Watch: A Fleet Of These Totally Awesome MONSTER TRUCKS Just Rolled Into Houston To Join Rescue Efforts

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Headline News | 65 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    A favorite past time for many a Texan are the weekend Monster Truck rallies held all over the State. And while the big-wheeled behemoths usually serve up the loud roar of engines, insane long-jumps and family-friendly entertainment, this week a number of Monster Truckers made their way to Hurricane Harvey ravaged Houston and surrounding areas.

    Watch as these beasts rescue stranded neighbors and even pull a military supply truck out of eight-foot deep waters to neighborly cheers of “yee haw!”


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      1. rednecks helpin’ rednecks….yuh gotta love it!

        • Some is good, more is better, too much is just right. Yeehaw Go large or go home. Thems my floaty tires.

          • those old trucks will just break down and have to also be resued.

            • …..And you will still be sitting on your butt doing nothing to help

            • ghandi STFU and go back to your mud hut. BTW what a disgrace to use the name of such a great man you are certainly more in line with the moniker of dildonicus the greek moron.

            • A least they are trying. What are you doing outside up complaining

            • Ever hear the saying, “they don’t build them like they used to”? Those old trucks are far more reliable than post-2000s trucks and will outlast them all! I’ve had to do wheel bearings on new rams and fords at only 50,000kms, ball joints and tierod ends on new gms at only 60,000kms yet my 89 chev with 220,000kms still has all its original suspension parts!

          • Salute is not a gestures to be taken lightly.
            It is a an expression of honor, respect and understanding your place in a chain of command. Millions of us have exercised the privilege to salute, and this music video is unfortunately a shameful representation of what today’s youth is taught to disrespect.

            music; acceptable
            redhead; gorgeous
            message; questionable

            My message:
            Have some respect for things you do not understand.
            Movies are not enough.

        • I love my state….. Texas… Like a whole nother country…

          • Cajun Navy + Redneck Army gettin it done

          • yeah, like mexico. i hunted pigs in texas a few years ago. i had never seen so much cactus and thorny mesquite and rattle snakes and trantulas . Texas is all yours and the mexicans. i went into a walmart and i was the only white person there who spoke English.

          • Agreed, the Republic of Texas had a nice ring to it. Too good to last.

        • I’m fucking bugging out to the mainland I’m right in the path of this bitch trapped on an island with 20% white people and not many resources to begin with. This is a fucking death trap.

          Eisenkreutz in the blind.

          I’ll be back.

          • funny, last week you were solo mountaineering in Canada.

            You must walk really fast.

        • off topic but way more important than red necks: when i buy a Burger King Wopper i always remove a couple pickles. they put too many pickles on it.

      2. And people up here thought I was nuts for wanting a M35A 6×6
        Ha! Now I’m definitely getting one

        • Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.

          • Beep-Boop

            I believe you mean, “Better to ahve it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”

            The way you expressed it, you are implying if you have it and not need it, you will end up “to need it” and not have it.


        • I had a chance to by a 6X6 at a really good price, years ago. I was going to make it into a motorhome for hunting. 45 MPH max speed and difficulty getting parts caused me to pass it up.

          • Yeah true
            I hear the newer ones with the big tires and auto trans and the good diesel with the turbo will go about 60, maybe 65 down hill with the wind at its back

            I’m ok with that
            Trouble comes with too much speed and weight
            The intimidation factor is nice
            And armoring up one is easier than a civilian vehicle because the military one can handle the weight increase
            Not to mention the ability to drive over vehicles that have been left behind blocking up shit
            Or ford deep water
            Can haul lots of ammunition, stuff like that
            Who knows may end up a daily driver if shit keeps going like it has been

            • Had a duce and a half, was like a clock, just kept running, had put big old firestone traction super singles all around on it, that thing was unstoppable

