Washington Pleads the 10th: “Under State Law, You May Responsibly Get Baked”

by | Dec 7, 2012 | Headline News | 135 comments

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    Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.

    President George Washington in a note to his gardener at Mount Vernon (1794)

    Residents of Seattle, Washington lit up publicly and without worry one minute after midnight, relieved that under State law they no longer have to concern themselves over being arrested or prosecuted for the possession and use of marijuana. As of November 2012, medically prescribed marijuana is legal in 18 U.S. states and Washington D.C.

    Voters in the states of Colorado and Washington, however, have outright rejected the federal government’s 75 year prohibition on the naturally grown substance by altogether decriminalizing it.

    Police in Seattle, Washington have been told to refrain from making any arrests or issuing citations for possession or use in private residences, though ‘firing one up in public’ still carries a $100 fine (something the city won’t be enforcing).

    Tonight at midnight, Initiative 502 goes into effect, meaning it’s no longer a violation of state law to use and possess certain quantities of marijuana in Washington. Basically, you can have pot and use pot, but you’re only supposed to use it in the privacy of your own home.

    “Until further notice, officers shall not take any enforcement action—other than to issue a verbal warning—for a violation of I-502.”

    If you’re over 21, then starting December 6th you can use marijuana, and possess marijuana—up to an ounce of marijuana buds, 16 ounces of solid marijuana-infused product, like cookies, or 72 ounces of infused liquid, like oil. But it also clearly states that you’re not supposed to use marijuana in public, and that selling it or giving it to anyone is still a felony (the state’s working on setting up a system to license growers and sellers, but it could take up to a year).

    Source: Seattle Police Department

    SPD spokeman Jonah Spangenthal-Lee explained the position of the department and State of Washington:

    “The department’s going to give you a generous grace period to help you adjust to this brave, new, and maybe kinda stoned world we live in.”

    He added: “The police department believes that, under state law, you may responsibly get baked, order some pizzas and enjoy a Lord of the Rings marathon in the privacy of your own home, if you want to.”

    The department also posted a picture of actor Jeff Bridges as the cannabis-smoking character “The Dude” from the comedy film “The Big Lebowski”.

    Encouraging indoor cannabis smoking, it carried the caption: “The Dude abides, and says, ‘take it inside!”

    The question now becomes whether or not Federal statutes override the States.

    In California, where medically prescribed marijuana was legalized in 1996, a network of local growers and dispensaries has come under fire from Federal drug enforcement and tax agencies, with one of the largest shops in Los Angeles having been raided as recently as last June.

    Despite decriminalization by over one third of State governments, the U.S. Department of Justice maintains that marijuana is a Schedule I narcotic similar to heroin, LSD and meth. According to federal law, marijuana has no accepted medical use in the United States and therefore cannot be legally prescribed by doctors.

    This now sets the stage for a Constitutional battle between States and the Federal government. Under the 10th Amendment, any powers not delegated to the United States (as a federal entity), nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    Clearly, the U.S. Constitution does not make mention of marijuana, and thus applicable laws surrounding its sale, possession and use are reserved solely for the people of each State.

    Is it time we accept that it’s 4:20 in some parts of America and that marijuana should be age-regulated like cigarettes or alcohol? Or should the federal government step in?


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      1. Mary Jane … “Smoke It if ya’ Got It !” Legalize it … and Tax the Crap Outta it ;0P !

        Within Reason : marijuana is a better safer recreational drug than alcohol or anything else on the market . and it has great pain , herbal medicine and anti-cancer benefits . as well as hemp by-product which is better than plastic in most areas of production . 

        Good for Washington and Colorado ! Bout’ time !

        ~N.O. ;0P


        • N.O. did I just hear you come out in support of a tax ?

          Like WA and CO’s new laws, that would be unprecedented!


          • @MAC  ;0)

            i’m a firm believer each industry should be taxed 10% education tax licensing tax , to be used to educate others of that industries products and health effects if used or exposed to it and pay for the state to monitor regulate keep the industry safe for all involved in it production and safe use of its products .

            call it being professionally responsible for your product tax . 

            ~N.O. ;0P

          • I’m not into drug, or alcohol. Never have been. I’m into business, sports, and good lookin women. Always have been. But I think it is time to allow people to smoke mj if they want to.  There are proven medical benefits for some people and they should have access to this plant and be allowed to grow it for their use.

            Scientific data shows that mj when used as a vegetable is very high in anti-oxidents and does not have narcotic effects when it is not smoked. The fact that it grows everywhere with little cultivation demonstrates its ability  to provide good nutrition to the masses. 

            I predict that mj is the super food of the future. If WE allowed Monsanto to patent it, mj would be legal the next day. Just saying.

            • You are an idiot, if Monsanto patented it, they would destroy it and Geneitally modify it they way the do to the cancerous food all idiots are eating now, and will kill them in the future, Monsatan is the last company you would want to have control of it

              • bbbrrppp: Fuck you asshole! 🙂 I have no desire to allow Monsanto to patent mj. I was merely stating with sarcasm that the status of mj is what it is because the power of Monsanto is NOT behind it.

                Blow that smoke out of your ass, dumbfuck! 🙂

                • Hey Mods… I dont see you hiding this comment because of its Low Rating.. or dont you consider this foulmouthed filth sufficiently poor quality to flag it?

                  Who needs this mindless drivel as a comment..??

        • You make an excellent point about hemp being a substitute for oil-based plastics. There are so many uses for it… Washington and Jefferson both cultivated it in fairly large quantities for use in ropes and apparel, although I don’t think there is any evidence to support that they ever smoked it (which doesn’t necessarily mean they never did, but rather, that it never came up in their documented discussions).

          In addition to never inhaling, it is my understanding that President Clinton also never had a sip of that hemp beer they stocked on Air Force One. 🙂

          • Hemp still grows wild  around this part of the country, as it was planted during WW II for the production of rope. I find it on my property and out on the river bottom every year as it is basically a “weed”, pardon the pun. I am told, but don’t have first hand information that this strain of hemp is only good for rope and one would be wasting one’s time trying to cultivate it for any other use.

