Warren Buffet Warns Of Upcoming “MEGACATASTROPHE” And Our Losses Will Be BIG

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Headline News | 79 comments


Billionaire Warren Buffet has issued a warning that there is an upcoming “megacatastrope” on the horizon.  Buffet says that when this apocalyptic scenario plays out, our losses will be immeasurable.

In his annual letter, Buffet warned of a “megacatastrophe,” which he said will cause unprecedented havoc not just to victims but to the financial world as well. “A major catastrophe that will dwarf hurricanes Katrina and Michael will occur – perhaps tomorrow, perhaps many decades from now,” the Berkshire Hathaway CEO wrote. “‘The Big One’ may come from a traditional source, such as a hurricane or earthquake, or it may be a total surprise involving, say, a cyber attack having disastrous consequences beyond anything insurers now contemplate.”

The financial world is being propped up by central banks and the debt-based monetary system that far too many trust will eventually meet its demise.  This could cause a worldwide societal collapse of epic proportions.

Public services crumble and disorder ensues as the government loses control of its monopoly on violence. (Meaning people realize they are slaves, and no longer wish to be subjugated and punished at the whims of the ruling class/government, but seek their own liberty and self-ownership.) As people begin to realize that the political class (ruling class) is exceptionally wealthy as they slave away and half their wages are stolen to prop up those who exert power over them, societies tend to collapse. Government stays fat and happy when the slaves don’t realize they are enslaved. SHTFPlan

It could all begin with a disastrous financial crisis.  One which we are close to, regardless of what is being said in mainstream media. Economic numbers all over the world continue to get worse, and even New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is now warning of “an unavoidable global recession”. Unfortunately, most Americans still have absolutely no idea that this is happening right underneath their noses. Most ordinary citizens are still under the impression that everything is going to be just fine, but the numbers suggest otherwise. 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck while 40% don’t have enough money to cover a $400 emergency.  Americans carry record levels of consumer debt and student loan debt while borrowing further with their use of credit cards.

But the “megacatastrophe” Buffet warns of could come in the form of natural disaster; although if that’s going to happen, it better hurry to beat the financial crisis the globe has found itself in.  Science writer Kathryn Shultz galvanized public attention to the threat in 2015 with the New Yorker essay “The Really Big One,” in which she describes how an earthquake could destroy a large chunk of North America’s coastal Northwest. “The hand of a geological clock is somewhere in its slow sweep,” she wrote. “All across the region, seismologists are looking at their watches, wondering how long we have, and what we will do before geological time catches up to our own.”

A Yellowstone supervolcano eruption, potential pole shift, and a massive West Coast earthquake all seem to be possibilities when considering natural disasters that could be on the scale of a “megacatastrophe.”

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    1. Kevin2

      So if an asteroid hits the planet or Yellowstone erupts or a nuclear likely including bio and viral attack occurs were screwed.

      Thanks for the insight Warren.

      • Khemp

        Don’t forget viral pandemic, civil unrest / civil war, or economic collapse. Four horseman stuff. Yawn! Always been there.

        • melway

          warren buffet (pronounced, perhaps, “boofay) doesn’t know $hit.

          He’d like to prognosticate, but it’s not his job.

          He can only speculate, like the rest of us.

          Whatever happens, happens.

          But claiming psychic foresight is just bull$hitt.

          Anyone who believes or follows such false profits..well, that’s your own fault.

          • Oddfellow

            If Warren Buffett, as you say, “can only speculate like the rest of us”, then he should not have much more money than us, should he?

        • Paranoid

          Lets not forget cats and dogs living together. Gee whiz Warren; sometime in the next few decades or so we are going to have a real problem of some kind? WOW who could have thunk it?

      • reper sleepr

        I’d say run for dem hills but then I’d have to watch out fer dem hogs!

        • Seminole Wind

          Dang right!

          • Justice

            Amen and pass the BBQ sauce!

          • Anonymous

            Pigs get fat; Hogs get slaughtered.

      • Eisenkreutz

        Alberta is wonderful. An outdoorsman’s paradise. Go see some of their national parks. It is the only province that is a net contributor to the Canadian national budget. Hope they secede.

      • Anonymous

        Fear makes money.
        Fear. Uncertanty. Doubt. These are money makers.

