Virologist: “There Will Be More Infections… We Need to Be Vigilant” *Interview With Infectious Disease Expert*

by | Aug 11, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 130 comments

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    New viruses are one of the more prominent threats that mankind faces. With the H7N9 flu virus now spreading by human-to-human transmission, and the MERS Coronavirus spreading in the middle east and having a 50% mortality rate, it’s becoming increasingly possible for the contagion to spread across the globe.

    With viruses continuously evolving, as we have seen with H7N9 jumping from animals to humans, we could literally be just a mutation away from a crisis similar to what the world saw during the H1N1 Spanish Flu variant pandemic of 1918, which infected half a billion people and killed an estimated 5% of the world’s population..

    Full Spectrum Survival interviews leading infectious disease expert Dr. Ian MacKay of Virology Down Under to discuss the possibility of these viruses becoming a global pandemic.

    We don’t know a lot of things, including what the host is for this virus. Where it came from – has it come from animals… we really don’t know.

    We don’t know how these patients are getting the virus; if it is from an animal and what sort of contact they’re having. We don’t know how well it transmits from patient to patient.

    We also don’t know much about the variation of the virus. At the moment it doesn’t seem to be very well spread between people, but that may change as the virus evolves as it infects more people.

    The potential [for global pandemic] is there for a number of viruses, like the H7N9 we saw break out earlier in the year. Based on what we know right now, the potential for pandemic is quite low… It’s not got the potential to spread very quickly between people. It’s a numbers game in transmission, and at the moment that’s not likely to happen.

    But we need to be vigilant, we need to keep looking at the virus and keep studying its genetic signatures and see if it changes and adapts and becomes more able to spread rapidly and through people.

    There will be more infections, but not a vast and exponential rise unless the virus itself changes.

    Watch the full interview:

    (Watch on Youtube)

    By the time the spread of contagion becomes mainstream news it’ll be too late, and will have likely infected scores of people all over the planet, making it nearly impossible to contain.

    Keeping abreast of developments, transmission rates, and the spread of deadly viruses is one of the only preventative measures we can take.

    Once infection is widespread, activating a Pandemic Preparedness Plan will be your only saving grace, so be sure to have one in place before hand.

    As noted by virologist Ian MacKay, the probability of a contagion with MERS Coronavirus or H7N9 is low, but nonetheless possible.

    Be ready just in case the situation goes critical.



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      1. Keep your fingers crossed. with world travel and over 7 billion folks,sooner or later we’ll have a mess to clean up.

        • Today at News at 9!!!!…… KFC Mom surfs The looking for another cut and paste story….

          • The number one killer of almost all life forms, animals and plants are germs, disease. Human beings have an advantage that they can TRY to come up with an anti-viral medication, vaccines that are not poisoned, and use conventional wisdom to battle a virus or a bacteria. However nature can come up with a true killer that moves so fast that everyone can become infected. There are near 100% death pathogens out there also.

            I have read much, and a healthy immune system is a must, but so is lack of exposeure. Sometimes collodial silver or a battery of other vitamins and minerals just won’t work. The less exposure to a deadly germ the better your chances are. The more supplies you have to hunker down the better. There is no toughing it here, the germ is not an enemy foreigner coming in that you can fight. Most germs you cannot see without a very good microscope. They are almost nano size tiny assassins that can be only combated with avoidance. Sanitation is paramount, and hand awareness is one of the best defenses. Some viruses such as smallpox you can catch from someone in close contact. Others require a higher concentration, such as hand to object contact.

            Many people think it is absolutely necessary to have 99.98% HEPA air filter, reverse air pressure, and a room that looks like a bubble. In most cases just simple getting away from the sources with save your life. There was a near 100% death rate with the black death, plague, several hundred years in european cities. In the countryside there was less than 25%. Cities are like chimneys that spread death vertically. The more isolated you can get, IN ALMOST ALL MEGA SHTF EVENTS, the far better off you will be.

            I think a number one rule that every last person out there should practice if and when a deadly pathogen gets loose is to treat everything outside your refuge as possibly having a deadly virus on it. EVERYTHING. This means washing and cleaning off anything that you will touch throughly, and using the UV sunlight a lot to kill the germ on what you cannot wash off. A royal pain, but well worth it. There have been people working with deadly Ebola and Marburg, even one of the most contagious viruses on the planet in Lassa Fever, and by meticulous sanitizing everything, never caught it. A lot of work and a lot of concentration to not let your guard down, but it can be done. Our best friend is bleach. Having a battery of preps to combat a sickness is an excellent idea also.

            • I just finished putting up 26 quarts of lacto-fermented sauerkraut with garlic cloves and mustard seed. This will be my immune system booster and protector. We also have a commercial product on hand that is a combination of c. silver and citric acid. I will use this on my hands and things we touch because the c. silver will provide a protective layer that is a virucide, fungicide,& bactericide. We have essential oils just in case we need to make a medicinal inhalant for the lungs. Pray we do not need to use these things.

