Virologist: COVID Vax Complications Will “Collapse Our Healthcare System”

by | Apr 24, 2022 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    Western medicine is on the verge of collapse because of the massive amount of COVID-19 vaccine complications, says one virologist. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who used to work as a senior program manager at the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), warned listeners in a “Message to Austria” that the fully vaccinated are filling up hospitals at an increasing rate.

    Vanden Bossche said that the rue fight for health lies in not getting vaccinated. Last year, Vanden Bossche stated publicly that trying to vaccinate people in the midst of a “pandemic” is about the worst thing you can do if stopping the spread is truly your goal.

    Pro-Vaccine Virologist Says “We Are Going To PAY A Huge Price For COVID Mass Vaccination”

    Of the fully “vaccinated,” Vanden Bossche said: “We need to help them as much as we can because they will need extensive treatment, in many cases.” He says that they are unaware of what will soon become of them. The number of fully jabbed requiring hospitalization, he further warned, “is now steadily increasing” with no end in sight. “Whereas more and more, with training of the innate immune system, with more exposure to the virus, more and more non-vaccinated people get protected,” he further explained. “This will lead inevitably – and I am not a doomsday preacher – but this will inevitably lead to a collapse of our health system. It cannot be otherwise.”

    He is especially warning parents to not inject their children with these shots. “We cannot vaccinate our children with these vaccines,” he says. Adults are similarly damaged by the shots, which likewise suppress adult immunity. Depending on a person’s age and existing health status, getting shot could mean a death sentence, even if it does not happen immediately, according to a report by Natural News. 

    Those who remain unvaccinated should stay that way no matter what, Vanden Bossche said. They more than likely already possess immunity to whatever it is that is circulating under the name of covid, and any interference with that via injection will likely trigger health problems, and potentially VAED or VAIDS.

    The worst part is that the ruling class and big pharma knew these shots were giving people immune suppression and are on the path of complete immune system degradation.

    Cases of Vaccine-Induced VAIDS on the Rise Due to Mass COVID Vaccination




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      1. This what I’m talking about. Dr Geert vanden Bossche has a different take on the covid than Dr Michael Yeadon does. They both have tons of experience in this area of medicine.

        Who is right? Who do you believe?

        And there are many more alt doctors with different opinions that roll out charts and graphs that support their point of view.

        I’m not gonna sweat it, and I’m not going to believe any of these guys. I’m just going to take vitamin D and vitamin C, and keep some horse paste on the side.

        • Ya me too. Then I think I will head across the road to the pasture and do some grazing… 😉

          • Avoid the young fillies…they’ll try to buck you off before you get an 8 second ride.

            • Does this mean you incel idiots are finally resorting to beastiality? You people are even more disgusting than I imagined ??

              • You never saw a rodeo?
                8 seconds without being bucked off is what it takes to get a score.
                I had to look up “incel” and I’m still not quite sure what that is.

                • I’m not at all surprised that comprehension is NOT your strong suit. “Incel” (pronounced IN-sel) means “involuntarily celibate”. In words you might understand, you couldn’t get laid in a whore house with a fist full of Benjamin’s. I’m surprised you’re having trouble with the concept. I would imagine that perfectly describes you and 95% of the rest of the retards on this site.

              • I’m beginning to wonder if Slavo has decided to spice things up with this Jerry Springer actor? Seriously.

                My posts can take 3 days to appear, if they appear at all. And yet, this pottymouth is all over the board. Hmmmmm.

                • Did anyone else have, “Smart guy with colorful language bruised tender sensibilities” on their Right-Wing Culture War Victimization bingo card? Wow, Rush Limbaugh’s constant projection was right on the money. You fucking MAGAt fascists just are not happy unless you’re playing the victim.

                  Sorry about my fucking language, snowflake. ?

                • A lot of posters were convinced that former poster “AI” was brought to the board to spice things up and give the comments page a boost.
                  The problem was 99.999% of posters ignored her encyclopedias of incoherent rants.

        • Don’t forget the A, E and Zinc
          *** Fat soluble Vitamin C

        • The term “alt” is a synonym for “quack”. I’ve never seen a group of people (other than the churchies I grew up around) who believe the opposite of the truth like you people. It’s remarkable.

        • Believe Yeadon.