          • The stuff is actually pretty useful in SHTF plans.

            I know of a few preppers in Oregon who have a license to grow, but never smoke (or ingest) the stuff – they keep it in their preps. I stopped playing with the stuff well over two decades ago, when I stopped being a teenager. 

            Though one should have zero tolerance for illicit drugs and those addicted to them post-SHTF, I recognize that marijuana has some damned good uses, and wouldn’t mind having a few seeds in my preps (to be planted covertly, of course). You can use it as a painkiller, make rope, cloth, and oils out of it (for arthritis and such)… it’s pretty damned versatile.


            One thing you may want to keep in mind… if you have the idea of growing/selling the stuff post-collapse as some sort of growing bater-source? Don’t. Unless it’s common and growing everywhere (e.g. the Pacific Northwest), you put yourself at risk from addicts of harder stuff, and especially from criminals. Showing up at a market with a pound of Ganja will get you a lot of supplies, but guarantees that you get followed home by a lot of interested parties… most of whom will have bad intent. If you intend to grow the stuff, do it for medicinal and other above-the-board reasons, only trading it with the local medic/doctor.

            Also, if you intend to grow the stuff, take the time to learn how to do it, and how to process the results for oils and such.

            • err, “barter-source”… stupid typo 🙂 

          • Mac Slavo said:

            In addition to never inhaling, it is my understanding that President Clinton also never had a sip of that hemp beer they stocked on Air Force One.

            Well, he did actually.

            But he didn’t swallow.

            (unlike Monica)

        • Morning Nina

          Agreed on all points. It’s used in hospitals in Australia because its so effective. In addition emoillient creams with hemp in it is fantastic for psoriasis , doesn’t smell good but works brilliantly.


          Take care

          • Actually I read that wrong. It’s not anti-cancer but is great for pained,Inge ith the pain of cancer and other serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis 

            take care

            • Recent studies have proven that Marijuana and its active chemicals have cancer killing properties. It could be the next step to finding a cure. . For the record, I have done a lot of research and even wrote a thesis on the medical benefits of Marijuana. The sources had to be credible and the information proven for the paper to even be accepted and read.

              • “””Recent studies have proven that Marijuana and its active chemicals have cancer killing properties. It could be the next step to finding a cure”””

                Cancer can already be cured. All steps being taken now are to keep the cures unavailable so the pharma’s can continue to profit from expensive and ineffective treatments.

                • Although I have never seen evidence to support this, I always figured that something like this would happen. I don’t think it is just to profit though, it might also be necessary. Cancer is a big killer in the world and we are overpopulated as it is. The more cures we find, the more people we save, the faster the population increases and the sooner we won’t be able to sustain human life.

        • The polar system of predicting earthquakes once again works, 7.3 in Japan by Dec.12 just like forecasted in previous posts:

          Nov. 27- 8:58 PM # 891973- Micro-Doc Article

          Dec. 1- 7:08 PM # 904239- And 7:59 PM # 904399- Daisy’s article about When the Lights go Out. 

          On Nov. 27 based on previous locations hit, ALL of Japan was listed as one of the danger areas

          On Dec. 1 article said the next earthquake was going to be 7+ by Dec. 12.

          I could not find the other posts in which I gave the exact magnitude which was within 7.3.  I would appreciate it if someone could help find this, like an idiot I forgot to write it down.


          Once again, this system works.  “Mac, what do you think of this?”  Pretty cool isn’t it to be able to nail earthquakes like this based on sub polar and polar activity? 

          • BORINGLY off topic.

            • @ The Old Coach.  Not boring when the earthquake strikes right under your house, or when it hits a major populated area of the country and it slams the economy.  I think the name of the site SHTF plan kind of goes hand in hand with trying to forecast one of the most destructive SHTF events that there is.  Please explain to me where else can I post on this site something in regards to once again successful earthquake predictions that many people want to see. 

              • And now a 6.4 in New Zealand!

                • Interesting to see how that will affect the volcanos in the vicinty.

        • “Basically, you can have pot and use pot, but you’re only supposed to use it in the privacy of your own home.” —Well, what more should we ask for? Smoking weed in public should still be illegal, just because others still have their right to not get high by second hand smoke. The truth is, some people just can’t handle drugs, and they shouldn’t be exposed to them.

          The sanctity of our own castle is somewhat preserved…at least until the FEDs raid us! Then the Sheriffs should step in and defend their citizens.

          I wonder what would happen if Governors all banned JTTFs in their states, in response to illegal FED raids?

          • Second hand smoke – BS govt propaganda…..

            my granny lived with a 3 pack a day smoker for 60+ years. She lived to be 98.

        • Stonys dont get it,  their weed will be taxed. Only allowed to be sold thru licensed outlets. If you try to sell and or grow between yourselves untaxed its called bootlegging .  And law enforcement will have a field day with you. Its so funny the stonys thought they were home free.   Nothing will change it will only get worse for them.

      2. Although I do not smoke pot I believe any adult that wants to should be able to . It is far less desrtuctive than alcohol and as many leo’s have told me , pot smokers dont cause trouble . This is a states rights decision . The feds have no call in this and all Americans need to study this regardless of thier pro or con stance on pot . This should be the tip of the iceburg on states rights . Its time to tame the federal beast 

        • I have never known any stoners to get high and then beat the s*** out of his wife and kids.  My father was an alcoholic and used to do this to us regularly…how I wish he had been a stoner instead of an alcoholic!

          • Alcoholics and stoners are both irresponsible and cause alot of problems for their FAMILIES.  I have seen “first hand” the problems and sadness this brings. 

            My brother has had “substance abuse” problems for years. He can’t hold a job for very long – his real “focus” in life is having weed and alcohol.  This has been especially hard on my parents.  He has stolen from my parents.  He has spent time in jail for his poor choices.  When he asks to “borrow $XX, consider it a gift, because you will NEVER see it again. 