            • nothing says “shoot me and take my stuff” like driving a deuce during shtf…

        • buy a VW and weld pontoons on it

      3. Deuce and a 1/2 – GET IT DONE boys!

      4. Imagine what one of those could do to a crowd of antifas…..

        • YEE HAA

      5. While may are being distracted with Harvey, check this article out.

        No end To Coverups
        August 29, 2017

        Paul Craig Roberts

        Craig Roberts (yes, there are two of us) is a former US Marine and a 27-year veteran of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, police force. He is a capable and committed person. Since 1989 he has written 13 books. His latest, just published, Medusa File II, consists essentially of his voluminous files of the investigation of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995, known as “the Oklahoma City Bombing.” ht tps://

        The FBI, appreciative of Roberts’ capabilities, requested his service in the investigation. As officially part of the investigation, he took the investigation seriously. The investigation proceeded rapidly, developing many leads. Numerous witnesses saw Timothy McVeigh with many dark complexioned men prior to and just after the bombing. Leads were also developed to militias in Elohim City, to the German, Strassmeir, and others.

        Before any of these leads could be developed, the investigation was taken over by President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno. Once Washington took over, the investigation stopped. In its place was Washington’s theory that it was Tim McVeigh’s lonely protest. The volumnious evidence of McVeigh’s accomplices or controllers, as might have been the case, was in the way of the official story that imposed itself on the investigation. Many people resisted the coverup that descended on the case, including local journalists who eventually lost their jobs or moved on.

        Roberts stuck it out to the end. So did black Oklahoma City Police sgt. Terrance Yeakey. For resisting the official story Yeakey paid with his life. Roberts provides the reasons he believes Yeakey had definitive evidence that the official story was a coverup. The OCPD was called off once the official story was in place, but Yeakey wouldn’t quit and became a problem. The official OCPD report says it was suicide, but Roberts recognizes homicide when he sees it. There was no autopsy and the police refused to release the police report to Yeakey’s family. Being black, they had little recourse. Remaining skeptics were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” and that was the end of the case.

        One of the striking details that Roberts provides is that in the immediate aftermath of the bombing with rescue workers removing dead and wounded from the rubble, numerous federal agents appeared, ordered the rescue workers out of the building on the grounds that there were still unexploded bombs in the building. Then with the trapped still under the rubble, all rescue efforts halted until the federal agents had removed file cabinets from the building. Roberts speculates that the cabinets contained the files of the Mena drug running operation that many believe involved Arkansas governor Bill Clinton, and that President Clinton and Janet Reno didn’t want these files to see the light of day.

        For an official explanation of the case that relies solely on McVeigh’s “truck bomb,” the federal agents’ statement that unexploded bombs remained in the building is a conundrum. If there were unexploded bombs remaining in the building, how could it be that McVeigh was the lone wolf perpetrator? It reminded me of General Benton Partin, a US Air Force explosive expert, who produced a detailed report proving that the Murrah building blew up from the inside out, not from the outside in. Of course, by the time Gen. Partin got his study completed, the fix was in, and there was to be no challenge to, or reconsidering of, the official cover story.

        Roberts doesn’t know who did the bombing or why. All he knows is that leads were not followed and the case was solved by Washington and not by an investigation.

        Just like the assassination of JFK.
        Just like the assassination of RFK.
        Just like the assassination of Martin Luther King.
        Just like 9/11.
        Just like Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction.”
        Just like “Iranian nukes.”
        Just like the “Gulf of Tonkin.”
        Just like Gaddafi and Libya.
        Just like Assad’s “use of chemical weapons.”
        Just like . . .

        It is endless, isn’t it?

        • Crack:

          Everybody knows they be lyin, now get back to the trucks.


          • Unfortunately too many still believe and therefore the blatant corruption continues.

        • CSS, I said this in a past post that as soon as I saw the pictures of the building that day; I said it looked like it exploded from the inside.

      6. ? !$!$$!!!



      7. God Bless Texas, and God Bless those Rednecks!!!


          • Crack:

            That’s cute but why do they sing rap like black dudes.

