Wal Mart Free-For-All A Taste Of Things To Come? These Maps Show Us American ‘Danger Zones’ When SHTF

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    This article was originally published by Stefan Stanford at AllNewsPipeline.com

    In the new story over at Survival Dan called “During The Collapse: Where To Go And What Places To Avoid”, he reports that when IT hits the fan, America’s ‘population hubs’ will likely explode with violence, looting and the total breakdown of law and order as resources become next to impossible to get and the masses suddenly realize the government isn’t coming to save them.

    Whether that be via total collapse, WW3 coming home to roost upon US soil or a ‘grid event’ that leaves tens to hundreds of millions either without power or access to the money in their bank accounts, the video directly below from a Wal Mart in Mexico gives us a very small taste of what that world without law and order can quickly devolve into.

    Showing what happens when suddenly ‘lawless people’ realize that there aren’t enough security guards in a Wal Mart store to stop them, we witness the kind of all-out ‘free for all’ that we’ll likely see in a collapse event, though the smart people would be carrying out food, toilet paper and other necessities instead of flat screen TV’s. And in an all-out SHTF event, we’d expect that the people will likely be fighting with each other for the few remaining resources as they are now in Venezuela where children are literally starving to death.

    Much more below including a warning from Alt Market’s Brandon Smith that ‘a full spectrum crisis is about to take place’ and more signs that what we’re witnessing in Venezuela may be coming to America. We also take a look at several different important maps which show us where we don’t want to be in full-scale SHTF but first, a Wal Mart in Mexico gives us a small glimpse of what might happen here once it all comes crashing down.

    As commenters on the live leak video clearly point out, we’ve already witnessed events in America similar to what happened in the video above with packs of roving gangs showing up in malls and convenience stores ‘en masse’, taking whatever they want and parading out as if laws don’t matter to them. Knowing such events are already taking place in 2017 America, how much worse might things get when SHTF? As Susan Duclos reported this morning on ANP, parts of America are already a boiling cauldron read to boil over. How many Americans are the frogs in the simmering water?

    In this December 2016 story on ANP called “Map Shows Us Where We Don’t Want To Be When It All Turns Ugly”, we reported that nearly 50% of Americans live in very small geographical locations. According to this story from the Daily Mail, half of the US population live within 146 counties while the other 157 million are scattered across the other 3,000+.

    The map seen directly below gives us a visual representation of what that looks like with the counties seen below in blue making up approx. 50% of the US population while the remaining 50% of Americans live across the rest of the country in counties seen in gray. When SHTF, does anyone want to be in the blue areas?


    As we also reported back in December, the map seen above showing the US counties with the biggest populations coincides quite eerily with the map of US counties won by Hillary Clinton during the last election seen below.


    The next map below from James Wesley Rawles’ Survival Blog shows US cities with approx. 100,000 population in yellow circles with the shaded areas surrounding them indicating the distances from those cities with each shaded increment representing approx 40 miles. Showing that most of the East coast and eastern half of the US are within 120 miles of big cities, it’s easy to understand why videographer The Prepared Mind selects some of the areas seen in the final video below as his ‘go to’ areas for when SHTF.

    As M.D. Creekmore over at the Survivalist Blog has previously brought to the attention of preppers, getting out of the cities may not be possible for some who are tied to their jobs when SHTF and many of the same areas mentioned in that videohave such low populations for a very good reason – a major lack of jobs in areas long ago hit by the globalists economy that has decimated much of America.


    According to Brandon Smith in this recent story over at Alt Market, “I continue to believe that a greater crisis is brewing that is economic and global in nature. With numerous financial bubbles artificially inflated over at least eight years of central bank stimulus, the question is not “if” but WHEN the system will enter the final stages of its ongoing collapse.

    Smith’s warnings echo the warnings given by Doug Casey who recently stated “a civilization always collapses from within. World War 1, in 1914, signaled the start of the long collapse of Western Civilization. Of course, termites were already eating away at the foundations, with the writings of people like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Karl Marx. It’s been on an accelerating downward path ever since….”

    The new story from SHTFPlan is called “They Know Something That We Don’t” – Corporate Insiders Are Unloading Their Stocks Like There’s No Tomorrow” within which we get more signs that something big may be about to go down.:

    There aren’t any surefire ways to tell if the stock market, and perhaps the rest of the economy, is about to take a nosedive. That’s because millions of people with millions of ideas are involved, so it’s an inherently unpredictable system. However, there are certain players in our economy that have a lot more influence and insider knowledge than the rest of us.

    So when they make a move in unison, you know there’s a good chance that something is about to go down. And that’s exactly what’s going on with the stock market right now. The people who would stand to lose the most if the markets crashed; the corporate executives and insiders, are all jumping ship and selling their stocks.


    As Zero Hedge reports in this new story, we’re now witnessing a retail collapse unlike anything seen in America in a very long time with people going to online purchasing ‘en masse’, leading to countless closings of businesses and bankruptcies. Another sign that we’re heading the way of Venezuela? With current shortages of some resources already dwarfing anything the world has ever seen, will we soon witness empty shopping malls turned into FEMA camps? From Zero Hedge:


    In the midst of all of this is what is described as the “retail apocalypse”, there are two main metrics that are pretty black and white.

    Number of Bankruptcies: We’re not even one-third through 2017, and we already have about as many retail bankruptcies as the previous year’s total. If they continue at the current pace, we could see over 50 retailers bankrupt by the end of the year.

    Number of Store Closings: So far we’ve seen roughly 3,000 store closings announced in 2017, and Credit Suisse estimates that could hit 8,600 by the end of the year. That would easily surpass 2008’s total, which was 6,200 closings, to be the worst year in recent memory.