              • Immunity never tasted so good 😉

              • I keep plenty of chlorine bleach on hand and use it on surfaces often. Isopropyl alcohol is very cheap and very effective at killing germs and bacteria. There is a good reason why isopropyl alcohol is used to sterilize things in the medical world. When my life could be in danger, I want the best possible solutions I can have.

                • killing off good bacteria increases the playing field for bad bacteria

                  this is why we have children with life threatening allergies. their bodies can’t recognize complex proteins of things such as peanuts, because all surfaces were removed of bacteria.

                  the more you are exposed to, the better your immunity. ask any kid who grew up walking barefoot through cows#$t on a farm.

                  • This warning comes from Dr. Ian MacKay? At worst it will be a Minor Threat.

                    Cost: “OPSEC” has just suffered a 2 point loss by admitting knowledge of 80s punk bands.

                    Making a joke almost no one else could possibly find the least bit amusing… priceless.

                • The best thing that cleanses is fire. There will be alot of burning if a pandemic happens.

          • You are a Dick….

            • And thats why you are always trying to suck on me

          • I thumbed ya down bro. Personally I enjoy KFC mom’s posts. I actually glean more info and news from the comment section here in a less amount of time than I would be able to in the same amount of time “surfing” the web.
            I do feel ya though, there are some commenters that just “grind my gears”. One example is Braveheart, although I agree with 99.9% of what he says, and think he is a great addition to the community, he is just so damn redundant most of the time. I really enjoy his original thoughts, but damnnn I get sick of the “as usual you are right on target BI” and his “it will not end well for them” comments. Oh well, life goes on. Get over it and scroll past, or move on to another site.

            • Outlaw, I appreciate your support and I’ll try to do something about the redundancy in some of my comments, but I’m going to get this new troll named Peterson for attacking KY Mom. braveheart

              • Braveheart I just ignor the dick that is peterson

              • I’ve been around here for quite a while…. even been 1st a few times! LOL

                Anyways…. Come At Me Bro!

            • Well, I look at her comments like they are spam…. she is still able to do whatever she likes around here. Its not like I have any power to stop her. BTW I happen to live this site also, pretty darn good stuff. Still doesn’t take away from the fact that KFC should start up her own site…. or at least do her own reporting…. or at least write for this site, know what I’m sayin’?… Even better, get her own site up and going and she can pay for an ad over there on the right hand side of the screen.

              Thanks for the chat!

          • You’re really an idiot.

            First, I have found on several occasions very useful information from KYMom’s links that I would not have otherwise have read. So if KYMom reads this, she needs to know there are people out here that appreciate her effort to share information.

            Second, who the fuck are you? If you don’t like the links, nobody is forcing you to click on them. Please go suck down some fluoridated water, eat a nice big bag of GMO crisps and finish with a refreshing piece of Aspartame gum. You’re sounding more and more like some NSA managed profile posting to create distraction and division.

            • A nasty and stupid troll.

            • Dang — you need to chill out!

        • I was reading an article today on SGTReport that some jackass scientists want to replicate H7N9. 😈

          • There are at least two universities working on this already. One in London and the other UW Madison, scary, because I’m only 90 miles from there.

            They have created variants of the virus that are able to transfer among mammals. They use the reasoning that they need to study this before it happens in the environment. Idiots, think a vaccine might work from the lab. How do they know that the natural occurring mutation is exactly like the one they designed?

            Everyone should make sure they have food grade H2O2 in the house. Inhaled it will boost your immune system and help kill any virus attacking your lungs.
            molon labe

            • KM- Do you have any sites you can recommend for food grade H2O2? I have heard of this but I’ve seen 8% to 35% solutions and I don’t want to get it wrong. Thanks!

              • Sally,
                You can get whatever concentration you want, but you must dilute it down to 3% with distilled water. I have used it myself and have read some of the research on it. It is generally safe but you must be careful with it. I would not take it orally as some recommend. The only ways I would recommend using it are topically, intravenously, and/or nebulized.

                • intravenously? Do you know what hydrogen peroxide does when it mixes with blood and/or other bodily fluids/excretions? Not exactly what I’d consider “therapeutic”, myself, but hey, to each his own, right?

                  • What does it do?

                    Seriously don’t know.

                    I’m assuming it’s bad.

                • Ok! Thanks! if 3% is what I am looking for at least I know where to start. I’ve been told that drinking a table spoon a day kills cancer. I’m not going to do that til I know more. (I don’t have cancer that I know of though, either)

                  • @ Sally ~ Edgar Cayce said if you consume 3 Almonds a day, you will prevent cancer. I do every day. He has a good track
                    record, for me anyways.

                • That’s a big NO GO on the intravenous administration of Hydrogen peroxide there Ry. Hydrogen peroxide is great for topical administration as it is an oxidizing agent and causes cell membranes to rupture . To give this stuff IV would cause massive tissue death ( necrosis) and could and probably would cause immediate death or minimally the loss of a limb. Would probably stay away from nebulazation ( for inhalation) as this would cause the lungs to bubble on the inside and interfere with oxygen and aveoliar exchange of Co2. just saying.

