been making. Talking on your cell phone never was a crime and never will be. But, the state needs the ticket money! Yet, the fake government spews safety issues. What a bunch of lying facades! Fake government. Fake police trying to full the shoes of a peace officer.

          Its all fake and lies. Is there anything honest that government does? Anything?

          Oh! Its that time again! Its time to recount what government does. You do remember the three main functions of government, right?

          1. Lie
          2. Steal
          3. Murder

          No, really. Its all they do. ALL THEY DO! If you can come up with an activity where the government hasn’t done one of these three things to get something done, please let me know. I’ve been asking for input for months and nobody seems to be able to do it.

          Oh, and remember, in the overwhelming majority of accomplishments, government does at least two of the three activities. In the case of the trucker above, the cop was attempting to lie and to steal. With very, very few exceptions, all traffic tickets involve lie and steal.

          So, you get stopped on the road by an agent of a “government” (its actually a corporation, your government is abandoned) that only lies, steals and murders for everything they do. How is it again that we are supposed to respect these SOBs? Guess you can’t.

          • And until folks wake up and understand that we are ruled by a corporation we wont get out of this mess…well articulated Netranger 🙂 REB

          • They can talk on the microphone legally while driving. Hell, I can eat donuts and talk on the phone while driving. All the time looking for someone to beat with my night stick. Screw that pussy taser, I want to beat some one.

          • I guess some of us cops are just damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
            We have a portable and in car radio that we have to talk on constantly. How is that any different than a cell phone. Do you expect law enforcement to pull over every time they get a call on the radio?
            I also believe the cell phone while driving law is complete bullshit as is the seatbelt law(excluding children). As an adult if you don’t understand the consequences of your actions these dickhead Feds shouldn’t make a law to penalize someone for making a personal choice.
            I don’t wear my seatbelt cuz of all the shiny shit that gets yanked off when seatbelt gets unbuckled. Not to mention they are already tight as a coffin with all the stupid shit that’s in them.
            Personally I don’t mind the cameras, it’s entertaining when I go to IA/court and watch people crawfish once they are called out for lying.

            You all talk about the media and how they are the voice of the evil left yet, you choose to believe everything you see on tv and read about police as the rule rather than the exception to the rule.

            You are putting far too much effort on hating local pd. when shtf they won’t be standing across from you. They will most likely be right next to you.

            • F you pig!

            • F you pig!

      12. he got busted on more than a few lies

        no way he could have done a truck inspection in that amount of time, 18 wheels tires slack adjusters etc,… Smoken?

        and its documented on paper and on film

        he also backed off when he realized he was on tape..

        and I really wonder if he was a Diesel Bear or not, seems he didnt know how to read the electronic log book either

        stick to what you know boys

        • here are my comments on From the trenches WWR

          Tom says:
          June 30, 2014 at 3:37 am
          boy did he change his tune when he realized the trucker had evidence of everything he was doing illegal
          he knew that if called into court over a bogus ticket that it would have been exposed, so he backed right out of all his BS
          Tom says:
          June 30, 2014 at 4:44 am
          Here is another lie the cop told and its on tape and on evidence and should be submitted to the cops boss.

          The “officer” ( and i use that term lightly) said he did a complete “Safety Inspection” on the vehicle and even was stupid enough to write it all down..There is no way he could have done a full safety inspection of that truck in the time on that video..
          There are multiple items of inspection, and multiple different areas that he would have had to look at..,ie 18 wheels and tires for condition and tread depth, Brake slack adjusters,amount of brake lining on brake shoes , air system bleed down test, steering components and if any have excessive play, correct color of diesel fuel ( so as to be sure he wasn’t running “Off Road diesel” in that truck, 5th wheel condition and pin on trailer ..i could go on and on..i think you get my point
          Also In my state every year My trucks have to be inspected and tagged as such , so if that were current , there wouldn’t be any need for a road side inspection..And to further add was that cop even a Motor Carrier cop? , I doubt His knowledge of even what he was looking at when it came to doing a Bogus “Inspection” is suspect

          I’d push the issue because this cop is just trying to pad his resume and with complete bullcrap

          I also want to make it known , I have seen in the past few months every state cop road side pull over of passenger cars has turned into a search of the vehicle ,,and im sure they are not getting warrants for any of them. They just intimidate the driver into allowing it

          • PA. now says they don’t need one.

