Warning: Get Ready For $5/Gallon Gasoline

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    Americans should get ready to pay $5 per gallon for gasoline soon, according to “experts” and analysts. The rising prices are unlikely to come down anytime soon.

    The blame is being placed on Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine and not the hyperinflation thanks to fiat currency creation. Gasoline has already hit over $5/gallon in San Francisco.

    Oil prices surged another $7 per barrel on Wednesday after an agreement by the U.S. and other major governments to release 60 million barrels from their national reserves — half of them U.S. barrels — failed to quell supply concerns over Russia’s attack on Ukraine, according to a report by CBS News. 

    Oil traders were not impressed. “Markets dismissed the notion that 60 million barrels of strategic reserves released will be consequential to the risks of Russian supply jeopardized,” Tan Boon Heng of Mizuho Bank said in a report. “Russia pumps more than that in just six days.” –CBS News

    “We think the Russia-Ukraine war will intensify global and U.S. inflation pressures by pushing up oil and gas prices,” Brian Coulton, chief economist with credit rating agency Fitch, said in an email.

    “While sustained higher energy prices pose downside risk to the outlook, we do not see them as enough to derail the recovery,” investment bank Barclays found in a March report. “Fortunately, the shock to energy prices is hitting when the U.S. economic recovery is on relatively solid footing, with many states removing restrictions on activity as vaccination rates increase and COVID cases decline, and labor markets displaying notable resiliency in the face of the Delta and Omicron variants,” economists wrote.

    Make sure your budgeting includes higher prices at the pump. No one knows how far this conflict will go and how long it will last. And no one knows how high inflation can get. Be prepared for the difficult financial decision we all may be faced with in the coming weeks and months.


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      1. 114 a barrel now. I have decided not to install my hho generator in the old Dodge truck. Not enough output to make a significant difference. I am thinking now of mounting it on a portable panel and using it as a power booster on the Rhino. I ordered some “ecochips” that plug into the test port of cars/trucks that is supposed to program the computer to get better mileage. We’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll get a scooter to run local errands with lol. Or perhaps convert a golf cart to solar power! Ya that sounds better….

        • Be real careful about using one of those plug in chips, learn exactly what it is going do and how it does it before using them. There are all kinds of functions controlled by the computers in most cars, many not related to just the engine, some not able to be altered and still have the engine run,and they are usually all dependent on each other for the vehicle to operate properly.

          It would also be a good idea to keep a spare computer on hand to use while yours it at the dealer being reprogrammed to its original function if things go wrong.

          Some of them, I don’t know about all, simply power an LED light to make it look like they are doing something by connecting it between the power and ground pins the way those things you plug into the cigarette lighter/power port socket do.

          FWIW, two way communicating OBD analyzers are available that will let you change settings and observe the results. You do need to know what you are doing with them, and they’re kind of expensive, but you could find a garage that has one then discuss what can be done with them.

          • Ya I’m going to try it out on the Dodge first and see what happens. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. You can check it out at getecochip dot com

        • Yes G the Genius mount the Solar panels to the roof of the golf cart and a tilt mechanism to slant the panel towards the sun, while parked for maximum charging. Gas here in Central N FL went from 3.59 just a week ago to $3.99 now. Anybody thinking about bugging out by Gas powered Vehicle better have multiple back up plans.

          My Neighbor down the road put up a large Flag today by the road. It Reads:
          “JOE and the HO need to GO!!!” lol

        • You can fabricate mechanical modifications that will allow any standard engine design to run on a variety of homemade fuels.

          Just a tiny few of us have been tinkerers, on that narrow path. We have creative minds and can keep ourselves independently busy on unstructured time. We are judging the situation according to tools, supplies, and useful things.

          The state made enough materiel to waste in bulk, but was mostly helpful in placing burdens on the watchful, vindictive, everyday savage, who cannot leave the smallest thing unperturbed.

          Any independently-productive behavior will attract saboteurs, who have to be constantly preoccupied with duties, bread and circuses. Keep it beneath their radar, as though it was contraband. Hide your candle under a bushel.

