WATCH: American Dependency: “Give Me My Food Stamps”

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Headline News | 453 comments

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    As of this week fully 25% of American households – about 48 million people – are dependent on government food stamps to put food on the table.

    The system is plagued with fraud on every level. Food stamp scams are rampant, with recipients often off-loading their monthly electronic benefit transfer cards for cash value. Mega lobbies spend tens of millions of dollars a year just to keep the pump primed and the funds flowing so that companies like Walmart and 7-11 can keep their revenues up. Big banks, including behemoths like JP Morgan, are cashing in by providing the processing facilities to make it happen.

    It’s a racket.

    There are hundreds of billions of dollars on the line every month and as an American taxpayer you are paying for it all.

    Watch the following micro-documentary from Future Money Trends and prepare to be shocked by how deep this goes.

    (Watch directly at Youtube)
    (Via Future Money Trends: Survive and Prosper)

    This type of welfare has made American companies and citizens dependent on aid.

    With Obamacare forcing companies to reduce the hours for employees, we can only imagine how many more millions will need government assistance, something that will be built into their lifestyle regardless of if they actually need it or not.

    The middle class is caving in right before our eyes.

    As you can see, everyone from consumers, to businesses, to banks are now creating businesses and lifestyle models dependent on government assistance.

    When will it ever stop?

    Earlier this week Congressional Republicans passed a bill that would eliminate food stamp loop holes, requiring adults between the ages of 18 and 50 without minor children to find a job or enroll in a work training program in order to continue receiving benefits. The move was immediately rejected by Democrats and social aid groups, who claimed the new regulations would force millions of people into poverty.

    If this new measure were to make it through the Senate and the President’s desk (which it likely won’t), millions would be thrown into poverty according to opponents.

    Now consider what happens when the government of the United States hits a brick financial ceiling, where they can no longer dole out these funds. Or, we continue to print more money keeping the food stamp system operational, but insufficient with respect to supporting the needs of recipients because the price of food goes through the roof.

    Fifty million dependents would immediately run out of the ability to use these cards for food (or extra cash if they are reselling them).

    The result?

    It should be clear.

    There will be riots on the streets of America , likely turning to looting as people hit back at the system that is no longer providing them the welfare they need.

    When the Food Stamps stop all hell will break loose.



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      1. Pull the plug and lets get real.

        Only way out is “the survival of the fittest” route.

        If you can’t make it on your own, you are done.

        • Cloward and Piven

          • No shit, burn it down by demonizing the producers and giving the worthless/weakest everything for free.

            We are now past the 50% mark of those who want more govt.

            lms…standing fast in the American Redoubt.

            • Its like Ayan Rands Atlas shrugged, some of the legislation coming from DC even sounds like some dystopic offshoot of that book.
              Walk away from it ALL!

              • You know what we are all seeing here, the ultimate FAILURE of the government. This with the food stamps is only one aspect of the U.S. government doing practically everything wrong. We all saw what happened with Syria. BO should never have opened his big mouth and set any type of red line, that had nothing to do with gassing of people. BO set a false flag that fell threw and didn’t go well at all. BO is setting up a new false flag to take everyone’s firearms, and that next false flag will likely go off terribly for them. It was obvious that guy that shot up the navy yard was on psychopathic drugs given to him by someone. His elf gun.

                This food stamp program has never been meant to help those that are poor. Those food stamps are each one vote for those that fully support it, BO and his comrades. The food stamps also get everyone so dependent on the government that they would in no way rebel against the gravy train.

                Here is the issue that is frightening. People don’t even see what freedom means anymore. People only see dependency is what they need that is the antonym of the word freedom. Each time a new person goes on food stamps, they have been mind washed that survival is ONLY possible from the aid of the government. Someone like this will not only turn in their firearms for a bag of grocery, but fully support the government “trying” to take firearms from everyone else. These are the brain washed people that will fully support their bread winner the government putting all sorts of resrictions on the freedoms of the Bill of Rights. Especially the first.

                The stronger that the government solidifies this dependency, and engrains this into the day and night walkers of walmart, the more and more outnumbered those who understand what liberty means. The more likely that number of states needed to change the Constitution gets closer and closer. Of course BO can simply declare martial law, and have a huge base of idiots that say yippee.

                All the while the U.S. sits on the cliff of risking a world war over the petro dollar and so many other reasons to fall back on the military. It is amazing to me just how few people are aware of the royal flush that is going on that the MSM would never report. Thank goodness for places like this that still have people that have not been lulled asleep like 99% of the masses.

                • Be informed:

                  Here in Brazil there is “unemployment”, the citizen is unemployed, receive a maximum of 60% of what was recorded in formal employment for a maximum of six months (the maximum is six months at government expense).

                  Six months at the expense of the government teat, the guy must seek employment or to other courses, if not find a job in that time just help, it was.

                  Another thing, the worker can only use this feature if you work more than three years in one place.

                  If one year working in a factory and is dismissed, does not receive help.

                  For children, there is another story.

                  If the mother has many children, receives a government bailout but have to prove that every month the children are studying in public school, must present vaccination records and other criteria that if not done in two months to help government ends in two months.

                  I think it’s a good way not sustain bums.

                  • @ Proftel. I can’t figure out Brazil. This country should be doing so well. First the amount of arable land is 235,000 sq miles, that is only 860 people per square mile of arable land. This means brazil that can grow food year round because of the climate is a mass food producer and very much in demand to countries around the world. Unlike the U.S. that has 200-260 days of growing each year, Brazil has all year long. Crops are big money. Any country with less than about 1200 people per sq mile is a food exporter most of the time.

                    The you look at the mineral base of Brazil; bauxite, gold, iron, manganese, nickel, phosphates, platinum, tin, uranium, and RARE EARTHS that go for huge dollars. The industries are modern. So what is going on with Brazil?

                    Like the U.S. the country of Brazil can easily exist alone without other country. I mean they grow their own fuel in the form of sugarcane. Just like the U.S. this welfare state mentality has struck. It is much better to have only a small number of drones working while the rest enjoy the fruits of their labor. This is sad, as both countries, the U.S. and Brazil, both have so much potential to prosper if those in charge would see this. Prosperity benefits everyone and with resources like this in both countries that is not used like it should, everyone eventually all loses.

                  • @ Proftel. Something I need to bring that I noticed on recent earthquake precursors on plate boundaries. The one earlier today was on the Southwest portion of the African plate. This back in 1985 lead to a 6.6 in far northeastern Brazil. Several others also point to possible activity in this region that borders Peru. If you live near here you might want to take some precautions just in case. Usually there movements on the plate boundaries in the past have lead to a major earthquake within 1-2 weeks after in this area of Brazil. Back in 2003 a 7.0 hit here after the Central Pacific Rise had an earthquake on it. There was a 5.7 on the Pacific Rise 9 days ago in the same spot. I would say along with 6 or 7 others areas this point in Brazil in now in the target zone. I always try to advise anyone out there of any possible dangers with upcoming earthquakes.

                  • Be informed:

                    Difficult to answer their questions briefly here, but come on, everything you say below is implicit about Brazil:

                    Were colonized by the Portuguese since 1500, there was revolution, parted from Portugal, installed a reign there was another revolution, the king sent him to Portugal, settled republic but never went to war with the Portuguese (though this thing a lot of people died).

                    Here there is so much land and water that is not precisomuito to produce, in some regions can be three (I repeat, THREE) crops per year alternating soybean / corn / sunflower.

                    Our cows eat grass (which is their natural). Hence the succulent meat with cow like that here in the U.S. or Europe you can not.

                    The majority of the population eats rice, beans, fresh vegetables and fruits, no fast food meals mostly to those working away, take in “kettles”, the food made ​​at home.

                    I’ll tell you something that I heard from my youngest son, he is the fourth year of the Faculty of Civil Engineering (here are five years), he works at the Port of Santos-SP:

                    Continued …

                  • Be informed:

                    Returning to the subject of my son who makes Faculty of Civil Engineering and works in the Port of Santos-SP (Brazil), he told me that talking to a Chinese ship captain about soy that was carrying the commander confided:

                    “Look, we do not import soybeans from you, we import water! We have no water to plant and feed all those people, water is more important than oil”.

                    Well, that’s what I heard from my son.

                    As the economy in Brazil, believe me, here, or the guy invents something works or otherwise starve.

                  • Be informed:


                    An earthquake in Brazil would be sorry! Here in the State of Goiás, ten earthquakes occurred last year, my father lives in Formoso-GO, was near and said that some houses trembled, was an earthquake of 4.5 (Richter) at 25 km depth.

                    One thing I tell you, never go by the amount of detonation of the earthquake, note well depth, an earthquake of “7” to 250 km depth anyone feels!

                    The whole of Brazil is on a layer of granite (it was the first thing that cooled when the Earth is no longer hot), a rock is very old but, yes, there simos and there are also 46 gaps identified, the problem is that they are as “keloid” (scars).

                  • It used to be very similar to that here up unto recently. It’s called buying votes.

                  • The “well” off and the “well” employed, better translated the “well” to do, hate the food stamp/ EBT program because they have believed the BIG lie.

                    The BIG lie is that “each and everyone of you taxpayers are paying for sorry-assed people to get free food”.

                    The Big lie is that food stamps/EBT has caused tax increases. It hasn’t.

                    What it and every other screwed up program by the gov has done is tack more onto the National debt. The National debt will never be repaid. TPTB will collapse the whole monetary system before that happens.

                    The wealthy don’t like to see the poor and not so poor, EBT carriers shopping with them at the grocery stores. They believe people that have lost jobs and can’t do any better should be working for all the rich as little slaves and receiving gov. cheese, rolls of cheap green bologna, and stale loaves of bread to live on.

                    There is fraud and waste with any gov; state or Fed, program. There are people getting the cards and selling them for half face value so they can buy alcohol and drugs. Those people will have to answer for that someday by their on accords.

                    I believe the majority of people with EBTs are actually deserving and depend on those for feeding their children.

                    When it comes to “tax dollars”, I’m more pissed at the politicians that funnel our taxpayer funds into the pockets of the wealthy, the zionist jews, the muslim extremeists like the muslim brotherhood, and the international military complex machine. I’m also pissed at the fraud involved in funneling funds to the hundreds of US companies that are failing and watch them piss the money into each others pockets and then go bankrupt anyway. Remember Solyndra and the others. The numbers are staggering.

                    If the Food Stamp/ EBT funding is decreased by 25% as the repubs want, it won’t cause mass riots.
                    It will cause an increase in thefts and robberies.
                    It will cause an increase in people filing for welfare.
                    It will cause an increase in the number of kids that
                    will go to bed hungry.

                    It will “NOT” cause an increase in people’s taxes and it will not change the National Debt balance by even a dollar.

                    What it will do is help some politician keep his ugly foot in the political arena door, by being praised and supported by some wealthy voters.

                • BI,
                  I like your optimism but the highest number of people reading this site I could find was 92,000. The thing that really got me was the low number of readers on topics that were critical to our sruvival. I know that some of the articles on this site appear on other sites, but when you consider how few people read this site compared to the total population, it seems like we are preaching to the choir. Until we number in the millions, no one in authority cares what we write or think because we really don’t exist or present a threat to the status quo for all practical purposes.

                  • Cowdoc:

                    Sorry to intrude on your conversation but think about it:

                    If people like us do not talk (I’m in Brazil, I am Brazilian, son of Austrians Polish), it gets very ugly, will be only war upon war until it slay us all.

                    Internet works miracles (although the Google translation is horrible), I understand that you do not want to kill me, and you understand that I do not want to die.

                  • When I blog on yahoo or mainstream media sites, I add “if you really want to read true journalism rather than government-sponsored news, read shtfplan, generational dynamics, activistpost,” etc.

                    If you don’t add the .com, it gets through the censors…and people are beginning to see. I am starting to see Yahoo blogs from people who are beginning to know what is really going on. The truth is beginning to shine its light.

                  • @ Cowdoc. Yes, but this site has had a steady improvement of people viewing it. It of course is not in the millions, but the trend is a good one. You have to start somewhere and upwards of people looking at the site is reason for some optimism.

                  • In my opinion, we are “finished” as a nation. We will not survive this dependency. There are way too many players with a financial stake in it and our nation is simply dumbed down to a level, they cannot comprehend the long term impact.

                  • So, the site has achieved readership of 92,000; it started with readership of one. What growth rate is that? Seems like quite a success to me.

                    Considering the rate of growth already achieved, readership could well top a million uniques within a year.

                  • When I first started visiting(about 4 years ago) here if an article got 40/50 comments it was something…as I recall it was one of my comments on an article here that was the hundredth for the first time…which I remember was a big deal for most posters here…we were finally in the big time 🙂 now its common to see 500+ in a while we should be seeing it top 1000…so we are growing and it takes time but you have to crawl before you walk and then run… 🙂

                  • Cowdoc,

                    I am proud to be a member of this website, 92,000 people are paying attention, they in turn advise others, and so on. If I am correct these numbers are increasing yearly, which may be a good thing. The fact that this site is too small for anyone to really notice is good, the tptb will not be paying attention to us, thus ensuring a certain freedom of expression.

                  • You are correct. I read an article recently that estimated the prepper market at about 4 million in the U.S. with most of those being white, upper middle class men. In order to reach a critical mass of Americans the message has to cut across racial, ethnic and economic lines. The movement has to expand into these demographic regions big time by tailoring it’s delivery to each group while still maintaining the universal core values that have made the movement successful so far. The business side of prepping needs to think in terms of colonizing these demographic regions by all means necessary and promote the creation of a ‘civil cult’ of citizens from all backgrounds for whom their identity as Americans is not rooted in government. Breaking people off into identity groups that fight with each other has worked well for the trans-national progressives and global governance types because there is no viable alternative for citizens from divergent backgrounds to coalesce around. Just being a citizen doesn’t work because the concept of citizenship in the traditional sense has been co-opted and perverted too the point of being meaningless. There has to be a group identity outside of concept of government and racial politics and that identity could be prepping. But the first thing that needs to be done is to stop using the word prepper because it already has been infected with negative connotations in the popular consciousness. Call the movement something else, something more innocuous, more formal.

                • Greetings,

                  Not everyone in government is dumb as it is much easier to feed people than to fight ’em. Even though 911 was a False Flag operation, the truth is that a very small group of armed and angry people could actually bring this nation to its knees. Imagine a DC Sniper in every community in this nation and what that would do. Take out a few bridges and some power substations and a city like New York or LA would be in chaos.

                  Giving away some chump change worked for the Romans (until it didn’t) and will work for Washington – at least for a while.

                  • NickelthroweR:

                    In government there asses, so yes there are good salaries and generous pensions that you pay.

                    “Who has not bought a mule horse” is an old saying.

                    The explanation is: you pull with a mule and plow works with one horse walks.

                  • America was a failed nation at its inception meaning
                    we followed our ancestors the ROMANS look at the names
                    GOVENORS SENATORS these are all Roman political names
                    man has always followed the ways of those before him
                    all the way back to the beginning and all those from then
                    to now have failed and fallen because they were to DAMN
                    proud to admit their mistakes and like wise we to will
                    fail and fall

                  • I agree with you 110%. I know what a few dedicated people can do.

                • I do not concern myself on the socialist percentage because the winds liberty are blowing.
                  1. Northern Colorado is talking of securing a new state because socialists are not adequately representing the interests.
                  2 Western Maryland also talking about secession for the same reason.
                  3 Northern California and Northern New York are also kicking the idea around.
                  Why is this important?
                  This is an effort to reclaim the government using peaceful means. Success means more strongholds for those to follow the guidelines of The Constitution. Failure means opening more people’s eyes to the struggle.

                  People who become accustomed to handouts only have violence as a means of obtaining power or expressing independence. This is why you see high murder rates where you see concentrated welfare.

                  In contrast when you prep you empower yourself through self sufficiency. The more self sufficient the more power. You gain the power of independence which is what the founders wanted.

                  Clear your fields of fire, engage your friends, prepare and keep wary. Those who have no plan will turn to violence for power. Being self sufficient means you can also fortify making any aggression against you too costly. Like water violence will flow to the path of least resistance. You just have to survive the wave.


                  • Dick:

                    Look Dick, stop wandering in the mayonnaise, the government took a shot in the foot, is that you will jump from here on out.

                    Do not print as much paper money and gets away with it, believe me.

                    Checkbook in the 70s was forty leaves, today you can only print one by one!

                    Li these days a guy speaking notes of U.S. $ will be toast wedding party.

                  • How long will those seceded states survive when social security recipients, federal and military retirees living in those areas no longer receive their benefits? Will those seceded states pay said benefits? I think not. What then? Those states that secede will become draconian and down right repressive and murderous to those people. Those seceded states will quickly become what they claim to hate. repressive, murderous and downright dictatorial.

                  • Joe you dumbass

                    They are going to form new states by seceding from their current state.
                    They are trying to close the socialist purse their money is burning in.


                • Bi ,i wish they were asleep ,then there is always that chance that if the right person shakes them they may wake up ,but i fear to many jersey shore’s have put them in a deep coma ,with no hope

                  • It was either Jersey Shore or Honey BooBoo that proved that America is brain dead !

                • The next false flag could be a nuclear attack on US soil. Obama and the globalists will do anything for power.

                • @ B.I- I only disagree to the point that what you believe the gubmint is doing “wrong”, they’re actually doing “right”. Right that is, according to the Cloward-Piven strategy; overburden the system to the point that it implodes. And in that case- they get an A+ for following the playbook to the tee. Too often, Americans blame “incompetence” of their “elected” officials, when in reality, they’re QUITE competent- they’re just not going by the Constitution, but a different playbook all-together. Make NO mistake- they’re doing everything “right”, we’re just in Bizarro World now.

                • @ Be Informed…..Someone here the other day suggested ,check out ‘Report from Iron Mountain’ and I did . The grist of it was ,Keep having WARS and the people will pull for you. Give them free time and they will be discontented and finding fault with the Government. So I guess they will continue to have False Flag’s till they can have themselves a Real War to get the Sheeple back in line and pull for the Good Ole USA , USA , USA !!! …HEAD GAMES are still alive and well ,even though Preppers know better!!…mm

              • No WAY! You haven’t seen my newest attempt: AMMO STAMPS!!!! Think about it. It’s the answer to our industrial decline; useable for any ammo or related product: Guns, targets, components, camo gear, all made in USA. IT’s Genus!

                • You might need supplemental BEER stamps, too, to keep up your strength 🙂

                  • Will food stamps buy freeze dried food? MRE’s ? They are food! I’ve yet to see food stamps at local “camping” store. How do I sign up? Come on.
                    I’m paying for it. Gimme Gimme Gimme

                  • Actually, Mike Prince, winco (like costco) carries mountain house and, I think food stamps will buy it. I don’t have food stamps, but my neighbor does and she says she can buy that kind of food. Just going on what I’m told.

                • How to stop politicians from a sitting president on down?
                  It’s Linked it to voting. Just ask Obama, he wouldn’t tell you but his policies are directed right at the dependent class that he and others created for and to gain their votes.
                  This is way to late in the game, but this is a policy that would fix the problem.

                  #1 Prove, on your part, you are a paper carrying American citizen.
                  This would eliminate any voting by non citizens. It would be incumbent on the perspective voter to absolutely prove this.

                  #2 Link your voting rights to your Tax Return.
                  If you pay taxes, you are working and have an absolute right to vote. And should be welcomed as an active participant in the selection process.

                  #3 The day you become a entitlement program recipient, you automatically loose your right to vote.
                  If you are a recipient and a ward of the state why should you be allowed any input in selection of policy makers, your vote is bought by default. If you want to vote, get out of the program, marry rich or get a job.

                  #4 If you are a convicted felon, no voting rights at all.
                  Repetitive felons are succulents of society. They need not have any input in the guidance of this country.

                  How to verify.
                  To get a drivers license you show your valid birth certificate and a valid social security card. At the age of 18 you at that time are automatically registered to vote thru the DMV providing you are not a felon or involved in a entitlement program verified thru you’re social security number in a centralized data base linking this information together rendering a decision on your voting status.

                  It’s nearly impossible to do anything today without a social and a DL. For the few that conveniently can’t get to the DMV, you obviously have little interest in the process and maybe you ought not to be involved. If you can get to the mall or Walmart, you can get to the DMV.

                  What this would do is, force law makers craft policy towards the working contributors and tax payers of America verses policy steered towards those that are looking for a gimme.
                  There are those that will vote for a candidate because he advocates amnesty.
                  Then there are those that will vote for a candidate that will advocate expanding social programs.
                  These voters contribute little to nothing into society, why should they be allowed to vote. Why because their Americans? My kids are Americans, they contribute nothing, they don’t work, they don’t pay taxes, they don’t buy food, clothes, gas, homes, cars, they have no right to vote. Why? Because they don’t contribute. If we have dependent segment of society that contributes nothing, why should they be allowed the right to vote in a law maker selection process?

                  • Solutions that fail to address, or even recognize the problem.

                    EVERY problem is rooted in the source of money. Put the control of that back in the hands of the people and ALL OTHER PROBLEMS will go away on their own.

                  • The one problem I can see to restricting the voter base is that it can be a slippery slope. If it s based in any way on economic status, it wouldn’t take much for the bar to be raised indefinitely until only people of a certain net worth are eligible to vote.

                    Perhaps making voting contingent on a period of service, a la Heinlein, could be a solution but only if there is a hard ban on non-voter, special-interest and corporate lobbying.