        Corporations, Politicians, Government, Universities, Police, the “super rich” Bezos-Soros-Zuckerburg-Gates-Buffet etc. ALL operate on the principle that:
        – – You are a cow to be Milked.
        – – You are a sheep to be Sheared.
        – – You are a lamb to be Slaughtered.
        That is your place sheeple.
        “Embrace the Beast System and your true masters.”

        Or you can say “No”. Opt out.
        (That is why all the afore mentioned support gun control. To remove your ability to say “No” and “Hell No”.)

        That is why they want NWO communism. To control you. Poor people have few options.

        That is why monetary system world wide will COLLAPSE.
        CONTROL of the masses. Hungry people will follow.

        Technology allows the Few to control and monitor the many. One day tech will be used by the few to kill the many.
        * All technology is a snitch, snoop, surviellance, data collection device. Avoid ALL of it.
        * Robots and AI will replace and then kill you one day.
        * 5g cell is a weapon to control and kill the masses
        * Food is a weapon, always has been.
        * Weather is a weapon, under government and corporate control.
        * Music, Movie, TV, Media, Public Education are ALL programming devices for YOU. All psychological and emotional manipulation.

        Wake up. Don’t be decieved. Opt out.
        Make informed choices.

        King James Bible word of God told you what is coming.
        Read, Listen, act upon the word of God.
        Who do you serve?
        God of Jesus Christ, or Beast World System?
        Choice is yours.

        Read the Bible.
        Reload Ammo and more Ammo.
        Become a proficient Rifleman-Medic.
        Grow your food. Raise small livestock.
        Trade worthless debt paper for gold, silver, food.
        Learn. Know how to do things like Grandpa and Grandma did.
        Don’t believe in Santa, Easter Bunny, or ANY Politician, or ANY TV. ALL distractions.

        took me 83 years to figure this out.

        • Justice

          Well said, Anonymous.

        • Ronald E Beal

          I am not quite 83 yet but learned about 50 years ago that the Lord will provide in supernatural ways on a daily basis if we will stay with him. To do otherwise is called Sin: All that is not of Faith is Sin. Faith is the name of the process by which the Lord provides for his children-those who depend on him. Who do you serve? Serving God means allowing him to fulfill his plan with each person- which will lead to the resurrection of the “…Christ in You…”, spoken of by Paul. Nothing you can learn, prepare for, or store up for will “save” you! Only depending on him on a daily basis. Ask and he will answer and direct you-I know. I have experienced it.

          • Dan

            So I guess when you were 33 and figured out that the lord will provide you quit you job? Guess I shot that theory right in the ass now didn’t I.

      • Justice

        Was Warren being intentionally vague, or what? Something could get us sometime. He won’t say what. He won’t say when.
        He worthlessly states, “perhaps tomorrow, perhaps many decades from now,” the Berkshire Hathaway CEO wrote.

        However, I guess we know it will be a “MEGACATASTROPHE”!

        • Gestor

          And GEICO or one of Berkshire Hathaway’s many other Insurance subsidiaries will be glad to sell you a policy to cover said “MEGACATASTROPHE” :)lol

      • JustMe

        Perhaps Russia will nuke Yellowstone, that would easily equal an asteroid strike…

      • Spike

        Gee thanks Warren!!!!!! I mean I was just talking to a kid the other day who dropped out of high school who said the same thing! Why bother studying or aspiring to be or do anything……..I mean, we are going to have a financial collapse of epic proportions eventually, could be tomorrow, or 100 years from now but meanwhile, we could have a West Coast, New Madrid or East Coast Tsunami that will wipe out all of America! So why bother. I am guessing the reason why he did not mention Hurricanes is because he only had 11.5 years of education.

    2. Philosopher Deplorabilis

      Of course. It’s only a matter of time. The easist way to disrupt the US would be an EMP attack. Will it come from enemies abroad or from enemies within? Surprised it hasn’t happened yet. It’s only a matter of time until the deep state makes their big move.

    3. lewisp

      so, tomorrow, or decades from now…
      Just like kevin2 said, thanks for the hot tip Bro….

      • JustMe

        BTW, buy his stocks…

      • Oddfellow

        Guaranteed to keep us awake for the next 20 years….

    4. Anonymous

      Why should we worry?


