Watch: Antifa Thug Verbally Harasses Woman, Runs Away When Confronted by Men

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Headline News | 110 comments

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    The extreme left is getting far more obnoxious by the day, particularly in Portland, Oregon.

    Last weekend, a leftist who appears to be an Antifa protester verbally berated a woman – and it was caught on video.

    His big mouth caught up with him, though… (the good part starts at the 0:36 mark):

    Here’s the full video…sure looks like the Antifa tough guy is hiding behind some women towards the end there, doesn’t it?

    Benny Johnson of The Daily Caller shared the video clip, and then followed with a through-provoking Tweet about leftist violence…

    The case Johnson is referring to in the second Tweet is that of a Soros-funded Democratic activist was charged with battery on Tuesday against the female campaign manager of Nevada Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt, reports The Daily Caller:

    Wilfred Michael Stark, 51, who was employed by American Bridge 21st Century, founded by David Brock, was fired Wednesday night after he allegedly pushed a door open, “trapping” Kristin Davison, Laxalt’s campaign manager, in the doorway, “grabbing her arm, and forcefully twisting it behind her back and squeezing,” Laxalt’s campaign communications director Parker Briden told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    Stark was previously arrested for allegedly assaulting the female press secretary for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in March and was charged with “simple assault” after he reportedly pushed her while trying to question Zinke.

    Earlier this month,  Jordan Hunt, attacked pro-life advocate Marie-Claire Bissonnette at a Life Chain event in Toronto. He has been arrested (and fired) for violently kicking the woman. It wasn’t the first time Hunt assaulted a woman – he pushed a woman off her bicycle in an August incident.

    Expect the left-wing media to ignore the incident in Portland.


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      1. One thing women should keep in mind when attacked at close quarters like this:

        Men’s eyes are generally incompatible with women’s fingernails, particularly long sharp ones.

        • FUCK EM







          • Bros before hos… except when the “hos” are conservatives and the “bros” are a bunch of pussy hat wearing leftist assholes. At that point it’s effectively open season on said “bros”.

            If he was doing this to a pussy hat wearing female gender supremacist then have at it boy. I’d get out popcorn.

        • Police and Military have done nothing to stop any of this.

          Most sane countries put their military on the border.

          We have 700 military bases overseas and couldn’t care less about our country being invaded.

          The mobs at Charlottesville Berkley and elsewhere have actually fought the commies the feminists and the Boomer vermin. Imma call the Charlottesville protestors “veterans” cause they deserve the title more than the fucking worthless military.

          Why dont you Boomers invite a wog in to fuck your daughter’s tight little asshole?

          Why dont you take all your money out of the bank and drive through the ghetto throwing it out the window??

          If they just had guaranteed basic income they would act white like us, you know.

          You boomer cucks deserve a good ass whoopen.


          Do you boomercucks really think the military is gonna stop this caravan?????

          God damn you boomers are dumber than shit.

          • I see yet another internet hero has joined these forums. Child.

        • Traditional women should lose their p-y pass when going to riots.

          • The thing I love about where I live is NONE of this shit would EVER happen here. That little fag would get a beatdown so bad he would run like hell (after he got out of the hospital) to his mommy. It isn’t safe for limp wristed faggots at all here. Other than the local college kids 90% of people here are armed. Life is good and freaks stay FAR away from here lol. Crime is low and troublemakers usually just vanish….

            • Genius, welcome back. I’ll be headed back to the BOL in GA next weekend. Same conditions exist where the BOL is located. But ONLY 90% of the people in your area are armed? Where the BOL and family are located there’s more guns than people, LOL. If you’re not armed then the locals wonder WTF is wrong with you.

              • Hey Dep Ren, Why don’t you just go find a job close by your BOL location. Why this multi-state leep frog adventure every few months? What you waiting for? One day you will get trapped in TN and never get to N GA where your N GA Cuz idiot lives.

            • M said, “Cowards. Pick on women & older folks.”

              Why are they in riots, conservatively speaking? Alot of tough guys, who don’t have their own houses in order.

              • Strange, I never see this sort of thing at a NASCAR event or biker gathering. One would expect

            • And I know you would bury him where they would have to burn the stump and sift the ashes to find a trace of his worthless ass.

              • Watch this Video Below. Get your guns and ammo ready for the big shooting gallery. The US is about to be invaded by 10’s of thousands of illegal Aliens in human waves pourign across the US border. Build that WALL ASAP!!