                    Although it needs to be flexible enough so everyone can have a crack at voter status but still strict enough so an able-bodied rich kid won’t be able to just skate through a cherry assignment that should be left to a guy in a wheelchair. Basically, everyone would have to experience a period of real, honest work to vote.

                  • I agree God’s Creation, not to mention the fact that the solutions suggested by Hammerun actually would just contribute to further bloating the government and violate many more of our constitutional rights, increase the police state.

                    #1, “paper carrying American”. What the hell is this nazi germany, “papers please?”
                    #2 Taxes are unconstitutional
                    #3 I think you mean lose, not loose.
                    #4 Felon’s who have served their sentence and are contributing members of society should not permanently lose their constitutional rights, but felons already lose their right to vote and second amendment rights under current law anyway.

                    As for your verifiers, DL’s and S.S#’s are also unconstitutional. I haven’t used my SS card in years, wish my parents would never have signed me up. I only carry a DL to “go along to get along”, but, I signed “under duress” on the signature line. I doubt this will matter, but it makes me feel better.

                  • Hammerrun- Your a fucking MORON.
                    Half that would be unconstitutional, and just an FYI, ASSHOLE, FELONS CANNOT VOTE.
                    What a loser you are.

                  • @Outlaw
                    No this isn’t Nazi Germany, it’s the King Obama state. If you are fine with that you need not read any further. If you are fine with border hoppers voting dudes like Obama in office, whats left to say? Taxes in fact are constitutional unless you amend the constitution. I don’t have any love for them, but it is what it is.
                    Lose, loose, this friggen IPad. Let’s not get petty here.
                    You noticed I stated “repetitive” not one time, repetitive. Like jokers that make a living at it. Got me?
                    You’ll notice at the end of the first phrase I stated that “this was way to late in the game” meaning what? Probably this was a hypothetical, a theory, most more than likely, never having a chance of being instituted.
                    Finally; I’m open to other ideas so come on and break a couple out.

                  • @outlaw
                    One final note.
                    I have been sitting here think about your remark, “what the hell is this nazi Germany?”
                    Well let’s take a look and see.
                    Law enforcement, out of control killing citizens, who knows how many nation wide, daily?
                    Did something like this occurs in early nazi Germany? To the Jews, non white Germans, homosexuals, gypsies and others?

                    Are not the NSA taping, reading, recording, storing all cell phone, email and internet traffic? This can’t apply as this tech. didn’t exist in the 30s.

                    Does not the Presidents people sic IRS onto their opponents?
                    Did not Hitler have the SS and the Gestapo to quiet and oppress his critics?

                    Is not the federal reserve printing money like it doesn’t matter?
                    What happened in the Weimar Republic and the German Mark between 1921 and1924?

                    How about Obama acting on policy around and without congress as required by law ?
                    Hitler consulted with no one outside of himself. What’s the difference here now?

                    Party members like Lois Learner and higher ups get called in front of congress and basically tells them, Congress to fuck off.

                    Obama and Hillary kissing off four Americans in Benghazi. It must not have been worth their time. What ya think?

                    Obama endorsing executive orders like toilet paper thusly circumventing Congress.
                    I don’t know what Hitler would have called an executive order, but it’s a good bet he had something like one. Maybe a Luger pistol?

                    Doing anything to get Obamacare rammed thru then blackmailing Justus Roberts.
                    Think real hard on this one.

                    DHS personal being trained in demolition techniques at a military base in Southern California. On the QT, out of eyes. No BS either. Using lots of HP.

                    I don’t know Outlaw, what do you think? Is there some simelance with early Nazi Germany?
                    One things for sure, times are changing a little at a time and by the time we see what’s happened. It’s going to be way to late.

              • I just have to ……Who is John Galt?

            • Last man,
              Are you anywhere near Idaho Falls? Just curious, was looking at jobs up there, tons of construction jobs, is it for a last push before weather gets cold? Or is the area just booming, seems like everything near there is the same story, or is there just a huge lack of good tradesman?
              Just curious, thinking about moving to a little less democrat area,

              • No, I live in Big Sky Country but was there about a year ago and it seemed busy construction wise…Boise is also on the move. Lot of high end stuff going on.

                One thing that I can say for sure…there is a huge lack of tradesmen everywhere. Quality workmanship is generally a thing of the past. Those like us who are 50ish and produce a quality product are always going to make it and may even be the keystone in the next paradigm.

                You could most likely make descent money as an independent contractor and maybe get a small farm op going on the side.

                Bro, you are a businessman, a grower of quality food and you get it. Idaho is a beautiful state and there are many ops.

                Sounds like you are at a “fork in the road”…

                Take the scary route…you will do well.

                God Bless you my friend.

                • Thank you, im leaning toward the scary route, could stick all my stuff in a container and send it off to my sisters place then go and find work, have almost 20 years in construction and the last 8 were all real high end stuff, i dont mind starting at the bottom, usually ALWAYS get moved up when the principal sees what i can do and am not afraid of cold! I actually like it because i overheat easy over here, anywho, trying to figure this stuff out,
                  You would think being a grower and living on Maui of all places, why the hell would I want to leave? Lack of like minded people! Every form of refuge has its price,

                • @lastmanstanding, maybe that’s because “the trades” are changing. I had a discussion with a union rep for the UBC (carpenters) and he said things have changed drastically since I got my card 15 years ago. Apparently, as he said “the good ol’ boys days are over”. You now have to complete carpenter’s apprenticeships like college courses for accounting. So many required hours/credits, etc…

                  When I was a member of he union, they made an effort to get you working as soon as possible in a practical, hands-on manner.

                  It used to be, if you could walk in and pass the journeyman proficiency test, you got your card and went to work. Now you can’t do that. Now you’re just a book-toting student, who wears steel-toed boots to class.

                  With unannounced, on-site piss tests to boot. The govt will ruin anything it touches…and it touches EVERYTHING.

                • i live around boise, and you are right. Things are growing here. Better pick up your roots and move to where there is life, i want to be where there’s a strong
                  community, and yeah, there’s water everywhere with the canals, and lots of agriculture.
                  Need: Food Water Air
                  Want: Everything else

                  • boise is only good if you are mormon. utah has tried, and is succeeding in taking over the politics and physicality of greater boise, running all the way to meridian and kuna (two small towns at the edges of boise). as one of my friends said, the last person on her street with kids moved away because there were only mormon kids and they weren’t allowed to play with non-mormons. know also that in the schools there is amazing discrimination. where mormons go, fraud follows, in every way.

                • All the rich Californians are moving in. They will screw up Idaho just like Calif. The high priced parts of Idaho are already a mess.

                  • Californians destroy every place they go to for retirement.

              • A good expose Daniel and I salute you for it. But “less government” alone is NOT the answer. Nor is a reduction in the Food Stamp Budget. My peeps, food stamps are a symptom, not the cause of American dependency.

                And while I condemn those who abuse the system, I know there are many tens of millions of American families, the working poor, who need this assistance and I for one do not begrudge them something to eat.

                The root cause of American dependency is FREE TRADE that has facilitated the transfer of the American means of production offshore: along with 60,000 manufacturing plants and 70 million jobs for the benefit of the Global Investment Class at the expense of the Nation.

                OUR economy has been stolen. DC should be burning with Congress in session. Light a fire under your Rep. Engage your employees or be impoverished and enslaved by them one rule, regulation, or law at a time. 🙂

                  • If the manufacturing base had not been shipped to the third world this vet and his companions would have lived a life more similar to WWII vets upon their return.

                  • K2: Not really. WWII vets really had it made, and not just with jobs. WWII vets had all tuition and fees paid at ANY college or University for which they could qualify. Then they had a monthly living allowance to boot that was more than sufficient for rent and groceries!

                    Viet Nam Vets on the other hand were given a measly monthly allowance (about $200 a month unless they were married and then they received $320) from which they had to pay tuition and fees and all their living expenses. Therefore I worked two part time jobs and still made the Dean’s List.

                    I am not familiar with the latest rendition of the GI Bill, but I suspect that it has even less purchasing power given the current cost of tuition.

                    At ASU for example which is priced lower than most, tuition is $5,000 per semester for a full time student. Dorm and meal ticket another 9-10k for the year and a student must sign up for a full year for on campus housing. Off campus housing is a bit more expensive.

                    Just another example of the PTB at the top pulling the ladder up to discourage all but the most determined. 🙂

                  • DK

                    If we educated our Vets today using a WW2 GI Bill of Rights in the end due to the evisceration of US manufacturing they would either be unemployed or still competing with the third world for wages.

                    Its all hinged on a value adding economy that has unfortunately largely disappeared.

                    As you stated many times and I’m in 100% agreement the Free Trade Agreements are the root cause with the demise of Depression era financial regulation like Glass-Steagall right up there with it. Either will destroy the standard of living for the bulk of the population; together they’re a financial weapon of mass destruction.

                • Absolutely DK. I’d give you a hundred thumbs up if I could.

          • Darwin ,let the strong survive

            • strongest and wisest

          • For those that did not read my post in an ealier article here is just one of the many fraudulant people abusing the system.
            At my convenience store we call him Mr EBT. Single white male, ealry to mid 50’s, lives in a pay by the week motel room, no dependants, no job, ex school teacher, 3 vehicles and a trust account from an inheritance with 7 figures. Got the picture?
            Last EBT balance on his card last week was $4169.69! I am not kidding and have the receipt in my files.

            • AZ,

              The “Bad Monkey” in me would have a hard time resisting…
              …putting a deep scratch in the magnetic strip of the EBT card…


        • @ lastman

          I agree. Let the country absolutely shit itself – and the sooner the better.

          Let Darwinism prevail, so we can start back on the road to bringing back God to this country.

          There are massive lists of names that need to be checked off.

          • CR…and they will be checked violently.

          • I really feel like “God” would rather us feed our brothers and sisters with our hard earned tax $$$ than where the majority of it goes and that is to build more weapons of mass destruction. I wonder what country on or beautiful planet has more WMD and has used more WMD? Oh, right, it is the one that gripes about feeding it’s poor. The poor are just pons kept uneducated to keep the rest of us in chaos. We should bring them onto our side to fight the military industrial complex. Just a thought!

            • Maybe God would rather us pay fewer taxes in general, then people would have jobs and not need charity from anyone? Put that in your pipe and smoke it a while.

            • Funny thing, the “military-industrial complex” was replaced by the “welfare-industry complex” about thirty years ago. And industry that feeds itself 80% of its’ intake, and dribbles the remaining 20% to its’ “clients”.

              We are so screwed.

        • lastman

          Since jpmorgan has the largest derivative exposure of 70 TRILLION!and also issues the ebt/food stamps nationwide for the feds..just imagine the consequences when the shtf.


          btw..thanx for your comment on the previous post

          • It will look like the black friday bs to the nth power. People being savages to one another.

            Anyone acting “blackfridaylike” on this earth deserves “no life”…

            Many so called Americans disappoint me.

            • It’s easier than you think:

              Any guy in a suit and tie is targeted, simple.

              The Russians did it in 1917 with politicians, banksters, lawyers and judges over the problem for a long time …

              • And replaced one tyranny with a worse one.

        • I suppose it has never occurred to you that you and/or your children are likely to be among those deemed not fit to survive?

          • Well then they better work to survive. If they can’t They don’t. That’s how it is sup post to work

            • fb…you are exactly correct.

              produce, fight, live…or die.

              That is how the planet works.

          • ncjoe, I am fit to survive regardless of what anyone says. you’re just a dickheaded troll, so move on.

            • Bravehart- you seem to focus an awful lot on dick’s.

              Got a few thumbs downs there bud?

          • Deemed by whom? You?

          • considering I am a white male Christian, that thought has occurred to me, hence I act accordingly

        • Amen to that brother.

        • The Ruling Elite used their employee Uncle Sam to facilitate the evisceration of US manufacturing putting many otherwise hard working people in this position. This dependency is a symptom not a cause.

        • Lastmanstanding do you really think you could “make it on your own”? That’s a bullshit statement. You wouldn’t last 10 min on your own if we “pulled the plug”. While I feel your frustriation with the amount of handouts in the united states and other well to do countries, if we don’t pull together as a community, humans don’t stand a chance. Example, i grow an abundance of vegetables, herbs and fruit on my land and frequently give it to friends and family. And in return i receive “care packages” as well. Its worth a shot to re-think that lone wolf strategy. And i think you have it in you to think of someone besides yourself.

          • We will not pull together until after. Survive its death.

        • “””There are hundreds of billions of dollars on the line every month and as an American taxpayer you are paying for it all.”””

          The American taxpayer funds ZERO of any government operating expense, including food stamps, welfare, and all of the other social programs, as well as the military and foreign aid.

          If you choose to be a taxpayer, 100% of what you pay goes directly into the coffers of the Federal Reserve banking families.

          The benefits are paid for by the counterfeiters, with counterfeit “dollars”, in effort to buy support for their criminal operation. It is a part of their plan from the outset, so those who benefit will not challenge them or their operations.

          So long as the MYTH persists that taxpayers pay for these programs, those suckers who are taxpayers will feel that those who take the payoff are taking from them.

          The reality is that those who are getting benefits are just taking a small bit of the profits of the counterfeit operation, while those who continue to pay taxes support their operations and blame the little minnow instead of the whale.

          Meanwhile, the banksters continue to play the American people like a fiddle and they remain clueless about who they are really giving their hard earned money to.

          Food stamps and other benefits will stop only when the counterfeiters are put out of business. Until then, paying the banksters to run the operation is the ONLY thing your tax dollars pay for.

          If you are not able to see the truth, the myth will continue to destroy your country and rob you blind in the process. Just as it was designed to do.

        • A PARABLE:

          A Republican man in a wheelchair entered a restaurant one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. He looked across the restaurant and asked, “Is that Jesus sitting over there?”

          The waitress nodded “yes,” so the Republican requested that she give Jesus a cup of coffee, on him.

          The next patron to come in was a Libertarian, with a hunched back. He shuffled over to a booth, painfully sat down, and asked the waitress for a cup of hot tea. He also glanced across the restaurant and asked,

          “Is that Jesus, over there?”

          The waitress nodded, so the Libertarian asked her to give Jesus a cup of hot tea, “My treat.”

          The third patron to come into the restaurant was a Democrat on crutches. He hobbled over to a booth, sat down and hollered, “Hey there honey! How’s about gettin’ me a cold mug of Budweiser?” He too looked across the restaurant and asked, “Isn’t that God’s boy over there?

          The waitress nodded, so the Democrat directed her to give him a cold beer.

          “On my tab,” he said loudly.

          As Jesus got up to leave, he passed by the Republican, touched him and said, “For your kindness, you are healed.” The Republican felt strength come back into his legs, got up, and walked out the door, thankful to Jesus.

          Jesus passed by the Libertarian, touched him and said, “For your kindness, you are healed.” The Libertarian felt his back straightening up, and grateful to the Lord, he raised his hands, praised the Lord, and walked out the door.

          Then, Jesus walked towards the Democrat, just smiling.

          (I don’t care what party you like, this one’s funny!)

          The Democrat jumped up and yelled, “Don’t touch me…I’m collecting disability.”

          • Red Leader

            That was a good 1

            • No, that wasn’t a good one. Some of you people are so judgemental and have a negative attitude against people that are getting help from others. There is no compassion anymore.

              Red Leader was on a good roll until he combined “democrat” and someone collecting their disability benefits into a punch line.

              I know first hand what being disabled is all about.

              For over 15 years, my best friend was a Vietnam Vet that had been in a wheelchair since 1971. I spent thousands of hours being with him and helping him. He is not a democrat.

              In 2006 my wife was involved in aaccident where she was rear-ended by a logging truck. The insurance companies and lawyers swindled her out of tens of thousands of dollars.

              After six years of 24/7 pain and endless time spent at therapy and Doctors/Specialists and testing facilities; it was determined that there isn’t any hope for treatment or recovery. Her spinal column is shot. The last nuerosurgeon said she would need a complete reconstructed spinal column to have even a chance at a somewhat normal life again and that after a million or so dollars and years of therapy, she might still become totally paralyized and in permanent pain.

              She does walk, however slow and with a limped sideways action. If she stops walking on her on, then she will be confined to a wheelchair permanently. It will come to that, eventually, anyway. Maybe it’s OK with some of you if she draws “her” disability, if she is confined to a wheelchair? She was just approved to receive her SS disability benefits, that “she” paid into the system for 30 plus years of hard work. Not my tax dollars or anyone elses.

              How is it that anyone can pass judgement on others with disabilities without knowing the full story?
              Some of you people are just greedy, selfish, ass-holes, without compassion, that see anyone receiving any benefits as somehow less american and less deserving. It is that mindset that sees less fortunate people as leeches on society and need to be “weeded out”.

              You people with that feeling towards others may find youselves in a position with God as to “needing to be weeded out” of eternity. Good thing it is not my decision.

              BTW, wifey is not a democrat.

              • If she is in so much pain. Maybe it is time to .move on and end her suffering. Sounds like she living just to live. And the joke had nothing to do with anything you brought up.

                • Facebook. That statement shows you are nothing more than a complete and total asshole.
                  Thanks for clarifying. I had always leaned that way, but now you definitely clarified it without a doubt.

                • Just because I am an asshole and my statements are hard to handle. Does not make them untrue or necessary.

                • @FP,

                  Wifey says next time you get sick, maybe you should consider “being put down” by your local Veterinarian.

                  She’d be glad to sign the consent form for ya.

              • Piss IN the Wind-

                they are mostly a bunch of uncompassionate fucks.

                Karma has a way of fixing that, ya know?

                I’m sorry for your wife and her pain. And i know how hard it is to take care of a loved one with a disability.

                These people, in my opinion, mostly have NOTHING……… an are just bitter at anyone who has anything.
                They do not even understand that TAX DOLLARS do not pay for EBT and many other things that they see the “leeches” as taking.

                They need to sound like they are contributing, and most prob make so little that they ALSO pay no taxes in the end.

                Dont pay em no mind. They dont HAVE a mind between them.

                • Thanks Rich98,

                  I still have faith in most Americans towards having compassion with others. The number of ass-clowns are growing though, and this site has it’s share.

                  Facebook Page has shown his true colors once and for all. I was never quite sure which side of the fence he was leaning towards, but with his latest statement he fell head over heels into the sewer pit.

                  My earlier comment about the food stamp/EBT system was proof positive that most people can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to their taxes and the National debt. The total food stamp program is only a drop in the bucket in comparison to the waste and fraud within governments; state and federal.

                  When i made the post, i told the little woman there would be as many, or more “thumbs down” because I made the post sound like i was defending EBT card users. i kinda do but I’d rather believe that most of those recepients would rather have a decent job/paycheck and not depend on a handout.

                  She asked, ” Why would people react like that over people getting food?” Answer is quite simple.

                  The majority of people have been brainwashed into believing that their hard work and taxes are keeping up the masses of “lazy black people”, that have babies just to stay on welfare and collect checks from taxpayers. The majority of posters on this site are white, so………. That is what people see in their mind when they see anything about welfare and food stamps and even people drawing SS disability.

                  It is evident in their comments, right or wrong, that most have a bit of prejudice in their heart.

                  Yes there are people drawing a paycheck from, and milking, the system, but I don’t believe it is the majority. If there is a problem, then it is the lack of jobs and education, and the system as a whole.

                  To single out welfare and disability recepients, is unfair. To label all EBT users as sorry ass leeches is unfair also.

          • Red Leader: Did Jesus drink the Budweiser?

        • Natural selection. Semper Fi. III

        • As Bob Marley said, “a hungry mob is an angry mob”.

          That is part of the plan.

          Reality from a true economic standpoint, for every dollar “handed out” in the form of a food stamp, it supposedly generates $1.70 in true growth, or expansion…and that’s from the ground up.

          Too bad the government is on a borrowing spree rather than using it’s own coinage.

          There are loopholes where undeserving get the dole, like illegal immigrants and your general crackhead skallywags, but there are even more DESERVING people, like your average joe who really did get wiped out by the banksters, or your grandparents vanishing pensions, or your senile mother who bought into Fonzie’s reverse mortgage scam…some of those folks are starving without or without the $100.00/month EBT.

          Please stop demonizing all food stamp recipients, despite the fraud, which of course needs to be stopped. The money spent on food stamp programs is a drop in the bucket compared to the Militant Industrial Complex running rampant on the heels of this middle east Swahili grab for water and oil.

          Go figure…Welfare is much better than warfare.

          Nobody can work on an empty stomach, let alone think straight…don’t ya get it?! We’ll be sucking on toothpaste before long.

          Peace ya’ll, and help out your neighbors before they go on the dole, too. Shop local, grow local, be a good yokel!

        • funny, since you have to be “living in poverty” to receive benefits in the first place, huh? as a farmer who lives alright below the “poverty line” ( as many do) what happens when those who grow the food you eat can’t sustain themselves, or their farms?
          define poverty? not enough $ to buy the newest iphone is most americans definition. Not being able to feed one’s family, or keep them warm or sheltered is a very real delema for many people and how good are we to turn a blind eye to this until we are no better off. teach a man to fish and keep on fishing!

      2. “The ultimate goal of the State is to cultivate absolute dependency on it by it’s subjects. Until this happens there is a real danger that the governed will wake up and realize that the State is not only entirely unnecessary but actually malignant.”

        I figure it won’t last much longer.

        • guero:

          Do you think the NSA is not reading what we talked about here?


          • @ Proftel

            Who gives a crap what they listen to?

            Let the NSA listen to me not being afraid of them. I’m one of millions who feel just like I do.

            • California residents:

              If I did not think so, would not be talking here.

              I want to read my opinions as well, and after reading, you shove your finger in fiofó and tear.

