Violent Street Gangs Launch Shocking Contest: “Kill 100 People In 100 Days”

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Headline News | 164 comments

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    crips-bloods-colors(Pictured: Trademark colors of the Crips and Bloods street gangs, who wear blue and red respectively. Photo Credit Flickr)

    Two Los Angeles gangs have launched a sick contest betting on who will be the first to kill 100 people in 100 days.

    Under the hashtag #100Days100Nights Twitter and Instagram users are warning that scores of innocent people may be risking their lives should they venture out between the streets of Western and Normandie in L.A.

    The terrifying bet was allegedly made last week following the death of Rollin 100 gang member ‘KP’.

    The posts on Instagram and Twitter have been taken seriously by police and led LAPD officials to deploy more officers to the area, police sources told the Daily Beast.

    Source: The Daily Mail

    Two Los Angeles gangs have entered into a contest betting on who can kill 100 people in 100 days first (above a woman posts on Instagram about the #100Days100Nights bet)

    It is not clear if gangs plan on targeting rival members, but a spate of random shootings across L.A. over the last week suggest that the “game” is already in full swing and innocent men, women and children are being used to keep score.

    A rise in violent crimes occurred over the weekend as one man was shot dead and 12 were wounded after more than six shootings in the 77th Street district – which has some of the city’s most violent neighborhoods, the Los Angeles Times reported.

    On Thursday night, a woman and two young boys aged four and 11, were wounded after the gunman, who is still at large, approached their car and opened fire on the 2000 block of West 99th Street.

    Anthony Alonzo Cudger, 47, was shot and killed on Saturday after a suspect drove to his car and opened a round of fire at the intersection of 81st and Hoover streets before leaving the scene, according to the Daily Beast.

    Less than an hour following that shooting, a man in his 40s was shot while in his car at the intersection of 75th and Figueroa Streets – only seven blocks away. The man was able to drive to the hospital but the suspect is still at large.

    A man in his 20s was found by authorities shot in the stomach at Hyde Park Boulevard and Brynhurst Avenue and was rushed to the hospital.

    Less than four miles away and around half an hour later, one woman and two men were shot while walking down 47th Street and Budlong Avenue. They were all taken to hospital, where one is in critical condition.

    On Saturday night, police from LAPD’s 77th Division issued a tactical alert – spanning from Vernon Avenue to Manchester Boulevard and Crenshaw Boulevard to Figueroa and San Pedro streets – following the string of gang shootings that occurred over five hours, according to ABC7.

    In California, where strict firearms restrictions make it nearly impossible for most to carry a personal defense weapon, residents are left with two options. They either need to stay home and away from the public. Or, if confronted or shot, they can call the police who will arrive several minutes after the fact.

    As the popularity of this new “contest” spreads across social media we can expect that similar challenges will be made in other major cities across the United States as gangs attempt to outdo each other.

    We can think of no better justification to carry a personal firearm than what is happening in Los Angeles. Violence across America continues to increase at a rapid rate. And we have yet to even witness the worst-case scenarios that may follow a serious collapse of the financial and economic systems. In such a scenario violence will not just be centered in gang-ridden areas of the inner city. Rather, we’ll see violence spread to peaceful neighborhoods all over America.


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      1. Why can’t these gangs just join the DHS and do the same and get pay for it? Maybe that’s their future plan and strategy and they are just doing their corporate communications to show their qualifications as jobs applicants.

        • Who says they havent teamed up with DHS ?

          They probably get paid to be on “standby” .

            • I wonder if he has a confederate flag?

            • He is not the only one promoting White Genocide, just one you saw. Try saying anything like that if you are White…

              As for the gang-bangers new game, just wait until MS-13, the Bloods, Latin Kings, ad nauseum, get involed. There are NO comparable White “gangs”, the best Whites seem to be able to do these days is flip out and hurt innocent people.

              Most White people have had what it takes to survive conditioned out of them.

              • I’m white. I don’t need a gang.

                • Me too.

                  It really erks me that all these black thugs roam in gangs. They wont stand alone. The mexican gangs are no different.

                  Pack animals

              • Or you could move to a state that’s over 75% white and less than 1% black, like Idaho, and not worry about this nonsense.

                • “Violent Street Gangs Launch Shocking Contest: “Kill 100 People In 100 Days””

                  Maybe a NEW game: Kill as many thugs as we can find, in as long as it takes to clean house.

                  • Maybe that can kill the mayor and police chief who support sanctuary cities where these gangs rule.

                  • Round up all these A-holes and put them in the “Colosseum”in L.A. and let them go at it…televise it and charge admission…

                • Pickett County, TN: population 5,124. 5062 are white…98.8% and the fishing is great.

              • Or you could move back to fucking mexico and be with your family justme. You don’t know shit. When war comes here browns and blacks are dead meat. Gang bangers are amatuers at killing. Millions of white veterans here that know how to kill from considerable distances. Yo home boys ain’t even gonna know who killed them or even from what direction. Poor dumb bastards.

                • You don’t know me very well. I’ve been watching this scene fester for a long time, took flak from people who would’nt wake up, probably long before you.

                  And, I got some bad news for ya, most White “men”, or should I say, fat, lazy, weak biologically male persons, will ball up and cry, when the SHTF. I know way too many of them.

                  As for Vets, why do you think the zog has a long Red List?

                  • Don’t want to know you.

                    • http://news DOT

                      White people have become so stupid, another espalda mojada has murdered 2 more, and wounded another. After all, “He looked like a nice young man”.

                      This won’t make msm, because White people don’t dare stand up and face the truth, or say anything about it.

                      Just another day of White Genocide.