                Breaking! Trump Prepared To Cut UN Funding Over Its Support For Illegal Migrant Caravan ( 10-21-2018 )

                ht tps://

                Hey Hcks, It isn’t Chi-coms coming for Houston, its Guatemalans and more MS13 gangs running for the border. Check these video’s out. It looks like a dam broke and the areas are getting flooded out with human invaders.

                And its all funded and supported by the UN and that scumbag George Soros.

                • TharSheBlows, yes Soros should be hung tomorrow at 6AM ! And a few more as well from our own government.

                  I was not at this event but the one prior in the summer and met the guy who confronted the dip shit who hassled the old gal. He is not her son, just a PB who has had enough of the garbage, but I don’t care. I have told you all many times these paid activist are NOT to be feared from first hand experience. Notice all the PBs and 3pers never attack, they wait for the Antifa morons to attack and then get it on video. That means no legal problems and it works like magic ! This fool was not a full bore Antifa paid violence whore, just a typical Portland insane idiot. Portland really is a shithole. Where I live, east of the Cascades this could never happen. and it is only 200 miles away. The problem is the I-5 corridor is all about leftist maniacs and their political control from Kawleefornya to the Canadian border ! Seattle is even worse.

            • Welcome to heaven sounds like.

              They got anything against longhairs?

              Grew it out in 87 just cause it was the thing to do and realized I never need to pay for a haircut again. So I didn’t. Ever.

              I mean I can shave it if it’s a hugely big deal, but I run fairly conservative. Up to a point at least. I tend to make my judgements based on actions and not stereotypes in terms of race / gender / sexual orientation. That said… around here like something like 80% of these groups ACT LIKE stereotypes so… there’s that. The women? IN LA? Try more like 99.9% act like a fucking stereotype.

              Now I ain’t sayin she a gold digger… ok I’m saying she a gold digger.

              • TheGuy, 87 for long hair you were only about 20 years too late ?

        • Remind me again, why we suffer these cretin’s existence…

          • Because you live in some anti-gun shithole?

            • Oregon is a sad state in distress. Oregon governor Kate Brown is among the most corrupt POS politicians to have ever existed. For one, she called for the operation that resulted in the execution of Lavoy Finicum, and she got away with that murder. Now she is up for reelection, yet the media is ignoring her criminal past, protecting her, paid by other corrupt criminals like Bloomburg. Corruption at its finest. When will patriots rise to take a stand? When is enough enough?

              • Infidel, when will patriots rise? Never. It will be individuals acting on their own. You’re not going to see someone start up an army. Won’t happen. Can’t happen. Until enough people go Lee Harvey Oswald, the nonsense will continue.

                • Agreed, sadly, which is why I have no hope for the future of this country.

                  • The patriots of Oregon are surrounded by a sorry sack of shit. But all is not lost. There are some that got to be capable of turning things around no matter the cost.

                    • There is still a chance to save our civilization. Stay ready.

                • Unfortunately, I completely agree!! I just don’t understand why we on the Right are just standing with our cocks in our hands and not doing a god damned thing about these vile clowns on the left. I don’t think the Right will ever do a god damned thing but talk shit and more shit and more shit and that is so damn sad and just plum wrong…All of these antics continue because the left knows the Right will do Jack.

                  • All these antics continue because the left are emotional terrorists that know how to take hostages and use them as human shields.

                    Kids. Why do you think they run the schools, the media, the video game scripts? Hell, YOUR kids. You know this culture influences them more than you’ll ever have a prayer of doing.

                    Minorities that are acting like good people. Above a certain income bracket that’s very common. Below it well yeah, of course, it’s all shitty.

                    Cannon fodder for them. They know you’re going to have to burn through a lot of people you care about to actually shut them down.

                    Ask me how I know “how do you know” glad you asked. Because I’ve watched kids be used in this manner. Lots. Saw it up close and personal too. That was… traumatizing.

                  • hey-who, many are doing something about it ! Antifa gets their asses handed to them regularly and notice nobody goes to jail because they have a plan that works. Not just a bunch of prepper morons talking about their guns and doing absolutely nothing ?

                    I understand why you are frustrated and anxiety ridden about it all, but you are doing that to yourself for various reasons !