            Will this new law improve the situation?  Don’t count on it.

            • That’s a pretty ignorant comment. You can’t categorize an entire segment of the population based on your experience with your addict brother. You should get out more.

      3. Oh crap, now another item to prep…..not. I don’t care what it’s legality is. It’s not for me though, I don’t drink, smoke, use meds or dope. I’ve known plenty of people that are users and they are not evil or have ever gone into refer madness. Now the users in Washington can put the lie away that they use it for medical reasons.


        I wouldn’t hire a user or a smoker to a management position. It shows that the user has a fundamental flaw with their decision making ability and I wouldn’t want them making decisions that effect me and my business.

        • Rick? 

          Hate to tell you, but you and I are surrounded by folks who smoke it for reasons that have nothing to do with pain control. I have no use for the stuff, but I know a lot of folks who do use it (for reasons both legitimate and not), yet keep and hold some impressive positions.


          Personally, the stuff has a lot of good post-collapse uses, and I for one wouldn’t mind having some seeds loafing around in the preps (to be rotated out on occasion and test seeds planted somewhere in the woods to just grow on their own.)

          • OQ, We have a president that snorted cocaine and smoked dope and still smokes cigarettes. You can say that he’s a success but I still question his decision making.

            This is a tough subject to discuss because there’s no real black and white of right and wrong, just a lot of grey.

            I’m not anti weed, the majority of the people I know are users and they wouldn’t be friends if they were lowlifes.

            I’m just protective of my business.


        • I know plenty of decision makers myself included that run circles around the holier than thou crowd and we all smoke everyday and have for more than 20 years. Also there are the ones who smoke everyday and cannot manage to even tie their own shoes. Some people can handle it and some just cannot. It really is that simple.

      4. State of Washington vs The Feds. I’m “stoked”, metaphorically speaking. I would love to see an all out range war between the two. I wonder how the locals would treat some Federal Swat team trying to bust them? I say the Feds will high tail it.

        • European American:  In these new states most folks will be growing very small amounts  for personal use so the Feds won’t have many, if any, large busts like they use to have.  The DEA doesn’t have the time, nor resources, to go around arresting each little grower, especially w/o the help of the local LEOs.  Except in the bigger cities, the DEA has to rely on local LEO offices to help them; well, that’s now gone.  Stay small, ignore them, and they’ll just go away.  This is the best strategy for all federal intrusions into our personal lives.

          • I am shocked to discover I actually agree with Gregory8 on something. 🙂

          • What “burns my blunt” is the fact that the “king” freely admits to using  weed in his Choomwagon in past times, but now considers it a Federal offense for anyone else to use. Fuckin hypocrite statist. 

        • Well, the whole thing holding up drug laws, if I remember right, were laws regarding interstate commerce. They first tried using tax laws, but IIRC that fell through in the 1940s or so (could be wrong about that, but it seems right…)

          If it isn’t in the US Constitution and doesn’t involve crossing a state line, the US Government (ostensibly) can’t do jack about it on a practical level. They can threaten (and withhold) money, can refuse to hire (or give clearance to) individuals who smoke it, and similar peripheral things like that. However, they have no jurisdiction to arrest someone who hangs around their house doing drugs, and doesn’t transport any of it (or proceeds from it) across state lines.

          Now the state government on the other hand has perfect jurisdiction to bust you for it, so…

          • OQ:  The interstate commerce clause has been interpreted by the courts so broadly, and so much deference is given to congressional enactments citing it, that the federal government can justify almost any ICC regulation, even in situations where the product is produced, transported and consumed all within the boundaries of a single state.  All they need to uphold an ICC-justified regulation is to “establish” that the activity “affects” interstate commerce.  Thus, one can easily imagine the feds justifying enforcement of federal prohibitions against MJ because its presence in WA and CO, even if only local, economically impacts persons in neighboring states (eg., increased border enforcement).

            The feds will continue to hammer down the nails that stick up, but I agree with the commenters who say the feds will be utterly unable to enforce its laws against personal-use persons.  The new laws will serve to diffuse production and use, resulting in radically smaller but far more numerous points of “illegality”.  This will also, incidentally, strike the most effective blow against illicit trafficking, at the same time as it exposes the lie of the prison-industrial complex and the reprehensible “war on drugs.”

            I DL’d and read your book, btw.  Great, great job.  Kudos, and thank you!

            • I perfectly agree that the ICC has been abused beyond belief, and I doubt there would be an end in sight until/unless the US Supreme Court grows a pair and shuts down a few of the abuses.

              OTOH, without local LEO help, the feds will have a damned hard time prosecuting much of anything in Washington with regards to marijuana, unless it’s some huge operation. To be honest, this has been the case in Oregon and Northern California for ages now (though if I remember right the feds still go into No. CA once in awhile w/ state authorities and rip out the occasional huge grow operation.)

            • PS: Thank you for the kudos… I’m still humbled by the sheer number of folks who have been downloading the book. I’ve lost count of how many have done so by now (the Google Drive setup has no counter, and I had to improvise by counting up the “Anonymous User 1234” numbers, as they roll over and reset every 10,000. It rolled over every couple of hours for awhile last week.)

              • There’s a reason that counter is rolling over OQ.  Like I said, great job.  It was interesting to see where your book contained the same and different information from the manuals I’m working on preparing.  I was amazed, though, at the breadth and depth of your coverage on many topics.  Your book will go into my library once I bite the bullet and hit Amazon.

      5. I had an accident a couple of years ago that left me in severe pain for several weeks.  The usual narcotics (Cocaine and Morphine) worked but left me constipated.  My daughter found a friend who furnished some cannabis butter from which she made chocolate-chip cookies.  After a period of experimentation to find the proper doseage, the pain was gone and I was no longer plugged up.  I recommend it to anybody who asks.