      Sigh. Another filthy-rich reprobate Wall Street Bankster Puppetmaster has weighed in. We would do well to read some of the quotes of one of the last true journalists in the USA, H.L. Mencken. One that sticks in my mind is that the whole point of politics is to keep people afraid and thus clamoring for the government to save them from imaginary hobgoblins. I am paraphrasing but you get my drift. Odds are old Warren has leveraged his money into survival items and wants the panicked sheeple to make him more billions.

      • Beaumont 2.0

        You can invest in his company or copy his moves. It’s public info.

    6. Anonymous

      Good grief.No wonder so many veteran posters left this site,it has a lot to do with stupid articles like this..

    7. Beaumont 2.0

      Buffett believes that America’s market system, and the growth it has produced, is a powerful force. “Never bet against America.”

      (Until he has dumped the stock, first — a market maker dealing in futures.)

      imho, these are not gamblers, but backed by legal guarantees of interest or dividends. The hedge is probably based on a group deal. These people don’t gamble. There is no golden goose. Quit believing they’re magical witch doctors, plz.

      South Park — American Economics

      I’ve won several contests, only using virtual money. Should probably activate my J.ew (intelligible math) superpowers, instead of just writing about it.

    8. Anonymous

      “A major catastrophe that will dwarf hurricanes Katrina and Michael will occur – perhaps tomorrow, perhaps many decades from now,”

      I think I need a more specific timeline before I worry about it.

      I’ve been hearing this sort of prediction for over 60 years and most of those hearing them along with me have passed away without seeing it happen.

      I expect the same to happen to me, but if it doesn’t and happens really soon while I’m still here, I’m too old to live through it even if it happened today anyway so I don’t much worry about it.


        There was a folk song that I heard on the radio a few years back that said it all… as a child did duck and cover, we were all going to be killed, dollar collapses, on and on… the song ended with this singer saying how he lived his life in fear AND WHAT A WASTE AND WORRY. Live a good clean life today and let the people that changed stock investments from conserve to risk to fear and greed love their money and leave me alone. The Bible, like it or not, has all life’s answers.

      • Ronald E Beal

        I read the referenced report, supposedly the source. I read all 14 pages- there was nothing stated as indicated by this writer- absolutely nothing! Anyway, Just be afraid, very afraid.

    9. Kevin

      There are many impeding things that could happen. When we are now saying it’s ok to let a baby die or abort live babies during birth, this is a sign we are in real trouble. I am not a huge religious person, but one should have a fear of what is right and wrong. The society we live in is on borrowed time, one should take care of their family and prepare the best they can.

      • reper sleepr

        I agree Kevin. If you’re one to believe believe that killing babies is ok then get ready to have the flames licking at your ass.

        • Beaumont 2.0

          With legal protections for canker worms, instead.

    10. Honeypot

      The big threat is the caucasian crisis. For one hundred years the caucasian people of the world have died in mass from deliberate genocide as in the Ukraine forced famine and from wars and revenge after war; abortion and birth control, and race mixing.

      The caucasian race began in the Middle East and then migrated over the Caucus Mountains into Europe. The caucasian race are the Judean people of the biblical old testament as well as the new. Caucasian people are the founders of the USA, authors of The Constitution, inventors of the movie camera, the telescope, eye glasses, microscopes, the computer, television, cars, railroad, steam engine.

      If forced migration into areas where caucasian people live is not stopped, caucasian people and the caucasian race will become extinct. The world will be thrown backwards. Out-and-out slavery will come back. The caucasian race and the caucasian people will not allow this to happen.


      • Seminole Wind

        There is but one race, the human race.

        • Honeypot

          That is false. It is a nice saying but it denies reality. There are two sexes and there are several different races: caucasian, mongoloid, negroid; and many more different sub-divisions within these.

          Dogs are dogs, but there is a difference between breeds of dogs. The racial differences in human beings is similar to the various breeds among canines.

          It is Biology 101.


          • Maranatha

            What you wrote is CRAP. So you are either totally ignorant, a fool, or a liar.

            ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_racism

            Race theory has been totally discredited by science.

            No one can call themselves a Christian and be hate anyother Christian on the basis of skin color. This makes you a heretic.

            • Maranatha

              There is no biological basis for race.

              htt ps://www.scientificamerican.com/article/race-is-a-social-construct-scientists-argue/

        • Anonymous

          Seminole Wind, that sounds good in theory. However, I GUARANTEE you will feel different when minorities become the majority. Imagine South Africa.

