War Alert: Nikki Haley Warns Russia & Iran Of ‘DIRE CONSEQUENCES’

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley has just issued a warning to Russia and Iran. Haley says the two countries should prepare for “dire consequences” if they continue air assaults on the last rebel-held area in Syria.

    Russia’s ambassador to the UN ramped up the war rhetoric and responded to Haley’s threat with a denial that Syria has any chemical weapons. The UN secretary-general then also warned of a potential “bloodbath” during Tuesday’s UN Security Council meeting on the crisis in Idlib, Syria, according to a report by CNN.

    During the second UN session on Idlib in four days, Haley told the council that “the world has seen a clear military escalation” this month by Russia and the Syrian regime, whose forces have conducted more than 100 airstrikes, using “barrel bombs, rockets, and artillery” in an attempt to retake the last rebel holdout after more than seven years of war.

    Haley also continued her accusations saying that both Russian and Iran have little interest in a political solution. She then called their actions those of “cowards interested in a bloody military conquest.” Haley added, “If Assad, Russia, and Iran continue down the path they are on, the consequences will be dire.”

    “I also want to reiterate what I said last week to the Assad regime and anyone else contemplating the use of chemical weapons in Syria,” Haley added. “The United States followed through when we said that we would respond to the use of chemical weapons. We stand by this warning.” However, the Russian military claims to have evidence that the chemical attack was staged by the very people Haley and the US seem intent on backing.

    “I’m not going to tell the world ahead of time what we’re going to do. It’s just not my style,” Secretary of Defense James Mattis said when asked if and what kind of retaliation the US military would carry out should the regime use chemical weapons in its offensive against Idlib. According to CNN, Mattis would not commit to military action, but ramped up the rhetoric nonetheless saying that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has “been warned.”

    “I never talk about what would come next,” Mattis said. “But I think that you do have to look at the fact that we will abide by the chemical weapons prohibition and support it.” When asked what the US has specifically done to prevent their use, Mattis referred to US, United Kingdom, and French strikes on Syria after a chemical weapons attack, which appears to have been faked by the White Helmets according to Russia, in April. Assad “has been warned,” Mattis said. “The first time around he [Syrian president Bashar al-Assad] lost 17% of his pointy-nosed air force airplanes. He’s been warned. And so we’ll see if he’s wised up.”


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      1. WHO exactly is stupid enough to believe that with victory near, Assad would invite the wrath of a much more powerful entity-USA-and invite destruction!? This completely insane and evil.
        I have a hard time understanding how our government can be this evil and illogical!

        • Even the most intellectually challenged amongst us can see through this veil of bullshit!We are risking direct confrontation with Russia in order to placate Israel and to further our goals of ‘full spectrum dominance’.

          • Most people have short attention spans. Repeatable lies are re-usable in that regard. Most people will never even read/see/hear this “news”. The narrative is written, and will be maintained at all cost, no matter how much blatant BS it is.

          • YUP!

        • It’s not the government, they are just puppets. For the source of evil you speak of you have to look at the puppeteers, and that would be the Military/Security Industrial Complex and the 5th column (banks mostly). On the one hand the MIC want their budget to continue to expand, and the banks want the loans that comes with blowing up a whole country. War is a racket, plain and simple.

        • Nikki Haley Douch bag, needs to have a big toilet plunger stuffed in her fat stupid mouth. Then flushed down the sewer pipe into a septic holding tank.

          The entire works is fully aware of the fraud foreign policy the US is imposing on the entire world.

          I’d luv to see all of these war monger pack a rifle and bag and hear to the front line and put their own bodies in the line of fire. Haley is a douch’

          IsraaeHell sponsores over 12 different terrorist groups in Syria, Pays them mercenary wages and treats the terrorist wounds.

          The US pays the White Helmets to set off these false flags.

          The entire world see the US fraud and fiction propaganda. And its out tax dollars funding this needless genocide and nation destroying.

          Make IsraeHell fight their own wars. Stop funding terrorists and Israehell. WTF!??? The whole world is watching.

          I am perfectly fine watching Russia bomb the crap out of US Sponsored terrorist groups. Keep up the good work Putin.

        • Civil war

          • Actually global thermonuclear war. This stuff can get very out of hand very rapidly. The threats and posturing is reminiscent of if not exceeding the Cuban Missile Crisis.

        • Thanks to the net (and SHTF), many Americans realize that it’s the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia that are the bad actors and no amount of TV lies will alter that.
          As far as Assad using gas, why would he when he and Russia are cleaning out the US and Israeli supplied ISIS?
          Our nation has gone rogue, all we can do is remain armed for when they turn on us.