        • Dang it OF. Here you talk about constipation and you go by “Oldfart”. Damn near made me spit coffee on the keyboard. LOL.

          • Tried back in highschool but couldn’t stand the smell. I know it does have some medical use. Its like alcohol and tobacco -moderation.

        • Opiates are bad for that (causing constipation).  In the mainstream medical field, they love these not simply for their effectiveness in pain management, but because they also get to sell more drugs to counteract the negative side-effects.

      6. I’m quite into herbalism generally. I have several Uncles that are doctors and my wonderful Godfather is a retired pharmacist. My Gran was into herbal remedies – passed down from her own Gran & Mum in law. Growing herbs (from the culinary to the medicinal) has been a lifelong hobby for me, especially with my interest in historical reenactment.

        Cannabis has a strong effect – for good and ill. I’d NEVER advise anyone under 25 to try it, without proper medical supervision. The brain does not mature until age 25 & there is a clinically based link between taking this substance young & the development of subsequent pyschosis/schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is an illness I honestly wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Part of the trouble is that sadly due to the legal status of cannabis in so many countries it’s not yet possible to identify which young people will be individually impacted by this risk until after the onset of symptoms at this time. Being a guinea pig is stupid. It’s a small risk for teens/young adults but a very real one at this point in time nonetheless.

        Most prescribed drugs have contraindications and downsides, just because something is naturally produced does not change that. If a substance is potent enough to have significant clinical benefits (and really cannabis does!) then an intelligent prepper checks for the potential darkside to those benefits before ingesting.

        Having said that – yeah to the law makers in Washington state! Now the police in that locale can spend their time sorting out the gang violence & meth heads that really give cause for concern to ordinary familes. They can focus their resources  on protecting people instead of enforcing the unenforceable & criminalising the harmless.

        I really hope individual states pull together on this one.The states is changing fast from the bastion of freedom originally envisaged into something sinister and anything that forces the upcoming dictatorship to rein in it’s horns has got to be supported (no matter your personal stance on the use of cannabis). Live and let live.

        • Could be why preppers are paranoid. Too much smoke in their younger years. Then again, their paranoia may be justified.

      7. Rick  would you hire someone that drinks ?

        the bottom line is the PEOPLE (voted) for it 

        • boone, this is my reasoning. The knowledge of smoking’s ill effects has been around for more than 50 years. I know that there’s mistakes that are made when you’re young, that some people come up from some screwed up families, get influenced by the wrong crowd and what ever else. At some point in your life you need to put that in it’s place and then do what’s best for you. If you’re not willing to do what’s best for yourself then I question your ability to do what’s best for me. 

          I’m not going to make anyone take a piss test to see what they’re doing when off the job. I don’t believe in it. I will send you home if you come into work hungover and will fire you if there’s a second incident. I will not tell you to quit smoking but I will not enable it by granting smoke breaks. As for pot, here in Oregon, medical marijuana is legal, most, no all of the pot smokers that I know never once claimed to need pot for a medical reason prior to the legalization of MM. Many got their MM cards for bogus reasons. I know a few people that has legit medical problems where it does help. but that’s less than 10 percent of the users with MM cards. With Washington legalizing it, I don’t have to listen to the bs’ers claiming some type of medical complaint, they can be honest and puff their brains out. I don’t care if they smoke it. Although I wouldn’t want to put my life or my life’s work in their trust. 

          I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, I’m was a foster kid and a ward of the state. I enlisted at 17 to get out of the foster care system, served 6 years and picked up some bad habits that’s taken me the rest of my life to get control of. I did quit smoking, drinking, fighting and have settled down and raised a family and started a business. I don’t ask of others something that  can’t be done. 

          I was a man at 17 and a child until 40.

          • No, you were just a child in a man’s body..mind matters.

          • Rick, you should judge people solely on their work.

            As a top producing retail manager for over 10 years at a nationally known auto parts company before resigning the corp, who also happened to smoke weed morning, noon and night, I can tell you that smoking weed is not a problem for someone with a strong work ethic. I can also tell you that a church going, totally sober lazy person will be worthless to your company.

            The law concerning weed was given in Genesis 1:29

            “”Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. “”

            Any law to the contrary is NO Law.

            Rick, if you took a group of people who smoked daily and a group of people who did not, assuming equal work ethics, the more productive and creative group would be the daily smokers. They would have better attitudes and work attendance records.

            Don’t let corp propaganda and personal misunderstanding keep you from hiring the best people.

          • Rick
            sorry I stired the pot ha ha ha
            I agree with you
            I like youre thinking

        • Am I the only one that thinks that subject to the usual common sense rules on driving/operating machinery/medical procedures that what an individual does in his own home, on his own dang time is NONE of his employer’s business?

      8. the feds should remember that if they chose to go after folks in those states where marijuana is legal they are going to have two major problems, one is that the federal government has used the local police for the primary enforcement of the nations drugs laws because there are just not enough federal agents in any one state to effectively enforce the laws and two they are going to have a very hard time getting a jury in those states to convict someone for something they consider legal.  

      9. Once the feds get their bureaucratic hands on this situation..they will eventually require every user to be licensed(and subsequently taxed) as such…what a great idea,then.. only they will be allowed to dispense at their perusal..how f’n quaint..

        Just as they did with gambling..first destroy the competition by legalizing it..then make it a state or federal (only) authority to grow and dispense..

        I can see where this is headed…


        • Yep, and they’ll do the “should it be over-the-counter or a prescription” debate and their Big Pharma buddies will be frothing at the mouth trying to figure out how to patent it and then charge 2500.00 for one ounce.  Medicare will put it on their list and will only allow you one ounce every three months.  Then the FDA will step in because salmonella has been detected at the marijuana processing plant.  On the bright side, TSA agents will at least start to smile when they do their grope-a-thons…although your baggage will be rifled for munchies.

