Vladimir Putin Is Preparing For WW3: Will FORCE The West And Ukraine To Make Tough Choices

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Headline News | 70 comments

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    Russia’s president Vladimir Putin is actively preparing for a third world war. In his preparations are plans to make the West and Ukraine make choices that will be difficult, as he shows just how expensive it will be to wage a war against Russia.

    According to the Kyiv Post, Avraam Shmulyevich, an Israeli political analyst says, Putin’s war preparations are well in advance of forcing Ukraine and the West must decide whether Kiev is “an ally of the West or part of the Putin system.” The Kremlin leader’s actions are designed to show the West just how expensive it will be for it to support Ukraine against the Russian leader.

    Scmulyevich makes the comments about Putin’s world war III preparations during an interview with Taavi Minnik, a journalist for Tallinn’s Postimees newspaper. While commenting, Scmulyevich makes it perfectly clear that he believes Putin is not planning for “the small victorious war” many talk about but rather about something even more violent and global. “There is no opposition in Russia; all opposition figures (except perhaps Navalny) are either in the West or more likely under the control of the FSB. The West isn’t supporting any real opposition or spending money to oppose Russian propaganda.”

    “Putin has a very powerful repressive apparatus. In fact, nothing threatens him,” Scmulyevich said. “The West’s problem is that it doesn’t listen to Putin who with remarkable candor says what he wants. He said it already in Munich: he is seeking to reestablish the Russian Empire. Putin wants the greatness of Russia as he imagines it at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20 centuries.”

    “Putin wants to return what was lost with the disintegration of the Soviet Union. He has pursued that goal through his entire period in office, building up a repressive apparatus and a military and putting the economy on military rails.” Given Putin’s goal to take over Ukraine, Scmulyevich says the Russian president will need a third world war. Putin doesn’t need ‘a small victorious war’ but a big war which will give him control over Europe and the world.

    Everyone must understand that “Putin is preparing for a  third world war and for revenge,” Shmulyevich says.


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      1. Mac, who was the source for this article?

        • According to the Kyiv Post, Avraam Shmulyevich

          • No, surprise there for WHO is pushing every towards war….

        • I trust the Israelis about as much as I trust the jihadists in Riyadh

      2. Putin has reportedly said he will NOT negotiate with Ukraine for the release of the ships and sailors his people seized, at least not yet. I hope we can avoid a war but I’m not holding my breath.

        • Here is what will happen:

          Russia will bite off another piece of Ukraine and none of the other nations will do anything about it.

          Maybe Mueller will indict some more Russians that will NEVER be prosecuted.

          • JS, I wonder if Mueller can come look into my a$$ and see if a Russian is stuck in it, LOL.

      3. Wow, very interesting. Seems old Vlad is looking for a throw down and I have a funny feeling it will be directly with the U.S.

        • Germany will be the likely county to finally do something.
          Ukraine will probably have an internal revolution.

          • Germany is not in the position to do anything,just look at the recent action of the embarrassed Merkel and the defunct Air force Plane.
            The Defence is only good on Paper.

        • It’ll be with Israel. And he will lose epically 5/6 of his army destroyed. Ezekiel 38

          • You post makes the most sense

          • This Israel is not the Israel referenced in Ezekiel.Rev2:9

      4. The US has the Monroe Doctrine which sent the European powers a message, “Hands off the Western Hemisphere”. In doing so it created a secure buffer zone around the US. The Yalta conference in essence did the same for the USSR post WWII. After losing 20 million people in WWII the USSR wanted a secure buffer zone of its own. Post USSR collapse, despite US assurances, NATO has moved up to the border of Russia. Along with the placement of offensive capable missiles akin to a “Cuban Missile Crisis” in capability and having in execution little warning time a dagger is aimed at Russia’s throat. This reaction of Russia is quite understandable. Not allowing them a buffer zone of breathing room makes the entire world less, not more secure. Implementing the Wolfowitz Doctrine, has a very high probability, largely through otherwise avoidable increased tensions in its absence,
        of escalating into a shooting war with horrific result.

