War Is Breaking Out Between India And Pakistan: Pakistan Shoots Down Spy Drone

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    The world is watching the conflict in the Kashmir region of the India/Pakistan border with bated breath.  Not receiving much attention in the mainstream media, is the war breaking out right now on the other side of the globe.

    Just last week, Pakistan declared it was “worried” about India’s drone technology, and now the Pakistani military has declared they’ve shot down an Indian drone.

    According to The Express UK, the Islamabad military issued a statement yesterday declaring that the craft had been shot down after violating Pakistan airspace. “Pakistan Army troops shot down an Indian spy drone while it violated LoC in Chirikot Sector. The drone has been taken over by Pakistan Army troops. This is 4th drone which has been shot down by Pakistan Army troops in last one year,” the statement read.

    This comes just one day after Chinese president Xi Jinping flexed his military muscle in the area of Doklam, a retired lieutenant general from the Indian Army’s Special Forces has claimed.  “But war is very much in the realm of reality, and India must be prepared to fight and can ill afford to let its guard down on either the Pakistani or the Chinese front. India must prepare for a two-and-a-half-front war,” said Prakash Katoch.

    While Americans fight on social media over whose rights should be taken away and dope up on their antidepressants, other nations are gearing up for a horrific war. Mohammad Faisal, the Foreign Office spokesman for Islamabad, displayed heightened concerns in a weekly media briefing. “India’s development of drone technology is worrying when seen in the larger context of its buildup and expansion of military capabilities in the conventional and non-conventional domains, which are subjecting regional strategic stability to increasing strain.”

    As confrontations between the two nuclear-armed nations continue to rise, Pakistan pointed the finger at New Delhi last week for committing 400 ceasefire violations in contested areas. Pakistan has vowed to seek revenge on India for their aggression, while New Delhi points the finger at Pakistan.



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      1. JAS

        Why can’t they just join forces and kill the jues? The world would be far safer.

        • anonymous5

          Gotta love these goose-stepping little Himmlers. What? Is Stormfront website down again that these morons have to show up here?

        • buttcrackofdoom

          shootout at the oyvey corral!

      2. BlackMoe

        Ragheads killing each other. Cool, I’m making an extra large batch of popcorn for this show.

        • Kevin2

          Actually the derogatory term “rag head” was directed at Islamics. Indians are primarily Hindi. Indian people and government are primarily peace seekers not terrorist inclined. Given an opportunity Indian people excel in science, medicine and engineering. They’re socially and culturally further from Islam as any people could be.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Kevin2, I’ve known a few Indians and they seem like decent people. Pakistanis are just another group of sand fleas.

            • Genius

              Ya Indians are ok people. Paki’s not so much. Not my problem so my care meter is pretty low.

            • Kevin2

              Pakistanis are dirt poor Islamics. They have a misguided religious fervor, no oil and are therefore outcasts in their own culture. Indians are hard working, smart and take education SERIOUSLY. One could say that Indians are on the plus side and Pakistanis on the minus.

              • Genius

                Ya I would take Indians over any other turd wurld people. They are as you say. But like most poor countries, they overbreed like hell.

                • JustMe

                  Camp Of The Saints…

                  on PDF.

                • Nexus789

                  I grew up with Indians in the UK. The only group I have time for are the Sheikhs. They tend to be entrepreneurial, have professional backgrounds and make an effort to mix. The rest I kept away from.

          • watching and waiting

            Wonderful and enlightening post and so true.

        • the blame-e

          Here. Here. I’ll take some of that popcorn.

        • Oren

          Same here. I prefer the buttered variety. Let them have at it. Hope we can record it so we can get playback.

      3. Heartless

        China and Iran are certainly ready to sweep in and clear the decks once this gets going. On the flip-side (good side) – we won’t be getting as many calls from Microsoft Tech Support or ED med sales.

      4. Brian

        If war broke out between India, Pakistan, and China, it would be the first war between three nuclear powers. Hopefully, no one would use nukes.

        • the blame-e

          I think the Pakistanis, and most definitely the Indians. are too hysterical, too emotional, too easily driven to being drama queens NOT to go nuclear.

          China? Who knows how they will react.