              (clarifying fiofó = anus).

              I’m not politically correct, believe me!


              • NSA to read everything I write and try something, maybe Polonius to give a basic cancer as they usually do, or fuck my car.

            • And it isn’t millions yet. Not even close.

              • @ facebook

                Here’s over a million and a half right here –


                NSA, IRS, Obamacare…….it’s ALL connected.

              • All talk How many would actually step up to save this republic if their lifestyles were to be attacked

        • I agree. A welfare state has a finite lifespan. Between the reduction in good-paying full-time jobs for various reasons and the ever-increasing number of people depending on government support, the tax and excise base that pays for all this keeps on shirinking.

          Granted, if the corporations and/or the super-rich were to pay their fair share it could stretch things out some more but they would never allow this to happen. Amazing what things like withdrawing campaign bribes can do to sway a politician’s mind after all.

          As such, eventually the money for the welfare state will run out and things will start to be cut. Then, people will get angry, hungry and desperate. And that is when violence will start. No wonder they want to disarm everyone, especially veterans who are claiming a pension for their service. After all, the ruling elites doesn’t want the peasants to be able to effectively revolt. But given enough cuts and enough time for simmering anger and resentment to boil over, even the armed men and women who guard the elites will have enough of seeing their friends and families go cold and hungry and sick or injured and they will join the pissed off masses.

          And then, next thing you know, it will be the US edition of the French Revolution.

          And I hope to God it will never come to that by way of politicians waking up and impeach Obama or a more forceful change of government, preferably mostly bloodless.

          • Canadian Vet:

            The Huns, fed invaded Rome, the French sent to the guillotine kings and bankers (spared the priests, was a mistake), in Russia in 1917 the people had to shit politicians banksters and priests, was a good cleanup.

            I say, lack very little to recur “cleanup”, very little.

            Just light the fuse is missing.

            • Proftel:

              You sad and ignorant little man.

              The French Revolution was all about the Priests. The reason they went after the throne was because it was Catholic. There was absolutely no demographic in France that suffered more in the revolution than the Catholic one, and among those, the ones who suffered the most were priests and religious.

              The truth shall set you free, so do some research. And, the Jewish Bankers behind the revolution did not lose their heads, but instead, gained an empire.

              Why do you think Napoleon got to where he did?

              Sad and ignorant. Yet so full of malice. May God change your heart.


      3. everyone feeds at the public trough
        ESPECIALLY those at the top
        and fraud is RAMPANT throughout everything the government and corporations do

        what do you think a $500 hammer
        or a $20 screw that the Pentagon pays for is ??

        Rep. Speier Holds Up Vodka and Steak on House Floor to Shame Food Stamp Opponents

        and I like the Republican idea of job training


        in my state
        they have eliminated virtually every program

        F_CKING hypocrites ALL

        • Your right the system is broken from the top to the bottom. Your wrong, not everyone feeds at the public trough.

      4. Everybody is upset about the national debt, but nobody wants to give up anything… If you don’t collect a paycheck (and don’t pay taxes) you shouldn’t get a say in how 30% of my income is spent. If you don’t like it – get a job, or at least get rid of your internet, cell phone, and cable TV. If you don’t like the cuts, maybe call your representatives and push for reform on what they’re allowed to buy. Soda, chips, and cookies? No wonder we’re obese…leading to hypertension and diabetes costing us billions of dollars in healthcare. Oh, I could go on and on…

        • Howdy, DK, and I agree. All of the people who have been added since the primate first got into the WH are people who lost their jobs thanks to Wall St. and the govt. I’m not holding anything against THEM in particular and I’m sure they hate being on the program. If you can eliminate all of the fraud in the program and take the scammers off the rolls who don’t really need those EBT cards, that would be a big help. braveheart

        • Me, I’m with you all the way. As far as I’m concerned, the people on those programs don’t really have any say on how our tax dollars are spent. It’s the politicians who decide that. Cut off the EBT cards for the “hogs”; going without some meals and getting some exercise would do them more good then being dependent on Uncle Scammer. braveheart

          • My thought if someone on welfare spends $200 for a tattoo they should have that$200 removed permanently,since they had enough for the tat they must be receiving too much.

        • ….I dont collect a paycheck…consequently don’t pay much in taxes, at least not in income taxes…I don’t take a dime from anyone…in principle I agree that those who think theyre entitled should not have a say and Ive said it before myself…its just that paychecks and taxes are not the best indicator of freeloading status…just sayin…

        • @ Satori

          I don’t have an issue with someone like this veteran utilizing the safety net as it was designed to do. It’s the worthless fucktards that never worked a day in their lives who scam the system by having more and more childrenz that irritate me.

          • Cal. resident: Gotto agree as I said many times on other posts: Don’t breed ’em if you can’t feed ’em also goes for school free breakfast/ lunch programs. If couples are low income/blue collar w/low pay, simply don’t breed/ Kids are a luxury few can afford now days and women have to work nowdays. (day care is exp.)

      5. Last night I was talking with my niece’s husband, he owns an electrical contracting company. His company has weathered the economy very well by having learned how to do government work, how to navigate through all the paperwork and how to speak government. He knows a crap load of incentive programs and tax rebate and relief programs and he takes advantage of everyone he can find. He flat out said that he couldn’t make any money if it wasn’t for the rebate and relief programs. I call it welfare and he calls it working within the government environment according to government rules. His life and business would be much more of a struggle if his work was in the private sector. He said business is booming and he’s in Southern California. He uses a different kind of food stamp but it’s a food stamp none the less.

        • Rick you are absolutely 110% correct. It is welfare and many are doing it and it is part of the problem.

          Now get in that boat, go fishin…and report back tomorrow. lms

          • We have storms coming in with 12 to 16 foot swells and high winds. I’ll go out and play music instead.

            • i wish that it would storm here…one of the driest years ever here in Montana…stay safe.

              • Four years ago, here in Anapolis, Goias – Brazil, were 261 days without rain, when it began to rain, hail and winds too, was in October. After that, we had the longest period of rains linear in years.

                • The earth works in mysterious ways…one has to deal with it as it comes.

                  Now you got me thinking…how would I grow food if it did nothing but rain?

                  thanks for your perspective.

                  Saw your comment above about China having no water. That has been surfacing alot lately in my reading.

                  • Raised beds would drain, but some plants need full sun and would suffer. I would have to put lights in the greenhouse and put my tomatoes there. Can’t do without tomatoes.

                  • They had water however they crapped in it and now it is unfit to drink. Their air is unfit to breath. Pollution everywhere.

                  • hydroponics/ auquaponics under greenhouse cover. Mitigates weather extremes well,(save lack of sun) and uses less water than planting in the earth. As a bonus plants grow quicker and are less prone to toxins in soil and air.

        • Totally agreed! These are all fine examples as to the mindset of our founding fathers, when they said not to let the gov’t get too big. For damn near every program they create that makes them that much bigger, the more inept it shows they really are.
          i.e cash for clunkers,obammycare,etc. One would be foolish to think that the average street hustler is any different than the average white shoe wall street hustler when it comes to taking advantage of federal handouts. Certainly the current entitlement mentality is a major factor, but in such economic times it simply makes sense for one to procure as many angles to ensure that individuals lifestyle is meeting up to the smith’s next door. Hence the original goal of the food stamp program has been completely lost.

          • What is killing us is the professional political class that stay in office for thirty or forty years. The original intent was a couple of terms and go home. My how things have changed but then again when you get to vote on your own power life is good.

      6. One other thing, he said on government jobs that he has to pay the prevailing wage of $55.00 and hour to his employees.

        • Nothing but the best pay (with money printed out of thin air )at taxpayer expense.

          When this criminal game of money printing blows up, it will be a blood bath.

        • So what your saying is that his employees are likewise on the government teat, even if they don’t realize.

      7. After watching this…there is no way to save this country. It’s done.

        • I am sick to my stomach, we are so done!

      8. Well, let’s see. There’s a currency collapse, banking failure, pandemic, EMP either man-made or naturally occurring, oil crisis, water crisis, peak oil, collapse of bee colonies, widespread terrorist attacks on infrastructure, HAARP extreme weather, foreign troops going after our guns, lack of food, GMO food void of nutrition, weaponized vaccines, Agenda 21 eugenics, any one of which can lead to widespread death, starvation, civil unrest, or war. Now we get to add one more thing to the list: food stamp crisis. Thanks, Mac. You made my day.

        • Perhaps they want it all to happen at the same time.

          No one lives forever.

      9. And this is why i will watch my books closely and assure that i make only a profit of 1-2k over the personal deduction.
        I refuse to bust my hump to make a buck only to have the government stick their fingers in my pocket and steal 20-30% of MY hard earned money to fund any of ths crap.
        I can eat my own veggies and trade with friends for stuff i dont grow or raise,
        Would rather eat spam and ramein noodles every day than be a part of this collectivist crap.
        Think you can get more out of me?
        You can try!

        • I eat those items now on my $62. a month food stamps.
          I am 64 soon and disable and that all I get for food so this junk of how much people get is wrong. I live on $720. a month. plus the $62. and pay property taxs as well. Which have save up to do.

          • Too bad, so sad, i used to care,
            But now i dont because i have been taken advantage of way too many times.
            Bring on the red thumbs but when you bake a cake you may need to break some eggs.

          • As testament to how screwed up the govt is, some young punk who’d rather surf and play guitar than work, gets $200 a month, while a disabled elderly woman, who is trying to maintain her home gets $62.

            ..and we need this government, why?

          • One can assert age, disability and low income exemptions from real estate tax. They will ask to see your income tax return. It’s worth doing if it gets you out from under the local government parasites.

            Going off on a tangent, i would happily pay a proportionate fee for fire and rescue protection. Police? meh … if I plan on defending myself during SHTF I think I can defend myself now.

            But the rest of local government can fund their activities by bake sales for all I care. Especially the government propaganda mills, aka school system.

            Somewhere on the internet is an 8th grade examination given by the ad hoc teachers (who in fact were simply older teenagers with no ed training)in the wagons crossing the prairie in the 19th Century. It surprised me not that nine-tenths of today’s college graduates who tried it failed.

        • Kulafarmer, I absolutely agree. I, too, hold down my income to avoid paying the feds a third of what I would earn if I worked f/t again. With our other incomes they would, and do, tax every additional dollar I earn. Factor in clothing, transportation, professional development classes, and office expenses and the overhead starts approaching 50%. The last time I worked f/t I estimated I actually cleared around $9/hour after everyone got their cut. Better to live simply and spend time doing things I enjoy, but am not paid for. Grouse season starts this morning and tomatoes need canning. I have a highly marketable skill, and work p/t, when I want to, to earn money for the extra things. I refuse to be a slave to people on welfare who claim I am victimizing them. It seems as though those of us who work are the slaves, and the government employees and welfare recipients are the masters.

          Let me keep more of what I earn and I will earn more. Otherwise, call me John Galt.

          • nice to meet you John!

          • Same as you, I could work 40 hours or more a week, but I don’t want to. I might work 10 or 15 that gets taxed because the guy 1099s me each year. But anything else is too small to count individually, but adds up, although there is no record. If cash doesn’t go through a bank, there’s absolutely no record.

            I am spending most of my time archiving books, gardening, and looking for deals for more supplies and equipment. I always need more canning jars and could use one of those big fresnel lenses out of an old TV as an alternative cooking method.

            I quit the rat race almost 10 years ago. I planned that back when Carter was in DC. In spite of being godless, Atlas Shrugged is a great book. Most of the people in my neighborhood are out of the race and into side jobs.

          • Amen…same here John Galt…

        • I agree, Kulafarmer. I currently have a decent job and would not leave it, but I will admit if something were to happen to my job I would do the calculations and try to find a new job that paid the bills, but not enough to have to pay taxes–or at least the lowest tax obligation possible. I’m weary of everything going in gov’ment and lowering my tax obligation would be my own version of going “Atlas”.

        • Yeah bingo, make enough to survive and not enough to draw any attention or be taxed to death, the only way they can get anything out of you is hold a gun to your head 24/7 at which point there isn’t much to live for anyways. on the brighter side it gives me much more time to exercise my mind, spirit and body.
          Truthfully I would rather live on the street eeking out a day to day existence than feed the monster that seeks to consume all. And before some wise ass mocks that statement I will have you know I have lived on the street before for a year and all it did was make me a better and more fit person.

      10. The other day I saw a news story about a couple that were small business owners who were having a hard time because business was slow. They lived in a 500K home and applied for and were receiving food stamps. What really got me was at the end after they told their sob story of how much they needed food stamps, they showed the guy getting into his car in the garage. Right next to it was a car under a cover and judging from the body lines it was probably a classic form the late 60’s early 70’s.

        Seriously, if you live in a big house and have classic cars in your garage, I, the taxpayer who works hard and doesn’t have any of those things because I live within my means, shouldn’t be supporting your ass.

        I’ve been on hard times and didn’t ask for any handouts. I sold alot of possessions I really didn’t want to part with just to pay bills and put food on the table. Thats life, deal with it, but don’t ask me to cover you for your mistakes especially when you have the means.

        • 500K, one car of any value, and less than $25k. Most self employed can make that happen. So, soon there will be even more people on these programs. Weird part is the people who do work and make under $30k. In Hawaii, the welfare package is worth $60k not including the time value of 40 hours a week not working.

        • arco, welcome to the new U.S. of Asses. We’re now officially the laughing stock. Hell even the Brits don’t want to fight ‘long side us. We can’t even buy friends nor enemies. The new norm is “right is wrong and wrong is right”. Our country’s soul has ‘long been for sale.

          • Only 535 Congressional pieces of debris sold out. That still leaves a little over 300 million of us the opportunity to get it right.

          • The brits are and have ALWAYS been the fucking problem.

            We kicked their ass in the Revolutionary War and the fuckers have been slowly working for 240 years to get us back.

            Now here we are…The road has always started in London.

            • Go listen to Mike Rivero’s “All Wars are Bankers Wars”

              It is on youtube or can be viewedon his What Really Happened site…

              44 minutes worth the rest of your life.

              • lastman- thanks for the recommendation. just watched it all. best video of it’s kind I’ve seen
                fast-paced presentation and lots of history covered in a short time. and it clearly explains WHY more wars are coming. i’d recommend everybody see this!

                • Glad that I could point you in the right direction SO.

                  It is by far the best, fastest and hardest hitting summation that I have seen.

        • Arco, I know exactly what you mean. I drive a company vehicle since the late 90s because my boss wanted me to get away from old cars that were going to the shop a little too much. They were cars I paid for with cash because I didn’t make enough money to qualify for financing or even get a mortgage. I don’t have one bit of sympathy for anyone who goes out here and lives better than I do, they were at least able to make some dreams come true for themselves, and start living on our tax dollars. As far as housing for me goes, i’m fortunate enough to rent a house, but that’s it for me. I know what people say about renting, but it’s either I rent or become homeless. someone else earlier stated the country needs to shit itself. I won’t dispute that. hell, it’s going to happen anyway. braveheart

          • I rented a house trailer for several months over 30 years ago until I found out I could buy it and the payments would be less than the rent. I planned to payoff the trailer in 3 years and then look for a piece of land cheap enough that the payments would be similar to the trailer payments. Then after the land was paid for, I was going to build a small house as I could afford the materials. Then I would own a small home with no payments.

            I got the trailer paid for, but then I got married to someone who already had a house. So I didn’t get to go through with my plan, but I think it’s a good one.

            The trailer was very old and only cost $3,000, so I was able to sell it for close to what I paid for it. I lived in it 3 years for only about $1,000 total.

            • Archivist, In 1997, I applied for a mortgage for a 10-acre plot with a single-wide and 2 storage buildings on it. one part of the land bordered on a spring-fed creek. There was a helluva deal on the property. I had more than enough for the down payment and got turned down for the mortgage. That place was all I wanted out of life. After that, I just threw in the towel on having anything.

              • Waiter, violin for this table please.

              • 🙁

              • You can find some property that is owner-financed. In other words, no bank at all. I have seen some owner-financed property on survivalrealty dot com.

                Luckily I have never dealt with obtaining a mortgage. I inherited the current place, small property with large house, chicken house, biddy house, and two-seater outhouse.

                Maybe you can find an owner-financed property. Try looking. You might find another deal

              • What a quitter. Ever read about all the rejections most of the successful people went through until they made it. Did you run home to mommy?

      11. If they’re going to have a safety net, I’d prefer it be more of a voucher system: 5 cans veggies, 2 gallons milk, 2 loaves bread, 1 dozen eggs, 1 can frozen juice, etc.

        • Where is the beer Homer Simpson?

        • Vouchers for some personal care items would be good too. (These aren’t covered by EBT as it is) Soap, deodorant and razors go a long way toward the public health. We’ve got some fragrant characters in this town who probably decide each week between cigarettes and deodorant. Cigs win every time and we all lose :\

      12. Yeah, these tick-turds in cronygress waste time passing this never happening, meaningless, waste of time bullshit so they can beat their chests saying, “look what we’re doing for you”. I’d like to sink my foot up their asses so deep, they’d taste my boot and be able to say, “Redwings”. The senile senate and O’Souplips ain’t gonna allow this, so who do they think they’re kidding? Lets see, where the hell was I? Oh yeah, DK give me your take (oh wise one) on Egon Von Greyerz’s piece over to Kings World News. I do think we’ve got a good bit of time barring pop up wars or a derivatives bubble burst. Your divine wisdom would be sorely appreciated. Thanks Po’P.

        • Yea, i love how they are bickering over obummercare,
          Wonder what theyll do when only a small fraction of people sign up,
          Personally im done with gov crap, going to take my chances, dont give a shit anymore,
          No obummercare, no nothing,
          Ya want it?
          Come n get it!

          • You know Kula I didn’t watch the vid till I got done my post, so I watched part of it. When I got to the part with the white girl talking about her breast augmentation being done while she was on food stamps…… well, some people just need to be shot and drug off camera and dumped. We definitely need…. I don’t know what we need…a cleansing? We need to cut loose the driftwood and start from scratch. But who determines who should go or stay? Maybe natural attrition? I sometimes wish God would close the book on this old world.

            • Im with you on that, RESET!

            • I just wonder how these people can get in front of a camera, and say so unabashedly, that they are losers…

            • How will you respond when someone, and someone will, decides you are a piece of driftwood?

              • Never happen.

              • ncjoe, if anyone thinks i’m a piece of driftwood, that’s their problem, not mine.

                • BH, you took the words right outta my mouth.

          • Just sold a M1A, Fulton Armory build, Sage International Stock EBR (enhanced battle rifle) to one of our servicemen there in your state. A fine rifle but heavy (14 pounds with loaded mag.) I hope he enjoys it. Miss it already.

            • Cool beans,
              I was looking for an M1A
              Ended up picking up an LWRC REPR, what a rifle, so smooth, minimal recoil and way more accurate than I can shoot,
              Thats one reason im looking to migrate, easier to get range time in the various parts of the Redoubt, over here its almost impossible to get any range time, and the laws are quite draconian and restrictive, way to easy to end up in jail.

              • I know all about the REPR. Picked it up first in the 16 inch configuration with the geiselle trigger and then later bought just the 20 inch upper to switch back and forth. I’m bout a 20 minute ride from LWRC. Bought an SPR in OD green about eight months ago. I own POF and Sig but they can’t come up to a LWRC.

                • seems like the fit and finish of the LWRC is pretty much the best in industry through all models, The SPR in nice, they have one hanging in the local gun house, but already put a deposit on a second REPR Ceracoated, so gotta wait, I did see and handle a Novesk and it was pretty sweet, but I think the LWRC still superior.

                  • 16 inch with spiral barrel or another 20?

                  • 20, like the feel and accuracy.

        • Amen POP! I hold Congress personally responsible for all of the BS that they get away with in my name. And I would bust all of their wimpy asses were I could the opportunity, in my name. Of course.

      13. We’ve all made our bed, and it’s almost bed time.

        • ….and Ruger is my Teddy Bear…..just sayin’


          • Funny.

      14. It is truly sad that this “entitlement culture” has morphed into the horrific beast which is clearly is nowadays.I know that it(food stamps) really does help some who need it and they use it as it was originally intended as a “step up” back to self sufficiency.

        But there is that disgusting other side of the coin. I am originally from Mississippi and one day about 20yrs ago I was standing in line at the grocery store behind a woman who very obviously missed NO meals but was clearly of a lower socioeconomic position.

        This woman had a shopping cart overflowing with food and the cashier started ringing it up. This was back in the days when food stamps were paper “notes” and the woman was clearly clutching a fist full of them.

        At one point the cashier realizes that there is a large bag of dry dog food in the shopping cart and she says to the woman “you do know that you will have to pay cash for that dog food food stamps won’t cover that”.

        Well, the woman gets pissed off and starts loudly arguing with the cashier telling her to ring up the dog food with the stamps. The cashier, naturally holds the line because she HAS TO.

        The pissed off woman then pushes past me and walks to the back of the store, returns a moment later with a large beef roast, slams it down on the grocery conveyor and loudly exclaims…”Well there then! The damn dog can EAT THAT! Now RING IT UP!”

        I will never forget that day. It typifies to me what the whole “entitlement culture” is ALL ABOUT.

        They just want to screw the system for ALL IT IS WORTH!

        A hard rain is gonna come raining down on the heads of the parasitic leeches of our society one day and as far as I’m concerned…

        RING IT UP!!!

        STAY STRONG Y’ALL!!!

        *By the way, this goes for all of the corporate welfare bast*rds too!!!