    Here’s some of the companies that have already filed for bankruptcy:

    Gordmans Stores
    Gander Mountain
    Radioshack (again)
    Max Azria
    Eastern Outfitters
    Wet Seal
    The Limited
    Vanity Shop of Grand Forks
    Payless Inc.
    MC Sports


    For those who are stuck in the cities should all-out collapse or a grid down situation hit, fortunately there are websites such as Apartment Prepper who offer excellent prepping advice for anyone stuck in a location that may witness widespread rioting and chaos due such events. Sharing with us urban survival strategies for what might happen when the trucks quit bringing food and supplies into the cities, they report one of the most important criteria for surviving in the cities is realizing ahead of time what you’ll be up against. From the Apartment Prepper.:

    While it is entirely possible to survive in the city, you need to know what you will be up against. I realize that I am painting a very bleak picture, but those who stay behind and choose not to bug out are either under prepared, trapped in the city or have enough skills and know-how to make it on very little stored resources. The latter will not be the majority. Therefore, be prepared for roaming gangs, thugs and desperate individuals who have resorted to a more primal version of themselves. They will do what they need to in order for their needs to be met. If they haven’t eaten in days, they will smell your food from miles away, so you need to know how to mask the smells of your food or you could be welcoming unwanted visitors whose primary focus is to take what you have.

    Security will be crucial in surviving in an urban setting and having a group you can depend on will make it all the more secure. Many neighbors and friends living in close proximity will band together and help to fortify the homes or find a suitable location in a higher location so you can get a bird’s-eye view of the scenery. One aspect that the city offers is a plethora of building materials to use for fortifying a home. If you start looking for fortifying plans now, you will have a better idea on what materials you will need. I also cannot stress how important it is to have a means of protecting yourself. If someone kicks in your door, they aren’t only looking for a cup of sugar. Having a firearm and knowing how to use it could make all the difference in the world.

    As well, having a keen grasp on communication skills with your group to ensure your perimeter is safe and make sure you will have alerts to possible threats. Communication is key and you should have multiple forms of communication, especially if a family or group member ends up being separated. One of the greatest threats we all face in cities are terrorist attacks. They target highly populated cities with dirty bombs and chemical weapons, and what we saw in Brussels that is can happen in peaceful cities, as well. Today it was Brussels. Where will it be the next time they hit America? Protecting yourself is the only option to ensuring your family has what it needs, including gas masks to gauge against chemical and biological attacks.

    Start Finding Ways to Think Outside of the Box:

    As I mentioned previously, to survive in a post-disaster urban setting, you will need to get creative in the way you work problems. Nothing should be wasted and everything could be used. Trash lying around can be repurposed and fashioned into something more useful. As well, start reading resources that can help you in your future preparations. The following books have great information on this type of survival.:

    SAS Urban Survival Handbook

    The Prepper’s Blueprint


    In this new story from the NY Times they report in Venezuela’s chaos, ‘the elite’ are now playing a high stakes game of survival with their decisions on whether or not they should continue to support Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro. If they continue to support Maduro and he’s brought down, there’s a very good chance they could go down with him. However, if they abandon him and Maduro’s dictatorship marches on, those ‘elite’ who abandoned him may have to pay with their lives if history once again repeats itself.

    Meanwhile over at Zero Hedge today they report that Venezuela may have reached the inflection point as many members of the military are defecting and have begun to march with the protesters. As has previously been reported, members of the Venezuelan military and police forces have been seen ‘dumpster diving’ for food, along with the general population.

    Proving to us once again that food is being used as a weapon as it has throughout history, what is happening in Venezuela and in retail establishments throughout America should be watched very closely in the weeks and months ahead. Watching such signposts also hopefully gives time to those who haven’t yet prepared for what we pray never comes to America.

    The next two videos below include more new footage out of Venezuela, a country that Americans can learn great lessons from, while the 3rd video below features Rob Kirby along with Dave from the X22Report in which they discuss, among other things, the US dollar’s declining roll as the world’s reserve currency and what that might mean for Americans and the system we live within as the world moves full-steam and dangerously ahead in 2017.

    Via: AllNewsPipeline.com


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      1. Yeah like when the alarm bells toll I’m gonna jump in the pickup and haul ass for Wal Mart. I live in a place where most people are civil to each other…. for now.

        • Just looked at the video and I must tell you that I am SHOCKED! All those “Greasers” having to carry all those stolen goods without help or the available carts. What a shame!

          • The south shall rise again!

          • Greasers? You mean good honest undocumented workers.

          • Well maybe things are free in socialist Mexico, or perhaps this is a training exercise for when the Mexicans cum to the USA.

          • ?maybe it wasn’t looting, maybe they just have really fast self service checkout lines in mexico?

          • the video is from a mexico walmart
            look at the signs and listen to the voices

            way to go Mac ratchet up the fear for nothing

            • The original video was removed shortly after this was posted.

              But I am like 99.9% sure you can find similar videos from American Walmarts…

            • Yeah, it actually said in the All News Pipeline article that the video was from a Mexican Walmart…

            • Unicorn
              20+ years back I lived in a small town where these immigrants caused one store to close and another had to sell out. When the owners/managers wouldn’t let the illegals in their store, the illegals, backed by a certain church, called in the ACLU who threatened to sue. I’ve seen this (flash mobs) twice in Albuquerque. Usually on a Sunday when store personnel are at a minimum. Suddenly the parking lot fills up and you have a store full of brown faces. No telling how much money these stores loose when these flash mobs show up.
              The point, it happens quite often in the U.S. and if the economy goes ahead with it’s current trajectory and falls off a cliff, you’ll be able to witness these types of events quite often. I don’t think participation will be limited to illegals either.

              • Looting, or Flash Mobberies, is not just a Southwest thing; it happens in the hood all the time. They’ll flood a 7-11 or a mall and walk off with everything. They also mob the upscale shopping districts to play The Polarbear Game. Look up White Girl Bleed Alot by Colin Flaherty. The news either won’t cover it, refuses to ID/show the perpetrators, or tries to minimize it or explain it away as a lack of resources and support for at-risk teens.

            • Hey Skittle, before commenting maybe you should try reading the article instead of just looking at the pictures. Maybe then you wouldn’t out yourself as a complete moron. -Hale

        • Well they hit the flat screens pretty hard. The Chinese will have to make more. The only looting I have seen worse than that is when the banksters are forclosing on old people’s property for high back taxes.

        • I think it will take only two missed meals for the civilized to become uncivil.