                • Him, patriots have already risen, you just don’t know about it from PRAVDA/MSM !

                  Much more is coming. Pay attention and be part of it.

              • Infidel, remember Kitzhaber and his wife and the dissapeared $315 million and and Neil Goldschmidt raping under age girls for years ? All were allowed to simply resign and K Brown was installed by the Oregon criminals who OKed and actually created the murder of Finicum ! Most people still think it was the FBI , but it wasn’t, it was OSP with help and direction by FBI, K Brown, R Wyden and a woman fed lawyer appointed by Obama ! All are serious criminals. Portland is the seed bed as well as Salem and of course, Eugene !

      2. This guy doesn’t even seem real. It appears to be a paid harasser. The ‘dialog’ makes me think of a bad stage act in a sleazy dive bar where the comedian’s act is harassing the audience trying to get a laugh. He doesn’t listen to the gal but just keeps his dialog going making it up as he goes along to include all the standard cliches. He definitely doesn’t want to get beaten up. Probably doesn’t get paid enough.

        • What gets me is why don’t local people (with an ounce of nards) seek out these fookers and smash them? They have a pic of them, They may see them at the protest, They can find out who it is easy enough and dispense justice. Fuckin’ people these days have NO BALLS!

          • Those of you with NO BALLS get EXACTLY what you deserve!

            • Genius, the problem in a place like Portland and the east side of Oregon in general is the police ? and the political structure.

              Trust me, there are people out there paying serious attention and action ! But realize the timing of events is always critical for success. You must be fully aware of the existing status quo to be successful.

          • G
            That day is coming,,,,

            • Not soon enough

              • Agreed the time has gone long. The banter has long gone.

          • So when was the last time YOU went out and showed your balls…? I agree…..and if I lived in Portland, my ass would be standing with the Boys. I just wonder how much experience you have with it…just sayin’…I’m not hearing any war stories

            • I have many.

              Firstly, it’s considered mutual.

              Secondly, the winning side is called the primary aggressor, so guilty of a crime.

              This is dirty. Don’t take your girlfried, mom, puppy, or kitty cat.

            • Stoney, cannot tell many actual war stories unless you want to go to jail or suffer other consequences ?

              I have plenty of war stories and rarely discuss any of them with but a very few people and never on the net. Common sense always prevails. And besides most people could not handle my war stories because they are real ! Real actually matters whether supposed prepper nitwits know it or not !

            • Real is gross. It’s not something you discuss over holiday dinner or in the church foyer.

              If you’re a nice guy, you don’t even say this to a girl.

      3. I think the really creepy reptilian authoritarians are just hanging back waiting, maybe agitating both sides.

        They can’t wait for the regular folks to backlash and maim/kill some of these a$$holes.

        When that happens on a large enough scale, every dark portion of the Patriot Act(s), the NDAA, and accumulated Presidential EOs will be loosed on all of us.

        That’s when the real political SHTF begins.


        • BB, I have the feeling you’re going to be right. But Antifa and the feds combined don’t have the numbers to challenge 100,000,000 gun owners. The feds better think long and hard before they do anything. If they go crazy with those draconian laws it will be game on.

          • Yes there are a shit ton of gun owners but, but they are not doing shit and that is the problem and it is painfully obvious to those criminal, Constitution hating tea-bagging fruits.
            Is Jeff Sessions EVER going to truly do his job and go after say oh I don’t know, ALL of the criminals of the past administration – hmmmm ay perhaps Crooked Killary? That scumbag Eric Holder? King Barry hussein his no good filthy muzzle self?? Jeff, are you ever going to do a god damned thing other than recuse your sad, pathetic, impotent self?

        • BB
          They bleed too, all of em

          • Nail, damn right. They’ll definitely bleed when they start their BS.

            • TBR; They’ll stay within the confines of sanctuary cities/gun-free zones with liberal mayors because those areas provide them PROTECTION..Let them venture out into rural America and they risk ending up with their picture on a milk carton,never seen or heard from again.

            • Cuz you better come on down home a few days early afore the election, cause I heard they was going to start this in Memphis, and we don’t want you marching with the Proud Boys cause you might hurt some of them Antifa’s.

              • NGIC, LOL. Don’t give me any ideas. That might be hazardous to someone’s health. HEE HEE!

            • The Deplorable Renegade, no bleeding as necessary so far and should have been ? But it is all subject to change.