        • Yep, doesnt it just make you want to feel sorry for those poor EBT people,
          Was behind a guy buying 4 nice blocks of prime Ahi tuna, and a bunch of steaks, paid for that with his EBT, 135$
          Paid cash for his case of Heinikens
          Then went out and got into a brand new F350 crew cab Superduty,
          I wanted to ram that fucker with my old 96 F350 but I cant afford to get a new one.

          • I hail from Mississippi, some 18 years ago. Everybody with new cars In The driveway, $200 sneakers, the latest electronics, in a shack without a pot to piss in. Taking holiday food donations from nursing students while the kids are lined up to play Nintendo, without so much as a freaking thank you.

            • kinda makes you grateful you have your own set of priorities, huh?

              • Makes me glad to know i was responsible for generating the $ that I paid for my groceries with.

          • Same here, hate to admit this, but last week a brand new F350 got keyed in the parking lot of the local grocery store, the owner was inside buying burger and steaks for a cookout, using EBT of course, and paying cash for 6 cases of imported beer. Hope he enjoys paying the $500 deductible.

            • Same low life trash will park in a Handicap spot, cant count the times I’ve had to talk myself out of getting out of the the truck. All I can think about is a Veteran who has lost their legs or arms Protecting this country .. And this same Trash thinks everybody owes them for some reason…Standing by in PA.

              • Yea, saw that the same day, two punks in a dropped toy blasting the stereo, sitting in the handicapped spot, then this fat little bitch covered with tats comes out with a case of corona and jumps in, seems we have more than our fair share of crap around here. (See the PDF i posted a little further down the page)
                Id rather walk a mile from a space than take a handicap spot, am pretty thankful i can walk and am pretty healthy.

                • Kala this is how the System works for the person that pays into it for over fourty yrs, my Uncle started working in a Pottery factory making Toilets and bathtubs at fourteen yrs old, 6/4 Broad as a barn. Then in the service(Viet Nam) then odd jobs and then got in the coal mines, he had got sick in his late fiftys, Exhausted all all his Medical an moneies till everything was gone even his new wife, Stress was too much. This 6/4 man makes the Decision too go get food stamps, it took all this Proud man had just to go in I was with him, they told him to sale his car..JACK ASSES.

                  • In the 80s you would basicly have to be flat broke to qualify, no assets, now they give it to anyone, also back in the 80s or earlier, people would do that as a last choice,
                    I get that, some folks really deserve and need help, gwynmarlyn, im shure there is a legitimate need, but for the millions of able bodied leeches who are taking advantage of the system,
                    They can go to hell!

          • I have a photographic memory.

            • I have a 1MOA memory

              • You and i are twin sons of the same mother…

                Just remember who you (or they) are…

                sometimes better than a 1moa memory.

          • Almost as much fun as watching an illegal alien hotel maid being picked up by her boyfriend in a new pickup. All the American maids were fired and replaced with cheap labor which works and also draws welfare and every other freebie available. A country of dolts.

          • Unbelievable. Yet a couple I know applied for food stamps on one part time income and one unemployment income and were offered a whopping… $16/ month. Something is truly wrong when people who have it hard get so little help and others seem to be thriving and get even more. I think there may be political favoritism going on.

        • The same thing happened to my wife a few years ago. Someone in front of her was trying to buy cat food with food stamps. The clerk wouldn’t let her, so the women went back and got cans of tuna for her cats.

          I’m pretty sure this same thing has happened thousands of times all over the country.

          • I’ll gladly pay for the Animal, it dosnt know any better. The Human, no Excuse most of the time.

            • NO PETS. Can’t take care of yourself you surely can’t care of a pet.

          • Poor cat- tuna only diet leads to Vitamin E deficiency and a painful death.

      15. hey…. ummmm. did any of you guys see the definition of a work training program? do not get me wrong people should have to do something to earn food stamps but it sounds to me like working off what they give you in public service is part of “the part time i need food stamps” problem. i am sick to death of having friends hours cut to part time, and now depending on how they handle this you might be in an office working for your link card instead of them hiring more people full time. seems like they are perpetuating the circle for food stamps

        • good observation, mopsy7. It all plays into general rule number one:

          “If the govt says it’s good for you, it isn’t…you just don’t know it yet”.

          There’s ALWAYS an agenda hidden somewhere. Just like the massive build-up of prison space—“if you build it, they will come”. They even created new laws to be sure they did come en masse…then privatized it all for huge corporate profits and control.


      17. I can hear the thunder….there’s a storm coming!

        • Jim, that’s not thunder. Its cannon fire. Double canister……they’re in close and we’ll have to give them the bayonet. I see them coming through the smoke…….

          • …steady boys, steady…let em get a little closer…FIRE!

          • Wait til you see the whites of their eyes!

            • “Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

      18. WOW, that’s a lot of Democratic Voters! Sweet!
        Not to mention, JPM is getting richer by EBT cards.

        • Hoser:

          With the left hand, pass on the right forearm from wrist to elbow, see “quite the contrary”.

          I believe this blog’s Muslim Jew, a Christian through the Israeli democrats republicans, from white to black.

          Like beer, just come in here and comment if you have some in the noggin.

          I do not know if the Google translation will make you understand the spirit of the thing the way I see it.

          As my Austrian grandfather: “Banks are not houses, just take it back …”.

      19. We all know exactly what this post is about will happen. I think it will be one of the most unbelievable events we will ever witness. When it does come crashing down,I think it will be wide spread. A coast to coast kind of thing. All the sheeple will be so hungry and unprepared it will be pure chaos. As already seen all over Europe. Bullets-Beans and Bilbles forever!

      20. I posted this a couple of times before, but it bears repeating.

        About 5 months back, a lightning strike struck a local supermarket, and took out the stores’ computers that connected the store to the main EBT card servers on the internet, and nobody could make puchases with their EBT cards. This happened around the beginning of the month, what luck ey? Within 15 min., there was a near riot. The store manager called the police who were able to maintain control. This was just one store.

        I’ll repeat that…THIS WAS JUST ONE STORE. Don’t be a slave. God Bless.

      21. I’m so sick of hearing about how folks abuse the food stamp program but not one dam word about how the Federal government props up the banking system and wall street …which drives up the cost of….”FOOD” to the point that folks cant afford it. Or gas! So much government intervention in the market place has created so many distortions, housing, food energy employment. Shall I go on? No shut your damn mouths about people on food stamp will ya! It’s just one small part of the problem

      22. “When will it ever stop?”

        …when the government goes broke.

        I’ve been reading “Enjoy The Decline” by Aaron Clary

        I’m sick of these bastards stealing my property and financing their BS.

        I’m beginning to wonder: Maybe we should ALL apply and get back what we put into it before the beast finally dies.

        Just a thought. An extra couple hundred a month in preps might make the long haul a little easier. Thats a good sized solar panel a month!

        • NR, its the way I look at things.

      23. Cutting extra fire wood…canning beets and beet tops as well as peaches and carrots…tomatoes, peppers and tons of salsa…making a big tub of sauerkraut…piling the taters, apples and cabbages into the root cellar…hanging a coupla hogs and telling the system to go to hell…may not have much cash money but thank God Im eatin good 😉

        • I sure do miss making the scrapple.

        • Heehee! …and that is all that matters, ain’t it?

        • It sounds like you are working hard for it.

        • Stonewall would be proud!

        • Ride on brother Reb! Right on!!!!

      24. It is my hope that government “benefits” stop flowing! The circle MUST be broken! I don’t support it at all.

        • It is my hope that government “benefits” stop flowing

          Yep, let’s stop all those social security payments to people who have paid into the system all their lives. While we are at it, stop al military retiree benefits, too. Those are nothing more than government handouts paid at tax payer expense. I am sure all those people will go quietly into that dark night when their benefits are terminated. What a simpleminded moron you are.

          • And social security is not what we are wanting stopped you dipshit.

          • ncjoe, it’s the food stamp program we’re talking about, not something else. You’re the moron, so move on.

          • People here don’t mind helping those that really need it. But watching healthy people abuse the system gets under your skin.

      25. Well the candle grows short and the wick long. My eyes are heavy….good night.

      26. Just this Wednesday I received a text message in error: “hey, dis is Gervern Chris baby momma you want to buy some of my food stamps?” I replied that “no, obviously you have sent this to the wrong number because I work and BUY my groceries. What is your last name, as this is illegal, so I can turn you in. Wait, I have your number, so never mind.” Minus the foul language she told me “dis phone ain’t mines (yes, an s on it) it my friend (no S) and you don’t know them so you can’t find me.” I have written two Representatives asking to whom should this go and can they use these texts in their efforts to prove the food stamp abuse that so many say doesn’t exist…no response…typical example of someone that woke up at the crack of lunch, scratched, then decided she needed some money! Our tax dollars at work!

        • I know a man in CA who likes to befriend drunks. He gives them some cash for their food stamp card. He meets them, uses the card, comes out of the store and gives them a bit of cash. That way, the drunk can keep drinking. He likes to think he is helping them.

          • That’s brillant,befriending drunks and giving $ for their abt card,I’ve just discovered a knew and exciting career!Oh,wait a minute,the patels from india already do that and they own the liquor and convievce stores.
            note to NC Joe,don’t tell the truth on this board you’ll ruffle some of the sacred cows feathers,,,hahhaa!!!

        • just one of their voters.

          Votes no longer matter…just another fictious right that has been stolen behind our backs.

          while we were working for the American dream…another fictious right.

      27. and you think your employer is an S.O.B.

        On Driving a Train Off the Rails in Japan


        ALWAYS bad news

        no matter what culture you are talking about

        why do human beings treat each other so very badly
        it doesn’t have to be this way

        hat tip
        Dermot over on Llamedos

      28. A few months ago I got laid off…I received unemployment benefits and worked my butt off to find a new job. Two months after I was laid off, I got a new job. I could have continued my benefits by simply lying on the paperwork. No one would have been the wiser except for me and the Lord. I opted to be honest….I have learned that most are not.

        There is NO accountability. If we don’t even hold our leaders accountable why do we think the little man will be held accountable? Morality has been lost. Ethics are a thing of the past.

        • Kudos to you…you have some honor…many don’t…be that as it may dont write us off just yet…theres lot of us out here who still believe in morals/ethics and character…we wont go quietly… 🙂

          • I also give kudos to the citizen.

            I worked from April 1985 to April 1995 in the Department of Environment of the State of São Paulo (Brazil), had rights insane if I stayed still.

            My resignation was accepted on a Friday, the following Wednesday was already working as Professor, earned more, never asked for anything from the government, my wife who is a Jehovah’s Witness warned of the wrong (from my side, and that was willing to do wrong, I am not of her religion).

            If everyone did that maybe the thing would not be so ugly, it’s just most have common sense.

      29. I guess I am lost…”The move was immediately rejected by Democrats and social aid groups, who claimed the new regulations would force millions of people into poverty”. I thought people who got food stamps were already supposed to be living in poverty. If they are not, then why are they getting the stamps (EFT I know) to begin with?

        • Over here, people on the take from the system often take in more than a full time college educated school teacher for the state DOE.

          • Kula.

            it is not just ‘over here’, but it is over everywhere. In the old days, folks were somewhat embarrassed about needing welfare assistance. Today, it has become a mandate by millions.

            But then what hope do they have. Where are the job markets?

            • Where are the job markets?


            • True,

        • Looks like being the working poor is without honor, the dole is much better for them.

          What a crock, eh?

          Just drug test ’em and watch the outlays drop in half overnight.

          • Surgical sterilization of both da baby momma and da baby daddy should be carried out when the first welfare ghetto bastard child is shat into the world. I tire of being forced to pay for welfare people.

          • No shit…a friend of mine has to take a drug test, pass a background check, etc. for a $12.50 hr. job which is actually a good job here…

          • @smokey ..Go back to writing your unconstitutional tickets you fuckin statist.

            • Go fuck yourself, scumbag. I’m not a cop.

      30. What goes up. Must come down. 😉

      31. The U.S. economy and the European Union and Japan are on the permafrost (those who do not know, is a layer of frozen soil that lies Alaska / Canada / Siberia).

        Little more than the temperature were to rise with Russia or China, fades into the ground water and the whole thing will sink so gorgeous, is not up to the neck, is two meters above the top of the head.

        Things are going so slow for now.

        I will make a great indiscretion with this transcript popular saying heard here in Brazil:

        “- Since they invented gunpowder and Vaseline, there is neither male nor man very very tight anus.”


        (my review will probably be another locked for being “politically incorrect”)

        • @Proftel:

          My man gaskets is still water tight, but thanks for asking.

          …be safe….stay the course………BA.

      32. If we imposed wage-differential import duties before ending the welfare state, the people on welfare could actually get jobs – because the jobs would be here, rather than in China, or Thailand, or wherever. (At the moment, there are about 4 times more people looking for jobs, than there are jobs to find.)

        But instead of this, the banks’ government wants another Free Trade treaty – the Trans Pacific Partnership, to further harm the average American.

      33. And they (the elite) consider people that can feed themselves useless feeders, food stampers are even more useless than useless.

        Useless feeders step right up, EBT repayment will be excepted at anyone of the 30,000 guillotines. Your bill is due!

        We can’t afford you and neither can you. bye bye.

      34. Well, am back in Greece for the next two weeks on business. I keep a small apt in a working class section between Athens and Piraeus. Saturday am is market day in our neighborhood. Never seen it so empty, just a few people around. Many more stores closed,

        Biggest crowd was a communist demonstration in our neighborhood just a couple of blocks away – about 200 people or so, and they we’re mostly ignored by locals.

        More empty apartments in my humble building here, three families kicked out because they owe many months of back rent. I wonder where the hell they go. Not much of a safety net here. The real safety net are families looking after their own. Very tight family culture. Many people in Athns still have family on the islands or in small rural villages where thy do raise goats, lambs, chickens and grow vegetables, and many do go there.

        No such tight culture in USA. The family structure has been decimated. Once the EBT cards are history, our own parasites will be finished, and I mean finished! It will get very, very ugly indeed.

        Don’t think for a minute that our present world state of affairs is any accident. We all have been the proverbial, slowly cooked frogs, but at least a few of us get it and are doing something about it. I believe that those of us who are liberty minded Constitutionalist folks, mostly in the fly-overcountry, you know, we God and gun loving Bible toters that the left so mocks, I think we are the last chance the country has. I’m thinking a lot of us will survive all the crap, and will live to fight another day.

      35. Im sick of funding this shit with my hard work,, back breaking work..while some fuckstick sits on his ass, and acting like they are owed this..not to mention the abuse this system is taking

        I want it to go down,,if I could find a way to be sure this would happen I’d make that my new job!

        bring on the chaos..I’ll deal with that my way too

        • fuckstick…I love that word!

      36. I thought poverty was measured by the number of ribs counted on a person’s chest. Not by the number of free slabs in the shopping cart I thought poverty was measured by endless hrs of hunting fishing or food gathering. Not loading you two full shopping carts of free shit into your new Escalade. We get it,they suck !!! Time to forget about them in this forum. Time to do something about it. Call your Congressman?? Sorry that shit never worked. Time to go all in Thought this was SHTF should be STFU instead maybe icepik vs escalade tires? It’s the simple pleasures that satisy TIME HAS COME TO GET OFF YOUR ASS AND FIGHT BACK Do something for real instead of typing about what you may do someday. American Revolution was not won by talking about it BE SAFE OUT THERE

      37. Russia, a superpower on the rebound

        Recent days have witnessed a spike in Russia’s anti-American policy, with the Syrian crisis placing the world’s largest country back at the forefront of the international stage. President Vladimir Putin recently made two major strategic moves: vetoing the measures against Syria at the UN Security Council, and bypassing the US administration to reach out to the American public through a New York Times op-ed advocating a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis and opposing military action.
        Thus Russia has declared its old-new agenda of reinstating itself as a global power by offering diplomatic solutions to standoffs in such hotspots such as Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
        This can also be seen in a number of arms trade agreements with countries Russia has traditionally shown interest in. This surge of global activity is aimed to elbow out the US where ever it can, in view of the ongoing weakening of the US and its withdrawal from military, political and economic involvement in different areas around the world.


        • slack, Russia has never changed its ways; our politicians are just too stupid to recognize they’ve been duped.

          • I’d disagree. Russia’s way was different under Yeltsin, but Putin got it back to what it once was under Gorby and before.

      38. We are all on some form of subsidy as Americans. These are just the glaring examples. What would our food and gas be if not for corporate and farmer subsidy? This machine of ours is broken and there will be a reset whether it is hard or soft and slow, I don’t know. Maybe not individually, but collectively we deserve what is coming our way. We have turned our back on God and morality and laugh off most serious issues we face as a nation. 330 million tends to do that to a society. We don’t feel things like 911 or the Newtown slaughter more than a few months. We say “Oh, that is terrible…. Anyone know who is playing tonight?” We are in trouble folks, but it a necessary evil that has to take place. We may be able to delay for a while, but it is a generational thing and things don’t look good when you talk to people under 45 or so (this includes me). We are that hysterical, out of control person that needs someone to slap them in the face. We need some hardcore reality and the sooner the better. But it will only occur when it’s time has come. No way to rush it, but we will get there.

        • We are all on some form of subsidy as Americans? That’s a partial half fact. As Homer Simpson Stated. Facts! Facts! People use facts all the time to try and prove things that are only half true. The Half truth here Is your omission of the difference of the subsized making producer versus the subsized parasite taker. If someone produces and is Taxed for more than he receives he actually paid more than his fair share. Now If your income is derived from the government coffers you pay no taxes whatsoever. What taxes your might pay (sales,property,income,ect.) Are paid from money taxed away from some producer. So what taxes you pay are merely a recycling of money already taxed (robbed) away from some producing maker. Its like getting a dollar for free and paying a 10 cent handling fee. If what you do doesn’t use the natural resources of the planet to make build or grow something that add,s to the GNP and your livelihood comes entirely from the government coffers your a taking parasite. You may think your job -stipend etc. is necessary but your a parasite just the same. Some producing maker current or future must be robbed (taxed) in order to enable your parasite taking existence. We have far to many relatively high paid & compensated taking parasites and far too few relatively low paid producing makers. Too many parasites are killing the host.

        • Yeah gone! You certainly have a point!
          So many comment sections regarding food stamps get overwhelmed with “blame the little street hustler” who is really only doing what comes natural to him or her, be it generational or new lax rules on who qualifies, but I’m always skeptical when it comes to issues that divide us so…. i.e guns/anti guns..abortion/anti abortion…gay/anti gay..etc.
          These are all very intense debates on both sides! I believe they are so pushed to keep us infighting, like so many above here have done that it serves to keep us distracted to the bigger picture….kinda like this interactive map that shows by simply typing in the zip code, which farmers are getting which and how much subsidy checks for not farming.

          Sorry dont know how to insert link from my tablet:-)
          I guess I’ll have to get a new computer with my EBT……JUST KIDDIN ALL YOU RED FINGERS:-)

      39. U.S. disability rolls swell in a rough economy

        “The fast expansion of disability here is part of a national trend that has seen the number of former workers receiving benefits soar from just over 5 million to 8.8 million between 2000 and 2012. An additional 2.1 million dependent children and spouses also receive benefits.

        The crush of new recipients is putting unsustainable financial pressure on the program. Federal officials project that the program will exhaust its trust fund by 2016 — 20 years before the trust fund that supports Social Security’s old-age benefits is projected to run dry.

        The growth of the disability rolls has accelerated since the recession hit in 2007. As the labor market tightened, workers with disabilities that employers previously accommodated on the job — painful hips, mental disorders, weak hearts — were often the first to go. Finding new work often proved difficult, causing many to turn to the disability rolls for support.”

      40. I found this great review!

        Who wrote was “whirling tword” in “”:

        Check out:

        “That’s a really good price these days.

        One thing is for sure… If you didn’t already have a lot of ammo on the shelf before things dried up, you’re going to spend a lot more getting anything… that is when you can find it.

        I was sort of lucky. I’ve always shot and, I’ve always hand loaded. I also had a bad feeling before any of this dried up and put a lot of components on the shelf before things got bad.

        I have to wonder now if we’ll ever see ammo or components come back to the shelves in any quanity at all? America is arming herself.

        I have two friends at work that I don’t talk politics with but, they’re both asking about defense weapons since they know I shoot and have been in competitions for IDPA pistol and shoot team sniper matches etc. and reload. These guys know something is wrong… Asking about different “protection pistols” etc…. They’re very much city guys and have probably never shot a firearm. Now they want to buy something and come out to my place and learn how to use it.

        I told them to get a pump shotgun unless they want to carry in their car or on their person and if they did decide to carry in their car or person that they’d need to make sure they got some training.

        This country is slowly but surely coming to understand that the country they grew up is no more. Things have changed and are continuing to change at light speed for those that are paying any attention at all.

        NSA is watching and listening to everything to do or say… the police state is in place if you don’t agree to come and prosecute you. The power brokers pay no attention to laws… laws are for little people. The political class and banker class have no rules. You can break all the rules you want… do it right out in the open… There are so many laws now that they are used as weapons by those that don’t have to obey any against anyone they don’t agree with. In fact, there are so many laws that every man is a criminal now and those that have influence get to pick the people or groups they enforce them against. The FED dillutes our money supply robbing us all… The John Corzines of the world just go right in an rob the bank accounts and don’t go to jail.

        Simply put, the game is rigged and the power structure has been put in place to keep us in our place or put us in jail.

        Sadly, our trajectory has been set and we’re well on our way to the end of things as we know them. If things are kept going, we’ll be slaves soon. If they’re not, we’ll have chaos for some amount of time before the next system is in place…. Either way, our way of life will change.