                  • With all due respect, I have to disagree. There are several doctors not too far from me who provide intravenous H202 without harming their patients. If you look at the research (without all the hype and bs) it can be done safely. Your body contains enzymes that reduce H202 into H20 and 0, and then into 02. It has been done for many years by physicians. Ultimately if you are not interested in doing it…Don’t.

              • go to and use “food grade hydrogen peroxide” keywords. They sell plenty of different kinds.

              • Be careful with H2o2,we use 37% at work and if it gets on your skin it becomes an irritant.You will need to wash it off really good and put lotion on it.

            • KM– how do you inhale it, do your use steam like with eucalyptus oil and hot water, or do you inhale it direct from a container?

            • >>> Idiots, think a vaccine might work from the lab. How do they know that the natural occurring mutation is exactly like the one they designed?

              they can’t. the reason that viruses mutate is because in the action of infecting a host the virus itself is changed by adding or dropping genetic material from the infected. – but it’s the adding of new material that allows it to “shift” .

              > they need to study this before it happens in the environment.

              sounds good on their funding application.
              doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to help mankind in anyway.

          • Actually there not only want to replicate it but weaponize it as well. Stupidity has no bounds.

        • I’d wager it’s a bioweapon, currently being beta-tested for potential. Don’t think for one minute tptb would’nt release such a thing, maybe even using thier “GMO mosquitos” to do so…

        • Yeah, insects proliferate during hot weather– this is one of the things scientists have predicted as a result of Global Climate Change. A hotter world means more bugs and malaria carrying mosquitoes, for example, will spread– their territories will expand.

          • I should be dead by now then. I have been bitten thousands of times this year alone. Maybe I’ll become immune.

          • Actually it’s going to get cooler, not warmer. And there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it. About every 40 years someone notices the thermometer and has a panic attack. Back in the 1970s, we were going to have an ice age. Back in the 1930s, we were going to burn up. Back in the 1890s, we were going to have an ice age. So it averages about 40 years between extremes, and the media hyped it for all they were worth each time.

            One of these days, you’re going to look up and have an epiphany. You will realize that our warmth comes from the sun, and man has no control over it whatsoever.

            If you really were the great researcher you say you are, you would know that the global warming/climate change crap is just a moneymaking scheme for Al Gore and the few “scientists” who signed up.

          • build a bat house, I have one and it holds over 100 bats, they eat mosquitoes, we sit out in chairs and look toward the sky and count how many come out of the house,,,,dont buy a commercial one. I built my own and it works fine.

      2. Basically, we just need to worry about everything. That is because it will come all at once in biblical proportions.

        If and when WWIII occurs and NWO takes over, there will be well over 100 ways to die. You cannot prepare for all of them.

        The best thing to do is to prepare for possible death thru spiritual, mental, and physical training. Good luck to all.

        • I’ll prepare for continued life and liberty, and pray for swift death to those who attempt to steal them from me.

        • ugly and stevo…I’m a bit of each of you.

          But…”don’t go down without one helluve fight”

        • get up in the mountains, as high as you can, and stock up… nothing else to do.

          • With the advent of dropping toxins from aerial vehicles, even isolation won’t, in and of itself, be enough. I say we need to cut the head off the snake BEFORE we get decimated…instead of struggling to survive afterwards. Make sense?

          • That seems to be pretty good advice. When the riots start, the higher above sea level you are, the better for you.

            For one, shit rolls downhill. It’s hard to riot at high altitude. Two swings and you’re gasping for air. lol

      3. Yes, be more vigilant by taking more vaccines.. that propagate the viruses.

        • Too much TRUTH for anything less than the individually “self-informed/researched” to process effectively. In OUR current “reality”, voluntarily “getting vaccinated” for anything/any reason is a “crapshoot” in the best case scenario.

          The “best case scenario”…YOU are one of THEM. Otherwise, WHY? Shake-off the propaganda and AVOID vaccines…do the research, I will not occupy more space here with the voluminous reasons to avoid THEM!

      4. Now that I can actually read the story instead of laugh my ass off…. There’s always something deadly out there… fuck it! I’m still gonna live my life.

        • Please do and stop posting.

          • Don’t tell me what to do

          • Don’t tell me what to do

            • Jump off a bridge….

            • Peterson, what is your problem with KY Mom? First, she’s NOT KFC Mom. Second, she’s one of the brightest lights in our community. Yes, she posts links for a lot of articles. I click on to some of her links on occasion and find the articles to be very interesting and straightforward. If you don’t like what you see here, go to the MSM sites. braveheart

              • AMEN, braveheart…I personally come here for some real news and, meaningful exchanges of intelligent thoughts/opinions—not to have to step on/over the trolls.