                  • I don’t know about that. Maybe you just hang with the wrong crowd? As for me, all my friends and husbands won’t put up with crap. Everyone of them is active and protective of their families.

                    They certainly aren’t thugs like the gangs we see, but I assure you, they just play ‘gray’ very well.

              • MS-13..Latin Kings..Crips…Bloods….baaahaha!!! Idiots…all of them!!!

            • Another victim of “Math Stupidity”. He can’t figure out that The “Man” outnumbers him and all his brethren by nearly 6:1. A young Lt. Col. of the 7th Cavalry had that same problem and it cost him and his mean the lives and their scalps.

            • Wayne, let that DHS nigger come to me with that shit and he’ll be toast.

              • That’s why you never see stories like this from Jawjuh.

              • Yes brave heart! You got that right. Time to make some niggars bleed. When they come and die, that will send the message quickly that we are not playing games. We are prepped, ready, and waiting.

                Son of liberty

            • Not sure if you’re familiar with the Bible Code but it predicts a race war in America by 2018 wherein half the black population will die. The actual code is “Black Holocaust”. I tend to believe it and I think that number is about right with the number who are Godless.

          • hammer….valid point indeed.

          • Soros is bankrolling this, I’ll bet Ya dollars to donuts

          • Hammerhead, That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Be real and make some constructive entries please.

          • Obama will not finish his second term… Banned independent documentary reveals the truth. This will scare millions! Current Events Linked to Ancient Biblical Propheciey.

        • If I am attacked by punk gang members or see them attacking anyone else I’m going to shoot and kill everyone of them I can then drive away. My drum holds 75 so I will not be reloading.

          • You’re 75 to a 100 rounds ain’t shit an you probably never pop off a gun in your life. So continue eating your turkey sandwiches an listen to ROC’N roll. Stop trying to sound cool ….

        • “Why can’t these gangs just join the DHS and do the same and get pay for it?”
          Who do you think are the institutions bankrolling the LA crime syndicate?

          • EA…..exactly.

        • Please notice that this little “contest” is taking place in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia……where it is virtually impossible for the average Joe Citizen to obtain a concealed carry permit.

          We don’t have much of this in Free America (i.e. Texas). The little pissant thugs know that if they try it here, they’ll be just about as likely end up dead as their intended victim.

          “An armed society is more polite.” –Col. Jeff Cooper–

          • Yeah….tell that to the victims in the Luby’s Caffeteria shooting, the Garland TX shooting, Ft Hood, too many bank robberies to count, etc….Keep deluding yourself, the bears shit in the woods everywhere else BUT there. LOL

            • @C.R.C.

              It would be helpful if you’d get your facts straight before posting.

              The Luby’s massacre happened PRIOR to the passing of the Texas CCW permit law.

              The Luby’s massacre happened because at that time, the entire state was pretty much a “gun free zone” as regarding concealed carry. In fact, one woman who was instrumental in getting the CCW law passed in Texas gave testimony to the fact that she lost a loved one in that massacre (she was there as well) because her gun was out in the car, and not on her person.

              The Ft. Hood massacre also took place in a “gun-free zone”…..a military base of all places. But our military personnel are not permitted to be armed on base. Might as well hang a sign out saying, “Terrorists will not be opposed at this location. Happy hunting!”

              As for Garland……the bad guys were the ones that got killed….looks like you missed that little factoid. If I’m not mistaken, it was an off-duty police officer working security for the event.

              As for bank robberies…..a lot of banks don’t allow concealed carry inside either. Personally…I won’t have an account at a bank that has a sign on the door banning concealed carry.

              Generally speaking, virtually every mass shooting takes place in a “gun free zone”. And that applies nationwide.

              For the most part, Kalifornia is a state-wide “gun free zone”. And it’s no accident that the places where the most people murdered by guns are in states with the strictest gun laws.

              This past legislative session, Texas passed an “open carry” law. Essentially, this law allows for the open carry of handguns by persons who possess a CCW permit. For me, the only way this will benefit me, is that I won’t have to worry about my pistol being accidentally seen by someone….especially if I carry a larger pistol. I prefer concealed carry because I like having the tactical advantage that concealed carry provides.

              Back to the point, I am not aware of any mass shootings in Texas that have occurred since the passage of the Texas CCW laws. If there have been, I’d lay you dollars to donuts that they took place in locations where the carrying of a concealed weapon is prohibited (schools, government building, or businesses with policies prohibiting weapons, etc.)

            • Yeah? 🙂 …do any of you realize that there are hundreds of bears and other animals defecating in our woods EVERY DAY?

          • I can assure you, there is a growing remnant in California. Yes, we have lots of libtards, but there are plenty who are aware and planning. I am truly amazed by how many people have changed their opinions over the last few years.

            LA is so much different in terms of gangs than many other places.

        • Please do not include Motorcycle Clubs as street gangs.
          I can’t speak for all bikers but generally bikers can’t stand them getto gangsta thug pricks.
          Some people seem to think that MC Clubs are something to fear in a SHTF happening. Not so. Lots are veterans and at the risk of sounding racist most are white, and most are just working guys that love motorcycles(and guns:)) Lots are likely to be some of the guys you would like to have around when the going gets rough.
          Don’t believe the Hollywood lies about MC. The government of course is going to lie about them(Waco?)
          Have a nice day, STU OUT.

          • And then you have gangs like the mongols who murder and kidnap and run a huge heroin empire. Many of them are vets and got their connections in afganistan. Mostly white and 100% criminals.

            • Not all motorcycle clubs are created equal. Not all motorcycle clubs are gangs.

              Generally speaking, most of the criminal activity takes place in clubs (or gangs if you prefer) that are referred to as “one percenters”.