        You can’t rack up 212years of debt in 5 years and keep on that path but, that’s the path we’re on. ( and the administration villifies the tea party )

        Prepare accordingly…. We’re in upside down world.”

        • Tons, and you can bet on that

        • I’ve known about that for many years. The bomb buried itself so deep in the ground that even the government couldn’t dig down enough to get it, although they did try. So they have banned any development of the property. It is still used as farmland by the owners. That last switch might possibly go sometime, so I wouldn’t want to live there.

          I used to drive through there sometimes, and I would wonder just where that field is.

      41. There are a lot of people on foodstamps because they can’t find a job or they can’t find full time work. A lot of them are people who’ve held a full time job for decades but their hours have been reduced because of Obamacare. And if their foodstamps are cut they’ll have a hard time eating. Yes, we have a lot of lazy people who don’t want to work. But we also have a lot of people whose jobs and whole industries have been destroyed. Like the coal industry. Obama single handedly made industry in America much more difficult by destroying the coal industry. Nobody with a brain would invest in America knowing that their company could be destroyed by executive order.

        • You have a few good points. But by and large those receiving food stamps are lowlifes. Go to Wal Mart on food stamp day. the majority are nasty looking unkept obese. Watch them when they drive up. Their vehicle will be dirty. They will be smoking cigaretts & yakking on the free cell phone right till they get to the door. Then they put out the cigarette but that phone is a permanet fixture. They will pass shopping carts left out of the car corral. Never grabbing one and taking it inside. See them come out with two carts bulging with junk food. As soon as they exit they light up the smoke. They can certainly multitask light smoke- eat junk food and yak on the phone all at the same time! Then after unloading their plunder into their vehicle they leave the shopping carts right there and there is commonly litter left in the cart. One question for the lowlife welfare lazy asses how pitiful are you that some producer must be robbed just so you can stuff your fat face? I resent the fact my hard earned taxed cash has to compete with the so called free food stamps & welfare.

          • velho:

            Você colocou um excelente ponto!

            Tenho o mesmo prisma, vou te contar uma coisa:

            Trabalhei dez anos (1985/1995) no Meio Ambiente, fiscalização, foram quatro Parques Estaduais. Dez anos andando no meio do mato procurando caçadores e exploradores de palmito, sempre armado com Taurus 38 na cintura e espingarda calibre 28 de dois canos (um cartucho com sal outro chumbo grosso).

            No carnaval (fevereiro) de 1995, voltava do Guarujá-SP, onze horas da noite, um monte de gente nas ruas quando, ouvi o grito da minha mulher, estava sendo assaltada.

            Eu estava de calção de banho, camiseta e chinelos no pé, corri, reagi ao assaltante, levei um tiro na barriga que atravessou estômago, intestino grosso e intestino delgado.

            Hironia da vida, eu sempre trabalhando armado e, num momento de descontração, desarmado, levei um tiro na barriga.

            Dois meses depois me acendeu uma luz no cérebro que disse “vou cair fora daqui, chega de violência”, eu já tinha Universidade, precisava de uma especialização, mudei de Cubatão-SP para Catalão-GO.

            Fui na Universidade, matriculei, aluguei uma casa mas, a cidade pequena com todos desconfiados não me ofereceu trabalho.

            Tenho muitas habilidades manuais, na época tinha três caixas de ferramenta, de alicate a paquímetro e, tinha um computador e impressora.

            Imprimi um panfleto que dizia “Disk-Serviços, Nada tema, com Alex não há problema”, “Conserto tudo que estiver estragado da porta da sua casa para dentro”.

            Fiquei dois anos trabalhando e estudando, foi uma época que ganhei muito dinheiro, cheguei a ter dois funcionários mas, subir em telhados, limpar caixa d’água, caixa de gordura, configurar computadores no acesso discado, montar armários, consertar fogão e geladeira e tudo o mais que quebra dentro de uma casa não era minha função, estava estudando para aprimorar minha formação, sou Geógrafo.

            Pois bem, terminando a especialização prestei dois concursos, um Estadual e outro Municipal, Passei em 11º lugar no municipal e, em 16º no Estadual.

            Velho, no fundo eu quero te dizer o seguinte:

            Só fica desempregado quem é INCOMPETENTE.

            Em qualquer lugar do mundo, se você se dispuser a trabalhar, você ganha dinheiro honesto, mesmo que seja lavando camelos ou enxugando pinguins.

            • I made a comment in Portuguese, and then someone put a “-“, became negative.

              I want to make clear that the “Proftel” is a guy 50 years old (51 in November will do), a guy who is on the network and when they are connected with dial up via telephone around 1987 and, ah, I am Brazilian, with ancestry on his mother’s Austrians, by the father of Polish.

              I have no religion (despite having been baptized and confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church) believe that God is my Father, and as such, I talk to him directly, do not need intermediaries (priests, pastors, imams, rabbis, parents-in-holy etc..) to talk to my Father

              I believe in God and He helps me (much).

              Another thing I want to make clear is the following:

              I’m not politically correct, I do not give a damn about negative comments about my comments, the only thing that I value my family is to keep alive even if I have to die for it, I am adept at common law (the laws of common sense).

              Others be damned, each in his own space.

              Since blurted, continue the conversation …


              • Rock on, Proftel! Keep prepping and hold your head high! 🙂

          • The whole thing is a lie…a defiant finger in the face of common sense and reason, soon it has to end,there is no way for the farce to continue…societal darwinism will soon kick in and these parasites will cease their evil ways…the cancer has started to kill the host and the host has scheduled surgery coming up soon…that or the host will die along with all the bloodsuckers who are now so arrogant that when the host has no blood left or is even dead they will curse and blame the host…sick aint it?…hopefully the ones who aren’t takers can survive the death of the takers and start over again…

          • Old guy, I feel the same way you do. There’s nothing free about food stamps or anything else. Our tax dollars go to support the useless eaters. there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Sooner or later, they’ll start running out of revenue for those programs. there’s not as many people working and paying taxes into the system now as there were in 2008 before the crisis. Something has to give somewhere, and it will, just give it time. braveheart

        • Yes, people need to eat, but define what is food? Instead of letting them wander the aisles tossing goodies in the cart with wild abandon, how about giving them vouchers instead? That 10-pound bag of potatoes is cheaper, healthier, and more filling than the $3.79 12-ounce bag of potato chips. I have no issue with feeding hungry people, but I’d prefer they give them vouchers for specific items. They get fed and the taxpayers save money.

          • The brighter ones who really want potato chips will figure out how to put oil in a pan with thin potato slices to make their own chips.

          • Most people don’t mind helping out the truly down and out…its our way here in America…but the old saw that beggars cant be choosers has to have some say in whats going on…if Im feeding you… you get what I want to give you…not what you demand,not what you think I should give to you…how in heck did we ever get to the place where takers get to demand anything??…used to be the usda handed out real food items that supplemented and helped people get through a rough spot…even the churches helped the poor…now instead of moving through the tough spot they demand we build them a palace with landscaping…youre right its time to offer people some help based on what the working people want to offer not on what the people getting help demand…and NO you do not have a right to eat that which you do not produce…same goes for a roof or clothes…what you have a right to is what you do for yourself…otherwise youre taking something from someone else somewhere!

            • Well-said, REB! 🙂

            • AMEN, REB. I couldn’t have said it any better.

              • But you will try.

                • Couldn’t resist.

        • Yep that guy is a piece of work. He is nothing but a taking parasite. He needs to sell that baddest jewelry and nice car and pay his own way.

          • Old guy, that piece of work oughta just be cut off altogether. Huffington Post is one of the WORST MSM sites.

      42. No work, no pay.

        They can even do those demeaning jobs that Americans won’t do.

        Or they can riot, loot, and find out just how many armed Americans there are.

        • I’ll go along with the no work no pay thing
          but only if it applies to Congress also

      43. “”This is the United States of America, we’re not some banana republic. This is not a deadbeat nation. We don’t run out on our tab. We’re the world’s bedrock investment, the entire world looks to us to make sure the world economy is stable. We can’t just not pay our bills.”

        – Barack H. Obama”

        After reading this:

        Breathe twice.

        Breathe a third time, and fill the lungs, run out of the house.

        On the balcony release the air from the lungs screaming loudly

        – Now FUCKED!

        Serves as relief, rather than taking prozac.

      44. People need food, thus food stamps for those unable to afford to purchase enough to survive. It’s time to slash corporate welfare whose benefits far exceed food stamps. The corporations want all the illegals given amnesty to further drive down wages, which already cannot support the real cost of living. DK is right, they have moved the jobs out and continue to do so. People have given up, knowing there is low paying part time employment that won’t even put a roof over their heads. Obama , after 5 years has done zero to create jobs. Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Shrub, Obama and whoever is next have all stabbed American’s in the back in their lust to privitize and outsource jobs and wages to make the greedy bastards richer.

        • Cut the food stamps. Those folks will suddenly demand that they receive the jobs that the illegals and green card immigrants are doing. Why can the illegals find work and able bodied US citizens cannot? Also I suspect there are both illegals and citizens who work off the books for cash and still receive food stamps & welfare. Those few producers we have left cannot afford to pay to enable the unfortunate to maintain a certain lifestyle. if your too poor or lack the know how to feed and take care of yourself what benefit are you to society? If you cant feed your children they should be taken from you. The fact is the lions share on food stamps are losers. Druggies, acoholics, Un wed mothers, scammers ,lazy obese and don’t want to ever stop being a burden to society. Very few are victim of circumstance. The fact is It cant go on forever. It cant continue for very much longer. If they cant feed themselves now just what will they do after the SHTF collapse?

          • Old guy, after the collapse, the losers will go rioting, looting, even going into other neighborhoods looking for someone’s home to turn into their ‘store’. My home is my home, not a store for anyone. If they come to my place with that thought in mind, Mr. 12-ga. pump says forget about that idea. braveheart

            • Mr. double barrel over here. Loaded with anything!

            • More useless wind.

          • Ebt, food stamps, AFDC,Section 8 housing…….are a parasitic drain on the productive, and run counter to the survival of the fittest. Supporting selfreplacating moochers gives our socity nothing but more moochers.
            Welfare benefits should be either suspended after the first ghetto bastard welfare child is born, or both parents should be forced to submit to irreverseable surgical sterilization.

        • aljamo:

          You played a good point (as the old, only another matter).

          Migration / Immigration.

          In the years 80/90 saw a lot of people migrating to Portugal, Spain, Italy, USA etc.. .
          All who were alive again, I repeat no, none of them are well off.
          All returning (some in worse financial situation than they were) only know how to complain and make comparisons between Brazil and “developed countries”.

          The girl that my wife and I have created since one year and eight months old (she is now eight years old) is the product of that. The grandmother was working as a hairdresser in Portugal, left the children with a stepfather, her daughter got pregnant at 16 years of age of a schoolmate, and the “product” is here at home.

          The good thing is that, the same way they were living abroad, returned. Not very assimilated, turned worse, destroyed families but came back alive and at least artiuculados are in another language (I have colleagues with an Irish accent, English, Spanish, even seems born there and are immigrants). Kkkkkk.

      45. I just ran across this article at today…It is a review of a just published book by Dr. Jimmy T. LaBaume titled: The Betrayed: on warriors, cowboys and other misfits It is an autobiography of sorts of Dr. LaBaume’s life, from a poor beginning to the cowboy life and rodeos to the oilfields of work, to being drafted for Vietnam…returning and later getting a Ph. D but also going to Desert Storm… you can hit on a link and get to Amazon for a more thorough definitely sounds like a book worth reading, written by a man who has dealt with reality and faced morality..and learning from the school of hard knocks…to the university setting. It appears to show people a “walk back in time” to the present…. From being poor, to working ranch work to the oilfield work, to the military to university teaching, it will be interesting to read and learn from a person with such a background… and his conclusions in his senior years of life.

      46. Its off topic. However since it seems almost everything I usually post is contrary – mean or abrasive I thought I would mention something that on a personal note that is good . On a personal note we have 4 milk goats. goats tend to only have kids in the spring. So last fall I didn’t let the billy in with two of the Doe,s. I put him with then about 5 months ago. Yesterday one kidded with two nannys. and today the other kidded with one nanny. So we have successfully staggered the kidding so as to be able to have goats to milk year round. And too boot it rained yesterday. We really needed the rain and it just rained gently all day long. Everything is green & lush today. There isn’t any reason that if someome really wanted they couldn’t produce some of their own food. A garden,chickens & maybe a milk goat or fattening pig don’t take much room.

        • old guy if you would, let me know what breed of goats you have. Been thinking of getting some.

          • We have two alpines a mother & her daughter they are the ones who just kidded. We have a Overhalsi and a Toggenburg the billy is 1/2 toggenurg1/2 Nubian. The babies are all different colors. One of the twins is grey with black spots the other is tan. the single is black wth brown legs & underbelly. They are grade animals. Ive found purebred registered animals are not as hardy & healthy a mixed breeds. I just came in from checking on the new kids. I put them in the fenced back yard they are already running jumping & playing. Its enjoyable to watch then wake up nurse the mother for a short time and then play and lay down to sleep again. Get on the internet and check for goat & sheep auctions. Many goats for sale on craigslist and internet sites are overpriced. My goats came from the goat & sheep auction at Koskonog Missouri. The nannys averaged costing $75 each and the billy cost $120. The price fluctuates higher at the first of the minth and higher in the spring. cheapest the third Saturday of the month and in the winter months. However there are no guarntees on animals bought at auction. We have owned goats off & on for fifty years. We got this last group two years ago. We eat the excess kids planning to keep one young doe per year for a replacement. Im trying to just have four milking adults. And stagger the freshening two in the fall & two in the spring so as to have two milking year round. I let the babies nurse the mother. That way you don’t need to milk twice a day every day. Leave them with momma and when you need milk pen them up away from the mother for about 8 hours and milk out enough for your needs. That way you can leave for a vacation or whatever and not have to worry about the milking. We usally sell the billy and replace him later so as to not having him breed his own daughters. At present me and two other goat owners are swapping billies.

            • Sounds like you have a good plan there. Enjoy my goats too.

      47. I am on Food Stamps,Not by choice. I am sick and dyeing and pay’d my taxes for this tiny bit. But don’t worry folks I also USED to take pain medication till it was jerked away a year ago. The whole war on drugs thing just like this war on food stamps. I live my entire life stuck in bed now and eat 2 or 3 times a week, I am skin and bones and should be dead and out of your way soon. Bet it was a young person who left message of let only the fittest survive, Oh’ yee of little knowlege… SHEESH

        • Well Butch nobody lives forever. and Now your sick & dying. Why? why must others strangers pay for you to be comfortable in your last days. Are they strangers responsible for you? You state you payed your taxes. Did you aquire any assets? Assets that could be sold or mortgaged to fund your last days? If you have no assets Why? what did you spend the money that was left after you paid your taxes on? If you gave your assets to someone they should be responsible for your food & medication. Did you smoke ,drink and live a unhealthy lifestyle that has led to your current situation. What Im trying to say is you are the accountable person. Your life and your dying is your responsibility. Your the one who the buck stops with. Im old 62 and I also believe in the survival of the fittest.

          • old guy,

            You call 62 old?

            • It Is for Me. Ive done physical work all my life and Rodeo,ed in my younger days. Those horse wreck injurys are coming back to haunt me. knees wore out. Teeth going bad. Eyes getting dimmer cant shoot a rifle without a scope. hearing is bad have to turn the TV up loud or read the close captioning. arthritus Hurts too bad to ride a horse anymore. Hair is mostly gone the one great thing my Pecker still works pretty good ! Im 62 and haven’t yet started to draw social security. Ill likely sign up in Janurary of 2014. Don’t know how much stipend Ill receive but ill make do and live on whatever pittance I get. Ill consider myself lucky if I can get back what ive paid into Social Security the Ponzi scheme.

          • I guess anyone that has a stent of bad luck or unavoidable illness is just shit out of luck? Die and whither? How about the 4 year old with leukemia, just leave them on the curb? Someone that was paralyzed by a drunk driver? I hate otherwise healthy takers and takers that have made themselves useless from years of poor choices as much as anybody, but be careful lumping everybody that is not Jon Rambo into the “let’em die” category.

            • as harsh as it sounds the 4 year old with leukemia is his parents responsibility. If they have the funds for his treatment great. If not that child will die much sooner and that soul released from the sickly body. the same with the paralyzed person. they should be compensated by the person who damaged them. also maybe they would be better off dead? The hard cold fact is everyone dies eventually. When your physical body fails and you are a non producing parasite your a burden upon society. We now have a large group of folks drawing social security disability because they are Bipolar? healthy body but wont work because they have bad moods? What this site is about is SHTF. When that happens there wont be the government programs to play Robin Hood? Yep I think it will pretty soon be that let them die is prevalent!

          • Old guy–may God have mercy on your soul.
            My husband has an inoperable aneurysm and unexplained seizures.
            Oh, heck, let’s not even talk about all the other problems with his heart and circulatory system.
            Might it be the agent orange he was exposed to in Nam??
            Oh, and don’t even think the small disability he receives is ever compensating for the hell he is going through at age 65.
            And he wasn’t a moocher. Until the night of his latest seizures he was driving a grain truck 10 hours a day and bush hog tractor.

            • So we should pay for you two not preparing for the worst. How is his illness my problem. Or the old man’s.

              • So 10 to 1 that SHIF members believe we should all pay for other peoples problems.

            • And I have been seeing the huge checks agent orange vets are getting. I agree it took to long for them to get what they deserved but some of those check are huge even to me..

              • The Vietnam vets exposed to agent orange don’t get big checks from the VA. Only a small percentage with one hundred percent service connected disabilities get larger checks. Most get much lower amounts, with 10 to 40 percent disability. Many illnesses have been added to agent orange exposure, including type 2 diabetes. Just one of Monsanto’s deadly chemicals with the government’s approval. Chemicals have more rights than humans.

                • I sorry to say but 50k and 2950 plus full unlimited medical. Plus all the other genus are pretty huge to me. And working with the DAV. I see lots of these payment everyday. Plus all the other.

                  When I see vet without there just benifet 90% of the time it because they didn’t prove there case. Because they believe they shouldn’t have too.

            • Im not without my own share of problems & miserys. I simply accept them and go on. Im the one who is responsible for me & mine. My prep are not really for my survival. I lived life My best years are behind me and If I die its no great loss. I prep for the grandchildren. The hard fact is the USA is in decline. There isn’t a viable political or ballot box solution. So that leaves nowhere to go but down. If someone isn’t & wasn’t a moocher why are they now dependent on others who had ought naught to do with their problems . What did they do with the fruits of their productivity? Do they have assets? Why should some productive person be robbed to enable some no producer to maintain his lifestyle and keep their assets? His problems are unfortunate however into each life some rain will fall. Before I willing to give welfare I want them to be devoid of assets and unable to work.

              • Old guy has lost his humanity. If going thru a SHTF scenario ends in a world full of Old guys, I had just as soon not make it anyway. What an asshole. And suggests that he has his own ailments that compare to truly serious ailments that others endure, I call bullshit. An enlarged prostate, limp dick and some arthritis don’t compare to many other’s health issues that are no fault of theirs. What a piece of work.

                • Think and do whatever you want. Your the one who ultimately has to live with them. At least that the way it should be if life was fair. But life isn’t fair , life isn’t just. and all are not equal. If you expect justice fairness & equality boy are you gonna be disappointed. Liberal gimmie everyone is a victim and is somehow owed free health care food stamps a job & home ect. etc. That mentality is what has gotten the world into the mess it in today. Why are the same anti NWO anti UN anti Agenda 21 suddenly if favor of social engineering when it comes to some (mainly there own) parasitic sick eneity? you demonize the successful by claiming they have more than their fair share while rewarding failure with free food stamps & health care etc . Its taboo to suggest some failure should exhaust all of their asset before receiving welfare. Yep that is the solution reward failure and punish success. I stated 62 is old to me nothing more im not bellyaching and wanting someone else to enable me. You fair share folks haven even realized what had been done to you. The UN and NWO decided that the USA middle class had more than their fair share. They had too good a life & jobs when compared with the rest of the world. So legislation was passed that corerced, enabled and facilitated in the good middle classes production jobs being sent (think Redistributed) to third world countries. This economy was wrecked on purpose. Until the cost of production in those places rises or the USA falls to Third world status the US cannot compete. Which do you think will happen first. We can no longer afford the luxury of maintaining the lives of the parasitic no matter what the cost. Pay your own way or do without. Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not sustainable.

                • It may be to no fault of there.

                  Once again how does that make it my problem.

                  Explain that instead of using the poor me him ex use.

            • JayJay,

              You can not teach an old dog new tricks, Old guy seems to be a very matter of fact person with not much emotion in his heart. On earlier posts, he tells you to adopt a wild horse because it is the right thing to do yet the minute that horse is no longer useful, send it to the glue factory. I would bet that wild horse would rather die outdoors then traveling in a horse trailer to await the most horrific fear in the last hours of his life. All that after serving his master? Cold hearted and mean spirited.

              He even seems to suggest that when a child is no longer viable then they should just die without dignity as well. I personally do not believe in permanent life support but trying whatever means available to save a child is without question the right thing to do. We live in a time where we can possibly save that child, 100 years ago it wasn’t possible.

              My impression is that Old guy believes the innocent should be discarded like yesterdays garbage (unless they have money) but the selfish survivors should inherit the earth. I don’t think that is what the Dear Lord intended.

