Virologists Warn That Monkeypox Has Become A “Hyper-Mutated Virus” As It Spreads To More Countries And More U.S. States

by | May 26, 2022 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

    We have never seen a global monkeypox outbreak of this magnitude, and health authorities still cannot tell us why it is happening.  When I wrote about this outbreak nine days ago, there were three cases in the United Kingdom.

    Now, this outbreak has spread to 21 countries, and there are 310 confirmed, probable, or suspected cases.  By the time you read this article, that number will probably be even higher.  If cases were isolated in just one country or in a particular geographical region, it would be much easier to try to contain this outbreak.  But at this point, this new strain of monkeypox has already spread all over the planet.

    On Tuesday, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia all joined the club

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has became the first Gulf state to record a case of monkeypox.

    The Czech Republic and Slovenia also reported their first cases on Tuesday, joining 18 other countries to detect the virus outside its usual Africa base.

    I am stunned that we are already up to 21 countries.

    And in some of the nations where it has popped up, community transmission appears to be taking place.

    For example, the number of confirmed cases in the UK “almost tripled in three days”

    Monkeypox could spread to pets and wildlife and become endemic in Europe, health officials warned yesterday.

    Experts on the Continent sounded the alarm as it was announced that cases in the UK have almost tripled in three days.

    Another 37 cases were confirmed in addition to the 20 already identified, taking the total to 57.

    Of course those numbers are outdated already.

    I just checked, and the total number of confirmed cases in the UK is now up to 71.

    Here in the United States, a confirmed case in Washington state and another confirmed case in Florida were making headlines early on Tuesday

    America’s monkeypox tally rose to seven presumptive cases Tuesday, health chiefs revealed today as a man in Washington state and an individual in South Florida was probed for the virus that is rampaging globally.

    Officials in Washington said a man in King County — which includes Seattle — tested positive for the family of viruses that includes monkeypox after recently returning from abroad. He is now isolating at home and awaiting confirmatory test results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    And then later in the day we received news that monkeypox had been confirmed in a sixth U.S. state

    A suspected case of monkeypox was reported in Sacramento County Tuesday, as a rare outbreak of the disease continues to move around the globe.

    Sacramento County health officials say confirmation testing is still pending from the California Department of Public Health and U.S. Centers for Disease Control, but based on the patient’s symptoms, a monkeypox diagnosis is likely. It would be the first reported case in the state.

    So now there are a total of 8 confirmed cases in the United States.

    How soon will that number become 80 or 800?

    The truth is that we just don’t know.

    Normally, monkeypox does not spread very easily from person to person at all.

    If it is being spread by close physical contact during risky sexual activity like some experts are claiming, then theoretically all we need to do is to get those engaged in risky sexual activity to change their behavior.

    Yeah, like that is going to happen…

    And I am not convinced that it is only those that are engaging in risky sexual activity that are at risk.

    According to the Daily Mail, virologists in Portugal are calling this a “hyper-mutated virus”, and they are claiming to have identified 50 new mutations…

    Portuguese virologists, tasked with conducting Covid-like studies to trace the virus’s evolution, claim the strain currently circulating is very similar to one that cropped up in Britain four years ago.

    But samples taken from a handful of patients struck down in the fresh outbreak suggest the virus has collated an extra 50 mutations.

    Researchers wrote that this was ‘far more than one would expect considering the estimated substitution rate for orthopoxviruses’. They also warned that an ‘evolutionary jump’ — like with the Covid Omicron strain — may have created a ‘hyper-mutated virus’.

    If these findings are confirmed, it will change everything.

    Because all of our assumptions about monkeypox come from prior outbreaks.  If monkeypox has become something very different, then we truly are in uncharted territory.

    And if there are 50 new mutations, that would seem to indicate that this strain did not happen naturally.

    In other words, many believe that it is starting to look like this strain was created in a lab somewhere.

    Hopefully that isn’t true, because in many labs around the globe scientists are actively working to make the deadliest bugs on the entire planet even more transmissible and even more deadly.