          • You can make alcohol but getting it to high enough proof for fuel is dangerous and cost a lot more than 5 bux a gallon. A wood gassifier could be a good alternative. If you have a diesel you can make biodiesel fairly easy.

            • Just get an older diesel, one made before modern computer controlled emission controls, they can be made to run on a surprising variety of fuels including various waste oils from a variety of sources.

            • Use foreruns and agwaste in the feedstock. Are you drinking or burning it.

              I can’t overstate being coordinated with your hands for any of the aforementioned projects, where most people won’t fix anything.

      2. The way things are going,
        $5 a gallon may be just the
        starting point. I have the
        feeling we’ll be reminiscing
        in the future to the tune of:

        “Remember way back when
        gas was only $5 a gallon?”

        • I remember as a kid in the early 60’s gas was .38 cents a gallon, and when I was in Highschool in 76-78′ time frame gas was at .52 cents a gallon for years. I drove a motorcycle with a 2.5 gallon tank, and for less than $2 to fill the tank up a few times, I rode all week on that.

      3. thanks biden

      4. The higher gas prices, the result of reduced supply vs demand, have a distinct political intention at their root.

        Can you guess what that intention is?

      5. There isn’t enough infrastructure or power for everyone to run electric cars. Trucks, trains, planes, charging stations, etc will need fuel for the forseeable future.

        • Not to mention the crematoriums to burn all the dead vax victims.

          • Let’s toss some globalist scumbags in there with the vax victims. but these evil bastards need to go into the burners alive

            • Medical waste had reportedly been used to power some hospitals.

      6. Not only gas prices going up, all those coal fired plants have to raise prices because coal is up 12.16% just today. Over the past week it has gone up 35%. Those who still have coal plants will see their bill skyrocket which controls 1/4 of the US electricity and 1/3 of the world

        I realized once my electric bill goes over $100 a month or more, I actually save money with a portable solar power system, even given in my location of 5 hours sun average every day.

        • Woogie, Those portable solar gens are a joke. For about 500 bux you can get a couple of 250 watt panels and a couple of used enphase microinverters and wire that straight into your house a/c panel. Thats 500 watts at 98% efficiency vs. 90 watts at 65% efficiency. Check your local craigslist for solar panels. Ebay has used inverters and panels too. Don’t waste your money on gimmicks.

          • Exactly. When I went first went off grid on my wooded property, I paid like $1600 for a POS Goal Zero 100 Lb box of stupidity, with 2x 40 watt pannels. They never charged up the unit. I tried it out, then took that POS back to Home Depot for a full refund and went to a Fixed stand with 4x 312 Watt Panels and 8x 6V lead Acid batteries and Never looked back. It is engineered with drawings, fused with breakers and grounded, and fully permitted and operational, and I’m still using my original batteries for nearly 7 years now. Amazing. Not a single utility bill now in 7 years. Do the math on that.

            • Thar, I had a similar setup at first and it worked great. 8 – 6 volt US batteries and they lasted over 7 years and I abused them. I kept a desulphator on them and rarely equalized them. In 2014 I upgraded to 6- 6 volt US Battery 420ah L-16’s then added 2 more 3 years ago. I have just over 1700 watts of panels and run 2 refrigerators, a 5cf freezer, window swamp cooler, lights, tv, stereo, water pump etc. I don’t go over 30% dod. What’s a permit? lol….

      7. They should approve the Keystone XL pipeline. We don’t want to buy oil from that tyrannical dictator Putin.

        We would rather buy it from that tyrannical dictator Trudeau.

        • Or build a geothermal power plant next to the whitehouse. All the hot air there will easily power it!

        • biden says nyet! he want you no drive only those that afford the higher gas prices can drive and it will continue to go higher.

      8. We’re already at average $521 9/10
        to $5.69 9/10 91 octane gas
        as of a few days ago in California.
        Some places have it at passing $6.00 a gallon already.
        Industry leaders in oil and gas were bracing to charge us $7,00 by June.
        It is now talk to the effect of $12.00 to $15.00 by 2023, and since elections are all stolen except at the most minor local levels, why wouldn’t they anyway?