              The meek shall inherit the earth. By the word meek, it does not mean weak or cowardly, it means kind, loving, strength of character and a firm belief in God.

              I am truly sorry for your situation, I hope things improve for you and your husband. God speed.

              • Keeping a person horse or any animal alive on the public dole no matter what the cost is a luxury we can no longer afford. Mamby Pamby folks wont last long in a Root Hawg or die situation. 90% will die. the remaining 10% will likely wish they where dead. The luck ones will die before A total SHTF collapse. And SHTF will be a reality in the near future.

              • Star. And in all those words you also don’t answer why should others be force to help. You take care of them if it is important to you.

                • There would be room in our society to help those with a true tough break or down on their luck. The problem for most is discerning the ones that are freeloading and chronic complainers. The woe is me crowd. There are millions that are on the dole that do not deserve it one bit. It is those that need to be removed from the taxpayer teat 100%. My only contention is that there are those that genuinely could use a hand and somewhere in our society we can help. Some of the posters on here sound like they would turn there back on their own kids if they had an illness and could not carry on unassisted. I also would not want to be wounded on the battlefield some of you Darwin lovers. No man left behind would not even exist. It would be “Damn that looks bad, see you later”. Humans are different than animals and I won’t live like an animal unless things got incredibly bad. Not for my daily existence now. To each his own.

                  • My child or family Any US service member injured in combat will receive all from me.

                    All the rest it must be ready to take care of themselves. Even vets quit be bitches because you don’t want t o fill out paperwork to prove your case.

                    And feel free to help them all you want I will not get in your way.

              • Thank you and I mean that sincerely.
                I think if I knew the truth(like if Gene wasn’t VA insurance, would they operate?), I could rest easier.

                Again, for any out there if you are VA–stay on top of those damned idiots.
                We got one week from Walmart pharmacy; they at least got it right. Keppra(Levetiracetam)500 MG, TWICE a day.
                VA?? 500MG ONCE a day. Battles are fought with these idiots every day.
                Thank God I read the prescription and remembered what I read.

                • So you expect it to be done for you and him by someone else.

                  Crap Walmart to the rescue

        • Butch,

          I feel truly sad for your situation regardless of how you got there. We must remember our humanity as children of God, I will pray for your well being and also for you to get in greater touch with the Lord if you are a Christian man. You will find tremendous solace and when you do leave this tortured world, you may end up in a place where you are healthy and whole again, the choice is yours, your fate is in your hands, it’s never too late to repent and be kind.

          When Jesus was hanging from the cross, he asked God his Father, to forgive the ones responsible for his crucifixion for they know not what they do. God speed.

          • Swinging. That’s all well & good! but how does your post address the problem of too many parasite takers and too few producing makers?. Or are you a denialist and believe their isn’t a problem. Maybe your a sheeple and think the government UN and NWO is on track and can solve everyones problems & police the entire world. Injustices are a part of life. They belong to and are the responsibility those who receive them. The lions share of folks wrongly believe their success or failure – well being or misery are caused by or at the mercy of other people things & conditions. Only in rare instances is that true. Now when your blessed with good fortune there is responsibility to give back. The more you give back the more you receive. I try to find ways to give back where the recipient doesn’t know where it came from. I resent being forced to support undeserving parasites. Im of the opinion that the lions share of food stampers are parasite low lifes who don’t want or ever intend to ever become productive & self reliant.

            • old guy

              I have seen the food they buy and eat better than I can afford.

            • Why don’t you people save the bandwidth on making comments on how lame the grifters are. You’re all part of the biggest global ponzi free shit army the history of civilization has ever seen.. We are successfully divided, and so conquered(:-(

          • Star. With those comments. Let his god help him. I was not sent her to help him or jay jays husband.

            So why are you saying I should be force to help or support them.

      48. In “inglish” do tradutor:


        You put a great point!
        I have the same light, I’ll tell you one thing:
        Worked ten years (1985/1995) in Environment, supervision, there were four State Parks. Ten years walking in the woods looking for hunters and explorers of palm, always armed with Taurus 38 waist and 28-gauge shotgun double barreled (a cartridge with another salt buckshot).
        At the carnival (February) 1995, returning from Guarujá-SP, eleven o’clock at night, a lot of people on the streets when I heard the cry of my wife, was being assaulted.
        I was in a bathing suit, shirt and slippers on the foot, I ran, I reacted to the robber got shot in the belly that pierced stomach, large intestine and small intestine.
        Hironia life, I always armed and working, in a moment of relaxation, unarmed, got shot in the belly.
        Two months later I turned on a light in the brain that said “I’ll get out of here, no more violence,” I had University, needed a specialization changed Cubatao to Catalan-SP-GO.”

        • “I was in University, enrolled, rented a house but a small town with all suspicious offered me work.
          I have many manual skills, the time had three tool boxes, pliers and a caliper, had a computer and printer.
          Print a flyer that said “Disk-Services, Fear not, there is no problem with Alex”, “Repair everything is damaged the door of his house into”.
          I spent two years working and studying, was a time that I won a lot of money, I got to have two employees but climb on roofs, clean water tank, grease trap, configure computers on dial-up, assemble cabinets, stove and refrigerator repair and everything else that breaks into a house was not my job, was studying to improve my training, I am Geographer.
          Well, finishing specialization watched two competitions, one State and another hall, passed in 11th place in the city, and the 16th state.
          Old, deep down I want to tell you the following:
          Only those who are unemployed is INCOMPETENT.
          Anywhere in the world, if you are willing to work for, you earn honest money, even camels washing or wiping penguins.”

          • Proftel,

            You are absolutely right with your analogy. Camels wiping penguins? Now that’s funny but heck, even camels need to eat.

            • Swinging on a Star:

              Google translation was not good, dry camels (mop to remove water) and wash penguins (penguins bathe), the meaning of this idea was.


      49. Stan522:

        Look, I do not think so.
        The whole world knows that the U.S. is capable of doing when they are “poked” (when you stick a broomstick in rib).
        The World is a ship adrift, citizens of the world see that there is a big difference between what politicians think and what you think the U.S. population.
        We know that most people are apathetic, true sheep.
        The whole world is looking for how you will solve the problem of Bankers, will be a trigger for the rest of the world may believe.
        If you depend on me and others I know, there will not be a live, believe me.
        The World needs to WORK, not usury.
        Is it biblical.

        • Thanks!

      50. Quote of the Day

        When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.

        Frederic Bastiat – 1850

        good description of our financial/political system

        fraud has been “legalized”

      51. Just a thought, but couldn’t we use their dependence to our advantage after shtf? I honestly feel at some point, big brother’s not going to be there for them, creating a vacuum of authority. With enough pooled resources within a prepper community, would it not be possible to prep/create enough supply to support any ‘dependents’, seeing the whole weak naturally seek the strong idealogy, plus us being a vital lifeline, I think it’d be a powerful indoctrination tool towards self sustainaility post collapse, provided we get the right people of course ^_^

        • Shure,
          I would like to do that NOW
          Would like to find veterans to work with, build community through growing food for all of our families, gardening and farming is therapeutic and healthy,
          Disabled, healthy but displaced or down on their luck, cant find work? would also like to build it up to form a defensive group as well, if nothing else to expand the family.

        • Clarify
          I dont want to take advantage,
          I want to fill a void and create a network and support group of sorts that brings together folks who may need help, specifically wounded warriors and their families and other vets from all sorts of backgrounds.
          Read my post and didnt like the way it might have been interpreted,
          Got nothing but respect for vets.

      52. America has waded into the shallow end of the gene pool. ‘Idiocracy’ isn’t just a movie, it’s a prophetic documentary. Let’s all go to FuddRuckerPuckers for a soylent green chili burger!

        • Ain’t that the truth, painted a house this last week and because of my schedule I needed a helper, and this guy a 30 year painter made rookie mistakes, and when I tried to engage him in conversation about history, politics, or the bible I found him totally unaware and unknowledgeable about anything, and I mean anything, it astounded me how a 52 year old man could be so…. stupid? the only thing I could come up with in his defense is the fact he was from California.

      53. An idea a little crazy here:

        I suggest that we stay up commenting 10,000 reviews that we find on the Net, and Let us show the government that there is a strong expression of life.


      54. Good article with one factual error:

        The taxpayers are NOT paying for it.

        It is being paid for with phoney, created out of thin air, money.


        • Actually the producers are paying for much of it. In taxes and lost profits. now there are no longer enough producers to tax & rob so the US government borrows or created 40 cents of every dollar spent. That 40 cents of borrowed money is to be paid by taxing (robbing) some future producer.

      55. If I thought that TEOTWAWKI event was happening soon, I would want to have food stamps to buy more long storage food…

        If my faith in Federal government is non-existent, then why I not try to squeeze every nickel you can out of them.

        I guess I wouldn’t because even though I knew I could cheat at something and get away with it, it just didn’t feel right… I’m not sure that would be a good trait that would sell in SHTF world.

        • Correct. TPTB created our system where cheating is rewarded and cannot be corrected. E.g. you can kill someone if your rich enough. E.g. laws do not apply to large companies or government.

          I posit that in post TEOTWAWKI that justice begins again to be served by the community. this was the situation less than 100 years ago here. TPTB removed that in order to socially enforce that only they were allowed to make decisions.

        • then why I not try to squeeze every nicle you can out of them? the answer is because two wrongs never make a right. Also the laws of cause & effect (KARMA) will make certain that ill gotten gain is not rewarded.

      56. A 6 cent a pound export tax on food would pay for the entire foodstamp program and then some.

        PS When was the last time anyone snapped a photo of these luxury food stampers and sent in for fraud ?
        Or even better a website marked foodstamp hall of shame. Maybe the local liberal douche nuggets don’t care about luxury parasites. However that money for the nice vehicle comes from some place. Perhaps activities that would draw interest from law enforcement groups , that don’t give a crap about local liberals feelings.

        • Its always the boyfriends car or a brother. The kids uncle let’s them borrow it.

      57. “It’s a typical thang,
        You got Yin, You want yang…”

        Sara Evans- ‘I Keep Looking’

        Lots of great comments here. So many of them are well thought out and truly heartfelt expressions of the anger and sadness accompanying the demise of Empire Americana. As for myself, I’ll try to tip the other end of the scale with some sappy sentimental drivel. Just doing my part to keep the universal paradigm of karma consciousness in balance (whatever that means).

        It seems that, no matter what we have, we want something else. Something more. In it’s ugliest form, this is pure selfishness. And it always hurts somebody, somewhere, in order to get what it wants.
        In it’s better expression, it demonstrates the ability of human beings to do the right thing. To show the power of God in their lives which guides them in the right direction. With that in mind, I offer the following TRUE story. Names and places have been changed to protect privacy of individuals involved. (the okie mentioned is, indeed, yours truly)

        Carolyn is the manager of a cafe in a small town in Utah. She’s 51 years old, quite attractive, intelligent, with a quick wit. Her husband died on her 45th birthday and, since her children are grown, she’s lived alone for the past few years.
        I met her 4 years ago, not long after I’d started a dedicated run and my route took me through her town frequently. I’d stop in 4 or 5 times a month and, before long, we became friends. We laughed a lot together.
        She even got so comfortable around me, that she asked for my cell number. I gave it to her. Often, she’d wait and have lunch or dinner with me when she knew I was coming through town.
        We’d talk, sometimes for an hour or more, about our kids, our grand kids, our lives and our mutual faith in God. She knows the Bible pretty well and, even though she’s a Mormon, we had some great discussions on theology. I kept jokingly saying that one of my missions in life was to convert her into a Baptist.
        I told her all about Mrs. Okie and our incredible life together. Carolyn’s sense of humor is almost as warped as mine. I guess that’s what I liked best about her. That, and the fact that she carries a little snub-nosed .38 in her coat pocket(she’s very pro-2nd Amendment). Oh, and she’s a huge country music fan.
        Sometimes, if I was there around closing time and she was the last one out of the store, she’d ask me to wait and see her safely to her car. I’m not sure why, since she had the gun. Plus there’s practically no crime in her little town. But, being a gentleman, I’d oblige her. Besides, it gave us an opportunity to visit a few more minutes, and I really enjoyed our conversations.
        She got in the habit of giving me a sisterly goodbye hug every time I left. At least that’s all I thought it was. Then… something happened.
        Several months ago I started thinking about her. Almost every day. In ways that I knew I shouldn’t. My conscience went from a yapping Chihuahua to a pit bull. It chewed on me constantly. I quit stopping by the cafe. It was the only way to keep that damned bulldog from taking my leg off. After a few weeks I wasn’t thinking of her so often. I was almost back to normal.
        Carolyn called a few times, asking why I hadn’t been in. I made up excuses about tight schedules, not having the time, or being on a different run back east. (all partly true, but not entirely)
        Last July, she called, sounding kind of depressed, and asked that I PLEASE stop in again. As it happened, I was only an hour from her town. I told her so and promised to stop. She brightened up immediately and said she’d wait and have a late dinner with me.
        We spent an hour and a half together. Talking, laughing and catching up. I was happier than I’d been in months and she was giggling like a school girl…. And the whole time, that damned dog was shredding me. I even glanced under the table once, hoping to kick it in the teeth, but I couldn’t see it. Finally, I said to myself, ‘I know what I have to do, and I’ll do it.’ The dog eased off a bit.
        Closing time came, the rest of the crew finished up and left. As usual, I waited to see her out. It was a warm, clear night and the parking lot was empty, except for my rig, 50 yards away in the graveled truck parking area, and her car.
        I mentally rehearsed the speech I’d prepared (for the 100th time) and as she hugged me goodbye, I was just about to say “Carolyn, I have to tell you…”
        I never got the chance. She pulled me tighter to her. This was definitely NOT a hug in the sister category! She blurted out. “Okie, I’ve fallen in love with you!”
        Then it all came gushing out in a flood- “I know it’s wrong, and can never be, but I think about you all the time and I’m so ashamed, and I don’t ever want to hurt you, but I can’t see you anymore because you have such a great life with mrs okie and I’d never want to offend her, but I can’t help these feelings and the only way to deal with this is that we not be together and it’s tearing me up inside because I want SO MUCH to love you but I know I can’t and…”
        The flood went on for a solid 10 minutes, then slowed to a trickle. Her face was drenched in tears. As I listened to her, I was laughing and crying inside at the same time. She finished talking and wiped her eyes. I smiled at her.
        She looked totally confused, then deeply offended, even angry, and said “What’s so funny? I pour out my heart to you, say the hardest thing I’ve ever said and you think it’s funny?!”
        We were still hugging and I reached into my pocket for a handkerchief. I gave it to her, “Here, this one’s brand new and clean, I promise.”
        She took it and mopped up the last of the flood. I smiled and said, “Wait, that’s the one I use to check the oil in the truck.”
        She shook it out. It was clean and white, of course. I laughed again. She laughed and punched me in the shoulder.
        Finally I said, “I was just about to say exactly the same things to you!”
        She was dumbfounded, “Huh?”
        “Oh yes. The exact SAME things! In the same way! Only, I’d have stopped to take a breath.”
        We stood there, holding each other for several minutes. Then she said, “So we both know what we have to do.”
        “And then what?”
        “Then life goes on,” I said, “And we’ll think of each other from time to time. But in a good way. The BEST way. We both got to meet a person of real integrity. And that’s a blessing. Nobody gives us an award for doing the right thing, but still, it is the right thing. And that’s reward enough in itself.”
        She straightened my Stetson on my head and stepped back, “I’m gonna sit in my car and watch you leave, okie. And you know what? I’ll be playing George Strait on the CD. This is where the cowboy rides away.”
        I kissed her on the cheek (something I’d never done before) and said, “I’ll be listening to Garth. And thinking about you. And Mrs okie. And God.”
        She smiled and just before I turned toward the truck I added, “I’ll never forget you. And, Carolyn, I wouldn’t have missed this dance for the world.”

        Traffic was nonexistent and I made good time through the mountains. When I got to Green River I stopped at a rest area and threw that yapping little dog out of the truck….I hope he get’s run over!

        • Smokie–you are one jewel. And that’s a good thing.

          • Thanks JayJay. The story was a bit long(even by my standards) and, of course poetic license changes a word or two in the conversations, but I really did go through this. The hardest part was explaining it to the wife. At first she was hurt, then angry, then understanding and finally very forgiving.
            I never should have let myself get that far with Carolyn. Looking back, the signs were obvious (or should have been) to both of us. Randy Carlson has a radio program called Intentional Living and he recently had a series on married people spending too much time alone with friends of the opposite gender, and how dangerous that can be.
            The good news is that Carolyn and I both knew, and did, the right thing. And, even more of a blessing- my relationship with mrs okie became stronger because of this, not weaker. She trusts me more now, not less. God really does lead those who will seek His guidance.

            • Smokin.

              As the old adage says,

              If you have troubles meeting someone new, just pick up their golf ball.

      58. To Braveheart
        — Thank you for your warm welcome after my entrance onto this forum. It was very thoughtful and nice of you to take time and effort. I also want to tell you that I am sorry for the loss of your wife whenever that may have occurred. Her Spirit will never vanish as long as she is in your thoughts. Her Spirit has expanded because she is now in my thoughts.
        — Take Care and Be Well —
        To Mac Salvo
        — Thank you for hosting a wonderful site with a kaleidoscope of personalities , opinions and subject matter. I look forward to learning so much from the information presented here.
        — You and your staff Take Care and Be well also.
        ——- Miss DeeDee

        • Miss DeeDee, you are most welcome and I thank you for those kind words about my wife. Her spirit is within me and has never left. I look forward to seeing more comments from you. braveheart

      59. Here is the article challenging America to pay the Fed debt, and ‘DON’T BE A DEADBEAT DAD.”

        Since it’s PHANTOM DEBT, I wonder if the FED accepts Foodstamps???? 🙂

        “It’s a racket. There are hundreds of billions of dollars on the line every month and as an American taxpayer you are paying for it all.” — Mac Slavo

        However, “Obama Says America Is Not a Banana Republic and We Have to Pay Our Bills…What Do Experts Say?”
        Obama’s “I Am Not a Crook” Moment.

      60. With all the talk of bad times, why aren’t there more gardens? I know some homes have to follow HOA rules, but most homes aren’t under HOA’s. I went for a long drive and noticed there are very few gardens.

        • Leslie–we have crappy soil. And my raised beds were a disaster.
          I got 75 lbs. of tomatoes from 4 tomato plants in my pea gravel flower bed. Go figure!!!
          My concern is why aren’t homeowners required to plant a few fruit trees.
          At our age, I sure wish we had 6 years ago when moving here.
          Now?? Nahhh..
          I just last week read of a city in Oregon planting nut and fruit trees in its park–what a great idea.
          That should be inspiration for every city park and spread to homeowners.
          I tried blueberry bushes but didn’t succeed with those.
          The desire is there, but you can only do so much with crappy soil.
          Next year?? More tomatoes so I can dehydrate them. I have 8 quarts dried for winter.

          • Contact Friends of Trees or a similar organization and see if you can’t get baby fruit trees at a low price. We got 4 plum trees and planted them at our old place- got a pound of shiro plums the first year. Another option is Lowes’ markdowns. I plan to plat fruit trees when we move next- if they’re off to a good start it won’t take long to get a harvest.

            • I’d like fruit trees, but I’m rocking a 40×120 lot. Take off the house area, garage, parking area, and clotheslines and I have enough space for a garden OR fruit trees. The trees would shade out the yard area where a garden would go.

              My plan is garden and berry bushes. I plan to build a basement root cellar when my daughter moves out and I can then buy a couple bushels of fruit each fall.

              I miss my last place. I had a lot line-to-lot line garden there. This place needed work to get the house in shape, so I haven’t gotten the garden in yet. Next year 🙂

        • Leslie,

          That might depend on the area. I live in a rural area. There are LOTS of gardens around here.

          Many people that are on ‘public assistance’ have gardens too. They might live in a trailer, but have some land. This area has a ‘garden project’. Packets of garden seeds are given out to people on public assistance who request them.

          Another local agency gives out free trees in the spring to ANYONE who requests them. There is a limit of 10 trees per household per year. All of the trees are varieties that will grow well in this area. There are a variety of trees – fruit, shade, etc.

      61. Scurvy; What you don’t eat CAN hurt you:

        It is easy to collect a couple of 50-pound bags of beans and rice, some cans of SPAM, and a barrel of water and call yourself prepared. While there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these items (unless you have an aversion to SPAM as most people do), without the micronutrients supplied by a variety in your diet or appropriate supplements, over the long haul a restricted diet can lead to a number of health problems and impair your ability to function, or worse.
        There are a number of medical conditions that are common among individuals living off of restricted diets, known as micronutrient deficiencies. Your belly may be full, but that doesn’t make you healthy. For the most part, these are common in underdeveloped countries, refugee camps, and individuals who for other reasons do not have access to proper nutrition. In a SHTF scenario, that latter could be us without proper preparation. Listed below are some of the more common micro-nutritional disorders, common symptoms and consequences, and recognized preventative measures.

        Scurvy: Far from dying out after discovery by naval doctors in the age of exploration, scurvy occurs today in individuals who have a deficit of Vitamin C / ascorbic acid in their diet. It is common in teens that have a diet high in junk foods. Some symptoms are recession and bleeding of gums, corkscrew hair, and small hemorrhages around the fingernails. Lack of vitamin C also impairs the body’s ability to use protein and diminishes circulatory health. Prevention involves consumption of fresh fruits (especially citrus) and most vegetables.