          • sometimes it’s best to just overlook politics.

        • everything from left is designed to cause over-reaction



          the engineered over-reaction from the right may be so gruesome that the normal Whites side with the State- the violence will be used to show that Whites in general are bloodthirsty maniacs

          • awed bawl, and who s\has shown great restraint and let the Antifa scum throw the first punch for a valid reason

            Already been there and done that and it was well worth it in spades ! Getting angry alone is not a good plan. Getting super fit and strong and well trained out is a good plan and it works with the correct mindset very well.


      4. The guy arguing with the woman is just an obnoxious jerk. When you mix two opposite opinions you have perfect propaganda to divide farther the already divided overall population. That works for your headmasters so this video is easily seen as a staged confrontation.

        • Just as staged as his teeth getting knocked out if it happened in my neck of the woods……

          • And out sheriff is constitutional and they would look into it about 1% lol. I almost wish some commie fag would try some shit on me here just so I could smash him. And with the pent up anger I have for these freaks I can’t say I would have any mercy at all….

            • commie freaks are useful idiots of the (((real))) enemy- the banker wanker.

              fish rots from head down, and so on

      5. Conserve ammo for the real revolution.

        • Tommy, the revolution has already started, just has not gotten to shooting, yet ? There will be no civil war or revolution as some consider in their fantasies.

          Most are afraid to do anything except talk about their guns. And most are not even capable of much of anything except talk and bluster. That is all too obvious, just look around and how many fat people do you see here in USA ?

          There are real warriors out there to be sure !

      6. I also notice the bleed-in of women broadcasters across the media wavelengths. Nearly all college and pro football games have women in the broadcast booths and during halftime shows. When women invade mens football sporting events, the end is near. Kneeling on gameday is a capitalism no no, freedom of speech not allowed to for a minute to upset the greedy rake-in. Network and other sourced news have women aplenty. If only the women could say what they really wanted to say. It wouldn’t be pretty. But leave men’s sports alone to the male gender. Let females find their own reality distraction.

        • They have their own distraction…… It’s called bitching lol.

      7. I would love to see the name and address of that obnoxious jerk published on line.

      8. Aljamo, I would’ve sent that libturd loser home crying all the way to mommy’s basement.

        • I would have sent him crying to his sister’s trailer…

        • no you would not . you dont have the guts too do anything except lie and bs .

          your nothing but a keyboard commando such brave talk from such a fake ass idiot .
          all your talk of going to your cousins tool shed and playing with the cans of tuna and crackers is just that talk.

          think serious about some real mental health help there are people that can help you get your tiny head some what fixed and you can stop all this crap about how tough you are and how you don’t follow rules and etc

          a quick ph call to the Memphis PD will sort out your ass in no time. and once and for all stop your screwed up tiny rat like mind.

          such a total waste of air you have become and talk about a sheeple you are the prime example of one not one single real original thought in your brain all you do is make the same stupid quotes such as
          ” you hit that one out of the ball park ” like you did a few posts back to almost everyone !!!

          skittle shittin unicorn

      9. “On October 15, 2008, Michael Mineo was arrested and allegedly sodomized by New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers in the Prospect Park subway station in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York.”

        How does picking fights make this story look.

        Some demonstrators (really, really) want to get beaten up, on purpose.

        Before you lay a finger on such a person, you need to make peace with the fact that you will be an outlaw. (Maybe, in Brooklyn.)

      10. Communism is a pincer maneuver, with useful idiots, like bait dogs, in the vanguard, making a mess of your things, and ultra-militarists in the rearguard, picking up the mess.

        If possible, I would tell normal, centrist, fence riders never to appear messy. Don’t add to the crazy, if at all possible.

        • Beaumont, there is not one place on the face of this planet that actual communism exist today, not one. wake up !

          Tyrrants and massive greed and control mechanisms yes, communism no. That is just words and distractions these days and nothing more.

          • Have you read the 10 planks, and what do you own, free and clear?

            • Also, if you have the time —
              Defector, Bezmenov, discusses demoralization and useful idiocy (lots and lots, on youtube):

              We usually think that subversives are the real communists, but that’s not really allowed, under communism.

      11. why are there never any men around to discipline the harasser ?