      5. Jim in Va.

        7-11 will go broke looking for employees…..motels too.

        • Genius

          Do you know why you can’t get a BJ in Pakistan?

          Because the cooksuckers are all over HERE!

        • Kevin2

          Jim in Va.

          They own those hotels an 7-11 franchises. They’re very hard working people. The research lab next to the refinery had a lot of them with impressive credentials. MIT, Oxford, dual PHDs in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, piles of patents with their name on it.

          • anonymous5

            For being so smart, they are a pain in the ass to deal with when you have to deal with them when they work in tech support. Totally unable to think outside the box. What’s really fun is when they ask you repeatedly for your phone number.

            Indians don’t impress me so much.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            wonder what they paid for them?….i would like a degree too, if you can track down where i can get it CHEAP!

          • CrackerJack

            If the Indians are so smart, then why is their country still such a crappy stinky shithole? After thousands of years they really haven’t progressed much. I know and work with many people from India. None of them want to go back home, can’t blame them.

            • Frank Thoughts

              Really good point. The most arrogant people I meet are Indians yet they come from a country where the majority of the population crap outside and do not know how to use a toilet. Few even wash their hands or practice basic hygiene.

              They blame the British to this day but it really is their own failure to embrace modern habits that holds them back.

              • Dan Wingert

                Most of their toilets are just a hole in the floor.

        • Concerned Citizen

          JimVA: God, don’t forget Dunkin Donuts and flipping gas stations.

        • the blame-e


      6. rellik

        Most Indians I know are PhD’s. I don’t go to 7-11 or stay in cheap motels. I have the sense that Pakistan is in for a whole lot of hurt if they want a fight. China is not a democracy like India is and I suspect the Indian government is far more robust.

          • rellik

            Very good, but I hate Oahu.
            Only idiot tourists and
            Democrats go there.

            • grandee

              🙁 my parents lived there for 20 yrs.

              I lived for a short time twice to take of them before they passed.

              It was a very beautiful place, flowers of everything.

              • grandee

                mmmm, my goodness. Seems I can’t type this evening.

                I lived there for a short time, twice, to take care of them before they passed.

                It was a very beautiful place, flowers on everything.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  the intelligent KNEW what you was sayin’ grandee…..

        • DeplorableBitterClinger

          I think numerous wars have been fought over the Kashmir region and none have been decisive.

        • Nexus789

          PhD means little nowadays and those outside a western qualification (one awarded in India) would be hard to validate in terms of its worth.

          • Kevin2

            The Indians I have known were all educated in the UK or USA from first rate Universities

        • laeagle

          Just got back from visiting India. They are the largest democracy in the world, and have a huge and growing middle class. Education is seen as a means for getting ahead and they value and invest in education. Their doctors come straight into our residency programs after they graduate from medical school and they go on for the advanced fellowship programs. They have an advantage over our medical graduates in that they do not owe horrendous student loans. The people I’ve met and worked with from India are great people. No one should underestimate their military either. The majority of Indians are Hindu. The language that is spoken and taught throughout India is called Hindi but many of the states have their own dominant languages. English is spoken and taught throughout India.

          Jai Hind!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Kevin2

            As I understand it the Sikh Indians are disproportionately in military position as their Religion/Culture is more war like.

        • the blame-e

          “Most Indians [you] know are PhD’s.” ???? Really?

          I have heard of “educated elites,” but never “educated masses.”

          How do you explain the great unwashed masses of Indians packed into these trains? Sardines have more room in their cans. Where are the unwashed educated elites?

          What about the honor killings and arranged marriages? The educated elites are doing this? These Bollywood starlets are counted plenty in all this?

          And what about all these polluted rivers with what looks like millions upon millions of Indians wading around? These are PhDs too?

          Same thing with the perennial floods?

          If I was Indian I would push the button. I would push the button several times. And I only have a masters.

      7. B from CA

        Billions of refugees from India/Pakistan. Adios America.


        • Genius

          No habla englais? Uhhh yo quero taco bell?

        • Concerned Citizen

          BCA: The US is done, toasted, burned, ruins….nothing but filthy foreigners, muslims, coons, fags and he-she’s…hmmm that society will crash and burn hard!!

