Washington State Gov. Makes NOT Wearing A Mask A Misdemeanor Crime

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 15 comments

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    In the state of Washington, it is now a crime to not wear a face mask. As the mainstream media continues to ramp up the fears of a fake “second wave,” Governor Jay Inslee makes face masks mandatory as the state “sees a surge in COVID-19 cases and a shortage of hospital beds.”

    But does anyone remember this?

    Army’s Seattle Field Hospital Closed After 3 Days & Without Seeing A Single Patient

    People already proved the first round of COVID-19 was a scam and the tests are giving a more than 60% false-positive rate (likely testing for some DNA signature in all coronaviruses). In a study of the test’s performance done in a cohort of 397 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 128 uninfected patients, the test showed a sensitivity of 89 percent and specificity of 91 percent.

    At those performance levels, and assuming a COVID-19 prevalence in the tested population of 15 percent, the test would have a positive predictive value (PPV) of around 60 percent, meaning that around 60 percent of patients testing positive would actually be true positives. Drop the disease prevalence to 10 percent and the PPV falls to around 50 percent. At 5 percent prevalence, PPV could fall into the 30 percent range –360 DX

    The forced mask-wearing is nothing more than yet another attempt to gin up fear. Inslee said during a news conference that the rule, which goes into effect Friday, requires masks in indoor settings, as well as outdoor settings if social distance rules cannot be maintained.

    In other words, if you haven’t panicked to the point you’ll allow the government to inject whatever untested toxic vaccine into you and your children, you are the target.  They are going to do everything they can to make sure you lower your vibration to that fear level so they can maintain ultimate control. There’s plenty of scared sheep lining up to take the vaccine, but they need everyone to get it.

    If you violate the new rule, you’ll be met with government force and violence in the form of a misdemeanor crime. Inslee’s statement is complete with total and utter propaganda designed to play on the gullible too:

    “I think of these face coverings, in some sense, as a statement,” Inslee said. “It’s a statement that when you wear it, it means you care about people because it means you want to reduce the risk that you are going to infect another person.”


    Inslee said he’s also planning to sign a proclamation that requires businesses in Yakima County to enforce the face-covering rule. If businesses don’t comply, they will not be allowed to continue their operations.

    They (the ruling class and elitists) are literally going to push as much and as hard as they can to get compliance. The most freeing feeling is that of knowing what they are doing and choosing to live freely anyway. The face masks mandate is more likely than not a distraction. Look for what they are doing behind the scenes. This is going to get more interesting.

    Remember, the big secret they don’t want you to know is that they need us or their entire system fails. We do not need them. 


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      1. Gov Inslee,

        Mandatory face masks as of this Friday? I will consider, only consider abiding by this edict if you make sure that all the thugs in CHOP wear masks too…Oh wait…they are criminals who wear masks to hide their identities as they murder, rape and pillage. Well then, how about we just ignore you like you have ignored the terrorist that have taken over Capitol Hill in Seattle? Sounds fair to me! Wait, you did hear about this right? Leftist racist communist terrorist thugs chased the police out of Capital Hill in Seattle and set up an autonomous zone there and renamed the area CHAZ, but it has since been named CHOP. Really, I am not making this up, it is true. News to you?

        You will go down in history as Washington’s most weak and pathetic governor of all time. I have no intention of abiding by your silly leftist edicts, I am done!

        What I will do is offer my full support to the police that all you democrats have abandoned, slandered, besmirched and want to defund. I will work tirelessly to make people aware of your weakness and dereliction of duty. I will point out the racist nature of the democrats, the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK.

        Do us all a favor and resign now and save yourself anymore humiliation. Save the people of Washington the humiliation of having you as our governor.

        • Under the ADA if anyone asks you to wear a mask tell them you are exempt as the mask poses a health risk to you. Under ADA rules you do not have to disclose your medical condition. Tell them your orgnization can be fined up to $75,000 for the first ADA violation and $150,000 for any subsequent violation.

        • ALERT: News blackout! No coverage from MSM or Seattle Times


          A black patriot single handedly cleared CHAZ/CHOP in less than 5 minutes yesterday!!! Mayor promised she’d clear it out on Sunday, guess what, silence!!! They don’t want you to know about this because the video is truly empowering!!!

      2. Why is that man still walking around alive. Where is a stealthy Ninja when you need one. He needs to be told if he doesn’t open up his state, he may get taken out. It would be something to consider when you’ve angered most of your constituents in your state.

        • He’s on an obvious power trip and this is too much to let go of!!! Remember, he ran for POTUS for five minutes!
          There’s absolutely no basis for this!!! We’re ranked 27th, and have gone down -8.6% according to the American Institute for Economic Research! NY is ranked 48th, and NJ 46

          He’s virtue signaling “care” with his bs, but we know he doesn’t care and he knows that we know he doesn’t care!

      3. The Demonrats governing the state of Washington have NO CLUE. These same idiots that ceded part of Seattle, a once great city, want to penalize law-abiding CITIZENS for not following the Draconian “you must wear a mask” rules.

        For those CITIZENS paying attention, if you vote for Demonrats – you will deserve the MAD MAX WORLD they will bring to our country. If you reside in a “free” state, you will not like Demonrat tyranny any more than I do. I’m in Hawaii. Many smart people are leaving my state.

      4. Tomorrow is a triple witching day.

        Maybe its just a coincidence that people are talking about EMPs again, which have been talked about since October of 2016, FRANTICALLY!

        They are just so full of shit. They cannot be believed at all. People would believe Kim Jong Un, Xi Jin Ping, or Vladamir Putin before they would fall for this EMP fucking bullshit!

        More likely that the Tech companies, Wall Street, and the government would shut the internet off!

        Psychopaths! 9/11 Never forget that almost every World Trade Tower employee didn’t go into work that day! Same with the Pentagon apparently!

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Who is going to enforce this bullshit? The cops that Washington State treats like criminals, or BLM?

        • He’s on an obvious power trip and this is too much to let go of!!! Remember, he ran for POTUS for five minutes!
          There’s absolutely no basis for this!!! We’re ranked 27th, and have gone down -8.6% according to the American Institute for Economic Research! NY is ranked 48th, and NJ 46

          He’s virtue signaling “care” with his bs, but we know he doesn’t care and he knows that we know he doesn’t care!

      6. Cocksuckers Shall Make No Law.

      7. Wait until the flu season hysteria starts.

      8. The government doesn’t have the legal authority to enforce such a law, however what is an inconvenience for some is necessary with fatal repercussions for others. This being said, “just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do”.

      9. Since when have governors been able to create laws without legislation?

      10. The pathetic POS, Demonrat Governor Inslee, can go to he”. And take that idiot mayor of Seattle with you.

      11. Tell the officer you are on your way to a BLM rally!!!

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