Domestic War Machine: Look At All This Armor The Government Is Moving For Jade Helm Military Exercises

by | May 12, 2015 | Headline News | 242 comments

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    There’s been a lot of concern over the upcoming Jade Helm exercises taking place in several U.S. states this summer. The operation to “master the human domain,” as the military refers to it, is such a significant event that Governor Greg Abbott promised Texans he’d have the State Guard on stand-by to ensure the Federal government wouldn’t use the purported training operation to implement a state of martial law. His actions, though attacked by some, show just how far Federal law enforcement overreach in America has come since September 11th, 2001.

    There are a great deal of Americans who are scared of where operations like Jade Helm and economic collapse simulations are going. Military, law enforcement and government officials say these types of exercises are just business as usual and there’s no imminent crisis approaching. It’s a typical response from a bureaucracy that has been labeled the most secretive in history, and since very little substantive information is being released to the public by traditional information pipelines like the corporate media, many have turned to alternative sources to gather information they can’t find anywhere else.

    Last week, for example, a Texas Ranger made the claim that shackles have been spotted on train cars moving through the state, a report that laid further credence to the notion the government is preparing for a crisis situation where they may have to subdue, detain and incarcerate large groups of people. Given that the focus is on states the government has dubbed “hostile” (such as Texas and Utah) it wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibility that a widespread crisis, complete with civil unrest that will require swaths of armed personnel, is exactly what the government is preparing for.

    The Texas Ranger’s claims were dismissed by some as fabrications, especially since he chose to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions given the stance the government has recently taken with whistle blowers.

    But despite the marginalization of whistle blowers and news outlets like,  The Common Sense show, and scores of others, the government is obviously preparing plans for dissident roundups in the future. The facts on this are clear and the President even signed a Doomsday Executive Order in 2012 giving himself the authority to seize everything from water and food resources to power plants and skilled laborers should he ever have to declare a national emergency.

    Perhaps a federal takeover through a martial law declaration is not imminent over coming months, but how else can we explain the absolutely massive exercises now being positioned across the continental United States?

    And what are we to tell our children when they see the war machine in full swing on the streets of America?

    Here’s a small selection of what people around the country have been able to record and broadcast as the government gets ready for this summer.

    Captured in Slayton, Texas within the last 24 hours:

    (Mickey Sprous via Tess Pennington)

    And if they’re not preparing to deal with civil unrest and large, unruly and potentially violent crowds of people, then what do they need all of these microwave weapons for?

    Spotted on I-80 near Reno, Nevada:

    (All News Pipeline via Steve Quayle)

    Along I-5 in Southern California: “Those trains are full of equipment…”

    Helicopters all over the country:

    And of course, no “Mastering the Human Domain” military exercises would be complete without dissident arrests. This may explain why the Texas Ranger mentioned above reported shackles in train cars. And, once arrested, they’ll have to transport these people. It’s been suggested that FEMA camps are already prepared to handle large populations of prisoners.

    Does this look like a typical training exercise to you, and one that is supposedly designed for foreign theaters of war as claimed by military officials? Or do you think maybe someone, somewhere is planning for a major domestic crisis event in the near future?


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      1. Q: “Or do you think maybe someone, somewhere is planning for a major domestic crisis event in the near future?”

        A: It’s gotta be Obola.

        • Obola IS a major domestic crisis event…for six years…and counting…

          • The federales will fire upon the
            American citizenry with extreme
            What we haven’t seen yet is the
            propaganda machine ramped up to
            demonize patriots who might stand
            against their tyranny.
            When was the last time we saw any
            mention of the Constitution or
            it’s amendments in favor of the
            Our rights have been suppressed to
            the point where most couldn’t
            even recite the first and second
            amendment, let alone understand
            All it would take to get this
            atrocity rolling would be the
            likes of a blackwater military
            contractor to heat things up
            and the regular army will jump
            right into the fray.
            One must never under estimate
            the witless universal soldier
            and their loyalty to a cause.

            • Soldiers die.

              • that third video is not I-5…it’s I-15, yermo?…sure looks like it to me…i’m 98% sure of it…and it’s a DEPOT, where mil. vehicles are repaired/rebuilt…if there isn’t a war going on, then of COURSE there will be a lot of vehicles there…and BTW, i live between there and LA…if there’s ever a nuclear war, THAT’S where the first bombs will fall, where there’s thousands of military vehicles. YIKES!

                  • Scam, no actual verifiable references provided.

                  • Youtube Columbus Co. Ga.

                • Good eye bcod. He’s travelling West on Yerbo Rd.

                • Agreed, the sheer number of vehicles in one spot? One bomb, thousands of vehicles lost. Stupid. Reminds me of the five or so carriers docked side by side at Norfolk for so long.

                  • The real question will be, where do all those armored vehicles go when Jade Helm is all over?

                    That will be a staging location that will indicate where they want to really deploy troops and equipment.

                    Near me they built a new State Police headquarters, no windows, huge parking lot, the place is a military style fort. I can see the vehicles partied in the lot and they aren’t state police cars, I suspect they are FEMA. Freaking creepy!

              • “And what are we to tell our children when they see the war machine in full swing on the streets of America?”

                You tell them to keep low, and keep loading those magazines and passing them forward.

                • i agree Nobama. and if necessary, tell them to pick the other rifle and start shooting.

            • American Cops Are More Heavily Armed than Front Line U.S. Combat Soldiers In Active War Zones

              “Rafael Rivera – who served in the U.S. Army for seven years – writes:
              The police in Ferguson have better armor and weaponry than my men and I did in the middle of a war. And Ferguson isn’t alone — police departments across the US are armed for war.”


              • KY
                Not all are. The one I work for has 4 Ar 15’s for 3 full time and 9 part time cops and they are locked up. They don’t even have the mags loaded, I think we only have 200 rounds of ammo for them. We have two CRV’s one two seats and one 4 seats. The two larger towns to the East and west Morris (POP 18,000) and Ottawa (POP 18,000) have no heavy equipment They have a couple of rag top Hum-Vees.
                Hells Bells I worked last night and I used my own AR in my squad. After the rash of executions of Officer I’m going to start taking it all the time.

                • Man, if you are still in IL I feel for you! I finally got out of that cesspool and now am enjoying the freedom of TX! Except for these shitty HOA’s! They are friggin lawn Nazis down here!!!

                  Good luck bud and be safe out there. BTW- the Army has a PsyOps facility off Arsenal road in Channahon/Joliet area… Check it out sometime. 41.430951, -88.111572

                  • “D”
                    I live about 5 miles from one of two National Guard bases in Illinois that have weapons and Ammo.
                    I want to be in Tennessee, but I can’t leave. My Father at 86 is not in good health and my Mother at 84 is not in good health.
                    My Brother and I have worked very hard over the years and have put together a group of like minded folks with a plan or two up our sleeves.
                    I know of this PsyOps place and have been by it.

                    • Hey Sgt, I’ve been reading your posts for some time. Keep up the good work. Tennessee is nice. I moved here from Detroit in ’99. Nashville is a weird mix of conservative and liberal with liberalism growing strong. I’m pretty sure the growth of liberalism has to do with the large influx of people relocating to Nashville. I just read the other day that Nashville has the largest Kurdish immigrant population in the whole USA. Nashville has also been named an “Up-and-Coming” city in some major publication (can’t remember which one). Since then, we have had alot of people moving here from LA, New York and other liberal strongholds. Keep that in mind. Havn’t been to the other major cities except to visit. The rural areas are incredible. Alot of state parks, fishing, hunting, agriculture, etc.

                  • Get ready for a whole lot more people about to move to the Dallas area. Toyota is consolidating its North American headquarters, and thousands of people will be migrating from California and Northern Kentucky to Dallas. Also, Liberty Mutual is moving a large number of staff to the Dallas area.

                    There is something like 6,000 families looking for housing in Dallas currently. House prices are going up, up, UP!

                • Sgt. Dale,

                  I believe some government officials (like Eric Holder) have been PURPOSELY stirring up tension between people and police. They are fanning the flames of tension and distrust.

                  Be careful. Be safe.

                  Former NYPD commissioner blames Holder for ‘war on police’

                  Police Under Fire: In America today the blue uniform has a bull’s-eye on it

                  • They need all the killers their side can get

                • SGT:

                  Policeman in Wisconsin cleared of all charges. Another chimp out is planned. Don’t matter the evidence.

                  • RP1776,

                    You NAILED him man! That’s none other than our beloved sgt stinkfinger ” putting his life on the line”!

            • OutWest, I’m right there with you. Let the feds open fire on us in extreme prejudice. Patriots will shoot back in self-defense with at least an equal amount of prejudice. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

          • “They Hate Us For Our Freedoms”

            – George Walker Bush


            • Comment of the year.

            • So GWB set out to destroy the remaining freedoms.

            • Bush and his mentor, Cheney, was typically speaking of himself as if speaking of someone else, such as when saying that Americans are “addicted to the stuff” (oil), smirked by the Pusher-in-Chief himself! The Cheney-Bush gang liked to tell people the obvious as if it were not. They reveled in the people’s ignorance of what’s obvious and, the people’s scared acceptance of whatever the powers-that-be tell them to make them feel good.

            • How ironic that GWB will go down in history as the president who signed away our freedoms in the “Patriot Act”

          • Only him?