        • After losing 20 million people

          Russia lost 15% of their entire population in WWII. (half from the Nazis and Half from Stalin.)

          Can you imaging loosing 15% of American population? Shit, if we loose 3 soldiers in Afghanistan everybody freaks out.

          Russians do not care AT ALL when Russian soldiers or civilians are sacrificed. The US should bomb the shit out of them right now and put them in their place.

          Trump may do it, after all he used the MAOB bomb to saber rattle North Korea. And it worked.

          • john stinger, did you forget to take your meds today?

            • It is apparent Mr. Stiner has no problem with the idea of nuclear war. Anyone that would make such comments must be a psychopath, as are most of the neocons in our federal government.

          • North Korea is like a baby bird compared to Russia.
            Russia has a match for every weapon we have!

            • I was more impressed that Trump used the MOAB bomb when all previous presidents refused.

            • I think in a number of instances superior capability. Those Mach 8 Zircon missiles are a bit scary. Probably would not see it coming. Radars and jamming technologies – it seems the Russians have only given indications of their capability here.

          • John Stinger

            The Russian people cried tears for their loved ones as well as anyone else.

            It’s insane to claim the high moral ground when you desire to kill millions in a first strike. tHis mindset validates their actions.

            • The Russians did not cry tears for their loved ones because they were laying dead in the same ditch as them.

              • I asked a friends wife from Belarus if any of her family died in WWII. She named about a half dozen including grandparents, aunts, civilians. Interestingly there are monuments to, “The Great Patriotic War” throughout Belarus and they have three flags flying that include the Stars & Stripes and the Union Jack. She was taught in school, a communist education that the US gave them great help in WWII. Imagine that. I was taught that the US won WWII and the USSR was helping us. The USSR fought about 75% of the German Army.

                • Kevin2, that’s correct. At the height of the Nazi invasion of the USSR there were up to 3,000,000 Germans tied down on that front. After Stalingrad and Kursk, the Germans could no longer make good on their losses but the Russians had a seemingly endless supply of manpower. The Wehrmacht was being bled white by the Red Army. Hitler signed his and Germany’s death warrants when he invaded the Soviet Union.

          • TRUMP will not go to war over Ukraine.

            Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO and Putin says that adding Ukraine to NATO is an act of war, and that he will act in that event.Putin has built up bases and forces encircling Ukraine. He could overrun it before Europe ends their debate to act in defense of Ukraine.

            It is only a matter of time before Putin gobbles up half the country of Ukraine (to the Dneiper(sic)) River dividing the country) with more little green men.

            Putin is currently flooding Moldova (NATO Member)with Fifth Columnists. In the event of war he will strike through Moldova into the heart of Europe (Germany) from Crimea with conventional arms sidestepping Poland or striking it with tactical nukes.

            Europe is in disarray. It cannot even defend Paris from Yellow Vests, Muslims, and Tax Rebels. How is it gonna stop Russia ??? 🙂

            • DK, the French leader Moron, I mean, MACRON has called for the creation of a “European Army” to counter us, Russia, China, etc. I couldn’t help but laugh at that one. Like you said, they can’t defend their own capital city from their own people or Muslims. None of the EU countries can because they’re broke. WHY are they broke? 1. Defense is at the VERY BOTTOM of their priorities and 2. They spend more on Muslim invaders than they do on their own people. Europeans are the stupidest people in the world. They are doomed.

              • You got that right.How many Swedes does it take to screw in a light bulb ??? 🙂

            • Ummmmm….Ukraine is ALREADY an “aspiring” member of NATO. Not fully integrated, but if Russia invades, nukes fly. THIS is why Vlad is forced to go full WWIII. Kill us or be killed. Real smart, neocons….your dreams of total world domination will be destroyed under thousands of mushroom clouds…..

          • And you can see how he will bomb you too.

          • Do you want to be the first or last to die?
            Die you will because of automation Rockets and Bombs will still fly back and forth,even when no one even you, is still alive.
            Read your Bible,it will give you the unfailing answer to your Problem.

