Viral Video: North Carolina UFO Speculations Surge

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Headline News | 74 comments

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    A viral video of a UFO (unidentified flying object) over Lake Norman in North Carolina has speculations surging.  The video was shot in Mooresville as the cameraman was at work, and it appears to show the “spacecraft” hovering over the lake.

    The exceptionally shaky video, posted by Jason Swing on May 29, was taken over Lake Norman in North Carolina. It’s difficult to tell what is in the video because there is no zooming in nor is the video even steady for very long. It has gone viral, however, having been viewed more than 250,000 times, as viewers scratch their heads trying to make sense of what they are seeing, reported Fox News. 

    Watch the video below and see for yourself.


    In the video’s description, Swing says that he was at work at 10:30 a.m. on a rainy day when he spotted the UFO hovering over the lake. “Rain finally stopped so we went [to] pick up a boat from Lake Norman,” Swing wrote. “When [I] came around the corner, I saw this thing sitting still, very close.”

    Many viewers immediately chastized Swing’s videography skills too, commenting on the shakiness of the video.  “Next time you try and film a UFO, please try to jump around a little more. Also, adding a degree of blur would be a good touch. Geez.,” one viewer wrote.

    “I’m videoing a UFO. But I’ve got something more important to do. Later,” another commenter wrote.

    “Aliens always reveal themselves to people who shake uncontrollably and have no idea how to operate a zoom,” another commenter wrote. “Classic alien jerk move.”

    Others were more forgiving as they viewed the cigar-shaped object. “Hello, this a great catch and I was hoping to show it on my channel with full credits and links back to yourself,” wrote one commenter known as The Hidden Underbelly 2.0. “Please let me know if this would be okay with yourself. Thanks and god bless.”

    Some believed the sighting was nothing more than a Goodyear blimp, which was in the Charlotte area on May 29 for the NASCAR race.

    Goodyear has since confirmed that it was indeed their blimp, though. “We don’t want to get in the way of a good story, but that’s definitely us,” the Goodyear Blimp account wrote, according to the Daily Mail. “We left the Charlotte area 5/29 after covering the Coke 600.”



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      1. Blimp

        • Hillary’s new dildo being delivered by Amazon.

          • It has a deep, rumbling, motor, is pulled by men with ropes, and driven by propellers.

      2. Then the seed pods appeared. Then people started acting differently.

        • Invasion of the Body Snatchers is actually an anti-communist film. Most people don’t get this. It’s a warning about being taken over by communist ideology.

          • Yes and as with communism, it ends badly for the people,

      3. Oh boy,

        Xxxx probes !

      4. Oh boy,

        Xxxx probes !

      5. This an authentic UFO.

        You know it because of the very poor video quality that lacks any detail.

        Very poor video quality that lacks any detail is the signature proof of an authentic UFO (or a bigfoot, a Nessie, etc,).

        • Not an authentic UFO coverage. This guy using an old crappy flip phone? Couldn’t get passed the first 20 seconds, but from what I gathered from his shakiness. Is a flock of birds.

          As Anon mentioned, “why is it these so called evidence is always piss poor quality. This day an age, there is no reason for it. People need to start using high definition camera’s instead of this crappy analog 480.

          • I was wondering the same thing. Why, in this day and age of cell phone cameras with more pixels and a better zoom than my old “top of the line” 35mm and video cameras, can no one ever get a good photo or video of a UFO, Bigfoot or Nessie?

          • Maybe, it was a vimana.

            • I bet less than one in 10,000 even know what a vimana is. I only know since I’ve been reading about ufos for over 40 years.

              See vimana and Gilgamesh.

        • Hey now. Bigfoot is real. I read about it the Lock Ness Monster’s book. He as a chupacabra as a pet and plays cards with Dracula.

      6. It’s a little known fact that in the sixties and seventies, some spotted UFOs were actually cases of witnesses seeing the RPV program ie remote piloted vehicles which is the precursor to drone technology.

        It was hushed up as it quite secret.

        Later we had the TR-3 program with notes by Jane’s Defense Weekly on exotic antigravity propulsion.

        Now there is a TR-4B program.