            “Police State”

            • But in Texas and Indiana, citizens have killed cops who were invading their houses, and not been charged. They weren’t black, of course.

        • F you pig!

          • Wrong spot for above post to Tom, sorry Tom….this site is acting screwy today?

      13. I give props to the trucker. The trucker stuck to his guns and was able to prove his point. The cop, though unwilling at first, came around and agreed that he might have been speeding and should not have had a phone in his hand. Granted, it took the trucker a bit of work to humble the cop, but in my opinion, the cop was humbled. 🙂 EXCELLENT job, good citizen!

      14. Im putting the biggest camera in my pick up truck and a sign on the back window that says “every thing you say or do will be recorded”

        Big man was Owned!

        • The law on cell phone use as it is written in most states does allow police, tow truck operators and transit to use a phone. No law allows the cocky attitude of any police or any public service employee,they forget the work for us we pay their wages. No profession is above the law.

          • Um yep
            not sure why this was directed to me but

            In Unsafe conditions wet road and speeding and I bet it could be proved he was NOT speaking to any superior ..unless you count his ‘ol lady reading him her grocery list as his superior ..LOL

            NO one is above the law ..that Rule of Law includes everyone period!
            In that state it is illegal to even use the cell phone to talk on ..unless its hands free
            so he broke Two laws One the cell phone use , 2 his speed in unsafe conditions

            3 if you count his Bullshit inspection report
            I say cuff him and stuff him

            • Yep, when entering Illinois on the Interstates there are signs stating that only hands free use of cell phones is legal. I’m about 7 miles from the border of that communist state.

      15. Good job, should have asked him for his cell phone and videoed the call history.

      16. This is the funniest shit I have seen all day. Trucker had balls and busted this pig good.

      17. Viewed a kid smoking pot in the lane next to me at a stop light get passed by a cop texting while driving the opposite direction about a week ago.

        WA State

        • Wonder if the kid had the medical maryjane license? Not that that makes what he did legal.

          • Still operating under the influence, even with pot legal now in WA

            • What many people don’t know is if you get a medical marijuana license you automatically are a “Prohibited Person” when it comes to firearms and ammunition. I think that is why Obunghole doesn’t stop the medical marijuana users so he can have them put in prison for possessing firearms or ammunition which would be a federal felony.

      18. Man, that took some giant cojones. A round of applause goes to that trucker for putting that trooper on notice! Well done.

        • That was my first thought too. Excellent job. That cop sure changed his tune in a hurry. oink oink :O

          • Absolutely! If a hostile person suddenly changes their tune after learning their actions are being scrutinized, there is no greater proof that said person is a criminal with criminal intent. I’m thinking about installing a security camera in my car for that very reason..

        • I wonder what the trooper thought when/if he saw the Guy Fawkes mask in the cab?

          • Addendum: AND THEN knew he was being recorded….

            • Feisty Old Broad,

              I’d be willing to bet he got a very warm sensation in the seat of his pants as he suddenly discovered that the entire world was about to see and hear his B.S.

              Oh yes, I’d be willing to bet he found religion, and quickly.

      19. Try that in Los Angeles.

        “A host of other infractions” would rapidly include a taser and a nightstick up your a&%.

      20. Stone Cold Proof That Government Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated

        “The Economist retells a conversation with Stephen Roach, who in the 1970s worked for the Federal Reserve under Chairman Arthur Burns. Roach remembers that when oil prices surged around 1973, Burns asked Federal Reserve Board economists to strip those prices out of the CPI “to get a less distorted measure.

        When food prices then rose sharply, they stripped those out too—followed by used cars, children’s toys, jewellery, housing and so on, until around half of the CPI basket was excluded because it was supposedly ‘distorted'” by forces outside the control of the central bank.”

        “Right now, the Federal Reserve tells us that the inflation rate is sitting at about 2 percent.
        But according to John Williams, if the inflation rate was calculated the same way that it was in 1990 it would be nearly 6 percent.
        And if the inflation rate was calculated the same way that it was in 1980 it would be nearly 10 percent.”

        “The Federal Reserve would have us believe that the unemployment rate in the U.S. has fallen from a peak of 10.0 percent during the recession all the way down to 6.3 percent now.
        But according to, the broadest measure of unemployment is well over 20 percent and has kept rising since the end of the last recession.”

