Watch: Absolutely The Best Trump-CNN-FakeNews Video Meme You’ll See All Week

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Headline News | 24 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Following CNN’s attacks on a reddit user who created a meme depicting President Donald Trump putting the beatdown on the network, the meme war against fake news continues unabated.

    The 90 seconds you’ll spend watching this ingenious video are well worth your time.


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      1. Loved it. It made my day.

        • Is there another Waiting on this sight now? Waiting

        • I am no longer going to post on this sight; so anyone posting on this sight as” Waiting” will be someone other than me(Oklahoma MSGT’s daughter) Waiting

      2. Mind. Blown.

        • WW, rosie O’Donnell should be the one jumping off the cliff, NOT President Trump.

          • Agreed.

      3. Great video. anything that makes the mainstream press look bad might in the long run make them do a better job. Who wants a bad reputation?

        • MSM makes themselves look bad.

          • You make yourself look bad.

        • I LOVE IT. I am totally honored that someone took the movie of my namesake and used parts of it for this meme. Trump’s face put on my namesake was most appropriate. It made my day.

      4. I saw this a week ago and thought too that it was the best. I love it. And there are allot of good ones too out there. They should all get credit.

      5. Bread and Circus….


        Lap it up…

      6. I saw this video a while back. Enjoyed it. Alex Jones is not one of my heroes and alternative news is riddled with fake news, too. But at least, some real news is available away from CIA/3ew control and suppression.

        I get news from SHTFplan. Some of it is even worth my time.

        None of it really matters. I can look around and see what I need to know.

        It’s been real hot, then it rained for 30 minutes. That’s earthquake weather; weird weather. Does not mean the quake will be here. It means there is a big quake somewhere.

        __ have a nice day, and remember “A Boyscout is always prepared”.

        __ ??


        • I was going to join the boy scouts but I was too busy eating brownies 😛

      7. I got a kick out of the Polish prez bashing the fake news – the Euros are even getting sick of the total media BSing going on …

      8. Hilarious. I loved Braveheart until I learned how historically inaccurate it was. The writer claimed to be a descendant of Wallace so you’d think he’d get it right. There were no kilts at that time, for instance. Etc. James Horner’s best score, though. Great direction and acting by Mel. Fake Bio-? LOL

      9. And in the non fake news: I buried 30 feet of 4 inch pvc drainpipe with 2 4 inch computer fans to push air through it into a sectioned off part of a conex to help keep it cool. The average difference was 7 degrees cooler than the outside ambient air. I built a 2×4 wall with plywood to separate the section and insulated it with 1 inch foil backed Styrofoam and drilled 3/8 holes along the upper edge in the inverted part of the wall ribs. I also put a 2 inch fan at the top part of the wall inside to force hot air out. I painted the outside with ultra white solar reflective paint too. I wish I had put 60 feet of pipe in the ground but oh well. It is about 3.5 feet deep. Just a tip for you all. I might make me an A/C system for the cabin the same way if I can get 8-10 inch pipe for cheap somewhere. Good to have friends with backhoes lol.

      10. Shooting tip:
        At every range (0 at 100) I measure the drop, write it down then adjust the turret for each range and write down the setting. Then I make ballistics cards for each rifle with drop and scope turret setting. I got me a leupold 1200 yd range finder and all I do is range it and adjust the setting according to the ballistics card and it works great every time. At 600 the .243 has 42 inches drop, the .06 has 58 inches and the .300 has 56 inches drop.

        All these rifles have the cartridge holder on the buttstock where I store the ballistics cards. If you use different loads you can just put the different load info on the back of the card and laminate it or use clear packing tape to laminate it. It is much easier to have the card with the scope turret settings than to scratch it on the scope turrets. Cheap 1/4 moa scopes do not return to zero well and are not very good at repeating settings. I love these scopes as they are very heavy duty and are 1/10 milrad adjustment…. ht tps://×42-tactical-riflescope.html

        take out the space in the t’s. Their scope rings are very heavy duty too! Use one ballistics list for match ammo and use the other side of the card for hunting ammo and yer all set 🙂

      11. Trump seems little more than another mic deep state controlled operative…the Trump Administration is closing the State Department that investigates war crimes, the Office of Global Criminal Justice. China’s economy grew at 6.9% while the US grew at 1.42%, don’t see that turning around. “Why are Republicans pursuing what seems to be a similar outcome that repressive governments have utilizing a corporate agenda to reduce personal freedoms?” Well because corporations are not only people but are the only people that matter. Why does the US have 10 bases in Syria? To make sure Iran is kicked out from assisting the legal Syrian government. Trump is in the Israeli pocket all the way while America is finished off. Same treason with Clinton if elected. Casinos built that elegance off of losers, who imagined someone involved in that enterprise could ever become President of the United States. Ditto the dinosaur Sessions.

        • Yup, and the swamp just gets bigger. Go USA! I can’t believe people are so stupid they beech about all the so called refugees and want them to leave but refuse to get the fook out of their countries. GET OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY FIRST THEN DEPORT THEM! Stupid cooksuckers… Oh and be sure and join the NWO military so you can go kill a bunch of stupid brown people for the globalists (some good karma there)….

      12. Fitting choice given that William Wallace was eventually captured, tortured and killed because of a LEAK from treacherous servant, Jack Short.

      13. The media snowflakes are going to be quaking in their chairs thinking that they’ve been “threatened” (again) by an animated cartoon. LOL

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