              • B’heart: Peterson is just another troll- bully like Durango Kid who needs to get a life and go to a socialist/left wing website and spout off.

      5. Well I would think with the internet that People living out in rural areas and the country would find out and be able to stick it out maybe till it ran its course , hell even city dwellers could hole up long enough for it to pass with the right amount of supplies. I said before that I would not doubt if these are not engineered virus’s. We all know that there is a population problem world wide.

      6. Why are there certain individuals that are after KY Mom for posting stories and linking them? There are certain stories that are pretty good that many would not see if there were not posted. Is there really any harm being done by taking up an inch or so spot on a thread? It does take Mac and others more time to make sure there are safe for us to go to, but isn’t it up to Mac to say that too many are too many? It takes time also for KY Mom, Satori, Watchman, VRF, and many more to go through these articles to see if others will like them or not.

        There are some links that stink that some people post, and there will get a red thumbs. Other links are very appreciate and get many green thumbs. So what is the problem with someone like KY Mom linking some news stories up? I am sure that everyone has something they would like to see on at least one of these links. When I saw that 26 minutes of tsunmai footage, the shear power of moving water, going from a dry channel to 25 feet+ of water ripping everything apart I had to link this for others to see. That is still awful to watch. Others deserve and should see this, without a link people would have to find it somewhere else.

        Let’s try to all work together for what is coming, and help ready ourselves. In just a few minutes your home could look as peaceful as that Japanese city, and then it could be annihilated. Your home, anywhere on this planet could be turned into a nightmare. Your life, your family’s life, your neighborhood and community could become hell in the time it takes to read this comment. We are all vulnerable and probably sooner than people expect. That is why I ask, even of the trolls, to think about this and try to treat each other with more respect like your neighbors on this web site.

        • Agreed!
          Bi, there have been many articles that people have posted links to on these forums that i would have never seen, even though i comment often, much of the info i read is kept in the perifory, life is busy and life goes on, still have to harvest and pack and deliver and go about daily stuff, but the info has been ingested and is there to recall and perhaps aid in making a judgement call,
          Doesnt mean we need to be paralyzed by this stuff, just as your name says, good to Be Informed!

          • Well, we all can’t be everywhere all the time, so somebody has to watch our six…taking turns at it works for me.

            • 10-4

        • Amen BI….KY Mom does a great job and I always click to check out her links! She comes across some very interesting stuff.

        • AMEN B.I! I think we’re all adult enough (well, mostly) to be able to determine if we want to follow a link or not! i think it’s pretty much a self-censoring deal here: you get enough red thumbs- an INTELLIGENT person is going to quit doing “that”, whether that’s posting links to a story nobody wanted to read or Ad hominem attacks against people trying to contribute to others’ awareness of what’s going on. You would think, after garnering enough red thumbs, someone would know when to leave something alone- or just leave. apparently, several people (especially in the last 2-3 mos.) just haven’t figured out when to do the latter. like having a kid you’re not allowed to discipline. grow up or go AWAY! you know who you are.

        • Cybertrollios for obummer need easy meat to pick on, cowardly lackies of parasites that they are…

        • Right on!

          • As I stated above, I enjoy the plethora of info and news I gather here. I do not have hours on end to spend surfing the web, so when I do, I visit this site along with 2 others. This is my #1 though. I get more here in the comments section than anywhere else in a comparable amount of time.

            • Same here!

        • BI, I’m with you all the way. KY Mom provides a valuable service looking up these articles and posting the links for other people who may be interested. on occasion, I post links for some articles I believe people would find interesting and important. I haven’t done it as much as KY Mom, but that’s about to change. Yes, we must work together and provide each other with all the useful information we can find on survival-related subjects so we will all stand the best possible chance of surviving any mega-SHTF event. BTW, I saw that video you posted the link for in the last article. After the video ended, I sat staring at my computer screen for 3 whole minutes. Extremely scary and some food for thought. On the current topic matter, I can’t help but think back to the movie “Outbreak” from 1996 with Dustin Hoffman. I think a scenario like that is more plausible now than ever and is something really difficult to protect against. Let’s all hope nothing like that ever happens here. braveheart

      7. Boy things are speeding up in the middle east & its 1 crisis after the next I doubt the MERS Coronovirus has anything to do with embassies closing. But by some strange coincidence BO is taking a vacation at Marthas plantation & Netenyahu is going to hospital for an operation leaving minister of defence warmonger Moshe “monster” Sha’alon in charge at the same time the USA, UK & the EU are in a financial dead end. wonder whats going to happen next?

      8. Doctors discover ‘super honey’ with amazing power to treat soldiers’ wounds and kill superbug infections

        “Wounds and ulcers, including those infected with the superbug MRSA, healed within days, while the number of women who suffered infections after giving birth by caesarean section has halved.

        It has also healed the wounds of soldiers returning from Afghanistan, and been used to treat acne and to protect the skin of cancer patients fitted with a catheter for chemotherapy.”