      21. Having a few years of LEO experience I would never say that to a citizen in that I/LE had special privileges. This officers position, plus he has rank, could be in jeopardy in my opinion.

        I do know communications/dispatch will call an officer on his/her cellphone while driving and will also give complainants/victims the cell number.

        Unfortunately, we have officers who would write their own mother a traffic citation…….and then expect her to fix them breakfast.

        I think the truck driver would have been better served to have taken the patrol vehicle ID number which is sometimes on the bumper. Like sometimes you see an oddly placed number on the vehicle like 10, 21,etc… or license plate and time and date.
        Shift supervisors know what vehicles officers are driving.
        Called the communication center and ask for the shift supervisor to call you and meet with show him the evidence and bring that officer to the scene and have a Come to Jesus Meeting.

        Damn………He sounds like an Obama supporter.

        The police in my city are starting to wear video cameras on their protective vest, recording all conversations.

        This is going to get out of hand….Too much distrust.
        Not intended to be this way…the distrust between the public and justice personnel…..

        Just my opinion…….

        • just remember who broke the trust

        • watching and waiting,

          The distrust chasm will only continue to grow and accelerate. History has shown there is only one remedy for this stand-off, and it is never peaceful. The People see the militarization of the police and will continue to respond in kind out of a sense of self preservation. Police and their political masters will never cede their ill-gotten power.

          Eventually the People will be forced to choose between dangerous freedom and not-so-peaceful slavery. It’s not coming, it’s already upon us.

          • “The distrust chasm will only continue to grow and accelerate. History has shown there is only one remedy for this stand-off, and it is never peaceful”

            thats their plan, and the cops are falling for it.. hook line and sinker

            • VRF,

              >>”thats their plan, and the cops are falling for it…”<<

              IMO, human nature is rearing it's ugly head once more. The police have bought into their false elite status believing that they are the "chosen one's". Whether they know it, like it, or not, police are disposable tools of the state; and when their usefulness has come to an end they will be thrown under the bus along with the rest of us.

              • And thats a fact Jack!

        • Watching and waiting, I’m also disturbed by the increasing lack of trust between the people and LE. You make some valid points. I’m afraid such a situation will get out of hand with some isolated incident and lead to people on both sides getting killed. It’s going to reach a point where someone will NOT accept any abuse of authority and if a rogue cop touches someone there will be a fight and it could lead to a tragedy. I wish such a scenario could be prevented but I’m afraid it will happen to someone somewhere and soon.

          • Well Said……..

          • yes it will renegade but my thinking is Police need to drop it down a notch. They are way too abusive and power trippin bastards sometimes. In NY good try getting out of a ticket, you take it to court even if you were in the right and the courts will drop it or try to make a deal for something else. I had a incident in a government car and there were cones saying get over no prior warning signs two lanes into one, I was in the slow lane and a semi in the fast, as soon as I saw the cones I speed up to get into left lane and by that time started at 58 in a 55 and was going about 67 to pass. Sure shit around the corner there was a NY state trooper with his gun standing there in a perfect trap “setup”. The fucker was about 200 yards ahead and hit his light. I pulled up to him he didnt even have to move. Asked for license and asked what agency the vehicle was registered to and said DOD. He said to me be right back. Came back with a ticket for speeding and tried to explain and he didn’t listen. Walked away and I was fucking purple with anger. Showed up to court and he was not there. Had perfect driving record for last 5 years. They dropped the speeding in a construction zone and over to a illegal parked car which came out to be a 125 dollar ticket. This is extortion. After I left from the speeding ticket, I pulled over and threw every single box and everything that I could all over the road to make the biggest mess I could. Nothing to hurt other cars but In a post collapse I will not pull over and I will be the one that walks away guarantee.

          • I don’t trust any government person, not one. I don’t talk to them and I never answer their questions. These are sad times when the police who should be our friends are more likely to kill us/injure us/imprison us than any other criminals out there. More Americans have been killed by police in the U.S. since 911 than all the Americans killed in the Iraq war. That should send chills up our spines.

        • I say “Bring on the cameras!” A video is worth a thousand words.

          If you look up dash cams. You’d be surprised at how inexpensive they have become.

          Vidoes keep the damn cops honest.

      22. A friend of mind the other day said that he saw a state cop go blowing by him at a high rate of speed near Annapolis MD.
        He followed him at a safe speed limit and saw him go into a parking lot near a sporting goods store in a pair of shorts and t-shirt.
        wow he reported it to the state police.