    Such research should be totally banned.

    Unfortunately, it is happening day after day in secret facilities all over the world.  In fact, we just learned that this sort of research was actually being conducted on monkeypox at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

    The Wuhan bio lab that was the centre of controversy surrounding gain of function research on coronaviruses appears to have been carrying out the same kind of research on monkeypox, to make it more lethal to humans, according to a report citing the peer reviewed journal Virologica Sinica which published the lab’s findings in February.

    Of course, we can’t just point a finger at this one lab, because other labs have also been monkeying around with the virus as well.

    But after everything that has already happened, I am stunned that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is still operating and is still conducting such high-risk research.

    Our leaders never seem to learn.

    Just because we have the ability to make the deadliest diseases in human history even worse doesn’t mean that we should actually be doing it.

    As we have seen, it is way too easy for such bugs to escape from lab settings.

    And once a bug gets into the general population, it can spread all over the globe in the blink of an eye.

    We are doing things that should never be done, and millions upon millions of people could end up dead as a result.

    But no matter how much people like me protest, our mad scientists are going to continue their “work”, and the U.S. government is going to continue to fund it.

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      1. “We have never seen a global monkeypox outbreak of this magnitude, and health authorities still cannot tell us why it is happening.”

        Try reading the back of the Book, you will find your answer there.

        But you know that, don’t you, and just want to keep the public from paying attention till it’s far too late to do anything about it.


      2. More like a Gubermint pox on all humanity, this disease was identified in 1958, the vast majority survive as it resolves itself within 2 to 4 weeks. But in the meantime, we recommend not eating any uncooked monkey meat or screwing said monkeys to stay extra safe out there. Maybe 4 masks this time will keep the dreaded monkey Darwin Pox away!

        • I case I haven’t mentioned it in a while, you are a moron. Have a great day ??

          • You have been conditioned to despise people you disagree with.
            You despise people you disagree with so much that it’s controlling your life.
            That’s why you keep coming back to this website to insult, provoke, and taunt posters.
            The ONLY reason why.

            • He just doesn’t think for himself, a pity since we are all born with that ability and most of us, no matter the side we are on, just give it away or let it atrophy from non use. It’s a problem promulgated by the public schools, and deliberately so.

              I care far less about what side someone is on than I do about whether he thinks for himself or not. This may be a philosophical point of view, but if one delves into it deeply there is an abundance of scientific research available for consideration to back it up.

      3. What a surprise.
        I’m completely shocked.
        “Hyper mutated virus”
        Who knew they would
        announce something
        like that. Never saw
        that coming. Not ever.
        Not in the least. (eye roll)

      4. Well, that didn’t take long.

      5. Thank God this wasn’t one
        of those articles in which
        Michael tries to absolutely
        terrify the masses.

      6. Another positively
        uplifting report by Michael.

      7. Omg viruses mutate really? This totalitarian bio state nightmare needs to stop now! Do not comply and live your life!

      8. The people warn the elites and there propaganda have lost all credibility whatsoever!

      9. In the Last Days there will be a rise in diseases!!!

      10. Shock the monkey.

      11. There is no Monkey pox virus. They have not isolated anything directly from a human, EVER. The “varients” are all computer generated from their cell culture soup. It is super easy to make any monkey pox detail fit how much fear porn they want to sell. “It’s not very transmissable” to “oh, now it is, it mutated”. It is easy to change the narritive when it is all based on lies, just like covid. “Masks don’t work” to mask are one of them best tools, to wear two, to wear an N95. Lies lies and damn lies. Visit and for what makes people sick check out the book “what really makes you ill” and German new medicine. And for why certian things seem contagious… it is the same concept as how yawns are contagious. We can, via our frequency, influence others. Not well studied, but it does make sense. At least to me. Keep your power! They have lied to the masses to give it up.

      12. MPox was endemic to some west African countries for decades and then with a few weeks its spread across the world… I don’t buy it.

        What part of the “deliberate” don’t you understand !?
        Its spread is just too fast – it has to have been released in multiple areas.

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