              For instance, in incident in Waco, TX a few weeks ago, the police pretty much arrested anyone wearing biker attire that was in that restaurant when the fight took place. They cast a very broad net and arrested a lot of folks who not only committed no criminal act that day…but were also squeaky clean in general. One was a retired San Antonio Police Officer. Another was a minister.

              I think Waco has stepped in a big steamy pile of kaka, that’s gonna end up biting them in the ass big time. We still have not seen any of the video from that incident. What are TPTB trying to cover up there? Just how many of those who died were killed by the police?

              The whole thing stinks.

              I’m not in a motorcycle club of any kind. But I think it’s dangerous to paint them with a broad brush and say that they are all criminal gangs.

              ‘Cause it just ain’t so.

            • There are more good guys on bikes than bad guys on bikes. The government knows this as well hence the propaganda to demonize bikers as dangerous gang members. Some are part of the criminal element but the majority of bikers are good people.

          • ?????????

        • Stolz – Can’t give ‘them’ that kind of power. People like these pos abuse their power. Along with an entitlement mentality, they have a cult/mobster mentality as well, and would take bribes, compromising our safety and placing the country in serious jeopardy.

          Anyone with an entitlement mentality will abuse whatever power they are given… 100% guaranteed. It’s part of their (NPD narcissism) brain disorder.

      2. OOOOH, I got the answer to this problem. Why don’t they just get more cops, militarize them or at least let them have more freedoms in taking these guys out, cause they uh, deserve it. Just let the cops shoot them with no trial. That is a good answer and will solve the problem. I can’t see anything going wrong there. California….what a place!

        • It’s the butt crack of civilization…

      3. There’s only one way to deal with people like this. They do not want to live in a civilized society, so they should be sent on their way.

        • Prepare for war, for you have found peace intolerable. – Scipio Africanus

        • Oh get this. The Gun Shop in FL that declared there facilities as Muslem Free, was visited by both the ATF and FBI yesterday. They are in full compliance of course and offer free concealed permit training and certification, as well as Free Gun Range time.

          All Americans have the freedom and right to defend themselves, as this shop’s motive is to create a safe community and self protection from those who wish to do it harm. Bingo!!! This is a businesa model that needs to be quickly adopted across America. Wake up fellow Whitey’s, get your carry permit.

          • All beings, Humans and Animals alike, have the inherent right to self defense and self preservation for themselves and their families. This right is not bestowed by a government or even by the Constitution. It is simply Recognized by the constitution. As such, an inherent right can NEVER be taken away by A Government of man. It is Our RIGHT and DUTY to protect ourselves and our families from those who wish to do us harm whether they are “thugs”, “terrorists” or the police or government themselves……

          • Do not get a permit. Carrying concealed is the 2nd Amendment.

          • Why in hell would ATF or the FBI have to do with a biz telling Muslims to stay the hell away. Dang! The bastards have killed multiple times in the name of terrorism, or a false god (in this country … ” …one country under God, indivisible) …and yet division is what the ‘leaders’ are striving for, because they MUST make the USA ‘fall’ AND disarm us before we can be ruled over by China-men, NATO and UN forces ..moved back into cities for 24hr surveillance…I’d rather be shot trying to kill those who seek to take away my liberties and freedoms. Lastly, it sux to see ppl using friggin’ ‘laws’ to make illegal things legal (or at least for them), and it sucks when the ppl making these laws do NOT adhere to them AND THEY MADE THEM!!!!!! DC is FULL of that BS. Leaders to include the prez who DO NOT operate within “OUR LEGAL SYSTEM” (they make it up as they go, and lie the entire time they are doing it). Like someone else said; “Wake up and get yourself at least one GOOD gun and lots of ammo.” And sadly, remember that you can’t trust ANYONE (not like you could 10 years ago). Cheers…

        • Anonymous – Actually, they do want to live in a civilized society. What they want is to UNcivilize civil.

          A civilized society is where the best possible prey is located, plentiful and most abundant, innocent people… after all they are predators… hunting down innocent people, many of whom fund the programs they leach off or scam.

          In an uncivilized society there’s a shortage of that because there are significantly more of them (predators) and much less prey (innocent) people to be preyed upon.

      4. I ain’t skeered. More BS from the psyop factory. Isn’t it interesting that these gangs fight over “colors”, red and blue, so as to be more easily divided and ruled? Sound familiar? Probably brought to you by the same folks behind the scenes…

        • Mouse, let those crackheads come to my place with that shit and there will be some ‘Michael Browns’ laying on the ground in their own blood.

        • Those are modern day useful idiots.

        • The last paragraph of Mike Vanderboegh’s take:

          “. And I’ll tell you something else . . .(W)hen I see these black racists of Farrakhan’s bunch talking about wanting a race war I’d say they haven’t looked at how the numbers stack up. Because let me tell you something about white folks at their worst. When they get scared that people are trying to kill them just because of who they are, when they get pissed off along racial lines, they don’t tear up their own neighborhoods or burn down their own communities like y’all do. They come to the neighborhoods of the people who threaten them and burn THEIR communities down and kill THEM. They have burned down whole CONTINENTS. And if you don’t believe me, just ask the Indians.”

      5. If they just killed each other its the good riddance factor; generally thats the case. Unfortunately with their lack of a Weaver Stance choosing the gun sideways over your head firing position the wrong people get killed.

        • It’s ALL part of the master plan…black lives do NOT matter to TPTB…

          • *cough*

            To TPTB? I mean to be more specific, CRIP’S lives do not matter one stinking whit to me.

            Auto-death penalty if caught committing a violent crime and a known gang member sounds peachy to me.

            • Guy, I don’t care about the lives of gangbangers but I do care about the lives of good black people, the victims of gangbangers.