        • Let us know if your friend gets a ticket from a vindictive state cop….

      23. in other economic news…

        Argentina Must Pay $539 Million Today – Default Imminent

        “Today is the day that Paul Singer and his Elliot Capital Management team have been waiting for. Thanks to SCOTUS’ decision, as Bloomberg reports, Argentina is poised to miss a bond payment today, putting the country on the brink of its second default in 13 years, after a U.S. court blocked the cash from being distributed until the government settles with creditors from the previous debt debacle.

        The decade-long battle between Argentina and holdout creditors from the country’s $95 billion default in 2001 is coming to a head as the judge’s decision “closes Argentina’s options to finally force it to negotiate,” and “should now stop using these delay tactics and get serious.”

        Note: Argentina “has a 30-day grace period after missing the $539 million debt payment to seek an accord with a group of defaulted bondholders…”

      24. Obama To Overrule Supreme Court? President Considers “Mitigating” Obamacare Ruling

        “Having had his omnipotence chipped away at last week, President Obama has – seemingly – been pushed too far by the Supreme Court’s decision on contraception and Obamacare this morning: The White House stated…


        Totalitarian? You decide… One wonders if the phrase “do you know who I am?” was uttered this morning?”

        • It simply amazes me how rabid these pro abortionist people are about abortion. They practically foam at the mouth.

          • Too bad they can’t self abort themselves. That would solve a lot of problems!

      25. Well! Isn’t that just interesting! Apparently over the weekend my city reprogrammed all the stop lights. I’ve been driving for just over 35 years. I know EXACTLY how far I can be from a yellow light and make it through without violating the color of law statute.

        Well, guess what? The yellow light used to be 5 seconds. Not anymore! They are now 3 seconds. Guess the ATL’s (Above The Law) need more ticket money. Push, push, push!

        • Had that happen in my state to the lights that had a camera posted at it, all others were like 5 seconds, the ones with the cameras 3 seconds, people been in court over it ..obviously losing , because its not about what you did its about the green in your pocket.
          now its getting to the point where its too costly to leave home.

          • AAA released a report that short yellows actually increases traffic accidents and is a hazard. I think a court in one state ruled it fraud, because the only short yellows were on ticket camera lights

            • People tend to slam on their brakes and cause rear end collisions.

          • Ignore the cameras….it is only valid in a civil manner, not criminally…they can do nothing but harass you with letters and phone calls.

      26. President Obama To Dictate His New ‘Executive Action’ On Immigration Reform – Live Feed

        “It’s been a busy day for President Obama and he needs a win… a bright shiny PR moment, surrounded with immigrant children explaining how he is the Pied Piper that will save them all from the despotic servitude they come from. In an unplanned press conference President Obama will address his immigration reform at 1450ET through executive action.

        No lesser man than Cantor-buster Dave Brat opined that the President’s policies “sound nice”, like “the Kids’ Act, the DREAM Act, the ENLIST Act,” but did little to address the growing influx of children. “The reason we have those thousands crossing the border is because of poor policy in the first place,” Brat added. We are sure Obama disagrees – besides, this has to be good for GDP, right? – The Broken Border”

      27. Awesome Mr. Miner! One Bad Ass Truck Driver!

        We have dash cams in all our vehicles and this is one of the reasons why. The ones we have record front and back video with audio as well as GPS that shows speed and route on Google Maps. The cameras record on a “loop” so you never have to mess with them. The 32 gig micro SD card is good for over ten hours of continuous recording before it overwrites the previous files. You can also press a button on the dash cam to “lock” the file so it cannot be overwritten by the dash cam. All of this including a class 10 32 gig micro SD card for under $100 delivered. That is very inexpensive insurance in my book. Amazon has a huge selection and many are as low as $18. We have the BoomYours and it works fine. Protect yourselves people!

      28. Sounds like a lot of these cops need some added training. In our county they have sent out cops under cover to see how these guys are doing their job…sort of like mystery shoppers in retail stores. Just treat everybody the same and do the same and a cop shouldn’t have a problem. The bad cops get weeded out over time.

        • “The bad cops get weeded out over time.”
          that takes too long, and while they are “weeding” out the bad ones ,.. more bad ones are hired.


          • Bad cops get promoted. The good cops get fed up with all the shit and leave.

