WARNING: The Other Preppers: “We Are Your Worst Nightmare and We Are Coming…”

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    Editor’s Note: At last count there were roughly three million people in America who are preparing for far-from-equilibrium events and disasters. But not all preppers have the same ideas about their strategic plans, stockpiles and strategies. While most are taking steps to insulate themselves from catastrophe by stocking their pantries, developing skills and learning to protect their homes from marauders should the worst befall us, others are putting together plans and organized syndicates whose plan is to strike at those who had the forethought to get ready in advance.

    Tyler Smith, a recent guest on the show Doomsday Preppers, is one such ‘prepper’ who is taking a controversial approach to end-of-the-world preparedness.

    “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming,” is the warning Smith has given to those who think they’ll be living the simple life in a post-collapse world.

    You may have prepared for starving looters, and can likely fend off small parties of people trying to take what you have, but are you prepared for a coordinated attack from a heavily armed band of pillagers?

    You better be, because you can be assured they are preparing for you.

    Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper reports…

    (Pictured: Tyler Smith – Would Be Marauder. Courtesy NatGeo)

    Tyler Smith of Doomsday Preppers: Apex Predator or Apex Punk?
    By Daisy Luther

    If there was ever a case study on why preppers should be prepared to defend their supplies, the upcoming episode of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers would provide a perfect example.

    “We’re not in it to stockpile. We’re in it to take what you have and there’s nothing you can do to stop us,” Tyler Smith says. “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming.”

    Smith, 29, is the leader of Spartan Survival. The group has more than 80 dues-paying members. Smith founded the organization in 2005 to train and prepare others on survivalism.

    On Tuesday night, Smith’s story will be told on the National Geographic Channel survivalist TV show “Doomsday Preppers.” (source)

    So, not only would someone with supplies need to worry about everyday commonplace looters, they would need to be concerned about Smith and his band of merry marauders, whose survival plan seems to hinge on overwhelming force against those who have spent years gathering supplies and planning for a secure and peaceful existence.

    National Geographic appears to have chosen Smith as a poster boy to give the preparedness-minded a bad name.  I wouldn’t set your DVR for this one – excerpts seem to indicate a show full of bad advice and ill-thought-out “strategies” from someone who refers to himself as “a professional deer hunter”.


    He refers to himself as the “apex predator” in his area, based on his home-made body armor and other survival gear.

    Most preppers, Smith says, are concerned with marauders taking their supplies. It’s not an unfounded fear, he says.

    “We are those people,” he says. “We’ll kick your door in and take your supplies. … We are the marauders.”  (source)

    Smith has gotten a lot of bad comments from the prepping community and has responded with this literate response on his facebook page [Author’s noteSmith’s Facebook page was removed today]:

    idk what is worse the people that cant tell the difference between entertainment/tv hype? or the people that are commenting way beyond things I said talking about killing my family and raping my wife and or killing me preemptively I said I would do whatever is necessary to survive and if that means kicking in doors then yes that is the guy I will be. get a fucking life you troll keyboard warrior pieces of shit its reality tv if you thought entertainment wasn’t a possibility swallow your own 12 gauge barrel. Armor was meant to be for tv use only notice my modern plate carrier in pics above. and just so yall know your feeding into another show I have airing and your filling my pockets so for my house payments sake and new truck payment keep talking! if you thought anyone in there right mind would say that for free and not be expecting a reward you all are fools…as for my personal skills I know I can get better i know physical training is a top issue that’s all time consuming objectives and I am definitely working on it. better yet live your live prep and get ready because the end is coming. if you think your morals will survive the end times good luck and watch the whole episode and turn off selective hearing.

    Let’s make one thing clear – Smith is not a prepper.  He is not representative of what we do.  He’s an embarrassment to the preparedness community.  He is a thug, plain and simple.  He’s an out-of-shape criminal who is afraid to get caught, so he’s waiting for the breakdown of law and order to commit the crimes he so clearly wishes to perpetrate, without fear of spending time in prison.

    Preppers, beware.  Just because someone calls themselves a prepper, doesn’t mean that they have the same morals and values as the rest of us.  Unsavory people like Smith and his Spartan Survival group are out there, and they’re planning to come for our supplies.

    This is what we prepare for.  And we’re ready for you, Mr. Smith.

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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      1. Your best bet is not to tell anyone that you are prepping. Keep your mouth shut, is rule # 1 !

        • I bet he’s an apex predator with a fork and knife in his hands at the all you can eat buffet.

          • what a fucking idiot joe blow with a mosin nagant can fuck this guy up long live high power rifles like the mosin. they used to shoot nazis now they shoot fatasses

            • What Ive seen from this type of punk is they spout off loud and get their asses busted. This idiot pretends tough but its all show and brag talk. This is a crazed terrorist type and I bet hes already on the gov radar.

              That prepper show is sensational crap and it put a few on the radar. One guy lost his firearms for running his yap too much. When this fat fuck drops on his first assault he deserves the hard drop to the ground.

              • Daisy, he is a prepper, just the wrong kind. He is preparing to be on the offense where as most of us prepare to be on the defense.
                His biggest downfall is his ego. And yes, he’ll be gunned down like a rabid dog. He is 29 years old? I’ll take my chances on him wearing his body armor. If he knocks down the door of a prepared vet, it’ll be his last door till he passes through the gates of hell.
                Personally, I think he is nothing more than mouth. Seen and heard his type many of times and they’re all the same. They prey only on the weak.

                • To DRD5508…..AMEN !!!

                  I am going to go out on a limb here and bet that the only thing this Panty Waste Lard Tard EVER SERVED IN was the Buffet line……He..and his family of Tards won’t get past the perimeter wire !!!

                  Drag out the Claymores Boys…the Lard Tards are trying to squeeze their fat asses through the wire !!!

                  Any Vets out there up for a “Road Trip “…..

                  • “””He’s an out-of-shape criminal who is afraid to get caught, so he’s waiting for the breakdown of law and order to commit the crimes he so clearly wishes to perpetrate, without fear of spending time in prison.””

                    Apparently he is not fond of spending much time alive in the post collapse world either. While he may think he will become god, it is much more likely he will meet Him, right before getting on the down elevator to meet his new master.

                  • He makes it clear that he is part of an organization which can be joined. I have little doubt they’ve already been infiltrated with those who will take them out from within. OPSEC is necessary for villains too- thank God they aren’t so humble as to realize this.

                  • But how does he know my worst mightmare is a world wide shortage oc chocolate covered peanuts? Although it does look like his bunch has eaten most of them.

                  • Lard tards! OMFG! I’m still laughing!
                    My brother-in-law’s kids are just like these twits… can’t stand them! They’re bullies and it was all I could do not to reach up and rip out their throats!

                  • If those three are any indication of a predator force, ….well….I can’t use my keyboard I’m laughing so hard. One Viet-Cong could drop all three porkers before they started on their Big Mac.

                  • @Suzanne Every time I saw this douchebag I wanted to punch the screen..I was thinking the whole time, I’d bet him a 22 would go through that armor…after all it covered very little vital spots. If I ever get the money I’m getting a Beowulf 50 cal, I’d just laugh at bad guys and thier armor! If people plan on this type of living, they better know one truth! If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

                  • A simple invitation should prove his and there inability to go forth and multiply. A simple attack on them would prove thier lack of actual engagement skills. Any body that talks the talk never gives up stratagy or even the possibility of engagement. Sounds like big foot, all yell no bark.

                  • panty waste lard tard, i love that! that could be my new saying for alot of peeps i know, let him enter my place and i’ll serve him up some mustard gas, hope he has a mask! careful don’t open that #10 (bait) can on the counter, you just never know what’s inside, and that’s if he makes it in! let me add Dumb Ass Panty Waste Lard Tard.

                  • This Vet was thinking the same thing. My 14 year old son…no make that my 9 year old daughter could drop this yolk sack before he was done with his first stack of waffles in the morning. Maybe it is time for a daddy daughter date to Tardsville, WA. My 5 year old can practice a C-section on him.

                  • I liked the nice old couple in the movie “Book of Eli”. In that SHTF world, tough guys would try to mess with the nice old couple who turned out to has some very sofisticated traps and turned out to be cannibals. Oops!

                    This kid likes to think he’s an apex predator, yeah he might take a few people down, odds are he will try to mess with someone who out planned him? Oops!

                    In any disaster I stand with my neighbors. There is power in a community.

                  • All I see is a very scared little redheaded bitch.

                  • Retired vet, andI love toad trips…lets roll

                • Why is his body armor so important? It may stop the first shot, but you would likely be stunned if you were shot or worse. Plus it would be heavy. Figuring if things got bad, thats 50+ pounds of weight of you. It may make sense for soldiers in a warzone (where they are targets), but for any time with intense physical exertion, such as backpacking or relocating I would almost think it would slow you down and reduce what you can carry (not to mention making you a target; if I saw a person in body armor during a disaster, I would be very wary and probably be much more alarmed than if I saw an ordinary-looking person who could be passing through.)

                  Also, his armor is homemade. Not to trash the do-it-yourself attitude, but how does he know its effective? Its probably not nearly as strong as he thinks it is, especially since it looks more like a vest with stuffed pockets. I bet a well-placed .22 could get through the fabric pretty easily, to say nothing of the bigger calibers. Even if it did stop the bullet, you could easily have internal bleeding or broken ribs, both of which could be deadly if there are no hospitals. And its not even *body* armor, its chest (maybe side and back) armor. That leaves his legs, arms, head, neck, groin unprotected. A shot in any of those will take you out of the fight, possibly permanently.

                  And his group, 80+ people planning on basically piracy as a solution in a rural area? My god, that sounds like a way to actually make it more dangerous, not less. I would be worried about somebody slitting my throat for a greater share of the booty. Not to mention if someone did survive your assault, you are now a target for revenge killing (and rightfully so). SHTF is not a time to try and provoke a fight if it can be helped. I could see a little girl with a pistol stalking and attacking him if he attacked her family, not even bringing in any parents or older siblings who may also have survived.

                  Likewise, targeting people makes no sense from a cost benefit angle. Easy targets (like refugees or evacuees) won’t have much, if anything. Rich targets (other preppers, rural farmer, etc.) would be more heavily armed. Even a completely successful raid would make you known as a threat to other people, and they may decide it would be prudent to end his little gang. Even after its all over (5-10 years) and things are stable, nobody will trust him or his family.

                  Searching for a tripwire to a bomb for practice, like the link says? Are they planning on robbing the Vietcong? They’d be better prepared attanding a Red Cross class for broken bones. This guy has seen Rambo too many times. If I were going to do a trap, it would probably be a punji pit or jaw trap. Hell, I get a good vantage point with a 223. Drop the whole war party in a minute.

                  Doing nothing would be better than what he’s got planned. The goal is to survive, not get a high score. Thing this “professional deer hunter” needs to remember is that most people aren’t like deer, they shoot back.

                  • Thats way I hang onto my 45-70. I don’t care how much body armor you got, 300g. at 2000fps is going to leave a mark.

                  • Most armor does not cover the femoral artery. Well placed shots to the ankle are also hard to come back from.

                    A 22 is far more deadly than people give them credit as being.

                  • Hey Arco, I’m a 45/70 guy too, but I’m running 530 grain WFN bullets at 1610 fps, and I don’t think ANY body armor will so much as even slow it down. I bet it would shoot through all three of those fat-asses lined up end to end……

                  • arco, love the elephant gun (45/70). If the lead don’t knock them dead, the noise will. I laugh and chuckle at the weapons we all posses and their output. No matter, two legged varmin with armor aren’t ready for some of the suprises coming their way. Didn’t I read where dk has a vulcan?

                  • I got hit in my trauma plate with a piece of fist sized shrapnel in Iraq. It didn’t penetrate but it knocked me down and I was out of awhile. Even if body armor stops the round it’s like getting hit in the chest with a sledgehammer. I was bruised and banged up pretty bad.

                  • Has it occurred to anyone that the point of using this guy is to ridicule real preppers? This is just lib journalism trying to embarrass self-sufficient people…

                  • LOL DRD, When I bought it some years ago my buddy asked me what the heck I was going to hunt with it. I told him whitetails, even if I miss, the sound of the bullet whizzin by would scare the crap out of them and they’ll drop dead of a heart attack.

                    JV, I got some hotter loads too, but even the factory ammo will be plenty enough.

                    Keep your powder dry.

                  • Agreed Arco, it may not penetrate, but kinetic energy from such a blast/impact, will likely bust-up a chest cavity!

                    Good post!

                  • -Yental-

                    Sorry to replay the old adage…”the best defense is a good OFFENSE
                    –(‘cuz you’re right)–

                    Now, let’s parlay that into a nasty economic collapse SHTF scenario:

                    ..the best counter-balance to predators, is to be the APEX PREDATOR, that hunts THEM!

                    –(knowing grin)–!
                    You, of all here…understand.

                    GOD BLESS you and yours, bro.


                  • Hey ARCO,

                    You got that right! There ain’t no hidin’ when the big .458 is coming your way!~


                  • Ya..I wanna see how he does when that 50/140 Sharps slug hits his armor…not hardly worth the time to comment on this loser…except to be re-aware his kind are slithering around out there and to be alert!

                • Your right on he’s a delusional idiot I don’t think he will last long in this world in the end.

                  • If they get past the Gatling guns I’m dead!!! 🙂

                  • Someone was mentioning the venerable 22 cal. There are guys around that have modified some of the semiautos to fire at 1600 rounds per minute. They are on u-tube. Anyway, 100 rounds of spray over the body will find a sweet spot. As you guys are mentioning, these fuckers will have at least a little bad luck if they ever decide to go on a looting spree. 45-70, 300WinMag, bottle of gasoline, on and on. It will be a bad idea for them in this country. They better choose wisely in their little collection expeditions.

                  • If a substantial portion/planning of your “preps” doesn’t include an OFFENSIVE STRATEGY complete with diversions and flanking/crossfire protocols…TIME TO RETHINK YOUR PREPAREDNESS.

                    These “losers” will DIE without much effort…there are others looking for easy pickings that believe EVERYONE is an easy target of opportunity. Put their heads on stakes around your perimeter after the fact!

                    Strictly DEFENSIVE preps are not sufficient.

                • i dont see the concern ,just build your house on a 4/12 pitch hill ,and he’ll have a heart attack by the time he reaches yuor door ,this guy is a joke ,he wouldnt last 10 sec on my turf ,i know every ditch , gorge and swamp for at least 4 sq miles around me,the end result for his type is usally always the same they end up with a bad case of lead poisening ,i think he’s just a trash talker

                  • Hilly terrain sucked during ftx’s, doing it with body armor, in a bounding overwatch role to maintain security against pot shotting sniper fire? If you don’t have the coordination, equipment and training of a professional militia/military, you’d only be dragging bodies around rather than ‘loot’. Even if we momentarily fell back to let them loot caches, thats only more burden for them to worry about

                  • Just set bear traps with twinkies as bait. Problem solved.

                • Stay close to the the Lord Jesus.

                  Jeremiah 20:11

                  But the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior;
                  so my persecutors will stumble and not prevail.
                  They will fail and be thoroughly disgraced;
                  their dishonor will never be forgotten.


                  But also remember Jesus commanded us to pray for our enemies so that he may open their eyes to the Truth, so that they may also be saved.

                • Looked,sounded,and acted like an inbred retard. Where does NATGEO find these people and why do they use them on the show? Seems to me that the people who actually watch the show are true preppers and these idiots make the community look bad and leave a bad taste in our mouth. This guy needs an old fashioned ass kicking.

              • One other issue about bartering, aside from being very careful, is that when you can use EXCESS of what you have and not dip into or sacrifice your own needs this is barter for advantage. This is why when you have EXCESS of something that someone else has and that they need that you have extra of, you benefit so much. When you have the room available it is always a good idea to have excess of what is going to be in demand, which is a lot.

                When someone has a part, some medication, etc, that you must have, it sure is nice to be able to trade from that with your EXCESS without sacrificing your own needs at the time. Yes storing a lot of toilet paper is an excellent idea when space permits. Someone is going to use, maybe even you years down the road after eating nature’s bounty after your supplies run out. Being very carfeful with whom you trade with is exactly what the above article is about, not letting someone know what you have so they or someone else can “try” to take it. With any barter situation you ALWAYS want to make it appear that you are sacrificing MUCH to trade and that you have little or nothing thereafter. Might get a better trade also if another thinks you have little or nothing. Just like someone storing up as many precious pieces of metal, storing up people’s basic needs makes a lot of common sense if room permits.

                • I will only barter in lead…
                  From 1,000 yrds
                  Rule 308
                  I had gunny hathcock for a coach
                  Wanna bet yer life on windage??

                  • Aww C’Mon now! How you ever gonna meet new people that way? hehe

                  • @ Nina’os lil brother. Eventually supplies run out, and someone may have something that is necessary to keep their daughter or son or other member of the family alive that you can trade for. Never discount the future in which barter and trade may be the ONLY way to survive in certain circumstances. Survivalism is about adaptness to different scenarioes. Trade might will be the ONLY way people live years or decades after mega SHTF.

                  • I’ll again say that barter will not be feasible in SHTF. Most all valuable supplies will to consumed or used very qucikly.

                    YOU CAN’T PREPARE FOR EVERYTHING!!!

                    You don’t need 5 different antibiotics, 4 wells, armoured truck made to go through fire, 3 different BOL, 2 bunkers, 20 guns with 10k rounds for each, 7 swords, 32 ninja stars, 2 flamethowers, 4 BOB’s in each vehicle, 3 wood burning stoves, 100 gallon tanks or gas, diesel, karosine, motor oil, 45 solar panels, 5 sniper towers, 63 knives, 22 gold bars, 150 silver bars, 50 gallon drums of gun powder……

                    Need I go on???

                    Just buy some food, water, security and let GOD do the rest. Take a Deep Breathe >>

                    Much Better

                  • Well if they hold up a white flag
                    I might trade sumptn for sumptn
                    But it’s gonna be a looonng while before that
                    Think biblical on preps dudes 7 yrs min…
                    Besides ain’t gonna happen like we think anyhow..
                    Sure the city’s are no place safe but then again is
                    Anywhere?? Even in the stix it won’t take too long
                    The alphabet soups have already gamed this all out
                    So really there is no point in beyond a year or so
                    Paranoia will destroy ya aww screw this
                    I’m gonna go fishn

                  • BI I’m with you, I live in a small town and there are a lot of good people here and probably most are not preppers, and I’m sure that if and when the SHTF that they are not all going to turn rabid overnight. Yes there are some bad people here also, but I’m sure the good will band together and deal with the bad. This will not happen if you live in a big city. Yes there are good people in the big cities but most don’t tend to know each other and will not be able to resist people like the punks in this article. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

                  • Indy Colt

                    i thought there for a minute you were singing the 12 days of SHTF 5 antibiotics ,4 shallow wells ,3 BOL’s ,2 little bunkers ,and a AR-15 with a big scope

              • Smith: Thanks for the “heads up”, your picture and location.