              • Then Where are the “good black people” you speak of? Why are they not rallying against these gangbanger idiots, rioters and provacateurs like Al Sharpton?? Why are they not fighting this? Why are they not protesting the massive Black-on-Black violence which claims so many more lives than White-on-black violence every year????

                Same goes for The “Good muslims” Where are they in this fight against murderous Islamic Radicals?? Why are they not jumping up and down screaming about these Terrorists who have supposedly perverted their “Religion of peace”???
                Just remember “good Germans” far outnumbered the “Good Nazi’s” as well, yet the Nazi’s were able to pass laws and commit the atrocities that they committed with ease. GOOD PEOPLE ARE IRRELEVANT IF THEY DON’T TAKE ACTION!!!!!

          • The Chauffeur

            So Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg and the “new bees” in the globalist leadership are responsible but not the trigger puller?

            They don’t have to murder each other regardless if the Ford Plant closed down.

        • Kevin2, they already do that to each other. It’s called ‘black-on-black’ crime and that’s the worst category of all crime in the US, according to FBI and DOJ statistics. Example, black males commit 75% of all homicides in the US and most of their victims are other black people.

          • Well aware of that. Convicted felon dope dealer kills convicted felon dope dealer.

            The problem is they unintentionally and sometimes intentionally kill children or other law abiding people and their use of murder to enforce their, “rule” terrorizes the law abiding into silence.

            Do not underestimate the contribution of profound ignorance, low IQ, alcohol, various narcotics use and a violent culture that believes violence is an acceptable means of handling disputes in the black on black murder rate. Several years ago a black wedding reception was being held in a very nice hotel in South Jersey across the river from Chester Pa. A dispute broke out over a woman and a large gun fight broke out. The wounded went to the hospital and guns were found laying all over the place. This is what happens at a social gathering.

            • Kevin2, I know all of that all too well. Same here in Memphis.

            • When Black Parents raise their offspring to act like niggers, thats the result. Most Black Male Parents are not even around ro raise their kids. Thats the Giverments Job. And the more kids they have in a one parent household, the more they get rewarded with more Free Shit. Did anybody ever test this business model out before rolling this out nationwide? And a Taxpayer, I want my friggin money back. Stop rewarding failure.

              • I feel sorry for the kids. You generally behave in a manner that you see as a child.

                “It takes a village to raise a child”. Well the villages here aren’t doing too good of a job then.

                • Right… not since the last two generations (who make up the majority of today’s workforce) have replaced the older generations. Half of each of these two generations (Millenials & Gen Xers) are pure evil — that’s a lot of evil.

                  These “polluters” contaminate and infect society. They haven’t emotionally matured a day beyond 14. That’s what’s happening. Evil let loose.

                  • I am a baby boomer and I raised my two Gen X sons to be responsible tax paying citizens.

                    • Good for you Miss Mary. Everyone should at least attempt to do the very same. But alas, you are somewhat ‘rare’ these days. Generally, far too many parents have no interest in bettering their children. (Many would rather chance having sex with them or murder them or …(you read the news just as I do, so you know what page I am on, oui?

          • Brave – Is that so? Best news I’ve heard all week. Maybe the 75% will continue to increase and they’ll kill each other off… except for the few good ones.

        • Kevin,

          Weaver? You are dating yourself. Isosceles!

          • Old habits once ingrained stay with you.

        • When I lived in LA back in the 80’s and 90’s, the gang problem was pretty significant.

          I always thought it would be a good idea to round up the gangs, give them swords, axes and other sundry weapons, put them in the LA Coleseum and let them go at it. They could have even sold tickets.

          Problem solved.

          • I have said that many times. Even at Prisons. Put all the yard tools, rakes shovels 2×4’s in a pile in the midfle if the Yard then open the doors and let them all have at it. Sell Tix on Pay Per View. Reduces the prison population and crime on the atreet. The add goes, “Wanna be a tough guy? Commit a violent crime.”

            • The problem with that idea, is 95% of people in prison are NON-VIOLENT offenders…NON-VIOLENT.

            • Dear sir, or madam, if the case may be. Your idea of transforming the prison into a gladiatorial festival is rather brutish, and, I might add, many “Patriots” are now officially numbered among those who are “criminals”. You may find yourself numbered with the transgressors, and tossed into the den of lions. As one who is a personal eyewitness to the glorious penal system under which we travail, Your wishes have in some degree been granted. Beware, however, that, stripped of anonymity and gadetry and liberty, a person, even as brazen as yourself, may find it necessary to compromise a little of your toughness when you bunk next to the filth you so ardently denounce. Indeed, the blacks I have met are the most adept at the projection of fear, but the Mexican and Latinos are by far the most dangerous…in my humble opinion, and a careful examination of AB will demonstrate that those who do survive in this manner seem little different from their closest peers, though “separated” by racial supremacy in their own eyes.

      6. In Los Angeles County, it is almost impossible to get a CCW permit, due to the political patronage required to the Democrat/Prog/Marxist/Plantation Mentality and Slave State.
        IN most of the other counties in California(58 in total) one CAN get a CCW permit good statewide to combat this predation of evil from BLACK thugs against all innocent people. These BLACK thugs do not care whom they murder, it’s ALL collateral damage and not frowned upon by the White House thugs. Black lives do NOT matter in California or elsewhere, when it is Black-on-Black predation. It is time the BLACK population woke up to the fact that they are being lured willingly back onto the Democrat/Prog/Marxist/Socialist/Plantation as Slaves. Most unfortunate that no one actually cares.

        • Remind me again why we need a “permit” you statist. Blame it on “progressives” if you like.