          I felt like you most of my life and I now know I was a fool. The world does not operate the way we HOPE/WISH it would.

          • Seminole Wind

            Oh sure all White people are wonderful, like Pelosi, Stalin, Hitler, Harry Reid, John Kerry, and Obama, who is only half great. (sarcasm)

            • Just Wondering

              What about Louis Farrakan, Maxine Waters, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Idi Amine and the likes of them? Race has nothing to do with despots

        • Justice

          Seminole Wind, that sounds good in theory. However, I GUARANTEE you will feel different when minorities become the majority. Imagine South Africa.

          I felt like you most of my life and I now know I was a fool. The world does not operate the way we HOPE/WISH it would.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            Justice, agreed. SW is in a fantasy world. So now Warren Buffett is the newest Chicken Little? Like Kevin2 would say, GTFOOH!

            • Seminole Wind

              Dear BraveFart, please go climb back in to the Gin bottle like a good dimwitt.

              • Genius

                Look here stupid… Who developed the world? Naggers? Get back under your rock moron…

        • Anonymous

          Here is how the “elite” operate:
          – Divide-Distract-Maintain Control-Conquer
          – Divide the races so as races war upon each other
          – Divide the religions so as they war upone one another
          – Divide and sow contention so as the Countries make war upon one another
          – Divide families. Break up family and family systems
          – Divide the genders and sow contention between men and women.
          – Use TV, Movies, Media, Music to brainwash and decieve billions of people

          All the time the rich maintain control, distract the masses, keep anger off themselves, and most importantly MAKE MORE AND MORE MONEY.

          Imagine a world of strong families, strong marriages, good race relations with people co operating and being civil, religions agreeing to disagree and being civil to one another.

          Once the people work Together we could DESTROY the 3% rich that take EVERYTHING and abuse the 97%.

          This is also why the rich build the technology matrix beast system. Robots-AI-5g, all technology is for Control and Destruction of the 97% of the masses. Yes, the top 3% Warren Buffet, Gates, Soros, Bezos, Zuckerburg, types really want to kill you.

      • Beaumont 2.0

        There is now a conspiracy theory, in which Khazars are recolonizing the Ukraine.

    11. Whatever Works

      It could happen tomorrow or decades from now……

      Well, there is HEADLINE NEWS….

      So, should I head for the bomb shelter now or a few decades from now?

      With warnings like that, who needs news sites?

    12. Mr. Sean

      Serious mischaracterization of what Buffett was saying. Read the letter to shareholders for yourself y’all.

    13. violent one

      WTF does this guy know about mega anything cept finances.

    14. Seminole Wind

      I have been, robbed, mugged, conned, abused, cheated, used, and exploited . All by my fellow “White guys”. Yes “White folks” invented all of those wonderful things mentioned. Also the machine gun, poison gas, nuclear bombs, Communism, Fascism, Nazism.

      So what you talk’n about Willis?

      • Genius

        Well if you had a gun handy that was invented by the white man maybe that shit would never have happened huh? Who invented overpopulation (the biggest threat)? Naggers and diaperheads?

    15. jakartaman

      Yes, The world is moving to a Catastrophic situation.
      It will be a a series of events that will only get progressively worst over time.
      It seems Mr. Buffett believes a world economic collapse will get the ball started.
      he maybe right on – the World economic collapse would in fact cause other Major catastrophes. This collapse would,, in my opinion, would be a slower evolving apocalypse but as it comes evolves into a total world collapse other bad events will start. Civil disorder world wide – martial law – regional country wars over recourses – total infrastructure collapse- electricity, food, medicine, water, transportation etc stops – massive human death – disease
      Welcome to 1820

      • Israel

        One thing is FOR SURE, THE WORD OF GOD WILL BE FULFILLED. This world as we know it has one end and that’s the Fire. Love will get us through, sounds cliche but it’s True, the Love of God and His provision, internally and eternally in His Only Born Son, is our only hope. I’m under the impression that stockpiling material goods won’t even help much. To all those who have ears to hear, hear and see.

        • Seminole Wind

          Amen, if you want to hear God laugh, tell Him YOUR plan for the future.

          • Genius

            You mean YOUR plan lol. Your bullshit will absolutely kill us all.