          • Plenty of white countries underwent famines and there was no apocalypse.

            Ireland? Ukraine?

            • I am the only white man living in a 20 square block area of the most drug ridden part of town. We have coon gangs running the drugs and welfare she/boons working the street corners. Should be some good shooting cum sun down during SHTF. I hope I fill all my tags.

              • Well get the hell out of that trash area instead of sitting on this silly site talking shit you damn dummy…

                • CC I have them right where I want them, you wouldn’t give up a good elk hunting spot would you?

            • Ireland still has NOT recovered from the potato famine

        • “population hubs” are dangerous ??????????????????


          Tokyo is the largest city on Earth and the police there fire 6 bullets per year

          GROW UP

          • Huh? That’s Tokyo. If something happens to the infrastructure in the US, they will very dangerous.

          • Yea but Tokyo police carry swords.

          • Tokyo is homogenous and isn’t America. SHUT UP.

            • True. Japan is very different from other cultures. In many ways.

              • My dad helped win the WWII against the japs, he hated them after the war because they tortured the prisoners. Now days amerika tortures prisoners. I am glad my dad was not NWO scum.

          • Tokyo is controlled by Toke E. O. Rosen-Berg.

        • Try talking to the average woman about politics.

          Women will tell you white men stole the land, its not all about money blah blah blah.

          Yet women value men primarily for the money we provide and women have been the primary beneficiaries of all of the efforts of the white man on this continent.

          Women dont care if civilization gets destroyed cause they never had to build one.

          If women dont care if civilization gets destroyed why do they have the right to vote?

          Will you support “women’s rights” even as the white birthrate becomes negative???


          Restore the freedom of association. Repeal all anti discrimination laws.

          • Yes women are barely good for one thing and that isn’t worth the trouble. My daughter’s school just called and said she was not going to graduate. I said oh really, you mean all those bad grades, lies, and the school councilor always being worthless didn’t pay off .

          • And here I thought Jews were your boogeyman. Now it’s women?

        • I’ve been constructing a last minute list, should the SHTF.

          If you had a two hour window to ,and could hit just one store, what would you buy an then bug out, or lock down!

          By the way I hear a lot about bugging out. I don’t want to be a refugee on the road, my primary plan is to lock down where I am, unless evacuation is the means to our survival.

          I’ve got all the bases covered, so what last minute items would you double down on, on your way to your bugout spot, or to have in your home in lock down mode.

          I for one would hit the big box bulk store. OK, a 40 pound sack of rice, another of beans plus a couple cases of toilet paper is the no brainer.

          What would you put on your list?

          • Batteries – AA, AAA, and C. Most everything I have uses those. I’d clean out everything they have.

            Water – around 40 gallons. I already have several hundred gallons.

            Tea bags, instant coffee, creamer, and other beverages.

            Canned goods – the type I can eat directly. Soups, beef stew, spam, tuna fish in oil (more calories and easier to eat), and so on. Maybe 60 – 70 cans.

            I’m all set to shelter in place for months. This would get me another 6 weeks or so.

            If the store was crowded or looking panicked I’d pass since I have enough already. But, I’d have my 19 on my hip under my windbreaker no matter what.

            • Lost: buy 123A batteries please so when the looting starts I will have them for my tactical lights.

              • Lithium batteries like 123 or 123a have a ten year shelf life. They should be in your larder already.

                I have a couple flashlights that use 123 lithium batteries. In a SHTF situation, hit the camera department for these, when all other batteries are sold out, these will likely still be on the shelf.

                Tea, coffee, BIC Lighters, and IBUPROFEN are great last minute buys.

                IBUPROFEN could be one of the best barter items you could posses, our society is addicted to pain killers…… Ibuprophin, take a pkg of a hundred and sell them 12 at a time. Cans of butane, let you barter fills on people’s lighters, don’t sell the can. Plain old aspirin, is very valuable.

                One personal item, Giradelli chocolate brownie mix…..

                • Plan twice, please stock some 12 year old scotch so my looting crew will have some hootch to enjoy at your place.

                  • I’ve got a case of vodka and a case of good whiskey. Looting crews at my place will have need of these more for antiseptic and pain killer than enjoyment! Jus’ sayin’.

                    • Haha pain killer alcohol ?. I have beer for that

                  • Gandhi,
                    Many people will have a special bottle of whisky waiting for you, on the kitchen table, with clean glasses, that will have the juice of a couple death angle mushrooms added to it. Help yourself if they are out working the fields.

                  • You won’t live long enough to enjoy anything boy !

                • You can still pick up fish antibiotics at Camping Survival although they might be running low. Stay away from the ‘cyclene’ ones.

          • I am buying bags of dry cat food for the 4 cats i have and the dogs can eat the cat food too, but the cats can’t eat the dry dog food so i decided to get cat food. I don’t have a lot and when it’s gone then what? Let them loose outside so they can eat mice? Also i need to buy more bags of corn for the few duks i have, but they prob won’t lay eggs on corn alone and other stuff may not last long. I read that whole corn will last longer than ground. I’d say more cans of Spam and ham and of course rice and beans, kool aid, vitamins, antibiotic ointment at the Dollar Tree amd more candles of course. I like the Tea ones.

            • Marie, just eat the cats and be done with it?

            • I grew up in a rural house with cats. They are alert and warn of strangers if you can read them. Had a couple that would kill rats, but it takes a really tough cat.

              I’ve seen our cats attack strangers, they’d screw them up pretty good. I always would retort, oh they are such nice kitties, they’d never hurt a fly. Amazing how a 15 pound critter could freak out a 170 pound adult human and empty our bandaid box.

              Cats ain’t half bad. Train them well and they will fight for you. Too bad they aren’t bigger, but then they might try to kill us…….. Yeah I’ve researched Serval cats, but my wife is afraid of cats, and a 35 pound one would defiantly freak her out.

              In SHTF dogs will be killed on sight by police and other bad guys. Cats will know to hide, but will warn you first.