        • @Satori
          That’s actually no joke, I got a 2nd deg burn on my hands and I filled a glove with Manuka honey and within 2 days there wasn’t even a scar! Something with that particular honey is immensely rich in antioxidants.


        • I saw that…I find it hilarious when scientists “discover” what the common man has known forever!…been using honey for decades and my folks before me…heck most everyone had a granny who could almost raise the dead with her bottles of healing concoctions…thank God for Granny! :)peopled do well to relearn this wisdom before its gone!

        • Plain, even refined white sugar, runs a very close race with honey in this particular application. Plenty of historical precedents can be found. “Sweet”, takes on a more significant “meaning” with respect to wounds/infection.

          At the end-of-the-day, honey has additional attributes/benefits…but BOTH can be very useful with respect to infection prevention in open wounds. Honey if you have it to spare, sugar (in any form) if you don’t.

          Either way, beneficial and educational post Satori.

          • In danger of being ‘redundant’..don’t forget the cayenne powder for clotting.

            • NICE reminder…uncontrolled bleeding trumps secondary infection prevention. “Ticket to ride” JayJay!

              • I almost chopped my thumb off with a vegetable slicer…cayenne stopped the bleeding instantly and I was catching blood in a cup!!
                It works.

                • cut my thumb and fore finger in a circular table saw…pretty bad..stuck it in some diesel fuel, stopped bleeding and no pain. a friend of our cut her finger the same day in a meet slicer, went to the hospital and they worked on it, put stitches in it…2 weeks later she came to me and ask how my finger was doing. I put out both hands and she couldn’t tell which was which. hers looked like a dried up prune. so go figure.

      9. I am not as prepared for a pandemic as I should be. I need to get a few more things together and have a better plan in place. Of everything that could happen my husband believes that this is the most likely. The movie Contagion really spells out how it can go global very easily.

      10. Anyone take note of what has been declared an “unusual mortality event” by the feds? the dolphin “die-off” happening on our east coast. they believe that they’ve isolated the culprit- a variety of Morbillivirus- a type of measles. it is considered to be highly infectious to humans and lethal. another freaky thing to consider- just since the late 90’s, there have been more than 66 “clinically important” viruses discovered in bats (mostly of the Flying Fox family). and yes- several of those have caused human fatalities. stay out of bat caves.

        • Regarding caves – When they discovered the disease that gave bats have a white nose (can’t remember what they called it) they announced no one will be allowed in caves (or at least certain ones). Knowing the modus operandus of factions of the govt, how they want to ban things that are good for you (like raw milk) and push things that are bad for you (like not requiring GMO label warnings), I had to wonder if it wasn’t an excuse or overreaction to keep survivalists from holing up in caves when it hits the fan. Because what could be safer than a cave if they are dropping weapons on cities and towns, or targeting individual homes? There’s no direct cost involved like there is with an underground shelter, and caves are naturally temperature-controlled and can hold numerous people. After all, bin laden hid in one. We know that they want to discourage any level of self-sufficiency. Just a thought.

          • Your suspicious mind works like mine…awesome! 🙂

          • > they announced no one will be allowed in caves

            humans are ALWAYS to blame for what is wrong in the environment.
            remember when they were finding the frogs with all the mutations? eyes growing on their backs, multiple legs in wrong places?

            first it was chemicals in the enviroment (by human action) then when it turned out to be a virus, it was man’s fault for carrying that virus on human clothing on shoes.

            “they” won’t be happy til our population is decreased.

          • @LT….That disease is called “white nose syndrome” just saw a documentry on that last week, and apparently, most of the bats in Eastern Canada have died from it…..very serious… we need the bats (and the bees and the monarchs) Where have they all gone?? take care, CC.

      11. These viruses have already been identified and cataloged, while granted there are no cures and the pathology behind these diseases are still unknown, the biggest cause for a disease to spread is its ability to stay under the radar. So I wouldn’t worry about these diseases its the ones we HAVENT heard about that we should be concerned!


      12. to look at this from a Biblical standpoint- I’d say we’re somewhere between the Fifth and Sixth Seal. The Horsemen? They’re gallivanting around, mostly in the Middle East right now.

        • CWinOR: way beyond that…trumps have been blaring for years. Revelations is spiritual not carnal. If you are looking signs you’ll be caught off guard! Jesus moved from the carnal to the spiritual, no other way to understand. We are approaching vials now! The wrath of Almighty God.

          • well gee, of course you’re right RR. after all, nothing in the “carnal” world could ever have any effect on the spiritual world, or visa-versa. now…where did i leave that darned Third Eye this time!

            chaaaaaakraaaa! here boy!

            • CWinOR: Go ahead and be a smartass!
              I could go into a discertation but I can see that would not make a dent in that hard head of yours. Do you think Jesus was kidding when he gave the following verses? Do you really think your carnal mind can divine what seal we are at…which is what many Christians think. You are setting up other to think as you do that you can follow Revelation and have an idea when the hour will be. You will never know! The hour is much later than men think! Jesus warned, and do not be a smart-ass, in an hour you think not the son of man will come!

