Wake UP: As Predicted, LOCKDOWNS Are Back In Some States!

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 6 comments

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    This is incredible. We knew this would happen, and people are falling in line like the good little slaves the New World Order needs them to be.  There are a few states locking down yet again amongst the “second wave” of the scamdemic.

    This is a war on us, and a war for our minds, and sadly, too many Americans are still falling for this. If you’re expecting to celebrate your false illusion of freedom on the 4th of July, you will likely be out of luck. CNN reported that “authorities” (power-hungry liars in suits) are trying to avoid the packed beached of Memorial Day on the 4th of July.

    At least 12 states have hit a pause on their reopening plans hoping to contain the spread of the COVID-19 scamdemic. Some Florida beaches have already announced that they will be closed for the July 4 weekend. Additionally, in Texas and parts of California, bars were directed to close back down while beaches in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach were ordered off-limits to the public during the upcoming holiday weekend. In Florida, on-premise alcohol consumption was suspended in bars statewide.

    The lockdowns are coming back, and there will be more. People will lose interest or push back, and another crisis will surface. They will do this to break down your mental capacity until you are in so much fear you will willingly accept whatever they tell you in order to have a sliver of your life back, as their slave, of course.

    Robert Kiyosaki: What The Elites Don’t Want You To Know

    This is all about fear, and if you still buy this narrative, it’s borderline sad. This is about the New World Order, the financial reset that must occur, and the one-world digital centralized currency. This about creating a permanent slave class out of everyone except the few at the top. They must crash all the current systems to bring in the new one of total control and slavery.

    Lynette Zang: The Plandemic is a Cover For The “Global Financial Reset”

    If you honestly believe that participation in a centralized banking financial Ponzi scheme is less oppressive than leaving the system for decentralized monetary usage than accept the new digital currency and use what the master commands you to. This is a war for your mind and you’ve already been controlled.  If you cannot be bothered to look beyond the illusion created, there’s not much any amount of reading or learning can do for you.

    There will be a new digital currency and a reset within one year. They have already announced this. Be it a dollar or other one world currency, (it honestly makes no difference what they call it) because if you choose to participate in that system they will own you even more than they do now with your participation in the Federal Reserve’s enslavement Ponzi scheme.

    That is literally not possible with Bitcoin. Again, if you don’t want cryptocurrency, don’t buy any. Get gold or silver or stock up on items that have some value that can be bartered.  But, make no mistake, at some point, you will either have to accept their “mark” and use their centralized currency or be completely free. That’s not a choice I can make for you.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep stain it: this ends when we say it does. When we stop obeying and acquiescing. No human has any right that any other human doesn’t. And no amount of voting will make that statement untrue. Either stand up, wake up, or keep consenting. The best thing you can do to prepare for this is to understand what’s really going on.  All your preps are worthless if you think some politician (just another human bein) has some right to them and can redistribute them at will. Everything is worthless if you think others have any kind of power over you.

    It Wasn’t The “Virus” That Crashed The Economy, It Was The People Who Obeyed


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      1. When looking at the full picture of all fifty states, the majority have been lifting restrictions rather than increasing restrictions.

        Now that the myth that the lockdown and Covid hoax has been limited to DNC members has been exposed, with Reublican governors increasing restrictions in the same percentages of Demodratic governors, maybe people will wake up!

        Why use Bitcoin? The majority of dark web illicit activity uses Bitcoin. As corrupt as the U.S. banking system is, Bitcoin happens to be even more corrupt than the Federal Reserve system. Bitcoin has been rumored to be a creation of the CIA. That seems highly likely that it is! It is extremely vulnerable to theft from hackers also! It is also extremely volatile! There are so many problems with Biticoin that I have been writing about for years, but do not feel like getting into every single problem with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

        A fool and his money are soon parted!

        Andrea Iravani


        • You are 100% correct! Both Bitcoin and Blockchain were invented to circumvent digital tracking technologies so that the CIA, the UN etc. could carry on with their main money making ventures – drug and sex trafficking, money laundering, and the use of bribery to control states, especially the so-called ’emerging markets’.

          Notice how enthusiastically the UN pushes Blockchain and Bitcoin to corrupt countries, and how quickly they dropped any pretence of working to end world poverty.

          What matters instead is smooth global flows of illicit funds to keep the wheels of the international system well greased. And the mechanisms used, the gears if you like, are human trafficking, drug trafficking and tax avoidance through money laundering.

          It is not even hard to work out who the kingpins are for this corrupt global system.

      2. Very astonished all the sheep line right up with no resistance.

      3. Make no mistake, the “pandemic” was engineered to collapse the economy. They will not stop until we are crushed and impoverished, left begging them for the most basic necessities.

        Massive population reduction, Mad Max riots from coast to coast, and in the end, a new digital fiat currency to replace all forms of money, something they have total control over, how much you receive, and what you can spend it on. Social engineering on an unbelievable scale.

        As George Orwell warned, “Imagine a boot, stomping on a human face, forever”. This is YOUR future, unless you resist.

      4. They are going to have their second wave whether we like it or not. The number of cases are up, but that’s because people are getting tested more. There is no corresponding hospital increase. Those are people that have delayed going to the doctor now going to other reasons. There is no increase in death rate. So an increase in infections with no corresponding rate of hospitalizations or death is not an issue.

      5. If the people are dumb enough to agree to another bs lockdown, never being released again will be what they deserve. We the people are the last hope. End this national emergency, end the lockdowns. Stop the stupid destruction of our country.

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