            This a.m. as I’ve been reading how the Republicans are ganging up on Democrats to rescue that very, very secret trade agreement I’ve started wondering a simple question: What have the Republicans actually done -other than lip service to deceive their supporters- to deny Obama anything he wants?

            I’ve been thinking, but I really can’t come up with anything of real significance to list, and anything that was a minor victory (i.e. budget limitations) turned out to be temporary and was rapidly undone by those who passed or refused to pass them in the first place. (Strange that I can’t think of any obvious ones off the top of my head since next years election rhetoric is already in progress, maybe I’m just getting old.)

            I’m sure this board has some hard core Republican supporters, so could someone provide a list?

            It’s a bit early here to call but I intend to call the local Republican party office and ask for a list of them, I’ll report back with results after I get an answer. I’d still appreciate a list from the posters here as I’m sure there are some that won’t be mentioned by their office.

            • So I actually called the local Republican headquarters figuring if anyone would have the information readily at hand they would..

              The woman answering the phone was taken by surprise at the question, I suppose no one has ever asked such a thing before.

              She said -confidently- that she would do some research and get back to me with a list of the Republican accomplishments of blocking Obama and his agenda.

              A little over 4 hours later I received a voicemail on my phone -I was at work when the call was returned- and all it said was that she couldn’t find anything specific to give me but that I could log onto or myself and look up each Senators individual record to find out their voting records and what bills were passed.

              So there you have it, the Saviors of the Republic -the Republicans- have no idea at all what they have accomplished in blocking anything that Obama has desired and just tell you to go away and look for yourself if you want to find out since they can’t find anything to show you.

              Anyone wanting to blame Obama for all our ills should do a bit of pondering about this and keep it in mind when placing blame. (Just be sure to keep voting Republican and Democrat, of course, you have no other option)

              Call your own local Republican headquarters and ask the same, “What have the Republicans blocked Obama from doing since he took office?” to see if you get a different or the same answer.

              • best post i’ve seen on here in a loooong time, anon!

              • Its all theater, there is no left, or right. They all work for the same master…

                • Both parties know the world is about to crash into the Greatest Depression. Globally Billions will die! War will become the topic of the day, everywhere on planet earth.

                  Congress is the band on the sinking Titanic, they know there’s no room on the lifeboats and there’s nothing to do but play just one more song.

                  Anyone wonder why no Democrats of consequence are running for president. Hillary is running for president and won’t give an interview to any news media or reporter? REALLY?

                  The fix is in, the next president will be a conservative, and that’s when the Economy explodes. The FED will make it happen! Then the bankers will send their man beast to the White House to have a talk with him. Afterword his hair will be suddenly gray…….

          • The one variable that does not fit is Bastrop Texas. If this operation is a move to quell civil unrest, like riots and looting after economic collapse, then Jade Helm would target only large cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin.

            So why Bastrop, Texas? That is not considered a large metropolitan city. The expectation of riots and looting are zero.

            • they must try in the large and the small

        • The thing that makes me the most nervous is that if something goes down in Texas, the internet will be shut down and we will all be depending on the TV for news. Then we will never really know whats going on.

          • We have all been conditioned to blindly support the military and police without question, no matter the cause. If you do question their morality then you are somehow unpatriotic and a bleeding heart commie liberal. This is why we will accept seeing them on the street. If and when communications go down, and if something happens or “they” decide to make their move, they will shutdown communications, and we will be dependent on our own instincts. If you see military on our streets, I hate to say it but it is time to start shooting. You will not be able to call your buddies and family for advice, you wont even know what is going on just on the other side of town, you will only know what they want you to know. We will be told by the blondes on the television, it is for our safety. At checkpoints, we will be told they’re looking for suspects or terrorists, while they search through our vehicles and point guns at our children. And yes any of those that do fight back will most assuredly be broadcast as terrorists and crazies on the television, and most will be reluctant to stand with their cause. Many who fight back will lose, but the most important thing is to fight back, because they can only keep the façade up for so long before people will finally be able to see through their fluoride tinted glasses. Like I said we will be dependent on our own instincts. Pray for guidance and good aim, and that you may get the drop on them before they do you.

            • Yes the term HERO is bandied about. It not poltically correct to call them what they actually are. They are a government paid enforcer. That’s all they are . Serve & Protect is a big lie. They are to generate revenue and they will willingly ignore the citizens rights. Government funded Parasites who produce nothing. Those gullible young folks who join the military are not fighting for US freedom they are just cannon fodder in the UN NWO Agenda 21 plan.

              • Richard and Old guy. you seem to forget for EVERY service man or woman there is a FAMILY that they love “out there”. Your take on law enforcement officers and the men and women of OUR military is slanted and off base. you people cause more harm and division with your “hate” and mistrust talk. Go live in another country if you think our military is so freakin bad. sick of you morons.

                • Even the SS guards at Auschwitz had family that loved them. It is not wrong to mistrust the military, their actions are not ones that reassure Americans. If you look at our situation, it is the 1930s all over again.

                  Bad economic times usher in radical governments who have radical agendas.

                  • Action speak louder than words. You Tube is full of videos of the ‘rare bad apple cop’. American soldiers will not hesitate to mow us down. Do some research on the ‘bonus army’.

                    • Initially, you are most likely correct. Many will “follow orders” initially but as things develop, they will begin to question. That is still the American way, though much less than in the past.

                      Once that happens, and once things have gone hot and people are dying, that might also include some of the family members of military and LEO. When that starts happening, many will then begin to question who is protecting their families, and of course, no one will be. Once that starts, many will begin to be more concerned for their families than their jobs.

                      I do think there will be substantial desertions at that point if not before. Either way, it’s not going to be pretty.

          • When the Internet shuts down, your plans will be put to the test! Yet, remember: they won’t splash hot water on the frog. They’ll slowly increase the heat, so as to not alarm him of it. They know he’s waiting for some signal to rescue himself.

          • Get yourself a good short wave receiver, long live pirate radio….

          • The TV news and old fashion sources such as shortwave radio, possibly AM radio stations, fax machines, dial up BBS systems using fido relays (yes, fido is still alive even if not really healthy anymore), truck drivers and phone calls the way it was done during the Clinton administration before the internet became a base of communications.

            You young folk just don’t understand that there actually was a pre internet age and we managed to get quite a bit done during that digitally medieval time without it.

          • Havok,

            Yesterday at about 1600 Zulu we were flying from los angels to Dulles airport. at 1600z we were passing 400 miles south of Salt Lake City at 33,000 feet when an American flight north of our position reported a loss of their GPS navigation signal. the controller calmly advised everyone on the frequency that the military was testing an area wide GPS jammer that was located about 150 miles southwest of Salt Lake. The jamming signal was approximately 390 miles in radius up to an altitude of 40,000 feet. It’s not a problem for planes. the onboard navigation systems automatically switch between external and internal navigation references depending on what is available; but we never like to run into high powered GPS jammers especially domestically. that’s the sort of thing North Korea does all the time to antagonize South Korea.

          • Remember this. Everyone wants to know When; well, WHEN the internet goes down That’s IT! What more of a signal could you ask for? I take this with a lot of salt, but the internet is to important to the country for the Gov to take it down without a very good reason. So if it goes, Lock and Load, somethngs up. What are you looking for an engraved invite?

          • Radio?

          • Ham Radio


          • You need to look even further back with Hilter.

            First he convinced the people it would be in their best interest for safety that everyone should register their guns.

            After that he then went back to the people and convinced them, they should give up their guns. Of course at that point, he knew who had guns.

            • There is a national guard armory not to far from here and we would drive by it once in a while to see whats up. Usually there were about 20 mil vehicles in the parking area. Last time a couple weeks ago there were 2! Me suspects they are being disarmed.

              • Genius, the armory is not being disarmed, they’ve probably all gone to another facility for weekend training. Drive by again and see if they are back. I have a family member in the Army National Guard, and I’m proud of her.

          • Yeah, you are right, Jack… looks awfully suspicious!! War preparations. And they do it all so SNEAKILY… little by little. Just like the f– Nazis!!

        • LOOKS like scenes from Russia, when they were preparing to go to war in Ukraine. Sure this just an “exercise”??!

          • BS. Russia didn’t invade Ukraine. Go home shill.

        • My question is thus. We have had sooooo many reports across the nation in recent months of surprise maneuvers by our military. Now we hear jade helm will feature operatives dressed in plainclothes. Huh? Umm if they r covert, undercover, why announce their mission during this ‘ exercise ‘? Something don’t smell right. O bummer is micro managing the Military, and I don’t trust this closet muzzle homo for anything

        • The government says Jade Helm 15 is an exercise,I don’t buy it for a millisecond.Our own government is going to be taking people away
          to FEMA prison camps when the SHTF,where they are going to work us until they have no more use for us and then we will be assassinated
          and be buried in large ditches outside of the prison camps.Our
          government is going to murder 281 MILLION people when all is said and done!!!!!!!!

      2. There’s none so blind as those who refuse to see.

        • It has to be one of three things:

          1. Staging prior to shipping these units to Australia as the US “pivots to Asia”;

          2. Anticipation of the Big One along the “San Andreas” and equipment to lock down Kalifornia;

          3. Obola’s planned response to Rancher Bundy. 🙂

          • Lol, at num 3!!! Good one,a bit of over kill. But hey, what the f.