        What ufos are is unidentified flying objects. Some are bizarre high altitude sprites which are weather phenomena. Others are secret military aircraft. There are a few which are most likely NOT extraterrestrial but it’s theorized that they are interdimensional craft as by the laws of physics, it’s impossible to travel at the speed of light without infinite energy.

        The latest research is on the Alcubierre supposedly warp engine and it likely warps space slightly thus it’s somewhat of an interdimension craft.

      7. “There is no evidence that aliens (from outer space) exist. But there is plenty of evidence that the government wants you to believe that aliens (from outer space) exist.”


        _ Cooper was shot for refusing to co-operate with police.

        I tend to agree. There is plenty of evidence (movies, TV shows, news stories) that the government is diligently working to create a strong belief in extra-terrestrials.

        The latest nonsense is that aliens among us are reptilian Illuminati. The Illuminati may be snakes, figuratively speaking. But in reality they are two legged human beings with a long history of making mischief, because they play by one set of rules for themselves, and another set of rules for everybody else.


      8. IMAGINE what we mighta been able to actually see if the dumb mow mow didn’t shake the camera like a magic eightball. Jesus

      9. Why couldn’t he stand still and why did he have to go? My guess is he was either holding in a deuce or he’s a full retard.

        • He was drunk

      10. I don’t believe in outer-space aliens
        (the next nearest star is 4 years away at the speed of light).
        The energy from our sun 8 minutes away hitting you today is over a million years old, I can provide sources if you ask in comments.
        I also don’t believe the “Big bang theory”
        (hard to believe all this Hydrogen came from nowhere)
        I don’t believe in Evolution.( I do believe in survival of the fittest and adaptation to new environments).
        Big foot, Yeti, Loch Ness monster, and UFO’s are all BS!
        If there really are visits from an alien race, we are so out classed we will fail.

        • Hi Rellik,
          I believe that creationism occurs first
          …then evolution.

          Its not either or but BOTH are correct.

          Hence we have people fighting for one side of a coin.

        • God made it all I believe. That bunch He threw out of heaven is roaming around though. They are quite real and very evil.

          • 4 out of 5 Gods choose Jif over other leading peanut butter brands.

            • Jif is my choice as well.

          • Menzo, if God created everything, then he created liberals, niggas, and faggots too, therefore God hates us.

            • NOPE. YHWH gave us free will. We are not biological robots. People choose to be evil.

      11. Looks like a hole in the clouds. But hard to tell with all the shaking going on and then filming comes to an abrupt stop.
        I don’t think so..

      12. I got nothing. There is nothing.

      13. Good grief dude, epilepsy much.

        • My guess it’s a severe case of Cerebral palsy.

          • Pervitin

      14. It does appear to be a flying object all right, and it’s unidentified; therefore, it might actually be a genuine UFO (Unidentified Flying Object).

        Whether it’s a space ship, though, is a different question.

        I don’t know whether there is life on planets commonly, rarely, or only on this planet. There are lots of globular objects out there, and it seems absurd that there would be life on this one and not on any others. There are thousands of different kinds of biological organisms just in a person’s back yard. It doesn’t make sense to think that earth is so peculiar that it’s the only place where life can possibly occur. It is much more likely that the potential for life is simply inherent in the character of our universe.

        Now, if you think a Middle Eastern deity snapped his fingers and it all came into existence like a magician’s pigeon, that’s not a religion. That’s a mental problem.

        • You believed in first cause, and that it was package deal.

          Also, you were possibly the only person, here, who saw this as a discussion on religion.

      15. U.S. Space Force testing?

      16. Watch out some of them Lake Norman large mouth bass don’t jump…he’ll think it was the Loch Ness Monster.

      17. Meh, somebody’s drone.

      18. It’s a blimp. From the color and shape, it’s probably a Goodyear blimp.

        I live not too far from a huge blimp manufacturing facility. Their test flights come over my house a lot. I’ve seen the ones they made for DirecTV, FujiFilm, and MetLife. I got some good photos, as they were just above the treetops.

        • Many newer blimps use a plastic skin that can be lit up from the inside with various color lights and projection equipment including lasers.