        Pellagra: Common in people whose diet consists mainly of corn and starch, pellagra is caused by a lack of the B-complex vitamin Niacin (B-3) and the amino acid tryptophan. Pellagro may cause skin sores, inflamed mucous membranes, diarrhea, confusion and delusions. Eggs and dairy products, poultry, fish, lean meat and nuts are good sources of Niacin, and to a lesser extent legumes and enriched grain products.

        Rickets: Caused by a deficiency in Vitamin D, rickets affects growing children by impairing skeletal growth. Breast-fed infants and dark-skinned individuals are most at risk. Largely wiped out by Vitamin D supplementation in milk, rickets is a concern particularly where Vitamin D deficiency is aggravated by lack of exposure to sunlight on the skin. Vitamin D is a fat soluble nutrient found in cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel and tuna, and can also be synthesized in the skin through exposure to UV rays in sunlight.

        Vitamin A deficiency: This is one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies found in refugee populations, often in conjunction with protein-energy malnutrition. Eyesight is linked directly to Vitamin A consumption. Lack of Vitamin A can cause deterioration of eyesight, night blindness, blindness, susceptibility to infection, or death. Green leafy vegetables, carrots and yellow fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin A.

        Iron deficiency anemia: Another of the top three deficiencies, this is most often caused by a lack of dietary iron, but may also be caused by parasitic infestations. Preschool children, adolescent girls, and women in child-bearing years are most at risk. The disorder causes retardation of mental and motor development in children, and in adults fatigue, loss of work capacity, and dangerous blood loss during childbirth. Consumption of red meat and fish, in conjunction with Vitamin C to enhance absorption is commonly recommended as treatment.

        Iodine deficiency: The third of the three most common deficiencies, and the greatest cause of preventable mental retardation in the world. Less common in the developed world since the introduction of iodine into table salt, visible goiter, impaired physical and mental development, stillbirth and birth defects are some results of this deficiency. Seafood consumption and supplemental iodine in salt are the most common and effective methods of prevention.

        Beriberi: A deficiency in Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin), beriberi is common among populations whose diet consists mainly of milled white rice. Common symptoms include fatigue, apathy, irritability, drowsiness, and depression, and in advanced cases can cause congestive heart failure. Whole grains, lean pork and legumes are good sources of Thiamin. Freezing does not affect thiamin, but heat and pasteurization destroy it.

        Zinc deficiency: Commonly associated with increased mortality from malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia, zinc is important for the healing of wounds, healthy skin and proper immune function. Because zinc is not stored in the body, regular zinc intake is crucial. Men require roughly 30% more zinc than women. Early signs of deficiency are decrease in taste and poor immune function. Common sources of dietary zinc include meat, beans, lentils, nuts, yeast, and whole-grain cereals.

        As you can see, little things in your diet can make a big difference in key survival functions such as energy level, wound healing, immune function and vision. For children and adolescents, micronutrients are crucial to proper mental and physical development, and contribute to pre- and post-natal survivability and health. Whether making food selections or adding vitamin supplements to your list of supplies, micronutrients should be a top consideration when choosing food preparations.

        Prepare now, don’t let it happen to you.

        • Sweet potatoes, turnip greens, spinach.
          I have dehydrated lemons and oranges for winter months and sealed in mason jars.
          Shelves of Tang, but vitamin C crystals have a very long shelf life.
          Vitamin C is widespread in plant tissues, with particularly high concentrations occurring in tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages, and green peppers, all of which I have dried and sealed in mason jars.
          Broccoli has one of the largest concentrations of vitamin C–doesn’t dehydrate well, I’m told.

          • Rosehips!

        • Kale,
          Lots of kale,
          Will grow in cold places too,

      62. Effects of Dehydration

        1-2% – Thirst, fatique, weakness, vague discomfort, loss of appetite

        3-4% – Impaired physical performance, dry mouth, reduction in urine, flushed skin, impatience, apathy

        5-6% – Difficulty in concentrating, headache, irritability, sleepiness, impaired temperature regulation, increased respiratory rate

        7-10% – Dizziness, spastic muscles, loss of balance, delirium, exhaustion, collapse

      63. Vital Sign Reference

        Normal Pulse
        Age Normal Average
        Newborn 100-170 140
        1 year 80-170 120
        3 year 80-130 110
        6 year 75-120 100
        10 Year 70-110 90
        14 Year 60-110 90
        Adult 60-100 80

        Resting Respiration
        Age Normal Average
        Newborn 30-50 40
        1 year 20-40 30
        3 Year 20-30 25
        6 Year 16-22 19
        14 Year 14-20 17
        Adult 12-20 18

        Normal Body Temp
        adult oral – 98.6
        axillary – 97.6
        rectal -99.6
        70 + oral – 96.8
        1 year old oral – 99.7
        3 year old oral – 99.0
        5 year old oral – 98.6

        Blood Pressure
        Age Systolic Diastolic Average
        Newborn 65-95 30-60 80-60
        Infant 65-115 42-80 90-61
        3 Year 76-122 46-84 99-65
        6 Year 85-115 48-64 100-56
        10 Year 93-125 46-68 109-58
        14 Year 99-137 51-71 118/61
        Adult 100-140 60-90 120-80

      64. I post rarely.This post has nothing to do with the subject matter.Whats the point?We live , we die .
        I am at a very low point ,there is nothing wrong with income etc but am close to divorce and its a long time in coming ,my only concern is my children and what damage it does to them .I have no animosity to my wife ,but I cannot be abused as I am .I am asking for help in some way ,which for me is extremely hard ,but I must ask ,please pardon my weakness ,I have always tried to do the right thing but one day I realized I was just a paycheck to her and now I want a woman based on love and respect mot money and all I see is women who are manipulative and greedy .I know my circle of friends is small but im so defensive now that I cant see the possibility of being with anyone . prayers needed if possible please and thank you

        • How old are the children?

          • 13 and 11 both handicapped

        • Praying for you, Al. Do you have a church? Have you tried seeking out pastoral counseling for you personally?
          Is there any chance of reconciliation or couple’s counseling? You mention wanting respect. Sometimes women withdraw respect (and even get abusive) when they are not feeling secure or loved. In turn, men withdraw their love when they are not feeling respected and it becomes a vicious circle, not matter who started it. Think of Jon&Kate+8,a perfect specimen of this sort of a mess. God is the source of love. I’ve seen marriages turned around when even one spouse asks God to help them love more/better in the situation they are in. It’s a two-way street, totally, but if a woman will respect her husband and a husband make sure his wife feels loved, there is hope for the relationship and for the kids to see a healthy marriage example.

          • thank you yes it is a vicious circle . church>? I will not attend or frequent a 501c3 church It galls me.
            considered all you have suggested and talked with her about those things and many others .have no idea about jonkate and 8 ? a tv show ? I do not watch programming lol .reconciliation seems impossible when deception was the coin of her realm from the get go ive endured for 2 handicapped kids. my small circle of friends are amazed at me and the trials I have overcome .I asked GOD one time for truth and I got a double helping God uses everything for Gods purpose correct ?love ,hate ,good ,bad,pain,joy,suffering etc and etc .start translating ancient Hebrew to English and then tell me to go to a 501c3 church lol .But I thank you for the prayers ,they have weight … but my endurance is failing me , my shoulders not as broad as they once were my strength grows weaker from the evil in the world …. my stepfather says living in the last days as the bible says and I say to him its been over 2000 years since that prophecy what makes now important? Cant make my wife feel loved when deception was the order of the day .why bother ?I mean no disrespect to her , just as hard for her as it was for me .The only peace I think I ever had was in my best friend who loved me just for who I was ,didn’t want anything but the same ,and who when faced with death I said without reservation you need anything ,liver, its yours . That person pulled thru but taught me so much in the process it literally almost killed both of us and I cry inside from what I saw and know that there is a purpose that I cant see and on that day I knew that my marriage was doomed and I would try to seek out that spark that made me pledge my life to someone else.please pardon my rant ,I am still overwhelmed by my best friend who helped me thru my darkest hour .

      65. I broke my leg at work, opted out of workers comp, paid the medical bills myself, and tried to handle all of it on my own. Ended up on food stamps anyway, but for only a short period of time. No income for a year while living out of pocket and paying massive medical bills out of pocket can do that to a person. Ihad lost everything I owned and was eating perch out of a drainage creek for food before I broke down and got a hand out. No family and no real friends made the government my only logical fallback. To many people here are so high and mighty that they refuse to stop being judgemental for just a sec, and contemplate the possibility that food stamps were designed to help people who are down on their luck. I paid taxes, I paid cash with no insurance for my children to be born, no teet sucking from me. I paid in, and I recovered some of that in food stamps. But if it were up to a lot of you, the plug would be pulled. What was it? Survival of the fittest, and Darwinism that you preach? I used to be a high and mighty, invincible, arrogant, and judgemental idiot like you. However, as of late, I have been humbled to my core, and have a much different point of view. While I can’t find myself in agreement with anything coming out of Washington, I am glad decisions aren’t left up to some of you folks here either. Strange times we live in. We hate our government and our fellow man.

        • You opted out of your worker comp. That was paid for. That shows you are an idiot and got what you deserved.

          Once again how is this anyone’s problem but your own. Yes you injured didn’t use the insurances that were paid for you in your name. Maybe you are one that should not survive. Can’t fix stupid I guess.

          • thanks for covering it for me FBP…

          • @ facebook
            To clarify, I opted out hiring a lawyer and sueing to get workers comp.
            But right you are! Your insight and wisdom is a blessing to all, and you are a constructive contributor to this forum. i would give your comment two thumbs up if I could.
            My point was: instead of turning against Americans , pulling the plug, and letting those who truly need help go without, we should instead, restructure the system to eliminate exploitation and free loading. There are people that need food stamps who have paid in way more than they will ever pull out. However a few of you would like it to be survival of the fittest. It almost seems like a few of you want the destruction of humanity to come about along with this collapse that we are heading towards.
            On a serious note: I hope you never fall on hard times, and exhaust all off you’re savings and preps, but if you do, and you truly need a hand, I will do everything I can to help you get back onto your feet. Its my civic duty.

            • The lawyer would do it for free. So I call bullshit.

              And if I woke up with as little money as some her say they have . I would slit my own throat.

            • James,
              Cant speak for anyone else but like everything in life there are many grey areas, there are many different circumstances and many people who really need the assist,
              Im sure even you have seen the abuse that this article talks about, and anyone who is legit would just get sick of being taken advantage of, most of us have had it,
              Its mostly the fraud that has us up in arms, ILLEGAL IMIGRANTS getting benefits that should be for US citizens, able bodied folks scating along milking the system, people claiming disability while still really being capable, FRAUD,
              Shit happens, we all may need a hand someday, but the way the system is rolling it wont be there because the country is broke.
              None of this is personal attacks on anyone and certainly not on you, i would bet you would work if you could, like me, i would figure something out however i could, but am pretty sure if there was no other choice i would be walking in your shoes.

        • James, your story doesn’t track. Why in the world did you opt out of workers comp? Your employer pays it so why would you not avail yourself of it? Are you planning on a lawsuit instead of workers comp? Unless the company coerced you into a dangerous situation a lawsuit will go nowhere. (that’s why there is workers comp.)

          • Kingkrazy
            Long story, but I broke my leg while I was on a lease road leaving a drilling rig. Technicality said that I didn’t break my leg on location, even though it was a difference of a couple hundred years. Legally I am capable of disputing it through some kind of legal arbitration, but first off, I absolutely hate lawyers, and second I thought I would be back to work in six weeks after my leg healed, so I figured there was no reason to fight anyone over money when I can easily handle it myself. I was wrong about the extent of my injury, and it took a year to get it good enough to work on. I have a moral opposition to insurance so I didn’t have that either. Long story shorter, I have a current perspective now and I try to be a little less judgemental and more understanding.
            I find it funny that some people are preaching the same doctrine that the ruling elite preach. Maybe they should get a job on obombya care death panels.

            • James, I am going to ask one more thing and then let it rest. Why would you have a “moral opposition” to insurance but not government assistance?

              • King
                If this is a witch hunting fact checking expedition, I will just leave you to your own assumptions. However if you truly want to hear my perspective, and why I choose to not indulge crooked institutions, I will tell you. I could go onto more gory detail about the specifics of my situation, but it would neglect the original point I hoped to make. The whole thing is embarrassing, but I thought by sharing a first person point of view, it would lend insight unto the topic at hand. And for the record, I was not a leech on the system. I only had food stamps for 2 months, long enough to get my garden up to production. I have since defied the doctors, families, and supposed friends and ripped myself up out of my situation, and have recovered beyond what most thought was possible. The problem with kicking a strong man while he is down, is, he will eventually get back up.

            • That what you get for assuming.

              Orig post was all bs you were called out. I bet you were smoking dope and wreaked after your shift and you didn’t want to have any blood out there to test.

              • Facebook
                I posted my personal situation to illustrate a different perspective on the food stamp issue. My hope was to illicit an intellectually stimulating conversation, that which is pertinent to the article. However this has quickly devolved into childish name calling. Is intelligent conversation beyond your capabilities? I think not, yet you choose to neglect the point I tried to make and ignored the possibility that we could have been civil. I say you are as unamerican as the pieces of shit in office right now. You better get a grip on reality, it looks like we will all come face to face with it soon. All I have left for you at this point is pity. Good day.

                • You ansered nothing made no points ever and as all good liberals you went to distraction to cover the fact that you couldn’t keep to the lie.

                  • Ok, so what is your point?
                    I am not a liberal.
                    I offered perspective.
                    I Tried to get people thinking about the topic at hand.
                    I illustrated a difficult point in my life to show that it doesn’t take the end of the world to have a personal shtf event.
                    I was truthful even though I knew a lot of people would not agree with me, and I know some look down upon me.
                    My aim was to be constructive, but you ruined it. It turned petty real fast.

                    Seriously, I would help you out if you needed it. I am glad to be in the position to be able to help someone else.

                    Subtle points are more effective at invoking thought, one arrives at their own decision, but has to contemplate it first.

                    What else do you have to berate me about?
                    Do you have anything constructive?

                    This country is in for a world of hurt, and we the people are so busy fighting each other that our focus will never be on the ones we should really be fighting. Divide and conquer. Well I see that we are already divided, what’s next?

                    You can call bullshit on what I say. That is fine. Either way, you are hanging up on the wrong part of what I say.

                    By the way, thanks for the response.

      66. James, I think most of the commenters here have a problem with those who go on food stamps and welfare so that they can live on it when they have other options available. I’ve encountered “road warriors” who live as homeless travelers and take food stamps as a means of subsidizing their chosen way of life, but have no impediment to living any other way. I know that not all Food Stamp recipients are like that, but there are far too many examples of those who are. Last fall a food stamp recipient offered his month’s stamps to me in exchange for cash so he could get tobacco and other stuff. Obviously I didn’t take the offer. I’ve heard teens on mass transit planning to party because they got their EBT cards filled. People in Oregon have often seen EBT recipients buying bottled water to pour out in the store parking lot so they could take the bottles in to collect the deposit, and spend that cash on liquor and cigarettes. These are but a handful of examples. How many others who would end EBT have seen such abuse? It should exist for people in your shoes. It should exist for people like my folks were in the Carter years. Those who misuse and abuse the system undermine those who truly need it. Please don’t paint all posters here with a broad brush.

      67. How about if a welfare applicant had to show that they had been employed at some stage of their lives?
        How many moochers never have worked a day in their lives and collect EBT,SNAP…….

      68. SUGAR ANTISEPTICS: Without antiseptics on hand or easily available in the aftermath of a major disaster, or large scale earthquake, wounds can quickly turn sour and become infected. Untreated, infections like these can destroy limbs, and sometimes even take your life.

        Luckily for us, if applied properly, sugar will act as a natural and fairly effective antiseptic for emergency situations when standard antiseptics aren’t available.

        Required materials: Granulated sugar, petroleum jelly, bandage/cloth, clean water.

        Step 1: Examine the wound and determine if the size is too great to safely treat with sugar. Small wounds, ulcerations and sores will respond better to the use of sugar as treatment than those that are large or exceedingly deep.
        Step 2: Sanitize the area of the wound by thoroughly washing it with clean water. Pat or air dry the area completely before moving on to the next step.
        Step 3: Gently apply a small amount of petroleum jelly circling the would, but not touching it. Then sprinkle sugar onto the wound, covering it completely a bit at a time.
        Step 4: Dress the wound with a small piece of gauze or sterile cloth and, if available, cover the wound with a bandage. If you don’t have a bandage available you can use pieces of medical tape, masking tape, or even a bit of duct-tape.
        Step 5: Keep the wound clean by changing the bandage and sugar application every 24 hours. This will help it heal faster, and further reduce the risk of an infection.

        • Honey works too.

        • Satori….can you give us some idea of what the article regarding People of Walmart says…I can’t go to the Burning Platform without my computer alarms going bonkers for virus issues on that site? Maybe a copy and paste and then post a reference to the site?
          Thank you

          • go directly to the source


            weep for America !

            these are the upholders of our democracy?

            • Ok Satori…stomached as much as I could and talk about a gross-out and yeah you’re right, we’re all doomed!

              • Yes those people of walmart are poster boy examples of the typical low life food stamper & government dole reciepents. If you want to see it live go to wal mart at the first of the month.

            • Yes indeed just those shining examples children are the ones who are supposed to be the future producers that will pay for the baby boomers Social security. Yep we are doomed. The Social Security Ponzi Scheme will go broke.

      69. Coffee
        Disasters often leave survivors physically and mentally exhausted. This can lead to restless nights and rough mornings as you try to get going again to face the day. And while you might not always have the time or equipment needed to make a hot cup, there are other ways to get your caffeine fix and get you going.
        Chowing down on a spoonful of coffee grounds or a few roasted beans is a safe and fairly efficient way to getting a shot of caffeine when you need it most. The same can be said for sucking on a bag of caffeinated tea. While neither of those options is particularly tasty for the tongue, they can provide an energy boost in times of need. But watch your doses and don’t overdo it. An excess of caffeine can cause heart palpitations, confusion, headaches, and even shortness of breath.


        Compact, easy to prepare, light-weight and full of flavor, bouillon can be a life saver and a welcome treat during a survival situation, especially when you’re on the move.
        While it doesn’t pack a lot of nutrients, bouillon boasts high levels of both sodium and fat, two things that can keep you going, energized and hydrated (moderate levels of sodium help the body retain moisture) in an emergency situation, overnight camping trip, or when you’re out scavenging for the day.
        Available in a wide variety of flavors as dried crystals, compressed cubes and paste, bouillon is an inexpensive and readily available resource for anyone looking to be one step ahead. As an added bonus bouillon can be prepared with either hot or cold water, and even eaten straight… though we recommend you water it down when you can.

        Used in a variety of dishes, remedies, treatments, and preservation techniques, salt is one of the most versatile and widely used mineral substances the world over. Essential to continued human and animal life, salt plays an important role in both daily and long-term survival.
        Found easily in most grocery stores and even quick-stops, salt typically comes in three forms – unrefined (sea salts), refined (table salts), or iodized (table salt mixed with a small amount of iodine to help prevent iodine deficiency. This can help ward off potential thyroid problems and developmental delays).
        Assisting in the regulation of water content and fluid balance in the human body, the importance of salt for survival is next to none, other than water itself. Because of its vast importance to human survival, salt has been used and traded as a valuable commodity throughout human history, and is even used as currency in some of the more remote locations of the world today.
        The consumption and use of salt is a bit of a balancing act as too little or too much in your diet can cause dizziness, muscle aches, neurological problems, and even death… though it’ll take a lot of salt to outright kill you. It’s all about getting what your body needs, no more and no less, though that’s often easier said than done during times of disaster.
        Other potential side effects of overuse include, but are not limited to, increased likelihood of stroke, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease… not to mention good old dehydration. On the other hand, a lack of enough salt can prevent the human body from properly absorbing water, which also leads to dehydration. Having said that, like just about anything, salt has its place in the everyday diet, and when put to good use, it truly could save your life. On average, it’s suggested that an adult consume just about 5000 mg of salt a day or one teaspoon.
        WHERE TO FIND SALT: Though it may be widely available now, salt is such a precious and important commodity that it may hard to come by during or after a major disaster. Having ample stores on hand and knowing how and where to restock your supplies is key to using salt for survival.
        • Retail – grocery stores, quick stops, feed and farm supply stores (salt licks), and even some gas stations.
        • Plants – leafy greens like seaweed, Swiss chard, collard greens, kale, dandelions, spinach, and even hickory root.
        • Foods – bouillon, broth, gravy, soy sauce, dressing, cured meats, most cheeses, tomato juice, and pickled fruits and vegetables.
        • Seawater – heavily diluted with fresh water or distilled to extract salt crystals. (consuming pure seawater can present serious health risks and damage your kidneys).