            • No. 4. To hand over to the Chinese and Russians when the rest of them get here.

          • I say, there is a fourth.

            It is called a staged deception. Something else is getting ready to happen and the much publicized Jade Helm is a distraction to thwart their enemy (us), and our enemy (the media) from zoning in on it.

            I have my suspicions of what it may be, but I ain’t telling it here.

            The Faux News Channel has downplayed the event and called the conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones a nut job.

            Speaking of “nut job”, I had a “faux job” once.

            The little lazy ass cunt was making slurping sounds and all she was doing was working it by hand. I didn’t really complain at the time, but actually felt as if I was getting a con job.

            I guess in this day and time, any job is better than no job.

            And then there is the slob on knob, job…….

            • They’d self inflict a wound to get what they want. Like blow up Hoover damn and clear out the southwest for the protection of the people. Imagine that…

          • 4. Obama is going to do a surprise roundup and deportation of the illegal aliens.

            Those States are where most of them are.

            • it is time to wake up buddy

            • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

      3. Do you really believe that our military would ever support Obama’s dictatorial grab? Not talking about the bought and paid for military leadership, I am talking about the boots on the ground, the fingers on the triggers? I think there are those in the military who are just waiting for The Obama Administration to do something that cannot be undone, to be given reason to take him and the rest of the government down.

        if this happens as you say, there is no place on this earth they can hide to be safe.

        • I want to believe that those who have sworn an oath to the Constitution and the American people will uphold it… But I look to history for the answer.

          There are many service members and public servants who will realize what is happening and will refuse immoral and unlawful orders… but there are likely just as many (if not more) who will follow them without question.

          Some related reading:

          Shock Claim: “The New Litmus Test Of Leadership In The Military Is If They Will Fire On US Citizens Or Not”

          The Psychological Reasons Why American Soldiers Would Fire On American Citizens

          • To All

            I served. I will pin lieutenant bars on my son on Friday. I know many people in the military. These people are just like us. They serve to preserve freedom. In the last 30 years that line has become so blurred.

            I can say without a doubt that most of the military will not fire on Americans or round them up currently. I have given this a lot of thought.

            If what I say is true then how do you get serviceman to do your bidding? You must make them believe that what they are doing is for the good of the country. If all this troop movement is to be feared then there is some major false flag about to take place. The troops will believe that they are protecting the country because of it. That is the only way the elite can make this work. My unit many years ago went to desert war fare school. There is no way this is because of that school. It is too large. I hope it is just an exercise. National Guard troops are the only troops that can legally be called up for riots. Federal troops are not supposed to be able to operate on U.S. soil.

            I know the constitution and laws can be thrown out the window in today’s times. If this is planned as more than a training exercise then something huge is about to take place. If it is a training exercise then they are training for something major in the future.

            What ever it is they must make the men in the exercise believe they are protecting the country and upholding the constitution. Most of these men will not take guns away from people. Only the politically correct leadership will.

            This bothers me greatly and I will pass on any info I hear. I have not been able to find out anything to this point. A lot of the people I normally see have not been at the place I go which is very unusual. I am sorry for being vague but you have to understand.

            • you are a fool.

              you know the truth and still allow your son to enter the military.

              just know this this … your son is a dead man, if i get him in my sites on martial law day.

              • solis lupus is correct. the US military gets it orders from the UN.

              • Solus

                You just got me excited. I did not know you were coming to my place on martial law day. I will fix you a wonderful meal.
                We will call it your last supper lol

                • Brilliantly executed, pardon the pun, response! Love it!!!

                  • Ty Ty Ty

            • Mike ,
              Things are about to get real , time will tell and stories will be told of great sacrifices and valor in the coming event , we are at the Rubicon and the die is cast. What has happened before will happen again.

              God bless the Republic .

              Semper Fi

              • Night Breaker

                I agree. Too much happening at one time. Things are moving fast right now. I believe it is time.

                • Night Breaker and Mike in VA, I have always expected to be confronted by foreign troops and now Obama’s ‘private army’ as well. Regardless of who it is, I would advise them to reconsider if they want to live. I won’t be taken alive, period. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

                  • Look in the weeds to your left and back, that pile of rubbish will be me. Stop by if you need ammo.

                  • Braveheart

                    I don’t expect to have to deal with troops in my area. If I do then I am outgunned. If I know they are coming then it is time for some gorilla warfare tactics. It is the only way to have a chance at defeating them.

              • Night Breaker,

                I believe the top government officials and military leaders KNOW something BIG is going to happen soon.

                The government vilifies those individuals who have been preparing. Meanwhile, this administration has been buying huge amounts of storable food, medical equipment, guns, ammo and been writing executive orders to ensure their survival and well being.

                Stay the course. Keep praying and prepping.

                • Mom

                  You have a good point. The government is the biggest prepper of all.

                • Mom

                  You have a good point. The government is the biggest prepper of all.

                  • And they call preppers “terrorists” which makes them, the, the biggest terrorists of all.

            • Bush repealed that law in 2006 although rerepealed in 2007 but most the language was left in. The president can use the Military as domestic law Enforcement anytime he feels the need.
              With what you said about beleiving they are doing good is the very reason to worry. For one there is a document that talks of three Phases to eventually bring the UN to the Ultimate head.

              Disarmament Series 5
              Released September 1961

              Office of Public Services
              and this
              Public Law 87-297
              search them both and you will see.
              The other reason they will is because America if you look at your history doesn’t have a very good track record of defending out liberties especially now. Gov fired on Americans in the Civil war. Kent state they killed college kids. Wounded knee they masacred lots of Indian people. Not to mention Japanses internment camps.
              If you are who you say you are youd’ know so makes me suspect but who knows.
              Jade helm may not do what people fear this time but eventually if World peace and disarmament is still the agenda then it will at some point.

              • csaaphill

                Thanks for that info. I did not know that. I just ask some questions of the people I know.

                1 – I know of no serviceman that likes the current administration or the way things are going.
                2- To a man all have said they would not remove guns from Americans.
                3- To a man they would fight blue helmets if they showed up.

                • So what do they do when issued blue helmets and ordered to wear them?

                  Remember Michael Nu?

                  For that matter, what do you expect them to do when issued orders by their commander to collect guns? Immediately shoot him and keep going with it right up the chain of command that issued the original orders?

                  Desert maybe? go back to Michael Nu.

                  I doubt it, they will follow orders almost to a man and those that don’t will be killed or tried and imprisoned by those that do the same way Michael Nu was.

                • I work on a military base and I can tell you not one solider,sailor,airman or marine here will take arms against the american people. All that I have talked with (several hundred) say they will take their gear/guns/ammo and defend their families. And to hell with any order against the american people. I am just saying. They say it is the National Guard and Reserves we should worry about?

                  • They will all say that, until the orders are given with great fear and intimidation. The majority will comply with those orders, especially after watching a few initial resistors shot to death to set an example for the rest.

                • I also know a old Vet who served Back in Vietnam in the Navy. He told me from his time in the service and his knowledge of how the operate it would not surprise him at all. I read elsewhere that Special forces and Swat teams/regualr Law enforcement are training together. Since for all purposes Posse Comitatus has been repealed then there is no reason to hold back any more?!.
                  The thing that Irritates me the most is it’s all up front and mostly not hiding. So we can’t really call it a conspiracy, for it’s an agenda. I’ve known for years it was an agenda, because of some books I read long ago on Communism in America etc… Issue is when they start calling you a conspiracy nut tell then no for you know its an agenda.
                  Another thing that bothers me is I beleive they will use ISIS to get us to comply to their will on getting us ot these safety camps/FEMA! They will tell us it’s for our own good but if possile tell them no! For once in no coming home!

                  • I’d be more suspicious they would begin recruiting and using the major street gangs -bloods, crips, Mara Salvatrucha,Los Zetas, etc,- easier to control and direct than ISIS and just as vicious, maybe more so if they were officially encouraged to be and given the right of first plunder.

            • I served. And, no, these people are nothing like me.

              If these people who continue to join haven’t figured out they are but canon fodder, nothing will reach them. especially those who continue to praise and celebrate the murderous actions that these ignorant bastards do in the name of America.

              There isn’t anything decent or honorable about serving these murderous bastards.

              Stop pretending it is so.

              • Copy that Buelahman. The ranks have been purged. Those remaining will obey unlawful orders or be shackled alongside those extracted. UCMJ has been obliterated. When push comes to shove I will not be looking for help from the “good-guys” who used to be. A very sorry state of affairs.

              • Thanks for your service. Right or wrong we served for various reasons but we took the oath. Thank you for it.

                When was the last time you talked to a man in uniform?
                Have you asked any of them there opinion?

                I am tired of the rediculous rules and regulations placed on soldiers. If someone fires on them and runs in a house they cannot destroy the house. That is one example. The same guy comes out and is not carrying his weapon they cannot fire on him.

                We should not send another soldier out of this country! We should close our southern border and stop all aid to other countries. That is my feeling.

                I hope you have the greatest day.

                • Hey Mike your son also signed saying he would kii American’s Don’t tell us he didn’t

                  • That is an unlawful order or oath no matter what anyone says. In my sons case it does not matter if he did. He won’t do it. That is my point about a lot of these guys.

                • My foster mom was in the military– a lieutenant in the Navy… and I had the utmost respect for her– always will! She was a wonderful person. I learned so much from her!!