          They can now literally turn the blimps skin into a TV screen. It’s pretty cool stuff.

          Anyway, the first time I saw one of the latest designs, I was not aware they had this ability and I was in a rural area where normally you never see blimps. I was driving with my daughter when we saw it flying pretty low, and the lighting effect that made the entire thing glow, was amazing. For about a half minute I had no clue what it was, and was a bit freaked out. The roadway turned and I got a better view, it was suddenly obvious what it was.

          For a moment there I actually considered trying to avoid getting any closer. It’s all about angle of view, lighting, and the photographers skill. A little fear inspired adrenalin will make everyone shake.

        • arch, know the area well, adopted our son from there 1977, the county had two buildings and only one bathroom. They have come a long way since then. We live about 25 miles east of the capital on the old main highway. I enjoy your posts.

      19. How do you account for the dinosaurs that went extinct 65 million years ago?

        Could the Yeti, or the Abominable Snowman be a Neanderthal survivor. The Neanderthals were around until about 30k years ago.

        We all have Neanderthal DNA in our genes.

        Alien archeologists come to study our primitive world like we study the Mayans, Aztecs and ancient Egyptians. How do the UFO’s get here?

        My bet is that we will develop a ‘star drive’ that warps space and time and an advanced civilization will read it’s signature. This would be like one of the ‘Star Trek Next Gen’ movies.

      20. A great deception is coming, don’t fall for it. With all the metals and chems in the air the sky is a large movie screen…

        • I naturally have no idea what is really going on but I certainly feel it is not at all good for us, the average American sucker. We are nothing but “workers” for the Gov’t and Corp America to pick our asses clean literally. The Gov’t ass violates you first and what is left is attacked and eaten and digested via the vile monster goat AKA Corporate America. I am so, so disappointed and actually fully disgusted what this country has become!!

      21. Yes. Jacques Vallee writes about that as well. The US government investigated using ufos as psychological warfare. And they did experiments on hologram projection as well as it would cause such a mental pause and thus has a use in battle to reduce morale and cause defections.

        The mental conditioning by Hollwood to accept “extraterrestrials” open arms is supremely stupid. In our history, when a superior force with advanced technology met the opposite, guess who won?

        The Ultimate Deception is far more malevolent.

        • Most people are going to accept the beast as their god.

      22. Was he on a pogo stick?

      23. You got to stop smoking that shit JR.
        You are in danger of becoming a politician.

      24. Well, if you read the article, at the very end Goodyear confirms that it WAS their blimp…

      25. Now if you study history, the amazing truth is the first well known ufo at Roswell was NOT a flying saucer. It was a peculiar shape and the military took photos prior to the crash by 24-48 hours. And later Kenneth Arnold drew a similar picture and told an artist who then drew something that looks like the military photos.

        Yet Arnold said it “skipped across the air like a saucer” ie like skipping stones across the surface tension of a lake. That is how the term “flying saucer” came to be.

        Here is the artist rendering with Kenneth Arnold of what he saw. It is a flying wing. Look familiar?

        Maybe you know that the Nazis were working on a flying wing design and that this later was some of the basis for steath technology.

        Now, it’s not so farfetched, right?

        The best ufo photo that I know of was taken by military surveilance aircraft and is very sharp as that is what the camera was designed for.

        The Cote Lake photo

        Now today, with Photoshop or Gimp and later CGI software, no one believes anything even if it might be authentic.

        During the Cold War, there was a military disinformation program in which low level enlisted men and low level officers were allowed to see certain photos to test their loyalty oaths. They saw alleged ufo photos and then the program could then detect what was the likely outcome of such stunning disclosure. Some of these leaked out, possibly by design, to throw off actual disclosure.

        There is no doubt that some highly trained aeronautics officers did witness mysterious events, often with radar evidence to back up their claims, and even photographic evidence that remains classified to this day.

        The primary obstacle is the famous Rand study on disclosure (I believe t was completed in the sixties). They did research on the federal government admitting to unknown visitors and an inability to halt penetration even around ICBM sites, and such disclosure would cause economic, spiritual, political, and social chaos.