          • You’re a little bit late with your desire to bomb Russia, Mr. Stiner. General Curtis Lemay and General McArthur both wanted to bomb Russia right after WWII…having the nervous feeling that since Russia essentially won the war, the U.S. was in a precarious position vis world domination. Not to be outdone, the U.S. has since dominated most of the planet with a thousand military bases in foreign lands. Even after seventy years we have still not withdrawn our “Armies of Occupation” in both Japan and Germany, where U.S. solders remain by the tens-of-thousands. Since we gave Russia our word that we would “Not move one inch East” after the Berlin Wall came down, the U.S. has established weapons bases on Russia’s borders and in the past eight years this country has invaded and destroyed yet another nine nations in the Middle East. With a running total of at least thirty-million dead, in the past seventy years, the U.S. continues to murder people around the globe…apparently for fun and profit since we’ve only been attacked once in all that time (and probably by one of our “allies” at that).
            If Mr. Putin isn’t preparing for war, Russia needs to find a much better leader than himself, but he seems to be up to the challenge. Given that for the past seventy years Russia has been developing Defensive weapons (for good reasons), while the U.S. has been concentrating on Offensive weapons…even with our expenditure of an estimated three-million-dollars per minute, Russia might be a little more “scrappy” than we care to believe, and with our experience of losing to a backward nation of gooks who had little more than AK-47s, we might want to think long and hard before we take on an adversary that can actually defend itself.

      5. Kevin2, oh so true. I’m not even going to take sides on any of this. I really got hammered on that last article about Ukraine and Russia. I just hope we can stay out of it but I’m not holding my breath. I just wish the neocons would stop their BS.

        • If you look at the history timeline, we are way over due for a major war. Not little shit like Iraq or Afghanistan, but two major industrialized countries fighting it out.

          • John Stiner

            If that occurs it will be over with in a few days and WW 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

            • Not really, K2. Fortunately Americans have more small arm, guns & ammo than the rest of the world combined. 🙂

              • DK

                Not really, K2. Fortunately Americans have more small arm, guns & ammo than the rest of the world combined.

                Absolutely meaningless as there would be insufficient infrastructure to manufacture weaponry for global domination. The US, in a post WWIII environment would Balkanize / Fragment. Nations across the globe will be far too busy for a century rebuilding. In the meantime, the 3rd world, largely untouched would rise in dominance. From 30-30s through AR15s their usefulness will be local, very local defense / offense.

                • “In the meantime, the 3rd world, largely untouched would rise in dominance. ”

                  Maybe. Not necessarily. In 500 years the Third World of the Western Hemisphere have gone nowhere. Africa & Central Asia … nowhere.

                  Maybe a Bolivar arises, or a Genghis Khan, but these regions have all of the natural resources for a powerful civilization now …. that hasn’t materialized in more than 500 years.

                  There is something CULTURALLY holding them back and I believe it’s their respective religions that enslave them. 🙂

                  • Do any of you know a single thing about nuclear war. K2’s comments about stcks and stones is a quote from Einstein. The lucky people will be incinerated in a mushroom cloud. The unlucky people will be somewhere else. Nobody will “rise up” after a nuclear war. Everybody will get radiation sickness and starve. Thats if bandits dont shoot them amd eat them first. The clouds of dust will block out the sun for months if not years and lead to global crop failures. There will be no infrastructure whatsoever. No military bases or factories producing anything. Just desperate cave people living in ruins and killing each other for a mouthful of food before dying of cancer or worse. Women will be sterile, men will be sterile and any child unlucky enough tobe born will be horribly genetically malformed. The problem of 10000 nukes going off at once is not the explosions, its the radiation. The planet will become so irradiated that it will no longer be able to harbour life. Nobody would survive a nuclear war. Nobody at all. Not even the poor fools who are preparing for it in their bunkers.