                  Do the military men/women always know what is going on or always do the correct thing? No… still, they are IMO, for the most part, great and honorable people!! They know the value of self discipline! They are not responsible for the bullshit administration which lies to them.

            • Mike

              I hope your right on this, but the declaration of Martial law changes everything, including the constitution. Federal troops will then be used, including homeland security which has been stock piling 2.6 billion rounds of ammo for training exercises. I see it being used for the drought in California or the economic collapse in our very near near future. Either way, bad all around. Hitler and Stalin are going to be having wet dreams in Hell if this goes live.

              • What authority does the Constitution give to authorize a legal declaration of martial law that would legally change the Constitution?

                AFIK, the Constitution can only be changed through the amendment process.

                FWIW, the simple use of Federal troops against Americans was authorized by Bush under H.R, 5122 Section 1076 (now Public Law No: 109-364), there would be nothing illegal or unconstitutional about this, martial law is the setting aside of laws and establishing military and police decreed rules in their place.

                (ht tps:// or Download the law in pdf: ht tp://

                • Martial Law is, in itself, unconstitutional.

              • Survivor

                I agree with you on this. Homeland security is being set up as the governments personal military.

                Martial law does change things but for men in uniform they will go Awol if it is not done in a way that makes most believe they are doing something that benefits the country. I think there has to be a huge false flag?
                That is what I am trying to figure out and also put the idea in peoples heads. There has to be something huge to make people think they are doing the right thing.

                • DHS is the Gestapo, according to Paul Craig Roberts (One of my FAVORITE websites!)… after this one, of course! 🙂

              • I know some VETS and they do know what is going on and they are with the people!

                However, there are others who are clueless… Basically, you cannot group everyone together and make judgments… everyone is different.

                • Anonymous

                  You are right about that. There are good and bad in all organizations, races, religions, everything.

                  In the military’s case it will be hard to keep command and control with all the good ones leaving.

                  • Mike about 150 years ago the Civil War was fought on the same basis the FEDS over stepping their power soldier against soldier blood against blood and its going to happen again Most of the soldiers that know whats going on have gotten out or are getting out the blind are still signing on the doted line war is coming your either on the FEDS side or ares your choice

            • MIKE IN VA
              As you probably know we have all been red listed just for commenting on this site so be prepared to leave in a hurry.
              I guess we can thank MAIN CORE for that. Why do you think they are giving pink slips to certain military personnel?
              The more service men/women who are loyal to the constitution being ejected then the more room for those that will do the bidding of those in charge.There was a movie starring Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster( i think)
              they also got rid of those that could not be trusted when they decided to wage a coup on the government. I realize that it isn’t the exact scenario we are in now but i hope you get my point it is just a reversal in that the government is attempting the same kind of thing instead of the military. Get rid of those you don’t trust stir up a false flag and then institute your plan. I think the movie was called “7 DAYS IN MAY” kinda of prophetic don’t you think?
              Anyway congrats to your sons’ accomplishment

              • “Why do you think they are giving pink slips to certain military personnel?
                The more service men/women who are loyal to the constitution being ejected then the more room for those that will do the bidding of those in charge.”

                This is true.

                Hoping for either a coup against Obola’s administration, or a civil war within the military ranks. And a civil war in the NSA, FBI, and CIA. And DHS.

              • Snowman

                Thanks for the congrats. It means a lot. My son is better than I ever was. He is smart and thinks for his self. I guess I did some things right. I am so proud of him. He is also on board with the feelings of what is coming. It is great to have someone with his training and others I know to be able to talk to. Just more clues as to what is going on. I like everyone would love to have a day advance notice before this crap goes down.

                Yeah the government got rid of a lot of top leadership in the military for that reason. They cannot do but so much with the lower ranks. We have to hope and pray that they are wise enough to realize when the false flag happens. I know a lot of the new officers are on guard and distrustful of government. They cannot stand the current state in D.C.

                Yes I think we are all on a list. I have prepared for that. I freely post my email to those that want it and need help because being on the list I am sure they already have it. I just hope we can all stick together when the shtf. Alone we are dead. Together we win.
                You have the best day and ty again.

                • Together the people are captured and eliminated. That’s what they want, for the public to all to be together. The free people are together for the individual liberty of everyone to live and let everyone else live.

                  Tactically, the people are as many fronts for them to have to fight as there are individuals. Every one of the public can outflank attacks by the powers-that-be against the rest of the people. Know that, when they attack any one of the people. That’s what totally separates the people from the scared elites who must have the conformity, compliance and the slavery of everyone else to keep the elites on top and served by others.

                  • Little known but maybe tactically significant: The year they effectively outlawed machine guns for the general public, because of their use in gangland murders, the ice pick was the number one murder weapon in the United States.

              • Snowman, you’re correct about the movie title. BTW, that was a damn good movie. Wrong scenario for those times [1964]. I’m most likely on some kind of list too. But we patriots have our own lists also. Lists are a 2-way street, not a cul-de-sac.

            • Then tell your son that when the SHTF, to take his uniform off and go home.

              Because when it goes down….when TPTB give the order, and those in military who WILL fire on U.S. citizens begin to do so, ANYONE wearing a uniform will be considered fair game.

              I’ve told my own son, who is a police officer, the same thing.

              The phrase, “I was just following orders” will not stand with those in this country who demand freedom. And it will not stand with God.

              At some point, EVERY person who has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, will have to make a choice. Hopefully, they will choose wisely.

              • Why would you say, take off uniform and go home? I would say take whatever equipment you are in charge of, be it radio, radar, airplane, military cook, vehicle maintenance, whatever and turn it against the true terrorists here.

                • LSB

                  If they order the military to go against citizens then you don’t want to be a target in that uniform. The equipment part is true. He will have no choice in that. He will have to survive until he arrives at home.

              • Anonymous

                Well said and my son and I have discussed this. That is exactly what will happen.

                Tell your son I said thanks for his service in one of the hardest jobs you could do.

                We all took the oath and I say give me freedom or give me death.

                • Same to you Mike.

              • the thing is… when those military men DO take off their uniforms and go home, you will be thanking your booties that YOU HAVE SOMEONE FROM THE MILITARY who is on your side, covering your back and fighting beside you.

            • When “isis” goes and allegedly cuts the heads off of a school room full of little orphan babies, you’d be surprised what the American people can be led to accept. They will run this terrorism scheme til it blows a rod. What??? You mean “isis” may be in our town??? Sure sir, let me hand over my bill of rights….

              • No Muslim will ever get close enough to me with a sword or anything else. Bullets do wonders.

                • Braveheart the Feds are using ISIS has a cover or front the main objective is the guns if there is any outside threat its china they control the west coast ports I see a lot of military equipment movement but no troops all US MILITARY equipment is EMP protected and if Obama has sold us out to China and Russia then this could be a inside out threat just something to think about Emp Russia invasion china

              • Richard Head:

                Just today on CNN it was announced that the government is expecting an ISIS attack on the scale of 9/11.

                Your post is correct. It will be a false flag attack blamed on ISIS. It will be so terrifying that Americans will send their kids to be killed in another war; and the American Sheeple will gladly give up any “rights” in the name of ‘peace’.

                • Follow the Money

                  I sure hope you are wrong. If you are right then we will probably go to war in Syria. Claiming it is because of ISIS. If that happens then it could mean WWIII.

            • As an active Army captain at Ft Hood in 1973 my unit trained for riot control. We used maps of Detroit and planned control and collection points for that city. Don’t tell me that active military forces won’t be deployed in the US – WE TRAINED FOR IT! We never deployed but we were ready. As for US military not firing on US citizens; do you remember Kent State?

              Yes, JADE Helm 15 is a training exercise, but the question that needs to be asked AND ANSWERED is “what are they training for?”

              • You are correct. Why do kids still have to register for selective service is there is a constitutional amendment banning a military draft?

                Because that can change in an instant, just like military civilian riot control, they can be called up in an instant.

            • If they won’t fire on citizens they must have changed a lot since Kent State.

              Just one of many examples.

              Soldiers do what they are told by their commanders, otherwise they are not soldiers (they’re civilians or prisoners).

              • I believe it was the National Guard that fired upon the students at Kent State, not the regular army.

          • Test for ordinary Americans: Will you fire on traitors? Hell yes!

        • One thing to remember: Soldiers follow orders.

          Oath, no oath, when the order comes down, it won’t be delivered as, “Okay men, you need to go kill some of your fellow countrymen to secure the New World Order agenda.”, absolutely not!

          The order will sound more like, “Okay men, we have a large group of ISIS insurgents threatening our national security and you must exercise extreme prejudice in quelling these traitors and infiltrators.”, and they will do as they’re told. Some will ask questions, but most will blindly do as they’re told, believing whole heartedly it is the right thing.

          Never doubt the lack of intelligent thought during a crisis, herd mentality and the effectiveness of a well spun web of lies. Of course they’ll shoot Americans so long as they are portrayed as un-American.

          • @Joerepublic

            “Of course they’ll shoot Americans so long as they are portrayed as un-American.”

            Ding, ding, ding, ding….. We have a winner!!!

            So simple, it’s genius. Actually that whole last paragraph was just dead on

            • Look at what they did to the Brach Davidians at WACO! yep they will when ordered to do the exact same thing to any citizens home.