            Besides uppies do farm and many of them lead the organic farming movement. Smart people adapt and learn. Uppies have changed over the years; some have become more obsessed with materialism, but just as many have been honing their skills and preparing. I do believe that as time goes by people will respect Southern White Rednecks quite a bit more. The only reason Southerners lost people’s respect is because of the negative depictions of white Southerners in TV and movies. It has been anti-white brainwashing. The bad guy in movies usually has a Southern accent or sometimes a German accent, is often overweight, unattractive, and holding a beer. It’s called negative stereotyping.

            Just like showing Italians as fat, greasy, criminals until people believe the stereotype. Go to Italy. You will find well dressed slender Italians whose diet is mostly vegtables and a lot of fish because it is surrounded by water. I know an Italian family involved in acting. Everyone was thin except one guy. Who did the studio want to cast? You guessed it, the only fatso out of the bunch.


            • Off Topic:

              Trump pulls money from CIA in Syria. This will make Russia happy, as well as the Syrians who have been being harmed by ISIS and Al Qaeda.

              Bravo, President Trump.


              • B, what Trump did is a step in the right direction but there’s so much more he needs to do.

            • B, you said a mouthful about the anti-white brainwashing.

      8. An airboat, an ATV, and a monster truck combination is the redneck dream. Too bad they are so expensive! Have to settle for a mule.

        • Brian, the MONSTER trucks are for rich people it seems like. The only place where I can get any kind of vehicle is craigslist aka private owner for cash. Been turned away from more car lots than I care to remember. I’m holding back cash now to get another old truck and it will have to be something from the 90s. I don’t have enough income to play with credit or so I’ve been told. Oh well.

          • And here’s you telling everyone that you’re management! A management job where you don’t earn enough to get a car loan? Now you tell us you can’t get credit! Boy, you gotta be earning peanuts not to get credit.

            Anyway, you keep on about how you hate “stinking” credit, so why apply for it?

            Bravefart, every time you click your pudgy fingers on a keyboard you expose yourself as a liar a fantasist and a fool.

      9. Where the heck are the Diesel Brothers? Love to see them out there.

      10. Yeah man
        We got this !

      11. The progressives are no doubt disappointed that the people, and likely non democrat supporters at that, are doing a lot of the emergency saving usually reserved for government. In the meantime, their supporters commit so much violence that they have to disown them. Simply put, they’re getting desperate trying to find some issue to harness the majority that they alienated with pandering to small minorities.

        • Country people are survivors. Taught skills from our youth that will carry us through almost anything. I was the only girl with four brothers. I learned how to hunt and fish. Growing up poor also gave me advantages that others would see as a burden. My mother taught me to garden and can the produce or the deer that was harvested. I will never apologize for my country upbringing or be ashamed of being poor. My God has always helped provide for my needs as long as lazy wasn’t in my vocabulary. Many prayers for Texas and Texas Children’s Hospital. In all this insanity we live in my prayers to all.

          • You’re one heck of a woman!



        This may be my version of a header.

        And Houston will be gone now, so the governor had deployed 10,000 marines and national guards on Texans. The soldiers are transporting with AR’s right to the American white insurgent pockets, of water and abandon houses and I believe the sinister reason is to take all the guns, disarm the area, force the citizens into concentration camps and begin the execution liquidation process.

        Since Hodges sources confirm that bob wired fences are on the way, and that this is not a camp, this for detention, and like he warned, YOUR NOT COMING BACK OUT OF THIS ONE.

        If the other hurricane hits Texas, that this is a fact that weather HAARP weapons are targeting Texas, using the wind and flooding as pretext to flood us out first, then take the guns. They have to get the city ready for the chi-com invasion that our governments have planned, they will use the chi-coms, Russian and UN to remove the population. How do I know this, I read a link from a fews day ago stating the Texas has a growing population that is not sustainable and needs to be curved. THIS STORM WAS HAARP AND INTENSIONAL ATTACK ON TEXAS.