            • We must work for the same department!

              • F you IA pig

            • you can thank the unions Burt

          • most of the real bad ones are veterans home from the bankster wars and feel they are still in a war….we are their enemies.

      29. With this Video, the Trucker just saved 15% on his truck insurance. lol

      30. The good cop does not exist. The best cop you’re gonna get would be one that clocks in and then goes to sleep in his cruiser for the whole shift.

        Even then, he’s stealing taxpayer money to sleep.

        • JRS, uh, I have to respectfully disagree with you only to a point. There are still some good cops out here, just not as many as I would like to see. The ones to really watch out for are the drug cops and SWAT personnel. They are the worst. Sgt. Dale, where are you? We need your perspective on this.

          • Well, braveheart, that’s fine if you wish to give up your liberties for so-called “protection and security” by the King’s Agents. I don’t.

            I would rather be a free man and attend to my own protection.

            • JRS, I understand your sentiments but there are still good cops and military personnel who will stand with us, not against us. I’m against the bad ones just as much as you are and will not submit to them any more than you would. I’m not giving up my rights either and will do my part to take back this nation. I’m handling my own protection as well. I would still be willing to stand with you. I know you mean well.

          • Wake the F up RB

        • I agree JRS. If there were any good cops, they would be busting the skulls of the bad ones. Sad that it takes a trucker to police the police.

          • You got it exactly correct….they would stop the bad ones. Actually you cannot stay employed as a cop if you were truly awake. Because there would be NO tickets given

      31. I’m going to come to the cops defense on this one.

        Every job has it’s perks. The trucker gets to look down into cars and see more leg than the average driver, the trucker will get contents from broken freight boxes……..a machinist will use the company’s machinery to make something for himself, a contractor get’s free lumber and concrete, etc. A cop speeding and being on a cell phone, to me it’s no big deal, just a job perk.

        That trucker may have more balls than brains though, the cop belongs to a brotherhood.

        The trucker flashed and honked at the cop, the cop stopped to see what the trucker wanted, it could have been an emergency and I would bet that’s why the cop stopped. I hope this cop continues to stop whenever a civilian tries to get his attention. The civilian could have just witnessed something terrible that requires a cop.

        • A perk of the job is perfectly fine when it is not against the law. Do ADT employees get to freely break into homes? No I think not. Have your free doughnuts and drive your squad car home. But you will follow all the same laws the rest of us do.

        • Commonsense comments there Rick.


        • Cops/LEO’s/Pigs equal LOW IQ as a preferential “get hired” requirement. When TSHTF/WROL ensues, YOU ignorant idiots will become “kill on sight” targets of opportunity.

          NO ONE will show mercy. Because EVERYONE knows who/what/and where you are! ;)!

      32. Hahaha the gestapo doesn’t like a taste of their own medicine.


        • Maybe try English and with caps lock off?

        • Your caps key is stuck. Try again.

        • Your caps key is stuck. Try again.

      34. >>” A cop speeding and being on a cell phone, to me it’s no big deal, just a job perk.”<<

        A job perk? When the cop is recklessly speeding down a wet highway while talking on a cellphone, loses control and hits a car filled with kids. I'm sure the grieving victims' family will feel better knowing that the cop was just using his job perk.

        Barring a life or death situation, no one is exempt from the law.

        • Drama, I’ll drama you back.

          A driver sees your child being kidnapped and tries to flag down a cop but the cop has already been punked and put up on u-tube and is the laughing stock of station so he decides to go on his way, your child is found dead a month later and other children are reported missing.

          • The disgraced cop in your piece of fiction should have been fired from the force a long time ago, and another honest law abiding officer with a conscience would have stopped to investigate and prevented the abductions. If corrupt cops can take photos and video of us, then we can video them.

            Power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

          • Were already on our own , or didn’t you see the chalk lines?

            When do they show up..AFTER

            what do they do..Harass the survivors, and make accusations on the ones suffering

            what do you think we have the second amendment for? ..because a cop is too heavy to carry, and will show up late ( not entirely their fault , you gotta look out for your own)

            Do your own work and kill the dam rapist, murders, abductors , etc.. and the world will experience a lot less recidivism, Ie..job security for the Judges, cops , prosecutors ,, just think if we took action they would also experience lack of work like the rest of us
            Join the party pals!