              • Right after they shot Vicky Weaver through the head while holding her baby right after they shot Sam Weaver a 14 yo boy in the back right after they shot his dog. Oh yeah, they will and are going to shoot the shitouta us if given the chance. Humans LOVE to rule over others and I have witnessed US Marshals say all he wants to do is pull his 10 MM and kill these bastards, the bastards being we the people standing there begging for a non violent end to the atrocity that unfolded. I was at the Weaver siege, and I gave Bo Gritz a ride to the bridge when he went up and talked Randy into surrendering.

                Now here is the rest of the story that goes untold. There was a new owner in the local steak house watering hole called the Deep Creek Inn that was from Switzerland and who gave all the government employes that was murdering US citizens an open tab which went unpaid that ruined him financially and he committed suicide by running into the headlights of an oncoming semi truck 3 miles north of Eastport, Idaho shortly there after. So chalk up another body for the Empire.

          • Two Gold Medals in a row to Joe Republic:

            Gold Medal #1: “Never doubt the lack of intelligent thought during a crisis, herd mentality and the effectiveness of a well spun web of lies. Of course they’ll shoot Americans so long as they are portrayed as un-American.”

            Gold Medal #2 from the prior post’s comment thread: “I have Jews in my extended family. Nope, they’re not from Palestine and have no relation to anyone in that part of the world, they are also not Ashkenazi, so get over it. They converted to Judaism several generations ago and are from Venice. They are not Zionists and they don’t like what the Israeli government is doing. They are not wealthy and have worked hard for the modest lives they have.

            Are there some bad Jews? Of course. Are there bad Catholics? Of course. Are there bad Hindus? Of course. Are there bad Muslims? Of course. Most people are not bad, but every culture contains shit within their ranks.

            Just because some Talmudic scum take that shit literally, I can assure that there are a great many Jews that don’t know shit about the Talmud. That Babylonian text of the corrupted Pharisees of Babylon has little to do with most Jews. In fact, many dirty people involved in illicit activity that claim to be Jewish, don’t even practice the religion they claim to be a part of. They just use it as cover so they can claim anyone catching them of their criminal activity can be labeled an anti-semite.

            Another thing, there is no secret Jewish agenda. When they go to the temple, they don’t pass along their secret agenda to rule the world. There are some bad Jews, like any subset of Humans, but most are just regular people living their lives.

            Some of the criminals that run this world claim to be Jews but they only use that label as cover.

            • Still trolling into the next post I see. You my friend should be nut kicked and bitch slapped you low life fvk.

              • Thanks for confirming the judges’ decision to award two consecutive gold medals to Joe Republic.

                Why do you not agree that Joe Republic gave two gold-medal winning performances?

        • Remember group think and mob mentality. All it takes is one or two agitators yelling and screaming, or one misplaced gun shot, and then normally good people will turn into an angry, crazy mob and a fire fight will ensue.

      4. Our team is keeping our head down and training and prepping hard. Briefings at work are starting to get weird…….. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

        • Weird how? Can you elaborate?

          • Just the breifs we get and new ways of doing business. Would not be an issue but when you “overlay” the things happening now myself and many other Oath Keepers are beginning to question quietly WTF.

      5. Pres can seize skilled labor hell no that’s slavery. I won’t do a fucking thing to help obummer . Seize me for my skills ya right good luck i will be the biggest pain in the ass they ever dealt with they will have to get rid of me.

      6. Ntc

      7. I don’t really get too freaked out about military equipment on trains. Especially in Southern California. I’ve personally taken part in an Excercise where we moved our equipment by rail from ft Bragg to El Paso. What I’ve seen first however, is a huge increase in low flying military craft. At one point there were three c-130s over my house so low it sounded like one was going to crash. No I don’t live near a military base. Six apaches preceded those c130s. There were several more events but not as eye opening as the c130s.

      8. I hope like hell you Texans can shoot straight. Don’t you go Armadillo on us a curl up in a tight ball.

        • Like I’ve been saying for sometime now, anyone who thinks that our entire military and law enforcement could contain more than a city or two is just plain piss-poor at math. And please, no crap about spy sats and drones because if they were so great why haven’t we wiped out the bad guys overseas, and yet end up killing some of our own? Pure fiction, great for novels and movies, but they don’t live up the hype. If the so-called PTB really had anywhere nears this power, they wouldn’t need some false flag excuse, they’d just do it. So I call major bullshit on this and other like stories.

      9. This just could be a huge bait and switch scram. All eyes and interest are focused to the southwest and Jade Helm 15 taking place July15-Sept15. Maybe, just maybe we should be looking north for any threats that maybe coming our way, or they are opening the way for some event to happen there to usher in Marital Law. The NWO headquarters will be now opening in the former U. N. Building. This Jade Helm stuff just stinks to high heavens. Talk about big FEMA CAMPS how about the whole S. W. as one big mother, to the life of me I can-not help but think this just isn’t the place (S. W.) where the shit is going to take place. Just look at what is going on in Canada and their Jade Helm event. If I’m wrong it will not be the first and it will not be the last. Russia is putting way too much in the Arctic Region for something more than snowboarding if you get my drift. Shortest way to the good old U.S.A. is the northern route. Look NORTH!!! Humor an old man (LOL).

        • Now you have the proverbial thinking cap on, Copperhead.

          I’ve been saying this for years.

          Pukin has a burr up his ass about USA buying Alaska for a tenth of what is was worth.
          In his warped mind, he sees it as USA theft from Russia and actually says so in his earlier manefestos.
          A college paper he wrote confirms he will make it his life’s mission to return Alaska to it’s rightful owners.

          The power of Pukin is strong; but it is no match for divine intervention on a scale of Biblical proportions. Can you see where this is headed?

          Yea, I think ole Copperhead is smarter than the average duck, and can read it very clearly.

          I smell a false flag event destined to take all prying eyes off of the most northern wilderness land masses, while the storms of equipment and supplies are laid up for a specific time in the near future. That event is all that is between the present and the “final countdown”.

          Your highly scholarly intellectuals will preach/teach a seven year peace agreement with Israel and Palestine as the marker. Mostly because it fits into their make believe pre-trib escape plan. No where in God’s word does a so-called Peace agreement come into the picture of the end times. The antichrist makes a covenant with many but that does not line up with their message of a pre-trib rapture and a fly away for seven years doctrine.

          Only, does a confirmation of the Abrahamic Covenant (concerning the land of Israel) come into the equation, and that has already happened in December 2012. I already spelled it out in my earlier articles and comments here in past months.

          I’ll humor with ya, ye ole copperhead.(lol)

        • I think you are right. I believe it will be the North East where it takes place. It normally is. Anywhere from D.C. along 95 North.
          Very well thought out post.

      10. Per martin armstrong, there will be a soverign debt crisis later this yr. Think about what that will mean. He has been right on so many financial calls in the past.

      11. Can we please stop calling the behemoth of desolation “The Government”. Its a corporation, plain and simple. For power. For profit. For control. Title should read:

        Domestic War Machine: Look At All This Armor The United States Federal Corporation Is Moving For Jade Helm Military Exercises

        Please. We insult the idea of “government” when we call the district of criminals (and even our state corporations) “governments”. They are not and haven’t been governments for a very long time.

        • Where do you get the idea that ‘government’ is something that is good? The current government is a great example of what a government is.

          The government in DC is pretty much exactly what the definition of government is. Governments don’t have to be elected, or benevolent, or just. Governments control and rule over land masses and the people residing within those borders, and the more powerful ones do much more than that.

        • George Washington said, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. My take on this, governments are a necessary evil. But now, it has gone rogue and is fire. World wide.

          • Well said. “It” has gone rogue but its not a government. I guess you can call it what you want, but, The Act of 1871 proves exactly what it is: a corporation. Governments (or at lest the Government of the United States) is accountable to its citizens. Was, not is. But, when it went dormant as was usurped by the most vile of human creations, the corporation, thats when it went, as you say, “rogue”. So, call it what you want but its not really the government that George Washington was speaking about. Its is a far worst master that that government could ever be.

      12. obviously of no use since im being censored anyhows.
        But for now alis jade helm stuff is Conditioning to get us used to seein military in law enforcement rolls.

      13. It’s the same thing you say about the Nazi’s in the late thirties. You wonder how people couldn’t see the path the country was on. They did, but when things get bad enough you keep quiet to protect your own.

        We are Americans, we better rally to the flag, reaffirm our oaths of allegiance in our hearts ’cause if we allow TPTB to walk on us unchallenged…America will never get up and our children will have never known freedom…

        • Yes, reaffirmation of the Constitution and quickly. It would have been easier to enforce it than have to regain it. Most commentators here blame someone else but the collective “We the People” were at fault here. There will always be a greedy tyrant, the control of which, was the Constitutional gift we were given. Since we could not control the balance, I fear we are now passed the tipping point. We are in the post constitutional era and need to realize it. Metamorphosis in the Fukushima age means there is no telling what will be, only what was.

      14. First, a couple observations: back in late 2002 friends were telling me ‘they would never invade Iraq’. Mostly these were women, women who were caught up in the property bubble at the time. Most of these women considered themselves ‘left-wing’ or ‘liberal’. I told them Bush was serious and he would do it. Then I went on a trip to 29 Palms etc. and my military experience told me what I saw indicated it was on and very real.