              • You are correct sir. These shows are obviously propoganda shows to train the sheepeal to think prepping is only for “nuts”. I hate the zombie fad (has good signifigance for our society acting like actualy zombies)but that one zombie movie with Woody from Cheers had it correct. Rule #1: Cardio. Chunky is the first to fall because of his lack of discipline and respect for his enemy. Pride always comes before the fall. Be safe brothers (this means women too).

              • AMEN TO THAT BROTHER!!!!

              • I doubt they’d succeed in taking down a vending machine on there own, let alone taking others preps. If they get really desperate, I’ll invite them over to my place to clean out my hog troughs. But I’m guessing my hogs would clean these lard ass slobs up for breakfast.
                Please, if your going to publish an article like this, please make the bad guys look tough enough to at least scare old granny!!,

              • That fat slob is a joke. If he and his group of ‘marauders’ ventured down my road, they wouldn’t even get to my house. Others on our road would eliminate them long before they got to my house. That guy is clueless!

              • It really is hard to see any one with an IQ below 70 as too much of a threat. I agree with you.

            • fat ass buffet killer = fat long-distance target

            • Come and get us fat boy, if you can catch us, hell youcouldn`t catch a snail you dirt bag criminal! You and your gang of demented bone heads areobviously lazy, look at you guys, you look like fat retards who couldn`t properly prep on your own that would take too much work, and you can see that none of you and your fat *sses have ever actaully worked a hard days work, so it only makes sense youwould take what others already worked for, and prepared for, nor do any of you have the brains to know how to properly prep,so yes theiving wold be the only way punks like you could survive! But you should know there are big tough guys out there unlike you fat heads, who will blow your brains out before youeven see it coming,so thanks for showing everyone your ass-like faces! You punks coudln`t fight your way out of a paper bag and the ol`man with you, best crawl back under his rock, he`ll be the first to go…you morons! LEt me show you what a real bg tough man looks like, come to our house first you fat headed criminals. You thugs are now targeted, remember that! We will be the people proteting the homes of the good people and trust us, you won`t get past your noses. It is hilarious that fat little criminals like yourselves actaully think you are tough enough to take anything from anyone! And let`s face it, you certainly aren`t eh kind to actaully get into shape, talk all you want LAZXY FAT BOYS, you have always been, will always be and will get yourself killed before youcan take a sucker from a baby! Somethign else youshould know GOD will take care of criminal punks like yourselves….to hell you are going! But hopefully not before someone shoves a rifle down your throats, or will it be a gun, perhaps hill billies like you prefer somethig else in your mouth`s, that`s more up your swamp! We have just the man to do it, so again, thanks for revealing waht you look like, now you can picture what a man`s p*nis will look like in your mouths…a real man you little fat boy punks! My wife could beat all three of you up….hahahahahaha….only when a child goes out into the world does he then understand that he is not what he thought…funny how fat little men always have some sort of napolean syndrome, and actaullythink that they are bigger then all of the BIGGER EMEN out there..you guys are truly as pathetic as you are out of shape mind, body and soul…..hahahahaha…little fat men talking big…hahahahahaha….my wife wants to stick a rifle up your *ss right now, and if you were near, you`couldn`t even hold her back….good luck, becauese we guaranteee you will be dead by the end of your first attempted raid….and then hell , bent over for an eternity with no lube on the trident, oh and baal like plumpy and dumpy and lumpy!

            • Yep, I know of no body armor that can stop a 7.62x54r head shot. Though a guy like that I would go for the crotch, especially if I saw him doing that stuff to my neighbors who I have lasered so I know the exact yards to their roofs and doors.

              That guy might find out a person that loves God and Jesus with a rifle will be HIS worse nightmare.

              • …better aim for his head or his backside…both are hugeand that crotch shot…well,lets just say that would be a very tight “aim small,hit small” shot…if you get my drift 😉

                • REB, thanks for the encouragement the other post. I’ve been in a slump lately and I’m totally not that kind of person. Money is tight at the wrong time of the year. I interviewed for a better position yesterday so all that care,please keep me in your prayers. I know I’m a good worker, but 8 people were interviewed.

                  Sometimes my age works against me and this would be my first break through job of my career. I look about ten years younger than I am, so I believe I get stereotyped for that reason. GODs perfect will be done and thanks for listening.

                • REB, thanks for the encouragement the other post. I’ve been in a slump lately and I’m totally not that kind of person. Money is tight at the wrong time of the year. I interviewed for a better position yesterday so all that care,please keep me in your prayers. I know I’m a good worker, but 8 people were interviewed.

                  Sometimes my age works against me and this would be my first break through job of my career. I look about ten years younger than I am, so I believe I get stereotyped for that reason. GODs perfect will be done and thanks for listening.

              • Agreed, highly vulnerable to a well-placed rifle shot despite the body armor… however, you would want to couple that with something like my trusty Colt/Fructose 6-shot Twinkie Launcher to first lure him out into the open…

              • He also might find the little mouse in the corner, that he didn’t see when he kicked the door in, has pretty good aim too…and didn’t have to try and brag about it on national TV.

            • Wow, I am really shaking in my boots thinking about the Pillsbury Dough Boy with a gun.

              More food for the hogs.

            • “He who attacks must vanquish. He who defends must merely survive.”–70s show Kung FU

            • Being that he just outed himself and since many people know who he is and where he lives I fail to see a problem.

            • Hell man I’m almost tempted to give you my address and wait for you up my only question is how many bullets can you catch in the face and still fight

          • Wheres these fat boys, in Oregon? Figures. These rolley pugs couldn’t get their fat asses up off of the couch to get another burrito. That fat boy in the middle would be an easy shot at 700 meters with iron sites in the wind.

            • These guys are dumb and dumber, this has to be a joke. If the SHTF I could see these buffoons running into each other and one of them shooting his own foot off after he mistakenly shoots his cover guy.

              • Dumb or not, they are a street gang.
                The only difference is, these are not black or Hispanic, but white.

                Preppers ARE preparing for a war, don’t we?..
                I mean, a war against all enemies: DHS/FEMA, foreign “peacekeepers”, and of course domestic an foreign gangs.

                Those who prepare only to defend their family against a vicious hungry next-door old lady, live in a really stupid fantasy world, and need to realize who and what their enemies are now and will be then.

                Of course, criminals get together in gangs! They may be dumb, but they realize the strength in numbers, and we can be 100% assured we’ll have to face them, unless we live on Mount Everest.

                Attacking a single thug… VERBALLY… is pointless.

                Be ready.

                • My blood boiled when I saw this episode of NatGeo, however if we keep it in perspective, there is a whole crowd out there of numbskull mentalities that are gearing up for the SHTF, and that will be their opportunity to loot and pillage. I look at this as a wakeup call for those real preppers, who only stock up on food thinking they will gather in the town square to barter on Saturdays. Part of your Vital Preps are your home security plan as well as getting your concealed weapon permit now and stock up heavy on guns and ammo to defeat these knumbskulls on the onset of SHTF slithering through neighborhoods, night and day looking to exploit the weak. 5.56 Green tip penetrators will stop a car if you aim at the engine compartment, then as they pile out of their vehicle, you put the frosting on their fat cake faces. Remember to stock up heavy on lots of lye to sprinke on the corpses, so diseases doesn’t spread.

              • Reminds me of the guy running down the ICW in a loud go-fast…
                “Look at me look at me I’m bad I’m bad…get outta the way blow boat…”
                hahahahaha…just another little peter…hahahaha

                Seriously though… and I know I’m repeating what someone else has already said…there ARE guys out there that are planning…focused on this…and some of them know just what they are doing…

              • To Anonymous….

                Yep….Your Right….Keystone Cop Lard Tards !!!

                This has got to be just one “Big Ass ” Joke (All pun intended !!! ) just to see/get our response….Stevie Wonder could take these Moronic Panty Waste Lard Tards Out !!!

                Maybe there is something in the water in Oregon….Anybody from that area chiming in here….Anybody actually know if these Tards really exist ?

                • They definitely aren’t from around where I live. They must be from Multnomah county, in Portland, where the liberals and gang-bangers hang out.

                  Out here, they’d be road improvements…

                  • Agreed, I live in Washington county. All the freaks live on the east side ptown -must be the water or something IDK. Most people I know would write this guy and his friends off as a bunch of dweebs…..

              • The guy who yells that he’s going to kick your ass usually is just hoping to get by on intimidation. The guy who can actually kick it just does it.

                • True that.

            • Hammerun:

              They are from Washington.

              • I’m from Washington as well, and live on salt waterfront.
                He’d be swimming very soon after his “accident”.

              • hmmm PIG. Washington DC? Just curious since it looks like the same attitude. LOL.

                • Correction. Sorry for the typo Pissed of Granny…..I mean POG.

              • Any word on a more exact location within WA? Or do I need to go watch the NATGEO program?

                • He’s in Buckley WA, just south of Enumclaw and the White River, off HWY 410. If he and his buddies think that they are going to loot in Tacoma… let’s just pray that Tacoma get them first. That place is pretty scary in peacetime.

                  • We will take care of them.

                  • I thought the Tacoma-Olympia area was loaded with military folks. They won’t last long.

                • Good plan. Go on national TV and announce something like this. NatGeo loves idiots like this.

            • Lotta people from OryGun here Hammerun- you might want to watch where you cast aspersions. As for any one of those fatasses, up close and personal with a couple of nice blades would show them just how useless body armor is against someone who knows how to wield a blade in a fight, and how much of a disadvantage they’re at with all that bulky “armor”. What an effin joke these critters are! And not even a GOOD joke at that! Just a groan-inducing, face-palming “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!” kind of joke!

              • Apologies, CWinOR and other Oregonnauts.
                I am a victim of misinformation. My son called me last night telling me about these wads in this episode. I told him that I had quit watching that program long ago. He had just out and out said they were in Oregon. I took it for what I heard. That was the basis for the comment.

                • Stupidity isn’t a localized affliction. It runs the fullness of the U.S. These idiots could be from anywhere and everywhere, and there are probably more like them almost everywhere.

            • Just shoot him at the local buffet as he goes back for fourths. Talk about a dumb ass.

            • “That fat boy in the middle would be an easy shot at 700 meters with iron sites in the wind.”

              Ha! That FAT ASS in the middle would be an easy shot at 700 meters with a fuq’n Catapult!!!

              Especially if you lay down a couple of sugar blocks in a clearing!!!

          • Whoever reaches in to take what is mine
            will be pulling back a bloody stump.

            If they thought that I was an easy mark,
            then they didn’t notice that I am a cross
            between a wolverine and a badger. Oh yeah!

            Best to you and yours, Daisy.

            • They watch too many movies.
              Unless they range far and wide people will come after them. Even if they are successful there will usually be a casualty or 2 each time and attrition will soon make them disappear. In a SHTF situation people are very trigger happy.

              • This idiot doesn’t realize that we didn’t just prep food. I have body armor with level 4 plates.

                • Got OPSEC?

            • And don’t for get old, short tempered and just pissed off.

              • Wrong, my friend

                Especially old, short tempered, and pissed off

                But then again, you were probably just seeing
                your self in the mirror. Right? …… Right!

                • To that I can add… menopausal and PMS.
                  The CHL is understood here in Texas.

              • ya…we didn’t make it to “old” by being nice!…. 😉

                • or stupid.

            • What the hell is that thing on his hand? He Looks like an overweight lobster. Either that or trying to impersonate Charlie the Tuna !

          • i think the natives in my area would have his fat ass roasting on a spit with an apple in his mouth.
            mmmmmm roasted fat bastard yum yum

            • Just remember that eating fatass carries a high risk of acquiring up his diseases. Cook very thoroughly.

            • What?

              The natives in your area have a taste for blubber?


              • Render the fat and use it like the Alaskans do seal oil.

            • … panty-waist lard tards…
              I’m still laughing.

          • If he has to walk more than 50 feet to get to your house, you are probably ok.

          • If he’s one of the three illiterates pictured in this article, when the shtf and no gasoline is to be had, the only people that will have to worry about him and his group of punks will be people that live within about a hundred yards of his house. It seems that Video Games are the big rage and have been for a number of years and billions of dollars are spent on them, thank God I have SHTFplan to intertain me. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

            • Mount Trek

              I wish I had a facebook account for 1 reason. To annoy the piss out of this guy since he likes to threaten us preppers. Anyone that his one; I would leave him a little piece of mind.

              • Indy Colts

                How did you know about my 32 ninja start?

                • Wrong

                  Shhhhh I shouldn’t have said that. I think they are illegal in my state. Lol.

          • Of his 80 dues paying members, i’m sure that no more than 20 are FBI.

            • That Fat BlubberAss will be charged with double murder homocide before SHTF, as he attemps his feable C-Section attempt on a dirty barn floor, killing both his wife and his baby. All bets in Vegas running on that one, about now. ha!

          • My first thought after the ‘apex predator’ claim is that the only place this dude is a predator is at a drive-through…..

            Just another douchebag wrapped up in a mad-max fantasy.

          • We have some folks in our area who are just like this. In a full SHTF scenario our team will hit the people of this ilk on the first day. We will take care of punks like this before they can even move. Most are just like this guy… all talk and bully. The folks on our team are quiet, well trained, calm and very deadly when it counts. Find the Thugs, Bullies, and big talkers in your area. Learn where they live and who they hang with and if it goes south…. Dispatch them on day one quickly and quietly. The word will get out and the rest of the punks will chill…. Don’t let them come to your door… go to theirs. It is imperative you form teams and have a plan. PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS.

            • You sound like you’re wrapped up in your own ‘mad-max’ fantasy.

              Just another ‘internet tough guy; making a list of who ‘you’ll take care of’ just as soon as the SHTF.

              Are you also making lists of the ‘traitors’, ‘socialists’, ‘marxists’, and everyone else who doesn’t agree with you?

              • Nope….. just the punks and thugs who have spent thier life preying on others… like the ass monkey in this artical. The socialist will starve, the townies will take care of the Marxists, and as for folks who don’t agree with me… hell my wife and my team members don’t agree with me 50 percent of the time. And have been around the world and in some real crap holes I have seen some things much worse than Mad Max…. but nice medifore….. and I not tough… just very prepered and focused with a great team…..

              • Most every neighborhood has these snakes. Just keep your list to yourself and in your head. Like the old submarine comander used to say, “Run Silent, Run Deep.”

          • What this guy fails to realize is that while he is prepping for the preppers, the preppers are prepping for him. If he and his little band of thugs think they are going to live off the prepared, he had best kill himself now. It will be far more merciful than what he’s got coming to him. When the protection of law goes, it will go both ways. Nothing will stop people (like me) from putting a 308 round in his gut, skinning him alive and stringing his screeching ass up as an example to others.

          • He looks like he belongs in a weekend bowling league. It’s all about t.v. ratings.

          • Come and get some Fat Boy.

          • Wonder how the fucker feels about being taken out right now before the SHTF?

            • Megaton… I was just sayinn……..

          • This guy’s just a Jello-soft, Pillsbury Doughboy who talks tough. If you see him creeping up on your house in the dark, just throw a donut out into the street. He’ll run after it and probably get hit by a car…

          • When the end comes I’m not even going to kill fatboy. I’m just going to make him my slave. I’ll have to wire his mouth shut to keep him from eating my food as he’s preparing and serving it to me. I will also use him as a crash test dummy for testing of anything that could result in death or injury. I will prove to all of you that he does indeed have something to offer the real preppers.

        • Note to Tyler Smith and his scumbag associates: prepare to meet you Maker.

          • @Daisy,
            An article sure to rile up the folks who participate on this site. You’ve made several good points with this article, Thank You.

            • National Geographic appears to have outdone themselves with this show. They either show a prepper who is wealthy beyond our imagination; or one who seems looney, or they dig up the dregs of society like Smith. We need to send e-mails to the advertisers telling them we will not support them if they continue their support of this program.

              Also a call or e-mail to Nat Geo couldn’t hurt.

              I know that we don’t think that will change anything but I will share this with you:

              Geico insurance had a commercial of a woman who ran into a geico that she hadn’t seen in a long time. The commercial suggested she had had an affair with him. I looked up a phone # I found for consumer complaints for Geico and told them their commercial was beyond the pale and I was going to ask everyone I knew who their insurance company was and if it was Geico I was going to point out their “demeaning” commercial. Believe it or not, the guy on the other end of the telephone agreed with me.

              Now I don’t know what little influence I had in the matter; but that commercial quit running shortly after that. I think a lot more people called and let them know how damned distasteful that commercial was.


              Boycotting works for communists, lets let it work for us. Let Nat Geo know you will no longer watch their ignorant program; their purpose is to make preppers look like idiots to the rest of America.

              • I think one of the sponsor/advertisers on that program was Wise Foods. Please correct me if I am wrong.

                • Sorry: The woman ran into a gecko not a geico….

                  • How can you tell them apart?

                • @POG- you’re right: Wise Foods IS one of their sponsors. You can got to http://wisefoodstorage.com/contact-us
                  and send them a nastygram if you like. Here’s mine:
                  Thanks for sponsoring Nat Geo’s “Doomsday Preppers”. Now I know another brand of storage food that I WON’T be buying- YOURS. Apparently, you take pleasure in your customers be displayed for the mocking pleasure of their viewers. I’ve never bought your food directly, but have quite a bit of it purchased through your resellers (whom I will be contacting as well). You can count me among your FORMER customers.

              • They put these goons on because legitimate preppers won’t have anything to do with them.

                On the upside, we do need to be reminded from time to time that a large percentage of the useless-eater population does think this way, so maybe NGS has done us a favor.

              • NatGeo = Fox = Fox News = Rupert Murdoch.

                On one channel exists distinct political analysis that tells us that things aren’t going so well and that we should thus explore preparedness.

                On the other channel, we who are practicing preparedness are portrayed as lunatics.

                And of course none of it matters because millions upon millions every Sunday will watch the NFC on the Fox sports network.

                In any case, Rupert Murdoch Wins….that is if we don’t watch those other liberal slanted networks owned by Comcast, Disney, and somewhat Viacom.

                Oh what a tangled web is woven.

