Want to Travel? First Answer Some Questions from a Virtual Policeman

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    This article was originally published by Adam Dick at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

    Yes, the harassment travelers in American airports are forced to undergo for security, or, as some people call it, “security theater,” can become worse. Travelers already arrive early to stand in long lines before having their carry-on baggage inspected and their bodies scanned by machines of questionable safety.

    In some cases, travelers are frisked. All this despite there being no reason to suspect the particular travelers have committed or will commit a crime. “It’s all for your safety,” a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee may say if asked why the mass harassment occurs day in and day out.

    Yet, there can always be more harassment added to the mix. Don’t be surprised if travelers in America one day are required to answer questions presented by a computer avatar before they can take a flight, or maybe a bus or train ride. Suppose the connected computer program determines some of your answers are not truthful, then no travel for you or, at least, no travel without you being subjected to additional scrutiny. That is the nature of a program now being tested in Europe.

    Ryan Gallagher and Ludovica Jona write about the pilot program, and its highly questionable results, in a Friday The Intercept article. Their article begins with the following:

    They call it the Silent Talker. It is a virtual policeman designed to strengthen Europe’s borders, subjecting travelers to a lie detector test before they are allowed to pass through customs.

    Prior to your arrival at the airport, using your own computer, you log on to a website, upload an image of your passport, and are greeted by an avatar of a brown-haired man wearing a navy blue uniform.

    ‘What is your surname?’ he asks. ‘What is your citizenship and the purpose of your trip?’ You provide your answers verbally to those and other questions, and the virtual policeman uses your webcam to scan your face and eye movements for signs of lying.

    At the end of the interview, the system provides you with a QR code that you have to show to a guard when you arrive at the border. The guard scans the code using a hand-held tablet device, takes your fingerprints, and reviews the facial image captured by the avatar to check if it corresponds with your passport. The guard’s tablet displays a score out of 100, telling him whether the machine has judged you to be truthful or not.

    A person judged to have tried to deceive the system is categorized as ‘high risk’ or ‘medium risk,’ dependent on the number of questions they are found to have falsely answered. Our reporter — the first journalist to test the system before crossing the Serbian-Hungarian border earlier this year — provided honest responses to all questions but was deemed to be a liar by the machine, with four false answers out of 16 and a score of 48. The Hungarian policeman who assessed our reporter’s lie detector results said the system suggested that she should be subject to further checks, though these were not carried out.

    Travelers who are deemed dangerous can be denied entry, though in most cases they would never know if the avatar test had contributed to such a decision. The results of the test are not usually disclosed to the traveler; The Intercept obtained a copy of our reporter’s test only after filing a data access request under European privacy laws.

    Continue reading Gallagher and Jona’s article here.

    You may think the United States government would not be interested in using this type of technology-assisted harassment on travelers. But, in fact, it is right up the US government’s alley. Consider James Bovard’s 2018 article regarding TSA’s deployment of the Quiet Skies program that employed human surveillance to develop, based on “the flimsiest of pretexts,” assessments of the danger posed by travelers.

    Ron Paul is the author of several books including the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Revolution, a Manifesto. This much is true: You have been lied to. The government is expanding.  Taxes are increasing.  More senseless wars are being planned.  Inflation is ballooning.

    Our basic freedoms are disappearing. The Founding Fathers didn’t want any of this. In fact, they said so quite clearly in the Constitution of the United States of America. Unfortunately, that beautiful, ingenious, and revolutionary document is being ignored more and more in Washington. If we are to enjoy peace, freedom, and prosperity once again, we absolutely must return to the principles upon which America was founded. – The Revolution: A Manifesto


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      1. So we’re forced through show theatre at the airport which will expand to trains and via the technology of license plate reading automobile. People from Africa, an ocean away, get to Mexico by unexplained means and resources to enter illegally through our southern border which is of no concern. I’m very confused. I shouldn’t be as similar misguided efforts are applied to firearms.

        “It takes a village to raise a child” and if successfully done by the age of 12 they’ll know how to wipe their ass with leaves but not know how to read.

        • “It takes a village to raise a child” and if successfully done by the age of 12 they’ll know how to wipe their ass with leaves but not know how to read.