        • Anonymous, they get their due, just not often enough so far. Mostly because of the police that stand down and protect them. Nobody wants to go to jail in a municipality that favors them for many good reasons, so it is a cautious prospect and undertaking. But it is happening and asses have been kicked many times that you do not even know about. Remember video is your friend and sitting in a cushy house in Kawleefornya is not exactly proactive ?

      12. Antifa is as grassroots as astroturf. Its a stage show of political theatre to make the progressive extremists appear far greater in number and capacity than they really are. They have a secondary (maybe its a primary) reason to stage this. They’re hoping for a violent response from the self described patriot movement to demonize them. Having read about the CIA antics post WWII in Europe and the Middle East I would not be surprised if the opposite side of this, the ‘Patriots” were unknowingly receiving funding from the same source as the “progressives”. Ignore them, let them protest and have their madness fall on deft ears. Let them destroy property, I’ll bet this, it won’t get them the fence sitters (who they need to obtain).

        We’re witnessing desperation.

        • Ya probaly tue. But wouldn’t beating the fookin shit out of them anonymously keep them from signing onto it? Who wants a job getting your ass kicked?

          • WOW….you sound soooo TOUGH!!!! Tell us some of your WAR stories with Antifa….I CAN’T WAIT!!!

          • You’ll do it one or twice but the system will protect them from your defense but not their attacks. The guy you worked over will be the poster boy for the MSM demonizing you. The goal of to sway the public opinion of the fence sitters.

            • Kevin2, I can see they have you mind fucked well ?

              Many are fighting back and know how to avoid the nonsense you describe rather easily. Simply by using the law in your favor and some common sense !

        • I think they will go away in a couple years just like the Occupy movement did. True, some of them were ‘helped’ to move along by authorities but they didn’t encamp somewhere new.

          In the end, it’s all political theater and in someplace easy for the MSM to film.

          • Yahooie, most are paid protesters/activist/agitators. That means they will never have the drive or heart for a real fight and that is why they runaway.They only get in peoples faces when the police protect them in various ways. They are fools and nothing less and will fade as they get their asses kicked and prosecuted !

            The general perspective here and most sites is wimpy and stupid. There is a much better way to think and live and deal with these idiots.

      13. The idiot in the video is a “professional skateboarder” and his name is Charlie Wilkens. He is not Antifa. Antifa wouldn’t uncover their faces and would have assaulted the old lady. Not defending Antifa but making Charlie famous for being a dip shit is my goal.

      14. just shoot the motherfuckers, or beat the shit out of them, and i mean literaly, beat the shit out of them. tell them thats w3hast antifa smells like!!!! what is the hold up to get rid of this t5rash??

      15. I understand that Obuttholla’s army,the group he purchased all the guns and ammo for,are just waiting in the wings when we start taking out the fag soyboys.

        • Don’t think Obutthola’s army is large enough number wise to last very long. He is worried about his lying ass, he knows he’s guilty of treason and he will be a target. He will not get a pass this time.

      16. At least he didn’t try to round-house kick the phone out of her hand! That makes him the second worst POS I have heard about in the last thirty days. What’s worse than both of these jerks are the people who find such tactics acceptable.

      17. Notice his giggling wingmen with cameras rolling. Ready to step in and sucker club someone who steps up. I count at least five people supporting this guy.

        This was stalking and harassment. The whole point was trying to insight violence to get a sound bite for the Marxist agenda.

        Watching this made my blood boil, not sure I could stop myself if I saw a man doing this to a woman.

        I saw a couple one time fighting and it started getting physical. It was a bit creepy. I asked the woman if she was OK and if she knew this man. They both bristled, the guy challenged me and said what do you think you are doing, I said, if she says she doesn’t know you, I’d step up and take care of business, but if your a couple, have at it, because I know what comes next. He said what’s that, I said the apologies and hugs, and maybe you guys should just cut to the finish. Have a nice day and I walked away. I don’t think that relationship lasted.

        Police say domestic disputes are the most dangerous. You can end up with both people attacking you.

        I may be old, but I’ve been turning a wrench, and pulling stumps by hand all my life, I have a grip that is frightening, and I still knock off a few hundred push-ups a week. I still wear the same belt size I wore in college. I had a neurological issue years ago, but that left me with hyper fast reflexes, yeah a waitress dropped a glass of water and I snatched it out of the air without a drop spilled. She was like holy sh!t. I fear the day a jerk like this makes me go Yoda on his aa5. I know what I’m capable of, I usually try to walk away. Stay the gray man. I handle road rage with a smile and a wave. My montra is “be the gray man”.