      35. Cop sings 2 tunes, abusive arrogance or hand caught in the cookie jar ignorance. I wonder if he dances too? Maybe the sidestepping shuffle? Back-stepping Foxtrot? Or maybe just a little Humble-pie Hoedown…

        • Satori, I must assume your past experience with “COPS” has been as unforgettable as mine.

          ANYONE, BADGE OR OTHERWISE, breaking into my “castle” will be met by “high ballistic precious metals”.

          When the “worm turns”, THEY better lose those badges and move somewhere incognito!

      36. You really have to laugh at that. “How dare you call me out – I’m a police officer – YES I AM ABOVE THE LAW…Oh wait you’re recording…Well here’s a flawless inspection for your troubles.” Boast when think you can get away with it and kiss ass when you’re busted. Hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic.

      37. Good for trucker,have cars/home ect. wired,even info transported over web immediately if necc.OK,the Sawyer little water system is in,the lightweight packing/bag model,will test in river nearby and report results,hopefully not from bathroom!Works out will then hit a few different streams,am making sure no industry ect.nearby that would pollute with chemicals/heavy metals to best of ability,will say love heavy metal though!

        • Warchild;
          Sawyer filters are the best, IMO. Can’t go wrong with them.

          I have the 4L and it is awesome.

      38. Despite all the panning of this policeman on this site, the policeman DID seem to be relatively reasonable, and when “busted,” he did not go on a power trip and double down as some might have. I also have a neighbor and good friend who is a just retired state trooper, and I can tell you he is a strong Constitutionalist, strongly in support of limited government as the founders envisaged, etc. IMHO, folks, while this was an issue, save your vitriol for the really egregious stuff. The trucker also handled himself very, very well – he was respectful of both the trooper, as WELL as his own rights and the truth.

      39. interesting

        I know that this is not related to the subject but do you know that they are sending more troops ( Advisers ) to Iraq

        Which will bump it up to 800 troops

        mmmmmm? Viet Nam ????????????

      40. Did y’all know that the Government made your cell phone carriers install the software technology to turn OFF your recording/taping with your phones whenever they so choose?

        Yes Ma’am, and yes Sir!

        And they would have turned off Abraham Zapruder’s 8mm camera on 11/22/63 if they could have.

        What they did instead was doctor the film to try to hide the truth [check out the relevant articles at Prof. Jim Fetzer’s site:].

        In fact, there are maybe less than half a dozen uncut/unedited Zapruder films in existence, NONE of which are on YouTube.

        The uncut/unedited film, shows, among other things, that the limo driver almost missed the turn onto Elm Street and had to swing real wide to make it, but you won’t see that in the edited version (this according to a young journalist who a few years ago was permitted by a friendly foreign intelligence service to watch the unedited film).

        Matter of fact, on 11/22/63 “the government” seized the films made opposite the side of the street Mr. Zapruder was on and to this day those films have never seen the light of day.

        Because if they had been shown, they would have exposed the Warren Commission’s report for what it is: lies upon lies upon lies.

        Mr. Kennedy put forth an Executive Order #11110 that would have restored the money-making authority back to the U.S. Government, and NOT to the PRIVATELY-owned entity who call themselves “The Federal Reserve” (ain’t nothing Federal about them), and for that and the Exec. Order requiring ALL military advisors OUT of Vietnam, he was shot down like a dog. (Shortly after his murder, LBJ rescinded those two Executive Orders and instead, history got changed another way– into mayhem, death, destruction, and more.)

        My point?

        Do NOT get rid of your OLD recording technology.

        Because it might be the only thing that “works” or “records” when the crap hits the fan and you are a witness. [And don’t surrender your film to ANYONE!]

        Like your GPS navigational systems, cell phones are “Trackers” and there just might come a day when we take a sledgehammer and WHACK the darn things!

        Lastly, I just got done watching one of my favorite films a few days ago, “Enemy of the State” with the great Gene Hackman. After all these years it STILL holds up.

        Then I realized who REALLY is the enemy of the state: it is the STATE ITSELF!

        – the Lone Ranger

        “The Enemy of the State is the State itself!” – the L.R.

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “Tell the truth and shame the devil!” – Shakespeare in Henry the IV



        As you know, you and other commentors replied to a slanderous post claiming that Toronto District School Board teacher Vivian Mavrou was responsible for improper conduct with minor students. THAT ALLEGATION IS COMPLETELY FALSE. To make it perfectly clear, Vivian Mavrou nor Gordana Stefulic sexually harassed their students at the TDSB.