                    • There would be survivors especially in the Southern Hemisphere. The half life of the radioactive byproducts of nuclear explosion have a relatively short half life as can be seen by Japan. The greater threat is breaking containment at nuclear power plants and their waste storage facilities. Their half life’s are in hundreds to thousands of years. Certainly the life expectancy for various reasons would dramatically decrease. Diseases now essentially cured in the developed would would reappear. You can bank on a follow up of bio-viral too as they won’t be saved out of kindness. Regardless people would survive. Tribesmen in the undeveloped world largely wouldn’t be effected until the refugees came in.

                  • durangokidd

                    Absolutely the Southern Hemisphere would rise and become dominate. Survivors from the utterly destroyed Northern Hemisphere with smarts, skill and ability would migrate to the areas that are not devastated. Argentina, Brazil and the like would be the world leaders.

      6. Who knows whether the US or Russia has military superiority over the other?

        • with three hundred million guns and 2 trillion bullets in civilian hands we are invasion proof.

          • Just because people have guns does not mean they will fight.

            3% remember? That is what percentage of the American population fought in the Revolution. Where were the other 97% of the people at? They had guns too.

          • Invasion proof no but a government that did invade couldn’t effectively govern but make no mistake, guerrillas do not stop a conventional well equipped military. Regardless the point is moot as “winner” (oh boy we only lost half of your population and 80% of our industry while the loser lost 75% of their population and 90% of their industry).

            No invasion as the world will be far too busy rebuilding for the next 100 years. The nations largely in the tropical 3rd would will rise to dominance. Think “Planet Of The Apes”. This will be the legacy of WWIII.

        • If the USA has a Secret Space Force, a fleet of TR3-B’s and derivatives thereof armed with DEW Blue Laser cannon, and we do, then the USA has the advantage now, by far.

          I can hardly wait until the Space Force becomes a legal reality and one of those mothers is painted in Presidential Blue and lands on the White House lawn in place of Marine One.

          The rest of the world will shit its collective pants. 🙂

          • Yet all of the military technology is mooted by an armed non compliant citizenry. They prevent governance of they so choose. Using the Clausewitz statement, “War is politics by other means”, the VC were far more effective and threatening than the conventional NVA where the US focused its effort. From Minuteman to Taliban they render much of technology useless.

            • “From Minuteman to Taliban they render much of technology useless.”

              Yes, but the technology today, right now, is MANY MAGNITUDES greater than the disparity in the two examples you use.

              TR3 B’s and DEW Blue Lasers, robots, plus satellites that can read license plates from earth orbit; against small arms, are similar to the difference between Plains Indians bows & arrows against Winchester repeating rifles and gatling guns.

              Its a new world. A new battle ground. And new much more lethal weapons. 🙂

              • DK

                And we’re still in Afghanistan 17 years later. It’s not the weapons capability, it’s the ability to identify friend from foe without creating more foe’s. Until there are portable, plentiful mind readers this is a truism. An armed civilian population, that refuses to be governed cannot effectively be governed. Therefore government operates with the consent of the governed if those governed are armed. Government may, or may not, at their discretion, operate without consent over a disarmed civilian population. It’s the difference between subject and citizen.

      7. Putin is scoring on an open goal: most white Europeans would welcome the Russians if they kicked out the invasion.

        Will white Europeans fight Russians? I doubt it. The European countries will call up Muslims and blacks (there are plenty) but will struggle to win battles with them (blacks don’t fair well in the cold). There will be a Hail Mary to America but the President will let Russia have Europe.

        • FT, let Russia have Europe. I damn sure wouldn’t want them.

          • That’s exactly what Thomas Jefferson and John Adams would have said. BTW, Russia isn’t going to invade western Europe, just ‘repatriate’ Russians and others into a “Slavic Empire’. They need people not territory. They’ll bite a little territory off in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. It will immunize them from the NWO, I don’t know if it’ll be successful. The elites are letting it happen because they want to draw Trump into war, that’s all this is.

            • Son of patriot

              “The elites are letting it happen because they want to draw Trump into war, that’s all this is.”

              And / or to promote politics just shy of hostilities to justify massive increases in “Defense” spending.

      8. Just go lock someone in a Out House.

      9. “There will be a Hail Mary to America but the President will let Russia have Europe.”