          • the blame-e

            The Russians don’t put up with any of this runaway illegal, undocumented, refugee, asylum seeker, migrant, unescorted children, boat people, DACA crap.

            The Russians don’t take the dregs of the world. You have to have a proven skill, pass an exam in Russian history, and have proven language skills.

            The Russians are smart. The U.S. Government, and Governor Moonbeam, not so much.

      8. Whiskey2BeerNback

        Uh, oh.

        Does that mean BAABU will now never get his visa in the mail ???

      9. Sgt. Dale

        Guys this is bigger than you think.

        China has a pact with Pakistan for defense, and the USA has a pact with India for defense.

        Also this could get the Muslims in other nations involved and Pakistan would let them have NUKES. Muslims VS Hindus. Not a good outcome for anyone.

        I have always said this is where WW3 will start there, and not in the Middle East.

        There are some people that think that there has already been a Nuke exchange between two nations in this area thousands of years ago that put the world back into the stone age. Do some research and you will hind stories about fling machines shooting lighting bolts, Even mushroom clouds. When history is forgotten or change you will repeat it.


        • durangokidd

          There is scientific evidence for a large, nuclear, man made explosion in South India around 10-15,000 years ago; about the time that a man made thermonuclear device about the size of the Empire State Building detonated in the Martian atmosphere sending a shock wave around the planet twice, destroying its atmosphere, based upon a unique atomic signature (isotope).

          Who knows, this may be why Aryans migrated to Europe and Asians crossed the land bridge; and why the Clovis People were delegated to sticks and stones in the New World, ala Albert Einstein’s famous retort to thermonuclear war.

          Just saying, who knows ??? 🙂

          • laeagle


            I am glad to hear your voice. There are those who believe that the Hindu myths and stories are based on things that happened thousands of years ago. I too, have heard that there may have been some sort of thermonuclear, laser war that occurred in the Indian Subcontinent many thousands of years ago. Interesting stuff. We are too ready to ignore and discard things that don’t fit into our world-view or Weltanschauung.

            Sgt. Dale,

            You may be right about WW III, although, our scriptures point towards the Middle-East. Both Pakistan and India are nuclear powers. Better not to trifle with either of them.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • durangokidd

              The Deep State has designed a war between powers in South Asia to depopulate the planet. To that end, EVERY nuclear power has been given neutron bomb technology in the hope that if a war breaks out there, the radiation will disperse in 30-60 days and prior to contaminating the USA.

              China was allowed to steal w-88 warhead technology from Los Alamos for this very purpose. NK & iran do not yet have this technology. 🙂

        • DeplorableBitterClinger

          I think KSA financed Paki’s nuke program on the condition that they got nukes if they wanted them.

          Remember, some years ago there was a Tit-for-Tat duel of nuke tests by these two. I think Paki detonated five in quick succession.

        • the blame-e

          Or WW3 will start in Pakistan, and India, and the Middle East.

      10. southside

        Bfrom CA,rather have Indians for neighbors than Pacs. Their cusine is better,too.

        • durangokidd

          Well the curcummin is better for you anyway. 🙂

      11. DeplorableBitterClinger

        Pakistan exists because the muzzies made trouble in India for centuries. Most were expelled to present-day Pakistan.

        A good rule of thumb is that any country whose name ends in “stan” is a shithole.

        • Genius

          Californistan, Orestan, Washingstan, New Yorkstan, etc. lol

      12. Frank Thoughts

        This is the war the planet desperately needs. All these counties have out-of-control populations and are destroying the planet with pollution.

        • Genius

          Copy that!

      13. Old Guy

        I really don’t care. The USA needs to stay out of it. Let china and the Pakis kill those cow worshipping street shitters I don’t care.

      14. Quantum Bubbler

        Time to stack some authentic Kashmir sweaters!

      15. TommyD

        just remember that any Nuclear war, the Radiation and fall out spreads over the entire planet. Cancer will skyrocket in the US as well as the western countries.

      16. the blame-e

        I have to say that I just love the picture at the top of the article.

        Look everybody! It’s John, Paul, George, and Ringo! In “Yelp!”

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