          • Big Pharma has been trying to synthesize marijuana for a century.  They just cannot get their damned pills to do the same thing and carry the same benefits as God’s pre-packaged gift.  Otherwise, it would be in your local Rite-Aid right now.

            A similar & yet different situation exists with respect to Mucinex, which they market for respiratory ailments.  That is a synthesization of the ubiquitous herb mullein.  Natives have smoked and drank mullein in teas for thousands of years, and it is every bit as effective as the pharma product.  The similarity is Big Pharma’s desire to profit from the natural healing properties of natural plants, and they certainly never tell anyone that their product can be had for free by picking it alongside the roadway.  The difference is that it is so common, and people are so ignorant of its properties, that they don’t even attempt to regulate the natural herb itself.

            Now I’ve done it:  Excuse me while I pick up this call from the FDA…

      10.  7.3-magnitude earthquake shakes buildings as far away as Tokyo and triggers a one-meter tsunami.

      11. Now to just get enough of this useful plant in crops to help offset our oil use from other countries.

        this plant can be used to make fuel, oil, textiles,medicines, etc.. hell we should have been suing our government for making it a criminal offence to produce and own..they dont make the dam rules we do!

        maybe now they should be getting the message who’s running the show..

        the people have spoken, this should become a non issue for the rest of the states to follow suit..lets get to growing and get this country back in the green

        I also really hope this brings the drug trade and cartels to thier knees, even if it fucks up our drug trading government…they still have cocane,heroin and those other chemical substances to go after

        • VRF

          Everything is planned..nothing is by accident.

          The central banks that launder the cartel money will surely benefit as always..as will the feds..

          This is too good to be good for anyone..just saying


          • Yeah I agree, then comes the government to fuck it up yet again

      12. puff…puff

        • Excuse me.  It’s puff, puff, PASS.

          TS hasn’t HTF yet…when it does, then its puff, puff.  Til, then…pass to the left hand side.

          • Better yet, sit in the middle and catch it both ways as it passes back and forth.

            • That’s Rothchild evil.

      13. One more way to paralyze people so they will be more controllable.  They can sit in their recliners, watch all those channels on the big flat screen, drink beer, and now get high while those in power do whatever they please without any real resistance.

        • with the amount of people on this site that are if favor of legalization and admit to smoking themselves, do you really think that its going to make us dumb, lazy, and stupid?  I like to smoke a little in the evening as many have a drink, it has never made me accept what the “powers that be” are doing.  if you want people to be less complacent and more informed, perhaps  you should look into the effects of fluoride in your drinking water. 

          • plankeye says: you should look into the effects of fluoride in your drinking water.


            And don’t forget that aspartame in over 2000 products that kills our brain cells.

            Heck, give me cannibis any day. 

        • Yo PP –

          You probably don’t remember the old poster of Micky, Donald and Goofy sitting around the hookah, ‘blitzed’ out of their minds, to the caption of; “Ain’t gonna work on Dizzy’s farm no more!!!” MJ is nothing more than a very mild euphoric that helps folks to see through the BS put out by the government and their elite friends. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was enacted to save 2,500 federal enforcement jobs about to be lost when alcohol became legal again.

          Don’t pay tax on it! Grow your own!!! There’s a reason that they call it weed; it grows wild easily with no assistance almost everywhere. Starve the beast; feed it as little tax money as possible.

          Merry Christmas & God Bless to all who post here.



          • You won’t get a buzz from that wild “ragweed”. Good dope needs grown and tended like your prized roses. Wild stuff is mostly hemp and has very,very little THC content.

        • PP……most all the people I know who are the most outspoken and  activly involved fighting the system are admitted users of the wacky tobacky…I get ribbed alot by them as I never tried it (or booze for that matter)but then I personally refuse to be dependent on anything(even coffee)I do however reserve the right to use it if I choose to,its my dicision not the states…Ive just not seen any serious evidence to support the assertion that people who use weed are gonna just waste away and tune out,at least not on the average…just sayin

        • Prepared Pastor!

          Agreed.  Keeping the masses passive and happy is a goal, then more can be “accomplished”.

          “There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing a dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it.” – Aldous Huxley 

        • those in “alleged” power have been doing exactly that for decades without any real resistance. nothing’s changed…………

      14. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

        There is no wiggle room in the above. It’s not delegated to the United States in the Constitution. The State says it’s legal. It is therefore legal within that State. 

        You can’t get any clearer than “Shall Not Be Infringed” too. 



        • Too bad the recited quote didn’t completely work for the citizens of Arizona on the issue of illegal immigration. If the AG Holder can find loop holes in a any states rights regarding protecting their borders which by the way IS constitutional, then the Feds can find loop holes overiding nearly anything, i.e. writ of habeas corpus, under the guise of a “national emergency”. FDR was classic passing executive orders right and left in a pre-war, collapsed economy….sound familiar?

      15. Are you looking forward to hopping on the next flight or bus trip, not knowing whether the driver got baked just hours before (I don’t care how much tax he paid)?

        We have confused drivers running into overpasses and driving off the road asleep without touching any weed.  How is it going to be enforced that one shouldn’t use it before driving or flying? 

        • The corp gov already has DWI codes and statutes that cover the revenue stream for that.

        • Are you looking forward to hopping on the next flight or bus trip, not knowing whether the driver got baked just hours before

          DUH..This argument could also be used with alcohol or prescription drugs, no??

          • …what about the people who are really really fried who voted for barry or harry or nancy and so on….lots of them driving cars/trucks and airplanes….now thats scary and certainly qualifies as “impaired”….yikes!

        • those drivers have a commercial driver’s license. they get piss tested regularly.

      16. possee,

        You are right on again . . ‘nothing is by accident.’

        Now there is a new meaning for a Six Pack of Buds.

        Y’all Beware! Cost is $4.95 and with state and fed tax that’s $19.95 please.

        • Pastor and Y’all

          Just wait til they harvest gmo cannabis..

          Then they will have everyone is a soma state of mind..perfect!



          • That’s EXACTLY right!