        • 1944 Nazi Horten Ho 229 Jet Flying Wing

          It is entirely plausible that the Roswell crash was a captured and modified Horten Ho 229. But the US government wouldn’t want to admit it. They already had leaks about Operation Paperclip.

      26. Why oh why can these people absolutely NOT stop the stupid long enough to brace the f**KING camera and get a stabilized video or pics?

      27. I mean goddamn,they can do it for stupid cat pics, birthday cake face smashes and fights in Walmart by crazy bitches…but pictures of actual UFO’s oh hell no, breakout the f**king Dramamine because you’d swear you were on the Vomit FUC**ING Comet.. Double dose the Dramamine and a dose of Zofran for good measure too.

      28. Dumbass things walking 12 more feet closer is gonna make a difference yet refuses to use the damn zoom camera option. Typical hillbilly doesn’t understand how to use an iPhone yet jeez….

      29. The Cote Lake UFO photo was taken in 1971 and due to calibration and records on the flight path and altitude, Vallee did calculations that the object is twice as long as a football field.

        Make of that what you will. It’s arguably the best clearest scientific photographic evidence of a nonterrestial flying object as such a gigantic aircraft defies all technology of any nation in 1971.

        On a side note, it was taken near Arenal Costa Rica. Now one peculiar attribute of UFOs is they frequently are seen around volcanoes. Now some UFOs are theoretically a piezzoelectric effect that has been labeled “earthlights”. These are theorized to be caused by tectonic plates and immense pressure.

        Regardless, if we eliminate those, there still are seemingly intelligently guided ufos often of similar design seen around volcanoes as if whatever pilots them are intrigued by them or have a use for them.

        For video evidence concerning ufos, there are the Hessalen Lights in Norway that have been extensively studied. These also seem intelligently guided and not a technology of terrestrial origin. However it’s possible they are an unknown weather effect or caused by some unknown physics.

        The best recent video evidence is the American military “tic tac” ufo. Prior, the Belgian military released ufo footage back about 2005 or so. Neither of those can be explained by the technology that any nation possesses. And in those cases they clearly are not weather phenomena but intelligently guided vehicles making evasive manuevers.

      30. Of course there is space aliens
        Billions of stars – hundreds of billion planets
        we live in a vast multi Universe – So billions of universes – sorry the law of probability is way way to they exist.
        Time travel is real – Maybe they are our future relatives?
        research string theory – we also live in an 11 dimension earth not 4
        I believe heaven is right in front of our noses.
        Read a book written in 1920 – a dead doctor was ask why we can not see him or other dead
        his answer was we vibrate too fast – see string theory vibrations are its basis and was only recognizes 60+years later.

      31. It’s a prank. There are no extra testicles. Except at the carnival.

      32. Back in 1958 a UFO flew low over the city of Novato Calif and I saw it as a young kid. It was talked about alot by the people Three days later the good yeat blimp showed up flying low over the city and those who talked about the UFO were mocked as fools. I lived next to Hamilton AFB and could tell you the type of aircraft flying over head as a kid. For example F104,F100,etc They mocked me for talking about the UFO when I knew aircraft on sight. I know a UFO when I see one as I and my friends found one landed and empty. So we checked it out, kIcked the tires so to speak all we wanted and then left

        • Tell me you didn’t take a hit of the peyote when it came your way…..

      33. One theory is the multiverse hypothesis. And if the 3rd dimensions are length, width and height, and if time is the fourth dimension, one theory is a fifth dimensional being would be invisible to us as they exist at right angles to our time. A fifth dimensional being could percieve your entire lifespan and possibly travel through time as we travel through space time.

        Now a sixth dimensional being is hypothesized as being at right angles to the fifth dimension. Such a being could not only travel in space time and in time, but might be able to travel across the multiverse ie alternative versions of this universe.

        So according to the interdimensional hypothesis (versus the extraterrestrial hypothesis), a nonterrestrial intelligence could be undetectable to us and yet occupy our realm at higher dimensions than us.