      2. This feckless bitch scares me.

        • Nikki Haley is a neocon bitch who ruined South Carolina when she was Governor there. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

      3. Do we care if they tear each other apart?

        Is there anything Scriptural about helping other nations who are not actually are our allies?

        How many young Americans have to die? Is it worth it?

        We can’t even protect our borders and have terrorists and instigators planning and causing civil unrest. Why waste trillions when there are not decent jobs for our own people? How will we pay for it?

        You do realize that 70-80% cannot pass Basic Training…right? This means if we need boots on the ground, as bombs do little against Muslims, then this means we cannot assemble a sufficent infantry and sure can’t have sufficient artillery and armor unless we redeploy existing troops. That makes those areas undefended.

        You can just about bet if we redeploy and neglect regions to handle Iran, that the Russians, Chinese, North Korea, Middle East, and Africa will have outbreaks…right?

        This is NOT 1945 and this is NOT 1990. We’re nearly bankrupt as we have allowed the greatest transfer of wealth by concentrating net worth in the 0.001% percent. Less than 10,000 people control 5% of the wealth of the entire world of 7.4 billion.

        The 1% includes mom and pop businesses. That is not the issue. That is net worth on paper.

        I’m concerned the insane satanic neocons and globalists are just creating a huge corporatcracy by fostering a new world order of moronic military actions as some bizarre worldwide law enforcement.

        There is no way to win.

        WAR is based on conquest and growing an empire by land acquisition and natural resources. It does not work if you cede won territory or can’t hold territory. Historically all empires fail.

        To win a war successfully means to totally break the enemy’s will through utter domination. But pansies won’t allow it.

        This doesn’t mean cruelty.


        16. Now in order to kill the enemy, our men must be roused to anger; that there may be advantage from defeating the enemy, they must have their rewards.

        17. Therefore in chariot fighting, when ten or more chariots have been taken, those should be rewarded who took the first. Our own flags should be substituted for those of the enemy, and the chariots mingled and used in conjunction with ours. The captured soldiers should be kindly treated and kept.

        18. This is called, using the conquered foe to augment one’s own strength.

        19. In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.

        • That should read 95 not 5%. It’s shocking how almost all wealth is in the hands of a tiny few. Focus your anger there.

        • “We’re nearly bankrupt”

          The US has been bankrupt since August 1971. The only thing keeping the system going can most accurately be described as global fraud, counterfeiting, strong arm racketeering including murder under color of war.

          “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

          • Sorta. As long as there are natural resources, the USA has hard assets. And as I have said before, the federal government could literally buy all mined natural resources,for example, and give them cash. Now that accomplishes two main things. It creates a ready market and total sales at a reasonable price. Secondly, it creates MONEYnot currency as the Federal government would have a diverse basis for the dollar.

            And then the federal government could choose to sell materials ONLY when the price was high enough. By buying all of it, it creates a shortage. Thus there is less available for sale and the price rises. The federal government could sell it for a reasonable price to American industry and an exorbitant price internationally or not at all internationally.

            Trust me. All the nations would get very diplomatic as that is true economic power.

            • There is no way that there is sufficient raw material within the US to fund the USA and even if there were any taking of such (confiscation) is Communism in practice. Wealth is created by manufacturing. Raw material and labor go in and out comes a product of value exceeding the cost of the aforementioned.

      4. “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself…almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.”

        ——————— H.L.Mencken ———————–

        The bosses have become psychopaths…

      5. You know that “THEY” are serious when they trot out pictures of dead kids and say, “Think of the children.”

        • Probably more fake photos created by the CIA of shills.

      6. The Globalists control the government in D.C. We’re screwed. The government has to die, if we are to live.

        • yup!!

        • Him: YES!!! YESSS, ding ding ding, BINGO! YOU have it great Scott man!!

        • But then the globalists remain with their wealth and power to purchase the subsequent government. There is a symbolic relationship between government and citizen. they go, we go with it. The issue is who/what is controlling government. Its not “We The People” but rather the beyond measurable wealthy few. There lay the problem as they have been starting wars, financing both sides for a few hundred years. Like the statement from the Roman Empire, “Who protects us from our protectors”, we’re still awaiting a satisfactory answer.

          One thing for sure. Handing private bankers control of the economy in 1913 wasn’t a good idea.

          • The Globalists die with D.C.