              Luk 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
              Luk 17:27 They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.
              Luk 17:28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;
              Luk 17:29 But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.
              Luk 17:30 Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.

              Mat 24:42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.
              Mat 24:43 But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.
              Mat 24:44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

              Divine me this oh great one…who is taken and who is left? Let us see your wisdom!

              I’m telling people to watch NOW! You tell them they have plenty of time. You will be responsible for deception.

              • RR- don’t put words in my mouth by saying I’ve told folks they have “plenty of time”- asshole. If you can read- you’d know- i never said that. apparently, you like to play the “telephone game” with yourself- every time you repeat yourself, to yourself, it comes out slightly distorted, hence “your version” of Scripture. I don’t need or want YOUR version when I have THE version that i can READ MYSELF. and DON’T YOU DARE, EVER try and interpret God’s Word for me. it’s in very simple terms, just like our Constitution, and they are both inteded literally- no “interpretation” required. where it always goes sideways is when little peckerwoods “interpret” it for the rest of us. and DON’T you DARE sit on your pompass-ass and judge me. you couldn’t walk a BLOCK in these moccasins. If it were not for the ACTUAL intervention of Jesus SEVERAL times, i would not be here to bitch at you today. Just who the hell do you THINK you are?! nevermind- go give yourself a “discertation”, and then even you might just tell yourself to get off your high-horse and STFU.

                • CWinOR:
                  You stated, “I’d say we’re somewhere between the Fifth and Sixth Seal.” Also stated, “don’t put words in my mouth by saying I’ve told folks they have “plenty of time”- asshole.”

                  You inferred by your post that we are “between the Fifth and Sixth Seal.
                  1Co 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
                  Well when is the last trump…duh well maybe the 7th or Last Trump…So you have placed us at a point in time where the Trumps have no bearing where we are. I’m telling you it is spiritually discerned and you jump right back into your carnal mind. You have placed the Last Trump at a distant…I stated, it is much further along than you think. I want the people not to be corralled by those who have no understanding. I placed scriptures to make you reconsider your remark…evidently you are unworthy to go any further in your understanding of the Truth. Then you castigate me with no understanding saying I put words in your mouth. Shit…the words came from your mouth! You are not warning the people to “look up or watch”. I want them to be prepared for the sudden destruction on the horizon, I want them protected and hid, I want them in their closets at the proper time, I want them to have the Fathers name in the foreheads. What do you want for them?

      13. Oh, those nasty little bugs are popping up all over the place. Besides transmission from human to human, the next variable is the incubation period. Does anyone have any idea what is the longest for any disease?
        Lyme and HIV are specific transmission, but the Flu type is where I am concerned.
        It is a good time to think about preps for this event. You know they will never tell you till it is too late. Don’t want to cause a panic and all that. It’s the simple everyday actions like, Picking your nose. Rubbing your eyes and Sticking your Fingers in your Mouth that might get you in trouble. Grocery carts and door knobs and other interactive devices at work. Then you have the coughers and sneezers that can’t manage to cover their mouths. Contained air space offices and Malls with the recycling of air. I am sure the filters are “Not BIO”. A simple pair of lite washable gloves for travel besides the germ killing solutions. I wonder how it would affect the workplace with everyone N95 Masks. Teach your children about the hazards and if the threat level rises, make others comply with you wishes. In a nice way of course.

        Oh, Wash your hands, frequently! ;0)

        • Incubation times for some colds can be just hours. Tuberculosis can be latent for years.

          The other thing that worries me are the numbers of people who hack out gobs of sputum on sidewalks and roadways. What a great way to spread infection and very disgusting.

          • Merree.

            Gum on the sidewalk is another germ vector and you can bring it right into your home. Concerns in the work place and schools where constant contact and confined spaces are surly high risks points. We had an individual who would always come to work sick. Never took a sick day and someone always caught the bug from him. During the Flu season there are parents that bring sick children into stores to shop. I do believe that these types of people will still do what they always have done even if it is dangerous. I understand that a cough or sneeze can induce germ contaminated water droplets into the air that linger and have a wide dispersal. How long they will last I do not know for they can be moved by air conditioning/heating, air movement, lowering concentration of the droplets.
            I do know this, that if it goes down it is hard to fight something you can’t see. Maybe not as graphic as Ebola or Hemmoragic fever, but deadly just the same.

      14. Captain Tripps

        M-o-o-n spells “Moon”.

      15. Andromeda Strain.

      16. You will NOT be able to buy these when a pandemic hits.
        Of all the preps you make…these are the most valuable for your family.

        Chances of some great zombie attack…. slim.
        Global food crash… slim…we’ll just fly more food in.

        Now a pandemic…that mostly likely will happen by govt. decree
        or worse.. Mother Nature.
        She’s a real bitch.
        You see, the more souls there are on the planet..the more chances there is for something to brew up and then take care of the excess humanity that nature will note.