      17. This should get interesting. Maybe the pro legalization crowd should call obama to the witness stand since he is a known user. Didn’t he thank his drug dealer in his high school yearbook?

      18. If i ever get on jury duty I will not convict for any drug as I believe in freedom but with freedom comes responsibilty.

        • if there is no injured party, or a violation of the rights of another, there’s no crime. no crime, no case, no guilty verdict coming from me either.

      19. There are a lot if unanswered questions reguarding this, if i may i will address a few of those.

        What of members of the reservations,native americans? They vote in State elections and pay state taxes will the Fed Gov continue to enforce no pot on the reservations?

        What of neighboring states that do not want legalized pot, you just know pot is going to move across the borders of the states.

        What about International Law ?UN Drug Czar: States Can’t Legalize Marijuana Under International Law,The president of the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), Raymond Yans, wrote a threatening letter to the U.S. government to challenge marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington.

        And i thought this question would be the most interesting, if the legalization of pot becomes mainstream and grows into an industry will we have lobbyist,will the lobbyist begin to have subsidies from the Goverment to grow the pot? Will the lobbyist begin to have subsidies to NOT grow pot?

        Another thought has crossed my mind on this issue,it is estimated that 10% of the population smokes pot, a pot head can smoke 1 pound of pot a year, that would equate to 500,000 pounds of pot a year in Colorado alone, a number sure to go up as more are likely to start and the people from out of  state join in, so lets say that 1 million pounds of pot are needed in Colorado alone to meet demand, and yet we are led to believe that there will not be smuggling to meet this demand?

        Aren’t drug users disallowed from purchasing firearms? will the laws have to be rewritten to allow the people of CO and WA to be exempt from these laws in order to not infringe upon the 2nd amendment? And the rest of Americans still be subject to the same laws ?

        The future of this is still not clear and these are only a few questions i can think of  off the top of my head…

        • that, and pre-employment drug testing, and under the influence driving testing.

          cant do that if its legal, or there will have to be limits set at least for driving .


          if its legal an employer cant test for it as grounds for hireing or firing..a lot of open windows here.

          I personally have nothing against its legalization, always thought it was a stupid law..but now that its been law for over 80+ years its going to be hard to level this field, or change mind sets

        • Butterknife- 

          My thoughts were running along the same lines. Legalizing pot is all well and good…but you need to step back and look between the lines for any possible sneaky gov’t double-agendas.

          Two of my fears are: 

          #1- Gov’t will probably allow the states to pass nationwide legalization of pot and then they will step in and “regulate” the industry. You think GMO corn is bad for people? Wait until the gov’t starts genetically or chemically altering the legal pot. Everyone’s so quick to jump on the bandwagon to celebrate and smoke up…but what if the gov’t poisons the hell out of it and kills all those people off?

          And #2- This is the big one: as Butterknife stated, legally you can’t own a firearm if you’re a drug user. Firearm ownership is governed at the federal level. Even if states legalize pot and the feds allow it to happen, it’s still classified as an illegal drug on the federal level. Do you see where I’m going with this?

          The feds can’t legally take away our right to bear arms…unless we commit a crime or do something illegal. So even if the states say it’s legal and allow you to smoke pot, the feds still see it is as illegal. All they need to do is to somehow identify people who “legally” buy pot per state rules either through a tax or having buyers somehow register their pot purchase (can be easily done by making the buyer swipe their driver’s licenses at time of purchase under the auspices of checking ID to make sure you really are 21). Once they know who has pot “legally”, the feds technically then have legal precedence according to federal law to be able to confiscate the firearms of anyone who smokes pot.

          In one fell swoop they can not only poison us but they have allowed us to conveniently leave the door open for them to legally confiscate our firearms. No matter what “they” allow the states to do, it’s the federal laws that always supercede the state or local laws. And they absolutely will manipulate these pseudo-loopholes in any way they see fit.

          …my opinion: choose firearms or “legal” pot. If you smoke that’s fine but continue to do it under the radar so you don’t give them an easy way to take your guns.

          • I think you just nailed it!

        • Butterknife….good questions and nothing personal but the UN can go to blazes with any of their international BS… this nation of states made up of sovereigns are not subjects of the world community…if we believe we are then shut her down and go home, liberty is dead…its over!

        • “Aren’t drug users disallowed from purchasing firearms?” — NO. Persons convicted of felony drug crimes are. Please think about the difference between the two.

          • Actually, drug users are prohibited persons at the gun counter. Form 4473 asks directly, “Are you an unlawful user of marijuana?”. Check ‘yes’ in that box and see what happens to your purchase.

            It’s still illegal under Federal law, so don’t delude yourself that a state law trumps the Federal firearms laws.

      20. Gee where is DOJ??? Take Az. court for enforcing Federal law, Give Wa. a pass for breaking Federal law, I’m sorry I don’t get it!

        Basically the government is officially without WROL. This means individual liberties are now subjected to anything the government decides. This isn’t going to work out well for America.

        • Scrolling down comments. Posted this concern also. This just doesn’t apply to a marijuana law, this administration is out of control and runs rough shod over the constitution whether it is specifically addressed in that document or not.

      21. There is a difference between hemp and cannibis.  Although from the same family, it’s THC content is different. In Hemp, the THC factor was/is basically grown “out” of the plant so more energy goes into the stalk growth where the benefit as a fiber and other uses, comes from.

         In the 70’s and early 80’s,  our neck of the woods was a “hub” for import/distribution of mexican and S American weed.  There was a ring of con men that used to hire crews to go to Missouri and and harvest hemp that they hauled back to our area and used it to mix in with the “good” stuff and then sell up north to unsuspecting city dwellers.  I wasn’t involved but knew a few who where.  I was a pot head during that time frame, and can tell you from experience that a person could smoke a cigar sized doobie of that Missouri “mule weed” as it was dubbed, and all you would get was a hacking cough and dizziness from the lack of oxygen.