        MEDICAL: Salt has been used to treat ailments and injuries for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt, and possibly before. While the medical uses and tips below could lead to saving your life, or at least making it a little more comfortable to live, always seek professional medical advice when possible.
        Antiseptic saline solution – One teaspoon of salt diluted in one cup of warm water provides an excellent antiseptic solution. This is most effective when done with natural sea salts. When made properly, this solution is safe to use both internally and externally on sores and minor lacerations.
        Salt Soak – From simple stress relief to the treatment of dry skin, mild detox, and easing muscle pains, salt soaks can provide relief in times of duress and bodily pain. This can be applied to cramped and aching hands and feet, or used as a bath for the whole body.
        Ease Sore Throat – Gargle 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water for 30 seconds, repeating twice daily till symptoms subside.
        Insect Bites and Stings / Poison Ivy – Immediately whetted and placed over insect bites and stings or poison ivy rashes, a gentle rinse or compress of a diluted salt solution can ease pain, itching, and inflammation.
        Dehydration / Salt Tablets – To be used only during true emergencies as improper use can worsen symptoms and cause further issues. When a formulated solution is not available, you can make an oral rehydration solution with careful measurements of salt, sugar and potable drinking water. Mix 1/2 teaspoon salt, 6 teaspoons sugar and 1 quart of water. Shake well and drink slowly. Soap Additive – Acting as a natural exfoliant and antiseptic scrub, adding just 1/2 cup of finely ground salt added to 1 cup of liquid soap can increase its overall cleansing effects.
        Tooth Care – One part crushed salt mixed with 2 parts baking soda and a dash of water creates an effective and simple toothpaste that not only removes plaque, but also whitens teeth and treats the gums.
        Mouth Wash – Helpful when treating sore gums, bad breath, or canker sores, 1 teaspoon salt with 1 glass warm water is an effective mouthwash and oral hygiene treatment.
        FOOD: While most commonly used to add a bit of flavor to a meal, salt can actually provide a few other important things when it comes to the category of food prep and long-term survival.
        Preservation – Before canning came along, many people relied on salt to cure and preserve their meats, beans, vegetables, and other foods. The exact steps and processes of preserving with salt vary based upon the food source being used. When done properly, curing foods with salt can extend their shelf life to years without refrigeration, regardless of the method.
        Livestock – Salt blocks are often used to provide important minerals and salt content to livestock such as sheep, goats, horses, and cows, to help keep them happy and healthy. Salt blocks can also be used for attracting deer, elk, and other wildlife to an area. This is extremely beneficial when you’re rely on hunting for your food stores.
        Gardening – In addition to animals, you’ll likely be growing a garden of your own if you plan on any kind of long-term survival. The use of salt as a weed-killer is commonplace in many areas, but you have to be careful to not over do it. Sprinkling too much salt can ruin the soil and turn what was once a healthy plot of land, into a barren chunk of dirt.
        CLEANING / MAINTENANCE: Performing routine cleaning and maintenance of your gear and immediate surroundings, whether you’re surviving in place or on the move, is an important and often beneficial step towards survival.
        Deodorant – While not very comfortable or effective when placed under the arms, a sprinkle of salt into a pair of shoes can help remove excess moisture and some odors.
        Cleaning Scrub – Salt can be applied to just about any cooking surface or other material to act as a cleaning scrub. It works exceedingly well on grease and soot removal from hard surfaces such as pans, counter tops, grills, and even fireplaces.
        Kill Mold/Mildew – Scrubbing mold and mildew affected areas and clothing with a rinse of salt and lemon juice or vinegar can help remove and prevent the build up of mold/mildew in wet and humid climates.
        MISC: In addition to the more popular and daily uses for salt come a handful of other, often forgotten, yet just as useful things.
        Extinguish A Grease Fire – Salt is an effective flame retardant when used in large enough quantities. Keeping a box of salt next to your stove or cooking area is a good idea for anyone planning to cook with open flame… especially when high levels of oils and fats are involved.
        De-frosting and Anti-Icing – Cleaning the inside of windows with a saltwater solution will help keep them from frosting up on sub-zero conditions. This works for both home and vehicle use. Salt can also be used as a de-icer or preventative agent for sidewalks, roads, and other surfaces that need to stay clear for safe travel and use.
        Boil Water Faster – Decrease boil times on water by adding a dash of salt to the container.
        Salt truly is a valuable resource, and not just because it helps regulate our water content and fluid balance in the body, but because it is such an effective tool for survival. It’s suggested that 25 pounds of salt be stored per person per year, and though the number seems high at first, take another look at the many uses listed above… including use as currency.

        • Excellent post,
          Truly why I come here, hoping to see stuff like this!
          Ten thumbs up!

        • Prep some chocolate-covered coffee beans as an easy way to eat them. Another option is the popular supplement of green coffee pills.

      70. The muslim world is going nuts again. You have at least 60 people dead in Kenya and dozens held as hostages. Israel is sending special commando forces to help rescue the hostages, many that are probably Israelis. Over 60 people are dead in Pakistan from a bombing. 65 dead in twin bombings in Iraq. Looks like islam for some reason is active in killing a bunch of innocent people again. Something to think about maybe in this country, as these muslims have this SICK sense of success and consider the two largest targets to be Israel and the U.S.

        • Be informed:

          First of all I enjoy your posts.

          The powers that be will do anything to ramp up the worlds rage against Muslims so they can engage us in WW3.

          I “feel” a false flage of enormous proportions is coming to America and it will be blamed on “Muslims”. Don’t get me wrong; I disagree with their way of life as much as anyone on this post; but the American public MUST be made to believe that Islam is responsible for all this terror to get the percentage of support raised for us going to war in the middle east.

          All the talking that O is doing is not getting the support they need from the public; be fearful of what the next step might be. Looking back through history there has ALWAYS been something awful happen to gin up support for the last two wars.

          TPTB want ownership of the middle east and they will do any thing it takes to get their prize.

          • @ Pissed Off Granny. I know whom is ultimately responsible for most or all of this terrorism. I also know that the way women, animals, and children are abused and out and out tortured within their own communities and their own belief. When someone goes and shoots young children of another belief, there is no difference than that demon that shot 20 little kids at Sandy Hook. It is a huge whopping difference between fighting against someone that is trying to oppress you like a tyrannical government, and someone that can’t even fight back that is nothing but a target like an animal in the field. I absolutely agree with you that stupid muslims are being played like pawns by the elitists and bankers and they fall for this hook line and sinker.

            When I see a bunch of people, especially people that are trying to get closer to God, murdered in the name of allah it is sickening. My point is that even if the U.S. or anyone else was leaving muslims alone completely, no imperialism, these Diaperhead muslims would be butchering anyone that is not muslim. The belief of islam is that anyone not muslim is an infidel, and the ultimate goal is to PURGE the world of all infidels and make the whole planet islam. That is what I truly have such an issue with, that these people are savage, brutal, and far closer to evil than good.

            • Enlighten us oh, brilliant one.
              Who WAS the demon that shot children at Sandy Hook??
              Did you SEE the shot/dead children—EVER??
              No?? Well, explain that to us.

          • Well said, po’d Granny.

            I think most muslims just want to live their lives as peacefully as possible and leave others alone. If it were not for their evil leaders, they wouldn’t be killing each other in the streets everyday.

            I don’t blame or have any prejudice towards the innocent or ignorant muslim that isn’t preaching hate towards Americans. We are all God’s children and those that haven’t been taught the truth about Jesus and the “true” Heavenly Father will get their chance to learn during the Millenium. That includes all other peoples of different religions and backgrounds; that haven’t had the opportunity to learn truth.

            The war will happen as prophesied. The war drums are being banged as we speak. There is not 1/10th of a percent chance that it won’t happen because God said it would in Revelation. But that will be the last war fought by man, I believe. The battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be handled by God himself and the final battle will be carried out by Messiah and His Heavenly Army.

            The time is at hand. When the bombs start dropping and bodies are being bulldozed into mass graves, then the heated discussions over EBTs and US handouts won’t seem so important.

            What will be important is the soul searching most people will start doing. As was the case after 9-11, the churches started filling up. People will finally start to see what is realy important. Not everyone; but, a lot of the worldly living/thinking will start to be concerned with their souls.

            I don’t lose sleep over what is coming. Why? Because, i started prepping from the top down, by matters of importance.


            Potable water

            Food reserves (long term and short term storage)

            Security …………………………….

            • pissinwiththewind:

              Your post was worth reading twice! With a name like “pissin” you must be a long lost relative. Maybe a cousin?

              • Yea, I feel the connection from a long ways off.

                Glad we made the connection before the Mississippi becomes the New Atlantic Gulf.

                Sorry for the double posting/clicking. it’s this damn spasmic colonxxxxxx, I mean finger.

          • Well said, po’d Granny.

            I think most muslims just want to live their lives as peacefully as possible and leave others alone. If it were not for their evil leaders, they wouldn’t be killing each other in the streets everyday.

            I don’t blame or have any prejudice towards the innocent or ignorant muslim that isn’t preaching hate towards Americans. We are all God’s children and those that haven’t been taught the truth about Jesus and the “true” Heavenly Father will get their chance to learn during the Millenium. That includes all other peoples of different religions and backgrounds; that haven’t had the opportunity to learn truth.

            The war will happen as prophesied. The war drums are being banged as we speak. There is not 1/10th of a percent chance that it won’t happen because God said it would in Revelation. But that will be the last war fought by man, I believe. The battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be handled by God himself and the final battle will be carried out by Messiah and His Heavenly Army.

            The time is at hand. When the bombs start dropping and bodies are being bulldozed into mass graves, then the heated discussions over EBTs and US handouts won’t seem so important.

            What will be important is the soul searching most people will start doing. As was the case after 9-11, the churches started filling up. People will finally start to see what is realy important. Not everyone; but, a lot of the worldly living/thinking will start to be concerned with their souls.

            I don’t lose sleep over what is coming. Why? Because, i started prepping from the top down, by matters of importance.


            Potable water

            Food reserves (long term and short term storage)

            Security …………………………….

          • Exactly–POG. The Muslims are responsible for the Islam terrorists as much as Americans are responsible for the govt attacks on our land like Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and don’t forget 9/11.
            We all know who did this–our govt., to remove arms from the citizens and build a case for terrorist attacks.
            Other nations just see and hear the LSM reports; never the truth.
            A really bad attack is coming that may make 9/11 look like practice.
            The game is on–it is here.

      71. Almost ready for Black Powder season. Have to put some meat in the freezer.

      72. I am so sick and tired of the way the MSM and BO and the government are portraying the muslim “religion” as “peaceful”. This is an example of what happens to you if you are not muslim.

        That number of innocent Christians has risen to 72 people as of a few minutes ago in the deadliest attack ever on Christians in Pakistan.

        There is a big time uptick on islam going after Christians in almost every muslim country and non muslim country. These are people that don’t try to influence muslims, don’t speak out against islam, don’t bother anyone. All these Christians do is go and pratice their faith. That is enough for muslims to go and kill them because they are not muslims.

        This is what islam is about. You are an infidel and deserving to die if you are not a muslim. This is not just a tiny little section of islam that is doing this either. It takes a large portion of the muslim world, each country, to look the other way or to silently support the extremists. I don’t see any other religion attacking a bunch of innocent people that have done nothing. Even after the pure hatred and attacks in Israel, you don’t see Jewish people going on these attacks against mosques. The simple fact is that islam is of the devil, as proof of this is occurring more and more often each week.

        BO, the government, and the MSM tells us that islam is peaceful. Hey peaceful, tell that to the thousands of dead Christians in many other muslim countries that were murdered for no other reason than they were Christians. Ask anyone in non muslim countries where there is a high percentage of muslims how they attack INFIDELS all the time. Notice how I don’t capitalize the word muslim or islam. I will capitalize the word Towelhead though, or Camel Jockey.

        • Be Informed:


          Apparently you have not read the history of what happened to the Christian people in Russia by the Bolsheviks and also what happened to the Palestinian people when the Zionist, Israeli jews took over their country.

          • Different Names. Still the same game. Kill people.

          • Bolsheviks were only a few percent Jewish.

          • @ Pissed Off Granny. Christians almost went through genocide in Russia. What has happened to the Palestinian people is not fair, this I agree. What I am talking about what now is the here and now. Over 70 people that have done nothing to cause any problems with the muslims in Pakistan, nothing. There were killed because they were not muslims. Look ay the Coptic Christians in Egypt and other African countries. All this is with islam is the purging of innocent people based on their religion. This is also the truth about people that are agnostic that believe in God but don’t affiliate themselves with any religion, they are also attacked in muslim countries.

            I really don’t care how or what a person is, when they are attacked because they are not muslims, this makes the religion evil. ONLY a devil or demon goes into someone’s place of worship, regardless of the belief, and kills them when they are most vulnerable and unaware of such evil coming at them. Someone that went into a mosque and gunned down a bunch of people praying on their knees would also be very evil. Whenever anyone attacks someone praying at peace to God is pure anti-God and dark inside and out. I can’t think of any other way of describing such an act of terror.

            • **What I am talking about what now is the here and now.**

              Oh, I forgot–Palestinians aren’t killed, maimed, or abused daily by Is-ri–hell?? Children aren’t attacked by Is-ri-hell soldiers?
              LSM just can’t air it because we all know who owns their programming and propaganda.

          • The so-called Palestinians didn’t have a country, but were nomads who lived in and out of a British territory that had been labeled “Palestine” based on the name the Romans slapped on Judea and Samaria after the conquered them. That change of name was meant to humiliate the real indigenous peoples of that region. The Judeans and Samarians never left completely either, so who stole whose country? The nomads are the interlopers.

        • BI–are we any better morally? Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City– Oh, my God in heaven–9/11??
          And we are superior in morals??

      73. Between the influx of illegal immigration and the full time job problems we will never fix the nation. Sign up for Obamacare, food stamps, unemployment or whatever freebee you can get. It is all legal as it stands now and very little prosecution of offenders. Bring on the drugs from Mexico and turn all of those food stamp babies into crackheads. I mean they will eventually become the ZOMBIES our government want so why not get a head start into those drug rehabilitation programs. What is the average grade level reading for the American Student? Tenth Grade?
        Free Beer. Free Drugs. Free Sex. No responsibility!
        What A Nation!

      74. One again…as long as people are fat and happy, nothing will ever change. If there was a country that was more free, had a better jobs economy, and spoke English (that wasn’t Canada) I would be there right now.

      75. We need more Muslim Clerics teaching within our jail system.

        • Put up an extra tower to call everyone to prayer, fives times a day. Can’t hurt.

      76. Liberalism was considered a small but benign cancer in the 1960s. We were wrong, and its malignancy has grown to its terminal stage and now needs ‘forced’ medicine for its survival.

        The JFK conservative dems are all gone.

        What we have is the medicinal hemp hippies of the 1960s popping qualudes into Americans to dumb us down to nothing.

        Those drugs are now ‘something for nothing’ Americans. It is food stamps. It is wars. It is economic growth from phony statistics. It is free college for some. It is frivolous lawsuits where others take from others. It is a ‘what is in it for me’ attitude.

        We are the Fall of Babylon from Revelation 18. If you like today’s times, then hug a liberal.

      77. What if the emergency in FEMA area III is because that is the only area FEMA and the gov is going to save?
        Just a thought

      78. We let everybody in this country. Why not a few hundred thousand Muslims. Put them on Government assistance and make Louie Farrakahn their leader. Jesse Jackson and Sharpton might convert.

        Let’s see. In a few years we can have a Muslim political party and might get to see a few heads lobed off right on National News.

        • Just pack a few more marbles in the ole’ slingshot holster bag, cause it’s comin’. There is a book out there that states this very scenario by insiders with TPTB.

          They say that the chaos and devastation from the coming Mid=Eastern War will leave a few million starving muslims wandering around depending upon the world to feed them. Without infrastructure to support them, and not enough availability of shipments of food and infrastructure in neighboring countries, they will be immigrated to North America, mostly USA.

          People think the EBT system is out of hand now? Just wait a while and see “if” this scenario plays out. Every grocery store and convenience store in every town in America will be seeing those cards flying out from under the black dresses of muslims.

          Wah-lah! Allah!

          • Over 20 years ago a Preacher warned us against Islam.

            He said they will come at first in small numbers. They will have communities in which they will grow but remain silent till the day they can impose their Law upon others without fear.

            How about in England and France.

            What better fighters for Islam than from the jail system.

          • Oh, no pissinwiththe wind–we will probably just send the EBT cards to their country.

        • We have Al Jazeera TV coming to us right now.

          Some of the Kenya Mall killers may have come right out of Minneapolis-St. Paul, where over 50,000 Somalis have received asylum.

          Several courts have already ruled that Sharia law can be practiced in the US.

          As far as a Muslim political party goes, we already have the Democrats making sure that radical Islam will be installed in the entire Muslim world, today it’s Syria, tomorrow Jordan or Turkey.

      79. I like the Old Saying–

        The more I meet people, the more I appreciate my dog.

        • @ Ugly. You are going to really like this one. Someone back in California about 25 years ago told me the same line but, the more I meet new people, the more I appreciate my pet alligator.

      80. @ JayJay. I am talking about islam. You have hundreds of people going to be closer to God, through their Christian belief or other beliefs and these ragheads kill them. Forget about the morality of this country, it not only sucks, it blows. I am talking about the decency of a human being having some level of mercy and compassion. These islamic desert worms shoot people that have no weapon, that are completely vulnerable, and trying to be one with God. This includes children, that these muslims see their faces before they pull the trigger and blow a kid away. I mean, come on, what type of person can do this? I can’t even think of shooting an innocent person in cold blood. Defending myself with the maximum amount of force possible, absolutely.

        In regards to Sandy Hook, there are all sorts of theories that this did not even happen. Here is the problem with this, that comes from logic. People have an extremely difficult time of keeping their mouths shut, especially a bunch of regular citizens. IF this did not happen and was completely staged with actors and actresses then the truth likely would have had come out from someone that couldn’t keep their mouth shut. Too risky for a tyrannical government with too many mouths. Far more easy to dope up someone like this, no paper trail or anything, and let them have had it. Look at this Aaron Alexisin, he was hunting elves and hearing voices. That to me sounds just like what the government has done throughout the past with mind control drugs.

        Again to your question about is the U.S. superior in morality? Hell no. How about asking the question whether you, me, and the others that are on this site are superior in morals to the U.S. and the islam “religion”. I would hope that answer would be certainly yes.

        • Be informed — Right as usual

          We’re a moral people ruled by an immoral dictatorship.

          We get to vote between the devil and the deep blue sea.

      81. The problem is, we’ve gotten away from the RIGHT way to take care of those who need help – family & the church are supposed to do it.

        Not the government. It was never supposed to be the government.

        We are raising up generations who believe otherwise and would rather shoot their own and allow their children to feed at the government’s teet.

        • Amen,
          This is what surprises me is how we have gotten so far away from the core values,
          I know for me, i dont like organized religion because of the hipocracy,
          Especially with regards to religion where you can be saved if you send in your check the lord will smile on you.
          Spirituality and faith are not for sale and the only price is that you have faith and a coscious contact with a higher power.
          Was raised catholic, got sick of being told my shortcomings and how i would go to hell, then see others in the chuch singing their hearts out while they were screwing their buddys wife or stealing their cattle or beating their kids,
          So the church gets weaker and people grow more detached, then the churc starts running like a business and investing in the buildings or whatever but no longer tending to the needs of the needy,
          Viscious circle

          • Jesus told us that there would always be those in the church who aren’t His and whose presence among His people would be like weeds in a field of wheat. Weeds make a field look less productive and actually cause harm to the intended crop, but weeding can cause worse damage. So, the Lord lets it be as it is and will sort it out in the end. People who see problems in the church and run away are as much part of the problem as those who stay and don’t do things perfectly.

          • Amen, Kula. Spent 2 years in one church here and learned real fast how hypocrites behave.
            Never again. I talk with my Savior each day, read His word each day–better here among two true believers than at church among 100 hypocrites.
            Oh, I still give my penance to the Lord–just not to ‘the’ church.
            On one prepper forum, a young man with twins and another child, and a wife that just lost her job has just been given hos last rights so to speak with cancer.
            I asked for his address–that’s how I give back–that man’s family needs are greater than the church’s needs.

            Hear that?? I share what I have NOT begrudging that this man’s disaster wasn’t planned for —that’s for you, old guy.

            • Church is an entity that can be any place you choose.
              Sigi–I choose mine to be at home away from hypocrites!!

            • Yes when someone dies or their house burns ect a anonymous gift of cash mailed to them is a good way of giving without the reciepent knowing where it came from.

      82. “Ask not what you can do for your Country. Instead, demand what your country needs to do for you….”

        The new American motto (if things don’t change)….

      83. “The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout ‘Save us!’ And I’ll look down, and whisper ‘No'”

        -Rorschach, The Watchmen

        This is what immediately came to mind when I saw the kid demanding his food stamps.

        If you take without giving, if you breed with no ability to provide, if you live only to satisfy your most basic animalistic desires for food, drink and sex, then I wish you an expedient and merciless destruction.

        Let ‘er rip.

        -Heel out

      84. I hope they shut the government down in Oct. This food stamp shit is for the birds. I’ve worked for 40 years now, and only once went on state air for 3 weeks before finding 3 jobs all part time, but I did it for my family. I say stop the DAMN food stamps. and start over again with better control. (ie) someone using to get bigger TITs she should be in JAIL for that type of B.S.
        The only reason they won’t do this is because they would see the Cities burn. That might be OK too, then B.O. can bring in his Marshall law, and turn loose his brown shirts. (DHA, ATF, NSA, Ect). The didn’t buy all hat AMMO, Guns, Armored Vehicles just to name a few things. They say give me my food stamps. I SAY GIVE ME MY TAX DOLLARS BACK YOU LAZY PIECE OF SHIT!!! As far as I’m conserned if you can’t take care of yourself you DIE!!!
        Did you ever noticed that the thugs on food stamps are manly FAT!!! not all but most.
        Hey Preppers did you ever think that it is use that keeps this country going. Stop and think about it. When we buy one item for the house we buy a second item for prep. Do you know how fast the economy would slow down or even fall if we only bought one item instead of two. This country would collaps in less that two months if we stopped buy items for prep. Maybe to get our Republic back. We PREPPERS should go on STRIKE.

      85. I know exactly how to stop it. Take a clue from 1776.

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