WAR ALERT: Russia Sends Warships Carrying Tanks To Syria And Threatens ‘Chaos’

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    Russia sent two warships carrying tanks and other military supplies to Syria in the wake of the United States-led attack on Damascus for an alleged chemical attack. It looks like the West’s attack accomplished one thing: a stronger Syria/Russia alliance.

    The boats were spotted on The Bosphorus (the straight of Istanbul) on Sunday. This delivery of military supplies from Russia comes on the heels of an attack on Syria led by US president Donald Trump, the United Kingdom, and France.  Russian president Vladimir Putin has also since warned that the world would experience “chaos” if Syria was attacked again.

    The West is alleging Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s leader used chemical weapons on civilians to justify military attacks on Damascus and Homs.  But interestingly enough, those strikes occurred the day before international investigators were scheduled to arrive to conduct a thorough inspection of the site.  –SHTFPlan

    Russia continues to allege the chemical attack used as reasoning by the West to bomb Syria was fabricated.  Based on all the evidence currently gathered, it appears to be a false flag, making Russia correct, and the US guilty of producing massive amounts of pro-war propaganda. 

    The news is rife with the Syrian airstrikes and the theatrical narrative: the united coalition of brave allies against the despotic Assad to secure the blessings of liberty, etc., etc. The reality: The U.S. threw more than 100 missiles against soft Syrian targets with Britain firing rockets from four aircraft as France flew planes around and cruised the waters with a few ships. The target (a suspected but not verified chemical weapons facility) was destroyed…before chemical weapons use, or manufacture could be verified. Once again, the Western Hegemony “showed” that bad ‘ol puddy-tat, that anti-Saudi Arabian, anti-Petrodollar Assad…showed him that his “Clorox Bleach” assault on mannequins as verified by white hat “Light-Brite” technicians would not be tolerated! “Mission accomplished!” in the words of US President Donald Trump. –SHTFPlan


    Russia’s supplies are making their way to Syria while the US expects us to believe they bomb people out of the goodness of their hearts.

    The Russian President has responded furiously to the strikes in Syria, which followed the deadly chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma that left dozens dead. According to a statement released by the Kremlin, Putin told his Iranian counterpart that the strikes had undermined chances of a political resolution to the conflict. “Vladimir Putin, in particular, stressed that if such actions committed in violation of the U.N. Charter continue, then it will inevitably lead to chaos in international relations,” the statement read.

    So, as you may deduce, there is plenty to be seen behind the scenes while “Operation Clorox” was conducted in Syria. Examine the information before you take a drink of that Grape Kool-Aid and blindly fall for the rhetoric. The Deep State is fully in control and moving ahead with their own agenda. They just “wagged the dog” this past weekend, and not only did most Americans fall for it…all Americans paid for it as well. Eventually when the Globalists’ plans escalate further into war, payment will be rendered in lives.-SHTFPlan

    As the US hints that there won’t be any more strikes on Syria, and with Russia sending even more reinforcements, Bashar al-Assad can all but claim victory over the US-backed terrorist “rebels.”


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      1. Chaos from cyber warfare, not tanks and guns.

        • The US Government is Bankrupt financially and Morally. And needs a time out to sit in the corner to reflect of their deceit and incompetence.

          And these are the folks who want to disarm Americans. Yeah right!!

          • TSB, NEOCONS behaving themselves? LOL! Now THAT’s a pipe dream. I think one day we’ll have to handle the neocons ourselves.

      2. Yeah… Threatens ‘Chaos’? Wicked misleading headline there SHTFPlan. “Lead to chaos in international relations”. Not quite as apocalyptic sounding when put BACK into context.

      3. So Russia resets its red line the same way Obama did and is now backing away from it while trying to save face by looking like it is doing something big.

        Face it, Putin has been shown as a big blowhard over this with all the threats he made then failed to fulfill when the attack on the chemical facilities took place.

        • Face Putin. Burned Russian cat. English cat ran away Russian cat did not know that it is British. How can American agrees with killing cat Siberian.

        • Anonymous, I wouldn’t underestimate Putin. He could still pull off a surprise on everyone. Putin plays chess whereas Obama only played checkers.

        • These loads have been run the entire time of the war and this isn’t anything unusual. How do you think the air defense equipment got there?

