War Alert: Ukraine Threatens Russia With ‘Full-Scale Conflict’ Over Gas Transit

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    Ukraine has threatened Russia with a full-scale conflict if there are cuts to Kiev’s Gazprom gas transits through the territory of Ukraine. “The likelihood of a full-scale conflict between Russian and Ukraine,” is increasing, and European nations should be aware of the geopolitical consequences for the whole world, said the commercial director at Ukraine’s main gas company.

    Kiev has warned Moscow of “geopolitical consequences” if the gas ceases. If there is no transit through the territory of Ukraine, then the likelihood of a full-scale conflict between Russia and Ukraine is also increasing. European politicians need to understand not only the economic consequences for Ukraine but also geopolitical consequences for the whole world,” the commercial director at Ukraine’s main gas company Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko told the 112 Ukraine TV channel.

    According to RT, the gas-transit contract between Kiev and Moscow expires in 2019 and Gazprom said on Tuesday that the contract will not be extended under any circumstances. The company added that the gas transit may remain, but only if Ukraine provides the necessary conditions for it. Now the ball is on the Ukrainian side. It should justify the economic attractiveness and the possibility of transit through Ukraine,” said Gazprom Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee Aleksandr Medvedev.

    Russia wants to significantly cut its gas transit through Ukraine and re-direct it through the extension of the existing Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea. Moscow has alleged that Kiev has proved itself an unreliable partner in gas transits over the years. Moscow has repeatedly said Ukraine will lose its status as a key transit hub to Europe once the gas-transit contract expires. Russia wants to bypass Ukraine by doubling the capacity of the Nord Stream pipeline under the Baltic Sea.

    Some of the gas to Europe could also come through the Turkish Stream pipeline, currently under construction.  When the two pipelines mentioned are completed, transit through Ukraine is expected to fall by more than 80 percent, according to Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller. He added that Gazprom does not intend to help neighboring countries restore their economies at its own expense.

    Kiev’s threats for a full-scale conflict with Russia do not appear to be affecting how Gazprom is altering the gas-transits.


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      1. The leadership in Kiev needs to stop and think. From a military standpoint, Ukraine is way too weak to challenge Russia. Russia has more manpower, tanks, artillery, planes, etc. Not to mention NUKES, which Ukraine gave up back in the 90s. Putin and company are probably laughing at the Ukrainians.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          The point is that its a business contract not an act of war, this is over who gets market share.

          “If you don’t transport natural gas through my pipelines at a price that I desire AFTER the present contract ends I’ll fight you (and drag my powerful friends into the battle)”.

          The Media will spin this using the word “Aggressor” that will shadow Russia in their medium. Young Americans psychologically mesmerized at the Flag Waving Over Iwo Jima photo will sign right up to kill, be crippled or die, ostensibly for US while being oblivious to being mere tool of globalist multinational business.

        • Every thing was just fine in Ukraine, until the US and their Western Ally Thugs went into to Ukraine removed an elected President who was Russia friendly, as to install their puppet dictator instead. The US just wants to steal OIL and Gas Market share from Russia. Russia is defending their pipeline assets in place now with energy. Russia Supplies 1/3 Of all oil and gas to Europe. The US is Nation Destroying like in Ukraine, to get more energy market share.

          Lets not mince words here, the US is a Predator and needs to be called out for their Genocide. Israehell shot down MH17 over Ukraine in a False Flag to then try and Blame Russia. Israehell is a Genocidal Evil doer.

      2. Let me get this straight, either a city (Kiev) or a commercial director of a Ukrainian main gas company (Naftogaz – Yuri Vitrenko) now has the power to threaten war with Russia? Finally. The mask is off. Corporations are openly declaring war – fighting war with men/boys and guns and bombs – over a commercial issue. Note….’Moscow’ did not respond; rather, Gazprom Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee Aleksandr Medvedev did. Another company (granted, government controlled… but hey!, aren’t they all – either/or? The companies control the governments which control the companies.

        • Companies have been intimidating governments, manipulating continental markets, and buying off the scum we refer to as politicians for centuries. Remember the “military industrial complex” referred to by Eisenhower?
          Companies are a greater danger to freedom than any self-serving politician; it has more money, power and influence. What irks me is that the guilty parties always blame it on the company as though it were a person. It is not and never will be and the formation of the “legal entity” was a great part of the degradation of this phase of humanity and civilization.

      3. Looks like Ukraine should blow up the gas line in the Baltic Sea. That would force Russia to use the transit line through Ukraine.

        One scuba diver with a small bomb could do it.

        It would be a hell of a lot cheaper than a full scale war…….

        • That would effectively be the end of Ukraine!

        • How about conducting business in an ethical fashion as an alternative? Just a thought.

          • There is no such thing in Eastern Europe.

          • How about Ukraine pays for the gas they use and stops siphoning (stealing) gas being sent through the pipeline on route to other countries? This has been an ongoing issue for many years now and Russia putting in a pipeline to bypass Ukraine is LONG overdue. Russia is weary of dealing with Ukraine.