        Now, nature being what she is… she favors the prepared.

        Stop worrying about beans and bullets now. Yeah, we all have that stuff.
        Start worrying about you standing over your dead children’s graves because you were too cheap to buy some masks before a pandemic it.

        Tough talk..but I think you all can handle it and see the wisdom in having a few cases of these around. These are the best masks I found. pandemic…use them when you are working on stuff to protect your lungs…
        So a healthy choice.

        With things like this.. you will get peace.

        ps. For asthma…check out the Himalayan salt inhaler. My lungs are clear now.

      17. I think being around a lot of sick people can build the immune system. So people who are in the medical field or day care may have a boost in fighting a new infection. It can also help to take garlic, colloidal silver and melatonin. Getting regular exercise and avoiding stress are obvious choices too. Hygiene is always a major factor but sometimes the most important factor of all can be luck.

        Personally I think Mother Nature will eventually take care of the way humans are entrenching themselves in nature. We may take a number of species with us, sadly.
        And it is likely that many things will hit at once. The instabilities on many fronts are building up and all it takes is hitting a tipping point that starts the dominos falling.

        The fortunate thing is that many things pop up here in this forum early on and can give us an early warning. I think it will pay off to be vigilant.

        • @ Merree. I was reading something on viruses, and most viruses thrive in a lower pH environment. With people that had a body 6.3 or lower pH, they were sick more, even more cancer. The higher the pH within reason, more towards 7 the more well they were. Would you recommend to improve their immune system to aim more towards 7 neutral for their bodies? Aren’t there foods that you eat that can control the pH level pretty well in your body? Just a thought about strengthening the immune system? What do you know about this?

          • @BI. I wish I knew what you had read to have background. Maybe the more acidic the diet? A human being with a pH of less than 7.2 is in some serious trouble. I’ve only seen pHs lower than 7.1: in patients that have survived cardiac arrest, massive drug overdose, severe hemorrhage, or are sliding on that banana peel hanging on by a thread. A virus is the least of their worries!

            I do know that diet influences the immune system and acidic iets promote inflammation.

            A good book for gardeners (or anyone) to have about diet and inflammatory diseases is The Inflammation Syndome.

            • @ PenCRNA. I believe they were talking about the urine and saliva rather than a blood test. You can get those pH test strips at various stores, as I have seen them. They rate the optimal pH zone as between 6.75 to 7.25 on the box. Since people cannot afford to keep taking blood test for pH, I think this is why they have these test strips for the urine and saliva. It is called pH Stix for testing Ph. I know the blood is higher, between 7.3-7.5, isn’t it? It has been a long time since the biology classes. I tried one of these test strips many years ago and it was something like 6, and I was not feeling well. I wish I could find the book I read this in. I know that several health books talk about the dangers of lower pH levels, on of them gives a 6.8 as ideal. I am almost positive that they are talking about the urine and saliva using these test strips. I think that food like avocadoes will raise the pH levels. Do you know anything else about this?

      18. Go Kentucky Mom! Keep it up and ignore the trolls.

        • I agree.

        • so do I

      19. We are overdue for a round of a serious/lethal flu virus. Its not a matter of if, but when…

      20. Durango kid: Your a paid troll for the phony GOP conservatives. The last article I exposed as shown on C-Span recently that Muslim clerics prayed in front of congress several times in past few years. Google it in. He replied to my post as out right lies. Talking out of both sides of his mouth, even admitted that there was flawed voting in past postings! Exposing the corrupt voting scam (read the book Vote Scam DK stupid) proves it’s rigged. Trusting in phony sold out politicians is plain dumb. Throwing money supporting these groups is even dumber. Keep with trusted friends and prep. forget these org. that are money pits. Political activity is utterly useless; my elders told me this twenty some years ago! They were right! God bless ’em too.

        • Laura M., you make a very valid point about avoiding political activity. My own grandfather, a WW2 veteran, told me in 1967 when I was only 10, that the Republican and Democratic Parties both pursue the same agenda. They just put on different shows to make us believe they’re different. George Wallace, when he ran on a third-party platform for President in 1972, even admitted to it when he said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties”. I’ve never even been a registered voter. braveheart

          • b’heart: I cannot understand why DK and others don’t see it. Not to mention political scandals past /present. This is why the conservatives incl libertarians are so divided and why we’ll never unite as a group because some see deeper things and the shallow folks want to revive the GOP which has already been under the Elite grid via Heritage, Rutherford fnd, JBS, 501c3 churches, tea party org, etc. to neutralize patriots into believing in the GOP. The GOP brought us NAFTA, GATT, the housing mess, they are in the same bed with the Dems. People don’t want to believe it or see it because their parents or grandparents were devout Rep. There are people in my city that believe this crap and send money to these phony groups to incl AFA, Heritage, and phony religious org. collecting money as their agenda and produce nil. They refuse to see truth and will be the first to turn in true patriots who speak out.