      4. Russia, Iran prepare multi-level response for US-led precision strike on Syria –https://www.debka.com

        Moscow turns against Israel, suspects its air strike in Syria was a feeler for a US offensive

        Moscow and Tehran link up to strike Israeli targets in response for US-led operation in Syria — http://www.debka.com

        Syria has been a client state of Russia even since The days of The Former Soviet Union. As a matter of fact, The U.S. and The Soviet Union almost exchanged nuclear fire power during the Yom Kippour war in 1973 AS ISRAELI TANKS WERE ON THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS as they recovered and launched an offensive from the joint surprise attack from Egypt and Syria.

        President Nixon ordered that the silo hatches on U.S. Missile Silos opened and as the Soviet Satellites crossed the U.S. that the missile were ready to fire because The Soviets threatened MILITARY INTERVENTION and Washington was able to convince The Israelis to withdraw.

        Now, Iran (Persia) has established a foot hold in Syria adding for wood to the fire already blazing and has declared that Israel will be destroyed and they will do it.

        Do not think in an further military action that Russia will not militarily respond to any threat.

        We will feel the effects in this country. We are underestimating The Russians.

        We don’t have enough prepps…..

      5. Apparently this is what trump/USA needs right now.
        It’s typical, start a war or something damn close
        to distract.

      6. Bashar al-Assad can all but claim victory over the US-backed terrorist “rebels.”

        Meaning the USA..
        So much bullshit.
        I liked trump, didn’t thing he was a war monger.
        The more he acts justified in the last attack the less credible he is the more he looks like an idiot and or puppet.

      7. WTF is going on with this mess? The U.S. is trying (Hard) for WWIII it sure looks to me…

      8. Russia is sending the hardware – but – who’s flag will they be flying in battle?

        Iran’s terrorist buddies need some heavy stuff to be the most useful in attacking Israel – the US gear that they seized from Iraq and the old Russian junk must be wearing thin by now …

        • Illini Warrior

          “Iran’s terrorist buddies”

          Who is arming ISIS / Al Qaeda in Syria? Its certainly not Russia, Syria or Iran as they are in combat against them. Who’s left with the same goals of overthrowing the Syrian government?

          h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgHvVM8FfaY

      9. I say keep a sharp eye on any movement along the Iraq/Turkey border coming from Azerbaijan/Georgia out of Russia. As Iran and Russia are chums, those aforementioned countries both would not prevent passage by the Russian military… only the stretch across northern Iran into Syria needs to be navigated to skip the ocean/sea route step of resupply. Heck, I’d dare say Armenia wouldn’t do anything either to stop a massive troop and equipment move.

        • I believe that the Russians already have sufficient forces in Syria to defend that country against a US led invasion.

          The Russian main battle tanks (if they come), it will be over land, via Turkey. This will be a way to attack all the anti-Syria forces and defeat them. Any counter attack by the US would be an Act of War, and the US isn’t ready for full-on war, yet.

          This route would also let the Russians to join up with their new-found allies in Turkey. This would be a huge psychological blow to the US, forcing them to abandon Turkey to the Russians.

          Together, the Russian and Turkish forces will connect up with the Iranians, and allow Iran to take over central Iraq. Iranian forces are sufficient enough to almost accomplish this all by themselves. The Iranians will then turn their attention to conquering Israel.

          The joint forces of Russia and Turkey will put down the Kurdish rebellion. Turkey would love to murder every last Kurdish man, woman and child. As a reward, the Russians will give northern Iraq to Turkey.

          Russia, Turkey and Iran will arrive in Damascus just in time to defeat the US, UK and EU forces, leaving Israel to face her fate alone.

          Russia, Turkey and Iranian forces will easily take Jordan and drive retreating US, UK and EU forces into the Red Sea. At about this time, Egypt, Libya, turn against Israel. The King of Saud makes a deal with Russia.

          If this is what is going on in the Middle East, just imagine how the rest of the world will be looking.

      10. Sidenote – look at the pics. Tanks? The picture posted caption read: “APCs, ambulances and support vehicles”. No tanks.

        • Correct

      11. Seems like Trumps bombing Syria was minimalistic. Only one building and the employees were gone. Were they pre-notified of the intended bombing? Are there casualties? Is this just a way for Trump to pacify the NeoCons?

        Assad has all but defeated the terrorist rebels. So, basically, it’s all good.

        Russia is no blowhard. Russia is playing the American adversary, but gains nothing by war with another Superpower (USA). If Russia wanted war, we have many vulnerabilities. It seems to me that Russia and USA are just pretending to dislike each other. Russia is white and Christian. They are not the enemy.


      12. Russia shows tanks, but means something else. Sun Tzu. Be where you enemy does not expect you to be, and do what he does not expect you to do.