            • ….the only reason Ukraine is bent out of shape over this is because they won’t have access to the “free gas” they’ve become accustomed to…and will have to actually pay for gas received from whatever new source they can find who’s willing to deal with them.

      4. Oh boy, here we go again – yet another cluster of a situation…seems the entire world wants to “dance” so to speak.

      5. JS and CC, let Ukraine and Russia do what they want to each other. US doesn’t have any dog in that fight.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          “US doesn’t have any dog in that fight.”

          The US hasn’t had a dog in the majority of its fights. Unfortunately the US is for all intent and purpose a mercenary force for globalist business interests. Wars are predicated upon ostensible reason salable to the masses often repeating the words Freedom and Democracy. The body politic weary of fighting for others had a change in MO to global terrorism. How some tribesman in the Middle East devoid of global weapons reach is a threat while Islamic Immigrants from the same land are admitted into the US is beyond the reasoning ability of “worshippers of the sphere/spheroid” to question because, “The Big Game” is far more important.

      6. Well, let’s see. The Ukraine wants war with Russia. Gee whiz.

        Since the government of the Ukraine is a puppet regime, installed by the US “Fuck the EU” government, I wonder if the US government will be “obligated” to “come to the aid of the Ukraine in the event Russia is properly provoked?

        How many countries does that make now, where the US government is openly attempting to provoke war with Russia — all of Europe, the EU, Poland, all of the former Soviet Era Block Countries, Syria, Iran, and now the Ukraine? What are the odds?

        The US government’s wish list for war with Russia is getting pretty long.

      7. War with Russia is an anti-white war. It does not matter who wins. As long as white Christians fight each other and die in large numbers, the “globalists” win. Mission accomplished.

        Mission impossible? Total annilation of the white race?

        Hell, they have convinced half the white race that there is no such thing as a white race; and if one does exist, it isn’t worth preserving for the future generations.


        • B from CA – If the Allied soldiers knew what the defeat of Germany would lead to today in the West, they would have switched sides.

      8. Ukraine has this posture likely because the American neocons have told them we have their back. Sure, the Russians are using a large scale commercial venture as a geopolitical tool, but the US has no right to be involved there. The Ukrainians have absolutely no chance of success under any scenario (even if the US does interject itself into that business). This can be compared to something like Russia forcefully involving itself on behalf of Mexico in a trade deal with the US.
        If the Ukrainian president and his circle listens to the neocons it would be madness on their part; besides, almost half Ukrainian territory prefers to be part of Russia anyway. Their “leaders” need to recall how McCain made an absurd gesture of military support to the corrupt little country of Georgia (which is also deep inside the Russian sphere of influence) back in 2008. That didn’t turn out well; basically in 48 hours it was all over, American promises and support amounted to nothing. Who in their right mind believes the Ukrainian people are spoiling for war against Russia?
        If the truth be known there are probably already “advisors”, provocateurs, material, and other resources already on scene there. This whole business is nothing more than another attempt at disrupting Russian hegemony, even in their own cultural, traditional, and historical sphere. I’m not a Russophile and Russia is not blameless, but hope Pres. DT makes the right decisions and not let us be involved in another mess. That’s all we need, another g*ddam war. The people of the US have nothing to gain with this long and extensive campaign against Russia, but apparently some entity believes they stand to gain. After Ukraine fails, at least the secondary effect of creating more hostility between the US and Russia will be achieved. Nothing good will come of it, just like our presence in Syria.

      9. Natural gas traveling through the pipeline in Ukraine to other countries is charged a fee by politically connected Ukrainian politicians and their friends. Joe Biden’s son, R. Hunter Biden, was put on the Board of Directors of the largest Ukrainian energy company right after the US overthrew the elected Ukrainian government. There are billions at stake. And these thieving politicians will fight to the last drop of your children’s blood.

        • Him

          Agree 100%

      10. The Ukrainian parliament is infamous for fist fights breaking out on the floor of parliament. I would suggest that they stick to that and not take on the Russian military directly.

        • Its Russias natural gas the contract expires and thats that. As read in this article Ukraine is 100% wrong threatening military force.

      11. If people receive something for a long enough period of time, they feel entitled to it. Ukraine has been getting free gas from this pipeline for a long period of time. Russia intends to stop it. Does any of this seem familiar?

      12. Question? If Russia and Turkey inked a deal. What about the pipeline that they were trying to build from Quatar to Turkey? Or was that a red herring?

      13. Putin and the Russians are determined to stop being dndent on the Ukrainian pipeline. In additionR to a possible pipeline through Turkey, Russia is involved in a pipeline in the Eastern Mediterranean. Ukraine needs to focus on developing their own petroleum industry.

      14. Putin and the Russians are determined to stop being dependent on the Ukrainian pipeline. In addition to a possible pipeline through Turkey, Russia is involved in a pipeline in the Eastern Mediterranean. Ukraine needs to focus on developing their own petroleum industry.

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