                • C-spider-

                  Really nice (double)analogy, per the “web”.
                  Don’t know if it was intentional, but irregardless..a thumbs up to you!

                • cellarspider,
                  What’s with all you losers and getting after FOX all the time? You think ABC, CBS and NBC not to mention MSNBC are better? At least FOX attempts to be somewhat fair. Oh that’s right you voted for Obama. I know because you don’t like FOX. Like I said loser. Mom know you are using the internet in the basement?

                  • @JohnW,

                    You may not realize that News Corporation owns Fox Entertainment….which owns Fox News Channel, Fox Sports Channel, NAT GEO, NAT GEO Wild, etc…..along with a myriad of other networks.

                    The point being is….KNOW FROM WHOM YOUR GETTING YOUR INFORMATION.

                    Doomsday Preppers, a show on NATGEO (owned by Fox) presents preparedness in a negative light. Fox News Channel speaks to government mismanagement and points to debit, american decline, etc….which is a motivator for preparedness.

                    It’s called a Mixed Message. It’s called “Don’t like one channel and want to boycott sponsors, no biggie, you’ll watch the other channel and support it’s sponsors” It doesn’t matter, News Corp gets the money either way.

                    Prepper Tip: If you want to implement an alternative, switchable water source for your residence, you’ll need to solder in a few backflow preventers to comply with local building codes.

                    p.s. I know this because as a condition of me living in my mom’s basement (god rest her soul), I have to pay the water bill……sheeple moron.

                  • Because ‘faux noise’ doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’.

                    way back in the day I remember watching Fox News thinking that they were being ‘fair and balanced’ and that the ‘MSM” suffered from a ‘liberal bias’, and Fox News was the ‘plucky kid’ who would ‘tell it as it was’.

                    Oh how wrong I was! I remember listening to ‘O’Reilly’ state something as ‘fact’ and thinking that ‘that doesn’t sound right…’. After I checked the third thing that he stated as ‘fact’, which turned out to be complete buck, I stopped listening to him. Given that Bill O’Reilly was their most respectable host let me rule out the rest without additional investigation.

                    This is a sad commentary on the state of the American press, but if I want the real story, the best sources are the BBC, Aljazeera, John Steward, and Bill ‘fucking’ Maher. What the hell is wrong with this picture?

                    Where the hell is our ‘Edward R. Murrow’? Why, oh, why is the best that we can do is a freaking COMEDIAN?

                • the only possitive i can say about fox is ,i dont have to worrie about seeing obama’s ass attached to the fox reporters faces when i turn it on that channel ,where as on cnbc i cant tell where his ass stops and the reporters face starts

              • I bought car insurance from Geico HQ’s over the phone a few years back, and while on the phone chatting with this sales rep babe, I ended up picking up the hot chick on the other line, she was 25 years younger than me. We met then had a fling for about 4 to 5 months, till she left for out of state college. lol Sometimes you can get a better deal than a 10% savings on your car insurance. lol

          • and he will meet his maker earlier than expected is my guess .
            LOL , those fat butt stabbers will get their asses shot before the grocery store shelves are empty .

            I think its all just acting to show the prepper community in a bad light.
            Im not buying what natgeo is sellin , BS.

            • hammer, bet they’re reading from a script. Why isn’t natgeo showing the fed gov preppers, you know: ammo, weapons, food, etc..possibly afraid they’ll alarm too many people.

              • right, DRD , if natgeo would show how the DHS and all the other alphabet groups are preparing it would be allarming .
                At least Louie Gomert is questioning why this is going on , they have even authourized a”secret security force” under obamacare , whats that for ? forced vaccinations?

                The truth is the Government is the bad prepper .
                And in an “emergency” they have authorized themselves to steal your private property .

                • If it’s a secret security force how come you know about it? Not real secret. Better worry more about all the street gangs suddenly being deputized, armed and given orders to take care of you know who.

                  • i know because the congressman , Louie Gomert brought attention to it .
                    @JOHN W

                  • Yeah, the Government agencies are really good preppers, but their preps keep disappearing. Check this:
                    In 2003, Inspector General to the Department of Defense revealed that $1 trillion had essentially disappeared along with 56 airplanes, 32 tanks, and 36 Javelin missiles. Oops!

                    The United States’ ventures in Afghanistan and Iraq have contributed significantly to the trillions of missing and unaccounted for taxpayer dollars. Twenty billion dollars were shipped to help support the reconstruction of Iraq, most of it was never seen again. Waste and fraud on the part of war contractors has cost up to $60 billion in the span of 2002 to 2011.

                    Article 1, Section 9 of the United States Constitution reads:

                    “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”

            • I didn’t catch the show, does he even address the issue of competing bands of looters/marauders? I agree that competition would thin his merry little band quickly enough to take the wind out of his sails. Then its just a matter of time(short) until the inevitable happens.

              • Any Mouse,
                I agree that he would only last until he came upon another band of thugs. I think the drug cartels will be the ones to look out for. They are already organized and experienced at war fare. They are used to kidnapping, extortion, and murder. They are already set up to do battle.
                I think this guy is more ego than substance and is just playing a role for the notoriety it gives him. Not worth more than a glance.

          • …as violently as possible.

            What a waste of human lives. Got his few minutes of fame…as a douche bag.

        • I already opened mine so now I am back peddling and down playing my former “hyped up stories” …. Long live .obamacare, everything is just peachy! Can’t wait to watch me some dancing with the stars, while I can up some meats and veggies!

        • There are going to be predators, whether they plan it out or not, it will likely happen. Dealing with this is why each person MUST be armed with something. What Daisy says is key here, be careful whom you trust. If others don’t know what you have, the invitation is not there. Same goes true with criminals, don’t advertise what you have. The poorer someone seems the more likely you will be left alone. Silence really is the best defense BEFOREHAND. Next is to make your place and you as unappealing as possible. A little bit of acting and drama goes a long way. Someone asking for food, you might say let me know when you find a source because my family is also starving.

          Also something about prepping that has really been bugging is the most retarded comment ever made on this site recently about why should you have 10 years worth of toilet paper and 1 year of food, it doesn’t make sense. This is stupid beyond words. There is plenty of food outside someone’s supplies in anture. Toilet paper is something you need to help keep down bacteria infection. The more toilet paper someone has the better. Toilet paper can also substitute for other needs, including possible feminine needs. If you need to barter for items in the future, toilet paper and other needs might be much more valuable than a bar of gold.

          This is another issue about precious metals. In many future circumstances precious metals will be king, in other scenarioes it will be as worthless as any other rock. Precious metals absolutely have their place, and sometimes they don’t and won’t. When someone is very hungry, thirsty, or in need of other necessities, they are far less likely to trade for anything other than what they can use at the time. Precious metals are money, and money is used for purchase of goods. Money is also worthless if no one is willing to use money for future purchase of other goods. Precious metals are a good addition to any survival plan, but not to forget about barter.

          In a future hell, barter may be the ONLY way to get what you need. In many science fiction movies there are these scenarioes that ONLY trade is the way people deal. Business can become just trade. As also referred to within this brainless comment was that barter is crap. There is something that everyone has that someone else needs, this is what trade is about. The more you can store up, the more you have “money” in the bank. Not all is dealings within the barrel of a gun when it comes to trade in a post mega SHTF world. You must be extremely careful with barter, but in many cases it will work because everyone needs something you have, and you will likely need something that someone else needs. Again, whenever you accept money of any sort you take a risk that someone else will accept it as payment for something you need. This is why straight up barter system MUST be considered for the future.

          The danger of dealing with people with precious metals, cash money, or just what is needed MUST be a consideration at all times because you are letting the world know that you have something, and perhaps much more. Predators like this see someone with a bag of silver or gold coins, or rumor that someone has this, will be coming for it IF money is still being used. One of the best defenses is to be as discrete as possible to what you have. Trust is not a give me, it is earned, and not that easily ever should it be.

          • After looking at that picture, I realize I don’t know what the word ‘apex’ means.

            Could someone explain?

            • Unreconsructed Southron,

              Answer: The top predator in a particular food chain. Great White shark for example.

              The term “Apex predator” does not apply to these idiots. They are more like bottom feeding slugs.

              • Interesting that if they weren’t “planning” to steal/murder preppers, g’mint would brand Smith and his merry band of thieves terrorists.

                • This is the type of guy that should have his weapons taken from him. He will loose power during a t storm and go raid his neighbors house. And know that he aired his plan to the world one of his neighbors might go shoot him when power. If I lived near this guy he would be first on my list when shtf.

                  • My guess is this:

                    1. He’s looking for the excuse (permission) to be Rambo.
                    2. He Think’s he’s an ‘Alpha Predator’
                    3. He dreams every night taking everything this life ‘owes’ him by force, but can’t do the time.
                    4. If SHTF he thinks that he can live out his fantasy without repercussions.

                    What’s most likely to happen:

                    1. No, large scale SHTF
                    2. He lives a life of slow, grinding, poverty dreaming of the day he’ll be an “alpha predator”

                    Less likely to happen:

                    Least Likely to Happen (ie Shit Actually Hits the Fan)
                    1. Catches a round in the front yard
                    2. Buried in the back yard,,,

                • Whata ya’ mean? Those guys are the govt. Act & sound like DHS. The meanest, most dangerous gangs will be police, DHS to raid for what they need and want.

                • All My hard earned tax money I send to the NSA to monitor these creeps
                  All the governments efforts to build FEMA consentration camps to house the scum of our land
                  All the millions of rounds of ammunition our beloved appropriation committies have allocated to Homeland Defense Dept.
                  — I feel safer with my home made sling shot and a bucket of marbles.
                  — Miss Dee Dee

                • How do you know they haven’t planned just that? Just imagine the headline of their lapdog press: “Government Raids on Terrorist Band Worse than Huteree!” They’d play it up like they are the heroes and these are dangerous, right wing white supremacists instead of a bunch of pathetically selfish little piggies.

              • We was being a smartass…..

              • just nat geo making friends again with the wrong type of people

                let them air there shitty little show and rile up there liberal fan base

                real preppers are not watching this tripe there out working and getting ready.

                any one remember the posts from last year about how the producers wanted all the private info on guests where there preps were etc

                Skittle shittin unicorn

              • YH, they probably became “obese” from going to the all-you-can eat buffet on a regular basis. I’ll bet none of them could run a quarter-mile before passing out.

                • braveheart

                  …..”professional deer hunter” my ass……

                  I take deer for the table year round, I don’t
                  wait for the DNR to tell me when they are good
                  to eat. Stealth is a way of life in the woods
                  of the North Country.

                  When these Rambo wannabe “professional deer
                  hunters” come up from downstate, they can be
                  heard a mile away. A deer would have to be
                  deaf, dumb, and blind not to know where they
                  are at any moment.

                  If they should attack even one home here the
                  rest of the area would know it immediately,
                  and we won’t be cowering in our homes waiting,
                  the hunters would become the hunted on our turf.

                  The perps hunkered down in the foliage works
                  both ways, and that’s where we are in our element.

                  • Attach a couple of Tacos and a few Burritos on top of a Rumba vacuum machine.
                    Set it free in your front yard.
                    Sit in your nice warm living room looking out the window as these Bozos run around in circles until they all have heart attacks in search of that elusive free meal.
                    That’s my plan.
                    — Miss Dee Dee

                  • OutWest, the first time they encounter resistance I’ll bet they run home to mama, IF any of them survive.

                • braveheart,

                  >>” I’ll bet none of them could run a quarter-mile before passing out.”<<

                  You give them way too much credit. I doubt they could run to the fridge without breaking a sweat.

                  • YH, I stand corrected. I did give them too much credit. My apologies.

                  • Hell they all probably need those hoveround electric wheel chairs to get to their mail boxes,aim for the chairs battery pack! 🙂

                • Why run, as they say “You’ll Only Die Tired” Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

                  • Love that!

                • You know what BUFFET stands for? Big Ugly Fat Fu€£€rs Eat There! Fits these clowns to a T.

              • These aren’t apex predators. They are the hyenas that feed on the leavings of apex predators.

            • Unconstructed:

              In this case it is used to describe Smith. You know….

              APE X.

            • I’m sure these idiots would like to be considered as apex predators, but they won’t last long.

              A pack of real apex predators, hungry wolves, only gets to cull one animal from a herd at a time. The herd acts in defense, and the losses are minimal.

              The lone wildebeest gets eaten, the group goes on.

              Defend your area, not your homes. If these guys had to walk in two miles, driven into killing areas by harassing fire, and chopped up in detail several hundred yards from the delicious preps they were after, I guarantee you no one will have to worry about them.

            • Apex (noun):

              The top of something

              Example: The Apex of Tyler Smith’s fat and grossly misshapen noggin is pointed.

            • Apex is the space between this Idiots Cake Hole and his Anus! In other words He”s all ASS!
              Semper Fi

          • Be Informed,

            Fantastic advice as usual!

          • Honestly, unless there is a set structure in place to actually barter, you are really taking a chance to expose youself as a prepper with lots of stocks and supplies. They follow you back to your preps, then attack when you are vunerable or asleep.

            If You barter or give a simple roll of toilet paper to your neighbor, they will tell 10 of their friends how nice you were, then their friends show up looking for toilet paper and water too, then food, then ammo, then your car, your house and your entire stockpile. When SHTF, you stay put and out of site, till a full 90 days passes, and half the population is dead from killing eachother. When SHTF hits, you hunker down and avoid all people whoare Not in your inner circle. You could put a premade sign on your front door, “Sorry not answering door due to Bird Flu Quarentine.” “Everyone in here has it.” Thanks for understanding. Mgt. lol I think this will even keep the DHS off your property trying to steal your weapons. However, there may be a dreawbacks to this, as neighbors may firebomb your house to get rid of you and the bird flu. Think out of the box on this and act accordingly.

          • I don’t know about toilet paper being more valuable than gold. You can always wash off the gold after using it, and it will last forever. With toilet paper, not so much…

        • When I first read about these bags of shit, here is what I wrote.

          “These pork bellies wouldn’t make it past the pungi traps, let alone the telescopic, stainless steal, air pressure activated death spikes after kicking in the front door. You and your slobbering band of blobs can bring it on down anytime you like. Damned goon squad of degenerate douche bags must be prepping for the grave.”

          I stand by it. These trash bags won’t get past the front door. They’ll be taking dirt naps within days of playing this game.

          • Take head shots! Bullets can be stopped by fat.

          • I hope that fat ass rolls down my street with that “armor”. What a dope. What idiot will aim at the plates? One shotgun blast at his feet, and he will marauding on a skateboard. Does he know about “spread” on a shotgun?
            Apex is the right term for him. He is the big turd on the top of the pile in the yard.

              • Then he would have to work at IHOP.

          • JR, if they come to my place trying anything stupid, they WILL be taking dirt naps. Head shots only. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

            • BH. It wasn’t I need to get off the meds. Its I need to make sure I take them. Had a day of insanity. But the PAGE returns.

              And a community such as mine would use these fuckers as a training exercise

              I have seen some of these dicks at the gun shows. You should hear their “expert” talk. There is a few cancerous one there. But most would either start their shit to early and thelocal law would finish them. Or be to late.

              And maybe they have all ready been targeted because someone is needs those tracks for his oown hypothetical tank that he doesn’t have in the old barn.

          • Joe ,
            I do not think they would even make it to the door they would probably expire of a heart attack carring their gear in the physical condition they are in! LOL

            I my opinion the ones with the biggest mouths were the first to piss themselves at the first sign of rounds coming down range at them and generally run in the opposite direction.

            There are countermeasures for this type ( marauders and wanna be warriors of the wasteland):

            2) Practice your TTP’s (Tactics, Techniques, Preocedures)
            3) Train with others form a team with Light infantry tactics.
            5) Know your AO, practice in your AO. Learn it’s strengths and weaknesses.
            7) know your limitations , improve your capabilities.

            Establish a LP/OP ( Listening post / Obsevation post with communication capabilities )

            Patrol outside your community in a non-predictable manner AFTER THE BREAKDOWN looking for obvious signs of intrusion or Surveillance. This way if attacked you have an element that can organize a Hasty ambush from their 6. Always have one patrol working outside the wire in this function.

            At your LP/ OP and other concealed areas provide for two man rifle teams , range card the areas and provide fire lanes that each group is responsible for on over watch. NOD’s are Force multipliers in the dark. Most assaults happen at 3:00 am when alertness is at its lowest.

            Resources :
            Contact : tactical manual for post collapse survival Max Velocity
            A failure of civility , Jack Lawson Mike Garand
            locusts on the Horizon E book

            Western Rifle shooters association web page.

            Shows like this are being corrupted with bad information investigate and research every thing shown on doomsday preppers trust nothing shown on TV . IT CAN AND WILL GET YOU VERY DEAD VERY FAST.

            Do not be a Couch potato warrior like these guys , get out there practice, train , form teams .
            Prepare .





            Semper Fi 8541

            • Work a lot just to pay the bills, don’t know any real preppers, so I’ll probably be on my own, yuk. The value of a well organized group is great. That said, some people like me are going to be laying low, be like a mouse, but a mouse with teeth. The problem to overcome being by myself is that I got to sleep sometime!
              Hard to find trustable preppers and keep OPSEC.
              I know a guy who said if the SH’s TF he’s just going to just start shooting people. I wonder sometimes if he’s going to show up at my door after it happens?
              As for those fat turds, LOL.
              I really DO wish to add to a small group, but really does seem remote at this time.
              Take care and have a good day.
              Stu OUT.

              • Prep. Survive its death and then link up with the people that want to rebuild.

                • Got home from job 2 a little bit ago and like normal look at this site to see what’s up. Thank you Facebook page, that’s a plan that I can follow, and a small group could follow that as well.
                  Have a good night.
                  Stu OUT.

            • Well stated night breaker.

              Fear is a weak emotion and it will get you dusted. Fear for your creator is the only fear needed.

        • OPSEC is your #1 priority.

          • No family is.

            • They go hand in hand.

        • True, but it’s all a line of BS. Roving bands of free booters went out with the 100 years war. 80 guys need 560 man days of food a week. If they have any “family” it’s worse. You hit one person in 19 that’s waiting for you and it’s all over soon. You cannot stand the casulties. It’s also stupid. For the cost of gearing up a real combat group you could easily get a year or two’s supply of food. That’s all you get anyway, an area you can control won’t have much more than that and after a year of stealing, if you live, the rest of the food is gong to be like reaching into a badgers den to get him out. You won’t have a hand left.
          This group in peticular isn’t a threat. If they are stupid enoughto go on TV, you are going to be attacked by F troup. Their stuff will be a good addition to our supplies.