      13. WOW! now you have entertainment following on disaster relief?!! what else is going on in the background or that quite dark corner over somewhere? or some law or somebody’s account has been quietly changed? and again from the playbook… LOOK HERE LOOK HERE! only in USSA… for the trillion time and nothing learned so nothing stopped and it just happen again and again. fun or sad?
        strom may come and they go but the lives destroyed are never back from the dead. and they know it.
        be safe.

      14. I just want to go where I want to go as fast as I can get there. If there is a gasoline shortage, I am really going to be pissed off. Me on a bicycle is as unnatural as a lion tryine to ride a water buffalo; it is also uncomfortable!

      15. Hey guys, hold my beer and watch this. Got to have a lot of respect for Texas and the way they came together


        I live on the outskirts of Houston, not in Houston, but another city outside of Houston, literally on the edge of Houston. I can literally drive into Houston in just 10 minutes. Its dry out here, everyone is back on the streets, the freeways are open, people are back to work, but this does not mean anything. People are so stupid, that they think that because the freeway is under construction on 290, that things are being planned to improve the lives of Houstonians, and this is a pipe fucking dream, so pull your head out of your stinking asses dumbfucks. Donald Trump has not even put a dent into the cabal yet, and attempt to stop them is in the works, but they are still in control, total control. The only thing stopping them is that we have guns, lost of guns in the city. I do not believe that federal aid will be helping anyone in my city. 100,000’s of people are homeless, lost jobs, plants down, business under fucking water, the whole city is destroyed and plunged into SHTF. I saw that the grocery stores are stocked up on the north side of town, so preppers need to head north and stay north. I feel so bad for the people who had to experience this hell, and even though they are non prepper idiots, I still feel bad for them because they are going to go through a literal hell on earth, since bob wire fences and FEMA camps are being set up by KBR, to house and detain them. The women and children are a concern when the national guard enters the city, since US soldiers are constantly attacking raping women in their own military, its not safe to have 10,000 of them into our city, we have enough problems as it is. If cops are dragging out nurses out of hospitals and arresting them, phyically assaulting nurses, threatening her and the other cops who are right there seeing this happen failed to confront the bad officer and instead of stopping the assault, stooped down with here is the car, telling her of her wrong doing, and allowed it to happen, then we have a very serious problem, because the officers literally do not know wrong from right, and this is disturbing. This is full blown military state. We are just one step from them and soldiers coming into our homes shooting us men, and attacking and raping the female family members of the house hold, NATZI Germany all over again. The American white man is the new enemy, the white man, the veterans, the patriots, we are now the new Jews. When did the American Indians ever taught that one day in the future, that he would be standing next to a white man at the side of a mass grave? waiting to get shot by military firing squad.

        I told you all awhile back that I was leaving Houston, and now I am stuck because I don’t have the funds and resources to get out immediately and now another massive hurricane may be steered in the gulf intentionally by HAARP, to finish the job off in Texas. Now I know that I must leave this city, out of the entire region and go more up north, but not too far up north. I had to laugh when I heard that the president is asking for prayers for Houstonians. He deploys soldiers the people and is busy working on FEMA to ship in bob wiring fencing to get FEMA camps activate to detain the people. I believe that the next step for the National guard is to begin taking all the guns from the property and detain the 100,000 people. The only problem, is that within a few weeks of housing and detainment, the people are going demand their release, and this is how the civil revolutionary starts right here in my city.

        I want to be proven wrong with my opinions and comments, and told ” you don’t know what you talking about” HCKS is a nut job, nothing you said has ever happened and now EVERYTHING THAT I SAID COMMENSED, AND NO WORSE THAN WHAT I MENTIONED. Water supplies in cities permanently cut off, jobs gone, and I know in my gut that this was HAARP. They had to use the environmental attack to separate you from you house rapidly to separate you from you preps,. you guns and ammo, only to have the national guard takes all your equipment. When you think its about to get ugly, 100,000 detained in fema camps, and then another cat 4 hurricane enters our gulf, and they know that if they steer it here, that Patriots know what is happening next, and then the UN comes in and attack us, shooting us, and coming after us. Now the shit has hit the fan, now you changing you clothes, going into battle gear, getting ready to civilian urban warfare, and you look at you wife, daughter and kids, and you know what will happen to them, and you cry, because the time has come to die ad pain full violent death, then the reality hits.