              • two things will be VERY important to have that most miss…
                powdered milk
                little yappy dog….they eat MUCH less, and they hear EVERY damn slightest noise, and are VERY loyal to their owners…it’s THEIR job to alertme of the threat….it’s MY job to dispatch that threat.

                • i KNOW you already GOT all this stuff….but just in case you forgot sumthin’….cut and paste/print this sucker out….SOMEday, i’m gonna ask for it BACK from you!…..let’s call this the list of MOST IMPORTANT stuff to have when SHTF
                  fire extinguishers,,,,LOTS of them
                  night vision
                  LED headlamp
                  antibiotics will be worth MORE than gold
                  motion sensor alarms
                  rat traps
                  magnifying glass
                  ghillie suit
                  high powered binocs
                  work gloves
                  digging bar from harbor freight
                  jogging stroller for hauling things that weigh a lot long distances
                  brillo pad makes a good fire starter with jumper cables
                  a hat for sleeping in….and ALL the clothes you’ll need to keep you warm…and dry….this will require MUCH THOUGHT AND RESEARCH….and testing, on YOUR part.
                  bulletproof vest…and helmet
                  DETAILED Maps Of Your Area
                  wooden 4×6, or 6×8’s for crossing obstacles(3 feet long)
                  peanut butter….VERY important
                  folding shovel and saw
                  army survival manual
                  first aid book… where there is no doctor book
                  military 4 part sleep system…protects to minus 30 degrees if you know what to do with it…and at LEAST have the bivy bag part of it in your car in case you get stranded….if you are dressed for the climate you’re in, it might only take that bivy to save yer life.
                  tow straps/shackles/chain with pipe for towing
                  giant channel-lock pliers and crescent wrench
                  Books on foraging and how to use herbs and essential oils.

                  • one more thing….you aint going to have TIME to go shoppin’….time will be of the ESSENCE! when it comes to getting things ship-shape at HOME. why not avoid the RUSH…..and get it NOW?

                    • Butt crack, you must be a city slicker because your list did not include seeds and farm equipment. You also need cattle, milk cows, turkeys, farm girls with nice body, bulldozers, and a large fishing lake.

                    • sorry gandi, i don’t share your optimism…i’ve got ROOMS full of food, but MOST will die in the snivel war….you won’t be ABLE to be outside to tend to ANYTHING. i don’t see myself, and many others, surviving for more than a few hundred rounds. i have seeds….and a LOT of stuff that will belong to someone else before i can use it….but i go down FIGHTING. i would have thought that a “country boy” would recognize a list of “often forgotten things”….my ultimate list of must have items has been put up here many times, and i thought i would pare it down to just some of the forgotten stuff. i will post up the ultimate bug-in list soon. i don’t want to wear out my welcome….after all, space is at a premium here.

                  • How do you get antibiotics? Especially since they only keep 2 years at best. I know you can get animal ones for cattle/horses, is that what you mean?

                    • most of them keep far longer than 2 years….i aint been to the vet supply place lately, so i dont know if they are still available…..but you will OWN whatever a person has if he NEEDS what you got.

                  • Butt crack, I don’t need any of that. I just need some watermelons and pork Rhine to bait my trap.

                • The small dog is good to have around like you say. Won’t eat much, easier to manage and will alert you when things go bump in the night. I don’t particularly need a dog that bites. I’ll do what biting is necessary.

              • Cats make a dam nice stew.

          • Chia seeds.

            The Roman Army ate them for energy before marching out to conquer. Or was that the Aztecs?

            Anyway, chia is packed with nutrition. And additionally, can be used as a treatment for both diarrhea and constipation.


          • I’d get senior horse feed, as much as I could haul for my old boy.
            Don’t really need the other stuff.

            but if I could mebbe poptarts, junk food. things I don’t have.

          • Ptpo- What would I put on my list? Cash on hand. As much as possible. A valid passport.
            Foreign currency for whatever your destination(s) is / are. Contacts with private pilots with
            private charters. Think like the wealthy. If you escape with your life and not much else its
            still a victory. If you want to go down with the ship, buy more 40 lb. bags of rice and stay
            here for the carnage. When Americans get desperate they start doing crazy things.
            If you live by the east, west or gulf coasts, buy a boat or get friendly with someone that has
            a boat. Don’t forget passport, currency and accommodation plans for wherever you are
            headed. Do research. Don’t think like a nation of idiots. Think sharp, be sharp. Always think.
            Think ahead. Travel light. Attachments will likely keep most people in place. Not everyone
            can leave. Not everyone will want to leave. Ideally, you have a plan A,B and C.

          • Plan twice:

            If I could only hit one store it would depend on whether I was flying off, walking away, or holding out at home.

            First off: I don’t plan to shop last minute. I will avoid stores. But, if I was to choose:

            If flying: I would “buy” gold & silver coins and chains and wedding rings.

            If walking: I would buy (or make) trail mix with nuts, seeds, dried fruit. Fruit juice, water, and supplements: multi-mineral, multi-vitamin, protein, dried stock, essential fatty acids, probiotics, amino acids, etc. from a health food store. And Manuka Honey?

            If I was holding out at home: I would buy cement and razor wire and build a giant wall around me with no way in or out. Call it prison and put a big sign in front. Anybody stupid enough to break into my prison will be met by racist guards, criminals, and maniacs with all kinds of creative toys.


        • Well, i envy you…i live in the country and people around here do not talk to an old lady living alone. I have only one neighbor who talks to me, but they do keep their distance. The guy next door is a total hermit. I’ve been to his house a few times offering him eggs and i could see that he did not want company and he was curt towards me. I won’t be going there again. The other side of me i have old man and wife i don’t talk to ….they leave for south in the Fall. They are the parents of the neighbor who does talk to me. Across the street are two houses and they never talk to me., and i’ve been here 17 yrs. There was an old man next door who was very nice to me, but he died two yrs ago. I am all alone when the shtf. I worry that i have no friendly neighbors here.

          • Marie, out of the 7,000,000,000 people on the planet you are the most screwed when SHTF besides me.

          • Sux to have stupid neighbors.

            I ran into an old neighbor from a previous area, who longed for the friendships he and his wife found on our street. He moved and found only social misfits and self centered fools on his new street. Try as he might, he couldn’t break through. They just hid in their houses.

