WAR ALERT: Iran DIRECTLY ATTACKS Israel In Retaliatory Strikes, Israel Returns Fire

by | May 10, 2018 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    After reports surfaced the immediately after president Donald Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, Israel attacked Iran in an airstrike raid.  Now, Iran has retaliated sparking fears that this could be the beginning of another war.

    The initial airstrikes against Iran by Israel were said to have killed 23 people, both Syrian and non-Syrian, but all military personnel.

    According to The Daily Mail UK, Iran and Israel traded blows on the Syrian border overnight, marking the first time Tehran has directly attacked Israel. Last night, Iranian forces fired 20 rockets from Syria at Israeli front-line military positions in the Golan Heights, the Israeli military said.

    Israel said the 20 Iranian rockets were either shot down by its Iron Dome air defense system or fell short of the Golan targets, claiming the Quds Force, an external arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, carried out the launch.  And Israel has already retaliated to some extent. In retaliation, Israel launched dozens of missiles on Iranian positions in Syria, which hit a radar station, air defense positions, and an ammunition dump, Syrian state media said.

    This exchange of fire came less than a day after US President Donald Trump pulled out of the 2015 Iran atomic agreement, which lifts sanctions on Tehran in exchange for a halt on its nuclear program. Israel has been on heightened alert in recent days, anticipating an attack from Iran following the Iranian regime’s vows to retaliate to what it says are recent Israeli strikes in Syria targeting Iranian outposts.

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told a cheering crowd of thousands [last] Tuesday that if any country decides to betray the 2015 nuclear deal, there will be “severe consequences.”  Although Rouhani didn’t specifically name the United States, he did say that Tehran is “prepared for all possible situations.” –SHTFPlan

    This was the heaviest artillery barrage by Israel against Iran since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2001. “We hit nearly all the Iranian infrastructure in Syria,” Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman told a security conference on Thursday morning. “They need to remember the saying that if it rains on us, it’ll storm on them. I hope we’ve finished this episode and everyone understood.”



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      1. The tensions will fizzle out. Iran is now more concerned with the U.S. pulling out of the nuke deal and sanctions being installed unless Israel attacks again for some reason. I believe we have heard the last for a little while and do not believe it will morph into anything bigger.

        In Liberty!


        • Iran being worried about US sanctions against them is an acknowledgment that they are dependent on us.

          If they don’t have any nuclear weapons program they shouldn’t be concerned with putting an end to it.

          But since they are threatening the US with accelerating it (their nuclear weapons program), that is an admission they have an ongoing one since if they didn’t have an ongoing one they’d be threatening to start one instead of accelerate it.

          It’s easy to see why they don’t want any verifiable and verified nuclear agreements being made and enforced.

          • The IEAE has been continually checking on Iran’s nuclear programs, or lack thereof. Iran has complied.
            Why is that Israel wont agree to the IEAE checking their nuclear programs? Why wont Israel sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty?
            Israel is the biggest threat in the middle east.

      2. How long before our Sons and Daughters fight and Die. For a place we should have never be in. Bring home our Troops. And start living up to America First.

        • 100% in agreement. I don’t want to see one of our boys die for Israel. There ain’t one thing in that place I would even say is worth a papercut. If the Israelis want to go toe-to-toe with Iran…….. have fun. Just leave the USA out of your moronic religious squabble. May the most radicalized prejudicial and hypocritical of you two win. Hmmmm…. that could be either side couldn’t it?

      3. Nope, not Iranian missiles, Syrian firing on Israeli invaders on Syrian soil.

        • And like I ran is just in Syria to help Syria out. Never mind that Decades of threats and the swearing of what you will

        • Yep. Iranian missiles. That, at least, doesn’t seem to be in dispute.

          Uh?.. Israel isn’t invading Syria…. and if they were firing on Israeli invaders on Syrian soil they certainly are bad shots.

      4. Good, let all of those vile rats in the Mid-East go at it, I can’t stand any of them in that entire region…stinking sand-ape mooooooolsims and the sweet, loving jew-mutts, burn, burn all of you. . .

      5. Wow Mac, talk about a crappy article. Seeing how I don’t believe you’re trying to be the new CNN, let’s help you out a bit.

        “Israel attacked Iran in an airstrike raid.”

        No, Israel did not attack IRAN. Israel attacked Iranian forces IN SYRIA who were attacking Israel. (why are Iranian forces in Syria? Hmmm)

        “The initial airstrikes against Iran by Israel were said to have killed 23 people, both Syrian and non-Syrian, but all military personnel.”

        You see, this nonsense implies that Syrians were in Iran when Israel attacked Iran. This is called bullshit. It is what MSNBS and the Communist News Networks do. It is also called a lie.

        (“…marking the first time Tehran has directly attacked Israel.”)

        Not true. Iran has been directly attacking Israel from Syria for decades.

        The downward spiral of journalism that has destroyed the credibility of so called “mainstream” media is rapidly slopping over into the internet press as well. Pity.

        • The one article Mac actually writes and you beat him up for it.

          • HaHa… beginners should be offered guidance for their proper development John. 🙂

            • You, is a prick

              • The smiley face means it was a friendly jab offered in fun.

                ….. but good grammar though.

        • Show ONE time in the past decades that Iran has attacked Israel unprovoked.
          Israel is the aggressor an ALWAYS is.
          Israel has attacked Syria hundreds of times between 2011 and 2016… by their own admission.
          It’s good to see Israel finally getting a little payback.