        Now, let’s look at today’s events. For sure something is ‘on’: just what is ‘on’ is the question. With the state of the world as it is today, it is a Swedish smorgasbord of death and mayhem to choose from. Is it war in Ukraine and a pivot into Russia? Is it a showdown with China somewhere (they have said as much as they could take Australia and not even break sweat)? Is it North Korea? Is it Yemen (Saudi has built a coalition and is ready to invade)? Is it a big push into Africa to counter China and take on Islamic fundamentalists? Or, is it domestic breakdown and round-ups? I have a feeling it will be yes to 2 or 3 of the above at the same time. The US military and NATO train to do not just one war but multiple conflicts in several theaters at the same time. It will kick off as the summer approaches and the fighting season gets underway.

        Any major conflict overseas (take your pick) will rebound on the domestic situation in many ways: disruption to oil supplies, high costs of paying for it, diversion of labour and material to the war effort etc. This will require a domestic lock-down: we are not a 1950s society anymore: civic discipline and structure just is not there and instead we have a Hobbesian, multicultural sh#tfeast that will go ape at the first signs of stress (look at Baltimore, Ferguson…). This will require mass round-ups of dirtbags to keep the peace: unemployable ‘yos’, Muslim fanatics, lefty fanatics, gangs, etc.. Mastering the human domain, so to speak…

        • FT.

          Micro wave and High Freq. disruption will move and disperse crowds. Like you said FT, there are many factors that can come into play. Indicators such as crime and the type of crime is escalating in many cities.
          Financial collapse, higher prices for goods, and stoppage of payments to the Free Shit Army will bring people into the streets to protest.

          As of now by the video, they are prepositioning equipment. Then they will use the equipment for the exercise. When that time frame is over, will the equipment remain on our streets and additional gear show up in other parts of the country.

      15. I like how the whole country is fricking broke. We print moar money every day. Yet what do you suppose the cost is for all this troop movement and theater play? WTF.

      16. Jade Helm? Sounds like a name for some 1960’s lady Secret Agent. Like the daughter of “Matt Helm” (played in the movies by Dean Martin)

        After reading some of the posts here by the NAZIs, I decided that I like the company of my pigs better.

        Thank you NorthernReb, KY MOM, Sgt. Dale, and Brave Heart for being the “sane” ones.

        So good bye and WATCH OUT FUR THEM HOGS!

        • I am feeling it too. Been some cointelpro going on here lately. Hogs ain’t the only ones to tear at grass roots. A lot of good commentators have passed by here but I will keep watching. Thanks, I enjoyed the verbal pig roasts. So fare well and watch out for them G men. With tin soldiers and ‘Bama coming you will never be on your own.

      17. The jig is up. This nation’s people are sick and tired of the corrupt warmongers. The true evil is about to be revealed for all to witness in grand fashion. Humanity is doomed. Who can stand against the psychopathic beasts and their killing machines? The Pacific Ocean is near void of life, this also being a man made event. Chemtrails, GMO poison, killer vaccines. They want us dead, sooner rather than later. Unholy hell is about to be unleashed. It is as clear as a bell, meanwhile the majority just ignore the inevitable because they won’t be troubled.

      18. No Fuel, No War Machine. Burn the refineries, oil tankers, oil wells brightly.

        • A great way to shut off civilian fuel, makes them much easier to keep contained and controlled.

          Won’t affect the military and police at all.

      19. History is doomed to repeat itself unless YOU change the steps towards the outcome. I dont want to sound pessimistic but sadly, I think the “awakening” is near its end and “the Sheeple” are ready for “change” weather it’s good or bad. I have had a since of eargency to get things done for awhile now. I don’t know what’s coming down the pipeline but it all doesn’t look good. Keep up the faith and always fight for what’s right…

      20. I don’t think the soldiers combat civilians.

      21. Asteroid a MILE wide to hurtle past Earth in 48 HOURS

        “A COLOSSAL asteroid hurtling through space is feared to be one of the biggest EVER to threaten a collision with Earth.”

        “It is more than TEN TIMES bigger than other meteorites currently visible on NASA’s Near Earth Object radar.”

        Drudge Report

          • H O l Y Shit!

            • LMFAO!!!!

        • KY Mom…. fear porn. look at the distance….millions of miles away. keep a eye on for the stuff that comes by close, cme’s, etc.

          • That is just an example of what could be. It seems to me that we are sliding into the train wreck on so many fronts. How about all the volcanoes and earth quakes as of late? If Yellowstone or any of the super volcanoes pop humans are going to be in a major hurt locker. Another concern of mine is the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Some are saying it is going to open stargates on this next go around. What bothers me about these scientists running this thing is they have openly talked about the possibility of accidentally causing mini black holes or a nasty situation caused stranglets. Even tho they did do as they wanted in the original reason of construction and witnessed the Higgs boson they are not satisfied and now want more power and bigger better collisions to “see what happens next.” Me thinks they have gone mad. Humans.. dontcha just love em? *sigh*

            • Well there old timer, if you hate it here so much, just go ahead and check yourself out asap. Trust me, nobody will she a tear over your departure, AMF!

        • Goody Goody The sky is falling it might not be a bad thing? any spot it hits will get rid of undesirables. I set my dooms day clock for Thursday Ha Ha

      22. Well, I have my own theory about these exercises. They are to control the population.

        The thing is, corporate DC is not the only ones gaming this outcome. Right now, the Brazilian military is also preparing for civil unrest. The reason is, their water is almost gone in the largest city in the Western Hemisphere…Sao Paulo with 20 million people.

        The are gaming for the lights to go out (hydropower) and riots everywhere. This is not some future scenario. They are at dead pool now and expect to be completely out of pumped water for the city by July.

        Venezuela is also in the grips of a water shortage and trouble is starting there.

        I think JADE HELM is in preparation for civil unrest in the west as water and power runs out and people begin to migrate east. Hey Okie, the dust bowlers are comin’ back.

        • If that is an actual possibility, there could be a triple mass exodus towards the Missisipp.

          Californicators look like the Beverly Hillbillys in reverse mode.
          The Central Americans and Mexicans are sporting black head wraps and ISIL flags cause they have heard that ISIL members get a free pass through immigration and border Patrol.
          Then there is about ten million Brazillians stampeding across the Mexican deserts like the Exodus following Moses out of Egypt.

          Katy bar the doors cause it’s gonna get dirty.

        • JRS

          Interesting on the California water shortage. As the people move east, how will they find the jobs to support their families. Also the extra burden on schools and utilities.

          Running low on Southern Hospitality, that’s for sure.

        • There are inherent contradictions in our economic system. In order to keep growing, the system needs more people – more mouths to feed and bodies to clothe. We now live in a hyper-economy powered by computers (high-frequency trading etc.). This means the financial machine is running far faster than Western, developed, middle-class populations can run to keep up. Most people are kept down by debt and by declining purchasing power. This means the existing people in developed economies are not able to consumer anywhere close to the levels they did in the 1990s. But the system must keep going and growing, so it looks for new mouths to feed: the third world. The third world is full of people and is growing at far faster pace. This is tasty to the machines.

          They need to do two things: either bring the modern, Western consumer model to the third world (and this is happening in many places – China, etc.) or they need to bring the third world to the first world. This is underway on a large scale in Europe right now and will be ramped up to North America. As for your average person, or the losers in Baltimore, Detroit etc., they are just going to have to watch with their jaws hitting the pavement as millions of people from the Middle East, Africa etc. come in and take over the economy and become the new consumers. But the military knows resources are dwindling and urban areas are already stressed. They can sense that this will not end well and so they anticipate unrest.

      23. It is difficult in these times to know what is true and what isn’t. After all the “truth” is the enemy of the state. So, I sift through the chaff, pick up a few grains of wheat, pour another cup of coffee and return to the reloading bench.

        • Sun Tzu said the first casualty in any war is the truth.

        • Good plan there. Even tho I think the 40 caliber is a bit anemic, I am considering picking up some kind of carbine in the caliber simply because of the billions of rounds that might become available when the patriots raid the ammo supplies.

          • Well, the GOOD news is it only takes one to your head!

      24. So how is all this going to unfold and how bad is it going to get.

        First I want to say I did not go out and start fucking with people. People started fucking with me first.
        Gun laws, Exec. Orders, Market Manipulation, Bad trade, bad political (Domestic and Foreign) and Banking decisions and the complete disinformation/propaganda to cover the damage up like a pile of cat shit.

        We should have a good idea of what they want to do the only segment left is what have you DONE to offset what is coming at you.
        I suspect that armor on the streets to collect weapons, ammo and political prisoners will start after the cities have burned or protests put down.
        Then we have two to fight. The government and marauders.

      25. IF all that armor is being prepositioned in advance of JH15, then I have just one question. Since when do SF types use heavy armor?

        • exactly. i also heard that the 82nd was involved in the exercise. I wish someone could get the unit bumper numbers off of some of those vehicles. Knowing the units involved might prove interesting.

      26. seems to me we’re being invaded by the communists

      27. Catholic University Investigated for Offending Muslims By Having Too Many Crosses

        “The sixty-page complaint was filed with the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights by a one-man nuisance-lawsuit factory, George Washington University Law School Professor John Banzhaf.”

        Note: John Banzhaf is a professor unaffiliated with Catholic University.

