War: Sea Trials Have Started For Upgraded Russian Nuclear Submarine

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    Sea trials for the upgraded Borei-class nuclear submarine are underway in Russia, as the country prepares its military might for a war.  Borei-class submarines carry 16 Bulava submarine-launched missiles as their primary armament and may also fire cruise missiles from torpedo tubes.

    According to RT, the Knyaz Vladimir is the first submarine built as an upgraded Borei-A variant, which has improved communication systems, lower noise levels, and better crew cabins. It was laid down in 2012 and launched in November last year. According to bmpd, a respected Russian defense blog, on November 28 the submarine was deployed for sea trials by its producer, the Sevmash shipyard base in Severodvinsk. She is expected to enter service sometime next year.

    RT further reported that there are three Borei-class submarines – the Yuriy Dolgorukiy, the Aleksandr Nevskiy and the Vladimir Monomakh – which are currently on active duty in the Russian Navy. They were commissioned between January 2013 and December 2014 and are regularly used as platforms for Bulava SLBM test launches. Four other Borei-A-class submarines are in construction, with plans for two more previously announced. A Borei-B variant featuring a new propulsion system and other upgrades is being developed by the Rubin Design Bureau, the lead designer of the class.

    Russia continues to prepare their military might for a war. The country has also been accused of looking specifically for a reason to start a third world war.

    In addition to asking for a declaration of martial law, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has also been gathering with his top military leaders. Poroshenko is pledging that Ukraine will not take any “offensive” military actions, but he also says that they are ready to defend against any attacks from Russia.

    The Russians are accusing Poroshenko of manipulating this crisis in order to pump up his flagging approval ratings for the upcoming presidential elections. There is a very real possibility that Poroshenko could lose, and he is desperate to stay in office.

    Of course, the Ukrainians are blaming Russia for everything, and Poroshenko says that what happened on Sunday “was an act of war”… –Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse


    As Russia ramps up for a war, most Americans are content to sit back and allow the authoritarian political elites to steal their money and use it to enforce their leftist ideas of a “perfect” society on them. A hellish future awaits if humanity refuses to see the truth.




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      1. I’m digging that hat that Commander Korolyvov is wearing.
        I hope its available at their next military yard sale.

        • I wonder if it has a built in thermos for your coffee?

          • Don’t know but it looks like something good to use if you have a shit pain hit you.

        • No kidding. What IS it with people and their Russia love and fear? Russia doesn’t have the money or the numbers to be a serious threat. They are a minor player that’s really only enabled by the theoretical backing of China. In a non-nuclear exhchange, they lose to just about everyone.

          Let’s focus on the real threats, like China. Quit letting Putin try to keep himself relevant by making headlines!

      2. Probably not bit i can visualize a retrofit

      3. Well it looks like the Russians are preparing for a Hillary win in 2020. And so shall we.

      4. We all live in a nuclear submarine
        a nuclear submarine
        a nuclear submarine…..

      5. re “(Russia) has also been accused of looking specifically for a reason to start a third world war”

        Here’s a good enough reason: “Washington, District Of Criminals”… better make that “District Of MEGA Criminals”

      6. Submarine sailors do it deeper and keep it out for longer periods of time.

      7. Our military doesn’t prepare for war? If not, ours is the only military that doesn’t.

        The Russophobia in this article reeks. NATO has military assets camped on Russia’s border in the Baltics. Two or three dozen of our bases encircle Russia around the globe. We sail destroyers into their territorial waters, daring them to react, then cry like babies when they do.

        We are as pure as the driven snow but anything Russia does in response to us is “preparing for war.”


        Put the neocon bankster warmongers and their sons on the front lines and see how soon our militarism stops.

        They rake in billions while the cemeteries fill with working class people. That is, with nobody our power elite identifies with or cares about.

        If it isn’t worth shedding power elite blood for, it isn’t worth shedding Joe Working Class from Kokomo’s blood either.

        • Then why do fools sign up for it? It is a volunteer army you know. Don’t they look into or do any research on anything before putting their life on the line? For fuck sake! I sure as hell would!

          • It’s probably why they target small town America and people are perhaps more patriotic, induce with paid college study, means to travel outside the state/country, etc. Also distributes the deaths more widely.

      8. New Ruskie sub,eh?
        Get back to us when it sinks so we can watch non-rescue effort.

        Is this partial Official Disclosure regarding the Crimea Bridge bomb? It is now placed ON THE OFFICIAL RECORD, and from no less than Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

        (This is an English Translation of an interview dated 02-12-18, and is copied from transcript publically posted on the official Russian Foreign Ministry website for all to see, link below).