         I’m not proud of my prior “tokin” habits and after getting straight I realized how bad the stuff was for me.   I never wanted to see my children smoke pot because of the bad side of it , which in my opinion, outweighs any of the positive, if there were any.  I admit, in the right situation, at home, a small amount did make me more creative and think at projects or things from a different perspective.

         I definitely, don’t ever want my grandchildren to smoke weed or do any drugs of any type.  This is where I have a problem with legalization.  Not to mention, TPTB would have their hands in it so deep as to make the cost go thru the roof.  It’s bad enough now, that kids spend their parents hard earned money to buy dope intead of doing something constructive.  Pot smoking will cause  a person to become lethargic at some point and will cause neurological difficulties at some point if smoked long enough.  I’ve seen persons with good common sense and being fairly intelligent, become stupid and silly with a good buzz.  I’ve witness dangerous mistakes from people that were “high” on weed.  I’ve witnessed a persons whole personality change when they become a regular user; and not in a god way.

         If a person gets what they want from smoking weed than by all means help yourself.  Do it at home and don’t drive.  I’ve seen and heard of too many accidents and deaths attributed to being “high” on grass.

         For medicinal purposes, for known positive results for persons with a disease or pain; I think it should be legal for them to consume and grow their own.  But only to the extint of their personal needs. 

         Heck, if I were in pain during my tokin’ days, the only thing the stuff did for me was intensify the pain and make me concentrate on it more.  I always hated that feeling and the coming down part.  Sure glad I got past all that mess, not to mention the paranoia.  

        • Again, this argument can be made for alcohol and prescription drugs; hence, the warning on the label—“Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery While Taking This Medication”

      22. What will they legalize next? Just another nail in our coffin.  Our nation does not have to be stoned on that crap,we are already there.

      23. off the topic here but for the last seven days in a row,been watching apache helicopters land and refuel in sets of six to three four times a day….never seen this.i live by a small airport…anyone this morning see that big flash of light? its so damn foggy here cant see a thing….maybe a meteor?

        • area?

      24. Im with some of you guys. I like a puff before bed or a movie.  And the fact of getting to grow your own is even better!

        Once again, now the 5-0 can focus on more pressing matters like the crankster gansters that are running amuck in our little town stealing everything that is and isnt nailed down…good ridence to them.


        Cant wait till mo legalizes………


      25. When the DOODOO hits the fan, these  users will be so stoned that they won’t survive. What a shame. And believe me, they will have the munchies.

        • Same thing can be said for addicted prescription drug users..again, put this in prespective.

          Munchies will be easier to deal with than withdrawal.

      26. Washington DC has  long ago lost sight of “States rights” issues and this is one of them. To me this should never even be a federal issue but if DC had kept sight of that, the states being able to govern themselves, we wouldn’t have the budget issues we have now. I personally wouldn’t get baked but hey enjoy.


      28. if farmers were allowed to grow hemp for industrial purposes , it would be a multi-billion industry. it is amazing what can hemp can be used for besides smoking it

      29. Federal





        Y’all Beware! I’m off to camp!!

      30. VRF…about fifty miles west of Houston Texas…..sorry for the delay.having problems with this computer

        • Im just wondering if it has to do with Honoring the vets and survivors of Pearl Harbor?

          I get military fly overs near me a lot too, especially near significant dates. I have an airport that has a small base of fighter planes and another air field that has older airforce air craft at it and it seems around any recognition date of certain military history dates I get a lot of action at those times.

          at times of heavy overcast or cloud cover I can hear the “go fast” fighters running hard and fast above the clouds


          but than again, who knows

      31. Just more inconsistency and hypocrisy from the leftist liberals.

          I don’t hear them squawking “the 1oth” when it comes to Obama-Care or gay marriage or anywhere  else that the sheeple would gladly hand their sovereignty to the Federal Government.

      32. Seems to me that most are viewing the Washington/Colorado laws and the whole drug scene on a small, personal basis.   Looking at the bigger picture, the war on drugs has been a colossual failure.  It’s main contribution has been to raise the price far above what the stuff is worth, inviting the criminal element into the business.  This called for billions to be spent on the other side trying to mitigate the effect.  So by trying to prevent what we made illegal, we’ve managed to waste untold resources and simply made the business larger and more profitable for those willing to risk it all.  Our prisons are full and we haven’t changed the minds of those willing to try the stuff.  We’ve managed to created work for the lawyers, judges, juries, prison guards, etc., all of which we all get to pay for.  Talk about stupid!

      33. i must be alone i live in washington and voted NO on marijuana

        • wally

          What were your reasons for the no vote?

        • Same here. We’re all waiting for the promised benefits of the new law in Washington : room in our jails, increased revenues, lower taxes on property, etc., etc. We also know none of that is going to happen. All we’ve gotten so far is hundreds of people lighting up in public, then driving home.

          Some are predicting repeal in one or two years.

          I’m all for freedom, states’ rights, all of it, but having the population in a drug-induced state of mind and behavioral control is just wrong.

      34. hypothetical:  You’ve just been involved in an accident.  Your injuries are severe and life threatening.  EMTs/ambulance arrive in time to rush you to a medical center/hospital.  You are prepped for emergency surgery and in moments the surgeon steps in.  Just before sucumbing to anesthesia you notice an odor coming from the doctor.  Would you be alarmed if this were the smell of a marlboro?  A joint?!  Yeah, no problem.

      35. Let us smoke it, bake it, and utilize its benefits. They used it for centuries with no problems. The gov’t created the problem. God put it on earth for a reason. If it gros from the ground whos to say in which ways it can or cannot be used.

      36. Hey Mac.  I work at a call center and sent an email with this link out to 1 person.

        Chronilogical history of the Rothchild Family


        The person I sent it to had forwarded it on and within an hour, at least 50 coworkers were reading it.  Its the best shorthand history of the modern banking system with amazing historical references I have never read.  Might make a good article for ya buddy.