        It’s been a plan to take down Texas for years, BP did with and the Rockerfellers and rothchild banking family destroyed the ocean floor, and my sources telling me the ocean floor is still leaking oil, and that I will kill off the entire coastline of the southern US, dropping oxygen levels, forcing people from the regions and disrupting life indefinitely. People think that we are winning this war, and we have already lost. Until you people on this site accept the reality of what I am telling you, your not going to learn. Let me tell you this again. We the people on this planet, we are in and alien versus alien war, with aliens controlling the all the major governments of this planet, proxing people against people, while they take our DNA, and sell it and us on the Galactic market. This is where most of the kidnapped children are going, they are being taken off world. The pedofiles use a certain amount of them every year, but the real reason its happening if for something else. They are telling us that Houston will take 10 years to recover from that hurricane. We do not even have 2 years to stay alive in Houston even it the hurricane did not come here.

        Steve quayle warned and gave advice to single women. See alerts.

        Us men came up you attractive women, tried to get to know you, wanted to date, you blew us off, you were rude, feisty and now you are single and do have a man to protect you, know your demise starts and your extinction begins, it will be a brutal process. You women ain’t seen anything yet, you will learn that lesson when the Chinese soldiers enter this state. If you think that they plan on standing around in the streets for a month, with MK10’s and not going into your residence to gang rape you all day, every day, you and your children, you better wake the hell up. 2017-2025.


        • Hcks what the hell is BOB Wire? you low IQ meth induced rambling idiot? You need a psychiatrist.

      17. Very gay indeed

      18. Hurricane Harvey, a CAT 4 storm, total devastation, hundreds of billions of dollars in damages, storm of a thousand years (because a hundred year storm is just so gosh darn lame a**), and who saves the day? FEMA? The U.S. Coast Guard?

        Monster Trucks. You got it. Monster Trucks. This is the best they could come up with?

        The back-up propaganda is even worse. Right behind the Monster Trucks are the Transformers, and right behind them is General George Armstrong Custer with his 7TH Calvary — riding back from the grave.

        This country, with Mac Slavo leading the way, has gone totally batsh*t crazy.

      19. I’ve had sleep problems my whole life and just realized why: When you’re asleep, you’re very vulnerable! I OFTEN FEEL spooked at night because of no way to protect myself if someone should break in!

        If I had a shot gun beside my bed, I would no longer suffer from insomnia!! Why is it that people can have pitt bulls, with no background check or any kind of restrictions but if you want to buy a gun, you have to have all the BS regulations, checks, etc? Pitt bulls are JUST AS DEADLY AS GUNS!!! Really disgusting!!!

        • Something wrong with you?
          I have 6 door bells, you would call them dogs,
          mine are all mutt pig hunting dogs.
          I have a mule that goes apeshit anytime something
          strange approaches the lower part of my land.
          The mule is probably the deadliest animal I own.
          I have had a shotgun at my bedside for over
          40 years. I’m a very light sleeper.
          Think perimeter protection.
          My entire property is fenced and placarded
          as my all my animals(I have lots) free roam
          within the property, limited by paddocks.
          You enter here at your risk.
          That is the sort of thing you need to build,
          not some dependence on a few dogs that I would
          not expose to children for fear of the kids

      20. Anyone know about gas fitting work. I got two100lb propane tanks the old kind with the threaded top to put a cap on. Here is the deal I bought this house in 2008 it had these two tanks out back and it’s piped in to a ventless space heater on the wall in basement. The tanks are empty they look like very little rust on them and the system looks to be done by pros. To get this up and runnin I’m thinking the valves on the tanks will need replacing and a new regulator because they are old and don’t think valves are opd valves. I think that’s the word opd. Anyway I could call a full service dealer refit all this and get on a delivery with them. I don’t want to get under a contract with a dealer for an emergency heat setup that will rarely if ever get used but I wanna get it working for emergencys. I do a lot of things myself is this something I should tackle or just pay someone to test and fix if needed.