        Have you managed to bring across to our European partners the truth on what really happened in the Black Sea, and not in the Sea of Azov, as they usually write? Have they finally heard our position?

        Sergey Lavrov:
        I think they could not but hear it because President Vladimir Putin, while meeting with President of France Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, personally explained “in lay terms” how all this happened, how the provocation had been planned and how its execution was attempted, as well as how responsibly the Russian border guards performed their functions trying to prevent any undesirable incidents. Regrettably, the [Ukrainian] agents and provocateurs, and the provocation carried out by two craft and a tug, was controlled by two Ukrainian Security Service officers who did their best to fulfil the order………
        ………..President Putin personally told his interlocutors about this. I did not hear from them a response that would be based on different facts.

        Presidents Putin and Trump have held a short meeting after all. As for US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was he evading you, or did he have to meet with you?

        Sergey Lavrov:
        Of course, I did not pursue him, and he did not try to meet with me. To be quite frank, I do not even know if he is here, because I have not seen the full US delegation. US National Security Adviser John Bolton said in a conversation with Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov, who deals with political matters, that they [the US administration] would like to resume and normalise our dialogue. We are ready to do this as soon as our colleagues are.

        Do you think there is a connection between the provocation in the Kerch Strait and the US cancellation of the planned meeting between our presidents?

        Sergey Lavrov:
        I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories. However, there have been too many coincidences, when a provocation that takes place ahead of a major event is used for fanning hysteria over sanctions. British Prime Minister Theresa May has demanded that Brussels further worsen its Russia policy, even though Britain has almost exited the EU.
        We know our partners very well, and we have masses of questions about the adequacy of their approach to serious problems. There are very serious and very real threats. The fight against these challenges cannot be improved by making sacrifices to immediate geopolitical considerations.

        When will President Putin and President Trump hold a full-scale meeting after all?

        Sergey Lavrov:
        I won’t even try to guess.

        The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

      10. I worked in the US military contractor industry as a design engineer from 1980 to 2004.

        I think I might have posted on SHTFPlan about the fate of the F22’s at Tyndall AFB during Hurricane Michael.

        I could only judge the US as having lost the next World War.

        This is based on a much longer list than this, but I don’t want to spend to much time thinking about it right now. I have Netflix to watch !!!

        * Missile Defense (2 Huge & 1 Ginormous Fraud Cases, the latter involving 230 dead mostly Americans)
        * F22 being so complicated that 22 couldn’t be flown out of Hurricane Michael’s path. They cost $330 Million each.
        * Tolerance of Chinese spying. China’s hardware hack of the Supermicro motherboards used in the Apple-Amazon cloud being the part of the iceberg that is above the water.
        * China’s Borg-like Vacuuming up of Physical Gold, on for decades but going into high gear April 2013. Metal-watchers know that is a historical weekend. ( I got a medium concussion skiing on Sunday, then watched the metal prices drop 20%+ & managed a last minute Highly Concussed tax return. )
        * America’s weaknesses. The recent fires in California are one example.
        Cost estimate for 2018 fires, $400 Billion.
        2017 California GNP (summation of economic activity) $2.7 Trillion, $2700 Billion.
        Cost for 2017 fires, $180 Billion.

        So California lost 1/7 of its GNP to fire in 2018. What would we say about China or Russia if the same happened to their most populated supposedly most technologically advanced province or state or gulag-istan ?
        * The hollowing out of the Middle Class by American Health Care.
        * The hollowing out of the Middle Class by Outsourcing.

        Almost tragically, the out-sourcing also gave China a chance to deal one possibly fatal blow, by sneaking one of its own spy chips into 700 server boards in the middle of the Apple part of the Apple Amazon cloud. China did the same to Amazon, I just don’t know how many infected Supermicro server boards were scrapped there, Apple scrapped 700 of them all of a sudden in 2015.

        Apple is also complaining about Bloomberg News telling us about the hack.

        Please, Boycott Apple iPhones. If Apple was honest we wouldn’t have waited 3 years to hear about the hack from Bloomberg. Apple is whining about Bloomberg publicizing a HUUUGE mistake Apple and Amazon should have announced ? Please, Boycott Apple i-Everything.

        I would ask you to boycott Amazon but they have decent rifle scope mounts for $30 that are $60 everywhere else. 30 mm and 1 inch.

      11. Can’t edit it ? PS ~
        China’s acquisition of Gold is relevant because America’s dominance is based on the US $ being a reserve currency.

        You don’t want to live in an America with $10,000 gold because it will mean the US $ no longer the world’s primary reserve currency.

        China is not acquiring gold because they like having shiny stuff in expensive vaults.

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