            When I moved to a new neighborhood I found only a couple of neighbors worth the effort. They are tried and true freinds after a decade.

            This is difficult, but the lesson I learned from Grandpa is that the catastrophe known as the Great Depression drew people together like no ones business. And I believe it’s coming again.

            My view, be there for neighbors, and they will generally be there for you. Never give up. Hard fought friendships are often the most solid. if you are rebuffed, don’t take it personnally, just be there for those in need. If nearby neighbors push you away, broaden your view beyond them.

            Be a peace, be at ease, and most of all be one with the lord.

            In crisis, or disaster, be one with God. The rest will follow.

            • necessity is the MOM of invention! when the bell rings, you’ll have all too many “friends”. right now, you need to see if they are WORTH being friendly to….keep those friends close ….and the enemies closer! you may just uncover charachter flaws NOW, instead of when it’s too late.

              • Perfect person here!

          • I sympathize with your situation, Marie – and I am pretty much in a similar one, myself. I live in a majority White neighborhood – but, there is only one neighbor who I talk to on occasion.

            I tend to keep to myself for the most part, and while I’ve seen neighbors on my street throwing yard parties in the summer time, none of them have ever thought to invite me to join them. Thankfully, I am not really what anyone would call a “partying” sort of guy, so these examples of being left off of the invitation list really haven’t bother me all that much. And, if I were completely honest – I am actually relieved that my neighbors tend to leave me alone. I am not a big fan of superficial chit-chat with people I barely know. I guess I’m kind of a loner and don’t really like being around large groups of people. I prefer small groups.

            However, since I have made some efforts to be friendly with some of my neighbors – by giving them extra tomatoes or lettuce from my backyard garden, it does strike me as a little odd that they feel no interest in extending a little polite consideration towards me in return. I often wonder what their perceptions of me might be – just a guy who keeps his lawn and house looking clean and well maintained, who never plays loud music or who never has any noisy parties or who seldom ever seems to have any friends visiting him. Oh, and he grows vegetables in his back yard and has a dog that never barks or causes anyone any problems. And, he minds his own business.

            Maybe I am that stereotypical wholesome, clean-cut ‘White guy’ from the 1950s era who the jews in Hollywood have devoted the last 60 years to demonizing as the ‘modern face of evil’ and maybe that’s why neighbors who don’t even know me prefer to shun me?

            Or, maybe it is just the general, nation wide deterioration of our society and culture brought on by decades of allowing swarms of incompatible, indigestible, and undesirable third world aliens into our White Western society – which is the consensus that Robert D. Putnam was forced to arrive at, following the completion of his research that lead to the publishing of his book: Bowling Alone?

            Putnam was forced to admit that ‘multi-culturalism’ and ‘multi-racialism’ serve to fracture a society and destroy social cohesion and trust – not only between different racial groups, but also within the same racial group. Everyone retreats into their own little cocoon and adopts their own version of ‘circling their wagons’. That is precisely what I have seen happen in my neighborhood.

            Nobody trusts anybody and social interaction has dropped to the lowest point in our nation’s history.

            • Tucker: I agree and understand where you are coming from. A big part of the problem: The morale decay of society plain and simple my friend., and yes, all of these damn foreigners and muslims and fruit-cakes, he-she’s, gays and on and on have taken over the damn country. What ever happened to just decent, normal white folks? Oh that’s right, us normal white folks are now the modern day devils…what the hell ever.

            • Maybe you and Marie should “double-up”, keep each other company. Seize the day !!!

              She might be willing to do your laundry too. What say you, Marie ??? 🙂

          • Marie, I’m in the same boat. I retired from the army and bought a house on acreage in rural Maine to start a homestead. They say if you were’nt born in maine you will never be fully accepted. I have four or five neighbors who never talk to me. At least I have my wife and adult daughter living here. Mainers are hard to fit in with but they are good people and if the SHTF I don’t worry about being targeted and since we grow a lot of stuff I’m sire they will have to break down and barter.

        • The Rawles map is much more accurate than the others for dangerous conditions. For example, population in the “Blue Counties” shown in Arizona are largely concentrated in two Metro areas; Phoenix and Tucson, and the rest of these counties are largely vacant. I believe that Maricopa County is the largest county by area in the United States.

          Demographically, some areas within those cities are more likely to be violent than other areas, and can be segregated between violent and merely active areas, rather quickly. Access to Arizona via Interstates can be sealed quickly at certain choke points, and that Plan is in place.

          The big danger is in the East: East of the Mississippi all the way to the East Coast. There are way too many people and too few Officers to control “revolutionaries”. Violence there will escalate very fast. ie St Louis. Get out while there are still moving vans available. 🙂

        • Well the French voted for that macron POS to keep the flood of moose-limbs and welfare money coming in. So are we supposed to feel sorry for those a$$holes too when SHTF?

      2. Actually anything that damages multi national Corps such as the parasitic WalMart is a good news. Burn it down.

        • Well, at least Walmart kept selling guns in the toy department. Let’s you know how worthless grandpa’s 308 will be.

      3. If you don’t have a good weapon and plenty of ammo you and your family will die.

        • A good weapon is a bank. It has destroyed many civilizations

        • I have to admit that if my family was attacked I would die ankle deep in cartridge brass, deaf from the noise, and hidden behind a pile of dead bodies.

        • And my family doesn’t even like each other

          • Plus my kids are not welcome at my house or their girl friends and wife’s and adopted kids.

            • Gandhi: Well, don’t you sound just like a typical American Peach…good luck to you.

        • You are absolutely right.First is the weapon, ammunition, the second is food and sanitary equipment, the third is a well-protected shelter in the mountains.You can only count on yourself and your family.

          • I would buy peroxide too. Good stuff.

            • Marie, do you have night vision goggles and a good M60 machine gun? If so I will marry you.

        • You are absolutely right.First is the weapon, ammunition, the second is food and sanitary equipment, the third is a well-protected shelter in the mountains.You can only count on yourself and your family.