        • Exactly, and if I lived anywhere near this guy he would be the first one I would take out even if I had to go looking for him.

          • I couldn’t agree with you more Max Velocity 🙂

            Everyone please get some training if you haven’t done so already.

            If you want to get good at something you pick the best in that field and study under them.

            There is another Combat Rifle trainer closer to the west coast side of things, look up Mountain Guerrilla 🙂

            Peace and blessings….

            • Sword…Max… totally agree…but for many it will be trial by fire.
              It’ll get ugly.

              • Jerry they do say that experience is the best teacher, lol.

                I just like to up the force multipliers in my favor 🙂

                Now if I could scrounge up enough coin for some NVG I would be master of the night as well.

                Peace and blessings….

                • Nice handheld Flir unit is what I’m saving for…
                  oh my are they expensive…will serve dbl duty…also the boat..

        • These guys are a bunch of marshmallow wannabe bad asses but they will be the first ones to run home to mama when they are faced with someone who has taken their survival seriously. The mentality of those who would join a group like that is well below average intelligence, they are all screw ups and losers. What a joke.

        • Keep your mouth shut, hide yur buckets of chicken, and never…. NEVER stop kissin’ ass on those teachers.

          In all seriousness, you guys need to learn when its time to press out to keep the fight from coming to your door step…. and what all that includes. Don’t cling to your stored food too damn much because you very well might get over ran by the Government or a group of assholes who don’t like you very much. LOL

          Quote of the day: “Don’t be fucking stupid”

          • Peterson 4 Libturd Schools, none of us kiss ANYONE’S asses. We will vling to our supplies like hell because that is what will keep ourselves and our families alive, and we will do whatever we consider necessary to protect ourselves, our families, our supplies, and our homes. We don’t care who is coming. They will be challenged. Surrender is not part of anyone’s vocabulary here. So go f#$% yourself! BTW, your quote of the day should be applied to yourself! You came to the wrong place looking for morons. Go to the MSM sites.

            • LOL

              If you cling too hard to your shit and lose it, you’ll be a lost puppy. The moral to all of this…. if you let the assholes on to your street where you live, you’ve screwed up already. Every post ive read that you’ve typed up seemed to about you fighting it out on the front step of your condo…. three pissed off guys wanting to bring hell on earth to where you are standing…. I don’t give a shit who you are… it wouldn’t be a tough job to over run your ass.

              What is your main objective there BH?

              Guarding your preps and food…. or is it survival?

              • Yeah, my main objective is to survive and that’s what the preps are for. I do have other preps stored at my cousin’s BOL in north GA. If I can get out of town and make it there in time, I’ll be fine. If not, then I’ll be stuck in the hellhole city I’m in. If I end up stuck here, you’re damned right I’ll fight to the death to keep the supplies I’ve spent my hard-earned extra money on all this time. I’m not just going to stand back and let some POS take what I have. I don’t submit to any POS who has bad intentions toward me, period!

            • Instead of following KFC’s links around…. why not follow someone who KNOWS what the hell he is talking about and hands out EXCELLENT ADVICE on kicking peoples ass and fighting, tactics, and what the hell the best way to go about saving your own ass.


              There is a good starter video right of the top. He talks about being “Grey Man”… going “Super Chilly”….. and then when to press out with all the hate inside of you to defend your home/compound/ neighborhood and what the hell you need to do. The advice might piss you off but it holds true to being sound.

              Merry Christmas Braveheart!…. you are welcome.

              • MAC….. if I find the video where Irish talks about burning down the neighbors abandoned homes, stealing and setting up Jersey Barriers, and how easy it is for a small Fireteam to over run one asshole who thinks he gonna defend his home with a hunting rifle…. I’ll share it. It’s a pretty good set of videos he produced, he talks about the way the Government go about fighting you in your home also…. I’ll try to look for it, maybe you’ll find it first???

              • OK, Peterson, I can appreciate some good advice on survival and I will check out the video you posted the link for. I’ve just had a really shitty day and this article didn’t help things any. Sorry about blowing up like I did. BTW, Ky Mom [NOT KFC] posts links to some interesting articles we otherwise would most likely miss. she just does her best to be helpful to everyone here and I for one appreciate that. As far as the morons in the article are concerned, their type don’t even worry me but there are others that do. I’ll still stand and fight any predators, I don’t care what their background is. Surrender is not even in my vocabulary.

                • Thank you braveheart!

                  • KY Mom, you are most welcome. Keep those articles coming, please. You’re better than the MSM.

            • Are you an idiot? Sooner or later, everyone has to kiss someone’s ass. It’s a part of life. And I think that Peterson is trying to say that you should kiss the teachers asses because they are teaching you. And kissing a bit of ass will learn you more than the average student.
              When you say that you don’t care who is coming, and that they “will be challenged”, you sound like an idiot.
              I don’t want to surrender either, but there is one thing I’ve learned in life, and that is to pick your battles. So if the government shows up with a shit load of guns compared to your one or two, then you might want to consider surrender so that you can fight another day.
              Please don’t take jabs at others here, even if you don’t like what they say. This site is supposed to be here for all of us that have a common goal. It’s about survival, and looking out for one another, and watching out for ass holes like the thugs that want to take our stuff.
              Check your attitude at the door please.

              • Mike, I’m not even referring to teachers at all. I’ve seen other people ‘surrender’ in certain situations only to get themselves hurt worse than they might have otherwise. There’s no guarantee of safety in surrender. There is no possible benefit to submitting to anyone who has bad intentions toward you. When someone says to me they’re going to do something bad to me, I take it seriously and respond accordingly. IF they can prove to me that it’s only a joke, etc., then and only then would my reaction change. Mike, I have never trusted anyone who expects other people to ‘kiss their ass’. My personal experience has been that such people NEVER have good intentions toward other people. BTW, I did try it once as a teenager and I paid a terrible price for doing so. When you do so, all you’re doing is opening the door for someone to commit God only knows what kind of injustice. There is a price to pay for ‘kissing ass’. Mike, you sound like you mean well so we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this subject. PS, on ‘kissing ass’, when you’re looking at the merchandise, check the price tag and your budget. Make damned sure you can afford it. Also, what you call my ‘attitude’ is the reason I’m still alive. Good luck. You’re going to need all the luck you can get. braveheart

                • Mike, another PS: I’ve been coming here longer than you have. I do know the purpose of the site and give tips on certain subjects myself on occasion. i evn welcome new people to the site and tell them to feel free to ask any questions they have about any survival-related subjects and we’ll try to help them best we can. I’m a regular member here and the others feel like family to me. I do ‘take jabs’ at the trolls who come on here and make unjustifiable attacks on this community. They never have anything useful to contribute. If they did, I would be glad to listen and at evaluate their advice.

        • First of all, if some fat ass dressed like that came to my house I would laugh at him before kicking his ass.

        • I wonder f I send him my address if he and his group will come here first that would save the rest of you a lot of problems me I would just push some dirt in one of my elephant traps This cat is the one that’s going to do a C section on his wife,,,,,,,,he knows how from watching films
          lets just hope he was watching films on how to do a raid,,,,,,,


          • Good Lord don’t tell me someone actually mated with this asshole! I think he-she-it would be packing bags fer sher now!

            • Ronald, some woman HAD to be on drugs to be with him. I just hope she didn’t catch anything.

              • He was selling it. Meth big problem in that area.

        • What would he be able to take from me? He can’t even run.

        • This guy is the classic wannabe. No military background, unrealistic threat assessment and ungrounded opinion of his and his group’s abilities. Dead meat waiting to happen.

          With that said, there are people out there who are a threat. Keep your mouth shut about your preps and stay alert at all times.

          Don’t worry too much about this pant load.

        • what about telling someone else who you observed keeps preps around or talks about themselves/ is your friend/ lives nearby/ would then be a good time to tell them that you prep and team up/ use each others locations as bug out locations?


        • Hope you ole boys come to our place. We will need extra food for the hogs after the collapse and your corpses will do. Overwhelming firepower you think you have? Come on over fatass loudmouths.

        • I’m surprised Whole Milk didn’t say Juggalo’s for Life while he was at it. He most likely ate paint chips as a kid.

        • Exactly BJ–and so many here are quick to dismiss this VERY REAL THREAT–just because in this instance it comes from some joke of a wanna-be marauder who probably plays too much X-box black ops games.

          The very real danger ( and point that should be taken from this story)is that there are closely and loosely organized groups out there of significant sizes who will band together in a SHTF scenario.
          I read recently that there are 100,000 gang members in Chicago and only 200 police officers on gang task forces. Those 100K thugs right now primarily prey upon eachother in their urban ghettos and so the small numbers of copsthug ratio is workable for keeping the productive populace mostly safe.

          However in a SHTF scenario–those hundreds of groups, each with 50 to 100 heavily armed members will not be squabbling over city block turf and who gets to sell which contraband–no, their eyes will be turned outward toward us when they are hungry and desperate.

          They will come in packs, gangs and groups–they will come from all directions, they are stupid enough to burn you down because if they are hungry-then you are gonna be hungry and desperate too.

          They will be exactly as they are now–just more feral. Already they do not produce, they do not plan for the future and their existence is consumption and mayhem—they will seek consumables and move on.

          Now I don’t expect the silly fatboy in this article to last long–heck, he probably couldn’t even last a 100 yard sprint. But there are some serious groups of cold-hearted and vile sub human miscreants out there. They also would relish a chance to “burn this MFer to the ground.”

        • These idiots will have a target rich environment, they are in Buckley, that’s only 4,000 people, but within 10 miles are at least 50,000 people, and 15 miles, 250,000 people.

          My bet, is however, they won’t live long enough to pick on anyone more than a mile or two away. I used to live on the plateau there, it’s filled with small farms, small towns, and subdivisions in between. They won’t last long, most folks there are good neighbors and will take care of the problem in short order. Farmers, loggers, and Ft. Lewis soldiers won’t sit still for that very long.

        • My .338 with 250 grn. Woodliedge solid dangerous game bullets ought to do the trick. Even my Buffalo Bore 45-70 430 trainers should go through his fat ass and so called armor ( what a joke), like a hot knife brought butter.

        • Two things are going to slow these guys down fast. The first and biggest is water borne diseases. In a large scale collapse water and waste system will cease to work and any water above ground will be contaminated within weeks, if not days. So unless they have immunizations to such things as cholera and typhoid, they’re walking dead men within a few weeks at most. They’ll also have to have some form of medium scale water purification system too. Hell, without proper training in field sanitation, (food, water, and waste handling), they could also fall victim to a serious case of dysentery. Under modern conditions it’s a mild to moderate inconvenience. Under primitive conditions it could be fatal. These guys aren’t going to wander far like the Mongols or other primitive tribes. Clean water was almost everywhere then, but today most sources are suspect at best. And it they don’t die from a case of the screaming shits, lots of folks will have some very nasty (sharp and painful) booby-traps like those found in Viet Nam waiting to be uncovered. If the booby-taps don’t kill them immediately, the subsequent infections sure will. If clowns like these had any real brains they might try to offer their services as security personnel.

        • Like one of us couldn’t take CARE OF THIS FAT TURD! Hahahahaha! Get real…

        • This “Apex Predator” better sit back and contemplate a bit.

          He has failed to take into account that he and his ilk are part of my preps. They are what we refer to as “nitrogen rich material” to be placed in a 1: 18 ratio with cellulose in the compost.

        • 3 fatboys you have to be jokeing

        • I wish that fat bitch would come ands TRY to rob me.

        • Maybe Smith should be dealt with right now. After he’s had everything/everyone he knows beaten out of him, it’s time for the dog-pit.

        • Nothing more than a made for “reality tv”opportunist. This guy no more believes the nonsense he’s spewing that I do. I wonder what natgeo pays these days for an embarrassing appearance or three on TV these days? What is this guys’ price for looking the fool? I’m betting the props department gave him most of that mad max looking crap. Anyone ranting at this guy, take a deep breath and realize you are being played to drum up ratings for a bigger payday. This guy and those like him wouldn’t last 30 seconds in an actual assault, much less if he assaulted someone(s) who were trained extensively to deal w/ such an event.

          The media is not your friend. It is a rabid, unthinking beast that only cares for its next meal of shock, awe, attwntion and stupidity. Starve the beast and stop paying attention to it.

        • Keep in mind that when things fall apart and the dollar collapses..
          We will need to have a way to deal with gun shots, knife cuts and all the stuff
          an ER center would do for you that you might not have access to.



        • good luck. he posted his pic. what a dumb ass.

        • Let ’em come, “talk about losing your head”, we’re ready. Our advantage is that we tend to shoot and ask questions later.

        • Agree, but lone wolves will be dead wolves. There is strength in numbers.

          That said, there is a happy medium or a middle ground on this issue.

          Share info with only those you trust but don’t tell them everything because THEY may have loose lips

        • This is to the so called marauder LOL tyler smith- bring it on fat boy, i know a couple cannibals that would cook you up nice and tender- what an idiot.

        • and the next best bet is to mark him, and others like them and to take them out: sooner rather than later. If they are seen at any time – flank and attack.

          scum like that have no moral, legal or constitutional rights. they are animals to be exterminated.

      2. From my cold dead fingers…

      3. I watched that Doomsday Prep episode. I was totally disgusted by these people. Honestly, I think they should be shot now because if that is what they are willing to do after shtf, then that is probably how they live their lives now.

        • Not until I get my parts.

          And most likely when the time come they wouldn’t have enough fuel to get to their “bunker”. Its a building at the back of there lot. Woo eee. Within range of a 556 from the road.

      4. Your kidding right? Is that a picture of him and his crew above? Those fat bastards would be out of breath after 5 minutes of constant action. Give me a break! But if they want to try, be my guest. LMAO

      5. When I saw this episode I was really upset! This guy is obviously the scum of the earth and deserves whatever happens to him.
        Does he think people will just cower before him and not put up a fight? That is delusional! I bet he was the classroom bully in school. It does show that a group has the max chance of survival with clowns like this running around. I am glad he is in Washington and hope authorities can find something to hang on this roach! God Bless, James

      6. Knowingly NOT stockpiling necessities in a time of plenty in anticipation of being able to victimize innocent and responsible individuals who had some measure of foresight is, in my opinion, a vile and odious thing.

        • yea, punishable by a swift death at the hands of those you would victimize. Then hang their fat carcas out with a sign proclaiming the comunity policy,,,

          • Kulafarmer, is there any rope made that’s strong enough to handle all of that weight? If not, then 2 shots to each head and get it over with.

            • Suppressed 60 grain 22. And I believe there entire group could be taking out with just that and a noisy raining day. I could do it from my tracked wheelchair.

              They are a training experience that it. For real.

              I would worry more about the 2 or 3 person urban teams. That have nothing to defend except themselves. They will be a serious threat to urban housing areas.

      7. I saw this episode the other night and it was laughable to say the least. He’s a big target and I’m a very good shot. Now there might be real ex military folks that could steal my sandwich; but it won’t be this guy.

        • Your right! They are quite the lard butts and I would bet dollars to doughnuts that if you can get this a**hole to chase you…they’d die from a heart attack first. Problem solved.

          • Reminds me of the fat bastard killed on the shitter in unforgiven. Would have the same ah shit look too as he died also.

        • You can tell by his response that he is getting a little scared at the citizens’ comments towards him. This is actually the type of person that will try to win your trust as being helpful and on your side. When the time is right and your back is turned, he will gut you. I don’t see him mounting a real assault in a group. No, he is your professional bullshiter that will simply stab you in the back because he has no moral code to live by. Still a danger none the less. Just don’t look for his type to be storming in your windows.

          • Gonetoolong – I saw the episode and seeing your post made me think that he put himself out there now and REAL preppers know who he is. He’s going to kiss up to the wrong person who now knows his intentions and I bet he doesn’t make it to SHTF. I bet we read about this guy being taken out before it ever happens.

            I couldn’t believe what I was watching when he started talking about how he was “prepping”. Unbelievable!

            • If this tard was serious, he wouldn’t be on TV telling everyone about it. BTW did you see what happened when his crap armour was shot with a 30-06?

              All I see was his cousin that looked like he has high, a fat white trash guy who talks tough, and his cubby pregers wife. If his team is so strong, how come they weren’t on the episode with him?

              I believe GOD will provide for me and I don’t worry about what others do. I have prepared the best I can and if I go I can assure you; it will be costly for their “team” ….

              What a joke this is!!

      8. Go ahead, let that fat ass come and try. My entire house hold is combat trained. MOLON LABE!

        • He and his buddies are overweight. First make him run. Then aim for the knees.

          I wonder on what planet he is an apex predator?

          • Go Shane on his obese Otis butt?
            (Had to go Walking Dead on y’all!)

            • RWM – Nice one! Love Walking Dead : )

          • At the all you can eat buffet

      9. “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming,”

        Good! I’m waiting.

        • These types will prey on the easy targets first,
          and of those many are also armed,
          How many gunshot wounds from shotgun blasts or plinkster 22s do you think these clowns or anyone for that matter will be able to absorb and still be an effective force? Let alone coming up against a group armed with AR style weapons who have trained and can place a shot in a quarter and a follow up on another target.
          My neighbors kid can hit a dime with his 22 every time, is really quite amazing,, but then again his dad can do the same with his 300WM, and thats just 2 people in the overwatch,,,
          what about the rest of them???
          Think they will just roll over??
          and what about the other 30-40,000 old school folks who live here?
          Even if punks like this have 30 guys, how long until they are ambushed and all killed? I give them 2 weeks tops, within the first week they will see at least a third of their numbers either killed or wounded. This is real life with people defending their families, not steel targets in the woods,,, or an electronic game,,,

          • Kula, as you said, for these types AR with M855 is the prerequisite. Team members with ARs front, the rest with 00Buck in the back for final take downs.

            • copy that,,,
              I like the 3 gun challenge approach

              • Don’t forget the .22 to finish off the wounded who didn’t make it off the field. Don’t know about you but I don’t particularly fancy listening to their dying cries.

                And if you can get their gear off them before they void themselves I’d also consider that a bonus.

                • CV, depends on the .22 supply. Still is hard to see them on the shelf and hate to use the current inventory on useless trashes.

                  • Point taken. Then maybe something like a spear or a poleaxe. I wouldn’t want to get too close to their wounded to finish them off. It’s not because they are down they aren’t a threat anymore. The only way to neutralize the threat posed by that kind is to do to them what you do to a rabid dog.

                    But a wounded animal is still dangerous, especially one that can use a gun.

                  • Bayoneting the wounded is the traditional method.

                  • Gerber machetes…$20.