          LEO (or retired LEO) always try to rationalize the corporate state position. Their pensions depend on it.

          • JRS, your tirade “assumes” you know me somehow. You don’t, and as such you make false assumption of which you “know” absolutely nothing. You can’t even use the term “statist” in the correct context.
            It is an unfortunate truth, that never needs a defense, black lives do NOT matter to Progressive/Marxist/Socialist/Democratic Party hacks, never have, never will. Those are the true slave masters in society.
            I didn’t write the laws, just used my discretion to enforce them.Lazy apathetic people who don’t vote are most often the ones to hurl names in place of cogent debate.
            You know nothing at all about me, friend. And that is what I would call your fatal flaw in your “judgment”. Your emotional posts show your lack of judgment and maturity, so be it.

        • TPS, if I lived in CA I would be carrying regardless. Following any kind of restrictions on self-defense can get someone killed. I already carry certain items with me in my truck for the last 20 years, probably illegal, but I don’t care. I won’t follow any restrictions on self-defense, period.

          • Braveheart

            Principal is fine in principal.

            I suggest you don’t drive your truck in NJ. You’ll be defending yourself from real first class thugs in prison. Their laws are draconian, their police overzealous, their persecution by prosecution of otherwise law abiding gun owners is legendary.

            The place is too damn expensive anyway but their diners are great.

            • Kevin2, the last time I was up in the Northeast was late 90s and don’t plan to go back. Some people up there were decent toward me but everyone else showed their asses. they’ve got it coming to them when TSHTF.

              • The NortEast US is a prime example of why liberalism is not just a mental disorder, but a contagious one. The states up there except for Maine, NH and maybe PA have gone full bore Marxist Statist, and yes if and when the poop hits the fan, as it dis in hurricane Sandy, all those metrosexual liberals in places like NYC who support gun grabbing pols like Chuck Schumer, and Carolyn Maloney will be cowering in their town houses as the gangs rule the streets and the cops are either bunkerd down or guarding their own homes a la Hussicane Katrina

          • Never have said, nor intimated that one should not protect themselves regardless of asinine local laws and corrupt political whores in office. WE each our responsible for our own defense and salvation, period.

      7. The City of L.A., Kalifornia just banned the possession of any pre-ban gun magazines over 10 rounds for it’s goy citizens.

        basically disarming law abiding citizens as an average of 100 rounds are used in most gun fights.

        so now only the L.A. lawless criminals , drug cartel soldiers , kidnapper for ransom crews and gang members will be sporting them.

        “stupid is as stupid does.”

        • Mouse, someone should tell the city of LA to get f#$%ed and still have hi-capacity mags anyway. I know damned well I won’t give up anything.

        • WHERE IS CHARLES BRONSON WHEN YOU NEED HIM? About time for death wish 10, The LA cleanup 🙂

      8. Nothing but pure evil.

      9. Or, if confronted or shot, they can call the police who will arrive several minutes after the fact.

        Wow you’re an optimist, aren’t you?

        Several minutes is more like what happens in a small town in Idaho. This is LA.

        If by “several” you mean 40… then hey sure…

        • If they tried this in Idaho they would have to deal with people who would shoot back, it would turn into a hundred dead thugs in about a day.

      10. So do we get to play COWBOYS vs gangs?!?

        What about fed up PATRIOTS vs gangs?!?!

        Oh I have a good one PATRIOTS vs black lives only matter racist pieces of shits?!?!

        So can we play too?!?!?

        • As long as you know who the largest gang IS and go after them first.

          Too many people get caught up in the minutiae and miss the real story and picture.

        • So yea, the new black “I’ve got a chip on my shoulder cause I was born black” mantra, is now…”Black lives matter”.

          Well cut off my legs and call me shorty, I never knew that! Of course black lives matter to the Lord and most mothers, no matter what freakin color people are.

          It is all by design people. The nwo groups, and liberals, just want to create more chaos and division. That leads to another civil war between the races, and the whiteys.

          Through chaos and crisis, they make their agendas come to fruition. Billery and R. Emanuel spoke it clearly…”never let a good crisis go to waste”!

          Believe me they won’t. Their plan of eventual Martial Law is in their books.

          It may very well come to pass before the 2016 election ever gets to November Tuesday.

          • Oh yea, and btw, FYI, to those skeptics that said there was nothing to the Jade helm story, check this article out…

            ht tp://

      11. These Niggers and Spics should bring that challenge outside of the inner cities. But they won’t, because these pussies know they will get slaughtered if they tried it.

        • I am happy to have them fight amoungest themselves and stay in town , they can kill eachother more efficiently that way.

        • FTW, those gangs don’t have a clue about how to survive outside an urban area. They would be toast.

          • I know! Let’s build a wall around LA and evacuate all the good worthwhile people and turn it into a fend for yourself prison like escape from new york. Then go to all other cities and round up all the gangsters and throw them in there too! Make a tv show with hidden cameras all over and watch the fun 😛

            • We could entice others to go with a double EBT payout bonus upon entry and a section8 quit claim deed to any selected property inside. You could even let them ride in a pimped out escalade that thumps and let them keep it.

            • G…
              Not a bad idea and perhaps closer to reality of what it will become…
              And there goes those EMT guys again.

            • Genius, I’ve seen both ‘Escape From New York’ and ‘Escape From L.A.’. We could use a Snake Plissken right now; hell, a whole bunch of them.

      12. And one wonders where vigilantes come from………. People,get out of the cities!

        • Jim, I’ll take it further. And some people wonder WHY ANYONE TURNS INTO A VIGILANTE.