          • Obama gave himself and the rest of the criminals in Washington life long armed protection. If we can vote let’s for for the same benefits.

        • Have a weapon for each adult or teen and plenty of ammo. Katrina was an example of stores being robbed like Wal Mart, liquor stores, any food store, clothing stores, etc. Police will take off and stay with family for safety. Most of us have business reasons/jobs and must stay in cities. A bug out place should be an option on land owned by relatives or close friends if possible. Small towns may be at risk, since some people won’t prepare with food, etc.


            • looting,and rioting, are two VERY different things, and they won’t be talked about in the same sentence when the SHHTF.

      4. Actually home would be the best.

        Group security, neighbors family

        More exposed on the road. Would not move unless a natural disaster forced me to.

        Still again, the security issue pops up. Can’t stay up 24/7. Good reason everybody have some firearm training.

      5. LOL…El Paso, Texas…


        I have lived here for 9 years…

        If you need to bug out even out of USA you can be in a foreign country in less than 30 minutes…

        And people in El Paso are VERY,VERY,VERY family anchored. The look to FAMILY FIRST for support, not .gov or mass spontaneous walmart lootin…

        There are many, many more reasons, including going to Mexico, seeing an urgency clinic doctor, getting meds, and being back before you would even be admitted in an urgency room setting in the US…

        El Paso just may be a very strategic place to be when this all unfolds…


      6. Lots of dead knuckle draggers and apes in those first few weeks. Stay in, conserve ammo
        until IT comes to you.

        • Yes, I just watched the new Kong movie so I know what to do. Just get evacuated by helicopters.

      7. Make sure you have plenty of flat screen TVs for bartering.

      8. My son lives in savannah, GA. I can’t convince him to keep 3 days can food and a case of water in his appartment. When I ask him what his plan is for something as simple as a big storm he says no problem, I live right down the street from walmart. And now he has a new baby to take care of? God please take care of the foolish innocents.

        • Well, my son is worse….he is in terrible pain from 2 hernias….had operation but still in lots of pain…he got addicted to pain pills and is now in a methadone clinic and he gets his “doze” every single day by taking a bus there. I offered that he could come here…a friend could pick him up, but he told me he wants to die with no pain meds and he said he will take herion and od…..I feel guilty that i can’t help him, but seems my hands are tied. My one friend in the city when i told him about y2k he bought 8 cans of beans and some small bottles of water and kept in the cellar. After y2k he ate all the beans and drank the water! Just can’t fix stupid!!!

          • Marie, don’t take it personally. No one likes me either?

          • Ok now you scared me.

            Going to see a haberdashery Dr. for a hernia fitting tomorrow. Ok that’s a joke, but the visit is real.

            I guess I’m really not indestructible…… I mean I’ve ways been the Sherpa!

            I’m not in pain, but the hernia(s) has become worse of late and uncomfortable. I’ve been limiting my lifting to a hundred pounds or so. I suspect the Dr will quarter limit, at least for a while?

            Oh the fun and excitement?

            • PTPO, yep, get that hernia fixed. You are gonna need those abs to work properly when it hits the fan. Prayers for quick healing.

            • I’ve got a hernia horror story. I got hernia in the Army in 2005 but I didn’t know it was a hernia. I went to the medics and got referred to a surgeon. He didn’t find it. I deployed for a year. When I came back I swore I would get them to find out was hurting me. I saw two different specialists, no diagnosis. I deployed again for a year and the hernia was making me throw up. Saw a surgeon while deployed, no diagnosis. Came back and moved to another duty station. WWent to the medics there, saw two more surgeons no diagnosis but finally the second one wanted a second opinion. An old civillian doctor at the hospital examined me and found the hernia by touching it. It took him 30 seconds and he did the surgery. I have several other stories about knee and shoulder problems that the VA has fixed. First young doctors depend too much on MRI/CATSCAN and second, say wjat you want about the VA but they are a thousand times better than Army doctors.

            • Plan twice, if you have a hernia then you may want to sit out of “this” Armageddon and catch the next one. You don’t have any to do with a the military duke out of a moose-limb shariah law inquisition or a full blown ape-shit she-boon “hate the white man” gehhto riot with your nuts dragging you down.

              Let me handle this one slave.

            • When the pain starts friend avoid more than just a few days of opiate use at a time. The pain pills are bad enough and I hope Marie’s son can get off the government dope (Methadone)which is 8 times more potent than heroin. The people that stay on that a while usually end up dead because it’s so painful to discontinue.

              • I can handle pain, but it’s supposed to be a minimally invasive procedure.

                I’d be nuts to use opiate pain killers, since the standard side effect is severe constipation, and pushing to pass a brick, could tear the hernia repair.

                Dr says they have a new long lasting local amnestetic that he’ll be using that lasts three days. It’s the newest hottest thing in controlling post op pain. After three days some pain might be a good thing to keep me off my feet and from tearing the repair.

        • Sean: That kid of yours seems like the typical, defiant, bunch that suck up all of the good oxygen… and do not listen to a god damned thing they are told or warned about.

          • Concerned – you nailed it. I’ve had to cut him off since I helped with too many of his bills while he spent his cash on beer. Hopefully being a dad will grow him up. At least I know he has a couple guns in Savannah.

      9. Remember during Katrina how the walmart super center was ransacked and they litteraly took everything but the country CDs. If you live in an urban area take a blanket and superglue a bunch of Allan Jackson CDs on it. If things go real bad cover up with the blanket and remain still. They might sniff you but will leave you completely alone. Urban survival tip #1.

        • Better make room for him pops and then kick him in his ass when he says, ” I always knew I could count on you”.

          • I’ve bailed him out a million times already. At least he has a good job now. Time to grow up and stand on his own feet. But when SHTF I will have to let him in. He still has to make that drive through at least 5 major urban areas to get here.

      10. Only difference between that video and the ‘Black Friday’ videos on youtube is that it was in MEXICO. I’m always MORE concerned about “Little Africa” than anyone else. Sadly, my home area is one of those BLUE counties. Been at the BOL for a week and spending another week here. This place will become my new home one day. It’s only a matter of time before the right circumstances come up to force me out of that BLUE county.