    16. ronna

      It almost happened 2 years ago! It could happen in about a year! If the demorats get total control of the US government you will see the megacatastrophy happen right now in your lifetime! The USA will become a dictator hell hole!

      • Seminole Wind

        California is already more or less a Communist country. The county (Alachua) which we live in here in Florida is 47% at or below the poverty line, has the highest rate of drug addiction, the highest property taxes and utility rates and is dominated by the Berkley of The South, the University of Florida , in Gainesville. Communism makes life hell, it never makes it better.

        • Anonymous

          I feel your pain Seminole. If you want to stay in your area, Only thing I can offer is to opt out.
          Work-Live, Under radar for work-housing-use cash-only accept cash for work done-no bank. Easy to do if single.
          Maybe Squat for housing, live in swamps? I have done this. When I came home from war I lived in the woods, not swamp.

          But we were trained in Florida swamps. Many resources there, food, shelter, and few people. Rednecks and government natural resource types would be your only two legged threats to avoid. A man alone with skills could survive well in swamps and coastal areas. Would only need maybe 200 to $400 cash per Year, if you are healthy.

          If family man with wife and children, tougher to do. But not impossible. Children would enjoy and thrive, but finding a US woman to put up with subsistance lifestyle is near impossible.

          Other option is Vote with your Ass.
          If a communist local/state, government does not appreciate your taxes, capital, work efforts. If that government ABUSES you and your money. Then vote with your Ass and MOVE. There are other places. Better places. America is a Big place. The world is BIGGER yet. Leave the US?

          I am in your similiar situation now. We only work our asses off to pay the property taxes, insurance, and toll road fees. Property taxes-school taxes, are getting insane. State refuses to repair or build roads. Only roads are PAY Toll roads to my job.

          Police here are always up your ass trying to squeeze money out of you, for some made up something this or that. Driving down the road and on come the police lights behind you. More money for them to steal, if they don’t lock you up, or just murder you in cold blood. Being a black man driving in Texas is DANGEROUS.

          I can no longer afford to drive to work and live in our home. I must now sell our home due to high property and school taxes. I’m tired of working so hard and never gaining because of taxes. Home is falling apart because I can not afford to pay taxes-tolls-insurance and make needed repairs.

          I will sell car. Use money for repair materials. Do work myself and sons. Sell house. Garage Sale nearly everything. Sell house. Move. ALL because of tolls and taxes.

          Also city inspectors. I get threatening letters in mail every couple of months. Last threat letter was because I parked two feet in grass beside drive way so I could get mower out for yard work.

          I pay insane property taxes. They much overvalue the home. I pay school taxes, yet my children out of school and never used public school, went to catholic school. Yet I can’t move vehicle two feet onto my own yard to do lawn work?

          I had gotten city letter before threatening me because the grass was too tall. Was too tall because I go to work before daylight, I work late until past dark. Weekend I have second job. Neighbors bitched when I mowed at 6 am before work on weekend. So to get along I didn’t mow for two weeks during only time I could which was early weekend mornings before that second job.

          I have had enough. They can bully someone else with high property taxes-high road toll fees-bullying threat letters from city inspectors that do NOTHING, but ride around in NEW pickups with new computers, to screw with people while they are at work earning money to pay taxes, that pay for that NEW truck driven by the inspector and their overpaid wages. Likley better wages than mine. They drive new truck that I can’t afford.

          So I vote with my Ass. No I can’t beat taxes-tolls-inspectors. But I can LEAVE. Leave the state and maybe the USA? Retire to coast of Mexico? Wife has very nice family there.

    17. cabingirl

      I just read the letter word for word. There was none of this. Please don’t stoop to CNN fake news.

      • rellik

        I read his letter also but the quote
        “A major catastrophe that will dwarf hurricanes Katrina and Michael will occur – perhaps tomorrow, perhaps many decades from now,”
        was taken out of context. He goes on to write his firm will be back at it the next day to make money.

        I was also surprised at the swat he took at Gold, he doesn’t think to much of it as an investment compared to managed investments.

        I’m not a billionaire, so I’ll stick to investing in my land, myself, and comfort in my old age.

      • rellik

        I read his letter also but the quote
        “A major catastrophe that will dwarf hurricanes Katrina and Michael will occur – perhaps tomorrow, perhaps many decades from now,”
        was taken out of context. He goes on to write his firm will be back at it the next day to make money.