      13. As far as I care they can kill each other off. I think 100 is too low of a number. Bottom feeding zombie/leaches. They could do all of us a favor and go after the Muslime scum that are wanting to cut our heads off, kill all the Christians like they are doing in the middle east. No they will go after a white guy at a store that is a gun free zone.

        Komiefornia has this coming to them.

        For the Good folks In California I say arm yourself to the teeth and us them if you come under fire. Walk away and don’t say anything. If arrested say only 4 words “I Want My Attorney’. Don’t say anything else, don’t give name address or anything. Remember 4 words. “I Want MY ATTORNEY”!!!! 12GA. works great with 00 buck.


        • Sarge, I totally agree and I’ll add don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense if you want to live. I also have 12-ga. with 00 buck.

          • Try some No. 1 buckshot, Braveheart. Your ball diameter drops from .33 caliber to .30 caliber, which is not a bad thing in itself, and ball count per round goes up nearly 50%.

            Pattern size, energy, and velocity remain pretty much the same.

            So a marginal hit can mean you go from one ball in the target to two or three. Always a good thing.

            A full strike gives six additional balls in the target. Also a good thing.

      14. And because crooked politicians get paid off by the drug cartels, it will continue.

      15. They won’t stay in their own yard.

        Next up: 100 million in 10 months?

      16. Demographics, demographics, demographics. Demographics are key.

      17. THIS IS SICK.













        • Straight Shooter, I’ve had a copy of that book since 1998 an was a hard read for me also,but the author was spot on about everything he said. A lot of things in that book have already come to pass.

          • SOLID COPY ON THAT B.H.

        • I wanted to come back and thank you for reminding me about that book. When it came out I had seen a copy. I was in the military at the time and thought it was pretty much militia propaganda. Because of your comment I went and found it free on Kindle. I re read it and paid close attention. Immediately after I finished it I went and inventoried my guns, ammo, med supplies, food storage and water. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end as I made several bulk purchases of supplies, re-thought my choice of truck guns and list of bug out locations. They are still standing on end as I write this. I urge everyone who read this post to get this book and note the names of some of the players in it and their actions. Your eyes will be wide open and although you may not sleep well, you will be motivated to pay close attention to August 8th.

      18. That’s why I moved out of the city in 2010. Notice gun free cities are the targets? Imagine what will happen as the water continues to dry up.

        guess I’ll set up a target on the back fence line and practice a little more.

        • Just be sure to use the black sillouette targets. Use a pencil eraser to make the lips and eyes on the face and a sharpie to make some curly hair. This should be a more realistic look lol.

      19. Rules, rules are for victims. Not suggesting you break any local laws, but don’t be a victim. I’ve seen this shit before, no warning they just roll up and start firing. the intended target is probably safer than the bystanders. Just avoid places like that. If you live there I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

        • Hillbilly, I understand and respect other peoples’ right to decide for themselves, but I totally disregard any and all restrictions on self-defense so I WON’T become a victim. Say what you will, but my ‘attitude’ on that is the reason I’m still alive.

      20. Who the f….k do these idiots think they are. They think they own the streets. I am starting to wonder if this a funded false flag so some type. Hammerhead, you may be on to something. Lets see what happpens next.

        I dont think that those drug dealing crack, meth headed felons and wannbe’s will be trying that crap in my city. Buck shot is the great equalizer. Throw in a few .79 caliber Acutips from Remington and that will remove limbs at 150-200 yrds from a Mossberg 590A1 pump shot gun/Military special purpose. In this case, for thugs. I saw somthing on last Friday when i got home, i walked inside tuned on my AC in my condo, drank a 14 ounces of Lien Body meal replacement protien to head off to the gym, but first i have to go check my mail. Then i notice a beat up pontiac Grandam waiting by the gate, windows rolled down in 98 degrees. The gate then sudden opens and i realize that a resident is letting in these tugs, all of them in white tank tops and all dred locks. Not a single one of these useless f….ks could pass a back ground check much less any other moral test, yet they are being let into my condo complex, now wtf? is this.

        If a resident is letting in this type of trash into my complex, this is very distrubing. Luckily we have a 25% Red Neck contingency living here, as back up just in case things get out of hand. I live in a really nice complex and even in this one, when night comes down, i start to see alot of strange things going on, people being let in to just drive around in circles then leave. Houston has gone from bad to worst and the thugary has become epidemic. No matter where you go, or you live, these thugs still venture into your areas looking to rob people, steal assault, etc. This whole country and its cablist elite have let in foreign nationals of the worst kind to install them among us to cause caos, this is fare assesment of the real situation. This was done on purpose and is no accident.

        • Follow the money trail , George Soros ?
          Kinda another “occupy” BS thing ?
          Trust me these asshats will be paid to start a war when they are needed .
          If they can create enough chaos , so much better for the GOV to have another excuse to violate the constitution and BOR.

        • HCKS, I have a similar situation in Memphis where I live, which is black-run and the population about 70% black. BTW, you have the right brand of shotgun. I bought a 930 semiauto on my birthday back in March and tested at the BOL. You’ll appreciate the reduced recoil in a semiauto. 00 buck, birdshot, sabots, etc. work like a charm. I live too close to a ghetto myself so I’m armed to the teeth. A certain number of crackheads already know to stay the hell away from my place.

          • I keep 5 Saiga 12 shotguns fully debugged/922’d and ready with 20 rnd drums of OO buck and slug.

            Saiga’s are awesome once the bugs are gone!

            And to those that don’t know what the Saiga 12 is, think 12 gauge AK!

        • Probably BS. If they wanted to kill 100 people in 100 days, they would be well on their way to 100 real fast.

      21. Carry a damn gun! Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Apparently gang members are getting their concealed carry permits with no problem.