        • I would say. living in Memphis we’re only talking but a few blocks? It’s the same thing with my daughter living in Baltimore. When that CAN Freddie Gray took his last ride in the police van and they lit the city on fire my daughter was able to get out and come home for a week until the concrete gorillas burned everything they could. At one point fires were only a couple of blocks away from her city home.

          • Gandhi, I also have a few tactical lights that use those 123As and a shitload of those batteries.

          • PO’d Patriot, glad to hear your daughter survived. Sad to say my home is located not far from a ghetto. I live only a block from one of the main streets going through the city. There’s also a liquor store in my area that just got robbed the other night. Same nigger had already robbed 8 other liquor stores. My neighbor called me last night and told me the ape tried to rob another liquor store and got shot by the liquor store owner. Good, one less nigger to worry about. You play with fire, you will get burned. Fact of life.

            • BH. Been lurking for a while but not much to say. I have been busting my butt the last 6 months now. Bought 22 acres on top of a small “mountain”. It’s a basalt monolith from an old extinct volcano. I own half, a friend owns the other half. My building site has 65 foot cliffs on 3 sides. I’m surrounded by forest lands. I quit my job, and the wife has a 1/2 hour commute, mostly on country roads. I got out. I’m 120 miles from Seattle now. If someone wants to hike up my 1800 foot logging road driveway (3 switchbacks!), they probably won’t have much gas left in the tank to fight, if they even find the road up. Can’t stress this enough GET OUT. GET OUT NOW! Talking tough is great on this blog until the Molotov come flying. I plan on letting the world tear itself a new one while I sit on my mountain and watch…

            • Braveheart. I would have to move, my friend. Here is my list of spear chucker magnets.
              Movie theaters, malls, basketball courts, liquor stores, certain kinds of restaurants.
              If they hang there, I stay away from there. No contact is the best and safest contact.
              It’s nothing personal. It’s all about self preservation.

          • Judging by the posts on this site, I better stock up on FEMA coffins for you guys.

          • POP: Baltimore should have barrel bombs filled with Napalm dropped out the back of C-130’s all day and night long until there is nothing but FIRE FIRE FIRE. Those Savage she-boon gorilla apes, my God help us all.

      11. We are over 90 days, over 2000 miles, and hundreds of meetings with the dumbed down disese ridden toxic dump victims of the AMERICAN HOLOCAUST AND CHEMICAL CULLING in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed America, and oh holy Jesus it is like a scene from every apolayptic Stephen King nightmare rolled into one horrifying psychopath controlled genocidal death machine. The world has never experienced ANYTHING like what has been done to the disease ridden drunken bum toxic dump coward American victims, and their poor doomed children’s health,freedoms and future. Our family is doing all we can to educate, hand out copies of our dead and destroyed U S Constitution, and provide poison free REAL FOOD to the disease ridden dumbed down holocaust victims, but it is like pissing on a forest fire consuming the entire damn ed and doomed country.

        One bit of advice for those looking for a bug out location before the psychopaths need their war, pandemic, economic collapse, or a combo of all their US Government psychopath evil thrown at us at once, I highly recommend the area around Capitol Reef National Park and the surrounding area. Capitol Reef has 3000 fruit trees already in place, plenty of wildlife, fresh water, and in Utah with already prepped and ready for the power to go out Mormons. There is already a settlement waiting it out off grid deep in the desert around the surrounding National Monument land, and the only access is by walking in for several miles.

        • Ron Ahrens, welcome back. How you’ve been?

          • Been great, growing real food and preparing for the coming Citizen Tribunals in New Babylon America, tribunals where all the genocidal treasonous psychopaths will be brought together to face justice for their chemical terror and other numerous crimes perpetrated on the dumbed down, disease ridden, vice ridden, obese, depressed, addicted to everything, drunken bum toxic dump coward victims of the chemical culling. The psychopaths controlling the Police State hell on earth of New Babylon America will be in the first round of tribunals, their treasonous coward toxic dump supporters will be in the following rounds, just like Nuremberg, as history repeats itself once again.

        • I live right in the middle of Kong’s skull island surrounded by welfare she-boons and liverlipped porchmonkeys ready to go full machete retard apeshit. It is great to be alive. I just laid in another case of Hornady Critical Duty 220 grain +p 45 ACP. I hope it works well but n a Sig P220. Wish me luck cowards.

          • You are still gonna fucking die.

            • We’re all gonna die

      12. Walmart has it for less, always?

      13. At an amerikan wall mart you can still loot a good Ruger mini14

        • Gandhi, you’re desperate if you want to take a Mini 14. That’s the only weapon Ruger makes that I don’t care for and I’m normally a Ruger fan. I almost bought one about 10 years ago. The owner let me try it out at his private range and it kept jamming up on me. The funny part about it was that the owner had just finished doing some maintenance on it. He allowed me to strip it down myself and see. sure enough it was clean and had plenty of oil in it. I told him it needs to go to a gunsmith.

          • Yea but wallyworld stoped selling colt ARs sooo.,,

          • Though the may well exist, I’ve never come across one that was very accurate.

            • The new mini14s are better but I don’t need accuracy cause I plan to ram that barrel all the way up the bad dudes rea£ before I trip the sear.

      14. I like where I’m at when the shit hits the fan or were I will be for say. I know that were I’m going to be if the SHTF tomorrow I can survive. I know the people that are going to be there and I know every inch of the area.

        We have food, medical, ammo, weapons, and water and purification equipment.

        Going to work on my 6.8mm AR pistol tomorrow.


      15. Just an observation. Look at the color of the big Indian reservations on the map. Blue.
        In Montana, the Blackfoot and Crow reservations. In South Dakota, the Pine Ridge and
        Rosebud reservations. Navajo Res in NE Arizona. Oklahoma is overwhelmingly red.

      16. Rioting in the streets and tearing up stores is stupid, but people keep doing it. Here in America it is mostly Blacks and Communist agitators.


        • Not too many EBT users prep. Why would they? They are the “takers”.