      13. The “New York Times” referred to the Russian ships carrying all this military material as “rust buckets.” Same thing with the UK MSM, who referred to the Russian destroyer that passed by their nation last year as also being a “rust bucket.”

        I don’t know about the rest of you, but these Russian ships look to be in pretty good shape. So, the US and UK MSM are lying through their teeth.

        I looked at those pictures. I didn’t see any Russian tanks onboard those ships. However, the US has landed actual M1A Abrams tanks in Jordan which borders Syria, along with 4,000 soldiers. This is a US government figure, and we all know the US government always tells the truth. So, double that figure, by a factor of ten? Military exercises in Jordan, or a build-up of invasion forces positioned right on Syria’s border?

        Meanwhile, on a US proxy, Israel is attacking the Iranians both in Syria and in Iran (so the US can’t be blamed).

        Israel is losing the PR war against being viewed as an occupying army in their “own” country. The only way to keep the building boom going in the Golan Heights is to take more territory. Since the Golan Heights borders Syria, guess whose property line is about to be adjusted?

        One scenario is for the US, the EU, and Israel to conquer Syria, then let the Israelis move in and take the country over with the blessings of the King of Saud. The US gets to test Russia’s military capabilities on a small scale before the large scale attack on mother Russia from Nato.

        Economic sanctions can only be enforced not by more sanctions, but by force. The force de jure is always war.

      14. I told you all about this didn’t I?

        Russia and china will be attacking Texas from Mexico, and that’s why the National guard has been deployed down there. Russian and china built air strips to launch attacks from TU-160 and TU-back fir bombers from the south central Americas. China has over 150,000 soldiers in central America, 350,000 spread out across the US, Russia has 25,000 soldiers in Texas, and 20,000 Chinese, literally inside our state, and my source was threatened by a PLA in Fort Worth, and city east of that area that I cannot disclose. He was real pissed off about the incident since he is retired from the agency, and I don’t meant real estate agency. 150,000 additional chi-coms stationed 65 miles south of Loreado Mexico. It gets even worse, this war will and may go down as soon at 04/30/2018 of this month, so Texans need to get their ass in line and ready, and cops who are in the know, told someone I know, that we need to get ready, to be attacking by antifa terrorist left wing idiots teaming up with Russian, chi-coms, and muslim jihadist factions, of Lebanese, and other sunni factions inside of the Houston areas and surrounding cities. This is what I believe will happen in california: Once the attack commences, California will shut off borders to stop all whites from existing the state to have the chi-coms and the UN, take out the white and liquidate them, and move chi-com forces to the eastern border of California.

        Russin TU back fire in action, fire SS22 Onix sunburn missles at a US carrier. The TU backfire carrier plasma stealth, disarming all on board electronics on destroyers and carriers, disabling them as sitting ducks to sink at sea. scary shit isn’t it.



      15. Cyprus, Israel and Greece are proposing new pipelines to go from the eastern Mediterranean gas and oil fields to Europe. The Lebanese and Palestinians are trying to get in on the revenue. Turkey is trying to get a cut for the Turks living on Cyprus. With any possibility of pipelines through Syria and Turkey gone, this will probably be the next hot spot. A Europe that isn’t dependent on Russia for gas and oil is bad news for Putin.

      16. I see the comments on this site have dropped off dramatically, Gee I wonder why!!!!
        All you fools who doubted me


        I don’t know if it will allowed to happen per the source, but it’s not looking good right now. If the US does one more attack in Syria, Russia will attack Texas with TU backfire bombers from central America with chi-coms.

        Heard some more bad news from the source. In Mexico, a new presidential candidate is leading the votes and is now over 51%, if he wins, he is very extremely anti American. The said candidate is very very extremely bad, and will do bad things, very bad things, and its looking like the election will be rigged in his favor, and he will work with Russia and china and cuba to attack the shores of Texas, and will set up for invasion from the border, as in the entire stretch of the Texas border. Expect bombing attacks in Texas from Russian TU backfire bombers, and lots of chi-coms in hellicopters first, once they disable us, they will cross over with the tanks and fighter jets, including arial troops drops from chi-coms soldier over the city of Houston and all surrounding cities. They plan on targeting Texas first, before all other states since it will be most difficult to take down. I asked him why Texas first he said that if the other neighbouring states get hit first, Texas citizens will go on high alert and this will not be good for advancing soldiers and it prevents the element of surprise. This so called invasion attack will be in broad day light around 11:00 am during the week when husbands are separated from the wife’s and children. if and when the invading armies get into the city central, they have been ordered to take control of all the high schools and middle schools first. I am just telling you all what it will look like according to the source. We are done, we are going to all out war in Texas, and all over the country. I am so sorry to have to tell you all this bad news, its not looking good, unless something major changes off setting this event of delaying. I am not leaving the city, I will stay here, and will be fighting to my death. This is why I was told why Abbott wanted Texas to arm up to the teeth, they will need help in killing off the russians and chi-coms. Anymore incidents with Russians in my city, this time I am going to either handle it myself, or call the cops. It’s time like this that I wish the trolls were right, but this time have been wrong.