        Breitbart dot com

      28. What can the national guard or the rangers do when they can be federalized? The governor has no real power. If I had to guess though I’d say nothings going to happen. Jade helm will come and go and that’ll be that. I don’t know how many times over the years I’ve read that the “experts” predict death and destruction but it NEVER happened. There’s no reason to believe anything will happen and even if jade helm was a front for martial law there’s not a single thing anyone here can do to prevent it.

      29. Militant can used as a noun or a verb. With consideration of current transparency where we have to interpret a logo we must consider everyone as targets. “The militant cadence of their breath”. Exactly, only the noun is armed but all are militants. But this is just a hollow point.

      30. Those are commo dishes not microwave beamers. If you don’t know what the equipment is, learn!

      31. ht tp://

        83 cents.

        • My take on the TPP is it is going to hurt China worse than the US. Simply because we dont have any manufacturing left that hasn’t been outsourced already and I think it is just another corporate scheme to get even cheaper crap to try to shuffle off to the broke consumer. This late in the game of ANOTHER trade deal to push the corporate stocks to even newer highs in the false paradigm is simply show and bluster. That imo I could be wrong.

      32. David Dayen at Salon: The 10 Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About The TPP

        ht tp://

        Obama,with strong Republican support AND a fair number of Democrats
        trying to destroy what is left of the middle class

      33. Hey Mac , good article man thank you!

        Another topic that needs to be addressed is CERN and the physicist De Roeck. De Roeck announced two weeks ago that they has detected an anomaly inside of the vacuum chamber at LHC. He called the object an “Unidentified Lying Object”

        How does an object lie?
        Is it metallic?
        Did they manifest a strangelet?
        Is it stable?
        Is it growing?
        Has it interacted with normal matter yet?

        I’m pretty concerned about it to tell you the truth

        Here is De Roecks statement
        “It will take only one significant deviation in the data to change everything,” De Roeck said. “The upgraded machine works. Now we have to get to the real operation for physics.” But work remains to be done. One issue the accelerator physicists remain cautiously aware of, he said, is an “Unidentified Lying Object” in the beam pipe of the LHC’s 17-mile underground tunnel, a vacuum tube where proton beams collide and scatter particles that scientists then analyze for keys to unlock the mysteries of the Big Bang and the cosmos.”

        The unidentified lying object turns out not to be a problem for the operation, it’s just something to keep an eye on,” De Roeck said. “It’s in the vacuum tube and it’s not a problem if it doesn’t move and remains stable.”

      34. “patriotism”
        bought and sold


        ht tp://

        doing Goebbels proud !!!

      35. Completely off topic I ‘m trying to use a dehydrated for the first time to make beef jerky the instructions say to use a cure with salt. Anyone have any good cure recipes, and does it matter what kind of salt I use? Would appreciate help. Thanks.

        • I use Morton’s smoke flavored cure salt. It’s for hams and bacon, but it seems to flavor my jerky fairly well. Most general type country stores have it. I have it stocked up.

          I grind my meat first and then use a jerky shooter simply because it is easier to eat when done. YMMV.

          This recipe is for ground deer meat (or any ground meat) and fills my dehydrator full with four trays.

          5 lbs of ground meat
          5/8 cup soy sauce
          5/8 cup teriyaki sauce
          2 1/2 tbsp. molasses
          2 1/2 tbsp. vinegar
          5 tsp curing salt
          4 tsp pepper
          3 tsp Cajun powder
          3 tsp garlic powder
          3 tsp onion powder
          2 tsp ginger
          4 tsp liquid hickory smoke flavor

          Mix in large bowl by hand. Load up jerky shooter and use preferred tip. Shoot up trays and dry. Bon Appetit. Keep in fridge if not eaten in a few days. If it is not dried completely it may mold but mine never lasts that long. Between me, the dog, and the neighbors, it disappears.

          I would say that if you want jerky for long term storage, you will need to dry it really well and then vacuum seal it. Just experiment for taste and dryness. This recipe is just from experimenting for taste and not long term storage.

          • Post Script.

            Use lean meat. Fatty meat will make a mess of your dryer and can turn rancid. Deer meat is lean.

            • Got a meat grinder for Christmas, so we will be making some with your recipe this fall.

          • JRS and PWTW, thank you both for the help, much appreciated.

        • I use a marinade that has turned out to be the most popular of any that i have ever made.

          here are the basics,

          use about equal parts of Pineapple and wine vinegar
          add about a fourth of the amount (of the above ingredients total), of soy sauce

          add a tenth portion (of all total of above ingredients) of brown sugar or honey

          add salt (kosher or canning) of about 1 tbsp. per quart of liquid of above.

          add to taste….onion powder,garlic powder, and lemon pepper

          Marinate lean meat, sliced to about a 1/4 inch, for 24 to 48 hours. I use a five gallon bucket and keep a block of ice in it to keep down spoilage. Keep covered in a cool dark place.

          Lean cuts of beef, or venison work the best.

          Know why the Native american Indians dried meat? Because if dried properly, it will keep a long time. I have a couple gallon bags full, plus a couple quart jars full that I made in 2011, stored in a cabinet. I get some out occasionally and check for any mold. None so far, because i make mine very dry and brittle.

          The less dry, the more chewy, and will have to be kept in the fridge/freezer, or eaten quickly.

      36. “Master” WHO’S domain???? They’re practicing mastering THIS ONE! Like Putin, they think everything belongs to them. They tell you that you’re in (their) America and that you therefore belong to them or else!

        Everyone’s own ground is one’s own country. The free will say : come and take it!

      37. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Chinese “strategic buyer” is just waiting patiently.

        Second Largest Coal Miner East Of The Mississippi Files For Bankruptcy: 4000 Patriot Coal Jobs In Peril

        “At last check Patriot Coal had around 4000 employees. Those soon to be former employees will soon require yet another massive seasonal adjustment by the BLS to be “adjusted” out, because moments ago the second largest coal miner east of the Mississippi and the second largest producer of thermal coal in the eastern US filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

        As part of its filing, the Peabody spinoff announced it had obtained a $100 million DIP, which will be sued to fund the company until it finds a “strategic buyer” or otherwise restructures its balance sheet.

        Alas, with the price of coal being where it is these days, the most likely outcome for ticker formerly known as PCX is an outright liquidation and another 4000 people in the rest belt left without jobs who, just like the case of Denny Ryder of Decatur, IL, will promptly disappear from the labor force so as not to spoil the US “recovery” propaganda.”


      38. If this Jade Helm 15 thing goes south in Texas or the other states! We true Patriots will have to saddle up and ride into Texas and help fight.

        Remember the Alamo!!!


        • Everyone at the Alamo died.

          • YES, But it was one hell of a fight!

          • “A”
            Yes they did, and they die standing for their freedom, and for freedom for their kids and family! Standing on their feet and not on their knees! I can’t think of any better way to go.

      39. …All those decoys parked out there and nothing happening? They’ve already got everyone pacified.

      40. Government GOVERNS! It does not protect anyone (except protecting those who govern from those who they govern or, from those who they want to govern).

      41. Welcome to Texas nam rat bastards.

      42. Jade is the Imperial gem of China. “Jade Helm” is a hardly-veiled admission of the coming “invitation” of the millions of Communist Chinese military to “help quell civil unrest” in America. That will be, of course, actually an invasion to take possession of the collateral–the “full faith and credit of the United States”–that was pledged by all the people’s “representatives” to borrow the billions, backed by billions, that are derivatives of other billions, backed by other billions borrowed from the Communist powerhouse made such by Americans’ purchases of “Made in China”. It’s all to bail out the Big Businesses that failed from their own contradictions of being the only real businesses allowed to exist and, the resulting lack of innovation that comes only with absolutely un-government-regulated, licensed or permitted, individual free enterprise.

      43. Hmm, headline news is “the ISIS threat is in America” at the same time Jade Helm exercises are happening?

        Here’s a tidbit – maximum range without refueling for an M1A2 tank is 256 miles (500 gal fuel capacity). Equipment is transported by rail.

        1+2 = tear out a couple of rail sections about 300 miles away from any large city, and well, the armed services aren’t going anywhere fast with their heavy armor. A few brave souls with some molitov cocktails entering air force bases to burn any fuel depots and the airplanes/drones make for fine decorations.

        Just a thought if Jade Helm goes from training to real, sort of like Sept 11th.

      44. What and awesome article. I had to post a comment.

        The middle of a war zone and what happens what soldiers enter your area. I heard one horrific story over 14 yrs ago.

        After hearing that story of Kosovo, over 10 yrs ago from and shtf survivor that told a friend of my brother. I am sure you remember the story i posted awhile back about the family in the neighbourhood, and then the serbs rolled in with the tanks and dragged his father out and ordered them out on the front lawn, then shot his father in his head, dragged his sister on the lawn, and pointed Ak’s at them, then they started to hear shootings, and women screaming nonstop when the batallion of over 5,000 serbs moved in there neighbourhood of of 200 people. The women and girls were only half the polulation. then it was pow, pow pow, pow, going on nonstop, the people began to go outside, and they had no guns. They serbs were just randomly shooting the men, the boys and placing the women and girls away from the gun fire. The guy telling the story figured out why very quickly. The soldiers came across to them next.