        • F16hoser, gangbangers don’t care about permits or anything else. All I care about is staying alive and I’ll do it any way I consider necessary, whether it’s legal or not. Like Hillbilly said, rules are for victims. I don’t play the game by anyone else’s rules.

      22. since the politicians wont let you be armed to defend yourself, hopefully the 100 killed will be politicians

      23. You lost me at the part where people still live in LA. I thought only apes still lived there.

      24. More fed false flag ops to justify Jade Helm.

      25. Well…. It is obvious that when the SHTF, it will be time to cull the herd….. Make the most of the opportunity, before they get you and your family….

        • +1

      26. This is just another reminder that America is under God’s judgement. I will ngangbersre anyone with the details, just know that judgement is here and these wild beasts who call themselves gang members are on a short leash. They will kill no more than God has for ordained and they too will perish when this country burns… and it will burn.

        There will be a blood bath where these monsters go and Noone will be protected except those who today recognize Jesus Christ and turn immediately from their lies, and perversions.

        You can write this warning off as a rambling of some religious nut, but know for sure death is coming to your streets and you will walk in blood.

        • Gary – Very true. I totally agree… not at all a religious rambling, it’s all true what you said. Too bad more people don’t believe it, but unfortunately this country is becoming more Godless by the day.

      27. Here in Idaho this would be called Target Practice and the 100 DOA’s would be the gangbangers. It wouldn’t take 100 days either; more like 100 rounds . . .

      28. Street gangs killing 100 is still way back of the ‘badge carrying gang’ who have added over 500 notches so far in 2015 (way above historic norms).

        • This is just in L.A., not national. The gangs are still way out in front and not likely to lose.

      29. Domestic terrorism goes mainstream; by useless thugs. Better not try it in my neighborhood, you will lose.

      30. Everyday for the last 4 days I have been hearing the EMT guys rushing to that area. I live just 150 yards from the McCormick Ambulance service, 3 blocks from the Police Station and 3 miles from Normandie and Western. There is no doubt in my mind that very soon this will spill over into my area. I tend to stay out of the public arena as much as I can…but at times it becomes necessary to shop near that area. I am always assessing the crowds that frequent these shopping areas.,always doing a recon on who is getting to close to my proximity and creating in my mind’s eye an action plan should I find myself being threatened. The helicopters are always flying overhead to the Stations landing pad and even as I am writing this they are flying over now. L.A. is a super shit hole of FSA all looking for a reason to start shit. Even in the gated complex I’m in…these morloks seem to find there way in here and recently the security guards found a few of them sleeping in the freaking dumpsters…I saw a guy just sitting in one of the grilling areas…filthy, dread locked and just staring off into space…all this to say one thing…when the SHTF….know your area and how to use it and if you have to shoot…as Sarge would say…Aim Small…Miss Small.

        Live Free or Die…were on a highway to hell

        • I worked in this area as a parole agent. You’re right, LA is a crap hole. Whenever I would stop to gas up, somebody would want to bum money off of me. Many were parolee’s who recognized me, some were on my actual caseload previously.

      31. NY shut down and militarized half the state over two escaped convicts, and look at what Massachusetts did after the bombing.

        Here California is looking at a contest between racist Black Gangs to murder up to 200 people, The gangs have already killed possibly dozens, and from government and the police we hear crickets.

        • Correction, today in swift action the City of LA passed a new law banning any firearm magazine over ten rounds. The mayor says he will swiftly sign it.

          This makes vast numbers of firearms useless or illegal in LA in the midst of a gang murder spree!

          The wisdom of progressives to disarm the public in the midst of a deadly crime wave just baffles me!

      32. I worked for many years in these very same streets as a parole agent. Did lots of compliance searches and arrests with LAPD and LA County Sheriff deputies. Watts, Compton, South Central, Rampart, Downtown Skidrow etc. LA area is a real crap hole, very congested with tons of gang members. Cops earn their pay in LA. But heck, so did I!

      33. “if there is no God, **everything** is permissible.”

        And yes, Dostoyevski DID say it. The quote in the original Russian reads: Без бога всё позволено

        We are doing reeeeally well now that fathers are absent, aren’t we? Blacks lead the away, but whites are catching up. You destroy the family – starting with fathers – you destroy the culture.

      34. Do the police know about these two gangs doing a murder contest against innocent human beings?

        • The cops have to be aware of it, no doubt.

          If true, someone tell me why each and every member of the two gangs cannot be arrested on sight and charged with conspiracy and accessory to murder or some similar serious charges that will put them away for a long time.

          • Too much paper work smokey…easier to call the coroner than to expend needless tax payer monies…just my guest.

          • I agree smokey… even if they took a few of them into custody and threatened them within inches of their lives to start talking and reveal names until all of these thugs were in police custody it sure would be a damn good start.

            I’m sure more will (sooner than later) develop, it’s a given, it will get MUCH worse, not better, but at least they’d be doing something — there would be some positive, effective action in the right direction. Although I heard the police dept received threatening letters that if they detained or locked up a gang member they’d be spared, but their families would be tortured and video-taped. So, there’s that.

            Talk about widespread coverage… they’re in almost every single state, scattered about certain areas… power is in numbers. With that said, too bad these violent punks couldn’t band together for a real good cause, like maybe take down the elitist bankers and some of the other PTB, instead of killing innocent, contributing members of society and innocent little children.

            Amazing how a group of punk-ass adolescents & 20-something yr old pos thugs could have so much power. Rarely happened in my day, growing up in the 50’s & 60’s, at least not on this mass scale or to this extent and extreme.

            A good percentage of the last two generations, the Gen Xers & Millennials that are somewhere between teen yrs and young adulthood (at least 1/2 of those born between the late 70’s and 2002) have taken over and instead of making things better they’ve destroyed society. They’ve destroyed systems prior generations built and put in place.