        I was also surprised at the swat he took at Gold, he doesn’t think to much of it as an investment compared to managed investments.

        I’m not a billionaire, so I’ll stick to investing in my land, myself, and comfort in my old age.

        My first attempt to reply “disappeared” hopefully this doesn’t also.

    18. Justice

      The rank discourse on this site has proven to me that seeking safety among like minded people is pure folly. You would think that since we are all preppers we would be united in that pursuit, but no.

      It’s pretty clear that the “Rule of Law” is the only tread holding this society together. Once that thin strand breaks, then God help us. It will be anarchy.

      I think it is the negative tone that drives so many posters away from this site!

      • jakartaman


        That strand has been with us since man first walked on this rock.
        There are only a few men I trust – all the rest would have to EARN my trust.

        • Justice

          jakartaman, I hear what your saying. I recently looked into leasing a bunker/ survival shelter in the a VIVOS community near Edgmont, South Dakota (the Black Hills). The Largest Doomsday Bunker Community on Earth!


          At the TOP of my CON LIST was I don’t want to be surrounded by preppers I don’t know and trust (and trust must be earned over time) when SHTF. The only people I trust are my immediate family and that’s with times being pretty good.

          The big thing in the prepper community is “strength in numbers” and having a group. Good luck with that. The best case scenario is to know people you can work or trade with.

      • Maranatha

        Negative tone? Wake up to reality? I will be happy to send the enemies of Jesus Christ to Hell.

    19. TheGuy

      Something bad’s gong to happen.




      Things. And stuff.


      That’s very specific of you Sir.

      I mean in general, no shit, I remember studying Just In Time delivery in school and going “this is the stupidest plan in the history of ever… what could possibly go wrong”…

    20. cof

      Already happened… It’s called wetbacks

    21. THe Preacher

      My advice to Putin:

      Put the USSA out of it misery. Nuke Yellowstone.

      • Maranatha

        You see? He’s a pro-Russian troll who loathes America. That is what he preaches.

    22. Hanomy Manifest

      I like to invite you to visit Hanomy.com and download/share Hanomy Manifesto … Please help me spread the word of it. I believe Hanomy is the solution for many problems the world is facing today and to face in the future. Let get Hanomy in people mind so that once the time comes, Hanomy can be discussed. Hanomy is a worldwide paradigm shift in the social, financial, and political system to harmonize living for all. At least, please read the 2-page introduction. Thank you. Highlights of Hanomy:

      • Fundamental human needs met throughout life’s existence
      • Basic human rights observed everywhere
      • Sovereign debts worldwide are settled and eliminated
      • Upheld liberty and freedom
      • Financial contributions drawn from a portion of idle/unutilized money
      • No taxes on income, profit or spending
      • Interest charges and usury practices abolished
      • Power of money creation where it belongs – the people
      • An end to the fractional reserve system
      • Upheld free market principles (true capitalism but with social responsibility)
      • Decreased or dissolved inflation and hyperinflation
      • Reduced income inequality
      • An end to corporate welfare
      • Advanced technology benefiting humanity
      • Freedom of time for quality of life and caregiving
      • Prohibited conditions for authoritarianism
      • Preserved sovereignty and respected borders
      • An end to “modern day slavery” (this includes you)
      • Improved care of the environment and world resources
      • A world we’re proud to claim and pass along

      • Old Guy

        Yea Right and then we will all be eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon.

    23. Asshat

      Is the pen mightier than the sword. I don’t think so. The demons want everyone’s guns cus they know there will be an awakening and it will be ugly for them.

    24. Anonymous


      This is from a man who calls for higher taxes though Berkshire Hathaway does not pay any.

      He also endorses deranged Michael Doomberg for president. You know, the guy that wants you to drink out of baby cups and wants you all disarmed so is bodyguards can shoot you without repercussion so Doomberg doesn’t get shot at.

    25. Bert

      DOW 100k, S&P 20,000, $40T debt all by 2024.

      There ain’t no collapse as long as US/WORLD continues on fiat digital system.

      Hell, 99.999% of “the pro-assholenating SHTF scamsters” are so wrong…. I’ll say: DOW 500k, S&P 100k, $80T US debt by 2030.

    26. Old Guy

      Wow! Warren confirmed that Hick,s Nibiru is gonna kill us all! LOL

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