        • They all agree on the vaccines are wrong. The end point is not good for the gene edited jabbed

      2. Infection by Injection

      3. I think a great many of these
        multi vaccinated folks are
        time bombs. They just never
        know when they’re going to
        go off. There have been so
        many “unexpected” deaths
        lately but of course we are
        constantly reminded that all
        of this is a coincidence and
        that having been repeatedly
        jabbed had nothing to do
        with it. Oh , and by the way –
        I recently read somewhere
        that the boosters are what
        truly do the most damage.
        Perhaps that is the real
        reason for the relentless
        propaganda to “get your

      4. Since we’re on the verge of collapse I suppose we should see it happen in, what, the next 30 or 40 years maybe?

      5. The immune system and general health are the key to surviving Covid. But by not talking about obesity, low Vitamin D levels, immune system support, eating your veggies, and telling people to stay at home, order in take away, continue to pile on the pounds, people’s immune systems are weaker now.

        And a weak immune system opens you up for all sorts of health problems

        What they should have done is this: made sure everyone took Vitamin D, forced people to exercise outside, banned junk food, made it illegal to be obese – you may say these are gross violations of individual rights, but that is nothing compared to what they did – lockdowns, stopping all international travels, forced vaccinations, destroyed economies etc.

        • “….you may say these are gross violations of individual rights, but that is nothing compared to what they did – lockdowns, stopping all international travels, forced vaccinations, destroyed economies etc.”

          “They” are committing genocide. They need a fair trial, followed by a rapid hanging.

          • “You” are a fucking moron. Do you mean the kind of hanging the peace-loving people who back the blue 100% wanted to visit upon Pence and those on the left on 1/6?

            *Not that you would ever recognize or believe the truth, but just so you know, everything you believe is a lie. The sooner you realize that, the better your life (and everyone else’s) will be. You’re welcome.

            • 1/6? The same 1/6 that the government refuses to release the video of? The very same “government” that rules by serial false flags?

              I dunno where you got such an inordinate amount of “stupid”. Are you the shining example of Darwin at work? Or are you just a garden variety paid shill?

              • Thank you for proving your utter stupidity. Do you even know who Charles Darwin was? Try doing a little research. And what mythical “video” do you think the government is holding onto? This should be fun. I’ll be right here waiting for your revelation ?

        • But I thought that individual rights meant everything to you extremely intelligent, conservative, christian, GQP types…

      6. Western medicine is on the verge of collapse because of deliberate underfunding of hands-on healthcare.

        In Western countries hospital beds per thousand generally have dropped from an average of 6.0 in the 1980s to just under 3.0 and less today.

        You can’t lose more than half the ‘normal’ hospital bed coverage over 30 years and expect healthcare systems not to be in a state of perpetual collapse every flu season.

        Supposedly this is done to save money, because unused hospital beds – spare capacity – is seen as waste not prudence. But healthcare cost go up and up to feed the technocracy of desk-jobbers over hands-on healthcare.

        This in turn impact the number of nurses and doctors that can be trained, because even those who can enter the shrinking number of berths at medical colleges, usually have to intern at a hospital to complete their training.

        COVID-1984 only made things worse by cancelling elective care and expanding wait lists/suffering times beyond all reason in some jurisdictions.

        This is true whether the system is public or private healthcare; either is deliberately mis-managed into a death spiral.

        • Apart from emergencies and serious surgery, the current model for hospitals is a fail from a health perspective. Cramming sick people into grim, austere corridors is depressing. Instead, if a person needs to be under medical observation/ or recover from serious disease/injury they should be on a campus much like a nice university. Lots of places to take fresh air and a buzzy environment where real science can take place so that medicine can make swift advances.

          90 percent of medical stuff should take place in community clinics or in the home.

      7. If Covid is a hoax, doesn’t exist, never did, and no one has died from it, why are you people still taking a buffet of vitamins and smearing yourself with horse paste? Apparently ya’ll just enjoy expensive pee and sticky hands…

        • Sit down Darwin, you’re looking stupid.

          • ???Irony has officially died???

            And it MISTER Darwin to you, you fucktard.

          • Or put another way “Shut up faqqet!”

            • Aren’t you the one who was excited about humping some pasture animal??

              • I believe he was. I said it before and I’ll say it again ??

      8. How many boosters will you get to stay safe Darwin? One from each manufacturer, after all they said you can mix and match your mRNA spike juice fool!

        • I will do what the medical community recommends in order to keep myself from dying a preventable death. Apparently, you’re going down a different path. Enjoy!

          Let’s Go Covid!

          • You give trolls a bad name Darwin!
            Why are you even here if you hate us so much go some place else and get another booster of the same exact shit shot that Waynes in two months or less.
            Sign up for the life time subscription plan moron.
            Why did the CDC want want 75 years to turn over the research data from Phizer for a safe and effective vax and we have nothing to hide with open transparency! Open your eyes !
            They are only looking for 9 pages and over 1200 possible side effects from the mRNA shots for a bug that has about a 1/4 percent fatality rate really?? I deduct risk not worth reward and my health proves it!

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