                  • Meat clever.

                • Buzzards have to eat too!

          • They have never REALLY been in the woods. Maybe the day use area at best, drinking keystone light and talking how tough they are inbetween bites of buffalo chicken wings. Up here, try one week without gps or logging roads. Just backpack and compass.

            • I rember many of these woods from before the logging road were no more than a rail track and a herd of donkeys and mules.

          • Kulafarmer,

            >>”This is real life with people defending their families, not steel targets in the woods,,, or an electronic game,,,”<<

            Bingo. That right there is the game changer. When your survival or that of your family is at stake, civility becomes irrelevant very quickly as it should.

            As a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran advised me once, "Once a threat has demonstrated the Ability, Intent, and the Opportunity to inflict moderate or greater bodily injury, use of force is authorized. Do not hesitate for a moment to use force. Every second wasted is a life or death moment."

            It's not the type of decision a novice person can reliably make in the heat of battle, which is why it must be honed to a reflex evolved out of repetitious training. The lethal force decision making process must be made long before the event ever takes place.

            That may sound cold and ruthless to some, but it may mean the difference between winning and losing the fight.

            • If a pre emptive strike is good enough for GWB
              Its good enough for me to take target practice on some asshole and his band of morons before they get anywhere near my home.
              I dont think your statement sounded cold, i think it was proper given the context, we are all conservative, that generally means we are willing and ready to preserve and protect what is ours also.

              • Well said!

        • When I reread your quote, the girl-next-door’s (very thin walls) radio started playing “tiny, weenie, yellow poka dot bikini”.

          It makes much more sense now.

      10. A pension plan for wannabe’s. His veneer is too thin. Those who do not realize the dust will eventually settle do not plan on seeing it happen. People like him make pieces, they don’t pick them up.

      11. We can prepare and survive any future disasters or downturns, as for the coming chastisment of God I dont reckon may be as easy to survuve but we can prep easily enough but getting and staying right with God.

      12. IF any of you watched these morons and your genuinely concerned about them, you had best just go ahead and cash it in right now, cuz you aint gonna make it. These idiots would last about…….15mins where I live , if that.

        • Spook45, you’re being just a little too generous on the time frame. They wouldn’t last 5 minutes where I live.

        • They might be incompetent but there are still allegedly over 80 of them and they claim to be heavily armed. And they will be enthusiastic, to say the least. You would still do well to beware their sort.

          Also, even morons can get a lucky shot in too.

          And to add to this, as the adage goes professionals are predictable, amateurs are dangerous.

          • Hell Only 80, that’s only four loaded 20 rd Mags

            No Problem!!

            Semper Fi

      13. As long as they all look like these folks and overweight regardless of the numbers, all are slow moving targets and easy to take down. Specially when they use the stupid 200 lbs self made body armor making them look like a clown.

        • it just goes to show you you don’t see many skinny folks on food stamps


          • An old bumper sticker said….

            ‘If you think education is expensive, just put a value to ignorance’

          • Tactical and Snake Eater, i could just picture those clowns stopping in the middle of a battle to have a snack.

            • LOOOL Braveheart.

            • Braveheart-

              I wonder sometimes, in a full nightmare/econ-collapse situation, if the wicked/nefarious leadership scum possess the intelligence to employ “dressed-up captives” (see photo/story-line attire) adorned in said armor, to assault the objective..(draw fire of targeted defensive personnel)..while their “vetted-varsity tier” combatants are behind them & in flanking positions, dug in & looking for muzzle-flashes to target!

              History records:

              ..per the Eastern-front campaign, the Soviet-communist field leadership/commanders in WW-II utilized said strategy on a regular basis against the Wehrmacht(German Army).

              The Russian cannon fodder were known as “the penal battalions”.
              They were political prisoners & inmates, drawn from the GULAG system, which was a near-death sentence anyway (back then).

              They were kept isolated & unarmed until the attack was about to commence…then they were armed w/ bolt guns only & usually(just) 20rds apiece.
              Then told, ASSAULT the OBJECTIVE…or die!

              ..the 2nd echelon (vetted commie soldiers behind them), were instructed to “waste any penal battalion soldier” who hesitated or retreated.

              -(sorta gives “motivational impetus’.. a whole new meaning, don’t you think)-

              To say that the German Army on the Eastern Front, choked and died on the BLOOD of the Soviet penal battalions…is almost an understatement.

              Hence the historical Russian number of +20million KIA in WW-II, is likely close to the truth!

              Now, you know why.


              That said:

              ..if a real American of Southern birth-rite, can unearth such info/data/truth..

              ..how difficult would it be for a few of Daisy’s protagonists, to do likewise and duplicate such strategy, when the SHTF.


              Just something to keep in mind.

              -in the meantime-

              Aim small, miss small & keep moving!

              • That is why in any combat situation one MUST maintain discipline and awareness. On the defence, unless completely surrounded, there will be elements of an all-around defence that will not be engaged in the fighting. These are the ones whose attention MUST stay in their assigned arcs instead of the noisy confrontation at the opposite end of their location.

                If discipline is lax, they will leave their posts to make their way where they think they will be more useful or just try to see what’s going on.

                You make an excellent point and as you’ve demonstrated, you aren’t the first one to consider it and you definitely won’t be the last either.

              • Hunter, excellent observations. I had always heard that Stalin emptied out his gulags to have manpower to fight the Germans. I believe that 20,000,000 figure is close to correct also. That would be one of the few times the Soviets were honest about anything. I’m sure there are plenty of vets among the prepper movement who would be capable of doing so. Some of the vets in my family can certainly do it also. braveheart

      14. Sounds like the script from the movie, “The Postman”.

        Those behind a wall will fare better than those attacking said wall. Those needing to expend effort to move out in the elements to seek new prey are at the disadvantage. Few with such a mindset have the discipline necessary to hold such a band of de-facto criminals together for too long. They will feed upon themselves at the fist sign of low rations.

        • Canadian infantry doctrine calls for a 3 to 1 advantage in numbers when on the offensive. That ratio goes up when enemy defences start going past a single line of basic fighting positions, like prepared obstacles, further overwatch, fortified positions, fire support, etc.

          Eventually, they’ll run out of combat-capable warm bodies.

          Or, just like the Vikings encountered in England in the 9th century, they will come across their own King Alfred who will unite various factions, raise fortifications and a standing force along with the doctrine to fight off these raiders.

          • Canadian Vet-

            Good to see a warrior who knows history & tactics, post here!

            • Mate, I won’t lie, I’m not a combat arms type. I wear a Signals cap badge and I’m actually Navy. However my trade is what’s called “purple” and what element I serve in just pretty much determines what colour beret I wear.

              However, by virtue of being in a purple trade, I have been to Afghanistan and my Primary Leadership Qualification course was the Army one as it is much more strenuous than the Navy or Air Force ones. These guys plan mess dinners, I was planning section (squad) level field operations.

              That and I’ve spent more time in a field unit than anywhere else.

              As for history, it’s always been an interest and I work in a field where it pays to have a wide background of knowledge along those lines. That and I’ve been trained as an analyst so it does help some.

      15. The first rule of prep club is. You do not talk about prep club. The second rule of prep club is. YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT PREP CLUB! Look at this guy..What a douche! BUT I am glad to have seen this. Just a reminder that it won’t just be hungry, violent people who come a knocking. And to you Mr. Smith I say….Come on if you’re coming then mother fucker!!!

        • Shane and everyone else, I’m with you all the way. My first post on this article applies to ANYONE THAT HAS SUCH THOUGHTS IN THEIR HEADS! I don’t care what their backgrounds are, what they look like, what they’re wearing, what they think, etc. BRING IT ON AND WE’LL SEE WHO’S LEFT STANDING WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS. NOBODY OWES YOU ANIMALS A DAMNED THING. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

      16. The band of thieves would not fare well in Texas. Most of us are armed to the teeth and some Texans are feisty.

        • They won’t fair well here.

      17. I know people like this in my area, my daughters boyfriend is one of them…thought I was a better parent than that. Keep ur friends close and ur enimies closer…he doesn’t know shit and she doesn’t anymore either.

      18. It’s people like this that have a special place in hell. If and when they show up to my AO, I’ll do my best to ensure they go there expediently.

      19. These are just hillrods trying to make some cash for their rent and truck payments. They dont have discipline to git R done and get in shape.

        • Deus volo…..You have a point here. I wonder how much NatGeo pays them. There is always SNL option for them.

      20. Is this the same dude that is prepping to do the “C” section on his wife out in the barn ? Bunch of real winners !

        • Yes it is southern. He will gut her. My wife had to have sections for both my sons the Dr. only made a 2 inch incision in his mock c section he made a 12 inch incision the poor girl will bleed to death and if not I bet she will get a infection that will kill her slowly

      21. This guy is a joke. Maybe it’s an insightful campaign to harden the community against the reality of gangs and marauders, but I doubt it. You’d have to be a fool to plan on attacking those that are aware. He won’t get far. Come to my house please. I will gas your ass, turn you into a statistic and take your tools. Night attacks are even better! The end of your contribution to this world would rotting away in a biogas generator.

        • Incognito, I would give them each 1 shot to the head with my M1 and take whatever weapons, ammo, and gear they had.

          • Braveheart ,
            Thats a waste of good 30-06 ammo , use a .357 !
            They probably won’t move to fast and be out of breath by the time they get into range.
            M1 Garand is a good solid well proven battle rifle , it will give my M1A a good run for its money.


            Semper Fi 8541

            • Night breaker, sorry, I should have clarified that. I should’ve said M1 Carbine, .30 cal. I tried a Garand of my cousin’s once and was impressed with it. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the magazine ejects when the last spent cartridge is ejected. If that hits like a rock or tree limb, the sound would give away someone’s position. Not a good thing. I think my Carbine will do.

              • I really would hate to be in a fight and fire 8 rounds of 30-06 and get shot during a 3 second reload because the sound of the clip hitting a branch gave me away. Talk about being bummed.

      22. I watched the show last night. My husband and I were laughing at the armor he built for himself. I guess the guy thinks that his enemies are only going to aim for the armor itself. I saw ten different ways to take him down with the armor on.

        • Lake Monster, Remember that he may have a tactical advantage over you. You may be on the ground laughing when you see this dork in his body armor. Make sure your husband is ready to take him down if that happens.

      23. He says he is my worst nightmare. Not even close. I saw him on the previews for the show. He was so pathetic that he convinced me not to watch. I have a plan to purge my area of scum as soon as the balloon goes up. Then for the first time in my life I can finally leave my doors unlocked when I go out.

        • mf
          welcome to the plan club


        • Maudy, when I watched the video, I fell out of my chair laughing at him, not the message in the article. I had to get away from the computer briefly before making my first post. I was already having a bad day and this article doesn’t help things at all. Let the scum come to my place. I’m the one who will still be standing when the smoke clears. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

      24. Bang.

      25. A guy like that is obviously looking for attention. I highly doubt he would have the means to endure the PTSD that comes with taking an innocent life. More than likely, he will be the first to go.

        He is a mental dwarf and nothing more.

        • I think you have to have a brain though to suffer from ptsd

      26. Good article Daisy,,,
        I would like to see a single sniper put this vermin down. Its people like this who have no ethical compas that is part of why we are in the situation we find ourselves in today. No sense of honor and certainly no respect for anyone or anything, In my mind this idiot should be ashamed of himself because he looks like an idiot on the tube, especially boasting about taking what others have worked hard to put by so their families could be safe and provided for. People like this is why I am armed, this is also why our neighborhood will pull together, everyone is aware of this sort of what if,,
        and none of them are going to be a push over for anyone.
        Those who dont want to shoot can alert,

        • This Article is why I dont Pollute my mind with tv, I wouldnt even get the gun out of the corner for this smith, one punch in his gut from this 51yr old farm boy and he’d be crying for his mommy. Then me and the dog would chase the rest of his team around with the four wheeler just for the entertainment of the day. Been burning the candle at both ends lately, but there’s been a lot of GREAT comments on the Articles.

      27. Just another ‘divide and conquer’ story. The Conspiracy’s greatest weapons are fear and panic.

      28. That fat-ass couldn’t jog a mile let alone climb over a hill.

        This is a reminder to stay in shape whether jogging, walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, etc.

        His attitude represents many. Too bad he doesn’t use his knowledge and energy for the good, instead he chooses evil….

      29. All I can say is “Bring it on losers!”. If these scumbags think us preppers will be sitting around with our thumbs up our butts they have another thing coming. We will be organized and have watch stations with communication between all the watch stations and the command post. This event HAS been taken into account long ago and my prepared neighbors will be ready for these thugs.

      30. While I do not condone violence, I am trained and prepared for it. What would be quite ironic is if someone were to go and shoot this lard ass now before the collapse. The police would have a pretty hard time developing any sort of profile of the killer as he has made himself a target for over 3 million preppers! Don’t mistake my post for encouragement please…

        • Holy Crap!
          I just laughed so hard I almost pissed myself! What a hilarious astute observation, he and his whole clan are up for a Darwin award.
          When I watched the show all I could think of is putting 168grn HPBT in his dimwitted, beady eyed, porcine face.

          MOLON LABE!

        • “Just because I haven’t killed you yet, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how.”

          • I wish I could forget..

            • Facebook Page-

              Guess I am the only one to ‘catch’ your meaning. I understand…

              I gave you the green thumb.

      31. poetic justice would be this guy and his 80 paid dues lemmings meet their demise now before SHTF

        • Actually they would scavang off each other first.

          A person who is lime that will just as easily do it to there own. Given the chance.

          He is the type that think they can and want to murder.

      32. I think these guys have watched one too many video games.
        Sounds good in theory until people you are “Maurading” against shoot back. This guy looks like he would last 2 seconds in a real firefight. Playing army is not as easy as it looks in video games.

      33. Geez…. I posted something earlier about idiots drawn to the camera like flies to crap and this is that guy! What a hoot. This is why we get looked down upon when somebody finds we are preppers. This douche bag doesn’t look like he could steal a free lunch.
        As for Nat Geo….thanks again for all you have done to make preppers look like idiots. Real preppers are very low profile not the loud bloviating dime store cowboys you film. Hey they got to make a buck I suppose. Hopefullty the rest of my life will be one big episode of dancing with the stars and any preps made will be for nothing that is my Plan”A” If that falls through I hope Mr Apex learns early on that fighting people in their own back yard where they know every nook and cranny and they know all their neghbors (as good preppers should) could be a very costly affair in people and materials. The very act of them moving into an area where they are not from and setting up shop would invite being shot up like any stray dog in the country. I beleive that the ones that have to be afraid is the unprepared as they are much softer targets and probably easily hit in the early stages of an event. As for the well prepared that whole thing of shooting back and then being overwhelmed by the local community hunting down stray dogs in their midst would tend to make Mr. Apex Warrior and his career as a would be Road Warrior criminal a short one. Being a prepper is about surviving hard times Mr. Apex Warrior when engaged regularly in activities that would shorten that goal seems more like a death wish than a survival action plan…either way I have plans for many situations and you’re one of them.

      34. The Boers in South Africa have the mother of all prepper movements which numbers around the 800 000 now, known as the Suidlanders…

        The Boers also have experience in having their homesteads attacked by military foes, going back to the Anglo Boer wars and as well as what they experience now with farm invasions.

        Time to team up! And share knowledge? no? yes?

        • FOREIGNER, yes these Afrikaans whether from South Africa or Rhodesia are true Survivalist to the First Degree. And Rhodesia is a prime example of what happens when you let a Rogue Government take control. The U.S. was one of the biggest factors in destroying this country. South Africa and Rhodesia were the only truly prosperous countries in the whole of Africa. Rhodesia has been wrecked by black rule, and South Africa somehow is still hanging on. And yes we can take a lesson from the Boer’s. Trekker Out. Not Racist, Just Fact.

          • I spent some time in Rhodesia. The best experience I’ve ever had. They reminded me of settlers in America. The US government has made more African countries go communist, than either Russia or China.

      35. Him- that guy-HIM BAWHAHAHAHA not hardly!

        • My thoughts exactly: anybody who knows real battle strength knows this guy does not have it. End of story.

      36. I doubt he will be acting all tough when his fat friend is turned into pink mist.

        • Chilton, if I blow the head off one of them, maybe the rest will go home crying for mama.

      37. This is for your consideration only. I am not endorsing this person, in particular.

        Maybe, one or two of the respondents are awake to the fact that Tyler’s kind has played figurehead to cults of personality, since times immemorial.

        Most are very proud in their way of speaking, here, yet, can name examples of a Tyler-personality, on every front.

        They remain, as a result of your ongoing restraint.

        Yet, he is being a decider. He chooses who is socially redeemable, in light of his personal cause, so represents the survival of morals, no matter how arbitrary.

      38. This tub of sh€t is not something you need to worry about. You need to worry about people like ex-special forces, organized criminals (drug gangs, Russian mafia), rogue elements in the military-industrial complex and anyone who is willing to lead them to build a new world.

        After a breakdown, you will not be left to live a neo-hippie lifestyle that looks straight out of Danish porn from the 70s (as appealing as that is). No, there will be a power struggle as new forces rise up to replace the gap left by legitimate authority. And that space will be fought over using brute force and guile and the winner will be the group who can horde the most territory and booty (not the kind that shakes on those hip-hop videos).

        For examples of this phenomenon in action, you don’t have to look further than the breakdown in the former Soviet Union. Look who got all the wealth and power? Ex-spies, musclemen, ex-military. Your typical street-level, corner boy trash lacks the brains and the organizational skills to pose a big long-term threat. Those clowns will be exterminated quickly in the first days, weeks and months. The people doing the ‘cleansing’ will be ex-military: highly organized, well-disciplined, know all the tricks in the book, battle hardened. Nature cannot abide a power vacuum. Something must fill the space. And it won’t be some crack-addled ghetto punk who can barely string a sentence together. It will be guys who feel like they got burned by the system and it is time for payback.

        And they will need bitches to pay a tithe to them so that they can get their houses set up, their regular ‘servicing’ from ladies, and so they can start their business investments. You will be that bitch, I imagine.

        • Frank Thoughts, the only part of your post I dispute is your last one about ‘me’ being someone’s bitch. I know you were referring to people in general, but I’m not about to become ANYONE’S bitch. When it’s my time to depart this world it will be on my terms, standing up fighting, not on my knees begging for mercy like some coward. I do agree with the rest of your post. No offense taken by me at all. I’m sure you mean well. braveheart

      39. Do you think that the NSA has a line on these people?

        • That implies someone would take these morons seriously. LOL!