        Walmart activates and turns into FEMA Camp. Remember when the walmarts were shutting down and doing something.

        Well, I just heard from a source and I am not sure the location, but one of the Walmarts just transformed into a fema camp and a security guard on the inside of that store admitted that its a detention holding facility now. Remember that some of the walmarts are connected to the mag rail systems and that means you kids may disappear inside the walmarts and if you all think that they are planning on human trafficking your kids, you better wake the hell up. That will happen, why do you think they are deploying soldiers, and I have already heard that more fire power and weaponry is rolling into our city.

        Water prevents people from going to areas to rescue people if they need to get out, and get in to prevent people from disappearing inside of the walmarts.

        I am not there, I cant prove it, but my source is always 100% on the money, and proves himself as a scientist every time. Now you all know why my handle is Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf? it does not take a genius to figure out this one. The shit has hit the fan in all of those mentioned areas, did it not. I wanted you all to know why I named it that, and now you know. Yellowstone is next and so is cali, so anyone in that area, pack up and leave right away, the cabal is just getting started and when they get done, the UN will all over the streets to take you guns, shoot us men, and off with your wife and daughter and kids go.

        And I have to ask, did you all not see all the UN military equipment on our streets for the last 3 years, including Jade Helm 15, Master of the Human Domain. They mastered us in Houston last weekend. 100,000 + displaced, all the guns and preps left in the house and the people only the clothes on their backs with their kids. You think these globalist don’t know what they are doing. The soldiers are here to clean out your ammo and guns, your frickin screwed, while your laying down in a building with people all around you.

        Good luck ladies, the max extension of you gender started this month, you all are going to become extinct. October 2017?
        Guys, I may be leaving once I know for certain that the hurricane is entering the Texas gulf, and if the wind in 150mph, its a guarantee that I will be locked into a fema camp, and this will not be happening. If I am captured and taken there I will die during the capture and removal process. People I want to see this turn around in a positive direction and want to be proven wrong, I want the trolls to prove this time, that nothing bad will happen.

        Sorry trolls, your right I am wrong, but this time I was 100% right and now you proven yourself liars and idiots, one of us is stupid, and its not me.

        HCKS FACTS:

        Environmental attack 100% right happened
        Water supply will cut off 100% right happened
        Soldiers coming to Texas 100% right happened

        chi-coms invading Pending will happen.
        Russians and Jihadist Pending will happen.
        Planet X’s arrival in effect will happen.
        Womens Extinction event In effect Will happen.


        Good luck ladies, your screwed.

      22. They were talking that congress would likely appropriate 6 billion for Houston recovery, so I added 50 shares of Home Depot stock to my preps.

        Somebody has to sell all that Sheetrock, cabinets and wood to rebuild. Local home goods stores won’t likely reopen, but a chain like Home Depot has the resources to rapidly reopen damaged stores and restock. They will get a chunk of that 6 billion.

        • You have some good advice.
          Your tax dollars at work.
          I just sent money to Salvation army.
          I despise Red Cross.
          I’ve been through too many
          declared disasters, to even
          think I could comment on what
          these people have and will
          go through.
          As much as I hate Home Depot
          corporate politics, I agree,
          they will make money, and
          lots of it.

          • Relic,
            The Salvation Army has been one of the best charities since forever. They have one of the best ratios of getting money and goods to people in need vs administrative costs.

            Democrat groups in Houston were already caught with fraud schemes to take aid money. And forget the Red Cross they have a massive bureaucracy that eats up a huge percent of donations, plus they often have bazar requirements before people get aid.

      23. PTPO, spot on about Salvation Army. They’ve helped me and my wife in the past and I’ve been donating to them ever since. I won’t give a dime to Red Cross or United Way.

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