        Nevertheless, you and your blog continued to make these false claims about Mavrou and Stefulic.

        I contend that your insured is liable for defamation. Your blog post was a false statement of fact that you negligently or even intentionally published on the internet.

        If Vivian Mavrou and Stefulic sues you in trial, they will win. Your rights under the Constitution are null and void due to the seriousness of misogyny.

        Female teachers will not stand by and allow this misconduct to continue.In defense of Vivian Mavrou and Gordana Stefulic we hereby that demand you:

        1) Retract the blog post about the TDSB and remove all comments
        2) Arrange a list of the I.P. addresses, email addresses, login information and GPS locations of all your users of the blog
        3) Refrain from notifying your users of the release of their metadata stored on your blog
        4) A record of internet users from 1995 to 2014. You will be required by the Supreme Court of Canada to store logs for an extended
        period of fifty (50) years.

        5) A draft agreement which gives us your consent to browse through your bank accounts, computer hard drives and bank statements for any signs
        of evidence and criminal activity.

        6) A written and public apology to Vivian Mavrou and Gordana Stefulic for your slanderous posts and comments.

        7) Permission for the Toronto police to investigate your business transactions. This is to prevent money laundering and financing of hate crimes.

        Failure to delete the offensive posts will result in legal and civil proceedings against your organization.

        In defense of Vivian Mavrou and Gordana Stefulic.

        • Ummm, I’ve been away from the site for the past several days….did I miss something?

      42. LOL, When I was young and foolish 18 YO, I out-ran an IL State Trooper on a toll way in my 75 Firebird. I was speeding pretty good since I only had a half hour lunch break. As I was heading back with a cola drink in my hand and a burger in the bag, I was going on way and the Trooper the other way on the highway, and he and I each looked right at each other locked eyeballs, as we sped by in different directions. In my side mirror I could see he went down in the ditch median to get to my side of the highway to set chase. At that time if you got pulled over in IL, you had to have $50 Cash or go to jail. I did not have that much money on hand, and since I had to get back to work, I threw the drink out the window and put the hammer down going about 110 MPH for about another 4 miles passing cars on the Rt Shoulder of the road. lol I hit the first off ramp which was my exit and did another quick right and a mile down the road took another right back into work, parked in the back parking lot of my work place, and walked back into work with my heart racing with 10 mins to kill. That was fun. I don’t think he even saw me hit my exit ramp and thought I would go up to the next toll booth on the highway. Silly him. Smoked his ass. lol

      43. Yeah, it’s a nice story. Has little to do with SHTF however. For now, the police are under the law. For the most part. That will change dramatically under martial law.

        • “Martial law” is only as good as overall compliance and non-resistance. Beyond that, it will be meaningless outside of the expansive metro areas of “lock-down”.

          • the declaration of Martial Law will be the start of the revolution

            One lesson most elite haven’t learned is , Don’t Tread On ME
            and not too many cops get it either

      44. Well, I suppose if the “King’s Agents” don’t like the way they are perceived by free men, they can always quit and become hairdressers or dance instructors or housemaids.

        I don’t have that luxury to avoid them by changing jobs…besides, I’m no good at cutting hair.

      45. What was the truck driver’s point? I think he needs to be more careful in choosing his battles. The P.O. handled this well.

        • I don’t think this was the battle to pick but it did make the MSM. If nothing else it says, “Watching you watching me”.

          As technology increases these recording devices will become more common and more hidden. After a while the evidence becomes so great that its impossible to ignore. All of this is a two edge sword; “Watching you watching me”.

      46. The Trucker did a good job on this,
        What would have been better is calling 911 and give the 911 operator his license plate number along with him video taping what happened.
        Good Job Man!

      47. While there is still law and order we will have to deal with those who abuse the Power and Laws. Pretty much if you are not doing something wrong you can go on with your business. Sure the speeding tickets and those red light camera’s add to the city coffers but I have not at this time had a bad run in with the law. A bad day can happen when the right set of points line up. Pissed off cop. A cop bucking for advancement and some just plain mean. They are out there and with the public being as squirrelly as it is, it might be understandable.
        Now when the balloon goes up I would stay away from all law enforcement. Especially SINGLE cops. On one hunting incident, a new young officer stated to about 15 hunters that he thought nobody should have guns. A silence occurred and quickly followed by, “Except You Hunter’s”.