        • Slingshot:

          I believe he is getting “we are hiring” papers from the IRS, TSA, Homeland Security, EPA, ACORN, et.al.

          • POG.

            You are assuming they can read.

          • He and his “army” are the same types that enjoy groping and abusing the elderly and the very young children at the airport. We have seen alot of these trailer trash losers in northeast Kali, and we are pretty sure that the only thing they stockpile is Sudafed and industrial solvents. Y’all don’t think they use the bathtub for personal hygiene, do you?!?

        • No. They know it has been proven that inbreds have a much shorter life span.

          They are probably under their category–harmless….

        • Slingshot. NSA not an issue with this group. Sheriff and Atf is who’s on their ass for reason even I support.

      40. Daisy,

        You bring up some very points to think about.

        They are criminals, planning and training for their future targets.


        Take care!
        KY Mom

      41. Love that fat ass white trash family photo of him. Yeah nothing screams Apex warrior like that photo. Seems like the kind of guy that has never been anywhere near shots fired in anger. Probably feels like a real player in the light infantry world cuz he works on the garbage truck that picks up the trash on an army base. This accounting for his total military exposure and training…wel that and “Call of Duty” Good luck buddy!

      42. Chain saw, tractor, lay down many logs/boulders across country road mile up & down. Caution signs with bullet holes. Contamination signs.

      43. Daisy, thank you for this article and heads-up on this moron who thinks he’s invincible. All I have to say to him and his cohorts is this: If you’re feeling froggy, GO AHEAD AND JUMP, MF. So you think you can go anywhere you want and take anything you want from anybody you choose and not expect to face any consequences, huh? Bring it on, @hole! Go ahead and try something stupid! If you want to commit suicide, just go right ahead because that’s all you’re really going to accomplish. It will be the last thing you ever do in this world. Anyone who is thinking of joining him had damned well better reconsider if you value your own lives. The only thing you’ll get from me is hot lead with your names on them! MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

      44. I trust that the little darling has enjoyed his 15 minutes of frame. He may think he is the biggest badass on the block, but to me, he is nothing more than a punk and a thief. I am NOT impressed or intimidated by his pronouncements. First mistake was to announce in advance, his intentions. Idiot. No suprises here, there will always be those who will use or attempt to use force to steal from others. So why would things be any different in SHTF situation? The only thing this self annointed “apex predator” did, was confirm what we already knew and have factored into our plans. I suspect this punk will get bitch slapped by reality, when he tries to steal other people’s stuff.

        Hey Mr Apex Predator (and the rest of your comrads) here is a public service announcement for you: You ain’t Mad Max or that tough of a badass. When you find yourself in that “oh shit” situation, you will not be able to call on the cops, a lawyer or your mommy to save your worthless ass. You will have zero rights and “not playing by the rules” works both ways. It is very likely that WE will be the ones splitting up YOUR gear once you are at room temp.

        • I actually see him and his merry band of marauders more like the Deliverance type – the Receiving End…

          • Training just training

      45. Zombie Apocalypse Rule no. 1: cardio.

        Everyone has a plan till the rains come.

        ….rain lead……

        …..be safe……be the weapon……..BA>

        p.s.—-SmokinOkie—-your stoic input please…..

      46. No doubt about it.

        Whenever you hear “free trade” then you know that the JEWS are giving the American worker the shaft.

        Jews have NO loyalty to their host nations and couldn’t care less if the “goys” lose their jobs, their homes, and their dignity.

        We must ALL name the names and not speak only of “globalists” (like Alex Jones) or “elitists” (like Gerald Celente) or simply “Wall Street” (like Charlie McGrath)…BUT state the CLEAR FACTS:

        JEWS run Wall Street.

        “Jewish Wall Street”…which underwrites the multi-nationals…DICTATES policy to the corporations under their control and SEND our manufacturing jobs and all the attendant white collar jobs OVERSEAS.

        Now “COMMUNIST” Vietnam is under the Jews’ control…JUST LIKE “COMMUNIST” Russia was during the long Jewish captivity beginning with the Bolshevik Revolution until the dismantling of the Soviet system in 1991.

        Doesn’t matter if a country is a “democracy” or “communist.”

        Because JEWS control the MONEY and GLOBAL TRADE then THEY RULE over ANY form of government.

        • Has anyone checked out the last names of the people who bought the factory in Florida where the drones are being manufactured?

        • Just another redneck bigot. no better that the retards on the Prepper show. The Neo Nazi, Klan skin head crap on this site serves no productive purpose.

          • Justice, you are wasting your time confronting the racist types here. If you thought this site was about prepping sorry. It appears to be a way for Jew haters to try to sell their BS.

            • Justice and OPSEC, if both of you think it’s wrong for white people to point out certain deficiencies in other ethnic groups, then I have to wonder about the 2 of you. If I see someone doing something wrong REGARDLESS OF COLOR, GENDER, RELIGION, ETC. I will speak out against it. You can take your racist label and shove it. Neither one of you have a leg to stand on. don’t tell white people what they can or cannot say.

      47. Yes, Virginia…there will be gangs, and patrols of those looking to take what you have including your life.

        Story as old as time there. I don’t think you need to worry about humpty dumpty Tyler Smith however. He is def. going to have a great fall. And the pieces may never be found after some ones dogs have him for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

        There are going to be elevated levels of roving gangs, thugs and plain criminal elements shopping your immediate areas however. Those who take instead of give.
        You know what they say about takers though- Givers get, takers get taken. Someone will see that oversized target a mile away (day or night)and pop his top with a silenced .308 AP round. Shhickkk! Splat! Thud.

        Speaking of a mile away, that is why you need a great early warning system in place, be it community patrols, electronic warning devices or even obstacles. The idea is to slow them down and alert you before they can get too close. It will most likely be ‘Road Warrior’ like with organized groups of thugs attacking any weaker or poorly defended locations first. Once the thugs find out you have something, they will attack en masses and probably not give up until you or they are dead.

        You will have to use outside the box thinking and strategies to defeat the numbers against you. Think home built scalar weapons and technologies that can lay down a threat over a wide area. Anyone who has not stocked up on old microwave ovens yet, may want to do so. You do not want to get in the way of an unshielded high power magnetron gun, it’s not fun. 🙂

      48. Come home

        • She did

      49. Let see how smart they are, judging from the picture.

        Too much body armor. Weight the most important item to consider for mobility and endurance.
        The knife attachment. Stationary. “Predator Movie” Can become an obstructional in movement. Think he can pull mags from pouches without gutting himself. Where are his extra mag pouches? First aid kit or water source like canteen or camelback. Can he clear a Jam? Load a mag without difficulty under fire?
        Body armor has protrusions. Can not lay flat and if he had to move through foliage with vines he would be entangled. On concrete would not have body stability.
        Helmet looks to be some sort of steel pot. Easy Bullet penetration.

        • Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again!

          • hmmmmm, let’s see…cupcakes 0, spotter 3…..next!!!

        • Hey, Slingshot: be careful, lil’ Tyler has a TapOut MMA t-shirt!! I’ll bet he loves to roll on the ground!

          Seriously, my concern is with the gangs of illegal immigrants, ethnic gangs like the BGF, Crips, Nortenos, Surenos, MS-13 (some with military training, Bloods, Gangsta Disciples, SE Asian syndicates, etc. Not sure how many border crossers are Muslims, but they are often trained to shoot, maim, cut, kill and destroy effectively. They will not always bare their teeth until the weapons come out.

        • His “knife attachment” will probably end himself before anyone else will get the chance. Or his long screws coming out his “craptastic armour”.

          This can’t be for real

        • He couldn’t lay flat without the armor on. Lol

      50. People like these “predator coyotes” who think they are so “Billy bad-ass” tend to think differently when they see a corpse hanging from a makeshift gallows in your front yard.

        Farmers apply the same principle to the four-legged predators on the ranch – they hang the coyote carcasses on their fence line.

        It works, trust me.

      51. All one has to do is see these pictures of people pleading for help in written letters on roofs; “Help Us”, “SOS FOOD H2O HELP !!” and understand why people prepare for the future WHEN where they live is eventually faced with similar or worse circumstances. AND why so many of us DON’T trust the government, any government.


      52. not to sound like a heartless bastard, but survival includes the idea that in some instances for you to survive someone else has to lose. it’s just like war.

        • Delta,
          — Normally I haven’t paid any attention to whether there are more green thumbs up or red thumbs down to someone’s comment. Everyone has their right to an opinion. But your comment is dead on right. I hope people with your genetic composition are the last ones standing when the dust settles.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      53. They look like

        Curly, Larry, and Moe.

        Please tell me these three are the top three agents for the NSA–if you tell me, I’ll feel much better. Our odds for survival go way, way up if they are….

        • Curly, Larry and Moe —That is what I thought also
          — yuckeddy – yuckeddy – yuck

      54. The smart preppers aren’t advertising who or where they are, so how would these thugs know where to go? How does one identity the “preppers”? Even the government doesn’t know it all. Even pulling a list of email addresses or names from a site like this one wouldn’t give accurate information because some people just show up to see what’s going on. I don’t see a list of preppers being sent out to everyone, such as is the issue with the gun owners. So how will these thugs know where to go to look for food, etc? Furthermore, is this band of robbers nation-wide with a coordinated effort? They’d have to be in order to make sure they got everyone that saved up food. If there is 3 million preppers vs 350 million people, then it’d be like finding a needle in a hay stack. I just want to thank them for giving me a “heads-up”. I’ll be working even harder now, to prepare for them. If they’re going to kick my butt, they should never ever give a warning.

        • “And just so yall know your feeding into another show I have airing and your filling my pockets so for my house payments sake and new truck payment keep talking!”

          If he had any sense about him, hed be using the money he got for the show to buy some preps… you know so he doesnt have to go foraging for food and get killed in the process.. but he doesnt have that level of intelligence yet.

      55. After the show aired I went on nat geo facebook page this guy was getting torn up. Many people are know refusing to watch the show anymore and others saying if this is the direction the show is going in they will no longer be watching either. Somebody ever posted Smiths phone number. I am just wondering how long till they find this guy doing the dead mans float.

      56. I watched fatboy on NG the other night. It was hilarious! He also believes he can perform a c-section on his wife after watching youtube videos, and can build effective body armor out of kitchen tiles, tar, and fiberglass. I am not making this up.
        The other half of the episode was about a smart, very nice man building his own aquaponic system in Costa Rica.

        Don’t get too worked up over some under achiever who never grew up.

        • Exactly. Bunch of immature posers who’ve played one video game too many.

        • I watch too. And I could not understand why the barn for the C-section? Why not their house. Only Six month of food. And those group images with one of the women holding a baseball bat in her hands.

          The fiberglass, tar and tiles might be good idea for covering a window, on a board. Not to wear.

          And when he ask his cousin to shoot him to test the body armor, that was so stupid.

          Every show I see something that might be good to look at.
          Some less then others.

          • I have to admit, when he asked his cousin to shoot him, I was praying for another “trip to the emergency room” episode.

          • Maybe cause baby Jesus was born in a Manger this Nut Job thinks his barn is the best place for a birth. lol OOPS many wars are fought over Warped Religion as well. lol

        • I can’t help but feel that my message of forming a group and prepping as a community was totally erased by the “moron marauder” being on the same show.

          That’s it from down south, thanks for the kind words on my segment.

          Costa Rica Prepper
          PS – I’m working on forming prepping groups and retreats with http://www.MainstreamPreppers.com – not just in costa rica btw.

      57. No need to worry, when the shtfplan this schmuk and his ridiculous posse will be the first to go. Anyone who declares that they have the right to take what is rightfully yours by force should be put down like the animal that they are. No doubt the majority of like minded individuals in this community wouldn’t lose even an hour of sleep if they had to do the honors. America needs a good housecleaning, and the sooner the better.

      58. I wondered HOW long it would be till this got ‘noticed’,

        Howdy Daisy…tis a grim reminder of ‘what awaits’, No? A few days ago I speculated on the existeence of what could – efectively – be termed, a ‘sub-species’ of Humanity …resident within the main body thereof, USUALLY ‘hidden’ from view. With this little expose’
        I suppose that the fellow members of THIS ONE’S ‘tribe’ who are more ‘upscale’ would VERY much like that THIS one should soon meet a rather abrupt END…for THESE do not like to be so revealed publically…much like the current ‘Vampire’ theme presents those similarly inclined to prey on the ‘herd’; to NEVER reveal thier existence, EVER…Indeed, these DO NOT like ‘publicity’ in any way, shape or form….Eh? Needless to say, when “TSHTF” those of THAT persusaion are to be TERMINATED forthwith…with EXTREME PREJUDICE…’root and branch’, nuff said there….

        On another note, it is instructive to pay close attention to the on-going Congressional hearings to ‘Vet’ Ms Yellen; for none reachess to that particular ‘strata’ of existence without having been ‘groomed’ along the way extensively…therefor, given that she has declared forthrightly – yesterday – to the panel weighing her fitnes for the position, that ‘…there is NO current ‘bubble’s of which she is aware.” in complete contradiction to both the observed FACT of their existence in EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, as well the strident proclaimations of same from nearly every major entity associated therewith…including now the pundits at CNBC, of all things! Then WHAT does THIS mean.

        It is – actually – not too very difficult to interpret this situation…it has a LIMITED number of interpretations. Specifically, the one which jumps to mind most directly is this:

        “THIS can be interpreted as the “PTB” declaring open WAR on “Middle Class America’ for surely it is NOT they who are suffering the erosion of purchasing power at home..in each less and less than effective check they receive weekly with which to ‘pay the bills’. Yelen WILL ‘push ther lever on the FEDS printing presses to ‘WARP SPEED’…and WELD them there; it’s her clear history.

        We have observed here before that NEAR to the End, it is neccesary for THOSE (PTB) – to have any hope of escaping a Global, PLANETARY ‘WRATH’ – to mis-direct that murderous anger so generated to other venues…I submit that Yellen is a piece of that misdirection…. effectively, a ‘sacrificial goat’. The reasons for this are relatively direct, and include the fact that Larry Summers DECLINED the position, as stated, ‘due to personal considerations, family matters’….the MOST powerful position of this PLANET…one which THOSE of that ‘ilk’ would kill their own Mother for…slowly, roasted over an open fire, and thereafter EATEN by…and he DECLINES the position?! Fat FOOKIN chance…on that basis.

        Not likely, Folks…the psychology of those is to PURSUE POWER at ANY cost…ANY cost whatsoever. As such then nearly the sole and only conclusion is that Mr Summers – a wHITE MALE…of those who have DEMONSTRATED the most ADVANCED, fully honed, ‘sense of SURVIVAL of any group on this planet! – in doing so SHOWS that HE does NOT beleive that the position is ‘tenable’…or rather, ‘SRVIVEABLE’. Hence, then the conclusiion runs as; We MAY now be seeing their final preparations before terminal ‘departure’. To be sure, the political class is in Upheaval, what with the DEBACLE which O-Care is PROVING to be…funny, I wonder HOW much of THAT WAS ‘engineeered’ behind the scenes…Check…the Economy is nearing the point of ‘no return’, likely PASSED that point, actually (hence any possibility of pursuit will be STRONGLY reduced’ …Check….the military has lately been purged of most of those of a ‘patrioric’ bent…Check!…The derivatives market is going like a house ‘a fire, pushed past 1.4 QUADRILLION dollar mark, MORE than enough to ‘vaporize’ the entire monetary system of the WORLD…Gee, wasn”t OUR ‘test case’ …MF GLobal so MUCH FUN!!!! Yippy -Ky-Yay…just THINK of what it will be like when it’s EVERYONE!!!

        To be SURE, there ARE other ‘check’ points here to be listed….VERY MANY, in fact, but I won’t bore you with the details…Hell, you KNOW most of those rather well…we ALL do! I THINK my thesis here is sufficiently ‘well founded’ based on these few ‘tick points’.

        There now remains only the final act of this play…the final ‘smokescreen’ which ASSURES that THOSE CAN ‘get away with IT’…watch for the further EFFORTS of this administration – prompted from behind the scenes, naturally – to generate a Global conflict of significant – hopefully for them, of course – of ASCENDING, INCREASING magnitude. The manner in which this comes might well be “suprising”…THOSE are a ‘creative lot’ aren’t they? What ever happens it will first NEED to gain a momentum before it is EVIDENT – to US – that such is actually enroute…else it might could be derailed…as was the pathetic efforts of the PTB to engage us with North Korea a bit ago.

        Also, No…there is NO way that they can SAFELY escape the consequence of what has been done – the THEFT of the WEALTH of the entire World – WITHOUT starting a WAR of terrible magnitude, somewhere…ONLY that (the FOG of WAR) is a sufficiently confusing mess to allow for them to escaspe us…and as well accomplish an additional NECCESARY function….to eliminate the BULK of those who WOULD later pursue them…think here of, Oh say…something on the order of 6.2 to 6.8 Billion casualty’s as being sufficient to their ends…Ya think?…Simulataneously….that also SERVES to rectify the Global RESOURCE/POPULATION problem as well…a ‘clean sweep’ as it were!

        Well, that’s about enough ‘Sunny Sh_t’, I think, for one day… Adios Muchacho’s


        PS: THANKFULLY, Solar is ‘damping’ enough that I beleive that we are ‘Out of the Woods…”…but I’ve BEEN WRONG BEFORE! 😉

      59. If we have a economic collapse that sends the usa into a dark ages period, and i say IF becuase in history the world has had 8 economic collapses before abd civilization recovered and moved forward, its going to be interesting to watch.

        in my experience, most crime takes place relatively close to where the criminals live. for instance, we have rich neighborhoods here in Houston that are generally crime free compared to the bad neighborhoods.

        if there’s an actual collapse and people have no resource but to take from others, i shudder to think of comes to normally safe suburbia after that; especially after the 40 years of building this tidal wave.

        • IMHO
          It doesnt even have to send us to the dark ages, all it will take is hyper inflation, a prolonged failure of EBT system, or perhaps a big ass earthquake, people will get desperate, and the rats will come out of their holes, most of us could be fine and basically unscathed but the urbanites and the unprepared will be the problem,
          Who knows, watching and waiting and keeping it real!

      60. Dear Mr. Smith,

        Those who go out looking for trouble are never as well off as those who have trained to deal with trouble. “There’s nothing you can do to stop us.” Your arrogance is overshadowed only by your ignorance. There are tens of thousands of active duty and retired law enforcement and military preppers who are well trained to deal with you and your ilk.