      6. Don’t worry America, Israel has got your back!

        This is the fight America should have fought back in the early 1980s but, as always, Israel has to get in and do the dirty work to keep the West safe from the crazy ones.

        WTF Iran in Syria and firing on Israel??!! Israel is in a tough and crazy neighborhood and will fight back when provocked. Always remember, Israel was established by international mandate, yet, despite this, was attacked by all its Arab neighbors right afterwards. Israel has been in a bar-room brawl with some of the dumbest sand apes on the planet since the late 1940s. Israel will prevail yet again.

        • “WTF Iran in Syria and firing on Israel?”

          Exactly. It is amazing how many posters here can seem to grasp that.

          • Israel and the CIA , among other Western entities were the creators of the terrorist mercenary force known as Isis. Since Russia has come into Syria and obliterated Isis, Israel is now having to deal with the Iranians directly. This blame for this mess lies solely at the feet of the Rogue faction of CIA and the West,

            • I don’t support violence,but that one is true.

      7. This is about the Golan Heights which has fresh water reserves and a deep, massive pool of oil. Israel holds the Golan Heights which was part of Syria. Syria claims it. Kind of hard to pump oil so close to Syria with most of the countries in the world recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Syria.

      8. wardrums ! can you hear them ?

        maybe not this month or even this year, but they’re building. at some point a serious enough attack will happen and war will break out there is nothing but a smoldering ruin of the middle east.

        ironically, the usa could have delayed it by not abandoning the region as Russia would not be in the neighborhood if it hadn’t left.

        • “maybe not this month or even this year, but they’re building”

          Yes. Since I am a christian, I believe it is inevitable.
          While I am getting my preps in order I reflect on the fact that in his Revelation, John relates the vision that Damascus will be totally destroyed and will never be inhabited again. Never is a long time. Since Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the World, that is quite telling. Keep you eyes open.

          …”the usa could have delayed it by not abandoning the region as Russia would not be in the neighborhood if it hadn’t left.”

          Sorry, wrong. The USA instigated this entire thing to keep the Muslim world in disarray…and Russia has been there since the early 1960’s.

      9. The cousins are at it again. Let them fight. There isn’t a bit of difference between them. They both want to force the rest of the world to their perceived superiority.

        Muslims are destroying Europe. Isreal is destroying the world.

        Research slavery. Both were slavers. They still are. Both of them.


      10. Die for Israel. Send your your spawn to die for Israel. Die for the Sunni Muslims of Saudi Arabia who attacked the US on 9/11. Fools.

      11. Face it,Iran DOES have nukes,maybe not a delivery system,but they have them. What do you think Iranian scientists were doing in NK? Yup,they sure do. Both countries were exchanging technology and shared the know-how. Get over it everybody. I just wish EVERYBODY would go away

      12. The Syrian Civil War certainly isn’t civil but it is certainly Syrian. Syria is like someone caught between other people in a fist fight. There is no real incentive for the other parties to stop since the injury is on Syria. Just how many countries actually have troops in Syria involved in the fighting? Turkey and Iran have not been involved in former Middle East fighting but now they are. This is ominous. This thing can get out of hand. Good time to think about your energy alternatives in case of trouble.

        • Exactly.
          It never was about Assad or he would be dead by now.

      13. Iran HAS nukes, and delivery systems (albeit short-range missiles….not ICBM’s, yet). Israel has nukes. Turkey has nukes. (their really ours under NATO, but for how long?). NK has nukes. Pakistan has nukes. India has nukes. Saudi Arabia has nukes (their really ours, but deployed on Saudi soil…I’ve seen them). Qatar has nukes (they’re really ours, but deployed on Qatari soil). And all the big boys have nukes; UK, France, U.S., China, Russia. It will only take (1) single bullet from a lone assassins gun that will ignite the spark of WWIII. Read up on how WWI (that led to WWII) started with the assassination of the Duke. The Bible has let us know how close we are to the end times. Me thinks dam close.!!!!!!

      14. Iran needs to destroy the criminal state of Israel to prevent war.

      15. The Golan Heights are legally Syrian territory.Israel has occupied it illegally for a long time.Israel was not attacked.

        • Yes, and Montana was the Sioux nation. Spoils of war. Get over it.
          As for your pontificating on legalities of Israeli possession; you might want to brush up on something called “The Six Day War”.

      16. Thanks Tony for pointing out the truth. Meanwhile gas at the pump shot up a quarter today. Thieving scumbags should be blotted out. Huge tax cuts not enough so gouge away at already struggling American consumers. Trump and his criminal lackey controllers doing another Bushwhacking. 9-11 done by Israel and this inside job US criminal government. Soon to be a crime for stating the truth. When Trump finally walked out to the public after the election at 4 am est he said the cia got to him and then said Hillary would not be prosecuted. No shit sherlock.

        • Wow. Even here we seldom see such a display of concentrated stupidity.

      17. Gee didn’t syria get kicked out of the heights after picking a fight with Israel. Don’t start no shit won’t be no shit. Wil smith

      18. Globalist Hegemonic Empire. New World Order. Saudi Arabia, Israel, United States of America, Jordan, NATO, S. Korea, Japan. One and the same.

      19. we will who will be winer

      20. The litterbox in the middle east fighting over land that none of them are entitled to is outrageous. We sell them the weapons and they want to use them on us and each other. I say let them all have at it as it won’t end until they are all wiped out.

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