        • Plan twice, it is a very good thing to be old and well trained out and actually prepared with your own confidence of skills.

          For most people over 40 is old and that is just an excuse to be lazy. I turned 70 this spring and stronger and more fit with greater endurance than I had in RVN in 68/69 ! I imagine you could say I am doing something quite right. But anybody can do the same, just have to know how and get on with it !

      18. Friend of mine used to say, “Don’t let your alligator mouth overload your humming bird ass!”

      19. I am so glad to see that didn’t go unanswered. Thank you. He still needs a beating! And now everyone knows who he is. Love it!

      20. I’ve seen that coward around NYC quite a bit. The boys will take care of him next time around.

      21. Another lie..there are no men left in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed NEW BABYLON AMERICA, there are only dumbed down drunken bum pharmakia junky fat ass coward pussy little boys playing with their little weenies while staring at porno and football calling themselves “men” in the vile evil disgusting hell of NEW BABYLON AMERICA!!!

      22. They want you dead. They’re going to be in charge soon. Act accordingly. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

        • “They want you dead”

          What they want is chaos and anarchy.Although anything is possible,it is unlikely they will venture out of the comfort zones of sanctuary cities and gun-free zones simply because those areas provide them the one thing they need:Protection.
          Rural America will not be capable of providing the protection sanctuary/gun-free areas do.
          None of these progressive extremists want to end up with their picture on a milk carton.

      23. If the CIA wanted this guy “taught a lesson” they would pay a couple of black guys to thump him and lift his wallet. Any video of it is counterproductive for their goals. What can they say, “black thugs are supporting Trump”? First they have to admit that back thugs exist. Secondarily this guys wallet contains his drivers license. He knows that “whoever” knows who he is and where he lives. If it continues with any regularity a third “benefit” is that Antifa cannot trust the blacks in their presence thus throwing a wedge into their core supporters.

      24. Why would anyone go into cities to sell liberty? At least 95% of liberty’s enemies have one thing in common. They are city-dwellers.

        Be patient. After 4 weeks of Grid-Down city-dwellers will devour themselves. Their passion won’t turn their lights back on, provide food or water or unclog their toilets and their exits.

      25. that’s a typical a democrat for ya.

        his father should have wore a condom.

      26. If physical violence had happened, this guy would have been royally screwed. Sadly, he left. The modern phones with the ability to make videos, help to resolve the issue of who started the violence.


        What is my purpose of this post. Well you see I kept receiving text messages to vote for that communist. Now his campaign chairman said that getting peoples cell number and texting them is legal, and now Beto and his campaign just got his ass a class action law suit. Message to communist texters. Text me again and will join that suit.



      28. In reality, these antifa types have zero survival skills, zero marketable skills, nor any real social skills. Furthermore, most identify as marxists, therefore they vitally depend on the nation’s structures, institutions, and gov’t for support, for their very survival (as do the citizens in communists countries). In their case it is ironic since these structures and institutions are ultimately made possible only by our capitalist economy.
        Secondly, they are stupid, poorly informed people; they don’t actually realize they are useful idiots. In countries where marxism/ communism succeeded in taking over and prevailed, the leaders rounded up their useful idiots by the thousands and thousands and even millions and had them shot because the leaders saw them only as a temporary and disposable means to accomplish a goal, nothing more. The party leaders knew these useful idiots were completely unaware of the party’s actual goals, so when the idiots realized what they thought they were striving for was not what they were really going to get they had to be mass – liquidated since the leaders believed they would become revolutionaries again. The teachers and professors brainwashing and propagandizing them know this.
        Without exception, two things always happened in marxist/communists and dictatorial takeovers; they only achieved total power AFTER all personally owned firearms were regulated, then outlawed, and finally confiscated, and they mass murdered all potential and ideological enemies after acquiring power. The stripping away of our 2nd Amendment rights will be the absolute primary sign one can know that totalitarianism is on its way, regardless what official propaganda says otherwise. Don’t surrender your equipment.
        Those acquainted with antifa and like movements are not only brainwashed politically, but specifically in the context of “whiteness” and Christianity. You never hear them speaking out or committing violence on Muslims, or Jews, or those of other religions. Neither do you see them organized against Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, etc. This provides a clue who the ultimate sponsors of these movements are.