        • It’s going to be EVERYBODY when it hits.

      17. I saw in the news where some terrorist groups have told their people to rob gun stores. I know some of the people who work in those stores. They would love to have the opportunity to try out the assault rifles. Should be fun!

      18. These type of articles are most of what the readers on this site look for, it reinforces their desire for economic and social collapse. They take any item, construed or real, and twist it or spin it into a way that “proves” what they have been saying for years. I’ve been reading about Walmart closures for ten years and being converted into prisons and holding centers. This article is a repackaged story just repeating a variety of items what has already been said off and on for years, designed to whip up the faithful so that they don’t become too relaxed, besides when readership drops off or it appears not enough people are reading the ads another collapse story is featured, works every time. It has become predictable. No doubt some will post they are getting their guns ready, just like last time.

        • But….i think we are getting closer every yr to the collapse and not preparing is stupid. 30 yrs ago i lost my job and i starved for 3 months….i had no food in the house cept popcorn, no butter, i had ketchup, no other real food. I went to a soup kitchen 3x a wk and to my moms to eat, but every nite i went to bed hungry. I learned a big lesson.

          • I hope my slutty, school skipping, thief of a daughters learns a lesson like that.

      19. If someone hacks the computer system that doles out the money for welfare recipients, the rioting and burning will commence.

      20. If you don’t have it now best light a fire under your ass and get in gear. Get it now or fight for it later. Get rid of your junk and things you can do without(cable,smart phone,dinners out,etc.) and get the gear that may save your life. Have the people you need,the place you need and the skills you need that will put you at the top of the pile.

        • Of all I’ve seen, You have the very best finals.

      21. Meh

        • Right….

        • Meh, nui loa.

      22. We’re do we think they will go to steal after the stores are empty? To a neighborhood near you? Or yours? How do you start to organize a road block system and take turns guarding. Drop off flyers to each house and have a party at the local park. ? Neiborhood watch party?

      23. Video and user account on YT “has been terminated”…
        Anyone another link ?

      24. Watched The Good Earth . Today .Its a movie about starving Chinese farmers . Maybe one of the best prepper movies? A must see?

      25. I read that at the stadium after Katrina the predominantly black police officers. Advised the white adults to form a circle and keep the white children and women inside. And to take them to the bathrooms in protected groups. And no one could have a gun. Imagine that.

        • Being in a huge building with a bunch of no good, trash ghetto blacks, no, does not surprise me one damn bit. This country has just become so god damned disgusting. This Gov’t has FAILED us miserably. If you find yourself in a spot surrounded by a bunch of coons, just shoot yourself and get it over with, cause you are already dead brother!

      26. The worst people to have around in a crisis are black people. They will either be the first to riot or they will be the least to help when things get bad.

        Get away from high concentration black areas would definitely be a first step.

        Already, they are busy either killing each other or drug dealing and stealing.

        • I am not crazy about moose-limbs either.

          • Most dangerous bunch we got walking around USA Today, attack for any reason….

      27. In regards to online shopping vs. stores heres a personal example. Went to the Merrel outlet store in my area of Virginia thinking that being an outlet store I would save a bit on the pair of shoes I was interested in. Go in the store and the pair was $110.00 ( more expensive than Dicks or any other full retail. Disgusted I went home and ordered the exact same pair ( Amazon ) for $58.00! and free shipping. Also when I was in the Merrel outlet I couldn’t help but notice all the customers were bunched in the rear of the store looking in the bargain oddball sizes and styles. So unless you wear a 13e forget about finding a 10 1/2 . Honest to god I don’t know how places like that stay open. I do hate Jeff Bezos for turning my once beloved Washington Post into a Liberal propaganda machine but fuck not enough to save 50% on my damn shoes. Retail is doomed except for Walmart/Costco.

      28. I recommend that everyone look at a video on Conservative Treehouse blog. It shows a mob of savage subhumans attacking an elderly White women at a pool in Florida. They brutalize her then throw the poor women in the pool to drown. All the while the niggers are laughing it up. Time to drive by a nigger school yard?

      29. Monsanto accused of hiring army of trolls to silence online dissent

        “Biotech giant Monsanto is being accused of hiring, through third parties, an army of Internet trolls to counter negative comments, while citing positive “ghost-written” pseudo-scientific reports which downplay the potential risks of their products.

        The documents emerged during pre-trials on 50 lawsuits against Monsanto which were pending in the US District Court in San Francisco.

        The plaintiffs allege that exposure to the biotech giant’s flagship product, the herbicide Roundup, caused them or their relatives to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma, while Monsanto concealed the potential risks.”

        ht tps://www.rt.com/usa/386858-monsanto-hired-trolls-court/

      30. You know, aside from many more “People of Walmart” videos and exciting Dinner time news……WHO CARES? Let em riot and pillage, they will kill each other as they fight ofver the scraps..So what? Evolution in action..Enjoy the show. Stand back out of range and don’t let any escape….WIN WIN WIN….

      31. Very problematic and potentially self escalating.

        On one hand, one is not supposed to use lethal force to protect property, either victims of domestic robbery or store looting.

        On the other hand, “looters will be shot on site” is a great deterent, (Korean merchants who were armed during LA Rodney King riots for example) but plays right into the elites’ desire for absolute militarized jackboot control.

        Heavily armed, militarized guards to replace your friendly retired Wal-Mart Greeter? Coming soon to a Wal Mart near you.

        • All the weaponry and advantages mean nothing when you are buried in a mob of angry bodies all wanting to either kill you or get past you to the stuff they want…. Dead is dead, crippled sucks worse, for what? For some corporations sale items? Really?

        • Maybe I will start my own security contractor business like black water. But I will call it dirt water.

          • “Blackwater” is a plumbing term. Gray water goes down the sink, whilst blackwater goes down the other orifice [toilet]. So it already means dirty water- shit and piss combined.

            I presume the blackwater mercs named themselves. . .

      32. Walmart is a zoo even on a good day. Have you ever seen the 400 lb. doublewides riding
        around on those battery operated buggies. You can hear the ball bearings screaming for
        mercy when they roll past you.

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