            • Globalists are global. Their employees are in DC. They just stop in on occasion for a visit to see how their country is being managed.

      7. When those as wealthy as Crassus sacrifice their sons as NCOs, then war will cease.

        The easiest thing in the world as a neocon is to tell poor bluecollar workers that their sons are must die for their country.

        That was not how it used to be. Historically,the first inherited, the second went into ministry, and typically the third became an officer. This tended to limit the extent of wars as it implies the wealthy dying in case of war.

        The first real change was in the American Civil War where one could either enlist a slave or pay someone,often an Irish immigrant, as your proxy.

        From there it got worse where merely educated but still middle class or less were the officers in combat. See WW1 and beyond.

        GOD, duty, honour, country. Country is last of those four. And it is a terrible falsehood to pretend that Iran has anything whatsoever to do with the USA. Unless they attack our borders, it doesn’t fit. If Americans are attacked directly, it could be duty or honour.

      8. Trump said he was getting out of Syria, proof that he has no power. Yet another puppet on parade. Out in public where opposition builds the people remain as effectively neutered church mice. The height of propagandized brainwashing produces fear and trembling every time.

      9. It’s no wonder the USA is hated, look at all the underhanded evil suffering it causes all in the name of money and dictating power. Our government has lied to us so many times there can be no faith put into anything it tells us. I suspect POTUS is not getting the truth either. But I would also expect him to do his own critical thinking on situations. Perhaps he is blinded by the fact his daughter is married to one of “them”, and misled by that old belief of “them” being God’s chosen people.

      10. The U.S. Constitution grants the president of the United States the power to appoint ambassadors, as spelled out in Article II, Section 2. Congress does not have that power; however, the first stage of the process of appointing an ambassador is nomination. The president must nominate someone to be ambassador, but that nomination does not proceed to full appointment until after the U.S. Senate confirms it. The House of Representatives does not play a role in nominating or confirming ambassadors.

        United States ambassador to the US Nikki Haley works at the bequest of the President as does National Security advisor John R Bolton. President Trump is either naive as to their political positions (impossible) or is unable (for God knows what reasons) to remove them and is forced to take them, or he agrees with them. The key points are either negligence or intentional which in then end matter little.

        • “which in the end” not “which in then end”.

      11. America is so over! Traitors, and silliness, are everywhere!

      12. The biggest issue is abuse of the War Powers Act of 1973. Too many presidents abuse this legislation causing illegal wars.

        FDR started this mess by illegally getting us in WW2 by funding the Flying Tigers (before Pearl Harbor), breaking two neutrality laws, the embargo, and surreptitiously skirting the rules on armaments to the UK.

      13. Don’t get me started on the outrageous Obummer deal with Iran which wasan outright 1.7 billion dollar BRIBE. Treason…pure and simple…by a president.

        • That vile, disgusting puke muslim known as barry hussein o’banana deserves to HANG!!!!

      14. This is easy. First, how about we not let the “White Helmets” use chemical weapons to protect the USA/IDF/Saudi proxy-army called the Syrian rebels. That’s it. Done. Stick a fork in it.
        But, the MIC won’t go for this because it will not create WW3 so…..? Get ready for another real or fake use of chemicals in Syria. With a sad and heavy heart, I support Russia/Syria on this issue because I have no reason to believe anything US intelligence or DoD says. Been proven liars on virtually everything.

      15. Every single war fought in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries has been based on lies. Every single one and they were all preventable. Go FYS MICs.

      16. The actors change but the show remains the same. Still folks vote D and R as if it makes a difference. Close the show instead.

      17. dean rusk, george shultz….spinning in graves. this woman is a lying ass. i can’t comprehend why she and boltan still have a say in affairs.

      18. Can you say “False Flag” in Syria again and again and again? These creaps in Idlib are not “rebels” they are multi national jihadist terrorists, they even have Chinese “rebels” in Syria. China doesn’t want a single one to survive justice for their crimes, so they want to help the Syrians and Russians kick some jewhadist ass!

        Trump is a moron for protecting these terrorists from
        being disposed of. All of the US and Nato threats for the past couple weeks allowed for the terrorists to resupply (thanks to the Turks) so in the end when the fight is started even more innocent Syrians will be butchered.

        • Both China and Russia are vulnerable to Islamic Fundamentalism as both have Islamic populations within their southern borders. Its been theorized that TPTB, with the US/UK at spearpoint, are using these extremists to ultimately destabilize the aforementioned. Regardless they’re sure using them to destroy sovereign secular nations and instituting chaos in their wake.