          True enough.
          But – if trained the proper way, those same 12 year olds can also wipe out an “aggressor village”, without reading (but it does help in the long run).

        • Why are you confused?
          The security theater is NOT for real security.

          TSA is for Slave training Amerikkans, also to irradiate you with radiation with the body scanners. Then those images uploaded into a body type recognition system.

          Amerikka is NOW a Police state. We are where the Germans were in 1937. Soon the NWO leftist puppet will be “elected” president. Within second year of his/her term, then all will be revealed. You will really understand why all the Data Collection. Then eventual gun confiscation. It is the BEAST system of controlling everyone and everything. Internet of things, 5g, control grid. Tech monopoly NWO communist control freaks as your masters.

          Then comes the arrests, roundups, and Genocide of the patriotic Americans/Christians. That is what the illegal immigrants are for. They will be Police, TSA, NWO Gestapo.
          Muslims in congress, free medical for illegals, illegals set up as authorities over Americans. That is the plan. Once people realize what is going on it will be TOO LATE.

          Economy will fail soon. Markets crashing soon. House of cards is falling now. 50% stock markets will be lost.

          California-Oregon-Washington have already been taken over by communist and the anti gun “laws” in place. Illegals will “swing” the votes for the NWO communist. Illegals out immigrate and out breed you.

          Then the world wars. The culling of BILLIONS of human beings. China wants war. China wants Africa and her resources.

          Your black rifles will not be enough.
          – – – – – – – – Jesus is your Only hope.

      2. Before finally breaking and just keeping my own self busy, I had made it to a job interview, at a to-big-to-fail. During Q&A time, I asked what they were looking at, on all of their digital devices. (Guess I’m just one of those people, who asks.) They showed me.

        The ‘humans’ (to use the term so loosely) performing these tasks are mainly being told where to go and what to do, by an automated process; it would not be much of a leap, socially, to replace a stuffed shirt with an atm on wheels.

        Not that they are ashamed of themselves, on any level, not that they are trying to hide from you, but I don’t believe that a humanoid pre-screening android is going to ask you any direct questions, like I will ask. I don;t think they want a robot nanny, coddler, or peace officer, giving the appearance of public service. Ultimately, I think, this will look like a random, blackbox process, or a raffle ticket drawing, via Hollerith.

        • I would add, Communist countries (which openly admit to being Communist) persecuted the rich, intellectual, and overly-beautiful. Genetically-fit people have been culled.

          Largess, status, and contraband have been given to losers.

          Who have been disappeared, in recent years, now? Doctors, inventors, financiers, athletes.

          What if no cover story, investigation, or parallel construction are needed.

          Take a number.

          I believe, it would be possible to detain people, at random, who are flawless, for all intents and purposes, who participated in good faith and who were owed a retirement.

          Maybe, they say you have won a vacation to a pleasure resort, or to Gault’s Gulch, like the parallel universe for clever people in the Tomorrowland movie.


      3. I’m not too worried about things like this. We have too many stupid people in government to expect that they will develop a system like this before first getting us into a nuclear war wiping out 90% of the human population and giving us a chance to learn from our mistakes and start over.

      4. Has anyone else noticed that the number of page views has mysteriously vanished? Could this be the death rattle for this site?

      5. For now this is only for air travel. If it’s ever extended to ground transportation that’s when we’ll really have problems. What I do and where I go is just not someone else’s concern.

      6. Is anyone else having issues pulling up the most recent articles on this site? Been happening to me on multiple computers.

        • Brandon

          Yes. If you post you must log off, shutdown and then come back to the site. Yep, it’s being (by what or who) messed with.

      7. “It is a virtual policeman designed to strengthen Europe’s borders…”
        Seriously? How can any government official say that with a straight face as hundreds of thousands of “migrants” cross their borders, and turn Western nations into 3rd world, violent no go zones?
        Same thing is happening inside of the US as people from Mexico, Central America, the Middle East and Africa cross our border. These illegal invaders are then transported by NGO’s, church groups, governmental organizations, and the United Nations to destinations around the US.
        “Security” is not meant to ensure the safety of citizens, security is meant to identify and track citizens, and to identify people who may give the powers that be any trouble.

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