      29. Antifa…another name for snowflakes. too cowardly to show their faces and hate any color except black.


        Just for argument sake: See link, what here in action.

        When people like this chi-com bitch is publically saying these types of things, I am under the impression that something big is getting ready to happen in the country. Patriots need to prepare for war, something bad is getting ready to happen. If they rig the election, telling us the Beto beat Ted Cruz, this is war, and if they rig the midterm elections, saying that Trump lost the midterms, then this is a guaranteed REVOLUTIONARY WAR ALL OVER THE ENTIRE CONTINENTAL United States. Because if these assholes think that they are going to field a candidate to win the elections in 2020, meaning that Trump will loose because of rigs polls, then all hell is literally going to break loose. And since the cops, the patriot cops have told me literally in person, that it will mean cop versus cop in the streets, since 90% of all black cops are liberal, then this is serious. Our police force in Houston, the women are about 70% lesbian, conservative haters, and the other minority cops are in the same boat. Damn, this is not looking good.

        Look at this Sarah Jeong, chi-com bitch. Now that she is against white men with bairds, and hates Jews. We appreciate the heads up. Then I guess, they are telling us indirectly what they have planned for us.

        This bitch needs to know something, that since she supports and is obviously working for the PLA, then she will need to understand that if the PLA deploys your chi-com soldiers against Patriots and Jews, then you will quickly find out the Jews in Texas are mostly conservative and will wipe out your fucking chi-com soldiers. FUCK THIS STINKING CHI-COM BITCH, FUCK YOU.

        Then again, who would take anything that HCKS says serious, Nibiru never came by, the planet didn’t end, but when Planet X, moves in closer and the current government of the US is trying to fool us, telling us that they deployed a new standstill satellite, and the public isn’t buying it, since all sorts of environmental destruction follows, wind speed picks up, then the hurricanes start to have average speeds of 400 MPH, every time they approach the coastlines, then what?


        Why would anyone listen to me, besides I am not credible.


        Or now isn’t that interesting. So I was right about them using a satellite as and excuse to call it one of the satellites., planet X,. hey china, your bullshit plan is not going to work. The aliens are walking among us and making contact with the population face to face. Nice try. How do you plan on dealing with Emery Smith, David Wilcox, and Cory Good. Did you think that the White hats in the secret space program (SSP), would allow you chi-coms to launch that. You think you own space.

        What about the USS Rosco Hillinkotter, our interstellar space craft carrier. Your fake satellite is not going to cover for planet X, planet X is a Jovian class planet, 4 times the size of Earth. Good look with your satellite.


        Fucking chi-coms, I have to laugh.

      32. I wish this women who lost her husband from 9-11 had her husbands stick, and went to work on the SNOW FLAKE.

        Enough said.

        I fear it’s going to get worse.

        Any feedback folks ?

      33. Someone, needs to “F-up” that piece of leftist shit, came close, find him and knock his teeth into a gutter. God Bless America, if you can’t/won’t, Fuck You. “tiocfaidh ar la”, gallic for, “Our Day Will Come”

      34. Berate one of the few good women left in this country (a conservative one) and expect a massively disproportionate response.

        You’re male. You’re effectively useless to me. Particularly since you’re an asshole liberal male. I honestly could not give less of a fuck what happens to you so read that how you read that.

      35. How did a fat blonde lady get a non-white son?
        If that was her son she’s a mudshark and she gets what she deserves….

      36. I am all for civilized conversation between intelligent people that disagree. When he said “good” her husband died on 911, and with his childish name calling he ceased to be civilized or intelligent, he became more animal than human. There is no reasoning with animals or “people” with intelligence this seriously deficient. He is not capable of critical thinking and can not be expected to behave as an intelligent human, so sadly logic says treat him/them like the nuisance animals they have chosen to become. Since a house divided against itself can not stand, there are only two choices this country will fall or the nuisance vermin must be dealt with at an extremely low intelligence level they have the ability understand. Sadly that is violence…time to push back and stop being bullied by or victims of liberal stupidity or political correctness.

      37. then, some retard starts a rumor and blaming some professional skateboarder of whom had nothing to do with it that doesn’t even look anything like the same individual. whoever started that one has to be slow in the brain department.

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