        • Man, tell us what you are smoking? This is so funny, it made my day. You forgot to mention that Chinese and Russians are also attacking Texas from their Moon bases. Now, seriously, you pulled this from your rear end?

        • HCKS:

          Some good logic. But one thing missing. Direct warfare is old fashioned. The Chinese are buying The USA. China put up a large new grocery store in Texas. They don’t need to mount a violent invasion. All they need to do is to keep up what they have been doing. I saw it coming years ago. You aren’t wrong, just ahead of time. I give them another generation. Mandarin and Cantonese. When white people have been reduced to a small despised minority in Texas and around the world, China will emerge. China will bite the hand that fed them.


        • HCKS,

          You are right about a new presidential candidate leading the votes in Mexico. Manual Lopez Obrador has a double digit lead in almost every pole. What you are mistaken about is when you said he is extremely anti american. His whole candidacy he has told the people one of his main goals is to stop corruption in the government. He says Trump has a bad view of Mexico because of the corruption and he plans to change this view and end the corruption. He wants to keep NAFTA and improve US-Mexico relations. This is why is leading by so many points. Now whether he follows through with it or not we will have to wait and see. I have been living in Mexico for the last 7 years and see the corruption. Even if he was anti American, I doubt any president will allow a foreign army to march through their country to attack one of their neighbors. You should start writing fiction books——that is goof stuff

      18. Some wild imagination there……….

      19. A few months ago the Russians said that they were pulling ground forces out o Syria. Then Trump said about the same thing for US forces. THEN a phony gas attack has lit the fuse for escalation again. Those Russian ships are delivering bridge equipment, and light armor and IED detecting equipment for a company of Russian Rangers who will be deployed opposite USA/ISIS proxies sitting on Syria’s oilfields in the East.

      20. How did the fabulous S.400 go?

        Capable of tracking and downing 80 planes and missiles all at once they claim!

      21. You still don’t believe that what I am telling you is fact. Not because china has businesses in Texas or the US Means that they wont attack us. The islands being built in the south china sea is real, not country does large scale construction that level for no reason. China was also involved in the world trade tower attacks, something that most do not know. You all have a lot to learn. My source has never been wrong. We will will get attacked and bases on air strips have been built in central America, and TU 160 bombers and TU back fire bombers are stationed there. You’all have no clue what is going on in this country. if the attack does not commense by April 30th, it does not mean that it wont happen eventually. This attack from Mexico and central America has been planned since 1985. Are retired officer came up to me in my gym 3 years, scared shitless off his ass with info from that region, told me that everything I heard was real that chi-coms are massing in the region by the 1,000,000’s and that another source down there confirmed to him, that we are going to get invaded. FACT. No one alive today I was told from age 1-25 will every make to the age of 55 in this country, starting from this year unward, it’s over, we are going to die off in mass numbers, the bases have been built, and David Hodges was told by his Fema sources, that they have bugged out indefinitely because it will happen. This is my last post for now, I am taking a break to prepare some more, because it’s here now.


      22. how many times have we heard this? That new weed makes stories better….

        “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!!!!”

      24. IMO this is a face saving move by Russia. If a real shooting war broke out in Syria they would be anihilated, would that lead to a much more serious conflict in other places, yes it would. We have an overwhelming naval superiority in the Mediterranean and with NaATO forces included clear air superiority there as well. As Saddam learned in Iraqi war a thousand tanks don’t mean shit if you don’t control the sky. With that said one wonders how far we can push Putin before he retaliates, I think he is going to position enough of his forces there to make any future air strikes on Syria a open invitation to start world war three as it would inevitably lead to serious Russian casualties. I still can’t get my head around the rationale for bombing Syria in the first place. Who does it benefit, how does putting the world on a knife edge make us safer. One has to wonder what the end game is here. It appears to be madness to me at least

      25. We probably deserve Russia’s wrath. And Israel is just as bad as the USA DeepState. SHAME on Trump.
        PLEASE listen to TruNews.com with Rick Wiles !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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