        Good Cop, Bad Cop. Good Guy, Bad Guy.

        We have to figure out who is who.

      48. Off Topic: Mac…why are you ignoring this? This is SHTF re: chemtrails…the govt has admitted it. This is killing us….

        Amazing….start at the 15 minute mark…this is in Kingman, AZ, a meeting with Sen. Kelli Ward and the ADEQ (AZ Dept of Environmental Quality). Kelli Ward came from my little town….regarding chemtrails and people getting sick, blood tests of people all around here who are testing positive for cadmium, strontium, aluminum, barium micro particulates….plus military chaff contents including cancers, viruses, and all the usual bad stuff….Google Senator Tom Harken and his report on this….but watch this please….


      49. Whilst I agree that some in Law Enforcement have “power” issues, I would like to say that not all fall to those levels….there are decent LE’s out there who truly DO believe in “To Protect and Serve”….and we must be mindful of that when we deign to “tar all with the same brush”…..just a thought here because some of these men and women are our family, our friends, our neighbors, and will be in the same boat as we are if/when this Nation falls to her knees….

        • F.O.B.
          I keep saying this all the time.
          There are some bad ones to just like in any JOB!
          Trooper realized he messed up. I can tell by the way he was talking. So he was repentant for what he had done. We should fore give him.

      50. h t t p://
        Previous subject related

      51. Back on police state topic
        h t t p://

      52. I’m trying to start a movement. If a cop violates someone’s civil rights and loses in court. Their pay should be docked 10% WHEREVER they work to pay back the taxpayer. Even into their pension if need be.

        Let’s see how many cops want to lose 10% of their pay for years.

        • I’ll go one better , if they violate ones rights they should give up a years pay to that person
          Watch the bullshit stop dead in its tracks!

      53. Yeah, try and save face oinker!

      54. Andrew
        Cops attempt to escalate the situation every time I get pulled over. The last time I was pulled over for an expired sticker I just had to ask. “Sir I am unarmed with my hands up- What possible justification do you have to point a loaded hand gun at me?”Apparently when he asked for my registration and I complied he was startled by my movement even though he ordered it -and I almost lost my life. I have lived in the inner city for 20 yrs I have never hurt another person. I have never owned a hand gun. The only people who have ever pointed weapons at me were police. On at least four occasions I have had loaded guns pointed at me, by people supposedly here to protect and serve me? They are nothing more than an armed gang.

      55. The camera probably saved his life. Cops will kill if they get a chance, and claim self defense. We’ve all seen it far to many times.
        I once had a cop pull a 357 Mag on me and pull the hammer back as I was inflating a tire and my uncle’s closed gas station in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon. I worked there part time and had a key to the station, which made him even more angry and he threatened to shoot me when he noticed that 50 feet away at a Taco Bell people were using their phones to video him. His punishment…one day off…with pay. Little wonder people don’t trust cops.

      56. I had a funny encounter today
        I had to re-up my Concealed Pistol Permit ( yeah yeah yeah spare me the second amendment is my permit speech I agree but dont need a weapons charge on my spotless record) 🙂

        Well I start the process a Month before my due date , and pay for my right (bastards)
        and now for 2 months I’ve been a good boy and played by their rules ..cannot carry Concealed passed my expiration date.< and thats bullshit!

        Well , its been way too dam long so I call the County Clerk to check on whats the hold up.
        I get some flim flam excuse on how many they have to process yada yada yada ..I say
        Do you understand I have been a card carrying member since my state became a "shall issue state"( well over 12 to 13 years now), have had no issues with my eligibility etc.. and she goes on to say they have to conduct their meetings and review board etc..
        I said thats fine you conduct your little pow wow behind closed doors with out "citizen review" < i think she didnt like those choice of words or what it implicates to their job
        so I said // fine I'll just Open Carry than

        well guess what?, seems in that "review" I was approved ..and the notice of when to arrive in the Clerks office to pick up my permit will be sent out ASAP..

        how ridiculous, have to pay for a right #1, and have been packing with the use of their "papers" for 12-14 years..and I have to wait for a review board that there is no oversite on to approve, when I already have a valid CC number that has never been revoked ?
        this country is drowning in red tape

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