        No, not Europe, Article 5 guarantees the defense of Europe by the USA, but TRUMP will not go to a shooting war with Russia over Ukraine. The neocons have lost Ukraine and don’t know it yet.

        Ukraine is where Putin draws his line in the sand. 🙂

        • DK, agreed. We need to pull out of NATO. What have they ever done for us? Let’s pull out since we provide most of the funding. Let the damn EU fend for themselves.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            The point is a win win for TPTB. Any hostilities by Russia justify a massive increase in “defense” spending. MIC smiles.

          • Putin would like that. No need to pull out of NATO, it does keep Russia at bay, and Turkey and the Muslim World as well (sort of when they are not invited into the countries of Europe).

            It is important to make these ass hat Socialists with shit for brains pay their own way and generate trained warm bodies to share the burden of world war. 🙂

      10. Watching the Murderous Belligerence of America’s Terror War (it’s not a war on Terror, it’s a war of Terror)

        the only intelligent move for any country the US calls an “enemy” is to prepare for a thorough Defense.

        I started working as a design engineer in the US military contractor industry in 1980. Designed analog microwave radios, digital microwave radios, high voltage power supplies for radar, microwave instrumentation, cell phone radio base stations, military radios, and was part of the design team for F22 and JSF.

        Retired in 2004 because of a bad outcome from LASIK eye surgery.

        The record of the F22 following Hurricane Michael speaks loudly enough. 22 planes were lost because they could not be flown to safety. When this is done, it’s like returning a rental car. You just need a qualified pilot/driver. $6.6 Billion total loss – although is it really a loss, losing a $330 Million airplane that can’t fly ?

        One other data point, the Chinese hardware hack of the Apple-Amazon cloud. The Bloomberg news article about it. 7000 Supermicro server boards scrapped in late 2015. Definitely on the top 5 list of documented Spy achievements, in the entire history of warfare. Software encryption does not completely protect a system with a root level hardware hack. A large chunk of America’s military data, maybe 20%, was on those servers.

        • RogerB, it’s a loss every time there’s TAXPAYER MONEY involved. They never have any problem breaking the taxpayers’ hearts.

      11. re “Putin is actively preparing for a third world war”

        Nope. Globo-Thug NeoCON USSA – The Planets Premier Predator – is fomenting WORLD WAR. Putin is preparing to defend Civilisation

        • The most recent reports about the Ukraine/Russian Azov Sea incident makes it pretty clear that Ukraine was at fault. Whether it was a deliberate provocation by the Ukrainian boat commander is not clear.

          So no, Putin is not looking for excuses to start a war but he understands that the Globalists want one now while the USA has the advantage. And he IS preparing for that likelihood. 🙂

        • +++

      12. “In a nuclear world, war itself is the enemy”…

      13. Relax, nothing is going to happen. Putin would never even try to give the USA a bloody nose cause he understands what would happen to his sorry little Hun ass.

      14. Blah blah Russia is a s shadow of its former self. Heck their only aircraft carrier is in need of desperate overhaul. Unfortunately it’s not currently possible. Like the rest of it’s fleet. At the current standing Russia poses little threat to The United States. They are still technically behind and most of their new weapons are for show.

      15. If Putin is preparing for WW III, then it’s to defend Russia and the rest of the planet from the USSA and our war mongering elites and apathetic, clueless population.

      16. The US has taken and bomb innocent women and children and yet the media says nothing about this. I would like to see Russia blast the Queen of England right out of her throne alone with many other dictators. Hopefully, Putin can hit Obuttlips home, and his slag Whorery Clinton sometime in the near future.

      17. Communism is fading in Russia and being embraced by weirdo millennials in America. Let’s do a swap out.

        A buddy married a beautiful Russian and is perfectly happy as she is nothing like a feminist American. It’s amusing as I was the one who suggested ladies from the Czech Republic and Russia.

        If only we work together, there would be no stopping us.

      18. “Avraam Shmulyevich, an Israeli political analyst”?
        that right there ought to tell people that the story is PROPAGANDA (but the sheeple are so used to swallowing israeli propaganda that they can’t tell it from the truth)

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