        I truly hope that, if the things you say in this program are true, you will have a change of heart. You do not understand the ramifications and are not prepared for the consequences of kicking in the door of a man who is resolute and well trained in defending his home. Unfortunately, should that time come and you do kick in the door of “the wrong guy,” it will already be too late for you to change.

        Now, while it is not too late, make the change and truly prepare for an uncertain future. There is nothing to prevent you from becoming a noble, virtuous man who seeks to live in peace with his fellow man and defend his castle.

        I sincerely wish you the best.

      61. This guy is totally full of himself. Remember, whom ever you are, God said that with Him on your side, who can be against us, Prepare to be extremely disappointed.

      62. I’m going to hack his website an get the list of names. Where should I post the list? And yes it is easy.

      63. This one of of the few posts where I was literally laughing out loud about by the third paragraph. What an absolute imbecile. Fat, pasty, “professional” deer hunter.

      64. 80 people? Is that all? Hell, there are 300 – 400 in my subdivision, which means 150 – 200 men, of which probably 120 – 130 are armed. And there are dozens of subdivisions around mine.
        All I’m saying is that if word gets out that there’s a band of armed looters roaming around, in a SHTF scenario, it wouldn’t be any trouble at all to round up 500 – 600 armed men to deal with them.
        Organization is the key.

        • And of those,i would be shocked if there werent at least 10 deer hunters practiced at 400yd shots with a 300WM or 7MM mag, or a couple crazys with 50BMGs or 338Ls, those idiots would loose 1/3 of their lot before they even figured out where the shots were coming from, never mind a few guys with converted full auto ARs spraying them down as they scurry for cover!
          I start thinking choke points and traps, IEDs with remote pyrotechnic detonators, can just sit in the LPOP and clear them.

        • When the power is out you will be surprised what people will do for entertainment; anything to relieve the tedium. Looking for them would be better than hunting ‘possum, and less dangerous.

      65. So these boys are from Washington…
        I guess it depends on which side of the mountains you are from…In my neck of the woods a hundred yard shot is rare.
        You could quite literally step off the road 20 yards wearing florescent orange with titty pink dots and be invisible.
        I would suggest keeping to the paved roads!

        As for fat…Just consider it moving storage. I have a few extra pounds… TEOTW is a good diet plan.
        Remember AN in shape fat ass can be just as lethal as anyone else. To judge a meat sack by it’s volume can be a fatal mistake!

        Yea, there are going to be pukes like this running around, but the majority of them will be sniped by the first hippie on a roof top with a .22 that they come across!

        It’s like I tell my dog when it barks at the tube…TV…Even she understands that concept!

      66. So do they think that people are just going to stand by and do nothing while they roam around and take whatever they want?
        Good. Let ’em keep thinking that.

        • It’s one thing to dress up in camouflage and military-style gear.
          It’s another to have been in the military, learn and use discipline, and carry out a well-thought-out plan of attack.
          This looks like a bunch of kids dressed up for Halloween and running around playing GI Joe.

      67. Screw this site for deleting my post – I’m outta here and definitely NOT COMING BACK – fuckin’ moderators – go join Holder.

      68. Two to the Chest, One to the head. How’s that for a Fucking Nightmare? If someone, or group, thought all this thru to prep, what makes you think they’re not prepped for you? As soon as you run-out of transportation, you’re dead within a week. Nuff said.

        • I’ve said before that if the SHTF, once I’m sure my family is secure, the first thing I’ll do is report to the sheriff’s office. They will be desperate for deputies to prevent just this sort of thing. I can envision teams patrolling my county’s borders to keep these thugs out, and teams within to prevent them from rising up.

      69. “We Are Your Worst Nightmare and We Are Coming…”

        Thank you for revealing your criminality and degeneracy BEFORE a SHTF scenario actually unfolded.

        Our group has traced your Youtube account and identified you and your location. You are now under 24 hour surveillance as we attempt to identify & locate other members of your self-confessed group of perverts & murderers. Our plan is simple: as soon as a SHTF scenario arises (or appears imminent), we will PREEMPTIVELY take you out, along with all your family and fellow group members.

        You’ll never even see us coming.

        Sleep tight MF.




          Semper Fi 8541

      70. Damn…..FATTY ARBUCKLE AND THE LARD TARDS ARE BACK WITH MORE PICTURES (No offense to Fatty Arbuckle !!! )….

        The great thing about these Fat Ass Tards is anyone who could shoot a 4 foot MOA would be in center mass !!!

        Now put that #2 wash tub down and back away from the Buffet Lard Tards !!!

        I think you should have named your little group ” The Tarded Piglet Possee “……

        What really pisses me off…Is all of us Veterans fought to protect a POS like this !!!

        • “4-foot MOA” LMAO!

      71. to all you pansy-butted preppers.. if you aint got an uzi,and the national guard aint there.. u aint dirt against marauders

        • To Pattie in Florida…So, you may have a uzi. Big deal. Doesn’t impress me. I just know that you would waste a lot of ammo with wild shooting. Go for it. The old people, men and women, will have it over you by a long shot. Cool heads will win. We will make each shot count.

      72. Amidst the early confusion, seek him (et. al.) out and kill ’em first – see, if that works.

        What a ‘tard rocket.

      73. Healthcare update…

        Total Healthcare “Enrollment” As A Result Of Obamacare:
        -3.9 Million

        That was not a typo…MINUS 3.9 million

        Obamacare – “106,185 people enrolled (based on a loose re-definition by the White House). However, in that same period, the WSJ reports a stunning 4.02 million people received policy cancellations.

        So, in a month, a total of 3,918,205 FEWER people are now ‘enrolled’ in a healthcare plan than before Obamacare.

        So far, California, Florida, and Washington are suffering the most under Obamacare…”


      74. I have encountered a number of “preppers” like this one. The good thing about them is they broadcast their intentions. So, they are know for what they are and preemptive can be taken. It seems every time I go into my local gun store to pick up some ammo, one of these idiots is there, bragging about his guns and ammo supply and his intentions if SHTF. I say nothing, just make my purchase and take note whom to shoot first if SHTF.

        • ncjoe, I do agree with your points; you made some good ones. I would advise ONLY if he points a weapon at you, then, HELL YES, you have the right to defend yourself, shoot the bastard. He has to prove that he’s a threat to you first in order for you to have credibility. I agree that his type are to be avoided if at all possible. i wouldn’t want them around me either. braveheart

      75. No one mentions anything about competing bands of looters and marauders. He and his will most likely be dealt with summarily long before the shelves are empty.

        I do find it hilarious that in his Facebook message he whines about threats against him when he perpetrated the same thing on national TV. He will just crawl back under whatever rock Nat/Geo found him under.

      76. This guy and his MERRY band will be one of the easier negative aspects most preppers have given thought to.

        Just have a plate of laced COOKIES on the counter when this tub of lard arrives. He will dis-regard your HOT wife for the cookies… like a deer in the headlights he and his kind will be their own downfall.

      77. That fat bastard and his wanna-be “road warriors” won’t last the first week after SHTF.

        Be sure all his neighbors and many of the folks in his locale know who he is and now they know what he’s planning to do them.

        So now when the S really does H the F, they’ll be waiting and ready for him.

        • Common guys! Is it necessary to attack his weight? Everyone knows that TV cameras add a couple hundred pounds! LMAO!

          This guy is a fat, sleazy, criminal, loser! HE isn’t a prepper. He is a POS looking for an excuse to use his weapons to harm and steal from fellow American citizens. He is absolute garbage! I take the show as a confession that he plans on using his firearms for an unlawful purpose! Take away his guns and his twinkees. Arrest his fat ass and put him in a jail cell, that is if you can find one large enough to fit him.

      78. my takeaway from watching this segment was…SHAME ON NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC for even giving this POS a mouthpiece. they just lost any shred of credibility they MIGHT have had left as far as i’m concerned. and it might not be MY fire he ends up roasting over, with all that FAT oozing and popping, but he WILL keep SOMEONE fed for quite a while. hope you got BBQ sauce and a good seat to watch it all from!….meanwhile, PARTY LIKE IT’S 1939!

        • Very good point.

          I gave up on them almost twenty years ago. They are just PC agenda driven “whores” nowadays imo.

      79. This mental midget is a perfect example of alcohol fetal syndrome, he’s a legend among his ignorant followers.

        Strangely this gutter rat lives in an area with a high % of combat vets, both active and retired, one squad of Rangers armed only with POW would destroy this pitiful excuse of beyond thunder dome.

      80. Those stupid bastards will die trying to take from others. Believe me, they under estimate good people’s will to protect their own…they will die painful, miserable deaths if they think they will be able to take from the preppers I know.

      81. Oh, I have something that will DEFINITELY stop you so COME ON

      82. That guy was a dufus. I don’t think real folks preparing for hard times want to be on TV. If I intended to be a taker – I don’t think I would advertise it to the rest of the world. Then again if I put in a bunker and a tunnel in the back yard I don’t believe I would show that either. I am guilty of watching stupid TV, guess I was bored.

        • “If I intended to be a taker – I don’t think I would advertise it to the rest of world.”

          Especially with the chance that local law enforcement might be watching that episode.

          And you just KNOW he told EVERYONE he knows he was gonna be on that TV show.

        • All of that stuff on reality shows is fake. It’s easy to produce and very low cost. That’s why there are so many reality shows. No high cost actors and agents. A friend of mines brother was recruited to be on a storage war episode and they told him what to say.

          • and there are always idiots around that want to prove how stupid they are.

            • Well, he left no doubt about his stupidity…

      83. If it gets to the point of this, then we will have much more to worry about than this. A multiplier of sorts will take hold. Each time more will die. For every battle will dwindle the populace. Disease will take many, hell just no power will kill many.People will adapt, and thieves will hang eventually…

      84. Good luck with that fatty…….Force Recon will find and eliminate you. Bank on it.

      85. He makes a very strong case for preemptive elimination – directed at himself. If it all hits the fan and you live close to a man like that, whom you know is hellbent on murdering and pillaging people like you, it is morally right – nay imperative – to nullify him before he can even begin.

      86. Come and get my things, I love to share, in fact, I’ll pick out your first meal and even cook it for you.

      87. Just remember, you have to look out for the quiet ones…

      88. I could introduce propane gas into your rectum and ignite it with a fuze fat boy, that would prove to be entertaining.

      89. I’m not concerned about large groups of pillagers. Maybe 30% of households have guns when only 3% of households will have food. Large groups will take a lot of casualties trying to get food. How many would die attacking 10 houses before they find food? Sure, a couple of idiots could kick in my doors but I know my house and they don’t. Most likely I’ll get at least one of them. From my understanding, people defending their homes have about a 4-1 tactical advantage.

      90. shore got a Purdy mouth, don’t he?

        • Cue “Dueling Banjos”…

      91. Tyler Smith and crew live in the second most populated county in the state of Washington. In the western half, not the American Redoubt. I think he will be vastly outnumbered by the unprepared. He probably shouldn’t have revealed his full name or location.

        His cousin’s brother-in-law is named Junior. That should give everyone a clue.

        Also, the town of Buckley has only about 4,000 people, and more than the normal percentage are named Smith. I would guess that most of the people there are cousins a dozen ways.

        Odds are, this guy is going to get hurt testing his “armor.”

      92. This guy OBVIOUSLY works in government.

        “Mr. Smith” has all the qualifications of a dedicated uniformed public servant of Murka, circa 2013 A.D. The sterling qualifications you can find on his resume include his disgusting fatbody, amorality, psychopathology and his many years of experience as a sadist who anticipates with glee the suffering of innocent people. For how could a regime such as ours NOT have made use of such “talents” up to this point?

        He is a perfect example of the type that Uncle Sugar keeps on his payroll. One would think that with the taxpayer largesse he has doubtless ALREADY received as a servant of ZOG, either in the DHS, TSA, US ARMY (as a proud veteran of Abu Ghraib), or even in his local police department, he’d have sufficient funds to acquire his own preps the “right” way.

        In order to do so, like most of “our heroes” (such as those who were kicking in the doors of row houses in Boston and rousting out the inhabitants at gunpoint a short time ago), he’d probably need to curtail his habitual spending on rot-gut booze, Cheetos and she-male entertainment videos, and divert the cash savings thus accrued to prepping. This won’t happen, when the opportunity exists for him and those LIKE him to do their prepping by STEALING others’ preps under the cover of LAW.

        These fatted swine, who are all doubtless former or current employees of government, are reveling in their fifteen minutes of fame courtesy of the NatGeo Channel. They need to realize two things: a) There are people out there who are even more ruthless and cruel than they are, but who are with the GOOD guys, and b) they may already know where these marauders and their families reside. And if they didn’t know, they certainly do NOW.

        Way to go, geniuses.

      93. That video brings up the unpleasant scenario of what to do about people you know are dangerous right after it hits the fan. Maybe you wait until they attack some home and take a few out from a safe distance.

      94. If U R prepping, then U prep 4 slobs like this. I figure my group can handle groups of 50 with not much of a problem.
        Please tell this slob come to my town!!

      95. Don’t understand the problem here?

        He is the reason we bought our weapons…….

        Nope, no problem here, just a solution………

      96. What an idiot this guy is.

        ALL of human history tells us the way it would be after a societal collapse.

        Violent creeps and animals such as he will be just part of the landscape.

        Countermeasures to his and his ilk’s wet dreams are already designed into our future action plans.

        WE will be the local power in OUR LOCALE, we will be in physical control of OUR LOCALE, and OUR LAW will be swift and sure.

        Bring it punk.

        “Come and git some.”

      97. His fat ass is a big target

      98. There were so may negative comments regarding Nat Geo and Smith, all well deserved, but the best comment I saw: Shoot the fat f with a tracer and set his tar paper armor on fire, then he can burn while he bleeds out….

        My feeling is that Nat Geo deliberately put this moron on to attempt to drive a wedge into the prepper movement. Of course anyone with any brains could see that smith and his band of merry trolls were too stupid to be alive, for very long………..

        • Phosphorous flare!

      99. @ braveheart and Night Breaker. Don’t waste valuable ammunition on those fat ass walruses. Use a harpoon.

        • Be informed — “Thar she blows!!”

        • BI, there goes Moby Dick.

      100. It will be horrific. Store some food and water, etc. Commit Psalm 91 to memory ASAP and trust in the LORD.

      101. I had to laugh. Here’s the problem with that fat fool’s plan:

        A few years ago I had a similar discussion with a couple of local lads who I had advised to stock up on some food and other supplies. Their comment was “We only need to stock up on ammo, so we can take what we need.”

        I replied “Here’s your problem. Those people you will be able to take anything from, won’t have what you need. Those people who have what you need, you won’t be able to take anything from…”

      102. SHTF! Off Subject ,But did anyone see where Senator Pete Olsen introduced legislation for the house to start Impeachment proceeding against Atty.General Holder ?? The article is on the activist sight. Its about freeking time! the first in along line, I hope!!!

        • Thinker, don’t hold your breath! Trekker

      103. A through preparation includes an offensive tactical option. So..thank you PHAT PHUCK, we’ll be at your house tomorrow.

      104. We Cherokee will love meeting those fat anglo, apex predators, in the woods. They make more noise than a she bear in heat with a string of coffee cans knotted on her tail. Don’t worry we aren’t going after those trying to live just those who seek to live off others. Seems that herd needs culling. There scalps aren’t fit for any lodge pole but wolves and coyotes got to eat just like all the good folk.

      105. Sorry meant to say Rep. Pete Olson he drafted the articles of Impeachment.

      106. Yea, if the SHTF I plan on making predatory
        folks like theses will be my slaves.

      107. If he breaks down my door, I wonder what his face and neck will look like after my 20 gauge with bird shot goes off. I might not be able to stop 20 coming though the door, but the 1st 4 or 5 will be blind and useless to the rest.

      108. I watched this episode last night in disgust. I hope his wife has been preparing to raise their children on her own. He’s not far up the hill from me. “The best defense is a good offense”.

      109. I will bet Daisy thought that was me and mine.

      110. Those buncha dummies couldn’t over take a pack of Cub Scouts. First off, with all of his dumb shit buddies combined, they probably don’t have an IQ of 80. He talks the talk, but does he walk the walk? I doubt it.

      111. “We Are Your Worst Nightmare and We Are Coming…”

        What a relief. Now I will sleep much better knowing this is the worst I have to look forward to.

        • SWFL,
          — I wouldn’t worry too much about them being your worst nightmare. I’d be more concerned about them waking you up from a pleasant dream. With all their pots and pans dangling every direction,their body armor looks more like Vaudville one-man band act than anything that would protect themselves.
          — Take Care and get a good nights sleep
          — Miss Dee Dee

      112. Psalm 91? That’s the one that says: “Always put an extra slug behind the ear before you skin them?”

        • Bleed them first.

        • I believe you are thinking of Proverbs 223

          A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

          (Old Testament | Proverbs 22:3)

      113. [Smith] refers to himself as the “apex predator” in his area, based on his home-made body armor and other survival gear.

        Judging by the pics, I’d refer to him as a retard who couldn’t operate a potato-gun.

        Were he to show up at my house, I wouldn’t scrag him… just wound him, because I wouldn’t want the physical work of dragging his fat ass off my porch.

        He can run with only one knee, can’t he?

        • Except he’s a retard with guns who had a following of like-minded folks with guns. A bullet fired by some inbred moron can kill you just as dead as one fired by a currently-serving special forces operator. You like many seem to grossly underestimate the threat he could pose.

          • Canadian Vet,
            — I, like many others here have had some fun and laughter regarding these imbesiles. Thank you for bring me back to the point at hand. That being even by accident one can be pushing up funeral flowers.
            — Miss Dee Dee

        • I think if ya Shoot just one in the butt or gut. Even shot with a 22 His screaming will unnerve the rest and they will run away never to return.

          • Or it can have the opposite effect altogether. That’s the thing with amateurs, morons, fanatics and/or psychos. You can’t count on anything other than the hard kill to make them stop. Think about it. Professionals are trained to deal with casualties, at least until a certain threshold is reached. And they are trained to pick up the slack for their fallen.

            Amateurs, it could go any of a number of ways. They can break, they can keep going or they can go berserk and at that point it’s anyone’s game.

            Demoralization also only works with people who value their lives and health. With fanatics, not so much. And in the heat of things, it also only works when people have a certain of situational awareness but insufficient training to deal with their losses; but then again, lack do training, as is said, can also yield results more detrimental than helpful to you.

            So yeah, go for the hard kill if you actually have to fight.

        • I may be mistaken but it looks to me like he can’t run on two knees. In real trouble he likely won’t be using his knees for running anyway.