      9. There’s talk of sanctioning Russia oil.

        Ah, yes…American Capitalism. Where the state tells you who you are allowed to do business with.

        • DemoRATS – Cut off all US oil production.

          Buy oil now from Russia and soon from IRAN,

          And Democrats just shot down the idea of re-opening up the XL Pipeline.

          Can’t fix stupid, we just need to shoot the criminal basturd traitors.

      10. Try EIGHT dollars a gallon today in Australia!

        • Buy a siphon hose, then it’s free! 😛

          • If you are lucky the cops will catch you before pissed off locals do.

          • Your a big winded moron genius

            • Thieves are punching holes in gas tanks, draining the gas and some tank replacement are costing $1000 to replace a gas tank. And while they are under the car they cut off the Catalytic converter too and steal that also.

              Thieves in my area are cutting the heavy multi strand ground wires that run up and down on the utility poles with transformers, and ripping it all down and stealing it. Gee I wonder what happens when a Utility Pole Transformer barrels are not grounded properly? Kaaaboom… Lights out.

              • Salvage yard (used) replacement tanks are virtually unavailable where I live, the yards generally cut a hole in them to make sure they are empty and no one blows themselves up trying to pull one from the vehicle.

                Don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but around here you buy new, find a private party parting the same model out with a good tank, or buy a new (and expensive) tank.

      11. While your at it you can have free energy too! When your neighbor goes to work, run a heavy duty extension cord to his power and bury it. Walla! 😀

      12. We are at $4.49 already here! Last week I was paying $2.91, so yeah, I can imagine it will hit $5 fairly soon.
        My utility bills are soaring, food prices are insane, but when your goal is to change the country and screw over your own people, we’ll I guess they are right on track.
        Buckle up for the downhill ride.

      13. Silver and gold up nicely today. Hope you all have a stack. Cryptos are still going down. Rumor has it Russia is going to back the ruble with gold. They have a lot of it too. That would totally screw the fiat dollar. It’s up to the globalhomos what happens next.

      14. Gas is already over $5 in CA. Everything is totally insane. I don’t buy this crap that the US economy is resilient and we’ll be a-ok. I hear that possum is good but a little greasy.

      15. On the bright side COVID is done.

        Except for the Federal restrictions on both sides of the US/Canada border.

      16. Screw speculators and let’s go Brandon! Turn on the keystone Pipeline morons! I guess they really want the people to hate our So called Representatives.

        • Shutting that pipeline down is one of the things Biden voters elected him to do.

          Don’t expect it to restart any time soon.

          Maybe never, depending on how many of what persuasion are elected to Congress this year, and who is elected or reelected in 2024,

      17. I guess that thanks is in order to Mr Biden and his communist crew and backers for the current situation we are in. The only thing that is makes me happy is everyone who voted for that brain dead son of a bitch and his communist handlers are suffering right along with the rest of us. Except for brain dead Joe.

        • It’s those voters that are actually responsible, and a good number of them are quite happy about it.

          We’re a severely divided nation, there is no resolution to it. One side wins, the other is destroyed or dies off.

      18. But don’t blame the federal reserve printing presses – lets all blame people 10,000 miles away. No way it could be our fault pricing rising so much and such. Print print print print more money fellas ! The train will derail soon enough.

      19. We can thank the resident in the Oval Office for screwing us over by eliminating the XL pipeline, canceling the oil and gas leases as well as restricting offshore exploration/drilling.

      20. Where I live we are typically a few dollars below the national avg, not so anymore. We are close to hitting $4/gal in the next day or two. Diesel is already $4.99/gal where I live. If it’s hitting us this hard I know the rest of the country will be hurting for real in short order.

      21. It’s already here and over $5. Blinken couldn’t keep his mouth shut and yesterday afternoon jumped 70 cents the same day

      22. They showed us footage of near-abandoned, local gas stations, yet the fixed price does not improve for lack of demand.

      23. All going as planned. He warned us! Small farm, prep & metals to deal with increased taxes in the near. Can only store “most” fuel a short while. Guess which one. Buy a used or rebuilt & feel the pain.

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