      21. In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive they will find…..the best way to fight infection is to drink a bottle of bourbon then shoot yourself in the head. Don’t worry-be happy!

      22. I’m not very concerned about pandemics right now. After the collapse and most people are malnourished the flu will kill millions.

      23. Americans, Preppers, Friends:

        Don’t worry about the trolls. Post stuff you feel can be useful for others. Our only crime is that we try to communicate to others about food, water, shelter, and defense.

        The Agenda 21 folks hate people anyway (other than themselves).

        I want to help others and talk to others–this includes all folks such as Hispanics, blacks, muslims, whites, Indians, etc….

        My Hispanic friends have taught me a lot about corn, corn-meal, purslane, and just survival in general. They have a dis-trust for many reason. But when you are friends, you are friends.

        I feel bad for the Syrians, Libyians, Egyptians, Pakistanis, and many others. Their countries are wartorned and in despair for many. America’s days are coming next with a real economic collapse soon to arrive. Thanks to all that have posted many great ideas on how to survive this collapse and hopefully to live to see better days. I have learned much, thus keep posting.

        Don’t let the trolls win.

        Keep posting.

        Good luck.

        • I do feel bad for them too. But their problem is that outside influences have allowed their populations to grow beyond what the land in their counties can support.

          Take that outside aid away…And the population will match the food production.

      24. Ugly

        Thank you for your superb comment/post..

        Refreshing from the usual diatribe here blaming everyone,every race, every religion but the real culprits..
        Way too many here are quick to label certain races for all the ills of society..when we,well some of us, know it is so far from the truth..all part of the divide and conquer strategies..



        • Possee.


          Yes, we are all One.

          We all have the 46 chromosomes and we all want the same basic needs for ourselves and our families.

          The other side wants us common folks destroyed thru financial, racial, and civil unrests and enroute to big-time wars.

          Unfortunately, we all play their game.

      25. How many of you are familiar with the government lab at Plum Island…off the coast of N.Y.? Lots of research done there with dangerous “things”..that cause disease, etc. Well, I have not kept up with it lately, but a few years back they wanted to move it to the heartland of America, around where Kansas State Univ. is..which is in the area of a fault…(B.I. this is your area of expertise…you may want to comment on this it the Madrid?) Anyway, I think the money was appropriated by Congress to build it there against much protest..just did/does not make sense to build it inland where there is the possibility of an earthquake, that could let a lot of “bad stuff” loose…The reason I became aware of this was because of the push by USDA for the Nat’l Animal Identification System..around 75 million $$ provided by Congress for this project, allowed plenty of money to put in the right hands (all 50 states ag depts., etc)for the implementation of this unwanted, unneeded program…it took years of fighting it, when the truth about what it was really about and who was behind it, to get it defeated…but one of the first articles I read about it, made me “sick” for days…It turned out to be one of the most precise…and I bring it to your attention, because it tells of a virus possibly escaping from a government lab in Britain, being the culprit for the hoof and mouth disease that occurred..and the government killed around 6 million healthy animals as a “fire break”…(and around 60 farmers committed suicide) The article is “National Animal ID” by Leo Swartz (head of Virginia Land Rights Coalition)..a brilliant man. Here is the direct website…you will get to see a global picture of a lot! (it is under the “articles” at the right sidebar…but the website I provided should get you directly to it…learn some history too!!!

      26. It is just too bad, that TPTB only have 44 chromosomes!

      27. Thank you for the many kind and supportive comments! I don’t understand what Peterson’s problem is.

        I enjoy this website very much. I have learned a lot from the articles and the comments shared by many with informative and educational links. I will continue to try to do my part.

        Take care! Keep praying and prepping! 🙂

        KY Mom

        • KY Mom, we thank you for your insight and the links for all of the articles you post; very interesting and important information. Peterson is just another troll. You have a whole community here to stand up for you. braveheart

        • Ky Mom: Peterson is just another troll-bully like others incl DK; shallow folks who can’t see past/or worship the GOP. they need to go to a left wing/socialist site and spout off as there are many GOP folks into socialism big time.

      28. “…in early times, it was easier to control a million people, literally it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill than to control….”

        – Zbigniew Brezinski, former National Security Advisor under Jimmy Carter, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, advisor to President Obama.

        Know your enemy, & this guy is definitely one of them. After years of research I’ve found that those who control the world are truly evil & wouldn’t hesitate to destroy most of humankind to fulfill their plan. Whether by lethal pandemics, weather control (oh yes it does exist), or nuclear war. All we can do is stay strong both mentally & physically. Our enemies feed off fear-anger-hate. Whenever you sense fear reject it, purge it from your thoughts – this takes practice. Pray. Show love, even to your enemies. Prepare but know that there are events in this world that no amount of physical preparation can prevent.

      29. Well with 3 melt throughs right on the waters edge spewing radiation into the biosphere pandemics and death are an absolute certanty. We are all the living dead today.

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