            Without family there is no culture, and without that society breaks down and rots – it’s happening all around us. ‘The entitlement people’ weren’t around in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s and don’t know it wasn’t always like this… not too mention 1/2 of them are dumber than a box of rocks and nasty, never emotionally matured a day beyond 14.

            Once these two know-it-all generations grew up and were no longer children and had the freedom and independence to destroy and screw things up and make up the majority of the workforce just about everything started going to hell in a handbasket; from customer service to LE/police protection to community/local & federal leadership to current health-care, educational & legal systems. All have gone downhill. They certainly haven’t improved.

            Now that the baby boomers are retired, especially teachers and LE, half of this generation doesn’t teach kids and instill good values and morals like when I was growing up — they brainwash and indoctrinate them, and LE no longer “serves & protects” like those from mine and prior generations… and it’s only going to get much worse because you’ve got ‘the fox in charge of the hen house’ and idiotic, know-it-all ‘blind leading the blind’.

            No common sense, dumbest people running the show who reminds us of “NERO FIDDLED WHILE ROME BURNED”

            People back then respected older generations and showed respect for each other. Law enforcement from my generation would have nipped this in the bud by now. This wouldn’t even be happening in the first place.

        • from what ive seen lately the cops are helping it along

          • Right. And what generation are the cops from? See my point?

      35. Brave, damn you are literally living down the street from a potential shtf calamity. I heard you mentioned awhile back that you had a bug our location. You will need that for certain, with that kind of demographics.

        At least you own a Mossburg 930. That is one damn good street cleaner your caught in a shtf ccalapse. I hope you have two bandaleers for and extra 100 rounds if slugs and bunch shot. Semi automatic with buck shot is a literally disaster for any approaching of my friends has a Saiga, it’s one nasty weapon..

        • Fired a Saiga 20 guage last year, did a couple of 10-round magazine dumps. I would not want to be on the other side of one of these.

          Very controllable, light recoil, and put a lot of .30 caliber buck down range.

      36. Jesus taught that we are to forgive our enemies 490 times. So. Now you have to decide whether you are going to worship Jesus, or whether you want to live.

        • It is also in the Bibe (Luke 22) that Jesus also said he “who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.”
          He told them to buy swords so they could defend themselves,
          Furthermore, the Apostle Paul said, emphatically, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (I Tim. 5:8) Does “not providing for his own” include not providing protection? Of course it does.

      37. Paul Kersey’s of the world unite.

        Lets’s get it on!

      38. I am a baby boomer and I raised my two Gen X sons to be tax paying responsible citizens.

      39. maybe us law abiding gun owners should take the same stance
        100 gang members per day until they are all gone,,, shouldnt take too long

      40. Very few of the gang-banging morons in Los Angeles county can read beyond a third grade comprehension level, thanks to Teachers Unions and the Prog/Marxist agendas. Most of these blow-hard turds can’t read street signs, maps or even follow oral directions from a GPS unit. Yes,m that IS how stupid these imbeciles actually are. Few rarely venture OUT of the ghetto to other areas, unless someone else is driving and “knows” the way. That’s part of their pack mentality, need someone to help them with the big words while driving.
        This 100 Kills in 100 Days is all bovine excrement from people that should have been sterilized to prevent further breeding long ago. Black lives don’t matter, just ask Planned Parenthood, they killed more than 90,000 in just 2014, according to their OWN RECORDS. So, why should we “worry” about a few inbred, uneducated armed morons that more than likely will remove themselves from the gene pool rather than be out on the streets allegedly committing homicide on White folk? This is them just working themselves up to have the guts to try and go all Mau-Mau on society. Unlike Kenya in the early 1960’s, society even outside of the ghetto in Los Angeles County IS well armed, much to the chagrin of the political whores in office. Let these bozos go all Mau-Mau and watch what happens. Who really cares what these rectums say or post?

      41. Same here, Mary… except 2 girls who are also very hard working, tax-paying, smart, responsible young women. Wish I had a son as well, but wasn’t blessed with a third child. But half of that generation is bringing the country to it’s knees. The other half knows it and usually admit it. The baby boomers deny it, but it’s true.

        Every generation has its share of corrupted people but never before was it half of a generation… and damn, nothing like today… about half of the Milennials and about half of the Gen Xers who make up today’s workforce and who are the majority of decision-makers are corrupt, entitlement people. The disrespectful ones from these two generations are even nasty and disrespectful to each other. I see it every day.

      42. Good lord… I wonder if the anti-gun crowd will start rethinking their stance after this. Gov’t can’t protect you – it can only take away your freedoms in attempting (AND FAILING) to do so.

      43. But wait the Bloods and Cripss seem to be using firearms in this joint venture. Don’t California and LA in particular have some of the countries toughest gun laws. Surely the Bloods and Crips are going to respect those gun laws. After all in a society where the law abiding have been disarmed, if the criminals continue to use firearms, that would be a recipe for disaster.

        • EXACTLY.

      44. Can’t the authorities track these dirtbags via their phones and get them in prison? I don’t personally care if they all kill each other (problem solved), but innocent bystanders could get hurt and children don’t deserve to suffer for their parents stupidity.

        • Of course the bad guys can be tracked but the isn’t their goal.

          Problem-reaction-solution. Learn it, know it, understand it.

      45. “In California, where strict firearms restrictions make it nearly impossible for most to carry a personal defense weapon, residents are left with two options. They either need to stay home and away from the public. Or, if confronted or shot, they can call the police who will arrive several minutes after the fact.”

        There is one more option: ignore the law and carry anyway.

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