      114. Hey Fat Boy !!! if you really crave negative attention come get some from an old man and bring all you junkie, COD playing, little boy friends and those pigs you call girls with you.

      115. Looks like one of the failed “gladiators” from The Running Man. Deep Freeze?

      116. Those Who Perpetrate the crimes they speak of
        with forethought and without remorse
        are doomed to perish by the blade of the Paladins

        We are many
        We are invisible
        we are the wrath of God

        take heed ye whom prey upon others
        you are weak minded fools

        Paladin one

      117. You kno you have prepped right when your spouse and family says” where did all this stuff come from?”

      118. Here is a comment from Demcad’s YouTube channel.


        The Ask Momma Channel
        5 hours ago (edited)

        Tyler Smith, wife Katie live in Buckley Washington. Cousin is Chris Pedrini They are not preppers they are premeditated criminals. Shame on Nat Geo for glorifying these individuals.

        • I have listened to many of Demcad’s Youtube Video’s.
          He is straight on many topics.

      119. A fat kid in a Tap-out t-shirt will be the least of our worries if SHTF.

      120. Bring it on Scumbag? I’ll take pleasure in ridding society of a few parasites.

        • Disregard the question mark. Typo.

      121. I just read and think this will come little worst when u r in same situation

      122. Captain Smith and his pirates won’t get far. We’ll leave it at that. I’m sure everyone in the world that preps now has a bullet set aside for him and his cadre of apocalyptic bandits. 😉

      123. NatGeo believes anyone form the south is a violent, fat, stupid hillbilly. And if they prep, double that leftist hateful fantasy. Yet they have glorified murderous drug dealing street gangs in the past, making them look like misunderstood, oppressed freedom fighters. We know however, that NatGeo is driven by ideology, lies, theft, and the love of money just like almost all leftists. Don’t let this idiotic preppers show cause you any angst.

      124. I linked this story already

        • VRF says:
          Comment ID: 2845753

          November 15, 2013 at 8:53 am

          Very much trying to make us all look like “The problem”

          national geographic, whats your agenda? oh, I see..don’t bother answering that


      125. when these people with this mind set finally get the clue that its game on, it will be too late.. they are cowards so they will wait until they know for sure that the curtain is down.
        By that time folks like us will already be ready for them, and will not take any prisoners.
        They are first and foremost cowards , so they will act like cowards, easy to spot if you know how to read them.

        There will always be the “Takers” most on here im sure already know what they sound like look like and act like, and by the time the cowards figure out that they will be immune to prosecution , those that are aware will be taking out their numbers by the thousands.

        Rule of Law break down is already happening in this country, it will be a slow but progressive decline, if you are aware of whats going on , you will be way ahead of these schmucks, they often times speak their intentions very early on, like ” im not going to stock up on food and water , because I’ll just take it from someone else” or ” theres going to be a lot of lonely women out there and im going to get my share” etc..
        usually its a small blurb they will spout out, but if you are listening you will catch it.

        In all reality a guy like shown here probably wont be your biggest threat, chances are he will get taken out early due to his stupidity, its the organized threat types you will have to be worried about , gangs, large groups of marauders , people that will feel more comfortable due to their numbers, than one little piss ant that thinks he can take over. Most survivalist will get these types number early on and take them out.

        Or he will starve early trying to steal his way thru a very difficult time, waiting for total break down, to where he will feel secure enough to act like a lone wanna be warrior.

        These are the type you stack their skulls up on your fence posts to show the others your not playin’

      126. This is awesome. Thanks man. Now we know exactly who we have to take out first.

      127. In a way I’m happy there is idiots out there preparing for events like this to pillage and loot, my dogs are gonna need to be fed, nothing like free food! They might think they are prepared to steal from others until the hunters become the hunted. No quarter, no mercy and no funeral for these idiots.

      128. Let’s make one thing clear – Smith is not a prepper. He is not representative of what we do. He’s an embarrassment to the preparedness community. He is a thug, plain and simple. He’s an out-of-shape criminal who is afraid to get caught, so he’s waiting for the breakdown of law and order to commit the crimes he so clearly wishes to perpetrate, without fear of spending time in prison.

        Could not of said it better myself. You hit the nail on the head!!!!!!

      129. While this clown may be spouting his nonsense, there is a real danger to more skilled/mare dangerous members of society whose one goal is to take what you have.
        Current street gangs, motorcycle gangs, etc. that already operate on the fringes of society will have no compulsion to killing you and taking your stuff. They do it now. Later, the benefits will be greater even though the risk is higher. As they get better at what they do, groups such as these will become a real menace.
        Strength is in numbers. Prep alone but side with like minded folks in your area and create a “mutual defense pact”.
        Till then, hideandwatch…

      130. There is a positive thing about this guy. He is helpful in educating many soft preppers on the reality that there are crazies out there who imagine themselves Alpha males just waiting for the time when they will be King. He might get away with his antics initially but over time his kind will run up against someone much better.

        Solution: Range time and tactical training.

      131. He would be a dead man walking. One round of .50 cal BMG 750gr AMAX fired from a Barrett M107A at 1000 yards, or one round from a .50AE Desert Eagle at 100 yards, either way, end of story. The guy lives in an fantasy world. When the SHTF, those people better plan on leaving their prepared neighbors alone.

        • I wish I had a .50 Desert Eagle. Just a little out of my price range.
          Oh, well. My .45 Glock G21 will have to do.

      132. When the power of love takes over the love of power, then there will be peace

      133. My knife’s bigger than his knife.

        • Maybe I shouldn’t say this but I think my shoulders and upper arms are bigger than his, and I am a woman. That comes from hard work, carrying lots of buckets of water for gardening and the livestock. Positive benefits of living off the grid.

      134. It is a reality show they are told what to say. Just like the X-factor and America’s got talent the contestants are 100 percent controlled even the voting (if you happen to read the fine print after the shows).
        That being said the worst mistake that a prepper could make is thinking the looters and gangs won’t be as smart as they are. When you are thinking about how to defend your family and property, step out of the box and think how would you go about attacking your own dwelling and a lot of weakness will be found. Could you keep someone from firebombing your dwelling from behind another house.

      135. You know the more I think about this the more it seems that this guy could be arrested. Although he has not yet committed theft or assault, he has stated that it is his intended goal to commit these crimes, and possibly even murder if a victim didn’t comply with giving up their stores. Now many people talk a big game, but would never commit the acts they brag about because they are just big talkers, and big talk is free speech. But this guy goes beyond talk, he, along with others, are actually training to commit the criminal acts he boasts about committing in the future which to me constitutes the necessary elements to the crime which is to take a substantial step towards the commission of a crime. It seems to me that this guy, and his fellow morons, could be charged with conspiracy to commit theft, assault, and possibly even murder.

        • Yea conspiracy is a charge that would apply.

        • It’s much worse than most of us can imagine. Earlier this year I read a letter from an Arizona police officer. The officer is a prepper and wanted to bring his neighbors & fellow officers into the fold of prepping. The officer was a bit edgy about how his neighbors and fellow cops would react so he simply asked them if they were prepping for emergencies or some kind of societal collapse. His neighbor told him that he was just going to kill others and take their food and supplies when the SHTF. The cop was stunned to say the least. Later on the cop asked two of his fellow cops if they were prepping & they said that they had a list of people’s names and addresses and added to it as time passed. Names and addresses of people they would kill when the SHTF to take their food and supplies. These dirty cops told him that the people would think they were the good guys because they would be in their uniforms so when people opened their doors for them it would be easy to kill them. You cannot trust ANYONE after the SHTF except maybe…maybe your close relatives.

      136. Dear Mr. StinkyPants: Some of my food stores were not packed so well and may be undetectably bad. If you take any of my food, please take ALL of it. Bon Appetite.

        – wb

      137. HEY, HEY, HEY, IT’S FAT ALBERT!

      138. “They” will die first ! Count on it !

      139. That fat bastage won’t do crap. He looks like a friggin pedophile in the first place so he would get dropped for just looking at my house if TSHTF

      140. Note to self, shoot this son of a bitch if he is anywhere near my property. He has already told us what he is going to do.

      141. Idiocricy.

      142. That fat ass and homemade body armor is a joke. 3 people with AR-10’s would wipe him out. One with a 50bmg from 1,000 yards would punch holes in his joke for armor.

      143. This is well known about the big tuff guy gonna come and take everything away from you.

        They all meet their match. The best I can say is watch him, because he’ll have everybody’s stash. Then when his head is exploded by a .308 use the fine red mist to “mark and meter”.

        That is somewhere within a couple of hundred feet to a few thousand probably everybody’s stash. Feel free to take what you need.

      144. Nothing we can do to stop you….except get about 20 of my friends together and ambush your fat asses before you get within 5 miles of my house,then shoot your dumb ass In the head.worthless fat fuck.

      145. My old 7.63X54 with steel jacket ammo will pass through 1/2 steel bulldozer blade. No body armor would stop it. Now that Ive watched the show tonite. My opinion? The fat Ass is so stupid that he actually thinks he is highly intelligent! If that is the type & claibre of looter who come after us & ours we don’t have any worries.

      146. To think that this fat retard and his wife are spewing out kids is sickening.

      147. Anyone who hasn’t prepped for when people like this show up, aren’t prepped.

      148. Just great. This is all the prepper community needs. The media always finds the worst.
        I do believe that we will have to deal with some of this. They have 80 people which would be difficult to deal with at first. The thing is over a short amount of time there numbers will dwindle. There moral will too. They really are idiots. The people there are trying to take from have the tactical advantage. They will know there own property and should have defensive measures set up. 80 people coming to different rural areas to steal will be met by whole communities. There plan will not end well.
        I just hate that they got publicity.

      149. I would not call these people preppers. They are really predators and will be dealt with accordingly, just like any others, when the time comes. In the mean time, they can continue to read internet blogs and play computer games while the rest of us continue to train.

      150. you think you are going to loot from people who have tried to prepare, you will all get your brains blown out by people who will be far superior. and if you do this, people will hunt you down , they same way you hustled people out of there supplies. you all will die miserable deaths and most likely with bullets to your heads, you come to my home , you people aint leaving alive, get that, you idiots. I am more trained in getting rid of crap like you then you can ever imagine. be careful what you wish for.

      151. Tyler Smith…your method of madness and your kind are worthless peices of shit saying you will attack the preppers. Why don’t you help preppers and focus your attention on the government supplies and take their stuff first? Oh, that’s right…It’s easier to attack the less equipped. And I’m guessing that “S” on your shirt stands for STUPID…ain’t that right STUPIDMAN!!!

      152. sounds like he is a perfect fit for a federal, state. or local, employee. that needs a badge, a gun.and a bully mentality. just think,of what all those punks are going to do when shtf. the same thing as this brute intends to do. to bad for him and his type I am storing more than just food !

      153. bring it bottom feeders…the only reason these scum steal air today is because the law won’t let society quell their festering numbers.

      154. It’s TV. This Show, the idiots that appear on this show and all that goes with it and them are meaningless. Why does it bother ya’ll so much? I’m serious about what I do to prepare. It’s no GAME to me. A lot of these comments sound like High School football smack talk shit.

      155. And I will start a marauders- marauder team.
        We will allow the marauders to get the goods and do the hard work, while we will ambush and take it from them.
        A quick spray down with gasoline and they will give up anything as opposed to being burned alive. If they shoot their guns which causes a spark- woof!

      156. when his group of morons (wanna be Spartans) enter my kill zone they won’t even know how fucked they are. When the first one drops there will be no way out. I was paid to do it and I will do it with no hesitation. I sleep well, most nights. Movement to contact zero mikes.

      157. I would not have probably taken much offense to the moron marauder if I didn’t personally share the episode with him. He totally has rendered my purpose for going on the show meaningless. I’m there talking about working with other preppers and he’s there planning to, well, do whatever “that was”.

        disappointed as there’s actually a bit of thought and effort that went into being on the show. I’m working with http://www.MainstreamPreppers.com to form retreat groups and they cut that part out too.

        Oh well, I have gotten a number of new prepper friends on facebook.

        • The episode was still informative & entertaining(watching the moron build his body armor & test it)and I still enjoyed it overall. I posted a comment about your part of the show last week (it’s up above this post somewhere) and how your part of the show was excellent information.

          IIRC you and your family had a previous episode in season 2 or was it season 1? I thought that escaping the U.S. was (and still is) a great idea since the U.S. has built up the DHS and other alphabet agencies to crush the American people when the SHTF. I would love to be able to get out of the U.S. or go way up North to Alaska in the middle of nowhere but alas, I cannot.

          I’m going to follow your links to Mainstream Preppers & sign up. I don’t have facebook or any other social media due to the corrupt government spying on everything we do.

          Thanks for posting and thank you for being on Doomsday Preppers.

          Jack Hammer

      158. Unfortunately this guy will be the least of our problems. The criminal government and the bankers who hijacked the government and the military and all the ABC agencies will be our biggest problem! The food safety modernization act, transpacific partnership, face recognition drones, checkpoints on the highways, martial law and the implementation of executive order PDD51 executive order 13603 and the list goes on and on etc. etc.

        Believe me we have way bigger problems than this guy even after the shift!

      159. Bigmouth lard@$$ Smith and his other ringleaders will drop at 250 yards and their 80 other followers will instinctively rabbit or get mowed down like wheat. He will make a much bigger and slower target than a deer for sure. Their worst nightmare will quickly turn into reality.

      160. People like Smith, those are the people the DHS should be watching.

      161. These guys have no idea what they are saying or getting themselves into.

      162. Smith is a convicted felony sex offender out of Pierce County, WA.

        • Oh, that explains it then….. I understand now…..Great!

      163. The 15 acres they are on was recently being rented by my household. We were still living there when they first filmed on the property. We were informed by Smith and the landowner that we had no rights as the renters to prevent having over a dozen armed individuals camping on the property, potentially for days, with no preparations for sanitation. Instead they attempted to demand access to the house and power. They set up a door in the field to practice home invasions. Smith and his band proceeded to make threats, I.E. stating loudly near the house “We should just shoot them and get it over with” and telling us they would take possession of the property “by any means necessary”. All the while they circled the house with rifles which were kept pointed at our home, allowed their dog to harass my ducks and geese, blocked the driveway and drove their trucks through a seasonal wetland. We felt no option but to move out (there are also a lot of safety issues with the house that the owner failed to address and it was becoming apparent that he no intention of doing so.) As we were in the process moving out Smith and his cronies took turns, showing up every few hours to see/ask if we were out yet. Smith asked one member of our household if we had left anything valuable behind.

      164. Hey Tyler when you open that box of pop tarts you stole from me, are they really pop tarts or C4 shaped like pop tarts, go ahead open the box.

      165. I have a strong suggestion for these ‘other’ preppers…

        Stock up on shovels, formaldehyde, pine lumber and nails. Enough for the entire family.

      166. if they come, they wont have a swift and sudden death, if they think they are the scum of the earth dirt bags like we seen on mad max, they better think twice.

      167. This fat effeminate ginger looks like he would have trouble running 10 feet before he had a heart attack. I would be more worried about a couple girl scouts then these ass clowns. I watched this episode and was like really? Is this man with man boobs really talking about street violence. Anyway hey fatso if you’re reading this reply Ill give you a list of my preps and my address bring your whole fruity weak looking crew over when the storm breaks and Ill make you my fat bitch

      168. I’m guessing not one of his wild bunch has ever been shot at. That moment of righteous realization will instantly change him and his merry band of predatory turds into pissy-pants thumb-suckers. That second when the realization that someone out there wants me dead and they want me dead right now, is a game changer. I would venture to guess that when the first miserable fat-body comrade of his that falls it will result in the entire crew running home to mamma with there tails between their legs. SHTF is not a video game.

      169. A second thought. I don’t think that loud mouthed turds like this one are worth our attention. However, there are those out there more quiet, more skilled, and better equipped who we should be more concerned with. Those with a proven track record.

        Another point. When the SHTF scenario plays out it is inevitable that all prison doors will be thrown open for humanitarian reasons. Can’t feed them. Can’t provide then with air conditioned cells or cable TV. Gotta let them out. These criminals have been incarcerated together with a chain of command already established.

        During the recent typhoon in the Philippines that exact thing happened. The doors of the prison were thrown open and all the murderers, rapists, and thieves were turned loose on an already suffering population. Can’t let the poor little darlings drown in their cells. What resulted were gangs far more formidable than this nut and his pack of predatory pansies roaming the already devastated neighborhoods, raping, murdering, and terrorizing the friendlies.

        The ironic thing is after weeks of terrorizing mayhem it was reported today on the news that most of the inmates had returned to the prison for shelter reporting that it was too rough out there in the real world. Lessons learned.

      170. What a P.O.S. human being. I mean, the nerve. Your so tough with that TAP OUT T-shirt arent you man. Yeah. Ok, come and get my supplies. You and your buddies will meet a hell storm of gunfire also. Good luck, you P.O.S. See you and your buddies in H_LL.

      171. If this P.O.S. said and did all of this(which I do believe he did) then why hasnt some one taken this scurge of society out? A sex offender? Come on! And I be D_amned if someone and a bunch of P.O.S. band will come on my property and act like he did. He and his cronies need to be taken out, as out of this world, off this earth. There is no room for people like this in this world. There are to many already.

      172. BTW my son is retired Special Forces, 4 trips to Asscrackistan and 2 Iraq. He lives in Washington. Jez, I hope these turds drop by his place first. He can use the target practice. His only concern will be should he use the .40 cal Glock, the 9 mm, or his 870. Or maybe he should go, warm and wet, hands on with a guitar string garret. Hard to decide.

      173. This guy is an apex predator, if you’re a Twinkie.

      174. good luck kicking down my door and taking from me

      175. I’m doing the math here:

        Hmmm, “I’m not hoarding supplies…” Yet his assault force BEGINS the day with 80 mouths to feed, for a total of 240,000 – 400,000 calories a day, 2-3 liters of safe water – minimum to maintain the ruck, assault and fight time involved. Their belly battery will only carry them so far under high exertion – and fighting someone for their family and lives will be ‘high exertion’. Lack of calories usually hits the personal motivation first, making the undisciplined, want to do nothing. They look rather short on self discipline to fight through their own malaise.

        “An army marches on its stomach.”
        ― Napoleon Bonaparte

        My guess is that the discipline of medical care and the stoking of medical supplies is not high on his list either, so any of his little subbies who take a hit, are as good as dead from infection from a minor wound as they are from body core hits, but death by infection is not a way I’d choose to go. I’ve been close once and that was enough.

        “Never correct your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
        ― Napoleon Bonaparte

        Molon Labe’

        Sir John Honeybucket

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