Watch: Aerial Footage And Diagrams Of Where The Las Vegas Shooting Took Place

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    Watch aerial footage of where the Las Vegas victims were shot in comparison to where shooter Stephen Craig Paddock was positioned.


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      1. If this is what ONE crazy American psycho can do, can you imagine what a few crazy
        North Koreans could do? Rocket Man is taking notes.

      2. From the sound of the fire i would say 762×39 ak used not an ar cus not sharp crack and ar has shorter stroke so closer fire time of rounds i would say regular full auto ak and not modify ak that would be slam fire

        • GS,
          For the first time we actually did have a guy with full auto pull off an attack.

          With full auto being unobtainium in the US it begs the question, where did he get it? Was this one of Obama’s “Fast and Furious” guns?

          There’s word that Islamic IS literature was found in his house and room. His girlfriend / roommate had an Australian passport. She apparently obtained Australian citizenship via marriage, and is believed to be from Malaysia originally.

          So far the media is ignoring the jihadist angle, it’s all calls for gun control, ignoring the fact that the weapon he used is essentially illegal for all intents and purposes.

        • Godsoldier, I have to disagree about an AK. AK is effective to only about 200-300 yards tops. The distance from the window to the venue was more than that. And we still don’t know what calibers the shooter was using.

          • Brave…>

            Yes, multiple weapons…different cyclic-rates clearly audible, simultaneously firing.

            ..methinks the MSM narrative we’re being spoon fed is bullshit!

            Ditto, the distance is somewhere between +500, maybe 700meters, if just one firing position is accepted as legit.

            ..remember, when firing “downhill”..your holdover to the target is reduced!!!
            Simple physics, sir.

            Godsoldier has a valid point……..

          • The 7.62-39 is ballistically equivalent to a 30-30. Its not a question of aiming as I doubt that he did more than just fire (spray) at a mass and you were unlucky to get hit. An AK at 400 yards is quite lethal. It will kill at a 1000.

          • i’m willing to BET his cheek NEVER hit the stock on those rifles. they will be absent of cheekprints, like a turn-signal stalk on an asian womans car is devoid of fingerprints.

      3. Right now, the only thing that matters is that you call 1-800-672-3888, pay $25 and join the National Rifle Association. The onslaught in the media over this will be intense and the NRA is the only gun rights group with the muscle to shut down Bloomie and cryin Gabby Gifford.

        We can still pass national reciprocity if enough folks get on board. No other group can match that.

        • Yep it’s already started…old battle axe Hillary just crawled out from under rock and is agitating for “taking on the NRA” and getting gun control.

          • God why won’t that fucking thing (Hillary) go away. Mail it to North Korea or something.

            • TheGuy, I would love to take on Hillary with 2 shots to the head and be done with it. She needs to STFU and go away.

        • At the White House briefing, the MSM is already demanding that a (supposedly) bipartisan gun control effort begin. Even though Huckabee’s kid pointed out the futility of those laws in places like Chicago, the MSM ain’t having it. We are about to see an enormous push to eliminate our legal rights to own firearms.

          The NRA is the only thing standing between you and the total loss of your 2nd Amendment rights. If you are not a member, you are just a freeloader and a back stabbed to every patriotic American fighting for our rights. Join up and come on in for the fight! We owe it to the nation to at least try the legal way before the war breaks open.

          • Yeah cause they have done such a wonderful job lets see nfa acts and revisions the Brady bill the Hughes amendment I can keep going NRA might have protected your rights once but not anymore they just want your money there sell outs

            • You’re wrong.

              You haven’t paid attention.

            • falloutboy

              The NRA is pragmatic, they operate in the real political world.

              The Firearms Owners Protection Act would not have passed without the Hughes Amendment. The 1994 Clinton Assault Gun Ban was a done deal but the NRA got in a 10 year revote expiration. A decade later with hard work the political climate was more favorable and it expired. Thats thinking, thats planning, thats reality, thats the NRA. Shall Issue and now Constitutional Carry is a given. Without the NRA it was only a dream.

              • You can’t explain facts to nimpcompoops like Falloutboy and Gandhi…they’re too butt-hurt over things that happened 40 plus years ago to see (or appreciate) the only ally they have RIGHT NOW…..

              • Part of Brady was repealed assault weapons import ban still in affect you still can not import daewoo’s,toro’sand others to this day

      4. Could be a NWO false flag plot to try to roll back our 2nd Amendment rights.
        Watch for “copycats” in the coming days and weeks. This usually happens in bunches.
        Could also be a smoke screen for something even bigger that diverts media attention.

        • Could be. We are to believe the guy killed himself before his room was stormed. It is possible he was set up, was murdered and someone else, or some other group, used his room. There were accounts of two shooters. We are told to not believe those accounts as they are not correct. We are told to that this was the only guy and he killed himself at the end. It is hard to believe anything now a days unless you see it first hand.

      5. Eight different guns? Must have melted down a few barrels before switching.

      6. Also interesting read was that his girlfriend is Asian not alot said about her could this be some work of kim jong un afterall he had 2 women kill his half brother and no apparent reason for this guy to do what he did afterall he did have 200 mags and no beef what kind of guns were the 10 he had

      7. You can clearly hear TWO guns firing at the same time and at different locations in several video accounts. One a heavy caliber heavy machine gun and the other small 9mm sub gun near the crowds. A 64 YO WHITE MALE, DIDNT DO ALL THIS DAMAGE ALONE!!! According, to the shooters family. His brother said he didn’t own nor train with guns. FALSE FLAG!

        • :yawn:

          Relax….. Be thankful he wasn’t ex mil…

        • You can hear echo’s of one gun firing sounding like two or more depending on where your were located between the sound reflecting buildings.

          Echo’s are easily identified by the simple timing of the shot sounds in relation to one another.

      8. Let me clarify when i said ar it was in teference to platform so to be more exact m4 m16 rate of fire vs ak47 rate of fire.

      9. Did they threaten his family if he did not do as told ie n korea jim jung? He is the last one to threaten us

      10. an independent autopsy on the shooters body and an independent investigation of the room and confiscating the hotel tapes that will show who went into that room. I don’t trust our FBI

      11. You cuckservatives are no match for the insane left. Because you didn’t stand up for traditional values for at least 100 years you will be purged. You let Marxist-fruedians infiltrate every institution. You are too scared to kill those that deserve it. Too scared to die in battle. You will die hiding in your homes

      12. So why do you not show the video that’s out showing automatic gun fire from the 4th floor window, taken from a car driving by on the street? Another false flag….The loss of life is terrible, but was not done by this guy or him alone. We are being played yet again….

        • Where could one find this video? What you say doesn’t mean a thing unless you can produce some sort of evidence.

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