          • China and Russia will never allow Islam to get strong. Heck Putin already said something like harm a Russian with Islamic terrorism and ALL Muslims will pay.

            And China akready has camps for Muslims. That was a big story this week. They are basically reeducation camps.

            Meanwhile China is burning Bibles, bulldlzing churches, and fircing Christians to renounce Jesus. That happened this week too.

            • China and Russia will never allow Islam to get strong.

              The USSR will not allow itself to dissolve. Great last words.

              Ideas cannot be suppressed and individuals holding those beliefs beyond life, willing to die, are virtually impossible to indigenously suppress. The Emperor if Japan said to his people fight to the death, instead of surrender, we would still be having a guerrilla war there. China and Russia are highly vulnerable to this destabilization on there southern flank. These Islamic Fanatics need not win to win. They just need not to obey. That is victory by preventing the government from governing.

      19. You Americans need to reign in this Haley witch. She is Bolton-level evil.

        • “You Americans”?

          You must have been duped by the false advertising of self government / freedom in the USA. We don’t control the government.

      20. Is she talking about Syria or Yemen?

      21. Haley does not speak for us… nor does the UN.
        We are a sovereign nation. We are not the world
        Do I believe anyone of those war mongers ….NO! NO!
        After reading about the “true story” of the bombing of
        the WTC on 9/11…. I won’t trust any past president….
        especially w. Bush or Obumho. They refuse to release
        28 pages of “classified ” info about the attack on us by Saudi’s.
        They are protecting who paid for it and what they knew about
        Saud’s have said if they (US) releases that “info” they will
        release what they (Saudi ‘s) know which will open a whole
        other can of worms.
        We know ((Somebody)) emptied the (((Bank vault))) of several pallets
        of (((something))) the night before the explosion of the WTC ….
        as told by witnesses.
        We know BUILDING #7 was where the CIA had paperwork….
        and was blown up by ….WHAT? Demolition explosives!!
        Was it proof of CIA, Saudi’s, W. Bush, Hellery C., Benghazi
        massacre, ISIS-Al Qyiada, and 19 terrorists, were all in cahoots
        with each other?
        Is this why Hellery C. wanted to win so bad?
        Is this why the PTB despise him?
        Will Trump release the 28 pages of classified documents?

      22. I watched a Nikki Haley interview on FOX today. I would be hard pressed to find a country or region that she didn’t threaten with sanctions, financial ruin or outright war. She wasn’t asked why the US is supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, on the anniversary of 9/11. She is a true neocon.

        • Haley may be a neocon but damn she is hot. I can listen to her all day long.

          There are few women in high politics who could do porn and compete with the best: Haley is one of them. Can you see Hillary, or God forbid, Madeleine All-not-so-bright doing porn and competing?

          Haley was a good choice for the U.N. because it is a cesspit of criminality. Right now, the U.N. is run by a potato-headed paedophile and his second in command is a corrupt Nigerian Muslim. Almost like the Obama White House!

      23. I remember Gulf War 1 and the Kuwati teenager crying telling the sob story about evil Iraqis dumping babies out of incubators. And we all were crying and angry and full of righteous indignation. Well that was complete theater. They exposed it later that she not only an actor but known by a lot of people.
        Will we ever learn? I doubt it.

      24. Onto WAR.

      25. These neocon war criminals are telegraphing a false flag attack. Members of the media who aid and abets them are also war criminals.

      26. We should let it carry on. The more muslims kill each other the better. So far, the number killed has reached the millions and I consider that a day’s work done fine.

        The killing fields for muslims in the region include Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Let it carry on.

        Israel is safer now because of this.

        The Middle East is an ecological crisis because of over-population. The better for the planet if that population comes down to about 5% of what it is today.

        As for Haley, she is hot stuff. I wish we had more political figures like her: there are so many hags in politics.

        • Frank Thoughts

          You do realize that the US is destroying governments not ruled by Islam and is replacing them by our support of Islamic Fundamentalists. The US arms ISIS and AQ. Care to debate that? Hint you won’t have a leg to stand on.

          Iraq, Libya were secular. The Islamic Fundamentalists were their enemy. The same is true in Syria. US Senator Rand Paul stated that is the “rebels” win in Syria it will be a blood bath for the 10% Christian population there.

      27. Thar She Blows,I think that you must have recently crawled out from under a rock. You sound like some liberal puke. There isn’t anything that you can say to cover for your extreme unintelligence.

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