        They slambed down his sister to the ground and began to gang rape her right in front of them, and forced them to watch, his brother tried to stop them, bam, bam, bam, bam, 4 shots of 7.62 form and Ak, right to his brothers head, and then they laughed and attacked his 17 yr old sister and began to rape her right in front of them, then they draged her off to the others, then literally hundreads of them took turns. 4 days of hell on earth for her and the other females, while his father and brother lay dead on the front lawn and his sister was dead after 4 days, raped to death, so was the faith of the other girls and women in that village. I had heard the reports on NPR news, and it was all over the news at the time about that war. The Slobodan Melosivic guy. I dont mean to be sicking peoples stomochs, but this is reality that we are dealing with here. Soldiers will not be standing in the streets in America, and not enter homes to attack females to relieve themselves and murderor us men in the process. I am not making up this story, i am simply posting what i was told. It certainly backs up what people had heard and what NPR news reported at the time during the yr of 2001. Now all in sudden guns are bad and that they must be taken away. Obviously to make the job of the chinese and Un Jihadist easier.


        Now things are so out of Control. Now i am seeing Humvees driving by the office, armored personal carriers, Shinuk hellicopters rattling my office building. Its definatly here. Any man of a house hold who is not armed to protect his family is a very irresponsible man.

      45. Prepare, prepare, and prepare.

        It’s coming to the point where treason in America is going to force the hand of American citizens to defend themselves and their communities by using deadly force. So once again I say to all who are listening, Prepare.

        Learn all you can about Jade Helm. Learn who the leaders are, where they can be found, etc. Learn where their supplies are kept, learn the movements they make, take note of everything about them that can be used against them in the upcoming future when we must fight against these Jade Helm participants.

        We are living in the last days and Jesus warned us that these were going to be the worst days that the world has ever experienced. Get close to Jesus Christ, repent of all your sins to God through Jesus and prepare for battle. There’s no avoiding the battle to come.

        Something to keep in mind also is this: these serpent commanders who are participating in Jade Helm are telling us part of their drill will include the military trying to blend in unnoticed among the American population. The military has already been doing undercover surveillance of American citizens for a while now. I’ve spotted them more than a few times. Become very familar with your surroundings and be observant; you will begin to notice the undercover military operatives, FBI, and FBI SSG tag alongs. They always make a certain movement, a certain facial expression, certain similar tactics that you will become familar with. Can an elephant wear a business suit and successfully call himself a businessman? Well neither can the military jar heads successfully blend in and call themselves civilians. These dumb asses.

        Something else to consider is, how many of these military people who are taking part in Jade Helm, have already received the antichrist Obama’s mark of the beast? Consider the implications of this if many of them have already received it. They are walking dead men in this life and for all eternity will be in hell.

        Don’t let the eternally damned do what they want with you. Put up a fight of all fights and remember that God is a warrior and Jesus is the true Captain of the battlefield.

        God bless you all.

        • Well VE the military has been around you for the past 40+ years that I am aware of. How do you think they train to blend in when in foreign countries? I blended into numerous cities throughout the country for many years when I was training to go overseas on many occaisions—and noone was the wiser. No harm no foul. I wasn’t training to do harm to any US citizen. Please consider that when considering what is going on.

      46. It’s ALWAYS in the near future isn’t it !!!! I’m about as worried as I am about getting struck by lightning

        • RICH99

          Stay out of Florida. Hahahaha. There was a man in Miami many years back that was struck by lightning several times and lived. The Doctors said it had something to due with his body chemistry. The lightning even come through the walls of his home to get him. The news said he was hit three times in his life, if I remember correctly.
          Now that’s a record.

      47. Gorilla Warfare, you go to the Zoo.
        Guerilla Warfare, you go to the mountains or forest.

        Marshall Law, you go to the Department Store for Clothes.
        Martial Law, You Lock and load.

        We’re not going to make it.

        • Gorilla war = war between big monkeys

      48. There are always two sides to every coin!! Everything sounds good on paper, but implementing it is a whole different story. If they can bleed, they can die!

      49. Lots of pre-positioning of hardware to pacify specific areas it appears. As a Vet I know the military trains as it will fight and they are training for martial law and civilian control, no doubt. I don’t think that martial is planned for anywhere overseas either.

      50. Holy snaps batman! This is the most paranoid thread I’ve ever read! Gather your tinfoil hat because we are in crazy town!

      51. The video is from the I-15 freeway by Barstow- not the I-5 freeway in Southern Califorina.

        The I-5 runs North and South (San Diego to San Francisco). The I-15 runs East and West.

        It really questions the credibility of the information presented when you can’t even get simple facts straight.

      52. Lord champ welcome to the board.. you just laid down the hammer with hard azz facts..

      53. All –

        God forbid the blackest predictions are correct, during a time of civil war the real determining factor will be how many asymmetric weapons (such as nukes and similar) will be given by individuals in the military to the rebels to help the fight? Citizens could deliver nukes near military bases, government centers, etc and do more damage than the Chinese or Russians in a declared nuclear war. There are other weapons, like the neutron bomb, which remain in the inventory. It would not take much to change the odds. Or, as my son, a nuclear engineer says, one nuke can ruin your whole day.

        Let’s hope this planning is for a false flag operation that fails. That would be the best outcome.

        Should the worst happen I hope we will get substantial support from individuals in the services that decide to help the citizens. We will not know until it happens. Until then it is speculation.

      54. Being former military, I’ve seen and been on a lot of “exercises”. The scope of Jade Helm 15 and that the location is mainland U.S.A., along with declaring certain States as “hostile” makes me think this is not a “normal” exercise. Declaring Texas as “hostile”…given that Texas is a patriotic, freedom loving, ‘gun loving’, mostly conservative State with it’s own ‘power grid’ that is separate from the rest of the U.S. makes perfect sense…if you are looking at provoking a confrontation with it’s citizens. A confrontation with the citizens of Texas, even if small, could, in the long run or short run, give an excuse to initiate martial law. IF the Nat’l. Guard truly monitors the actions of the fed. gov’t in this “exercise”, steps in if it gets “out-of-hand and stays loyal to Texas and it’s citizens…well…we shall see. An exercise, no matter how large or small, is usually in preparation for an actual mission. It will be interesting, if nothing happens…IF their equipment is left behind or is NOT moved back to it’s State of origin. If the equipment is left or not moved very far…it means a return is indicated or planned. Citizens of all States effected by this exercise need to be and remain vigilant to what is going on. Citizens need to record as much as they can and scream bloody murder if they are accosted by any Federal Force or Agency in the course of this. Big thing…just be vigilant…on everything. Any Special Forces involved in this exercise…are most likely already in place…to establish their ‘cover’. Their job, most likely…learn who the “hot heads” are, where weapons are and who is ‘friendly’ to the Feds and who is not.

        • For one thing, they want to intimidate Texas to show them what they can do to Texas. Otherwise, this is precisely how they can position troops and materiel in plane view of the public and then spring the trap on the people.

      55. Not tryin’ to naysay here but right after 911 these trains were headed east to deploy. Since we’re winding down ops I wonder if they’re just sending the hardware back to home base? Right after 911 I saw several mile long trains loaded up with tanks and trucks.

      56. It will be an uphill battle with .gov owning the freesh*t army and most of the food.
        Stay calm and stay quiet, this too shall pass.

        • That’s what was said under the Bolsheviks and it turned out true.

          Three generations later it passed.

      57. You could just look up thomas mead jade helm ops manager, and Lt general charles Cleveland,director of ops, then learn about the equipt being misidentified. Jade helm motto is Mastering the human domain , same as usgif geospatial intelligence foundation at Capt sam walton was army intelligence and ran pow camp at ft douglas utah a bioweapons eval site in the 60s now university of utah cept for 51acres with sub facilities next to myriad labs switzerland eugenics now , myriad connects to darpa.

      58. We the people as a whole have become a mindless rabble that isn’t deserving of hope and change …. Without sacrifice or hard work. I think there was a belief that obamas presidency was going to be like winning the lottery for america. Everything’s fixed , now , for me … For FREE. I look around and wonder where the athletic bright eyed american has gone .Replaced by poorly dressed ,foul mouthed, obese, un educated and poorly skilled humans , our once great nations future is no longer in jeapordy, it is inevitable.we let this happen. We have no one to blame but for jade helm , as priorities go, suspicion is applicable.the REAL question is ” , what are you going to do about it”? See you at camp, charly

      59. What are any of you prepared to do about it?

      60. On that second video, that is satcom equipment called Satellite Transportable Terminals, or STT’s not microwave weapons.

      61. I’ll be walking into a wall of hollowpoints when it comes. The fact of the matter is who would want to survive and why? Why do you want to live through it; when this is the best it will ever get? If you have faith in something else; I really don’t want to hear it, because what you have is something I cannot have in anyway. (I only believe in the things that I actually have happen to me; and the only things that have ever happened are bad, so you see the problem. hint: I was left alive instead of someone putting me out of their misery.)

      62. Don’t show this material to Editor Gordon Duff at “Veterans Today”. While the rest of America is becoming rightfully concerned, Duff is still sitting on his and convinced his journalistic skills trump anyone else’s.

        He’d be the one on the HMS Titannic, who stayed in the lounge to have another beer; not because he wanted to get hammered before meeting his fate, but because nothing could possibly sink the ship he chose to book passage on.

      63. Lets pray that the hacker group Anonymous is skilled enough to override the internet kill switch and keep it going. The commander of the Army is wrong for letting it get this out of hand and not following his oath on domestic enemies as its not difficult to see who they are.

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