        Now consider a two dimensional being. They lack height while we possess height and they have no concept of time. If we were to walk through two dimensional space, then it would be like a catscan slice appeared as our leg stepped into their two dimensional space. And as our 3 dimesional body crosses it seems to morph and move in a peculiar manner.

        Now the same is true if a fifth dimensional craft and being were to cross our space time. Similar odd movement and morphing would be seen.

        Since they exist at higher dimensions, they might essentially coexist here but without our awareness just as amoeba are unaware of our existence.

        Now if you really want to get trippy, what if angels and demons and even YHWH are much higher dimensional beings? It explains a lot like the creation of the universe, celestial voices, translocation to a Heaven, etc. Think about what I said and then consider the attributes of YHWH like omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, etc. A higher dimensional being would seem to be all of these things to us.

        There are even theories where not only is there a multiverse but a universe higher up where humans didn’t come to be but entirely different lifeforms and very high dimensional beings could travel across these dimensions to encounter them.

        The point being is that these craft do not have to be extraterrestrial and most likely are not as the length of transit time even at the speed of light makes it highly unlikely they would bother to visit some obscure backwater like the minor spiral arm that we are on in our galaxy.

        Yet instead, when the Condon Report came out, there were something like 90 different shapes of UFOs with some similarities into classifications, but so many as to think lots of species were visiting in a region which based on astronomy is not very interesting.

      34. Two very bizarre events occurred in the USSR.

        In one case, four cosmonauts claimed (at great risk to the careers and risked potentially being sent to a mental institution) that they jointly witnessed giant angelic beings in space. Look up the Salut 7 encounter.

        The second strange event is the Voronezh incident where lots of people witnessed a ufo land with creatures possibly robots exit and appear to do scientific experiments. And then they independently drew what they saw with remarkable agreement.

      35. He also does weddings, while holding a phone and picking his nose at the same time.

      36. If you maximize the image and pause it you can see a square around the “spacecraft” this is a cut and paste job, poorly done.

      37. blimp

      38. Those blimps make a lot of noise when they are traveling. Without a doubt he heard it and knew it was a blimp. Who would be witnessing a close UFO and have to go after a few seconds, even though it was still there. Endless stupid.

        • They don’t make that much noise. I live a few miles from a blimp manufacturer, and their test runs come right over my house. Even right above my house, just above the treetops, they aren’t very loud.

          As far away as the one in the photo is, I doubt if it was audible at all.

      39. It was the Goodyear Blimp on a tour.

      40. Quit trying to insult my intelligence. Damn vid was jumping more than a Mexican jumping bean. STUPID.

      41. Hahaha! Foolish Earthlings! You should just listen to yourselves. We’ve got you right where we want you.

      42. This website is losing credibility with stories like this. The object is obviously not hovering but is moving left to right. Probably a blimp.

      43. It is very difficult to understand dimensional thinking. Human beings are three dimensional beings which exist over time. Our bodies move and change in the x,y,z axes of length, width, and height BUT persist over time. Our minds perceive motion, for example, as millisecond changes through our senses like vision and hearing, but with a delay in processing. Then our brain interprets it ie does analysis, and we become aware of the passage of time. Then these are stored and we recollect memory.

        One idea about the soul is it is the accumulation of all our experiences, so it’s not just the mind at one instant. Then the soul persists beyond time.

        Here is one explanation of higher order dimensions specific to the fifth dimension in the multiverse.
        An infinite series of universes exist in which infinite choices are made. You could imagine you as a point and an infinite number of lines intersecting that point, and these would be alternate choices you could make about various decious, resulting in very different outcomes.

        Here is what the sixth dimension is like.

        Here, you never existed but something radically different came to exist, therefore there is nothing intersecting your life.

        This is all radical speculative physics and philosophy.

        The point is whatever these unknown unexplainable craft are like Coate Lake in 1971, they probably are not extraterrestrial, but move dimensionally and since we are three dimensional beings persisting over time, our perceptions of them are very limited.

        • Hey, Zarg! I’ll wager two kloots that this one has a tasty brain. Let’s bring him home for dinner.

          • Zork: I was thinking about eating Chinese tonight. Trying to cut back on my cholesterol.

      44. The Mothership has arrived.

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