      37. Get this. I live in Washington, western washington, north of Seattle, a safe distance from the I-5 corridor, just south of Bellingham.

        Today, the day the new law goes into effect, I’m driving up Interstate 5 to Bellingham. and about 10 miles out, and up to that point there is a 70 mph speed limit, that transitions down to a 60 mph. Right at that sign, there was another sign close to the ground that read, and I’m paraphrasing, “Police Check Point Ahead, Be Prepared to Stop, Drug sniffing Dogs”. Well, I was shocked. I thought to myself “A check point on an Interstate, how could this be?” So I kept going thinking to myself what I would say to the “gestapo” if they stopped me. I don’t take Rx or NonRx drugs so that wasn’t an issue, but I was carrying and I do have a permit to carry concealed, but even with a permit, I was a little concerned, especially if I refused to answer their questions and they took aggressive action towards me. Anyway, there wasn’t a check point up ahead. And when I did my errands in Bellingham, I turned around and came back but didn’t see anything on my return trip, 


        This episode got me thinking. I’ve never encountered a “check point” anywhere, in my life. I don’t drink either and I’m usually in by 9 pm or so, at the latest, so I’m not out when the “crazies” are out, but even so, I don’t like to see the signs of the Fascist state appearing, so blatantly. I’m thinking since there wasn’t an actual check point, just a sign, that TPTB are “psychologically preparing” the masses for when the time comes that “TSA Type” check points are everywhere and so, when our Constitutional rights have been waived, welcome to the Police State. They’re just preparing us for that. Then, there is the fact that Washington State is one of two states where Pot is basically legal. They’re also getting ready for the onslaught of massive legal and illegal drug trafficking. Since I got back I’m looking for the laws regarding the legalities of “Check Points”. Has anyone here ever gone through one and refused to answer their questions?


        • In Cedar Rapids, IA, there was a breast cancer walk that stretched for miles thru the heart of the city.  I didn’t know, was trying to get to the interstate, and BAM!, out of nowhere a female cop wearing a yellow reflecter jacket and nothing to say she was a cop, was stopping every vehicle by force to give directions around the cancer walk (which requires driving 2-3 miles to get 2 blocks away). 

          Anyways, I blew past her as I would any idiot standing in the middle of the street acting like they own the neighborhood (the point I was stopped at was 2 blocks from the nearest point of commerce).

          She started banging on my windows of my Mountaineer which invites a thrashing on “anyone else” who does something similar.  The braud gives me a $350 failure to comply ticket, which I signed under duress.

          The judge at my “appearance” refused to prove jurisdiction, threatened to put me in jail til I made a plea, and forced me to enter into a plead of not guilty “under duress”.

          I have trial next month…if the dollar hasn’t collapsed by then, in which I plan to “waste the court’s time” with my NATURAL BORN RIGHTS.

          In short European American, the’re laws aren’t my laws, and in fact violate my laws.  More tree limbs and more hemp ropes needed my country.

        • Hey there European American….I’m a fellow preparedness minded patriot with you up here in your neck of the woods in WA. I’m in a small Dutch town just North of Bellingham near the border.

          With regards to checkpoints…there are oodles of YouTube videos out there of people filming themselves going through checkpoints…usually down in AZ looking for illegal aliens. Some of them are very interesting and informative as to how one should behave when confronted by a random “checkpoint”

      38. I agree that there may be some medicinal value to weed in the future…..I am now, accepting that I am part of the “old folks” realm……and, as a member of this esteemed group, I acknowledge that I have been relegated to the “pill health maintenence” crowd…..in an attempt to go beyond pill dependency, I have been researching herbal substitutions for various medical problems….mine is hypertension with arythrymia…..I am bringing herbal information to my doc my next visit to see if what I have discovered is a viable solution in the event that accepted medication becomes unavailable…..I will keep all posted as to my results, if any are interested….I wish all here to be well and aware…..and prepared for whatever may come your way…..

        May God Bless You All…..


        • Good luck! Western medicine by design seeks to heal or make healthy no one. It is designed to keep us sick and weakly for our life’s duration so that it can drain our wallets. More true than cynical.

      39. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were both written on hemp paper! I can see how the feds may have forgotten this as it doesn’t support either document.

      40. Thats an old argument , and the end of the civil war set that in stone to a degree , yes federal statutes do override state law , federal statutes are the ” law of the land ” . As such , the states can create their own legislation as long as it is not in conflict with United States law .

        • No T.R., federal statutes do NOT “overide” state law. If that were true, the several states would not have ratified the constitution. The states had to be convinced. If they thought the feds would one day grow to lord over them, we would still be united under the articles of confederation. An those laws definantly did not give the kind of centralized power the fed has stolen.

          • that was then ………….this is now . with things like NDAA ……..the constitution is on its way out . Prep hard and hide your shit ………

          • Normally I would agree with you ……..but you tell me ……….you know the way things SHOULD work , but given how the federal government has been steadily consolidating more and more power , to the point that it now blatantly strikes the constitution into nothing more than a piece of paper ( NDAA and others ) …………knowing this administration and executive orders that he likes so much………..you tell me how you think its going to go for the states in the long run . The supreme court has its days numbered for all purposes , Leftists in the court will do his bidding , More will probably be joining those ranks while he is still in office ………….you tell me .

      41. And thats an even older and emptier argument….as they say…”that dog wont fight”….we(the states) have done it DCs way since they declared war on their own people in lincolns war(spoiler alert) guess what,IT ISNT WORKING!”…..the states created the federal govt to be their rep betwixt themselves NOT to be their overlord,murder them by the hundreds of thousands and over-ride their sovereign constitutions!

      42. Freedom is dead in this country. The fact that anybody thinks the feral government has any business regulating what people do in private with their own private property is proof. Sure there are public safety issues, but that is up to each state, or better yet county, to determine how to handle it. Ironic how the muscles of freedom are being flexed in states that voted for four more years of the same fascist regime.

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